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No body, no body. Oh, my God. Will you quickly tell Charlie your story about the AA meeting on Zoome? Oh yeah.


Yeah. So this was my home group AA meeting and I guess, yeah, I wasn't sober that long, right.


Yeah, but we just started I once he was like six months ago is kind of a zoom before you. Yeah. We all knew what we were doing.


Yeah. I was beginning to zoom so it's seven a.m. meetings. I wake up a little late, I log on, I still have to do my morning shit, my coffee, I the whole everything was going on. I usually get all this done before I log on, but I turned my video off, but I forgot to mute this whole time. So my screen pretty much just has my name and my full name, full name even Eric you lately.


And I er Michael we since the July know 1975 Social Security three Aido.


So I think it started in the kitchen and I was making breakfast for the dog and I remember it got down to me going to the bathroom and I carried my computer down.


But you are caught first joining. You're, you're like clear here.


Yeah. Yeah. That was, that's what was going on in the kitchen to start.


So I logged on. I was a couple of minutes late. I'm like, huh.


Oh yeah.


And then fucking blowing my nose like crazy because that's what I usually do every morning. And I, and I'm like, oh and I'm like, huh. Oh and I'm sitting in the seat. Then I'm fucking telling the dog I'm like, sick motherfucker, you fucking asshole, chill out.


And I kept hearing, you know, and I thought about it later.


I was like, yeah, I kept hearing pauses like they were saying reading how it works, which is like five minute reading and it kept stopping, you know, once a lot.


I look over there like what's how they keep stopping because of me.


And I didn't realize that my screen was constantly lit up from all the noise I was making.


So it was like, oh. So then I got that out of the way that I took the computer downstairs to the toilets and set it on the sink next to me. And I just fucking had major diarrhea, diarrhea. And so I was like, just fuck.


I was like, oh no, no. I think I had a couple of like, oh God, oh my God.


Oh you know, and oh oh oh. So fucking overboard because I live alone, you know, like no one's my my kids weren't all right. I'm just like, oh God. Oh I know. It's just splattering in the toilet. And then I was still blowing my nose and gagging a little. Then the dog came in and the fucking toilet and I was like, get out. And, you know, was trying to slip between my legs, was yelling at the dog to get out of there.


Then I lost the toilet. Oh. And then I grab a bunch of Kleenex and I'm like, blah, blah. And I was like, still. And I'm trying to blow the bugger that's always stuck in the morning and my nose and get it out.


Fuck man. Then I was laughing ultimately. Right. Yeah.


Oh my God. Then I realized, oh my God, we're probably sitting in a quarter of a second, replayed the entire event.




And I got so embarrassed and I just fucking closed the computer and left the meeting.


Oh my God. I was like, it's minutes. I think it was me doing that. Oh my God.


I would give anything to be on that meeting. I was like, I know I'd keep cycling through whether someone was fucking with us. Like, there's no way, right? Oh, now he's yelling, Yeah. Oh, no. He's you know, he's emotional about this.


Tyree's talking to God now. Another dog's back. Oh, come on. Like it sounds like something you'd hear on Stern. Oh, I did not even believe that. No one. Called me out on this, I got was a girl that was fucked up and there is like an average of like or 40 people on that meeting before they split up into rooms. You know, women. It's not a men's meeting. Oh, lots of women, mostly women.


Oh, my God. They must have been all so happy.


I mean, I just can't imagine, like, you hearing anything more than that. Did you ever go back to that meeting or if so, how long did it take?


I think I took three or four days off in total. Oh, that's pretty short. Total embarrassment. That was hard for me. Like, I ended up hitting a different meeting at seven in the morning.


I mean, this was my home group, but I didn't really know these people well.


Oh, man.


A full clean up, total Abramoff restoration clean out.


I'm surprised you weren't cleaning your ears in the middle of it to get the Q tip in there.


Oh, that's how I figured it out, was a I went to turn all my shit back on like I thought I was going to turn the video and the music, you know, whatever. That's when I realized, like, I was finally done and I was like, oh, my God.


Like, I wish you would have turned your video on and you were just like sitting nude on a towel recovery or whatever.


You turn it on. And you were in a tuxedo and you looked dynamite, you know, James Bond.


And then people be like, well, whatever it takes clear fucking works of your work, it's the work that you're worth. Yes.


Oh, yeah. Stories of someone who made it. Share your strength and hope. Yeah. You saw me six months ago. This is vastly improved. Hello, this is Aaron 2.0. Yeah, I'm probably like a minor heart attack during that surgery. Oh, no tremors. No. Oh, my fucking left arm. Oh, this fucking left artwork's. Oh, it's a hernia. Oh, OK.


So before we have the update of updates, which would be the way, unfortunately, we have a twist, we have a plot twist here, say with great sadness as it affected me personally, which is all I think about.


But there's been there's been a health development. Yeah.


Call it that fucking Kopans. Koronis feel so sweet. Aaron Weekly, the last person.


Well, I guess I'd say my kids first, but then after them you in you were playing it so safe. We were meticulous about it, or at least when we were together, I was impressed with your willingness and participation in all the safety protocols. And then you fell in love on the Internet.


Yeah, a few days before I left the California. So just lay out what was supposed to happen.


So you you left on a Monday and then you were going to be home Tuesday to the next Thursday, ten days later, and then you were getting on a plane. This supposed to be tomorrow morning. Yes.


And you were going to fly to Dallas, Texas, meet me. And we were going to get in Big Brown, my new motor home, and we were going to wear our Waylon Jennings matching outfits, which we have. And we were going to sing Waylon Jennings and tour the country and come back to L.A. So that was the big plan.


Yeah, I can't I can't remember looking forward to something so much bigger than this.


I don't want to feel guilty, but I don't think since I was like twenty five, I've, I've been more I am fucking really dropped the ball. Well, no, no, no, no I'm. Oh you did it.


I disagree. You've had a really celibate solo year and your first year of sobriety which is recommended. It's admirable you did that and you've had your birthday and then love knocked on the door. Yeah. Yeah. And so I want to say it was maybe was it Sunday or Saturday or Sunday. You started face timing with a gal.


Yeah, it was Sunday and I left. But yeah, Sunday night into the wee hours like a five hour face time.


Yeah. Really high school. It was like, you know, just fell asleep on there.


No, you should have slept with air and sleep, you know. You hang out. Yeah.


Sparks were flying and then this said hey I'm in the stewardess hustle. Yeah. I can fly for free. What do you say I just fly there on Tuesday, hang out for a few days. If it sucks, I'll just fly home. Won't cost anything.


It was a very low risk proposition. Well, it was more my idea. What happened was I looked at the calendar. I'm like, OK, I have seven doctor appointments. I'm going to be home for nine days. I got to make up for lost time with the kids, I got to get a post implanted into your fucking gums. Yeah. Mouths fucking surgery the day I got back, which would have been helpful for this challenge, in a way.




If you're going to also prep for a colonoscopy on Sunday because we had a couple's colonoscopy date gel. So it's kind of sad. We were both going to get a colonoscopy on Monday. I got one on Monday, but solo, the Arem wasn't doing it in Detroit. And we were had been so excited that by coincidence, we both had a colonoscopy on the same day. Totally unplanned.


Yes. This kismet. Things are just really coming together. Look, I mean, the symmetry was all it was crazy, you know, then I thought, you know, we planned that I would lose like ten pounds cleaning out for the colonoscopy and then another five to six pounds and polyps that would be taken out of me. And I probably hit the mark. He was going to go from last place over one way and one colonoscopy.


Yeah. So I initially tried to set up this meeting with me and the girl from Denver a couple of days at the end of the month before Christmas. And that didn't work with her because she had things that were important to do.


And then she had has directed me to get me so that I was like, I'm foggy.


You want to just come tomorrow and I'll make it happen. You know, I was pretty fucking excited. So in fact, she played it safe on her end and was tested negative. And symptoms started a couple of days after being here.


And she tested positive in FIRREA like no taste, no smell, slept twenty one hours a day.


She was hardly awake for two days, barely saw what unraveling of everything is.


Now you can't get your colonoscopy. Well, first of all, he says, should he come in and get tested and the doctor is like, get fucking real. He has it. He should not leave the house, period, and he should quarantine. That's what should happen.


So you immediately know, oh, my God, this colonoscopy I've been putting off for fucking years, I finally got on the calendar is over, not going on the Waylon Jennings Express tour. And this person who I was willing to roll the dice and spend three days with is I'm not going to spend ten days with without anyone having a choice about it, which for me, even if I was head over heels with somebody, that's a big shift in the dynamic.


You're is right.


Zero to 100, maybe zero to Caronna, zero to Garena and back. Yeah, it's fucking nutty.


I still feel like maybe part of that wacky assimilation you guys talk about while you pick the wrong simulation with the wrong pack.


Yeah. You got to get out graded the platinum back. Oh really.


So the only thing that keeps me sane right now is think we're just going to have to do that trip again soon. Mm hmm. Well, Big Brown is coming for the weekend. Yeah, I was here to stay. I know. I know. I'm aware.


I got so excited last night, even though I'm sad. I also I'm still excited. And the main thing I'm excited about is singing lonesome, ornery and mean. As I operate that huge steering wheel, I'm just going to fucking sing it over and over again.


Yes. I'm hoping you have some kind of contraption that we could be on FaceTime together. Oh, yeah, yeah.


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So I guess then the obvious question is, what is this incredible life experience, what impact is it had on the race to 270?


Well, here's the unfortunate part of it. For the last couple days, I'm fatigued, but it's not a fatigue that I can't like overcome, but it's most certainly there. So it's affected my exercise the last few days.


Medically, I wonder if it's something to be overcame. I wonder if it's even advisable to push through. Like if you've got a cold, you're like, oh, fuck this cold.


I'm stronger than this cold.


That's usually my thought. But I went for a bike ride and I. I was dying, man. And then I looked. When I got back, I was like, oh, one point five miles a bicycle and felt like I felt like I climbed Everest. Yeah. You probably coasted at least half that direction. And I said, God damn it, there's work to be done here.


Well, I'm going to suggest to why you and I both and I know Charlie to some degree have a lot of muscle memory from a very specific thing, which is you drink more than you're supposed to. Yeah. And then you get up in the morning and you've got to pay the price and you're like, fuck this, I don't give a shit. I like you. That's how you absolve yourself from your fucking stupidity. Yes. You just push through all this experience of just ignoring pain because you deserve the pain.


You know, it's coming. No surprises, right?


So maybe it's like some bad muscle memory of like coming out of a blackout on your way to work.


Yeah, I don't have loss of taste or smell, but I'm still hungry. You know, my roommate here, she hasn't hardly eaten a thing in three days. A few days. I'm like, really? I couldn't just get that part of it. Yeah. And just lose my appetite. But no, I'm starving and I'm stuck here. And at your low point, you're like, well, fuck this. If I have Korona and I'm dying, I'm certainly eating what I want.


I mean, what a built-In justification you have.


Yeah, I've gone over things in my head so many times, like shit. I fucking order some gustus fried chicken and I get Vahedi.


Well it's kind of a saying that no problem so bad it can't be made worse by drinking. Yes. And you can't feel so shitty that it can't be made worse by some fucking. You're right chicken.


And I did tell you my one crazy slip of eating which is hilarious and I think everyone could relate so to in the morning all of a sudden it's overwhelming that I need like some chocolate or something which I never fucking avance with me, man.


And it was so overwhelming. So my first thought was I have a brand new thing of Oreos on the shelf that I bought for the kids. Yeah.


You're also like a guy getting sober in a crack house because I like the shitty Zaal at the grocery stores around the corner. Yeah. So I thought about the Oreos and I'm like my mouth.


I can't I can't eat fucking Oreos. Right. I couldn't eat a potato chip if I wanted to. I can't eat anything crunchy. I just want to applaud you for a second. The fact that you get up in the morning, just put one foot in front of the other fucking thing, and you can't you an Oreo because your mouth is up. How many more things could you be wrestling with right now? You go to a relative stranger according to your house.


I mean, there's just so much going on.


Yeah, love stitches in my mouth. A brand new titanium postin. They're polyps growing on, man. Well, you're a fucking warrior.


It's easy to wake up like Tom Cruise and have a good day.


But I like that so I can look over and my kids fucking Halloween candy is up on the on the shelf.


And so I get in there, I get Reese's. Yeah, buttercup. A couple bite sized snickers and I fucking eat them.


Well this is key though, right? When you grab the three you tell yourself, you know what, I'm going to have these three and that's not going to stand here. I'm going to actually take them over to the couch because then when I'm done, I'll just stay on the couch.


It's exactly what I did. So I took them to the couch. I ate them. I got to have one more thing.


You're in you're in your first two weeks of quitting smoking. Oh, yeah. Go ahead.


So I eat them real fast and it fucking tasted so good.


And eating them on the one side of my mouth, of course, and I'm like, well, I gotta get rid of the evidence, the rampers. So instead of putting them in the trash, I decided to put them back in the bag. So I got some bag back down to the rafters and grab the bush, by the way, because at this point he's sneaky because he doesn't want his female friend from Denver because she knows what his goal is.


Yeah, yeah. I guess I'm basically hiding like beer bottles behind the sink.


Yeah, my house is real creaky, too. So this was like 2:00 in the morning and we've been separating cheese in one end of the house.


I'm in the other because we're trying to stay away from each other.


Crazy. This is just the most crazy fucking. Yeah.


So so now I'm thinking about how my footsteps creaking around our week waking her and she's going to anyway.


So I take like five more candies and then I go back and I eat them all, then I go back again. Anyway I got like eight like fifteen or so. I didn't count but I'm guessing 15 or 20 and I until they were all gone.


You didn't tell me that for no. Until the end. I only wanted the Snickers and the Reese's. So there's more candy there. Yeah.


A real low point would have been if you started like sucking on Jelly Rancheria. It's totally a big sucker.


So yeah, I ate all the rest of the Snickers and whatever it is fucking was so good.


Then I fucking woke up and I had chocolate on my mouth and stuff because I, I had already brushed my teeth, you know, for the night. Then I ate a fucking pound a candy and so that was my slip.


But that was 12. That was three days ago. I'm impressed that you did just everything that does unravel.


It didn't help because I thought, you know how our minds work.


I thought you already get your feet wet, so I can't go for it already. Yeah. Get your ass in the deep and get a couple, two foot. Charles, let's get back to Charles.


How was your week?


I mean, by comparison, I mean I mean, it's getting better as this story goes on.


But it was good. Pretty standard week found it good routine.


Good cycle with this when some of the fucking food you have sent us pictures of is really good triggering.


Yeah. Yeah, yeah. What was it. A foot of was wasn't pulled barbecue's burger on Hawaiian Rule.


Oh yeah. Our friend that reads this taco shop in L.A., Gorilla Tacos, they have a little Pop-Up window so they're doing a friends and family for their first night.


So we went wild there. Oh wow. Got a salad. Twenty four inches of burgers.


Oh I think it was a couple feet to twelve and got some fries.


You got another picture too. There was another tasty looking meal. Oh I know what it was. Is that deep dish. Oh my God. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.


You remember that picture in that fucking video you have the Chicago style. Yes. I was just trying to look.


Yeah, I totally remember seeing Kip mentioned Jenas. He'd never been right by my house. Gino's East. I think it's important for w e e OK.


And did you go with my recommendation? We went with a ton of meat. Oh yeah.


Oh yeah. And would you think of the pie.


It was delicious. I loved everything about it. There had twenty different types of meat. It was just calling me. Was it called a meat lover's. I think it is additive so we just got a plain one and added them. You know what the results are going to be?


Because when you pick these pies up from Gino's east, it's a five pound. Yeah. Pizza, right. At least. So you go like, oh, I get through this thing. That's five actual pounds. You know what else is great?


They don't cut it. Did you pick it up? The whole thing?


I pulled it up like a burrito or sauce all over it.


Just cut it in quarters, which for some reason felt great. Did Erica get in on it? Yeah. Oh, she did. So she had a quarter. Yeah.


And you had three quarters. Oh my God. Cut and the crust was. Oh I'll tell you any other challenges as far as like working out and expending too much energy, even having them watch yourself there. I did play a game of kickball in the cul de sac, which really might have cost me a quarter pound regretable.


Yeah, you idiot. That's Charlie's cheat.


Like, he just couldn't resist playing kickball in the opposite neighborhood.


Kids out there had to just go, where is the boss?


You know, instantly regretted it once I started sweating and just to give a neck to head ratio update. So Ryan said, oh, we played cards with Charlie and Erika last night. I said, what do you think of that neck? And he was like, Oh my God.


That was the first thing I was saying is it's it's wider than his head. Like that's happened.


We're looking at it now and you feel like all my shirts have now become. Turtlenecks in your face is bigger, too, I mean, what is that? Let's get in there.


It's filling out, yeah, it's like a big face and then of twice as Big Mac, I would fucking love to throw a leather yoke around, see what you could tug.


And you did your weighin Saturday night as described right after that pizza.


Do either of you know each other? No, because Monica's not here. So she knows she isn't.


No, you don't know. Let me remind everyone. So last weigh in was tricky because we were on my scale, the uniform scale. And Aaron had dumped in a couple of days and then had a big evacuation shortly after we recorded. And he got back on the scale and he was down to 288.


So we had lost two pounds previously, if you count that ball movement.


But as it stands and as the record book will reflect, Aaron was at two ninety point six in. Charlie Curtis was at two fifty four point eight. You want to make a prediction either?


Gentlemen, I would like to make a prediction. I'm going to say Charlie has gotten into the low to sixties.


Oh, wow. I don't want him to be. That's my prediction.


That'll be a big week. He would have accelerated a bit. I think Charlie's going to be two fifty nine point two.


OK, I'm going to say to 61.


OK, you want to make an Aaron prediction?


Well, I was hoping you had a visitor. Maybe you ate a little fun food. Not just chicken. Yeah, be a good host. Weren't just cooking a chicken breast and Brussels sprouts all the time. I'm getting some exciting food, so that's what I was hoping for.


And now we counterbalance it with covid, which seems like maybe an intentional ploy to come down to some illness here.


But no, the colonoscopy was was borderline cheap. But I don't think this is a cheap element is going to pan out in his favor. Going to ninety was a little high last night.


I'm going to say to eighty five is kind of. Oh, and I'm thinking that's very optimistic.


Hmm. Hmm hmm. Hmm. You wait here before those candy bars. I did.


OK, ok, ok. I did my Monday because I had forgotten Sunday until we texted and I was like shit, it was already nighttime.


So you're dealing with a lot of shit.


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OK, so I'm going to go to eighty seven, I like that, OK?


And Charlie hit us. Let me confirm with my photo. OK, good. Two fifty nine point five oh, what did you get said on the money now? I did point two or three to five point three pounds. Yeah, let me see the picture. Oh, I can't wait for the listeners to take a look at this.


I mean, I don't understand how you have gained 30 pounds and it's all muscle.


What's crazy is like it's really hard to get those arrows coming off your hip down to your dog. Yeah, sure.


And his are still very pronounced, are just getting wider and wider. I could see if you never stopped to the arrows would just be four feet wide and hand and like over your hip bone by a couple feet.


It doesn't seem like any chub is getting in there. Let's give him their little compared to the beginning. I've heard that to bolster your your confidence.


You're checking in with Jess every now and then. Yeah. OK, you got to get that your he gives me the confidence I need. He's the support. Yes.


What do we got. I just start with a picture. Can you see it.


Oh wow. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well I'll tell you what's crazy.


I don't know if I would have guessed this, but we did a shoulder comparison here and I right before he left his shoulders are a foot and a half wider, which is crazy.


I think of myself as having pretty wide shoulders. I don't ever feel narrow around a man.


And then I even had you to do it. And his were considerably wider than yours. Yeah. He's got like freakazoids shoulders. Yeah.


Some of that could land a fucking Boeing never even wear shoulders to eighty four point four.


Oh, two eighty four point four. Damn, yeah, that's a huge all I got to right the ship.


Charlie, I need you to repeat these numbers to me once I have the marker.


All right. You were pretty close, Charles.


Oh, wow, wow, wow. I did not see this coming on a crown week.


OK, so, Charlie, you were two to fifty nine point five year to fifty nine point five to eighty four point four to eighty four a.m. point four.


So I'm going to just quickly do the math on this. That is six point two pounds over here. And then for you, Charlie, you gained five minus three, four point seven, OK.


Oh, OK. Wow.


Wait, now this this just got very interesting because thus far Charlie's had more movement every way in.


Yep. You had a ten pound gain week one, Aaron, and had a six pound loss than week to yet a four point eight pound gain. Aaron had a four point five loss that was neck and neck. And then, Charlie, you gained another four point nine pounds and Aaron lost a little over three and then week four.


And then, of course, we went up. Everyone sucked last week.


But man six point to weekly. This is so encouraging. Yeah, I feel wonderful about that. I was really hitting it, maybe even a little harder than that because I had some company. I'm like, yeah, I'll see you in a couple hours. I'll go get my pump on here.


And I'm sure I was I was really showing off. What I don't feel good about is immediately after that, when I ate a pound of candy, I did some nighttime eating again last night and I think I'm holding in there, but I felt pretty good about that week. That's your biggest week? Yeah, it's bigger than week one, which generally would be the easiest weight to lose. Right. That's insane. Wow.


I think the odds in Vegas just changed.


And so Charlie is currently ten point five pounds away from 270 and Aaron is fourteen point four pounds away from 270.




He wanted it to be a little. Can I ask a quick question, Charlie? Yeah. Were you being generous?


My hunch is you actually overestimated what you thought he lost.


Well, because you just said he got and he was really down to to eighty eight after he dumped three more pounds. OK, that's kind of where I was at. I am blown away. I am so proud.


I wish Monica were here so I can run. I was in this. It's a shame. I was hoping you were right with it.


That's what I was hoping for.


Well, just this week has been going so fucking shitty. We just look at the curve. You look at the trajectory on on the chart. Guess is it was a bad way in week as well. You didn't seemingly.


Nothing's gone as flat since I saw you on Sunday.


Well, that's not true.


You've had a quite a good time with your companion, right. It's been really nice.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it's good. That might have had something to do with dropping a few Philby's there. The I mean, D'Astier, right.


Oh yeah. That'll get the heart rate up. Sure. Get the lungs working. Yeah. The big joke here is that she's younger so I'm like, well you know, this is just what life is at my age. So you, you know, you could witness heart attacks and strokes, paralysis.


Yeah. There's all kinds of crazy rectal bleeding. I think she's so nervous.


Well, one funny thing is she had hash tagged at one point Zardoz in Arun's like, what is that? He's like, sometimes girls put that on my page, too. I had to look it up. He's like, sexy daddy. I don't know, you know, that about Sa'adi.


And so we've been having Ariete with how sexy is our medicine cabinets and our breathing at night in our throat clearing in the morning. Do it.


Look at I mean, I haven't worn a tooth since she's been here.


I haven't worn my friend to or haven't even put all my foot on my teeth. I mean, it's fucking ludicrous what's going on over here.


But he's like, I'm just going to fucking tell her right out of the gate, here's what's happened that might happen versus your sobriety trying to lose weight. Fucking sleep apnea. Yeah, I got to sleep next to a diesel engine.


Well, I told you the very first night I woke up and she was on the couch. She did last minute with a very loving, connected, wonderful night. So she most certainly wanted to stay in that. Yes. And there was no way.


Yeah. So I like second night. I begged her, please fall asleep first. And she did. But she woke up to my breathing and had to move it out now and again.


OK, so now she has a new hobby while she's been there, which is when Aaron takes a nap on the couch, she takes a photograph of it.


I'm going to show you one of them, Charlie.


The video is insane when we crank this.


I'm sorry, it doesn't sound real. He is a middle of the afternoon drive, right?


Of course, the first. Yeah, what I notice is the pattern.


I think I got three of these photos, my shirt, A.I.S, and all his shirt is coming. I said, is she pulling your shirt up once you go to sleep or finding its way up? What's happening?


So much movement in that snoring that it probably just works its way up.


Because I spend so much time with you and your brother, I would never service anybody telling me that my shirt comes up and comes off. All right. I mean, it's up here on your diddies. Yeah, it's crazy what's going on. But what's so great is that, like, you just led with the full honesty and you're like, yeah, this is the zedi package, right? Yeah, that's the snowfalls. Every time the premium package at this point in my life, me trying to hide the stuff, I mean, I can't I can't not be miserable.


Yeah. You'd be so uncomfortable for the next ten days fucking sleeping in a closet and stuff. Right.


Oh, man. This video. Oh. 2:00 p.m., the shorts. Oh, yeah, you're in your Mundy's, aren't you? Oh, yeah, my pink ones and that. Yeah. Oh I see you got shorts and some pink Munising. Yeah. Yeah.


Oh so that's the other thing. I'm like I promise you those are normal shorts. I go down to my knees. I don't know what's going on here.


I mean that is the zipper. That's package. That's Apex and daddy was right there. You know, afternoon may have been fucking sawlogs and your t shirt right now, but I really came through for you did. She's got to have no regrets. She got exactly what she bought. Exceeded those expectations for sure. Oh, I love you so much. I'm sorry you you had such a challenging week, but I think it probably provided a lot of gratitude, as Charlie said, is we got better and better here.


Oh, baby. Oh, baby girl.


Tell her to keep documenting because I want my more audio.


OK, yeah. I think she has done quite a bit of audio documenting. She asked me if I care. She hasn't been sneaking up on me.


I said, oh, you can record anything. So I guess I was kind of nervous when she, you know, I'm like I go for it. Oh, I love it. Oh my God. Yeah. Like some nighttime footage of you in the bedroom because it really gets going at night is when that's when you really hit your stride. I talked about it on here that Aaron talks a ton.


Honestly. Amazing. On to race to 270. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


She said she was having conversations with me this morning. She was trying to wake me up. The guy was here to deliver the wood and needed firewood, needed payment. And I don't remember this. She is like she kept asking me and I was like, oh no, it's all worked out.


And yeah, I guess he has handled. Yeah, I used to tell her to record some more of that. I guess we had a big conversation about this while the guy is sitting out there fucking waiting to get paid for the war in his arms. Yeah.


You know, tell him to take his time. Oh, all right. Well, I love you. And congratulations on your first big win.


Big win. Big, big win. It's time for the ice cream breaking out the Ben and Jerry's. I'm going to crunch a couple more numbers really quick.


So. So that's one point five more. Four point seven divided by four, about twenty two percent victory.


Oh my. Yeah, that's pretty, pretty substantial. Yeah, it's pretty big.


I'm sorry Monica's not here to defend you but and I felt good about that as pumped scales at 260. So took out my phone half a pound. Yeah. Really. It was great. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. 270 is going to look great on there.


I had my friend do the way and I didn't have my phone to take the picture, although I did have a witness and you know, I got butt naked and let out a couple farts.


Oh my God.


I've been farting so much to. And that's also part of the Orsatti experience. Oh that's a zedi add on.


Yeah, that's a Zadeh upgrade. Josaitis charge extra for that. I know. Well tell you this before Charlie that Aaron, he had this very, very high pitched fart. It sounds like you're pulling the balloon apart.


It's that loud and high pitched. So all through junior high he would fart in class and all the girls would be like in the area and smile real cute.


And they loved getting away with it. You keep farting class in junior high and they have all the girls excited. Oh, in ways you've had a charmed life. That's really right. Yeah. Yeah. All right. I love you desperately.


I'll see you on FaceTime tomorrow from behind the wheel of Big Brown. I can't wait. All right. I'm going to miss you. Let's get back to Luckenbach, Texas. Let's do it.


Daddy in there. And the boy in the ball. This successful Leighton's gutters feuds like the Hatfields and McCoys between Hank Williams. Later, Belavia Lavon guys.