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Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex Grant. Season Opener - S2E1 (#29)

Boss Uncaged

  • 10 days ago
  • 36:43

“...take this podcast as a tool. It's an opportunity to hear from other people that are in multiple different industries that are all on like journeys. And everybody's journey is similar in the sense that they started here and their goal is to get here. If they want to become a millionaire, if they want to have a successful business, if they want to have an enterprise, whatever it is, they have to start somewhere and they have to climb to this level.” In the words of S.A. Grant, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to Season 2 of the Boss Uncaged Podcast! In season 2, episode 1, S.A. returns with his partner-in-crime Alex Grant for a dynamic season 2 opener. Giving more insight to the nuggets dropped in the season 1 finale, these two discuss the excitement of their upcoming season 2.

S1E28 - Host Of Boss Uncaged: S. A. Grant With Co-Host Alex G. - Season Finale - S1E28

Boss Uncaged

  • 16 days ago
  • 46:10

In Episode 28 - Boss Uncaged Season Finale, S.A. Grant discusses the culmination of his first season of the Boss Uncaged Podcast. Interviewed by Alex Grant, S.A. reflects on how a brief recommendation to "just start a podcast" resulted in his new passion for storytelling. Throughout 26 interviews, S.A. chronicles the lives and business breakthroughs of entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. "... I'm fifty percent creative and fifty percent analytical, so in my research of these questions that I'm asking everybody on the show, I've done the research to figure out what questions are going to spark an emotional response based upon who I'm interviewing. Then that question opens up Pandora's box. I know everybody's answer is going to be uniquely different, but as they're answering these questions, just based upon the structure of the questions, that's going to lead into a scenario to where it's going to go into faith, it's going to go into, well, I'm doing this because naysayers or somebody didn't believe in me or I hit these particular hurdles. And that's why the questions are staged as they are..." - S. A. Grant

S1E27 - Leadership Consultant: Wanda Y. Dunham AKA The Chief - S1E27

Boss Uncaged

  • 24 days ago
  • 01:03:33

Do your research. Yeah, you need to research the business that you're going into. Sometimes you jump too fast and you don't know the business and that's when you get frustrated. And so you need to do your research. And the tools are out here now. I mean, when I had my business, it was even less. But just when I was coming up, we didn't have the Internet and all of these tools available. So utilize these tools.

S1E26 - Neil Patel Digital Investor: Andrew J. Miner - S1E26

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  • about 1 month ago
  • 41:14

"Think in terms of humans first. Versus technology first, the technology will always change, but what won't change are basic human behavior and human psychology principles. So if you can start there, start with why people make decisions." - Andrew J. Miner

S1E25 - President Of Worthmore Jewelers: Harris Botnick - S1E25

Boss Uncaged

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:04:19

If anyway you can figure it out, don't take a bank loan, to do what you want to do. Because then you're working for the bank and that's very stressful, especially if you're living to a time like this where all your best plans in the world might have changed. There's individuals out there who, if your idea is good enough, they're going to believe in you and they will want to invest in your idea. It might take a lot of doors to knock on to find those right people. That's the right deal. - Harris Botnick