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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her daddy? Call her daddy. What the fuck is up, daddy, gang? It is your father back at it again for another episode of Call her Daddy. You guys, I'm in L.A. right now. There's a guest in the room.


But I first is of course, Alex has to give you a fucking life update because it's just continuing.


The drama continues.


Daddy gang, let me tell you what happened to me. I've been in L.A. for twenty four hours, so I land.


I go to my hotel, I put my luggage down. I say I want a salad.


What we want. Alex wants us out. I know I'm already changing. L.A. is changing me and like a healthy green bitch. I'm just kidding. I didn't eat it. So I go to this place to get a salad. I sit down, I don't even get my water.


The waiter is about to come up to me and then these two girls come up to my table and I'm like, oh, maybe their daddy king.


Who could this be? I don't know anyone in L.A. I'm a fucking loser.


These two girls approach me, daddy, and I can't make this up.


This girl walks out to me and she goes, I'm so sorry to interrupt you. I just had to come up and say this. I am Superman's ex-girlfriend. What we what you're sorry, what I look up at her like she's a fucking like halo on top of her head, I'm like, she's shining from the heavens above. I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm sitting there. I'm like, oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. What she's like, yeah, I'm Superman's ex-girlfriend and I just about shit myself.


Mind you, I'm off the plane. I'm not really there. I'm a little groggy, like I don't really know what's going on. So as you can assume, I'm a little stunned.


I'm a little it's like it's kind of become like Superman is this guy that just kind of is is there and he, like, ruined everyone's lives. But like now it seems like he's a distant memory and he's just like a villain in the wings. Now, this woman is like in the flesh looking at me like I'm his ex-girlfriend. I'm like, oh, my God, bitch, take a seat.


Let's have a shot, guys. She starts to go off and it's like, I totally understand how the entire situation went down. He's such a fucking weirdo. Like, he's really smart, but he's really fucking weird. And the funniest part is she goes and I mean, when I how it ended with him and how I broke up with him is the minute I saw his apartment. And I'm sitting there, like, knowing all the details, I'm like, oh, like you saw his apartment, too.


And she's like, yeah, he literally has this apartment. It's it's it's furnished like an eight year old woman. And it's most terrifying thing when you walk into his apartment, you're like, so today I decided this is where you see in the movies where you walk and it's like, this is the movie Psycho. When you walk in and you look around and he's got like all the stuffed birds and shit like that, Superman's man's apartment.


So anyway, so she shows me a couple of pictures of them together. Really cute moment. Kind of terrifying, honestly, seeing the man's face again. And we just had this really is like underlying bonding moment, probably because she knew the man.


So that was my first moment in L.A. sitting down Superman.


Bada bing. What's up, motherfucker? So I was interesting and it was fun because, like, we talk shit about him, obviously, and it kind of like I got a little crush.


Now the next update. Yes, here we go. I just want you to all get super comfy cozy. Buckle up. Last week.


Sorry, I'm like blushing.


Oh, Alex, last week I told you guys about a business Zoome meeting that I went on and on that meeting was a man that I found so attractive, so unbelievable.


And he ended up making a move, emailing me, asking me to come out to L.A. a day earlier so he could take me to dinner. And I took him up on the offer, got on the plane, got out to L.A. and went on the dinner meeting date.


So naturally, my co-host would say, Alex, how is the date?


Daddy going, how was the day time to spill the motherfucking tea? How was the dinner date? It was so amazing, Daddy gang by the time I released this episode, I can't keep up. By the time I released this episode, we are past the dinner now. We will have hung out multiple times. OK, so I'm going to walk you guys through the date because it's kind of the funnest thing right now and I want you guys to feel part of it.


My life is your life. So here we go. Date night. OK, I'm reclining in my chair. I'm getting ready. I go down to the lobby. He's picking me up at seven 45. I'm standing in the lobby and listen, I'm not going to say I'm a superficial bitch, but I think that, like, I really was anticipating him to drive such a nice fucking car.


He's a big fucking shit here in L.A. He's got a nice job. I'm like expecting some big hot shit. So when I see I think it was like a Toyota Corolla, like Roll-Up, no shame on those. But just for him, I just wasn't expecting. So this car rolls up and I like my heart, kind of like stop speeding and I kind of like die inside a little bit. I'm like, OK, Alex, it's fine. Like, get in the car.


Like, it's fine. Like he doesn't have a nice car like it.


It wasn't him. You're all like, oh what. No, but you know, in that moment, like, I literally was like waiting to see what kind of car he drove. And when I saw the motherfucking Toyota Corolla zoom, zoom, roll up, I was like, I don't know, this doesn't really fit his M.O. Don't worry.


Toyota Corolla, not his. Two seconds later, a baller ass car rolls up. I'm not going to say what the car was because he told me if I give specific details about his life, he will end me and all of a sudden I'm going to disappear. So a really, really nice car rolls up. Let's say that one that would get a woman wet. I was wet already. Two seconds and look at how easy it is to please me.


You roll up in a hot car. I'm like, hey, you can fuck me. So my vagina is throbbing. I open the car door and he like, looks at me up and down. I'm like, oh my fucking God, I want to make out with your face. But guys, we're some in business meeting mode. I get into the car, we lock eyes. It's as if we've just known each other for so fucking annoying.


I'm like the lock of the eyes. No, we both and you know, those people you meet immediately, that it's just like you feel like you've known each other for so long. Like we immediately vibe. And it was just like, oh my God. Like we're going to get along so well. Our personalities, we were just talking, we were having such a good time. So we roll up to this sushi joint that he took me to and we sit down on the date that mean it fucking we sit down at the business meeting and honestly, like in the beginning, we did talk about business before we got our waters.


We quickly got that out of the way. Two seconds.


And though we were on to the date, no daddy digging the sexual tension was. Extreme, he's kind of holding my hand on the table, like kind of rubbing under my thigh, like we're getting a little touchy. And at first he had asked me, like, randomly towards the end of the night, like, we're kind of both like a little tipsy and he's like, can I kiss you?


And something about a man who's so manly and like older, just asking if he can even, like, kiss me. Like it wasn't like little Johnny in seventh grade, like Barbara. Come on, let me give you smooch. It was like, no, it was hot that he was like asking for permission. And I like leaned in and then I like pulled away and I'm like, no, not right now. Like, this is a business meeting.


What are you doing? Stop fucking taking advantage of me.


OK, then we got the check and I'm like, I have to pee so bad. And he's like, OK, great. Like let's go into the restaurant.


Mind you everyone, that's like Alex, it's Korona. Trust me. Everywhere I've been eating, by the way, I've been outside mask on deck.


OK, he brings me to the restaurant inside. I go to the bathroom longest of my life. I'm sitting there with a fat smile on my face. I'm like, wow, this is so funny. Also at this point, kind of hammered. I get out of the bathroom and I look to the right because that was where the men's room was. And he I thought he had gone to the bathroom too.


And I look down the hall and the back of the restaurant, like the I guess it would be considered like the service door is open, propped open, and he's in the back parking lot. He had gone out the back of the restaurant and he's standing there like motioning, waving for me to come meet him in the back of the restaurant. I walked towards him and I can't even explain how hot this moment is.


I'm walking down the hallway. He's like in this dark lit back corner of the restaurant.


I get back there and he pushes me up against the wall and he puts his hands on my face, like grabs my face and is like, Can I kiss you now? I just about melted inside and I was just like, yes, and he starts making out with my face, OK, Daddy getting. Such a good kisser, such a good fucking kisser, do you know how fucking scary it is when you do not know, like, is this bitch about to be?


Because sometimes, honestly, I'll give it to people like you got to it takes a minute to get in. Sympatico of like, oh, you make out a little different than I do or we got to get in a groove literally locking lips tongue in their fucking making out. It could have been more perfect. I was like, OK, this is really cool. So we're getting married. I was just getting so we make out.


He like puts his hands like down not my pants but like down on the back of my grabs my butt from outside my pants and it's like honestly the hottest make out. And then we start making out. He grabs my hand and walks me around to the front to get his car from valet. And he's just like holding my hand, like I'm like his little fucking bitch. And I'm like, wow, I, I like this, I like this a lot because then the nice car pulls up.


I just got wined and dined. I just got a good make out. I'm like, this is living.


Here we go. We get in the car and he's like, can I, I'm going to take you home. Right. And I'm like Yes, yes, yes. Alex, keep it in your fucking pants, you whore. Like, No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. The twist daddy gang was, is that he ends up telling me and he told me that in the beginning of the night that his trip for work got canceled due to someone getting Korona.


So he's like, I'm here for one more week now. And so I'm like staring at him like Jesus, mother of God. This is the beginning of a very dangerous love affair.


He definitely ate my vagina on our third date. And I'm not going to lie. Best orgasm of my life. All I think he's going to colonize Alex y. Oh, yeah. There was definitely something that happened downstairs out of date. You guys, next week. There's a lot happening, but plug's everything. I don't even know. I just blacked out. Guys, I have a guest this week. Stop being rude. We can't focus on me the whole fucking night, ok?


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Eighty five, six, seven, eight. Daddy. Jane, can you hear me ok. I have someone sitting across from you right now. I look like a potato sack. She looks so fucking hot and it's amazing. Also when you have people that like you don't know what they're going to look like in person, you're like, is this bitch a catfish? Not that I ever thought that about her, but like, it's an amazing thing when she comes in and I'm like, oh, fuck.


She looks exactly like her Instagram introducing Olivia O'Brien.


Wow. Thank you. That's the best compliment ever. We know. But seriously, like I imagine in L.A., you have so many bitches that you're like we your Instagram, you looked so different. What happened there? Yeah, it's kind of a scary is a scary land that you live in. Thank you so much for coming on the show today. I think it's so funny because Olivia and I've been kind of following each other for a while, so random.


I loved your music. I love your music. And then I know you were a fan of the show. And then we've we've always just at first, we just were deeming being like, yo, bitch, if you come to L.A., like, let's wrage.


Oh, my God. Yeah, right. Right. We were like, let's go out together. Like, let's get really fucked up. And then now we're here and I'm like a single father alone trying to make it in this world. And I'm like, OK, I mean, I guess. And you immediately popped up and I was like, Olivia, come on.


I was so excited when you said you need to have guests. I was like, please me now go.


I really think the daddy thing is going to love you because I remember being like all of your songs are. So you just like nory everyone's thoughts when they're just like getting fucked over by man.


And that's your kind of like your vibe. I guess you like your brand is like you're constantly just talking about like how Metatron. Yeah. Everyone thinks I'm like a huge man hater and like it's.


Yeah. I mean it's not they're not wrong necessarily. Yeah. Yeah. There's some nice ones out there probably.


I just made really many of them like I kind of had this I. Like maybe one in a million, but like I haven't met one yet, so fuck all of you, you're single. We were just kind of talking about this beforehand because I was telling Olivia about the zoo man, and she was like, how did you meet him? I'm like on a business meeting. And she said, Kate, I can't. So what are you and dating apps like?


How do you mean, guys?


I was like on Reya or whatever it's called for a little bit, but it's so like you just can't I just and I hate dating. I was like, what am I supposed to do?


How am I I need to actually have like a real connection with someone in order to actually like them. Like, it takes a lot for me to really actually like a guy because I just hate everyone. We do have a type.


Oh fuck. Yes. Oh, so embarrassing. What is it? OK, well, I'm trying to I'm trying to like get off of this type, OK, but I like like a little internet boys like stuff like oh internet boy.


I like eise outwardly seem like such fuck boys because I know I'm going to get good content from them and they're probably not going to want to actually date me because I don't want a real relationship. I just want someone to like give me attention every once in a while and then like ruin my life a little bit so I can write an album.


We I'm sorry but that's literally my life, my podcast. I'm like we he's literally the biggest fuck boy. He is such a piece of shit. He's not even treating me that well. This is perfect. Date me.


I'm like, wait, I love you. How old are you? I'm Tony. OK, you're twenty. So you are like living your best life right now.


You know, what about right now? You know, I'm watching that story all day. All day. So you're like very single. You're very single. Yeah.


OK, can you how many boyfriends have you had? Like have you had really big relationships.


I've only had one like serious relationship and I like gave me depression being like I've had depression like on and off for a long time. But like it triggered my depression being in a relationship. I felt so trapped. I think I just didn't like the guy as much as I probably should have.


And I just I that's usually in a relationship. I don't want to like them. I don't know. Sometimes it depends what kind of girl you are.


Yeah, but it was it was also my one, like my only real, like public relationship. So now all my songs, everyone's like this is about him. This is unlike I've never written a song about him like ever doing it that isn't that's so fucking annoying.


Like I have that all the time when I'm like talking about an acts like I've seen you on Google, Alex, like I know who you're talking about. I'm like, no. So I had one guy that like was very public and like, I'm not talking about him most of the time, so shut the fuck up.


There's like one guy that's public and like many, many that I don't know about.


And you're like, and that's why I keep that shit private now because I don't want people in my business. OK, so you're trying to be more private. Yeah, I know.


I don't know what's ever like what's going to happen later on in my life, but as of now. Yeah, because I just don't want to I'm just not looking like serious relationships just scare me unless the person's like I'm also I'm like obsessed with the person. But usually when I'm obsessed with someone it's because they don't like me back.


So that's no reason to expand the amazing thing that like when they don't like you, you're like this is what love feels like, right? It's like, why do we do that? But it's kind of like I always have been recently saying I'm like, it's because you're fucking you. You want to get married right now. Why the fuck do you want a nice guy that's boring. So you were in a relationship and you just said you were really depressed.


How long were you in the relationship?


It was like like actually dating probably like six months, but total was maybe like eight.


OK, did you break up with him or did he break up with him and it was not fun. Oh my God. We I feel like breaking up with someone is so fucking scary. Horrible.


And also like after you broke up with that and then you're like, oh, I'm bored and like they're sad. Like I just like hang out with them one more time. I'm going back to the ex.


We were just saying off camera we were like, fuck, like recycling exes is something that is it's just such a pastime of mine that I love to do. And Olivia was like, I love to do that too. Why do we like to do it? Why do you think you do that? I don't know. Well, I've actually never recycled that particular man.


But the only it was like after we broke up, like, obviously we're hanging out still a little bit.


And then I was like, OK, I got to cut this off before it gets dangerous. I know that. But like guys that I've never fully dated, that I've had things with, I feel like it just comes in cycles. Like I'll go back to them every like this one guy that I literally wrote my entire album about shut the two years ago. And I like every like six months I find myself hanging out with him again. And then every single time we start talking and he gets a girlfriend or he stops talking to me, gets it over and I swear every single time.


So and then he'll break up and then you guys get like you guys start hooking up again and then he goes and gets a girlfriend. Yeah. So you're kind of like the girl he always goes back to and but then he goes and gets a girlfriend. Yeah. You've never been his girlfriend.


Sometimes I think sometimes I really think like this. Last time I really thought we were going a date or something and then he oh it was so crazy.


I'm not even kidding. We were hooking up. It was like right at the beginning of quarantine. And I was at his house every single day. He was like, you should like move into my house for continuums for a couple of weeks, like, so that we don't have to like, go anywhere. It was like when we were, like, so scared, the world was those terrified.


And I just got back from tour and we're like, literally, you know, every single day. And then I didn't see him for four days. He was like, quarantine. Like, I really want to take it really strict, like we're not letting anyone in our house, whatever. So I was home for four days and I FaceTime him and we're like talking whatever. And then one day he UNAMSIL Snapchat and I took. And I was like, hey, like we're like, is something wrong?


I know because, like, I've been friends with this kid for two years, like, overall anything like we're friends. Right? So I was like, hey, like, did something happen? He was like, oh, I started seeing someone. And I just wanted to, like, clear out my Snapchat, like, just out of respect for her.


And you're like, no, no, no. Well, then I was able to move in. I have my bags packed. So you're like, oh, then at what window did you meet this new girl?


Because we were talking about me coming over for Gornstein. I don't know. I'm like, in four days in quarantine, you somehow met someone that you like an up to date.


And it's not me, dude, like what we want.


And this is like the second time that something like that crazy has happened with him. So I was just like, you know what, I had to be done. But I was I hung out with him a couple weeks ago or anything. We didn't talk about anything. We just hung out as friends.


But OK, so that, like, kind of beautiful because first of all, I love that you can just, like, admit that because I feel like some girls like know like it just like whatever. And like I can't even explain it like it just wasn't right. Timing like you're like, no, it was actually him being like literally on a different planet, like, what are you doing. We literally were, I thought on the same page.


And then all of a sudden when men do that, it's the most unbelievable thing because it's like they all of a sudden everything they've ever said to you, it's like it's like it never happened. I know. And that's like a nurse every time.


And one of those not the fun.


I've dated multiple or multiple, many, many, many years. Some of them were very severe. And it's hard, though, because they're so like they look amazing at first and their personalities and they know how to charm you. And then slowly, the deeper you go, you're like, this is an actual nightmare.


Yep. So I'm so sorry about your little current.


So you really thought you had great quarantine plans. Yeah. And now you're stuck in the low. I think he was taking me on tour, like, come home. It's not safe out there, like I miss you.


And I was like, oh, god, babe, I'm coming. I'm ready to talk to you. And then you get back and he's like, doors are closed, bitch. I got another girl in the house, dude.


But now they're not even together anymore. Know, he said he was single, also hung out with him. I was like, oh OK.


Well took my ass home to OK, so that's I kind of miserable and I feel like so you know a lot of songs about that person.


Oh my God I, I have stopped, I have a tattoo of three tally marks and these are all the guys I've ever like written songs about and I've been inspired by whatever.


That's kind of cool.


I thought you that you had his name tattooed on him like the hold on bitch. Really. OK, that's actually kind of cool.


So there are three men that you've ever been inspired enough to write a song about.


Yeah, I mean, you wrote an album.


Pretend like there's some guys I've written like one or two songs here and there, but these are like guys that I've been like, like they've inspired like whole projects or whole like eras in my career.


And was it mostly because they fucked you over? It wasn't because you were in love. Oh yeah.


I mean, I don't write love songs. I don't know how to do it. I know your some of your songs like obviously your most famous one right now, the Jocelin one, because I think it's just been trending and I know people made like Tig talk dances to it. That one specifically is like we don't need to get into like who it's about. But did they know it was about them. Yeah, be great. That's great.


So that's kind of funny, though, because I feel like you're like the songwriting version of me with my podcast. Like, it's kind of funny. It isn't. It kind of a power that you can write songs and then men will know it's about them, that they can be so funny.


Like the guy that I wrote Jocelin about, I was hanging out with him like after like after that happened, like we're still friends, whatever.


And he was like, Olivia, I'm scared to hang out with you because you literally just use me for content.


Like, I don't even know. I don't even want to talk to you. I'm like, dude, you're like, say one more word, bitch. Like you're going in my song. Like, it's going to be amazing. That's actually really fucking dope. Yeah.


So you're single now. Mm hmm. How is that going for you. I'm so bored.


Well, honestly, I think that if I wasn't single I would it might be even worse because like just during this time I feel like I'm using it to my advantage so much. I feel like I'm growing so much as a person. Like I don't I don't even know what to say. And also, all my roommates just moved out of my house. We're all moving, but we're all moving to different places. And they all, like, left early.


They found places before me and I'm leaving like five days for the lease is up. So I have another month at my house and I'm living alone. And it's so scary I'm there. But I'm like being so weird.


I'm like meditating and like singing like a naked around the house, like casting spells, like finding yourself. We I actually think that's kind of amazing.


I feel like it's like weird because I've gone through phases where I'm single and I'm like, so not OK being single. But then like this is the first time, even though I'm dating guys, like I'm not actually like in a relationship. So like I feel like it's the first time where I'm like, I'm like, OK, if all these men dropped off and like I'm single, like, it's good when you can actually like be OK being.


And that's the only way anything will ever work out. If you're not good on your own, you're going to be dependent on that person for your happiness and then they're going to ruin your life.


Also, I'm reading this book called Why Men Love Bitches. Oh, I feel like people have, like, told me to read. That is you need to read it.


I swear, if I wrote a book, it would be that book. Like it's everything I've ever told any of my friends. It's like I not to say it's not technically about like being a bitch to God.


It's like I'm not a huge fucking bitch. I mean, Summerlands sometimes I'm a huge fucking bitch, but whatever.


But it's about not like showing that you care so much about. There's going to get bored if you're like. First date, you're going to cook them a fucking six course meal and you're like, Susie, fucking cream cheese like baby, come sit down and it's like, OK, this is the first day. Don't even give him that. We actually want you to kind of go through. That's interesting. You bring up that book. I want to hear you.


Like when you said, like what I tell my friends, like, do you have kind of like a like what do you live by? Like, what's your dating style at least that you try to, like, implement or what kind of advice do you give your friends?


You just you can't be out there just doing everything for them. First of all, the most important thing is you can't always be the one that goes to their house.


Whoever's house you're always going to, that's the person that has the power in every relationship I've ever had. That's always been the way it was. My ex-boyfriend that the one I actually dated, I went to his house like twice in our entire relationship. He came to my house every single time.


And then other guy said, all of these guys, they never came to my house. I always went to their house and they didn't like me at all. So that's the whole thing is like that's literally the number one rule that I tell everyone.


We that is fascinating because I guess it's a little different in L.A. because like New York would be like, well, whose apartment is like bigger so that we can, like, have room. But like, I guess it it it does make sense because I know one of my acts is that it was I was like just out of college and I was like so wrapped on him and I was literally at his place 24/7. And that imbalance, you're so fucking right.


I've literally never thought about that because it's such a it's like it sounds so stupid. It's like who's house to go to more. But it's true. If you're always the one making the fucking effort to go to their place, it's like, why does it ever come to your place? Yeah. And then he just thinks you're always available.


Also, you can't just if they ask you to hang out, you can't drop your plans and go hang out with them. You always have to, at least even if you're not that busy, make time for yourself so that you can fucking seem like you're doing something else.


If it's true, you're always there for them. If you're always calling them, like, why didn't you call me? Why didn't you like. Yes, there again, I just think you're insane, like especially in the beginning. Like maybe later you can do whatever you want later in the relationship. But in the beginning you have to set the foundation of like you can't like I don't need you, I have my own shit. And whatever you do, like I'm not dependent on you and I don't need it.


Dude, you are spinning facts right now. I remember it was like I gave like the like epitome of that example I thought was I was talking about women that are professional athletes, girlfriends that are or the wives and like they sit at home and like I remember being a girlfriend. So I would watch these women and they were like, why do you have a job? Like, what are you doing? And I was like, I don't know. I just like I have a job, like, what are you guys doing?


And they sit at home for their man and they wait for him to get home from the games. And I'm like, You are getting cheated. Yeah, he's cheating. He's literally cheating on you. And like, it's so sad. But it's like these women give everything to this man and I'm like, does he sit and wait for you? Do you does he ever come home and you're not there? Are you out with your girlfriends ever in, like making him wonder what the fuck you're doing?


It's like the imbalance. Like it almost goes back to the whole house thing. Are you always going to his house? Are you always going to him?


Why the fuck is he never coming to you? It's not going to work if it's like that. Yeah. Also, like when a guy calls you at like two a.m. and you're at home and he's like, I went to the club and he's like, come over and you go, yes, no. That's like his instant gratification. That's like, great. I can like just one 800 plus. You get to be on her way. One 800 pussy.


Come on, bitch. Like, I just hooked up with a bunch of girls at the club. Couldn't get laid though. Now I'm calling you your last resort. I think that is like Daddy going. Please listen to that, because I know that's what we spit facts here on. Call her daddy. But like, it's good to hear it from different people who have lived it. It's like, why are you always so available and why why are you being so available for him?


It's kind of sad to see girls that are just like always they're the saddest story ever.


One of my like old best friends, she like the met this guy and he just in the beginning just did not he was not interested in her.


He broke up with her after the first time they were talking and got back together with his ex girlfriend for like five months and then broke up with her. And then he started texting her again. And she was like, I really like him.


She would go over to his house. She would bring our blender in her car and go to his house and, like, leave it in her car. She was like, Yeah, I'm just bringing it in case he wants a smoothie or something.


And like, it would bring a bag of food and cook him a whole meal and then go fuck him, wake up, suck his dick, feed his dog and leave while I can't breathe.


I'm I'm hyperventilating. I don't know. She kept doing that. She watched his dog for him when he went to Vegas for a week, like all this shit, while he would text her back, like every other day and like just didn't did not give her the attention that she was giving him. And then she decides that she's going to move in with this man.


Oh, my fucking God. So he, like I guess his roommates, like, didn't like him or something.


So he didn't have a place like he was going to move in with his some person and then she didn't.


That's also just something to point out, ladies. If a guy like if a lot of men don't like a guy that's a really big red flag, like, what's wrong with him? Exactly.


And the only reason he wanted to move in with her was because no one he was like he'd text her and was like, hey, look, I know you're you're planning on moving soon. And like, I don't really have a place to go. Like, we should just, like, save money and, like, get a place together.


And they using her and they had just started dating.


And once he wrote her a card that was like, I love the way you cook and clean and you're nice to my family, like, love you.


You are my best. It was a happy Valentine's Day. Was she cooks, she cleans nice. Oh, my God, it's like, so she's your maid. She's literally your maid. Like, that's what ended up happening with that.


None of us talk to her for like a year. She just didn't talk to any of us. And then they broke up and she had to move out of his place like, I don't know, I haven't talked to her.


She still owes me much money. So I don't really want to get into the house literally like that. Makes me so sad because the amount of girls that I don't see how far they're going with a guy and they get so sucked into it. And then all of a sudden it's like you've isolated your entire life, your entire life is gone. Exactly. Just for one person that literally treats you like women. If that's you, if you're kind of looking around, you're like, we I don't have girls nights anymore or like I don't really do actually anything other than with him, but he still has his life.


But I don't have a life. I just have him. That's another red fucking flag. You cannot drop your friends. You have to be friends or another one of my friends. Same similar thing happened like I've watched all my friends go through this. Thankfully, I don't think the girl I was just talking about, I don't think she got cheated on or anything. And I think she's doing really good now. So I'm like, really happy for her.


For her.


But you have to live your money like you're sorry. But but I think she's doing good.


But another one of my friends recently got cheated on in the most messed up, horrifying way or so of this, my best friend.


And he was Charlie. She lives with me currently, but we're all moving, so not anymore.


Charlie is OK with you telling this. Shout out, Charlie, we fucking love you. I already talked to her. Oh, my God.


OK, so basically, if she was dating this guy and he was like a little Internet boy, like a long time ago and, you know, he's still here. He has his platform and whatever.


But they were they've been dating for a long time. And Charlie is the best person ever.


She just knows everything she like has a real, actual job, which is rare in L.A. we love.


She's the girl we go to and we want to, like, start a company or we want to do something like we just don't know how to navigate through life.


We asked Charlie, she does everything. She's the woman. And this boy, he was like years younger than her and just did not have his life together, like at all. She, like, took him to the DMV to get his license.


She, like, cleaned his house for him, like, just just saved this kid's life. Basically, you just was praising him while dating.


She even admits she's like, yeah, I was literally his mom, like I was his mom, too, and we still saw her.


So it wasn't like we were cut off. But she was very much like with him all the time and kind of lived with him. Like she she basically lived with him. And so she wasn't hanging around us as much. And then she found out last November, after they've been dating for months, some girl dumped her and was like, you deserve better.


And she was like, oh, so we get this girl on the phone and she's like, I used to be a fan of him.


We met at, like, one of his, like, tore things back in the day. And he has a private Snapchat account where he sends me inappropriate photos. And like he said, he was going to fly me out. And he tells me he likes me and all the stuff. So she goes and looks at his phone. She's like, do you have a private Snapchat? He was like, No, no, no, I don't. She was like, give me your phone.


She goes in his phone. Hundreds of girls are fans of literal fans, hundreds of fans in his Snapchat, sending photos, sending literal what photos of his penis to these girls who who know some of them could have an underage. I'm not like what it was like a child with the father, but you don't know there. Yeah.


Regardless, why are you doing like you fans idolize you and you're like using them. That's just disgusts me.


It disgusts me. So she he is like, I'm sorry, I need help. Like, I'm really sorry. Like, I'm going to stop. She gets back together with him.


No, I know. I know. And then we find out in May. So he's doing it again. Well, we found out we found this out a couple of weeks ago. She gets another D.M. And it's the same thing, a different girl.


You deserve better. You deserve better. Like, oh, my God, she's like she replies. And we get we get this girl on the phone. I love I love that you guys are getting these bitches on the phone like I fucking love this shit. I love I love that they want to come to her and tell her thank God. Me too. And I love that you guys are open enough to like some girlfriends. I talked about it on my last one of my last episodes.


I was like, there are some girls that will be like, no, my man like would never cheat. Like, no, stop calling him. First of all, your man's in second.


All he would he literally what he is. So shut the fuck up.


Oh no. But this girl had the same story, pretty much the same story. She sent us receipts and I was like, yeah. Like he had a private snapshot. And we were like, when did this happen? She was like, meh. So not only that, he do this in November, but he lied about it the entire time. She was living with him, sleeping next to him. And when she would go to work, he would be sending photos of his fan girls.


You'd do OK. I'm sorry, Daddy going. Hello, this is amazing. This is what we live for. First of all, what a little bitch boy. Sanctionable. What a little bit. Twenty third of all, I love that you're calling him a boy. You're not even referring. He is a boy. He's my boy. How old is he.


I think he's twenty nineteen. I'm. I am. There's so many things to unpack here. First and foremost, I love you so casually. And then we got her on the phone like what can you please explain to me. So like, did you did she message the girl back and be like Can I call you.


She measures to go back and was like, is this about blah, blah, blah, whatever. And the girl was like, yeah, like, can I call you?


And so we just we called her but yeah I. I have one I have so much respect for girls that are the other girls that reach out and do it in like a very nice way, like I'm assuming the way you're making it sound like the girl that reached out, she wasn't trying to be like you're like it's embarrassing. Like your boyfriend. She was like, bitch, I want to help you.


She was so nice.


And I she didn't really he wasn't really public about that publicly about the relationship. So girls had to kind of like snoop around to find out, OK, so she had her ideas and she sent a screenshot of her being like, oh, you're on vacation with Charlie. Like, you lied to me. You said it was a family vacation. And he was like, no, it's not like that. I'll call you when I get home to like this girl.


And he would say that he was only talking to her and they weren't dating. And like, he'd be like, keep it on the down low. Like, I saw screenshots of all the stuff. It's crazy.


That is this is why I'm like, men are disgusting.


You're disgusting. And the fact that you can do that, not once you're doing it for a certain amount of time. Right. You get caught, you say you're never gonna do it again, and then you do it again. And also, she didn't even break up with him because of this. She had broken up with him at the point when that girl contacted us. She just broke up, broken up with him that day. But it wasn't because of that.


She didn't even know about any of this. She broke up with him because he just wasn't treating her right, treat her like garbage. And then she saw this and she said, oh, good thing I broke up. Exactly. Then she gives him another chance.


I think it's also so fucking pathetic because you're telling me the story. And I've had a similar situation happen to me when the guy is like, I need help, I just I need help.


And like, I promise you, like therapy. It's like, hold on, hold on. You need help because you can not refrain from sending pictures of your dick. He's other women. Why don't you just send it to your fucking girlfriend? Oh, wait. No, that's not enough. No, I got a I got a real amount to all the fans. He loves the validation of it or something.


I think that is a man that is sick, insecure and like he could have the most amazing fucking girlfriend and he will never be satisfied. And he needs to look for validation. She is I'm not even kidding. Charlie is perfect.


Like, I would take her like I love meeting great huge tits. You said. So now you're here to solve huge. Are you to do that?


I, I first of all, Charlie, if you're out there loves me. You sound like an amazing woman. Second of all, for a man to say he needs help and I'm like, no, no, you don't need help. You literally are just a sick fuck that. Like you aren't going to be happy in a monogamous relationship and you literally should just own that and just know that like you are sick, fuck cheater.


And like, that's what it is I posted about like what happened with this. I kind of posted something cryptic on my story about it because I just I was going to call him out and I kind of did.


And then I just go about so whatever his friends, like, attacked me and they're like, how dare you? I was like, you know, the whole story about whatever. I'll delete it just because, like, whatever. You don't want the drama. But I posted something you're talking about here.


Call that whatever I know I love.


But I posted something about like how men in power. I think you reply to my story. You're like, let's talk about I was like, let's do it. Yeah. And hold it.


Like, people are abusing like their power and like cheating, lying. And no one ever knows. And one of my friends, my guy friends replied to my story. I was like, what about like Jada? Like, that situation is like huge right now.


Like, that's the biggest. I was like, that's like one. And you're like, first of all, the entanglement situation, we're not even going to go there because like, what is that whole situation? You don't know. That's the one off K for the most part.


Historically speaking, it is men that are the cheaters. And that is why I say your uncle, her daddy k cheat first. It's been cheating Olympic's who can cheat. Now we're going to take back the power and women we are going to cheat. Obviously, I'm not telling women to cheat, but it's like a joke.


I'm always like cheater b cheated on because it's like everyone gets so fucking mad at me for talking about cheating so much.


And they're like, Alex, like I've read on forums, I read on Twitter, girls get mad at me and they're like, it's you act like it's happening everywhere. It is, it is happening everywhere. And the girls that think that it's not happening to them, a lot of times it's happening to you.


So before you fucking shit on me for talking about on my podcast, almost every fucking episode, why don't you go through man's fucking phone every five seconds, every single one of my best friends. The reason I don't like relationships is because I've seen all of them go through the most fucked up. Like that story I just told you. That's just one. All of my friends. Oh, my God, all of my friends have stories like that or more fucked.


And the worst part is that they date these guys that like how followers are have careers. And then when they break up, everyone's like, oh, like everyone thinks like my friend Kelsey, like cheated on her ex boyfriend. And she never ever. And they blame the woman. Yes. But the way that is such a good fucking topic messed up one of the platforms. Yes. And they're they're so glamorized and romanticized and everyone looks at them like they're gods.


And so naturally, I remember when it happened to me with the one guy that I was public with, people were like, oh, my God. Like, you're like, good for you for getting rid of her. And I'm like, if only you knew the fucking story and who broke up with who. Like, that is not the truth. And you all think that I got dumped like, no, no, no, that's not the whole story.


But they go and just support the person that's more public and has more followers. And it's the stupidest fucking thing. And it's always like for the poor girl that's just like left for the fucking it's crazy.


And also, like a lot of guys, they convince themselves that they didn't do anything wrong and they tell they don't tell their friends the whole. Or like I see the side of I see the messages, I see the fights, I see them like being actually physically abusive to my friends, crazy shit, like I see crazy fucking shit. I can't I can't like, what can I do about it? No one's going to fucking believe me. It's nuts.


Like that is it's nuts.


No, that's actually so crazy. I feel like you're like literally the girl that's just like sitting around watching. And it's kind of sad because you saying that you've had all your friends get so fucked over.


I obviously like I don't know you too personally, but I feel like you're like a very good friend. I'm just crazy.


Like all my friends, ex boyfriends are so scared of me because I don't like OK, you're like, what are you doing? I'm like, I'm I don't know. I just I just think it's like I don't care. I will like they've all had me blocked at some point, like they'll run like they literally will run away from me at parties or something.


I'll just go and be like, hey, I love God.


No, but you're that girl that like I think I always talk about I think it's so important to have a like at least one really good girlfriend. I think like it's sometimes people right in to me and they're like, I kind of like I don't really have a lot of friends, etc.. You don't need to be the girl that has like nineteen hundred friends. Like if anything, those girls sometimes are the ones that like don't even have an actual real friend, like having a best friend like Olivia.


I feel like you are going to bat for your friends and I fucking hate those kind of friends that won't stick their neck out for their friend because like I don't but I don't want to get involved and do anything to me and and do anything to me.


But like, he's always been really nice to me. Like, oh he, he hit you like but never hit me, hit me. I don't really have a reason to be mad at him. I'm like, I'm sorry. What, I'm sorry.


What if our friend is going through anything with a fucking man. You stick up for your fucking friend. I hate those bitches that can never take a side and are so neutral like I because they don't want you don't want to lose a friend like it was a abuser.


Right. And all of a friends are so fun. You get parties together and get drunk and you maybe do that is. Oh my God. OK, so I guess so I guess I'm like right out there because just oh the amount of men that I cheated on my friends just makes me sick.


But then it's so crazy because in turn it must then make you so cynical about like ever trying to trust a man because you're watching your friends and then it almost I get it where you're like, so why would I want even to explore a relationship where all the outcomes are negative? Have you gotten cheated on?


I haven't gotten cheated because I've only had one like real one.


You know, the thing that's actually really interesting about both of us, I think that I've kind of only had one like guy publicly said, is my boyfriend everyone else? I don't really ever make my boyfriend because I think it's also like a protection thing for myself. And I know it's fucked up, but like, I like to be like, well, he wasn't even my boyfriend. Or if things go south, it's like he wasn't even my boyfriend.


And it's kind of a different thing. And I get that and it's fucked up. But I do think it can mentally help you from fully going somewhere because once you're in, you're fucking in. And then these girls lives are getting fucking twisted because these dicks are like fucking them over.


I think my main thing is I'll be in a relationship when I find the person that I want to be in a relationship with, like I'm not looking for a relationship because there's nobody that I want to be in a relationship. But if you're just, oh, I want to be in a relationship, that's how you end up in a shitty relationship.


There's so many fucking girls that are like, I just wanna be a girlfriend. And I'm like, So you are literally pathetic and I can't hang out with you. I can't hang out with girls that are like I just like the goal is to be wifey. Like the goal is to just like lock it down by 30. And I'm like, that is weird because I have like a timeline of like when they want things to go down because I'm like, so let's picture this.


You're at 28 and you're like, that's when I was supposed to be getting married. But the guy went on a date with we're on three dates. Seems great. I'm just going to like, try to be his girlfriend now just because I'm twenty eight, like, bitches put so much pressure on themselves and it's like if you don't like him, don't be with him. If you're confused, if you like him or your feelings, don't rush it.


And I'm all about passion. Like I think the best relationships like you have to.


I mean obviously they say that like if you're super passionate in the beginning, like it was burn out quick.


But like, I think you have to really, really click with someone. You can just be like, oh, I like spending time with this person. I have to be like, holy shit, this is the person. I'm obsessed with them. Like, at least especially in the beginning. Yeah. Like, I just I don't know. I want I want something so special about me to be with someone all the time. My time is is valuable.


I'm not going to waste that with some guy that just sits around and fucking jacks off in the corner and I'm like, I'm bored.


Have you ever been in love?


Um, I've like thought I was a couple of times, but I don't think I've ever been in, like, mutual love where it was like fully reciprocated. Like equally. Yeah.


Same amount. Hello, commercial break noom you guys, are you feeling a little toxic from the episode. Let's just wind down and talk about something that's actually healthy. Neum Neum is a habit change program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works so you can understand why you make the fucked up decisions that you make and feel empowered to change for. Good. Oh, my God, I don't know guys with whom you pick a goal, OK, you bite your nails, you drink too much coffee, you're a fuckin sex addict or whatever it is, you pick your goal and noone personalizes a program to help your aspirations become a reality.


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So if you're sitting over there, you're like, I hate myself because X, Y, Z, hop on Neum bitch. You're welcome, guys. Sign up for your child today at Neum Dotcom slash daddy. That's and as a nipple. Oh, as an orgasm. Oyarzun orgasm. Amazon mom dot com slash daddy. So do you think it's hard to date in L.A.?


Yes. It's so hard.


Well, I don't want to say because I always used to talk shit about like L.A. as a city and people like L.A. is great. Like no L.A., the city of L.A.. Yeah, amazing. So many amazing things. But when I'm talking about like L.A., I'm talking about the entertainment industry and like the circle that I'm in.


Yeah. It's like that side of L.A., like the CENI part. That's what's dangerous. And that's what's hard to data.


And it's like everyone there's like if I'm attracted to guys that like have their own shit going on and are like kind of powerful and a little bit douchy and like just like little like I just like a powerful man because I'm like I'm a little bit of a bitch and I can come on strong and I'm kind of alpha sometimes and I like someone to like. Yeah. Like make me chill out a little bit.


It's like it takes a specific man to be able to like if you're that confident, if you are alpha then it's like a guy needs to be so confident himself and that is usually what comes off as the douchebag. Yeah.


But all of those guys have a million girls that want to fuck them at any moment. So like how it's just crazy. Like how how am I supposed to have trust in that person.


Whether they like it gives me anxiety being here right now because every I feel like especially for the men, it's like women are walking around trying to look perfect here. And I get it. And then you're just a lot of women are just trying to find a man that will pick them almost. And then a lot of the men will have something that's so amazing. And technically, if you were like in New York or anywhere else in the fucking world, they'd be like, wow, that's a dime and you've got a great catch.


But in L.A., it's like five minutes, your time is up. And like, I'm moving on to something that I think is better and more relevant. Oh, this girl has more followers or oh, this girl's like kind of younger now, so I'm going to go date her rather than this bitch is getting older. That to me is so fucking sick and like, disgusting.


It's disgusting. And I see it all the time. That's why I'm so afraid of of dating people, because it's so scary and crazy. And also, like when I first moved here, I like I used to have a really big bump on my nose. I got a nose job when I was like sixteen. And I was bullied so much in high school. Like, I thought I was the biggest loser in the entire world. I felt like I was the odd one out in every single group situation I ever had.


And so when I came to L.A., I was just like, oh, my God. Like, I carried all that with me. I was like, oh, my God, no one likes me. Like, I'm not cool. Like I'm not an Instagram model. Like, I don't have tits and ass and perfect body. Perfect. Yeah.


And I felt so insecure and so weird. And then as I, as I grew up here, I was like, you know what, fuck this. I don't want to be one of the million girls that are exactly the same.


And it's not even just that. It's like they all want the same things. And I don't want that. Like, I don't want I'm not here to, like, find a man, like, I'm just not. And I don't care if men are like, oh, Olivia is a man hater.


Like, she's too much like she's just going to, like, be a bitch to you. Like, I don't like I'm here to fucking do my thing to, like, get my own shit and like, make no money, real music. And ever since I like kind of got that mindset, I've been so much happier.


I don't care about like it's just that's what everyone needs to have because you can't be dependent on relationships. It's just so damn good you're never going to be happy.


But I think the most important thing to remember for me is just like that. I don't need that. And that my validation doesn't come from men thinking I'm hot. Like if I know that if a guy likes me, they like me for who I am, if my personality and for just other things, because I know that they have hundreds of women out there that are beautiful and perfect.


And I don't have to like I just realized, like, it's to me it's an even playing field.


Even if someone's fucking perfect, like we're all hot, we're all hot here. I'm like, I used to think I was ugly. I've given that up. I'm like, whatever, I'm cute. We're all cute.


So the only thing that really matters to me is my personality, my work.


And like, just everything, everything else, everything other than that. So that's what I'm more focused on.


It just made me so much happier. So it is hard because everyone's pretty right.


But when you just pretend like everyone's okay, it's fine that we're fine. I think that's really interesting.


And I think, like, I'm assuming you are liking hearing that, because I think, like, a lot of women always write in to me asking, like, how are you so confident? And like, how do you radiate just being like, I don't give a fuck. And like, I literally don't care what people think about me. And I say, whatever the fuck is on my mind. And I was similar to you, like when I was growing up, like I wasn't the cutest kid and I think that, like, if you focus so much on everything is about your looks like women, it's literally everything in the world is like, what does she look like?


What are her tits look like? What is her ass looks like? It's so fucked. And I think that women then get in their own heads and it affects him in the bedroom and they're like, oh my God, I'm not as skinny as the last girl and oh my God, like, I feel fat today and I don't want him to think I'm fat and. Oh my God. And it's like women overthink everything and like men don't have to think about that shit.


And if you guys can just kind of take all that shit and put it in the fucking closet and let yourself almost like have that male mentality, then you're probably going to live your best life like Olivia sitting in front of me. And I feel like you've kind of got to that point within yourself. Is it healthy? I don't fucking know, but it helps. Yeah, it does. It does help. Also, I think another thing is, like a lot of the guys here are kind of numb to to pretty girls like their especially when they've lived here for a while and they've fucked like every Instagram model.


Like what do you have anything more? Do you like substance? Like do you actually have a personality? And that's kind of the dope is when you do, I bet, meet a guy that's like because the guy I just met actually that I started to hang out with, he was like, I've dated really attractive women. But then substance seems to never come with that. Yeah.


And I think when when guys mature a little bit more, they start to realize, like, oh, I've already fucked every single hot girl and I felt nothing and now I don't even want to do that anymore and I'm fucking bored. So then they look for something that, like, challenges them in a different way.


Well, and also, you know what, girls? I've always said this on the show. I'm like, listen, a lot of these nines and tens, they fucking suck in the bedroom. So really, technically, if you're lucky, if you consider yourself or like what the guy looks at you guys is of, oh, I'm a five or six. I'm not as hot. No, that's fine. Because then if you're also nastier in the bedroom and you have a good personality, I think that men would rather fuck that than rather go fuck the ten.


That's like, um, can you just, like, slow down a little bit and I'm going to lay right there. And I told you I'm going to close my eyes and take a nap. Let me know when you're done like no. So I think there is positives. If you're, like, insecure about your looks fucking don't be fucking insecure. Fucking go out there and do whatever the fuck you want because half the bitches that look the way they do fucking sex also, they're all fucking insecure, too.


I'm friends with the hottest people in the planet. I met the hottest people on the planet and they're all fucking insecure. And they look at themselves in the mirror and they're like, I need this surgery. And I'm like, Yeah, obviously I do that to you.


I get like, yes, my photo is everything. Right? But every other week I'm like, do I need a boob job? I, I do. I do. I not know. But that's right.


It's like the hottest of the hot and also the hottest of the hot are getting cheated on. Yup. Boom.


So it's like so fucked Beyonce. They got fucking cheated on like so like. So then what. So like where do we go from there. No. So everyone I think cheated on the verdict.


It's just that men are trash. I want to you don't have to get too sexual but like I feel like everyone has.


Some funny sex stories, horrible sex stories, you've got something in you that like you got to share.


Yeah, she's like, well, I don't have I mean, I've had some, like, random, funny, stupid things happen, but probably my most recent, like, funny thing that happened. So I was hooking up with this guy in quarantine, like got a recycling plastic classic.


And I went over to his house and I got a little bit drunk. I got actually really drunk.


OK. OK, here you go.


And I don't really necessarily remember everything that happened with those nights, but I woke up the next morning and he was like mad at me.


And I was like, what did I do?


And he was like, you, oh God, you're on top.


And you looked at me straight debt in the eyes and you said, I fucking hate you, you're disgusting. And slapped me in the face with your.


Do you know who it was? It was a guy. It's the way I know, but I do. You're like we. That's so crazy. Sorry. But also it's true. We I'm sorry. The fact that your drunken state. I love how you're like. Well it's true though.


The fact that you're on top of this guy fucking him drunk and you're like, I fucking hate you. That is like kind of the best fucking thing. I think he was exaggerating that. I slapped him like, I don't know if I and also I he's big.


I would have been able to do much damage.


Yeah, you're like slaps like bitch slapped. So that's interesting. Have you done that in the past? Is that a thing you usually do? No. I was like, had he had done something to you that you were like angry and you were like I thought he was just a bad person, kind of disgusting.


I was going Olivia's dating history. I'm going to assume he's a douche. And then therefore, it kind of makes sense. Like why you would slap him. I can't even. What did you say when you were.


I was like, no, I did. And he was like, yes, you did not like not that you would you're like, OK, I'm going to go.


Thanks so much for having me over. Wow.


But when I'm drunk, I get really crazy. When I like when I'm like hooking up with someone, I just get like, really scary, like, like kind of terrified. I just like outrageous. Yeah. Like I get mad if they come too soon. Oh my God. What do you say.


Oh wait. What do I know that also I've had but I. What did you what do you say to that. Oh no Gaddar ever. But you're just like why the fuck did you just come you stupid bitch. And he's like, I'm sorry. I'm like really scary.


Well I also feel like though sometimes those are like funny things to do to men. Like if you can kind of like dabble with emasculating them, you have to do it in a very.


Oh, he needs that. You need that 20 million times over.


The narcissist needs to be like you need to dabble with it. But then sometimes if they're so narcissistic, they fucking can't stand that because they're like, no, no, no, I want to bitch.


That's going to like be like you're amazing 24/7. They they think they can handle it for a little bit.


And then eventually they and then they're like, like I need someone to tell me I'm great and all this and verify and validate my feelings that I have about myself, which is that I'm the best person ever. Yes. That's very.


What of this do you think that like I feel like at twenty like I because you didn't go to college. So like that's do you think that like that's something that you're like, oh, I missed out or like no. Yeah I think so.


I mean I, I was like really I was like a really huge nerd in high school.


Like when I dropped out I had a 4.5 GPA, which is like so funny. I like I like to I just always make jokes about that. I'm like, yeah, I'm like Bill Gates, whatever you like. I like look so brilliant. But like now I write songs and like that's getting me through life. So I mean it's what you wanted to do. So like fuck it. Like Yeah. Would you, what would you have gone to school for.




I mean I don't know, I always, I kind of used to always change like what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a psychologist, I want to be a lawyer. I wanted to be a lot of different things. But I never really felt like anything was like, yes, this is my path. Like this is what I'm going to do. This is my passion. Until, like, I accidentally had a hit song and I was like, oh, OK, I'm going to go do that.


How are you? OK, we have a hit song.


So basically I when I was in high school, I, I made like covers on SoundCloud, OK, like played piano in my room like recorded back when you can record from song called like you press record and then you press stop and you can't even like drop it and you would like upload it all my life I ain't.




So like no there was no effects. No. Any like it was really low quality bad. But I used to do covers and then I started writing my own stuff but I was too scared to really post it. But then I found the guy. Not that I did. I hate you. I love you with I found him, he was opening for Black Bear and they were going on tour and I was like, oh cool. Like, who is this guy?


He had one song out and I really liked it. So I did a cover of it. And then I tweeted about him and he was like, I love this. I come to the show in San Francisco. And I was like, OK, OK. So I go to the show and I at the show or whatever, and he he comes out like when everyone else is on because he was like opening and he was like, do you have any original stuff.


Like some. Show me any original stuff you have, I was like, OK, so I sent him, I hate you, I love you. And he was like, this is amazing. Like, let's record it. Come to L.A. I was like, OK, I like we way.


And so I was really scared.


My dad took me down to L.A. and I didn't want to go inside and like record because I was so nervous and scared because I didn't think I was good because like people in my school, like, believe me for you, so nuts.


And then I recorded the song. I didn't even know he was going to put a verse on it. And then he sends it back to me and it's like a whole song. He added a verse and then we put it out on SoundCloud and then we put it out on everything else.


And then, like Kylie Jenner put it on her Snapchat story and then it was idea and put it on her Snapchat. Yeah, she was like, saddest song ever.


Oh, you're like, that's why I was like, you're not in my life.


I do. That is wild.


And so then after that moment where you kind of like this, is it like I yeah. I mean I was still in school then and I was like going like on the weekends I would like miss one day of school and like go to L.A. and like record, OK. And then I would come back and then my junior year I did half of my junior year and I was going to Catholic school and I was like kind of doing that. And then the next the next semester I went to independent study, so I just had to go to school on Thursdays.


I'll go and I would do like five hours of school and then I would do all my homework when I was in L.A. and then I would come back to Napa and go to school for one day. And then I was like, you know what, I'm just moving to L.A. Fuck this.


I want to do high school. Yeah.


Like, why am I even here? Yeah, that is so fucking wild. And so then you just moved in like you just like never looked back. Skanks, are you listening.


We got a little commercial up in this ho. Hello. We have a nice little new sponsor. It's Piper. Lou. Oh what's that. Alex. Give us the deets you little slut. So this company, Piper, you guys, they create thoughts, quotes and sayings that you love and then they design them on a shit ton of stuff. So like Tumblr, shirts, hats, it's basically like whatever your whatever thought you have or whatever you would want to be on like a t shirt or something.


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And the offer code is Daddy do you think that like you are having like would you say you're having like good sex.


Like I feel like no, no. OK, I know it's absolutely so crazy because I think back to when I was twenty and I was in college and I like laugh about it because like I remember in high school, I always say, like, so I was like blacking out, having sex, like, I don't know what was I really like when I first moved to L.A., I'm like, why did I do that?


It was really bad. And I was like, seventeen. Like, it's like, what are you doing? Not only are you like literally like what was I doing, but also it's like I don't know what the fuck like what am I even enjoying this. Like what is my vagina. And like did I what is an orgasm? Because I definitely didn't have that. I think I'm just like in pain and like well I'm the whole situation awful. Then I went to college and then I remember being like, oh, like this is an upgrade.


But really in college I was having just better sex in high school, which is still shitty sex, like people in college think they're like, oh my God, you guys like I'm like fucking this guy knows you're having this awful sex. And then when I got out of college, I started to like, fuck with guys that were older and I big o8 like, this is good sex. It takes a fucking long time to, like, actually find people that, like, know what the fuck they're doing.


And a lot of times it takes a lot because I know a lot of girls go in this cycle like there's a lot of fucking women that have sex and like the guy is just getting himself off and it's like seventy five percent of women can't come from vaginal penetration.




So so let's say, OK, boom might drop. So let's think about that one for a minute.


So, man, if a woman can't come from vaginalis penetration, I wonder why you don't maybe. Hmm. I don't know, rub her clan, like just do something maybe like maybe try a little harder.


You can use a vibrator too. Well, there's a lot of shame and having a little bit of help if you just can't do it. What about that.


It's literally like mind blowing to me. Like I have had sex with men where he will like put it in and we're having sex. And I'm almost like this is like I'm actually so excited to see if if he finishes and he never touches Meklit and like doesn't even try to get me off. And I've had sex like that and I'm like, I, I, I don't I feel so bad for the women that now fuck those men because I'm like he is just getting his.


The amount of guys that have that, yes, and I'll always talk about, like how they make their girlfriend come all the time, like I was like this guy. I heard this guy that I hooked up with talking about how, like his girlfriend comes every time they have sex, blah, blah.


And I was like, so is she like she has to be like, no, no. Like this is a guy that refused to ever eat pussy. He said he would never stop. Yes. Men like do the men that are like, suck my dick. And then it's like, why do you expect your dick to get sucked and you're not going to eat me like I'm I'm very confused in that little power imbalance there.


Also, I'm like, why are girls lying? Like, I swear, I swear girls will just fake it and the guys will be like, oh my God, I'm so good like this. I'm like those other girls. Like, they must have been broken. Like they don't really like like she does.


And then they like white that girl out because, you know, because she literally she you think she's having an orgasm but she's not just like you, she's faking it and then she wakes up and cooks for them. Oh hey.


I actually think it's such an amazing topic because I remember back in the day in Colorado, I would always jokingly talk about, like, men have no idea how many women are faking or got no clue and how easy it is so easy. I will not sit on this podcast and say I haven't done I've absolutely done it, but I've done it in times where it's like I just want this to be over.


I want me. Please. I'm just taking that. No, it's it's there are definitely moments where I'm like, please make this be over. But there are also times where it's like it's not that you're not enjoying it, but you know that if you show him that like you. OK, great. I got off to then he'll just be done because you just know you're not going to get off. And like, sometimes it's not that I don't enjoy sex if I don't fully have an orgasm every time that you can still enjoy sex.


But the amount of women I fear that listen to this podcast and or walking around the world and I've faked every time they're in the bedroom, that is a very dangerous slope. And like, you need to stop doing that.


I know that we're like twenty three years old and never had an orgasm in their lives.


And and that to me is like. I understand it because I think there are so I read all mediums are just like people like you get a lot of dick pics. I'm like, no, actually a majority of the women are like, so I've never had an orgasm. And that pains me because it's like one of the most amazing thing. Let me put you on, ladies.


Get the womanizer. Vibrator is the best or the lay low. The lay low is a little bit more intense. What is the lay low?


It's like it's. Do you know what womanizer is like. Yes, it's amazing.


So it's like that but like more intense.


Like it's it's crazy. And there's like different settings where like does it like you don't have to like do it.


Like I just brought up the womanizer the other it was another episode. But I was saying it's so amazing because like it's such a different sensation on your clit that like I feel like if you have a very sensitive clit, you can use this. Or also it's just like if you are like not having success with vibrators, like the air and the pulsating, there's no direction, there's no friction.


So it's it's amazing.


And it's I wish it was like I wish it was cuter to bring into the bedroom with because like mine I'm like, oh, like this is it's like bigger than like I would want to like be like holding all my clothes.


Many ones they make like a like a lipstick, like a small one. I'm pretty sure that you can, I literally have to go but I think it only has like one setting but still OK. But still that.


Exactly. Guys, women, the womanizer. Please get it. OK, Daddy, I think Olivia has brought us a lot of daddy gay themes. And I think it's funny because since all the drama and like me taking the show by myself, I'm like, oh my God. Like, I think this shows like kind of getting healthier. And then Olivia sat down and I feel like we've digressed and we're all the way back to the beginning. And we're like, so many are trash.


They're going to cheat on you. You don't want a relationship, don't trust anyone, be alone forever.


But it's kind of where you're I mean, I think one day maybe. So if you ever get a boyfriend, what we have to have you back on the show and we'll have to just really I'm just going to talk to them.


It's going to cause somebody to be like it actually is like not even that great. And I actually don't really come that much. And I actually kind of hate him. I don't trust him. But like, honestly, other than that, things are going, I guess. OK, dissin this is a very random fucking last thought. It can go somewhere in the episode. But I just had this revelation. I was talking. I forgot who I was talking about it earlier, but.


Do people in L.A. because like it's a joke now on my show, I'm like, guys, guess what? I'm dating another athlete. I feel like girls in L.A. don't really fuck with the athletes and you know, they do.


Oh, do we really? We I just always like it's like specific athletes. It's not like an athlete that like it's like the ones that are the most like pop in pop. Yes. Yes. It's not like like, oh, he's on the Lakers. Like if you don't know his name then it's nothing. No, no. That's what I figured because I also thought that like I having had dated athletes, I do know that, like, their schedules fucking suck.


So like I know dating a baseball player, like he will never be able to go to Coachella like and I'm like, wait, that doesn't work for L.A. girls like schedules because I can assume, like at first it's fun today, Natalie. And then all of a sudden if you're like really serious athletes always cheat.


They're always, you know, OK, I thought, OK, that's interesting though.


So you've never dated Natalie, have you know, I went on a date with a basketball player once who was so hot, but then it was really weird after and I and just dumped him and now he's runs classic.


Oh my God. Wait a living. I know. I'm not even kidding. I am having some good luck, Chuck.


No, it's this Humvee with this guy, the main character. Every time he hooks up with the girl, the next person she lays eyes on is there like soulmate.


And she said, yes, yes, that's who I am.


Good luck to Olivia. Good luck. What's a good luck?


Good luck charm. It's literally you look. So that's actually like, really sad, because now that I'm thinking about like it really does seem like that is your luck. That is every single every single man ever.


I, I think I make men realize that they want like a nice girl.


They're like super in my life. I'm going to settle down with a nice girl who doesn't talk back to me literally. But honestly, like, I think that's good that you're at least owning it, that you're like, but then if they don't wanna be with me, then like, why the fuck could I wouldn't be with them.


And honestly, like, if I can connect someone with their true soulmate like you did, I love job and you'll be OK.


You're doing your own thing and then they can all be in love and get cheated on. Yeah. And we're both violent. We're both on our own, in our own, you know, in our own ways. Olivia O'Brien, thank you so much for coming on. Call her daddy. I feel like so many people have wanted this club.


I wanted this club. I wanted to do my job. I knew. I knew immediately. I'm like, oh, we vibe. And we have very similar mentalities. I think I want you to keep us updated. And like I said, yeah.


Ever get a boyfriend girlfriend, come right back on and I'm going to be like, OK, we'll do like a yearly update. I'm like, Olivia, anything yet? You're like, you know, I'll check back in soon. And then it's like, So Olivia, we support you. We love you, you're single. And I think it's like amazing that you own that you're single. I think a lot of girls are like insecure being like, oh my God, I don't know.


Being single is an amazing thing. Boom. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me.


OK, it's me again.


Your father, first of all, Olivia. So amazing. Really, really cool chick in person, like really down to earth. I have so much respect for what she's doing. I'm so happy I had her on and I'm so happy I met her. I need everyone listening. I need everyone listening to listen to your father very, very closely right now.


There is a possibility. That next week's episode is not going to be released. On a Wednesday. Now, why would it not be released on Wednesday, Alex?


Well, because Daddy gang, there is potentially someone coming on the show that I like.


I if I could pick a more perfect guest, I couldn't it would literally be this human being. And there is a chance that I'm going to this person's house and I am going to record them on and have them on the fucking podcast. And we will be dropping that episode Thursday night going into Friday for a very fucking specific reason. OK, I know this is annoying because it's very cryptic, but I also I'm just trying to, like, humble myself and not get too too excited just in case.


For the love of God something happens and like it doesn't work out. But for right now, that is that's the plan. That's the plan is that you are getting a very nice fucking treat next week, Daddy. So I love you and get so fucking excited, get hyped, hang out with your friends on Thursday night at midnight, going into Friday, hang out and get ready to fucking listen to caller daddy because it's going to literally blow your fucking minds.


It's a good time. It's a good time to be a part of the daddy gang. I fucking love you guys. You know the motherfucking drill. I'll see you next Wednesday, but I won't if this legend will be appearing on the motherfucking call her daddy show. I love you, Daddy gang.


Much love from your fucking sister.