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Do you call him daddy? Do I call her daddy. Call her daddy. Daddy games.


Can you hear me. Hello. It is the Alexandru Cooper and I am sitting with what I would consider the ultimate daddy Yoshizawa disco.


You're a dork. Yeah, I know. It's my first podcast to talk, but no, no, no, it's fine. Guys, introducing Miley fucking Cyrus.


Thank you for having me. Thank you for coming to my house. Thank you for sitting under the disco tree. I'm just feeling kind of like vibes right now. Oh, it's very well to our right. Miley and I have penises to penis penises. So before you got here, I ran into my living room one.


I think everyone in my house got a little scared when I was like, oh, I have dildos. I should put them on the table.


They're like, inappropriate, don't do that. But they're not quite dildoes.


They've never been used over. Well, not by me anyway. This is the Call her Daddy podcast. It would be OK if people were like having sex behind us, like we live for anything sex. This is like this is good.


The safer platform for me. That's why I'm not doing much press. Besides, this OK party is the only place that is probably appropriate. Right, right. Right.


Because I'll take it too far and then you can like, bring it down, which is like maybe a little different for you. That's different. OK, we love this.


So the fucking song. Let me tell you a little story.


OK, OK, so I'm sitting in my hotel room and Kelly, the woman that's here with me in L.A., it's like I'm going to play you my song. We're going to get you to play my song. And I'm like, I have never in my life have you told me that I was going to be listening to your song early release. I'm like, What is my life? I'm a fucking loser from Pennsylvania. Like, what's happening? I listen to the song.


I have an orgasm. No, I'm just kidding. Oh, I am like wet listening to your song. Lee My Midnight Sky. Yes.


Tell us about it. It's iconic. Like I'm getting excited for Night Sky.


I'm like very, very into I mean, kind of throughout my career I've felt like I've been able to introduce my fans to music they may not know, like whether it's sitting in this backyard and covering Joline for backyard sessions or playing like I have this really funny video that I love of playing Smells like Teen Spirit when I was on the Hannah Montana tour and like all the kids were really upset about it and weren't digging it at all.


And they're like, Miley, what do you think? Yeah, for random moms were kind of singing along also. I was yelling my libido while all these children, it was like a whole thing.


And so I felt like I always do these covers, but I wanted one of my own. I wanted a song that felt classic. I wanted a song that felt like it was from the era of which I usually pull my inspiration from, but like really not being afraid, really being unapologetic about the tone, the Sonics, the lyrics.


And as you and I were watching the video and we started talking about, I think it's really special how having this kind of like anthemic, you know, pansexual bisexual anthem of this song that like plays with gender roles.


And it's like unapologetically saying in the chorus, like my lips on her mouth. And then he's got his hands on my waist. And like, there's just not songs for people that can identify with, like, these lyrics. And so I just thought that it was a really empowering thing for me and then for my listeners because I just felt like it was a song that felt really honest. And then when you and I were watching the video and talking about, like, how the video kind of just like captured my spirit and I felt like that hasn't really happened before.


I felt the same way about the video. I felt like that was like me in my most authentic form. And so it just feels very like celebrator. Yeah. I just feel that's. We were talking about, like, how I feel like I'm really just thriving just because she's just I mean, she's thriving. I when I heard you like the lyric about, like, you kissing her on her mouth, I was like, fuck, yes, fuck yes, queen.


Because so many people that listen to my podcasts are fucking terrified about embracing who they are because you're fortunate that, like, I want to talk to you a little bit about you, like realizing your sexuality. And I know that you're very open about like you love everything and you're not putting yourself in a box. But some people don't live in L.A. or have parents that would be supportive and they're fucking terrified. And I feel like this song is just changing the game because it's like you're talking about a woman, you're talking about a man, and it's normal and it's coming from Miley Cyrus.


So you can fucking listen to it and you can kiss a woman and you can kiss a man. And it's fucking and I like the idea that you kind of say it's normal because I really think that normalization is like the first step to just feeling like fully that acceptance. And I think like not just for it to feel normal from the outside, but feeling like comfortable to you and normal to you.


And so, yeah, it was just like definitely writing it in the studio, even with, you know, some of my, like, peers trying to kind of explain that to them. Why it was important because they were like, isn't it kind of confusing?


You know, like the pop structure is that the chorus says the same thing every time, like it's burned into your brain.


So when you're at a concert and people get wasted, they're never like, wait, what does she say there? You really want it? There's like a formula. You know, I think everyone, whether you make pop music or not, know that there's like a pop formula.


And this really goes against that by having this, like, gender swap in lyrics because, you know, in a way it's challenging the system and challenging structure, which is what I always do.


I when I heard I was born to run, I don't belong to anyone. I was like, goodnight, goodbye. Hello. Welcome to call her daddy. That's literally like the everything. I try to tell anyone that listen to this podcast. I'm like, you belong to yourself and you can do whatever the fuck you want and you don't have to apologize for anything. And that lyric I'm like, oh my God, Miley, like, you fucking hit it.


And I was kind of thinking about that today, like even getting ready because like before you got here, I had on my hoodie, like I had almost like a hoodie.


I had all my fuckin leggings and now she's her tits out. I got exactly that was my next step. What what made you change?


OK, so you were coming here and I was sitting like in my kitchen doing all my I was kind of thinking about like what I would want to say because, like, I usually don't have this freedom just to, like, really talk.


That's one thing that I'm learning that I do dig about podcasts. Yeah.


You can really actually get into it. Yeah. And sometimes like I do feel like on shows you got such a quick amount of time and like you're so censor that I don't always get out my full thought. So to my full thought is I was sitting in my leggings, my sweatshirt and like really working and then knowing you were coming here, I went and got ready and I did my makeup in like fifteen minutes, got everything done in fifteen minutes.


And I realized, like something that I thought would be important to say was that I wasn't getting dressed for you and I wasn't getting dressed for like someone to think that I look sexy. I was getting dressed for me. And I think that's something that's different now that I'm a little bit older, that change like I think maybe that happened like through my last breakup. I feel like maybe since I was like 26, only in the last year have I felt like.


I always am doing what I want for me because I don't think that there's been a period which, like I know, is in the most relatable thing to say, but there hasn't really been a period for me where I felt like super insecure with my sexuality.


Like I've just been that way, like I used to strip naked, completely naked in a Cracker Barrel when I was age of three and like, roll around on the ground just like that's just like who I am.


We love that. And America loved it when you did more on TV. Oh, yeah, they loved that. They love that. So I was thinking about, like, I guess in the last year has been really transformative. And we were talking about on the couch before we started, just about like how I felt like this self realization period that's going on kind of universally and culturally.


I kind of started having that like over the past two years through a little bit of trauma, like physical, like my house burning down was like basically one of the most transformative periods of my life and going through a massive breakup.


And I just feel like one thing that I gained through all the loss is an idea that what I do is for me. And that doesn't mean that you're selfish. And that comes from like a lot of the guilt that you and I were talking about before we started this podcast.


Also about like how much guilt that I feel like I've always had about feeling like I know how fortunate I am.


And I don't really feel comfortable with that. I don't feel comfortable with my privilege. And I think the only way.


Through it has been through a little bit of trauma, and I just want to say, first of all, that's like the most beautiful thing because like honestly coming to your house, I had no fucking clue what to expect. I'm like, I'm about to meet Miley Cyrus. Like, of course, I watched Hannah Montana. Are you fucking kidding me? I made embarrassing music videos pretending to be you when I was younger. And then now, as they call her daddy host, I'm so excited to meet the woman that is so sexually liberated.


And it's like an icon for our generation. And I had no idea like and I was fully prepared to walk in and like, hi, like, hey, sit down. Like, let's have a conversation.


You are like, so normal and yet you're so not normal, but you're normal. And I think that you sang like you've been through trauma and you're finally for the first time in your life, like really like I'm going to do everything for myself that is so fucking beautiful because that kind of shows me, no matter how famous you are or whoever is listening in, like Nebraska, everyone has to have that one period in their life where they're like, fuck, am I doing this for a guy, a girl?


Am I doing this for someone else other than me? And then you got to find a fucking way, whether it's through trauma yet fucking sucks then. But don't you kind of feel like, oh my God, it's like it was meant to be because look where I am.


I'm so thankful that all that happened. Yeah. Now I think I don't know why that popped into my brain when I was like getting ready, but like I was putting on my little kitten heel. Yeah. You look amazing. I was put on my shit and I'm like, it's honestly for me. Yeah. And like, I have a lot of guilt just in my I just have since I was little like, I don't know, things have been very easy for me, like I've always been.


If I've tried something once, I could do it right. And I know that's not the same for everybody and I don't know why it's that way for me. And so I had a lot of I had a really hard time accepting that. And I don't like for things to be easy. I like to work hard. Right. So I'm one of those people that if I couldn't do it first time, I do it 100 times until I could.


But I've never really had to do that. The only time that I have really had that experience of just trying to do something that wasn't meant for me are not going to work, is in relationships.


And I, I think I had a big fear of of being alone because I'm always surrounded by people. So like my idea of what's it like to be surrounded by people. It's not surrounded by friends like 15 people. It's like fifteen thousand people. Right. And so the idea of how drastic it goes from being full to being empty is just like really dramatic. And so there was just like a lot of fear, a lot of guilt. But yeah, I love it.


Yeah, but that and we were we were literally talking before the podcast, like, so I was like, are you in therapy? I'm like, who asks you that? But I'm like, I love therapy. Do you like that. It's the only thing I fucking love it.


It's about you. I think that's really beautiful though, that you have enough, like, self reflection to be like, what am I not having success in? And it is relationships. And I can't help but be like Miley, like you literally have been so famous since you were how young and then like to fight. It's almost like you're now getting to be like, what do I want to do with my life? Because you went for so fucking long performing in front of so many people, pleasing so many people.


And now it's like we what what makes you happy?


That's actually a really interesting perspective because I never really thought about it that way. And I guess that is kind of maybe I'm at the age where that would be like getting out of college, starting your first. I mean, most people will be starting their lives now. And I feel like I'm kind of in that like mid life success place and like or even like beyond the finish line. And there's actually something kind of about I've read about a lot of athletes that have it's called Winners Blues.


Oh. And it's when you felt too much of like the dopamine and success and the rush that that crash is just so hard.


Trust me. I mean, athletes on this podcast we talk about all the time, it's kind of a joke. But like, I like to hook up with athletes. Yeah, I always say their life is so hard because it kind of ends at like 30, 40 their career. Mhm. And then it's like, what do you do.


And it can happen the same thing, especially for like females in pop. Right. Music there's so much like ageism and sexism that I think it's just you know, you get feeling like I just think it's a really good perspective to say, oh my life is kind of starting now and I'm at a point where I get to decide what do I want to do with it?


And that's what you would be doing if you had been spending years in college or something as an intern or lower on the kind of like ranking of your job, that now you're at a place where you're like 27, 28, 29, 30. Where are you going to go? OK, like what am I going to do with all the skills that I've collected?


Well, can I ask you because, like, listen, everyone, I think it was the most iconic moment when, like, you were Hannah Montana. And I know probably for a while you were like, I don't even want to hear that fucking name for a minute because, like, kindly shut the fuck up. My name is Miley Cyrus. You I mean, the banger's era when all of a sudden it was like you took everything to the fucking max and you were like, this is my clit nipple and we're ready to roll.


Everybody watch me twerk everywhere. And it was iconic, but it was almost like you were trying to break away from the Disney thing. And what do you when you look back on the air, what do you like? What is it with you? What's so weird about that is also that was for me and like just like getting I guess that's the full circle of my story that I was trying to get through was basically I mean, I was wondering why I wanted to tell you that.


But I guess that is why because it's so relevant in my career, like I never thought. I really, really don't care what anyone else is really doing with their life, as long as they're being like a good person and to me, I just still can't believe that people care so much about what I'm doing.


But in the Times, I want them to like when I'm rallying people to fight injustices or trying to normalize, like my LGBTQ community that I'm proud to be a part of. When it comes to that, I'm happy that I have the attention that I do. And it's not something that you get a turn on and off. It doesn't come with a switch. And so I am really happy that people are so interested and intrigued by me and my choices in my life, because that means that I really do have a loud, you know, platform where you have a voice.


But I definitely think that that VMAs 2013 era was was kind of an awakening. And I guess I'm just going through round two right now.


Yeah, but but it was like the first one was like I mean, obviously when did you realize, like, oh, I'm not I'm not just attracted to men like how young were you?


I was attracted to girls way before I ever was attracted to guys, OK?


And I was like 11 years old.


I used to think that, like, Minnie Mouse was super fucking hot and humid, which is so good. I ended up on Disney. So my chances with many went up by like I do, like many you millet's. But she was brought to me. I always thought that the female characters in movies were way hotter than any of the guys.


I actually never really understood what these girls were doing with these like idiots like this is disgusting.


So yeah. So that was kind of it. And then like yeah when I was like 11 or 12, my friends were starting to kind of like, tell me what they were doing with guys and I didn't really understand it. So I've got most of my girlfriends hook up with me. That is such an email. The first time I ever hooked up with anyone was with the girl was a girl, two of them. And did you go past first base?


Yeah. Oh, of course. Oh, my God. Absolutely.


OK, and then when did you hook up with the guy I hooked up with? Well, I didn't go all the way with the dude. I was 16. It wasn't actually it wasn't Nick Jonas, but I ended up marrying the guy.


Oh, my God. That's pretty crazy.


So that's the first guy you hooked up with? Yeah. Which I lied and said that he wasn't the first, so I didn't seem like a loser. But now you're telling me this is more of a full circle story.


It's so fucking weird because I couldn't think I couldn't think of of anyone. He was like, oh, who have you had sex with then?


I couldn't think of anyone. So I just like, made somebody up. I knew, but we had never actually had sex before and like, his friend ended up marrying him. And so then it was like, oh, now my friend is marrying someone you've hooked up with. So then when I was like twenty four, I had to say that I lied when you're like.


So that was a blown lie. You're actually in my life that I held on to you for like ten years. Wow. And then once you're kind of stuck in a lie, like you're kind of fucked. Oh yeah. Then I was like no reason to like dig old bones. Right.


But then you're like, hey, this is directly affecting our lives, I'll tell you. Yeah. Yeah. OK, so we're directly affected like like fuck did this. It's so like I other than that everything's preprogrammed in this world. It's supposed to happen like what's meant to be will be.


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You're fine, guys. Roman swipes last longer. So you guys are going to go to get Roman dotcom daddy and you're going to get your first month of swipes for just five dollars when you choose a monthly plan. Again, that is get Roman dotcom slash daddy. Do you have like a type? I know like you're attracted to people's souls, like you're attracted to. But do you have like who are you in a relationship? I'm so interested know are you hyper crazy?


Aren't you like a calm person?


Oh my God. I actually do kind of need I usually end up complaining that they're boring, but that's what I need. I like for me too.


I'm realizing I need like more calm varicorp. They have to be. I mean, you're talking about things that you need, like a confident guy. Yeah. But he can't be the same level as you like of like I you definitely need like a calming.


I need an anchor, I need to wait. But when I was thinking about this yesterday and knowing we're going to have this conversation, I was thinking about someone has to bring more to the table than their plate.


They can't just be like fill me up all the fucking time. And I think that's kind of that's a big part of my life is filling people back up and that can make me go below zero below me.


And so it's really important that I feel fulfilled and. Yeah, they have to bring something to the table. Do you think it's like hard because of how mega successful you are? Like, how the fuck are you? Like, how would you ever date a normal person who can't? So I think that's what ended up making, like female relationships make more sense to me because of the role that I was in, made more sense.


Oh, that's interesting, because it was like, well, there's not going to be this weird thing that, like, I pay for everything and I whatever it was like.


But that's just like a stereotype, too. Like if I'm going to be with the girl, like I'm totally down and be with, like, a boss bitch that's like as successful or more successful than me.


Yeah. But I felt like the women that I end up being around it, like the role fit easier for me because like even in my relationship with men, a lot of the times, like I kind of hold a more dominant you have the power, you wear the pants a little more dominant species. How could you not?


It felt like that made it less uncomfortable.


Yeah, it felt like I was choosing partners out of anxiety, which is like so much to do with, like, my therapy journey to because I don't want to choose how I'm going to be with out of, like, anxiety about one of your lower stereotype, because that's like not anything that I represent or believe in by the stereotype.


So it's like I need to find a guy that's confident enough in himself that he's OK, that I am masculine and strong.


And just like there's a lot of qualities to me that tend to like. Associate more with the male role now. Yeah, I yeah, I agree. I think it's kind of beautiful that you've been like and so I'm I'm okay right now being like, yeah, it works better with a woman. And if I can find a man that can be accepting of that, great. But for right now, for you, the female relationship is working better.


Yeah, I just made a lot more sense, like at a time. And then like what's what's funny about that too is like I guess I don't know, I guess I've just the have been very experimental, like I've been with a lot of different kinds of like dudes and chicks like I've been with like super femme girls. Yeah. Girls. It kind of makes me feel morfin like I just really don't have a type. The main thing for me is that someone has to bring something that is elevating my life and like that's in all my relationships, not just my sexual relations.




Yeah. You need people that are going to be just like as powerful in a room. It does. It doesn't they don't have to be successful. They don't have to have more money. But you don't want to feel like you're like dragging this person and giving this person and you're not getting filled up. That's awful.


Do you know what your love languages are? I do. I don't. You love, like, finding people's love languages. OK, wait, tell me my love language kind of makes you sound like an asshole, but it's not. It is of service. Oh I buy no gifts is more awesome. Yeah. I get so crazy. Give me a Chanel.


No hate gifts. OK, me too. I really don't like cringe. Right. Yeah that's so embarrassing.


I don't know what to do with my face on it but I like accessability because I would say that on the giving and the receiving end, like if someone that I'm with tells me like my closet driving me crazy, solely organized by the time they're home the next day I've already delivered.


Oh I'm like that. I really love to do things for people. Or if someone says that.


Anything like Al, I remember I one boyfriend I had, like, I think you thought it was really weird that I made him I made him a bong for his birthday. My God. And I like handmade this like bong. And then I thought he thought it was kind of weird, but it's like I would rather someone make something for me. And like that to me is like an sweet like I took time.


This is so fascinating. Also talking to you about this, because just based off of everything we're talking about, you're talking about the way you give love like. And then there's two ways you. How the fuck, Miley?


Here we go again. You received all receiving.


I also really, really like you like like taxi service. OK, even though I'm looking at you like I like what do things for me.


And then my other one is there's physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, quality holiday times.


My other one quality emphasis on quality like not just time. Right. I don't want you just like to fill the space. Right. I want you to bring something to the fucking table. And that is what I like really demand. Now, I was like, I'm getting older. Yeah. I allowed so many people to just come and like, take your fucking breath to my ER and like suck out the life of my spaces and like, I'm just over that.




I was going to ask you, like, how I think a lot of people look, I always talk about it because it's like I love to talk about sex, but I also like to talk about like everyone has been through shitty relationships, everyone's been through heartbreak. And like, is there a little, like, tip you can give anyone listening to, like getting through any heartbreak? We've all been through relationships that we break up, like, have you found your heart?


So I had a very, very public, of course, very a big breakup that was over a ten year span of a relationship. And sitting with me now, I would hope you find me to be somewhat this way, which is not the public perception is I'm very logical. I'm very organized. You are. And like very kind of centre. And so I love lists. Lists keep my whole fucking world on track. My world would be wrecked if I didn't make lists.


That's brilliant. Every day I have a list of what do I want, how am I going to achieve it was the next step. And so with heartbreak, I tried to not get lost in the emotion not and I also don't like that with women too. It's like, well, you're a cold bitch. It's like. Right. No, no, I have. The world is going to keep churning. It's like it's like a death when you lose a loved straight, like it feels like a death.


It's honesty. Sometimes it even feels easier because it's more you can like put it to bed and move, you know, you feel walking around.




Like and still walking on the earth and choosing every day because it's a choice. Right. Death isn't a choice, Ryan. This is a choice.


So to not get lost in emotion, to focus on the logic's is to make a list of what you were gaining and what you were losing, what they were contributing to your life and what they were subtracting and to value each of these things by one through ten.


So, like, fuck my mother and now add them all up.


And if the person was adding more to your life than, you know, what is expected for your next relationship and what they were subtracting, you know what you will not accept ever again. And so you look at these two things and you go, this is what OK, so one of the things that are really important to me in a relationship.


Yes, I like it because I like the service. I like people taking care of themselves. I think the way someone treats themselves is a reflection of the way that they'll treat you. So I'm like super into, like clean eating. I'm going to people taking care of themselves. I knew that the place to meet my next partner was not going to be at like a fucking Burger King.


No, if clean eating and self maintenance is going to be important, I know to look in communities where those people are going to gather, I now no longer look at like any sort of AA meetings because I myself have I don't really want to help someone on their journey help because I need to take care of my own right.


But I do you know, you don't like someone that's living a sober lifestyle. Don't go to the club looking for your next birthday. I you know, so put yourself in places where you'll be successful so you don't get stuck on.


I'm just always wasting my time with people. It's like you can really control the kind of people that are going to like flow in and out of your life, try to create a filtration system. So I've filtered my life of what I will accept and what I will not.


I am sorry, but like you just sounded so like you have it fucking figured out and I know you don't know, but that shit right there, I'm like, did everyone is everyone listening right that fucking down.


I'm about to go back and listen to the police with every single thing and like even people in your life. So you look at the people that like matter the most to you, like my mom matters the most to me. And so I write down her qualities. Oh, what I love about her. And I try to find people like that because one day I may not have my mom on this earth and I want to have people that, like, keep her spirit alive through that.


I and I do think that there's little there's little sparks of like we're all kind of one and we're all just divided into these our own little sources of energy and like our own little souls. But. We're all kind of like one right away, I think, and so I think that I could find little pieces of her and other people do that is like so fucking beautiful. Wait, you're like fucking mature is shit.


What? Miley, I'm not coming back. I'm not in real life. I still objects and all the things.


But I the idea that that like, I don't know, I just think that there's a level of oh there's a level of logic to it.


Yeah. I'm getting lost. No, that is that's pretty brilliant. And so are you not smoking weed anymore. Not smoking weed. OK, wait a minute. It's OK in the spirit of like being call her daddy, I always say like OK, I think it's high sex is the best sex drunk sex is a fucking like it. It's fun to it just like it. And it's like I have something thing so high sex can be the best sex obviously.


And obviously if you were like smoking all the time you were having high sex. And now that you're not like, how are you doing? OK, I'm doing great. OK, great thing.


Here's the thing about this, which is really funny because like my I'm going to wait for this to go away because it's going to get U.S. airplanes and the not telling you I live in fucking Berlin, but it's really not it's not right.


Yeah. We got to move.


We got to move. We got to get out of here. Yeah. Mylie like kind of like lives like at the airport. At the airport. It gives me anxiety. OK, ok. But where are we going to talk about. We're going to have sex. Oh hi. Sex of course.


So my. Identity is much. My identity is related to sex in a much deeper way than my sexuality is, if that makes any sense.


So like so my identity and who I am as a person is very sexual and who I am as a sexual person is again, maybe I'm like a selfish psycho or like sex is really like about me in my mind. Of course, everything's about me in my mind, really.


I won't know everything about my life. And we can give ourself an orgasm so long.


But I just feel like I think about this little thing about my sex life I get. Turned on by, again, like what people are like contributing to my life. And as of right now, having someone that's also sober like a partner is like very sexual to me because it's very like present and very there. Right. But I think it's really funny how my identity is so wrapped up in sexuality when my sexuality actually just has a lot to do with, like, my identity and who I am as a person doesn't make any sense.


Are you guys with us? Are you lost? You know, I just think people think of me as a hypersexual being, like you're having sex all the time, 24/7, like you said on the dildo, which I would.


But like, I enjoy sexuality more than I enjoy sex. That's a better way. OK, there we go. And I'm much more into sexuality than sex like I but I also don't really fuck with foreplay because I just am too busy.


We really I don't fuck with foreplay, as everyone will tell you, even in my business, I do not like to tease things. I like to not say shit and then fucking go for it and scare the shit out of you.


So that's my thing. I like I have a lot fucking going on. I don't really have time to like sit around and lick my pussy. I really want to get this shit done and fucking get back to editing.


What are we doing. Like throwing lube on their luminary. Oh like hurry. I'm in the mood. We're good, right. I don't really need lube to be on. OK, so like if you like stick it right and just hurry.


Hurry. I'm kind of like how can make it good.


Oh but I'm not like I'm not like an old like oh I don't really want to have sex.


I go through seasons where like I think I can have sex with women longer than I can with men really. Because you just get in there and it's like kind of done. And I think women are much more attractive. I don't really want to stare at.


Yeah. Like get that thing out. I, you know what I mean. Yeah. So like I could definitely have foreplay longer with the girl and I could the guy. Wow. I don't really want to look at a penis for any longer than I have to. I think it's why I want it to go inside so it gets out of my face.


I don't want it in my face. You know, I always say the Great Lakes is in a study. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah.


I always tell girls that are like, fuck, is it weird is shit. Like I'm not a lesbian, but I watch girl on girl porn all the way. You don't want to see a fucking. Did you know this. We know that.


I don't want the I everyone I think can agree that from ancient times that dicks make wonderful sculpture beautiful. More than that I am not as interested. There are a little scary. I like dicks as art pieces. Yeah. And sculptural.


I love the shape. I think it like really good at all. It's good if I can just get in and go away.


I don't want it. I and me all.


That's all I truly feel that honestly is so brilliant about what you're like and listen to that and I'll say to everyone knows that tits are prettier than balls. Everybody knows this. Sorry Queen.


It's fucking true. We can I. That's why it's all about me. Because I'm secretly just looking at my own body. Right. You're like I'm so fucking hot. You're Dick.


You look at this pussy. Exactly. And that's why it's always hotter. Hooking up with a girl is for me. That's what I'm saying. It's all you get turned on.


I don't give a fuck on your show. You're allowed to say it's all about me. It's all about is like I want to look down and see me in my thing. That makes me.


Absolutely. You just masturbate in front of a mirror Chanel underwear that are actually not even hot for like a guy.


They're kind of like granny. Right. But they're so fashion and I'm so obsessed with them. And so you wear them for you. I wear them for me. And it's like God to me. Can I ask you, because I think so many fucking women, like, are so terrified of their like, is my vagina ugly? Like I like my labia lips aren't as cute or like my clits big or like whatever. And I'm like, no, you have to own your fucking put.


You just got to become friends with yourself and make yourself love it. And I also just think that there's like if you're starting to feel bad about your vagina, just Google dicks and you'll start going, OK with this is actually like kind of back look at that shriveled little thing, especially when it's done.


It's like, oh, look at him. You know, baby, it's not like I just like I'm just like not that's not my thing. Yeah.


And how did like, if you hooked up with men, can they tell that you're like.


Yeah, yeah. I think that I think that I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't into it. So in the moment I'm feeling it. But are you not giving blowjobs like the guy?


I've given a blowjob recently. OK, well, it wasn't as much fun as I thought of it, honestly just took too long. That was awful.


I actually say every day, like, I don't really want to do morning sex, even though I used to really like to.


Yeah, I don't really do it because I've got like when I'm thinking about the editors in New York and like, I'm a little bit worried about them. Like, you know, you saw the video that, like making the bubblegum looks glossy. That's more important, is more important. And I just don't have time to sit around and play with my vagina.


I read to all be on my schedule and you don't have time then if you don't have that and you on Saturday, because men, if they say the same thing there are because they're running their business like that would be.


What about the men that, like, these are not all men. I'm not generalizing, but what about men, like work on their kids birthdays? My dad had to work on my birthday.


If you're a woman and you're like, listen, I don't have time to give you a blowjob because I want to work, you're an asshole. But if you don't show up to your child's birthday party. Right, because you got to get your business done, your boss.


Yeah, that's fucked up. That is fucked up. Fucked up. I'm glad you're, like, so open about this shit because I feel like there are so many fucking girls that are like, yeah, like I just like twirl on that deck and like I'm just like wild and I don't, I don't twirl period.


And I'm definitely not tall. I do like I don't do hanaa twirler. We OK.


Can I ask you what your favorite position is then. My favorite thing is Lauren Conrads video of CEO.


Wait, so someone says what's your favorite position. And she goes CEO, what the fuck is that. So she's, she's the head boss. She's the CEO.


Oh OK. Yeah.


Oh you want to look at me like not getting think about not if you're bent over a desk, if you're sitting at the desk with your hands or writing an email to someone that didn't do what the fuck they were supposed to, and you're making sure that they know that that's what happened. That's kind of my favorite pose. OK, that's fair.


OK, I kind of like love that you entered with that, and I hate that I was like, ha, you put a vibrator on your clit, put a butt plug up your asshole and let's fuckin go, baby. You guys, Adam and Eve, we have to take a quick minute because you fucking know, you're all horny and you're all like, oh my God, I'm literally masturbating to Miley Cyrus's voice right now. But you don't own a vibrator.


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That's Adam and Eve Dotcom. This is an interesting question. Yeah.


Now now what are you like thinking about? Like you. OK, so you like hooking up with girls. So if you had to pick for the rest of your life, I'm scared you have to pick either getting it now or fingered and you can't get the other one. Which one are you getting? I'd rather finger myself, OK, that I, I'm obsessed with me.


We we I really am everyone else. Like I love you. Now someone else is going to be in the room and you're going to kill and I like went but you like this. Stallion's says stop licking my pussy hard. That's it's aggravating.


Like that's really aggravating. Yeah. Oh no. Because I think it's it's hard because it's like I feel like there's not as many people that know how to eat pussy, but fingering is so underrated and it can be so amazing.


OK, you're going to me. I'm going with fingering but with myself. You're yourself. Yes. Honestly, that is most.


Datong is long but not that long. But honestly, maybe you could if I could remember maybe.


Do you have any favorite sex toys that you can like, give advice for the daddy thing to get? OK, so here's my advice for you, which recently got given to me and I thought it was highly valuable, so I thought I would pass it down. Generations of generations love.


So one of my main gaze was over at my house helping me pick lighting for above my bed.


We were like, are we going to go to the chandelier or are we going to go something modern? What are we going to go with? And he's like, well, you got to go with the flush mount. And I'm like, What the fuck's around? He's like, you got to make sure it's like really tight to the ceiling because you don't want when you stand up to hit your head on the light fixture or like try to grab on to it for fun and then pull it out of the wall and then it come crashing down and part of the chandelier go through your partner's sternum.


Now you're a murderer and you're like, why it got so deep?


But I was like, apparently he's like speaking from like I'm guessing he's like, this has happened to me. So try to stand up on my bed. Luckily, he's six foot two. So I did go with the chandelier, but I don't think that's going to be a problem. OK, great. So he was telling me that for future reference to always be really see, this is about a lot. This is about logic. I'm all about logic so far.


Killer, you've got to be very particular about lighting above your bed, because it's one step away from being a murderer.


That's the advice that I was giving me that is really interesting. He said that the chandelier was like, if you grab onto it, if it comes out of the wall and you pick one of the ones that are like classic, like chandelier style, that it can come down and go crashing to the person's sternum. And that seems like a nightmare.


Trying to explain my if I'm going to kill someone who doesn't give me the chandelier, even though it's kind of she is anyone following where when I said with a good sex toy, you used that advice. So that was advice.


I think everyone loses like, OK, don't put the chandelier above you. Don't put that in just because you don't want to kill someone. Honestly, I don't want to hit your head. That's embarrassing. And also, I feel like like the whole murder thing. I'm just like not down. I'm already weird. I'm already weird about getting embarrassed. Like, I get embarrassed really, really easy, really.


When I get, like, red, it will stick like if I you get embarrassed about, like in the bedroom. I just don't really ever want like accidentally queef crazy sounds. Oh yeah. Crazy. That's so fucking worse.


I like I'm always scared. I'm going to like roll.


I have when you fall off a bed midsection and tschiderer like no let's keep it going. And it's like I don't do fall falls freaked me out.


I really only Ballan knock on wood. This was going to happen to me soon a handful of times in my life and this is I'm not trying to do it and you just stop.


You can't continue sex.


I'll continue and try to make it a stick because it's like in your head you're like I feel like kind of like physical comedy and me to, like, be like that was on purpose.


It's like a Charlie Chaplin kind of movie.


You know, you you're like, but no, I'm actually not doing this now.


I just like I would not want anything really embarrassing to happen. I don't want the chandelier seems really embarrassed. I feel like that's the ultimate I don't even want to change.


And I was wondering why I didn't think about it before. No, I actually like I think because a lot of people don't put lighting over there.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was a light already but it was down towards the end which I thought was OK. Yeah. And then he was saying no because what if you go the other way, like it's just that's already causing problems.


And this was apparently like a six foot four gay guy problem. I don't think I'm ever going to get close enough to a light, but I did think it was good advice.


OK, so everybody listening, guys chandeliered, no know, got no fucking go or does anything that good.


Like you don't want to be you don't you don't want to mix interior inside.


No that's that's really great advice. I honestly have never thought about that specific situation and I'll always keep that in mind. You now when you walk into a hotel room, there's a fucking light about the bed. You're going to talk about me. And I'd be like, oh, no, keep the light up the light.


We're done. Yeah, OK, what about do you. Sex toys are just your fingers. I like sex toys. Most of my sex toys I use as I'm I'm very contradictory. I was just saying don't involve sex and interior design, but I do like sex toys as interior design. OK, so a lot of the time I'll buy a dildo and like more than about its operation, I'll this is you want to look you this is from Pleasure Chest.


So this is actually like a real but I don't really want to get in there with it because I love the way that it looks like like a blue sparkly deck.


And it's honestly it's so cute. It's really cute. It's really, really, it's really so I'm really into dildoes for interior design and I buy them for myself, but I end up using them for interior design. So like you're like, I'll probably use that one day and then you end up just putting it out like your family room. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Do you like vibrators?


I like vibrators, but I really dislike mostly aesthetic and I feel like I'm like pretty good with like dealing with myself.


We that's pretty great. Yeah. And how do you like when do you think you got super like you said you've always been confident but you think you've always been like super confident sexually within yourself. I've gone through a lot of seasons, like I feel like it's very reflective of where I am.


And if you talk to me in a year, which we should talking about again when I'm not busy, because when I'm not busy, my sex drive is totally different, really. And I think that something like it goes up also with women. I when I'm working, it goes down because I'm like, oh, so in my zone of work that you're kind of like, I don't have time. One, I did read an amazing book about kind of like adrenals and your hormones.


And I have low cholesterol and when you have low cholesterol, it affects your sex drive. And when I'm like working, I don't eat eggs regularly. Then my cholesterol gets low. Your cholesterol controls all the hormones in your body. So when you get low blood sugar, low cholesterol, not eating like snacks and things like that.


Yeah, by the end of the night, if I'm hungry, I'm definitely not horny.


We that's why I never even knew that. That's really good information to check your clothes. So people guys cholesterol. I mean literally like that's really smart because like I feel like there are so many girls like why am I like never horny and like check your cholesterol. Apparently Miley says check your cholesterol, it's all your hormones and it'll change your life.


Sometimes I will like, OK, what is fucked up is if I will eat like something like crazy, like I'm like fuck this, I've been working all day. I'm ordering like a shit ton of Mexican food. Yeah. Then all of a sudden I get horny. I'm like, horrible timing. Like I was looking so all day long. Fuck.


But then I go, it's my cholesterol goes up and my blood sugar and then you're like, I'm going to go poop. I can't have sex right now. I don't know, you just got to knock it all out. Yeah. Sometimes you got to do it. Oh wow. OK, this is kind of. A really interesting question, that lake is kind of turning, but like how many times have you been in love? How many times I've been in love?


I've been in love. Three times three I love three times, wow, but I've been in love more than in love with anyone else one time and then I think that kind of sticks around. Yeah, but I've been in love. I've been in love with, I would say, one person who is a girl that I still think about and like dream about all the time. I just know that something just doesn't fit. And I think that's something that I learned a lot in therapy too.


Like you just can't try to fit this fucking square into a circle because you start driving yourself to a place where.


Like trying to make something that is physically impossible, work will drive you insane, dies, like so fucking mature of you to say that, because I think that sometimes when there's love, it's really hard to walk away from something even that if it's not working. But the fact that you can sit here and be like I'm in love, like I love to believe in once you love me either. If I don't believe in your life because there are qualities that people bring to your life, the person never will again are like they're just I don't believe in what you love.


The fact that your answer to if you want to get eaten out her finger, you said, I want to get finger, but I also want to do it my fucking self. Yeah. Miley fucking Cyrus, dude. That's your daddy. Yeah. This is the way it rolls. If you want something done right, do you do what the fuck yourself did you got here in here. That that's what I'm saying.


Otherwise you're gonna have to like give notes and give feedback and get the fuck you don't want to like give someone a pat on the back after.


It's honestly not that hard and it's not that hard. And also I could probably do better. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. I just can't reach we.


OK, so your new song that's an interior design go actually really hand. And I keep saying, here's the thing about it. I love interior design. Here's the thing about it. My only problem with not being able to do interior design by myself is a lot of the times I can't reach oh, I like to do it all myself.


You're kind of like the woman that does it all. It's like just get a fucking ladder. Just get along. Like, if you could get a ladder then you would get ladders.


I'm scared of heights. Oh, I hate flying weak and I have to move like people want to buy me on the plane.


We swear to God we want.


One woman was sober and started drinking beers ferociously because I was screaming that we're not getting enough speed.


And so she ordered a beer. We're not getting enough speed, remember? Do you ever feel like you are don't you hate when you get up in the air, then all of a sudden it feels like they go, Oh, and I can feel like I'm like, I don't.


You fly commercial yarning How does that go? Apparently not so well because I'm like boycotted by. Well, I've actually yeah.


I was on a no fly list for a second and I'll show you because everyone assumed I was just going to bring in drugs.


We but then I figured I could only go into work basically. So yeah, the the flying gets a little sketchy because I get searched like extra crazy.


I think that's literally the complete opposite of what I thought. Oh no.


Yeah, it's hard because people come up to me you're like, I can't because they to bring it up so that I'm bringing drugs way well and but you can fly kind of like people don't come up to you like too crazy like a taxi bug me.


I actually like people not treating me special. Yeah. So I had a guy on a queen on Delta the other day that treated me like shit and I loved him. When you're like I'm horny.




Oh actually we were like mad at me because I was watching my HGV too loud and I could never hear him when he's asking me things. And he was annoyed and I loved him.


He was me too badly too. He was mean to you.


Wait, that's kind of what we want to know. Whether you're like one of our Buchmann is on Delta was so fucking mean to me and I like one to give him the biggest hug part. But he did not want to hug for me.


But you're like, I love you. He's like, bitch, what are you talking about? I hate you. He did not like, wow. But I loved him. OK, he's your friend. Might be more like cheap people special. Me too I'd rather. Yeah. I definitely treat the people that are like the lowest on the call sheet the better than I would the the top.


I have so much respect for you. So many people already fucking do that. But the people at the top, you don't need me to jerk you on everyone else's boom.


And I think it's also a refreshing because like you are silly. I mean, sitting here with you, I'm like, you're so normal that she's getting Gheorge by that.


I know. Guys, what do we look so hot in these cameras right now? This is Miley's tits are popping. We're ready.


This is the G. Can you just just because it's like my childhood, something about sorry, I just pulled this.


Do you now feel like you're in a place where, like, you can accept Hannah Montana and you look back and you enjoy because honestly, you're throwbacks are fucking everything. I'm obsessed with it. Right. You taught me how to glue my fucking wig down like that.


And I was already so ready for this world. Yeah, no, they prepared me in a way that you cannot pay money for.


Yeah. I was snatched at like age eleven.


What were you doing that you were literally in. Everyone wanted your hair.


I love that there's this video of me and I'm probably like twelve and I'm going through my fucking tour bus and I have a shirt that says I just got off the catwalk and I'm talking about my favorite.


And then I turn around and I'm like, and that's my wig. And I'm like, what?


Eleven year old, you know that. Hi, guys.


That's my real hair lace front sitting on a mannequin head with just like, you know why it was No.


One my life. That is kind of what seems like a nightmare when I wanted to escape it. But that's just being eighteen. Like, yeah, I want to escape who you are. Yeah.


If it was just someone from, you know, sometimes you just need a little bit of distance then like appreciate it. And obviously during bangers and stuff you like stop calling me fucking Hannah Montana the same way in relationships to like. Yeah. At first when I got out of my long time relationship and it didn't work and that was really like traumatizing. Also now I'm in a place, I just look at it and love it and like write it. And it just is such an amazing time in my life.


The relationship that I had for ten years was an amazing time in my life and the relationship that I had, like with myself as Hannah and like that was a great time. My life and like I loved working with my dad every day at the time, I didn't know how lucky I was like, so all the times in my life, even the ones that have been really fucking in my mind, not the best. Somehow they just added up to like, I love who I am so much right now that if any of those things wouldn't have happened, I'm not sure that I would be the same person.


So I'm just super stoked.


Dude, that is so fucking beautiful, Miley. And I'm so happy for you, honestly. Like when you were showing me your music video, I was like, you look really happy and you're so proud of what you're doing. And like you can tell, I mean, the fucking guys go listen to the fucking song because, my God, it's a good song and it is so fucking good.


The song is the song is.


I felt like a bridge that was like really missing through my narrative. Yeah. For my fans and for the public. And I'm just so happy that I was able to build it. My fucking self soda fucking water under the motherfucking bridge.


Let me move on because also I mean another thing that I guess is really relevant for your show is that I feel like as a woman, I was villainize for moving on.


Yeah, that's I really think that that's not acceptable. Yeah. At the time I had posted, you know, George Clooney and Brad Pitt and all these guys like Johnny Depp who have gone through women and they're known as like players and they're like glamourize.


And it's like, oh, they're so hot and they're amazing.


And everyone on the thing is like, I would have much rather the public, you know, like I guess like, why are you not a bill? Ani's me because of my sexuality. But they tried to make me seem like I was disloyal, which is like so against my fucking character. You attack my fucking character. Yeah. And my character is everything that is my foundation. That's like what I thrive on. Even being on your show. Like I'm not someone that will sit there and be like I just sit around, like watching porn and I'm so sexual and I'm like I'm like, I know what I'm talking to you.


I know what the show is. But that's not me. Like it my are and like me taking care of my dogs and me taking care of my business, like that's my fucking priority. And like I'm not going to act like I'm something that I'm not or I'm more sexual than I am because that's always just like that's like for your entertainment and not for me and for me.


Like I'm much more into building my business right now. I'm not that into building up my relationships.


That's so empowering to also be considered a boss. Yeah. For putting their business first. And the woman like it's so fucked up and like I love that.


Like when I go through my neighborhood to that, like I bought my fucking house. Yeah, I bought my fucking car. And like, I am not shaming any woman that does not like. Yes, save your fucking life. Do your thing. I just know that that wasn't my mom's story. Yeah. I wasn't my grandma story.


So I'm like a first generation you're doing since you're a boss at the mall. I'm actually at fifty five year old just bought her own car and she started crying. She's like your dad is always bought my car for me. My her dad bought her car for her. My mom at 55 just bought her own hotaling.


How amazing is it. Like fucking love when I just like got my like first like nice apartment in New York. And I'm like, it is the most satisfying thing because I've been in a relationship with a guy that bought everything for me and like working my ass off for a show and like being able to buy my own shit like that feels better.


I would rather rent a fucking closet for somebody and pay for it than live in, like, your fucking mansion. I'm just so stoked. Like when I come home, it's like I get to choose what fucking color the couch is and I can't choose. I picked all fucking three colors and that's what I want.


That's what I want. And so that just feels really good and like.


So at this time, like for me, I'm just like super secure in who I am and I just don't feel like I feel like I've acted enough in my life and. Yeah. And now you're like me. Me. That's too exhausting to be working all the time. But luckily I've never really had to do that. And I've never felt like an actress. The only time that I felt like I was ever acting in my personal life is in relationships that were no longer working for me.


So I just encourage people to be logical.


Don't get a totally don't drown in emotion, make your fucking list. Look at what someone is contributing and what someone subtract into your life and then make an exception. And if you're not fucking happy, get out. If you're not happy, get the fuck out.


Miley Cyrus, you. I just want to also like last comment, too, about what you just said, because I think that is the most empowering female statement of you being like, how the fuck was I villainize for moving too fast? I wanna go fuck yourself.


It's like a really big part of this song and I just feel like the video and controlling my fucking narrative.


It's unfair that someone taking a photo from a helicopter is allowed to control my narrative, but it feels below me to at that time engage in public opinion.


And it. Josiane, how do you deal with that?


It's if I've got a lot of control, that's why in the that's why the song is as I can't beat the devil on my tongue. So it's like I'm going to say this now, God, it's about like, you know, some people have like the devil and angel on the shoulder. The devil lives on my tongue. So usually I just lash out and. Say the first thing that fucking comes to mind but is never benefited me, right, because when you think about it and I have like now allowed life to do its magic and I've understood its purpose, and that was just a bridge for me to get out of my situation.


And like that woman made me really happy at the time. And that was like the way that I dealt with it. And there's not a handbook as much as I can give you advice. There's no handbook of how to deal with heartbreak. It's all very like everyone's an individual and will handle in their own way.


And so I felt like this song is like for the kind of looking at my life as as my personal life or people look at my career. I felt like there was a gap between the public perception and the truth. And I just think it's really fucked up that women are villainize for moving on.


Dude, it is. Miley, I'm so happy you're saying that because I think, like, I remember seeing that, but you articulating it in that way, it just shed so much light on, like, how fucked up it's really fucked up. And then you have to sit here and try not to say anything because you're trying to be above, like like you said, the helicopters above. But it's like at what point do you speak up?


And I guess what you're saying right now is my fucking music by like by engaging. Yeah. In that pettiness. One it. It isn't good enough for me. Yeah, like that's kind of the thing about having standards. Yeah. And I like sitting here as a fucking female saying that's not good enough for me to engage in that. That's below me. Yeah, that isn't a problem to say that. I think it's really fucked up that women have been made to feel like you're not allowed to say this is for me.


Right. Follow me. This is what's acceptable.


It's like, oh, you're being a bitch.


Don't be a fucking bot's unacceptable to fucking come and put yourself in my life and then put me on the cross for it. Like, that's fucked up. You totally villainize me for that.


But let me klodt back at you when I can articulate it properly and poetically and put it in my song and then you can stream my clock back.


Bitches, go listen to the song. It's so fucking good. I'm so happy for you that you are putting something out right now that you're like, oh, that's me. This is, this is it. And like people are going to fucking love it.


Debbie Harry dreaming. Oh my God. So right now, when this episode is out, guys, my song is out.


That's freaking me. That is so wild. Yeah, it's freaking me. I can't believe you're fucking here. I'm here and you're putting out this song. The music video is amazing. She looks so fucking hot. I was, like, trying not to, like, freak out on Halloween. Please, guys, literally. She has like seven different looks. How many looks? I have five. Five. Look, every single one Halloween look. Yes.


I'm going to do everybody is like makes you feel a type of way. Oh it made me feel a tiny little sex. You guys so boldly stash the tights.


That's a good thing. By the time they're all like ripped off I thought was super hot too.


And and then it looks good after a point. Exactly. Fucking where exactly.


So midnight sky. Yep. Out now. Yes. Go watch the video. Yes. Listen to it 19 million times. Tweet us. Tell us you like the episode. Yeah. We love you guys. Miley Cyrus, thanks for going over.


This is really fun. This was really fun. I really like talking about this kind of shit. I love having you on the show. I had so much fucking fun. You are officially a part of the daddy fucking game.


Thank you.


So fun. You do.


You guys remember do you guys remember the broom. Me, my hair, the broom. People made fun of me. It looked cool. Ugly little waspy, little crunchy, little noodled. Not any more function. A motherfucking beauty guys. Function of beauty. The best conditioner and shampoo in the game. It's customizable. The cutest fucking gift. You guys get the bottles and they're customizable. So you go on and you take a hair quiz, which is kind of fun and you decide what do I want to work on?


Is my hair so frizzy? Is my hair so curly? So whatever the fuck you're dealing with damage from my highlights, whatever it is, you guys tell them what you want to work on in your hair and they customize a shampoo and a conditioner bottle and then you guys get to pick it makes you kind of feel rich. Even if you're not, you guys get to pick the color of your shampoo and your conditioner. So I have an orange shampoo and then I have a blue conditioner, so it's cute.


And then you can also customize it with your name. It's also super cute as a gift. They also have body wash and body lotion. So they have a bunch of stuff and you can pick the fragrance of it. The peach one is amazing. So guys, you're going to go to a function of beauty dot com slash daddy to take your four part hair profile quiz and you're going to save twenty percent off your first order. If you guys need a new shampoo and conditioner and it's really fucking cute, you guys are going to go to a function of beauty dotcom slash daddy for twenty percent off again.


That is a function of beauty dotcom slash daddy daddy gang. It is your father I, I don't even, I don't even know what to say right now. Let's all just take a minute. That was such a fucking cool experience. I hope you guys enjoyed Miley. I think after the episode we talked a little bit more and she was just saying how she wants to come back on in. Oh fuck. She wants to come back on in a down time because, like, you kind of heard her talking about, she has seasons.


Seasons. Oh. And she's super horny in seasons when she's working. And right now she's working. And then we can get her when she's in her horny mode and we can really hear what she's up to, just like giving you guys my perspective. Hi to the daddy. Being like that woman is so fucking real and so cool.


And I was so honored to just be able to, like, chill with her and go to her house and sit with her and talk with her like I just did. And the only reason that was possible was because of everyone fucking listening to this podcast. I wouldn't have been able to meet her and to interview her and to get that episode out. If it wasn't for the Doddy gang, I just wanted to have like a little moment of appreciation for you guys.


I'm very aware that I am where I am today because of you guys. So thank you so fucking much for supporting the show. Not trying to get sappy with it, but I have to you for a minute. Also, this is not the end now that you guys are finish this episode. I have more guys I've logged while I was at Miley's house. I've logged my entire experience when I found out we were getting my. On the show, you guys will see me in the hotel room finding out we've logged the entire experience.


So if you guys want, go to my YouTube channel and you guys can watch that, it's really dope. It's a lot of behind the scenes shit that I know sometimes on podcast you're like, wait, I want to watch it while you can. So go to my YouTube channel. It's Alexander Cooper. And then also it will just be linked on all of my social media and first swipe ups. So that's just Alexandra Cooper for my Instagram and then also call her daddy will have the link as well.


So I hope you guys enjoy this. Next week I'm going to do a solo episode and I think I want to just catch up with you guys. I feel like I had an amazing trip in L.A. I met so many amazing people, but I kind of want to just have like a week with the daddy gang where we can just chill. And I want to update you guys on my life. I want to talk to you guys. I've been reading a lot of DBMS.


I definitely miss a little. I have like I missed it a little. I miss you guys. So that's what I'm just I just want a a little next week go back to like Oggi call her daddy. But I hope you guys fucking loved this. I love you fucking guys. I had so much fucking fun. I'm so excited. And finally. Oh my God. As much as I loved putting out this episode, I'm not going to lie.


I'm a little fucking excited to get back on track and to say I will see you fuckers next Wednesday.