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Daddy to I call her daddy. Call her daddy. Oh, my talking.


Daddy gang. It is Alex Cooper, your single fucking father. Get it again for another episode of Call Her Daddy. Hello. Welcome back. Weener Holes. I was missing you a little bit. I do. Every fucking Wednesday. I just get this different type of fucking pulsating in my vagina. I'm like, oh, we're back. Oh, we're fuckin back, baby. So how are you guys feeling today? I know you can't answer me, but telepathy.


How are you feeling? You're good. I'm good, too. I'm feeling really fucking excited. I was gonna do a really long intro for this week about like about just like my love life right now and how I literally had a sit down dinner with my brother, my mom and my dad last night. And I decided to tell my brother and my dad what man I was getting on a plane to go see and two weeks.


And it was the worst decision I could have made because my brother just fucking roasted me.


And I wanted to give you guys, like, a little bit of detail on that. But I don't have time this week because the amount of content that I have with the gas this week is a little bit outrageous. We literally sat in the studio and filmed for so fucking long. So enjoy yourselves, daddies. Enjoy this guest. I'm so excited for you to hear. All right, guys.


I think genuinely, this woman has the hottest ass on Instagram. Maybe the best boobs to on Instagram. Maybe the best hair. Do I look? You want to fuck this girl? Yes, I do.


Everybody introducing Savanah Montaño.


Hi, Daddy. Oh, my God.


Dude, do it. She's like literally big. OK. So right now, first of all, fuck you guys because we are in New York City right now risking Korona for your assholes. That's how much we fucking love you.


I'm sitting at bar stools, Savanah, right now. Savanah and I are here with her best friend, Elizabeth, who I also am best friends with now. And we're like this little cute, fun hangout group. We have just been taking shots in the Basel office and it's like we're ready to go. We're having. How are you feeling? I'm good. I'm ready. Oh, you're not even nervous. I mean, I'm a little nervous. Yeah, like more excited.


More excited. OK, so, guys, I want to give a little background, like, how the fuck we met. Because I think that a lot of people on the Internet, you know, how many girls are like, oh, like Instagram friends, but like they've never met. And they're like borders our relationship.


Yeah. So, OK, I'm in the call her daddy style.


I've always told people like Daddy Gang, listen up, you guys slide the fuck into men's deanne's like slide the fuck and be so nasty and disgusting. I slid into Savannah's Dems. I literally slid the fuck into Savannah to meet her. So I remember I was like in an Uber going back to my apartment one night. It was like a random Saturday. And I saw you were in New York City with Elizabeth. And I was like, oh, my God, I'm so fucking obsessed with those two human beings.


Like, they just are. So my vibe. And so I slid into Sabs D. M's and I forgot what I said I was like. And Elizabeth looks so fun like let's have pretty much. And then you were like, I'm fucking done. Let's do a bitch. And then I think we met like 48 hours later. And we raged and I remember, oh, my God, I got so fucked up that night. Yeah, me too.


Yeah. Belligerent, rude, belligerent.


Like black out. Wow. This is gonna be an amazing friendship. So I think that the let's dive a little bit into the back of like who you are first, because I think that it's important. Like, I think a lot of people, if they're gonna go look at you right now, it's like you are so hot, beautiful and amazing, asshole. I would love to show my face. Sounds like we both keep going. So you are like an amazing hot person on Instagram, however.


I literally knew you from way back when, and you didn't even know I existed. Did you? I did. Okay, Daddy, listen.


When I was in, I think would be. I'm excited to hear that. No, I want to be so creepy right now. When I was in middle school. Yes, middle school. You were dating Jared.


OK, everybody is not OK. Jared, listen. Savannah first became famous. How tell the dying?


Well, it started back off in the good old tumbler days. I was like 14 or 15. And it was my first boyfriend. Yeah, I think it was like our anniversary. So I decided to make a little video for us. Well, montage of all the fucking cringing moments between us. And I posted on Tumblr and I remember I woke up the next morning and I had like a thousand dollars, which at the time was like Ensay and say, all my friends were taxing me.


Like, what's going on? Like what your name is.


And yeah, it was literally like overnight. The video just went viral. And I just I just kept making the videos, keeping Super Krenz with my boyfriend at the time, and they just kept blowing up big video after video and it kind of started from there. It's so funny that you say super cringe, because when I was younger, when you were younger, they were like they were everything Daddy and you had. Are they still they're still online?


Yeah. Originally when I was younger in middle school, I could not have a boy over to my house. So Savannah was like the only human being I knew. That was that age that was able to have, like, sleepovers with her boyfriend and was publicly filming, like, making out with this guy. And I was like this. Girls literally meant to be my best friend, like. And also, where the fuck are her parents? I'm like, why the fuck don't I have this girl's life?


And you had I just remember we had the biggest bad and you guys were so Q. I know I'm so creepy, but I watched all of your Jared Savanah videos, and I remember you were like the first, like, couple I followed on YouTube that I was like, oh my God, I so hard that I'm like, they're so fucking kill like I wanted in my life. And then your Tumblr, like you were Tumblr famous, which was a huge fucking deal back then.


Didn't you post something that like Kylie Jenner and her friends. Yeah, dude.


Kylie, Kylie Kendall, like all of them, they all were the fans, I guess, of me and Jerry. And it was so crazy, like they wanted to hang out with me. I was like, stop. I'm just I'm just a girl. Jerry, please stop. We we explain that. Tell me, like about that moment for you, too. How old were you? Like, probably 15 years old shot if feel like not even.


God, I had braces. It was ugly and like in my period. So yeah, I know that whole stage is on the internet for me. Right. Right. But you like were Loki's so hot back then. No. You didn't have an awkward stage. Savannah relating to girl everyone hates. Keep going. But like love to love you. But they like that. Keep going. Okay. So what happened. I don't know. She like tweeted me I think.


Oh you know what I think it was when they had their like whole little front group. I think they call themselves like the Misfits or whatever. So I think I tweeted them actually, and I was like, I want to be friends with you guys. And they, like, all tweeted me back like, yes, like let's be friends. And Kylie was like, I love your Tumblr, some shit like that. And I was so starstruck.


I mean. Okay. And Savannah's from like Boca Raton, Florida, right? Yeah.


So I remember when you when this happened, it was like a crossover of two worlds, like loser Alex in her basement eating her hair, like watching Savannah and Jarrett, watching Kylie Jenner.


And I was like, one day, like, maybe I'll meet either of those groups. And now I'm sitting on my podcast with you. It's like the random spot, right? It's so weird. So Savannah started to, like, get famous because she had a boyfriend when she was younger and she was getting fingered. Blasted for the world.


Exactly. Exactly. And so without the first guy, you lost your virginity to her? Yeah.


Oh, my God. I was. So am I allowed to ask, like, what is your relationship with him now? OK. Well, I mean. I don't want to oust him, but like, right. He's a little still upset. Yes, OK. You can put it that way. Yeah, that makes sense. And I think that's fair enough. So you kind of moved on to, like, just you moved on in life.


I think that was like. Exactly. I think that's actually something I want to talk to you about. You did not go to college. No. You finished high school? Yeah. OK. And then how did you make the decision not to go to college?


I honestly never really envisioned myself going to college. Yeah. Like, I hated school. I hated going to school senior year. I think I went like. I don't even know, barely. Yeah, they honestly didn't want me to graduate just because I didn't show up like I had all the passing credits. They're like cement. It's not fucking fair. You didn't come to school like anyone. Didn't let me walk at graduation. Like, I had all my credits.


I graduated. But they did let me walk like that. Was there a little vengeance against me? I remember crying and I was off. It's like, please just let me fucking walk. And he was like, it's not fair because you literally didn't go to. I didn't go. I was kind of like that my senior year, too.


It was really bad. And I think, like I actually told that story, it was like a couple episodes ago where I was like my dean of students came over to me like beelined, lined it to me and I wasn't wearing. Right. Captain Kown, I accidentally took my sisters and I was wearing the wrong cap and gown to school. And he's like my Edina's students shout out, Mr. Bridges, fuck you. And he was such a dick to me.


And he'd always called me into his office, like, for some stupid shit. And he's like, Alex, like, you're literally wearing the wrong cap and gown. He was like, I'm so sorry. And I was like, what do you want me to do? He was like, Alex, I don't care, just fucking graduate.


And I was like, get the fuck. My parents were so disappointed, but I was like a degenerate too. So I feel like that's why, like, the vibe I, like, gravitated towards you because I didn't I wanted to go to college, but I also didn't if I wasn't playing soccer, I wouldn't. I was like, fuck this. I'm way bigger things I'm going to do my life. This is where we can get into a little bit.


I think that you and I are very similar in certain ways. And then also just like very different in certain ways.


Yeah. No fucking shit like like, wow, we're like different humans. So being intelligent. What I mean by that is, Savannah, you are known for being this like relationship girl. Yeah, definitely.


All I've ever seen on your page is you dating a man and you date these men for so long and then. No. And I'm calling you out. But it's also not a bad day. And then all of a sudden, before I can even forget and like you fall out of love and shipping you and this other man, you're dating a new one. And I usually think it's like gonna be short term. But then you were in these, like, three year fucking relationship.


Can you please explain this to us?


OK. Well, I mean, you're not wrong. Obviously so accurate. Fuck you. God damn it. Come at me then. Yeah. I'm definitely a relationship girl. I don't know. I don't know why. I think I just fall in love really easily. OK. Wow. That's interesting. Yeah. Like, I. I just feel like I find something to love about everybody. So when I meet somebody I like slowly kind of just fall in love with them naturally.


And it's like really easy for me to just find things that I like about someone. Do you have a type? Honestly, I don't think I do. I don't think you do either. I don't. I feel like every single guy I've dated is so completely different every way.


You've an athlete boyfriend right now that we can talk about. I can so relate. This is my playing field. I remember the first day we met, you were just like kind of starting to date him. Yeah. And you were like, yeah. Dating an athlete is like a whole different fucking ballgame. How has it been? Let's talk about it. Tell the daddy game. They want to hear the details. Dude, can I be honest?


I remember the first time we went out together and we hung out. You read me like a fucking book. Like, I remember thinking, like, okay, she's the real deal because you were like, spot on.


I remember you pulled me into the bathroom. Do you remember? Oh, my God.


And you were like you were like, Sav, like, I just need to tell you, you're so fucking hot. Like, you were just like hyping me up. You're like you are like a queen. Like you were just telling me, like hyping me up, like telling me all this shit, because I feel like a lot of people don't realize when you're dating like an athlete or like a public figure. A public figure. Yep. It's I mean, it definitely brings out your insecurities.


Yeah. Like, when you when I go out to the clubs to my boyfriend, he has like security VIP bottles that goes around turn to fucking vulture. They're literally masturbating onstage. Yeah.


We friends had like literally we're literally like just to get a fucking shot. Just get a little shot. Loves she is clit finger and this is a core hotness. Although I've even tried to fuck a security man says she to get in. Get in. So then you're the girlfriend. And explain. Yeah. That experience. Yeah. I mean it just it definitely brings out your insecurities and makes you. Kind of think twice about the people you bring around, you, you're kind of looking around, there's a bunch of hot girls everywhere, like throwing their purses and you're just like, fuck.


Yeah. You know, like you can be as hot as you want. You could think you're the ship. Or when you're put into that environment, it definitely just makes you second guess everything. Especially in New York.


Like, you go out to one oak and it's just straight models everywhere and models, models like 10 feet tall. And you can look so fucking good that night. But if a six foot fucking model walks, the fuck it, especially in New York City. And it's like I. And your boyfriend. Sorry. No, this is the worst, actually. OK. So when I was dating my boyfriend, so it was one of those nights where, like, we didn't plan to go to the club.


So we were going to her. I looked so I've been I've been there literally straight from the fucking airport in SWAT. Yes. Do you like space? We're just going to dinner, I promise. No, you literally have, like, no makeup on. I literally look like a troll from underground. I'm like like the natural beauty he loves to wake up to. Go fuck yourself. I go to the club after this dinner, like least expected.


I am basically in my fucking jammies and I look like a fucking loser. I don't have heels on. I'm in like fucking flats. My hair is greaseball central. Girls with full blown makeup done are coming in trying to fucking get in and around his penis. And I am like, I want to turn to him and be like, you cannot act. You go fuck one of them. Cause I've been there. Are you kidding me? Why are you with me like now.


I really got it. I get it. If you cheat right now because I'm just sick of saying, OK, you've had those moments too. Do you remember that same night that we went out together? Some girl was eyeing my boyfriend. I remember I was getting mad. I think you notice and you really semana don't fucking pay attention. Turn around and talk all over me.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God. OK, so got you. Oh my God. I forgot about that. So I was like really getting overly invested in my Ivana's relationship because I was like, I've been here like I fucking know the game so well. So Savannah's like, OK. This girl literally fucking basically trying to fuck my boyfriend, run and fight in my eyes. You looked so hot that night. I remember you would like this cute little outfit on.


And I was like, Savannah. This is literally almost perfect. And you were like, no psychotic human being. This is awful. And I'm like, heart. This is what you do. I'm me and you're you. And you are going to put your fucking ass literally on my clit and you're going to start twerking on me. And your boyfriend is going to be talking to that female for literally 2.5 seconds. And when he sees what's going on, he's gonna freak the fuck out because every single man in the club is going to get a boner from watching your ass bounce in front of my face.


Savannah starts dancing on me. Her boyfriend, like say no more, Alex. Beautiful. She starts talking like I've never seen someone work. I am, like, getting turned on. I look over to the right. Savannah's boyfriend is literally having a fucking heart attack. The girl was pushed off this day. I don't know where the bitch went. That was fucking flirting with your boyfriend. God, Savannah is still continuing to dance and your boyfriend's face dropped on the floor, like literally in shock.


He's like, I've never seen my girlfriend like this. All eyes on you. Every single man at that table watched Savannah put on a performance in front of them. And I was like. And that is how you make a professional athlete. Declarant into a fucking little baby shrimp. Okay. Good night. And then after that, you guys were like in love with the ref. And I was like, I've done my work here at home. Enjoy yourself.


Can you quickly tell us how you and your current boyfriend started dating again? Mm hmm. Well, I don't want to oust him, but human events that he might have been very persistent like to go first. He didn't know at the time. But I read through my dreams quite frequently, Sam. And he was sending messages and then on sending them and then sending them again and then sending something else and then on sending it. So it was like I think the last one he sent me was like, come on, give me a fucking chance.


And then I was like, shit. Like, You know what? No, actually, you know, I think the thing was he was doing that he was sending and then on sending. Sorry.


But I was I was peeping all of them like I was seeing. And he obviously didn't realize that I was seeing. Right, Ray. So then I think he stopped messaging me for like a month and I kind of like, missed it. I was like I was like, why?


Why do you stop being so thirsty? Like, what did I see? I went, what did I do wrong? Maybe come back. So then when he messaged me and he was like, come on and give me a chance, I'm like, shit, okay.


He's back like, I know. I gotta I gotta give him a chance. We end. So then how did you guys meet? Because you live in Florida and all of a sudden now you're in fucking New York all the time. That's how we started hanging out. Well, it was actually his timing was impeccable because it was a really big coincidence. It was my best friend's birthday and your my two best friends live in New York. So it was one of their birthdays.


And he messaged me like the Thursday her birthday was like on Saturday. And he was like he was like, come on, give me a chance, whatever. I'm like, hey, what's up? We started talking briefly and he was like, let me fly you out this weekend. I was like. Well, it's my best friend's birthday. I'm down. I'm coming, right? So, I mean, it worked in his favor.


Do you guys remember the man? His name was Adam. And then there was Eve. That stupid bitch. Why do you take the apple Eve? Because she was fucking horny. Adam and Eve. Mother fuckers. Are you ready to m.b. I am. I'm literally horny while I'm doing the show right fucking now. I am so proud of the fucking daddy game. The amount of girls that have been tagging me and been like, hey bitch. I was listening to your podcast.


I realize I don't have a vibrator or the vibrator that I'm using. I never fucking come. Oh. Oh. I wonder what you do. Then you go to Adam and Eve and you get yourself a couple new sex toys and you play with that fucking clit. You shove that shit up your vagina. You have a little bit of fun. And then also, if you're with your boyfriend and your hookup guys, but plug's a little vibrator on the clit during sex.


Enhance your sex. Oh, you want lube? Hi. Why aren't you using lube? Guys. Adam and Eve is literally the fucking shit. You guys are going to get almost any one item for 50 percent off and it's free shipping. You're going to use her daddy at checkout when you go to Adam and Eve dot com. And then the offer code is her daddy. They have thousands of products. You guys just go on, check it out, maybe order like one or two and try them out and see what you like.


So I saw a tick tock and it was you and your boyfriend and you guys were doing the tick tock challenge. It was like the decouples close their eyes and then you guys, like, point to whoever it applies to more. And the question came up of like, who is the hornier one in the relationship? And you and your boyfriend both pointed to you. Can you talk about that for me? Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Usually the hornier one in a relationship.


OK. So you're like horny all the time. You're like you're horny right now.


So, like, I literally need to leave right now and go fuck my boyfriend. I can't sit on this seat right now, OK? I think that's so interesting because I think women have a really hard time sometimes matching the level that their boyfriends have sex drive like a lot of girls are, just like, why the fuck do I not want to have as much sex as my boyfriend? And it feels like that's like the complete opposite for you. Yeah.


How does that play out in relationships? Like, do your boyfriends love it or is it literally, like, too much sometimes?


I mean, obviously a majority of them love it. I've actually had a boyfriend that didn't like it so much. Right off the bat, I was super horny, obviously all over him, wanted to fuck all the time and he like kind of took it as a turnoff. Why?


Yeah, we way. And what would he say? Like, how did you know he wasn't into it. He would tell me cause I would obviously like try to be fucking him all the time. Hi, Nikki. Why are we having sex. Yeah, but he just thought like he was very. Why am I saying was he what are you, my boyfriend.


Fuck you like is actually the guy I'm dating right now. This is so weird. Do you want to. I don't care. OK. So in the beginning you were being super aggressive. Yeah. And he was like not about it. I think it's because he's like more of a dominant guy. OK. So to him, like me, kind of trying to initiate it was like a turnoff to him because he wanted to be the one that was like, let me fuck you right now.


And I'm like, oh, let me fuck you.


That's so interesting. So how did you get it down to like a balance?


I just stopped trying to have sex with him. I just stop fucking him. And it all was perfect. No, but pretty much. OK, so then you stopped initiating. Yeah. 100 percent. Like, completely. Never ask him to fuck you again. Never reach for his dick again. Nothing.


Cold turkey. And lo and behold now he's like, why don't you ever get on top of me any more. Like baby, you literally told me to go fuck myself. And now he he regrets saying that shit because now it's like I mean, obviously we fuck. All right. Right. But I'm more I let him initiate it now. Can you tell us like how. Okay. What is your ideal amount to be having sex during the week if you have like a boyfriend.


Like what are you usually having sex. I would say like three times a week. Is it good? OK.


Can I ask you, like, when you go to hook up with men, do you have a specific timeframe of, like, how you strategize your dating? Like, do you. Will you sleep with the guy. Like on the first night. Will you sleep with him like. Not immediately. Like what is it. Because obviously no fucking judgment. Like I do it like tell me what's your. I don't have, like, a specific time frame, Duffy, not on the first date.


OK. I would say I mean, I'm second date. Fine. Right. But also, like, the longer you wait, the more exciting it is. Like, it is honestly, the best part about sex is like the anticipation. Like you want to make him want it. Yeah. The longer you wait, the more the sexual tension grows. And it just makes it so much better when you finally do it. And I mean, you can say, oh, you want it, oh, you can fuck on the first day.


It doesn't make a difference. But for guys. It does. It does. It does. Like even like my boyfriend told me, like the fact that I didn't give it up, I didn't even kiss him on the first date, like she went in for a kiss. So I gave my fucking cheek because I was like, no. Well, I think one day you're gonna kiss me. No. Oh, my. And that made him want me so much more because, like, also they take that into consideration.


Like, if you if you're fucking on the first date guys or guys, like, they're going to assume you do that with every right.


They're like, is she wifey material? And listen, again, it's so like if you want to fuck him on the first day and you want to own it. And that's what you're in it for, then fucking do that. If you're trying to look for a relationship just based off of what men fucking think, I am telling you right now. Oh, lot of men, if you fuck them on the first date, they will not fucking wife you up.


However, I know so many of my friends that are in relationships because they went and fucked their boyfriend on the first night and they're still fucking together. So it's all a game of chance and like who you're fucking with. I personally feel like my strategy and I think I took it too far at times. But like I remember I mean, for so long, especially when I went into college, I would not have sex with these men. A lot of them ever were like I would never have sex.


And people were like, would I wanted them to get to the point of, like, genuine concern, like, no, wait. Like, are you a virgin? Like, why aren't we having sex? And I will never forget Slim Shady, who I referred to as my acts on this podcast on the first day he took me out. Similar to your, like, story with your new boyfriend, current boyfriend. I was Mary fuckin Virgin, mother of Mary.


And I was like acting like I'd never even kissed a man before. I was so acting so fucking innocent.


I feel like most guys like that. I love it. I love it. Especially for getting slutty vibes from a bitch AK you and me. I literally don't know any kids a guinea. And he's like, where's the pussy? So I held out on him. I made my ex-boyfriend wait to fuck me for three months for the first three month. I love that it was, but it was hard. Three months, if you really think about that, like it was a very long process.


And I remember towards the end he was I genuinely like, you know, I know like, are you a virgin? Like you can tell me. But I took it. I think I took it to certain lengths. And that is why I remember being like, okay. If I can train myself to give the best blowjob on the face of the Earth, if I can toss out at all. Yeah, no, that's where it started, really.


I'm not kidding. This is psycho. But I remember being like, okay, Alex, if you this is gonna be fucked up. But I. This is what it was. It was a control thing. So for me, it was like if I don't have sex with them, I need to give them something else that will obviously keep them happy and keep them around. So I would implement the blowjob. So it's like she is crazy. So I started to be like, if I can learn how to suck the living shit out of a man's dick, then what I will do.


And that's what I tell people on my podcast. Start at like a very average blowjob.


And then ramp it up a little bit more. And then a little bit more and then ramp it up very slowly to then the point of it's like, oh my God, I'm the happiest man in the world like that. I've never gotten a blowjob like that by me having no sex with them. The plan was this is now I'm saying it doesn't seem right in the head, but here we are. I wanted them to fall in love before we had.




Right. Yes, right. Yeah. Men falling in love is a complete fucking different game than women falling love. If you can get a man to fall in love with you. Game over. Yeah. The game is over. Yeah. You literally win. You can once you have that man emotionally wrapped around your fucking finger. You own him. Yeah. And I know it sounds manipulative and I'm very, very aware of that. Talking about that in therapy right now.


But different ball. It's different. It's different. And honestly, I have this theory that, like whoever a guy falls in love with, like his first love, he will never, ever, ever get over. Never forget, like, girls are different. You can fall in love. He fucks you over. Fine. Your her. Yep. Couple of months later, you find a new guy you're fucking in love all over again. All the guys are not the same hole.


If they fall in love, they're in love forever. Think. I'm sorry. But it's true. It's true. It's true.


That's what mentally I could tell a lot of these men had never had an emotional relationship with the woman. My goal was is keep them long enough. Not having sex with you. Suck the life out of their dick. Do everything. But and a lot of people I know, even guys like you, were literally doing everything but sex. We might as well have sex. Do you have to also make sure you're not teetering the line of, like, being a tease?


Because you guys will be like, no, you're fucking annoying now. Like, what the fuck? So I made it very clear, like, sex is very important to me and we're going to have it. I just need time. Yeah. So I would slowly ramp up the blow jobs while ramping up the emotional connection. And the goal was that the day would have sex with them is basically the day I knew that they were already basically. We already had them is now gone.


It is like and that everyone is our fucking go to plan. But it's so true.


No, ladies, if you can wait that fucking long. If you can get them to hold out on sex and keep them in the game. And I feel like a lot of girls think that, like, if I don't give up the pussy, like they're not going to love me, it's the opposite.


I don't understand how many girls are willing to just give it up because they think that's gonna make them love you like it's not. It's the opposite. If he can find an emotional connection, he's not it's it's harder to find four guys than it is for girls. Yes. And they they kind of like grabbed that. They like they have to. Yeah. They can't let it go because they've never felt that before. Anything I can tell girls is like, listen, your chances are so not fucked.


If you fuck the guy on a first date and you're like listening to this podcast like we fuck already fucked him. What do I do. You you real back in. Yeah. I just thought about it. I just need a minute. I want to slow things down. I want to get to know each other better and start slowly signing anything that's gonna make him more insecure. He's gonna be like, yes. Yes. Which is what you want to me.


What do you mean? Yeah. What do I do wrong? Why are we not? How was that not good enough. We like literally. Why do you want to wait now. What the fuck. Yeah. Was that Digna. And then you slowly bring it back down to basics and if anything that's gonna make him want it more.


And he had a little taste. Exactly. And then. So everyone listening freaking the fuck out know you can you can digraphs anything. A lot of girls don't see that. And I think a lot of girls this is the thing. And I know we've talked about it lately, uncolored daddy. But Savannah. Maybe you can touch on this with me. But like so many girls will be like I feel, though, if I don't throw the pussy at him, then he's gonna lose interest.


Then that means he doesn't like you. Yeah.


I mean, if he's only hanging out with you and he only wants to fuck you, then I mean, that was a lose lose from the beginning. Exactly. And maybe that's only what you wanted. Like maybe you're only in it to fuck him. Like maybe you. Yes. I mean, that's fine. I mean, I only want Dick, right? Oh. For like, who cares if you want Dick Benguet Dick. You don't need to wait.


Right. Fuck. Fuck that day and get the fuck out. You are the fucking squirrel from ice age, motherfucker. Get out. Let go. Bye. But if you want a relationship with the guy, then you got to kind of listen to, like, what we're talking about right now where it's like everyone that's listening to this podcast. And I get it. There are a lot of healthy people that listen and you're like, I don't want to play the game.


That's fine. But if you're not going to play the game, unfortunately, usually the other side also is playing a game. So if you're not going to play the game and they're playing the game, you're automatically got something that pisses me off. I'm like, no offense, but it pisses me off. And people say, like, oh, I don't want to play games. It doesn't it doesn't matter. Like, you don't have the choice by choice.


They're playing games. If you don't wanna play, you already locked. You're you're you're gone. You're locked. I love you. OK, thank you. Because I think sometimes, like, even when I'm helping, like some of my cousins, like, I'll help them with their relationships and they're so fucking normal and healthy and I'm helping them with their guy advice and they're like. I don't want to do that. That seems too much of a game and I'm like, listen to me.


The tax he just sent you. That is a game. Sue, if you don't want to jump in and play the game, you lost. So people dip your toes into the water and play the fucking gay the fucking game.


Me undies were. Alex, this is new. I know. So I had this brand send me a shit ton of like different types of underwear, thongs, boy shorts, booty shorts, socks, just to make sure I actually liked it before I signed on to have them on the show. I got the boy shorts. I'm currently wearing them right now. I just looked down my pants and I'm wearing these like nice green ones and they're like the boy shorts.


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OK, Savannah. Talk about clenching your. Savannah is like a little tip for all of us today that she wants to talk about. I don't know if girls already do this as it is, but something that I do when I'm having sex with a guy is first of all, I like when guys start off slow. Yes, I like the slow and deep penetration. Men listen and then we speed it up a little bit. So in the initial strokes, I clench my vagina, like, really tight, like, you know, when you do Cagle's.


Yes, tighten your vagina. So I'll do that for like the first couple of short strokes. I'll make sure he's going really slow and I'll make my vagina as fucking tight as possible. So a guy will always remember the initial stroke, like when he first puts it and he's like, fuck, that's tight. You know what I mean? Yes. So. So, yeah. So just Clanchy vaginas had as fucking possible make him go really slow in the beginning.


And then as he progressively gets harder, starts speeding it up. Right. You kind of like loosen up and you start getting wet. And then I just kind of takes a mind of its own.


And as much as you're mainly saying it feels good for him, it feels good for you. Feel so good for you. Something about tightening your vagina when he's putting it in your head makes it feel like you can feel every. Yes. Especially like the initial when he first puts it in. Yeah. You need that impression. Like, for example, show his dick with your fucking. Yeah. Vagina and make it so fucking. It's an air I like.


Barely put it. Yes. Yeah. He's like Jesus Christ. Yeah. Like I can't get it. Yes. Can you give some of my listeners some tips like how to ride a dick. Well, I feel like OK, for a while when I first started writing Tech, I wasn't that good at it, OK? I could tell I wasn't good at it. I didn't enjoy it. He, like, after two minutes, was like, all right, flip the fuck over.


But what I realized is when you're on top, you don't have to worry about what he's feeling. If you think it feels good, believe me, it feels good for him. So focus on, like, how it feels for you. You want to pretend it's like a little dildo. You know what I mean? Do whatever the fuck you want with it, right? If it's not feeling good for you, adjust and do whatever feels good for you.


And then I promise it's gonna feel good for him. But like, also just going up and down, like, really slow and like I said, like keeping your pussy really tight when you're, like, going up and down.


I really like the slow strokes. I just feel like he some guys initially, they don't they don't really understand it. But also I feel like it makes guys fall in love with you. I like when he's going slow and deep and he can feel every inch of your pussy.


He's gonna remember that shit. Savannah. You saying that for like girls being on top is so fucking brilliant because I feel like a lot of girls think they have to go in this, like, fast ass jack rabbit motion. Yeah. On top of a guy, like up, down, up, down, scooting, scooting. When a girl lifts herself up to like the very tip of a guy's deck and he's watching her do that and then you'd like go back down on his dick in a nice and slow motion.


A man's soul leaves his body like there are. It takes confidence to be like, bitch, watch my pussy slowly slide to the top of your dick and go very fucking slow down. And maybe when you're almost at the very bottom, kind of like make it be a little bit more of aggressive of a push down. And like, make the noises. I think for men when that's like the same thing with a blowjob, girls like when you when a man hears your fucking pussy juice.


Like slamming with his dick. Like he's like, I am in love. And I feel like you have to get into it. Like make sure that you're enjoying it. Like I've I've had two guys. A couple of guys told me that, like, I moan really nice not to not tell my friend about it. Yeah. But I feel like a lot of girls are, like, afraid to really get into it.


Like they're more more worried about what the guy's feeling than what they're feeling. We got to realize, like, when you're enjoying it, when you're fucking moaning, like the guy loves it ten times more. That in itself is going to make a man come out there, fuck you on your moans to be playing in their fucking dreams. Yes.


Savannah, your mones to be playing in their genes. Bitches don't do it. Like we've said on the past, like, girls are like. Baby, this is not a horror film. Like relax, like make them believable.


And I feel like sometimes when you're moaning, even if you're not enjoying it that much, you're moaning. It kind of makes you like it makes you more into. I completely agree.


Every woman that's listening to this is like, oh, I don't really feel like I make that many noises or I don't moan as much. Try it. Yeah, try moaning and what feels comfortable for you, because I promise you, the more you do that, the more you're gonna get into it. Actually, that all of a sudden you're like fucking having an orgasm. Oh, where did that come from? It's like, oh, bitch. Because it's like you're tricking your mind.


Everyone says, smile and you're happy. Kate moan and then you're fucking coming. Yeah. Wow. Okay. No, don't bring. I don't wanna be on my way. No. Tell me right now you're not okay with the Blacklock. Talk to me.


This is a body. Wait, tell me. I mean, I don't want to start getting off. I know everyone's like glug glug. Go ahead, Aubameyang. Let's go. Okay, here's the thing. I remember first, like when I was learning to give had I remember one of my guy friends, you know, my guy friends are clearly all fucking perverts, right? He told me, like, oh, you need to use your hand, you know.


Right. So from the get go, I've always use my hands. And I remember listening to your podcast once and you were saying that to use two hands. And I've always only used one. And I first was like, that doesn't really make sense. Like, why would you use two hands? Sounds like a lot of fucking work.


And it's like, I want to go to sleep. No, stop. But I remember in one episode you mentioned that you do it because it makes them feel like their dick is bigger. So I tried it. I was like, okay. That part makes sense. Like like, see, that works. I did it like it didn't work. I just feel like there's not enough mouth on it. Oh, okay. Oh, he is not.


He has a big dick. Right. I try to. So this is can I give you like. Oh yeah. Just give me. Okay.


So I think the most important thing for me with the Glock block is the guys that I'm fucking with. Do not have like seven foot fucking Dick Campbell. So putting even just your middle finger and your index finger and your thumb together and putting them down. So we're not using your full hand. Oh, no, no, no. Everyone listening to this. That's OK. Hold on. I'm glad I'm clarifying this for fucking everyone. Fuck no. OK.


Everyone, daddy gang. Fuck the block. Looking so fucking long. Everybody listening for a good blowjob tip. We've always said the double hand twist makes a guy's dick feel so large and you have to go based on size. If this guy's dick is a normal dick, a lot of men have just like a normal penis size. You are not using both of your hand on his dick. What you're doing is you're taking your index finger and your thumb and you're putting them together in an oh, or you're taking your index finger and your middle finger and connecting them into an O with your thumb.


And you're doing that on both sides and then you're putting it down towards the base of the deck. I've never done that. I said, oh, my God, we're trapped.


You're going to try this tonight. You're going to take my baby. Get ready. Okay, so you literally take this and you're going like like you're turning them clockwise and directly opposite directions. So, OK, my right hand right now and my left hand right now, my right hand is going clockwise. My left hand fingers are going counterclockwise. And you're going like down. You're going down while your mouth is going while your mouth is going down at the same time as the finger.


Oh my God. So like, so you don't bring your fingers back up. You do. But as your head comes back. OK. So basically we're doing it like this is like like you're you're a machine, an affair. Your head and your fingers are connected. Your mouth. Is above your your two hands here. And then as it's going down, your head is going down with the fingers. And then we're coming back up. My technique is like I use one hand and I try to, like, put my hand as close to my lips as possible.


So I kind of try to create the same the same grip. So it feels like just one big vagina, basically. So you just move up and down it, like connected to your mouth and you're like, literally keep it on it. Yeah. And the sloppier the weder it can be, the better. Your technique is beautiful. A guy is going to come in like five seconds. It's amazing. Yeah. Oh my God. Do you have any tricks for the balls with us?


Like, let's talk about that for me. Do you even interact with them? Oh, yes, of course. Of course she does. OK. I feel like you have to like, slowly, progressively go a little lower than the deck. Yeah. Kind of like a little under the deck and then you go lower and lower. I think you always have to start with one ball, obviously. Yeah. And then you can go under the balls.


Great, especially with a little bit boring they don't like near the US. Ben, you definitely have to go into the. You have to go under the balls and, like, experiment a little half the time. If you do it, like Savannah's saying, like you're easing down. They won't stop you. And they get a little nervous. But low key, it starts to just feel better the lower you go, because sometimes guys, they like it.


They just don't know they like it. And they're like nervous to tell you that they like it. Yes. So you have to kind of ease into it, make you feel like, oh, my God, is she near my ass? Is she not there? Right. Yes. Like, where is whereas. He's like, oh, I kind of like that. Like, I'm not gonna stop her, you know what I mean. Yes. Do it like inconspicuous.


And then also, like, while you're doing this daddy game just to help you, you should be still jacking him off. Yeah, I think at times sometimes it's hotter. Like if you really like slow stroke, jack him off while you're going down towards the balls and like jack him off, like move his dick towards up his stomach for him to be like watching you do that while you're then down by the balls. Guys have a very fucking hard complex if like accepting like.


Okay, like she's near my asshole. Like, here we go. So if you just stop touching his dick and your by his balls, he's gonna be like, whoa! Stop. But if you continue to jack him off simultaneously while you're touching his balls, he's like, oh, that kind of feels good. Christmas morning, he's happy.


He's getting his presence in all different directions. He's willing to let things slide on Christmas morning. It's a beautiful situation. Okay, so this is it. How do you feel?


I'm excited. I'm horny. Woo hoo! How was your podcast experience? It was fun. I was a little nervous at first, but it's intimidating. It's hard. Like every week everyone's like, oh, podcasting is so easy. I'd like to. I don't know how you come up with shit to talk about every week. It's it's it's. I literally don't understand. No, it's hard. I feel bad for the guys I'm dating, but I'm sure they love it.


But I'm like I really want to try this new thing. And he's like is this where the podcast. And I'm like it is definitely like affected my relationships but has it it has negatively I think in positive and negative ways. I think some of them love it like her and then others I think are just a little bit nervous or like self-conscious. So you're going to talk about how shitty their dick was. It was actually really interesting because one of the guys that I have sex with actually was like crazy because we had like a moment after sex and we had like a very intimate moment where he usually doesn't get emotional needs, like, can I be really open with you right now?


And I was like, poor thing, of course, sweetheart. Oh, God, here it comes. And he just opened up to me and was like I. Feel an enormous amount of pressure some time. I can see this. It was like I feel this enormous amount of pressure because sometimes I feel like I'm having to almost, like, perform for your show.


And I was like, yes, because I. Good. But I. All of a sudden, like, realized I was like, holy fuck. Like, wait, I kind of get it. Like, I can only imagine as a guy. Like I'm about to be like. And so is Dick like. Was he doing. Before I came here, my boyfriend was like, please talk good about my age. I yeah. Scary I think like.


Yeah. Make sure you get it across that. I'm really good at fucking. I'm like you're like babe I got you. You're literally very dominant. Choke me out. Literally can not breathe.


Neum I feel like this is like a new air of colored Audi where we are definitely focusing on mental health. We're focusing on a lot of things of just how to get our brains in the right place. Feeling good about ourselves, guys? Neum, I've talked about it before. It is a habit change program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works so you can understand why you make the decisions that you make and feel empowered to make good change.


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So whoever is listening to this podcast, if you're really stuck in a rut and you're like, oh, I would really like to do something. It literally takes 10 minutes a day. So, guys, if you're interested, you can sign up for your trial today. It's going to be at Neum dot com slash daddy visit noom as in and as in Nepal. Oh, as an orgasm. Oh is an orgasm. M as in mom dot com slash daddy hits me.


You'll give me too little thought.


Now really Rahul if I look at lockpick all gois jell o o the motherfucking hoi. Bye bye. Oh my. I just full blown had a little black out.


We're back. We're fine. Questions of the week is are you guys done with me yet. Are we over each other please.


I'm sorry. OK. I recently hooked up with this guy and he goes Sydney after five dates. Sex on the fifth day and haven't heard from him. Honestly not shocked. However, I am so sick and tired of guys giving you a tease like that and then ghosting if after a week he doesn't text. Can I text him to call him out? If so, what do I say? If not, is there anything I can do to fuck with him and get revenge or follow up question?


Is there anything I can do to bring him back in? We don't follow each other on social media. He only has my number. Sex was amazing, which is why I'm still stuck on this. Okay, I'm going to talk about this in an episode soon because I feel like I've been getting a lot of messages about this. If a man is ghosting you after you guys have sex. Move the fuck. And I know it stings hearing that, but like, if you literally fuck a dude and he doesn't fucking reach out to you, why the fuck are you trying to figure out a timeline of when to reach out to him?


No, literally no. Like you. And I know it fucking sucks to hear and like. Trust me, I am no fucking better. Like, I've had moments like this in college where I was like, what the fuck. Like, should I text him. No. If you are asking yourself, should I text him. No, the answer is literally no. If the man wants to text you, he will text you, especially after you fuck.


You are not the one that needs to be reaching out. He should fucking be reaching out to you. So if you're sitting there and you're like, after we fucked, he, I, I got ghosted. Listen to that statement after we had sex. He is ghosted me. Should I call him out. Should should you call him out for what? Hey, I'm really upset. Like, why? Oh, why are. What? Who should I show you?


What are you gonna say? Like, hey, I'm really upset. Like, I think it's really fucked up that, like, we literally had sex. And like, for me it was amazing. And like, I just don't understand. Maybe it was fucking awful for him or maybe it was good. And that's all he wanted. He wanted to get his now and never fuckin see you again. Maybe he just got out of a relationship and he literally wanted to fuck someone and never see that girl again.


And maybe you are that girl. You we don't know the situation. All you know is that this man is not calling you back after you fucked. Put yourself in this situation. Imagine if this happened to your friend. What would you tell your friend? Don't fuckin text him. So you gotta sometimes take yourself out and pretend your third party looking in on your life. It's what I do all the time. And like, what would I tell myself?


I would tell myself, go fuck yourself, move on and go find another dick. There's too much fuckin penis in the world. You gotta move on, girlfriend. And you're so much fucking better than that little look at your pictures. You're so hot. Like, fuck it if he doesn't want to fucking talk to you after you guys fuck. You thought it was amazing. Maybe he didn't think was amazing. Okay. Go better fucking sex with someone else that actually also reciprocate that and wants to keep fucking you because you're getting off great energy and he's not.


So go find someone that's going to match your energy. All right. So I had these two questions back to back, and I'm trying to put myself in this situation. To each his own. But this it hurts, but it's fine. We're gonna work with it. Here we go. This girl wrote in and said, Alex.


Spit or swallow? I obviously know the answer, but I can't bring myself to do it. I've gagged and spit it out on my ex before and no, that's not why he's my ex. Any tips for swallowing without gagging would be appreciated.


Then I had another girl write and say, hey, daddy, I don't like swallowing after a blowjob and I'm wondering if there's any sexy way to spit or if I just need to suck it up, literally. All right. Here's the thing. From what I have encountered, from what I've experienced, from what I have gone to the dark depths of the fuckin penis ocean to witness. Men want to feel as though you love that man's Johnny John John.


As much as he loves his little wiener. OK. If you don't give him that energy like baby, your fucking dick is a shrine in my life, then he is not going to be as happy about putting that thing in your fucking life. And I know that sounds like a little riddle cause it I literally like guys a shrine, OK, of his penis.


But a guy wants to know you fucking want it. If he looks down and there's a girl that's literally just giving fucking head because it's like chore number three for the day and I've gotta fucking get down there and suck that fucking wang. He's not gonna be as happy. I've talked about it on caller daddy before. Like women, you need to literally pretend like you have a fucking penis. Would you want to look down and look down at Mary literally bawling her fucking eyes out like, can I stop?


Yeah. No, bitch, you gotta get in there. You got to be on that shit. You got to want it. Imagine looking down at a guy fucking eating your pussy and he's like, literally looking up at you. Like, can I fucking be done, like, disgusted, like lightly licking like a lemon, like, sour fucking puss. No. No. The answer is no. We don't want that with regard to spitting and swallowing.


I think that if you ask any single man in his life ever if he would prefer you to spit or swallow, he wants you to swallow. I think a man right after he ejaculates has a very, very. What are we fucking call it post, not clarity fucking moment. He sees everything. 20-20 Everything is so clear to a man. So if all of a sudden he jackee plates and he's in that heavenly moment rising to the fuckin heavens above and all of a sudden he sees the bitch that was just sucking his dick, literally vomit up his fucking cum, he is disgusted too.


He's like, oh, fuck. Oh, fuck, I'm dirty. I'm disgusting. I just fucked this ugly slut. What the fuck am I doing? Why did I just fuckin bust in that girl's mouth? She didn't even fucking like it. I don't even fucking like her bitch. Leave like a man will have a really awful realization when you spit. So what I'm telling you guys is force feed yourself have fucking come. No. But the answer is what I do is you shouldn't even be able to basically taste that shit when you can feel you can feel when a man is about to come like his dick kind of starts to pull, say you fucking put that thing to the back of your throat and literally like you're taking a shot of fucking tequila mother fuckers.


You take that thing so far back that it's literally out your fucking larynx and you don't even taste it. It's so far in the back of your throat, his dick is halfway down your fuckin throw. You swallow the whole thing and then you take out it's like, oh, I don't even have it on my tongue. That is the goal. OK, now, obviously there are girls that are gonna be like I literally have like a gag reflex.


It's like I can not it's like I'm lactose intolerant for that fucking cum. Okay, I'm going to work with you here. It pains me, but we're gonna work with it. I at times I've done it a little bit where I put a little bit of his come back on his dick and like, lightly, lightly jack him off after he comes. It depends. Some guys like it. Some guys don't. You could lightly kind of spit it out onto his deck and start jacking him off and then the rest put it in your hand and like kind of put it down by your side.


Or what you could do is you could put it all in your mouth and then literally have it dribble down onto your tits and like, look at him and start fingering yourself and be like, fuck, babe, that was so good. Oh, yeah. This is from a guy. I think this is a really good question because I feel like this is kind of reoccurring. Hi, big fan of the show Élie. I've been wondering this for a while and I think you're the only person to give the best answer.


I just graduated college and during the time I talked to a lot of girls and hooked up, but I never fully committed in a relationship. I just either wasn't about it with the girl or if I was, then she didn't want to date me kind of nervous. This will affect me in the long run because I feel like girls will want a guy who has experience in relationships. I'm a genuine guy who knows how to treat a girl. Right.


But wondering if you could give me any advice on this. All right. This is the thing, men. I was actually talking about this with my brother the other night, and I'm not shitting on men right now, but I want you to be, like, really understanding and open to hearing this. There is no like 21, 22, 23 year old man. That doesn't sound just hear me out. Men literally go from being like sixteen, seventeen, eighteen years old.


And then they literally. Like 28, 30. OK. The middle period of men's 20s, they are still in their fuckin teenage years. Men that are 21 to like twenty fucking five. Twenty six are still in their teenage years. I am convinced, obviously, there are some fucking outliers for but for the most part, men and their maturity level is way fucking behind women. You literally see girls in college, fucking dudes out of college because the dudes have the time in college are so fucking immature and that's no shade to guys.


But I think that this guy asking me like, hey, I didn't have a relationship in college. It's fine. What you have to do is focus on your maturity level in yourself if you want a girlfriend. You need to act fucking mature. That's all it is. You need to address this girl like you want to be a boyfriend, then fucking step up to the plate and be a fucking boyfriend. It doesn't matter if you haven't had experience in relationships.


It doesn't even matter if you haven't had sex. It's literally one offs. It's just how you treat that person. Step up to the fucking plate. If you feel like you're ready to be in a relationship, I think that's the best fucking thing that a man can be. Don't force yourself to be in one if you're not ready. But this dude, you sound like you're fucking willing and you want to be in a relationship. So think about what are the things that you feel are good characteristics of yourself and then put those into a relationship with a girl and then you're fucking golden.


It doesn't matter if you had zero girlfriend in the past. Hello, Father. Hope you are well and safe during these crazy times. YouTube bitch. I wanted to ask your opinion on friends hanging out at times one on one with your ex. I've been in a long term relationship and would not ever go back to my ex, but it does bother me that one of my best friends has been hanging out with him. I do think it's mostly just friendly as they both are not in school right now and still live in our hometown.


But I can't help but being frustrated with them both. Should I speak up about it? OK. Listen, I can be like an easygoing bitch sometimes, but I think that this is like not fucking cool for me. With regard to, like, girl code, I just think that's fucking weird. Like, you ride or die for your best friends. And if my best friend broke up with her boyfriend, I would never fucking be hanging out one on one with her ex.


Obviously, it's different if you guys are in a home town and like all of them are at like a local bar or something, and they just happen to be there in a group together. That's a completely different situation. But if your best friend is one on one hanging out with your fucking ex boyfriend, I think that's just not OK. Sorry. That's just my take on it. I would personally speak up about it. But you have no right to say anything to your ex-boyfriend.


I would just say something to your friend, like, hey, like I. I'm just wondering, like, is there anyone else in town that you could be hanging out with? It just makes me feel weird. Like imagine me going and hang out with your ex. Like, it's kind of fucking weird. And obviously it's also like, whose side are you on, bitch? You know what I mean? And I think if you almost pose it like, how would you feel if I was hanging with your ex, that bitch would probably be like, don't do that.


So, yeah. Like, okay, then don't fucking do it to me, stupid. Okay. Okay. Sorry. How do you make someone interested in you again after you rejected them numerous times. I was on and off dating this guy and then always turned him down and now I'm bored and want to relight that flame but don't know how I go about it as he probably can't stand me now. Also feel like he only likes me because I didn't like him the way go the way it always goes.


Okay, this is thing. I totally hear what you're saying. I've done this with guys before, but from what I'm reading from that, you're like I was always on and off. I always rejected him and now I'm bored and I want to restart it. Maybe you should just like. I know this is like a little fucking crazy coming from me, but maybe like be the bigger person and kind of like, look at this situation. All right, hold on.


You just said that you kept rejecting him and now you're bored. Now you're bored and you want to go back to him. So what happens when you're not bored? Let me guess. You're going to reject him again and leave. So maybe.


Maybe I don't know. I don't know. We can do both sides here, but maybe I would let the fucking guy go and give the poor guy can break and stop leading him on and then fucking leaving his ass. Maybe go just fuck with someone else. That is not going to be so emotionally, like, drained by the time you're, like, actually gonna reject to you again.


It's like how many times? And then you start to just look like an asshole and you don't want to have that reputation. You don't want to be an asshole. So that's my advice is pick someone else. If you're fucking bored, go hop on a new deck. Don't go back to that deck because clearly you keep rejected them. Why the fuck are you going to go back to that?


However. If you want to go back. I do. No, actually, I'm literally not even gonna answer that question. You're not going back to him. Sorry. No. I know this may be off brand. It's off brand for me to Elwell. But I want to talk about dating in college. I've been a whore for like two years now, and I'm thinking I may want to secure down a man. Is it hard to not want to hook up with other people?


Basically, question is, should I date in college? I shoot for an older man. If I do. And how do you keep things interesting when there are so many hot bitches to come from? OK, here's the thing. I think college ebbs and flows. I think in college it's so important to want to be single for a period of time, but it's four fucking years. So I think if you never have, like, a steady fucking thing in college, you're literally a serial killer.


Like, how do you not have one main thing at some point in four fuckin years? So I think that always there's time for a relationship in college. I don't know. That's kind of hard question. But I kind of think having a boyfriend in college for a specific amount of time is dope. The people this is the worst is when I saw people in my college that started dating like end of freshman year or like beginning of sophomore year and dated all the way through senior year.


And then literally at the end of like fall semester, everyone started to realize, like, we why the fuck are we dating? Like, we're not carrying this outside of a college relationship. And then you break up. So you literally wasted, like, three fucking years of your college experience dating someone. And then you break up to have, like, a fun senior spring and then you never see that person again. The amount of girl to my soccer team that had long term boyfriends and then senior year broke up with them.


And I was like, how are you? How is your mental health? Because I would be having a fucking panic attack that I just wasted my fucking years on one loser ass dick that I'm not even going to fucking marry now. So I don't know if you're in college and you've a long term boyfriend or a long term girlfriend and you're not, like, madly in love with them. I know I shouldn't be saying this, but Lokey, think about fucking breaking up because you literally have college wants.


And I'm telling you, when you leave college, you go through a little depressed period. And so if you look back and you would have Thuc fucking lose her ass, boyfriend or girlfriend, you're going to hate yourself.


All right, guys. So that is the end of part one. So next week's episode is going to like ramp up the sex fucking a guy's fingers. A lot of dominant sex talk. It's about to be a little bit aggressive. So I want people to just have before warning that it's going to be very fucking detailed and we're gonna talk about cheating and not cheating like we talk about and collared. I like cheat. Clean slate clean. We're not talking about girls going out and cheating.


We're talking about getting fucking cheated on because that's some real fucking shit. That's some fuckin t the tiddley t t top top K. I think that's it for this week. I am so fucking excited for next week. Like I say, we kind of are ramping it up. More sex is coming for you guys. I hope you guys are liking the show. I've been very stressed out about it. I've been really trying to make sure that, like, I'm taking the time, putting thoughts into these episodes, trying to figure out this new style, I.


It's hard. Doing this alone. And so I really appreciate you guys sticking with me and kind of like going through these little new growing pains with me. Next week, Savannah is gonna be back on lots of fun stuff happening. I have a lot of updates for you guys. There is not just to give you guys a heads up. There is not going to be an episode July 8th. There's 40 call her daddy episodes this year. So that's one of the weeks that there's not going to be an episode.


It's the week after July 4th. So I plan to go get Dick that week big. I don't know what else to do with myself, but I just wanted to give you guys, like, a little bit of a heads up. I've been having Daddy getting people and her submissions of their audio message stories or videotape themselves making their stories to come on the show. I'm trying really hard to do a lot of research before people come on, because I do want to make sure I continue to have the quality of the show, be the quality of the show, and I want you guys to enjoy it.


A lot of people think they've got great stories. It's just hard to execute. So I'm really trying to work with Daddy King right now and make sure that you guys are happy with the quality, etc.. So just bear with me. I'm really, really trying to make sure it's really good for you guys.


So if you guys don't go follow, call her daddy. Social media, Instagram, Twitter. Just call her daddy. Go follow me. Alexandra Cooper, go follow my mom. Give all my Diago, follow my brother. And I'm just kidding. Don't do that.


I love you guys so much. I will see you fuckers next Wednesday.