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Sunday morning fat this call Lynn. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo every Sunday's fat this day. What the fuck? That was pretty good, right? Daddy?


Gang, welcome back to another episode of call her Daddy. It is your founding father. Back at it again for another episode. We're back. It's a Sunday session.


If you are new here, a Sunday session means it's just you and me. Okay? No fatherless behavior here because Papa's home. Okay? I'm so happy to be doing this episode today because I've been talking to myself for what feels like a whole fucking month.


Matt is out of town, okay? And Matt has been traveling because he's in the middle of making three movies at the same time, like a psychopath. Every time he calls me, I'm like, where the fuck? Sorry, where are you again? He's like, Serbia.


I'm like, okay. I'm not even really sure where that is on a map. God bless. And he's also been in London, and he's making another movie in South Africa. So it's like he's really just.


He's been an absent fiance. And so I've been home by myself, and I do want to say this and just get this off my chest. I do miss Matt. Pause. Okay.


And just save that for another minute. I don't miss Matt in a couple areas, specifically in the bedroom, but not in the way that you think. Of course I miss having great sex, know him going down on me, and know all the good. Know someone to insert inside of me and give me an orgasm. I'm always going to miss your presence.


Okay. I'm marrying the man. Of course he's got a good dick, but this is what I don't miss. And something I was thinking about earlier today. I was sipping my coffee.


Why does the person that snores also fall asleep the fastest? Riddle me that. Why does a man specific. I don't know. Maybe I have.


Homegirl, if you snore, love you, but this is going to be gendered, okay? I do feel like men snore more than women, but I don't know. And I'm just going based off of that. Just based off of I feel like the two men that I know in my life, my dad and Matt. Okay.


And so Matt, I'm like, why do the people that snore also fall asleep faster? It is infuriating. It is rude, and it's just not the vibe. Okay. I will say Matt doesn't actually really snore every single night, but he does snore.


If number one, he is so exhausted to the point where he hasn't slept in days because there's been so much work going on, which is a lot. And number two, it's if he's had a couple drinks. And you know what? Life's been tough lately, okay? So we're hitting the bottle as a couple together quite frequently.


But I don't snore when I get fucked up, okay? I sleep there like a little baby fucking angel. And Maddie over in the corner is just fucking snarling it up. It's truly insanity. And so why I don't miss Matt is because I don't have to suffocate him by pillow.


Every fuck, we have this understanding. I was talking to my friend about this earlier because she was like, oh, my God, my boyfriend snores, too. And I'm like, what do you do? And she's like, I tap him and be like, can you please stop? I'm like, oh, my God.


Oh, my God. I'm like, the worst. I'm literally like, oh, Matt, you want to snore? Welcome to fucking war, motherfucker. I take the pillow and I smash him in the fucking head.


And he wakes up. He's. And I'm like, you're snoring. It's 03:00 a.m. And I can't sleep because you're snoring.


And he's like, oh, sorry. And the worst is they just roll back over and they go right back to bed. It's like they're not even awake. I can fucking crush this man's head. I can make him stop breathing with a pillow.


I can literally suffocate Matt. I have put my hands on this man's nostrils and clamped them and held them, and he just keeps mouth breathing. I'm like, you gotta end it. You gotta end it and you gotta stop. I guess that's my ick when Matt wears these specific pants when he's golfing, and then also when Matt snores.


And thank God he doesn't snore every night. Like, I do want to clear his name a little bit. It's literally just like a couple of whiskeys in boom. So it's like, okay, great. You maybe stop after one.


I'm going to have twelve. I'll drink for the both of us so that I can also get a sound fucking sleep at night. So anyways, I'm very happy. That's the only thing that I guess. Yeah, that is kind of the only thing that I enjoy when Matt is gone would be that he is not snoring in my ear every night.


But I kind of would take, I don't know. I do love him. I'm like, and I will also say, I'm not a know. I'm a fighter in the bedroom. And again, not sexually.


I can cuddle. I can cuddle right up, right up until the brink of me being like, no. Now I'm actually going to try to fall asleep. So get the fuck off me. I understand more when people have different fucking bedrooms as couples than when people fucking cuddle to go to bed.


I am such a specific sleeper daddy gang. Like, the concept to me of a man having his arm around me and me trying to fall asleep. I would easier fall asleep on a New York fucking subway than lay my body down and have Matt's limb touching me. I guess I could have feet action, but even still, then, too hot. Too hot.


I am a warrior in the sheets. I'm a freak in the sheets. And then I'm a warrior in the fucking sheets. I cannot be touched. When I'm trying to sleep, there's a clear, defined line that I cannot have his body on me because I get too hot.


I also cramp. Like, for some reason, the minute it's time to go to bed, I can't get comfortable because Matt's so affectionate. He's so. What's the fucking love language? Oh, physical touch.


He's so physical touch. He's like, oh, my God. He always wants to touch. Oh, my God. Love it, love it.


So endearing. During the hours between noon to eight, okay. And then in the morning and at night, I really need that personal space. Unless we're actually having sex. Or again, yeah, while we're watching a movie.


No, actually, no. Because then my neck will cramp. He's always like, come put your head on my chest. I want to be like, you put your head on my chest, motherfucker. What woman has ever actually, I'm like, I have to get neck surgery.


I have a full fucking herniated disk, Motherfucker. When I used to suffer with boys that I didn't like, that I was trying to impress and putting my head on their chest at night, and it was like, oh, come here. Let's watch the movie like this. I really want to turn to any man moving forward and be like, do you actually think for a second that she is actually enjoying watching that movie with her neck craned to a 90 degree angle and her body the opposite direction and the fucking television in the wrong direction? It doesn't make sense.


Why would I want to be comfortable while I'm watching a movie? I want to be laid up. I'll hold hands. I'll cross legs. You know what I mean?


But it's like I tempt a man. Put your fucking head on my chest, motherfucker, and tell me if you can watch the movie. No, but then they'll just get horny because their head's on your fucking tit. Like, it's not the same. Okay?


So I have been spread eagle. I have been starfishing it every fucking night. I am just laid up in the dead center of the bed, and I am fucking thriving. Although I do miss him because there is something, like, really nice about. I'm just trying to find the fucking silver lining.


He's been gone for so fucking long. I'm like, oh, I'm single, and I live in this house, and I have two dogs. I'm a dog woman, and I'm by myself and whatever. So Matt and I have been apart for a lot of weeks. It feels like.


And I do miss him. And I was having that thing the other day where I'm like, oh, my God. You know how some periods are so fucking God awful that you're like, the thought of having sex right now, it's hard for me to even put a tampon in. I'm just like, there's just so much going on, and I'm hormonal and I'm bleeding, and it's like a fucking. It is just the trenches down there.


So I don't want to have sex. But then, ladies, don't you agree? Then? There are some periods those hormones are like, babe, we got to get fucked. I do have those periods where I'm hornier than others, and I had one of those recently, and I just had my wand, little friend and not Matt's dick.


So I was missing him then. But I will say I've been binging so much television, and I promise I will not talk about this for long. And I only have really one sentence. Every single fucking person and their mother has been talking about the Real Housewives of Utah. Okay?


And I have a very controversial take that I don't know if people are going to really not like this take, but I just have to be honest. So I recently went on a company retreat. How exciting, you guys, ever since Matt and I launched our company, it's just been so fun to see it grow this quickly. And I love everyone that works at the company. And so when we got back from New Year's, we took our company on a two day retreat.


I was about to say to upstate to California. There is no upstate California. Am I from the east coast in New York or what? I'm like, upstate California? They're like, san Francisco, babe.


So we took them upstate and we had this amazing retreat and everyone was bonding and we were drinking and we were working and we were doing workshops and everyone was just great. But so many of our employees were talking about the Real Housewives of Utah and how they were like, I want to drink, but I also want to get in bed so I can go watch the new finale. And I'm like, oh, I like reality tv. And I wouldn't say I'm the most avid real housewives lady. I'm more of like a Love island, love is blind kind of gal.


But I'll take know if it's like, I used to watch Og days of Bethany, Luann, Dorinda. Like, I loved those women, but I haven't watched in a while. And so I'm like, you know what? I'm going to watch it. And this other woman that works for me was telling me is amazing.


So I sit it down the other night, and this is why, again, I am happy. I'm trying to find the positives of why Matt's gone because I'm actually really fucking depressed, okay? If you can't tell, people are literally commenting me like, oh, my God, they're not even married, and she wants to get a divorce. She's happier than ever being single. No, I'm trying to find the fucking silver lining, so don't even start with the bullshit, okay?


I love my husband. Oh, my God. I said that. You guys, I called Matt my husband in another episode, and everyone is convinced online that we're married. I am not married.


I just keep accidentally calling him my husband because I'm flirting with the name, okay? It's gonna be crazy when I'm like, oh, that's my husband. I love it more than fiance. Fiance honestly makes me cringe. It feels like a try hard somehow.


Like, this is my. Sometimes I get so embarrassed to say the word fiance that sometimes I call Matt my boyfriend still. But now, because we're getting closer to the date of me getting married, I'm like, that's my husband. And everyone's like, alex, you fucking liar. You're married.


No, I'm not. I'm just a fucking cunt that can't remember. Like, okay, he is my fiance. But the word fiance makes me cringe. I want to vomit.


I don't know why. Why is that? Okay, moving on. So I'm happy because I can watch reality television, and Matt is not going to be like, turn it the fuck off. It's 03:00 a.m..


I get to binge till my eyeballs burn and until I'm ready to go to bed. Okay? So I turn on Real Housewives and I don't even watch the season because everyone tells me you can just watch even the finale. And it's that fucking crazy. Like the finale, you don't even need that much context.


It's just that crazy. This episode is bonkers. And I say, okay, I'm going to take a little edible, and I'm going to watch this episode. When I tell you I have never enjoyed something less in the reality television scope, that's actually not true. That's being so fucking dramatic.


But let me be dramatic, okay? I didn't enjoy it. I don't know if it was because I was high, but I really don't think, if anything, it should have helped that I was high because it was calming it down. All these people were doing was screaming. I could not finish the episode.


They're screaming the entire episode. These people are screaming to the point where I was like, this isn't enjoyable. I'm getting annoyed. This is obnoxious. Like, I can't even focus on what they're saying because they're yapping and just screaming.


It was just screaming for like 15 fucking minutes in a scene that I'm like, oh, my God. I'm turning it down to volume. Like 15. Then I'm turning it back up because then I can't hear when one person slightly isn't screaming. It was obnoxious.


And so I know the content was there, but I don't know. I didn't really enjoy it. I'm really sorry if there's any housewives fans watching this, I am an ally of reality television binging. I really am obsessed. I watch everything I feel like, but I couldn't do it.


I don't know. I don't know.


So something I was thinking about the other day that I really just want to put a little squash on and really talk about this for a minute because last night I'm sitting in my kitchen and I'm watching a pot of pasta boil. I'm about to make myself ramen noodles, okay? And my house is dead silent. And I'm with my dogs, but I didn't have the tv on. And it's just silent.


And I had a moment where I was like, whoa, I feel a little lonely. I'm feeling like I really miss Matt. I love how I just started this whole episode being like, whoa, Matty's gone now. I'm like, I really miss, do I do. I'm just trying to find the highlights of when he's gone.


But I was sitting there and I'm like, damn, I'm pretty fucking lonely right now. But in the way that it was not, like, all encompassing to my soul, it was more just like a temporary damn. Like, I really, I really miss my person. And it got me thinking about how many fucking nights, you guys. And I'm sure I did podcast during this time, but I didn't openly talk about it because that just wasn't on brand at the time.


Hi, Henry. Hi. Hi, Brucey. My dogs just came in. Sorry, guys.


I was thinking about how back when I lived in New York alone, and also when I was living with roommates, I had so many nights of genuine, overwhelming loneliness that would come over me and I would never again podcast about it because I was the girl in New York having sex and being crazy and the party girl, just the girl that had the lifestyle that you wanted. And I was fucking miserable half the time. And I was really struggling for so many different reasons. But I think back to those nights, and I think about how that type of loneliness that I had was so different than what I just experienced last night. But I wanted to talk about it because I bet there's so many people listening that are experiencing the one that I was feeling in York.


I feel so truly, truly happy in my relationship right now. And I am so happy that I've gotten to a place where my loneliness is like a quick ping of like, oh, I miss my. Like, I'm missing Matt, and he's in fucking Serbia. And so the time difference is so fucking off. And when he wakes up, I go to bed, and when I go to bed, he's waking up.


We have not really been able to talk much, so I'm like, I miss him. And we're used to hanging out a lot, but the feeling that I used to have in New York and I kind of want to talk about this whole concept of, like, are your worst part of life, literally. I know this sounds, like, kind of depressing, but just go with me for a minute. I hate how much, how many times when you're in your early fucking twenty s and even in your mid 20s towards your late twenty s, do people that are older come up to you being like, soak it up, baby. These are the best years of your life.


No, they're not. No, they're not. I completely disagree because I'm now about to exit my 20s soon, and I'm realizing, no, they're not. I'm not going to say they're the worst years of your life because I don't even think we can equate a time period to that. I just want to say it's just not the truth.


And I feel like there's annoyingly such a pressure of being in your having the best time of your life when you think about your could potentially or should potentially be the worst time of your life because it's like you have no stability. You just got out of potentially college. If you went to college and you don't know who your friends are, or you do know, but you don't live near them or they are near you, but you're both changing because you're both going in different directions. And one person has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and one person doesn't. Everything is unstable.


You're not financially stable. The beginning of my basically fucking whoring myself out for a relationship because I was like, I can't afford to live in New York City, but he can, so I'm going to. I was making fucking bad decisions because I was desperate for. I didn't have money. I had a job I fucking hated.


I had friends that I loved or friends I couldn't trust, but the friends that I loved were busy cultivating their own life. That it's fucking awful. And then you're financially unstable. Your job, even if you have a baller job, you're too young, that you don't even know how to advocate for yourself. So how the fuck would you even know if you're at the right point in your life romantically?


I feel like in your early 20s, it's like, how the fuck can you even have a good relationship when no one fucking knows who they are when they're 20? I'm sorry. It is a fucking fact. You do not actually know who you are or who you want to be when you're 20 because you've been in such a bubble, protected by whatever system you were in, whether it was college or high school or your parents were helping you out. You haven't been an actual, real adult where you're self sustaining a life.


So it's like you have no fucking idea who you are. Independent. You've been propped up by all these different things. And so for an actual romantic relationship, it's like you're going towards something that feels more like a need rather than a want. Like, I need this person or I need to fill this void, and it's like, what do you actually want?


And we don't fucking know when we're in our 20s, because you're like, should I quit my job? Should I move cross country? Should I live in a suburban area? Should I go to the city? Should I go like, what the fuck should I do?


Who should I be? What should I wear? What should I look like? And on top of it, social media. It's like, oh, every fucking week, the trend is shifting.


Oh, my God. Clean girl esthetic. We're buying all this. Oh, my God. Mob wife esthetic.


You're buying this? It's like you can't even be fucking unique in who you are because we're also being over fucking pushed every fucking day. Who we should be, what should we wear? What should we. And it's like, whoa.


And in your feel like, sure, there are outliers, but the majority of people in your 20s, including myself, it's like you want to be a part of the fun cool shit. So you are getting peer pressured and you don't even know it. Sometimes you're making decisions because you want to go with your friends. But as you get older and I'm having this revelation now, it's like, I'm going to be 30 this summer. This summer?


Yeah, this summer. And I've never felt more. And I'm sure at 40, I'll say, oh, my God. At 30, I thought I had it all figured out. But currently, I look back and I reflect on my want to be really clear.


Like, I had such incredible times. I really, really did. But at the same time, I look back and I struggled more than I thrived. And that's okay. I really think that's normal.


But what I just wanted to come and say to you guys is like, it's okay if you are fucking barely making it through your fucking stressed and you are fucking exhausted.


Like I said, it's really annoying how older people look at you. Don't take it for granted. You should be having the best time of your life. And it's like, what is going out to clubs the best time of your life? Because let me tell you something.


I look back, and of course there are those outlier nights at a club where you actually meet a guy you like, and it's like, oh, my God, I'm going to remember this night for the rest of my life. Like sparks and craziness and fun and holy fuck. And you're going home with your friends and you've all had a baller night. But those are so fucking far. And few between majority of times that I was in New York City and I was going out and I was going clubbing.


What is the saying? It's like I was just going out to feel something. Like, literally, I would go to clubs and most of those nights would end in me getting home at two or three or four or 05:00 a.m. And I would make myself food and I would sit at my counter by myself. And I felt so empty and lonely and lost and confused and why don't I feel happier?


And it was like the moment I shut my door and I was alone, all of that loneliness crept in. And so I don't know. I don't want to be depressing. I just want to validate you if you're fucking struggling, and I'm not even saying, like, your 30s shouldn't be. I just want you all to pause for a minute.


If you've been feeling a little fucking shit lately, I hate to say it, because I feel like, what am I going to say this every fucking episode? But it's literally the truth. If you are feeling like shit about your circumstances lately, turn off your fucking social media, like, in the least preachy fucking way. Like, every fucking time. I was thinking about this the other day, back in the ancient days.


I'm 90.


I remember I used to watch YouTube and I had like, four creators that I really, really liked, and that made me really happy. And I would after school, go on YouTube and I would watch those four creators, one of them being Jenna Marbles, and I felt so, like, I genuinely loved their content. And that's why I subscribed. Oh, my God, why did I just say subscribe? Subscribe.


I subscribed to their content. I would subscribe to their content. And now there's 19 million thousand jillion people on the Internet that we're not curating our pages anymore like we used to, because there's such an influx in the amount of people that we can consume. And so I would say, why are we every fucking time you open your phone unless you follow four fucking people and even still, then be weary. But if you're on TikTok, maybe the first step is go onto just your following page.


Don't go on the for you page. Just go on your following page and follow the people that you actually like that make you feel good about yourself. Okay? And I hope I'm one of those people. I hope I make you feel good, and I hope I make you feel cozy.


But if it's not, guys, don't leave me. But you know what I mean? I just think it's like. And I've said this before, but sometimes it's like, this is larger than just a one off conversation. It's like, maybe every fucking week.


I just need to remind us, because I'm also reminding myself, like, I open my fucking phone in the morning and I'll see something and I'll get anxious. Oh, my God, I need to do more work. Or, oh, my God, I need to post a video because I'm behind and I need. Or I like that thing that she's wearing. Do I have to buy that?


I'm like, stop buying shit. You don't have to buy every fucking thing that you see that someone's. Shh.


Calm down. I need us all to turn off our fucking phones or at least turn off our social media, because literally watching this shit is just making us feel like pieces of shit. And I'm telling you, I have been in front of people that take a fucking picture of caviar from a different fucking table and walk over to their table, and they thank the people for letting them take a picture of their fucking caviar, and they post it on their fucking Instagram story. And I watch the influencer post it and be like, oh, my God, that person didn't even eat caviar tonight. It wasn't even at their table.


They didn't even pay for it. They didn't even eat it because it wasn't theirs. You can't fucking trust half of the shit you see on social media. So when you're feeling like, oh, this person has a nicer place than me and a nicer this and this, you don't even know. Half of these people could have fake fucking boyfriends.


Daddy, gang. Okay? So trust no one. Don't trust these bitches. And just know that your 20s fucking suck.


No, you guys, they fucking do. They're the best, and they are the fucking worst. And I just want to stop glamorizing like, you're 20. Let me on your 20s. I'm so fucking excited for my.


Keep asking me, like, oh, my God, are you so nervous about your. I'm like, oh, my God, I'm so excited. Why should I be nervous? And I'm like, oh. Because I forgot.


Everyone's a fucking asshole. And everyone's like, oh, my God. When women turn 30, like, you're done. Oh, you haven't had kids yet. You're done.


Oh, you're 30. You're so old and irrelevant. We don't do it to men. When a man turns 30, he's wiser, he's smarter, he's hotter, he's daddy. When a woman turns 30, people are like, oh, God, she's fucking done.


No, I'm fucking more daddy than ever. I feel better than ever. I'm fucking hotter than ever. I feel more myself. I feel like I know what makes me happy.


And I'm so much better at discerning things that I want to do and things that make me happy versus things that don't fucking. That don't make me happy and that don't please me and that don't fulfill me. And I am so much more selfish with my fucking time and my energy and the way that I interact with people. I feel like a better friend, a better daughter, a better partner, and I also feel like a better fucking boundary setter. I just feel fucking better.


So I'm telling you, it gets fucking better. And of course, I have awful fucking days where I'm crying in the shower and I'm stressed as fuck, and I'm like, oh, my God, I can't take this. But when I'm comparing it to my wish I could give Alex, eating ramen noodles, crying in her apartment a hug and be like, babe, stop feeling like you have to go out every night. Stop going to the club to feel something. Like, journal, watch movies, read, go to the park.


Do know, I don't know if that helped. What else did I write down this week that I was up to? Oh, yeah, this is a life update for me that I don't even know if I want to share because it's just, like, really fucking depressing. So if you know me, I eat like fucking shit. And I'm very aware that the Internet has a lot of opinions on that.


I always get like, oh, you eat like, such fucking shit, or whatever. People just have opinions on everything, and that's fine because I talk for a living, so you should have an opinion and you should think, oh, my God, you're such a fucking idiot. Or, you eat like a piece of shit or whatever. Like, oh, you're so healthy. Your goals, Alex?




I think I have a problem because I have, like, stomach problems recently. And I think I've seen on TikTok, though, like, only hot girls have stomach. Hot girls have stomach problems. Oh, my God. Hot and stomach problems.


Woo, that's me. I have not been thriving lately in my stomach department. And I went to a doctor, and he had the audacity to look in my eyes and tell me, Alex, maybe you have a gluten allergy.


That doesn't work for me.


I called Matt after, and he started laughing, which I thought was, like, divorce material. I'm like, okay, fucking piece of shit. Why are you laughing in my face? And he's like, can you imagine you with a gluten allergy? Yeah, no, I can't.


I actually want to be really serious right now. I don't know what I'm going to do. And so I'm having to do a week of not eating gluten. And I don't even know. I grew up in a household of pasta and mashed potatoes and carbs.


My family loves carbs. Not like rice, like pasta and potatoes. Chicken parmesan and spaghetti and burgers and steak and whipped potatoes and cheesesteak. I don't have a good diet, and I fucking know that. And, mom, I love you.


Thank you for good genetics. But, like, holy fuck, I have a bad diet, and I fucking love food. I love it. I'm my father's daughter. Like, my dad is a chef, and he loves.


Well, my dad's not like a chef, but he's a chef at know. My mom was never the one cooking. My dad cooks up bombass meals, and he loves food, and he loves, and I love it, too. And Matt always laughs. Matt's like, I just eat to fuel myself.


You eat because you love to eat. I love taste. I love seasoning. I love eating food in a way that's like, I need a bunch of different flavors, right? I need to be able to.


In the middle of dinner, I'll want to open the fridge and eat a piece of chocolate. I need to taste everything. Eat everything. But I'm such a fucking gluten bitch.


I wish someone told me I was allergic to fish. I'd be like, oh, that makes it easy. Nothing changes in my life. I'm not well suited for the gluten free life. And I know this sounds dumb, but I'm pretending that I'm joking about this.


I'm actually having a mental breakdown.


I think I would rather have a dairy allergy than a gluten allergy.


I'm not cut out for this. I don't know.


I think I would just rather shit my fucking pants and eat gluten than not eat gluten. Oh, my God. I don't know. And I'm convincing myself that I don't have a gluten allergy. Maybe I just had fucking ibs.


I don't know. This is TMI. But I just am having a little bit of a mental breakdown. Any of my gluten free girls reach out, or maybe I just have stomach problems. And maybe I just am always feeling like I need to bomb or shit.


And it's just like, that is what it is. And, like, that's just, like, that's just like the life of, like, that's just, like the life of a hot girl, like, constantly just shitting your pants.


I'm fucking miserable.


So some things that I have coming up that I'm very excited about are I decided last minute that I'm going to go to London to visit Matt because we've now been apart for, I think it's been going on four weeks. Matt has really, really wanted me to come to London. And I was like, matt, I love you so much, but I cannot come to London unless I get a guest in. Like, I have to make it make sense business need, because I need to do this fucking show, and I can't just come to London. And I have my employees here, and I can't do that.


And he was, okay. Like, I get, like, try to get a guest. And then I was sitting here and I was like, okay, why don't I just fucking bust my ass for the next week and get myself in a good position and just go to fucking London, even if I don't have a guest? And so I called him today, and I was like, I have some news for you. And so I call him, and he's exhausted.


And he's just like, he's just been like, I'm exhausted. It's 03:00 a.m.. I miss you. And I was like, okay, well, I have good news. I booked a flight to London, and he, oh, my God.


It made me so happy.


He was so excited. He's like, what? Oh, my God. I'd wrapped my head around the fact that you weren't going to come, and I understood, but, oh, my God, shut up. You're coming.


And he was so excited, and I was like, yeah, we need to spend time together. And I don't want to go to our fucking wedding and be like, oh, we've been so fucking busy. And then our wedding happens. I want to be intentional. Let's spend time together.


And so I'm getting on a flight this week, and I'm going to go to.


Maybe I'm going to do an episode from London because I feel like I'm a whole different bitch in London. But London truly is just so special to Matt and I. And I don't know, I feel like it will be fun for us, right? Coming up to our wedding to have time in London together because it truly is really where we fell in love. And I'm really just excited to go spend time with him.


I'm also excited to go and be on the movie set. And the movies that he's shooting are so fucking exciting. And I'm excited to go and be a part of that.


By the time that next week or this upcoming week, I will be on a flight to go to, I'm just, I'm excited. And I have a couple other things coming up that I'm excited that I'm going to podcast about. But it is so fucking hot in this room and I think Henry and Bruce are melting like me. So, daddy gang, I hope you guys enjoyed this Sunday session. I have so.


Oh, my God, I love how I just went through this whole thing. I was just like word vomiting. I have so many wedding updates for you guys that I need to do a whole wedding, wedding, wedding, wedding episode because let me just say this and then I will leave you. I feel like when I did my first wedding episode, I was kind of, um, like a full fucking, like, I was kind of like Debbie downer. Like, oh my.


Like, I don't want to do this and I don't want to. And like, something came over me and I will talk to you guys about the shift that I had, but I am so fucking excited for my wedding. And I'm in a complete different headspace than I was when I first recorded that episode. And I feel I have so many different opinions and takes on things and I'm doing different things that I said. Some things I said that I wouldn't do, I'm going to do.


And I just have all these different thoughts now. And I think that's just life. And getting to change your mind is a beautiful thing. And I don't know, I'm just excited because I have a lot of, lot of updates and a lot of dress updates and just a lot of fucking updates. So I'm going to find time to do a full wedding, wedding episode.


I already posted on my instagram, but I'll do just saying it here. Dm me any wedding questions for any of my brides, my 2024, 2025 brides. Dm me any questions that you have. And obviously, I'm just coming from a place of my opinion. You don't have to agree with me, you can have a complete different opinion, and that's okay.


I want to remind everyone on the Internet, like, it's okay to have a different opinion from someone, but I can do an episode and try to answer as many questions. But, yeah, have a lovely Sunday, daddy. Gang, there's no reason to have Sunday scaries, okay? This week will go by like a breeze. And if it doesn't, it's all right, then eventually it'll be the weekend.


You'll be fine. So I love you guys. Maybe go take an everything shower like they say on TikTok. And by that I mean shave your legs, shave the puss, shave the armpits, and shave the stash. And what else can you shave?


Shave your belly button and shave your tits and lotion up and oil up and 15 step skin care routine and go to bed and take a fucking edible and cruise into the freeway and the highway in the distance. I love you. Farewell. Love it. Goodbye.


Oh, my God. I should go watch the Sound of Music. I love that movie. Okay, I love you guys. I will see you fuckers on Wednesday.


I'm very, very excited for you guys to see who this guest is. Holy fucking shit. Talk about drama. Let's go. Goodbye.