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What is up, daddy?




It is your founding father, Alex Cooper with call her daddy, Heidi Klum. Welcome to call her daddy.


Thank you so much for having me. Hi, everyone.


Oh, my God. Do you usually do that voice when.


I'm trying not to be annoying? Because my voice is always very high because I don't know why. Because I'm always excited. I don't know if it's excitement. Even when I'm not excited, it's annoying and high. But I could put it down here if I really wanted to. Oh, my God.


If you ever got in a fight with your husband, would you be like, listen to me?


Well, then you would maybe listen to me. Yeah, you could.


Super loud.


No, but with this annoying voice, I never have to say anything twice. It's perfect. Everyone can hear me at all times. I'm always like, loud and annoying, and it just pierces through the whole house. I have four kids, so everyone hears everything at all times.


Have people told you you have annoying voice? I never thought this. Really.


Of course.


I love your voice.


No, I wouldn't know.


Like, the accent, the vibe. I love it. Well, today I'm going to hype you up and tell you I actually love your voice. So anyone that told you you don't have a good voice, you're like, well, it's my children, Alex. I'm like, oh, fuck.




Love you, heart.


My daughter might come by because she's obsessed. Oh, my God.


I hope she does. I saw you guys at the Golden Globes together. You walked the carpet. You guys looked amazing.


Thank you.


Is it fun to go to events with your daughter now?


It is, but I'm more easy going. And she's like, I mean, I put on a dress, it fits. I'm like, good to go. She is like, I don't know. Let's try this. Let's try that. She literally did her bun, like, I want to say, three times. So I don't know, is she going.


To be like, mom, why the fuck did you blow up my spot on call her daddy?


Yeah. Plus, when I say something, it's never good what I say in any case, because what do you know? You're old. And this is not how we do these things now. It's 2024.


It is so crazy to even hear that, because to the world, I'm like, you're Heidi klum. You're so freaking iconic. And then your daughter's like, mom, you're like, old. Shut up. You don't know anything. This is what we do on TikTok. And you're like, no, I know.


No, but it's true. No, I really don't. I mean, I can't even upload anything on TikTok. I am on there, but I need to have someone to put it on for me, especially when I do the stop and start stuff. I can't figure it out. It's literally, like, I can't figure it out.


I love how you're addressing everyone in this room. You're, like, making eye contact with everyone. You can look at how to do it. No.


They'Re not here.


They're not here. They're not here. They're not. Heidi, you are cracking me up.




Okay, so you're from Germany?




What do you miss about Germany when you're in? Really?


No, I mean, apart from my parents, my brother, the occasional sausage. But then again, I found great sausages now here, too, so we're good. Also, the potatoes are a little different. And, yes, we are potato heads from Germany, so we have different kind of potatoes. Like, if I want a potato to stay hard after boiling, I have a very hard time finding that one here. They all kind of get very flowery, and they fall apart.


Let's just clarify. Sausages. You mean actual eating sausages, not the dicks in Germany.


Well, no, I'm talking about. Well, I have a.


Love the german sausage in the end.


Yes. I mean, I have had many different sausages, but I ended up with a german one.


Yes. Okay.


German sausages. What can I say?


Let's talk about that german sausage.


The one that I buy here or the one that I have at home. Home all the time. Which one are we talking about?


Let's talk about the sausage you have at home. Your german husband.




Okay. What do german guys bring to the table that american men are lacking?


I don't know. I don't know. I mean, what we have together, because he's german, we have the same roots, you know what I mean? So the little sayings that we have or experiences, even though I'm 16 years older than him, we have the same kind of understanding. It's just different. When you come from the same place, you hear the same kind of german oompa Loompa songs that we have there. He knows them all.


We give it to us.


Now I'm thinking of a stupid one, like alamine. Like the little duck song. Alamine. Shriminoftimzi Schwimmer nasvasa schwenzin indihu.


I know.


It's, like, dumb. It's just like one little kid song. But we have so many of those things that we just have in common that no one here would understand what we're talking about.


Right. The american sausages don't have the history that you have with the german sausages. Yes, I appreciate that answer. Okay. You were discovered at 18 years old when you won a national modeling competition. I'm curious, what was your friends and family reaction? Were they like, oh, that's just Heidi. Of course she did. Or was it a big deal when you won?


It was a big deal when I won, because it was all over the news. It was on television for six months. So it was a very long competition, and you had to win the week, the month, and then in the end, it was six girls from six months each week. They were showing girls on television, and in the end, I won that thing, and I won 300,000 Deutsche mark, which is. I have no idea what that would be in dollars today. Maybe like $150,000.


Oh, wow.


So I'm, like, 18 years old, and I got all that dough, and obviously that was, like, a big deal, and it was in the newspapers everywhere. My town is small, so the butcher or the bakery, they all know you since you're, like, little. And all of a sudden, the newspapers are full of you, and so they look at you all of a sudden differently. And then I went to Milan. I went to London, Paris, and it was very hard for me to get any jobs over there. And I just thought, like, hey, I just won this contest. What's next? There was nothing. You know, I went to thousands of castings, and people were always like, why are you so happy? Maybe skip a meal. You're a little bit on the fat, you know, those types of things. And I was like, really? And then I left Europe, and I went to America, went to Miami for a hot minute and went on castings there. I mean, that was also crazy, because you go to a casting and you're like, number 195. You sit there for 2 hours, and then they're like, okay, next. And then you're like, at the dentist office, and there's thousands of girls, and then you go in there, they look at your five photos that you have, and they're like, thanks, bye.


And this is, like, every day, right.


When they would say to you, why are you so happy? Basically lose weight, stop eating. Was that something you experienced a lot in your career?


Yes. Well, I come from a time when they would call it heroin chic. At the time, photos would be different than today. People would be, like, hanging like this or I don't know.




It was just a different kind of slouchy. You would slouch a lot. And I was just not like that. I danced 15 years, so I'm in there, and I'm like, okay, first position, kind of like that. So I was really not fitting into what was in at the time.


Yeah. Did you ever start to be like, okay, go home, maybe I should stop eating? No, you didn't.


I liked food too much. And plus, I was never, I don't know, I always kind of was going to the beat of my own drum. But in Paris especially, I wanted to be in the fashion shows. And I tried any which way, and I couldn't really get in any which way. The hips were either too wide or the boobs were too big. But I was like, I'm going to find something that I can do in this industry. And so I went from Miami then to New York City, and know I branched all into the catalog world, but I never really got that art type stuff, the artsy stuff with the cool hand makeup and the cool clothes. I was always more like the approachable kind of stuff, which made me a lot of money, but I was never super fulfilled in the terms of, I also want to do some cool stuff. And people are always like, you're never going to be on a cover of a magazine. You're way too this and you way to that. But then people did book me at some point, and then I got on the COVID of French Vogue and german vogue and whatever, and then all of a sudden it started, and people were then giving me chances, and it then changed.


All of a sudden, I could do both.


How do you think your people in your high school would have described you back then?


Well, I was always very outgoing with my clothes. Like, I would wear things for my mom. I would have a lot of makeup on, gigantic jewelry. I would do crazy things with my hair. She would give me perms. My hair was red, then highlighted. My mom was a hairdresser, and so I was the guinea pig a lot of the times, and also, I don't know, huge blazers from my dad, things on the flea market, stuff that I find in the basement. My mom was also sewing, so whenever she was doing something for my Barbie, I was getting the same. I was always very out there with how I looked, so I got a lot of shit from that. But you are who you are, and that's how I was, and so I didn't really care.


I think that probably so many women are listening with a little bit of envy because of how confident you are and just being like, yeah, I just was myself and I went for it. Do you have any advice of how did you become this confident?


See, I don't know if this is something that you can read in a book or hear in a podcast and then change yourself. I feel like a lot of it is how you were brought up. I've never also had issues with my body, and I think also that's how I was brought up. Like, my parents were running around nude in the house. We would go to FKK beaches, which is, we had a camper, and we go to places where everyone is nude, and so you just run around. So I never had that. When I have to go change and even today where people are all like, okay, you can go all the way that way and there's a room there or whatever. I'm just, yeah, or I could just also do it right here and work quicker. So I've never really, I don't know, cared about it that much either.


No, I think it's like such a healthier approach. I think when you're young, so many, especially little girls, if you're getting your boobs or whatever, it's like you wear a different shirt, like, put a bra.


Wait for them to come. I couldn't wait for them to come. I think way back when, I was always wishing, I wish I had some, and I can't wait for them to come. When they came, I was like, one first came and I was like, wait, what is happening? Why is only one side coming out and the other one isn't? I didn't know, but surely enough, the other one came too at some point. But it was just like this for a hot minute. It kind of was.


That is amazing.


Did you have that too, or was.


That, you know what, Heidi?


Is that normal?


I can't relate to that specifically. I did have them both come at the same time.


Yeah, I did.


So I can imagine you were like, what is going on? But I'm assuming you still went to the beach, you got nude and you didn't give a shit, right?


I didn't.


I think that's so healthy, clearly. And I think, I wish we could get better at that, as hopefully my generation has children of making from a younger age. Young women feel so comfortable in their bodies and just like, good as they are. As opposed to being like, cover up or like, why are you wearing that? Or you look slutty wearing that. You're like, I was at the beach nude with my family. And no one thought it was strange or weird or told me any differently. I think that's amazing.


Yeah. I mean, I try to be like that with my kids, obviously, when no one is there. I'm in my garden also. I'm topless, and they will come. They're like, my friend is coming over. Mom, put your top on. And I'm like, when have I ever not had a top on? When your friend was coming over. Of course I will. But they always make sure. Mom, just a little warning, what's going to happen here? And I'm like, don't worry. I also don't want to flash anyone just to flash someone. It's just. I just don't love tan lights.


Heidi, you are iconic.


This is. My husband loves tan lines. I don't.


I think that they can be sexy. But you know what? If you're this Confident naked, why do you need a tan light? You're just naked all the time in your garden.


Because I think some guys think it's hot to have a tan light. He thinks this is hot to have, like, a white triangle thing here and here. For me, this is very unconvenient. Inconvenient.


So you're a bit of a nudist, and so you are walking around your house naked. Are your kids?


No, that's not really how it is.


Can I ask you, then, when do you choose to be fully naked and nude?


No. When I'm going to bed with my husband in the garden, I will still have a little knickknock on, but if it's gorgeous outside and it's boiling hot and no one is around, I have my top off in my garden. I have no neighbors. It's like no one can see anything. Off it goes.


And your kids are like, mom, only when we're home, but not with our friends, for sure. Do you think that your children one day would do that with their kids, or are they not into it?


I don't know. Because also, they are not as open as I am, strangely. You would think, because I've kind of been like that their whole life, I would have thought. They are very similar. Maybe later in life they will be like that. I don't know. But so far, no, they're not. They go and change somewhere else, and then they come back.


Is your husband into nudity? Like, is he, like, walking around naked as well?


In front of me? 100%.


But not the kids?


No, of course not. 100%?


No, he's not in the garden with his dick out, just like, whoa, plant.


I don't think the kids could handle that.


Is your favorite thing to do, naked gardening?


No, I don't even garden.


Oh, wait, why are you in your garden? Wait, this whole conversation has been about your garden?


No, I lay in the garden. I just tan in the. No, no. I don't have a green thumb at. No, no, I'm just laying in it.


You like weed whacking Heidi?




Tits out. I'm like, ooh, this bush.


No, I should have been more specific. No, it's just. Know when you lay there tanning. I love tanning.


And you look amazing. My dermatologist is like, don't look at the sun.


I'm like, I know. They tell me that all the time. I'm like, la, la, la. I didn't hear that. What do you put on? You don't.


Heidi. I do not go in the sun.


Oh, yeah, I have a friend, too. She never goes in the sun. I have a friend. She never goes in the sun. And she's always covering her face, but she's always uber pasty white. You know, there's also 50 spf. That doesn't make you completely look like chalk.




There's also other 50 that you look normal.


Maybe she's just not, like, rubbing it.


In enough and then full sleeves, everything. And then it's like, I feel like there's also a joy in all. I mean, for me, there's a joy in being in the sun. So I'm not always hiding behind, like.


No, I'm the creeper behind the bushes with the huge hat.


But you don't look super pale for that, do you?


No, this is a spray tail. I'm naturally so, so pale. You would walk past me and not know it's a person. Like, you're like, oh, my God. I could match with the walls. I'm so, so pale.


I match with your couch.


Yeah, you do. I feel like right now, everything you see on social media is, like, how to stop antiaging and, like, how to not look this and how to not get a wrinkle, and it's so overwhelming as women.


Like, you go cuckoo. Literally.


I feel like I'm getting brainwashed of, like, I'm not going to lie. I think it's been the past two years. Like, I haven't gone in the sun. I don't go in the sun. I'm avoiding it. And I'm like, but you're right. It does make me happy. So what the fuck am I doing?


Well, also, it's the same with tattoos. Like, my dad was always like, why are you doing this? How are you going to look when you're, like, 70s? Who cares how I look when I'm 70? I want to have fun now.


Oh, my God. This is 2024. I'm having, like, a revelation. I'm like, you're so right. Who gives a shit? And also, who cares if you're wrinkly when you're older? You're like, oh, I had the best time of my life tanning, and I'm going to keep tanning.


What? I waited so I look good right now. Now who cares?


You're so right. Who gives a shit? If you look good at 70? You're going to be, like, enjoying life, reading a book.


Obviously, I hope I still look fabulous at 70, but if I'm not, it's okay. I had a great time up until that moment.


You had the best time in the garden.


Meanwhile, it's not that far off the 70. I see it already. I see it. I see it. Well, I'm looking at the 60 already. So 70 is, like, right behind that. Literally.


You look amazing. No one would even know. We did talk about your career a little bit. I want to close the loop specifically on what was your I made it moment where you're like, oh, my God.


Definitely Sports Illustrated and definitely Victoria's Secret at the time. And those big two lottery wins for me came kind of at the same time. And again there too. They never wanted me to go. They were, you know, Victoria's Secret at the time. You knew every girl that was in that catalog. And so they were like. And I was like, I want to go. I want them to tell me that I'm not good enough. Not you to tell me that I'm not good enough. So I was just, like, in the ear nagging, nagging, nagging to the point where they were like, oh, let's send her already. And then I went, and they both booked me. And not only that first time I was booked on Sports Illustrated that year, I got to be on the COVID So it's like, you cannot always listen to all the people telling you what you are and what you're not. You have to always do what you want to be.


What? They were like, agents telling you, like, no, we're not. Oh, my God.


Because they ultimately had the power. They don't send you. And yes, they don't even need to push you in a certain way, but just send me. Because then when I go to the door, through the door, it's up to me to either they, like, me or they don't like me.


It is so inspirational, though, for you to say that, because I bet people listening, like, we all have that, whether it's like a teacher telling us, you shouldn't go into this profession, even if you're obsessed with it or whatever it is, like going for a job or going for a guy or whatever it is. But if you know you want to do it, who gives a fuck? Just go. Just do it.


And then. Victoria's Secret. 13 years. I did that. It's a very long time. And imagine all these trips that I did, all that money that I made, all the experiences that I had. If I would go back to the person that said, like, I don't think that they want you there is like, because everything is also like a stepping stone. It's a building block to get you further and know.


And it's also like, sometimes it's like you're kind of right. Like, who cares if I get rejected? At least I know that I got rejected. Yeah. So you were the first ever german Victoria's Secret angel. And I want to talk about the Victoria's Secret show because for so many of us, and I don't know if Gen Z understands it as much, but it truly was so iconic. The fashion show, the broadcast, the wings, the angels, the outfits, the performers.


That was, like, a really big time in my life, because literally everyone was watching this.




So you couldn't pass anyone that didn't watch or didn't know about it.


Can you try to explain to us what was it like walking that Runway?


It was amazing. I loved it. Some people, especially looking at the documentary afterwards, when I saw some of the people actually only just one person that I knew on it. And I walked with her during those years, and she was like, I felt really uncomfortable doing this. And I'm like, that's just so strange to hear this. If you feel uncomfortable, why are you doing it? I loved it always. Or you hear, like, some girls that were saying, and then these silly wings. Who wants to wear these silly wings? Well, I always wanted to wear those silly wings. I was like, I was actually upset if I had small wings. I would actually go to the boss and I would be like, what have I done to deserve these little wings? I always come on time. I'm the first one I leave last. I do 14 photos a day. I have the best time, apparently. Tell me that it's selling what I'm wearing. Why am I getting these little wings? I would actually be upset, but there were literally some people I heard afterwards they didn't love wearing those big wings. I love them.


You have to be honest, though. When you got to put on those big wings, how heavy were they?


Yeah, they're just like, you want to go immediately back? Because I think I had some on that were twice as tall as me. But you rehearse it, it's like a backpack, basically. You have a strap here and a strap here. You put them on, and then you put your hair over it so people couldn't see the straps, and then off you went. So once I was like a star, so they gave me, like, this big snowflake, and then I had a chain that I had to pull. Oh, it's so funny. When you watch, it looks like a toilet chain. And I go pink, and then it goes. It just opened up. But I was there for it because it was fun.


I'm picturing you backstage. Everyone's looking at the biggest ones being like, oh, fuck, those are so big. And Heidi's like, me, put it on my back. Let's go. You just had a lot of fun with it. Are there any backstage moments that you can kind of remember that are so fun that you can share with my listeners, who are called the daddy gang, that are just fun BTS moments that you remember?


I mean, it was very fun to be with all the know. Giselle, Stephanie, Seymour, Tyra. They would always call us Tidy and Hira because we were just kind of joined by the hip. We did so many trips together all the time. We did a lot for the catalog also, not just the fashion show. So we knew each other for 13 years, going on a trip every other month. So it's just a lot of camaraderie having fun.


I'm curious, though, because I think naturally, especially as women, it is competitive, obviously, for you to even get that position once you got the job, was the vibe all fun or was there some still competition once you had the job?


Not really. I mean, first, when I first started with Victoria's Secret and we went to different trips together, I was kind of know the soccer players that have to sit on the sideline to wait until someone hurts their foot. So I was kind of like, because it's all about selling and making numbers and making money at the end of the day, so they are not going to put on, the first few days, ten outfits on me. And then I have all these outfits in the catalog and no one buys it because it was to believe that also the model had a lot to do with if a garment sells or not. So they just sprinkled me throughout here and there a little bit in order to test the waters to see if I even sell. And then once the catalog was out and numbers were coming in, then the next time I was more in front of the camera instead of just sitting on the sideline waiting that I get my turn.


These moments made you so globally famous. Did you ever have a crazy interaction with a fan?


I mean, we had, like, weird stalkers a lot because we did a lot of in store appearances. So people were, like, jerking off.


Is that your hand doing a jerking, guys, if you're not watching this and you're driving in your car, Heidi just slowly, really little, started jerking her hand off.


Yeah. So people had to be removed. Literally. They would be in line to wait and come to us and have their photo taken and sign whatever they bring for us to sign. And sometimes they had to shut it down and remove people.


They'd be jerking off in line?




Oh, my fucking God. People are insane.


People do.


They're like, you know what? You just jerk your weenie in the corner.


I don't care.


You're not hurting me, okay?


Or anyone else for that matter. Just do you have fun?


I could see that, though, because I do think I remember what I was going to say is, like, men would get together to watch the show too. It was this fascination with them fantasizing, like, these are the most beautiful women in the world. So I could see men going a little fucking crazy. But you're right, if they're just jerking off, let it go. Okay. We're going to play a little game.




It's going to be rapid fire. Okay. You're doing great. This is very fun. Are you having fun? Totally. What is the most awkward interaction you've ever had with another?


Oh, when I met Joaquin Phoenix. And because I'm obsessed with Joaquin, I love my husband, but Joaquin Phoenix, close second. So I met him. I met him and I couldn't get a word out. And you see me, I'm not very shy, but there I was kind of like, I don't know. I couldn't find the tongue. It was going everywhere. And he was just standing there and he was like, anyway, yes. Never saw him again after that.


But it was an experience where you're.


Like, yeah, that was awkward because I just couldn't speak. Yeah, I was a little, like, dumbfounded. My tongue stunned to speak.


The woman was too stunned to speak. Okay. I love that Joaquin is cool. He's cool. What is the wildest place you've ever had?


Ooh, in the airplane. Is that wild? Private in the water. Private? Yes, private.


Oh, private in the water where?


Water. Like, at night in a beautiful place. What's your wildest place?


I always prefer a bed. I'm always like, oh, I would like to just be, like, horizontal on a bed, but I guess I would say water. I've done, but then I don't feel great down there afterwards. It doesn't work well with me.


I'm like, is it ocean water? Is it pool water?


Pool water?


Yeah, maybe that's why. Because they put a lot of stuff in the pool.


Oh, nasty.




Never again.


And then gets shoved in there, so it's probably not good.


Never again.


Salt water is better. Ocean water.


What is your worst habit?


I don't know. I wish my daughter was here. She could name a list immediately.


Wait, should we call Lenny and see if she'll answer?


Yeah, I'm gonna call her.


Your mom was like, my daughter would roast me. Give a quick roast.


She found my sex closet.


You found your mom's sex closet?


I did when I was younger, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was going through it with my friends, and I was like, mom, what is this? It was like, the microphone.


I was like, mom, what is this?


And I really had no idea what it was. Then my mom got so mad at me after. She was like, you can't go in my stuff.


But that is so classic to be like, it's a microphone.


I was, like, showing it off to my friends.


I was like, look how cool this is.


My mom has a whole cupboard. She has a whole drawer. And I snuck them into my mom's room and opened the drawer, and we all were taking videos, and we were like, oh, my God.


I was talking about me tanning topless in the garden.


Oh, my God. I have another story.


No, but she thought that I was gardening.


No, mom, I have to say this.


She has a story. She has stories.


I would have birthday parties at the house where I'd have friends over, like, my boyfriend over, and she tans topless by the pool. And I remember having my girlfriends over, and I'd be so embarrassed and scared because usually in my friends families, I never see their moms tanning naked at the pool. But I thought it was normal. And my friends would always kind of be, like, kind of standoffish, but it was just so normal in our family.


All of a sudden, all the boys at school are like, we want to go to your mom's house. Today's you're the queen of Halloween. What has been your favorite costume over the years, if you had to pick?


I loved being really old, just because people are always riding around on this, being old and aren't you too old to do this? Aren't you too old to do that? And I turned 40, and then I was like, everyone is just banging on about that. I should hang up everything that I'm doing because I'm so old. And then I'm like, old, old. I show them. Old is what I thought. And that's how I thought of making myself, like, 90 or 100 years old. So I love that because every part of my body that you could see had to be aged.


That is iconic.


I love being the worm, too. Two years ago, as a little worm, little rainworm.


How did you come up with that?


Just because it's the most random thing. And I literally think about it every day of the year. I think about other things that I could do. Like, I see things, and then I'm like, could it be that? What about that? Could it be that? So I always try and think outside the box, right? I love how a lot of people love to be sexy on Halloween. I think it's because I get to be sexy in my job. A lot of the times, I want to be more creative. Got it. And not necessarily that. It's just about like, oh, I want to make it scary and ugly, but.


I just want to make it unusual and different.


I want people to be like, oh, my God, this is so stupid, or, this is silly, or, what the heck is it? I just want a great reaction from people, for sure.


I don't think anyone would think, like, okay, this year, let's all take a guess what she's going to be. And then they're like, a worm. No one can ever guess what you're going to be because you're right. It is so out there. What is the most expensive costume?


They're all very expensive. Very.


How much have you spent?


I literally have never made a dollar on Halloween because I don't do this for making money.




I do it because I love creating the art of it.


And you don't get, like, claustrophobic or anything when they're.


Yes, very.


You do?


Very. Yeah.


I feel like I would be like, I can't breathe.


Get me out of a lot of the times I don't drink or eat, like, hours before, like, when I was a worm. What am I going to do? So there was nothing going in. Nothing going in, nothing going out. Kind of like when you take a dog on an airplane. Same thing. That's how I was in my worm outfit.


And what if you had to pee? You just pee yourself?


Well, yes, I would have, but you didn't, and I would have left a little trail.


No one didn't.


No one looks down in a party. But I didn't.


What is the craziest thing that someone has ever done at one of your parties?


Come as a mattress. Wait, like a full on mattress? I was like, wow, why did I think of this? It was like a real mattress that hollered out the middle, stuck their body in it, so they were just like this. A full king size mattress, and they couldn't really fit through any, which I was like, was it someone famous or. No.


You didn't know them?


No, I didn't know.


Did you go up to them?


Yes. I was like, I'm jealous of what you have on right now, and this is me telling you. This is embarrassing. I love your mattress.


I'm obsessed.


No. Sometimes people really come up with amazing things, and I'm like. And I thought I was thinking outside the box. I mean, I've walked on stills. I learned how to walk on stills and do, like, crazy things. Last year, I did something with Cirque du Soleil. I had to fly all the way to Canada, meet everyone, and then rehearse this stuff that they did. People are flying through the air. I had to climb through this guy, hop on this guy, and we were doing all this stuff, and then here, this guy was with a mattress, and I was like, this is it.


The fact that you also. That probably took, like, no time. He just slid right in.


No, but there's, like, metal pieces, and then there's also foam stuff. So he had to make space to where he then fit. Had to go where he could go.


Wow, I wonder if he laid down at any point during the night and let people relax on him, right?


Yeah, I wonder where he is right now. The mattress from the Halloween party.


Reach out to us. We'd love you. Shout out to mattress person.


Never saw him ever again.


That is so iconic. Okay, you did mention that your costumes aren't sexy because you're, like, sexy during the year. You're like, let's get creative.


I mean, I was Jessica Rabbit once, who I think is the ultimate sex bomb ever. When I was getting ready, everyone thought that I was going to be Kim Kardashian, because it started with putting the prosthetics of the boobs, and they made me a gorgeous booty. And everything. And I usually post throughout me getting ready so people can start guessing. And they were like, yes, she's definitely Kim.


And then you're like, no, Kim's boobs aren't this big. Ladies and gentlemen, watch me.


I was Jessica Rabbit.


If you had to pick one of your costumes to role play in the bedroom, which costume would it.


Rabbit. Jessica. Yeah.


Do you think your husband would like that? Yes, I think that's the best one. Because maybe not the old person, but maybe you're like, baby, this is what we're in for.


Halfway there again. I'm 16 years older than him.


Can we talk about how your legs at one point were insured for $10 million?


But I didn't do that.


Okay. Can you explain it to people that have no idea what I'm talking about?


So I had this client who was an epilator. Client.


What is that?


It's when it removes your hair. An epilator. So instead of shaving it.


Yeah. Like laser.


Yeah. No, it's not laser. It's like something you can actually do. It's like this little machine, and it just takes them out. And they had my legs. In short, at the time, for, like, three years, I worked for the company, and then I had to go to London, and this person came and looked at my legs, and unfortunately, on one leg, I had a scar. So that was a bad leg. So that was not as insured for that much. And the other one was, and I don't remember how much it was, but it didn't come for me. They wanted that. And I was like, all right, insure those legs. Let's go.


And so if your leg, because I'm pretty sure I read it was like $2 million. What does insuring it do? Like, God forbid something happened to it.


I really don't know. And the other day on America's got Talent fantasy league, I fell. And literally, I have know the biggest scar on my leg. Immediately, everyone came running. They were like, no, these and short legs. And I'm like, don't worry. I don't care at all. But I'm like, this is so like old news. This was ages ago when they did that. But I don't know. Maybe at that time, who knows? I have no idea.


People are crazy. What is something that immediately turns you on?


Oh, I just need to look at my husband. Yes.


What is the most cringe thing a guy has ever done to get your attention?


They put their wiener in the popcorn box.




Hold on, hold on.


Please explain.


You know, when they hold the popcorn box and you just keep eating. And all of a sudden I was like, yes. There was more in the popcorn box as it was sitting on his lap.


Shut the fuck up.


No, he poked like a little hole. Those things are like, what are those, cardboard?


Yeah, cardboard. Little popcorn box.


Paper things. Yes. Dug a hole in the bottom, shoved his little wiener sausage through it. And as I'm munching down, you're like, yes.


Whoa, it's a thick piece of popcorn. Damn. What was your reaction? What did you do?


I thought it was funny.


It is kind of funny. Yeah, but I'm not like, it now turned on.


No. Poor him. Because also, it's like salty, right?


But you like popcorn, so maybe it's like a good little lube.


There was no lubage on it. There was no lubricant on it. But it made me laugh like no one had ever done that to me before and never anyone after again.


So unique. That's not even cringe. That's beautiful. Genius. It's funny.




It's comedy. It's comedy.


I mean, you have to be very creative. Creative and also feel confident.


Was it hard that off? Was it hard or soft?


I mean, little floppy. Let's call it chubby. My daughter is going to kill me. I love you.


No, I think her friends are going to be like, this is the best episode of Caller Daddy ever. Your mom's a legend. Let's call it chubby. Well, chubby is the stage before, for sure.




Did you end up having sex with him that day?




You let it just kind of flaccid out, like it just kind of deflated. And you kept eating your popcorn.


No, I think I was done by that point. I mean, it's also a while ago. I don't remember.


That is one of the best answers I think I've ever heard on caller daddy. Okay, how would you describe your type?


I mean, look at my husband. No, I'm saying look at my past.


You don't have a type.


I don't have a type. I mean, I've had someone bald, really old, long hair, skinny, bigger.


Yeah. So it's more about personality, would you say?




What do you look for in personality?


I mean, their personalities also have been very different, but at the end of the day, you want someone who you feel comfortable with, snuggle with. Even though I'm quite strong, I still want to be the woman in the relationship and be not the one putting the arm around. I want to be the one that snuggles in the arm. So someone who makes you feel great and sees you also and continues to see you, because I feel like in the beginning, they try everything to get you, and they're like, the eyes don't move anywhere else but on you. And then it's like, why are those eyes on it? So I feel like when you have someone who really continues to see you and do everything for you the same way, how we do things for them, so where it's like you love them and they love you back in the same way, that's the most important thing.


That is so cute. Okay. Would you say you're a sexual person?




On a scale of prude to total freak, where do you fall, Heidi?




Oh, you're a freak. Love.


Yeah, I would be a nine. You gave me a range till ten, right? So, yeah, I didn't go for the full ten. I would go for the nine.


Love. We love that. Uncaller, daddy. I don't know if your daughter told you the origins of the show, but very sexual. Fun. Sexual, though. I've taught a lot of women how to give good blow jobs. We're open here.




Oh, I love your reaction.


I wish I was there for that lesson.


Glockluck 9000. I'll send you the episode.


It's amazing.


Do you like vibrators?


I do like them. I was thinking when I was doing the worm, that that should be a vibrator.


Oh, my God. Wait, hold on.


Maybe not with my face on it.


But you were thinking of being a vibrator for.


No. After I did the worm two years ago, I was thinking this could be, like, a really cute little vibrator.


Oh, like a worm vibrator.


I mean, not that small.


Oh, right.








How big are your.


Maybe double sided. Because a worm is double sided.




Kind of could have a small end and a bigger head. Or vice versa.


Oh, my God. You should invent the worm vibrator.




And do you think people would buy it if it actually looked like a worm, though? Maybe not.


Would you? If it was cute. Like a cute little rainworm?


Yes. No. Yes. And then maybe if someone walks in on you using it, you can be like, oh, my God, there's a worm in my bed. Realize. Happening. Okay, great. Okay, what is your favorite vibrator? Like, what's your go to?


I mean, obviously the wand.


The wand.


Just because it's very thorough in its. That is literally, you know, it's on.


You know it's on. That is such a. That the way you just did that.


Because some things, you just don't even know it's on.


Yeah. You're like, hello? Are you down there, like, trying to click it up, get some more energy going? Are you okay to use the wand during sex, or do you not use the wand during sex?


Why not? Plus, if you go for many different hours, you can have many different things happening.


Do you typically have sex for hours?




Oh, really? You have that much stamina?




Oh, my God.


I think it's easier for the woman than it is for the men. So does the men have that much stamina as the thing? Because the men usually are the ones that can't go for that long.


They're like. And it's like it's been five minutes.


Or it's a lot of blood that has to be pumped in a certain place. And so I feel like some can't do it.


Right? You're right. We don't get enough credit once we have an orgasm. I'm like, okay, I could go again. But men, it's like, hold on.


Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Got it. So the key is for them to not have that first reaction so that it can stay longer. But a lot of guys cannot do that.


But your husband can.


My husband can.


Whoo. Can you describe your sex life in three words?


Endless. Hot. Wild.


Oh, my God. We're all trying to picture it. This is very hot. Okay.


You kind of mentioned this at the.


Beginning of the interview, and when I was researching you, I noticed there were people that had a lot to say about your relationship and how your husband is younger than you. What are your thoughts on it?


Two middle fingers up on my end. I just always think, why do people care? I never talk about anyone.




Live and let live. Like, what is it to you who I'm with?




I understand. Also, because he has a band, and he's known in a lot of places of the world, and people also find them very hot. He didn't pick you. Get over it. So it's like, what is it to you? Like, I picked him. He picked me. And it's like, if maybe you meet and you have a chance, maybe things will change. But do you know what I mean? I feel always like, why are people getting involved? I would never comment on someone else, on what they do, who they're doing, and how they look or how they don't look. Who cares?


It's so true. It's like, if you're happy, that's great. And then the people commenting, it's like, why do you even have enough time to comment on my relationship where people.


Are like, I'm 16 years older. Thanks for pointing it out. I also know he knows I wasn't lying to him. He knew how old I was from the very beginning. I know I will be aging faster. I mean, not faster, but yes, the 16 year gap will always be there. That's just how it is. But that's his choice and my choice. So I never understand why people care.


This is the energy we need. I appreciate that energy because I think sometimes, especially with social media, where you can read so many comments, I think a lot of people get just pressured into maybe either they making statements or feeling like, oh, my God, do I need to explain myself? Or whatever. And you're like, I don't give a fuck.


That's why I also turned it off. Yeah, I turned my instagram handles off a few years ago.


Oh, comments.


Not the handle altogether, but like the comments. Because I don't want to be influenced what people put in my head. I feel like it's harder to walk to the beat of your own drum if you constantly hear more noise interfering. I feel like it's good that you just do what you would naturally do.


I did that same thing. I think it was now two ish years ago.


You turned it off. Yeah.


My Instagram comments are off and I've never been happier. I'm like, I have no idea what anyone thinks about this photo, and I.


Don'T give a fuck. I mean, in one sense, I love that there are so many fans that are following and I feel bad for the people who are actually genuine and nice and who I would love to see what they have to say, but there's so many people that are just barfing from morning to night. And I'm like, I'm just not down for it. I'm just like, no, that is literally.


How we have to describe the trolls on the Internet. They're just barfing from morning tonight. It's true.


I don't want to do that.


It's exhausting. And I also think I found, I do think sometimes even the good comments, I love them so much and people still can dm me, but I don't think I also need an over thousands of people telling me how pretty I look or great.


But sometimes they can be like, oh, my God, this thing that you did there, where can I get that?


Yeah, totally.


Then I could be like, easily, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's right there in that sense. No, I also don't need to know how you think I look good in this outfit? I feel like I look good in this outfit. That's why I put it on. My husband would tell me if he hates, if I have something on. That's what I care about. That's it. Yeah.


Great answer. You've had relationships in the past, obviously not just your husband. What is a hard lesson that you've learned about love that you would want to teach your kids one day?


It doesn't matter how hard you love someone, it doesn't make them love you the same or back as hard as you love them. Or sometimes also, and even with a partner, or anyone for that matter, sometimes you think a certain way, but their head is differently in there. They don't think the same way how you do.


Yeah, I think that just crushed all of us. There's so many people watching, being like, oh, my God, you're so right.


No, because I've had relationships in the past where I love them so much and I do everything and I'm like a love bug. I fall in love and then I'm just like, I dive in headfirst and it's just like I'm all the way in there. And then you just realize sometimes that you just don't get it back the same way. And even though you go full on, if they're just not the same way, it doesn't change. It's so well said.


And daddy gang, I hate to say it, but someone clip this and just re listen to this. Every time you're with a fuck boy and you're like, it's going to work out. He's going to like me one day. You know, we always know when you're putting so much more in and you're trying and you're trying. If you like them more, that says something like, find someone that likes you equally.


I had a relationship, cheated on me for four years straight from the very beginning to the very end, all the time. All the time. Until I found out.


How did you find out?


I had the opportunity to go into the emails, which I'd never done, of course. And all of a sudden it was kind of, I found so many things where I was just like, wow. But then I always knew. Deep down inside, I always knew, right, the days when you were like, what happened? Why didn't you pick up? You were in this place and it's like, oh, yeah, my phone. Something happened to my phone. And then it's like, oh, yeah, I didn't have a charger or all of a sudden it's like radio silence for, like, I had this pit always in my stomach where I was like, something is up. But then you get reassured, are you crazy? I love you so much. You everything to me, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you're like, okay, he's telling me all this stuff. Okay, I feel better for a hot minute. Then something happens again. And you're like, I still feel this. It's this bad feeling that I'm burping up again. And I was always right. I always knew that also must have.


Been so hard to see that it was from the very beginning.


Yes. Because then you was alive from the very beginning. Beginning for four years.


And that's so hard because you're like, oh, my God. Then you kind of start to replay any happy, beautiful moments you had and knowing, like, oh, my God, you are a pathological liar at this point. You're just being able to be in bed with me, look at me, have moments of telling me you love me, and then, like, four fucking years of that. I mean, I think you're right, though. And that's what's hard. And everyone, though, does have to come to it on their own. I feel like it's hard when Friends try to get involved and convince their friends I know they're cheating. Everyone really does know. You have the gut feeling, like that pit in your stomach I've had before, and there is nothing worse because you feel so alone. And the only person that can actually make you feel better in that moment is the person that's hurting you. But what you don't realize is if you just get yourself out of it, you don't deserve to have a pit in your stomach.


And then at that moment, you really think there is no other parents with great sons. You think, this is it.


This is it.


How is this possible? And then it's like, I know you always say, like, oh, other parents have also nice sons, but in that moment, you just think, no men. There is no one else. For me, this was it. This is the one. And then also, it's hard when you meet someone new again because then you kind of feel like, is this the same pit again? Is this happening again? It takes a hot minute to also trust that person again. And then I've been told, like, you can't put your old shit on me. You know what I'm saying? It's so hard to give people a chance again. But it is hard, especially when this happened to you for numerous years, to trust that again.


It's very difficult. I'm curious getting cheated on is one thing. Have you ever fallen out of love with someone?




Oh, my gosh. Can you explain how you knew it was time to leave?


Yeah. No, I told this person, too. I said, I don't love you anymore. Like, literally, I just said it.


That's so hard because it's like. And did anything awful happen or it was just like you just realized.


No, I just realized it and I voiced it and I was like, this is just not forever.


You know what I mean? I feel like.


And it was very sad, but I was like, I'm not going to string this along or play something that it's not.


I think that's the hardest part, is because people will write into me and be like, alex, I think I still love my boyfriend, but I don't know. And I'm like, well, that's your first answer. If you don't know, then you know.


With my husband, I know.


Exactly. You should know.


No question about anything. If you have a question that's already not a good start.


It's not a good start. And I think a lot of people struggle if there's been years of it where you're like, I don't want to hurt the person, but you are hurting.


The person, making it longer.






Like, get out if you can, and let yourselves both restart. Rather than being like, I feel so bad that I'm going to tell the person I don't love them anymore. I think they'd want to.


Yes. Yes, for sure. I wish I would have known with that person that dicked me around for four years.


Me, too. For you, Heidi, you have chosen yourself and walked away from relationships, from jobs, once they stopped serving you. What advice can you give to my listeners about how to know in life when it's time to move on again?


The question that arises, the same with a boyfriend that you said, maybe you don't love that person. So already, if you're like, for me, it was with Victoria's Secret. After certain years, I was kind of like, I think it's time for me to hang up my wings. You know what I mean? I feel like I'm older now. Now I have three children. It's like young, beautiful new girls coming up. So I was like, before I get the boot, I think I'm just going to leave on this note right here instead of.


Do you think that was one of the most difficult things you ever had to walk away from?


Well, you close one door, you open another. I feel like I'm also someone who always has another goal. Another thing that I'm interested in doing, so I had a great run is what I thought, and I met so many amazing people, and there's other opportunities, and then I had many different tv shows that I was doing and still doing, so I was kind of like, okay, right.


Let's talk about your new song.




Sunglasses at night. And it's cool that you did collaborate with Tiesto. I'm curious, how did you get first into music? Is this something you're very, very passionate about?


Well, very. First, I did a Christmas song, and I think it was 2006 or 2008. It was quite funny. I have four fans, and those are my four kids. They all know it, and they love it. I mean, I think they love it. Do you love it, Lainey? So every time when it was something, like, fun or something that was, for me, a challenge, something that I normally don't do, I was like, yes, let's try. Because I love, you know how other people love going on a roller coaster. That's what I don't want to do. Or they shoot themselves to the friggin moon base for 30 minutes and then come back down. Seems like everyone is doing these these days. I don't want to go, but when someone gives me an opportunity and sticks a mic in my face, I want to do it.


Oh, my God, I loved it.


Anyway, I'm in the shower, and then I think about this sunglasses at night song, and I'm like, you know how it starts? And I'm like, it's just such a cool vibe. And then I was thinking, who should I do this with? Or who could I ask? Who would be so crazy? And then I literally asked Tys. His name is Tys. Yeah, right. And then I'm like, I have this great idea for a new track that I would love to do with you. He's like, you sing. And I'm like, not really. And then he's like, okay, what's your idea? I'm like, I want to do the Corey Hart song sunglasses at night. And he went, great idea. I think in that moment, he thought, why did I think of that myself? I kind of saw the hamster on the wheel running, kind of like, okay, he was already, I feel, like, producing it in his head right then and there. So then it just happened like that. I recorded my lines and sent it over to him, and then he produced the song, and here it is. Sometimes I pinch myself how I hook these things up somehow.


And I always think, if you don't tell people, how are they going to know, these crazy ideas that are roaming around in your head. So, again, I could have gotten a no, and then I would have probably asked again, but he said yes, so that I immediately went for it, and it just went super fast. And then there it is.


It's so fun because it really is. Like, the theme of today is, like, go for what you want, and who gives a shit? Because even if you get a no, at least you, like, it goes all the way back to you with Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated and then even the singing. You're like, I know I'm not a singer, but, yeah, I can be one. Let's sing and just go for it.


And then either people love that vibe that we put together on there or they don't.




And again, people have a choice. At the end of the day, the customer or the listeners are the ones that then are the judge, and they choose if they want it or they don't want it.


Let me just be clear. The daddy gang, my audience is going to absolutely support you on this, Heidi, because we love you. After this interview, I'm like, you're my favorite person. This is, like, the best vibe. You're such good energy. And we're going to be playing sunglasses at night. Daddy Gang's like, our girl is on this track. No. It's so fun. It really is so fun.


Okay, everyone, get your sunglasses out. I tried to be sexy on this one.


Wait, do it again.


Do it again. Okay. Did you actually hear?


We did. We were playing it downstairs.


No, because I wanted to. Because I have this annoying voice. Also for this, I brought it down a notch, and I was like, okay, everyone, get your sunglasses out.


It's so good.


I was like, I love the little tit shimmy. I got that from Sophia Vagara. Sophia always does that.


It's good. It's really good. You're also judging this season of America's got Talent fantasy league. I have got to ask. Last question. Have you cracked Simon Cowell? Is he a softie or is he really.


He's soft. Yes. Yeah, he's soft. I wish I could give him a makeover. I asked him since the first day I met him, I was like, please leave it up to me. I come from this. I come from this. This is what I do. I love fashion. Please, let's go shopping together.


What does he say?


He doesn't want to. He has his style. And now I'm over it. Now I'm like, okay, you do you. I do me. I get it. But sometimes I'm like, I wish he would do me instead of you. But he doesn't. So I love him. I love him. He's a great boss. He's a lot of fun.




The other day when I told you, I fell and blood was gushing and everyone comes running to me, how are you doing? How are you doing? I'm like, I didn't fall in my head. I'm fine. And he's like, make more of it. Make more of it. He's just so much fun.


He's like, play it up. Let's go.


Like, make more of it. This is great for the television. I was like, you're right. No, but I didn't.


That is hilarious. Yeah, he could use a makeover. But you know what? You look right and that's all you can control, how you.


No, but I love him. And he is so right with so many different things that he says to the people that are on the stage. Like, sometimes someone will sing a song and he will be like, stop the music. I don't even know if that airs half of the time, but he does it all the time. He stops the music. And I feel terrible for them because they're like, now what? But I always have to say, the act gets better after that. He's like, I don't love the song you started. Open the wrong key. You're too nervous. You need water. What do you need? Not that song. Do you have anything else? And then usually when they sing another song, it's like another person's. Yeah.


He's so talented.


He really is. And he has amazing ideas. And with fantasy league, that was his idea, too.




Because I think maybe he thought he and us, we were not getting enough airtime, so he made our job a little bit bigger so we could be on a little longer.


You've been such a good judge. You will be such a good mentor. The song is so fun. You are so fun. And I'm just like, excited that I got to meet you because same. You're even more charming in person, honestly.


Thank you.


When I watch you on tv, I always smile when you're talking. I'm just like, oh, there she is. And I don't even know you. But now being with you in person, I'm like, you're so great, and it's been so fun to record with you.


You should come and visit us sometimes when we shoot Agt. It's a lot of fun, especially when we do auditions. So that's what we're going to start with after fantasy league. Is all aired.


I would love that.


Then we start with auditions. And the auditions are the most fun. Like, people do things where you're like, what on earth is this? People will fart and blow out candles with their fart air. They do things.


Light me up.


No, literally, they do things where you're like, I've never seen this before. Like, literally, I've never seen this before. So it's a lot of fun. You can come anytime.


I would love to come. Truly. That sounds so much fun, especially because you'll just be there and you make everything fun. Clearly. This has been so fun. I can't thank you enough for coming on. I already know the daddy gang loves you.


I'll be back next week.


Oh, yeah. You'll be back next week. This is actually our formal announcement that Heidi Klum is caller Daddy's new co host. So here every week, the two of us tune in.


I'll be back for more. I'll be back for more.


Thank you so much for coming on.


Thank you.


Oh, my.


Thank you.


Did this episode leave you wanting more? Obviously it did. Daddy Gang, here are two episodes I think you'll also, like. Go watch binge. Caller Daddy. Hey, Mitchell. Welcome to caller Daddy.


I've always felt pretty secure and confident with who I was first before getting into a relationship. I don't want to constantly be living in a state of anxiety, wondering where.


They are, what they're doing.


Like, if you're staying up at night, not sleeping, stalking and Instagram, he's still going to do what he's going to do.


Because if it's the wrong person, why do you want to waste your time with them anyways?


For those listening who are in their 20s, save yourselves.


Learn from us.


Don't waste your days.


Janelle Monet. Welcome to call her dad. Thank you so much for having me. Getting to the root of my rejection, abandonment. I thanked the person I was in a relationship with. They forced you to deal with something that you were not going to deal with. I'm feeling much lighter now. I'm float. I had to let some things ago to get to this place. And once I got over that hump, everything started to change for me. And I think I'm a powerful ass motherfucker.