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What is up, Daddy Gang? It is your founding father, Alex Cooper with Call Her Daddy. Tish and Brandee, welcome to Call Her Daddy. She's not even talking.


She's already.


I'm already going into my zone.


Oh, boy.


I am obsessed. So Tish is smoking a little weed. If you're listening to this in the car, you looked at me and you were like, Do you mind if I I smoke. I'm like, Come in the studio, smoke a little bit because you saw Whizz Khalifa. You're like, I deserve this, too. But Brandy, you're telling me to make sure that your mom keeps speaking.


Yeah, because she'll just keep smoking and keep smoking. And then she gets to a point where she's literally mute.


And I'm going to need a little water.


The water is next to you and it's your mother.


Sometimes she either is mute or starts laughing and cannot stop.


Okay, laughing is better than mute on the podcast. Yes, it is. Give us all the giggles, Tish.




Give us the vibes. She's taking off the shoes.


She's getting comfy.


She's getting comfy.


I'm ready to spill some tea.


Tish, let's fucking go. Okay. I don't know if you are. This is what she does. She tells the juciest stories, and then she'll go home late at night, get high, be isolated, and get paranoid, and be like, Cut it all. No. Cut it, cut it, cut it. I'm like, We can't. It's the funniest thing in the world.


Leave it. I did that last night.


She did. I'm going to have to call you after and be like, No, Tish, we can't cut that. And then I feel like I'm going to be getting on the phone with you, Brandy, because you're going to be like, No, it's hilarious. Keep it. She's just high. So I already feel like I'm getting the dynamic from the two of you just watching this interaction. But can you describe your relationship together. Can you describe your relationship together?


You want me to go first? You go first.


I mean, I just feel like there's a role reversal here, and it's been this way for a very long time, where somehow I'm the parent.


Okay. Except if it's really something serious.


Oh, like what?


Like, I don't know. You don't know because it doesn't exist. Like a boyfriend thing or a work thing. Then I get serious and very motherly. You are, but- But on the daily, I just like to have fun.


Yeah. I would say when Noah, because she's the youngest, when Noah moved out of the house and you became a little empty nester, she just really decided- Go crazy.


She was going crazy. I mean, I had five kids. It was a lot. You were busy. I was busy. And now- And honestly, I'm so controlling that I had to control every aspect of their lives and be a part of it. And it wasn't just like, I mean, I was in it.


So you weren't the mean girls mom vibe? No. You weren't like, Here's a condom, sweetie? No.


Absolutely not to that. I feel like your cheer mom, that came out a little bit. Yes. Because me and Miley, did you know a cheer? Yes. We all cheered at one point. And when she was cheer mom- I was a big cheer mom.


What does a cheer mom look like? What is that? What do you act like?


I'm like, My girl's hair needs to be bigger. The makeup needs to be more, and they need to be shaking it.


The skirts need to be shorter.


The skirt needs to be super short. Oh, yeah. Oh, my God. Yeah.


A cheer mom.


If I would not have come to LA, I would have been a cheer mom. Yeah.


I could so see that now that you're describing it. But I'm also just getting to know you. But the personality is there on both of you. But it is interesting to say, Brandee, you're more like, Mom, tone it down. And Tish is like,.


I was not like that. Okay.


I feel like If you were as a teenager, then you pulled it together, and now we're back.


What is your guys' favorite thing to do together? Shoot the shit.


Yeah, we talk constantly, every day, all the time. Like besties.


I feel like you guys have the best girl talk sessions. I'm jealous. You guys can sit there for hours, I feel like.


Oh, hours. And it's always going to be juicy when her and Molly, I see them coming in hot together. I'm like, The tea is going to be piping.


We'll do like... Because I live in Nashville, so we'll all get on FaceTime, the three of us. And Miley's like, So what's the tea? And I'm like, What do you got? I need something piping. And then we'll all start just gossiping. And usually it's like, We want the family tea. Can you guys just give me And you.


Let's go through the family tree, just so someone listening that may be new here to the Cyrus family. Oldest to youngest sibling. Go.


Yes. Brandi, Trace, Molly, Brazen, Noah. Oh, my God.


Slow down. Okay. You're the oldest. I am. What was Brandy like as a kid?


Honestly, perfect. She, honestly, she is just so together. And the one thing I will say is that all five of my kids are from me. And they're all so sickening that I just think it's my Jean that gives all of them their sparkle.


Look at her little pop of the shoulder.


Honestly, this- She loves to take credit. She is so smart. It freaks me out.


Okay, but here's the thing. I was the oldest, or I was the first one. So they were just stricter with me. I was expected to get straight A's, and I was expected to go get a job at 15, and I was just expected to do all these extracurriculars, which I did. And then I feel like with each kid, you got a little less strict, a little more lenient. And by the time she got to Noah, Noah got to do whatever she wanted.


As an oldest child, I'm so curious because I'm the youngest. Do you get resentful of that factor of like, what the hell? Why did they get to run around?


I did when I was younger, for sure. I remember when Miley was going to the stage of first boyfriends and stuff, I got in so much trouble. She took my car away because I was seeing a guy she don't want me to see at 16, 17.


Because I looked out the window and they were like- We were making out. On a trampoline. Okay, well, what did you catch Miley doing?


She got away with.


Miley got away with a lot.


Let's just leave it at that. I was furied, and I was mad. Do you know why?


I was mad. This is therapy. Do you know why Miley got away with a lot? Is because I just... This is This is therapy. This is therapy. I looked at kids, honestly, Lindsay Lohan- I know.


That's fair.


And Miley finally had money like that. And so if I would have been so hard on her, she would have moved out. That's true. But instead, I made her live with me until she was 18. And I had to be more flexible because if I wasn't, then she would have just been, Well, I'm moving out.


It's also hard, I feel like, because I have an older sister, and she had to get a phone. She had to get a phone in high school. I got one in seventh grade. It just Just gets a little easier as the kids... It's just the younger get a little better. It's so true. I'm so sorry, Brandy, that Miley's over here getting away with shit.


You're like, Mom, what the hell?


It's okay because I turned out great. You did. So we're okay with it. But I do think that had a lot to do with why I'm so together. I don't know. I, more so than the others, can take care of myself and things like that.


You have that older sister energy. Do your siblings treat you like older sister energy?


Oh, Big time. If anyone is in trouble, I'm the one they call.


You're the one calling always. Over your mom? Yes. Depends on what it is.






Sometimes, yeah. If there's a PR crisis, who's getting called? Probably you. If there's a heartbreak, who's getting called? You. Brandy.


Maybe both.


Probably both. She'll call you and probably not get the thing she wants to hear from you. Oh, yes. Then she'll call me.


That's exactly how it works. Mom just doesn't understand. That's exactly the dynamic.


Honestly, with everybody. Everyone calls you first, and then they don't hear what they want, so then they call me.


That's exactly how it works.


I feel like that's actually very relatable of parent to sibling dynamics of mom didn't give me what I need, so peace the fuck out. I'm going to just pretend I didn't hear that one. Seriously. Ignore. But then when we really need the mom, you are the people to go to. Tish, you're getting stoned right now. Yes, yes, yes. Can you talk to me about, have you always been a stoner?


I did not smoke pot until I was like... What was Bangers to her? She asked me this- Twelve years ago? I always forget.


When was Bangers? This is every day we ask when Bangers was. Okay. We need to- 12 years? Ten.


Ten? Okay. So this is crazy. Never smoked pot, ever. And honestly, if I would catch my kids, I'm trying to... I literally was like, It is the devil. This is a gateway drug, and I am free. I'm not exaggerating. I would lose my mind. And But we were on tour, and I was not on some weird bus. I was on a brand new tour bus, truly, with Noah, and I think Miley's manager was on there. Yeah, he was. And your dog. So three people on this tour bus. Okay. I am going to sleep on the bus that night, and literally, it catches on fire. The bus literally blows a tire. We pull over to the side of the road, the whole bus is on fire. So I'm trying to get Noah, my little dog. The manager, no kidding. That literally, I had to try three different times because he had taken Ambian to wake him up. Oh, you're trying to wake him up? And I'm trying to wake him up. We get off the bus, and it, three minutes later, exploded into flames. Everything was on. What the fuck? I was in my pajamas, my computer, everything burned.


It was crazy. Thank God, you also were awake and not on something like Ambian. I know. Oh, my God.


Which led me to- Drugs. It did. So then, while we were on tour, I could I'm not going to sleep on the bus. Because you were so anxious. So I got ambian, and it made me feel so bad. And Molly was like, Mom, if you would just smoke weed, that's how it started. And I started smoking to go to sleep.


The tables have really turned, though, because now she's sober.


Now she's sober, and you're still kicking. Oh, my God. Wait, no. I'm thinking about it, too, because I'm like, Brandy, you don't smoke. Again, very on brand. You're like, Mom, I want to be in control. I don't need that. Although she's just fully giving you second-hand smoke. We're all high right now.


We're all lit.


But as you You just said that, because I'm thinking of you, you said you were a really strict parent growing up. I can't help but think the infamous photo, I feel like I remember where I was when the fucking picture of Miley with the bomb comes out. Were you rip shit?


I was literally so angry. She was.


You were.


Oh, you have no clue.


Did your whole family even know that picture was coming out? No.




I love how it was the biggest fucking deal.


So dumb, but- Okay, so first of all, Miley would say this, is at that time, it really, truly, honestly was Salvia, which is completely legal, and you can buy at the grocery store.


Right, right, right, right. Oh, I do remember that.


And it wasn't even weed. It truly, absolutely was Salvia. And she lost a huge deal because of it, a huge deal. And it said she wouldn't smoke. And then that picture came out. So it was like... So dumb. And it was Salvia. It's crazy.


All of a sudden, let's talk about it because all of your lives changed, obviously. And Brandi, I wanted to hear from you a little bit of, you guys lived in Nashville. And then when Miley got Hannah Montana, you all moved to LA. From your experience, was it difficult to pick up your life at that time and move? Were you excited? Was it hard?


So it was a little bit different for me than the rest of them because I had just graduated high school and I had already applied and gotten into college in Tennessee. And I did that to be close to home. And so I'm going to college 30 minutes from the house, and they're all moving to LA. But I was committed, so I had to go. Hated it. Worst year of my life. It was so crazy. The minute I finished the year, I moved out to LA to be with them.


Why was it the worst year of your life?


I don't know because in high school, I was such a great student and did all the things. I didn't hate high school. I didn't love high school, but I think I was so burnt out on trying to work so hard at school. By the time I got to college, I was just over it. I had a really hard time making friends. Everybody partied. I didn't. And then everybody left me. I was thinking, I'll be close to family and friends. And then they had all gone to California. So my grades weren't good, which was a first for me in my whole life. And I didn't really have a major I cared about or anything. So I think you were the one that said, just finish the year, and then you can decide what you want to do. This is like therapy.


She's never said this to me.


The day I finished school, I drove out to California.


I know, but I didn't know you were that sad.


Yeah, it sucked. Was it hard? Not every day. They were good times laced into it Sure. But just as a general arc, I was like, Well, I don't really know what I'm doing here. And they're all in California, so now I'm just going to go.


The homesick feeling was like your whole family had moved somewhere that, yeah, you hadn't been, but it doesn't matter where they are. You were just like, I want to go see my family. And it must have been weird because that is when all that started to blow up and the show got so big. So did you have FOMO at all?


I wouldn't say I had FOMO necessarily. I think it was just such a hard time, a hard age for me. That time of you're supposed to know what you want to do with your life, and I didn't really. And just being in the environment. I went to MTSU in Tennessee. It's just a huge school, and I just didn't really have much direction. And so then I went out to California and became friends with some girls that were also in the Disney World, EverLife, and three girls that all play instruments and tour and sing. And they opened for Miley when she did the Hannah Montana stuff, and they got me into playing music. And that's when I started to find a little bit of direction.


Obviously, you guys guys have a very interesting family dynamic, because I feel like a lot of times in a family, there's one person that gets famous, and your whole family is famous, essentially. And I think back to those original Hannah Montana days, where your Billy Ray and Miley were playing a father-daughter dynamic. And I'm curious, did you guys have any concept that from that people would become so fascinated with your entire family off of a TV show?


There was no to know that. I know.


Because even like, and again, for me, I think it was a little different because I am the oldest. I was very aware of my dad's Fame as a kid, I think, differently than Noah or anybody would be. I understood. To me, the attention wasn't foreign, right? And all that because I'd experienced the craziness of the fans with my dad. But Hannah Montana was just different. I don't think anybody could have ever anticipated it or thought how big it would be.


And honestly, it was It felt like almost how achey-breaky heart it felt to us. And when they were that age, it was such a phenomenon. And then so Hannah Montana came, and it became its own phenomenon. Totally. And So it was like seeing that twice was really crazy, even though you only really saw that, like Miley and had never experienced that as much.


You guys remember a moment we were like, Oh, our entire family's life has changed? Is there or a turning point or an event or something in media that happened?


The only time, and it wasn't as much about the family, is it was Miley. And we, Miley and I had gone to the mall. And what a time. It's like, what a time. And honestly, I think we were in Victoria's Secret, and I think she was twelve. So. Love it. You know what? It's all my fault. But anyway, all of a sudden, girls started coming in from everywhere, and literally, they had to get all of the mall security and lock us in the Victoria's Secret and get everybody to... And us go out the back. And I was like, Oh, my gosh. And really, Hannah Montana had been out three days. Jesus Christ. And it was just immediately a phenomenon. On. Crazy. And I was like, Oh, wow. This is working in a big way.


Of course. I remember reading, it was like a GQ article, and it was at the end of then Hannah Montana, and Billy Ray came out and said that the show destroyed your family. And I'm curious, did you guys feel that way?


Absolutely not. Not at all? Yeah. No. Yeah.




I mean, the family is not destroyed, first of all.




We're doing great. But yeah, no, not at all.


No, I just think he was having a moment because I'm trying to be politically correct. I don't want to call you to not freaking out.


I don't want you to call me either, Tish. Please, pick your words.


It's like, 4:00 AM. Haley's been doing it. Hey, girl. Hey, girl.


I just woke up. Did I say this? I'm like, No. Yes.


I mean, he had done achy-breaking, and nothing else was working. And Then I brought Miley out to audition for Hannah, and she had gotten it. And then one of the casting directors said a joke like, Too bad we can't afford her real dad. And I said, Oh, maybe you can, because we had just been in Toronto living, because he had done another show in Toronto. And so we all had to go back and forth, and it was really hard on the kids. And so I was like, if Miley... And Miley had I've already gotten Hannah, and I was already stressed about, What are we going to do? I couldn't, as a mom, have half my kids in Tennessee, and be out here with Miley. I just could not do that. And so I was like, I have to bring all the kids. And so then that's when I said, to Billy Ray, you should come audition for the dad. And because they love you and they're really interested, yes, it would be a pay cut, but our family could be together.


Okay, this helps so much because I think something I was going to ask you is, obviously, you have five kids, and this is such a big family. And like, Fame or not, I think no matter what, everyone that has siblings, there's going to always be the kid, whether it's because there's a problem or it's success, that's getting more attention than other children at one point, which is really fucking hard for the other kids. How did you navigate being a manager, riding this crazy wave with one of your children while you also had four other children that needed you?


I look on it now, and I honestly don't know how I did it. And up until, literally, I don't know if you know, but I just got married.


She loves to bring this up.


A flick of the hair.


I don't know if you know, babe.


Honestly, he is just everything. And he made me realize what I did is badass. And he's like, because honestly, he's asked me that question when we first got together, and it's like, And now you look back And then when one of the kids are mad at me, it's like, well, you took me out of school, or you did... You know. Of course. And I'm like, well, yes. So I literally... Because I mean, I was a single parent. I Brandy. I mean, it was me. So I took... No, Embray's when we're little. And I literally had the choice to leave them with a nanny and let them go to school, or take them with me and have them do it on school, which is what I chose to do. And it was not easy having kids that small out. And I mean, Brandy would come out, Trace would be out. One of the tours, Trace opened for Miley. But I just made it work, and I took the kids. But it was a sacrifice for everyone. Of course.


But it is badass because I didn't know that part of the story. That's why I asked because I was like, did some of the kids stay somewhere else? And did you just go be with her? Any dynamic can create resentment between children and their parent and how they decide to make situations work. But I'm curious with you, Brandee, how did the Fame of your family as it continued to explode, impact you and your relationships and your friendships?


I mean, I was what? 19, I guess, when Hannah Montana started to explode. So I was an adult, technically. And so I feel like I'm always super grateful that even when I Then my dad was so famous. I had really good friends my whole life. I was really able to make great friends. I ridden horses my whole life. So dorky. I'm such a horse girl, but I've literally done that since I was five, and through that made great friends. But then I think moving to California and once all the Hannah Montana craze started, it definitely became hard to make friends in LA. I struggled with that anyway. But then on top of that, you worry about, well, do you just want to be my friend because of my dad or because of my sister? Of course, any guy ever dated I wondered that. And I dated a lot of musicians, unfortunately. I was just drawn to that because I knew it was my world. But you wonder, well, does this up and coming musician just want to date me because I'm a cyrus? And then I started a band and I got a record deal.


And I'm like, well, did I just get this record deal because of Miley. You always question it. When I was young, I think all of us, when we're younger, we go against that. I don't want to just be known as that. I want to make my own path, and I'm going to make my own way. But now as an adult, I'm I'm like, You know what? I've had to deal with a lot of cons of this life. I might as well take the pros with it. And now, instead of looking at it as a burden, I look at it as almost like a bargaining chip to use. You know what I mean? If it opens doors for me, then I'm going to take it.


I think that makes sense, though. And I appreciate you saying that because as a young kid, of course, you're like, oh, fuck this at times because you're like, I'm my own... My name is Brandy. It's not my dad or my sister. Now Although you're so set in stone of who you are as an individual. And kudos to your mother for helping, obviously, give you the tools to be like, you're on your own and you can do whatever the fuck you want. But again, we're sitting here, and it's a huge part of both of your stories is that your family has many people that are so talented, including both of you sitting here. But everyone knows everyone in your family, almost, except for a couple of people that choose to not be as public, and you're also talented. So it's like, of course, that's going to impact your life. And I think it would be remiss for me to not sit here and be like, I can imagine that was hard in moments for every kid, including Miley. I bet she has... I don't want to speak for her, but I have had it in moments being like, Oh, I feel bad in moments of, did I take away from my siblings in moments?


Every single sibling has a different dynamic. And so I appreciate you just sharing. Now you're like, Fuck this. Lean in and have a fucking fun. Why not?


And I think that's the other thing that I didn't look at myself myself until I met Dom, who's just such a build me up person. Even for me, I have a production company called Hope Town Entertainment that I love, and it used to frustrate me so bad because the reason I love it so much is because I'm so creative. And with Molly, she gets to be the creative, and I just have to make it work for her and figure out how to make what she wants to do work. And I feel like that's been my job for a long time. So with Hopetown, it's mine. I get to be the creative.


Is that not what a mom's life is? It's like, put your kids first every time, let them be this and then it feels like, from what you're saying, finally, you've now been empty nested to be like, what does Tish want? And how can I start? And it feels like, but this happens to every family. It feels like you now are so settled. Everyone now knows how to handle it. But when shit pops off, no fucking family at any age, when you're super young, knows how to handle anything. There's drama in school. So then making it like everyone's getting famous.


Oh, I know. There's no playbook. It's insane. What the fuck are we supposed to do? And that's what I'm always like, when Noah or Bra or somebody is upset with me because, Well, I didn't get to go to normal school. I'm like, Guys, you just don't understand the storm we were in. Things were going absolutely bonkers, and I did the best I could.


And like you said, it's so fascinating. You didn't have a playbook how to make it right, but you did see from other certain young kids in the industry how south it can go so fast.


It was all around me. Crazy. It was all around me, and it just broke my heart for those It's just these kids, for real. And I was just like, that is not going to be me, and that is not going to be my kid.


Okay, we're going to play a little game because I want to get to know you guys even more. Okay. Tish is like, I'm going to smoke more. Here we go. Okay, rapid fire.


I'm stone. Now, I do not rapid.


It's not rapid. It's not actually rapid. You can actually be so slow with your words and be so long-winded. Do whatever the fuck you want. Okay, great. Hilarious. Tish, who is more likely to pick a fight, you or Brandy?




I can't believe you had to think about that. Oh my gosh.


Of course you. Do I really?


Remember that time you parked in front of something you weren't supposed to and you went off on the guy that came out and told you to move? You You pick fights a lot.


She has a problem with authority. But I will pick a fight. You'll go off. If somebody tries to tell me what to do, it ticks me off.


I do love that, though, as a woman. We all need a little bit of that energy from you, Tish, of just like, Fuck you.


It's like the airport police. I was like, You suck, and you have no authority over me.


They're like, Ma'am, we're just trying to make sure that no one gets on with a bomb.


And you're like, Don't freaking try to do this and tell me how to draw. I'm serious.


I'm obsessed. Okay, that was a good first one. Okay, Brandee, what is the biggest thing you used to lie to your mom about?


Boys, for sure.


Because you were just not about it.


She was so strict. Also, we talked about this. I'm sorry, we're stoned. Sex was like, don't do it ever. You can't have sex or you'll die.


But Hish, you know. I know. I'm sure you enjoyed your fair share.


Yeah, and had me at 18, so that's why. That's why. 20. 20.


So I had her at 20. And first person I ever had sex with. Can you believe this? And got pregnant with her. Yes. Oh, my God. But I'm like, look how great it turned out.


But when I was a teenager, it was, you can't have sex ever.


Yes. Or this will happen.


It wasn't even a wait till marriage.


Just not ever. Don't you think that's a thing, though? If someone has a child young, you get anxious for them because you lived it and you just want to be like, just be careful. But you're right. Look at this beautiful, perfect child.


I know she's great. Ten out of ten. I mean, seriously.


When I was 17, I did date a guy that had just gotten out of rehab for a cocaine addiction. She wasn't thrilled with that, even though I met him at church camp. And I had to lie quite a bit about seeing him.


She did.


It's always the church camp boys. Oh, they're the worst.


And that's who she was on the trampoline with. That's who I was on the trampoline with.


Would you have ever told your mom when you lost your virginity?


No, I didn't. Does she know yet? I had to tell her I heard a story last time we recorded this podcast.


Yes. You didn't know. I just found out who it was. She didn't even know who.


Were you mortified?


Yes, just because I desposed him.


There's always those boyfriends. I have one. My mother is like, when I hear his name to this day, I hate him. I'm like, Mom, it's been like 20 years.


We let him go. We moms hold grudges. We do.


Tish, is there something you used to lie to Brandy about?


I mean, there may be some like, skeletons in the closet during your menopause stage. I I don't know about it. I don't know. It was a dark time.


Oh, you went wild.


She went nuts. I went a little crazy. She and Miley were in cajoots during that time because Miley was also rebellious around that time. So it was like, they were in cajoots all the time. And so there might be some things. I don't know. I don't know.


Yeah, there could be.


I don't know. Oh, my God. Did the dynamic become like, you and Miley are like, we can't tell Brandy. We can't tell Brandy.


For sure.




Absolutely. Although that was around the same time we lied to her a lot about boys going to hang out with the Jonas Brothers.


That was- Oh my God. Wait, tell that story.


It's a good one. Tell it. Okay, I'm ready. I'll never forget. We were at some Disney charity event or something. Do you remember this when she met nick? Oh, yeah. The girls in Everlife are the ones that introduced everybody. And She immediately liked each other. And we snuck out of the house to go meet them at this place called Rocky Cola.


I just found this out, too.


It's like a diner. It's insane. And we snuck out to go do that. And then we snuck out a bunch to go hang out with them. And then we ended up touring with them, and it was just such a great time.


It was until it wasn't. Until it wasn't. Until it wasn't. Until it wasn't. Until it wasn't.


And it broke everyone's heart in the world.


Until it freaking wasn't.


That is so funny that you just found this out. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Wait, you guys. Fun story. I remember the Jonas Brothers when they opened because it was the Hannah Montana tour.


Yeah. It was like, wasn't it the Hannah and Miley when she did both and they played in the middle?


Oh, my God.


Yes. Yeah. It was Meet Miley Sars, I think.


And I remember, I was like, I don't care about these boys. Get off the stage. I just want to watch Miley and Hannah. I remember I went to one of the concerts, and my dad was like, I bet those boys will be big one day. And I'm like, oh, they did. But I just remember being like, why are they on stage? So funny. Oh, my God. Wow. So that's a good little story. Oh, yeah. So you had fun? Oh, yeah. Are you single?




Okay. If you had- Don't even.


I'm fine not to. What?


What are you going to do? She just loves to have things to say.


Okay, Tish. If you had to set Brandy up If I could set Brandy up with any celebrity, who would it be and why?


Oh, wait, wait. Hold on. This is good. If I could set Brandy up with any celebrity, who would it be and why?


I want to know the answer, though, honestly.


You know what? We talked about this yesterday.


Is it who I think you're going to say?


John Mayer.


I don't know about this. I can get you in there tomorrow.




Maybe I shouldn't say that. Wait. Explain why? Why John?


Well, Because how old is John?


Older than me, I think. 45?


Yeah. Five? First of all, I think... Really? Is he that old?


I don't know. I just made that up. Someone Google it.


Yeah, Google, Google.


How old is John? Is that too old?


No, I don't think so.


I would much rather be older. Okay, but why John? Explain his personality.


I just feel like he's never found the right person, and I just don't think Brandy's ever found the right person. And he's much older, but I mean, 36. She's going to be 37. Well, it's not telling everybody. We need to keep it moving. But I just feel like they have a lot of similarities because we were talking about this, too, that he's lived where?


She doesn't know shit. She's so high. He lives in Montana.


Guys, this is good. You've met him?


I think I I actually think I do have a picture with him. I think I met him one time at a Mollet concert. Me too.


Maybe by the time this is announced and this episode comes out, you'll go on a date.


Why not?


I would love to.


No, I'll go on a date. I'm all about going on a date, but I I don't date regularly because... How am I supposed to meet somebody? I truly just don't know. You know what I mean? It's hard. The apps, I just can't do. No.


Do you have a type?


I feel like not really.


Does she have a type? Do I?


I don't think so. I don't think so either. When I was younger, I dated a lot of band guys, musicians, and now it's the last thing I want.


That's going to be a problem. He's not like a band.


You know what I mean?


He's a leading man.


Yeah, it's a little different than just the guitar player I'm some rock band. You know what I mean? But now, I don't know. I feel like my type has changed. And I'm very outdoorsy. I live on a farm. I ride horses. I want somebody that appreciates that lifestyle a little bit. And he does. I don't need I don't need somebody that wants to go ride horses with me, but I need somebody that's down to get a little bit ready.


Your mother is in the corner over here getting so excited. She literally doesn't know anything.


She's ready to go on the date for it. She's not feeling about it. She doesn't know anything. She have a feeling about it. I have a feeling about it.


Next week, it'll be somebody else, though. She does this.


I have a feeling about it. So true. She does this. Also, we are going to talk about the DMs. Okay, so what? Forget it. Let's keep moving. What DM? What DMs? Because on my last Zoom, they were saying, I need to be an advocate for older single women. Who said that? Who said that? The lady on my Zoom.


Are you doing a deal with OkayCupid or something?


Am I the older single woman that your direction is right now.


No, you're not old enough. It's 50 enough.


Are you doing some type of campaign? Should I?


I think maybe I should.


You're the new face of Christian Mingle. Yes.


Definitely not that. Because you know what? I do love Jesus, can we?


He does. But Christian Mingle is going to have a problem with the weed.


Yeah, we got to cut it back, Tish.


Well, I think that that's the old way of thinking. Because I am a Christian, and I love weed.


You know what? I'm sorry. We accept you. I bet Tinder would like you.


You think? I'm glad I never had to do any of those things.


Just the DM. Okay, so she's basically saying, slide into John's DMs tonight. Yeah.


You know what? I've done that a couple of times, and I always- To him? No, not to him. But just in general, I've DMed guys. There's something about it that feels cringy to me, and I can't get past it. And I know that's frustrating because look at Kelsey. I get it.


I think what you could also do, though, is if it's a DM reply to a story, I think that make it more organic. Or I think sometimes you can acknowledge the cringiness and be like, Is there anything more cringe than sliding in? But I did want to, so hides me. Almost own it, Brandy. You're right. I know. You are such a cool girl that you're like, I don't want to do that. But Oh, it's a crinch. I know. You're on your farm and you're with your horses. You don't want negative energy. Sometimes you got to just slide in, turn your phone off for 48 hours, and then look back and be like, Did they open it? Okay, last question. I don't know if parents get the ick of their children I'm sorry, I'm not a children, so I don't know if you have this answer, but Tish, if you had to pick, what is something Brandy does that gives you the ick?


Oh, I'm sure there's plenty. I'm serious.




It gives me the...


Well, she's like, Pick me up from the airport. And was like, I can't believe you deal with this dog hair. I brought my dog with me. And she's like, I have dog hair on my clothes.


Oh, no. That may be the one. She hates it. Is like, I just need everything spotless. That is not brand. No. And it not anymore, but used to when she was little. She was such a horse girl. I still am. No, but at least now, when you were little, a horse girl, her dirty finger nails drove me crazy.


The ick from a mother herself. I love it. I love the honesty. Okay, rolls reverse. Brandy, what gives you the ick about your mom?


I know one. What?


What? Say it.


These hair extensions.


I was literally thinking that, but I thought you'd get upset.


You don't like her hair extension. Not at all.


Girl, give me... I literally am dying with this wave in my hair. Really? Yes.


You don't like it?


I love it.


She loves it. I was going to say, I think it was really good. She's like, bury me in it. She loves it.


I'm not living without it. Like, ever.


I just- I don't know.


It's really good.


I know. No. Seriously. You are so crazy.


You're right. The hair extensions could go.


When did you recently get the weave? Was it recent or you got it?


Oh, girl. I had them like, years. It's all yours.


And you just don't like the hair.


So I had them out not long ago. And it looked so good. It did. I just put them back in recently. I had most of them out, and it drives her crazy. It does. I just am a long-haired girl.


It looks really good on you. I will say. It's very her. Give her a break. She looks hot. She looks hot. I like it. She's newly married. Let her just live her like- Although he wants me to cut my hair short.


Yeah, he does.


He does?


Yeah. Why?


He doesn't like the weave?


No, he wants to see your beautiful face. That's what he says. You have such a long, beautiful neck, darling. You need to show it off.


He seems so sweet.


He's the sweetest.


Okay, your family has been in the news a lot recently because of the divorce that you just went through. Billy Ray filed in 2010. You filed in 2013. And then both of those times, you ended up staying together. What made this time different? What led you to finally say, It's over, end of the marriage? What led you to finally say it's over, end of the marriage?


Oh, that is such a loaded question. But the first part of that is the two years that he went to Tennessee during COVID. And I need to be here. I mean, like, Molly and Noah are young. They're like, they need me. They need their mom. And so I stayed in California. And he stayed in Tennessee, and And I really, during that period, just took a really good hard look at my life. And what was I going to do? Because it had not been in a good place for a long time. And I think I did stay so long out of fear, literal fear, of being alone. You know, and to... I had never... I met him when I'm 24, 23, 24. So I grew up as he was It was such a huge part of that. And then being alone and all of a sudden just having the weight of the world off my shoulders in some ways, and was able to just breathe and smoke pot and garden and go skinny-dipping in my pool. Literally. That's what I did during COVID.


And what's so crazy about all this is you had never been the person that would have ever said, I enjoy my alone time, or I enjoy being like, she never thought she would be okay alone. I love being alone. Greatest thing ever. And she's like, I just can never feel that way. But after that quarantine period, you learned how to love being alone. I did. She loved it. I never thought I would the day. And I really feel like that was very transformative.


It was hugely transformative.


I also feel like what you're saying is what so many women definitely, specifically experience of ending some type of relationship. You don't know what's on the other side. And so you're so terrified that you almost stay in something that can be so detrimental to your health in moments or just isn't the right fit. It can run the gamut of whether it's borderline crazy, abusive or it's a little just we're not a right match. But you stay because you're like, What's next? Will I ever find someone again? I don't want to be alone. There's all these variables.


Literally the fear of the unknown.


And it's like, this is so helpful to just hear you sit here and be like, it was such a blessing because the minute I did decide to end it, I felt free. I felt like, oh, my gosh, I actually feel lighter.


And it was crazy because also during COVID, my mom passed away. So sorry. And I mean, my mom is the only reason she's normal. She's the only normal one out of all of my children, and that's because my mom raised her most of the time. For real.


That's true. Brandy's like, .


I mean, it's just she was amazing. She was amazing. Anyway, I literally, again, was alone during that time. I had to go through it alone. And I literally can't believe I did that. Me neither. It was so crazy because honestly, my biggest fear, my two biggest fears in life were always being alone and my mom passing away. I was like, I just don't know if I'll survive it when my mom dies. I mean, honestly. And I had one month of a honestly complete psychological breakdown. It was the worst thing. Honestly, it was not good.


I'm so sorry.


It was like, I just pushed the mom thing under the rug, and then the divorce thing came, and then I was just like... I literally... I don't know if you've had Dr. Amen on. Have you had him on? No. Miley, he's worked with Miley for years. He works with a lot of people. And I just remember at one point truly calling him and saying, Can you please put me in a mental hospital? And he goes, I do not think that is the best thing for either of us.


What was going on?


I could not eat. I could not sleep. I could not stop crying. I literally weighed like a 103.


Because all because of the fear of being alone or all of it?


I don't have my mom.


Just everything compiled.


And then I don't have my husband that has been my husband for 30 years. Like, holy crap. I'm scared.


When you look back, because when you do see that in 2010 and then 2013, there were potential filings, do you wish you had walked away sooner?


Yes. But then I'm like, maybe that wouldn't have been right either, because I really didn't want Noah to still be young. But looking back on it, it would have been better for her had I left. It would have been much better.


Brandee, how would you have described your parents' relationship growing up?


As a child, you guys were so in love. They were so touchy and so lovey and making out in the kitchen, and I have great memories of them together as a kid. But then I think once I turned into an adult and saw it from a different perspective, a lot of it changed. It's tough because I was really close with my dad I had growing up, really close. I always say the two things I love most in the world are horses and music, and he taught me both. So we were so close. And so I think to grow up, and I'll never forget, I was 25, and I was filming a movie in New York, and he was there doing Broadway. And it was the first time that it opened my eyes to see some of the things that he was doing that I didn't know before. And it was hurtful. And it was hurtful to see him doing it to her. It was hurtful to see him hiding it from me. It was hurtful. I don't know. Not to say things changed, but I think that's just when I started to see a different perspective of it.


What's hard for me is 10 years ago, I understood you were like, I want to keep the family together. I want to keep the family together. I want to make the relationship work. It's like, you admire all those things. But then now, 10 years later, as a 36-year-old, I'm like, I wouldn't have wanted myself to put up with that. Now, Now, I'm at a point where I'm so happy that she was able to break free from it and found what she's found with her husband now because she deserves that. You were such a martyr for so long for the family and just for the sake of keeping it all together. The part of me wishes that you had been able to get yourself out of it sooner, but it's admirable that you didn't in a way.


I just honestly, I just would never wanted to get a divorce. Here I go. My mom and dad met on a Monday and got married on a Friday at a gas station with the Justice of the Peace, and they were married for 30 years until my dad passed away. And my dad passed away when my mom was my age, and she never took her wedding ring off, never went on another date. They were so in love, and I just... Family was everything, and that's what I wanted. And it's just... But looking back, and I wish I would have known... I've done so much damn therapy in the last two years. You just don't even know. And I think the things that I wanted... My parents did just have an unreal type of love, I don't know, relationship, too. And I was adopted. So it was just good. And so I think we get hung up on what we want it to be. I'm looking at it like, I just want to keep our family together because it It looked perfect, but it was just really freaking hard.


Well, it's also so hard because what you're explaining, too, is it wasn't just about you and Billy's dynamic. It was the whole family. Totally. It's like, this isn't just a decision about you and a romantic partner. This is about children and this lifestyle that you created and this bond. When you reference seeing... Because I do think a lot of kids have those moments where rose-colored glasses of their parents, and then one day you wake up and you're like, Wait, why is my dad doing that? Or why is my mom doing that? When you had those moments, Brandee, seeing your dad, would you go and tell your mother, or were you just so scared, you just didn't say anything?


I bury everything, which is not one of my finer traits, and I've gotten better. But I would never want to cause conflict, ever. You know what I mean? So I would definitely... And I felt like I never firsthand saw I think, go down by any means. Otherwise, maybe that would have changed things. But yeah, I avoid conflict so much. I feel like if anything, during that time and then from that time going forward, I would try to be the one helping you guys work it out. The mediator. Yeah, the peacemaker. I feel like I played that role a little bit with you guys and tried to help you guys find a way to make it work or see each other's sides. And that's just how I am. I just want everybody to get along. I played that part for a long Tish, how did you change yourself to make that marriage work?


Oh, my God.


How long you got?


She's like, Where are you?


I got to need to start smoking again. We need a three-parter. Yep.




Yeah. Maybe when it actually fell apart is when I stopped doing that. When I stopped doing that, It was over.


How long do you think you stopped playing the part?


Before the divorce filings. You know, probably- Like, mid-quarantine? Mid-quarantine.


Maybe a quarter of the way into quarantine?




Yep, yep, yep. Like, you just Stopped putting up with stuff.


And just looking at myself being like, What in the heck are you doing? I literally just had made that firm decision, and I was like, I'm moving on with my life. And You know what, girl? It worked out for the best.


I mean, no, you seem so happy, and sitting here as we're joking about Brandy be like, Oh, who should we set you up with? I am curious. From this experience, clearly, we all learn so much from relationships. What types of behaviors or things did you put up with that you now know you would never want your daughters to deal with, or now you will never put up with in this new relationship and marriage that you're in?


Disrespect in every form. If disrespect just lays it out in so many ways. And I don't even know until I had a new relationship that there was so much respect, how much disrespect there was in my marriage before. Honestly, on both our parts. On both our parts.


It is wild when you get into a new relationship and you're like...


You look back, you're like, What the What was I doing? Hello. Dr. Amen says, When they show you who they are, believe them. And I'm like, damn. Amen. Amen. Could you have told me that like 20 freaking years ago? Amen, where were you on the side? I had Montana.


Seriously. We could have used you as the production psychologist.


I'm serious. You know what? It is a beautiful message because of how many young women listen to this podcast of like, You're so right, Tish. It's like, they show you. Totally. And we try to look away because we want it to work. We're afraid of being alone. Also, as women, we're trained to put up with it and stay and fight for your family. And it's on you to make it work and turn a blind eye. But at what point is it also like, your life would be so much fucking better if you do walk away because you do still have your family.


And I did not believe that. And everybody kept telling me, Mom, why would you be alone? You'd only be alone if you choose to be. And I would be like, I just don't believe that. I'm old. No one's ever going to like me. Every male friend of mine was lined up ready to take you out.


I'm serious. Who wouldn't be? She's all, I don't want somebody younger.


Look at those extensions. She's so nuts.


But truly, it's funny because she was thinking, Oh, I'm just going to be alone for the rest of forever. There's no one else. And then it was like, Oh, well, if you could have anybody, who would it be type thing. And she's dominant Monique Purcell. And look at her. Look at her.


That was how it happened. Truly.


It is so crazy, though, how when you are in something that doesn't make you feel good, your self-worth just completely dissipates. You're like, who am I?


It's not okay. It's so sad. That's so sad.


But I'm so happy that you've now rebuilt to a different place, and you have a bond with your children, and life goes on. You know what I mean? Here you And obviously, I can imagine it's difficult now, especially the situation he's in, to keep it kosher and chill. But you know you're on the right path, and you're working on yourself. That's all you can fucking do.


That's all you can do. And my relationships, and that's what matters.


Without getting too much into it, because I feel like I do have a lot of just people that would be fascinated from your personal experience of advice, is when you have a big family, everyone's going to have their own opinions on everything. How do you navigate when just people in your family are on different pages? As the mother, how do you navigate keeping it all chill?


So used to. Dr. Amen is getting some flags. I'm freaking serious, because you know what? As moms, we constantly I mean, it's our job to make sure everyone's happy, even at our own expense. I just never got to have an opinion or never... Like Brandy said, it was one of those things, I just want everybody to be happy. I just don't want anybody yelling or mad at each. I'm just such a peacekeeper. I think I did that a lot of putting everyone else's happiness before my own. And now I'm like, opinions are like, bet holes. Everybody has one. You do you. I'll do me. We're like, everything is okay.


Literally like, if the siblings, if any of us are fighting, she's like, you all are on your own.


That's what I do now. I'm like, I'm just over here doing me. And if you like it, great. And if you don't, that's okay, too.


Has that completely changed the dynamic of your family brand? Yes. Is everyone taking it well or no? I mean, it's okay.


Yeah, it's actually pretty good. It's working out pretty good. It's pretty good. We're all adults at the end.


I think at first it was just shock. If one of us goes to her and is like, So and so did this, expecting her to fix it.


She's like, Oh, sorry.


I'm like, Got to smoke it up. Right. You're just relinquishing all control. You're all adults. Totally. Do what you want to do. Oh, my God.


There was a Christmas, and we were all in Nashville, and all of us were arguing about something stupid.


Of course.


And she stays at my house in Nashville. So I went back to the house trying to explain her. Everyone's fighting. What do we do? And she's up there just smoking weed. She's like, I don't know. You all figure it out.


Brandy was like, Mom, I think actually someone's calling the police.


Mom, I think you should step in. She's like, nah.


Yes. Let the police come handle it so I don't have to come down. I can just get baked up here, by the way.


Because in the past, she would care so much. It was Christmas, and that would mean so much to her. And she was like, you all work it out.


It's beautiful.


Oh, I love it.


Whoever makes Christmas. Whoever's still here on Christmas Day, great. If they're not, whatever.


I'm like, see you. Peace.


I'm picturing you up there just so chill, face mask on, music blaring.


Fuck off. Wow.


Okay. Talk to me about Dominic. Obviously, the way that you speak about him is... I mean, also, congratulations to both of you because you're so gorgeous. He's so gorgeous. It makes sense. I love Prison Break. So like, I- Girl.


We all did.


When I saw that show, I was so obsessed with him, truly in the least creepy way.


Okay, no. But between him and Wentworth, were you a dom?


100% a dom. Hilarious. How can- Miley and I were Wentworth girlies.




I was like, no, he is freaking dangerous. I love it.


So you watched that, and you just said, Fuck it, I'm DMing him?


Okay, so, weirdly, probably during my out-of-it stage, we were all watching Prison Break. Yeah. Maybe a little post. Maybe a little post. But anyway, I would always say dom's my hall pass. Always. Are you? I was like, Oh, my gosh. It is so sad that the two of us are... Because I was married, whatever. I would joke about it. It is heartbreaking that the two of us aren't going to be a couple because we're so perfect. Not even joking. She's gone and left.


Give her more. Give her more.


At some point, you followed him on Instagram, is where we're going with this.


Oh, yes.


Yeah. She's two stone.


Anyway, this was just like, whatever. And so in 2016, Dom DMed me. Yes. What? And I had followed him on Instagram, and he DMed me and just said, Hey, Tiff, I just wanted to think I think you're super cool. You're doing such a great job with your family and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I'm like, Hmm. Although I didn't see it for a year.


Yeah, she can't work on Instagram.


So me and Brandy, literally, Brandy, I'll never forget this. We're in my car, and for some reason- I had your phone and- Or something happened that I realized I wasn't following him anymore. And so Brandy looked, and she was like, Oh, he must not have Instagram anymore.


And she goes, So I looked, and I was like, No, he has it. You're just blocked. So she's been blocked. What? From Dom's Instagram.


What? X.


Oh, shit.


Yes. Had seen he hit me up and blocked me from his Instagram. I almost peed my pants because I was like, Why does he even know who I... Why am I blocked? He doesn't even know I exist, and I'm blocked. And we were laughing so hard. Look at the way she's holding her microphone. Because you know what? I think I hit my tooth with it a minute.


Well, those were expensive.


There's a cushion. I know. I was thinking. I didn't hurt it.


No, it's good.


I don't want to have to pay for these things again. They look great.


They look great. Okay, great.


I was just thinking- You were blocked. You're scantist.


She's too stone.


You're still I love it.


What are these called? Plug & Place?


A puff straw.


But anyway, so where was I? So you're blocked. You're blocked, bitch. I'm freaking blocked. So that was 2017, and I didn't ever think about it again. I was with my friend on FaceTime, and I was having some plug and play, and she was drinking wine, and she goes, Okay, because I was the doing that I'm going to be alone forever. And she was like, You're a catch out of anyone. Because I'm like, Who's going to go out with me? She's like, I'm going to hook you up. Who, out of anyone, would you want to go out with? And I go, Dominic Perzell. And she goes, Just DM him right now. And I'm like, No. And she's like, Yes, because I told her about the 2016 thing.


She was like, Unblocked. But you weren't blocked anymore? He unblocked you.


I got unblocked. So I literally text him, and I actually do have a production deal at MBCU. There's some credibility in this. I do have that. And so I sent him a little DM and said, Hey, Dom. Like, we were friends. And I was like, Hey, Dom, I have a deal at MBCU, and I was such a massive fan of Prison Break. I don't know what you're doing these days, but would you want to talk about creating a show for you on MBCU?




I'm not talking three seconds later. Dings. Hey, Tish. Because I said, I don't know if you're in LA or Australia. And he said, Yeah, Tish, had a crush on you forever.


How is this real?


How is this real? Yeah. And so we go to lunch and make out for three hours at a pub in a little It was a hole in the wall. Which is insane. I walked in and touched his arm and said, Hey, Dom. And that was it. And then we were out back having a few little drinks, which you know what? Keep going because I'm going to get deep. I cannot even tell you how amazing he is.


The minute you met him, did you know? Yes. It was just right.


He said literally that when his phone dinged, he knew it was not about a show. And I looked at my phone and out loud, go, It's on. I just got fucking chill. Seriously. You are so good. And honestly, I was looking good. My was having to get dressed. We're going to post it. And I just liked it, and I was like, Hey, Dom. And the rest is history.


How long did you date? Did it move fast?


Yes. The next day, he was just like, Yeah, I love you. And I was like, I love you, too.


And me, the parent, I'm over here like, No. I was so against all this.


And after that, it was just on.


Stop. Grande's like, Mom, mom, mom. And you're like, I'm in love. She's like, I'm in love.


I'm like, We don't know this guy. She's like, Yes, I do. We watch Prison Break. I know. And I'm like, Listen, love it. He's gorge. I'm sure he's great, but let's slow your roll.


Pump the break. Yes. But you didn't? No. No. So did you know you wanted to get remarried? Was that something you were interested in?


I just did I did not think that was possible for me. I truly did not believe that. And that's just another result of because now I look at myself and go, You know what? I think I'm pretty nice.


He is, really? He's done wonders for her confidence. I'm obsessed because it's so crazy for somebody who's so gorgeous and so fucking smart and has all the things she has, the lowest self-confidence since I can remember? And he really has done wonders as far as building her confidence in great ways.


I'm so happy for you because as I'm sitting here listening to you, and obviously, Brandee, you've been through your whole life with your mother. But as I'm sitting here, I'm like, I want your confidence. And to know this is a recent thing that's been built back up for so many years of being disrespected, not feeling seen, feeling like you have to be the last person that has a say, or you can't really put yourself first ever.


Holy shit. And you know what? Yeah, I just feel like a completely different person. And honestly, I don't want to hear people online going, Well, I don't need a man to make me... Well, okay, you do you, because I'll take whatever And my hot freaking ass husband waking up next to him with his hot body and tattoos. I literally am like, Thank you, Lord. I just want to I'm crazy. I'm not going to lie.


She is nuts.


That's how I feel. Here's the thing.


It's not that you're a new person. It's that you've blossomed into the very best version of yourself. Yes.


And you know what? I am living my best life off, and he is yummy. Yummy, yummy, yummy.


She is so obsessed with you.


She loves to talk about Dom if you can't tell.


Are your kids like, Shut the fuck up, or do most of you... Are you okay with her?


I mean, it's cute for two seconds, and then we... Mom, just stop. We're like, Okay.


He just stopped. He just loves me so much.


What has he taught you about love?


Oh, my God. I don't even think I really... I did know what love was because I saw my mom and dad, and I never, ever saw them disrespect one another, ever. They really didn't fight at all, which is so weird. So rare. And they just truly liked each other. And so with Dom, he just would do the most simple things that I just... And I don't even know what they are, but there is not one second that I do not feel loved by him. Like, truly. And I never had someone to where if he gets a script or something, he doesn't just decide he's going to do it. It is like a partnership, truly. So nice. And he also just talks so much, too, about mental health, because I have a lot of anxiety. I am often, but when the anxiety sets in, it is not there. It's a lot. It is full on, I'm having a psychological breakdown.


Do you have anxiety?


Not one. Mine is I'm a complete habacondriac.


I feel like everybody else, all the other siblings have it, too.


Kind of, yeah.


You're the only one without anxiety.


Yeah, we do have it. Andy. Yeah. We're a child.


Find me. Find me.


Here we go. It was weird, though.


I need to make stickers that says, Find someone that loves you, like Dom loves Tish, and Tish loves Tom.


That is absolute merch that you should wear every day. We don't know if anyone would buy it, but we know you would buy it. We know you're wearing it. And Dom would buy it. Oh, my God. No, it just seems like he makes you feel like it's a real partnership. Totally. That's amazing. When you look at your mother now, do you feel like there's a lot of what has happened in the past with her previous relationship has just been repaired? She's just at this different place?


I do. Yeah. And I think there will always be work to do in the sense of the past is never going to go away, right? And I think it's totally normal for you to have bad days and stuff come back up, and that's going to I've been here and there. But for the most part, it's pretty incredible, the transformation. It's amazing.


I'm sorry, but I got to say one more thing about my baby.


Get it in, girl.


Get it in while you're here. Honestly, before, I wouldn't want to talk about those things. And Dom is the first person to say, Oh, not getting mad, if I'm being psychotic, but being like, I understand why you are feeling this way because of this.


Validating your feelings, even if doesn't agree with it.


A million %.


That is the most triggering thing in a relationship when someone can almost gaslight you into being like, Why the fuck are you feeling that way? It's like, I feel this way.


Or I could also see somebody taking offense to like, why do you still have these feelings about somebody else? He is so not like that. He is so emotionally intelligent enough to be able to look at it objectively and be like, you're doing this because of this. It has nothing to do with me. How can I help you through it?


It's really incredible. He's the man everyone wants. He is a freaking man.


And again, all you people out there talking whatever. You people. Who are these people? I want my man to lift my...


I don't need no man.


He was like, I don't need a man. My baby was carrying our set chairs in to do, Sorry, we're stone tomorrow for me. Yes, stop. Yes. I'm sorry. That's why I just love him. That's why he's so yummy is because he's just a freaking man.


Let's talk about your podcast again as I'm thinking about him carrying in these chairs. I'm upset. Well, first of all, it's also nice to see how much you light up when you talk about... That's how it should be. It shouldn't be this, How do I position the relationship? No, you should just effortlessly be like, I don't give a fuck. I'm going to scream it from the rooftop. I'm in love. I'm happy.


Good for you. Exactly. Okay, we can tell.


We can tell. How did you guys decide to even do a podcast together? Mother-daughter dynamics. Were you worried all about working together, Brandi? We weren't mom-oms.


Yeah. I feel like. Well, it was during COVID-y. Right before COVID, maybe. I can't remember. It was somewhere in that era, the black hole of time. We both had free time for once, I feel like. We talked about the podcast and then finally had time, and we're like, Okay, let's do it. I live in Nashville, so we just totally did it remote, not Zoom, but something similar. And did it for a year, took a break. I think after COVID, I got really busy. Miley got really busy, so you got really busy. And we put it on the back burner and a hiatus deal, and she missed it a lot. You really love doing it. I do. I like it. And then all of our listeners begged us to come back. So we finally did.


I feel like I'm talking to two of my girlfriends right now. You guys are really good at talking, and I know that sounds really weird, but I sit down with a lot of people who should not have podcasts because you can't have a flowing conversation that's entertaining. You two can. So it's really cool. What is the best part of working with your mother and the worst part?


I think the best part is it's just more time we spend together. Even if we're busy, we have to still have to podcast. I don't know. It ends up we talk about a lot more, which is cool. And then the worst part is It's changed now that we've gone VODcast, but before, getting her to commit to a schedule.


Yeah, I'm not good at that. I love a schedule. I'm really bad at that. It gives me anxiety.


It gives me anxiety to not know we're meeting the deadline.


You don't know. You know what the deadline is. No, I don't. But honestly, that's another thing. I just cannot be on a schedule.


She can't.


It's bad. That makes me crazy thinking I have to do something at a certain time. But you do.


You can show up if you're managing Miley or Noah, but you're just showing up. But you sitting down with a mic, you're like, I got to be in the zone. I got to be in the mood. I got to have time to smoke before.


It's a whole process.


I wanted I want to talk to both of you about what is upcoming in your lives, because obviously, the Daddy Gang wants to know. Those are my fans. Brandi, what do you have coming up? What do you have going on?


So I, I don't think we've talked about it, but I'm a DJ, which is funny because I live on a farm. But I've been doing this for a while now, like six years, I think. Do you love it? I really do. And when I was younger, I was in a band and played guitar and went that whole route and then just ended up in this DJ electronic world, which is interesting. But I think right after COVID, I was like, you know what? I really want to put my all into this and see where it can go. And this year we just announced I have a residency at The Wind in Vegas, which I'm very excited about. No big fucking deal. Yeah. That's been a goal of mine since I started doing this, and it's finally happening. It doesn't even feel real. And so my first show is in March, and I'll be in Vegas every month through the end of the year.


Congratulations. That is fucking incredible. Are you going to go see her?


Yeah, I have to.


You have to. She won't stay up past 7:00.


We'll go to the day one. There's a day show.


The day before your birthday. Oh, oh, oh. May 12th. Tish will be there.


That day of time, I will go to. That is...


Congratulations. You must feel so excited also because that's such... Not only is that an accomplishment, but that's fun to be able to do and even just experiencing different things in life to say that you get to go do that. Are you kidding me?


And honestly, this is also... I'm just have to brag on Brandi. When she decides she's going to do something, I'm like, You're going to be what? And she just doesn't. She works so hard that she makes it happen, like you. It's just crazy. I'm like, that's what I love about these podcasts is number one, truly, I just want to help girls because I just know how insecure and fearful I was my whole life. And just to know, you guys are sitting here, young girls who put their mind... That they love doing something and put their mind to it and made it happen. You can, but it takes a lot of work.


It does. And also give yourself credit, you have built such an empire, and you have been what seems just this stable force for your entire family to lean on. And I think moms do not get enough credit. They don't. They don't.


And that's the other thing, too. I was too stoned. What I was trying to say was my biggest thing, and the reason I love it so much is because it does feel like we're just hanging out talking with girlfriends. And I think there's so many people, especially my age, and that just feel like they're so afraid to leave a situation or that they're always going to be alone. And I just want to help people know that's not true.


I mean, that's all I want from this podcast always is, especially because people, let's keep it real, your family, as much as in the media or whatever, people look up to you. People look up to all of you for different reasons. But I think when people probably look at you, Tish, you come off like you have it all together, and no one has it all together. And I feel like a lot of people would be surprised to hear you even opening up like this, being like, Girls, I want for you, I don't want you to go through what I went through. Totally. It's really empowering to know that even if you're 25 and you're unhappy, get the fuck out. Get out.


Go. A million %. And I'm just like, I think we always think that somehow it's a little bit Eric Reargent of us to think, oh, well, I'm going to be able to fix this and change it, and it's going to be like, no.


Right. Because it takes two. It takes two. You can want to change it, but they won't. And if you don't want to change something, it has to take two. And if it's not, it's not going to work. No. Ladies, I could sit here and talk to you for six fucking hours. I love you guys, and I had so much fun today. I feel like I didn't know what to expect from what I see online. I knew you guys were going to be a good time, but I'm not going to lie, I didn't know it would be this fun.


This was fucking fun. Well, also, I honestly, I'm just going to be mushy for a second. I just feel really honored that you had me on your show. Guys. Now, I'm going to get all teary. I really do mean that. This is another level of the high It's like she gets a little more... No, I thought about this before, is that I think, we talked about things being hard sometimes for them. Usually, it's like, I've always been someone's wife or or Molly's mom or whatever. And I just now, being that I do want to have an outlet to help people my age and realizing that they can have a whole second act and all that stuff. And I feel like usually people I really want to talk to me about, and I just think it's really sweet you wanted to have me on.


I hope that both of you felt today like you were treated as individuals, no matter who your sister is or who your daughter is. Who are you in the family dynamic? And who are you? It's like, you're all individuals. Totally. And Miley's great, and Noah's great. You know what I mean? But I think you two women, this has been so fun because I love just talking to women. Me too. You're both so intelligent, and you're so different and the same in so many ways. I had no clue what to expect of your dynamics. That was my first question being like, What is your relationship? I didn't even need to ask because I just watched it the minute you two walked in. I'm like, Oh, my God. Set the scene. Brandy is so oldest child. It's so old as child. She's got... I had so It was fun.


You guys were lovely. Okay, and the funny thing is I could just say the dynamic where if Molly said it. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God. That would be like, She's here putting on a show that we all need to watch. And then if Noah walked in, she's like, What's that? Really just chill. You all are just too much. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So Miley and Noah are opposites.


In some ways, but they're not. We're all so alike, but so different. It's so different. It's interesting.


No, and that's why it's like, like I said, I had sat down with Miley, I guess it I was three years ago. Now sitting... I'm going to have to sit down with Noah.


I told her I feel like it would be a totally different experience with Miley now.


Oh, my gosh.


With myself, too. I'm like, Girl, I don't even know what I was asking you back then. And same thing with Noah. If I meet her one day, it's cool to meet. You don't get to do that a lot in the industry. It's like a family of people that you can speak to that all make each other who they are. It's crazy. Everyone influences everyone in your family. So no, thank you guys so much for coming on Call Her Daddy. This was It was so fucking fun. I can't put in words. Do not text me later tonight. This was perfect. Okay, I'm not. This was perfect. Goodbye. Love you. Yay. Bye. Did this episode leave you wanting more? Obviously, it did. Daddy Gang, here are two episodes I think you'll also like. Go watch Binge Call Her Daddy. Bridget and Holly, welcome to Call Her Daddy.


Every girl that I knew wanted to be a part of it, wanted to be a playmate, wanted to go to the parties.


Well, when you would arrive to a party, if you were a female, they would take a Polaroid of you, and then Hef would go through all of them after the and grade them A, B, C, or D. I think the most harmful thing was just the thinness because eating disorders were really rampant. There was a lot of bulimia at the mansion to the point where bathroom pipes had to be replaced. What do you guys think drives controlling men? Insecurity. Welcome to Toxic Relationship Boot camp. People mistake the intense emotions that come with the highs and lows of toxic as love. I was one of them. I think I was just addicted to the chaos because I felt like it shouldn't be easy. If it's easy, they don't like you. Boring and safe are not the same thing. You don't need to constantly feel like you have an emotional hangover.