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What is up, Daddy Gang? It is your founding father, Alex Cooper with Call Her Daddy. Trisha Paytis. Welcome to Call Her Daddy.


I'm so excited.


Daddy Gang, we're going to be really honest with you right now. We were just recording for a solid 10 minutes. We were cruising down the freeway. We were thriving, and then we realized it wasn't recording.


And it was gold. That 10 minutes were gold, and we can't recreate it. You're like, pretend we didn't do any of that. I'm like, I can't I'm trying to create that gold.


Everything was going amazing. So if you guys feel like we're a little on edge here and ready to end it all, it's because we are. Okay? I was saying to you, Trisha, congratulations. You just announced your second child. Tell me how you're feeling again.


I feel very excited from the beginning. I'm like, do we go through everything we just said? Where did the names come from? I always loved Elvis and Malibu before the movies came out. From 10, I'm a middle child, older sister, younger sister. You're the baby. Who are you close to with? Brother or sister. You're like, I'm going to get in trouble, and that's when it cuts.


You guys, we literally went through. Okay, no, we are doing it again. How are you feeling? Talk to me about all the food that you can eat because you're pregnant.


Oh, I just feel... Oh, yeah, that's what we were saying. It's like, see, now I forgot already. Yeah, I just feel like, usually I do eat what I I went, but I feel guilty about it. Now I just eat what I want and don't feel guilty because you're growing a baby.


You're growing a baby. You're allowed to just shove food into your mouth and no one can get mad at you or judge you. It's like, fuck off. I'm pregnant. Leave me alone. Yeah.


And most of the time, I don't care what other people think. It's usually what I think. So it's usually like, Oh, no, I don't feel bad. I'm like, oh, I'm not judging myself. And I can sleep all that I want. Usually, I got to be busy. I got to do. But now I just take naps and I don't even feel any guilt.


You're napping and you're eating. Yeah, it's the best. I'm so happy for you.


That's why I love being pregnant.


You said you want more than two.


Well, we thought two. I don't know. I don't know. We don't have to yet. One is very difficult. In my head, I'm thinking four because we were talking about how three is hard. So I was like, it's two or four.


Okay. I know I already asked you this, but just to set the scene for people, where did you grow up?


I would split my time between Illinois and California. My dad was in California, and my mom was in Illinois, so I went back and forth a lot. I quit school a lot to be home-schooled and something. I'd go back into school. I was constantly doing that because I loved the lifestyle here in California with my dad. But my mom is what I used to. We lived in a town of a thousand people back in Illinois, so it was two extremes. Oh, wow.


Were you closer with your mom or your dad?


Definitely my mom. My dad, I saw the summers. You know what I mean? I think in that, though, I thought my dad was so cool because he was in California. Even though, obviously, he was the worst of the parents. My mom literally raised us. I always felt bad saying my dad was the best.


I feel like that happens so much when you come from divorce parents. The one that's the cooler one is actually just the one that never had to instill any boundaries or tell you, you're grounded because you did this or just was not the one parenting as much. Oh, yeah. And then you grow up and you're like, oh, yeah, dad, maybe not as fabulous as mom putting in all the work.


All the work. My mom works four jobs, bus driver, bartender, all this stuff like that. And I'm I love my dad more. It was so weird. But yeah, especially at the wedding, we had a wedding, and my dad walked us on the aisle and gives this speech. And my mom don't get anything at the wedding, and they do all the work. I felt bad.


That's such a good point.


Yeah. And my mom still helps us out. She's watching our daughter right now, Owen.


Can you paint the picture, though, before high school, just of your childhood? I feel like, obviously, so much of who we are is from our childhood. And I know you just mentioned your mom was working for jobs. Can you just paint the picture growing up in Illinois with your mom?


Yeah, we lived in these farm towns, and they were less than a thousand people. We moved around a little bit because I don't know, I just never liked school. And yeah, it was just small. It was just a small town. It was a farm town. So everyone... And my mom was from there, so it was just farm town. My My grandparents were on a farm, and there's just not much to it, to be honest. It was so boring, and I hated it. I haven't been back since. I think I left at 17, and I have not been back since. Oh, my God.


Do you think if you landed in Illinois, would you get triggered?


Yeah, for sure. Even just going to Chicago, which is two hours from where I live, I'm like, not Illinois.


No. I relate to that, though. I think a lot of people, especially during the holidays, I've seen people always say it's triggering to go back to your hometown because one, I think we repress So many memories. And two, it just reminds us of a version of ourselves that if you were cool in middle school and high school, kudos to you. But I wasn't.


I was not really either. I wasn't bullied, really. I'm a little tiny bit like everybody, but I wasn't cool either. So I was just neutral, just everywhere.


Just neutral. What did you want to be when you were growing up?


A famous.


Famous? I just wanted to be famous.


And this was before reality TV. So I was like, I need to be a singer or an actress. Stop. But I can't do either of them. But I came out to do it because that's how you got famous back then.


So when you're sitting in Illinois, were there any TV shows or magazines or anything that you were watching or people you were like, I want to be like that person?


I mean, Britney Spears, of course.


Did you tell people in your town you wanted to be famous?


Yeah, I was voted most likely to be I was going to be famous in one... And I think two of my yearbooks, I was Most Likely to be Famous. Yeah, just because I just like attention. And like I said, I don't know, I feel like I always stood up. I feel like you just know if you have a little it factor. So I knew I had something, but I was like, It wasn't talent. So I was like, How do I parlay this?


Going back to high school, did you have a lot of girlfriends? No.


I wouldn't say it picked me, but I definitely was like, Girls are drama. I used to be the girl that did not like girls because of that reason because I was just intimidated. I just thought, Oh, no guy's going to look at me if I'm in a room of girls. I just was not a girls girl. It took me a while. Now I'm only a girls girl. I can't stand men. But it took me a while. I definitely was insecure, never wanted to be around girls. You know what I mean? I think I was always a girl hater, especially just I just never I never felt good enough. I never felt skinny enough, pretty enough. I never had boyfriends until I was 30.


So yeah. No, I think that's relatable, though, of when, especially when we're younger, we're constantly comparing ourselves in rooms because at that age, it's also like, what guy likes what girl? And if you're not getting picked, then you feel like a loser, and you feel like, fuck, I wish I looked like them. And then it's just this comparing game that you can never win. Definitely. So it's hard to... I had that a lot where my best friend was the gorgeous one. And I was always like, I I love you so much, but fuck me.


Yeah, don't be around me.


Can you move a little to the fucking right? Because you look too good in parties. And I would be like, I'm literally never going to get chosen if you are sitting next to me. And it's hard with girls. But now I look back and I'm like, oh, my God, it wasn't actually about us competing with each other. It was about the men that we were trying to appease their standards. And it had nothing to do with the girls liking each other. It was all based off of if guys like us.


Of course, with everything, with acting, with anything. It's just what they approved of what they liked and had nothing to do with you. I know. I wish I would have found my own lane earlier because I do love pretty girls. I'm like, I actually am obsessed with pretty girls. I just was just too scared to be around them.


No, it is intimidating. I agree. And also it's hard to not be envious of like, I wish I had what you have, and I wish I was you. But at the end of the day, once you get to know those people, a lot of times, they've got their own shit.


Oh, for sure.


They're not perfect either.


Oh, no, for sure. I was always envious of you. I was very envious of you. I remember when I... I I think it was 2019, 2018, you girls were on Impulsive. And I remember being like, and I didn't know anything about podcasts. I didn't know how people got podcasts. And I remember just being so jealous. I was like, Wow, they have a job where they're just talking and talking about sex. I was like, I could do that. That could be me. And I was like, How do they get this? And you Girls are so much younger. I was so jealous. And then obviously, when you got your Spotify deal, I was just like, oh, my God. I was that person who was so jealous.


It's so funny, Trisha, because I remember just watching you on YouTube so often. And I would be so jealous of you because before I started my career, I'm like, I wish I had Trisha's platform. I wish I could sit on YouTube and do what she does.


That's crazy because I was alone and crying all the time. I wish I could be that person.


Dude, that is so crazy. We're both like, Oh, I was jealous of you.


Oh, for sure. I definitely was. I definitely was just like, I don't get Call Her Daddy. I definitely was. So when I did this, I was like, All I know is that clip is going to be resurfacing, so let me just go ahead and say it.


It's so funny because I had one of my really good friends now. She went on a podcast at one point and was like, I don't get the Call Her Daddy girl stick. It's so fucking dumb. Why are they acting like that? They're acting like little hordes. I'm the first person, and I think that we can talk about that, too, with your career. By having a career on the internet, you just say so much stuff. And half of the time in the beginning days, I felt like I also said stuff that I regret. And I remember in those Ogie days, back in the day with my old co-host, when we started to get desperate for views, we would say stuff about celebrities. And I'm so deeply embarrassed that we said those things. But I know it wasn't coming from a place In the sense of actually being mean girls. I know from my POV, it was genuinely just like, How do we stir shit up? If you can teeter this line that's so unhealthy, and you just become like, How do we get more? How do we get more? I'm like, Why did I say that?


If that clip resserves it, I wouldn't give a fuck. I literally wouldn't, Trisha, because first of all, you didn't know me. You had never met me.


I was just jealous 100 %. Because honestly, as soon as they called for this, literally, my management from Canada flew in. They're like, I'm like, yes, this is the It's the biggest thing. You know what I mean? So I think... But I really try in the past, especially since being 30, I really try now to really just not hate on girls. Even if everyone's hanging on them, I really try to find... Even with Data Pink, I'm like, I try to find the good side of this. I'm like, She down through a lot. Now she can... So I try to keep it positive with every girl. I agree.


You're right. I think what we can both understand is being in the media. A lot of times when we do the stupidest shit is when we're hurting the most. And so trying to find any type of empathy for anyone when you see someone acting out, it's like, what the hell are they going through?


There's still people that I can... I just can't find the silver lining. Why just go? I scroll past. But now I don't like to say anything. I'm like, let me just... If you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. So I feel like I've matured a lot, and I don't really hate on girls. But if there is a girl that annoys you, and there is. I just annoy some people. I just keep it going. It just makes you look bad. I just look so bad. Like you said, I just look so bad talking so much crap about people. But I really can tell you, it came always from a place of jealousy, always. I used to talk about the D'Amelio's when they were 18 and 16, and I was just like, I was so jealous that it wasn't me. But I was 30 years old being like, oh, my God, you're spitting out a snake. How ungrateful. They're 18.


No, but I also think that comes from a place, too, of people on the Internet then probably writing to you being saying mean things about, I get it now, relevancy or age as a woman. And it's like, as a woman, if you're past the age of 21, you're old as fuck and you're outdated. And so naturally, that's going to cause resentment of us feeling like when you see younger girls. But really, we shouldn't be mad at younger girls. We be mad at society, and mainly men being the ones that tell us, after a certain age, you're not valued anymore.


It's a thousand % true. And it's like, right. Fuck off. Right, exactly.


Fuck you. I love it.


No, it's true. It is true.


I want to talk about you going to LA. So you graduate high school, and I remember reading the day after you moved to LA.


Yeah, literally the day of.


What was your plan and what was your job when you got to LA?


Well, I initially moved with my dad, so that was the first thing. I lasted about... He wanted me to go to college, so I went to two weeks of community college. It did not work out because I never had a math class in my life in high school. So I took a pre-elgebra, and I had no idea what was going on, so I was like, I drop out. And so, yeah, I got on a TV show right away. I got on a show called The Greg Barrett Show. It was filmed at Culver Studios. It was a syndication show. It was a talk show. And so I did 10 episodes of that. I was in SAG after, so I was getting $1,700 an episode, which was so much. It was great. And then I got another show with Stan Lee called Who Wants to be a Superhero. It was on Sci-Fi. So I was crushing it. But I was 18, and then 19 hit, and then I had no money, nothing. And then that's when I did the whole stripping, escorting. I wouldn't even say escort. I was like a hooker on the street, but I like to say escorting.


It sounds like fancier.


Trisha, slow down. Hold on. Trisha is like, I can go. I look up fast. You can talk. You're like, I can go through my entire life story. I'm like, No, I'm going to wait. I'm like, Trisha, we need to get an hour in here.


I'm like, We're at 18, and I'm like, We got to get to 35.


Okay, first of all, I'm dying at your math comment because I was so fucking bad at math. Shout out to Oscar. He was this kid in my math class that he would... I would sit next to Oscar, and I would pretend I'm writing my whole math class doing nothing. Then when Oscar was done his, he would hand me his test, and I would hand him my test, and he would take my test for me, and he would even change his writing to be more girly. And then Oscar would hand me back my test, and I would go hand it in. I'm like, Oscar. I knew he was going to Harvard or something, and I was just not meant for math. And I just knew there's going to be a phone for a reason that has a calculator. I don't need to know the square root of things.


You manifested or you knew? There was already cell phones back then. Way to have in high school, so I don't know.


We did have cell phones. Okay, okay.


But you know- Manifest this is going to happen one day. I was like, Wow, you made the iPhone happen.


Honestly, I absolutely will take credit for that. I did. Yes, I absolutely made the iPhone happen for sure, 100 %. And then I... No, I was like, I just knew I didn't need math in my fucking life because I knew I wanted to be in an entertainment. Did you ever cheat in school?


No, I've never had friends. So So my friends were literally, like I said, I was just hitting up celebrities just trying to be like, hey. But I've never had friends in school, never have friends now. I'm just not a friend person. I don't know. But I'm really trying now with my daughter. I really am being trying to be as social as possible. We're going to birthday parties for her because I just don't want her to grow up like that with no friends. I don't really mind. It doesn't make me sad because I don't know any different. And also, I'm just not a great friend because I'm not someone to hang out with all the time. I've just never been that person. But I'm trying out for my daughter. We got to make her friends, make sure she's social.


Okay, let's talk about you saying, so casualy, when you're talking to this fast, you're like, okay, and then I'm going to just. I know. You talk to Beth too.


I love it. We can talk to that. You said you have an hour, so I was like, Let's get it in an hour. Our podcast goes three and a half hours, so I'm like, I got to get it all in.


No, I was more saying, Trisha, we need to at least get to an hour. You're going to talk about your whole life story in 30 seconds. You're like, Okay, so then I wait.


I know.


Okay, so you got finally after you were in LA for a second, you were having some success, and then you just casually were like, And then I became a stripper and an escort, but not really. What happened? Yeah.


So I just had no money. I was just running out of money. My mom was helping me as much as she could, and then she We ran out of money. I maxed out her cards and stuff. So we all ran out of money. She had a husband at the time, so she was living with him, and she was fine. But my dad was not in the picture at all. He hated that I moved out. It cut me off completely. So I had no help, no money. And so I didn't know what to do. I wasn't educated. I didn't have a college degree, so I had no idea. I tried to do the regular jobs, making smoothies and stuff, but that was just not for me either. And I just love the stripper life in movies. I loved it. I thought it was so glamorous. So I was like, This is going to be for me. But my stripper life was not glamorous. I was literally at like, Canoga Park, like BNI's Godfathers. It was super sketchy. I wanted to be at Spearmant Rhino, but that was the bougey pretty girls with the fake boobs already.


I was in like, I don't know. If you know Godfathers, it's just sketchy. So yeah, I had a stripper life. And then Yeah, then I just... I think, casually, then you just start because Hans Paul there is a bunch of hookers. So I just casually started going on the street because just get more money that way. Don't put it with the club and stuff like that. But I was out of my mind there. I don't consider myself an addict, but I definitely was I'm using a lot back then.


Can I ask what you were using?


Back then, it was just I did a lot of coke. I did a lot of... I didn't do meth until 2019, but I did do stuff that I didn't know. Maybe it was the ones where you snort with rocks. I don't know if that's meth. I don't know what it was, but I was snorting rocks. I literally didn't know what any of the drugs were. I just know I did a lot of... Just everything was snorting. And one was really rocks. It was just hurt my nose all the time like that. I was just doing a lot of that stuff. I was just out of my mind, honestly, whatever people gave me. And at 18 and 19, you're just like, don't care. I didn't care. I was like, I don't really care where my life goes.


When you said your dad cut you off, what happened?


Just because I didn't want to do school, and he's just like, I'm not going to support you.


You were on your own.


Yeah. So I was like, okay.


Were you scared at all whenever you were stripping? Were there any moments where you got into situations where you're like, I am a little scared?


Oh, yeah. I feel like all of it, going home with guys all the time. It's crazy that I'm alive. It all scared me. I guess at the time, you just didn't get scared because you don't think about it, right?


No, I get that. I think it's when you almost can get into something that you just fall into, and then you can almost just keep going down that rabbit hole, and you almost don't know when to stop or when to check yourself. Because again, you're right at that age. If you don't have someone that's apparent being like, Stop it, you can just start to go wild and not know what is bad, what is good. And I'm finding myself and I'm figuring myself out. If you didn't have friends, you had no one probably to compare yourself to. My friends aren't doing this. Had you ever done drugs before you went to LA? No.


I was super good. I never drank. I wasn't having sex in high school or something like that because I never was that person. I don't know. So maybe I just thought LA, be wild. You know what I mean? I thought... And again, I think being insecure, I just was like, you thought having sex meant you're so attracted. Everybody wants you. And you get paid for it. That's actually insane to me. I was like, oh, my gosh. People are going to pay me to have sex with them? That's wild.


You're right, though. I can see what you're saying of going from being in a position where you're like, oh, I wanted to be liked by these men, and then to get this profession where they all love you, and they're all paying attention to you. But then I can imagine the drugs probably made you get into situations. Could you share any stories of just situations you got into that you woke up and you're like, Why did this happen?


Oh, my gosh. I mean, honestly, a lot of them that I blacked out. I mean, really just... I mean, I've been kidnapped a bunch of times Where it's just you wake up in a truck and the truck's moving and stuff like that.


Yeah. Trisha?




Pause. Sorry. What?


Yeah, I got kidnapped. I guess, I don't know if it's kidnapping if you're over 18, but I was 19. I think it's that.




I've been adducted, I guess.


It's kidnapping no matter if you're 45 or 50.


Wait, really? Yes. I could be kidnapped at 35? Yes. Okay. We. Yeah. Can you walk me? But it's in the sense where it's like, I don't know where I'm at. I go with somebody, and all of a sudden, you wake up, you're like, in someone's truck and stuff like that.


At one point in your life, you woke up in the back of a truck.


I mean, multiple times. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, it's crazy. And you know, back then, again, you don't think in there, but you're like, Well, I went with this person willingly. So yeah, you just don't think about stuff like that.


When you would wake up in the back of those trucks, what did you do?


You just don't do anything. Well, you're coming off a drug, so you just let things happen. You're just like, Oh, and then they let you off or something like that. So you just... And you don't... Again, I didn't think of it like anything. I hear people I talk about their stories, and for me, it just... I say it casually because to me, it almost seems casual. It almost seems like, oh, well, that's what I was doing, I guess, even if I didn't want it or someone brought me with them. It's a... I don't know. I'm like, well, this is the life I chose, which is such a weird way to think. And of course, anybody else in this situation, I'll be like, oh, my God, that's so awful. But for me, I just thought, Well, this is what I chose.


I think also there's a level of at some point, you have to just disconnect from it because a lot of that... For any woman listening. I'm sitting here being like, Sorry, you woke up in the back of the truck. That's so scary. I do think, obviously, when you're on drugs, though, everything can become way less intimidating because your senses are not heightened whatsoever. You're just in a sedated state. So you don't have the ability to make maybe the decisions you would make when you're sober. Oh, for sure. But when you look back at yourself in those situations, how do you feel?


It's almost like I just don't even know that life. It's my high school life, I don't know. That life, I don't know. There's so many stages I look back on, and I'm like, Oh, I don't even recognize. I remember it. But some of it, I don't even recognize. You know what I mean? Because I was just such a different person. It almost seems like I'm telling a story. You know what I mean? It almost doesn't seem like my life. It's almost like, This is a story about this girl. It took me a while. I didn't go to therapy for a really long time. And even in therapy now, I don't talk about it because it's not trauma to me. Stuff that happened to me as a kid, too. I'm just like, Oh, it's not trauma. Even though it is, It's just like, I don't know. It's not something I'm uncomfortable talking about. What was therapy? I don't get deep into it because I'm like, it's fine. And they're like, no, it's not. But I'm like, to me, it's fine. I don't think it affected me, but they're saying it does. It probably did because I was messed up for a long time.


Well, yeah, I think a lot of the time it's the body keeps things in. But if you've done such a good job, essentially dissociating from it, I get what you're saying. You're telling the story, but you don't personally feel that affected by it right now because you have survived through it. And you're like, I don't really connect to that person anymore, which I think is how a lot of people survive. And I think there's also a stigma where people, which I completely understand when people would look at you being like, well, you have to figure it out. You have to solve it. I think that there's a lot of people that don't want to go and relive some things. And I think that's okay. Obviously, if it's significantly affecting your life to this day, where you're having, whether you're feeling like if you're having sex, you're getting triggered or you're having PTSD or flashbacks, that's usually when to open it back up.




I think everyone has to figure it out on their own time.


Yeah, I definitely had that. I've definitely had that where I had to talk to someone because it was like, someone touched me. It's just dealing with all that stuff. So I've definitely dealt with that for sure. But yeah. Yeah.


I'm curious, going through that with men and being in positions where obviously, I'm sure you've alluded, there's taking advantage moments. How did you rebuild your relationship to men?


I think I just I always hated men, and I feel like I'm still there, especially giving birth. I just have such bad experiences with men, not understanding postpartum. So all my life, it's just any type of men. I don't know. I feel like I wanted their validation, and they were all awful. I feel like I have still such a strong hatred. I think if there's anything to fix, it's maybe my hatred towards men. It's not even just me being this feminine, men suck. It's just I really dislike them. And when I have to talk to a straight... This This year, I really made a conscious effort to do only female podcast. I don't want to talk to men. I don't know what it is. And it's like, that's obviously not right either. You want to be equal and not hate men.


No, but I get what you're saying. I think when you've been fucked over or wronged by men, or even just as simple as, they don't understand women. And there are some men that when you're actually looking at them in the eyes, you're like, oh, you don't get what I'm talking about. You don't get what I'm even trying to say to you. And that can be so infuriating. And it's not worth our time sometimes. It's not our It's my job to educate men on why we should be treated equally to them or why we should have respect. There are some men that are great. Your husband seems great. But overall, I get what you're saying of the trauma of having men fail you so many times in your life, why would you like them? Yeah.


And that's how I feel. And you're right. My husband's amazing. And I have a friend that has an amazing husband, too. And there are some good ones. But then you hear on TikTok so many horror stories of men that don't want to change diapers or they don't want to plan the wedding, or they It just constantly... That to me is so... And I hear it all the time. I'm like, God, that's so triggering. I'm just like, you know what I mean? Just the way they treat women. It just makes me so upset. I don't know.


It's so fucked up. And then to see how many men then want to have a say on what women do with their bodies.


Well, that's a whole other... Girl. That's what I'm saying with postpartum or hormones when you're pregnant, all the stuff, all the abortion stuff. It's infuriating that men have a say, period. And I just feel like men should not have a say ever about anything. Just don't say anything. Giving birth, giving after. After I gave birth, I had so many guys online, criticized me for taking fentanyl for having a C-section because I had an addiction to drugs at one point. And like, oh, well, she said she never took drugs, but she took fentanyl for a C-section. They make you because they're cutting you open. I don't get the choice not to, really. So, Yeah. And so I think all of that really made me hate men even more, and straight and gay, because you know what I mean? They both don't get sometimes. So I was like, oh. So even I have a hairdresser. I'm just like, I have this. Now it's like, okay, now I'm letting gay men back into my life for her. But the straight men is still hard for me. You know what I mean? And It's one thing. And I think because I'm married now, I don't even really need them as I used to think I needed them in the past with dating and stuff.


When you're in the dating world, I'm sorry, but I get it. Women are always going to try to look cute for the date and look this way and talk this way. There are little things we always do because we still live in a man's world. We have to be delicate with how we unravel it. But once you're in a healthy, safe relationship, it's nice. You're right to be like, I now don't need anything. And if I'm going to interact with men, it's going to be on my terms.


Yeah, it's the best. It's the best I love it. It's just so great. And I'm like, I don't care if I'm skinny enough. I don't care if there's a prettier girl in the room to me. None of it matters. So it's just freeing. It's so wonderful. Like you said, if you're in a good relationship, the wrong relationship will make you feel the opposite.


That's almost worse than being in the dating game.


Oh, yeah, that's awful. You're like, yeah.


I'm sure so many women, including ourselves sitting here, have been in those types of relationships where you're like, I am a shell of a human. I was better off when I was dating a bunch of assholes, but going on dates rather than being with one guy that has your claws in you. That's So manipulative and emotionally or physically abusive, whatever it is.


The worst, calling you crazy, judging what you eat, counting how many nuggets you eat. It's like that to me. And I thought I was so in love. And then you look back and you're just like, oh, my God, this person hated me. But I was trying so hard, everything I could. And it's happened. Yeah, it's happened. I've only been in two relationships, so it's both my relationships are horrible.


You had a man that would count how many chicken nuggets you would eat?


What the fuck? On camera.


No. Yeah.


It's still out there. It's like compilations all the time. It's like, that to me is the most dramatic thing of my life. I've been kidnapped probably over 40 times, but that was the most traumatizing. Thinking about it, I disassociate right now. I'm like, Oh, no. I get scared. I don't know. It's such a weird thing.


You're like, Leave me the fuck alone. Let me eat my nuggets in peace, you piece of shit.


It's actually traumatizing. When I think back, I'm like, Oh, my God. And to this day, I literally had a cry the other night. We were eating pasta. Something triggered me from that relationship. And it's so weird. I never think about it, whatever. But I was eating this pasta, and I was like, oh, my God. I just started crying. And I was just like, I feel like a disgusting person for eating this. And my husband is so great. He's just like, pasta is the most popular food. It's in every country. It's totally normal for you to eat this.


It's like, wipe your tears and eat your pasta. Yeah. Okay. I read a study that pasta makes you happier.


I repost that on my Instagram all the time. We do. We always see it. Yeah, I repost.


I'm like, Absolutely. Happier. Let's go pasta every night.


I eat pasta every day. Usually, I don't care. And then, I don't know. There are days. Started a spiral for some reason.


I totally get it. When you were talking about your time in LA and struggling with drugs, did you ever have a rock bottom moment where you're like, I've got to- So many.


That was a rock bottom moment when I was 19 that happened. I literally, I lived next to his My name was Christopher Dennis. He was the Hollywood Superman. There was a documentary made about him, and he recently passed. He was so sad. But he found me just completely in piss and shit, all this stuff, because my apartment didn't even have a door knob. It was on Yucca and Highland. There was no I think it's still there. It's behind a liquor store now. And he found me. My dad and I hadn't talked for two and a half years at this point. And I don't know how, I don't know if he called him, whatever, but my dad showed up, took me to Riverside Hospital. I was in there for three weeks in 2007, 2008. And then I got a little better. Then my dad was trying to get me back to go to college. Did that for six months, and then I moved back out again. My mom came out. But that was the rock bottom. And then 2019 was my rock, rock bottom. 2019 was the meth. I was in three mental hospitals. That's when I was really hard core into meth.


There was two guys that I dated who both have since passed from overdoses. I was just wild. I think I slept with probably 200 guys that in one year. Three mental hospitals, just really beside myself. The internet, oh, my God. Everybody was making hate videos about me. Pewdiepie made a hate video. I was like, oh, my God, what did I even do? So it was my rock, rock bottom, which is ironically, I was the skinniest. Sometimes it's like, I want to be skinny. And then I was like, oh, maybe not. That 2019 was rough. Trisha.


Oh, my God. Wow.


And that was documented, that 2019. That was a rough year for me.


Because you were on YouTube at that point. Yeah.


I was making a lot of videos. There's a lot of deleted videos with the people I was with. Yeah, it just was really crazy.


Let's talk about your Ogie YouTube days because, yes, there were some videos put out that people considered controversial and people tried to bring your old YouTube videos back to this day. You got involved in, I feel, a good bit of drama back then. When you look back at the Ogie YouTube days, how do you feel about them and how would you even describe them?


It's so many arrows of YouTube, too. The Ogie ones were just so great. It was like, before you could make money on YouTube, it was just fun. Then you start making money, and then it's like, Where do you find your niche? Like I said, I never felt like I had talent. I was like, What can I do? Oh, I can piss people off. I can do this. I definitely went the trolling route because it was the most money I ever made without having to strip or hook. And I was just like, This is it. So yeah, I definitely had a lot of problematic videos and just stuff that I didn't necessarily even think. I think if I was me, I could hold stronger to like, Oh, I was just young or whatever. But it was just stuff I'd hear other people say that were like, and I would just repeat it. I just wanted to be shocking. I totally own up to it. And I look back at my videos, I'm like, well, some of them are pretty bad, but I try to give myself grace and forgiveness with that because I used to be really hard on myself.


I'm like, I know. I suck. I'm problematic. And to this day, I don't get sponsored on my podcast. Like, shout out to our Patreon. Our Patreons do it, and so it's great. But yeah, I definitely forever have this mark on me on the internet. I'm like, she's a little controversial. People don't want you around. But it's fine. Again, my word of why to people when I see people trolling now on the internet is just maybe don't because it'll follow you forever. People will think of you as that forever, and rightfully so. Those clips will always be out there, and people either see the change in the growth or they don't. And I think either one you just have to live with.


But I do think it's helpful that you're explaining your backstory. And that's why I wanted to talk to you about it today, because it's for sure. I bet I'll get comments being like, why the fuck are you having Trisha Payers on? What the fuck? I totally understand that. I also, though, think it's important. The fact that you just said, I could make more money doing this than stripping and hooking. It's like, okay, it's good to know someone's backstory. And I think, again, when you're saying those type of things, usually people that are saying those things, you're not in a great place.


Never. Oh, my gosh. Back then, I didn't care about me. I didn't think anything of the future. I was just like, I need to make money now. I'm just going to piss people off. I don't care. I don't have friends for a reason. Never thinking it would be a full career or anything.


That's what I also think sometimes people feel like they're lucky because they can make their fake accounts. But God forbid, one day, all of your fake account comments and trolling and you telling people to go kill themselves or whatever. There are people on the Internet that are so ruthless, but they don't have the balls to do it publicly and have their own name on it. If that, God forbid, you walked into work one day and all of your comments were placed on your own desk, would you be fired or not? And I think if you look inward, all of those people are not in a good place. And clearly, you weren't either. And you've had this redemption arc. But when you look back, do you think you were addicted to the drama once you started to see the money?


Oh, yeah. I mean, for so long, a good 10, 12 years, I was I was so addicted. I was just so miserable. Any attention was good attention. Money was just money. You know what I mean? So it just... Yeah, it is crazy. But I did reap the karmatic effects of it all. So it does, like you said, even the trolls. I think it's so real. I think karma is so real. And I reaped all of that 10 times over, I'm sure. And still, due to this day, we get a sponsor and everyone harasses them. At this point, I'm like, Don't even give us sponsorship because I just know. So it's fine. Luckily, I have my ways make money. But yeah, you just you reap it for a long time.


Why do you think, though, second chances are so important?


Because I think people do change. I think majority of humans evolve as human beings, especially when you get older, when you find happiness, when you find love. You mean people do change. And I think that's the whole point of humanity, right? Is the evolution of it all. I think our society shows that from us in the '60s with segregation. I think it's just shown, obviously, people are change. So I think that's important. Otherwise, you never can grow and never can... But yeah, I've had second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, sixth, sixth, and so I'm appreciative all of them. Some people don't deserve them. Some people don't want to give them to you. But I do think it's important to try to see people changing. I really think people do and can.


I agree. I think also it's really difficult on the Internet when you have a persona that I even feel it sometimes. I feel like sometimes I've met people and they're like, oh, my gosh, I thought you were going to be such a bitch. You're going to be this. And I'm like, oh, I mean, I don't know. You can be honest, what you thought of before you met me.


Yeah, because you just hear all this stuff, right? You hear all the drama. And so you're just like, wow, she's a ruthless. She's this. And you know, not to say I don't judge, because obviously, I know how people take things. But you hear those things or just how... I don't know, you think someone's just going to be arrogant or whatever because you have all this money, and you're sketchy, and you're pretty. So you're like, well, you just know. I think you have the assumptions. Again, at this age, I don't. I'm just like... And I was surprised the energy you have is just so different than people would You know what I mean?


No, I appreciate you saying that because I think that's the point is we see people online, and most of the time, we never get to meet these people in person. So there's a image online that people will assume of you, and it's really fucking hard to break away from that. And so obviously, I know the way that I got through it was I know the truth, and I know what happened, and I know I feel like I can go to sleep, and I'm a good person, and I have good people around me. And if I'm good with my life off the I think then I did become a better version of myself on the Internet because it's like, when all you are looking for is validation from the Internet, which it seems like at one point that was, you didn't have friends, you were really in a dark place, you're going to just say some crazy fucking shit, and you don't give a fuck. But I do think second chances, you're right, are important because I'm so proud of the growth that I've had. And I know you feel the same way about yourself of, of course we've changed.


And of course, now, when you have things you care about, everything is put in perspective.


Oh my God, so different. Now it's like, oh, I don't want to embarrass my husband. I don't want to embarrass my daughter. So it changes everything about you. That's what I knew, I had to change all of it. I really do feel it. I'm like, people can see it or they don't see it. I don't care because I can feel better. But it does feel, especially right now, that people have seen it. And it's not me saying, I've changed it. It just took time. I think with anything, just public feuds, anything, there's always sides that people pick without knowing the full truth. And it's just getting through that. And it doesn't really matter at the end of the day what people think about it. It's like, Some people are going to think I'm this person, whatever.


It's okay. As long as you know who you are.




Okay, we're going to play a little game. I love your giant cards. Oh, my God. Huge. I love them. Huge. And there's tiny little writing. I'm like, Okay, let's play a game. Yes. I'm going to give you a topic, and I want to hear your opinion on it. Reusing nudes.


Oh, yeah. I do it all the time. My OF is still that. It's just old nudes from 2020, and people still... New people come in, I sell them. Or just sending them, too. But don't you can tell now? I feel like you can tell by the dates now. People say, I don't know. Did you send nudes? Were you someone who sent nudes? Oh, yeah. Really? And you've never posted nudes online?


I've never posted nudes online. I just was such a nude girl. I remember I dated this guy that was obsessed with nudes to the point where it was very unhealthy, and he was literally- Every day you're sending him them? I would be at work, Trisha, and this man would be like, Come on, can I get a pick? And I was in such a bad relationship with him that I knew that if I didn't, is another girl going to send him a nude? So I would feel so insecure. So there I was at work with my pencil skirt on, and I'd like, mosey my way over to the bathroom. No.


Oh, you took them fresh. I thought you'd have a library.


No, no, no, no. Trust me. Oh, my God. I would absolutely edit them. I would go back. No, literally, I would be at work on the clock getting paid. I would go take it in the handicap bathroom. Sorry. Oh my God. It was bigger. It was bigger, and I needed my privacy. God forbid, someone walks in in the stalls, and I'm getting that ass shot.


I'm sure if there was a handicap person walking, you'd give them the stall.


For sure. For sure. For sure. For sure. And so I would get out and I would go back to my desk and I would look around. And I would always had a girl behind me. And whenever she would go to lunch, I would pull up my nude, I would go on Pick Monkey, and I would start re-arranging, make the ass fatter, everything. And And I would send it off to him and be like, Here you go. And he'd be like, So hot, so fire. And then I would save those, though. And then obviously, if I was talking to another guy that day, I'd be like, Here you go. Oh my gosh. I loved a good nude. I thought that it almost became an art form at one point. Right. You really get those angles. You learn how to make it look good. I loved good news. It was fun. And then, oh, my God, I've definitely sent some videos and all that stuff. But I never made money off of it, no.


Never? Would it ever get out? No one ever posted it?


No. No, because I think I know the amount of people that I've sent it to. I know those specific guys. And if they ever did, I think they know I would try to sue them. So I think they're too scared.


Especially now. I feel like they would put you out there because you're you.


Right. But I'm like, Yeah, but try me. Let's go to court, motherfucker. But God God forbid, I ever feel I got to pull out, I'm going to bring out my... I have literally an old nude catalog, like an album. Yeah, me too. You know, you've got that MacBook that you've got it on, and you're like, Oh, which one should I use today?


Your retirement plan.


I should change the album name from Old Nudes to Retirement Plan.


I mean, it's like everyone's doing it now, but I get you. I totally get you.


Meeting your celebrity idles. Have you ever... Who are your idles?


Tell me everything. Oh, I love meeting celebrity idles. Yeah, I I think the bigger the idol, the nicer they are. I feel like when you're a D-list person, they have maybe Tom Sandival or something. I don't know. I don't really know him, but I just know he's all over TikTok. He probably won't be nice. But I've met Quintarantino, M&M. The Weekend just sent me a DM, and I feel like The bigger they are, the nicer they are.


I saw you talking about this on your podcast. Was the DM from him?


Literally, I was on a podcast two weeks to the Zack Stings show, and I was like, Oh, I pay for music. And I'm like, I just bought six of the weekend songs. And he's like, Thanks for the support. Me and my team appreciate you. He sent me a DM, and I was like, wow. He cares that I spend six dollars on his music and everything.


No, they do. Because I think I saw... Who did I see? I think I saw Snoop Dogg recently saying there were a billion streams, and he made 40K from it.


No, that's wild to me. That's why I buy the music off my tunes, and I still do. And they appreciate it. I was shook. I was like, oh, my God, Abel's in my DMs.


It was crazy. Like, literally, maybe they need to start OnlyFans.


Fuck. I know.


He's like, babe, thanks for the six dollars to, babe, literally get an OnlyFans. I was like, let's go.


He would make bank views on OnlyFans. Fuck. Well, I mean, the idol is basically OnlyFans. It's just him fucking Lily Rose up, and I loved it. That's why I became a fan this year. I saw the idol, and I was like, that was crazy. I never get horny about anything. And literally, that show made me crazy.


Okay, Tacobo.


Pass. What are we playing? Are we doing Pass or Smash? I don't know. Am I rating this? I love it. Tacobel, no.


I love how also, you're right. We've changed the game for every single question.


What was the game originally?


Oh, I want to hear your opinion on.


Okay, okay, got it. Okay, I love fast food, but I'm just not a Taka Bell fan.


What's your favorite fast food place?






Yeah, just because there's one close to us, I always get the nuggets. Right now, they have an adult happy meal. Oh, wait, I think we're boycotting McDonald's, maybe. I think everyone told me we're boycotting them. Why? I don't know. I don't get political, but I think something is happening with them. So I'll be on a strike until the strike is over.


Where are you going to get your nugget? Oh, man.


Maybe Chick-fil-A. Oh, Chick-fil-A is controversial, too. We can fuck them. I know.


They don't support the gay. Oh, no.


A lot of my gay friends love Chick-fil-A, so I go with them. Fuck.


Everything's controversial. That's interesting. If you go to Chick-fil-A with one of your gay friends- I think it's fine. Then it cancels it out.


I think so. They love it. Chick-fil-a. I love fast food, but they're all problematic.


They are. Okay, so McDonald's first, then Chick-fil-A. Do you like Wendy's?


I love Wendy's, spicy nugget. I'm just a nugget person. Nuggets. I only get nuggets at all these places. What do you dip it into? Oh, nothing. No sauce. Yeah. What? I have no sauce. I have recently heard Jen or Tega say she has no sauce, too. I'm like, No sauce, girlies. Get it.




Never. This is crazy. There's no lie. Try to find a clip of me eating sauce. Actually, there's clips of me trying sauce, but I don't like it.


Wait, so you don't like ranch dressing? No.


I don't like any sauce. No barbecue, no ketchup, no mustard. Your whole life? Yeah. I'm just like, I like a plain. I'm very my taste are plain. I love butter noodles. I love chicken tenders, pizza. That's what I like.


I have food for you to try downstairs. Now I'm rethinking everything. Wait, did you make it? I'm having someone make it right now. I'm like, Boo. Oh my God.


You have a content house with a chef. If you live here, no, just to shoot here. I was like, wow.


I just beg someone downstairs. I'm like, Listen, there's this one pasta that I want Trisha to try. Do you think- Wait, what? Yeah, I want you to try it. What pasta is that? You know how girls are like, Oh, my God. I have my girl dinner, and it's like when the men are away, the girls will play. You make just dumb shit that men would be like, I'm not eating that shit. So I grew up on this spaghetti sauce that my mom It's like, I don't even want to- Like, progreso.


Is that like... Wait, what? Oh, progreso. Is it like, prego sauce? Because I like pasta sauce. I'm trying to figure out progreso sauce. I love a jar sauce if that's what you're talking about. Okay. Is that progreso? I have prego.


I can't breathe. It's in a jar, and I swear to God, Trisha, I want you to try it. I know you like plain stuff. I'm interested to see or take a- I love pasta sauce. Okay. I love pasta sauce. We're going to film it downstairs, but it's good to know. Where's that going?


It's bonus content. Where does that go? Got to get that coin, girl. I love it. I know. Same, same, same.


I'm like, You're going to save for 10 hours, right? I love it. We're good to go. I will. Okay, so no to talk about.


No talk about. Okay, I'm crying.


Okay, internet trolls. What is your opinion on them?


Oh, gosh. Oh, well. I have a soft spot for them because I was an internet troll for a minute. Now I can't stand them. I see people yelling at the camera being ridiculous. I'm like, Oh, no, this is going to haunt you forever.


You should literally, every time you see someone doing trolling videos, be like, Trust me, stop.


Don't stop. Yeah. There's that girl, that Pearl girl out there now, and I'm like, Girl, let's pump the brakes. This is going to follow you forever.


Dude, wait. I feel like I know who you're talking about.


She's mean. Yeah, she's anti-woman, I think. I don't know. She's a woman, but hates women. She's like, Oh, if you're divorced, you're less than, or if you have sex before marriage, they don't want you. I don't know. She's weird.


Does she have strawberry red hair? Yeah. She's made videos about me being Alex Cooper, and I always just stop it immediately. I never watch the video because I'm too scared. I don't want to know.


She's the leader of everyone. I get it. It's like a stick or something, hopefully. But I'm like, Girl, this is like an It will not going to do well for you because you run out of money. You spend the money. I know. Trust me, I have $10 million trolling, and I've wasted all of it. I didn't buy a house until OnlyFans.


I'm just like, No, girl. Girl, stop.


She'll probably clip this and be like, You fucking whore, shut up.


Like, oh, why?


No, I know. I used to be scared of people talking about me, but I'm like, oh, no. I literally have... Again, it comes from a place of I know what it's like. I get it, and I'm just like, oh, no.


Do you ever scroll on TikTok? And if you hear someone talking about you, do you watch the videos? Oh, no. I'm scared.


I scroll instantly. The last... I don't even want to talk about it. But the last person I saw talk about me, I literally cried for days. What? Yeah. She told me I looked like I had electrocuted hair, and I cried for literally a week. And I'm like, why is this affecting me so much? It was literally a month ago, and I couldn't stop crying.


Wait, I'm so sorry. That's so mean.


I had a lot of postpartum hair loss. But then when I was young, people made fun of me for having frizzy hair. It was this whole thing. So it hasn't happened in so long as someone made fun of my hair. I'm used to wait. I'm used to acne. And I was like, oh, my God, this one hit. This one hit hard.


That's when it's the most fucked up is if it's something from when you were younger that was something you got the shit bullied out of you for or that you were just insecure about it for yourself. When you're an adult and someone picks on it, you're like, I'm regressing to being 12 Yeah, that's my felt. And I'm sobbing. That's how I felt.


It's like that and eating chicken part. Both of those things are weird things that you wouldn't think, people call me fat. People call me all these things. I'm just like, Oh, I don't care. But those, I don't know.


I'm so sorry.


Yeah. But it's because I stayed on it for a minute. I saw and I was just like, Let me hear what this person has to say because I like the person. Because I was like, Oh, I love this person. I talk nice about them all the time. And I was like, Oh, shit. And then I was like, yeah. I don't like to be in the drama of it all, but I was just like, damn, that one hurt. That one hurt hard.


It's just like, again, stop being mean to people on the internet. Why are Also, I just feel like we're so above, or at least we should be, commenting on women's appearance. Yeah. Aren't we done with that?


Just in general, hair, weight. I'm just like, that's it. There should be... And again, I guess it's a compliment that's that's what you're going for. If that's the only thing. But it's the worst thing to hear as a woman is your appearance.


You're right. And I feel like it's expected from a man because it's like, you're dumb. But from a woman, you're like...


No, it sucks. It sucks because I'm so pro-women now. And I I know I haven't always been. That's what I'm saying. The karma comes back to me. I'm like, All right, I guess I deserve it. I guess I've talked enough about other people's appearances. It does come back around. So I'm like, Okay, I'll take it. That's how I have to look at it. It's just another dramatic point.


You got thick skin, girl.


Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes I really do. I haven't cried in a long time. I was like, oh, my God, why am I crying? And last night when I cried over the pasta, I'm like, this is very odd. Usually, I'm not like that.


Well, at least you allow yourself to cry. I feel like sometimes people hold it in too much. If you're going to cry, cry and then keep eating that pasta. Let's go. Let's go, bitch. Cry. How do you feel about reincarnation? Do you believe in it?


I don't know. What do you think?


Didn't I see something on the Internet that people were convinced? What is the theory?


My Mama Baby? Yes. Oh, yeah. I did birth the reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth last year, I guess. Which You know what? Honestly, makes me believe it.


Why do people think that?


It was so weird. It was the weirdest. Okay, literally someone looked it up. It was the most time I was searched. It was the most search I've ever been was in September 2022, a week before my daughter was born. More search than anything That's what's ever happened in my life, any controversial thing. That was the Google high point. It was so weird. It was a week before I gave birth. I said I was like, one centimeter dilated, which is normal, and you're going to give birth in a week or two. But then the queen died the next day, and everyone's like, Trisha just gave birth. And the queen's I was still very much pregnant. I just didn't have my phone with me. It was so bizarre. Tmz was calling my dad, my mom, everything.


It was the weirdest thing. Oh, my God. You know why you were probably so surged? It's like you tapped into... You infiltrated the royal family. But everyone I'm in England was like, Wait, who is this bitch? I need to see. Is the queenie coming out of that bee? What the fuck is going on?


The day she died, I'm trending. I have a screenshot right underneath her. It's so bizarre. I know. When I announced my pregnancy, everyone's like, King Charles, nine months left. I'm like, No. Don't even start it. Wait, that- It's funny. At the time, I was actually a little traumatized. I was like, Oh, my God, what did I do? Because I didn't even start it. I get if I start my own shit. I was like, No. I was out of drama. I was so out of drama. I didn't have my podcast. I was not I'm not talking about anyone. I was like, Oh, shit. We're back.


Yeah. Not that bad of drama to be a part of because you're like, Oh, my God. I just gave birth to the new queen. But that's also going to be such an interesting thing. If your daughter googles herself one day, not about googlers her.


Yeah, for sure. You're a queen. And she is. She's very Royal regal. She waves to everybody. She's very that, actually. So if I do believe in reincarnation, I do believe that could be... I don't know how Queen Elizabeth was. I heard maybe she's not a nice person, but maybe she'll be reincarnated as a good person. I don't know. I know nothing about the royal family.


But okay, How do you feel about retail therapy?


Oh, my God. That's all I do all day, every day. I spend way too much money.


What do you spend your most money on? Purses.


I have so many purses. Yeah, I have too many. I probably have, I don't know, maybe 500 purses. I sell a lot, too. So I have about 500 purses.


We But you said you never leave your house.


Yeah, I just buy it online. In 2020, I bought six Birkins that were a million dollars altogether, and now I can't sell them. I wish I could. I've had so many Birkins that are ugly, and I'm like, I have a dead ostrage in my closet. I'm like, I don't want this No more.


Wait, and you barely leave your house also. So where do you wear them?


Dear, you're like, I love your Prada bag. I'm like, Thank you. This is my only shot to wear it.


Oh, my God. So whenever you're going to go do an appearance, you'll wear it. But other than that, it just sits in the closet.


But my closet It's beautiful. It's sparkles and shine. It makes me really happy. They actually just make me happy to look at them. I used to never wear my purses out. I just love to look at them.


Look at them. What's your favorite one?


Oh, I have the Paris Hilton Birkin, the pink one with the Swasky's on it. It's the same retailer that got it, the Privy Porter. Shout out to Privy Porter. She made Paris's bag, and then she made mine, and I love it. But when you get the aftermarket crystals, they go down in the value so much. So I wouldn't suggest that. I bought a $50,000 rainbow Birkin, and no one even wants it. I can't even give it away for $8,000. So don't do aftermarket. But I love my pink one. I don't like the rainbow one. Okay, let's talk about sex.


Okay, let's talk about sex. Okay. I think that you obviously exude confidence, and I know you have, lately in this interview, talked about just your relationship to men has evolved. But to women Then then are like, Trisha, how the fuck do we get confident in the bedroom? What personally would you say makes you feel the most confident in your sex life? You know what it is?


I always say this to everyone is guys really don't care. If they're with at that point where they're undressing you, they don't care. Do you know what I mean? I don't know. Guys just get what they get. You know what I mean? They just are excited to be with you. I've never been insecure in that way because maybe because I've hooked and I've been with 500 guys, maybe that made me more confident, weirdly. But I've just never had any complaints. I used to have uneven boobs. Back when I was a hugger, I didn't shower for five days, and they would be fine with it. I think guys are just nasty, and they'll just take what they get. So don't feel bad. If you're I think that's a plus.


If you put on deodorant that day, girls, they're fine.


They're fine. Yeah. You're good.


Just do a little wash. It's such a good point. Men are disgusting. And so I feel like sometimes we're in our own heads about like, Oh, my God, do I need to do this? No, you don't need to do shit. No. Show up.


Yeah, I've been with... And I've been with all types. And I think I've been saying, Oh, I've been on the streets or whatever. But I also been with some WWE wrestlers that prefer a big girl. You know what I mean? And they love it, and they can't get enough of it. You know what I mean? So I think there's just types. And some people love a skinny girl, but they're not going to go to bed with you if they want a skinny girl. Whoever is in bed with you, wants you. So I don't know. I've never had any complaints. Like I said, my boobs have been uneven. I've looked crazy so many times. Guys just don't care. And I think as long as you're not, I don't know. I've never been self-conscious about that. I don't know why.


No, I think that's great. I think that's why I know people want to hear from you on it, because I think you're right of we are in our own heads so much more than men are. If you're right, if he's in the room with you and wanting to have sex with you, there you go.


Done. Yeah. He's, that's it. They're not going to be like, no, thank you. I've never had anybody like, oh, no. You know what I mean? Ever. I love that.


Exactly. You got a vagina, they're going to enjoy themselves.


Guys are very easy that way. I always feel bad when girls get self-conscious.


I'm like, they guys want you. I've had girls write in being like, oh, my God, I'm insecure about my labia or the way it looks. I'm like, Don't be.


Oh, right.


Don't be. Men don't give a fuck.


People love all types. They love the outies, the innies, the in betweenies. They love all of it. Exactly.


Who cares? How How old were you when you had your first orgasm?


Oh, my God. Like, 32.


I love that you say that, though, because I think so many women, even if they would lie about it, I bet a lot of women feel that same way. Of course, we didn't have orgasms at such a young age because men don't know how to fucking please us.


No, guys don't care about it.


Did you give it yourself or did you get it from a guy?


The first time was in a threesome. They had one of those... I call them habachis. They're not habachi. Are they hatachi?


Hatachi, yeah. Mr. Hitachi's. Yes.


That changed my life for real. I was in this thruffle, and they used it on me, and I was like, Oh, my God. That was when I was like, I didn't know if I was peeing or what. I was like, everything was going everywhere. It was insane. Oh, my God. So that was the first time where I knew what it was supposed to feel like. And that's why I was like, Holy shit. That was explosive.


Wait, that's so funny because Bridget and Holly, when they came on, Bridget was the one that talked about it. She was like, with half, obviously, we weren't getting off. So we would have these Mr. Hitachi's, and she taught me about it. And now, okay, so this Mr. Hitachi- They're amazing.


They're so good. Yeah. And so that was the thing where I was like, oh, that's even when I did OnlyFans, all my squirting ones are with that because it's just so intense. If you don't know how to do it or whatever, because I'm like, How does that even happen? Or you're scared, too. It forces you, too. I mean, with your consent.


Wait, right. It forces you, but you're the one pressing the button.


You're accepting But it's like, you don't even have a choice because it's so much pressure, and you're just like, Well, this is going to happen.


Here we go. Wait, that's so interesting. It's amazing.


So if you have trouble orgasming or you don't know how it's supposed to feel, I highly recommend going on the big setting of those.


And just get it going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When you say you were in a thruple, was it for Were you just sexual or were you actually in a relationship with a couple?


It was just sexual, but they did come to my birthday party. I think she sent videos about me. I think she did interview us about someone. It was my first thruple relationship. They were gorge. Oh, my God. She was like, hot, fake implants. He was like, gorge six-pack anesthesiologist. They were really gorge. I think it was just my Tinder year. I think that was 2019, but it was great. I don't know. I think he was just so curious about everything.


How do you even get involved in that? Did you meet her or him first?




Oh, on Tinder.


Him on Tinder, yeah. Then he's like, This is my girl. They show right away. This is my girlfriend. I was like, Oh, this could be exciting. You know what I mean? It was actually really, really fun.


How did those things end?


It was fine. Honestly, I think... What was that one? What was that one? I know. I'm trying to think. I was dating a lot of people at the time. I was dating so many people. So I think I was just not looking to date. I think they wanted to date date, and I was not looking for that.


Yeah. Three people in a relationship is tough.


Oh, I don't know how they do that. Yeah, but they did that all the time with people, and I think they wanted to bring someone in to date. I don't know if... I think for me, I was like, Oh, how am I going to introduce my parents, my mom? I'm really close with... And not that she's not judgmental, but I don't think she would get it. Like, this is my boyfriend and girlfriend?


I don't know. Okay. No, I get that. You're like, Hi, this is my couple, and I'm the third.


It's still bizarre. Yeah, I see it on TikTok, and I think more power to people, but I'm always like, This is... It's still bizarre to me. I get that. Maybe it'll get more normalized.


So the Mr. Hitachi, I was going to say, what are your top three sex toys in the bedroom that you would recommend? So one is Mr. Hitachi, another two.


That's the first. I think that's pretty much it. I've been liking plugs lately, which I normally don't love an anal thing, but I just think they look really pretty, and it just feels more pressurized. I've been really into that lately. I agree. It's great. I think try out plugs, and I I don't know. It just feels good if it's not anything else, just gives you a little more added pressure.


I completely agree.


I've never had a gang bang, but I'm assuming that's what it feels like, right? All your holes filled. I don't know. Maybe not. Maybe I don't know what a gang bang I love you, Trisha. That's what I would imagine. Not to say I want all my holes filled, by the way. I usually prefer just sex. We do vanilla sex, but I love it. It's like my favorite. I don't need to... Things filled me up, you know what I mean?


So the plug can just be there.


It's fun. It's fun for an added bonus, you know what I mean? But I'm just vanilla, actually. When it comes to sex, I just love to have sex with just as is.


I like that.


If you have advice for someone, how do How would you approach your partner if you want to try a new thing in the bedroom?


I don't know. I guess.


Just be honest. Although I've had people ask me to do some weird stuff, and I'm like, That's weird. So I don't know. I'm the last person to ask about this thing. Try to read the room. Maybe, yeah. Know your partner. If he has me to do something freaky, I might look at him weird. I don't know.


I'm done. I'm breaking up with you.


Yeah. I've had people ask me to hang upside down. Like, weird stuff. I'm just like, I don't know. I mean, I guess that's a thing with swings. I'm just not a nacra.


Hang upside down. How would they fuck you if you're hanging upside down? Yeah.


It's like the swing and you're upside down. And I guess that, I don't know. I didn't do it because I'm like, that looks so dangerous. It was high up.


I just get a headache.


Yeah. I don't like it. I don't like anything that involves hurting blood, any of that stuff. People always want to slice you open and stuff. I'm like, no, thank you.


Have you had someone ask you? Yes. Trisha.


Multiple times.


They want to slice you open. Are you fucking Army Hammer?


Yes. Not him. Someone close. Actually, when that came out, I was like, Wait. And then I was like, Oh, no. It's someone who looks like him. No way. I think celebrities can be the freakiest, especially those celebrities that are D-list. They're freaky.


You know Tom Sandoval's cutting them up? Yeah. Whoa. So you've had people literally be like, They want to... What do they do? They just want to cut you or drink your blood?


Oh, yeah. Just drink the blood and also just slice you on your stomach a little bit because they say it has fat there so you can't die. You can't bleed out. I don't know. I've had a couple of people say it.


Yeah. And what do you say?


No, I absolutely not. I can't do that. I don't know.


Do you You don't proceed to have sex with them or do you just leave immediately?


Leave immediately. No, leave immediately. The one that wanted me to hang upside down, I guess I stayed with. He looked like Marilyn Manson a little bit. He had those vibes. So I was into that for a second. I'm like, oh, yeah, this is my person. But yeah, I just said I couldn't do it. Physically, couldn't do it. You're funny.


This is hilarious.


At some point, you can talk about this because I feel like no podcast talk about sex. Oh my God. Oh, yeah. You're on Spotify, so it's a little bit better. You're not demonetized on YouTube. I'm like, YouTube, they can't say anything. Oh, no.


I'm like, Let's I love it. I love it. It's about everything.


Yeah, no, that's great. It's so funny.


What do you think for advice for someone who wants to lose their anal V card? Give us the advice, Trisha.


I guess take some poppers, loosen it up a little bit because that's the only thing I could think of. Right.


But do you even enjoy it?


No. Like I said, I love the plug recently, but I don't love anal. Penetration. Because you know what it is? I just eat so much food, and I know you're not supposed to eat a lot before. Girls are the only fans. You're supposed to clean it out. Guys, too. All my gay friends are like, Yeah, you can't eat before. So I was like, Yeah, that's the only time we have sex after we eat. So I was like, why don't I don't want to have my butt after we eat.


Right. I want my nuggets, and I want my pasta.


Exactly. Oh my God. Can you imagine having anal after lasagna? I don't know if I could imagine that. Just involuntary everything. I'm a bad... I'm not an anal queen, that's for sure. But try it. Maybe start with a finger or something. A little pinky. A little pinky. See if you like it. Some people really love it.


I don't I get it. I think the pinky is a good way to start. You're right. I'm loving your advice. So the Daddy Gang wrote in some scenarios that they're going through right now. There's drama in their life. And you're not a part of drama right now, Trisha. You're clean, you're free. You're like, oh. But now we need to read their drama and help them with their drama. So someone wrote in and said, My brother's messages linked to my laptop, and I just found out that he and my best friend have been seeing each other behind my back. I'm so traumatized from seeing these texts and pictures. There are so many messages of them talking about how I'll react if I find out, but it's so hot that they're sneaking around. Lately, when she comes over, it seems like she's there for my brother, and the two of them actively leave me out. How do I confront them about the situation? And do I bring up the fact that I saw their nudes?


No, you're the sister. What? Why do you care? Stop. That's weird. What is she going to say? I saw your nudes, You're hooking up with a girl that's not me. How dare you? What? That's the weirdest question I've ever. If it was your brother, you're going to be like, Oh, my God. What? It's so weird. Lanister status over there. Just like, My brother's fucking someone else? I don't like it. It's weird. I'm sorry.


I get what you're saying. First of all, no, girl. You're not telling your brother, I saw that dick pic. That shit's big.


Oh, yeah. That's more on you. I would immediately stop looking at messages. You keep looking at them like a weirdo.


I understand the side of your friends lying to you. You would like to know, is she going behind your back? Maybe just address it with your friend of like, Hey, I get you hooked up with my brother. Can you just be honest so it's not awkward? But maybe they're not serious yet.


Maybe they're not dating. Maybe they're just hooking up. Maybe they want to keep it. Why do you have to tell everyone in your business? Be like, Oh, yeah, we're actually having sex if that's okay with you. Not quite dating. We'll let you know when it happens. It's weird. I don't I know.


Trisha, this is where friendship gets a little complicated.


I don't have friends, so I don't know. Don't listen to me on that one.


No, I definitely... I think you're right about the brother thing. Don't fucking tell him, I saw your nudes. Leave the brother out. I think you could go up to your friend and be like, Listen, I don't care what you and my brother, are doing, but I don't want to constantly be sitting in the room and feeling like you guys are keeping things from me. Let's be open with it. You guys are fucking fabulous. Let's move on. Okay.


You want to know? Okay. I don't think I want to It's fine. Don't tell me. If you're having sex with my brother, I don't think I need to know. I think I'm good.


But if it was your best friend?


I guess I don't know that situation. So yeah, I guess. Maybe. No, you're right. I still don't think I want to know. I don't even want to know my brother has sex with his wife. I just don't want to know any of it. I'm good.


I actually agree. Whenever I think about my brother having sex, I'm like, no, he doesn't.


Oh, no. I don't want to know any of those details. Don't tell me.


So, girl, just let it go. Go have sex. Let it go.


Yeah, just let them do what they're doing. I don't know.


Yeah, and you go date. Yeah.


Make yourself busy. That might be, yeah. Find something else to do.


Maybe she needs to get laid.


I think that's it, where it's just like, if you're that concerned about your brother's sex life and if they're telling you or not, I don't know. Move on. I get what you're saying, though. I get what you're saying, too.


Okay, next one. I have a group of six girlfriends friends, and we've all been close since high school. Recently, a new girl has been introduced to the group. She hasn't done anything actively wrong, and nobody seems to have an issue with her, but something about this girl just fucking annoys me. Oh, my God. One day, She's aater.


She's later. Get you out of the group.


One day, I had five glasses of wine too many and decided I was going to say something. So I messaged her from a fake Instagram account. Oh my God. I said, Stop leaching onto other people's friend groups. It's sad.


Oh my God. Root lift. Yeah. It's why I don't have friends. That's so scary. Oh my God.


She said, It's sad and pathetic. They obviously don't want you around, and they all feel too bad to tell you the truth, so I will.


Oh my God. That girl sounds crazy. And I know, you don't use that word lightly.


No, that's insane. She found out it was me by the email, linked to the account and told all of our friends, now I'm basically booted from the group. What should I do?


Oh my God. Well, good. At least she was booted. At least she got some repercussions.


Dude, that's insane.


That's crazy. This is why I don't want girlfriends. That's so nuts.


I just think, first of all, if you're going to use a fake account, I've learned, make a new fucking email, bitch.


Go to a different... Go to the library, get a different IP address. Don't let it be traced.


I really do. Never, never. If you are stalking people on your fake, don't ever let them know it's you. No. Second of all, what is this girl doing that's so triggering that you felt the need to message her?


From a fake account, no one likes you.


Do you ever go on your fake account? Do you have a fake account? I don't have a fake account.


Have you ever had? It seems like a lot. She's like, a lot. She's like, make a whole new account. It's a lot. No, I've never had a fake account. I've always just looked from my account, but I really just don't look, period, anymore. I used to look and find out what everyone's doing. And honestly, life is so much better when I don't look for real.


Trisha, I used to have one. I would say, I I would say a year and a half ago, I deactivated mine, and I felt lighter. I felt happier. I just felt like, why am I stalking an ex? What am I doing? Or even if I saw something online, why am I on a fake account? If I If I don't want people to know I'm looking at it, then just maybe I shouldn't be looking at it.


That's how I feel, too. That's how I feel. That feels weirder when you go on incognito and stuff like that. It feels like you're doing something wrong.


I think that the moral of the story is everybody delete your fake accounts. You don't need to have a fake account.


It feels better. I know how addicting it is because I was so addicted to Reddit, looking up everybody. I have like, Oh, how many views is this person getting now? I'm like, I get it. But it's so time consuming, so entertaining. The minute I did... I stopped in August of this year, actually. I honestly, good things have come. Just fortune has come, income has come. Everything has come for real. I'm like, wow. So I just didn't go back to it because good energy was coming in. I was like, maybe there's something to this. So I was like, let me just stop putting any bad energy out there.


There has to be something to it because I also think you're right. Oh, my God. The last time I read Reddit, I think now, it's around two years ago that I stopped. And I remember I was so consumed by it because you're constantly trying to be like, okay, these people think this about me. So then all of a sudden you're in a video or an episode trying to appease them. And when you stop giving... Also, when I look at it, I'm like, there's 200 200 people. I'm like, whoa, we're really shaking it up here. Why am I listening to 200 people? If you have hundreds of thousands to millions of views on something, obviously, there's people that like what you're doing. So keep doing what you're doing. Exactly. And don't give them energy.


It feels so much better. And honestly, I really feel like there's no... I mean, maybe because I just don't see it, but I'm like, oh, I feel like they hate stuff. My reddits did get taken down. No one can start a new reddit on me. It's really weird. Really? Yeah. We did this documentary on it. We called reddit, all this stuff like that. And there's no more reddits. Mine are 40,000 people. And others, no more. And It was wonderful. So shout out reddit. I don't know what they did, but anyone who tries to make a new one on me, they take down right away. Wait, that's amazing. Yeah. There's no Trisha P. Snark reddit. They were crazy. During my pregnancy, they were harassing my doctors. They were in my baby's hospital, and they were It was like, they were being nuts. They were putting my baby's image out there, photoshop weird things with it. So I think they had to take it down because it was actually disgusting. That's disgusting. Yeah. So I think we did this whole thing about it this year because I was like, okay, what's going to... And then now that it's down, it's just like, it's great.


I I don't see hate anymore. So I don't know.


Dude, I swear to God, the only place that there's main hate is on Reddit. And if you get that rid of your life, you're like, I know.


I have no hate anymore. It's wonderful. I was like, no one hates me. No one hates me? That's how I feel in my head, and I still feel that way.


Live that way, girl. Let it live that way.


I feel like it's perpetuated itself. I feel like it's manifested itself. I feel like so many people like me now. And I'm like, okay, maybe because I stopped with me at hate, now more people like me.


Done. Let's do one not friendship. Okay.


Because all these friendship ones, I'm like, I don't know.


How about this? My boyfriend My boyfriend and I have been having ongoing conversations about getting engaged and planning to do that next year. But lately, something has been really weighing on my conscience. My question is, do I tell him that I gave his best friend the gluckluck 9,000 blow... The gluckluck 9,000 blow job on the trip that the two of us met before, obviously, we had feelings for each other. We see this friend quite often, and I'm worried that my boyfriend will feel uncomfortable if he knows that I sucked his friend's dick. Oh, my God. Should Did I come clean, or is this something that you take to the grave?


Wait, did you trademark Gluckluck? I did. I love that. So when people say it, you get money? I love that. That's so smart. I remember that was such a big thing. I really do. I just remember like, wow, it was crazy.


It's great. It's a great thing. Oh, my God.


So smart. You trademarked it. The devil hand twist.


Yes. Gluckluck9000.


You can go have a sex toy. That's that. I know. Because it sounds like a machine anyway. It does. Okay.


Good to know.


Where it feels like you're like, Anyways. I don't know.


That's tough.


I feel like you need to tell them. Otherwise, it's like fraud or I agree.


And God forbid, one night, something happens. If you're married and he finds out you never told him, it could literally end a marriage. Yeah, just tell him. Just tell him. Yeah, that's sticky. It was also... You guys didn't have feelings for each other at the time.


Right. Yeah. Let it go. It says a lot about how he reacts, too. If he's upset about it, then maybe that's not the one for you. And he's like, Okay, it was before we met, whatever. Right. Like, be mature. You weren't an understanding guy.


Yeah. Are you a jealous person?


I was. I used to be so jealous. Oh, my God. I was so jealous. At the beginning of our relationship, I was so jealous, all the stuff. And I have his passwords go through his DM's every day. I was super I'm jealous, but now not at all.


Now you're fine. Now you're fine.


I think so. But he's so good. He gives me no reason to be jealous. Even if girls are like me, want a picture with him in public, he just says no, because he just doesn't want that out. I'm fine with it. I'm literally whatever, but he's very that. So he never gives me a reason to be jealous.


But that's the type of man you need in your life.


For sure. Because I am jealous. I was always very jealous and everyone... How about you? I got it.


I think I used to be jealous, but because it was coming from a place of insecurity of I had gotten cheated on before. So then I'm like, oh, my God, you must be doing it, too. And so When you're just not in healthy relationships, the toxicity, you can't help but be paranoid, which turns into jealousy, where you're like, Oh, my God. I don't want you out, and I don't want you doing this. And then you're just the worst version of yourself. Yeah.


I think that's the worst jealousy. And we're together 24/7, so I think that helps, too. I'm just like, We're never apart. We're codependent, or I'm codependent that way, so I don't know. But I never... Of course, now I'm never jealous. And he's definitely not jealous. I'll say, Oh, my God, the weekend's so hot, or whatever. He never gets jealous. He's just like, Yeah, okay. Yeah, literally. He's the first one I I texted when I got a DM from him. I'm like, The whole weekend, just DM me. He's like, Yes, babe. Oh, yeah. He's like, What are you going to text back? He was so excited.


If the weekend wanted to have a threesome with you guys, would you do it?


Oh, I would. I don't think my husband would. That would be the dream come true.


I think he's got to do it and just suck it up. Okay, do it for Trisha.


He's like, No, no. I probably would it because I love it. I love my husband so much because three-sums do get sicky. Anyone who wants a three-sum, and any time I've had a three-sum, I feel like it just ends in disaster. It does, right? I don't know. I feel like with my husband, of all people, I know I couldn't with another girl. I'd be so fucking jealous. But I think with a guy, I don't think he would. I don't know. I don't know. Even with a guy, I feel weird.


I don't think I would with Matt either. I'm like, It's I'm just too- With another girl?


Yeah. Yeah, I don't think so.


It's too much.


Especially if they have sex with a girl. Sometimes they don't have sex with the other person, but I would be living.


I would be literally in the bed like this.


Yeah. How people- She's pissed. Oh, the thruple I was in, she loved watching it. They got off. I was just like, this is... And I think that's amazing. I like being the third, but I don't know.


Being the main, springy in the third? Yeah. You got to be a strong bitch.


No, I don't know how people do it. I'm weak. I'm weak. I'm weak. It's definitely a different breed, which I'm more empowered to you, but I'm just like...


I completely agree.


It's crazy.


Okay, I have two more questions for you. What is the biggest misconception people have about you? We're done with the questions.


I like talking about other people's drama. I was like, Yeah.


You're like, Don't put me in. Right. Yeah, What is the biggest misconception you think people have about you?


I think you know what it is. I think it's just that I've had bad intentions. I think people think I'm a bad person, which I think is the worst part, because through all of it, I've never really had bad intentions to hurt anyone ever. I think that's the worst part of it because I'm truly at my core. I've never hated anybody. It really comes from a place of either wanting attention, being miserable, or being just completely ignorant. I hate that people have this, Oh, she's a horrible person. I see it all the time, and I get why people say it, but it's just like, Oh, that sucks because it's like, I've truly never been. But I know I made that bed, so it is what it is. So I think that's the worst. I never had bad intentions. No, there was never malice behind it. I never wanted to ruin someone's life.


Totally. I also think just even from this interview, I hope it gives people more clarity, too, because I feel like I have seen so much of you online. But I think this interview, we really went from start to finish, and it shows your growth of where you came from, the decisions you made, the head space you were in. And of course, I'm not saying it was right, but it's like people grow and people change. And the fact that you're even able to also take accountability. And I also love how you're like, but I also get it. And I'm not asking. I think that's also a really mature way to look at it. There are just some people that will never look at you or me and change their opinion if they hate us. Yeah, of course. That's okay. But you clearly know you're a good person, and you did all of that in a place of whether it was, like you said, jealousy or insecurity or just being in a bad place. That happens. And I think it's Obviously, we have a social footprint that some people don't have that. But everyone said dumb shit in their life that can be hurtful or taken the wrong way.


It doesn't always mean it's coming, yes, from a bad intentioned place where you're trying to actually hurt someone.


Yeah, I I was never that. I wasn't even diagnosed with borderline until I was 31 or something. I was like, I had undiagnosed mental illness for a really long time, too. Again, that doesn't excuse it, but it explains more because I was like, Wow, I really can't control myself. Then I was like, oh, this is why? Now I can work on, now I know how to control and myself and breathe and all that stuff.


Do you feel better now when you're going into doing your podcast? Do you feel like you now have a better handle on what you're going to say and what you're not going to say, as if maybe in the other days, you'd be like, I'm just going to spew all this shit and whatever?


Oh, yeah. I definitely will just take into consideration to people's feelings, and that people will see it, and people do get hurt by it. You know what I mean? I know Charlie DeMille just did Jay Shetty's podcast. She's like, Yeah, people were really mean to me, really affecting me. And I was spiraling, and I was like, But hopefully, they changed. I have a baby now. I'm like, Oh, my God. What's she talking about me? Because I was like, And it was. I was so aggressive for no reason. And so you don't think people will see it and stuff. So now I just really come out of place where I'm just like, I really try to, again, find the silver lining, try to find the optimisticness and everything. It's, of course, fun to gossip and stuff, but I always feel like, again, if it's something not nice or someone could hear that would make them feel bad, I'm like, it's better just to gossip with your husband or something like that.


I was about to say, literally just do it not online. Every human being gossip. Everyone wants... Drama is interesting to us as human. Oh, yeah. Just don't put it on the internet.


Yeah, especially if it's not nice, if you're being mean. I never even privately, I never even make fun of someone's looks. That to me is always weird. There's so many other things to say about people out there, and I'm like, It's just weird when people attack their looks.


I don't know. Well, that's just the lowest form of someone coming at someone who's like, You're such Which, that's just such a weak low blow. And then you obviously have to be like, well, what's wrong with that person? They're going at someone's looks.


No, for sure. If my husband started making fun of a girl, I'll be like, you're fucking weird. I feel that way, too. I'm like, it's just a weird thing. There's so many other things to gossip and make fun of and just make make light of or whatever. Totally.


For those of who may not know, Trisha attempted to win a Guinness World record for her speed reading skills. Oh my God. I love how the two of us... I have to actively try to talk slower. You talk so fast. I can talk so fast. I'm like, Oh, my God, Trisha, you're here. I'm so excited to go try that. It's crazy. I can go so fast. I love it. And I'm like, slow down.


I didn't think that about you. I did not think of you as this really fast talker because you're so blazed and put together.


When I'm having fun with someone, which I am right now, I feel like we're actually having girl Where some interviews, I'm more doing the interview. I don't want to be a part of the conversation. I wanted to be about them. But I feel like our vibe is just like- I love having people.


Yeah. I hate when it's all about me. I love to be like, what about you? Because I need to know where you're coming from. You know what I mean?


What's going on over there? Are you judging me, bitch?


Yeah, for sure. Fuck you.


No, I feel that. But then because you talk fast, my best friend Lauren talks so fast that I feel the same way with you where I'm like, then I'm just going to match your energy. Oh, yeah. And then when I do talk fast, people are like, what the fuck?


But I feel like people will like I know I get on comments on my podcast like, Oh, my ADHD. Thanks to you. Because they just want to keep going at that place.


That's actually such a good point. People can just be like, Shut the fuck up. Get to the point. We're getting there. We're moving fast. Okay, before you go, can you just speed read this little message to It's a Daddy Gang? You can read through it. It's literally a bunch of nonsense. It's just like, Happy New Year.


Oh, okay. I love it.


I just thought it would be fun for you to just read fast. I love it.


Oh, my gosh. Okay. Luckily, there's no two big words. Sometimes I get... The Guinness World Records Hamlet soliloquy. So it was to be or not to be. That is the question. It was noble in their mind. It was this whole really long thing. And it was like, I don't even know the words. It was so hard. All right, here we go. Daddy Gang, thank you so much for having me. This has been so much fun. It's 2024. Let's make it the best year ever. It's the year to stop getting a fuck about what it means, and to own our own confidence. It's the year to try new things. We better and finally have that well-reserved organ. It's the Year of the Giving the gluck gluck 9,000 only in trademark. If you are also receiving some bomb ass head in return, take risk. Put yourself out there. Don't get too involved with drama. It's never that deep. Give people a second chance to apologize when you're wrong. Pop that, push, shake that, ask, follow me, wear no accounts, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram. Don't be stingy. Spread my OnlyFans. You're appealing it. Check out my podcast, just, just, just.


I love you guys. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. I hope this isn't the last time we chat. Xoxo, Trisha Paytas. I didn't know it was my outro. I love that. I would have put more ump into it. This is so cute.


Trisha, that was iconic. Thank you so much for coming on Call Her Daddy. This was truly so fun.


Yeah, I had a great time.


Thank you. Thank you. Dude. Did this episode leave you wanting more? Obviously, it did. Daddy Gang, here are two episodes I think you'll also like. Go watch Binge Call Her Daddy. Okay, Harry Jossy, welcome to Call Her Daddy.


I'm in my dad era.


What would a dad do?


A dad would eat ass and suck toes. I love sucking toes.


Nessa Barrett, welcome to Call Her Daddy. Thank you. At 18, you got a diagnosis.


Water and personality disorder is very tricky. It's so painful mentally that it starts to physically hurt, and you can't really control anything.