Death Becomes Him


When Brian Dowling lost his mum Rosie two years ago, it changed his outlook on life. Grief is a complicated journey, and one that Brian now endeavours to explore with the help of his friends and family. Over the course of seven episodes, join Brian and his nearest and dearest as they grow to understand death through open conversation, humour and honesty.

Brian in conversation with his sisters
11 views 5 months ago

If you’ve been following or listening to my journey, you’ll know that this whole series was inspired by my desire to understand grief. Losing my mum two years ago turned my world upside down. She was my best friend, my rock, my guide. But of course, she wasn’t just my mum. I am the older brother to six sisters; Michelle, Tracy, Valerie, Aoife, Paula and Tara. Each of us had our moments with Mum, like Michelle’s morning phone call or Aoife’s tea and chats at the table. We each have our own memories, our own sorrows and our own experiences of grief. I wanted to sit down with my sisters and have an honest conversation about losing mum, and how we all feel two years later. While this podcast started as an endeavour to discover whether I’ll ever feel like me again, today I ask the even harder question – how can we be us without her. We start where this journey started, talking about the day she passed.

Brian in conversation with Lottie Ryan
11 views 5 months ago

This week I speak with Lottie Ryan. We all remember the day we got the news that Gerry Ryan had passed away. He was a national icon, part of all our lives. A state funeral was held in his honour and his death made the front pages. And while there is a solace in the knowledge that he was loved by so many, on the flipside, the public experience of grief is extremely difficult to navigate. Lottie opens up to me about sharing her father with the nation, following in his footsteps and how she believes his legacy lives on.

Brian in conversation with Nicky Byrne
9 views 5 months ago

This week Brian talks to Nicky Byrne about the sudden passing of his father in 2009.  Nicky shared may things with his father; his passion for music, his love of sport and of course his name. Today he opens up about their relationship and his beliefs around life after death.  Death Becomes His is produced by Tall Tales Podcasts. 

Brian in conversation with Nadia Forde
9 views 6 months ago

This week on Death Becomes Him I sit down with my good friend Nadia Forde. Nadia's story is a little different to those we've already heard. From the age of eight, Nadia was raised mainly by her grandmother and today opens up about the complexity of grieving an estranged parent. Reconnecting during her mother's illness, Nadia admits she began to view her mother differently - woman to woman. We begin our conversation today talking about how becoming a mother helped Nadia heal.

Brian in conversation with Des Bishop
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This week Brian meets Des Bishop. Des has lost both his parents and today talks about how those experiences of grief differed. Des opens up about caring for his mother, managing complex relationships and where he believes his parents are now.