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I don't know that sort of debunks what you said, whatever, you know, I just make sure you get your policy. God, yeah. And you're about. I walked back to another episode of Girl's Got to Eat. Welcome back. It's just us. Today, like, I'm so excited for your pitch, it's five o'clock, yeah, so excited for today, it's five o'clock here, two and a half hours ago and a lot of catching up to do.


We didn't talk a lot of shit. We how do we have stuff to talk about after all this time, all these years? You know, it's a sign. I mean, it's always our three year anniversary is coming up.


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You can upgrade your vibe and reach your constant state of awesome liquid. Ivy is available nationwide at Costco. We're at twenty five percent off when you go to liquid ivy dotcom and use code GE twenty five at checkout. OK, I have a a thing to tell you about. We'll just wait till we do the ad so you guys do not skip ahead because you don't want to hear this. It's something about your nemesis.


My nemesis was a former guest, like a low key nemesis in the family.


We'll talk about we'll talk about in our in our family or in the food family. My family, which is your family, my low key. OK, I want to try to guess this.


Do you people know Stephanie oh, Stephanie, let me tell you about Stephanie. Stephanie, if you guys are not up to date, she outdoes us once again. Wait, I'll just wait till we get to it. Seventies and eighties. Automats to man, actually, brother. And she is she outdoes me in every sense, everything. She got engaged better than I did. She cooks better. She cleans better. She just whipped up a gluten free dessert for Louisa one night and saying she bakes without a recipe.


What the fuck? It's without gloves, not a thing. And you don't bake without her recipe. And let me tell you, I hate lime flavored desserts. They're disgusting. I hate Kilamba. She made a gluten free key lime pie for one person, even though those eight of us, it was the best dessert I've ever had.


It was the best. Oh, it was the best. Because later that night you were digging your hands into that for ways. I was always Louison sucking it out of the bag. She was. She was. Hi. Oh, it wasn't you. OK, sorry. No. Well, you like to just tip a bag of Chex Mix back into your face.


Drink it. It's it's a quirk like this. Just coming up.


How'd you do that with a new guy like I find if you're on your first road trip with a guy, OK, like you've been dating. I don't know, I took a road trip with a guy like five weeks that we were supranuclear.


Let's just say that's your story. You're on this road trip. You're really into this guy and you guys stop and get snacks and you get Chex Mix. And instead of, you know, reaching your hand in, delicately pulling out some, you tip the bag back. And would you do that? By the way, guys, what she's referring to is that every every bite I take, it's not just the last bite. It's everybody. You're not just pouring the remaining crumbs in your mouth.


You you fall brand new bag. I do it with goldfish crackers. Do I drink the goldfish crackers? So I'm glad you brought this up.


Something else to watch.


Like I feel like.


So here's the thing. I would say most other days I've been a friend of mine who's been with her singing together for like a decade. And she is the way I remember a couple of days. She's talking about this like gross meal she ate alone naked in her bed in the morning. And she's like, I would never do this with my significant other around me. And I was like, I started thinking about it like I am. I've been in a serious relationship where like I was with somebody consistently for so many years and like, I think I'm too far gone.


Like, I think the stuff that I do that's so gross that you could only do alone. Like, I don't know how real it back in at this point, like it's so far out of the cage, like, yeah, I don't think I drink my snacks. I'm constantly like scratching things and smelling things and like I love to pick scabs and like I watch the most embarrassing stuff. I eat the most disgusting stuff. I think I'm too far gone to have a boyfriend.


I am around you a lot and I don't think you're disgusting. First of all, you never smile.


Well, sometimes your brother does, but your body every one time on a it it's well, it's been more than one that one day we did those interviews anyway. But your body doesn't smell like you really just you don't smell like you don't look like gross. I know, but I really interact with you like you're not. Sometimes your food habits have me like. Well, yeah, you're not in the hotel with me. When I order two entrees every time I order room service and it's so bad I have to turn on the shower and pretend there's another person there.


I mean, the right person is going to love you. Love that about you. Yeah. What if I don't think he exists. He's out there.


I think I'm too far gone to be in a relationship over.


So to answer your original question, no, I would not probably ever ten years in do that. Do that with a guy. OK, I'm just lucky. Cheddar cheese. Check my favorite.


I got no, I just I feel like, you know, I would never I've never gotten to the point of this any other where I would like shit with the door open or be with the door open. Yeah. I find it akin to peeing with the door open. So you wouldn't know. I probably wouldn't. We answered that keeping the person alive would you?


I don't do that kind of stuff, but no, my food clerk I guess is just the pinchers.


Like I really love to eat with my fingers, my hands, you know that. Yeah, but I do too. I don't know. I don't I just love to peck like I if anything I can even my hands. I do. It's not it's not gross. But it's like I definitely don't try to hide it. I don't either. I buy it if I want. I'm coming in. I've never noticed this about pinschers. Yeah. Maybe because I have worse habits than you because like people bring overshared plates.


Not like that won't be necessary. And I will eat off of shared dish with a total stranger on the first day. While we'll talk about my day. We got nachos, we shared. We share them. We'll get to it. We'll get to it.


I have such a funny story. OK, before we do the story, I mean, the biggest announcement of all time. Of our whole careers, maybe ever, we're going on tour.


All right, sort of that since March to war, since March tour, we have a total of three cities, all in Ohio, coming in hot, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland. They picked New York, Cleveland, Cincinnati, because that's the only place it is legal to do that. So we are working on a date that New Yorkers can come to. We're trying our hardest. Stay tuned. But what we have for you right now, because we want to get these on the calendar, you guys can get tickets is Monday, September.


Twenty eighth in Cincinnati at the Funnybone, Tuesday, September twenty ninth, two shows in Columbus at the Funnybone and September 30th and October 1st, Wednesday and Thursday at Clarities in Cleveland. Yeah, we Narbonne in Cincinnati. We've never done it. We neglected you guys last time. We're coming back. You know I fucking love Ohio.


No, I actually was in the Pittsburgh airport with an Ohio sweatshirt on. She only been Ohio. And no one rips Ohio harder than Ashley and Dave Chappelle. I mean, I've you know, it's really about keeping comedy alive. You know, in Ohio, you and Dave are really just you're pulling it for the whole crew. I'm it's really like Pittsburgh and Cleveland are like big rival cities. So funny. I don't like a rival like a city that rivals well, it's like.


Well, because they're in the same football conference. Yeah. They're big rival cities and they're very similar cities. And so I'm just like doing our first show in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, which is very funny. I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through these shows. I'm going to cry. Of course, everything's to be socially just ends and we're working with the venues to make sure they're safe, make sure you guys feel safe and that everybody that works there feel safe.


So, yeah, that should go without saying. But of course, we're doing everything we can to make sure we save.


You know, I got to tell you, we got a tweet from somebody. This is a couple of weeks ago that said, can you guys please come to Cleveland?


And I was like, all right, I didn't know. And I tagged. I responded and tagged clarities. It was like, we love Cleveland. We will come as soon as we can. And I didn't I don't know. It's hard to know what's open, who's doing who's doing shows like everything changes day by day. But then when we heard Jared Freed was going to Laertes, we were like, if you're going to Cleveland, we're going to Cleveland.


And we literally, like texted our agent was like, get us the Cleveland date. I just do whatever Jared does because as I actually told him, he's my favorite person. Yeah, we know tons of people from this show that have been on tour. So like Nicki and Chris DiStefano and your shovels and tons of people. So we know people have done it. We weren't the guinea pigs for this. Yeah. Other people be the guinea pigs.


Now we're to try it. And if you don't feel safe, don't come.


We understand live your truth like it's going to be just we have we literally when we get the paperwork about our show, there was like this long laundry list of how with everything they're doing to stay safe and stuff like that. So if you feel safe and you want to come out, please do everything will be on our website, Girlguiding podcast, dot com, click on live shows, tornadoes, whatever, you'll see it. And that's right now. But like we are working to to get more, we will do this as long as it's safe and legal and we feel comfortable and know, meet and greets unfortunately.


But the shows will be great. I can't wait. I can't wait to be funny in here. You guys laugh. Oh my God. I cannot wait. Laugh extra loud because it's to be like half capacity. So you be laughing for two people. Yes. Four to drink, four to laugh or two. But drink responsibly, eat chicken tenders for to start those fries at clarities fries. Remember that little tiny green room we got the fries.


A grapefruit one. Oh they're fucking fire. I, they also made me a salad on my way out that day and I went through the soundtrack. I love hilarity. I know. And I'm excited for we love a funny bone. We performed at the Columbus Funnybone last year and that was so much fun. We're excited to come back there and just get back out there and hit all these cities.


We're so excited we can't wait and we can't wait to get more stuff on the box.


And to be funny with you guys in here, your slutty story. Yes. OK, an update on our merchandise. You guys know we've like a ton of really cool new stuff. We are working with the new company, so shipping times are a little bit longer than we expected. So give us about six weeks on your merch for now. Just for now. Yeah, just for now, while we do all the new stuff and work out the kinks.


But it's beautiful. It's cool. It's fun. Check it out by it. We're going to have new cool stuff for you guys for the fall soon. But just have patience with us. And if you're wondering where your stuff is, shoot us an email and our support team will get back to you. Yeah. And again, this is just like everybody is dealing with us, like delay times and everything. So hopefully we'll have it all ironed out and definitely like we're going to do every single thing we can to make sure you guys know all the deadlines for holidays and stuff like that.


So no one gets, like, blindsided. Yeah, but we are a small company. Everything is custom. So this isn't Amazon. We're not picking it off the shelves. So we appreciate your patience, guys, and we love you so much. I love y'all every week, as is a part of this Bodhgaya. He's not a picture of the family.


I'm going to go to court, be emancipated from treacheries, loves Cleveland. I'll tell you what. Cherish where she is from Buford, South Carolina. But she has gone to a football game in Cleveland.


Once she went to a Browns game with Browns game, we traveled to her ex-boyfriend, Rick.


He was a wreck, definitely, where Brown's puffy jackets dated a northerner while he was from Cleveland, you have a whole thing.


I don't know. I'm just coming up with. Oh, I'm all right, because we're about to get back on stage. I'm working on my globe. I'm still exercising. Yeah, it's been two weeks and I have really I've never stopped exercising like this, not once in my whole life. I did six days in a row this week, one day off, a back out and I did two days. Oh, God, you're doing your best day.


I have not lost a pound. I looked exactly the same as I did. I do know, by the way, that you I mean, obviously, you put on muscle weight. So, like, I try to not go by the scale because I think that's a silly thing to do. But I look the same. So I'm here to say I will try this for one more week and then I'm going to make the call that exercising all exercising is a farce.


Oh, my God, it's a sham. And this entire industry is a lie and it doesn't do anything for your body.


But give me one more week, OK? I mean, yeah, like I'm here to prove that that's not true for sure. You weigh yourself.


I actually stopped weighing myself about a year ago because it became like a crazy obsession for me every morning. And I would like look at the scale and I would go up like three pounds and it would like dictate how I felt about my whole day. And now, yeah, now I just look in the mirror and I'm like I look the same as I did yesterday. My clothes fit the same. I'm going to feel good. So I stopped doing that.


Weigh yourself. Never. I have not had a scale in my home since probably seven or eight years. All that matters. Well, first of all, all that matters is that you feel good and you're happy with your body. But if you are trying to, like, maintain your weight or whatever, all that matters is like how you feel like you look and how your clothes fit. Like the number just doesn't matter. Like, yeah, there's father's muscle, there's water weight.


There's all the things like you could be really doing amazing and you could be quote unquote, losing weight, gaining muscle, whatever it is, getting smaller if that's your goal again, whatever you want. But and the number could be higher. It just doesn't fucking matter. So it's like I feel like I learned that maybe seven or eight years back. And it is I just have I never going I get on a scale at the gyno once a year, once every two years, like whenever I go.


So I don't even know what that number looks like. It's probably been, I think the last time I did go to the gynecologist.


So like it just and every scale's different, like which is crazy. Like that's that's a crazy thing. Like where it is on the floor in your apartment, like they're just total bullshit. So if you're in a big weight loss journey. Sure. But other than that, like those anything in a five pound range is just like can be really misleading to what your actual body is actually doing. You know, just a matter I started working on that because I wanted to lose weight.


It's just that everything suddenly just like got really jiggly and cellulite. And I was like, I didn't used to look like this. I don't like this. I don't feel good about myself. I don't to think about this every day.


So I'm gonna to work out one more week. Yeah. You just want to like whatever it's all about, just how you want to feel like I have a way I want my body to be to look and feel good, but I work out and eat right for mental health too. So I'm doing one more thing. Mental health wise, inspired by you that I for years used these Instagram filters and Snapchat filters to make myself look better. And it's just like, was it my face?


And you were for like three years have been like, stop doing this. And I use this one Snapchat filter and it makes me look so pretty. And I realized I was like, why don't I look like this in real life? And I was like, hard on me because I look at my Instagram stories and I'd be like, I should be that. And I'm not that. And it like, bummed me out, made me feel bad and I've stopped doing it.


I have broken the cycle inspired by you. Yeah, but I do feel that now that I'm not using that filter anymore, I feel like a little mentally better about myself. Does that is that weird? No, I love you. You said that. Yeah. We would like get into it because you would try to do a story, both of us. And that filter I was like, I'm not doing that. That's not my face. And you said to me for years, you don't want to do it.


And I just feel like now that I've stopped using that and I mean, I still use, like, the one filter and it's not like completely radical, like, it's just all does is smooth, which is basically the same thing as if you were to get good lighting and throw Paris on it. It's the same thing. Yeah, it's Paris. That's all it is. So look, I'm not out here doing like Radogno, OK? Let's be clear.


Everything up OK? But I do feel that mentally I feel a little better because I'm not looking at this other version of myself and yeah. Why don't I look like that? I love this to you. Yeah.


Because the scary thing about that filter is it's like it turns your face into like the previous version of your face. We all know this filter and Snapchat, so it's like you become reliant on it and then you don't want to do any stories without having a filter on. Because I want to be clear, I am not against filters. I use filters. I love to throw filter on in a time of need. But I just I do like it when it's like obvious.


It's a filter, like there's flowers around your head or it's that retro cam and Instagram. So I just the ones that like change your face and then you kind of get used to this other version of yourself and then you find yourself like disappointed when it's your actual face is when you have to think about this stuff.


So I'm so glad you did. So you made me do this. You inspired this and then Jamila's episode and. Fired me because I was thinking like, let's unfollow some people, let's have better, healthier social media behavior, this is the final notch. I'm a new person.


I think you you seem like you're in a great place. Thank you. Well, I decided I'm going to work out for two weeks.


No date for six weeks in the whole city is going to shut down again. I have six weeks to get a boyfriend after this, but they just they just greenlit indoor dining in New York City.


So I'm just I'm glad because, you know, we have flat in the curve like crazy. We can start to get back into some indoor dining. I was very nervous that, like, the city was going to be just totally shut down all winter. So it'll be nice. Hopefully know nothing happens and nothing spikes. Cuffing season is still greenlit. OK, you have a story that you have not told me and I'm very excited about.


OK, yes. This is my my date story. I went on a date last week. We talked about it last week. I was getting ready to go on it. So went out with this guy we met on an app. So I mean, a stranger and we were supposed to go get tacos. I just want to say this, like one thing, because I kind of like this about what dining looks like right now in New York. Like he would he wanted to go to Thackeray's St.


Mark's at seven thirty on a Friday. I'm like, OK, good luck with that. Did you make a reservation? We're definitely not going to get a table like that's Friday evening, like St. Mark's what I heard. So of course, I was running late. I always am. A little late today. It's purposely called the five minutes. Oh, I just want to be there first. Yes. In ten. So I he text me.


I'm here.


There's no tables. Duh. I'm like, let's try Ambien. Not I'm not going to any table. So we basically just kind of make the like trek that we came back down. St. Mark's like if you know New York where we're going walking down St. Marks, of course, we checked into a thirty minute wait whatever. We basically hit like four different places walking west on St. Mark's trying to find a place to eat. And I will say that.


It didn't bother me had it been a normal indoor dining situation outside of a pandemic, I would have been a little probably just anxious away because you have to go into a restaurant, see if there's bar seating, hover over somebody, see if there's tables like when when there's just outdoor.


You just see where there is a table where you literally just walk by, there's a table. So we just like like meandered around the East Village until we, like, saw places that actually at a table open, like I find a lot of anxiety and like not having a plan sometimes and like trying to find a place that will have you. And like when everything's just out in the open on the street, you literally just have to be like there's one.


Let's see if they'll see us there. Like, it felt like less pressure or less anxiety. I was OK with it because normally and again, that gives you something to talk about. But normally, I don't know, like outside of New York City's outdoor dining pandemic situation, like I might be a little frustrated going to five or places to find a place to sit down, have a drink with the stranger to you, because, like, you can't really start a conversation.


So you just have all this, like, surface topical nonsense. You can't.


Yeah, until you sit down and we're in a mess. Yeah.


Oh, yeah. Great. So they can think about talking. You're walking and talking. Of course we're wearing masks walking down St. Mark's. It's crowded. It still is fine though. I didn't feel like it was awkward. But you're totally right. We couldn't get into like a groove of even having a conversation because we didn't know where we're going to eat. So finally we get to this place. I'm just gonna leave the names out because I don't know, we have a big audience and like, whatever I post on mainstream story.


So if you saw it, then you know where I was. But anyway, I ended up at this bar I'd never been to in the East Village. We sat down. They had like a limited menu, probably just serving food so they could serve their drinks. They had like ten things. This looks fine. Whatever. The drinks looked great. We sit down this guy's queue. I was into it. I love what he does for a living.


And everything's like kind of free flowing and having a good time. And one thing I noticed, too, how I feel like I always know somebody. The end of the date is the way they, like, order their next drink. If you drink, they're not looking at the watch. Like I knew this guy at work early next morning. He was still like, second beer. Yeah, I'll have another one. Like, it's like an eagerness of like you can tell that somebody like wants to continue to hang out with you.


OK, I think most people, even if it's a bad date, maybe you get two drinks. But when they I think there's this there's this line between the second and the third drink with how they order it to the server that you can tell if they're into the date or not. Absolutely. You know what I'm saying? So he was into it. He was ordering beers. I was ordered margaritas. What whatever. We had the quirkiest, funniest server.


I'm just going to give a name. I'm just going to call him Jack. I've always wanted to fuck it, Jack. So Jack is really funny. He is like, let me make you this margarita and then I want you to tell me feel like the first and the second one. More like he was funny. He was we were like, this is like a funny, fun guy. And if you guys remember, I told a date story and I'll tell you, it was on this February 17th episode about this crazy situation where I was out on a date and this bartender threw hot wax on himself.


It was nuts. I feel like this is like, OK, anyway, I was getting I was getting vibes from like that, like, you know, you're just like you have a quirky waitstaff around in your orbit. It's like funny to talk about. We like this place is awesome. Like Josh is hooking us up, you know, whatever they then like if one of our listeners, like, came over, it was really, really cute.


And Jack was like, who are you? Like, whatever people like know who you are in this place. It was like really nice. They let me use like a secret bathroom downstairs. Everything was great. So we're about to close out. It's like Last Call and Jack walks by with and he had like his tray in one hand and then he had like a what looked like a perfume bottle. Do you remember your grandmother would have like a perfume bottle that had like a little pump, like it was like old school looking like an old grandma.


Say no more grandma perfume. And my date goes, what's that in your hand?


And before I could even know it was happening, Jack had sprayed me in the face with whatever was in that bottle, sprayed me in my face. And I watched my date like tense up as in like am I have to fight this guy like he was buying because you're a stranger. Well, he's like, what is she going to do? You just sprayed me in the face. What was it? Are we going to get to. Yeah, OK.


It was Rosewater. But what he has walked over and like he's a clown.


He was a great and I was like, oh my God. And I literally I it happened so quick my face was wet that I was like, fuck. And I literally I feel like my date was like, if she is upset, I'm going have to step in here and maybe knock this guy out. I'm not sure. And I was like, what? What Jack? What was that? And he was like, Oh, it's Rosewater. Like we're on first name basis this point.


And I was like, OK. And I feel like I was had to diffuse the situation because I think my day was kind of like, that's not cool. What are you doing? That's a crazy thing. Had you even left the tip yet? So he sprayed me and then I was like, oh well, Rosewater, good for your skin, whatever. I just had to, like, diffuse the situation because I just was like, I don't want the man to fight him.


Yeah. Also, by the way, if you can if you can spray water into two people's faces, you pick the one with makeup on. Yeah. So he's got braid me in the face, I walk away.


I'm like, that was not right. What was that. He was like, that was crazy. Like, I was like, you know, whatever, we just kind of like leave it at that. I've never heard of such a thing in my life sprayed me in the face during covid-19 epidemic. We leave the tip, we're walking. We got back here. We went up on the roof. He wanted to still hang out. I was like, for sure.


We made on the street street maikol having had one of those in a minute, it was really great. It was hot. You know, I Masturbator Street, it was so frequently like I had this guy pushing up against a wall and like things are being pushed up against the building. I feel like my doorman. I feel like they're like looking at me differently ever since. Let's say I don't care. They can masturbate to it. I masturbate to it.


Later I realized I'm a lot. OK, so I put on my Instagram story, go to this place with a great time, our server. And Jack was so funny, you know, ten, ten recommends the whole the whole scene. I watched your Instagram story because you were on a date, not with friends, so you saw it.


This girl slides into my dreams.


She goes, oh my God, Jack is my mom's booty call.


She said he is seven years older than me and calls me kid, like, how old was he? I would say he was hallmarked like. Mid 30s is like 40 tops. Oh, OK, Thurbon.


And she goes, I hate how small the world is right now. Like she is not a fan. I wouldn't say Jack. I would not say she's a fan. I think he's praised her in the face of the Ramsbottom where the grandma will come from. I don't know. She had like he just where is this? Like, are they are they doing like a little bit? Are they spraying it on a drink as like because they are a cocktail bar?


That's a great cause. That's exactly what it is. You see them on bars all the time. Like, yeah, it was like a fancy cocktail bar, like whatever my mom's booty call.


I cannot believe it shook the guy. This braitman that.


Do you think that guy Foxwell, I thought know should ask girl to ask her mom.


I was going to ask her mom. We're just curious to think of the podcast Caney Fork. And this is a solid teaser for today's episode about age gaps, because obviously Jack is like a lot younger than her mom booty call. And my date was a lawyer. But this is a hysterical situation. Yeah.


I'm so proud of you for reacting. I am speechless. I like what I would do on a first date with a total stranger because you cannot have a normal reaction to that. Like I'm I'm like a long term relationship date and someone sprays me in the face, like I'm probably getting a different reaction that I would have. One, I'm trying to be like easygoing. And I just they'd been so nice to us up until that point.


But, like, that was something else. That is a crazy story. I'm glad you enjoyed it. OK, so we need to discuss the end of an era. Thank you. My entire fee, I felt like it was like the day of fire. First of all, when you started seeing all the all the orange tiles on your feet, I saw, like every person I know, being like including the Kardashians announcing the end of the Kardashians.


Yeah. Twenty first season it's going to air and then that's it.


Twenty seasons. Fourteen years.


I don't know, like how your life as if you grown up on television and you're like, I get to just do stuff in bed early and I film it. Do you think it's a relief or do you think that they're like not going to how to function? I would assume it's a relief for almost all them. I mean, in terms of just the way they've grown up. When Kourtney said she wasn't filming and all that came out, I thought that was the beginning of the end for sure.


So this actually came as a zero surprise to me. Me, too.


I mean, Kendall and Kylie don't film either. I mean, you see them once in a blue moon on the show. Kim Kardashian, I would assume, is going to try to take care of her husband. Right. Clearly needs some kind of help, you know, so I would assume it's like also she's for children. It's like a little overwhelming to also people. I think I'm. Yeah, I wasn't all that shocked, I guess, in her.


Just thought about it anyway. It was just this thing that's always it would never end like a nice blanket on my couch. Like it's just it's the bachelor I never had. And there's some nice things I took from the show. I mean, I think they like created social media, like they were at the forefront of Instagram. They created being famous for being famous, I don't know, Kourtney Kardashian. I remember when she got pregnant out of wedlock and was like having kids.


She was the first, like, mega celebrity I ever saw do that like I related to. And I was like, oh, it's like super fine to not be married and have kids. It was I remember feeling like that was so many years ago and I didn't know a lot of celebrities that were like promoting that. And I was like, oh yeah, this is super normal thing that most people, not most people, a lot of people do.


And they'll be fine. I mean, whatever you think about them, I mean, I have definite and mixed feelings. I'm not going to go into it. But like, they touched on a ton of interracial relationships, obviously addiction, you know, with Lamar and whatnot, transgender identity with Caitlyn, like you said, having kids out of wedlock and untraditional family structures, I mean, and women in power and women making money. And like, I respect a lot of what they do.


I have a lot of issues with other things, you know, relating to like with bodies looks. But, you know, the way a woman you look and what they've done for beauty standards is like a fuck, but like there's some good that came out of it to Ihram. My father told me that Bruce Jenner was transitioning and I was like, this is really a part of pop culture. Seven year old dad knows this. My only feeling that I want to ask you what you have a feeling about, and this is like a little more morbid, but I watched the trailer for the next season and they're talking about coronavirus and like finding out about coronavirus.


And Chloe might be sick and like shutting the, you know, the country down. And it was like the first time I like sort of had this moment where I was like, oh, yeah, these reality shows filmed during this time, like some reality shows filmed in the quarantine and the outbreak coronavirus. I don't know if and when I'm going to be ready to watch like real time reality television that was filmed during that time. I think it's like at least for me, it's going to be too soon for quite a while.


I don't know that I feel like just make you feel bombed. Yeah. I think that, like, I lived through it. You lived through it. We all lived through it. I don't know that I want to like real live just yet. And I started thinking, like, there are going to be documentary series about this, like all kinds things like we will have to watch, but like I've watched enough news. So I've been part of the reality.


I don't know that I'm like ready to watch it. Yeah, that resonates with me a little bit. When I did watch that show, which is not a reality show, it's a scripted show, Love in the Time of Corona, which I do recommend on Hulu. And I started it and I was like felt a little triggered like. It just like washed over me like the beginning times with like when it was like, what the fuck is happening?


And things were shutting down and that was like such a crazy thing to happen. And I I felt a little triggered. And then I just pushed through and I started to, like, enjoy watching back what was happening during that time. But my immediate reaction was like, maybe I actually don't want to see this. And then I did. So you push through it. I think everybody will go at their own pace. But I don't know that I'm ready for at least a long time to look back on that stuff in reality TV and watch it.


Yeah. So we'll say. All right, well, we'll see. The Kardashians are over. Well, not one more season to keep up and then they're just going to live their lives, I guess. I guess they're just going to be alive. I'm sure they'll be in the news every minute of every day. So and the kids will have a spinoff show called Keeping Up with the Kids. All right, guys. Well, that's your pick for the week season.


I can't recommend the show that's been on for 14 years enough, but it'll be on in February. Just pencil it in. It's on E if you've heard of it. OK, we are going to get into our topic about age gaps today. But before that, we are just going to run through a couple of our partners for this episode. I am telling you guys about Ernest, now is the time to get your student loan payments under control.


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Hey, check it out, guys. All right, I'm telling you guys I look what I ve I am so excited to talk about this and we set the stage for you guys. We were in Dewey Beach. We woke up with like five girls. All of us were honestly like one foot in the hospital. We're not only hydrating, not OK, really not OK. We really hit it hard was Ashley's birthday and then we just broke out the liquid IV and just started dump it in people's dregs.


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Well let's talk about you cougar's and sugar babies, OK?


I mean, some of you are, but not everybody. We're going to cover a large range or at if you're a woman, you like to date younger. If you have sort of a traditional age gap with your man, maybe like a little bit bigger, but traditionally ten years and that big, big age gaps like fifteen, twenty year age gaps. And then you guys submitted some really funny stuff that will go over in the end, some some ways that you are different than your significant other.


Yeah. Age. We did an episode two and a half years ago, our younger men. The answer. Yeah, we did it I think from I was across the world. That sounds dogshit. So it's probably our worst outing episode. So anyway, if you powered through it, good for you. But yeah, we talked about I mean, we started the podcast.


I was sleeping with somebody that was ten years younger than me, and that was the first time that I had really done that. I've dated plenty of guys that were younger, but like three years younger, two years younger, they got a serious relationship with someone that was three years younger, know guys that were ever really a lot older, like one, two years, you know, and of course, guys my same age. But since that guy that I dated that was ten years younger, I have dated mostly guys that were younger.


So we're going to talk about that. We're going to talk about women dating men that are a lot older, too. We're going to get into all of it. Before we do, I just want to say up top, this is an episode where we're going to share our feelings on things. We want to talk about things candidly and openly. And our opinions are not an attack on your life choices. So just remember that, because like if I say I don't date older men and it's just because I don't doesn't mean you should be offended that you prefer that.


You know what I mean? Like, if you're secure in your life choices, stuff that we say shouldn't bother you. So I just want to get that out of the way because this is a very personal thing and people might think it's fucking weird that I date guys are ten years younger than me and I don't fucking care because I am proud of it and I own it and I'm secure about it. I don't I don't think that any of these scenarios I don't feel judgmental about any of them.


I think if you're happy, you're happy. And I don't think you feel like that either. I think that both of us are like, do whatever feels healthy and happy. Yes. That's that's why I want to say to like, this is a completely judgement free zone. We just want to talk about things like candidly. So I'm like, oh my God, I would never fuck a 50 year old man. I am not judging you for doing it because you probably think he's got that money because you really think it's weird that, you know, like just live your life and be secure in your choices, because what we feel and what we have opinions on has no bearing on what you do.


Absolutely. So and there's good and bad things to every scenario. So we'll cover all of them. We have lots of experience. You tend to date younger. I have almost no significant serious age gaps. I the oldest, oldest, like a serious long term relationship. He was five years older than me and serious long term relationship younger than me, three years younger. So I've never gone crazy in each way. And we'll talk about like stage of life and how that person's like attitude towards their life and what they see you doing affects the relationship.


Yeah. I want to start with women that date younger men. And I wrote down some of my favorite covers to share with you. Some of them are. Some of them are. I didn't even know about this. So Eva Mendez and Ryan Gosling, OK, I would love to watch them. FOX It's not a crazy age difference. She's forty six. He's thirty nine. Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Dwayne Wade. OK, she is forty seven.


He's thirty eight. OK, and if you know this and then Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, she's ten years older than him. Oh my gosh. A good one. So these are how you do Gabrielle Union with older but I didn't know.


That's strong. That's nine years. That's, that's how I roll. She looks fly back that down water every day. There's a couple. Never forget to drink your water, ladies. Obviously singers like they like to fuck their backup dancers. So like Britney, Jaylo and Casper, she was eighteen years older than Madonna and her boyfriend. She is sixty one. He is twenty six. OK, that is a crazy time. I you know with Madonna OK, she just Madonna just to sleep.


But here's one I never knew about.


Sleep well Okiku, Katie Couric, Okiku.


She's married to a dude institution bigger than her. Her previous boyfriend, Brooks Pearland, was seventeen years younger and her ex-husband, Jay Monahan, was fifteen years younger than her. Oh, my gosh, I forgot my favorite coup of all of them is Lisa Banai and Jace Momoa. Oh God, yeah, I forgot us ones of all the hottest ones. And he is the hottest smoke on earth and he worships his wife. I think there's a 10 year age gap is pretty significant.


I'm not sure what it is. Martha Stewart said that her ideal man is ten years younger than her, which say Martha. But this episode is not going to be all about dating younger, even though that's really my experience. We are going to get to do an older and you have a friend that you can mention that a guy a lot older and you have some great advice where we have a lot of advice and thoughts to give you guys. So it's not going to be all about this like Cougar Life.


I just realized that I wouldn't talk about it. Uncle. Oh, so my favorite cougar couple, my very cute couple is my aunt Sherry, Michael John. She is ten years older than him and she had a kid when they first got together. So she knew my dad growing up. They went to high school together. My dad is also ten years younger than his older than his brother. And she told me this funny story, I guess they like she like knew him when he was like a little boy.


Yeah. And then she, like, went away. I went to college, got married, had a kid, whatever. And she goes to my I guess her brother was friends with my dad. She goes my dad's thirty fifth birthday party at my house. And she said that she walked in and she was like, well Jon Greenberg. Oh my gosh, I hadn't seen him since he was eight.


When did he isn't he a four.


I want to drop the name of that show. I got to figure it out. But she was like I had this like crazy mole where I walked in and like, I just thought it was like an eight year old. And this is long time ago. I mean, obviously, they're in there. She's in her 70s. He's not. But they're my favorite couple. They just I asked them. I interviewed them the other day. I pre interviewed them and I was like, did people have a lot to say about it?


And people think, this is weird. He was twenty four dating a woman that was thirty four with a kid. People like that was fucking crazy. And I just think that like it just depends on like what stage of life you're in and what you want for your future. And yeah, not every twenty four year old wants to step up to the plate and take on like and be ten years older with a kid.


Some someday some do like it just doesn't fucking matter. And 44 year old wouldn't have wanted that, you know what I mean. Like I can't stress that enough that like every individual is different and age does not equal maturity. But OK, so I asked you something because this is later in life. I said, do you like do you think it'll matter later in life? So it doesn't matter now? You're twenty four. They're thirty four. Everybody's young and able bodied.


But, you know, will this bother you later in life? And you had really good feedback on that because some people are like, yeah, that's fine for now. But like what about when she's seventy five and you're sixty five? And I thought you had like really good feedback for like how this ages.


Well I mean, let's just assuming that people don't get sick with a like Chronicle terminal illness and you know, again, like the world we live in, that's not the case. But if you both were to like just age and die of natural causes, women have a longer life expectancy.


So it's like. In terms of average lifespan of men and women, women outlive men. So you always see the man like people's you know, their dads usually die first. Again, this is again, assuming age, natural causes, that type of thing. But even just getting things like cancer and stuff, I mean, it's just kind of like, what do you think about it? Long term death, morbid, like a woman being a little older and like you can live your life a little bit longer together.


I don't know. Yeah, I think women just I mean, they're both pretty vibrant. They like to do shit, just not as she was just not a thing. I just see women like if you're both kind of pretty healthy, you know, I see women kind of keeping that energy longer than men. Men, men tend to slow down as they age. So like a woman that is ten years older, when they get into that later stage in life, 60s, 70s is even 50 is like then I feel like it matches up perfectly and not everybody is different.


But but bring it back to our age, like. Yeah, I think when you meet somebody and she's all about stage of life, you know, am I ten years older than this person? And they're not going to have kids for ten years and I want to have kids. Getting kids are a big bang. Like you're huge with your clock. And like, you know, if I'm thirty five dating a twenty five year old and they don't want to be kids for ten years, which is super normal, like and I can't wait that long then.


Yeah. That's an issue. Or if they just have a totally different lifestyle than you. But I have two people I guess I did date somebody last year who was like eight years younger than me.


So I think I did date somebody significantly. He did not feel as young to me as my fiance, who was three years younger than me. And I just think it depends on where people are in their lives. Like my fiance, who is three years younger, it was a problem. I had to be this, like, mentor for him all the time and like not in a way that I enjoyed. I didn't feel like this was somebody who I, like, enjoyed being the mentor for, if that makes sense.


He just the three year age gap was more significant than this dude I dated last year with an eight year age gap, 100 percent. And like we see that overwhelmingly. Like, it just doesn't matter if you are in the same stage of life, you'd like to do the same things. You have the same energy level. Like we we we got so many like so, so many responses from you guys on an Instagram, stories like that we did of like this.


Twenty five year old I'm dating is so much more mature than the thirty five year old forty year old I've dated in the past. It's not always the case. We got a lot of love from you girls about dating older men to which I can't relate, but good for you. It's just all about who somebody is and their life experience and the life that they've lived up until a certain point and what they've accomplished and their families and like what they've been through and all those things that kind of make you who you are.


And we've said this before that we see men in their mid thirties, forty, whatever, just running around, acting like little fuck boys like not wanting to settle down, not wanting to commit, not wanting to get married, not wanting to have kids. We see it all the fucking time. And then there's these twenty seven twenty eight year olds that are like ready to lock you down. Yeah. They know how to behave. Yeah they know how to.


And all of them, a ton of them are terrible too.


But it just doesn't I don't want to say it doesn't matter but like it's just so personal, so literally live your truth. Don't let age ever. Don't get in your head about it I guess. Yeah. I don't want to be in a position where I'm raising a person and that could be any age though. That can be somebody a year younger than me or ten years younger than me. I'm I'm happy to be a sounding board. And I do expect as somebody who, for example, I was eight years younger than me.


Yeah. I made more money than him and I was more successful than him. And that's a normal thing for somebody who's that much older. But he didn't need me to, like, raise him and explained them like Canada life. And that's not what I that's what I want to avoid. So anybody that treats me like that, I'm not going to date. Yeah.


I'm just I'm kind of open all day. Guys that are younger, my age, a little older all day to go. That's forty, forty one. Like if he has young energy like that, I just feel like I have I think you and I both have like a younger energy, like we live our lives pretty freely. We get pop culture Meems. We are millennials I think generationally is kind of is kind of different too, because for me, you know, we're in our mid thirties.


We are older millennials. We want to use the Iliza Schlesinger term I vibe with a guy that's twenty seven more than a guy, that's forty five, because we're in the same generation and we kind of lived a more similar life technology wise and things like that, like, yeah, I'm significantly older than them, but that feels like we vibe a little bit more. So that's just kind of how I feel about it. I don't want somebody that feels old.


I guess, you know, I think that the generation thing is a huge thing and technology is a big thing. I just yeah, I dated that guy who was last summer, my neighbor, whatever. He's almost ten years older than I am. He feels like of a different generation. He doesn't text me with emojis. He won't do anything so ridiculous, doesn't really use social media.


I just have less to talk to him about. I mean, also, that's just because of who he is. But I totally agree with you. Somebody ten years younger than me grew up with the same sort of I mean, maybe they don't feel like that about me because I'm like, what is to talk to?


But I feel like I agree with you. Like, there are these. Huge generational shifts in terms of technology, and my mom said that about my dad, too, my dad's five years older than her and she was like, when I met your dad, he had like a furnished apartment with an interior decorator and he had, like, fur coats. When my dad was married to somebody else, she had fur coats. My dad was you know, my dad's not Jay-Z walking out of the park, but my mom was five years younger.


And in the 70s, that was pretty scary because my mom was going to like protests and like she was like such a hippie. And there was always like women's rights. My dad was like, what are women's rights? So he felt old to her. And she was like he felt like really, really old to me, that five year gap because the world changed. Yeah. And I'm not out here. I don't have any guys that are a decade younger than me, nine, 10 years younger than me that have really worked out long term.


So I don't really know. It's about your stage in life, too, because we I think we all know I don't want children. I'm not so amped up to get married. I'm just really having fun and like living my life. And we were traveling the world and doing that kind of thing. And I don't have to think about that. It almost I'd rather not date a guy that's younger than a guy that's like thirty five and wants to have a family that's not going to work for me.


So it's like stage in life. I think sexual crimes match up. I think women are in their sexual prime in their thirties. And I think a younger guy has more stamina not to say that guys in their 40s, even 50s, don't. Again, these are just some of the reasons why it works out. But if they don't feel like a peer and they feel really young and I feel like I'm just so much older, it's not going to work out, you know, like I still want them to be smart, to, like, surprise me, challenge me in some way.


But I'm also down to just have, like, a fuck buddy to me. But speaking of fucking, you're betting you're going to need the vetting for your body, your body. OK, I am so excited to tell you guys about Buffy and what is new for Buffy. So quick background if you're new here. We both love Buffy. It's it's bedding. So we both have the comforters and the sheets on our bed. But there is new stuff to talk about.


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And then she now they're doing it. So they always said, like, dabbled, but now they're like committed, huh? Look at this. She goes first. Hello. Fresh a meal in the book. Are you kidding me?


With that photo, it looks exactly like the way this place the protein is insane. The way she styled the machine. Then she put the fork, she styled ridgy or what is it like the like fork and dones in the potatoes. Put it on her story. This is a spicy maple chicken. I cannot believe how much it looks like the photo insane. I mean, I'm not surprised Stephanie's better and everything that I am. So we love it.


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Go to hell first dot com, slash aguy, code aguy additional restrictions. Apply it. Please visit our fresh dot com for more details. And of course, you guys can always go to our website as well to check out those promo codes and all of our partners. All right. We're back into it. Yeah. So something really we talked about this two and a half years ago. We might have revisited this, but something I really like about younger guys, women say to us, you know, are women intimidated or are men intimidated by my success and the money I make and successful?


I am mean. I think something about younger guys is that there's less of this power struggle between you and them because you are older. So you've just had more time in the workforce. You have been able to take that time to make more money and be more successful. And so there's not that power struggle between you and your man of like he thinks you should, like, make more money than you. You'll be more successful because you just are older.


So I think it just like eliminates that whole, like, realm where you're, like, competing against each other. Yeah. Because you should be more successful and they can be proud of you. Yeah. 100 percent. I totally agree. But I mean, again, I don't know what it looks like a year down the road because I haven't gotten there so it could start to shift. I don't want to feel like a sugar momma by any stretch, but I'm also like, I don't have problems paying here and there because I we also I make more money if I if I do.


If that's the case. That has been the case with me in the past. So but it still felt equal. It hasn't felt like I'm footing the bill all the time, you know what I mean. Like I think we still want I still like a balance. I don't want somebody like mooching off me. But yeah, I totally agree. It feels like a little less competitive. I agree with you about the money thing, but I think that you can run into those same money issues no matter what age gap there is.


Yeah, it's more it's going to be more critical if you're ten years older than I am. But, you know, I've dated people that are the same age as me that make way less money than me. And we've done episodes about how to just talk to your partner about like, hey, I feel taken advantage of and like that guy do last summer was so much younger than me. Like, I just wasn't in situations with him were like I felt like I had to foot the bill.


I wasn't asking me to go like persay, you know, like we did some cheaper stuff and he always could pay. And he had the kind of career path that I was like, this person will always make money and like move up and was able to contribute in a way that doesn't feel like I'm being taken advantage of. One hundred percent, you and I are both on the same page with that. Like we're not like plucking young guys off the streets and be like, come with mama.


Like it's guys that like have their shit together in some way. And also, like, it's really about what you want out of a partner. I can take care of myself. I'm really independent. I don't feel I don't need a partner that really needs to take care of me. I think we know this. And again, that hasn't always been like that. I felt a little bit differently. At twenty seven, I wanted a guy that like had more money, had like more of a caretaker.


I thought I wanted to get married and kind of live a little bit different life at that point. But so I don't need that. So I don't I'm not vetting guys for their ability to take care of me. I need them to be able to take care of themselves and be self-sufficient and stable and independent. But whereas some women may be looking for a guy that's going to make a great provider, that's just not what I'm looking for. So that's why it's so easy for me to just, like, run around and fuck young dudes.


Well, OK. I think that's an amazing point.


As you get older, you need different things. I think when I was a little bit younger, like my boyfriend when I was twenty three, we talk about a little later, but I was really looking for more like a mentor type of situation where somebody could really, like, teach me and guide me and like, you know, I could really look up to them. And of course, I only want to date people I can look up to.


But I really at that point was probably looking for somebody that had been there, done that because I needed guidance and I wasn't going to date somebody younger than me at that point. But I don't at all age you could take guidance, but at this age, I don't know that I need professional guidance from somebody like I would have wanted ten years ago. Right. So I don't need it. I'm with you. Like, the things I'm looking for is just somebody that, like, makes me laugh.


That's funny. That's interested in the same shit. That I'm interested in, and so for me, age and money is not as big of a factor. Yeah, because somebody made next to no money, I don't know that I care. Yeah. And I mean, just to to wrap up the the young guy staying older women, younger guy thing again, you can go back to Listner episode. I think there's still some helpful advice in there to try to power through that audio.


But if you want kids, you got to think about this. If you just want to find you want to fuck around, fine. But like, if you are in your 30s and you are going a lot younger and that's what you prefer, just keep it in mind and have those conversations. And like, once you get to a point where you feel like you're on the road to a serious relationship, commitment, fuck and have had the talk, you could freeze your eggs.


I mean, there's options. But like, if you are dead set on having a kid and you're thirty five year old woman and you're dating somebody that's twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, like, don't let yourself get down a path where it blows up and you're devastated because because this person was even close to wanting that. Right. And you didn't want to be the older unattractive in their 30s. It's asking this guy about kids. You got to ask you guys talk about don't let someone make you feel like that woman in there.


You want kids in your 30s. What's your you've got to think about it.


Absolutely. And conversely, like we've talked about this before, if you don't want kids, I don't think it's fair to lead somebody down a path that you might someday. And so, like, you got to get that conversation out of the way to, you know, because before somebody who's super young falls crazy in love with you and you're like, oh, I don't want the one hundred percent. I don't know if I've said it on this podcast.


I've said it to my friends. And in conversations like I if I start going down a path of a serious relationship with somebody, I want them to know I'm not having children. And I think it can be a really heartbreaking conversation. But like, it will need to end.


Like there is no like I'm changing my mind about it. We're going to do a whole episode on this. Like, I think some people can be a little wishy washy. Like my mom always says. My dad said he didn't wanna have kids and she was like, I'm sure, you know, we'll see about that. But like, again, that was a man. He's not the one having to carry them. You know, it can feel a little different.


But like there's no like and I don't think so, but maybe there's none of that about it because people that waver end up having kids all the time. But the staunch I don't want this. I you know, it's whenever I can sneak it in, if I'm like past a third date with somebody, I do. And you're pretty serious about it. And I like that you're like that. I am a waiver or, you know, like I'm like if I fell in love with somebody so deeply, I could be maybe swayed.


You are very staunch about like I am not doing this. And I think that's important. I think you have to say it without wavering, too. It's like don't go down this road with me and think I'm going to change because I'm not right. OK, and one last thing. I feel like people run into this with they have fallen for a guy that's younger and they're they're like not ready because they're young, you know what I mean? Like, not everybody that's late twenties or whatever is like ready to commit.


And I think it can be even frustrating for someone that falls for somebody older at that age. And they're like, well, shit, this is the person. But like, I'm just still not wanting to, like, settle down. I think you just have to ask yourself, is it that they're just, like, flaky and noncommittal or is it that they're committed to you, they want to be with you and they're just not ready, in which case you might need to wait a little bit, you know what I mean?


Like, yeah, I don't say I'm not saying wait forever. You have to set your boundaries and decide what's right for you. But I think it's that question of like, is this just a kid that's a flake and they're noncommittal and you just think they're fun. Like ultimately ask yourself, what are you getting out of the relationship? Like, is this just like it's the sex is good, they're fun. They make you feel young again. The I like or is it that you really love this person and they're just not fully ready to like settle down and start the next phase of their life, which is totally understandable.


And you can give people a little leeway also and just understand that like and you and I have talked about this. You know, if there's a twenty five year old guy that's dating a 35 year old woman, you need to understand he doesn't he's a decade less experience dating than you do and is probably used to dating girls that are 21, 22. And he doesn't know how to date somebody that age either. So, yeah, I do think that, like, you can give people leeway and teach them and and if you want to do that, but if you meet somebody that's really great and has all these great qualities, like it's OK to be like I'm a little frustrated because like but at the same time, like, this person is ten years younger than you, you can give them a little leeway.


Yeah, for sure. All right. Dating older guys, getting older guys. And I know experience is disgusting. I she's like, this is a safe space. We have. I mean, I was like, I'm not fucking a 50 year old when I'm fifty. I'm not. But you will never force a person over forty nine every year. Like I'm not fucking a fifty year old. When I'm 70, I'm going to be like, you're too old.


I'm like, that's gross. I'm like, am I going to find older men attractive as I get older? Is this a curse? Is are you going to always look this like a bear? Like I can see an attractive man? That's so we're like I can seem attractive older men, but I don't want to fuck them. So when I'm fifty. Will I find that 50 year old like it's got to change, right? I don't I can't live like that.


I know Madonna seems to be doing it right. Like, we'll just be on the road. We'll be old and decrepit. You'll be like fucking like the roadies we bring with us.


Well, sometimes I like some people will like they've heard this on my Instagram comments or they'll do me. And it's so flattering when I when I, like, do something that shows how flexible I am. Like, if I do high kicks or I like throw my leg up or like do whatever. And I've had girls be like, this is how you guys are ten years younger. Like, Yeah, yeah. That's how I do it. Well it depends on what you like.


Do you like the youth, do you like the instability, do you like to suck the youth out of that.


You're their penis. Yeah, they're that young dude.


I just I feel like the disparity will widen between you and your thirties and somebody in their twenties is like I feel like at forty five you're going to feel like somebody you'll feel the same. About a thirty five year old.


I don't owe one hundred percent to thirty five year old like yeah it's, I'm talking about guys that are like late 40s, 50s. I'm not finding them attractive now.


I think that you well I think the, I think 20s specifically are this exploratory time in your life. And I think that like you are figuring out like who you are, what you wanna do for a living, how much money are you going to make? Where are you going to live? You're making all these, like, long term decisions. I'm not saying the authorities aren't exploratory, but like, not the way your twenties are. So, like, I think a five year age gap in your twenties can be so big and wide, but you get your thirties.


That's just not the same.


Like I could date somebody, I could easily be ten years older than me. My life is that different than theirs. Yeah, but I date somebody ten years younger than me and my life is really different than theirs. And I love that you brought that up because we meant to talk about that. And that is where you are in your life. I was such a different person at twenty three and twenty eight, you know what I mean?


Like I can't even compare those two girls. Yes. Or twenty two and twenty five, you know what I mean.


And that's three years. So it's like and this is honourees experience for me personally. Like really before I turned twenty seven I was like kind of just a mess, you know what I mean. Like I was moving ahead in life and I was getting to where I needed to be. I went on my own and career wise at twenty seven. But I'm just saying like the partying, like irresponsible behavior, things like that. So it's like. I I dated guys at twenty seven, twenty eight that were twenty five that like thought I was too much of like a party girl, like they were more mature than me.


But I think your 20s is like the time for that. I think the disparity is so wide between the differences in your life. I think that something like five years is really different. We're talking about twenty two to twenty seven versus thirty two to thirty seven and different decades of your life. Five years is a really different age difference. Yeah. Like it kind of turns into the saying of like once you get into your thirties you're just like in your 30s, you know.


I mean yeah. A little bit different between being like thirty one and thirty nine, but not so much as opposed to like twenty one and twenty nine or twenty two and twenty eight or you know, once you're over 40 you're all in your 40s like it's just kind of like the older you get the less the gaps matter. When I was 22, 23 twenty for somebody who was 30 was so old to me. Yeah. And I don't feel like that now about people who are 40.




And I mean, I feel like it needs to be said that the whole thing of me dating these younger guys is like it's just kind of turning to this like, coincidence type of a thing. Like I just realized it was like a funny thing. It was happening. And I feel like they were always guys that were like sought me out. Like, I really would actually prefer somebody over 30, like, I want them to have, like, young energy.


I've said I said this earlier, but like when I met these guys, when I met them in the wild and they are twenty six or twenty seven or twenty eight, I'm like kind of low-key wishing they were thirty two. Thirty three. Like I don't really we say this about men in their mid thirties and up that are been single for too long. And we've, we talked a lot before and I don't want a guy that's a fuck boy at any age, but it's kind of like, yeah, ultimately I would like somebody that is a little closer to my age.


Yeah. I just think I know you really well and I think it depends what you are looking for in a partner and how fulfilled you want to be in certain ways. You know, do you want somebody who can teach you things about the world that's sort of been there or at least close to being there, being there, doing that? You know, you're not going to get that from somebody ten years younger than you. You're just not that's not like an unfair thing to say.


It's like you are ten years older than them. Yeah. So it depends like what you want. I don't think that you necessarily need somebody to, like, teach you things would be nice to have an equal. Yes. And we'll see. I mean I'm not I also it could happen. You never know, like, you know, everybody's just so different.


But yeah, I think like it becomes even easier to do the age differences once you kind of hit that thirty threshold even, you know what I mean. Like and then even into 40s and past, that is just a fucking free for all. There's no more no such thing as age gaps. I totally agree. Well, we I still want to talk about somebody that you brought up, that the age between the twenties in the thirties became sort of a a point of contention between them.


Yeah. So a good friend of mine is 30, 40, is dating a twenty six year old and he was going to look at townhouses to buy. He's an established lawyer and she said to him, it's like it's it freaks me out. It's, it's upsetting to me basically to like be brought along like see these townhouses. And he was like, I don't know what our problem is. I'm not asking her to move in. And I was like, but you understand, like a twenty six year old's looking at a thirty four year old man and it's like he's established his money buying a home.


And you're like, I'm nowhere near this. Like she's not he was like, it's just eight years. And I was like, but you're in, you're a totally different situation in life. You she is and she wants to go out and party and fuck around and sleep with tons more people and figure out who she is. And that's a super normal thing for a twenty six year old. That's what I wanted to do. And when I was twenty six, somebody that was thirty four, I was like old to my gross.


I would never. However, thank you. We have plenty of women that message us and responded to our Instagram stories, lied about that exact thing and how much they love it.


And I think that's great. And like you're a mature twenty six. Twenty seven year old woman. Twenty five. You I don't know what however you are, you got your shit together, you have a career, you just are done fucking around with these twenty something guys and you want an older mature man that is buying the house and is doing the things like yeah it's going to work out for you. That's gonna be great for you. Oh yeah.


I think probably the most common age difference between all these is, is, you know, a woman that's ten years younger than her man like them, that's pretty common. And I think that's like a really nice, desirable thing. Like you meet the been there, done that guy and he can mentor you and he can't help you and he is more established. Listen, guys are all the same at every age, just the same as they get older.


They're all children. They just get better wardrobes and more money, like better hobbies as they get older. But they're the same. They're get a little less valuable, though, you know what I mean? Like, you hear that a lot like men. It's like later in their thirties, once they hit that forty ish area like there, they can be set in their ways. They can be. This is how it's done. This is how I do things like they aren't.


So go with the flow free flowing and willing to change their habits and their living space and all those type of things. Again, not always, but like you, it is a nightmare. My dad is like, this is the time I go to work. This is the time I go to the gym. This is when I eat. He is a nightmare. And he's like, my wife just lets me they can just be a little rigid and I will not date someone that's rigid no matter what age they are.


So right. That's just me. I agree. I mean, I think that's a good point, but I think a lot of people it's like a beautiful thing. If you can find somebody that's a little older than you can be sort of like a mentor to you, as long as we don't slip into the scenario that we were talking about earlier, which is like I'm offline before we start recording this podcast, we've conversations. Sometimes you don't want to.


I think the danger is you don't want to be with somebody that makes you feel like stupid and small and inexperienced because you are inexperienced and, you know, makes you feel bad about that because that's where you're at. Abusive, like road to go down. Yeah. I mean, let's be straight up honest. Some men want younger women because they think that they're dumber and they can manipulate them more and they can fuck around more and like it's a real thing.


So I know that it is be on the lookout for it. You know, if you start to feel like that, that's this older man is gaslighting you. He's making you feel not validated or feel stupid or he's talking to you in a condescending tone like being a lookout. Kate Nichols talked about on her episode with her a month or two ago of just like that guy was even that much older, but he was older and she was really young and that she saw that happening.


So you can listen back to that and watch out for those warning signs. But like, that's a real thing that happens. And if people are, like, warning you and they're they don't like that you're dating somebody, they don't like that you're dating someone so much older, like your family or your close friends, like it's probably just because they love you and they care about you and they can look at it from the outside. So like it's something that you probably will have to deal with, like your dad or your mom or your close friend doesn't like that you're dating this man that's fourteen, fifteen years older.


Like it's just because they care and they may see some things that you don't. So take it in stride. I think it's less about like judgment and shaming you. It's more of just like, hey, be careful here because situations like this can be bad. I want to come back to how to manage people and like because everybody has a fucking opinion, whether you're especially when there's age gaps, everyone, you know, weighs in. But I want to go back to me, you said, which is like just be aware of it.


And like men that prey on young women. And we talked about this in our gaslighting episode because, like I remember, I was like twenty two and I was dating somebody. The gas let me it was tremendously emotionally abusive, but I could never have named the behavior when I was like twenty two, twenty three. I didn't know that's what he was doing to me. And you know he would say things to me like, you know, we'll talk about this when you calm down, when you stop making yourself so upset.


Yeah. I wasn't old enough to understand the behavior and because I couldn't name it, I couldn't combat it. I you know, I just at this age, I would never put up with his bullshit. But at that age I didn't know. And I think that I'm glad you said, like, be on the lookout for it because, like, I'm usually just doesn't feel good and I don't know why. And it's like because they're preying on you.


Because you're young. Yeah. And I remember feeling like I can't make any decisions without him and I can't like I couldn't apply for jobs without him. I couldn't really pick a dinner spot because I felt like he just knew better. And he continually reminded me that he knew better. Yeah. And he was like five years older so. But I was twenty two. So you are like so young in those scenarios. And I was dating this man who lived in New York City for five years.


Right. So yeah. I like that you said to be on the lookout for it. Yeah. And I mean I think of somebody like Corey, my best girlfriend, who actually married a guy that is a year younger than her, which is kind of funny because she was such an adult so early, you know, like she went to undergrad, then she got her. She owned a home, you know, and her car had a graduate degree by like twenty five, same as my brother, just like really hit it hard and was like a full adult by twenty five.


And we were still partying like getting drunk and all that's for years to come. But like really just always gravitated towards older man because she pretty much had her shit together and ended up marrying somebody that like had had a child. He had, he was a grown up, you know, and like had his career together and all that kind of all those kind of things. But I think of somebody like her that she never would have fucked around with these, like young guys that were just she wanted somebody that had their shit together.


And she felt like that from twenty five on. And I mean, again, she married someone that wasn't older, but I still could have seen her like at twenty five, very easily dating a man that was 35, 40 years old. It is an attractive thing to be with a person that is successful that you can look up to, that can help you. And I keep saying like the mentor mentee dynamic, but also twenty five is different than twenty to twenty five.


You're a little bit older and I don't know that it's like so crazy today to 40 year old. But yeah, people always have opinions about what you do and everybody's going like it. And I have a girlfriend who is dating somebody who's at least twenty years older than her, if not like twenty five years older.


And I checked in with her and I was like, you know, what has this been like for you? Because like he looks like our dad. Yeah. Like he is, she's thirty and he's like fifty five and he's great. Yeah. So awesome. But she said to me about how to manage this internally and mentally. And I want to read you what she said because I like copy the she sent me, I, I texted her and I was like, dude what you're saying.


And I think it was like a big adjustment because it would be a big adjustment for anybody to date. So that's a crazy age gap. He has adult children, right? She said the greatest lesson I've learned in the world, the biggest lesson I've learned is the world cares so much less than you think. I used to wonder what strangers thought of us at a restaurant, a bar walking down the street. But it just takes a moment. A bar.


Shown you kindness and hospitality like any other couple and not make you feel like you're on a date with your dad or your actual dad, recognizing that you're in love with the person who may or may not be older than him. And it actually doesn't matter. Happiness and waking up every day feeling like you are exactly where you want to be is internal. And all of the external forces that make you uncertain will eventually get on board or fade faster than your much older partner.


Right. I love that. I like chills. I read again. I'm just like I know that that was like a scary thing for her to date, somebody so much older than her because it does look like she's walking down the street with her dad.


Yeah, who cares? And I also love this notion of, like, no one cares as much as you think they do. Right. Strangers. Your family, I think, will have something to say. And they do care. But it's like at the end of the day, I asked my aunt, my uncle and aunt to and I said to my aunt, like, did people like make comments that you were like dating? That's like twenty four year old guy.


And she was like, they just got over it.


Right. They'll just get over it. And if they see that you're happy, they'll just get over it.


And if they don't, that's their problem. Totally. I'm yeah. One of one piece of advice though I do have to say is like just always with this, with anything when it's ever like a kind of you and your partner against the world or kind of like and against all odds thing don't stay in a relationship for that reason, you know what I'm saying? Like, don't stay in it to prove it. Like always do the gut check. Like, I think sometimes people get wrapped up in that where they're like, fuck, we proved everybody wrong, that people had stuff to say.


You know, we really fought against all odds to make this work. And now the relationship is cracking and you don't want to break up because you, like, put so much work and effort into it. It's like, just don't do that, you know what I mean? I think sometimes with huge gaps or any type of relationship like it can be a thing of like you are just staying in it to prove to yourself, to prove to your family, to prove to your friends, to prove to the world that you could make it work when it actually should.


And so always make sure you're doing those gut checks and like checking in on the relationship of where it stands to make sure like and I think sometimes with relationships like this, like different disparities and whatever it may be like, you hear somebody they break up and you hear him say like, well, it was doomed from the start. And it's like, was it were you ignoring stuff that was there? You know what I mean? Like, why did you say that?


I would never say that. If you feel like that about a relationship early on, like, really dig into why you don't I mean, like, was this doomed to fail, then why did you continue with that? You know, I just don't think an age gap makes you doomed to fail. I mean, I think there's a million reasons why you break up with people. The age gap doesn't have to be. I think it's kind of cool to be with an older guy that can, like, show you should pay for stuff so great.


Yeah, I mean, I would love to live where she's living with him. It looks great. I just think that it could be really nice. I think the only problem that can come up I mean, a lot of problems come up is socializing. And I think it might be a little odd sometimes if you are ten years older than your man and his friends are just he's like crazy party kids and you're like, I can't get down with this.


Or conversely, your man's fifteen, twenty years older and all of their friends have babies and houses. And you're like, I'm so far outside of this. And it's like, I don't know, is that person more important to you than those social situations? They probably are. You just grit your teeth and you go through it or you don't participate in them. Like if your man is ten years younger than you and he wants to go to some, like, frat party bar and you don't like that, don't go or ask yourself, are you guys a match?


And you know, you're totally different life stages because I have a good girlfriend who, you know, who's twenty five. I think her boyfriend is forty two and she's just really mature. She has her shit together. A lot of her friends even outside of him are in their thirties. She really meshes into her forty two year old boyfriend's life and has become very close with his friends that are like she just work so she is not out getting drunk with her.


She has friends here from college to. But like her lifestyle is that of somebody that is a little older. So like if there is a forty something person and there they hang out with all friends that have kids and houses and all the things and they're dating, that's like twenty something that's just running around partying like what is even going on here. Like you don't really have the same interest in life.


Like well I am a little skeptical, you know what I mean. One hundred percent. But I think that like this can be just like an interesting thing to like I'm in my mid thirties. It's not that crazy that all of my friends have houses and kids and I don't particularly love it. I'm not going on vacation with my friends that are married with kids. That's the stage of life that I'm not in. I could do it. I'll be around it.


It's not my choice. So I understand that some people like and we're that age, right? I'm saying I'm that age. So it doesn't always have to do with, like, the specific age. Maybe it's just a different stage of life that you're in. And if that's not the way you live your end, then don't aren't like, what are you doing here? Right. And if your partner is in a vastly different stage life, check yourself and be like, am I is this going to be OK?


Right. Yeah, that's that's totally it. Like because. I am somewhere caught in the middle, like I don't go out and get drunk and party so hard and I would never date a guy that did, it just wouldn't work for me. So I'm like party animal. But I also don't really want the guy that's like all his friends have kids and you know that which just it's weird. It's not like because I'm more of that. Obviously we're more of that age.


But yeah, it's like it's so much about like the type of life you're living. Like, I dated a guy earlier this year that was 10 years younger and we got along great. We both did comedy like we had common interests. He didn't drink that. We drank the same, you know what I mean? Like, we would have a couple of drinks. He wasn't out getting wasted. He had that stage in his life already. So had I like things kind of matched up and sexually they had to be.


You looked at the ground, I think overall, like whatever age you choose, like, yeah, I want to be in a similar age, like stage of life with me. I want to be has the same values as me. Do they want the same stuff? Can I grow with them? I don't give a fuck. If somebody judges me for anything I'll do to be twenty years older than me or ten years younger and I'll give a shit what you think about whose dick I'm stuck behind closed doors.


Shut up. Yeah. And if you see a pattern that you are curious about, go to therapy. If you are at 20 early twenties, girl, whatever. If you're I'm just gonna use this as an example. You're in your twenties. You are only looking at men in their 40s, 50s, whatever, like and you. That's all you're attracted to.


First of all. Fine. Second of all, maybe talk to a therapist about it. If you find it to be a little strange, you don't.


I mean, if you're also conversely with me, again, like I'm not exclusively dating guys in their twenties, like if I was out here, like I'm only fucking twenty five year olds, I would seek therapy, you know what I mean?


Like, if anything is so you only like this one thing and it's kind of outside the realm of quote unquote normal. And you want to explore it, talk to somebody about it. Yeah. And if you feel bad about it, if you're like I'm constantly like dating these people and I don't feel good about it. Like I can see a pattern where you only date younger people because you are avoiding real, quote unquote, real life situations where you have to have a really serious, intimate relationship with somebody because it's easier to write off a twenty five year old.


It's ten years younger than you. Or if you're constantly seeking out people that are older than you and they're making you feel bad about yourself or or, you know, you, there is of course, there's a thing of if you lost your father, you didn't have a father around like you. You're searching for a father figure like tap into it. It doesn't hurt to to analyze your behavior and go to therapy. Anyway, we've all done it.


You know, therapy can can benefit anyone. So but I can't stress enough that there is no judgment on any of this. People that judge you for things like this have their own issues and they are insecure in their own life. Choices like people that are living their best life are not judging you. People that are going to shame you for any of these types of things are just projecting and just always remember that and always like live your truth. And we really I cannot stress enough that we got hundreds and hundreds of responses from you listeners of everything under the sun of age, differences of a woman being twenty years older, twenty years younger, like all the things.


And it's like it works out for all these various reasons, like there is no formula at all for any relationships.


And also, by the way, I did piggyback you know, when somebody is saying something because they love you and they mentioned it once and it's like a warning shot versus somebody that's judging you and like you sanction honestly, like, fuck those people. I'm sorry. Like, it's that comes from like a weird internal insecurity and don't listen to that. Yeah. And family, too. It's weird for forefather's, I assume, when they're if their daughter is dating someone that's close to their age, you know, it's.


I don't know, I would might feel a little weird going to meet my man's family for the first time and I'm a full decade older than am I. You know, it's just like I might take a little heat from the mom. I'm going to prepare for it, like I might. She might throw a little shade my way. If she thinks that's weird. I think you just have to, like, buck up and it'll only make you stronger if you have to face any adversity with stuff like this.


Yeah. And I think you walk into every situation with confidence. This is what I'm doing. This is what makes me happy. This is my decision. It's a good thing for me. It's positive. I appreciate your input.


We're done here now. I love it. Live your life, guys.


Just feel good. Yeah. Live your truth always. And then one one more thing.


Just want to throw in about dating men, late 30s, 40s, plus physically, scientifically, their sex drive diminishes over time. Not everybody we know, so many, so many people send us messages of their like man that's a lot older can fuck and eat pussy. Great. Of course, it's not that they can't fuck. It's just like I like to say it, to let women know that this is a thing that happens and not to take it personally, I guess is what I'm saying.


And also just something to consider. I mean, I think it's common rhetoric and like women have a sexual prime and so to men and those ages don't always match up, right? Yeah, I like what you said, that it's not personal.


If somebody is just retired a fuckin fucking four decades, they're tired, but even but just like biology, physiology, whatever it's called, like, you know, I have girlfriends that have husbands, boyfriends that are a little bit older and it's like they hit forty and they just aren't as sexually charged. Some of them. I mean, there's things that can be done, testosterone, Viagra, all the things, you know, it's but they had a hump in their relationship, no pun intended, that they felt like they wanted sex more because they're in their thirties, early thirties, mid thirties, and they're dating a man that's in his 40s.


And it does a lot of times they start to slow. And you aren't as matched anymore in terms of how much you want sex, how long you can perform, how your stamina, all the kind of thing. So I say it literally just to give you a heads up, if you're a woman that doesn't really know. Yeah. Also, I mean, I'm sure they are doctors, but also, you know, Google it also. Why don't you share your experience?


Fucking that old guy, he couldn't keep up. No, he was like ten years older than me. Yeah. I mean, I in the beginning of a relationship like I'll fuck four times a day.


Yeah. Like if I'm in a bed with you or near a bed with you, like I will fuck all day. I never stop and like it has to be an option to like do it a couple of times for me. And he just he barely got through the first time once a week. Yeah. So something just to keep in mind again, your men that are in their 40s, 50s, 60s and you guys are fucking all the time and they're eating you out of the great.


It's just a heads up from your favorite doctors. Louisa, how much was Christiania, Louisa just walked in. She is in a relationship with somebody that's ten years older. Do you find it enjoyable? Do you have any tips?




I know we were talking about age differences and like, you know, the good things that can come from dating somebody a little bit older than you and you, do you enjoy certain things about it or tips for making it work? Yeah, I would say that because we are really putting her on the spot.


Oh, hey, I guess I would say that because he's older, I appreciated that I didn't have to put up with, like, a lot of, like, head games and bullshit. I mean, you know, that like it wasn't like the smoothest of starts, but like there weren't exactly head games there.


And I mean, like even if there were like some bumps in the road, it was like what you see is what you get with it. So that was good.


I think when I walked in, I heard you saying something about meeting the parents that was a little weird for you, just like in my own head, because I was like hyper aware of how I felt young when you because you were like in your twenties.


I yeah. Yeah. I guess I was in my 20s still when I met his parents. You are. Yeah. You totally were because I remember it. Yeah. So anyway, but also he you know had a little more experience under his belt.


Yeah. In the bedroom. It's always good. I mean I'll never like say no to that. Yeah. And he like owns a home like he's an adult.


Yeah. He's an adult. Yeah. For sure. That was nice. Oh yeah. Like there were no like beer bottles like for decoration. Yeah. You know, or like I don't know machsom posters like with just stupid stuff.


No he was like an adult which is nice. All right. OK, thanks for sharing your true thanks.


I don't know if you knows we talk about you every week, but people always come up. People know about you. We talked about the kitten. How's your cat doing to give an update?


Hey again, guys. So Kiko, the kitten is doing great. She is super sweet and cuddly and adorable, but also a crazy maniac with that kind of energy. Yeah, like technology. Big hidden energy. Well, thanks for the update. Thank you. And I actually you provided some really great insight there because I've never dated somebody ten years older, so you provided some good insight that I wouldn't have had otherwise. So they fuck well and they have more money for the money you get with is like the money.


I love the money and you're mature. So like even when we were running around partying and stuff like you, you were never this like insane twenty something like, you know, falling asleep in a bushlike not know what you're doing with your life, your secure job. You know, you were always on like a solid pound. You could be fifteen years younger than a man. You're just as mature as that man. Yeah. Yeah, everyone thinks so.


Well, when people say that men mature later.


Yeah. Which is just like what am I doing here. Like it really works out because men mature later than women. I'm like so I'm dating guys are what, fifteen years younger.


What's important is that they can eat pussy.


And I will say the oldest person I dated could not and the youngest person I dated, I had to fight him out of there with both fists. So I don't know, it sort of debunks what you said, whatever. You know, I just make sure you get your pussy. God, yeah. And you're right.


All right. Well, thank you to Louisa for popping in. We're about to go to dinner, so that's why she's here. She didn't know. She didn't know. She's. Oh, no. Yeah. Podcast every week for a month. Yeah. We actually recorded with her one time. We sneak a doctor in, do it and we to cut it. It was very personal. The sexual for it's the latest go to word. Just know she's a hot one.


Yeah. OK, so we're going to do the segment where we asked you guys what our comments are, things that your partner has done that is really shown your age gap, that has really demonstrated the gap between you, whether you're younger, whether most of these were that they were older. Most of these were an older man and they were offensive.


I made him some shame. But these girls are like, he asked, you want a phonebook?


Was I'm like I grew up with that my whole life. I know. Like, a lot of them were like, really kind of like taking a bullet because they basically were you little twenty something bitches are dating at our age and you're like, so all I suggested doing this game and I was like, I don't like it, I like it, like it until I read the answers.


OK, let me just I'm out of the game with the first one. He wanted to spend an evening looking at houses in Portland just for fun. I mean, right now I looked at houses.


I literally we took a weekend vacation to look at houses and it was. Awesome week, good weekend with some mates, also, imagine if we took that vacation and neither of us was footing the bill. That sounds amazing. He just took you to look at our houses. So much fun. Yeah. And I'm sorry. Maybe you just don't like real estate and you never. Well, girl. Some people have a passion for real estate at any age.


I'll let I'll let him buy me a house. You kick him my way. God, I feel like I wonder if this is real, but it probably keeps a list of current lingo in the back of his work notebook in order to seem young. That is, I feel cringing about it. I can see it's like a guy who works in a marketing agency and a lot of young kiddos and like 40. And he writes, We had a lot of people submit stuff that was like he doesn't know what like means or like sash or like I stand this and I like was like Googling half the word.


OK, again, contrary to popular belief, I'm not out on the hunt for these twentysomething something. Dudes, I don't want my man really to ever say Stan or maybe not even know what it means.


Like I'm a little old for that. I don't I rarely say it.


That is younger, just GenZE kind of are men out here saying, like, I stand the true like I, I would find it hot if my man did not know what it meant to stand. Yes, but but he knows Stan from the Eminem song and he downloaded that shit on Napster and we would come home from school and download Stan the song. It comes from you little bitches. We know the original stand. If my man was like, you know, I used to have to watch porn line by line loading on the computer as the dial up came through.


That's what turns me on porn for. Yeah, for people. Our age was like your your parents had Cinemax and you would watch it all jumbled up and try to catch a titty. Oh my God. You remember that. What do you remember. Do you remember when the the lines would populate. You'd see a half a the line of the tent one morning like scrambled. Oh my gosh, I hate this game. OK, you can do this next one.


It's my favorite of all the ones we got people I believe I'm about to sing the song from the commercial. He eats Mentos. Candy, I'm sorry, but what the fuck? That's Dad Candy girl. Those commercials and the Foo Fighters video were fire. I'll sing right now.


Mentos isn't silver.


And it was like Dave, Dave, like sugar Mentos. The fresh make. Yes, bith. I had to teach me how to address an envelope for our wedding invites. I never used real mail before. Only email never addressed an envelope. You used to envelope this envelope. Interesting.


I sent him a nude and he told me I have a nice keester. Send it to your grandpa. No new grandpa new. That's an insane word to say. Like that's not even like tush. It's like Yiddish. It's like Yiddish for but it's I think a home alone cat.


You're no good, filthy whatever. He's keister off my property also. That was my childhood. Probably not. You know what that is sending me home alone. So I've seen them all. OK, I was seen a 50 year old I'm twenty three and he called my boobs breasts during sex and dirty talk.


He's just being respectful. My mom calls my boobs breasts to your mom to talk to me. I like how those breasts do. And he voted for Obama both times. Like, is it that crazy to have been eighteen in 2008?


Yeah, I guess it's just it's just like a young twenty something.


I mean, I'm offended I was you thirty right. To vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Yeah, that's not that. All right. Wow. This girl's probably like fifteen. Felt like that's gross. He vote, he voted for Obama.


It's not like you voted for Ronald Reagan. You know, Reagan, Bush.


Eighty four or whatever.


OK, this one is wild. He takes print it out MapQuest directions on trips. No, this guy, he's not evolving with the times. Yeah. It's weird to me because like, yeah, I took MapQuest directions when we looked at colleges with my dad when I was little. But like, my dad doesn't print out maps now. Question, he's seventy three now. You don't need to. And it's also like I don't even think it's like that save to be like looking down at pronouns.


So can you just have him like get a GPS built into the car like every person on your phone. Yeah. Plug it in. I don't have a GPS next year. I have my phone. OK, next one. He asked me what a top eight was. So he like he's younger. He's older. Could give could be either.


Basically you're that's MySpace if you guys don't know millennials now. So he's either so old or so young that he didn't know.


That's a great call because I could see anybody outside of the millennial generation having no idea that was specifically for us. That is a great call, OK. His high school yearbook was from the year I was born. OK, he still gets card statements mailed to him and highlights the charges. And if I in your grandma. Yeah, I. The guy in his car, I climbed into the front when he was done, and he couldn't do that, but he could physically get the FRYLOCK.


He's not physically fit enough to climb. And also you're saying he's so old he can't physically climb in the front, but you don't have a home. You guys could go fucking. What was that like? Did they have, like, a two door? Like, I would just open the back door and go back in the front. Why are you climbing up? That's true. It must be. I would have a little sports cars and I'm two feet tall.


You don't understand. I would open the back door and get up in the front because you're you're in a normal sized person. But I'm like a little small, like you are about to say enormous. Oh, no, no. OK, he signs every text with his name at the end. This stop it. That is dad territory only.


How old is he told you to be to do stuff like that.


My dad's sister does that when she text me my aunt. She's in her 60s. Baby boomer. Yeah, she's boomer again. I feel like we're boomers with the time he had a dot edu email when Facebook started.


Yeah, fucking that's all. I was at the forefront of technology and I didn't ruin my whole social my whole life growing up was social media. OK, I got to just be ugly and not know how ugly I was. That's what it's like not having social media at high school. Although, you know, there's people that like, you know, they like hate us, hate me. And they're like, actually so hypocritical. All she did was talk about all people, the all die.


But at the end, she got so offended when people are calling her old. Yeah, it's called jokes. I don't care. OK. Oh a ton of these.


So many. He thought Meme was pronounced Maemi ones.


At what age do you think that starts. Forty five. Yeah. That's what age is to these. I laughed so hard when I read that he has a vivid memory of OJ fleeing in the Bronco.


I mean honestly though I might be too young for that or. Oh I remember I was a pretty young kid, but I remember the moment because it was such a big moment. I think my parents had friends over and it was like everybody was just like crowd around the TV, like to be able to watch a high speed chase in real time like that was fucking nuts. Like when you if you watch the OJ documentaries, like, I mean, it was crazy to live it.


It was crazy to live it. And I remember. Do you remember where you are you old enough to remember this? Every morning I got driven to school by my mom and I were listening to the trial in the car every day on the way to school. Do you remember that? I remember some of that. And then I also remember the craziest thing shortly after it happened on July 9th. And I remember walking by the TV on my birthday. They were like today's O.J. his birthday.


And that's when I realized O.J., I had the same birthday. And then now it is a murder that we're talking with us. It's also just Steven Avery, Jodi Arias, somebody some other murderer, OJ Supermoto birthday.


It's Jodi Arias for somebody else. Yeah, we'll find out with one. I don't. Talma's OK. We'll finish with one more. He wears sneakers with white tube socks pulled all the way up. So this is funny because this goes either way because this is like a trend now, like stuff's coming back.


And so guys like the due date for a minute, we're like doing high socks. Maybe some of them still are. But it's like, is he wearing, like, old school new balances with, like a white tube socks or is he like a skater kid?


I'm thinking, Dad. Oh, it's a skater thing. OK, I'm thinking that I see I see those hot dogs and take talk with the high socks like high socks came back. I'm thinking I'm thinking like about snakes. Yeah. I don't think she would mention it if it was he's what he's wearing like. Oh yeah. He's really wearing like a nice denim cargo. Short to what age.


You clock him at forty seven. OK, I was thinking fifty three of that. A lot of fashion stuff, lot of music stuff. A lot of music. Yeah. Thank you. That was fun. Thank you to all you guys who are our age. I was a nice trip down memory lane to MySpace and O.J., the O.J. Bronco. I was. All right guys. Well we hope you enjoyed this episode again. Live your truth and catch us in Ohio.


Catch a thunder, catch us inside a distance. But we will be in Cleveland and Columbus and Cincinnati end of this month, early October. And you can grab those tickets at our website. Girl's Got to Eat podcast Dotcom. Our Instagram is girl's got a podcast as well. Ashe has rain. Greenberg girls in her score got beat on Twitter and YouTube. Dotcom slash girl's got to eat. Hi tech guys. Have a good week. We'll see you soon.