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We want you to embrace the hard things, embrace the questions as part of the alchemy, right? This part of the transformation. It's so great. I think I think you'd really like girl going home and doing this tonight.


I'm the air. So I gave up working. Now I'm doing specials now. Yeah. Hi, guys, welcome back to another episode of Girl's Got Eat, first day of fall, veggies crisp. Sixty nine degrees outside. God, it feels good.


God, I love fall back. I've having such a great day. We're both wearing sweatshirts. Look, here you do all we really had a photo, you came up with QQQ. I feel like we're in our like you're in the gay marriage, which I don't own and I'm in the Adidas margin is too much. It will never sponsor us. We can't open the fall. I swear on three people. We want to hype things to Toshie for supporting girls.


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Daily Harvest makes it easy to eat clean, undeniably delicious food no matter what your day brings. Keep it simple. Go to Daily Harvest Dotcom and enter JGI to get twenty five dollars off your first box. Yet comes a tough cold call. I just. I hear Brennan dale it to him and just like Köln. Oh man we got a great.


So if you guys stay we have a fan favorite returning to the show.


The first person that is back for her second solo episode. We really don't do this a lot.


And she's I mean, she's a friend, my best friend, Andrew Collin. You can't get rid of them. Well, but no, like he came on with someone else. He came on and did like an end segment, like, yeah, he's been on three times technically, but not like his his own solo. He's the guest episode. Kelly's the first and she was our first woman. First woman. Yes. Yeah. So she's back.


She's upstairs. She's waiting on the phone call. No, she says, oh my best guy friend Rob lived in the building, but he's not here so she stay with him. It's a whole thing. I'd organized the key exchange, the whole thing. I love it.


Have we talked about how you and Rob live in the same building?


And we talked about on the show, I think we said it a couple weeks when I hoped when we hoped men a couple weeks ago. I can't suggest them enough money, you know, while we're here, because he was sending me videos. He's in Spokane, Washington. But it's like raining ashes from the fires and it's like they can't go outside all the way in Washington.


And so I just wanted to address what's happening with our world burning and, you know, donate where you can. I post the resources on my story. The Red Cross is always good and just keep these people in your thoughts, honestly. I mean, and, you know, vote for policymakers that believe in climate change. Yeah. If you guys actually if you guys have ideas for how to help do a DMA, you can I will read them.


I feel very helpless in this situation. And I would love to know who needs help, how to help, you know, different creative ways that we can put our platform behind that so you can damn us. Yeah, I, you can hear me. I don't want to put Ashley behind you, Doug. I've done so far already. Do you have right now. Oh my God. Give me to step up. Well say it anyway. So you guys are in our thoughts.


We've had to flee where you live. I mean I, I've never seen anything like it. It's the pictures. I'm, I can't believe it. Just he went outside and took a video. He's not even where the fires are. I mean I guess they're probably like forty miles away, but it's just it's really so heartbreaking. I just like something about it.


It feels otherworldly. If you guys are interested in like, how does this happen or what's the next steps? The Daily has done two really good episodes this week about it, about Oregon, about California, and about why we keep building on these sites that are fire zones. So you guys are interested in learning more? Yeah, you guys are in our thoughts and prayers and we you for sure our so.


Yeah. So it's fall six. Sixty nine degrees is my favorite season. Everyone's favorite. Well I love one or two. One week in the fall, one week in October for one week in the fall. I feel like it becomes fall and I'll be like look for you. And then I just called and put that one week. Right, because climate change, you know. So we have another live show update.


We're go to Nashville. Nashville.


Oh, my God. So we were supposed to be there on July nine. On July 29th for your birthday. Your birthday. Yeah. Yeah. We were really looking at it better. It was our third show ever.


Second show ever. Nashville Gaine, your third show. But like on the road, we did our first show in New York on September 12th of twenty eighteen. We did our second show in Atlanta. We did our third show ever at Zanies. You remember the day it was exactly your job. Yeah, it was exactly two years ago in October I think.


Oh that we're doing it. We're coming back. And that was so funny. Yeah. So we are. We love Nashville. So. So much fun there. We love Zanies, it's so fun, it's such a great club with some friends to perform there recently. So of course all restrictions will be followed. Lots of safety measures to make sure that you guys are safe and content. And we will be there October 16th and 17.


We go to. OK, so two shows, the first ones at six thirty p.m. as of now. So Nashville has a curfew that they're taking really seriously, which is ten, thirty pm. So everything is be shut down by ten, thirty or six thirty and eight thirty and there's nothing we can do about it. And again it could change. I don't know what that looks like because people plan around it, but that's what it is right now.


You know, like Rayna said, everything is being done to ensure your guys safety. We've checked with people to perform there. We're constantly asking around to make sure. And your ticket processing fees go towards things like security measures, extra staff, all the things and people that are too rowdy get kicked the fuck out. They did it. Jerricho, I heard someone like you had to leave.


So be safe, be responsible and come out. And if you don't feel safe, don't come out. But if you do, October 16th and 17th tickets on girls. Got your podcast Dotcom. Yeah. Just, you know, poke around the website because I'm obsessed with it. Yeah, just poke around. Ohio shows are definitely sold out. So thank you guys who bought the tickets to Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland will see you one week.


I can't believe it. The first night. How nervous were you booking flights? I was so nervous that you were going to lock it up. I was going to go. Yeah, I checked it like ten times. Yeah. I got so nervous and I'm booking a car. I got scared. I know I was like a straight flight. Like, I haven't done this in so long. How do we do this without Holiday and Delta?


So we'll see you guys soon. I just a little worried about merchandise. We know that is taking a little long. We are working with a new company, so just working out the kinks in terms of how long things take. If you guys have questions about your orders and when you're getting them, just shoot us an email. The support contact is on the website and we'll get you an up to date listing an up to date email listing email on how long it's going to take.


But thank you guys for your patience working out the kinks. We're excited to get you all the cool new merch that we have. Yeah, that's most of our housekeeping updates that I'll do. Like a date update. No, I won't actually see you. I'm giving in. I'm giving you a date update that. I'm going to do a date update next week. OK, so last week I told a story about this crazy date. I went on with one of our listeners.


Mom's booty call was my server at this restaurant. She did listen and she said I could talk about it. So she came back and said, I do think you can fuck this, right? I asked. And she was like, did the, like, puke face. I just knew it.


I knew that anybody with that name Fox and something kind of like interesting is happening with this guy. We've not gone out again. We're in communication. I'm going to save it for next week. I want to see how it plays out this week. I don't want to, like, jump ahead and, like, analyze the situation quite yet. So next week we'll we'll unpack it because it's been kind of like annoying. I don't know. I'm fine.


I don't care.


But it's been kind of like interesting and something that I feel like women deal with in terms of like communication, but not having a date on the books, whatever. We'll talk about next week and we'll unpack it. I'm not trying to like blue all you guys, but I think let's just let it play out for definitive statements to finish for definitive statements. Yes.


And I got a little something else in the mix to you, do you know. Oh, that. Oh, yeah.


You really. I tell those guys I'm so excited we're both out of your boyfriends. I got.


No, I'm but I actually am really, really committed to data that I have like really crazy shit to talk about on stage in Ohio. Yeah, I'm doing it also. So, OK, this dovetails into what I wanted to tell you. I did a really embarrassing thing last night and I think that I'm just going to commit to it for the future. So I kind of like this guy. And I started stalking his ex via my friend's dad, which I just I like to check in with her and make sure I'm still prettier than she is for sure.


You know, I just got to know and I have been exercising as much as you know, one is exercising. It's like this may not even be literally no one on Earth like Tom Brady does not exercise as much. OK, so I like yeah, I was on my I thought I was on my fence. She had like a thousand slides up. I went through all, oh my God. What. I was like twenty five.


So that's amazing. And then so last night I had two drinks with one of our girlfriends. I got, I went home, I like smoked a little bit and I like went through, you know, whatever. So then I go with my fiance to this morning and I realize she still has like that pretty early in the morning. She's about like pink dot around the thing. Like like I had stories, stories, and it takes me back to the beginning.


And I was like, oh my God, I watched it for real. It's like swatting my 400000 followers verified Instagram. Like, you don't miss it. It'll be at the top. It would be hard to miss my Instagram, watching your stories, all of them significantly less. I watched all of them by your from your own personal. You did not. Yes, I did. Right. I know you did. If I did all of them.


No, that's OK. I have tears coming to my eyes. I did not know.


I thought you were going to say and then it was the something mistake. I feel like I'm gonna cry. Are you OK?


I am okay.


Oh, you need to double down on it and just follow her or just keep doing it. Oh, my God.


I feel like this is kind of a funny power move if you're dating the guy. I'm not dating this person. So now she's probably like, what's going on? Who is this girl? Who is this girl? And so, like, my first thought would be like, my man is fucking this girl, which she's not fucking me. But so I watched this whole thing. And then I just started thinking, like, if you're stalking, like you're a man acting like such a power move to do it for your personal Instagram like.


So I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. Are you going to do block me you. I'm just going to you're going to maybe I'm going to switch to my fiance and you you're going to make it mildly more inconvenient for me to stalk you. You're going to make me take two more seconds to go to your account.


I think it's a really funny power because that is so funny. Oh, my God. Yeah, it is funny when you see somebody slip up that I love that meme. Oh, right. Well, that one the girl was like I noticed that my ex's new girlfriend accidentally liked one of my posts, like, it's OK girl, it's up to the best of us.


You know, I hope she is as much generosity of spirit. So on drugs will get. Yeah, I know a little bit of poetry. It's months apart. So-called pot. I'm like I smoke weed every day as a boomer.


But yeah, I was excited to tell you that I was going to talk about today and then I was like, oh shit. Oh yeah. It's a power move. Just not every day you're the first one to watch it. And that's the thing. Like, what if I commented on her thing like first. Oh, my first comment. So yeah. OK, well other updates I got back to stand up.


It was a show since March. You tell your story and then I'll have you know, I just was just fine.


I felt really good. I, I mean I wasn't because I was like a little bit nervous to an extent, but it felt like just getting back, it felt supernatural. The second I like got up on stage, on stage. It's not really a stage. Former guest of ours, Ashley Gavin, her episode was called We're Having Gay Sex, also the name of her podcast. She does like the school outdoor distin safe. You have to wear your mask the whole time show in Brooklyn.


And I did it and it was great. It was super fun. It was really great to see you do it. And I had so I was laughing out loud, like hard, laughing out loud. I was like, should I put this down?


I had a really fun time. I did too. And then the late one, like the crowd was like the energy was so fire. But something happened during the first one was literally during a punch line that I had that I basically scream the dildo, scream the word dildoes into the night we're outside. And as I did this punch line, I hear the audience go like an all like like they seem distracted. No one really laughed at my punch line.


I was like, what the fuck? And in my mind, I was like, that was so funny. Yeah, it was a new one. I was like, how did this not hit? And then I am kind of like, well, fuck. And someone from the audience goes, a rat just ran across like the front, like there's no stage again, almost like we're outdoor. In fact, the Iraqis ran across my path in front of me.


I'm glad it was Iraq, because when no one laughed at that, I was like, what is happening at this place yet? People are really almost like they're it's like the sound they made was almost that that was offensive. And it was that like I was like, oh my God, this is like it was such a heavy lesbian crowd given the host, you know? And I was like, they didn't like the dildo joke. And then someone said, Arat.


I was like, that's the most New York.


And so New York twenty twenty comedy. I just I just I it was a pleasure to watch you. It made me really happy. It was really fun. And then we went out afterwards or not out. But we like when we walked across the street a guy like did our drinks with Andrew Collett and you revealed something that I wish you would just say for the podcast. But I'm not going to try to fake a reaction because I do already know.


And it is shocking. Well, you would only you I only told you one sentence and then I did not finish. OK, you haven't elaborated on it. But tell the audience, Raina, I'm honestly glad we're doing this here and not in my place where they can hear it. I don't care about the plants anymore.


I care about you guys.


Watch my Instagram stories. Are you like see me go to plan stores everyday? I have like dozens of plants at home. I have fifty plans. You've told fifty plants like they are covering my kitchen, my bedroom, my living room. Every space I have a desk and there's at least twenty plants on the desk. It's because you exercise now you just replaced your one I or your one interest with another interest, but that's a hundred percent. What's happening is they're like living organisms.


You just don't care. You're not going to die. I'm going to come get some. I can't let them die. Yeah. I can't let them die because I care about them. They're my kids, but like and I can't even tell them I don't like them. I talk to come here to tell you that I don't want to come over here to reveal it. You're a deadbeat mom. I every morning I've been working every single morning. My routine used to be that I would like water the plant.


I don't want you. I talk to them, tell them I love them. Mommy still cares about you. You been doing it, I just don't care, and now I've committed I've committed to being a plant mom.


Yeah, but do you think this would happen to me as a real mom a year and a half and I'd be like part of the plant mom.


OK, well, I do want to come get a few. I just think of you that you love the least this pic of you that you really turned on and all three of them rescue them, adopted her free reign of sorts of plant rescue. I will send you an application for a dog. Doc, don't you want to know that you are a fit parent? I want to know that there's going to be questions about the plants on the application.


What if we started a whole adopt old shop plate movement? We don't support enough causes, guys.


We thought we need to throw in the medical like. OK, well, thank you for sharing your truth. I mean, yeah, it's not like you're just going to, like, murder them all, like you're going to stop, take care of them, but you just don't love that more. That's what I would do with my kids after the age of two, before the age of like twenty one. Right. Like nineteen years of their life.


And just that. What age are plants like self-sufficient. Like you can kick them out of the house. Like what. At what point are they 18 year olds that you're like you got to leave or you got to pay rent. I'm at that point mentally I'm done with them. I just don't care about it. I've really let my mouth cash a big check because there is I have sunk thousands of dollars into this hobby. What does that say?


I forget it. Right your mouth. I just wrote a check. My father wrote a check. Your mouth wrote a check that like you're something can't catch your bank account. But yeah, you're now writing checks to be OK. Is that the most perfect transition ever to you? Are we good? Could I talk about it? Yeah. Yeah. I just wanted people to know that I'm still exercising. That's all I have. I already said I had no days off.


Yeah. I've had no days off. Okay, so you haven't give it up yet.


I woke up with a kind of a flatter stomach this morning and I was like, maybe exercise isn't a total hoax. I mean, it's mostly in the kitchen, though, you know, I have been eating. I actually speak. And you should hear the buzz for a minute. Oh, my God. You ordered here. Okay, well, we got to wrap this up. Yeah, OK, so if you're if you guys mouths are writing checks, your dirty bill can't catch you later.


OK, I'm just going to go rogue on this. I want to talk about my experience. I have a Toshie. If you guys are familiar, it is a toilet attachment. That's a big day, super high quality. And it cleans your body with the precise stream of fresh water. And it's just seventy nine dollars attaches to your toilet, no electricity or additional plumbing required. It cuts your toilet paper use down by 80 percent, yada, yada.


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Yeah, that's the one requirement if I'm going to visit you and I just love it so much, I don't know what else to say. Besides, your butthole is gross. You poop out of it and you can wipe it so you don't get it all. And you just got to shoot some water up there and keep it fresh. I'm hoping to get laid soon. It's huge for me to have the tushy. It's so crazy to me that, like, we don't clean our B hole or something.


What? It's like you wouldn't pee on your hand by accident and not wash your hands. I was pooping on our body. Yeah, not cleaning it with water. Right. And that's why other countries, they do it so much better. And so I'm so glad that, like America has attached onto this like body culture, the helots, she comes in nine color combinations to match your private parts and personal brand. They wrote that. That's amazing.


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You can just use them to wipe too. And you don't even really need to use toilet paper if you don't want to.


And this is going to make your bathroom, your modern day self care oasis and make you want to get in there more and take care of your browny. OK, it does. So it doesn't need to cost a zillion dollars to upgrade your bathroom and deserve Instagram of a luxury. Jocie only cost seventy nine dollars and it changes your life. We have a discount for you guys. Go to Hello Toshie Dotcom Sluggy to get ten percent off. This is a special offer for our listeners.


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And as always, check out our website. All those discount codes and links are there for you guys. That girl's got a podcast, Dotcom.


All right, guys, while we are so excited, just looking forward to it, we're going to do this, but we'll keep it.


But anyway, Kelly is here. And Rina, do you want to tell people about Kelly? Yes, I do. Again, we have a very special returning guest of the show in the House studio today. She is a tarot card reader. She's a healer. She's founder of the modern mystic shop in Ponce City Market in Atlanta. We're actually and actually had our second show ever. And she is one of Ashlee's baobabs. She has maybe the best hair of anybody who sat on this couch.


Definitely. Top three, please. Welcome to the House studio, Kelly Knight. Thank you so much. Ashley has a little bit of a relationship with my dad. Did you know that? I talked about it two and a half years ago, almost when you were on the show the first time. She's obsessed with it. I hope it's up to me. But she cut it all off at one point. Yeah, that was where I was idea.


What the fuck?


Why would you do that? You get so jealous of it, Kelly, just like run around and like slut of New York and like teeny tiny shorts and cowboy boots and this long hair. That is true. I want to do the same bohemian. She hit the apps you were in like a fish. You know, I live on OK, Cupid. It was like the first app and it was it was new that whole like geo targeting kind of situation.


And we would come up with nicknames for every single Yeah. Dude until I liked them and then they got the guy to name. The real name is so funny to think about that, that you were like doing that before. Like Tinder. Honestly, I loved my old apartment. You were talking to some guy and OK, Cupid getting all juiced up. I was like, are you geotag people you could like fuck a person across the street? Like they've taken that off straight apps.


It's only on Grindr. And I was like three blocks from here.


Yeah, I'm right here. I lived three blocks from here during that. Well, you know, she lived a Babila. Yeah. The greatest bar in the entire world, the greatest date spot when you live on top of it. And so I had a hundred percent close right up. I have never had a stability. And I went on a date with somebody and we did fuck that night. And I was ten minutes, I was ten minutes late to Boa because I'm always I'm always seven to ten minutes late today.


I just don't want to be there first. What do you think. It's rude. I don't care. Don't me and I got there and I sat down and he was he was like a funny guy to go, I'm sorry I'm late. And he was like, no, it's always I was like, I live upstairs.


Like, just have fuck with him. And he was like, wait, really? I was like, no, but my friend used to I don't know, I'm going down this road. I thought it would be funny and so fucked up to be like, yeah, I lived upstairs, I was just watching. I think it's such a flag, it's like I just want you to know that I didn't bother to show up on time. I could have I live upstairs.


I actually watched you sitting here. I've been watching you. I thought you were worthy of having the bartender be like you there, yet find your present clothes ready to go, OK? Pioneer, I was I was a pioneer. The the East Village applies where you look great through. And you said so you can actually go way back. I don't know. Say I want you to talk about yourself and tell people like who you are. We always say our favorite.


My your question is, you know, we're going we're going to talk about spell's and we're going to talk about tarot reading and things like that today. So what gives you the right. Yeah. To talk about this. I'm a fucking witch. Yeah, she's. And we can talk about how Woolite Kelly tell what gives you the right that we can talk about.


She predicted our whole career and she has a new book out and all the things so but mainly I will say probably a decade of metaphysical experience. And when I say experience, it's like I do these things is we were things and then get the result I want or I'm able to sort of predict or or foresee or chart the path through these tools.


And so I, I don't know. I my sister is a good example. She's a scientist and she doesn't believe in any of these things. But she she does say to me, I know you and I know you're not a liar. And so I believe in this stuff because you wouldn't be peddling snake oil for people you know so well. And there's like proof like you like talked to our friends. Dad, dad, you know what I mean?


Like, you predicted my whole life. Like, yeah. You said stuff like that.


Just about I'm not going to say what it was, but I we were sat on my couch one time and you had this revelation about this guy and you go, oh, shit.


I wonder if and you said what literally happened a month later, like, you just have like predicted so many things.


So your time tested. So yeah. Yeah. I would say I've got a good track record, but I will say about predicting this is gets a little multidimensional. But I do think that there are different timelines that are available for us and different outcomes. And I think what psychic people do is sort of tap into the one that has the most energy behind it or the most momentum, the most probable outcome. But there's always the opportunity for, if you want a different outcome, to take different steps that you can change it.


And so that's why it's good to get reading sometimes because like, oh, I don't want to be going down that path. Well, then we just ask what steps you could be taking to change that outcome. I don't think it's always predetermined we are free.


Well, that's what the trailers are like. Free. Well, for sure. For sure. But I'll just give you a quick thing or I'll just give the quick background. We probably set it on your app so before. But I feel like I need to update it since we've started touring. So anyway, you and I sat down June 2017 and we did a full terror reading. We talked about relationship stuff that all was accurate and came true. And then we laid out a card for all the parts of my career.


At that point, of course, if you guys know the history, I hadn't met Raina till October, but we pulled cards on like my Instagram stuff, my stand up comedy, my merch store, like all these things. And you literally predict them every single one. And then we pulled a card for the podcast. If you guys know the story, I'd want to start a podcast with a guy friend of mine. We didn't obviously. I felt like it wasn't right.


I want to start it with somebody else. It had kind of been in the back of my mind, but I still want to do it. And Kelly was like, you have to do this. This is the thing. I promise you, it doesn't just happen tomorrow, but like, this is it. And so that was one part of it. And then this is so crazy. You we were talking about my stand up and you said, yeah, I feel like I'm going to cry.


You were like, you're going to be on stage performing, but it's not solo stand up. It's going to be like something else. And I see you. We can pull that. We can run the tape. I have the recording still on my phone. It was like, you're going to be performing. I don't know if you said touring, but like you're going to be a big deal performing, but it's not going to be you doing solo standup, which is exactly what we do.


Like it's just you nothing you said was it a hundred percent? And I also said you needed a woman partner. Yeah, I was like, don't do it with this guy. This guy don't need to do with another woman because I still think maybe he was wavering on him and you were like, that's not. Yeah, that's not the guy and it's crazy. You predicted something that you don't see very often, like two women performing on stage together in comedy.


Like you almost never see something like this. You predicted something that like you don't even really see very often. So you had no like I mean, because other people had done this before, maybe once, but never it's not there.


It's not the norm. So I assure you that you predicted something like that, not something thing like when you have intuitive gifts. And I'm sure I mean, I know is very intuitive. You just start to trust it. And it's like you have to have no ego to say, I don't even understand what this is, that I'm getting a sense for how it's going to happen. But you just got to kind of throw it out there and you and then you see, yeah.


Tap into that intuition.


But we want to move on and hear about your spell book.


Yes. Oh, my gosh. Spells for the modern mystic. So this is sort of the culmination. Of part of my personal spiritual practice, where my husband and I partnered on this book, it's first of all, I kind of can't believe that HarperCollins, a mainstream publisher, is publishing my Witchey book in five countries. Oh, my God, that's good. I mean, if you think about even 2016, I don't think this is possible. There's been a big shift with women particularly like really trying to get in touch with their intuition, harness their power and be more intentional with what they do and how they create their lives.


So this started because we were selling these spell kits that were there, five of the spells that are featured in here. But there spells that I use and my husband is used to actually direct our lives and make changes. And someone was like crazy enough to say, yep, let's publish it and let's make spells mainstream. And so it's a book and there's candles and oils and all the things that you need for all of these rituals are either in the book or like in your house.


Do you want to begin with you with walk us through a ritual like what are what are the specials for? So we got them in different chapters. So there's one for protection and clearing. So like that would be these would be spells that are for your just general energetic hygiene. Or if someone's coming at you, like I've used our get the fuck out spell for protection when there was like someone that was being sort of aggressive towards me in my business and derogatory towards that.


And that person was eliminated, was eliminated, eliminated, was eliminated.


So basically, you know, they weren't a problem anymore. You leveled the threat.


Oh, God. You know, I don't fuck with me. I'm joking. And so so there's rituals like that. There's rituals to help you get in touch with your lineage and your ancestors, because little known fact is that those are the energies or the spirits in our life that have the most impact because they actually have skin in the game. So I believe that part of what we do here is we elevate our lineage and we see that in, you know, not just with deceased loved ones, but, you know, how your parents always want your their generation to do better than them.


Well, that's also true of the deceased loved ones. And you sort of elevate everyone. So there's a chapter about ancestral rituals and then what everyone wants to know, love and money, money, money, transformation. So this is sort of like our self-help spells and then spaces. So how you can clear a space, how you can there's a house that you want or an apartment that you want, rituals to make sure that you get it. And just we just cover the basics, I guess, of what people come into our store asking about what we want to read, some things that our listeners want spells, OK, they are there.


Just we put up a slide on Instagram. We ask you what they want the for. Obviously, there was a lot of stuff about getting Trump out of office, a lot of weight loss stuff. So I tried to pick we try to pick the most unique. Yes, OK, I'll just do the first that I put that in there specifically for you. That first one. OK, ok. Our girl's got to eat snakeheads. What it spells for all my body hair gone poof.


No Lazarre, no ACSI, no shaving making the man who's not my man confesses undying love for me feeling more confident like bepretty Bob. But look at that hottie body look being able to read my man's mind, I can never figure out what that man is thinking. Not getting sweaty during sex, not falling for every six foot guy with brown curly hair. I see. And interact with a fake boy without a fuck boy attitude for my best friend's fiancee to die.


It's harsh, but he's truly the worst to cast a spell on my boyfriend to make him propose. We'll talk about that for my ex to get a divorce and come back because I'm a dumb bitch.


That was my favorite one. It was submitted all right. And then continuing and sharing. My ex's new relationship doesn't last longer than mine. Stop time during an argument so I can come up with a dope comeback. That's my dream for my ex to have the worst blowjobs. I said for the rest of your miserable life. Silent quiffs.


Go back in time and get knocked out by that one rich guy who used to fuck like this, you're right. I'm not a rich guy.


People with no money are replying to all my e-mails, do my laundry badge waxing and lasting more than six minutes, she had a lot of stuff on our one list for my mother to shut the fuck up. Someone to be obsessed with me, but also to leave me alone all the time.


So that's different. And finally, a genie whispering good things in my ear to say during dirty talking sex.


Oh, that is so good. Thank you for coming. That our audience is so funny. They never let us down. What was your favorite one to have a guy be obsessive about?


Leave me alone. I read about it this year when I see you want your ex, why you're doing go for my mom to shut the fuck up. OK, Kelly. So literally give us a spell for everyone, especially Musladin there. OK, so we want to talk about. Yeah. Kind of overarching themes of why Spell's even work. Like I'd say, you're really just a non-believer. You're like, I'm going to fucking light a candle out in the bathtub and do a spell like whatever we talk about why they work.


Yeah, General.


Yeah. And I think a lot of people think it is more magical than it actually is. There was a magical component, which is energy. And we all know that there are energies that we can sense that you don't see with your eyes. So if you were to walk into a room a minute after someone was fighting, even if they weren't still engaged in fighting, you know, you can just feel like the thickness or when he's talking about you on your back, you know?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. So it's to me, that's the easiest. Or when you get chills, like we were talking about something, you know, like I have full body chills. That's your body shifting or sensing the shift in the energy. So part of Spowart is energy, but a big part of it is your psyche. And that's why, you know, we do these things like you stare into a candle and you kind of put yourself into a meditative trance because you have to skip and kind of jump over the conscious mind to kind of clear out some of those beliefs that would block you.


And most of what magic is, is just getting the shit out of the way so that you can have what you want because the universe wants you to have what you want. To some extent, I think to 10 percent an edge for me, like I'm somebody that's like I'm not going to do a spell. That's what you like. It makes a lot more sense to me. And you and I were the three of us when I'm out, like setting intentions and what that can do.


And that is sort of like a spell to me, like for sure. Shift your energy. And even when, like, I was walking around, I was like kind of down. I was like in a bad mood. I was listening to, like, a sad song. And I was like, why am I doing this? So I like, change the music to be more upbeat. And my energy changed and my outlook on the situation changed it.


Yeah, it's not like a spell to change the music on your iPod, but iPod. But it is shifting. I thought your rhapsody on your iPod. It's Napster. Now I like this idea.


Like for somebody who doesn't really believe in spells it just a shift in energy and intentions and things. I love that. I totally see what the goal is to become a vibrational match for what you want to call it. So when you actually are kind of doing magic in a way, when you're shifting the energy of the music, your energy is rising and you're going to be more likely to have synchronicities chance encounters, which I guess is a synchronicity, but attract the things that you want.


Because, I mean, some people believe or met believe that the law of the universe says you've got to be a vibrational match for what it is that you want in your life. And so the spell is just kind of like what we call it. Technically, it's alchemy. When you shift from the lowest point and feeling that experience to the highest point, that's what alchemy is. And that's what we do in the spouse. The more when we're walking down the street listening to our iPad, iPod with you guys, because you're, you know.


Oh, I was I was just I see what I see where we got I met everybody was on my iPhone. But when you think about, like, your energy and the energy, you attract yourself, like when I'm in a better mood and I'm feeling where I'm going, I do attract more men, better opportunities for sure. I like fight for myself in a different way. You just you're a different person in life. You show up differently.


Yeah. And this doesn't mean that you're not going to have negative experiences or that, you know, feeling depressed or having these natural emotions are not part of what it's like to be a human being. You just have to be able to like go through those and process those and not just shut them, shove them down, and then you will, you know, go right back up. Yeah, I love that. Well, we we want to continue this conversation.


I want to talk about desires. But before we do, I am just going to tell you about one of our partners I'm super excited about. I have a deep desire to get better sleep. And, you know, it's funny, Kelly and I did our separate terror reading and. We actually actually told me that I do need to focus on my sleep and it's an issue that I'm just like I lay in bed and I scroll my phone and I haven't been sleeping as well.


And I do actually like to get up earlier and go to bed earlier. Contrary to popular belief, so calm has been helping me so much. I mean, I don't need to tell you guys that one of the most powerful ways to improve your overall health and happiness is to get a good night's sleep. So it's so important to really focus on making sure you're we're well rested. Twenty twenty has been a lot. So I have been focusing on it.


And I love calm. You get the app and there's all different things. There's meditations, there is music mixes from people like Diplo, Ellie Golding that are designed to help you sleep. There's sounds to help you sleep. And then there's these bedtime stories that celebrities and just people with great voices read to you, like Kelly Rowland, Harry Styles, Matthew McConaughey is on there. I'm more of the music and the sounds type of person. So I wanted to tell you this.


Right. I need to show you this. One of the ones that I go to, it's in the music file. It's Rain on leaves. I love the sound of rain. I just put up. Look at what it says.


Composer You read this curated by LeBron James. No one saw that.


Coming up, I want to go broaden it out with a part of rain sounds on the call that now Matthew McConaughey got it on the ship. I don't understand it. I don't get it. I love it because I love LeBron. He's like the person I want to be most of the world. And of course, my favorite thing in the camp was Rain curated by LeBron James is out here. Heavy rain.


Are you dead? I've been trying to tell you this. OK, guys, so calm.


It's got this whole library of programs designed for healthy sleep and again, meditation as well. There's just so many different ways to use this. So for listeners of the show, Calm is offering a special limited time promotion of forty percent off a calm premium subscription at calm dotcom sluggy. That's forty percent of unlimited access to CALM's. An entire library and new content is added every week. I don't know what's next. Dwayne Wade has some leaves rustling. They only do NBA players.


We like to have Tom Brady's leaves rustling in New England. This like like he doesn't play there anymore. It's true. OK, so get started today at Kamkar. Maggie, that's calm and calm dotcoms.


Maggie, if you can't spell karma, KLM was that 20 minute ad is definitely going to be your favorite outbreak of also calm dotcom called dotcom. They did me dirty with that. Could you guys about done dot net? Let's talk about daily Haaretz, first of all.


No, it hypes daily harvest harder than Ashley and May. We love that it is frozen meals delivered to you guys every single week. They are ready in minutes. We are huge fans, every company, and we both use it. So especially because I've started thinking about like what I eat so much more. I wanted to be healthy. They deliver this food. There's like no question at all about what's going into your body, that it's healthy, that it's organic fruits and vegetables, that it was delivered right to.


You know, what is exactly what is in it. It's super simple. There's no shopping, shopping or prepping and everything is ready in five minutes. There's so much stuff to choose from. There's smoothies for breakfast, there's flatbreads, there's roasted harvest bowls, there's hearty soups, the snacks, the hard. Those are my absolute favorite, the cauliflower pesto. I like to be one of the top one cauliflower. I just feel like. Are you guys hearing me on the show talking grits?


I feel like sleeper hit. Oh, no, no, it's not the grits backing out. All right. I love the Brussels sprouts and the the go off tresh. I love the soups actually recently. Introduce me to the flatbreads because I had never ordered them before, but they're great. And this is just a great way to know what is going into your body is like healthy. It's portion control. The portions are a great size. I'm always full.


But you can also add some protein to anything that you make. It's easy to add like a chicken breast or some shrimp to anything. They are committed to minimizing the environmental impact. They're in the process of transitioning to 100 percent recyclable plant based and renewable fiber packaging. Because I know that you think about that when you order stuff. Ordering every week is great. On Sundays, you get a text. It just asked you if you want to. Well, you can talk about a little more because you do it all the time.


I'm not sure if it's Sunday for everybody. My deliveries come on Tuesday. So Sunday at like 10:00, 11:00 am I get the text to remind me to make my selections for the week. And you don't have to do that. You can have ever the same thing every week if you want. And you can also literally just reply back, Skip, if you're not doing that week. So they make it super easy. So I love that you got to sign up for those text alerts because I'll I'll forget personally, but that I just got right in there.


I make my selections for the week or I skip it if I'm traveling or whatever. So yeah. Just popped right into the freezer, having fits in there nicely. You pull a smoothie out in the morning, stick it in the blender, you have a breakfast. It is. It's healthy. It's good for you. We love it. The portions are great. I can't say enough about it. You guys should. Check it out and we're going to give you guys a discount, you guys can keep it simple this fall with the harvest, go to daily harvest dotcom and enter the promo code GGGI to get twenty five dollars off your first box.


That's promo code for twenty five dollars off your first box at Daily Harvest Dotcom daily at Harvest dot com. Check it out. Yes. OK, we are back with Kelly and we were having a conversation earlier about desires. Yeah I think this is super important because I think yeah. Sexual desires being suppressed, whether it's due to how you were raised, your religion, whatever it may be, but just desires in general, like not admitting to yourself that you want this thing.


You know, I think that people don't always even admit to themselves what they want. So maybe this is a way to draw that out of them. I don't know.


Yeah, for sure. And it's more important than even I mean, yes, it can be the thing like I want the job or the man, but it's even more important to get in touch with what that feels like. That's the magic is like actually feeling in your body what it would feel like to have a loving, committed relationship and be making a million dollars a year and to do all of these things that you want. And so, yes, it's really these rituals will help you basically create a target for your desires.


It's like the ritual is like a bullseye. It'll help you hit that exact thing or that exact feeling through transformation. It's not like necessarily a shortcut. We actually most of the time, you have to kind of sift through the opposite of those feelings, what it feels like to feel destitute or unwanted or whatever, and then you switch into the gear of the thing that you want. Does that make sense? And that's actually transforms you. It transforms your beliefs.


And then you kind of hold that frequency to match whatever it is that you want in the making sense or I mean, to know you are.


It's I really like I was I was enthralled by you. It's kind of like doing some work, like it's just like sprinkle a powder in your husband tomorrow. Like, I think it's like truly believe in it. Like, I don't I don't though. We talked about this because it was like a little too close to when it was happening. But I had a situation, I think I told Kelly obviously right after it happened, where I felt like I kind of wanted somebody in my life, like romantically.


And I told you this and I like said it out loud for the first time to a friend over at brunch that he was asking me, like, what do you want? You know, you want to be single, do you want somebody? And I was like, you know what I actually do? Like, want somebody. I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want a husband necessarily. But like, I want some intimacy and I want some of that I'm excited about.


And I have a date anybody in a long time. And I like I actually do. And I that was a Saturday. I like actually like laid in bed that Sunday night and thought about it really hard, like genuinely felt it for the first time in probably a year and a half or two years that I really did want a guy to be excited about and like lay in bed with, you know, and things like that. And that was a Sunday night.


And that I like met a guy on Monday. Yeah. Like the next day, like and we dated. I mean, we're not together now, but it was actually what happened and it was short lived was exactly what I did ask for. And I think even prior to that, I didn't actually want it. So even if I did think I did and I like lit a candle, I actually wouldn't have really wanted it. It wouldn't have been the right time.


I wouldn't have felt it like deep in my soul. And so it's like I set the intention and it happened. I mean, there's always been like that, like it happened the next day. It can definitely happen that fast, too. And that's the thing with manifestation. I think the biggest block that people have is thinking that things have to take a while. It's like don't set a time limit on it. It can happen instantly and stuff can happen instantly.


I think. Weird having a desire earlier why it's so hard for people to admit that they like have desires. I was like, why is it so hard? But to me it's like admitting that No. One, there's a pitfall in your life that you haven't been able to fill and like that you have maybe played a part in creating that and saying out loud, I want this thing. I should actually have like a long talk in the car because she's my therapist about like, why I haven't been in a serious relationship.


My therapist three generations. I had that thought. I was like, yeah, we're exactly where our relationship is kind of similar to me anyway. So it's like musical therapy. I was like, I'm actually I was in the car and I was about why I'd been in like a really serious relationship for a long time. And then we started talking about like, well, what's the pattern? And, you know, what have I allowed myself to be in these type of situations for?


And once I'm in them, how do I manage them? And even like saying out loud, like, I want something healthier and I want something better has at least helped me to, like, apply that to current situations and be like, oh, I recognize a pattern. I do want this thing and I do want something better. And like, I'm not going to keep doing this thing. Yeah. You know, every day is a struggle, but I am working on it.


I am. And it's I mean, it was scary to me that even like I was like upset for, like two days after we had this talk because I, like, realized I like really want something really deep and meaningful and even like talking about why I haven't been able to achieve that in a long term sense for a while. It really like got me down. But it was important to me at least to admit that I had the desire.


Yes, for sure. And I think we block our desires or we limit our desires. Right. And then. It shows up in our reality that way, and we're like, well, this is close enough sometimes, you know, but I think it's great that the real key to what you're saying is like actually getting in touch with the emotion of the desire. And sometimes we've got to go through a lot of grief or sadness or disappointment to get there.


And I think that's why a lot of people sometimes don't, because they try to avoid we try to avoid that. The sadness that's the opposite. Like we live in a planet that has a lot of polarity. We see it politically right now like we were talking about. But even emotionally, we have the polarity where it's like, well, in order to feel the good thing that I want to actually have to get in touch with where I don't have that and people avoid dealing and doing that work.


But if you do that work, then you actually have access to the opposite expression of it. So you're doing great. Do you say stuff out loud? Is that part of it? So I just think there's so much to that. I think that's why people do affirmations and stuff like saying stuff out loud feels so unnatural to some people, I think.


And like I bet that's so much part of why they work. Yeah.


If I'm wrong, you're actually saying it out loud. Yeah. And it's also part of magic is sound and it's your sound current and that's what we call your voice. And so it's like you're actually projecting the frequency of what you want into the into the universe or into we call it the astral, which is a little girl know.


Astral will say, oh, okay, let's talk about astral dreamers. I had to actually and I've been fucked up for weeks. Two weeks after the Aurora episode with Mystic McKale in our lives, we left school. We had crazy dreams for two weeks after. Yeah. So yeah. So anyway, you're not going to happen again. You're really good at go into the astral and so at taps like this unseen realm that's and it calls it in you know, a little bit closer.


But yeah, there's a lot of montera also. You know, in the book we call in we like angels. The angels are high vibrational frequency that you can call in to help you. And when you actually like call their names, that's how you match them and raise your vibration. To sound like music isn't surprising that that is a mood shift for you, because sound really does shift energy. I wonder also tell me if I'm wrong. Is there a part of it that's almost like vulnerability to like for you to be alone in your home or whatever, do in a cell like to ask for this thing you want?


That's like some vulnerable stuff. Like maybe you being so open to it. Yeah. Helps draw it into. Right. Totally.


And it's it's you wanting it with like the true as deep as part of yourself. So the first time I had a ritual that I did it, it worked amazing. It was a road, a ritual. And I did that ritual like my life depended on it because I was in a place where I was very depressed, immobile and, you know, I mean, for a long time, that's not my natural state of being. And so it was pretty serious.


And so my husband gave me the road opening ritual to do. And I did it with, like, my I was at my lowest point, very vulnerable and with the fullest commitment. I can do it because I had nothing to lose. And it really works. And we say one of the keys to Rachel, too, is that insane belief. You actually need to feel a little crazy about how much you believe this thing is happening, like there's no other option than to get this result.


And then you do it like that and you let it go. You don't keep on engaging it. You let it go and just know that it worked and that the answer's coming.


And this is how you got a husband to. Right.


Has been this how I got a husband? This is how I got a house. This is how I got on Good Morning America. This is how I grew a seven figure business in like two years. I got I mean, this shit works. I'm I was I'm very practical. Like, I don't waste my time. I'm very efficient. If this didn't work, I would do something else and write a book about that. But this works for me.


I it really resonates with me because I feel like this just this way of thinking in this way, putting energy out. It really informs how you show up in the world every single day. And like, if, you know, don't necessarily believe in, like, spell books again, like, it just it it just it effects your entire life. And if you're like, I will be a badass, I will be successful, then everything you do every day is informed by that.


And you're like, am I doing something today to be badass? Yeah, I'm doing something today like grow my business. Like you took crazy risks and chances. And look, you got a boyfriend and then a husband had a job and then work in America and then the million of it. Yeah. So tell us that we of course, all of they want to hear about the the husband which. Oh yeah. You were dating him. It wasn't like he plucked somebody off the street, but like you tell us about your your ritual too.


Yeah. What happened for me was I was in a habit of dating under my league. You were part of that whole experience in New York or whatever. But I kept on dating the same. Type of person with a different face over and over again, and so I decided to no longer date completely because I had to intercept the pattern like I didn't know I tried not to, but it kept on happening even though I would date some guy in, like, he's so different.


But really, just because I have a different job doesn't mean he doesn't have the same bullshit stuff that I was dealing with. Absolutely. So I decided I wasn't going to date for I think I'd give myself a month. And I created this ritual where every day for that month I would like to candles at night. One was for me that represented me and one was for my future partner. And I put my hands over my heart and I would imagine, like us doing the work that we needed to do to meet each other.


After I did that for a month, I decided I was going to do it for six and not date. And then I actually did decided at six months to do it for a year. So I didn't date for a year. And I did this ritual every single day. And towards the last 10 months, that's when Brandon I, my husband now became friends. And Kevin kind of like trying to date me, but I was like, no, I'm this far.


I do it for a year, you know? So we developed a friendship in that time. And then very shortly after we started dating and then we got married kind of fast, like a year maybe. But I attribute it to this. It helped me break the cycle and break the pattern. And I would put just that much energy like five minutes a day and then not obsess about it the rest of the time. And I think there's something to that.


Whether you do this ritual or another one, it's like, OK, if you want something in your life, do something productive to add energy to it without obsessing about it, which then takes the energy away. You got to do it and leave it. Yeah. And don't fucking Kyuki the day you meet him, you know, you got to wait.


You got to take all that in that arena was like, no, that's me nodding in agreement. I'm like, hey, don't suck off every person. You meet a boy, you just you go back upstairs to your apartment. But you know the reason why you don't. Did you know because it engages it just engages that energy of the thing that you don't want. Do you know what I mean? No, explain it. Oh, sorry. So no, no, I want you to explain it to me like I don't understand.


Yeah. And I'm not saying you I'm just saying you universally are in that pattern. Basically I had to stop texting or flirting or doing all those things because it engages the energy of the opposite of what I want, which is like I want the committed relationship, but I keep on putting the energy and engaging the lesser type of interaction. Right. So it's just it's detracts for me. That's what I experience. So then I was like, OK, I'm going to cut this part off for now for a specific amount of time.


I'm going to add energy this way and only this way. So it's not two steps forward, one step back. Do you ever feel that way? We're getting somewhere. Yeah, kind of like backslide. If you fully commit the other way, then it speeds it up. Yeah. I mean, I've gotten into these, like, scenarios where I'm just like texting into eternity about nothing. And if you show up with a different intention, get a better outcome.


Yeah. And I will say the first several weeks that I decided to not date anyone, I was I on the subway. I had never been on the subway. I was on the subway several times. All they would feel it. Yeah. Yeah. Every ACSI I've ever had came out from the grave. It was like a zombie apocalypse was like covid everybody the end of it. Yes, it was a pandemic of X's and fuck boys like not even real X's like anyone that I've ever met on.


OK, but I feel like within the first few weeks was like, hey girl, I think you know Maillet.


And you're like, nope. And then that reinforces like, I'm really going this way. Yeah. Like you get tested. I love that you said that. Like, for people to keep in mind, like this could happen and then and then just don't fall into that mindset of like, well, maybe they were the.


No, no, no. The universe is just testing you. Yeah. It's like it's just pushing back a little bit and then, you know, you've got energetic ties to people. So it's like they can still feel you, especially if you sleep with them like they can they can still feel you unless you really cut those cords. So in the book we said suggest 40 days minimum. That's like a 40 day practice to like you want. Like you don't date, like you don't.


We get pretty hardcore. It's like don't text, don't engage in those, like behaviors that take you down that path. It's like being an alcoholic. You're like just going to have one drink. It's like that's going to derail the whole thing. Yeah. It's like just commit for a 40 day dry period like you do. Like, I don't know. What do people do? They don't drink in January or whatever. I love that you said 40 because one time you told me I to do that your thing and I was like, I can't do it.


And then I actually met somebody that I dated seriously, like there was a point at the end of 2014 and I was like all kind of fucked up with some guys. And you were like, I think you should do this thing. And I was like, I don't want to. And then I actually did get a boyfriend, so I didn't have to. But I for the rest, you it that's what's that's what's that got to work out anyway.


It was crazy, toxic and I took up all his time talking about every day. But what I'm saying is that it was intimidating to me and the thought of a year made me like really for act so. Forty days is so doable, it's 10 days longer than a month. You guys know how that works, but I like that you still have to a so many days shorter than two months. And I want to I want to thank you.




I want to bring this up because I have a girlfriend doing this right now. She is doing a complete dating detox where she's not been listening to our podcast. And she's a huge fan. So she's like, apologize. She's like, I'm not. Listen, you guys. And listen, Jerrod, she lives in Tucson. Jared, I told you, this is one of our fans know she's best friends with all the audience. You would think it would be me, but it's actually I know it's funny.


You never see us coming. It's a friend. And she just had this thing with her ex. And it's she's just really she need to step back and like I like that she even took the content off the table of Smart, like she's doing this. I don't know if she had a day, if she had a timeline and probably 30 days. But like, I forty's great. I mean, obviously that's there is a reason behind it, but like, I just love that messaging of like, cut it all out the all of it, like the flirty almost like all of it gives you that serotonin or that dopamine.


Yes. Oh it's your head, it's, it's feeding the addiction. So we do forty days because it's enough time to rewire your brain and create a new pattern. That's why it's part like this is like psycho spirituality in a way, you know. And so that's that's a good amount of time. And then you can decide after 40 days, I'll do it another 40 days or not. You know, I didn't start out doing it for a year.


I just kept it. That's right. Because you're right. Your psyche is like, fuck that. That's how I exercise. There you go. Get some exercise this week for one more minute. Just give me one more minute. I have a question. Great place to go. I can tell you this, though, because we talk about like when like you'll hear from an ex, like the day you decide you're over it and you're like, finally happy again.


And like, why like, how do they know that it's time to slide into ruin your life again? Yeah. I mean, many businesses would say, I don't know what else to call them, but there are these chords. You basically have chords or ties or with people. And then from a Kundalini yoga science perspective, which is my practice, every time when you have sex with someone and we might have mentioned this last time, they actually enter into what's called your ARC line, which is one of your energy bodies.


And so you have to actually, like, clean them out. So you've got to, like, clean them out of your energy permanently so that they don't get these little pulls. It's almost like a puppet and you, like, pull one of the strings.


So that's really why it's because we're all connected and they can kind of feel feel you pulling away. And even if they don't want to be with you, they have the same addictions. And when you're in and when especially in relationships, you're in a relay like you're both locked into the certain patterns. And so if the pattern is when you're together, when you pull away, he gets stronger, it's going to be the same pattern energetically, even if you're not together because you've locked in.


Does that make sense? Yeah, the tangent for me was like picking forty days to not do this stuff. And then you asked, like, learns that you're doing this. Yeah. Or like in the universe, whether it's your serious experts like the guy you talked once and then kind of ghost Jew or whatever it may be that like somebody you almost felt rejected by, they resurface. And it's so hard to not want for your ego to not want to indulge that because this person rejected you.


Right. And like our minds also will trick us to say, like, oh, it's a sign, especially if you're on a spiritual kind. But then there's Carl Young. Ah, young. They say different ways. He said, unless you make until you make your unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate, which basically means unless you bring that pattern to the forefront, you're going to be having all of these synchronicities and signs.


But it's really just you creating a circumstance that inhibit that continues your pattern. And that's kind of what's happening.


Like that emoji or the head. Yeah. So that's why we I mean, we see like clearing and protection rituals are the first thing in the book because that's what's going to get you clear of all of these entanglements. You know, if you have good energetic hygiene, just like if you have good physical hygiene, it will keep you from being yanked around by these these ties. You can break them or break the contracts. What would you say to somebody that is doing a ritual, let's say, for kind of a dating detox style?


Yeah. Like, do you have language for them to tell somebody that asks them out? Like, what did you do?


Oh, I you don't say like, hey, I'm in the middle of this forty day spell.


Yeah. I'll be like let me be like that sounds kind of hot like oh yeah. I'd be like oh I'm such a slut. I'd be like let's go do that right now. We'll get to sign. You can fuck me with this candle.


I mean they do have crystal not why do you like stick a little candle like it might be Halwai if you don't want to get rid of you guys, don't use the candles for sex play. OK, so do not. Well they're the perfect size. Oh do you think. What did you say. I think at the time I was just what. I'm not interested. Yeah. I mean I would for the guys that I really. He didn't want to maintain any relationship with I just didn't respond, you always getting texts or whatever from the accent you can just ignore.


But I mean, with Brandon when he approached me, I said I did actually tell him. But he's also like into this kind of stuff. So I said, you know, I'm not dating right now. And that's usually what I would say. I'm not dating right now. And so that's that kind of puts sometimes, though, it makes you, like, more interesting to that person. So which absolutely. We always say do nothing, you know, play hard to get.


But I don't know if this is like makes sense with the topic. But I'm curious, like when you meet this person, like you met Brandon and probably like Tim, you know, you were attracted to him, get married. She ran screaming. I did like over the past couple of years before that, I did not like him. OK, well, say, OK, girls are like in a scenario and like I meet this guy, but I'm like in month two of a four month detox or something like.


Yeah. What about all these like anxiety. Is that like if I wait 30 days to be with this person, like are they going to move on? Are they not going to be with me? Like what would you say to that? Because that for me my anxiety were like, what if I meet him during this time? Like, like are you just supposed to trust it? Like the universe will put you guys back together if you're meant to be?


Well, I would say those voices are really good things to note because they they're voicing your limiting beliefs around what's possible when it comes to love. So I would note that, like, you know, during this time, you can possibly do a lot of journaling or whatever, like what are the fears that come up when I take love off the table? Because it's it does a lot of us. Do you have these addictions like to these relationships or these ties?


So I would say note them internally first and document because that's going to tell you sort of where your weak points are and so that you can actually work on fortifying that, then I would say my argument would be every day that you're doing this ritual, you're getting more clear, you're getting a higher vibe and you're getting you're removing more of these blocks out of the way. So you will attract someone as either that exact guy or better. And that's what we do with rituals like I want this thing or better.


I want to make this much money or more. I do. You know what I mean? So it's so true. Like when you show up as a better person, you attract better people. Yes.


Oh, God. I think that you just start to become a better person. You think that you deserve more, you become a more attractive partner. And I always say, like, create this life that you're really proud of, have hobbies, have friends, relationships, your family. You will be a better partner and better people will be attracted to that. And people that are shitty people will be like, that's too far out of my league. I can't forgo that totally.


And from an energetic perspective and maybe like you guys, we're talking about auras and stuff, you know, but you will become more radiant like your your your radiant body is part of it as part of your energy body. And you will be more magnetic and you will be like, so beautiful. And you it will have nothing to do with what you are physically.


It's just like you will be magnetic and that's when you really achieve something. When it comes to dating, in my opinion, is like when you're really just like a magnetic person. Well, that and also like maybe just when you become more open in general, like, I feel like that was the experience I shared earlier of like there had to have been something about me that was open and approachable for this guy. Just walk up to me after that hadn't happened to me in so long.


Like, it's like I made the decision the twenty four hours before to like be more open. And like someone approached me, like, I wonder that is it. Yeah. Or energy. All the things just occurred to me about that situation for you also as you were at this place that you and I go to a lot together and that was the only time I didn't come with you, the only time I was in when I was totally alone, nobody came with me.


Yes. And so you were physically more open. I was there with you or you wouldn't have been like physically like body open. Yeah. And I wasn't there and I texted you and go, I think I just met somebody immediately. And I was like, I asked for this last night.


And I was like, please don't leave. It didn't work out but know like I just love the whole. Yeah. And I want to add to what I want to validate with randomising about like the fear thoughts, because I will say like especially if someone goes to this forty day detox, you will go through withdrawal symptoms like you will see, I mean it's it was really hard. Like you like you might get super sad or have all these, like all your insecurities elevate and come top of mind.


And that's OK. And I just want to tell people to plan for that a little bit because they're like, why is this so hard? It's just like when you do like I don't have you ever done like a juice detox or whatever and you get headaches and you're feeling weak for a minute and then you feel good commercial and you're like, you need that hip though. It's so true. Like I love that hit of like male attention. I was like my ego was a little hagerstrom about something.


I texted an ex and then he called me and I like, got that head. And if you wish you guys what if I can handle so is that you should have next him. Come on. This is actually the man he's going to light a candle that is every spell in here is is forty days. No, no, no. Most of them you do one time. That is just like this ritual for the committee. It's called attracting a committed relationship.


That's one of the only, if not the only one that you do on going. The rest of them, you just do like one time and that maybe you can do it again in a few months. But the one I would recommend, we recommend before doing that 40 day, there's one that's called removing blocks to love. You can knock it out in like an hour, do that first, because then you kind of like clear your blocks and then you go.


It's sort of like taking a quick shower and then going into this long term ritual. But most of them, you just do one time, OK, but they still take a little bit of time, right? They take a couple hours of that. That's what I like about it. This isn't a quick fix. Like, yeah, it requires like something that you can do in five minutes. I wouldn't really trust that, you know what I mean?


Like, I feel like there's got to be some commitment aspect of it to even get into a zone. Totally. Oh my God. I know it's not like when Gaudium Levius, you know, like it's not I know I to me it's like there's so much internal actual mental work that goes with it.


It's not just like everybody, but, you know, I mean, anybody the body. I like that she wrote it to me. There's so much mental work that goes through that, like why you're doing this and you're doing it. I mean, I keep saying light a candle for you to light a candle, light the candle. But like, there's more like there's so much self talk that's going on about, like, why am I doing these things?


And like somebody said, like, I want people to, like, make my man who's not my man be my man. And I think what I was doing the spell, I'd be like, why am I keep trying to force this person who's not my man to be my man? And why am I not looking for somebody else? Why am I accepting so little, which we always say in those situations, like why are you accepting something? Doesn't really make you feel so great.


Yeah, unless there is hope that it will turn out whatever or not judging people. But for me at least, there's a lot of mental stuff that goes on while you're doing these things and sent setting these intentions out into the world. For sure. For sure. And we kind of guide you through how to not push those away. We want you to embrace the hard things, embrace the questions. And as part of the alchemy. Right, this part of the transformation, it's so great.


I think I think you'd really like I'm going home and doing this tonight.


I'm of. So I gave up working out. I'm doing specials now.


Yeah. No more plans. No more bike specials only.


So I have to go and chat about anything. There you go.


I wanted to talk a little bit about career success related and like let's talk about it in broader terms. Like what do you think are some of the things that hold people back from achieving greatness or achieving success and things like that? Like can we kind of have a conversation like we just did partnerships, but with career success money?


Yeah. Yeah. So we do have a wealth section and my favorite is called which better have my money now. I love it, which I don't have my money of.


I think.


I mean it really comes down to Worth and I think it's the same thing with relationships. And I when I work with clients, I do see that some of this stuff, sometimes you can be really great in one area of life and deficient in the other, but a lot of times are similar patterns that will poke up or similar insecurities. So it's good. That one's just easier for us to identify, like, oh, I'm a little stuck here, but for me I think it's like that.


What I tell people about career is that you have to and you actually kind of said this, whether you know all of this stuff you kind of set out, whether you knew it or not. But it's like, what would I be doing and what were the actions I would be taking if I knew what I wanted was waiting for me once I got there, like, how would I be behaving? What energy would I be holding? I think so many people are like, well, maybe or I don't want to say it or I'll jinx it.


Or possibly this could be the thing that happens. It's like, no, it's again, that commitment, that belief that this is where I'm going and this is the that's the only acceptable outcome. And I think and then you start actually holding that frequency in your body and you start making decisions from that place, not from the maybe space.


OK, does that make sense? Yeah, no, it ties. And I want to validate I love that you ask that because so many of like why would you do a spell for wise? Like I want to find a better job. I want to make more money a lot like I want to make more money and I'm not going to get no I feel like there is a lot of scientific studies that show that like once you meet a certain level of finance actually increases in wealth don't make you happier.


It's like finding a better job, like people like I want more money. But I think what you're really saying, I mean, money's great. We really saying is I want a job that makes me happy, want to have a perfect fit. Well, my what I'm so sure I want to like, fulfill. Yes, I want to have a purpose. I want to do something that makes me happy. And I think that, like, you show up to those opportunities when you feel like you deserve them and you ask for them.


And so many people say in jobs, I think that they hate because they're like, well, what else am I going to do? What else do I deserve? I'm not good enough to apply for other things.


Other people will apply for stuff they have no business applying for, which I've done my whole life, something I to work. So that insane belief, we literally call it insane. I believe with ritual, the best way that it works is trying to, when it comes to money in particular or success, try to do the ritual for like one rung above your belief structure.


So that's a little bit of a stretch. But it's not like the first wealth ritual you do. You're not going to be like, I want to make a million dollars, OK? It's like, what is what do you think you do? I think I can manifest 10000. OK, cool. Try to manifest 12. And so you've got it. You just do one wrong and then you can do another ritual to get to the next rung, because what happens is you have to experience it.


And once you experience that it worked, then your belief level, you raise the cap on what you believe. And so I would try to do like in micro, sort of like these micro manifestations and then look for the evidence that is coming, because sometimes people will say, like, well, I want X number of dollars, but it might not look like money in the bank. It might look like someone pays for your trip somewhere. It might look like, you know, other ways.


And so the universe is I always say it's like none of your business how you get there, like you just tell the universe where you want to go and it's none of your business. Like, yeah. Like the universe takes care of that because of that. Because if I had to, I would have never picked this trajectory for myself is how I got sitting in this chair today. Right. Well, we talk about resolutions and we talked about like doing better business school, like Sparkle's.


And like it's not doesn't make sense to say I want to be rich. It makes sense to like a nonaccrual is like they're measurable, they're attainable, they're reachable, etc.. So, like, I want to be rich is not a goal, you know, feeling. It's like I want to like you have to make small, actual, measurable goals. And so I think that's what you're saying is like, yeah, I don't think I want to say, you know, I want to make ten thousand dollars is attainable to set the goal at twelve and figure out how to work towards that.


I love that. Yeah. And you'll get directed in certain ways. That's why I started. Like I didn't start manifesting huge things, but now I can manifest like really fast, like insane things because I believe that now, because I've had the experience and that's the thing. It's like that's what you have the book with the tools, because I want you to have the experience, because I can talk to you about this for hours. And if you haven't experienced for yourself, you're not going to believe it.


Yeah, it's like an opportunity to to yeah. To create yourself. That's what I tell people. Like, I was telling my brother about our podcast with Mikhaila, and I've obviously told him about stuff that I've experienced with you.


And it's like you don't need to believe you don't like it. So it's not just what your sister said. You don't to believe in it, but you believe me. Right? So like you believe your sister and I'm telling you that this thing happened. So take it or leave it. You don't I don't care if you think it's stupid there. This is the proof. So I don't care. Believe it or not, people believe in God. You know, you believe in prayer.


You believe in religion. There's really no proof. So it's kind of like, you know, it's just it's all kind of like you believe what you believe. But it's that's what I think is funny when it's like, I don't know what to tell you. This thing happened. Right. And you explain it totally. And because more people are having these experiences, I don't know if you know, but spiritual non-religious is the fastest growing, quote unquote, religion in the United States right now.


So a lot of people are having these like there's total and they're looking for other ways and they're looking for internalized ways to harness their own power as opposed to these externalised, like pray to God. It's like this is a way that you can actually activate your own energy and power. Yeah, that's for real empowerment.


And people are just like becoming like I just want to like, talked with tanks, nature. I just want to live an honest life, you know, I just feel like it's it's bullshit to think that you can just like run around and do terrible things and then pray it away. That's great. I just believe in, like, the power of treating people how you want to be treated and like being a good person, you know what I mean?


Like not because God says I should I don't know. It's whatever we thought we did a whole nother talk. I would like to think that that's really interesting and that really correlates to what's happening the world right now to where like there's so many terrible things. I think everybody's like, what can I do to feel better to die, to make the world better through just me to die? And like, if it's not going to be like praying to God, then like, you know, maybe we're going to church forever.


Your whole life is here and half the United States is burning down. So, like, what can I do to make this better right now? And I think to turn inwards and make you the first step is great. Yeah, I agree. And then you're going to be more equipped to do the actions like you guys do all the philanthropic work. You know, like if you can take care of yourself, get clear, get aligned, then you can actually have more of an impact when you do the thing to change that.


The three year that experiential world. I love that you said that to because I, I started feeling so much more compelled to do philanthropic things once I had my shit together. That's you help yourself. First you get to where you need to be and then you kind of have all these like gifts to bestow I guess like with your face mask on first before you help others. You can't pour from an empty cup, right? Oh, I love that.


OK, OK. Well one more thing.


Yeah. Oh. We want to know, do you have any, like, ritual hacks that didn't make the book, you kind of know it's coming, no pun intended. But, you know, you get caught on adio. Yeah, masterbation is actually magic. What is this magic between my legs. Yeah. Well, if you think about part of a good ritual is generating energy and we're trying to manifest masterbation manifestation kind of such a situation.


That's the book title. Right.


I think we have new mirch for me with that. But basically you've got your shockers down there, your roots shocker and your state girl. So that's what you use to create what you want and create stability in your life. So when you're doing a ritual, if you can come to an orgasm and direct that energy towards what you're trying to create, it actually adds momentum and mojo to it. The thing is, though, you can't be thinking about like, oh, I'm fucking the specific person.


It's really like you've got to keep in mind, it's like you're getting so aroused by the life you want to create has nothing to do with, like a man or anything like that, that you're bringing that to the table. And everything comes from creation, everything comes from sex. So you're actually going to be creating what you want through that. I love this because I already masturbate to my own success. The dirty talk is somebody telling her outright, yes, this is this I feel like I could actually is straight up.


What can you do all this stuff? Intuitively, we haven't said. We talked about it as a wedge. I masturbate a lot lately. I've been masturbating a lot. So I feel like what am I masturbating to lately? What do you take? You take the time. I would fit in all this.


Then I do it when I wake up first thing in the morning when I'm a little groggy and I do when I get high at night because I can't recommend it. And I feel like the best thing I just told Rayna, because she's thinking like, how can I fit all this in? I got to do my spells. I go do my workout. Other than you're like an macerate. She's like an pastorate while I do my spells. Like Moses.


Yeah, that's that's the hack that we didn't put in the book. But a lot of practitioners use this trick. So the sequel is to point out of the station. Masturbation. Yeah, meditation. Masturbation. Well, Kelly, let's get final things that we didn't get to. We can move on and have you pull some cards or some dating situations. OK, so is going to be high stakes. Kelly, you called this fuck him or keep him.


Yeah, it was like him. Love him. Laveaux. I like fuck him. Love him. Leave OK. Fuck them, love them. Leave them. Great. So fuck him and send him back in. Are just fucking whatever.


Get yours fucking means just have sex. Oh sorry. So get that D and get traded. Get that D or whatever, get your butt and then whatever and then that be done with it or just whatever. Like that's, this isn't your long term person. Love him, keep him around. This is a good match. Leave him obvious. So we had some listener submissions and we got their approval because we didn't want Kelly to predict something all willy nilly like she did with me the other night.


I know I was like, Kelly, I need your clarity on this guy. And now she's like, be careful about that. I had to, you know, I had something about this guy. And then as I'm asking him, like, I actually don't want to know. But she had already pulled a card and it was not a good it wasn't the worst one. I was trying to mansplaining to her why it wasn't so bad. OK, I can start the first email.


And these are which also try to just pull scenarios that everybody can relate to. But OK, so I was confused with myself and my new relationship. I started dating my new boyfriend near the beginning of covid. He's great, handsome, driven, funny, accepting of my OCD and gets along with my family. Well, things have moved pretty fast and it feels right. So you said things move pretty fast, but it feels right. There's just one thing I'm confused about.


Certain days I find myself resenting him because I'm thinking about other women. I have never been with another woman, but I worry that if he's the one, I may never get to experience that. I don't think that about other men. I don't want another man. I'm just so curious about being with a woman now that I found this guy three way, no shot to jealous. What do I do? OK, so this to me is love him, leave him or fuck him or have a threesome in your.


So I just want to give credit to her and like how she feels because like I have always like had lesbian tendencies and I've always like lesbian porn. And I think it is like a real I guess anxiety provoker. Like if I sat down with this guy, am I never going to get to satisfy these, like, sexual fantasies that I have always pulled the cards. I know, but I feel like this is so much more complex than our three options.


So sorry. I would you say I want to do a reading?


No, I can do it, but as long as you are you guys cool. If I like deviate from the format, just tell her. Yeah, ok, ok, that's great. So I would say I just want to validate the. True, I feel very emotional for this woman, actually, I want to validate the true desire to have a connection with a woman, and I know that she thinks that it might just be like a sexual connection.


But it's also showing like a real deep emotional way that she can be fulfilled, that maybe she can't with a guy that she's talking about. And this looks like she might actually choose to have a long term committed relationship with a woman should she try that route. And it shows that it's actually pulled the wish card, which is like actually your deepest wish is being fulfilled.


So I don't know if that's what she wanted to hear, but I think you go for it and I think so. And I think this guy is great, but it's showing not the same depth that potentially she might find if she explores opportunities with women. And, you know, she said I think she said that she doesn't want to have a relationship with a woman, but she might not know. She says she doesn't have a threesome with her boyfriend.


Yes. She said she's not ruling it out. Yeah, the threesome is a no, and it's showing like a real emotion. There could be a lot of emotional fulfillment through relationships with women. And then I pulled a card that indicates sort of like marriage.


I think I just love everything you do. I feel like what I'm seeing also is somebody that just like doesn't want to invite another person into the bedroom willy nilly to see what it's like to hook up with a girl that she really wants to explore being with women. And I think for me, sexuality is definitely about the person and not about their genitalia. And I could probably be in love with anybody. I mean, I choose men usually, but who knows?


But it does sound like she wants to date. Yeah. Women see what that's like. Not just have like a one off experience. Yeah, man. Yeah, 100 percent. Do not worry about, like, losing this guy. That's a decent guy. Like I feel like she's like, OK, good guys are hard to find. What I'm hearing from her is like, but he's a good guy and you guys talk so much about a terrible and I found a guy that really likes me and it's like it doesn't matter.


She will not be fulfilled. Staying with this guy, pursuing the woman. Leave him. I, I have another idea. I have a third option for a fourth option. And it's certainly it's certainly easier said than done. But I mean, I think that you can say to your partner, like, I really like being with you, but I am curious about exploring women. And I'd like to like I'd like to explore dating another woman. Like, would you be OK with me being on a date with another woman?


I mean, there's all kinds of scenarios that make people happy and you never know. And like, I'm I'm with you. Like, I think she probably feels exactly like Ashley. I'd like guys are so hard to come by that are wonderful people. I can't give this up. But like, I don't know, maybe he would be open to exploring things. So you never know. You never know. OK, except we know that she's going to end up with a woman.


Actually, she actually kind of sounds like Kelly does know.


OK, the next one in a nutshell, a guy I had a fling with fall of last year has forcefully reemerged into my life. We casually dated for a few months last year, but I ended it because he couldn't commit any time or energy to the relationship and he was just generally a douche nozzle. He then immediately began dating the girl he always told me not to worry about. Highly says, fast forward to the summer. He tried reconnecting and began texting me.


I'm a smart girl and I didn't buy it until one day he called. I answered and we began hanging out again. He had some sort of revelation over the summer about wanting to be a better person, that he knew he messed up and that he loved me the whole time. I am generally skeptical of the male race, but also something about this seems honest and for real. What do I do? Owosso, I just graduated law school. I'm unemployed, live with my parents.


He's still in law school two hours away. Neither of us knows what state we'll get jobs. And long story short, he has worked really hard for a month to prove himself to me and I'm tempted to maybe date him again. But also, what if I get a job in Siberia? Leave him.


I literally pulled the devil card. Oh. Look at the death of Fox. The devil is kinky. The devil is definitely kinky.


I mean, reading it, I felt that. I mean, this just seems like a selfish person. It's like I'm going to come in out of your life for as many times as you're willing to let me I, I just don't see a lot of, like, women behaving like this. Sure. I did some very male thing.


And also, it doesn't always mean that this is an actual devil of a person manipulating somebody. It just could be that this is what he feels in the moment. And he's going so hard to try to get it. And he's not I don't I don't know. I can tell you what the devil means in this context. This is a joint actually likes to explain. I just like to do that. I'll tell you.


I tell you, it's saying that they're all coming together as a partnership, keeps them both chained to these patterns that are unhealthy and addictive. And that's the energy of the devil card. She shows up as the beautiful, angelic temperance card, which shows that she actually has done a lot of maturing and healing. She's actually a very balanced woman.


He shows up as like really like I wanted to say a dingleberry.


She said douche nozzle.


He's like a hanger on. Do you know what I mean? Like he's a hanger on. Yeah. Oh, you met Dingleberry. Yeah. Like hand gestures.


Like he I mean he's actually and shows like someone that doesn't have a lot of money that would probably my being in debt, maybe not physically in good health like this is not the kind of guy.


OK, so I love to shut up. You're doing your spouse, you're like you're not going to any dingleberries in forty days. So I totally agree. My energy from reading the email was that she's got her shit together. Yeah. She wanted to stress it to us. She wants to be like girls. I get it. I'm smart. I broke up with him when he was noncommittal. I didn't buy it but he is saying the right things.


But I and we do want to buy buy here about that.


If she wants to be in a relationship with him, she's going to have to renegotiate the quote unquote contract. So there's an energetic way that they are in a relay with one another, like a relationship that will keep having the same outcome that she doesn't want. So in order to she's a lawyer, right. A new contract, it have to be like these are the stipulations and they've got to hold them to it. But I would say that's only if you desperately know.


No, he's the guy, but we're sort of a double X when someone next one. This wasn't isn't about me. It's about my sister. She was finally in a good, healthy seeming relationship after years of the shitty man sister. And this guy I've been messing around and sleeping together for about a year, didn't want to be official and actually date because both said they weren't really ready. Well, feelings became stronger and now they both said they're all in exclusive, just became Instagram official and whatnot.


So what's the problem, y'all? They're roommates.


Y'all trash trash here? They live together. Y'all was made through the whole I they live together. They share a space. Are they shacking up? Are they shacking up? Are they shared a room this year? A culture reference I don't understand. But like I get it straight neck and jazz of new girl in the flesh. You guys watch that show. I guess I'm more curious of opinions on this because it is not something we see every day.


At first I told her not to get involved, obviously, but now that she's happy and they're dating, I'm just going to be supportive. Questionmark. Advice, thoughts, opinions. Well, she. Right. So is it a bad idea for her sister to be dating the roommate, even though they seem like they're pretty happy? OK, I would say that living together is accelerating how fast the relationship will move. And so just full transparency to know like what you're ready for.


I need to clarify because I'm like keeping my fingers crossed in this one. But they stay together. Yeah. Casey Ballroom's right. Yeah. OK, so here's the deal. So the sister. So, OK, first of all, he looks like a really great partner. He shows up as a king, like he shows up at someone's emotional, mature, feels passionate about her, etc.. The sister will have a positive outcome too. But she has some work to do.


She just has some inner transformational work to do or else she'll keep on. She might make small things into big things, do you know what I mean? Or so I would just say to the sister. Yes, just be prepared for this to go fast. He's an outstanding guy and also sister, be prepared to do whatever inner work comes up with being in a relationship.


OK, well, there's just so much to think about with starting a relationship with somebody you live with. I honestly can't wrap my head around. It's a crazy thing.


So, like, I can't imagine the shit that would come up, especially if I was a little bit younger, like I would be needing to tell myself to chill all the time. Like, yeah, like there's there's got to be I would love this so much extra.


I know where you are all the time. It's just going to go really fast, like it gets serious really fast. And so and there's the card to say there's no real pump in the brakes, so. Just be prepared for it. You're right, because there is no like going home and taking a day off. Lives together. And I do think that like it it stands to reason that, like, two people would want to live together, like might have been friends for a long time, might have a lot in common, might have a lot of friends in common.


Like it makes sense that you would date it just you're right. There is no pumping the brakes going back. Right.


He looks good, though. It looks like a good partner. OK, all right. Let's hear. Was that was that against what you're into? No, I felt good about it. Oh, good. I like to validate your intuition. Thank you so much. You're welcome. All right. Let's just do one last funny one. Let's see if you get any energy from this one, Kelly.


She she says, my man, that's not my man wears Hollister jeans. I feel like that's all you need to know. Please let me know your thoughts. Love him. Leave him or fuck him. Kelly's like, please do not degrade me. Like, I'm not going to pull a card for this.


OK, pulling tarot cards. Right. The first card is Abercrombie and Fitch. Oh, I love him.


I really love him.


I love him and all his stonewashed jeans.


You have to OK. This is like a real man like he is. Like a real man, I don't believe he is a really good caretaker like it is, he's putting no energy into his clothes, but that's probably a good sign. That's what I mean, that he just like doesn't he doesn't care. He he's positive energy is in your pussy and also your whole life. And it's showing that for her. I just love this that he creates like a real tranquil place for her.


Like mentally, she's very calm. And so he would be he shows up as the type of guy that's going to call when he says, like, all the things that make you go insane, like he's not going to do those things to her. She's going to feel calm and centered. He is. It's showing like a real good match for love, like a mature love. I love him. Well, she said he's my man. It's not my man.


That usually means maybe she's not trying to date him because he wears Hollister jeans. What does she say? I think she said, give this guy a second look. OK, I love the vibes you're picking up from this. And I feel that it's like it's a guy that's just like not spending that much time on his appearance, which is good. It's good. He's like just energy for others. Have you just been a good guy and you can, like, buy him new jeans, you know what I mean.


Like in this type of guy would be open to it because he doesn't care. He just wants you to be happy. That's like my husband. He just wants me to be happy and I buy his clothes. Yeah, you can change that makes me happy and change a man's fashion clothes also. Yes. So you have to show them what they look like in better clothes and they're like, damn, I look good. The closer to Christmas the better.




But then she's going to upgrade him and he's you know, he might want to have somebody else, not this guy. He's super loyal.


You know, I love this guy. You want to date I bet is a cannoli. Relax what it brandons. Listen, this guy's brain is going out to Hollister, I guess some jeans. He's like, I know Kelly's multi-language, finally. OK, well, that was so fun. I know I should. Twenty more next time. Kelly, thank you so much. Plug literally everything tells so many things. Everybody where they can buy a sex rock for one.


Or do you guys even still have them? The Carnelian did we sell. I actually sell them out. People are order because people still buy the sex rocks from me. Bring it up so you guys can get the sex rock. But we want people to be out to buy the book. OK, great. Anyway, we're doing a campaign to actually send people to Amazon to buy the book because we're trying to get on some Rinker's so you can Google spells for the modern mystic and preorder or order.


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It's called the Witching Hour. It's going to be a comedy show. We're going to be doing we're going to have comedians come as their favorite pop culture, witches and magicians, and roast each other. So it's like, oh, my God, I will be there. So Harry Potter is going to be roasting Sabrina and we're trying to get some more fingers crossed for some like cameos. And it's going to be just so fun. So we couldn't do like an in-person thing.


So there's going to be a musical guest and our friend Laribee is going to be hosting. And I was inspired by Yarl's. Amazing streaming show. Yeah.


So we're going to have that. So thank you. I love you guys. It's really a pleasure. And I just really admire what you guys have built and the awesome community you have some things for, including we could have done it literally without literally. But do you want people can you buy that at your store service before September 29th? Please buy it from Amazon. And it was after the twenty ninth. Please buy it from modernistic shop. That's great.


And here are the shop is still open. So if you're in Atlanta and I want to see market is when I fear things just general to do in Atlanta the three times I've been there and your shop is really, really cheap and they're keeping it safer then. Yeah. Let's say Atlanta is kind of a free for all. Like there's no house. So there you guys have a security guard and everything. Everything is on the up and up. Yeah.


OK, well thank you, Kelly. You guys go grab that book, start your spells, all the things you can find, everything you need to know about us. That girl's got to eat podcast dotcom. Get those tickets for Nashville. They're going to go quick. We are girls got IPAC us on Instagram. Ash has Randy Greenberg on Instagram girls that her score got beat on Twitter and YouTube. Dotcom slash girl's got to eat and that's all you kill that.


Have a good week I.