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I don't know if I should tell you this, I did not have very serious long term relationships with either of these. That's OK. That's good, cause I'm not going to say nice things because like this one here. Oh, OK. I have a apart McKeyla. Hi, guys. Hi, guys. I always say, OK, like we're rolling. You didn't even weigh it. You were all just feel it. You guys, this episode today.


Oh, my God. We just do the interview just casually.


Welcome back to another episode. We're fucked up, fucked up. We got our stories read and we read the guys. We've dated it. Oh, it's coming in hot. Oh, you guys are going to love this episode. It is amazing. We're going to tell you about it in two seconds just to thank our partners really quickly. Thanks to Daily Harvest's for supporting Girl's Got to Eat Daily. Haaretz is a life saver. Take a break from meal prep and a vacation from cooking with clean, delicious food that's built on real fruits and vegetables.


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Oh we have an episode for you guys today. I mean it's look I got to give you credit. It's about us. No it's our listeners. Get the credit on this one. Well I have to pass credit for you because I, we have a we have a medium. She's psychic medium. We're we're a reader and sometimes I don't know if I believe in this stuff. And so I glanced over it and you were like, we've got to have this girl.


And I guess our listeners recommended her to us. Yeah, we got a lot of requests for Mystic Mikhaila. She is a celebrity or a reader and a lot of guys just DMF. And you've emailed us and obviously we got in contact with her and we just had I mean, it was she's just a full blown psychic. I mean, the stuff that she was saying about not only us, but that we just got to. But we sent her photos of our exes and guys we've dated and like every single word was spot on.


Shocking. No time to prep. We sent her photos of our exes, no contact, no Instagram accounts, no names. We didn't say how long we dated these people. We cropped out their handles. No information. Yeah. Five minutes before the episode, we started recording with her. She could not have researched this. Yeah, it was wild. And all of it is really great. You guys can figure out what your aura is and how it relates to your sex life and who will great matches for you would be in terms of their aura color.


It's just a really great episode. So can I put enough? We just came off that interview, so we're like all juiced up from it.


You say juiced up. OK, I juiced up update, but OK, housekeeping live show update, guys. This is also on our website. If you need like a little refresher on the girls deep pockets, dot com. But live shows, obviously all live shows are canceled through twenty twenty just because the CDC and we can't have public gatherings this large, you know that our number one thing in life, the way you live is to perform for you guys and laugh with you and just see you smile.


So it's very hard for us, but with a heavy heart. We have canceled all of our shows there. Twenty, twenty, all the shows we are working to move to. Twenty, twenty one. We'll get you updates on. The venues are not changing, but we're going to get you updates on every single city we were supposed to be in every venue as a little bit of a different protocol for a refunds when you can get them. How long the window to get them is.


My assumption and how it's been before is that most tickets transfer to the new date once we have a new date and then you'll have a window for a refund, usually thirty days, but every venue is totally different. So please call them, contact them for information. Yeah. And again, like they're just postpone. Nothing is canceled. So if you were going to come see us in Florida or Texas or San Francisco or wherever, you will just be seen us next year.


This is like I feel like I'm having an out of body experience even announcing this like it. It is so devastating, like I know we never thought this would happen. I mean, this is not a heartache like we thought we were just canceling Texas, maybe Florida. We were like never in our wildest dreams, but we have to push back Philly. And that was in April. And it's just like we had this sickening feeling that like literally 20, 20 was going to be canceled.


And like, this is what every single performer is doing, like we would be there if we could be there. We don't really need to tell you guys this. You get it. Nobody's you know, there's no going to be music festivals till 20, 22 at this point. Like, it's just so, so upsetting. And it is what it is. But, man, we are bombed. Yeah. And if you guys have never been to a live show, they are the most over-the-top fun girls night, actually.


And I love it. We travel together all the time to do these dancers. It's just it's the most special thing I've ever done in my life. And I miss hearing you guys laugh. And it really makes me feel really connected to you guys. So I can't wait to do it again. And, you know, obviously we never thought we'd be here. But, you know, your safety comes first.


Honestly, we would risk our own safety if we could if we were allowed in a hazmat suit. Yeah, but we are going to try to recreate it for you guys. Virtually our next virtual stupid. I literally don't care. Live show is Wednesday, September 2nd.


The summer, is that over, bitches, if your summer sucked, we're going to turn it around for you. It's going to be so fun. We are doing this where we are going to do tickets. They're cheap. A portion of proceeds is going to go to Black Lives Matter. We had mentioned that before. We're going to stand by that. It's going be more production value. This clearly isn't an Instagram. My friend and I are going to be together now.


We're going to have some special guests. We're going to have some special performances. We're going to have all your crazy submissions for stories we're going to share. Never before told stories. It's going to be bigger and better than the previous ones were. Those were a blast. Those are the best parts about the entire quarantine where those live shows we did. But like this one is going to be just like bigger, better worth. Your ticket tickets will be available.


Girlguiding podcast dot com. Just go right to tour.


We'll just put it at the top of the talk about how to get there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It'll just be probably right there and look for it on what will be a link in our bio on Instagram. Like we're going to be really hyping this and there's no limit to who can attend. So tell all your friends, watch together safely with your quarantine crew or whatever, get your charcuterie boards out, get the wine flowing like girls night and guys night, whatever you identify with.


Wednesday, September 2nd, coming in hot. We can't wait, guys. We are so excited. So, yeah, keep an eye out for that and we will have a meet and greet tickets available with that. And the company that is helping us produce this is going to basically bring you guys in for like me and greets with us. Yeah, yeah. And you got to take it. You can take a photo or a screenshot or we haven't done this yet either, but guaranteed to chat with us for a few and be able to get a photo virtually.


So that'll be fun and that'll be limited. So we're excited to get to meet some of you guys. That again will be a little bit extra costs. But all this will be on the website as you're listening to this. Can't wait to make you guys laugh again. I've I haven't decided how disgusting I'm going to be you.


I'm going to go all the way full, disgusted. OK, I have to tell you this all the way. I came over today. It's a first even for me and it was wild. OK, so we'll talk about it later. But we were partnering with a new sex toy company and they people always send us samples ahead of time to try out so that we can make sure we like the stuff before we tell you. Yeah. So I got a package of dildos.


I got a package of sex toys. I masturbated with two sex toys at the same time right before I came over here. Hear me out because you're making a face.


OK, so I feel like we should have saved this till we do their ad. But look. No, I'm sorry, girls, don't you I'm you like one of the toys that goes on your clit. One of the toys goes inside of you. I had a double sex toy masturbation. You should DP before noon today.


OK, did you get one of them for was actually at one point, one of one of them is for a couple, right? I got one for me and one I'm saying no. But like you basically, if you if you masturbated with two, both of those, one of them is for two people. So you basically the triple penetration type in the middle of doing it. I was thinking about all of you guys. I was thinking like right before I got off, like, I can't wait to tell you guys about this on the made you come all your all the fans.


All my fans. I was so proud of you.


You did a double vibrator orgasm today. It was great. Yeah. Well, stay tuned in a couple of weeks. I'm going to tell you guys all about that here at a flock their website. You can penetrate yourself. You got to look at, OK, the next thing we're talking about, you got to look at the note I wrote you on.


OK, so we share a spreadsheet that has some notes for the episodes and sometimes we like to surprise each other. Like what I wrote Sex, Rock and Rain. I was like, what is this? So I went in there. I wrote in all caps Ashley's vagina update and the Rayna added to it. There's a new one.


Question mark, question mark, question mark.


This is insane. I have been dying to tell you this. It has been so hard for me to even hold back from you. OK, if you guys have been following along with my Bush all throughout the pandemic, I'm just going to give a quick recap. I got sugared. It's like a wax, but better if you're not familiar. I got sugared in February before I went to Australia and then came back a month later and then the pandemic happened.


And then I started talking about on the podcast maybe two months after that. So there was a point in the quarantine where I'd like three month Bush, OK, February, March, like May. And I went crazy and just shaved it all off. I got an electric shaver. I'd like a three step process and I got rid of it all. And then I was like, this is great for like twenty four hours.


But then it started growing to be itchy and blah blah blah. A month after that came back to New York and then shortly thereafter the sugar lawns opened and we talked about this. And on July 8th I got sugared. She wore that full hazmat and the shield and a shield. But by then I had a six weeks, this two month bush, whatever recap I like, had a big, big, big Bush giant. It was flowing, shaved it let it grow back normal growth and then sugared it.


And now we're at five weeks. That was five weeks ago. My hair is barely grown back. How long does it usually take to grow back? Definitely a month.


I went in in full bikini season. I go once a month. Once every five weeks there is like no hair. Your vagina got the coronavirus. It's just like your vagina was like, listen, twin tiny isn't bad enough. It's just time to give her something. Can I show?


You know, I believe you also you pee in front of me and change in front of me every single day.


Like I look like your vagina, like every single day. Like, can I show you I am in Ashley's pants.


What's what's OK.


Can confirm, can confirm. I am face to face with absolute vagina and there's no hair on it. The upper part, it's, it's like, it's literally like there's patches on my vagina where there is no hair. It's like I got laser hair removal or I'm like one day after a wax. I don't understand what's happening down there. I mean, I don't know if that woman like who you know, I loved we were bonding. She like put some sorcery on me.


Like, it is insane. It's literally like I just have a few stray hairs, like even from afar, you might think I was cleanly shaven. Do you think is accounting for. I literally don't know what's crazy.


Thank you. That's crazy. That's like me style. How do you even look like that. I have nothing to offer besides what I did and which was grow your bush out for three months, shave it all, grow it out for another month or two and get sugared. And again, I don't think that's a routine to minimize your hair growth, but I don't know what's going on down there.


I don't understand what's happening every day out of congratulation. Thank you. So many. It's not so terrible, my vagina's. It's like better than ever. I'm happy for you. I resign for your support. Oh, it's part of your job.


OK, guys, we're bringing back Person of the Week. We have we didn't get rid of it completely. We said we were going to do it when we felt like we were inspired and we really had somebody we're excited about. So we're going to make this quick person. The week is our future. Vice President Kamala Harris. Joe Biden just announced her as his running mate. I don't think it's any big surprise that we are voting for Biden Harris.


Twenty twenty. And we have more plans to discuss this more as we get further towards the election. But just while we're here, I couldn't not discuss that big item in the news. So, Kamala Harris, personally. Yes. And we know whether we're a comedy show, we want to provide like a safe space for you guys to find this information and feel like, you know, you understand politics a little better and we want to encourage you to vote.


So the reason why Donald Trump is in office is not because he won the popular vote and he crashed it. It's because a third of this country did not vote. So if you look at statistics, what I don't need to give you a whole math lesson, but so many people didn't vote because they didn't think that your voice counts, but your voice counts. Fight for what you want, whatever it is that you want, you know, fight for it and vote.


We are going to provide great ways for you guys to sign up, to vote, to volunteer, to get involved and to put the right candidate into office. It is one of our greatest powers. Like we are lucky to live in a democracy, in a country where we get to vote for these people, like they work for us. They work for us. I can't stress enough like we are on the world stage and we are not looking great right now.


We are banned from every country, like we cannot have a pie chart after the twenty twenty election that shows a third of people didn't vote. We just can't it makes me feel crazy. Please make sure you register to vote. And, you know, we're going to try to educate you guys a little bit more as the election nears. But today, at this moment, make sure you're registered to vote. Go. There's just Google it like you can go to Vogue.


It's so easy. You can I think you could register it on Instagram stories like we'll start doing more. We'll start posting more of these resources. Like we just want to use our platform to encourage you guys to use your voice to get out there on Election Day. I registered to vote in New York State without a New York license, and I didn't even know it was possible till someone told me that it was because I was just procrastinating on getting an ID and I literally registered to vote without that Lik, E, Z and Vogue.


Also, if you guys are not sure if you're registered, they'll tell you the other day because I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. I want to make sure I was in the right precinct so they let me know that I was OK. Good call. Like, yes, even if you're even if you think you're good, you might not be good. Shit's crazy, guys. It's getting crazy. Trump is fucking with our post office. Shit is wild.


And I told you, I said ninety nine point nine percent of girls got to you. Listeners are registered to vote. I'm going to fucking pop off. Yeah, that's so I actually never pops up. It's like you're about to go off and just get just get out there, girls. And we want to be a safe place where you want to get really good, positive information. We know we're a comedy show, but we also have a big voice and we want to use it.


So get out there, check Vogue and we will provide more resources for you guys soon. Yeah, we told you guys that we were going to do a wrap up of selling Sunset. This is season three of a Netflix show about real estate. It's sort of sell multimillion dollar listing, if you like that, but it mostly focuses just on the agents in their lives. It's these two little munchkin men that own those brokerage and the supermodels that work for them.


So Season three, selling sponsored said I finished it. I stayed home through the weekend. I did not love it. I'll share your truth, OK? My feeling was that they didn't give really any of the characters the storyline. My feeling is that they filmed like nine hundred hours of content towards the end of crucial Hartly and just finally filed for divorce. And they were like, oh my God, the show has to be about this. So I felt like nobody had a storyline.


I just feel like the storylines they developed were kind of stupid. It's just like Heather's storyline is like she doesn't eat lunch. And Mary's storyline is that she was afraid to tell her boyfriend, your husband, she was like going to a doctor's appointment. Christine's like, terrible. And Davina has no storyline other than being fed horrible, terrible things to say to people. And that is it. Yeah, I, I can agree. We literally could talk about this forever.


And we know that because we actually did this already and it was thirty minutes and we are recording it to cut it down.


So I'm going to stick to my 90 second recap that I talked about at Instagram. I put this on my Instagram story. If you missed it, I'll just say it again. My quick recap of Season three of selling Sunset was I said whether they're playing a role or not, David and Christine bring some of the most toxic energy I've ever seen on reality TV, and they are meant for each other. And that's on that. We need to protect Mary Cashell in A Man's at All Cost.


And I said that they're seen supporting each other are the best part of the show. I know plenty. You guys prefer the drama, but I literally don't care. That's my opinion. I wasn't a huge fan of Romayne before, but he redeemed himself to me. Maybe it was because he got less airtime and it was kind of like a quality over quantity thing. And I still prefer him shirtless in a pool when he's talking show on TV, though, you know what I mean?


Like, if he's going to say a powerful line, like she's a snake and you're sharp off anyway. If you girls are looking for a treat, go to his Instagram. It is just him wet, shirtless with like inspirational quotes. He's just like naked in a shower and he's like, time to seize the day. It has nothing to do with what is think today is another day. Yeah, I can't pogrebin enough. Heather, Heather friend's giving Heather trying to figure out what to eat was honestly some editing genius, like just a montage of her asking about the ingredients and all the food.


OK, so you said this in our thirty minute wrap up and I should to I went back and watched the show again. It's every episode. Her only storyline is the way this year a diet. Which smoothies is this vegan. Can I have this. I'm just going to have water but she looks great. Yeah, it's for her. It's funny. I feel like she is a good sense of humor about, OK, gromo who made a cameo.


I said that he is on the wrong side of women's empowerment and I hope he reflects on his stance because he basically chose the mean girls over the nice girls. He was like, I want to be on that side. It's like they're terrible. But OK, the snow at Christine's wedding definitely violated a health code. That's no, it was fucking crazy. And my last take was that the seventy five million dollar house is still for sale on the Oppenheim Group's website.


So whether that's a fake story line or not, Delvina has not sold the house. I don't think she sold a house ever. My thought on the seventy five million dollar house is that it was a fake listing. I did check their website, so I guess somebody is trying to sell it. I feel like they hired like a Russian oligarch to come in there and, like, pretend and Davina looks so terrified when she's talking about it and she's she's talking about keeping listening and she's like me.


Nobody knows about it. It's like, isn't that your job? 90 days. Let people know about it. I don't really think she's actually the agent on that property. I don't think well, there's rumors that none of them are agents. But OK, so we want to do keep keep this tight. We know a lot of guys doing a watch a show and you probably may not even care about this, but the main storyline was one of the agents named Cashell who was married.


I'm not sure if the divorce is final to Justin Hartley, who is a star of This is us. And he basically blindsided her with him filing for divorce. And that was like a pretty heavy storyline of the show. She seems like a really sweet person. I mean, what you know about her from. Show, she grew up in poverty. She just seems like she has a great heart, you know, she's a really down to earth nice family.


She seems great and she seems like a really sweet, sweet woman. And it was painful to see her go through this. I loved watching her. I like that you talk about the friendship aspect because I did love watching people support her. And you really felt the love people marrying Amanda and and the guys. What are their names? Jason and Jason, it's nice to see people like rally for her and see this beautiful friendship, the whole storyline was that he basically woke up and went straight to the courthouse and blindside her, filed for divorce.


She had no idea this was happening. And then they have all these different clips of all these other people talking shit on her and him. And I think one of the lines was like when I met him once at a party and he seemed really nice. And this doesn't seem like something he would do. And it's like, what? You don't know anything about this person we're talking about?


Yeah, the worst, you know, Davina and Christine, who are whether again, whether this is who they are in real life or they're kind of playing into a role, they're pretty terrible. They don't really support other women. They take any opportunity they can to trash talk. And like their whole thing was just like this woman that they knew and they are allegedly friends, but they couldn't even give her the benefit of the doubt. Their immediate thing was like, how could you do that?


Like, I met him once and he was nice to me. That's fucking crazy. That's like your friend tells you that some somebody did something terrible to them and you doubt your friend because you met that person once. It's just it's a crazy way to respond to you because you're actually you're accusing her of terrible or you're allowing the producers to feed you those lines because you're allowing yourself to be portrayed by that. Both those things are terrible. Yeah. So I'll say one final thing.


This comes from Dhuey, not me, you know, because I really try to keep it like last Patty, when we're talking about other women, even though I can't stand their characters, but we were watching it and do his take on it. Is Christina so terrible?


That's why her dog ran away. This is not me. This is coming from Dewey. Dewey said if that was my mom, I would run away to is what he said. I believe you. And he probably communicate. And when Christine came in and she I guess they found the dog. So I wouldn't be saying this if, you know, it all turned out. But when she was like, I was late to dinner and I'm wearing my Balenciaga beanie and my dog ran away, I do.


It was like, I get it. One hundred percent. If that was my mom, I'd run away too. So Mom was Christine, I don't know. I would have like a great wardrobe, the wardrobe driver.


OK, although I will say one last final thing and then we are done with this. I promised her to her fiance. They act like they have never met before in real life, ever, ever seen them together. It's like watching two people that don't know each other. Yeah, that's crazy. And also, I know I promised that I would watch love on the spectrum. I promise to have watched it by next week. Dylan can't stop texting me about it.


You have to imagine him on every episode. And you started watching it. I started watching last night. I watched two episodes. I oh, you like feel it in your heart like it is one of the most pure shows like I will recap in full next week. But yeah, I'm loving it. That's what we'll talk about. It's like, OK, really quick. Two teen movies.


I watched Banana Split, which is recommended to me by listener and again I was like, this high schooler is hot, but I looked him up and he's in his twenties so it's fine. He was he's like Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sproul's one of those Sproul's brothers he played on like Zach and Cody Sweet Life or whatever. The Nickelodeon show is fucking hot now. Oh, he's very hot. Yeah. I look at him and his girlfriend are like, so cute.


Banana split is really cute and the premise is great. This girl like basically she breaks up with this guy she's in love with and then becomes friends with his new girlfriend and they become like best friends. It's crazy. And then work it. Obviously the dance maybe it should be. It's like turning on Netflix work. It is not like it's not like Penn fifteen or like Superbad like it's not R rated. It's just like kind of a cheesy like dance high school movie.


Still liked it. The lead guy's hot and then this was old. This is not teen but this is old, this is in twenty seventeen and I forgot about it until my friend Sophia posted on her Instagram story and Ingrid goes west of Plaza, plays the lead. She's like obsessed with influencers and Instagram. She's a little fucked up, like a little mental. That's the mental shit going on. And she basically kind of stalks whatever. She goes to California and tries to befriend this influencer.


And it's really fascinating in terms of like what's real and what's not real and how people obsess over Instagram. And it'll fuck you up really at the end shook me up. I didn't I mean, I'm not going to I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I think you guys would like it. And it's again, Ingrid goes west. It's on Netflix. I love Aubrey Plaza. Maybe I'll watch that, too, from Delaware. You know that.


No, I don't know anything about her other than Rock, which is one my favorite shows. OK, I recommendation for you before we shut this down. The intro down OK by this book. I was reading it in the park on Sunday. I'm recommending this for my ability to help you pick up guys, not because the book is good, although the book is fine. Yuval Noah Harari. I think I'm saying his name right. He wrote Sapiens, OK, and he has a new book called Twenty One Lessons for the Twenty First Century.


And it explores immigration and religion and politics. And it's sort of interesting. I don't know. I haven't gotten that deep into it. I can't recommend this author enough because guys go crazy for him. And any time you pull out one of his books, I had one hundred percent rate of meeting dudes. OK, here's what happened. I was at the domino. Park in Brooklyn, I took out this book and this guy was giving up his circle for us and he was beautiful, he looked like Patrick Dempsey.


You guys saw mainstream story. I'm still trying to find him. Yeah. He was, like, flirting with me a little bit. And I took out the book and he was like, oh, my gosh, have you read his other books? And I was like, what other book? And I like totally blank because he was so cute and he was like sapiens. And I was like, oh my God, guy's like not all over themselves.


For Saipan's it is a hundred percent return rate because the last guy I knew was reading Sabin's. We met him in an elevator, he had it in his hand and I fucked him later that night. And you reference the book reference the book Sapiens is the best book for picking up dudes. One hundred percent heard it here first. Heard it here first it is. You take out that book and you put it on your table like a coffee shop or I guess we're not sitting inside anymore.


Like outdoors. It was a hundred percent return. Right? That dude will talk to you. You guys get sapience out and put it in your socially distant circle in the park and you have a guy come over to you and also keep your mouth shut and stay six feet away from him. Vehicle come over. Yeah, we're in socially distant circles. This guy stood there and talk to me, flirt with me about sapiens for ten minutes. It was great.


What is that book about Sabin's? It's a brief history of humankind. OK, I love this. They're strapping with books. Yes, well, maybe think about some others and provide them way. You guys later date. If you guys have books and things that you have just been whipping out and the guys have been flocking, let us know. Robert Green is my second back up. He wrote The Art of War, The Art of Seduction and I think 48 Laws of Power.


Fantastic writer. OK, I love that tip. I just think that, like, books are the quickest, easiest opening line to connect with a person. Why did you choose this? Why do you like this author? Have you read anything else by the person? It sounds kind of pretentious, but it's just like that is the best opening line. Like I used to say, you should just like have like some sun screen next to you in the park.


But like, we're not walking up to strangers and even rubbing them down. Yes. And I actually the reason why I thought of Robert Green's I saw some guy last night nominated Park do this with a girl. She was reading The Art of Seduction, Robert Greene. He walked over and he pulled the book out of his bag. Jeremy and I sat there, watch the whole thing. Oh, my gosh. He just pulled it out, struck up a conversation with her.


She sat inside the distant circle. He sat outside the circle. And I watched him sit down. They talked for like twenty minutes. And Jeremy and I got the loft Love Connection books. I just like take a book out. Sapiens in one hundred percent return. Right. I can't recommend enough. The guy I thought was Sabien superhit up. Yeah. You know, I read Sapience because like that other guy last summer who broke up with me, he told me to read it.


I used it to pick up another guy. Vicious circle. Yeah. That's just like the power effect. Yeah.


All right, guys. Well, those are your rocks and your updates. Again, we have an amazing episode for you. But before we get into it with Mikhaila, we are just going to thank a couple of our partners. I am telling you guys about Helix, which is a company that makes incredible mattresses and bedding, pillows, all the things I told you guys before. I have the Moonlight Lux, which is the mattress they matched me with.


And it is at my parents house and I miss it every single night. I had it there when I was at my parents. I slept on it for like three months. It improved my sleep tenfold. And I'm strategizing on how I can get it back to Newark because I miss it that much and I think about it all the time. So the way that the helix is going to match you guys with your perfect mattress as you just go to the website, there is a sleep quiz that takes like two minutes to complete.


And then they use the answers to match your body type in your sleep preference for the perfect mattress for you. So if you like a mattress that's really soft or firm or somewhere in the middle or you sleep on your side or your back or your stomach or you sleep really hot, they are going to tell you which is the specific mattress for your unique taste, 10 year warranty to try out your mattress for one hundred nights risk free. And if you don't love it, you're going to love it.


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I do like to feel like I'm kind of sleeping on a cloud and I sleep on my back, sometimes on my side. And again, I have the Moonlight Lux mattress. And the pillows I have are the ultra cool pillow, which is the main one I sleep with, I'm obsessed with. And also the down in feather pillow. I have two of those on my bed change changes. Sleep game for me can cannot recommend them enough. So we encourage you guys to go check it out for yourself.


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Yeah, Tagus everything you do. OK, I'm nervous because I'm doing the daily harvestable. She better get it right. I haven't done any other Harborside's so long. I always, I like to actually do it but we are equally as excited about dealing hard as I discovered it when we started working with them and I cannot get enough of them. They're a meal delivery service. It's delivered frozen. There's all kinds of stuff in it and we are obsessed.


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I don't know what that flavor profile is, but I'm here for any of it. I wouldn't have like to sort it out. And now that I have, it's amazing. The harvest bowls are incredible. I think it's a nice portion size. But on top of that, if you want to just add like a little bit of chicken breast or some kind of seafood to it, it's super easy to do that. Everything I've had from them is fantastic.


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All right, let's get into it with our guys.


Yes. We are so excited to use this woman to you today. She is a fourth generation psychic medium who specializes in aura readings, which are the colorful life forms, energies around individuals. She has the rare ability to see and interpret colors around people. What you're going to have her explain, McKeyla has appeared on such shows as The Real Housewives of Orange County, which I am obsessed with, and I want to talk to her more about tons of morning shows and podcasts.


She has her own podcast. No, you're Aura with Mystic. McKayla, please welcome to the show Mystic McKayla. Oh, my gosh. Thank you, Ashleigh. Thank you, Rayna, for having me here. Thanks for being here. We are so excited to talk to you. I just got, like, no idea how excited I am to talk to you. Lady, we got so many requests for you two from our listeners. Yeah.


We like we got so many that were like you. We need to have this woman on. And we were like, okay, no more. They're always asking me what color you girls are. So they're always like, what's her, what's what's Reyna's or what's actually right.


So it's just like I get that question a lot and it's always think everybody wants to be pink. That is true. So where are you from originally? Oh my gosh, I'm sorry for my accent. I am not from Buffalo, New York. I knew you were from upstate New York. It's I love it. It's like reminds me of like like Corey's family. They're all from that area. But like, I was just picking up. Because you live in Florida now, right?


You. Yes, I live in Florida now, but we are so excited to have you and I am such a novice with this type of stuff. So I'm so excited for you to explain it to us born and our audience. You really make the rounds on a lot of shows. You're like kind of a big deal. Oh, my gosh. Well, you know, my thing with Auris is like it's an energy signature around you. And I happened to see it in color, but like, forget that.


Like, I can do this cool thing, like see colors around people. Like my real passion is how do you live life more authentically? And that's how I use my ability to just try to like even if you don't get a reading with me, like what is what is it about myself that's authentic and unique and how can I maximize that and then attract that into my life? So that's what my whole thing with Auris are. It's like like live your truth, like you girls say, like live authentically and how can I do that?


And there's five main aura colors that I see around people. And usually you have a combination of two. And it's just kind of like a guideline thing that I've mapped out. And usually people can figure out what they are even if they can't see colors and then just start attracting that stuff into their life. And it controls everything like careers. How you work out, like your personality, like what you know, what motivates you, who you date, everything.


I love it. And you're also a psychic medium. I am, yes. Like predict future. I see dead people. What's your what's what's your specialty, as you said. What's your vibe. What's your vibe of dead people. Dead people who are cool like. So when I do a session I call it spiritual guidance because honestly like psychic sounds so cringe to me, but like that's I guess that's the most understandable thing. And I'm from a psychic family, like my whole family does something like this, like my mom's a medium, my uncle, it goes up my mom's side of the family.


So I grew up. Kind of thinking this was not, you know, I'm very down to earth, you know, I like to say I like to make the paranormal normal. So like that people are just people. And so when I do a reading, like, sometimes they'll come through like they don't scare me. They're just people who are dead. Yeah, yeah. And usually the way mediumship works for me is if it has something to do with your closure on something or it's because we all have these like blocks or obstacles.


And so sometimes, like a dead person can help you get over that. So that's how it works for me. And I love that you said that, you know, some people can just use this as a guide. And I think that helps most people be a little more comfortable. This isn't like a hard, fast thing. This is just something you use as a guide. But I would like you to explain, as we said it a few times, like what an aura is and what that means.


And then some can some people have just like a shitty toxic aura, like. Yeah, so and that happens. So well, let's talk about that.


Like, we know somebody that like I, I he there's no way he has a good aura, you know, like when you were on Roz's Orange County, you met Biggie and you're like you're kind of just a bitch. Yeah. Like some people make you sick. And that's a thing like you can be around somebody like Tamra, you can get physically. She was actually really nice to me. I have actually what I'm talking about is like I was like, oh, Setagaya like it because we don't talk offline.


But like some people, they're aura's or they're energy. You'll not you know, it's a vibe. Some people have a really bad vibe and that's just their aura, because every aura I see it in color. But they all have a unique vibe, too. Like red people are very like intense. They're like leadership or purple people are very spontaneous or fun or yellow people are really inquisitive and they ask a lot of questions and they're very busy. And so, like, you can get that from somebody.


And that's what an aura is. It's an energy signature around you that everybody feels who meets you. And if you get used to articulating, like, how you feel, which actually like is a muscle. So the more you pay attention to how you feel, the more you pay attention to how you react, how your own energy reacts when you're in a situation or you're around certain people or you're dating or you're in a relationship or whatever, the more you'll be able to not be manipulated by other people's vibes.


And because some of us are used to toxicity, because we grew up in a toxic environment. And so I always say, like we do what is comfortable for us, not what is good for us. So if you don't if you like, oh, my God. Like, I really like toxic people because my mom is so toxic, if you like. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Like that's not natural. You can use your soul doesn't want that.


So if you pay attention to it then you can be like, OK, I'm doing that thing again where I know how to deal with toxic love and it's more comfortable than like a healthier type of mutual relationship. So things like that. But yeah, you can feel people coming across and that's just the energy bubble around each one of us and the way you have like toxic aura people. So some people do you tell them so I'm very nice. So I have to tell us the nice way to tell somebody they're not you.


You have to some people it kind of is easier if I talk about it in color because like, for example, like somebody like blue people, for example, like if they're Viña from selling Sunset, do you she is blue.


How do you know that? You're good. She's toxic. So you tell me I'm blue. I'm going to be. So if there's five I was blue. There's five colors. OK, but you don't understand any. There are five colors but your intention is separate from your color like it's not the colors fault. If you have a bad intention, it's just going to control how the intention comes out. Like you actually you're very honest, like you're an honest person, like you don't hide anything.


And then somebody like like we were talking about on that show, like that's different because it's more of like a victim mentality or like you don't let yourself fall into that trap like you're like big on personal responsibility and stuff like that. Some blue people can fall into the trap of everything happens to me, everything's my fault or the it that I like that. And if they really start making that their identity, their their their victimization constantly, it's very toxic to be around.


And then they feel like they have a right to be a certain way. Does that make sense? Yeah, for sure. I just need you to keep explain to me what it is. I really need to hammer this down to it down. There's five main aura colors and you are usually a combination of two and you usually stay that way your whole life, although because life is the way it is, you can shove one color out sometimes or you can be really imbalanced or like one of your colors can get really cloudy or like whatever.


So your colors can be unhealthy sometimes. And that's why I like when I look at old pictures of you or, you know, if you gave me an old picture, when you're going through something, I could probably tell versus like now, you know, like that just the. The way that you hold your colours in your balance, but it's red, blue, yellow, green and purple, those are the five main colors and usually there's two colors per person.


And like I said, like, it's not like your intentions are yours and like, you know, intentions, meaning like right versus wrong or like your motivations are what you want to do in this life. The colors are more like personality filters, like how you're going to go about doing it. So for me to go into each one, like, would that be helpful? Yeah, I think let's like let's breeze through each one a little bit and then redo ours.


OK. All right. So red people are like they're vibe's like very just leader. Leader. They're in charge. Direct, honest. Usually you see them and like business manager sales stuff like that. Purple people, very spontaneous, kind of free spirited, a little bit more scattered with their thinking. Their vibe is kind of just whatever. Let's do a free spirit. So usually lazy purples like artists or performers or stuff like that. Green people are very intellectual.


They're kind of like lone wolves. They're a little nerdy. They can have like a self centered thing, but they don't mean to be like it's just how they are. Usually they're like really into the finer things. I could go on and on about. Those are the ones with fetishise. We'll have to go into them. Yeah. You have just described my friend's boyfriend to a tee.


OK, really? Oh my God. OK, I've got my eye out. You might have to show me a picture of him. Let's do it. Let's do it. Like engineer brains like that. Like they think kind of like Star Wars a little too much. OK, yellow people, but pretentious. They can be very you know, it's green. People are honestly 90 percent of my reading problems are about people dealing with green people. Yellow auras are very, like I said, inquisitive.


They're like spreadsheet queens like to do list junkies like, extremely like, but they love it. They're really into yoga, like a lot usually. And they're like interior designers. They're very together. They're usually blonde, which I find interesting. Blue people are your nurses and your healers and they're compassionate and they're teachers and things like that. They're givers, but they don't like to receive. And yeah, so that's blue people. So those are the five main colors.


OK, you're a combo now. I'm nervous.


Oh my God. No, that's good. You can do that. What are that. OK, what are that. What are we. OK, so I'll start with you. So you're like the way I see you as you are red and blue, like you feel right now because you so much because you're red and blue. I was like you said, red. That's all I heard. I don't care about anything. OK, well, usually red people are a little bit more like, what's this about?


You know, just because you you are honest and direct and you feel like you're the type of person who like I feel like you're very trustworthy with a lot of things and I feel like you just will take over and it's easier to be in charge than to let other people do things. And I feel like great for me. She does everything.


Yes. Can I tell you something crazy?


I me those are the colors I wear to our live shows like those are the colors I look best in. Yeah. And what I'm known for is the red jumpsuit and the blue jumpsuit. I love when you say you're known for it. What I'm known for but like I'm known for, for wear like not a lot of people like will just wear red head to toe. Yeah. And it's always been that I wear red and blue. Red and royal blue.


Yeah. I find that though like people are attracted to their aura colors, like a lot like in their wardrobes and red women are a thing like I don't see a lot of them. Well I see a lot of them, but they get like shit in color. Yeah. They get shamed a lot in our society because like being a loud, assertive female, it's like, don't do that. That's that's a boy or something or whatever, which isn't true, you know.


But like when you see all female CEOs with the same characteristics that men have and they're vilified for being horrible bitches. But like, if it was a man, well, it's it's not like a hot chick. If it was a man, they'd be praised for it. That's right. Not no, it's true. Yeah. Because society that's. And now with you, Rayna, I see you as purple. So you're both blue, but I see you with purple blue.


But with you see the thing with purple is that purple. And this is why you two work so well together. And my husband's a red so and I'm purple. So like you guys have a similar dynamic. And a lot of ways I feel like you give and take in the right ways, like so I feel like with Urana, like, you know, when to take it personally, you know, and not to take it personally, you feel like you're a good energy read.


So I feel like you're really good at reading people. I feel like you're really good at picking things up quickly. I feel like you're good at kind of dealing with the unsaid or stuff like that and you feel like you're very flexible. That's the other thing. I feel like you can kind of change on a dime that can and you feel like a lot of fun and you feel like you're somebody who is constant. But with you, I do get like purple's tend to struggle a little bit with self-destruction in order to change.


So and I'm purple, too, so it's just preaching to the choir. It's kind of like in order to get to the next version of yourself, sometimes I feel like you can put yourself through a lot more than you have to or something. But I feel like maybe you're getting kind of you're kinder to yourself as you go on. But that's the purple I get on you, OK? I feel like that's so accurate. You think I'm so I feel like other than the self destructiveness, because I'm not like generally like an anxious person that thinks like, oh, I don't like myself.


And so I need to work on myself all the time. You everybody to work on themselves. But I don't think of it like that. I think of it as you you've talked about this plenty in the podcast stuff that you do that you know, you should be doing. They make you feel bad like that. They don't make you feel like, you know, depressed and suicidal. But just the little things like whether it's drinking, whether it's texting, whether it's like talking to this guy you keep fucking talking to.


Apparently, I should phone sex now. I'll talk about later. But like, you just do you do do stuff you know you shouldn't be doing. I do support. Yeah, OK, that makes sense. That's yeah. That's what it's destructive. There's a spectrum of like ruining in your life and just doing something that, you know, does it make you feel good. Right. It's not tremendous emotional suicide. But I like how you talk about like working with another person, because I think that I was actually talking to a friend yesterday who I'm very close with, but she I wouldn't say she's quick to anger.


She said she's quick to anger. I've always envied the way she really sticks up for herself, but she does sort of like, ah, you know, and I don't think that would work well with Ashley if you read it every single time she took the bait, because like, Ashley is moodier than I am and she is quicker to anger than I am. And like two of those people in the same room is not good. So I do think we work better together because I am a little more flexible and sometimes I am really quick to let things go and be like whatever.


This isn't a big deal and I need like a read to be like, no, this is a big deal and we are going to stay on top of this and we are going to do the details that we need to like. Yeah, it does work really well for me and her. Yeah, that's you guys have a yin and yang thing going on in your partnership and your friendship. And that's why that's why I feel like it's been so successful for you too, because, like, you don't expect to be the same person like you.


You allow each other to be different. And we would never have worked. Right. Like, I usually work well together. It's just it's really like we're grateful for this every day, so. Oh, and you purple's can just kind of just like be like let's forget about it like that.


That's true. And like anybody, it's like a newer listener in our show. Actually I didn't really know each other that well before we started the show, so we didn't spend like years being like, let's vet each other. This was like a four month vetting process. Wow. Yeah. So I'd like to be locked out. We did, but we want to move on and talk about sex work and all this stuff is going to be about me and Rayna and what our orders are.


We hope you guys found this interesting, but we are going to get into all that kind of stuff in a few minutes. We're just going to run through the rest of our partners for this episode. Yes. Tell you guys about like what I've guys you've heard us talk about it. It's a popular hydration drink, Max. OK, actually, and I take this on vacation. We've been taken on the road with us for years. It just like really boosts my energy.


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I have given it to everybody in my building.


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All right well we're back and we want to get into some sex stuff so let's talk about sex auras and what these auras look like in the bedroom and our guide ones go together. OK, yes. Let's talk about sex. Oh my gosh. This OK, so when I do readings, I mean sex is obviously like a huge deal. So if people aren't having it, like with their partners or whatever, or it's like wrong or something's up with it, it messes up everything.


And the big thing with like sex and like auras is if you understand just like with anything communication, for example, you're doing it different and you're getting different things out of it than perhaps your partner is, then you can not blame them so much for their needs or their wants or their desires. And you can understand that maybe they don't understand that yours are different. So maybe you can have more success that way. And I also find that you kind of choose a partner based on, like, how screwed up you are.


And that's the other thing. So I oftentimes like we'll see people pick somebody because and this is what you really have to be careful with, like back to the programming thing, like, you know, not not to be all psychologist, but daddy issues. And then, like, you're always, you know, going after somebody who I don't know is isn't giving you all all they're all in the bedroom and a lot of ways because you're used to feeling like not fulfilled and not totally comfortable for you, but yeah.


So there's kind of like an overall thing. But with red people I usually see they're super visual like. So these are the people who are and I don't know actually if you can a test like like tell me what you want. Like I don't want to play games like well it's just like what's going on here. Like very to the point. And a lot of ways I usually see them like fine with taking charge in the bedroom. They have more confidence usually, and they usually do really well with purple's like with sex and relationships and stuff.


Yeah. The first time we had sex it was great. Who was on top. Was it all right. It was on top. We all are. We really like reached the boundaries of like closeness, but the touching each other's body parts is really where we draw the line. Yeah, well, physically we use the same vibrators. We talk about what the other person wants to hear and bad. My dad constantly talks about our battle every single week, but we draw the line of physical torture, physical touch.


We got to have boundaries. That's good. Yeah. No, we don't need a quarter. We don't have. So fingering would be like really out of left field. I like awkward. How did you get in there. Yeah. Yeah. Confidence. Yeah. I mean I. I also think people kind of like can appreciate both like taking control and and also being submissive to. Yeah. Submissive a little bit. I mean, I am happy to be I don't need to be like a Dom in the bedroom, but I don't like some of the degrading stuff, you know that.


But like I like a guy that's like, you know, push me up against a wall, like, you know, I like like some like choking and things that are like a guy taking control. I think that's hot. I think a lot of women probably feel that way. Yeah, I have a question also. When you talk about like I'm somebody being like a little more visual, this is also correlate to like the kind of porn people like.


Yeah. Like Redd's see.


And I know is with reddens too. Like they're more straight. I mean they're more straightforward with like their porn or like with like what they like to see or like what they like to do. Like even when you say like, like choking or you know, that's not really hardcore. You know what I mean is, you know. Yeah, it's very like Baeza, not basic, but you know what I mean. It's pretty run run of the mill or whatever.


He likes missionaries. Yeah. Because you can't joke with the guys at the top. That's just weird. So I like being on top.


Yeah. Like usually people aren't so I don't know because I feel like in their lives they get out what they want to say all the time. So in the bedroom it's not like all this repression comes out in weird ways or whatever, like maybe four other colors. That's so true. You see some girls are these like very nerdy, not the nerdy bad thing. I think to be very sexy, nerdy, introverted, they don't talk a lot. And like day to day conversation, they are the biggest freaks on the planet.


I envy those girls. Yeah. Look, I don't really need to work through anything in the bedroom. We just like, you know, and that's how you read people usually are. They're like they're saying, you know, there's they're sticking up for themselves. If somebody cuts them in line and they don't have to, like, work that out, like later with a partner, you know, like all second nature. Love that analogy. OK, so let's talk about blue, since we're both we both have blue blues now.


Blues, do you have the submission, the submissive thing going on? Because, OK, so blue people are Mars, which mean they can feel other people's feelings the same as their own. And a lot of ways now because you're right, actually you have more of an ability to possibly kind of like shut it down or whatever. And if you like, Raina, because you I feel like I don't know your background, but I feel like you've been working in like this industry or this world long enough to be like, OK, you know, like take a perspective break from some things.


But some people who are really, really blue do not know the difference between other people's feelings and their own. So in the bedroom, they can be super codependent. So it's almost like they can't come unless they're partners happy or they know their partners like extremely like aroused or is into it. So they're going to need that person to constantly give them like they're almost like needy, like affirmation, like, is this good? Do you like this or like like that?


And I notice that a lot with blues that don't speak up for themselves a lot on the outside and who have some codependency issues, but that can be a blue thing and then also like it. You can't get rid of that all the way though, because they do feel what other people are feeling is their own. So like if they're getting off on their partner, getting off, like that's part of their experience. So they kind of need the other person to be into it, to be into it themselves.


It seems more of a feminine trait than a masculine I there's plenty of guys like aren't there for your pleasure. You don't. I mean, I see that a lot with women. Definitely. And also it just sounds like blue means intuitive in general. I consider myself a super intuitive person. I think the rain is too. And you pick up what people are putting down and like, I don't think you need to be insecure and codependent to to feel like someone's not really enjoying themselves in the bedroom.


You know, like, I think picking up on those feelings of like, oh, this person just isn't as into it as I am. And then, of course, I think you don't just steamroll that feeling. You try to figure out what's going on and act accordingly, you know? Yeah, I think this is really interesting, like talking about how people's or as you know, their vibe and the way they are in their day to day life.


Like there's people that I've had said, I think I'm good at sex, I enjoy sex. And I think that that does make most people better at sex, really enjoy what you're doing. But there are some people I've had sex with where I'm just like I hated that. Like, that was really not enjoyable. But like, I enjoy sex and I bring energy and I bring fun in the bedroom and creativity and all these things. I'm confident.


But like, why are some people so unenjoyable to have sex with? What are you laughing about choking back? No, I'm just I'm thinking about it. I know I know all the people you're talking to, all the people. So I just you know, it's it's interesting to me, like some of those people I know, other people they've slept with and they don't have the same report card for that person than I do. And so it's interesting how like the vibe in your life that you have day to day, you really, really bring that into the bedroom, because I just assume that all sex should be good because I have fun and I enjoy it.


But I have had some mind blowing. The terrible sex. You can make your own fun because that's a purple person thing to do anyhow. You know, like just bring the party or whatever, like, oh my God, rain is so purple. Let's keep let's keep going on this. That is so Rihanna like she is. So she could have just like a total dud of a man. And you're like, I'm breaking the party every I'm I'm bringing the vibrators out.


I'm going to stick this in your butt without any lube. But I don't care what you think about it like that. So you fucked the most boring guys and you're like, I want to make this fun for me, stupid. That's an amazing quality. I mean, at the very least, I know that I will have a great story at the end of it, like I won't always come. But yeah, like, I took a vibrator out of my drawer and lubed it up and shoved it this guy's ass.


And like, that is a joke I used on stage forever. And I guess I but I do think that I will always bring the party and add the enjoyment. And like, I don't know if you can't have fun with that, then I don't know what you're having fun with. And the thing with purple people, you know, it is and like with you or whatever like it, you have empathic qualities. So you can like, you know, what's going on.


You're not in a different reality than the other person that you're with in the bedroom, you know, but like, you can also take a step back and be and it's kind of like watching a movie in a way. It's like you can you see what's going on and you can you're aware of it, but you're not always as OK. I'm not going to be sucked into whatever his whirlpool of issues are or like whatever, you know, and I'll just do me and, you know, you can join me or not get on this fun train or not or like whatever.


But society does something called purple shaming, which I feel like you're a victim where nobody knows about purple shaming. So I'm trying to get the word out.


It's like it's all social activists thing I'm trying to get the word out about because we're going to have a parade of horribles because this OK, so having fun and being kind of like, I don't know, flexible and free spirited and just you're I feel like you're the type of person, Rayna. And like other like that, you can take a silver lining and make something, you know what this but at least this will happen or like whatever. And society can come down on that and be like, oh, you know, is that are you trying to get all the attention or are you trying to, you know, be loud or it's fun and like a negative connotation.


And it's really about other people's insecurities that they can't do what you're doing. You know, they can't make make lemonade out of lemonade or like, you know, do you know it's a lot of society telling you, hey, get back into your hole, be like the rest of us. Don't be sparkly, don't be shiny. Because if you are, then things are going to happen for you that won't happen for us. So that's like an insecurity thing from society that I see on Purple's a lot.


So like that guy obviously had some issues with when he was saying it sarcastically, but but being a lot of fun is a fun thing.


I'm glad you brought this up, but I want to tell Ashley this thing and I think it's just an interesting metaphor in general for anybody that's a little outside of the box. I was at a Hampson's house with a couple of people and I was talking about what I do for a living to these two people. And I was talking about I think I fucking came up, something like that, something like pretty innocuous fetish. And I started talking about it a little about these two guys dead sober, middle of the day.


We're doing dishes. We're like cooking dinner or whatever.


And I'm pretty I, I tamped it down quite a bit compared to because I was I didn't really know them very well. It's a friend, a friend of mine is dating one of them. And after that conversation he one of the guys said to my friend, like your friend is like really wild. The stuff that comes out of her mouth is like really crazy. And this other girl came to the party and she was like or to the party.


I was like five us having dinner. She was like, I heard that you're like so wild and crazy and you say all this wild stuff. And I knew that that guy heard the stuff that I said and went told everybody, she's so nuts and you should hear the stuff that comes out of her mouth without any context to the fact that this is what I do for a living. And I built a business talking about this stuff that people listen to our show Kamdar shows love, our advice and our feedback.


This was I wasn't like some drunk, crazy person talking about this, and I was really insulted by it. And I thought about that a lot, like people that are willing to sort of like go out on a limb and talk about this stuff for anybody to shame you like, oh, nuts. That is. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Yeah. That's like a shame. Yes. And it's so deeply embedded in our society and I see it like with like little kids.


Oh. You know, like they put on there to choose and come down and perform for everybody and it's like oh my gosh, you're trying to be center of attention or this or that. And it's like, no, they're just being happy. And why does that trigger you? Because subconsciously, Joe, be it is right. And a lot of people can't get in. And that's part of the work that we have to do. And that's what I talk about a lot with or is it's like what is your what are your triggers?


You know, because like, those things usually come out in judgement towards others or things like that. And if you investigate them then and you hash it out, then you're like, holy crap, OK, like, I get it now and I'm going to fix that about myself. And I can talk about these things, which is what your whole show is about here. It's like, let's just flip and talk about it and like free people up from these constraints.


But yeah, purple's in the bedroom. There are a lot of fun like that. And if people had a problem with the stuff that you talk about, those just aren't your people. That's how I felt about them. It just wasn't. Yeah, I'm not going to hang out that part. They said, OK, let's talk about yellows and greens and bad, because I'm very curious. OK, so I'll have greens for last because they're more like that, is she?


My God, yeah. And then there's like distinctions with fetishise. We got to get to that. But like, OK, so yellow yellow people, they like moments, you know, so like they're more like into you know, it's like, OK, tonight's the night I try to become a yellow. It's hard for me. I love yellow people. They plan so well, like, you know, they're the ones that like I don't know, they just knew they should pack an overnight bag when they're on this date.


They just know it was going to go there so that they never look they never have the walk of shame, you know, because like for like, how would you know what a pack that outfit like? How would you know to do that? Like they have a to do list mentality in the bedroom to a little bit. So they're the types like in relationships they'll plan sex like OK, we're going to do at this date or like whatever. They love foreplay, they're more your foreplay people instead of just I mean we all like that.


But like I feel like they're more into it a little bit more and everything's more like in first you do this and then we do this and then it kind of like that.


I like are you thinking of the people, you know, like this? I like I have a friend that like. Yeah. In the bedroom that I just know she's just like that. It's like the plan sex and she could just make out for hours and she's like always prepared. And she said, yeah, it's like I can sorry I interrupt you. Oh. It's like having like a menu and sometimes like, you know, I like to like give a blowjob, get on top, have them get on top.


I like you know, I like some steps sometimes. Are they very planned out like that. Always. Yeah. And they might also be like, well it's the third date. So that means that we can do this and and I'm not this. Is it wrong if I sleep with you because we did this twice or something like that, like they have their own like a let me do low key and erotic at times. I guess it's probably their flaws, just a little neurotic.


And I say that with love and it is with love. Yeah. They get stuff done like they're usually, you know, them. It's like very cheerful, like optimistic, like happy people who just always have plan for things their whole lives like this. And in the bedroom they're very fun and they're very the thing with them is they usually end up with people in yellow. People usually end up in relationships that look really good, like from the outside, like everything's accounted for and in the bedroom, they really try to replicate that.


They really want, OK, you know, spend two nights, we should have sex again. Like they're more like on top of how things are on paper a little bit. And that's how they make sure everything's OK. So that's OK. Yeah. Yeah, that makes sense. Are they more likely to have relationships that sort of look good on paper, aren't as great behind closed doors sometimes. Sometimes that can happen. That can happen more with yellow people.


Again, it all really depends on their background and stuff like that. But the ego I call, you know, the ego is the human part of us that sneaks in and takes over and all the wrong ways. So the ego with yellow people, that's how it comes in. Like if everything looks cookie cutter from the outside, then everything's great. Yellow people always have the best underwear.


Like, that's just my random like I like. So on yellow, it's funny, I don't wear underwear. Oh OK. I have flecks of yellow. OK, there's some things that you see that I make notes all day, every day. I can't leave the house on my Moleskine. I just write the same note every single day over and over and over again. I love interior design. I have the best underwear. Wow. Well you either are smart to still like there's parts of you that can like mold into and that's the blue if you like.


I'll see blue people be able to do anything, you know, who have intelligence because like blue people can mold into like what's the role I need to be in like that and a lot of ways. But yeah, that's yellow people, good underwear and not you. Yeah. Yeah. They're just like put together all the time, you know what I mean. Like I know these people, they're just always fucking put together. Yeah. You're just like are you ever just a sloppy mess like me.


And I could see them also making choices for relationships. And this isn't a bad thing, but I think should I choose on our God, we would just love to be with something that makes us laugh. And it's smart. And like I think that those people probably are more I mean, you tell me because you're the expert. You're right. I could see them making a list, an actual checklist and being like specific income level specific type of job, like specific married family housing, you know, like once like everything you just said.


Yes. And they usually end up with like the the wealthy, you know, financial analyst. We don't know what he does quite, you know, job. And like we're like, oh, OK. And like, they have this great. And it just that's just because they yellows are good manifestos. That way they can just kind of see things. And usually society does favor yellow people and green people. Society asks our current Western like we Jews tend to favor the definitely the bachelor.


The frickin bachelor. They always pick a green bachelor. Well, they seem like a less emotional type of person, outwardly emotional. I feel like Ashley is like quicker to anger. I'm quicker to be like a ridiculous person and be loud. And I think that maybe we're a lot. Yeah. And also this is I feel like yellow is like people that. Or yellow or like that's me and listening to this, it's very specific and it's like I can think of my friends that are yellow is like really right off the top of my head.


I don't even barely have to, like, dig deep, but it's also no shade. It's not that you, like, live a fake life. Oh, no, you're just like it's regimented. It's manifested its appearance matters, I guess. Yeah. They, they, they care about they care about the packaging because I know a lot of it has to do with they don't want to look messy to anybody else. They want they, they want them to look and they want things to feel good for other people too.


So part of that is like their appearance or how they they're very professional usually, you know, things like that. And and they're usually great to work with and they're great to be friends with. And they're usually extremely honest as well. They have an honesty thing too. I'm thinking of female boss. I've had it. Yes, I'm with Ashley. No, she does. People I actually look at those people a lot and feel envious that, like they don't have to say every single thing that comes to their mind, like every thought I have comes out of my face.


And I think that that's not always the best thing in every situation. I'm not going to change that at this point. But like, yeah, I am. And you're like I try to get change at this point. OK, let's have these freaky green, freaky greens of greens. Is that a salad greens we should come up with, by the way? That's our next job. Our next venture is fast casual. Girls got to eat crow, going to eat freaky greenkeeper green people.


I had to categorize them because there's so many types.


There's like gaymer green and green, green and CEO green and like science guy green. But like in the bedroom, we'll just keep it simple here. You get either you get extreme, you get extreme with the green. So I'll either see green people being like so frickin focused on you. It's stressful. Like they'll know like which way your vagina is shaped like your did you know that you're crooked, that your uterus is tipped like they'll tell you shit like that and you'll be like cool there because they have a scientific way of thinking of things.


And so those types of guys like they'll tell though I don't know, they're like really into like insects. They're like very much into like the rituals of it. And a lot of ways like like first you have to look this way and then we do that so they can be like almost. And if you have an issue with so much attention, that can be extremely stressful. It sounds like they're good at oral. Probably. Yeah, they are, but it's almost like a machine.


So you could be like Kenia, change it up a little or not it you know, can you shock me. Yeah. Or can you do something different or can you just like I don't know like cause it's more about like what they do and like how they do it, like the process. So these, these people are usually like really good with mechanics or they're engineers or they're like so, so they kind of treating you the same way. A little bit like your own car.


Yep. Yeah. So and you can kind of feel if you're like kind of aware or and you're like this is weird, like do do something that's about me a little bit. So that's one type. But I mean and then you kind of feel bad if you're complaining about that because you're like, oh that's like a lot of nice attention, so whatever. But then some of them. I like some of them, have like major, major freak issues.


Now there's lots of fetish stuff, you know, and then there's like there's like the I guess the more one of them like what's whatever fetish is like a foot fetish, like whatever, you know, like, ah, like you said like titty fucking like OK, whatever. You know what I mean. Big deal. These guys are the ones that want to be tied up a certain way or they're I don't know, they need to be walked on or stomped on or that giant.


You ever hear about the giant thing. I actually am I this has happened more than once in my readings where like she has like the my God, have you heard of this one or you know what, OK, the guy is dead. There's this, like, roleplayed thing where the girl's really big, like a giant and he's tiny and you have to play this whole part with them. I'm not even making this up. I, I think it sounds fine and healthy.


It's just I want to say it's totally fine and healthy. It's just going to play that way. I mean, I can play that just my own self. Yeah. Like I can just find a short guy and we can do that. I'm already a giant like that because that's all I can do that any minute right after this interview that's being right. It's better. It's just how we are normal like that one.


That's like a whole rabbit hole. But like I am going to pick it up. Like what do you do? What do you treat them like? Are like a miniature person.


That's crazy the way you did that. I had one guy, though, that really wanted me to, like, walk on his back with heels. He wanted me to tell him he was worthless.


He wanted me to, like, tie his balls up with stockings with who I am. But yeah, I want to know more about green outside bedroom, but inside the bedroom. Let's let's cover this because like what? So I'm just curious, like, what leads somebody to be that level of freakishness. Yeah. It's not weird to me. You don't find it a lot. Yeah. As long as it's consensual or is. That's not all Green's obviously, you know, like that's just like I think I do so many readings with so many people that are going through something because like I don't think you get a reading if you're just fine, you know what I mean.


Like something like usually you're going. So I do have the advantage of being able to have talked to a lot of people dealing with a lot of different situations in their life. So this stuff does come up and and like the partner will be like, oh, my God, is this a reflection on me? Like usually like they'll take it really personally and it's like, no, this is nothing to do it. Like, this is just that's their thing.


Oh, yeah.


Usually it definitely has something to do with like their mother or something.


I mean, like being suppressed in some way by their father rejection or who knows what like or maybe even like kind of a strict upbringing or just less sex positive in general. Yeah, it could be. It's usually from childhood or something. And, you know, it's just kind of we all have our thing that I guess we're repressed on, but green people. And I think the way that it expresses themselves in people who have a green aura is because they tend to be way more scientifically minded.


So everything that they do anyhow is usually very logical and calculated and very scientific and very step by step oriented and ritualistic. So I mean, the way that they even deal with their cars, like don't eat in my car or they get a clean every Tuesday or, you know, the way that they are with their shoes are like the way that they are with their dry cleaning is the same way they are in the bedroom. So OCD, it's like micromanaging, it's like such.


And and so it's mine. And I listen a lot. And the other side of green people is they can be like extremely passionate lovers, chill, you know, but like, yeah, I'm just that's what I see the most with the green people. Now, red people can have fetishes too, but I see them more being like the regular stuff, you know, like dominatrix shit, their desire to be in control and run of the mill shit.


I love this notion that you guys both we're taking it a little bit like the people don't people show up to relationships with their own shit and their own baggage. That has to be put in the bags for decades and has nothing to do with you. So I think that, like, you learn to speak your partner's language, but like if someone is really sexually repressed you to do that. And we hear from a lot of girls like I don't know how to approach my partner about this fetish or this type of porn.


I want to watch, you know, thank you for that, you know, normalising, asking for this stuff. But like your partner had a whole life before you. So they have shown up with all these baggage, but without anything you've done. So it does take time, I think, to work through that with any family. Yeah, you it just comfort and communication and being like, OK, like this makes them happy. And if this is something that I'm cool with do then let's let's figure it out.


But don't make it about you, you know, like as soon as you make it about you or like do I do something wrong. And that's can you not have me the regular way or like things like that. It can get in your head a little bit and then it can mess with your own triggers or your own feelings of not, you know, self worth. So these things can blow up. And it's I mean, it's funny to talk about the fetishes because they are funny.


I mean, they're just they're funny, you know, like it what people come up with.


But, yeah, the green people, usually they're the ones with that, all the stuff. It's funny. We're like all fucking weird and do we are funny. Should Absolutely. Can you talk about. Which ones go best together and are there any just like the ones that clash? Yes, there are. You do not like I can't even think I'm a green guy. I wouldn't know part of it. It would end well. You sent me a picture.


We had to talk about that. Yes, we actually got to tell you, we're going to talk about you, I'm telling the audience, we're going to talk about people I've dated and we spent a really long time talking about who we were going to select for you. So we will unpack that. But all right. So I won't get into that now. But like, OK, so reds and greens usually are. No, no. It's like they just I know it's almost like they get along fine, like in the regular world, but in the bedroom it's kind of like, OK, like it's just like I of asked Ashley to tie their balls up with stockings and then walk on their back actually like get the fuck out.


Yeah I know. Exactly right.


And purple's go really well probably because like red people don't mind, like bad people do like to be in control a little bit, but they don't mind a little feisty pushback on that. And it's like so both colors have a lot of passion. So it's kind of just like red people like to be surprised or like shocked, like, oh, OK, you're going to pull that on me. OK, that's cool. All right. Like, let me do this back to you and then they don't worry so much about each other's feelings during it.


I mean, like, you're it's really hard to insult a red person and it's really hard to insult a purple person in life. And then I feel like in the bedroom, like because it's just like if it's all in fun and it's all passion and fun, it's like they can really lose themselves both in it. That's why I usually see red and purple people. They last the longest in relationships in general, because even if they they have fights or disagreements like over a regular life stuff in the bedroom, they always work out my husband's a red.


So like that's why I feel like we've worked out to, like, you just you'll work out in the bedroom even if you don't work out anywhere else like that kind of thing. So do they work blues, work with anybody? I often see blues with greens because of the whole like where they they really want somebody to be happy and they really want to feel the other person being, you know, I don't know, feel good about themselves. And that's like a main motivation.


And it's really sweet, like in their in their sexual expression. So green people, they like that. They're like, OK, you want to do this, you want me to tie your balls up? And he goes or whatever you guys are saying, like OK, like they're they're OK with that. Sounds great. Yeah. Happy. Well I actually said somebody the other day like I was talking to you. I also talked to you. I said I am actually not usually the one that incites freaky fetish stuff.


I'll do it and I'll I'll say like I remember who I was like, wow, you must be fun to have sex with. But like, I'll sort of let somebody take the lead so somebody else has, like, freaky fat. But I'm not usually the one that is provoking the freaky fetish stuff. Yeah. And I feel like that made me think of you saying reds are people like me, like purple in terms of purple not being as fetishised, but like adventurists like yeah I think yeah I'm always down to like try this thing I haven't tried before.


That's not so out there. Yeah. Just light, light pushing of the boundaries. It's not the first time a guy was like let's get a cock ring. Like that's not wild and crazy, that's not a fetish. But I was like, oh, I've never done that before. One hundred percent. Let's try it. You know, I think it's just been kind of like open, but I don't know that I'm down for anything. I'm not claiming to be.


I think you're probably a little more down for like and completely out of the ordinary fetish more. But I don't usually suggest it. I don't usually bring it to the table. Yeah. Boundaries and and like, you know, depending on who we are as people, like, that's going to change person to person for sure. Right. And who with two and like how much you want it to work like you know and how I really like I'm a fly and I'll do this thing like I like you know, like you make concessions to who are yellow is fucking yellow is really there are so good with everybody.


Yellow, yellow on yellow yellows and reds, not so good yellows and blues, yellows and greens, yellows like purples. But they can find them like a little bit to I don't know, like all over the place.


Yeah. Sloppy. You're like they don't fit my aesthetic for me. Yeah. Like or maybe like like I have a yellow friend and she broke up with somebody because he wouldn't take a shower after sex and it's like and I'm like really like that's who cares.


She like that's like fucking people from the other side of the tracks. What you're saying, they think it sounds like a good idea. They're like fetishized it a little bit but. That's right. No. Yeah, that's you don't fit the aesthetic. Right.


And yeah. So that's kind of how it breaks down. I mean I think everybody fucks everybody, but like I think like the long term stuff and then like I don't like purples and blues they generally. But those relationships it's hard because like it depends on the person and maybe on their other colors, but they were great. But they can be like a lot of feelings and a lot of ways. Is it too much? Sometimes too many feelings. Yeah.


And like, you kind of need somebody to not have feelings, so you have them or the other way around you. It can be a little match with the purples and the blues. What a cry to the better. Yeah, too much crying, too many issues. Yeah. OK, I had a quick question for you. Well, I guess we can answer this. I was going to ask you could be can you figure out your or on your own.


But I think that's pretty. People now are hearing this and they're probably figuring out which one they are unless they're lying to themselves. Yeah, yeah.


You can figure it. Like I said, it's a vibe. I always say, like, what motivates you? That's where you start with. Like what? Like what? Truly not what you do, what truly motivates you. And if you sometimes you got to dig a little because sometimes the motivation is like, I like to do new things and that's like, you know, I like to break the mold. That's a motivation. Or sometimes the motivation is like, I like to make the people around me happy.


I like to to make them feel good. That's a motivation. Or I like to achieve or I like to compete or I like to innovate, you know. So, like, there's you have to if you can kind of really gather that that can change your life. First of all, like what motivates me at the core, because it's different for all of us. And if you can figure that out, you can figure out your color. I just want to, like, run through them to make sure we have this right.


And people are kind of like trying to backtrack. So like motivation. I feel like red is like achieve be the best be at the top of my game. Yes. Purple feels like I want to see the world and accomplish things, but like have all these experiences. Yeah. And Blue is like I want to please others and be a good friend and a good partner and all of that maybe. Yeah. Yeah. Make good connections. Yeah.


Good connections.


Green you know for green people yellow is. I want my life to be perfect. Yeah. Like I want things to be orderly, you know, and fashion what they truly are like. Yeah. If sometimes it helps if I name some celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg the green. OK, yeah. I like what's, what's greedy. What color would have just told the expert all five of the colors red I wanted. Which color would it be like. I would explain it to you because I actually read that as I do.


So do you write. I love to be right. I had it. That makes me feel good because I used to be a teacher. So I'm like, good, she has retention. Let's go. Let's do that. But I'm going to tell you all the things that I know about that I was seated by. I, I appreciate it.


Oh, they're actually going to do one thing we always talk about.


Irena has talked about it. She brought up kind of early on in our in the podcast is like. Not exactly, always knowing why you like somebody on a date or, you know, it's just it's everything's here, they're perfect on paper. They have all these things I've been looking for, you know, on my checklist, whether it's a physical checklist or not, you know, like, why don't I like them? And it's like there's really no explanation.


It's energy. It's the way they smell. It's the way they look at you. It's just like sometimes you can't explain it because you have these two people that seem like they should be a great match, but they just aren't. And the answer is just like energy. They just feel like she's right. Yeah, like I and that's that is a purple thing. I just trust your gut. Like, because, like, the big thing is like, you know, before you have knowledge, like so like, like if you meet somebody sometimes you can feel like this is or isn't going to work out.


I have no idea why it's easier with your friends. Like if like you see somebody dating your friend and you're like, oh my God, he's about he's bad news like, well why? I'm like, I don't know. I don't know. And like later you're right, you know, but like in the moment you just have to trust that something will come to light that proves that to you and that your gut. Well, it's good that we're normalizing stuff like this more because I feel like maybe ten, twenty years ago you would be like, I don't know, he has a bad aura and some would be like, OK, Phoebe from friends, like, what are you talking about?


Like, what are you fucking a witchy hippie to be like woo woo person. And now it's like so much more acceptable to be like he has a bad aura than your friends. Like, you're right, I trust their guys too. I mean, there is this episode called You're Not the One in September or October. I was one of our favorite episodes, just about like good on paper guy. And you're like, I should like everything about this person.


They make sense, like economically, socially, religious wise. We match up like whatever. And it just doesn't it's like I don't know, I just read in Vibe with different auras. Yeah. Yeah. And it's OK. So I'm, we would love because you mentioned talking about sex dreams and we would love to just unpack them a little bit with you and your expertise in sex dreams, because I have them all the time, but I want to know what they mean.


Well, did you say is the word astral? Does that mean astral strong? What is that word? OK, so secretary. So there's. Yeah. So there's like there's dreams. Yeah. Astral sex. There's dreams which are just dreams, you know, like where you I don't know like have a dream and it's really stupid and like sometimes are symbols in it. I'm like like a bear was chasing me and like usually either late just or my teeth or feeling out.


Yeah. Or I'm flying or like whatever. Those are more like symbolic like you dealing with your own subconscious, like that kind of thing. Then there's astral projection which you got to like jump on the train with me because like that's where you actually go into your astral body and you leave your physical body and you can actually meet on astral planes. Dead people is like your twin flames, like all sorts of things and have like they feel like more real experiences.


So have you I mean, if you've ever, like, met up with an ex like that and then you were like, oh my God, you wake up and the difference is then a dream is that it feels real. It bothers you the rest of the day. And then it's sometimes you'll hear from them or something or you'll hear your song or you'll hear something that kind of like, oh my God, I just had that thing. And then I heard our song, or then my friend mentioned him or like whatever.


That's usually like a cue in that it wasn't just, you know, a dream, it was something more than that. So it's kind of like your higher selves hang out and astral sex is a thing. And I hear about it a lot. And it's kind of like you have sex with an axe or a sex with somebody that, you know, on the astral plane, but it feels real. Has that ever happened to you? Yeah, I had a crazy dream about my ex that, like, I just knew he was with somebody else.


And, like, I found out maybe a week or so later, but, like, the dream was so, so realistic. I mean, this is not like a heartache. I think we've all had these where you're like that happened. I don't know how to describe it to you. My mom's had some crazy stuff happen. Yeah. With, like predicting like death of a family member, kind of wild stuff like that. Visitation from a pet, like stuff like that, you know.


Yeah. I'll have things where I'm upset for hours, like very upset all day and they'll hear from the person that has happened to my dad. So you're that's interesting. Not that I'm like a clairvoyant, I that's what that is, though. You were picking up on there. Like, if we're just if energy is energy. Right. And like some of us are more open to it, like you're just picking up on their waves towards you.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, if you had dreams where you had sex or hooked up with somebody and you like, I've woken up like, so upset that they weren't right there.


Yeah. And I masturbate and go back to sleep. Yeah. That can happen.


So it feels real. I will see people meeting up with their exes like their twin flames or people that they didn't have closure with. And then that can be really, really stressful or they'll be in a relationship and they're having sex in these astral situations with an ex and they're like, oh my God, I feel like I cheated, like things like that. So, yeah, that's a very common people. I took like a poll, like a super non-scientific poll in my Instagram was like fifty percent of people said they did it like.


So I'm like, that's pretty high, I think. For people to admit it, so I know also telling somebody that you are interested in that you want to date not like an axe, but like somebody you're interested in, that you had a dream about them can open the door to get to them being interested in you back like a friend of mine who is still with this guy. She's been with him for years. They were always friends. They worked together in some capacity.


And she started to look at him in a different way. And she did have a dream about him. This wasn't like a lie, but she wanted to get, you know, change their dynamic dynamic of their friendship. She was like, I'm interested in him romantically and I don't really know what to do. And she told him she had a dream about him. And he was like, I think you can gauge if someone's interested in you. If a guy doesn't like you at all or the girl doesn't like you at all, they're like, cool, sounds neat.


And they just like, shut it down. Like I said, they're like, well, what happened in the dream? And then you can kind of be like, we we had sex or whatever, and it worked for her. And still to this day and there they've been together for years now. We always say that's like a tip you can do if you want to pick somebody interested. That's a good one. That's what terrible guys do all the time.


I had a dream about you last night. I thought I saw you walking across the street yesterday. I thought I saw you at the grocery store. Do me a favor. Don't reach out. I don't want to hear the lie. Men do this together, probably, but they're lying because they're lying. Women would never lie about their dream. Yeah, it's like way more intimate when a woman says it. What is a twin flame for me?


Yeah. So soul mates and twin flames are different soul mates. The way I see it, I mean, you could talk like a bunch of different mediums like X and get like all these different answers. A soul mate is somebody you can have more than one of. Like you two are soul mates, you know, and it doesn't mean it's sexual. It's like like as you totally explained to me at the beginning of this interview, like this is a platonic loving friendship.


But, yeah, it's like a soul mate relationship. So it's like past life stuff. Like you feel like home with the other person and you can have more than one of those in their lifetime. And they work out really nicely. And then twin flames that you can really screw you up like. So a twin flame, there's always a runner and a chaser. And usually the relationship is fast and quick and it's a few months. And it and what it is, is like your soul.


They say it's your soul split in two and one half is in somebody else and the other half is in you. But like that's what the explanation is. I just feel like you're destined. Watch it. Yeah. So it's bad. So usually people who have twin flame situations, the thing is, is they're very old souls and like the story arc of it is like many lifetimes. And so you meet this person in every frickin lifetime and it's like you got to go through it.


And one of the lifetimes it'll finally work out. But usually nine times out of ten, you're not in that lifetime. So what it feels like is the best relationship, but the worst. And it just never quite works out. And it's not it's not too much. It's too much. Yes, too much. OK, and it's not an abusive relationship that's different because narcissists and sociopaths will make you feel like this is a magical relationship. It's not that.


It's just like I don't know, she can't figure it out. He can't figure it out, you know, or whatever. And it's like when you're with them, it's not just physical. It's like mental. It's spiritual. It's like, oh, my God, it's almost feels like an addiction to this person. And like, usually one person is the runner and one's the chaser. But when you're together, it's like perfect. But one person is always like, I'm not ready.


Or they just like they they go away, but then they always come back. And then you just have, like, dreams of them and then they show back up and there's always like these weird synchronicities, like my sister's birthday is your mom's birthday, like weird things like that. So that's a twin flame relationship. And if you've had one, you kind of know immediately, like I think that guy was my twin. Yeah, I had that.


Yeah. Like it's like so obvious. Yeah. It's hard to get over them and you always you never you never do. That's the other thing. You can still love and have great relationships and actually like it's not usually it's supposed to be a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. So you'll find that when you meet a twin flame, if you look back around that time of your life, like so much happened that got you to where you are today, even though it was likely that it's crazy.


You have this I have this beyond I like what you're what you're describing is exactly what happened. Yeah. I mean, there was my boyfriend I dated after college for one year, was the most explosive, mentally abusive relationship I've ever been. And I loved him like so fucking much. The sex was crazy, but we were terrible to each other. We fought all the time. It was insane. And then I moved to New York to like, get the fuck away.


I mean, that's not why I moved to New York, New York, because I had a degree large marketing and advertising. I always thought I'd live here, but like, it got so bad that I was just like, yeah, I have to live here. I mean, does he pop up a lot? Usually they pop up a lot. He tries to, like, get back in once every once a year. I'll send me some weird message and I don't ever respond.


They'll do weird things like and they know when you're happy to like telepathically because like when you're not thinking of him for a while to like, do something weird, like, oh my God, you you know, and it's like super annoying. Yeah. Yeah. That's one blame. But you can meet them in like your astral sex dreams and that's I can just screw you up for a day or two and then you move. Yeah. Yeah I've got.


That I'd never heard that. Yeah, I know. Oh, really? OK, I have a question before we get into this, because we're going to we sent you photos of I sent a video to people actually sent off out of here because you're going to read the auras, these people. And we picked very different people. But do you need to know our acts? You need to know like what? The background of the relationship. Well, let me read them first and then you can.


OK. OK, so so actually, the one that pops out the most to me, can you show us who you're OK. OK, sorry. Yeah. Out of all of them. Ashley is this guy. That guy. That's well OK. Let you tell me. All right. So this guy gives me the most stressed out of all the pictures here, because I feel like there's a lot of heartbreak going on. And he he's very sad.


I feel like you've got you're very sensitive, but I feel like he he's green and blue. All right. So he's got this, like, blue thing, but he he leads with the blue. And I feel like he covers up a lot of insecurity with it, honestly, because I feel like you got sides of him sometimes that were a little bit rigid. And I get like it really was coming. I feel like he's heartbroken. I feel like in his mind I feel like, well, that's like the twin flame person.


Yeah. That's why he's given me, like, he's making me sweat and like I did, he feels like. So it's hard for me to do anything. Ashley, it's OK. It was it was a lot of heartbreak. I'm sorry. And it started I should not like it's not like heartbroken now, but it was like so devastating that you would still be sad for the years of heartbreak. Absolutely. OK, continue. Sorry. No, I mean it's good to feel your skin.


Let it out, you know, like it's a lot of power. And I feel like with him you wonder if you made a mistake or something. But I feel like he never opened up one hundred percent and he thinks he did. And so I get there's a lot of miscommunication here between the two of you where he feels like the one that slighted or something. But really, he's he's very there's two sides to him. There's like there's an outward part that is very like this is the way it is and white and black and that other than that and like very but there's this inside.


It's extremely like hurt or something. And I get that he loves you a lot and I don't feel like that one anywhere. And that's what I get from that picture. But he's also stubborn as hell. Oh, my God. You got to understand that you're in the spotlight and he still notices you, you know what I mean? Like, you can avoid him, but he probably can't avoid you. So nobody noticed. So it's stressing him out and he feels like he he picked a predictable situation.


And so, like, it's kind of like but he still thinks and I just get that, like what he says and what he feels are two different things. And you would call him out on that a lot. And there would be like a lot of back and forth about it. And you were right. You know, you are more right. But like it still it still hurts. That's who pops out the most to me. And I do I do think that that is the person who she felt like her soul really matched with the most.


And I think that those are really hard relationships to let go of. Even if you don't think that you're you should be together forever. I think that you can still miss joking with the person and laughing and that person's insights. And, you know, I think that that's what I like. Dream that will be friends one day. Like, I don't think about him romantically, but yeah, I like well, it's OK to still love somebody and like, there's no way to get rid of that.


So you just have to make room for for it. You know, I don't know how we're going to edit this.


I think I think it's beautiful. I think it's a good message to other people that like, first of all, things can still cause you pain that you don't think about every day. I don't think Ashley thinks about this person ever unless we're talking about him. Do you know he's an example for the podcast? I don't think that he he never comes up in conversation. He's not used as an anecdote for anything. Sometimes I look at his Instagram, make fun of them.


That's my time that we talk about him. I think that things even though they you cry about it today, that doesn't mean that you're upset about it today can still be reminiscent of something really painful to you in the past. And it was. And I think you're happy for him. One hundred percent. Like, I just want him to be happy. And it's not a pining for the romantic relationship. I feel deep in my soul that that wasn't the person I was supposed to be with, but like it was like such a soulmate of my life and like a best friend, you know, somebody like felt like family.


It was it was I often find if it was supposed to happen, it would have happened. You know, I totally agree. I don't I don't have regrets. Like, it's just, you know, there were moments when I both felt this with axes of like, did I do everything I could? It just doesn't really matter. We weren't it worked out the way it was supposed to. Yeah. And actually, I mean, again, if you're a newer listener to this podcast, actually, and I in Aruba, we all joke around about that night and we had dinner together in Aruba.


But really what like me to her was that we stayed up the entire night, me, her and a group of girls. And we talked about our previous relationships and we spot we started we bonded over and we connected on four. Ours, just like drinking in this hotel lobby, talking about our exes and, you know, I don't I had been engaged previously and I think I was still sort of getting over that even years later. And that's what bonded us.


So he was sort of a catalyst for us to, like, become close and start this show. And this show was very healing to me. And so all of this was a catalyst for the show. OK, so now I look at Reyna's people, OK, so now both of them talk to me for different reasons. But on this one, I don't know if I should tell you this. I did not have very serious long term relationships with either of these.


That's OK. That's good, cause I'm not going to say nice things because like this one here. Oh, OK.


I've come apart, Michela. I don't talk about context clues, actually. OK, Chameleon Green, I don't even talk about Chameleon Green Head. OK, so this is a type of guy who he says whatever needs to be said in the moment to fit in. And I feel like that's what he did to you. And I feel like the thing with Urana is like you can feel people's intentions. So they could they could say, I don't know, AOL for breakfast and that other than all these lies and you can feel underneath if they believe it or not, you know, and I feel like that's what you go from.


And the thing is, I feel like he believed a lot of the shit that he said. And I get that. So it's hard to gauge people like that because, like, I truly feel like he believed the stuff that was coming out of his mouth that that, like, made up his identity. And I feel like he had like a false like a false identity. And I feel like he wanted to be seen as like richer or cooler.


And and I get that he wanted to be seen as like I get almost like an artistic thing with him because he's great. He's chameleon green with purple. It's like he pretends to be I don't know if he's pretending to be like in the industry or producer or something weird like that, because I like talk myself up, but you can't see our faces. We are losing our minds. And I feel like he just.


But is it lying if somebody believes what they say, you know what I mean? And I don't know. I think it's a it's a it's a symptom of a personality disorder. I feel like we don't think he was like a manipulative liar. We think exactly what you're saying.


You know, like, I feel like he believes what he said. So like what you know, what does that make him, you know, and tell him, stop serving him? You know, I think he'll say what he needs to say until it stops hurting him. And he feels like a bit of a go stir. And he feels like he like as soon as you figure him out, it's like, poof, you know, I got to go because he can only exist in his in his, like, false reality he creates for people.


But it's a guys of your lissi like McKeyla. She didn't have time to, like, reverse Google image search. These people didn't give her the names. And there's no Instagram handle. We crapped out every single information she could find. And we sent these to you three minutes before we hit record. Not that I'm not that people are doubting you. Are you ready? We were ready. We we didn't send you names, photos days ago so you could research these people.


We sent you pictures and nothing else a minute before we hit record on this. So it just again, we are not doubting you, but I want people I love reading pictures.


That was it, because I was trying to be like, should I have them be smiling? Should I have full bodies? Like this person is not somebody I had a long term serious relationship with. This is somebody who I met, who I instantly felt like was my person. I felt like I was going to be in love with this person. He's like everything I want in terms of somebody. How funny, creative, interesting. Like, he fucked me up and then he just, like, strung me along for like fifteen, sixteen months.


And just like, yeah, I think you have a lot of bullshit. Probably believed it, but I think he strongly along he like lied about this relationship that he was in because I think that he thought he would like I think he liked what I was selling. I think he liked being a part of my life. I think he liked the creativity. I think that he thought maybe I could help him professionally the second that I figure it out, exactly the kind of person he is and that he was basically manipulating me to do certain things professionally.


And I told him, no, he never talked to me again. Does he like a false career or something? Because, like, he felt like kind of like weird like that. Like you can't put a label on it. Yes. Yes, exactly that. And he tries to give off this like he's this creative and he's done it. He doesn't even have a fucking career. Also, what you said just still gets tied in to him having a girlfriend this whole time while you guys were hanging out every fucking day.


And I'm going to walk like he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. Like he doesn't. I feel like he doesn't exactly what you said. He doesn't think he's a liar and a manipulator. He can convince himself that he's living a truthful life. Yes.


He made it seem like there's this girl. I'm not sure this or not. He made it seem like there was this girl. It was like he was in a long distance. I use relationship loosely that when I go to where she lives, we sleep together. I had no idea this is like a serious relationship. But yes, we're spending all this time together. We he was we were spending late nights. We never nothing physical ever happened during that time.


So he wasn't physically cheating on her. But yes, we were taking walks every morning together. We were spending all day together. And then I found out she had moved here to live with him in his apartment like a very serious relationship. And again, in the court of law, he did not cheat on her. Yeah, certainly didn't do anything for motional cheating. Yeah. I think he led me to believe this wasn't that big of a deal.


And this really this guy like really like rocked me in like a battle. I feel sorry he's until he feels intelligent and he feels like really tuned in to you. And that's the type of predator, you know, at the type of predator park predator. When we see predators, we think of people who are like, you know, vicious or like Joe Goldberg from you or something like that. There's a different type of predator. And they they just wanted frickin your attention.


They just want your attention and they want in in you you, Raina. You're very special, and he saw that and he's like, oh, I'm going to I'm going to suck that up for me, you know, like this attention and what and what that brings to me or whatever. And yeah. So that's what he did. But that's Chameleon Green, like, they'll just they'll just chameleon themselves into like whatever whatever they need to be to survive or feel like they're like attention seeking people like but the bad way.


So if you're not one of these, you'll trick you what she did over and over again, even though I actually screamed in my face continuously, I hate this guy. I mean, I don't think that you're I'm not I don't think I'm a weak, stupid person. Like, I feel like I let myself believe that I enjoy this person. And when I realized he was like, really, seriously using me for professional gain, I cut it off.


And that was last time we ever spoke. Yeah. And you're only human, you guys vibe. And you gave him the benefit of the doubt until you saw him for who he really was. So. All right. Who's next tattoo guy right now or we can do it.


Let's do this guy.


OK, yeah.


So we're not going to cry. He doesn't look like you'd cry. So he's green to what is with you with these green.


So he's green but he's game or green game or greens are completely different type of green. So he feels like he lives in a subgroup in a way of the world where he kind of sees things in a really cool outside perspective, which can make him be like interesting. I feel like it's really interesting to listen to. So I feel like he's like, oh, what's the word? You know, he's what's that? There's probably a term in comedy for it or something like when observational humor or something like I feel like you can see how everything is and then like comment on it.


It's like, oh my God, you're so right. That's so funny.


And I feel like that's kind of where he's at or whatever. I feel like he's a little currence or something because I get this kind of like feeling where I don't want to like it's my own hesitation to like, say if it's going to work out or not, because I don't like to like make you feel safe I guess, or whatever. Oh no. It's, it's, it's current but it's like, OK, does whatever you say. Well not if you like a friendship and it feels like fun and he's very sweet and I just get that his serious level is like very low like and I and I get that like he just doesn't feel like a huge committer.


I feel like commitment makes him tired and fatigued, like when we talk about emotional commitment. So yeah. Yeah. Like emotional. Like he'll show up for like work or things like that. But I feel like yeah he's got like a fatigue going on when it's like, well let's make this a label or something and totally and I feel like I have a big thing with my psychic readings is free will. One thousand percent takes care of everything. You have all the joys, nothing's written in stone like at all.


But there are places that can waste your time. And I do feel like with him he's not he's a good friend. But I feel like you need to be seeing other people to which I feel like you are. We're not and we're not dating, but like, OK, I think we'll have sex again, ever.


I feel like I'm nervous that if he has sex with you again, you'll think it's more serious than it is.


Oh, I do not think that I know. I think that it's easy to fall back and I think the sex is good. You enjoy him. I think it's not even a deal. I also think that he's young and that also is why maybe it feels less serious because he's not in the same playing field as you find these ladies fun. And I feel like he's not a bad guy at all now. He feels like a really nice guy. I've always said about him he will never do anything terrible.


Exactly. He feels very upfront, but also like he's one of those guys. And I think like we meet these people sometimes, like, well, I never said we were serious there for or I never said this or I never said that. So it's not bad if I go, you know, if you find out he's hanging out with, like a bunch of other girls, it's like, well, he never you know, we never made this a thing.


And I think he does it on purpose. So and that's a green person thing. Like, I'm not a bad guy, even though we hang out a lot and this looks like it should be something we never made it official, therefore it's not. So. Yeah, and I think he's I think. Do you see Aluf at all? That's like a word I would really use to describe him is like actually like genuinely aloof, not just like pretending to be like, oh, he feels like he's into he feels like a kid in a lot of ways, like thank you and Jesus.


He is like I think that something that you're talking about will change when he actually grows up. He's a lot younger than maybe I you know, and I don't know how well he's going to do with the ups and downs of, like, whatever he's trying to do, by the way, you know, like the way that you two have, you know, like it does sometimes you fall on your face, you know what I mean? And you have to, like, dig out of that.


And I don't know if he knows what that's like yet. And I feel like when he does go through that, he can totally disappear, get really down on himself and get stressed out. And then he icey can self isolate sometimes when he stressed and things. So you instead of like being like invite people in to help me, I feel like he pushes people away because he does want anybody to see him as a failure. So he's he's a lot deeper than he pretends to be.


So yeah, I get that he's he's a smart guy, but yeah. Like Aluf. Yeah. I just don't feel like he wants to have anything. No Albatros. And it's sad that he's things like relationships, some green people have this thing where they can't be successful and they can't be emotionally happy at the same time. So I feel like he's one of them. Could be that I could have. Yeah. And that was kind of a conversation we had, that type of thing.


I don't think I can balance a relationship, but I said to him, like, I'm not looking to be in a relationship. Warren and I were on a world tour at the time. You know, I was like, I'm not looking for that either. And I think he then he was like, wait. Oh, I think I helped him see that you could do both. You could hang out with somebody and enjoy their company. You don't have to have a label on it and you can still succeed professionally.


And then he was kind of like took a few days and was like, OK, well, I do want to date. And then it was like, OK, but now the world stopped and then that was it. So everything you said was spot on. Shocker. OK, this next one actually don't you want to stop giving clues your face. God, just I that he's red. He is very red.


So I feel like the passion isn't there and he gives me kind of like that, I don't know, like a heart racing feeling with it like oh I like that. Like that's good. But I get this thing like where don't you to be successful if you're just let her read it.


That's funny. Well some read people. Well I says well shut up. OK, I'm sorry, I'm not going to say anything else. I'm going to get out of the frame. She's like laying down. I feel like he likes you a lot and he feels like he can kind of control you a little bit.


Right. But he's not controlling. I feel like he just likes to try to. I'll tell you what to do or make you like more, he feels like genuinely interested in you, but I do get something holding him back and I'm trying to figure out what that is. I don't know if it's like that because it feels like there's distance between the two of you. I don't dislike geographical or if this is just like something weird like that, because I get there is something where he's trying to talk you into something or sell something to you and it feels like he he's and the good thing is he does not he's like, you go do you?


He loves everything about you, like the whole purple thing that's thinks that's great. You know, you talking the way you do. I feel like he's super into it all, that he just wants that all on him. And I feel like, I don't know, he wants to kind of scoop you up and keep you like this little dog he's holding in this picture. And I feel like he just wants to keep you like your little sphere, like little renot like and I want to keep her or whatever.


And he does feel like he can talk down a little bit of like what you like the industry or did it. And, you know, you think about life and moving forward. And I feel like he has promises for you and he means it, but they're they're much simpler than the ones maybe you have. So I feel like he is.


How much is a symptom is a symptom of your vacillation? A little bit like can I do what I do in life? This is like your subconscious talking. I don't know if it is, but this is what I get. Like, can I do what I do in life and be successful and be rained on, be on this guess and everything I want to do and be a good wife, mother, like all these other things I might want to do someday too.


And I feel like he's a symptom from spirit trying to tell, you know, you have to choose and I feel like that's incorrect. You don't have to choose. And why can't he motioned into your life instead of you mushing into his life. And I feel like that's because, like said, people sometimes and usually red people aren't what's the word, insecure? Or usually they're not like he's not like he wouldn't have a problem with having a spotlight, like usually.


Right. People aren't like that. And I don't feel like he does. I just feel like he wants us for himself, his own. That's what I get from him. So I get a sales job here. This is like a hundred percent humidity. Like he wants to live this, like specific life that is so outside the realm of anything I would ever do. He wants to live on a boat in the middle of nowhere, I'm sure.


Yeah. And he is he loves what I do and I'm so proud of it. But I think that, like, there he is immoveable to doing anything that I want him to do. And that's not bad. He's saying these are my boundaries. These are up front what I want. You can just accept them or not because they just make you a bad guy. But I do think he sort of like mocks my lifestyle and teases me about it a lot.


And it really bothers me. And like Nine's the last time we talked, like, we sort of had like a fight. And then I was like you. I feel like you do this to, like, pick at me and break me down or something because, like, you're intimidated by me making money or being successful. And I don't like it and it's not fun. And it makes me fire back in a way that I'm not proud of either.


You can only have one right in your life.


Did me bitch hate this?


But yeah, I feel like he and trust me, he will go after you, Ashley, because like you are, you are the person that he knows is the only anchor keeping her like away from him.


But I do. Do I have that, you know, like he he lived in a city that I really lived and I thought, you know, can I live this life and also have this person? I'm not going to give up everything for anybody like this, the number one thing in my life. But yeah, it is made me think not just about him, but in general, like, can I have this life and have a partner that is tethered to something?


And I and I get to go do other stuff. You know, if you don't want this kind of like Spotlight Life where I'm going to talk about them, if they are a private citizen, if they need to live like what? I fell in love with somebody who lived like Denver, like what would I do? So I do think about stuff like that for sure. I just you you can have it all. We both can. It's I just don't think he is the guy.


I don't think like brings out your best self. I don't think not that he you know. I agree. You know what I mean. Well, he's just a symptom of like you thinking that's a choice that needs to be made. And that's just like that's a false agreement that you're probably your soul trying to break. You know, like Rayna, you can have everything. You can have everything just the way you want it. You don't have to give something up to be lovable, you know, like that.


And I feel like that's that's where he pops in to teach you that and you're learning that. And yeah, like it's not that big of a deal to, like, be in a relationship with you and do things like a compromise. Yeah, I think that with this person it would be the most sacrifice and compromise in the was an extreme example of it. So yeah, that would never work out. But this was insane. Like, I mean I know that that, you know that you're psychic and you do this and this is what your expertise is.


I think, you know, like it was every single word about these people was like so spot on, the most spot on. And I hope that people listen to all these things, even though isn't about them and learned a lot of lessons from each of those four things, because I think that, like, we really identified serious problems that you can have in every type of relationship and hopefully, like I. Into them, though, even to them in a good way, because what you just did was fucking crazy.


Thanks, girls. Thanks for having me on. Thanks for being open to it. And thanks for, like, my goal is really just what you said. I just want people to see themselves in these choices and be like, hey, wait a second. Like, where do I do that? Where do I compromise myself? So if anybody got that a little bit like that makes me very happy. Well, awesome. Well, yeah, this is like two hours.


We could talk to you. I'd like to show you more pictures, guys, so any time I'm here. OK, I thought about trying to tell you that. I thought about trying to trick you in, like, setting a photo of, like, my brother or something. I would have been like, is he a friend? That would have been like a weird vibe. I would've been like, is he like a friend or like like I would've gotten like a weirdo vibe off that.


Yeah. So plug all of your stuff. I mean, we know you have your podcast, like whatever people however people can connect with you, like all out there. We don't know if that you do private readings, like just go at it, just go for it and tell our listeners where to connect with you. All right.


So I am on Instagram, amnestic. Mikhaila and I have my podcast. No, you're Oura with Mistick. Mikhaila and I do have a website. Mistick Mikhaila dot com. Do you do private one on one. I do. I have a really long wait list right now. Are you. Do I do. Oh yeah I yeah but I, I do like a lot of pop up events. That's my new thing. Like, so like there's chances and I do like you know like a little pop up or readings and things like that.


So I try to you know, there's one of me but I'm trying to like do different things like with teaching and group readings and things like that. Well, this was absolutely incredible. And we'll have all of your stuff on our website in the episode descriptions, of course, if people want to find you. Thank you so much. You are welcome. Thank you so much. So, guys, this week we are going to forego the little game segment just because the episode is a little bit long from it.


See you next week. It will be back in full force. We've really funny segments with your submissions. We promise to have it back in full effect next week. Yes. Just to let you know. OK, well, guys, thanks for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode. You know where to find us. Girls got each podcast, Dotcom, our beautiful website. Just click on live shows and you can grab tickets to our virtual stupid live show on September 2nd.


You guys can also buy merch. You can follow us on Instagram, a girl's Gotta Eat podcast. Raina Greenberg on Instagram access, on Instagram, on Twitter, where girls in her score got to eat and YouTube dotcom slash girl's got to eat, leave a review, use our gifts, tag us in your Instagram stories, all the things we'll see next week. Have a great week, I.