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Big Tech Lost Our Trust - Here's How They Can Get It Back

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

  • 11 days ago
  • 25:04

‪The woke mob currently running the Democrat Party can't directly censor conservative speech, but can they bully big tech into doing it for them? That was the question Dan focused on with witnesses Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey at a recent Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on social media and censorship. Dan expands on his conversation with the two tech CEOs and looks at the growing acceptance of censorship in our culture, the critical difference between how Republicans and Democrats approach regulating big tech, and why corporations absolutely must - for the sake of our 1st Amendment - stand up to the woke mob.‬ Hold These Truths | Bonus Episode 6 Watch on YouTube:

Why Is Housing So Expensive? with Howard Husock

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

  • 16 days ago
  • 59:35

We take a deep dive into everything you need to know about housing policy in America - and we promise it's interesting. The San Francisco housing crisis, NYC rent controls, the COVID-era eviction moratoriums, lumber trade wars, millennials stuck in their parents' homes and so much more. We cover it all with urban housing policy expert Howard Husock. Howard Husock is an adjunct scholar in Domestic Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he focuses on local government, civil society, and urban housing policy. He is concurrently an executive senior fellow with the Philanthropy Roundtable. His books include “Who Killed Civil Society? The Rise of Big Government and Decline of Bourgeois Norms”, “Philanthropy Under Fire”, and “America’s Trillion-Dollar Housing Mistake: The Failure of American Housing Policy”. Watch the show on YouTube:

Breaking Down the Democrats' Climate Agenda | Bonus Episode 5

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

  • 19 days ago
  • 22:56

The CLEAN Future Act, the Democrats' legislative agenda to implement the principles of the Green New Deal, which includes "net zero" emissions, "transitioning" energy jobs, and "temporarily" banning plastic production, would in reality make electricity more expensive, erase millions of American energy jobs, shift manufacturing of critical medical devices to China, and, under the best case scenario, reduce carbon emissions by only a few percent. To help us understand why, Dan breaks down his Q&A session with the Democrats' expert witnesses on the CLEAN Future Act at an Energy & Commerce Committee hearing on March 24.

How Radical Environmentalists Weaponized the E.P.A., with Mandy Gunasekara

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

  • 24 days ago
  • 55:46

How is it possible that simple infrastructure proposals, such as installing a telephone pole, can get blocked by five year long environmental impact studies? The answer goes way beyond "government bureaucrats." Radical environmental groups and trial lawyers have made a billion dollar industry out of weak science and questionable regulations which, in the end, have no environmental benefits and make our lives miserable. To help us understand how we got to this point, and how much worse it could get under the Biden Administration, we're joined by Mandy Gunasekara. Mandy is an environmental lawyer who served as Chief of Staff at the Environmental Protection Agency under President Trump. She is the founder of Energy 45, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to informing the public about recent environmental and economic gains. Follow Mandy on Twitter at @MississippiMG.

The Woke Military, with Rep. Mike Waltz

Hold These Truths with Dan Crenshaw

  • 29 days ago
  • 57:49

The military, like everything else in society, is becoming politicized. Critical race theory, taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgeries, unconscious bias training, and more priorities of the far left are radically reshaping it. It's time for our leaders in the Armed Forces to push back against the wokeism, because America's national security depends on its military maintaining a mission-focused, merit-based system of operations. To help us with this conversation, we're joined by Congressman Michael Waltz. He's a Green Beret who has served his country his entire life. He graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, served over 24 years in the U.S. Army, and is presently serving in the National Guard. After being commissioned as an Army lieutenant, Mike graduated Ranger School and was then selected for the elite Green Berets, serving worldwide as a decorated Special Forces officer with multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, the Middle East and Africa. For his actions in combat, Mike was awarded 4 Bronze Stars and 2 with valor. He is the first Green Beret to be elected to Congress. Follow Mike on Twitter at @michaelgwaltz.