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A podcast for people working on startup ideas. We have 15-minute tactical episodes and occasional interviews with people who did the early things exceptionally well. We've helped launch hundreds of startups worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and these are the building blocks.

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How to be Different, Part 1 (feat. The Personal Venn Diagram Method)

Idea to Startup

  • 5 months ago
  • 20:22

Today, we'll help you build a system to be different. We dive into the Persona Venn Diagram Method - a tool designed to help you identify and capitalize on your unique strengths - and we'll talk through how the path you might think holds the least risk actually guarantees the most. This is the first in a series of episodes on the Methods we use at Tacklebox to help our founders build differentiated businesses.TackleboxBeehiiv (Idea to Startup Newsletter)Day One Journal00:25 How to be Different02:16 Talk at Columbia Business School02:55 The Path to an Interesting Job06:35 Status and Happiness09:45 The Happiness Formula11:43 Smooth Jazz12:27 The Personal Venn Diagram Method13:29 Drawing and Adding Circles17:53 Implementation19:26 The End

Testing Another Startup Idea Live Part 1: Picking the Idea, Nudging the Boulder

Idea to Startup

  • 6 months ago
  • 23:24

Today, we'll kick off a new series where we'll start an idea live on the pod. Actually, we'll start two. One in the healthcare space, one in the AI space. The hope is that you've got an idea and can follow along with us. Today we'll cover when your idea is ready to start, how to structure the first couple of weeks, and how to think about the giant boulder sitting in front of you. Also, there's a brief Ruby cameo because she's been absent for a few weeks. TackleboxAI Brian4000 Weeks

An SOP for Testing a Startup Idea

Idea to Startup

  • 6 months ago
  • 24:41

Today, we'll help you build an SOP for testing startup ideas. We'll use an example from a listener - a startup in the homeschooling space - as a guinea pig. The best way to have a great startup idea this time next year is to test out a bunch of ideas in the interim. This SOP will help you do it, and scale the process.TackleboxByldd00:00 Tacklebox00:30 Pros and Amateurs02:08 Homeschool Idea05:47 The Story of Future You06:16 Entrepreneur Pro Tactic Number One - Working Backwards from Dreams07:42 BYLDD08:50 SOPs14:19 An SOP for a Problem Worth Solving14:46 Customer Language15:55 SOP Problem Doc19:40 The Stakes23:00 The Startup Journal