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79. Get Started and Get Booked as a Speaker in 2021 with Grant Baldwin from The Speaker Lab

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • about 1 month ago
  • 54:31

Give a big warm welcome to owner, speaker, and coach at The Speaker lab, Grant Baldwin Inside The Greenroom!  Today we are taking time to serve our listeners who are new to the speaking game. Or, as we like to call you, “the best-kept secret.” It is crazy to say that we are wrapping up the first month of 2021. It has been a wild and unpredictable year already… Despite the ever-changing world around us, we believe that there are a few things you can still predict in this life. One of them is your success as a speaker.  In this episode, Grant gives some incredible insight into how you can practically upgrade your speaking career behind the scenes, establishing yourself as an expert in your niche and create a foundation that will set you up for long term success.  Learn about the S.P.E.A.K. method, what event and meeting planners are looking for, the two questions every audience wants answered, and how you can start making money with every gig.    P.S. Of course, we didn’t forget about our event and Meeting Planners! Hear Grant’s best advice on working with speakers and how you can take your event to the next level!  Jump into 2021 with the confidence you need! Listen now.  Here’s More Of What We Cover: How customizing your speaking career can open doors The method that helps Grant’s clients start speaking professionally How Grant pivoted AND helped his clients pivot during the pandemic Why you should establish yourself as the expert Building a foundation that books you gigs How to acquire paid speaking gigs How to establish yourself as the expert The two questions every audience wants to know Why you should have a professional-grade website How you can create the Demo video that’s right for YOU When you should speak for free How to know when to scale your business How the industry has changed since 2020 The most important thing you can do as a meeting planner   And much more!     LINKS: Connect with Grant: Website: Podcast: The Speakers lab Podcast  Calculator: Facebook:  Twitter: Insta:  LinkedIn:  Company Name:  The Speaker Lab YouTube:   Connect with Blair:  Connect with us: Facebook: ​​ Website:​​ Email​: ​ Learn More About our Stage Agency: Influential Speakers in Grant’s life:  Josh Shipp   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:27 Episode starts 0:55 Welcome Grant 1:19 How Grant got started in the speaking industry 5:40 A look inside Grant’s speaker framework 13:54 Putting in the reps to nail your speech 15:47 So what, now what? 19:13 The importance of having a good website 25:57 Key mistake to avoid when making your sizzle reel 28:15 Tips on every speaking gig 32:32 Grants best advice for scaling  36:08 The “best” speaking style 38:16 Get paid what your worth on virtual stages 44:47 The importance of building relationships as a speaker 47:51 We are all figuring it out right now 51:13 The speakers who have impacted Grant’s life the most More About Grant: Grant Baldwin is the author of “The Successful Speaker” and founder of, a training company for public speakers. He is also the creator and host of The Speaker Lab podcast and has coached thousands of speakers. He has been regularly featured in the national media included Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and the Huffington Post. He lives near Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and three daughters.

78. 75 Hard: Jump Start Your New Year with Andy Frisella

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • about 1 month ago
  • 58:44

Here at Inside the greenroom and Advance Your Reach we take health and wellness seriously because we know first hand how intertwined your physical health is to the success of your business.  If you want to make more sales, grow your business, get on more stages, and create more influence this episode is for you.  Today we, welcome, Andy Frisella Inside the Greenroom! Andy is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, highly sought after consultant, and public speaker. He has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur & Forbes Magazine.   You may recognize Andy’s name because he is the creator of the viral mental toughness program “75 Hard.” We believe this program could be the winning edge you have been looking for in 2021. Hit play to hear more about 75 Hard and how you can start changing your life today!  More of what we cover: How people waste their lives Create an unstoppable mindset for our life The story behind 75 hard. The first step towards mental toughness  How to have a “never say die” attitude When Pete lost $5 Million What the main focus of every entrepreneur should be Are you going to sulk or pivot? Tips to generate sales How necessity leads to great ideas How mental and physical health are often the same How Pete feels about 75 Hard   And much more!     LINKS: Join 75 Hard:   Connect with Blair:    Connect with us: Facebook: ​​ Website:​​ Email​: ​ Learn More About our Stage Agency:   Episode Minute By Minute: 1:06 Meet Andy 2:35 Andy’s background  7:20 How Andy started his journey to mental toughness 15:11 A look into 75 hard 25:30 The importance of documenting progress  27:50 How 75 hard can benefit your business 38:59 How discipline and happiness work together  45:17 Andy’s encouragement for 75 hard 46:07 Million dollar loss  47:00 Andy’s tips for generating more sales 52:41 The best way to approach business 57:37 Closing with Blair   More About Andy: Andy Frisella is the CEO of 1st Phorm Internation, a nutritional supplement company that takes in more than $175 million in revenue each year. He started the business in his early 20s with a friend and has become a star entrepreneur and business leader.

77. Split Testing: The Silver Bullet At Any Stage Of Business with Andrew Muller

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • about 2 months ago
  • 54:52

Welcome speaker, entrepreneur, and expert market tester Andrew Muller Inside The Greenroom!    Hooks, headlines, graphics, speeches, and videos are some of the elements that we as entrepreneurs should be obsessing about when trying to grow our business. It is a priority to optimize these things whenever we can.    However, there is a crucial step during the processes that most people overlook and that can set you up for guaranteed success.    What is it? Testing.   Today we get to talk with Andrew about how he got into the world of market testing and how this method can save you not just money but time. Andrew gives some great insight into how you can test multiple ideas that will give you passive feedback from your ideal audience, allowing you to save time, solves problems quicker, and gain more ROI.    Whether you’re a speaker, entrepreneur, or meeting planner, have a large budget, or need to keep it small, market testing is the tool that anyone can use to understand not just what your audience needs but just what your audience will engage with. From online courses to testing your free gifts, market testing can give you the data on just what is working and how you can better impact your industry.  Here’s what we cover: How you can test topics on Facebook  How to get a winning idea before putting it out there How you can test 100 ads on a shoestring budget How to address a problem that your audience will understand The importance of testing speaker topics Finding what your audience wants VS. what will ACTUALLY catch their attention How to pierce the market Why doing it wrong can give you a better look at what your audience wants The importance of testing speaker topics The 2 big pain points for your audience What rapid testing data means and how to use it How pre-vetting your audience can help with ads And much more!   LINKS:   Connect with Andrew: Website: Facebook: Email:  LinkedIn:   Connect with Blair:    Connect with us: Facebook: ​​ Facebook: Website:​​ Email​: ​   Learn More About our Stage Agency:   Influential Speakers in Andrew’s life:  Scott Adams   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:28 Welcome Andrew 1:46 Andrew’s origin story 6:55 The Value of a good idea 7:40 Testing for your ideal audience  15:11 How testing your ads can lead to more conversions  24:49 The emotional response for keyphrases  30:34 Andrews approach to event marketing 35:35 Social Proof sells 42:40 How to use split testing as a start-up 52:27 The speakers who have impacted Andrew the most More About Andrew: Before becoming a marketing entrepreneur, Andrew Muller worked for Microsoft in their PPC division. His company (Andrew Muller Creative) now specializes in a new type of hyper-agile market testing called The Market Testing Incubator, where he’s able to test hundreds of ideas in a month (his average market test costs $2.63) with the goal of lowering lead costs. He helps clients who are spending thousands on media buying a month but aren't getting the ROI they need

76. Passion and Provision: How To Lead a Fulfilled Life with Michael and Kathryn Redman

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • about 2 months ago
  • 50:05

Welcome owners of marketing and consulting firm Half a Bubble Out and co-authors Kathryn and Michael Redman Inside the Greenroom!   As entrepreneurs, we dream big. We dream of ways to create revenue was to have more impact,  and we dream of ways to gain more influence to help change the world.   However, for many of us, somewhere between the bottom line and getting stuck in the clouds, we can fall into repetition and focus so much on one goal that we start to lose sight of why we started in the first place.   Today our incredible guests know that you don’t have to have one or the other, you can feel fulfilled every day and still provide for your family, your employees, and your clients.    Kathryn and Michael have made it their life’s goal to lead businesses and solo-preneurs alike to not only market and scale their businesses but do it in a pain-free way. If there’s a disconnect between the dream for your future and where you are day in and day out, this episode is for you!   Here’s what we cover:   How they grew 200% in 2 years How to appropriately scale your business The 3 things that will help scale your business The importance of having a leadership coach who isn’t a quick start entrepreneur coach. What solo-preneurs can do to grow your business How you can feel fulfilled AND make money Finding the pain points in growing your business How to engage your employees in your vision 3 mistakes you should watch out for And much more!   LINKS:   Connect with Michael and Kathryn:   Website: Mentioned in Podcast: Facebook: Twitter: Insta: LinkedIn: Company Name: Half a Bubble Out YouTube:   Connect with Blair:  Connect with us: Facebook: ​​ Website:​​ Email​: ​ Learn More About our Stage Agency:   Influential Speakers in Kathryn and Michael’s life:  Stephen M. R. Covey David Allison   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:36 Welcome Kathryn and Michael 1:59 How Kathryn and Micheal got started 6:49 When the great recession hit 10:25 The 3-fold framework to scaling a business appropriately  16:54 Why your company needs more than just vision 20:22 Solo-preneurs and money 23:35 The importance of having a coach or mentor 25:51 Go for what’s possible 27:41 Learn about Kathryn and Michael’s book 30:32 Key differentiators of leaders 38:40 What entrepreneurs should worry about other than the bottom line  42:02 The worst mindset for a boss to have 43:58 Recap 46:53 The speakers and influencers that have impacted Kathryn and Michael the most More About Kathryn and Michael: Kathryn and Michael K. Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO), a marketing and business consulting firm. They’re the co-authors of Fulfilled: The Passion & Provision Strategy for Building a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy, as well as the founders of HaBO Village, a membership website which helps leaders build Passion & Provision companies. Michael and Kathryn have been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines, built two 7 figure companies, been visiting professors at multiple universities, are frequent guest speakers, and are the creators and co-hosts of the HaBO Village Podcast. For over 18 years, they’ve helped business leaders grow their companies through marketing, business coaching, and leadership development. They currently reside in their hometown of Chico, California, where they love going to work every day.

75. Limiting Negative Habits In The New Year with Brian Bogert & Manuel Astuc

Inside The Greenroom With PV3

  • 2 months ago
  • 51:20

Welcome Psychiatrist and Coach Manuel Astruc and Speaker, Coach, and Owner Brian Bogert Inside the Greenroom!   With the New Year right around the corner, there is ever-growing anticipation for a reset, a clean slate, and a new mindset. As entrepreneurs and speakers, this is a good time to reflect and take inventory of our mindsets, habits, and routines. Running full speed ahead all year long has a propensity to let negative habits creep in.    Today, you’ll get a look into the lives of Brian and Manuel as they speak to us about the importance of your story and how being aware of how you live life translates tenfold into your business. This conversation has the power to set 2021 up to be the year you create more impact, gain revenue while simultaneously reducing stress and burnout.  Sound good? Then dive right in!   Manuel shares how you can move from negative habits that may be bringing burn out prematurely,  your choices carrying power, and how you can turn your “stress into success.”    Brian will give you insight on just how important it is to be intentional, even in the small things to create space, and freedom in your home, business, and mind.    Clean your slate, reduce stress, and live a happier, longer, fuller life! Here’s what we cover:   Why your story is important The difference between making money and making an impact How to move from negative habits and create growth How to get back to your most authentic selves The importance of letting responsibilities to trickle down your business Intentionally showing up in the small things Matching energy whether you’re live or talking to a camera How Brian and Manuel pivoted in the pandemic Understanding your choice and its power Aligning with who you are And much more! LINKS:   Connect with Manuel:   Website: Facebook: Facebook Page LinkedIn:   Connect with Brian:   Website: Facebook: Twitter: Insta: LinkedIn: Connect with Blair:    Connect with us: Facebook: ​​ Website:​​ Email​: ​ Learn More About our Stage Agency:   Influential Speakers in Manuel’s life:    Jim Rohn   Influential Speakers in Brian’s life:    Bill Shover   Episode Minute By Minute: 0:28 Meet Manual and Brian 1:38 Why Manual went into psychology 4:32 What motivated Brian to start coaching 9:50 How Manual came back from burn out and started coaching 18:27 How Manual helps people break negative habits  23:16 The biggest challenges Brian’s clients have to overcome 28:16 How to get more grounded 31:09 How Brian leverages speaking 36:20 How Manual and Brian have pivoted in 2020 46:27 Manuals one piece of advice for you this year 46:53 Brians one piece of advice for you this year 48:59 The speakers who have impacted Brian and Manual the most More About Manuel: Psychiatrist and Coach. After working for over 50,000 hours as a psychiatrist helping people change, I began to suffer from burnout. I was fortunate enough to fight my way out of burnout. Now, along with my psychiatric practice, I also coach driven entrepreneurs who are stressed out, numbed out or burnt out to improve their mental fitness so they can turn stress to success and get their edge back to build a thriving business.   More About Brian: President/Owner of the Brian Bogert Companies, LLC. Brian is a professional speaker and peak performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and others looking to unlock what is inside. He lives his life by the “if and how I can help” principle, which impacts everything he touches. His ability to provide energy and encouragement to those he interacts with inspires them to make their best even better. The foundation for his work is to help others become more aware, and more intentional so they can become who they already are, their most authentic selves. These are essential for becoming a positive leader across business, community and family.In addition to performance coaching, Brian helps lead and expand the Phoenix office of Lockton Companies – a global insurance brokerage firm. Brian’s deep expertise and community-minded focus make him a strategic advocate for helping people protect and build their business’. Prior to joining Lockton, he was responsible for mentoring new producers across the nation at a publicly traded brokerage firm.