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Hello and welcome to Inside the Green Room. I'm your co-host, Blair Bryant Nichols, and today you are going to be back with PVG three and our guest, Andy Fiscella. Andy is an entrepreneur, best selling author, highly sought after consultant and public speaker. He's been featured in INC, entrepreneur and Forbes magazine.


Today, he and Pete discuss what are the top three character traits successful people share. How do we create an unstoppable mindset for our life? What are the guerilla marketing tactics that work?


What sales strategies help pivoting entrepreneurs succeed and a lot more.


I'm excited for you to dive into this conversation, so let's join them live now inside the green room.


Welcome to Inside the Green Room with P v three. Each week. Pete Margitza. A third. Yes, that's me. Lets you inside his virtual green room to hang out and learn from the meeting planners who control the most prestigious stages in the world and from the speakers who use those stages to increase their income and impact. Now let's dive into the green room. And what's up, everybody?


Is Pete Vargus TV three coming to you from Colorado. I'm going to make a bold statement.


Today might be the most important that we've done to date because of how game changer it's going to be for you, because it's not about me. It's about all of you.


And so I'm excited. Andy Forsell is an entrepreneur, best selling author, highly sought after consultant, public speaker, has an unbelievable company, an incredible podcast that I want you all to check out. And quite frankly, every single week him at my let on being coached by him and at my letter every week in in the syndicate program that I'm so honored to be a part of.


And so, Andy, I want to welcome you, man, all things I've been looking forward to this for a couple of weeks now, so I'm super excited. We got good audio in everything.


Yeah, we got good audio. Yes, sir. We've got a good audio. Hey, guys on Facebook, all of you on Facebook. Give Andy some love in the chat. Give Andy some love, man. Dude, I'll tell you how this guy shows up, everybody. An hour ago he texted me and he said, what? Like, I want to really focus on a couple of things and we talk about what those couple of things are because he said he wanted to get his mind ready.


And I'm like, God, I learned from that. I don't always do that. I'm like, dude, I got to get my mind ready. Like, I got to get my mind ready. I'll do it.


I mean, we'll go wherever you want today. But, man, you know, I'm starting seventy five hard today and I'm committed to it man. And so I mean give everybody a little background on you.


I know a lot of people know who you are, some don't. Man give everybody a little background on yourself. Oh man.


I'm just a regular dude from Missouri that grew up, you know, with typical challenges that people have growing up. You know, I was pretty fat. I was pretty lazy. I got picked on and bullied my whole life. I got into sports, started developing a little bit of confidence because I was naturally athletic. And then, you know, I started becoming an entrepreneur when I was probably seven, eight years old. I started doing things like selling baseball cards.


I would sell Kool-Aid, lemonade, snow cones, all the little stuff kids do. I mean, if you if you could think of it, we did it. Me and my brother both. And, you know, I was just always interested in the business side of of of life. But I mean, when it comes down to it, you know, everybody's always ask for forty. I'm forty and my. Business is at a really good spot and people are like, well, what what's the secret?


Well, there is no secret. The secret is just gritting it out and getting better every single day. And, you know, when we get into when we get into mental toughness, which is what we wanted to get to, and I'd like to get to that as soon as possible. You know, I think we have a big vacuum for a missing part of information of how we become mentally tough, because mentally tough and mental toughness is something that people have always.


They assume that other people have it like, you know, it's a it's a skill that you're born with or it's something that you are lucky enough to have. And the truth is, it's like anything else. It's like having a good physique. It's like having a good relationship. It's like having a good business. You've got to concentrate on working to be mentally tough day in and day out if you ever want to become that. And so I spent a long time without getting into, you know, I mean, we didn't we started with nothing.


We didn't start with with any. Nobody ever gave us a loan. We didn't get financed. Nobody owns any of my companies. I own them. And then my business partner owns it and that's it. We don't have you know, we raise money like that's the popular thing. Now, that's we don't that's not what we did. We printed it out and we grew it day by day by day. And where we started at, you know, the first day we sold seven dollars.


You know, we're going to get close to four hundred million dollars this year, all in. So and it's taken us our twenty second year in business for everybody's math. So really, man, there's no secret to it. The secret is you show up, you do what you got to do and when you get punched in the face, you get up next time and you learn from it. You learn how not to get punched in the face.


And I tell people a lot, you know, to figure out the secret to how to win anything. It's really simple. You just can't quit and you got to be able to learn from your mistakes. If you had the ability to not quit and you had the ability to learn from your mistakes, there's no place you can't go. And and that's, you know, that gets lost in today's entrepreneur culture because, you know, everybody wants to have the secret sauce of how to build something or how to be successful or how to be great when in reality, but he has to be great, comes down to how mentally resilient you can become.


Because if you think about the number of things that we deal with on a daily basis as entrepreneurs, you know, we're constantly dealing with letdowns. We're constantly dealing with frustrations. We're constantly dealing with things that don't necessarily go our way. And so we have to learn how to make those things work for us, not beat us down. And that's where the process of developing a mentally tough psyche really comes into play. You know, a lot of people like to you know, they look at guys who can run one hundred miles and say that's mental toughness.


It is physical toughness, too. And then you look at guys who, you know, like James Lawrence, my good buddy, who did 50 Ironman, said 50 days and fifty states, OK, you have to be extremely mentally, physically tough to do that. But to be a successful business owner, you've got to be extremely mentally tough, too. And so I look at it as you know, everybody has it in certain areas of their life.


Some people can sit down and play video games for fourteen hours. And you think that sounds silly? I couldn't do that. I don't have the capacity to do it. So there's different ways to apply the idea of becoming mentally tough. And the first way to to understand it is to understand that it's something that you're in control. It's something that you can exercise daily. It's something that you have to realize that once you're once you're exercising your toughness and your resilience and your fortitude purposefully every single day, now you're in a position to keep getting better in the way that I explain it to most people is very simple.


If you look at Madden John Madden football video game, like everybody knows, Patrick Mahomes just signed the five hundred million dollar deal. Good for him. He's a great guy, by the way. But his his ranking on the game is ninety nine. All right. So let's just say for for whatever argument purposes, your mental toughness capacity right now is an 80, OK? Every decision you make on a daily basis, no matter how big or how small, you have the opportunity to do it right or to do it the half assed way.


And the thing is, is that when you choose to do with the half assed way, that little lacking that would be eighty goes to a seventy seven. OK, when you choose to do your little thing the right way, that little eighty might go to an eighty two for the day. So you have to start thinking of your mental toughness as a sliding scale, something sort of like a bank account that you make deposits in and then you take withdrawals out of.


All right. And once you start to think about it like that, and once you understand that your mental toughness is in the control of your actions and a result of your actions, now you're able to control things that you were not you weren't able to control before. All right. This is, what, seventy five hundred about seventy five heart program is designed. So that you can learn how to gain control over every other aspect of your life for me, for example.


I've always like working out OK, that's something I've always enjoyed. But I hated eating right. OK, I never got my water in those things. Contribute to your fitness. Now, my fitness was never really great because I didn't do these other little things, even though they're easy for me to do so. These little things that you do during the day all contribute to a result called mental toughness, which combines the qualities of confidence, self-esteem, self belief, fortitude, resilience, all these things.


And then what it does is it allows you to really eliminate all the other self-help programs from your life. Because if you think about why self-help and why weight loss programs and why fitness programs and why making you move or, you know, relationship programs, the reason they ever work for you isn't because they were bad programs. It's because you lack the discipline to follow through on exactly what the program outlined. That's the truth. So once you get control your mind at once, you control the real decisions that you make on a daily basis.


Now you're actually in control of your life, including your finances, including your company, including your business. A lot of you guys right now have been fortunate enough to probably make some money not being very disciplined. I know what that's like in 2015. I had the I had one of the biggest sport nutrition companies in the world, and I was three hundred and fifty pounds. And I know that doesn't make sense, but it's because I'm a skilled business operator.


All right, but. And this is this is a huge asteroid, the rest of my life was terrible. I write that my self-esteem was terrible. I was depressed, I was angry, I was mad. I was frustrated. I was all the negative things that you can comprehend, even though I had the business aspect figured out. And I think a lot of you guys might be able to relate to that. OK, but let me tell you what happens once you start to get your mind out of the idea that, oh, dude, you know, I'm an entrepreneur and I'm making all this money and start a new excuse, all these other areas.


What happens is once you start to exercise these other areas and gain control, then the business gets infinitely better and you make a lot more money. So that's why little intro to how I got to on the mental toughness, because I spent years and years and years because dude, I'll be real. Like in high school, I was a good athlete, like real good athletically pretty gifted, but I was really soft mentally. I didn't have I basically if you guys know me and know what I'm about, I was completely the opposite person I am now.


All right. I didn't I didn't attack things head on. I head for confrontation. I had no ability to stick to anything and do. The problem with that is that when we know that we can't really follow through and stick to things that we know we should, it doesn't matter how much money you have in the bank, you know that you're weak. And so when you go into the mirror at night, it's hard to really feel good about yourself, even if you know where you know you're not executing.


So the search was basically for me over a 20 year span of figuring out how to create a routine for myself that allowed my mental toughness to go up and up and up and up and up. And the seventy five heart program is basically it's basically it is the exact program I used to train myself to be more competitive with myself and become a better version of myself. So that's that's where it comes from.


The everybody we could end right now and like you like literally like the stuff that he said, like think about the seven dollars on day one. Four hundred million dollars. Twenty two days later, a lot of you're feeling that right now. Don't worry, we'll get the sales in a little bit with Danny. But I want to stay on this track. He's talking about had lots of talent, but very little discipline. Man, have I felt like that in my life so many times over and over.


And guys, probably the biggest thing for me and I want to know right now what's the biggest thing he said that spoke to you here backstage? Backstage. I just want you like reaffirming the message. I don't need conversations going on back here. I want you reaffirming and letting what stands out to you. But on Facebook, what stood out to you the most right now? For me, it was thinking of my mind, like Madden, like like the rating.


Like I've never thought about that, like it's going up or is going down. And every single day I'm either contributing to it or taking away from it.


And that's huge for me. I want to ask everybody a question on Facebook and backstage, and I'm asking every single one of you to put an answer and be real right now. What is that number for you today? What is that number for you today? Like I'm real. It's like a it's like an eighty five for me right now. It's an eighty five right now. But I'll tell you, yesterday it was a seventy, seventy five like real talk.


I made 12 to 15 points up in the day because of the discipline. Six a.m. a workout with my wife, with the trainer. Six forty five two mile walk with my wife. Seven thirty seven forty five reading a book given in the Bible, meditating, getting planning my day, I'm like, man I think ate my left says one of the reasons he wins so much is because he gets three days out of every day.


And I'm like, I already feel like I got a day to day so that literally following that and like one hundred ounces of water already, it's like, man, I'd never thought of my mind like that guy. So what's your number? What's your number out there. Everybody. Dude, let's jam on seventy five hard man. So that's how it came about. Some people know about it, a lot of people don't. I'm going to encourage all of you.


We're about to do seventy five hard either Andys way with that I'm doing it with or in some capacity. Over the next seventy five days your life is going to be changed if you are open to creating discipline in your life. I want you all to go get the app seventy five heart app.


It's like five bucks. That's five bucks you'll spend. But Andy, let's dive into it man. I want people to know about this and why it's created like this. Because it's not a diet program, dude. It's a mindset program.


So first off, wanting to be to understand that to get clear on up front, there's no substitutions in this program. It is what you do. You either do it or you're not doing it. And that's it. All right. The biggest problem that we have as humans is that we try to make everything acclimated to our likes and dislikes and our conveniences. So by altering what the program is, it would be equivalent to you saying that you're going to do an Ironman but not doing the swim.


All right. So that's how I need you guys to think about this. It can't be chews and chews and chews and all that defeats the entire purpose. The whole point of this is to be in the whole point of this is to be hard. The whole point of this is for you to do things that you don't see the point in right away. That's the point. And the reason a lot of you guys are being held back right now is because if you're honest with yourself, you are taking bits and pieces and entrepreneurs are super guilty of this because we're sort of in our own domain a lot of times.


Right. Like nobody's really telling us what to do. So we are very guilty of this. Well, I like this little aspect and I like that little aspect. So I'm just going to do those two little aspects. And then we're confused when it doesn't turn out the same way. It's the same reason it would be the same thing is if Martha Stewart gave us the best cake recipe that ever existed and we decided never baking a cake before in our lives, that we're going to go ahead and change this or that or this, and then we get mad at Martha when the result isn't there.


OK, so it's very important that you think of it like an omen for your brain. That's how I want you guys to think of it. Now, doing this program, like I saw someone coming up and they said, well, seventy five days seems like a long time. It it isn't it isn't right. And this program is scalable. So a lot of people, when they start, they'll look at it and say, shit, man.


I can't work out twice a day, and they think that you have to, like, run full sprint for forty five minutes. This is a scalable program, right? We have people that are four or five hundred pounds. They obviously cannot run. But what they do is they go out and do what they can do and they do it with an intent to be effective at it. All right. So. A lot of people will just do a walk, you know, if that's all they can do.


Now, if you're a fit, healthy young individual and a walk is very easy for you, you're not doing seventy five hard without pushing yourself. But for someone who's four or five hundred pounds, you know, dude, just moving like this can be a workout for forty five minutes. All right. So you have to understand the idea of scalability and you have to understand the idea of being honest with yourself about how hard you're pushing yourself. OK, so understand, it can be scale and understand that it sounds long, right?


Like seventy five days. Sounds like a long time. And especially like for those of us that like to eat, I love to eat. I going more than seven days without like a big cheap meal is something that I've never been able to do ever in my life. Before I started this program, the longest I went without a cheap meal was six days. All right. Now I can snap my fingers and go 30 days without even really thinking about it.


And to me, for me, that's incredibly powerful because that's where I'm very weak. So you're going to find these things in this program that are, you know, seem impossible for you.


They seem impossible. You look at it and you say, dude, this seems impossible. Like alcohol's a big deal for people. Right? I'm a drinker as well. Like if we ever get to drink beers together, you're going to have a good time, I promise you that. But you know, my culture and my family, I come from an Italian family. What we do is we eat and we drink and we talk a whole bunch. So when you like to drink, right.


And you say, man, seventy five days a long time without having a drink, it is, but it also isn't. And so what I encourage you to do is to understand that there's phases that you're going to go through with this program. And I'm going to be doing it with you guys, by the way. I'm doing it. I'm doing it right now. I'll be doing it till the end of the summer. I think, like, the twenty eighth is my last day, so I'll be doing it with you.


And this is something that I really like to for you guys to think about on those days that you're outside and it's raining or you're outside and super hot. Remember that I did my to that day too, because I did. But what I want you guys to really think about in this program, instead of thinking like, oh, seventy five days is so hot, so long. Think of it like this. What what if you gave the seventy five days and you were able to start controlling all the things that you've been out of control of at will.


Because that's what I'm giving you, that's what I'm guaranteeing you. All the things that you struggle with your entire life. If you give this program what it does for seventy five days, it will give you back the ability to truly be in control of your life. And guys, I don't I don't sell this like this is a sell program. You could go on my pack and I give it away for free. Now, there is a book that you could buy.


There's an app that you can buy, you know, and you could buy those. But the truth is all the information is still on the podcast for free. So but this isn't a sales pitch. The reason the book was created and the reason the app was created is because people demanded it from. So this was if you if you don't want to spend the money or you think this is like sales, then I don't I don't care. It doesn't make a difference to me.


It's for free on the podcast, too. So but what I will tell you is that if you give the program what it asked for, it will give you back what it promises one hundred percent of the time. It just does. So for me, you know, the ability to be in control of things that I really struggle with personally is worth the seventy five day commitment. It just is so. And now I do. I do it every year.


I started last year. I did. This year I'm going to do it every year because I feel like it turns me up so good that I'm able to be effective the whole time. So. So yeah man I hope you guys all do do it. I hope you do it because I know that if you do it, you're going to be that much better for it at the end of this top. I, I have and if you're not let me know.


But I have not had one person out of a couple hundred thousand people we've had finish telling me that. Yeah.


It's pretty crazy. And I want to get clarity on this too on this because there's elements of the guys. So I have this app, I'm on day one. You can see my you can't quite see it crystal clear. Eighteen bring me up on. I want to see it but I don't know if you can see that guys, but it's its first workout. Second workout. So you got to do two forty five minute workouts and forty five minutes of it has to be outside.


Forty five minutes has to be outside. Rain, snow, whatever. Arizona, you better get up early you know. And so that's, that's something people ask about a lot. They act, they say well why do I have to do it outside. You know, I'm in Michigan and it's December and it's minus 20 degrees. Well, you better put on your clothes, your your snow clothes and get out and do it right. So. This is another thing a lot of people don't understand it, but the truth is circumstances were never going to be perfect.


All right. In business and life, in anything that we do, we cannot dictate our actions based around the circumstances. We have to train our brains to execute, especially when circumstances are not ideal, because when circumstances are ideal, that's when everybody else takes plays off. That's when everybody else throttles it back. That's when the turtles go in their shell. But it's not a turtle. You're the hare, right? We're going to run so that whenever the circumstances do start to become ideal and everybody else starts crawling, you're already at a full sprint.


This is what the purpose of that is. So a lot of people say, well, what about if it's a tornado? We'll use common sense. All right. There's common sense here. There's a tornado. Don't go outside. If there's if it's lightning, be smart. But what I am saying, and I will tell you this, those workouts that are in the rain, that are in the cold, those are the ones that build the most points up in your brain.


So. You know, when it comes to the outside activity, you know, you have to understand and it's cool because seventy five days is so long that no matter where you are in the world, you're likely to see some significant weather change during that time unless you're like in a tropical climate where it's just that way all the time. But, you know, here where I'm at, Missouri, you know, I can get a little bit of fall and a little bit of summer or a little bit of winter and a little bit of spring.


And those things matter because they help train your brain to say, hey, no matter what's going on, no matter what I'm dealing with, I'm doing it, I'm getting it done. And that's a huge, powerful skill to own. Right. And that's what we're trying to do. We're making you own that skill, not just hand it some of the times. Wow.


So you've got those two workouts. And then the next thing on here I want to ask you about is you got the progress picture. Like what? What why the progress picture? And I love how the app has made it easy for me. I just take it and I post it in here. It's easy. Why the progress picture?


Well, the progress picture is for for a bunch of reasons. One, you want to be able to see your project, your progress. OK, that's great. But really, what a lot of people think that that's what it's about, but it's not at all. So when we become successful and we start to get momentum, oftentimes we lose the focus on the little details that matter. And all of us, I think, can relate to that.


Right. Like we we when we first start out of something, we're paying attention and we're meticulous, meticulous, meticulous, and then a little bit more chaos or new projects, new ideas, new new priorities start to happen in business. And we start to focus on these new things. And then what happens to these little things? They get kind of pushed off the table and we stop paying attention to them. So the main idea behind the progress picture is not only for you to be able to recognize the changes, but more so for you to be able to understand the importance of keeping the small details.


Because for most people, the progress to pick is the easiest thing to do. And that's usually where people fail. By the way, forget progress big. That's truth. And you'll see a lot of you guys will find this out. You'll get to play 50, 60, 70, and you'll forget to pick, OK? And the reason that we do that is because as humans, as we start to feel like we we are getting better. All right, we stop paying attention to the things that got us to that point.


This is why in business, you see a lot of people kind of do this. They go up and down and up and then down and then up and then down. And the reason that they go through this cycle and where other legendary businesses keep just keep going like this is because the ones that go like this, as they start to see progress at the top of that curve, they're forgetting about the things that got them the momentum in the first place.


So what we're doing by the progress is we're rewiring your brain to understand that small details still matter, even if you're making the progress right. So we're going to what this is going to do for you as an entrepreneur is it's going to eliminate these loans. All right? It's going to eliminate these little loans. Like you guys all know what I'm talking about.


I'm hot then we're not. I'm hot and I'm not hot.


As an entrepreneur and a business owner, we want to stay moving through the glass in the right direction. The way we do that is by remembering, recognizing how important these little details are. So the problem is pick really sort of serves to train as a tool to keep you focused on the minor details that you would naturally as a human start to push off the table is less important. I love that dude.


I didn't I'm here in the behind the scenes on that. And then this is the one that a lot of people I'll get to all of them. But then you got the ten pages of reading, not audio book. You've got to read. You've got to read. Speak to that one. I'm done with that one. Speak to that one. Yeah.


Well, you know, a lot of the people do like to do audio books and they'll say, well, you know, I learned better audio works. Well, this is about reading. This is about audio books. You know, reading is more difficult. Reading takes more time. Reading takes more focused energy. You have to set out a specific time to go sit down and read this. It's less convenient if we are if you want to really grow from this program, guys, you have to exit the idea from your brain of convenience and you have to start chasing the inconvenience.


And when you chase the inconvenience and you look at little ways to make you stronger when really, you know, the world would know no difference, you're going to get stronger intrinsically, internally in the brain, in the body and your energy by doing these little things and so understanding. And obviously, you know, we want you to read a book. You know, I don't want people to read Fifty Shades of book, you know what I mean?


I want them to read something that they're going to learn from. And they're going to absorb because the ten pages a day is something that I've done for nearly 20 years now and it's been I couldn't even pee. I couldn't even tell you how important it's been to my success, man. It's been really everything. And. And so what I'm trying to do is teach people the discipline of taking the time to focus in. And even if you're a terrible reader, by the way, I am.


I'm a terrible reader. I'm one of those people that has to read. And then I get lost in my thoughts and then I got to read it again. And I'm I have to read a page three or four times to get to to get through the page. But that's also why I I asked you to read a real book, because the cool thing about a real book, too, is, is that once you start to start to get through it, you can physically see the progress, like you can pick it up and look at it and say I'm, you know, this far through the book.


And that gives you a sense of accomplishment where you don't really get that with audio books, you know what I mean? So there's a lot of reasons of why we ask that. You actually read and not just through the audio book. You do an audio book that's just an example of your own. What I said a minute ago about trying to pick things to make it more convenient for you, which is going to defeat the whole purpose of the program, which is the substitutes he spoke about, guys.


And then you got the fifth thing and I'm almost there, which is drink a gallon. I'm almost there, but I ain't checking it off until I finish that. It's right over here, dude. My wife's got gallons of water in the fridge because she wants me to visually see it go down so I can and I want to tackle a lot of it by noon, dude. So then I'm not thinking of the water because I've been up at like eleven forty three, just chug in and I'm like, oh god I got six ounces left to go.


Why the water. A gallon of water.


Well water does so it's got so many benefits physically that we could get into. I mean innumerable, most people are dehydrated but again like you just what you just said is basically why we have to do it, because it's hard it's hard thing for most people to do trickle down water in a day. You'll learn real quick that you want to drink the water earlier in the day. Otherwise, if you have to do it at night, you'll end up in the bathroom all night, you know what I mean?


So so, again, it's just a difficult daily task that we want to build into a regular habit for you because it's healthy, but also because it takes real discipline to do so. A lot of a lot of these things people will will will want to talk about as fitness things. They're not fitness things. It's it's about training your brain. It's hard to drink a gallon of water every single day for most humans. For me, that's not real hard because I've been doing it for a long time.


I don't think I've ever screwed up a day on drink, not drinking my water. But that's another one that people people forget about because, you know, a gallon of water as you are learning real soon, it's learning right now. It's it's not as easy as it sounds.


It's not. And then you got you got the six thing on there, which is follow a diet. Explain that one a little bit more, because I get a lot of questions from friends on that. So what does that mean? What do I look like?


Yeah. So the goal is to follow a diet that produces results in the direction that you want to go physically. OK, mean wherever it is you are, whatever it is you look like, however you feel about yourself. Somebody said earlier they wanted to shed thirty pounds. OK, maybe you want to gain some weight. Maybe, maybe you, maybe you want to gain some muscle, maybe you want to lose somebody. That the idea on the diet is to create a diet that produces a physical result and sticking to it for seventy five days.


All right. So wherever it is you are, whatever it is you're wanting to become, and if you don't know enough about, you know, how to diet and those things, this is where you can hire a nutritionist or a personal trainer to help you figure that out, because this program is scalable to any of those kinds of diets. So, you know, in the fitness world, some of you guys are probably in it. You know, a lot of people argue over which diet is the best.


It's irrelevant. The point is, you've got to pick one. You're going to pick one with the goal of of changing your physique and you stick with it the whole time. So, you know, for some of us, it's going to be I want to lose a bunch of weight. For others it's going to be I want to gain some weight. For others it's going to be I want to lose weight and gain some muscle. And so, you know, a lot of the people when they say, like, I've had some people try to skate through, look, I just want to address this right now.


This is not something that you want to skate for, like doing this just because you want to say, oh, I did. Seventy five hard. First of all, everybody who's actually done it will know you didn't do it because of the things that you have to say afterwards. They'll just know. And so it's really easy to tell who cut corners.


And he didn't cut corners and there is a drastic difference between the people who actually did the program and the people who pretended to do the program. All right. So I encourage you all this is not due to do not do this because it's popular or because, you know, your friends are doing it or because anybody is doing it. Do it because you truly want to get the result of the seventy five days. If you do it that way with that intent, man, your life's going to never be the same.


That's just the way it is. Ever, ever.


Like all my friends who have done it, it's not about how the body is going to be transformed. Yeah, you're going to look better, but it's the mind and it's the upper leveling from going maybe where you're a consistent 70 and now you're a consistent 80 because you might go down to seventy seven or up to eighty three. But you made that drastic, 70 to 80. You went to a different level in your mind. And that's what I'm excited to, I'm excited to get my mind it to the level of 90s inconsistency where it's been used to the 80s and that's what the seventy five days will do.


I think the day to day has to go up and down a few points. But I feel like something like this has you go to another level and that's why you got to keep doing it, because you might drop a few points and then all of a sudden you do it another year lasting. No cheating meals, no alcohol. That's the last thing on the app. Speak to that.


Yeah, it's very, very simple. The no cheating. First of all, it's zero alcohol. A lot of people like to you know, they want to try to escape this. They'll say, well, what about any beer? What about, you know, the wine at church or what about listen, don't overthink this, all right? I would say, like, is a zero percent any beer accessible? It sure is. But you're just you're just pacifying and satisfying all the old you.


So do you really want it? You see what I'm saying? So. There's no alcohol, that's it, alcohol is a depressant, alcohol messes with your brain. Alcohol makes your brain not be able to develop properly. It's very, very important to have zero alcohol while you're trying to do this as far as no cheap diet. All right. That means that means none of it means no refeed meals, no meals off. It means if you walk in to the kitchen and grab a handful of Eminem's out of the Eminem bowl mindlessly, you fail.


It's very simple. There's no if ands or buts. That's and what you do when you fail is you start over on day one, the following day. All right. So that's the goal. Now, a lot of people will try to be like, well. I'm going to go ahead and start over two weeks. You're fucking up the program this this you're not going to get the results. One of the most important things that you have to understand is that sometimes as entrepreneurs and people and just humans, guess what?


We're going to get punched right in the face. What are we going to do when we get punched right in the face? We've got to get back up. So if you don't follow this, the program, this is a big part of it. So if you do fail, right, that today, one start over right there. All right. And I know a lot of people are thinking, OK, that's going to go into my birthday weekend, your birthday.


You get a birthday every year. All right. You get you got one opportunity, maybe two in your life to improve this to the point where it changes your whole life. It's worth whatever you give up. I can tell you this. Whatever I've given up has been worth it a hundred fold on the back. And that means the sacrifices. You guys know what I mean? Like the barber, who's the the parties that social gatherings, those things.


Those are the things that keep us trapped in who and who we don't like. Those are things that keep us unhappy. What you're going to discover over the course of this program is as your discipline goes up and as you become more of a believer in you and you start to trust you also, this is the coolest part about it. Your happiness is going to go up. And so what you're going to figure out over the course of this program, discipline and happiness are actually completely parallel and their levels.


So if your discipline is a seventy seven, your happiness is going to be a 70 step. If you're discipline a fifth, your happiness is a 50. And nobody tells us that the world right now is telling us the opposite of that. They're telling us, hey, you know, look for yourself and know take a bubble bath. Lieberman's like, that's not loving yourself. Loving yourself is doing the things that you know are good for you. They're good for your family.


They're good for your business and they're good for the people around you. All right. So we have to change the idea of what loving ourselves really means. A lot of people like to hide under the self-love umbrella because it's popular right now. But if we really get down to love, love is doing the hardship at the man. That's where love comes in. So I would encourage anybody who does this to really, really, really think about why they're doing it, what they're trying to gain in and and giving it the right intent behind the program.


Because, dude, if you guys go through and you take the cultural idea of self-love because like a lot of people, guys, I'm going to tell you in that period of a lot of people are going to come at you and they're going to say, that's so extreme. That's so that's that's totally unnecessary. That's the point. It's supposed to be hard. It's not called seventy five cupcake. Seventy five are. All right. So it's supposed to be harder than what.


And this is an argument people say too. Well, I could get in, I could get in shape easier. That's true. You can. But this isn't a fitness program. This is a life program. It's about building this. Right. Because what I want for you guys is for you to be able to take on whatever it is that comes at you in life and be able to handle it properly without it derailing you. All right. Like, if you find yourself two years down the road, 20 pounds up, you're able to look yourself in the mirror and say, I can fix this and do it like that and not have to do this stuff where it's like, oh, you know, I'm going to start Monday.


And then by Monday, halfway through Monday, you're like, well, I'll start tomorrow. And then Tuesday comes and you might stick to it. Wednesday comes. And, you know, then pizza sounds good at night. And then it's like, well, it's already Wednesday. Let's start again on Monday. This is how people waste their lives. All right. So what I want you guys to learn how to do is to not waste your lives.


That's what this program's about.


Guys, listen, here's the deal, man. Like this is so important. This matters so much like I'm committed to it. Like I am freakin committed to this because I know it matters for so much more than my weight and my physique. It's my mind.


And when I got my mind at optimal state, I can do anything. And so can you. Like I can do anything. And so can you. And so can I. And the last question on seventy five hard and I'm going to get you to give a few thoughts on some sales before we bring things full circle. What are the things you've talked about phases. What are the what are the ways that you see people set themselves up to be successful?


Because I'm going to do something crazy for our community here in a minute. And what are the ways that you see them like fail? Like what is that like? What are those kind of warning signs that you give to everybody?


It's very simple. Like I am doing this no matter what, no matter what happens, no matter no matter what, no matter if I. I sprained my ankle to figure it out, if I if I. It doesn't matter, whatever, whatever I have come up. All right. And that's that's something that is new for people. People don't think of like that. They they think like that occasionally. But when you think like that all the time, you become a machine of productivity.


Right. You literally cannot lose when you make it your mission to get done what you know needs to be done day by day by day. No matter what happens, matter what outside circumstances come in now. You can win. You can win. It will. So the people who win on this program, they just commit and they say and they look at it like how I look at things. It's very simple. And I believe that about everybody, every single person right now watching this can do this program.


One hundred percent. I'm 100 percent confident because, dude, if you guys knew what I struggle with and how weak I am in certain areas, you I promise you, if I can do it, you can do it, too. There's nothing special about about what's going on here that you don't have. It's just I figured out that it's something that I could train and get better. And it's interesting. We never hear that. Right. Like we don't hear that.


We don't hear. Oh, you could train yourself to be confident. You could train yourself to be resilient, or you could train yourself to have fortitude or you could train yourself to be gritty. And that's what we're doing and do grit. Any entrepreneur will tell you that's that's built something real grit is is the most important quality you could possibly have. Better more than resources, more than smarts, more than, you know, rich parents or investors or if it's grit.


And so what we're doing here is we're working to build more grittiness here so that we can execute in the places that it match. So what you'll find is once you graduate through the seventy five card program, now you're able to your list of things that you need to do on a daily basis. And they done no matter what.


I love that. So guys, here's the deal. For some of you, this sounds too intense and that's OK. I would rather you not make the commitment today. But here's what I am going to ask you to make a commitment today.


Something for seventy five days. So the second page on the homework assignment today says, all right, you don't want to do the seventy five hour program. Thank you for being real and saying I'm not ready for that yet. That's OK.


But I'm asking you to commit to something for seventy five days with us. And on the second page of the homework sheet, if you choose not to do the seventy five part, it's like I'm committed to this for the next seventy five days and do that. What I'm asking you all to commit to something so you ain't got the excuse.


And this book sold out. I can't get this book. I need to learn about this.


No it's it's clear cut in the app ante. Final thoughts on seventy five hard. Yeah. So all of us are type A people. That's why we're entrepreneurs. So for me that means I have to research, otherwise I go crazy. If you do, don't listen to the podcast that describes every detail about it. It's forty, it's forty nine minutes long. It's episode fourteen in the real AC on iTunes. That's my podcast. It's, it's in the business category.


It's just it's, that's what it is really. So it's episode number fourteen so you guys can go listen to that. So yeah.


That's all I'm asking. You guys make that commitment and the last thing I want to just jam for a few minutes because the market and you don't know this about me, but we lost our company, lost five million dollars in the month of April and May, just like that five million. And Forbes just did an article on it. And I had a decision to, like, either soak in it or pivot. And as I made the decision to pivot, I had to figure out how I was going to replace that, which means sales.


And we went and did this challenge. We had this unbelievable virtual event. And in thirty days, not only did we replace it, we did as much revenues in those thirty days as we did all of twenty nineteen.


Because of such a strong focus on sales, we, we created a model with virtual events that now I've been able to consult with Ryan Dice and Tony was on the phone with me for 90 minutes. And now you saw Tony follow the exact model this last week. And like we we were able to do that. But like the genesis of it had to do with a pivoting Bubby's sales.


The number one thing this group is asking for is how do I sell more? And so I would just love your perspective on that, because your first day you did seven dollars and this year you're going to do four hundred million dollars. Guys, his company. I didn't I if I'm wrong, correct me, is valued in the billions, guys in the billions. So. To your philosophy on sales for everybody here, because, dude, they can't make an impact on the world if they don't have sales.


Well, look back in the day, man, no sales was a lot of, you know, techniques, right? It was a lot of scripts. If you go back and listen to Judge Roberts and the old school sales guys, you know, they got these little tricks, they say, and they do. And the list and the thing about selling now is that you have to understand that people are inundated with more information than they ever have in their lives.


That means they've seen more sales techniques than they can ever possibly want to see. So I build my companies, all of them, around the very simple concept of creating a long term customer. So I don't really look at it as like a big push for sales at any given time. I'm very much so. The guy who you know, and this is why it's taken us twenty two years. OK, if this is the truth, Pete, if I was smart, it took us 12 years.


I'm just not very smart. I just I have to get my face punched in for me to learn stuff. So it took me a long time for me to learn a lot of things. But then once I figured it out and once I figured out how to create relationships with customers, and whenever I figured out that it's not about what they buy today, it's about what they what they tell their friends about you today, sales started to change. So I just tell you a little story about that, about how I figured that out.


So 2010, I was 10 years into our business and we at that point, we did have first form. It was one year old. And then we had our original company that Chris, my business partner, and I started together called Supplement Superstores. I think we were at like roughly a million dollars in sales in 2010. Like, yeah, it took us 10 years to get to a million. Remember, though, guys, this is a different era.


There was no social media. There was no there was none of the great tools that we have today. And this was like gritting it out, you know, going door to door, shaking hands, meeting people, guerrilla warfare type, building a company, you know, a lot of the younger entrepreneurs. And when I say younger, I mean less experienced. You guys have no idea how blessed we are to have the tools that we have a lot.


So when you when you hear that timeline, understand that timeline is not going to be relevant to you because technology's different now. So we worked really hard. And my first 10 years of the business guys, I made fifty eight thousand dollars, fifty eight thousand three hundred eighty dollars total for ten years. Not a year, not a month, not, you know, like that's what I made over the first ten full years in business. I worked other jobs like bartending and promoting these little concerts and doing all these things.


So but what I, I was at a point in business 10 years in where I was frustrated. I wanted to give up. I wanted to change what I was doing. And so Chris and I had a real conversation about closing the doors and saying, OK, this isn't really working out the way that we wanted it to work out. We're not we're not rich, you know, because we wanted to be rich and we're not even close. We didn't have any money.


We didn't have anything. We had some we had some momentum in business, but it wasn't paying us. So we started to look at other things to do. And we, you know, not. Nothing that we nothing that we looked at provided us the experience that we get with what we do, and that experience was very, very easy to understand. OK, now many places when people come in and you teach them some things and then they come back, six months later, they lost a hundred pounds.


They're crying and their life is completely different. There's not many places that we could do that. And so we made a concession for ourselves. Our concession was, well, maybe we won't be rich, but I really like that. I really like making that experience happen for people. I like helping people win. And so we made a group decision. The group decision was, I will maybe we won't be what we what we want it to be and maybe we'll just be a couple of dudes to help people actually change their lives.


And when we switched our mentality from from trying to be rich to trying to serve people the best that we can replicate that experience. We've doubled our business five years in a row. All right. And that's where everything changed. So I would encourage you. You all you know, you have to understand that sales. Yes. Is important because we've got to keep the lights on. We've got to pay the bills. But if you really want to get to that level of a nine figures, OK, which is where you probably want to be, you don't set a lot of you guys might make seven figures is real good business and it is when Rich started.


But, you know, when you get in the eight, nine figures, your life will really change. And that's what we're all trying to do if we're being honest. Right. So so a good way to look at it is the quicker you can figure out how to change other people's lives in a positive way with whatever it is that you do, it doesn't matter if you're selling tires or if you're selling funnels or whatever. It doesn't matter whatever you're selling.


Figure out how it can provide an experience that actually helps people the best way you possibly can. And they will take care of you in a way to look at this is this when you serve people, they'll serve you back. All right. So switch your mentality from, you know, looking at everybody as a transaction opportunity because we get caught up in that right now, especially with all the lingo that's going on is online marketers.


You know, we're all caught up in cost per acquisition in our allies and all these things that we look at like a no. But if they're important, I'm not discounting them. Very important to understand those things. What I am saying is you have to compartmentalize those over here and you still have to focus on doing the best job you can to help people here. And if you do that here, this will grow. It's very similar to this concept.


If you want to win a football game and you stand in the middle of the football game and you look at the scoreboard, what's going to happen? You're going to get your ass stomped, all right. You're going to get hurt. This is what happens in business. A lot of people in business are stuck looking at the scoreboard and they can't focus on actually executing the play. So if you want your sales to grow, I would start understanding that the better job you do to create a long term relationship with your customer so that they will not only buy from you, but they will co-sign their friends to buy from you the quicker you're going to be where you want to go.


So that would be my that would be like do I know for so much stuff to talk about on sales and there's so many techniques we could get into. But if you're asking me the most valuable thing I could give you guys right now, it's the perspective change of if you serve others, they will take care of you in return.


That's brilliant, because here's the thing, guys. Rise up. World was birthed out of that place.


There was not like a monetization strategy to this. This is a free group, guys. Like all I knew is I was tired of hearing in the news that covid was going to destroy businesses and there was no hope. So I said, how do I provide a resource for entrepreneurs to know that there is hope and all of a sudden I'm blown away. Thirty days later, after serving a group of what I thought would be a ten thousand people in this group turned into one hundred and fifty thousand people.


And all of a sudden I'm like, whoa. I told my son last night the biggest thing I've ever done in my professional career because it came from a place of service. Last week you'll hear Taylor Welch. He's got a massive company, guys. And Taylor's like, quit trying to think about sales and start thinking about service. And now you hear a gentleman here who has a four hundred million dollar company talk about go serve. And all of a sudden the doubling of sales took place.


Like Ziggler son told me, you tell everybody they have a moral obligation to their clients because of how they can change their clients life.


They have a moral obligation to make sure that they sell. But the moral obligation comes out of the fact that, you know, you can serve and help people. And so do I love that. I love that.


Yeah, it took me it took me so long. To understand what he was trying to say, they're like, you know, because like a sales people, brother, we we like to look at things like dude is just an entrepreneur mindset. Right? I was the guy taking apart my dad's power tools. All right. I want to see how everything works, you know? So what we try to do is we hear what people are saying and then we try to complicate it, you know, but it's really simple, dude.


If you take care of people, they will take care of you back. It is so it's it's so simple, dude, that like, if you came into my sales meeting, which I just walked out of into this, I was literally telling them the same exact. Exactly the same. I mean, there's no it's not like I'm giving you guys the the basic version here.


If you can if you could grasp this concept that we're talking about, your life is going to get much easier, much more fulfilling and much more practical. Dude, I love that. Final thoughts for everybody. Thanks for being here. By the way, do you guys I think this great man, I love doing this kind of stuff, so thanks for having me on. You know, it's always with the amount of chaos we have going on in the world.


It's really refreshing for me personally to do these kinds of things with people who are still focused on trying to be the best they can. It energizes me. So, you know, thank all well for coming on and, you know, and being a part of this, because it helps me realize, like, hey, not everybody's freaking out. We're all we're all still on the path of trying to be better people. And so I appreciate it as much as you guys do as well.


Seventy five hard. I want to see that you're committed to this with me. We'll see you guys next week.


Thank you all for joining us inside the green room. I hope you enjoyed that conversation with Pete and Andy. Again, I'm Blair Nichols, your co-host, and we were so excited to share this episode with you. Be sure to catch up on any episode you may have missed anywhere.


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