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William Palmer Pt. 1: “The Prince of Poisoners”

Medical Murders

  • 3 days ago
  • 44:37

By October 1847, Dr. William Palmer seemed to have it all: a new practice, a loving wife, and a substantial inheritance. But a secret addiction threatened his good fortune, and he was willing to do whatever it took to keep it all together — including killing those closest to him. 

Elizabeth Wettlaufer Pt. 2: “The ‘Red Surge’ Nurse”

Medical Murders

  • 10 days ago
  • 44:08

Employment at a nursing home would’ve been Elizabeth’s crowning career victory, but it proved to be a fast road to burnout. Struggling to provide medical support to so many people, she began taking her anger and exasperation out on her patients.

Elizabeth Wettlaufer Pt. 1: “The ‘Red Surge’ Nurse”

Medical Murders

  • 17 days ago
  • 46:43

Starting in 2007, a Canadian nurse began injecting her elderly patients with lethal insulin overdoses. The inconspicuous method allowed her to escape suspicion for nearly a decade. 

Amelia Dyer Pt. 2: “Britain’s Baby Butcher”

Medical Murders

  • 24 days ago
  • 46:08

Over three decades, Amelia Dyer killed upwards of four hundred infants. She conned desperate mothers while fine-tuning the details of her operation, until a bargeman’s discovery in 1896 forced the baby-farmer to have a reckoning. 

Amelia Dyer Pt. 1: “Britain’s Baby Butcher”

Medical Murders

  • about 1 month ago
  • 44:31

After her husband died 1869, nurse Amelia Dyer turned to baby-farming to avoid financial ruin. She took out ads in newspapers, and took in unwanted infants for a fee. But for Amelia, this was a business — and she was willing to do anything to keep the money coming.