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Last time you went to the doctor, you probably left with a prescription, some answers and most importantly, the hope you'd recover. But some doctors betray that hope they hijack your nervous system and take over your bloodstream.


The only prescription is a dosage of death. By the time you realize you're a victim, it's already too late on medical murders. Those who we trust to save lives end them. I'm Alistair Murden. Every week I'll profile the doctor who killed and my co-host, Doctor David Kipa, M.D., will shed light on the medical aspects of each murder.


I'm in private practice for over 30 years as a specialist internal medicine and addiction medicine. And these cases are terrifying to patients, but even scarier to a doctor.


There's the general practitioner believed to be the most prolific serial killer in modern history, the dentist who led a double life as a hit man or the toxicologist who poisoned her own husband.


Within each episode, we'll examine these killers methodology and psychology, covering everything from mad scientists to savior complexes to the most chilling of all, those who simply realised they could get away with it.


Each of them did the unthinkable. Breaking the Hippocratic Oath Medical Murders explores our worst fears brought to life.


Medical Murders is a Spotify original from podcast and premieres August 26. New episodes release every Wednesday. Listen to medical murders free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.