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January 20th, 1961, John F. Kennedy stood before the nation and made a declaration that will live on forever. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. 60 years later, we're asking a different set of questions. Did organized crime figures influence the election of 1960? Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Who stole JFK? His brain? I'm Carter from Parks Network and this January on Spotify. Join us as we commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of JFK's inauguration in the Park Limited series, The Kennedys.


In this special 12 episode collection, we cover the Kennedy family's most controversial moments, all in one place assassinations and conspiracies, corruption and cover ups, international affairs and extramarital ones to so bunker down in a book depository or settle in on the grassy knoll because we're separating fact from fiction on all things Kennedy. You can binge all 12 episodes of the Kennedys starting Tuesday, January 19th. Follow the Kennedys free and exclusively on Spotify.