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Hey, everyone, welcome back to On Purpose to number one health podcast in the world.


Thanks to each and every single one of you, I'm so grateful that we're back again for another episode. And today, I wanted to share with you a really special conversation I had about my brand new book, Think Like a Monk, with my very special friend, Lily Collins. And Lily read the book and had a ton of questions she wanted to ask me. And after we recorded this, I realized that I think a lot of you might have similar questions.


So I want to share it with all of you. So wherever you are right now, whether you're walking your dog, whether you're running, whether you're at the gym, whether you're working, whether you're at home or cooking, whatever you're up to, I want you to take a moment to listen into this conversation I had with Lily. If you've got my book, grab it out. And if you don't have a copy, you can head over to think like a monk book dotcom.


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You've made me think like a monk. My first ever book, a number one New York Times bestseller. And so that's a huge thanks to each and every single one of you that have showed up, left a review and been a part of the journey. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. And I really hope you enjoy this conversation.


Today is a very, very exciting day, not only for me, but for my good friend Chetty, who I will be inviting on here in a few seconds. Jay is a good friend of mine and a fellow author. And today is the day that his book Think Like a Monk launches. And if you guys know me well, you know that I've been getting into so much reading during quarantine. And most of it is about how to deal with anxiety and stress and self reflection and finding oneself and figuring out the meaning of what's greater than ourselves and feeling confident and loving oneself.


And Jay's book is a game changer. If you guys haven't ordered it already, I gonna say preordered, but it's out today. If you haven't ordered it already, please do so now, because it really is one of my new new favorites and there's just so many mantras to live by. So I am going to invite Jay now to talk to us about his new book.


Oh, really?


You're just the best. Thank you so much. You've literally, like, made my day. This is the first thing I'm doing today for my book. Oh, I am so excited. Thank you. To celebrate with my dad. Thank you so much for allowing me to talk to you and thank you for giving this to me early. I'm not even kidding. I told you my boyfriend told me this, but like, I just turned back into a student.


All of these pages are just notes, like notes of life lessons that I eh. Some things I wanted to talk to you about today and some things I was just like, I need to remember this for my own peace of mind, that I don't feel like I'm going crazy and I can just feel like page forty seven when he said but like truly it's, it's a game changer and it's been such a lifeline for me the last couple of days of reading it.


And I know for like forever to come. So thank you so, so much.


Oh no thank you. I'm genuinely so touched that you're literally like the ideal reader, like someone is making notes and highlighting things that I love that picture of you by the beach that you should be just reading and it just looks so peaceful. And I was just like, wow, it's so beautiful. But you're amazing and I'm so grateful that we connected this year.


Me? Oh, my God. Truly, it's been like the highlight of one of the highlights of my quarantine period is it really brought us together, which is so incredible. And you posted I think it was for your birthday, a picture of you and then you as a monk. That throwback was because I'm reading it and I'm reading your stories about your experience to see a visual of you in your orange robes like it really hit home to me of how much you've how far you've traveled since then.


And I just wanted to know, when you see that picture of yourself, are you do you heavily associate with the person you see in that picture? And I'm just also just for people watching, like, what is the monk mindset? Because when you look at that picture, you go, oh, he looks like a monk. And now and you're like, but he's still a monk, but he's not wearing the orange robes. So it's like, what do you describe as the monk mindset?


And that photo, what does it say to you? Absolutely.


So, yeah, when I really have to dig hard to find pictures because we didn't take a lot of selfies, I can't imagine you don't really video generally your life. So I really I have like two or three pictures from that time and I've been sharing them because I look back at them and and just think about how grateful. I am for that time that I gained and that time that I had to go so deep, so when I look at that, I actually look at the person that I am and I feel like I'm the same person and I've just become more and more a true, authentic, real version of myself.


And that's with all my flaws or my mistakes or my realities or my imperfections, but just becoming more and more accepting and knowing of all of them. And that's what I see in that transition. And with the mindset when you ask what is the mindset to understand the mindset, we have to understand the monkey mind. So in the introduction of the book, I talk about the monkey mind and this is the mind that we can all relate to. So the monkey mind is always complaining.


Comparing it can be critical. Sometimes it can be self-critical. The monkey mind is always jumping from branch to branch, trying to find the next best thing. It's always looking for instant gratification. And so the monk mindset is the mindset that is calm, the mindset that is peaceful, the mindset that is intentional, and the mindset that is trying to help us move towards our best self. So in a very quick answer, that's the monk mindset. The reason why I chose to focus on studying monks is because if we look at any field in the world, really, if you want to be the best tennis player, you'd want to learn from Serena Williams or if you wanted to be the best business person, you'd want to learn from Jeff Bezos or whoever it may be.


And so if you want to learn about mastering your mind, which is where we feel our emotions, which is where we experience pain, where we experience love, then mastering the mind is something that monks have dedicated their whole life to.


Right. And it was interesting because you said when we were talking about how to live your most authentic self and that's what you've been striving towards. You said when you live your most authentic self, sometimes your relationships were in jeopardy. Losing them was a risk worth bearing. Finding a way to keep them in your life is a challenge worth taking on. And I thought that was so interesting because right now during quarantine, I know myself and so many of my friends I've talked to have been going through this form of like an identity crisis of, you know, who am I when stripped of seeing my friends doing my job in the way that I'm used to having those daily directions.


And you talk a lot about distractions and how silencing exterior distractions actually allows you to finally do what it is that sometimes we all avoid, which is, you know, not listening to those voices outside, but then having to deal with our voices inside and dealing with the idea of coming together and finally facing those things. A lot of those things come out in fear. And you talk about your relationship with fear and how it's so important to have a close relationship with fear in order to kind of disassociate from them.


So can you describe to people why it's so important to almost bring your fears closer so you can have a better understanding and then you can let go of that? Because it seems like an oxymoron of sorts.


Yeah, you know how wonderful it is for me to be speaking about you with this, because you just so deeply understood and studied the book.


And I'm just to that you're like amazing, as Lily explained in the chapter that's dedicated to fear. And I really believe that fear is almost the root of anxiety. If you you're someone out there right now and you're watching this and you're thinking I deal with a lot of anxiety or you're thinking you deal with a lot of pressure or a lot of stress, then a lot of the root of that is a fear. And that could be a hidden fear about something that you've forgotten or something that happened in the past that maybe you've even tried to forget.


And the interesting thing about fears is that they just build up the more we ignore them. So almost like a pain in the body or even like a pain in our mind is trying to get our attention. So if you think about my friends to have had a baby during quarantine and their babies so handsome and so cute, and he's about six months old now, and it's like if he wants something and he barely cries, like he never cries. But if he wants something, the only way babies can tell you that they want your attention is by crying.


And so our fears or anxiety is trying to get our attention. So when we try and distract ourselves from our fear or we try and avoid it, we try. And no, we're actually making it harder to overcome our fear because what it's asking for is our presence. Now, I'm not saying that when you feel anxious, you have to dive straight into it, but when you've got a bit of space, you've got a bit of stillness. It's really important to go back to and say, what am I really scared?


Why is this fear there?


And the more you start to understand and unravel your fear, you get to the root of what's really affecting you rather than just letting it be there in the background and then trying to forget about it. But it's just building away slowly and that's a lot harder to deal with.


Yeah, and I feel like so many of us and sometimes it's subconscious, but we don't want to go towards the things that are difficult or that make us uncomfortable, because then that means we actually have to, like, sit still and focus on ourselves and reflect in a in a metaphorical mirror. I know again for myself, but you're in quarantine. I've been faced with a mirror every single day where I'm like, OK, these are the things that I.


About myself, these are the things I want to work on about myself and I threw your book, when you're talking about embracing your flaws and embracing the things that you normally would say, I don't like about myself. Well, it's all about kind of flipping that and saying, OK, these are the things I want to get better at. But these are also the ways in which I'm really skilled. And that kind of goes into the idea of following your Dharma, which was so interesting to me because I've never a word to this feeling that I've been feeling mostly over the past year, but where I really felt like I've been working towards what excites me and where I see the most positive outcome in the work that I've done.


And the idea of following your Dharma and you had this story about as a kid was at school when you went and spoke and oh my God, I was so heartbroken for you when everyone was laughing at you and your outfit and your experience of having a bad experience, public speaking. But then, you know, going and continuing to do it when you were older and then realizing, wait, I actually want to take knowledge and break it to more people and make it go viral.


And that's what I want to do. And that's so the idea of Dharma mastering the mind. Can you speak a little bit about what your calling is and how people can maybe find it and what Dharma means? Because I think if everyone focused more on following their dharma, like you said, they would feel more whole and content and as well as people receiving what it is that they were giving them.


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You've just got to try true botanicals for yourself and you'll get 15 percent off your first purchase at True Botanicals dot com forward slash. That's 15 percent of your first purchase at True Botanicals dot com forward slash J. You had that true botanicals dot com forward slash J. Yeah, it's really interesting the way you say that, you know, for most of us in education or in school, we've always been told to improve our weaknesses and our strengths were kind of just glossed over.


So it was like if you were performing really well at something, he was like, oh, great, but that needs to improve.


And Dharma's almost not the opposite, but it is about highlighting your natural strengths, your natural skills, your natural inclinations, your your inherent joy. And I want to make it really simple for everyone right now. So this is how to think about the words. We hear about passion. We hear about purpose. We hear about all these things all the time. But if I to make it an equation, purpose equals passion plus strength plus compassion. And when you add all of those three things together, it becomes dharma or purpose.


And the word Dharma is a Sanskrit word and its most closely translated in English to eternal purpose, not inherent nature. And there's a beautiful quote by Albert Einstein where he said that everyone's a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life believing that it's stupid.


And for so many of us, we're like birds trying to be lions were lions trying to be giraffes with giraffes trying to be zebras. And the point is that when we become the best version of ourself, we're no longer scared about or intimidated by other people living their dharma. So the first thing is we have to uncover our passion. And really, as you said, you've been moving towards things that bring you life and bring you joy and passions like a teenager and before you become a teenager with a child.


So that's like having interest in something. And before we were a child or a toddler or we're being born. And the birth of passion is curiosity. So what sparked your curiosity? Right now? You may not have a passion. You may not have something you love, but what is it that you could watch documentaries about all day or read books about all day? That's your passion and then strength. Strength is something that you said in my own story of I wasn't born good at communicating or speaking on stage.


I actually was really nervous. And for me that was a strength that I was very lucky to build by attending public speaking at drama school and getting that support from my parents. And for me, that's what made me realize that there are so many strengths out there. Don't confuse weakness with inexperience. And I think that's a really big thing for us. We think we're not good at something, but actually the truth is we've just never experienced it.


We've never tried. And the third part of Dharma is compassion, which is probably one of my favorite ones, because sometimes you don't find your purpose through passion, you find it through pain, and you find your purpose because you went through something or someone you love, went through something, and now you never want anyone to go through it again. And so that sparks your journey of purpose.


And Dharma, which I love. And you also get a quote where you said you can't be anything you want, but you can be everything you are, which I thought there were so many quotes in this book where I was like, oh, harsh, but true. You know, when you're taught when you're young, you know, you can be anything you want, but it's actually instead of striving to be something so badly where maybe your skill set is just not there, what is it that you're really great at and embrace that and then just be all of that and be everything that you are to the best ability that you can because there is no other you out there.


And somebody else, I guarantee, will be looking at you and watching you going, oh God, I wish I want to be more like that or I want to have more of that. And it was just so interesting to read then go. It seems so basic of a statement and harsh and so true and amazing. And once you start to realize that, I think it kind of just opens up to more just to be more open about analyzing what it is that you love and makes you tick and what it is that you give that other people really receive full heartedly.


I think that that's a really good lesson. You talk a lot about routine. Now, I know that again, in quarantine for myself, it's it's been I know we're a little bit later on now in quarantine, but at the beginning it was OK, like, how do I spend my time and what do I do when I can't go to the gym or I can't see my friends and I can't have those work meetings. So why is it so important, you know, in times like this, but also just in life, to have a set routine where you know the basics of what your day will look like, but then also being open to kind of whatever comes your way.


You don't be such a stickler, you know, that all of a sudden you can't let life happen to you. Yeah, explain why. Right. Routine is a way to kind of built to greatness in a sense.


So I think all of us during the pandemic in lockdown, I've just realized how uncertain life is. And I think we always knew that. But this has been that extreme awakening for all of us, that there is just so much uncertainty. And the thing about life is that we know that uncertainty is.


He's going to be there in every day, that could be a surprise, that can be an unexpected change. And so having a routine gives you certainty in uncertainty. And I think that's the key about routine, is that if you have a few things that, you know, are going to stay the same every day, they give you a strong foundation. They may give you a strong shield. They let you feel like you're putting on your armor and they help you feel prepared for whatever uncertainty is going to come with.


If you don't have a routine, you literally blindly walking into more uncertainty every day without having a stable foundation. So that's why routine is so important. And it was such a big part of our life. And by the way, just remember, routine doesn't mean you don't have spontaneity in routine actually lets you have greater spontaneity because it gives you a stable foundation from which you are operating in a happy, joyful space. And now you can look for the magic in the day.




And I think part of the idea of allowing yourself to embrace each day with whatever comes is like you talk a lot about gratitude. And I know that you and I have spoken about gratitude and it's something that I've just tried to bring.


And I love when you said it's not just about having, like, hashtag blessed, it's about truly embracing, feeling grateful for every moment. And I think sometimes people can say, OK, you know, it's like that's kind of annoying to always see things that way. And what does that not mean that you embrace when things go badly? It's like, no, just remembering that the little moments are things to be cherished. And especially right now, we're grasping for inspiration and creativity and love and light.


It's being grateful for things really can change your mindset. And you talk a lot about how important gratitude is.


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Yeah, when you're present in gratitude, psychologically, you can't be anywhere else. So the mind this studies on this and that's why the book has so much science in it, because I really believe that if you look at the studies on gratitude, it's not a fairytale concept. It's practical. And it's real that when you're feeling grateful, your mind actually can't be in another state. So the state of being and the example you just gave me, I'm going to ask you a question or you name two of your close friends, just whoever you like you can make imaginary friends to if you don't want to name that.


Leeanna, Annie, Annie, I have a disclaimer that anything I say about LeAnn and Eddie from this point forward is not true. I do not know them. And this does not reflect their real character, just just putting it out there. So let's say, Lili, that after this is all over, you throw a party for your friends at your home and everyone comes over and you spend time together. And Leanna and Annie send you a message the next day to thank you.


So Leeanna messages you. And she said, hey, Lily had a great time. Thank you. That's her message. And then any messages you and he says, Lily, that party was amazing.


The food was incredible. I loved seeing your family and your friends. Your home is just stunning. And we just had so much fun in the games. We just we need to do this again. We need to do this again. Yeah. You've got those two messages now, Lily, you're a very grateful person, so you're grateful to both of them. But tell me which one fills you with more specificity of why they enjoyed it and the like the really in depth detail of like, oh, this person remembers exactly why they had fun.


I totally, totally get that.


Yeah, exactly. So not only does that gratitude make you happier with the science suggests that that gratitude even makes the giver of gratitude happier when we're specific about giving gratitude.


Not only do we build a better relationship with the people we love, but we also feel happier. And that's why I think if everyone took out a moment in their day and just found one person to be grateful for today and don't just feel it and experience it, go and tell them. Send them a voice note, send them a message, sent them an email or a text, whatever you need to do, and just see how it deepens your bond with that person.


I mean, we've never even met and I find that crazy because I just I feel like I know you. And so you I feel like but we've been messaging away and I just feel like when we're messaging each other, it's just from the heart that you kind of break all the boundaries of the fact that we've never met. I know it's so crazy and I totally agree. It's also those moments in life when you kind of think, oh, I'll tell them later, I'll get into that later and then it comes later.


And you've forgotten. And I found that the more your book really inspired this. And I think when I was reading this, I reached out to a couple people randomly that I was like I thought of a memory and thought, you know what, I feel like I just want to thank them because it's helped shape me into who I am or it's something that I would love to impart on them, that it made a difference and maybe they wouldn't have known that.


And so I think it's it's in those moments of spontaneity where we can actually do more for someone else then. And like you said, it does also for us. But it's if not now, when that kind of mentality and I love you in your book and in your podcast, which I find different than other books of this nature that I've read and podcast, is that you do include science. You include like logical, methodical, scientific, as well as emotional, historic, psychological information.


And so it's really hard for someone to kind of read this and go like, is it based in what I mean, like you really incorporate all types of thinkers. And it's so interesting because I wrote down so many different studies that I want to go back and look at. And and it's so incredible when you do actually put the science to the emotional side of things. It's mind, body, soul connection actually makes sense in a whole new way.


And I found that to be really interesting as a student of life. I again like notes galore. It's like I'm a student here. I found that to be really useful because it makes it even harder for people to kind of come back, you know, but I don't believe it because like what that really happened. You're like, yeah, it's actually proven. Harvard Business School did a report on, you know, it made it it made it so palpable in a different way.


So I also have a couple of friends and myself included in the past that, you know, have had relationship, have had certain relationship patterns. And maybe there have been certain people in your life, romantic friendships, business that have come and gone, that you've seen a bit of a pattern there, or at least I've seen a bit of a pattern there. And you talk about until you understand yourself, you won't be ready for the love that you should deserve.


And that you said there's a difference between being grateful for what you have and settling for less than you deserve. And in every relationship, you have the opportunity to set a level of joy you expect and the level of pain you'll accept. I thought that that was so eloquently written because I feel like. We can get so discouraged if you have a bad relationship or something bad happens to you, you think, oh, it's it's definitely me and it's just the way things are meant to be.


Well, but you discuss a lot in the book about looking inward and figuring out what the patterns are and maybe how if I live maybe my life more intentionally and love the me that I am fully, then the right people will come into my life, whether that is again romantic or friendships or business. And I think that that's really important to stress right now, just to kind of feel more encouragement of like it's possible to break patterns. And you talk a lot about breaking patterns.


Yeah, absolutely.


So Bellport, by the way, thank you so much. It's so wonderful to hear stuff that I've been grappling with and thinking about. And I'm so glad that you're able to explain it so succinctly, which which makes me really happy. And I think relationships are the core of happiness. One of my good friends, Robert Waldinger, who's a Harvard professor, he did the seventy five year study on human happiness and completed it. He was the fourth professor at Harvard and finished off the study and published it and gave a TED talk on it.


He wrote a beautiful testimonial for the book and his work is amazing. He's got a new book coming out and he found in that study that the number one indicator for human happiness was the quality of our relationships. Now, that sounds obvious, but it's funny because we've never learned about how to have good, positive, meaningful relationships. And all of them start with the relationship we have with our self. And so we spend so much time when you're dating someone to get to know them or when you're interested in someone to get to understand them.


But the big question is, how much do we know ourselves? How much do we understand ourselves and how much are we happy with who we're becoming? And so for me, when it comes to talking about relationships, the first thing I really, really look at is do we know who we are and who's going to compliment that and then enhance that? Or are we looking for what we don't have in someone else? Yeah, for the majority of us, we are demanding what we did or didn't get from our parents right away and project that into our relationships.


If our parents were really loving and secure, then we are looking for that complete love and security in our partner. And if our parents were not present, then we're looking for that presence from our partner. And so if we heal that relationship with our own pattern and our own generation, then we can really have a true relationship with someone else.


I love that. And I feel like I'm constantly having conversations where it's either about and again, especially now about about the relationship we have with ourselves. And then once you understand that better, then you'll be a better partner, sister, friend, daughter or son, whatever that may be. And I feel like in order to be the best version of yourself, you have to feel that within yourself. And I learn so much from your book about embracing that in so many new ways.


I'd love to. First, there's one more quote that I feel like was one of those amazing like aha moments that I want to write is like a mantra, something it is. And then and then I love it.


If you wouldn't mind for me. I know I can use it. I'm sure everyone watching about mindful meditation or a mindful exercise would do it.


I love it. I look the it was amazing. It was. And it was near the end. It was on page two. Seventy five. Ever want to go back. It was life isn't going to go your way. You have to go your way and take life with you. And I read that and went God, that's like it's such a succinct comment that makes so much sense. You have to go and take it with you and it will happen to you and that will be what your life is.


It's not always going to go in the way that you project it to go. It has to go in the way that you're going. And I found that to be such a beautiful message and it kind of encapsulated so much of the mindfulness in the living mindfully that you talk about and realizing, OK, at some point you just have to let go and take all of this that you've learned about yourself and about the world and what you want and what you don't want and just let it happen.


And I just I found that to be another one of my eight million reasons that I need to stay forever if I know. Thanks for sharing, though.


And you know what? That one nearly didn't make it into the book. No, I'm not even joking because I remember going through and that one. I'm so glad you brought that one up. It really didn't make it in because it was it meant so much to me. But we were trying to figure out what people really understand, what I was saying. And you totally have said it beautifully. It's half the time we struggle in life because we have a version of what we think life should look like and the path you're currently living.


So it's almost like you have a projector screen in your head that's projecting this picture of what it should look like. And then you have the real path and they don't match and you go, oh, no, no, I'm going to. Wrong way of going the wrong way and you freak out, but actually, you know, you get to where you want in life, just not in the way you imagine it. And we have to disconnect and detach from how we think life should look and then actually live it the way it is.


And like you said, that you take it with you. And I think if we can learn to do that, I can honestly say that the book was meant to come on April and it got pushed back. And I don't even think I'd met you if I don't think we'd even connected doing the correct that we did. Yeah, and I think that was like at the beginning of the pandemic, maybe at the beginning.


I think it was either either late April or it might have been May because it was just finishing for graduation and it was tough to do.


And so so if I just think about it for a second, my book was going to come out before I knew today. I'm here with you, thanks to you. And my heart is full of military and gratitude and love for you.


I you're just one of the sweetest people I've ever met and I wouldn't be doing this with you today if all of this hadn't happened. And I just always look back at life and just try and think, what would I have missed, how this challenge arose? And when you ask yourself that, you start noticing that there are just so many gifts. Yeah, thanks for pointing that one out. And yes, I would love to share a meditation.


Yes. All I'm going to ask everyone to do, whether you meditate before you have an all you have to do is follow along and you can do this wherever you are, apart from if you're driving, that's the only place you're not allowed to do this when you should be watching this anyway. But apart from that, you can be anywhere in your home. Just find a quiet space. You can just have your phone in front of you. But you're going to close your eyes in a moment.


And I just want you to be comfortable. So don't try and be really erect or really straight or, you know, just be comfortable and be in a comfortable environment. If you need to move while you do it, that's fine.


So everyone, including Liley, to close their eyes and I'll close my eyes to and give me a thumbs up when you can hear the music.


Is it good? Yeah. Close your eyes. Lower your gaze. And for a moment. Just become present with your mind and body and whenever your mind wanders.


Just gently and softly bring it back. Alan. Is still this. Never thought arises. Let it come and go. But just bring your awareness. To con. Allans. Is. Still, S&P. Place your right palm in your heart. And repeat after me, I am exactly where I need to be, I am exactly where I need to be.


When you say this, try and believe it in your body. Mean it in your mind and feel it in your heart once more. I am exactly where I meant to be. I'm exactly where I'm meant to be. And let's say once more, I am exactly where I need to be. I am exactly where I need to be. So many times in our life. We feel we're ahead. We feel we're behind. Feel like we're catching up.


When we just accept all the power is in the present and we are perfectly placed in position. Can truly. Which are potentially become aware of your natural breathing pattern. Breathe in and raise your shoulders up and back, breathe out and roll them back and down. Breathe in and roll your shoulders up and back without and roll them back and down once more.


Breathe in and roll your shoulders up and back. Breathe out and roll them back into feeling more aligned. Killing a natural sense of calm.


Ireland's stillness and peace and breathing now and lower your left ear to your left shoulder as you breathe in and breathe out and bring it back to the middle, lower your right ear to your right shoulder as you breathe in. Breathe out and bring it back to the middle. Lower your left edge, your left shoulder as you breathe in. Breathe out and bring it back to the middle. Lower your right at your right shoulder as you breathe in, breathe out and bring him back to the middle.


Allowing your body and mind to be aligned. Bringing you a sense of calm and stillness, place your left palm on your stomach and as you breathe in, feel your stomach go out and as you breathe and feel your stomach, as you breathe out in your stomach and breathe in and feel his stomach, go out and breathe out and feel your stomach in.


Becoming aligned with your natural breathing pattern. Become aware of how the air enters into your nose, how it leaves through your body. How your feet are on your bed or on your ground of your back is in the chair on your bed. And in this moment. Repeat with your right hand on your heart. I am healing and healing. He then and then breathe out, deep breath in and out. This time year. I'm letting go of everything that doesn't serve me.


I'm letting go of everything that doesn't scare me.


And then proceeded this time on the exhale, really feel yourself letting go of any tension or pressure or stress, breathe in and breathe out, really letting go and extending that.


And when you're ready. In your own time, at your own pace. When you're ready. You can gently and softly open your eyes. Back in April or May, and we're doing it again and I feel like it's just the best way to start the day it is.


It's so sterling. And I just want to say that was a beautiful sound, both from a YouTube channel called Healing Vibrations. So you can definitely go and subscribe to them if you enjoyed that music, everyone. They're fantastic. And they do these beautiful pieces. But that. Yeah, I'm glad I got to share this with you again. And I can't wait to do in person. It's my turn to interview you on the podcast.


I literally listen to that podcast religiously. Do you know how many screenshots my friends being like guys know this is the next best? Oh, this is. And I'm like, I need to. I started a folder on my iPhone of all the back too. So it's like I would be so honored and it's my honor to be talking about this all day. Please, again, for everyone that hasn't preordered, you should have. And if you have it, go get it today from your local bookstore, Amazon anywhere.


I'm just I'm so thrilled for you, Jay. I'm so proud of you as a new friend and someone in my life. And and I really I have nothing but love and light for you. And I. I can't wait to meet you.


We're going to do it. I can't wait to have you on the podcast. This is the best. Thank you. Thank you, love.