Call them changemakers. Call them rule breakers. We call them Redefiners. And in this provocative podcast, we explore how daring leaders from across industries and around the globe are redefining their organizations—and themselves—to create extraordinary impact in today’s rapidly changing world.
In each episode, Russell Reynolds Associates Leadership Advisor Hoda Tahoun and CEO Clarke Murphy host engaging, purposeful conversations with leaders in and out of the business world who share their insights and perspectives on how they lead, boldly. You’ll come away with fresh ideas and tangible takeaways on how you can redefine your own leadership trajectory – no matter where you are on your journey.   
Our Hosts:
Clarke Murphy 
Clarke Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates and serves on the Board of Directors. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he was the Global Leader of the firm's CEO/Board Services Practice.​
While at Russell Reynolds Associate​s, Clarke has conducted a number of significant projects in the industry, including Fortune 100 board searches and CEO successions. In addition, he has led notable searches in​​ the private equity industry including searches ​for the Carlyle Group and Warburg Pincus.Hoda TahounAs a leadership advisor and leader of the global Leisure & Hospitality Practice at RRA, Hoda Tahoun identifies, assesses, and develops dynamic C-suite leaders for global hospitality, travel, and leisure companies. Based in Miami, Hoda helps clients solve their most pressing leadership issues at the CEO, C-suite, and other executive-levels. She also advises clients on customer-centric, go-to-market leadership roles such as chief marketing officers and chief experience officers. Hoda is committed to reshaping the hospitality and leisure landscape to ensure it is an industry that leads with purpose, value, and wellbeing and continues to attract and retain talent across all facets of diversity.Hoda spent more than seven years working for a boutique executive search firm, rising to the title of principal where she worked closely with hotel management companies, cruise lines and private equity firms. Previously, Hoda was an assistant vice president at SHUAA Capital in Dubai where she led the firm’s investment banking efforts. She has also worked at American Express, Bank of America and Citi.

Leadership Lounge: How can leaders succeed in a Gen-AI-driven world?


  • 6 months ago
  • 12:51

We’re in the midst of a new technology revolution—one that is completely rewriting the rules of the game. Gen-AI isn’t hype. It’s here to stay. And the leaders who are quickest to learn how to ride this innovation wave will be the ones that stay ahead.  It’s a high-stakes moment. And yet, there are still questions to be answered: In this time of seismic transformation, how do you keep up? How will Gen-AI challenge our definitions of what it takes to lead? And which traits do you need to hone to thrive in a Gen-AI-driven world?  To help leaders navigate this complex moment in history, we invited Fawad Bajwa and Joe Ghory, our AI practice co-leads, and Harpreet Khurana, our Chief Digital and Data Analytics Officer, into the Leadership Lounge.  They talk through the biggest opportunities (and risks) of Gen-AI for leaders, and share their extensive experience on what it takes to succeed during periods of large-scale transformation. Tune in to discover how to get your hands dirty with Gen-AI, why a learning mindset is key, and why it’s so important to see Gen-AI as a sparring partner, rather than a threat. 

Leading with Vulnerability with Bestselling Author Jacob Morgan


  • 7 months ago
  • 38:23

If your organization is like many around the world, you’re trying to figure out how to better lead through uncertainty and change, attract and retain talent, increase employee engagement, and adapt to rapid technological change. In fact, according to our latest Global Leadership Monitor report, only 55% of leaders feel prepared to face these top external threats in the year ahead.   Well, today’s episode should help give you some guidance as we sit down with Jacob Morgan, speaker and bestselling author of five books. We’ll talk with Jacob about his passion and mission to create great leaders, engaged employees, and future-ready organizations. He’ll share his insights gleaned from interviewing hundreds of CEOs and thousands of employees to help you improve your leadership and transform your organization. Jacob discusses what it means to lead with vulnerability and how can leaders tap into it more authentically and effectively; how to increase employee engagement (hint: it’s not more free lunches and happy hours!); his views on return-to-office (RTO) and hybrid work to find a balance between productivity, collaboration, and innovation; and how technology like AI will impact the future of work.  We’ll also hear from Laura Mantoura, a Managing Director in our Stamford office, who dives into our latest research on why employee experience matters—and how boards can take meaningful action.  If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:  Transforming the Energy Sector with Baker Hughes CEO Lorenzo Simonelli  Opening Hearts and Minds on Late Night News with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle  Planting Long-Term Investment Seeds with Markel Group CEO Tom Gayner