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Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega

Scientology: Fair Game

  • 4 days ago
  • 01:05:59

Leah and Mike talk with Tony, who over his decades of reporting on scientology has become an expert reporter in the world on the subject. He has a daily blog about scientology, wrote an excellent book about Paulette Cooper, the poster child for scientology Fair Game. He has been subjected to Fair Game campaigns by scientology since the 90's.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

Episode 28: Cultbusting Attorney Ford Greene

Scientology: Fair Game

  • 11 days ago
  • 01:03:35

Leah and Mike talk to Ford, the former Moonie who became a lawyer to fight cults. He has participated in some of the most important anti-cult litigation. The discussion covers the Fair Game assaults he has endured, the army of high-priced lawyers he fought and how best to deal with scientology in the legal arena. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Episode 27: Jon Atack — OG Scientology Whistleblower

Scientology: Fair Game

  • 18 days ago
  • 01:30:08

Leah and Mike talk all things scientology and Fair Game with one of the most well-informed former scientologist whistleblowers. Jon has spent decades studying and exposing scientology brainwashing and abuse and has fascinating insights on so much. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Episode 26: Phil Jones -- the man behind The Billboard

Scientology: Fair Game

  • 25 days ago
  • 01:17:12

This week, Leah and Mike welcome Phil Jones of the "Call Me" billboards fame. They cover a lot of ground -- from what caused them to leave scientology, to their efforts to reach their children, to interaction with the LAPD, scientology's Fair Game intimidation tactics and the realities of family life in scientology. Learn more about your ad-choices at

Episode 25: Whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris

Scientology: Fair Game

  • about 1 month ago
  • 01:18:14

Leah and Mike talk with Valeska, raised in scientology and the Sea Org, covering her experiences as a child, being held captive on the Freewinds, losing her family to disconnection and her escape. Learn more about your ad-choices at