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You are listening to the Darren Wilson Show, I'm Darren, I spent the last 20 years devoted to improving health, protecting the environment and finding ways to live a more sustainable life. In this podcast, I have honest conversations with people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they'll inspire you to. We talk about all kinds of topics from amping up your diets and improving your well-being to the mind blowing stories behind the human experience and the people that are striving to save us and our incredible planet.


We've investigate some of the life's fatal conveniences. You know, those things that we are told might be good for us, but totally aren't. So here's to making better choices and the small tweaks in your life that amount to big changes for you and the people around you and the planet. Let's do this. This is my show, The Darren Olean Show.


Welcome, everybody, to the show, another great episode with an incredible doctor, Dr. Jerry Tennet. I appreciate you guys coming and tuning in. This is exciting. This guy has spent decades involved in Harvard training, traditional training, all the way to healing himself and dedicating his life to truly functional and regenerative health care, as well as winning many awards and having patents with electric medicine and a great book of voltage of the body cells, micro currents, how the body actually works.


And it's all studied under the P.H.. And now, myself included, I've talked about and the alkalinity a lot, and you've heard the term a lot, but that is really the measure of voltage within the body. That was one aspect. I wish I could go back into my book and clarify a little better because she gets off in this kind of weird kind of woo woo world and it's not grounded. And really, Dr. Jerry Tennet has done an amazing job of studying and understanding voltage as it relates to the body's ability to heal.


And that's absolutely measurable as it also relates to the voltage going down, relating directly to why the body isn't working degenerative disease. So my great guest, Dr. Jerry Tennet, is a world renowned physician, international author, integrative health practitioner. He studied at Harvard, trained up to allergist. He founded the Tennant Institute of Integrative Medicine and named one of the top 20 alternative doctors in America. And of course, we talked about nutrients and nutrition and all of these things as it relates to that and the building blocks of voltage, but also how to reset and turn on the circuitry of the body as it flows, as it moves.


And why, P.H., when I say just understand its voltage of the cells and how the body boosts the voltage when it actually needs to heal? He spent a lot of time understanding the electrical systems, the electrical pulses, the frequencies of the cells to then equal that into technology that can help balance the body into its own homeostasis as well as what are you doing to keep that voltage regulated? We really got into what is this voltage? How does it work?


How does it relate to cells being new and healthy? How does it relate to the body being degenerative and not being able to heal? Very well. And we really unpack that. There's a lot more to get into. But this guy is a doctor, a badass, a soft spoken, humble guy that is relenting. So this is an incredible human someone that I feel like I want to continue to learn from. And I hope you get a glimpse and feel and start to understand there's a lot more to the body that when voltage lowers your body can't generate itself.


So think of food differently from this episode. Think of live food, live water, things that are conductive. When you leave food out to long, it deadens, the voltage goes down. That's like a seventh grade experiment of putting anode and cathode into a potato. When it's fresh, it has voltage. When it dies, it doesn't. So that is it. And its most simple form. Food is alive, water is alive, and we need to take these things and then have the building blocks to actually have good health.


That's my pulpit. I'm going to let you guys now experience the great, the wonderful, the amazing Dr. Jerry Tennet. Doc, thank you again. I just want to say I'm honored to have you on and I've just privately been enjoying your work and been reading your great book that kind of lays it out in a deeper level, this understanding of voltage electricity as it relates directly to our body and our way to heal. There's a lot of incredible things that I think we we miss out on from the normal model of health care.


I'm stoked for this conversation. So why don't you unpack a little bit your journey as a opthamologist, but then you had an interesting sidebar experience that happened to you and a health perspective that threw you into a new direction. So why don't you take our listeners through that little journey of how you got here and how your how you made some changes in your life as a result. All right.


Well, thank you very much for having me on. I always began my talks and lectures with the disclaimer that I'm not speaking with my Texas and license. Instead, I'm speaking with my Arizona MDH license. In spite of the fact that Texas law says that physicians can offer Texas patients non standard of care medicine with informed consent, the medical board ignores that and doesn't allow us Texas physicians to speak about things that aren't standard of care. And obviously we'll be discussing today isn't really standard of care.


Yeah. Now, as you mentioned, I am trained as an ophthalmologist. I practice ophthalmology for about 30 years, had a great deal of fun doing that. I got to do a lot of fun things with my anesthesiologist and my internist. We figured out how to safely do eye surgery outside of the hospital and was able to get the federal government and Medicare to pay for that. I helped develop ability to use plastic lenses and eyes I cataract surgery and taught that around the world.


Also, one of the fun things we did was to do the majority of the research for the laser that's used in Lasik surgery. When I was doing that surgery, we didn't know that the laser wouldn't kill viruses. So a fellow came to me from India that had scarring on the front of his cornea. And I used the laser to Carvell scars where this person happened to also have leukemia. And so when I carve the scars away from his cornea, release the viruses, and they went up through my mask and into my nose and into my brain and I developed encephalitis.


Wow. The only reason I was able to get inside Fleitas was that I had a root canal tooth and the same acupuncture circuit as the thinking part of the brain, which lowered the voltage and thus the oxygen in my brain, which allowed the immune system to be unable to deal with the virus. And so the reason I got incivilities was the root canal. And we'll come back to that a little later in the discussion. But as an aside, that's the primary reason I'm not still practicing just general ophthalmology.


So what happened is that I got to where I could see a patient figure out what was wrong with him, but I couldn't remember how to write a prescription. I also developed spastic movements, which doesn't work really well if you're operating inside somebody's eyeball. And so for those and other reasons, I had to quit work at the end of November in nineteen ninety five, and so I slept 16 hours a day. I had this overwhelming fatigue and I found that I could only read and understand a newspaper about two or three hours a day, then like a light switch would go off and I couldn't understand it anymore.


So my wife took me to the best immunology doctors in Boston, in New York, etc. And they all said, well, you've got three viruses in your brain. We don't know what to do about it. So good luck. Don't call us. We'll call you. And so at that point, it became obvious I had either figure out how to get myself well or just give up and pass on.


So during that two or three hours a day, I began the process of trying to figure out how to heal myself because the medicine I had been trained and the best people I could find in immunology and infectious disease had no solution for me. Then you're a doctor, so like you probably had greater access even than a normal person. So you are reaching out to everyone you could possibly imagine to try to solve. This issue you yeah, I was able to see the head of clinical immunology at Harvard in Boston, I was able to see as a patient the head of the NIH division of infectious disease, et cetera, et cetera.


Right. I said, OK, I'm going to see if I can figure this out. And so the thought came to me that every cell in the body has the same hardware as every other cell in the body. So even though a heart cell may look different than a nerve cell, they have all the same parts. They just have different software. And so I thought, well, if I can figure out how to make one cell work, I can make them all work.


And so I went out and bought a bunch of cellular biology books, which I hadn't read in about 30 years. And as I began to read through these books, one of the things that jumped out at me was that each book said something to the effect that cells are designed to run at a rate of seven point three five to seven point four or five. Well, I didn't remember a lot about except it had something to do with acid base balance.


But as I began to read about it, I discovered that this is actually the measurement of voltage in a liquid.


And so I began to understand that if you talk about electrons moving through a wire that's called conductive electricity and the switch is either on or off, but in a liquid, that you can either have a situation where you have an electron donor or an electron stealer, what you do is you measure the voltage in a liquid and then convert it to a logarithmic scale that we call P.H..


And that's the seven to 14 from an alkaline perspective and seven below that seven is that acid kind of zone, right?


Exactly. So by convention, if the solution that you measure is an electron donor, you put a minus sign in front of the voltage. If it's an electron stealer, you put a plus sign in front of the voltage. And so plus four hundred millivolts of electrons stealer is a synonym to zero, but minus 400 millivolts of electron donor is the same thing as a 14. And as you mentioned, seven is neutral. It's neither a donor nor a.


So if you buy a meter, it has a switch on it where it will measure for you either in millivolts or in it will automatically convert it to for you.


And so when you say that the cells are designed to run it at seven point three five, you're actually saying cells are designed to run at minus 20 millivolts and seven point four or five is minus twenty five millimoles, which is slightly alkaline from that perspective.




So what I find is that it's much easier to get your mind around the difference between, let's say, minus twenty five million plus and minus five millivolts in a person than it is to talk about. Well, the drop from seven point four to seven point two or something. I mean, it's just so much easier to get your mind around talking than molecules. Sure. In addition, it also gives you the different mindset, because when we're talking about the sort of energy doesn't really come into mind, does it?


But when you're talking about millivolts, energy does come to mind. And so it has a whole different result to it, right? Well, so it became obvious to me that one of the things I needed to do is figure out how to measure voltage in the human in my cells. And so I discovered that a chap named Nakatani, it was the first person to use modern electronics to measure acupuncture circuits, and he published his work in nineteen fifty one.


The following year, Reinhold Vole in Germany published very much the same thing as Nakatani.


And so I bought Nakatani rather rudimentary equipment and began to measure and found out that where my brain should be running at minus twenty five millivolts, it was running between two and four millivolts. So now I knew why it didn't work.


The voltage was low so it couldn't conduct itself. It couldn't stay in balance.


I think about it anything that's designed to run at a specific voltage, if you have significantly less voltage than that, it's not going to work. It won't, it won't do what it's designed to do. And of course, if you have significantly excess voltage, it simply burns up that electronics.


Right, so that they could think everyone thinking that if they have this, you know, they want to blow their hair dry. If you don't have enough voltage, it's not going to turn on. Right. And if you have too much, it's just going to blow it up. So. Exactly. So that we have we have this whole intimate, you know, 30 to 40 thousand cells in our body that have to run to optimally at a certain level of voltage.


So anyway, that's that's. I think I love the shift of the conversation from because I think people kind of get a little like, yeah, whatever this thing that you're now very much talking about, specific voltage readings and totally stoked to hear what you came up with, with actually volt meters that you're using. Right.


So the next thing I discovered is that making a new cell requires double the voltage minus 50 millivolts instead of minus twenty five. And so the next thing that was important to begin to bring to the front of the mind is that chronic disease only occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells at work. Let me say that again, chronic disease only occurs when you lose the ability to make new cells at work because our cells are constantly wearing themselves out or getting injured.


And so you get new cells in the back of your eye every 48 hours. The lining of your guts replaced every three days. The skin you're sitting in today is six weeks old. Your liver is eight weeks old, your nervous system is eight months old. And so it's constantly wearing itself out or getting injured. And so you must have minus 50 millivolts in order to make new cells to replace those that quit functioning. So let's say in my liver, I don't have 50 millivolts available to my liver.


Then every eight weeks, more cells die and don't get replaced. And eventually it begins to malfunction because it has inadequate number of cells to do the job. And then eventually it just quits altogether because it's simply there are not enough functional cells to to do anything that delivers supposed to do and then it quits. So no matter whether you talk about your heart, your brain, your eye, whatever, the secret to remember is that we get well by making new cells.


And the caveat is that when you make a new cell, it can't push a scar out of the way. So the limiting factor of this sort of medicine is whether or not you have a scar in a critical place. The issue then is that the human body is a portable electronic device, portable electronic device, and all portable electronic devices must have a battery system. So indeed, the body has five different batteries. The major batteries in our body are actually our muscles.


Our muscles are what are called piezoelectric. So what's that funny word mean? What if you take a piece of quartz and you squeeze it with a pair of pliers? It emits electrons. So any time you distort something then that causes it to amend electrons. That phenomenon is called PIOs Electricity. So every time I move, my muscles, exercise, move around or whatever, my muscles are actually generating voltage generating electrons. And fortunately, my muscles are also rechargeable batteries.


So all of our muscles are stacked one on top of each other in a very specific order, like stacking batteries in a flashlight to form a power pack. So every organ in the body has its own battery pack and a stack of muscle batteries, what's been called an acupuncture mooradian. So an acupuncture meridian is simply the the battery pack for each different or each different set of organs. And the body's wired up very much like your house. You know, you come home and the reopen the fridge and it's it's hot in there and you go in the living room and the TV won't turn on.


You go in the bedroom, the light won't turn on. You know, you've got a circuit breaker blown and it took out all of those things because they're all on the same circuit while our bodies are wired up the same way. It's just that the circuits in the body have been called acupuncture.


Meridians now surrounding all of our muscles, of course, is this white Chinese stuff. When you carve a turkey you see it in, it's that white shiny stuff and it's called fascia and flashes. The body's wiring system, the fascia is molecules are designed and aligned in such a way that electrons can move through them only in one direction, but at the speed of light. Now, some physicists say, well, energy or electrons don't move through through living things at the speed of light.


But that's been proven to be incorrect by by a German physicist, by the name of Constantine Male. So he's proven in his lab that, yes, indeed, energy moves or electrons move through the body at speed of light. Wow.


Which helps us understand why if you put a essential oil on your big toe, the frequency of that is in your brain at the speed of light, you know, so we have this muscle battery pack system.


And that's the major provider of voltage and by the way, just as an aside, the brain uses more voltage than anything else in the body and therefore it needs the biggest batteries. So the the battery supply for the brain is our legs.


Wow. So that's the backup piso backup system for the brain is the leg. Yeah.


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So invest in it. Invest in your skin and your health. It's easy, guys. Go get some. Energy begets energy, but now this actually explains it, right? So just by the moving and the changing of the the almost geometry of the muscle, you're saying that that is the actual pump or the release of energy from that battery pack?


Yeah, this is piso. Electricity is the as the muscles battery charger. And so that's why it's exercise is important. You know, you talk about exercise being important to move the lymphatics. But I think a much more important job it has is to keep your battery packs charged. Now. Another interesting thing is that as an embryo develops, it starts in the brain and from the brain circuits extend down into the rest of the body.


And as they do so, they go through very specific teeth. And so our teeth individually become integrated in specific circuits. And that's why our teeth have such an important role in all of our electronic circuits.


So so we start with the big batteries in our muscles that go through the teeth and then they go to down to the cell membranes. And our cell membranes are actually designed to be capacitors. So what in the world is a capacitor? Capacitor is a small battery. So if you have two electron conductors separated by an insulator, you have what's defined as a capacitor and thus they will store electrons or store voltage. The difference between a capacitor and a battery is simply a capacitor when it's asked to discharge completely discharges all of the energy it has, whereas a battery can release it slowly over time.


So basically, again, we have our muscle battery packs than we have. Our cell membranes are actually small batteries, if you please. Just underneath the cell membranes is a special kind of water that has been called easy water exclusion zone, water glycolic. So Dr. Polich has given it that name and it's actually another voltage storage system because instead of being H2O is H3, O2, which is an electron donor form of water. So there's there are a third battery.


Then we have the mitochondria and those are the little power stations inside of cells and inside the mitochondria. We have another rechargeable battery system. It's called ATP when it's charged up and it's called a deep when it's discharged. Well, the ATP is the final battery power source for the cell to do what it needs to do. And as it spins its electrons and becomes a discharged battery, obviously you need a battery charger inside the mitochondria. And that battery charger is called the citric acid cycle or the crib cycle.


And the crib cycle is designed to run on fatty acids. So for every unit of fatty acid you put into the crib cycle, if oxygen is available, you get enough electrons to charge up thirty eight of those little ADP batteries. But if the oxygen is unavailable for every unit of fatty acids you put in, you only get enough electrons to charge up two of those batteries. So it's a little like a car that goes from thirty eight miles a gallon to two miles to the gallon if you don't have enough oxygen.


And then finally, we have our DNA, our DNA. When you see pictures of it, you generally see it from the side and it looks like you took a couple of ladders and twisted them together. But if you look at it from the end, you'll see there's a big hole down the middle and down the middle of that hole is implodes. What's called a scalar energy and scalar energy has the ability to go down not only to serve as the power supply to your DNA, but it has the power to read it, to communicate it to the next new cell it makes, to communicate it with the other cells in the body.


So the scalar energy that implodes into DNA is not only a battery, but it's an information transfer system. Wow. So we have these five different batteries that must work for the cells to continue to function. So one of the things then that's important to recognize is that if someone has an organ that's not functioning normally, you can take it to the bank that it won't have adequate voltage because all chronic disease is defined by having inadequate voltage. Now, the next piece of the puzzle happens to relate to polarity.


So if you look at a battery, it has a plus on one end and a minus on the other, right?


Yeah. If you take any rechargeable battery and you drain it to zero, the polarity flips upside down. So now if you take a battery and put it in a battery charger upside down, it won't take a charge, will it?


And so what happens in our muscle battery packs in particular is if we drain our our muscles to two down to zero, they flipped her polarity and therefore we lose the power that's necessary to have the twenty five millivolts, four cells to run correctly. And we certainly don't have the 50 mile balls it takes to make new cells to repair them. So once the batteries flipped, nothing to do works.


So how do people in the normal day, how to how are they draining? They're they're they're muscle battery packs, for example. How would that happen? Well, we've identified five different reasons that muscles lose their charge and flip their polarity. First of all, is thyroid hormone. Second is a scar across the circuit, across the wiring system for that battery. Third is a dental infection and that the teeth that are in that circuit, fourth is emotional baggage.


And fifth is toxins. So each one of those things will drain your battery a little bit and an extra drained a little more in the next a little bit more. And finally, you add enough of those things together, then the battery flips. Now, this is one of the major defects, in my view, of traditional medicine and even many forms of so-called alternative or natural medicine. And that is in traditional medicine. We do scientific studies and that's in quotes, scientific studies in order to find out if one particular thing is causing something or if one, the particular thing cures something.


And so we try to isolate all of the other substances or other things just to see what the effect of that one particular thing is. Well, the reality is almost no illnesses are due to one particular thing. Now, they're obviously exceptions. If you happen to be next to Chernobyl when it blew up. The radiation is going to kill you. You know, if you're under the water and held, there you go. And you don't get oxygen, that's going to kill you, too.


But talk about Mosle of chronic disease is not a single item causing it. It's a combination of various electron stealer's added together, which are adequate in their sum and total to drain the battery to zero.


OK, so now we see that same thing in natural medicine, alternative medicine, whatever you want to call it. Everybody's always looking for that magic South African jungle juice that's going to cure everything that's wrong with everybody. And I'm sure having gone and inspected a lot of those things, you in particular know that that's simply not true. There isn't one magic bullet. No. So what you have to do then is to go down the list of those things and identify which ones are active in order in keeping those circuit flip.


Because if you don't fix them all, even if you flip the battery back and charge it up, which we can tell you how to do in a moment, it'll simply flip again. So would you like me to go down the list?


Let's do it. Let's go down the list.


So thyroid hormone is very important, but thyroid hormone that's most important is T-3. So the thyroid normally makes two, one, two, three and four. But the thyroid hormone that most doctors prescribe is just four. Now, the problem is that to convert T4 into the active form of T-3, you must have iodine, progesterone, glutathione and several other things that are in the list that you have to have. And the problem is that many people are deficient in those cofactors are nutrients.


So if you give somebody four, it doesn't matter if they can't convert it to the active form T three. And so and the other thing is that they add that the thyroid process actually begins in the hypothalamus of the brain and that part of the brain is under control of adrenaline from your adrenals fear. So if your dreams are out, which is true in most sick people, then the thyroid process can't work correctly because the hypothalamus isn't getting the signals it needs.


So the the hypothalamus puts out what's called the liver tropica releasing hormone, which tells the pituitary to put out DSH, which tells the thyroid to put out for and then T for must be converted to the active Formenti three. Unfortunately, doctors are trained to look at DSH and occasionally they look at T four. And if those are in the normal range, they say, well, you have adequate thyroid hormone, but you can see those numbers could be normal.


But if you can convert into the active form, it could be 80 percent deficient at the cell membrane and have normal tests HRT for in your blood. And so there's enormous amount of undiagnosed hypothyroidism. And so remember that the higher thyroid hormone T-3 controls the voltage of every cell membrane in the body. Well, T-3 also controls the total number of mitochondria in the body and to control the function of the mitochondria.


Well, that is a big, big juggernaut of control over these energy systems.


Just and if why I. I've got about I'm about three hours work away from finish writing a book about what is scalar energy and how does it affect the body. And that goes into great detail about how all of a scalar energy works, because the reality is that scalar energy is the essence of life itself. Yeah.


And is is the scalar move through different frequencies, hertz, hertz frequencies. Does it move in that and that way is there are levels to that scalar energy or how is that associated with frequencies and things like.


Well scalar energy in and of itself is sort of like something like money sitting in a savings account waiting for you to need it and then it will go. You can withdraw it or you can utilize it. Another way of saying that is scalar energy will implode into the center of anything that's a platonic, solid spheres, cubes, pyramids and whatever, or implode into anything that's cold and mean. And by the way, your DNA is golden mean, and that's why scalar energy implodes into the DNA.


And when that stops happening, you're no longer with us. So we were looking at Thyroids Scar's dental infections. Now, if you've got a circuit going through a tooth and you get decay in the tooth, decay simply acts as a resistor to some of the electrons trying to go through that tooth and it drops the voltage a bit. But decay in and of itself won't flip the polarity. But if you have infection in a tooth and the infection spreads into the bone around the tooth, now it'll simply flip the polarity in that circuit and nothing you do will work until you get the infection out of the bone around that tooth.


And of course, the teeth that are most likely they end up in that situation are root canal teeth because root canal teeth are dead and 100 percent of root canal teeth get infected because they're still attached to the roots, to the vascular and lymphatic system. And so, like Boyd Haley at the University of Kentucky has shown one root canal tooth shuts down. Sixty three percent of your immune system.


Oh, no, I have one one day. OK, now that one is in your kidney bladder circuit and which is perhaps from a voltage standpoint, more important than some others in that the final common pathway to all of your organs for voltage to go is the bladder circuit. So when you take out that final common pathway, you usually have general overall low voltage.


Is there any way to and for all of you don't see it's my front tooth. I landed on it as a kid. Is there any way to do a root canal? Because we did high oxygen treatment on it later in my life and cleaned it out. And is there any way to have a root canal done correctly or what is my next step? Do I have to pull that tooth and put something else in or what are your thoughts on that?


And so you simply have to pull it clean up the bone, give the bone a little time to heal, and then go back and put a zirconium implant in. The zirconium screw, of course, is similar to synthetic diamond. And when you put a zirconium implant in, it looks very much like a normal tooth and it doesn't charred the circuit and it doesn't put out toxins. And so it's a great solution to the problem. Many of you who follow me know I've spent most of my life searching for the healthiest foods on the planet.


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They have like an unusually high amount of fiber and they're off the charts in super high antioxidants and have fewer calories than any other nut. Like it's jam packed with micronutrients. But they're not just good for you. They're really good for the planet. Most other nuts require millions of gallons of irrigated water. But Maruca trees require no artificial irrigation. Burqas are truly good for you, good for the planet. And good for the world community. It's a win all the way around, I really think you'll love them.


So I'm giving all of my listeners 15 percent off by going to Barracas Dotcom backslash, Daryn. That's B A, are you K.S. Dotcom backslash, Darran D A R I and I know you will enjoy. OK, so we've been going down the list of why why batteries discharge. We looked at thyroid, we looked at Scar's, we looked at dental infections.


Now we look at emotions, get into the know our memories and our emotions are stored in the body's magnetic fields, very much like a DVD writer has a magnetic needle that writes pictures on the platter. To understand how we can do something about them, you have to think about an orchestra. If an orchestra is playing and all of the instruments are in tune, you have beautiful music. But if one of the violins is out of tune, you're hearing screeching in front of all the other music.


Well, our memories are stored in the body with frequencies that are in tune with the body. So the body's happy for them to be there. But our emotions are stored with frequencies that are out of tune with the body. So they're like the screeching violin where the body doesn't want to hear that screeching all the time. So it builds a wall around it so they never listen to it. But that wall blocks the voltage of blocks the circuit and drops the voltage.


And that's how emotions make us sick, is drops the voltage.


Well, what to do about it? It happens that every different circuit in the body, every different acupuncture circuit or muscle battery pack runs at a different frequency, just very much like different radio stations. And every different emotion has a different frequency and they resonate with each other. So anger gets stored in the liver, gallbladder circuit. Fear gets stored in the kidney bladder circuit where it gets stored in spleen, stomach, etc.. Well, you have to remember, we talked about the fact that the human body is an electromagnet.


And all electromagnets are surrounded by a magnetic field and all of the information that's in the electromagnetic gets transmitted out into its field when the human the field goes out about five feet. So when you're walking within five feet of something of someone, you're actually walking through their memories. But you don't know it because you don't have a receiver for that. On the other hand, if you're paying attention when you walk within five feet of something, oftentimes you'll bump into a little resistance that you can feel.


It's a little bit like walking down a sidewalk and there's a little gust of wind that hits you in the face when you feel that you've bumped into a person's emotion, one of their emotions. Wow. Well, because emotions are frequencies, they can be tuned with scalar energy.


And remember, scalar energy is the bio transducer or sound. So if you play either one of those to that distortion, it will tune it back into a frequency that is in harmony with the body. And so what you've done is you've tuned an emotion into being just a memory.


Wow. So are you saying that I mean, obviously someone can talk and get into emotions and then say consciously, what's going on? But we know that so much is unconscious. Right. And so much is stored. And maybe, like you said, it's already built up walls. So No. One, how do you test for the emotional blockages? And then and then how do you counteract that?


I kind of think of like a RIF technology, right? So a certain frequency and you give it the equal and opposite and it kind of neutralizes it.


So how do you how do you discover the emotion in someone, whether they're aware of it or not? And then how do you kind of counteract that with the same frequency?


Well, the reality is when people come to my clinic with all sorts of chronic illnesses, the two elephants in the room are always dental infections and emotions. And of course, we address both of those because if we don't address those, then we can make people a little bit better. But they don't get well, if you address those things, people tend to get well. And so, again, so much of what one needs to do to understand how the human body works and how to interact with it, one needs to understand the difference between electromagnetic energy and scalar energy.


And again, that's another conversation. But of the reality is that one can let's say that you drive around a curve and you have a car wreck. Next time you drive around the curve, your pupils dilate, your pulse speeds up, et cetera, because of the emotions of the wreck. But if we identify the emotion of your wreck and turn it into being just a memory, then the next time you drive around the curve, you say, here is where I had my wreck.


But nothing happens because now it's just another memories. Everybody's happy to be there. So you've taken out the charge of the emotion that that really takes people on a dive. If they haven't healed that part, they have the memory, but it's attached to all of this detrimental emotion that obviously physicalize is itself.


Remember that emotion blocks a circuit and lowers voltage in that circuit. And so if you have let's say you're really angry about something or other, you're angry because your dad left you when you were six or you're angry because your wife just divorced you, or you're angry because you got fired at work or whatever, that is going to get stuck in your liver, gallbladder circuit.


And so you're going to start having problems with your liver not working well or the gallbladder circuit goes to your is actually a power supply to your ear, to your hip and your knee.


And so one of those is going to start going out on you just because you're carrying the anger which dropped the voltage. You say it's it's not that so much of what it is. We're try we try to explain all these things because we're trained that way with biochemistry. But it's not biochemistry. It's physics. We dropped the voltage. And whatever's on that circuit that's related to that emotion that resonates with that emotion, the voltage drops in that circuit and that's the circuit that gets sick.


Wow. OK, we go. Final thing is, is toxins and toxins, of course, are all electrons stealer's. So every atom has a different frequency. So if you take a device called a spectrophotometer and you measure the light coming from the moon, you can say, oh, there's calcium on the moon. I see it's frequency. Well, if you put a bunch of atoms together to make a molecule, it has a certain pattern of frequencies.


And you can use a device called a mass spectrometer and identify that molecule. And that's how CSI can say, oh, this person was poisoned with fill in the blank. You can see it in the machine.


Now, if you take a frequency and you put it in a second time, the same frequency, it increases its power. But if you put a frequency in and you put the same one in out of phase, then the two collapse each other and poof, they're gone. So if you go out to Las Vegas or Reno and you go in or the slot machines are, they don't want you to use your cell phone so the hotels know the frequencies that all the phone companies use and they put that signal in out of phase.


So when you try to use your cell phone, it cancels your cell phone signal. They don't want you in. They're playing games on your cell phone. They want you there, plug it in on the on the slot machines. Well well, we use that same basic technology based on the work of Dr. Lee Kotin, where we can scan these emails. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. He's a great guy, one of my favorite people.


So you can scan a person, find the frequencies that are in there that don't belong in there, and then take the frequency of that out of phase into a little bottle and then shine a scalar energy through it into the body. And whatever toxins you have, get puft. Wow. And so that's the way we detox people. Again, the read the five reasons that we find that the batteries discharge is not enough. Thyroid hormone t three scars across the circuit that shorted out dental infections that shorted out emotional baggage and toxins.


And so each one of those has the ability to drain your battery a little more and a little more and a little more until finally it flips upside down once it's upside down. Nothing really works.


So what we can do is if we apply scalar energy to that circuit that has this upside down, it will flip the polarity back, but the battery still discharged. Then we need electromagnetic energy to recharge the battery back up and we use the device I developed called the bio modulator, which puts out electromagnetic, whereas the bio transducer puts out scalar once we get charge, that battery back up to fully charge. Now the body has the voltage to go start making new cells and they will do it.


And remember, the body never forgets how to heal itself. It just happens to have to have the voltage to do it. It has to have all the parts it takes to make cells and you have to get rid of toxins that damage cells as fast as you make them. When you do all of those things about it goes back to work. All you have to do is get out of the way and let it heal itself.


Yeah, that's amazing.


And I and I believe that totally having kind of scratched the surface on on these kind of principles for a long time now, let's just dip into the like food and consumption of food and consumption of water, because obviously from an electrical standpoint standpoint, there is acidic food, there's lower voltage food, there's higher voltage food. And yeah, I just want to touch touch base on that and get your point of view, because obviously this is a lot of stuff that people are hearing and they're like, OK, well, scalar energy in this device and my teeth and toxins.


OK, so what can I do to move forward in my life and what can I do as it relates to what I'm putting in my mouth to help support this positive or slightly alkaline state that is at least as a foundational level, more conductive and at least pushing me in the right direction and also the right structured water, enough hydration. So it just touch onto that aspect a little bit. So touch touch base on the on the food side of things and maybe on the water side of things as a what a person can do moving forward.




Let me just give an example that I find effective in talking to people about this subject, and that is let's assume that you have a fortress and you and those you love are inside the fortress. But there's always an army outside trying to break in and steal your stuff and kill your people. So the two ways to look at things is in traditional medicine, we're always trying to kill the invading army. But the reality is there's always another invading army behind that one.


And so it's very hard to maintain yourself by trying to just kill invading armies, on the other hand, as long as your fortress is strong and the walls are strong, then the army can come, but it can't get to you. And so the reality is that what you want to do is to have your fortress, which is your body, have have all of the adequate systems that have the voltage, the the nutrients, the water, the whatever, to keep the walls of the fortress strong.


And that's, of course, a big problem with what we've got going on in around the world right now. So many people are focusing on fighting armies and they forget about the published studies that have come out. One came out a couple of weeks ago showing that if you're in Spain, they took people that had positive tests for the virus and divided them in two different groups. One group got vitamin D and usual therapy and the other didn't. And ninety two percent of the people got vitamin D didn't end up in ICU, whereas forty six percent of those that didn't get vitamin D and did end up in ICU.


So again, we're back to the your your premise that what we do, we have the nutrients in our body to make it run the way God designed it, and that keeps our fortress intact. So maybe people will find that analogy helpful.


Yeah. So, I mean, I wrote a whole book on on some of these things. And, you know, and if people can kind of understand that, that fresh living plants are definitely, from a general perspective, higher voltage with structured water, with minerals, with fiber, with all of these things. And if you're eating processed food and a lot of dead food, then that's a very low voltage food that's stealing this this energy in this voltage from you, leaving you more and more susceptible over a period of time to not being able to replenish these systems.


And that's where the degeneration or as you're the the the deep voltage, like the lowering of voltage over time, it's kind of changing my whole view of degeneration. And now it's just from a from an electrical standpoint, we're just losing losing energy and not building that energy again. Exactly.


Don't let me be sure that people don't misunderstand what I'm about to say. I perfectly support the idea of eating good fresh food, drinking good water, electron donor water, not electrons, dealer water, et cetera. What I find is not actually the case is that if a person is is sick, and particularly if they flipped polarity as some of their battery packs, they can eat as close to a perfect diet as one can develop for them or as they're able to do.


And they still won't get well because you cannot get enough electrons. Well, let me say, there's a better way. If you flip the polarity and your battery, you can put in all the electrons you want in the body, is grateful for those and will use them, but they get used up and there's no backup system because your battery won't hold those electrons as a charge if it's upside down.


So in the early stages of things, when people are eat good food and nutritious food and nutritious water, et cetera, it certainly helps.


But if you take somebody who has a an infection in the bone around a tooth, you can't eat your way out of that. You just can't. The other thing that's a very common problem is that the circuit that goes through the wisdom teeth is the heart, small intestine and autonomic nervous system. So when you get infection in the bone, when your wisdom teeth are taken out, you lose those systems. So if the power supply to your small intestine is shut down, then it doesn't matter much what you eat, because essentially everything, all of your nutrition is absorbed in the small intestine.


Well, if it has no voltage, then you're still starving even though you eat a perfect diet. So you have to go back and turn that system on so that now you can absorb it. And you commonly see this in teenagers. They're doing well in school. They're good kids. They get up and go to school and they do their homework. They go get their wisdom teeth taken out and next year they can't get out of bed. In the morning, they become hostile, they're flunking out of school, etc.


And it's because they've lost the. Autonomic control system. You go in and clean up the mess in the building where that was done and they're back to being a good kid again.


You mentioned two of my favorite people, Dr. Pollack and and Lee Cowden. And I was actually two years ago in Bulgaria with Dr. Pollack at the water conference in late twenty eighteen and just went down the rabbit hole of water and everything else. Let's just leave this as a last conversation then. What is your thoughts on water? What's your go to in terms of a slightly alkaline not robbing electron water that you go to or that you create?


Well, I spent a lot of time looking at water over the years because I realized in cells are 70 to 90 percent water. It's an important part of who we are. And finding you need water. That's an electron donor and not electron stealer. You need water that's clean and pure, that it doesn't contain lots of contaminants and toxins and things. One of the hardest things to do is to take fluoride out of water. And of course, fluoride is very poisonous and it needs to be something that's affordable and accessible.


So the best water I've ever found comes from a company in Florida called Prescription. So the guy that developed it's Leo, said Borski. But I like Leo's water and he is very knowledgeable about water and actually lectures at my seminars. And Spoon's over an hour talking about the importance of water. How do you what's good water, what's not good water, what it does for you, et cetera. And so I agree that a important thing of being, well, is having good quality water at an affordable price.


Doc, I'm super excited for people to hear this information. I had a blast. Thank you again for just sharing your lifetime of knowledge and kind of, you know, this conversation and not only what you put a lot of pieces together that has been reduced out of how we should take care of ourselves. And I just am grateful for you connecting the dots and so many ways to support people living a healthy, happy and long life so that their body can thank you.


Said we get out of the way and the body can thrive. So, man, thank you for all that you've done. And I look forward to a, you know, ongoing relationship.


I appreciate that. And one of the things I'd mention is that I've worked very hard to put this information on videos that are accessible to people. Many of those videos are on my website. And so I recognize one of the the chief of integrative medicine at a medical school said, I have one of my seminars. He said, well, I asked Jerry for a glass of water and he handed me a fire hose. And so I recognize that I've covered a lot of things that are not intuitive to people.


But if you go to my website, which is a Tenet Institute dot com, you'll find a lot of videos about this subject. Also, if you go to the Synergy E and guide us, there are a lot of videos. And then, of course, I invite people to consider spending the weekend with me at one of my seminars. So at seminars, we don't just teach about the devices, we try to teach how you go home and keep your family.


Well, I love it. I'm in for sure. So I want to I want to come in and do that for sure. So we just set the schedule that in and I'll put all of that stuff in the show notes so people can have easy access to all of your websites and access to more information, because this is something that we need to be consistent students of ourselves and stewards for our own health and really appreciate the knowledge that you're putting out there.


Well, I appreciate what you're doing and have done. Certainly the five things that you recommend are basically right in line with the way I think all I've done is expanded on the so-called alchol and piece. So thanks again. Bewail my friend. Thanks.


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