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Now, we've reached a part of the show where we address society's fatal conveniences and how we can avoid falling into them and being a victim of them, I define fatal conveniences as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. And even though they may be serious time or tricking us into thinking they're good for us, the truth is they're not fact. They could be slowly harming us and even killing us. This one you might be using today and you might be using it every day, you might be using it before multiple times a day or even right before you go to bed exposing yourself to toxins.


Again, we think that companies have our best interest, but they don't. Again and again. Again. So we have to do our own research. We have to look out for ourselves. That's fine, but we have to do it. We can't just think that big corporations have our best interests. So you know that Aurel be glide Flosse. Guess what? Study on Harvard study at Harvard. They revealed that this this PEF H X s or P phase, which is a plurality Florelle hexane, sulphuric acid.


And then the phase is another type of chemical that is that chemical that makes it slippery. They even put it on fast food papers so that you're so it doesn't stick, the food doesn't stick to it, so they wrap your food in it. But in this case they're using it on dental floss. So it slides in between the teeth and it's in your mouth. And if you don't know that absorb ability in that thin layer in your mouth is huge.


That's where, you know, they say like if you're taking certain herbal remedies or whatever, swash or herbal homeopathic, keep it in your mouth, let it absorb in your mouth. And so they're putting these plays on our dental floss and then we're using that every day. Don't oral B glide. Anything that's trying to promote some sort of glide, just stay away from it. This fatal convenience is going to be very short because I just wanted to make a very clear.


But the concentration levels of the PFA s or PFA H or all of these things we know is is is creating this huge amount of accumulation in the body and creating exposure and injury within the body, setting yourself up for immune compromised liver damage and cancers. OK, and then if you have children and kids you want to stay with, stay away from that. All you have to do is plug in Pigface nonpaid dental floss and you will get a bunch of budget products that don't have that end.


So do your research. Maybe it doesn't glide so much, but guess what? Suck it up. Don't get exposed to the phase in creating more cancers in your life. It's like taking medication the opposite. It's like taking toxic exposure every day. OK, so that's it. That's a fatal convenience. Stay away from dental floss that has the sliding Teflon like substance that they use all over the place. And it is definitely not something that you want causing endocrine disruption, cancers, heart disease, liver damage.


Is that enough? That's it. Easy correction, make a change. Invest in companies that are doing good for you.