The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

Dave Portnoy and Chicago Eddie talk the inner workings of Barstool, while reflecting back on company history with guests that everybody knows and loves.

Episode 26 - DP44 from Chicago

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • about 2 months ago
  • 52:40

On this week’s Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co episode, Dave and Eddie discuss Dave’s birthday, the ongoing Chicago Sportsbook promotion, more about Dave’s move to Miami and what it means for the company. Dave also dives deeper into the “anti-Dave but pro-Barstool” take, most recently on display with hockey writer Gord Miller. The ‘Inside Barstool’ segment includes the possibility of the return of a certain gambling personality, the first Barstool baby, and Duggs and Tank searching for a “unit house”. Of course, the episode ends with questions from our listeners. DP44 02:00 - 4:27 Dave in Chicago 4:27 - 14:06 Miami Dave 14:06 - 22:41 Lebron’s Red Sox 22:41 - 23:57 Gord Miller 23:57 - 33:57 Coffee Incident 33:57 - 37:04 Inside Barstool 37:04 - 43:37 Listener Emails 43:37 PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS Presented by TRADEZERO Sign up with https://us.tradezero.co/Dave - Get three months of the Pro trading package, and 5x $BUZZ share for FREE RHOBACK Get 20% off your first purchase when you use promo code DAVE on https://rhoback.com/ ROMAN Go to https://www.getroman.com/DAVE Black Rifle go to https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/pages/the-dave-portnoy-show and use code “Dave” Social Instagram - @daveportnoyshow Twitter - @daveportnoyshow

Episode 25 - Dave is Moving to Miami - Dave Portnoy Show

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • 2 months ago
  • 58:58

On this week’s “Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co.”, Dave and Eddie discuss Dave’s wild week in Chicago, including a pizza review “kerfuffle” and carjacking; Dave’s recounts his live-tweeting of the Bachelor finale and Grammys; Dave discusses the reasoning behind his move to Miami, Penn’s foray into the S&P, a potential future fight at RnR (and what it would take to get Dave to fight), and some more Inside Barstool insight. DAVE IN CHI 02:10 - 15:46 GRAMMYS/BACHELOR 15:46 - 20:48 COLLEGE BBALL CONTEST 20:48 - 22:16 DAVEY MIAMI 22:16 - 33:26 BARSTOOL FUND 33:26 - 34:08 S&P 500 34:08 - 36:38 MIAMI FRIENDS 36:38 - 37:47 EXPLAIN THE PIC 37:47 - 39:27 INSIDE BARSTOOL 39:27 - 48:23 LISTENER EMAILS 48:23 - END Please support our sponsors: https://www.TradeZero.us/Dave https://www.manscaped.com code PORTNOY20 https://www.TrifectaNutrition.com/DAVE https://www.vuoriclothing.com/DAVE

Episode 24 - "Live" From the Chicago "Office" w/ Troy Aikman

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • 2 months ago
  • 01:33:43

On this week’s Episode 24 of the Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co., Eddie and Dave are joined by the Hall of Fame Quarterback who requested to meet Dave - Troy Aikman. They discuss out-of-context quotes, the state of the Cowboys, the future of the Patriots, and the genius of Deion Sanders. Dave finds himself in awe of the insurance office extra room that the Barstool Chicago Office seems to be. Eddie asks the office landlord to hop on the pod to answer some of Dave’s burning questions. Also discussed are a hypothetical Greg Olsen and Jay Cutler podcast, a hypothetical “sleep podcast”, Inside Barstool and Listener Questions. Troy Aikman Interview (02:45 - 44:51) State of the Pod (44:51 - 47:11) Olsen / Cutler (47:11 - 56:55) Dave in Chicago (56:55 - 01:08:59) Page Six (01:08:59 - 01:18:13) Buzz Opens (01:18:13 - 01:21:22) The Landlord (01:21:22 - 01:27:01) Inside Barstool (01:27:01 - 01:29:06) Listener Q’s (01:29:06 - End)

Episode 23 - President Portnoy

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • 3 months ago
  • 01:05:00

On this week’s Dave Portnoy and Co. Show, Eddie asks Dave about the new Buzz venture, his one on one with Vlad, and his presence on a Presidential candidate “pre-poll” which spurs the question of a possible run? This episode also features a walk down memory lane of Dave’s work with a “first ballot Barstool Hall of Fame” character Tico Texas, “Inside Barstool” stuff like KFC’s Tiger Woods tweets, the success of The Dozen Triva Show, and the “Cheapies” movement. And to close the episode, Dave answers questions from our listeners. BUZZ (02:07 - 13:44) DAVE VS. VLAD (13:44 - 18:22) PRESIDENT PORTNOY (18:22 - 23:17) DAVE IN NY (23:17 - 28:56) BOSTON LOVE LETTER (28:56 - 35:54) EXPLAIN THAT PIC (35:54 - 41:02) ALEX JONES (41:02 - 45:58) INSIDE BARSTOOL (45:58 - 58:29) LISTENER EMAILS (58:29 - END) LINKS Barstool Sports & Tiko Texas at SXSW 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3dYntFFNXI Tico Texas Performas at SXSW 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvCze2ps5f8 SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS: PRESENTED BY TradeZero https://www.TradeZero.us/Dave Cannae Pro Gear https://www.CannaeProGear.com code "heybuddy" for 15% off Felix Grays https://www.FelixGrayGlasses.com/DAVE Truff https://www.TRUFF.com/DAVE code "DAVE" for 15% off site-wide + free shipping

Episode 22 - The Endorsement

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • 3 months ago
  • 01:11:43

On Episode 22 of the Dave Portnoy Show w/ Eddie and Co., Dave has a "gripe" for the ad ops team, leading to a sit-down with the show's most-featured guest Steven Cheah. Eddie asks Dave about his increasingly-impressive list of celebrities that met Dave or want to meet him, including Troy Aikman. The "Inside Barstool" segment includes Dave's takes on Jeff Nadu's resignation, Deion Sanders' first win as a college coach and the exploding phenomenon of "NBA TopShots". Dave's World (06:52 - 12:00) Steve Cheah (12:00 - 28:27) Celebrities (28:28 - 33:58) Gambling (33:59 - 40:35) Jeff Nadu (40:36 - 47:21) Deion Sanders (47:21 - 53:15) More Inside Barstool (53:15 - 57:58) NBA Topshots (57:59 - 59:12) Listener Emails (59:12 - End)

Episode 11 - The Bad Mothafucka?

The Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co

  • 6 months ago
  • 01:06:29

On this week's Dave Portnoy Show, Dave and Eddie discuss the importance of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday merch push and Dave's discontent with some of the employees who didn't do enough promoting. We bring on Reds relief pitcher Amir Garret to dive into the beef between him and Dave. Eddie also asks Dave about his couch shopping date with the Bachelor's Victoria F, how his Thanksgiving ended up, a call to merch-man Welker for some stories from him, an update on the BFFs pod, Uber Driver Pizza reviews, and DDTG coming under attack. And of course, we end the show with some questions from our listeners.