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Hi everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast, The Truth with Lisa Booth with I Heart Radio and Gingrich 360.


The Truth with Lisa Booth is a podcast, rejects everything Jex fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country. From what you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on March 24th, my very first episode, The Truth with Lisa Boothe every single Wednesday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It is such a tremendous honor to spend this week with you and to chat with you on these days. The Lord has made and during this time in which God has decided we will live. It's good thing to know that God knows He can trust us in this times 888 to 202. It's always a joy to chat with you. So it's April Fool's Day and there's an April fool in the White House.


Ha ha. Insert your Joe Biden joke here. We're going to revisit some actual humor. Rush was a prankster. And if you're a long time, listen to the program. You know that he loved a good laugh, sometimes even airing these things. So some vintage calls, in fact, of Rush being the humorous guy was in the prankster that he was. There's a prank being played on the American people. And it is the biggest scam in government is this thing called federal money.


It doesn't exist. There's no such thing. It's a huge scam. And Mockingbird media members gleefully play along with this. So we'll dig into the specifics of this, this time the infrastructure scam. Quickly, I want to let you know about a very special program that's going to air right after this program tomorrow. It'll be at Rush Limbaugh dot com. It's a tribute video about the life and career of Rush Rumbo. There's a lot of familiar voices in some you've never heard before, like Paulo, who's a listener, just just like you and I.


Now he's someone who came to this country from Cuba to pursue the American dream. His words describe Russia's impact on him as he pursued his life's ambitions are heartwarming.


You might relate to them yourself how he was able to know so much about his people without even being born in a country like mine. He never experienced, you know, the hardship and the cruelty, you know, like that I experienced when I was in Cuba and how he was able to take the whole big picture. I understand. And pull the pieces together. That was always like that. Was that the genius of Rush Limbaugh like you have to experience?


He was just able to comprehend it completely, like magic.


Be a fascinating thing to count up the amount a number of minutes Rush spent as a and again, it's hard for me to think of Rush as a celebrity, but he had one name. If you said radio host Rush, you said Rush. Everybody got it. And it'd be interesting to count up the minutes he spent with us. And you could hear Rush learn when he was on the phone with people, so again, that will be tomorrow right after this program.


If you hear the Mockingbird media refer to this bill, this this this attempt to buy this budget as an infrastructure plan, it's not that would be like referring to a Big Mac as cheese.


What you ate for lunch, cheese. It's worse than the percentage is, more than half of this doesn't have anything to do with infrastructure and it's two trillion dollar, you know, price tag or more. But what's in it? Is it is a complete and utter shell game? Let me give you one bullet points, Illegal Insurrection is a great article about this. This plan calls for 85 billion dollars to modernize existing transit systems and help agencies expand to meet rider demand.


So let's keep track of this. You live in Dubuque, Iowa. Your boss is going to get federal money. Taken from Dubuque, Iowa. With a rake, a percentage of that taken by federal workers. For the pleasure of counting it. And collecting it. And spending it. And then sending you some back, but with a bunch of rules attached to it. It is a shell game. Furthermore, that she noticed during the covid flu.


Well, I mean, we saw the flu around, but when during the height of the Democrats medical uses, deadly, politically advantageous lockdown's that the buses kept running. I don't know why I talked to an expert about transmission. This guy named Mark Harmsworth from from Washington State when the wheels are rolling. The bus people are getting paid federal moneys. So when no one was going to work. The buses kept rolling. Because they kept soaking up money from.


Plus, there's this. There is going to be. A bunch of money to cap wells plan has 16 billion dollars towards hundreds of thousands of jobs, plugging oil and gas wells and reclaiming abandoned coal, hard rock and uranium mines. OK. What about. The money that we could spend. Actually getting access to the oil under our own land. Of course, that's that's verboten. Absolutely verboten. Joe Biden's dementia read from Barack Obama's teleprompter, an indictment of the wealth of the very people his party has made, 30 percent more wealthy with their covid lockdown's before the crisis we're now facing.


Those at the very top in America are doing very well, which is fine. They're doing great, but everyone else is falling behind. The pandemic only made the division so much worse and more obvious. Millions of Americans lost their jobs last year, while the wealthiest one percent of Americans saw their net worth increased by four trillion dollars. Just goes to show you how distorted and unfair our economy has become wasn't always this way.


So let's speak of distortions. The pandemic did none of that. None of it, the medically useless, deadly, selective, politically advantageous lockdown's did that. Mark Zuckerberg, wealth one up, Jeff Bezos wealth one of Bill Gates wealth lit up, Jack Dorsey's Wealth One up, big business soaked it in. During this period of time. And he speaks of unfairness as to this day, you have small business owners being crushed.


For daring to open their businesses, speaking of unfairness. Some illegal immigrants are getting up to twenty seven thousand dollars to not work in a country where it is. Illegal for them to work. And New York so-called lawmakers want to give billions of dollars to to former inmates and illegal immigrants. And you speak of unfairness in infrastructure, a 14 foot wall infrastructure. Was where two coyotes, human smugglers dropped. Two toddlers from a 14 foot fence into the United States.


Mocking us. And potentially killing these kids and it's on video. But Biden's got that under control. His dementia's perfectly in control of that. Now, just as the fake environmentalist gave China a total pass for their carbon output, the Mockingbird's give Mexico a pass for the role in flooding America with illegal immigrants.


As Rush says, I'm sure that most of you know this, but the way asylum works, if you're safe from El Salvador, Guatemala, and you want to flee and seek political asylum elsewhere, guess what the law says you must apply in the first country you reach after fleeing your own. Well, that's Mexico. But Mexico has been acting as a pass through. Mexico's not been stopping the people or the caravan's. Mexico has been facilitating their trek northward.


And so when they get to the United States, then they seek asylum. And that the other loophole for that is that once you seek asylum, that's different than coming in and being an illegal immigrant, you seek asylum. Well, that that's when you get detained and that's when you get separated from your family and that's when you get released after a time with an order to come back.


And have your asylum request processed in court, but guess what, they never they never come back. They just disappear into the framework of the country. It's a scam. It has been a scam and it's been a scam allowed to be a scam because nobody's had the guts to enforce the law. And they said, well, we can't rush because we can't track every one of these people once, you know, we detain them. And they leave and don't come back for their hearing, what are we supposed to do?


Well, it would seem to me that maybe the solution would not let them in apply in the first place, because that's the first step of the illegality here. Opportunity to take the information we learn from Russia's enduring wisdom and today's headlines show the video of the kids being dropped 14 feet into this country.


And we're empowering this show, this team. I've just sent this to me. This is from September of last year, just talking about the bus scam. V in Fairfax County, Virginia, they wanted to keep paying school bus drivers, even though schools are online, you've seen it in your community. The bus keep rolling, the wheels keep rolling. That's federal money. And it's it's an utter scam taking out of your pocket during a lockdown. They're going to retrofit homes for green energy.


They spent intend to spend billions of dollars on this. Do the people want them retrofitted? Are we going to pretend that solar is sustainable in this retrofitting? We're going to install charging stations for cars around the country. Is there enough energy for this, Elon Musk says there's not enough energy, electrical energy for any of this. Lastly, why us? Why are we paying for that, not the car companies, which the liberals pretend to hate big business until it's installing their donors in our pocketbooks.


And lastly, with all of this. Highways. Our federal infrastructure. Federal buildings are federal infrastructure. None of this none of the rest of this has anything to do with federal infrastructure. It is pay to play walking around money time.


Sure that within if of leftist friends who still are not a member of the full leftist cult tournament in on the EIB Network today, as your guidepost is Todd Hermann, your guide host on the EIB Network.


This week it's 800 to a 220 to a love chatting with you. There is. I'm fond of this metaphor. I don't know how helpful it is for you. It's really helpful for me. There is a reason that tennis has scored the way that it is, you know, with the 15 love, et cetera. The design was so that us little people could watch the game but not understand the scoring so that we couldn't do it ourselves. And it was a way that the Royals designed the game to be able to enjoy the game without having it sullied by the little people.


So a lot of what goes on in how. Our economics are reported through the Mockingbird's, it contains a lot of this sort of theory. And they try to mystify things. So our economy is all very complicated and it allows them to say things like offshoring is is just a political thing. Let's see if I can break this down. The Trump tax cuts compared to the tax increases being contemplated by Biden's dimentia, three trillion dollar infrastructure plan, he's looking at increasing corporate tax rates.


Let's see if I can explain the super simply. Right. It had been cheaper for companies to hire a whole bunch of tax attorneys and tax lawyers. To offshore them out of the country. Then to work here. It was cheaper. Trump changed that it was cheaper to stay home. That's a very simple explanation of corporate tax cuts. There's a competitive world now, there's forces that don't want it to be competitive. We could talk about that later.


They want one corporate tax right everywhere so that all companies are sort of captive. Then there's this aspect of it. Washington, D.C., has a business model, it's a great business model, if they want more money, they take more money. It's really clever. And it has happened that investing in lobbying in Washington, D.C., in order to hamstring your competition or get yourself special breaks, special regulatory breaks is more profitable than research and development. So you have young, talented lawyers and such living in D.C. to do that work and companies paying for that rather than research and development on our own shores.


There's your corporate tax rate. There's your regulation. That's how this really relates to companies who care about profit because so many of them are following the Wolke path. That's not even their main concern anymore. So that's the basic math that the Mockingbird media pretend to not know, Rush went far deeper than that into the mass delusion of the forefathers of the Mockingbird media that tax cuts meant instant loss of government revenue. Folks, we've been there before. We've been there, done this.


It's just that the media and the Democrats since the 1980s have been doing their best to rewrite history, that they have been able to make people forget what happened or change their minds about what happened. I was going to say it's one of the frustrating things people lived it. You would think, after living through such a robust period of economic advancement that people would remember it. But you know what the problem is they associated with Reagan and not policies. And so the Democrats had no problem.


Destroying the policy, Reagan was not around anymore, so they didn't have to really bash Reagan, although they do and did. But Reagan remained overwhelmingly popular, so they continued to bash supply side. And all during this period of time, you may remember this, Sam Donaldson was famous for this. He was a commentator on this week with David Brinkley. And he kept talking about because of the Reagan tax cuts, we're going to have a huge credit card bill to pay.


We're borrowing all this money. This isn't real growth. And the American people are going to have to come to Jesus meeting very soon down the road because none of this is real. But it was, look, successful tax reform, the implementation of thoroughbred conservative ideology that works every time it's tried is the biggest threat known to the left and the Democrat Party, because it proves not with theory and not with words, it proves with real life. It proves with action that it works.


And it's contrast with socialism is obvious. Socialism is a gigantic failure. Communism, ditto. So they have to destroy it. They have to revise history, they have to mischaracterize it, and they've been doing so since the 80s. And the way they have been dealing with this tax cut legislation is identical to what they have been saying about the Reagan tax cuts since they were passed and implemented. A tax cut for the rich. Don't care about the little guy.


Big corporations don't need any more money. Big corporations killed our customers, ruined our businesses, destroy the planet. Big corporations are not people. Big corporations and the rich do not share their money. And they disparage trickle down when in fact trickle down is exactly what economic commerce is. Trickle down is exactly what economic growth is. And here comes the American left and the Democrat Party working in unison to destroy the entire concept and to, you know, enough brain dead, low information voters.


The constant repetition and we're talking decades works. And then there's another factor. It's so successful that future Republican presidents were afraid to reimplemented. The closest we got to Reagan era or like Reagan era tax cuts was George W. Bush in the first term in office, 2001, 2005 or 2004. We had serious tax cuts and they tried to destroy those the same way. And I want to go back to twenty eighteen, 238 Democrats, the number of floats, I mean, it's 100 in the Senate and in the House.


And so for the it may be it may be more than two hundred thirty eight. But the point is, there's not a single Democrat that voted for this. There is therefore not a single Democrat who will be able to run for election or re-election next year. By clinging to this, they will not be able to take any credit, they don't have any fingerprints on it, it will be true and it will be easy for every Republican to prepare campaign ads against every Democrat seeking office that they voted against prosperity.


They voted against you keeping more of your own money. They voted against you getting a raise. They voted against four percent economic growth and all of the good that entails. They voted against cheap energy. They voted against oil and gas exploration. That would bring down the cost of energy for the consumer.


They voted against everything that leads to economic prosperity, economic security and economic freedom. And it's on this basis that they somehow believe they are going to sweep the house in 2018. And what are they voting for?


What are they trying to design into our system, they're trying to design into our system, 51 percent of us getting regular moneys from the government. Well, from the rest of us. When 51 percent can take money from 49 percent, just for the simple pastor in Washington, D.C., we have a structural problem in how our voting occurs. Yet they're pressuring Biden to put regular so-called stimulus payments. Into the mailboxes of Americans, that's how far this has progressed, so when does this stop being our life's energy?


Let's explore that as we continue.


Is Todd Hermann your guide host this week on the one and only EIB Network.


Back in the day when radio stations started to be built around the MAHAT, there was this super talk radio format that was created and and a bunch of people involved with that. I knew a couple of them got in Brian Jennings, who's still alive, and the guy who's passed on named Peter Weisbach. And Peter was a radio host in in Seattle. And this was this phenomena that that Rush and you and Timmy, I've created that entire radio stations were built around this program and Peter Weisbach said something that has always stuck with me.


And this is a way that I hope that we can take the information we get on the show and and take it from potential power into real power, which is to start referring to are our bank accounts and our 401. KS as our life's energy. Now we have souls and we have new treasures that we saw upon heaven and that, I hope would be a focus or the focus. On Earth. The money's in our bank accounts are the result of her life energy if we work, if not that, the results of other people's lives.


Energy Democrats. Don't view any money as legitimate. Unless they get a chance to tap into it, to tap into our life's energy. Now, the mayor of Charleville reminds us, is regards this phenomena that central planners were actually stunned, like turkeys drowning in the rain when lower tax rates did what we know they can do, they created more government revenues. In 1981, when Renaldo's Magnus took office, the top marginal rate folks was 90 percent. Now, nobody ever paid it, but it was there.


They had all kinds of shelters and deductions. But you paid 90 percent on the last dollars you earn, but nobody ever reported those dollars that it was it was complicating. It was it was hodgepodge. The also the talk of tax loopholes. Conservatives don't speak a tax loophole that there is no such thing as a tax loophole. There are tax provisions. There are tax laws. When you start throwing around the term tax loophole, you're trying to make people think that people are escaping the tax code, that they're finding a way around the tax code, that they're able to break the law.


That's not what tax loopholes or any such thing. There may be unintended consequences, the tax writers enact a bill that doesn't account for a certain activity that happens as a result, that happens because they fail to dynamically score these things at the CBO or the Joint Committee on Taxation. And as I said, the greatest example is when they cut the capital gains rate in the Bush tax cut in the early 2000s. They had no idea why all the money was flowing into the Treasury.


They cut the capital capital gains rate practically in half. And what that meant was, is that people were selling stocks instead of rolling them over or donating them to charity, people were selling appreciated stock. If you get to keep 85 cents out of every dollar you earn, you'll sell the stock and then you'll reinvest it and buy more. That started happening. People started paying the capital gains rate instead of avoiding it. It caused all kinds of new money to the Treasury that these eggheads who are the supposed experts, never counted on.


And I think this bill has all kinds of possibilities in it like that. But the personal rate reduction by the time Reagan left office in 1988.


The top marginal rate was down to 30 percent, from 90 to 30 percent since then, since the late 80s, the tax rates have basically been from 10 to 12 to 15 to 24 to 28 to 30. And then they jumped up to thirty nine point six to 35, 29, something like that. The corporate rate, however, stayed at its inexplicably stupid figure, 35 percent. So the personal rate reductions have happened long ago and they're happening again here.


But there isn't that much room to reduce them because they have been reduced so much over the past 20 or 30 years that the corporate rate has remained ridiculously high. And I'm just going to tell you, when the corporate tax rate is reduced from 35 to 21 percent, you've heard the old adage that corporations don't pay taxes. You do. And you know what that means, right?


That means whatever corporation tax bill in, they amortize it by building into the price of every product or service enough to cover what their tax payments are. So at the end of the day, they don't pay them. I mean, they they they file returns and they send checks to Washington, but. It's not a net loss for them. So what happens if you lower a corporate tax rate in 35 to 21 where you open up all kinds of possibilities?


What happens when you have a seven or eight percent repatriation rate like Apple has? 190 billion dollars overseas and the amount of money other corporations have added to that. Which is doing us no good over there, if they're allowed to bring it all back or a portion of it back and only pay eight percent, what are they going to do?


They're going to bring it back. And what happens to it? Well, here now, we're up against what the brainwashing of the American people on corporations has led people to believe. And this is really a crime. And I know that there are bad actors, there are bad actors as individuals there, bad actors as small businessmen. They're sports athletes that are cheaters. I mean, every group of people has its renegade malcontents in it, and corporate CEOs and corporate executives are no different.


The difference is that the left has done their best to convince everybody that every American industry made up of the corporations within it is out to harm them, to screw them, to cheat them or even kill them. In the cases of the pharmaceutical industry and other places. And so there are many people who believe that corporations don't do a single damn thing that's any good. That all they do is deny people health care, they deny people are civil rights, they deny people vacation time, they deny people personal time to go to the vet with the sick cat.


They deny people this and they do not have any tolerance or patience whatsoever. And they just fire you and they don't pay people enough. And this is what people have been led to believe because the left has been pounding this kind of thing for decades. The liberal Democrat enemies list is topped by industries. Big auto. Big pharmaceutical, big box retail, big oil, big tobacco, they are hated and despised.


But in truth, all they are is groups of people. And many of them are traded publicly and so have fiduciary responsibility to show a profit. Corporation is not in business to provide people health insurance. They're not in business to provide people jobs. Those things are necessary when competing for employees, but that's not why people go into it like Steve Jobs.


You know, I want to create the Macintosh. I want to set the computer world on fire because I want people to have corporate health care. And I think it's why he did it. The Henry Ford Automative, the automobile assembly line, because he wanted his people to have health care. No. But once you make a decision to go into business and then once you start hiring people, it takes competition to get the best people. And if the going rate is a health care plan and this is something you offer it.


But if corporations are paying 35 percent now are reducing see a reduced rate to 21 percent. What happens? Well, the negative reaction is they keep the money rush. They're going to get all that money. You're going to keep it. They're going to keep gouging us like the cable companies do in the cellular companies. And they're going to cut our prices. They're going to continue to deny a service and they're going to continue to deny us health care.


And they're just going to keep the one you're going to get richer and richer. Is that what you're going to do or. Are they going to become more competitive? Are they going to be able to offer better employment packages, better pricing packages, the products and services they sell? This whole notion that I don't like the corporate side because, you know, it never proves that the corporations getting a tax cut benefits a little guy who hires the little guy.


Who manufactures things and makes them available for purchase for the little guy? Who is in competition with other businesses? For the little guy business. So if a corporate tax cut result in greater. Job opportunities, if it results in corporations lowering prices in order to expand their customer base, because remember, this tax cut is going to give everybody more money, everybody is going to have a little bit more disposable income. They're going to have more money to spend.


Corporations do like separating people from their money and of course, the left hates that, too. The left calls that donations and funding corporations call it sales and profits. But it's the same thing, everybody is out to get your money and you're out to get anybody else's money. You can, however, like you're out to get the corporation's money, people who work for small businesses. It's all the same. And if there's more money. Significantly more money circulating in the U.S. economy than there theoretically is more of it for you to get a share of.


It's all good and a suggestion when you're talking to your kids about your business, your small business, the money it allows you to save referred to it as your life's energy. It's a different way to think about it that I think will make it more precious to your children. Quick quiz for long time students of Rush. True or false? At one point he had 50 baseballs thrown out.


Answer next. It's taught him in your guide host.


This week on the EIB Network thottam an honor to be your guide host. This week on the EIB Network. Warren from Gonzalez, Texas, right outside San Antonio, as I recall. Welcome to Rush's program. Todd Hermann, your guide host. Hi, Warren. What's on your mind this morning?


Warren, you're on Russia's show. What's on your mind, sir? Oh, hey, I was just thinking back to the last time I ever heard Rush. That was back when he was in Sacramento. God, what's that been one years ago?


Yes. And and I first heard him and I'm like, who is this bombastic, egotistical? What is this guy doing? And I listened for like five minutes and get disgusted and turn the radio off. And then I come back to it because I was killing a bunch of bugs, driving up and down. I find that at the time. And the more I listen, the like, well, you know, this kind of makes sense. But what is what is this half my brain tied behind my back stuff just to make it better?


I mean, who is this guy? Yeah. And one day he had something on economics, that whole segment with all of that stuff. I remember listening to to all of those things over the course of time. And I went, wow, this guy really does know what what he's talking about. I have a degree in economics and that was all the stuff that I had that I had learned, you know, the lowering of the tax rates and everything and what that does with the inflow of money to the Treasury and corporations not paying taxes.


They don't. My brother and I used to argue about he he unfortunately was a common pinko subversive, but never, never could get him to understand what happened with that.


And I said, you know, Stephen, it's real simple that corporations do the pass the cost on. They find a way to reduce their costs, which usually sacrifices jobs or they go out of business that they can't do either of the first two. And so that's just the economic reality of how that how that works. So he had me hooked from that point on. And and it's just a shame that that we can't hear him live anymore. But some of those some of those things I remember hearing them like they were yesterday.




And I think what's so cool, Warren, is the way they compare to today's news. We just heard Rush explain what by explaining what happens with lower tax rates, what's going to happen if the plan that Joe Biden's dementia read off of Barack Obama's teleprompter comes true?


And that's what I find, you know, so amazing about the work that Team EIB does. Warren, thank you very much for the call. Be careful. It sounds like you're killing bugs at your windshield again. And Warren took us back to the Sacramento days. I want to take you back before the Sacramento days.


You know, Rush worked. This is the opening day of baseball, by the way. It is. And oh, yeah, this the Washington Nationals had a game coming up against the Mets, but because of the covid flu, they canceled it. It was a Washington Nationals game where Tony Foushee was in the stands. Well, I don't really need to wear a mask because there's not cameras on me in the stadium with maybe this is my wife. Oh, she can take the mask off.


And but your kids, if they don't wear masks, they'll kill all the people. And there was that game. That's the emphasis where the infamous social media meme came from. But now we've got to shut the Nationals game down because of the cold flu. So Rush loved baseball and want to go back to prior to Sacramento. Rush worked for the Kansas City Royals early in his career, and one of his big responsibilities was the ceremonial first pitch.


I have thrown out many ceremonial first pitches, and in my career I've also arranged for many ceremonial first pitches when I work for the Kansas City Royals.


In fact, one of my most infamous moments was the very first first ball ceremony I arranged and orchestrated and emceed from the field or late the night the late the Kansas night, Saturday night, 40000 people at Royal Stadium microphone at home plate. Well, it's actually up on the pitcher's mound. We got 90 people from the Aletha Committee who sold all the tickets in the largest group of the year, lined up in the infield, third base to first base.


I do the you know, the rigamarole. Welcome all. He's got a great job. And I go to the guy throwing the first pitch eight time, let it rip. Just like I don't have a ball.


I'd forgotten to get a ball. Some stranded out there. No ball for the guy to throw the first pitch with.


So I knew if I left that microphone to go to the dugout and get one, there would not be a ball there. Saw what I did. I want a microphone. 40000 people here with somebody in a dugout. Please throw me a baseball. Here came every baseball team up 50 of them. Empty bags were thrown out. The Aletha Night Committee scattered all over the field, chasing down the balls. I reached down, grabbed one, gave it to the guy who threw the first pitch, best first pitch, ceremonial first pitch in Major League Baseball history and most entertaining.


And it was mine. I know about these things.


Let me give you just a tip that I've learned through my career based upon what Rush just did and how he how he responded to that. If you ever want to catch an audience attention when you're given a high grade, really important presentation, pretend your PowerPoint is broken. Memorize it, pull up a whiteboard and draw it out, I guarantee works every time it's taught her. And your guidepost this week on the EIB Network.


So if we could provide you the opportunity to have Rush uncover AOC making an argument for the Trump tax cuts, would that interest you see, one of the geniuses of Rush is not just the presentation. It was the listening, the keen observation, the paying attention to each and every phrase he used to say. Words mean things they tell people about your background, your education, even your intelligence. So he was always listening. We will show you that also little point of comparison around the word free, another opportunity to take the information you've got for decades from this program, which is potential power and to turn it into power.


What if we could show you that what the government calls free or what they call low cost or what they pretend to make low cost actually becomes? More expensive, what if that was a dynamic that existed in just about every instance you can name right down to so-called affordable housing, would that give you an opportunity to share with your friends why? We are small government, big people type people will continue to use Russia's wisdom and some good old fashioned logic to make this information, take it from potential power into actual power.


We'll get started right after this. Herman, you got host this week on the EIB Network.


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I just want you guys to know what an honor it is to be here with you. And still to this day, the world's largest radio show. It's a day that God has made for us. I choose to view it with gratitude as a gift, even though the times we live in are increasingly scary, at least for me. Scary. Does it mean I'm scared? It means those scary times. And I do reflect upon the fact that we're not the first generation to go through things like this.


It's America's turn. And fortunately, we have 30 years of wisdom to fill us in and to help propel us into action and smart action because information is only potential power. Even even the three decades of brilliant information here is potential power to put it to use. You can do that today on the phones at 800 to eight to 282 and more importantly, in your city councils and your school boards seizing control of those. We'll talk about more about that throughout the show.


It's one of my focuses is action. So there's a lot of talk about Joe Biden's dementia, inserting into people's mailboxes, regular so-called stimulus checks. In other words, a universal basic income. This shouldn't surprise anybody now, in my judgment. You know, Joe Biden ran on this phrase get build back better. That's weird because all sorts of world leaders did. And that weird. And I contend that in March of last year, everything began to change, sort of like things are being reset in a way, you know what I mean?


And we're being told that they're floating this idea of the column stimulus checks, but they will turn into universal basic income for people. And this would put a lot of people exactly where the left wants them, and that is beholden to government. Now they take programs and they attach this word free, and you and I both know that's an utter scam. I'm just remembering a phone call that just came in. I wish I could find this EIB team could rush.


Right. We had a guy through the tell me again how this is free phenomenon.


The phone, which is hilarious, but there's this this bothersome dynamic.


College was to be made more affordable by pouring federal dollars into it. So on one hand, you're taking people and putting them into college who have absolutely no skin in the game. It's not their money. Therefore, they don't care about the outcome. Another thing you did was pour money into the colleges. And I'm using the phrase poor on purpose. If you picture a water jug that's already 85 percent full, it's not that much effort to fill up the rest of it.


Right. Right, same with colleges. If taxpayers are forced to pour money into colleges. And big universities, even Harvard, with their 60 billion dollar endowment or whatever it is, I think it's around 50 billion, 50, 60 billion. When we're forced to give them money, they know that that money is going to flow, all they need is that 15 percent. And what happens is they can now do things that stand in stark opposition to actual education and becomes indoctrination because they're freed up from any fiscal concern.


So consequently, they can charge enormous rates. Because we're going to continue to pour water into their jug because we're forced to pour water into their jug and there's your free college. Health care. Rush spoke in the last hour. From the archives about competing for employees. After I think it was what were to. There was competition from police. But the government said, hey, that's not fair, that some people are getting overtime. We need everybody to have jobs.


So they capped no overtime and they capped, you know, put a bunch of caps on how you could hire people and pay them, compensate them. So businesses started to say, hey, let's let's buy health care for people. Let's let's pay for their health care insurance. Here came the government and said, oh, that's a benefit. We're going to tax that and control it. Consequently, it became attached to the job. As a consequence of that, bureaucrats did what bureaucrats do.


There's now 17 paper pushers for every one doctor in the health care system, people checking government boxes, boom, there go the rates. Insurance, all of a sudden, you're required to purchase a product you don't want from a company you don't like, for services you don't need at prices you cannot afford, prices go up, but it's free. Dynamic exists with retirement and with so-called affordable housing, multiple sources will tell you there's a liberal radio host in Seattle.


Decades of liberal talk, he's a decent guy, a good guy. Socialist, maybe communist, but sort of a nice guy. Who had on his program a guy who said, yeah, it's far more expensive to build low cost apartments in Seattle, an apartment, an apartment for five hundred thousand dollars. You can build luxury homes to this day outside the Seattle area for less. And a friend of mine who is a is a construction professional, he says it's always 30 to 40 percent more expensive to build low income housing.


He was building a low income house and said, why are we using the top of the line, Fosset? I have trouble talking my clients in wealthy neighborhoods into putting this into their homes because they cost so much. So affordable housing becomes more expensive. There are consultants upon consultants, et cetera, on top of these things, free is expensive because free means free of charge to them. More or more for us to pay, so Rush, of course, was brilliant at acquiring this this sort of dynamic.


Now in this clip, there's a lot here, OK? Rush uses a really quick, subtle, devastating quip to spotlight the echoing of nothing, the sounds and Aoki's brain on even elementary economics that the rest of us learned on Saturday morning cartoons. But then listen closely. Rush reveals that Aoki accidentally endorses the Trump tax cuts.


My friends, I love this in a way because I've been theorizing lately about how telling people that we can't afford it, not a reason to do something doesn't work anymore with these people because it doesn't matter that we don't have the money to do anything. We've got deficits, 21 trillion national debt. It's not stopping anybody from spending more proposing to spend any more. Now they're coming out of just being honest. It doesn't matter whether we have the money or not.


And if we don't, just print it. Now, out there in the millennial population, we literally have a bunch of young people who believe. That the earth is not going to be habitable when they hit 65. I've tried to tell you they really believe this, the political story.


The Democratic Party's base is rallying around calls for massive social welfare programs like Medicare for all, a federal jobs guarantee and a green new deal, all of which would cost trillions of dollars and potentially bust the budget. Yet a small but growing chorus of progressives say that policymakers are thinking about deficits all wrong, deficits not that big a deal, Cortez told Business Insider last month. The notion that the government needn't worry about balancing its books should be a larger part of our conversation.


If we run out of money, we just print some, she says.


We haven't had any money for a long time, but we're not going to let that stop us. We're not going to let people use the fact that we don't have the money stop us. So now we go to the audio sound bites, NPR's Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep was interviewing Cortez about the Green New Deal. You're talking about things, obviously, because a lot of money and you don't specify where the money is going to come from other than saying it'll all pay for itself.


Yeah, I think the first thing that we need to do is, is kind of break the mistaken idea that taxes pay for 100 percent of government expenditure. It's just not how government expenditure works. We can recoup costs. But oftentimes you look at, for example, the GOP tax cut, which I think was an irresponsible use of government expenditure. But government projects are often financed by a combination of taxes, deficit spending and other kinds of investments.


You know, bonds, you know, bonds.


She just figured out that taxes do not fully fund government. I mean, anybody that knows there's a deficit knows that.


This is pointless, and the first thing we need to do is kind of break the mistaken idea that taxes pay for a 100 percent of government expenditure. Government expenditure is off the charts. There's nowhere near the tax revenue. We can't be. We're 21 trillion dollar national debt, annual budget deficit of four to 800 billion dollars. Anybody that's the problem.


You can't tax your way out of fiscal irresponsibility. Of course, to these people, the answer is simply print more money. Next question, I get that, but but deficit spending is borrowing money, it has to be paid back eventually, somehow, like through taxes.


Yeah, and I think that is always the crux of it. So when we decide to go into the realm of deficit spending, we have to do so responsibly.


We ask, is this an investment or is this actually going to pay for itself?


So you're saying borrow the money, make the investment, the economy will grow. We'll pay off the debt.


Absolutely. Because we're creating jobs. You know, this one has no idea what she just said. He says, So you're saying borrow the money, make the investment, the economy will grow, will pay off the debt. Absolutely has to, because for creating judge, she just described the Trump tax cut, which in the previous night she tried to ripped to shreds.


I see. It's subtle. We're talking about earlier about Rush's listening. Like 75 percent of winning an argument is listening intently. So out of this segment, maybe just ask any persuadable friends that you have why everything the government says they're going to make affordable or free ends up being more expensive.


And if they think that's going to change with this universal basic income that they're floating by way of calling it stimulus plans, there's a lot more to get to.


In fact, a Rush Limbaugh prank call. Nope, not someone prank calling him Al Rush bow making a prank call.


As we continue, Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network, Todd Herman, your guide hosts this week on the EIB Network.


Now we're going to wind back into history with Rush here. But I want you to listen for an economic point, because I'm going to make one. And it came to me as they listen to this. So now this was back when Rush worked at WAAX, Z in Pennsylvania said. And we're not sure this may have been the Jeff Christie days. You remember that. Now, that said. Even when Maharshi was playing a prank, he made a point about government spending.


I have a little joke. I'm going to play on a light comedy. We will call him up on the phone right now and give them a little grief. Phones ringing Let's hear. Hello. Just Dukane like customer service. Yes, this is. Hi there. How are you? Oh, just fine. Well, good. Listen, I have a question for you, and I hope you can answer it all the time as well. I just moved here from Florida and I have a thing for palm trees.


And as you probably know, there aren't any around here anyway. Well, I got a big backyard. I wanted to start a palm tree orchard, and the only way to do this is with heat lamps. And I wanted to put about 15 or 20 thousand of them out there. And I wanted to know if you could call me a price on how much it's going to cost me per month, 15 or 20 thousand heat lamps. Yeah, well, you know what?


They trampas about 600 watch per lamp. You want fifteen thousand eight lamps for this Polje orchard for around 15000. OK, you're going to run them. How many hours a day. 20, 20 hours a day. 600 once a piece. Wait a second. Yeah. On the average. Now this will run you over three thousand six hundred and forty dollars a day. Oh you're kidding. I'm kidding. I was thinking like 30 bucks a month.


Maybe the way you got over nine million watts there. Three thousand bucks a day. Right. You got 50000 light bulbs. Yeah, well, I could move to Florida cheaper than that. Or fifteen thousand light bulbs and six hundred once a peace comes out to about nine million and one hundred and twenty thousand watts. I mean we all think we have a right to accommodate that. Three thousand dollars a day. Three thousand six hundred forty dollars. Well thanks, but I'll move back to Florida, buy one palm trees.


But thank you for your time and trouble. You're welcome. OK, bye bye.


So, hey, if he'd been growing pot the someone from EIB asked, he'd get a federal subsidy for that. Be the economic point. The government would say, OK. Case in point, Joe Biden's dementia is offering to spend five hundred thousand dollars of your money to improve the Wolke masks that don't work, can't work, that mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, they can't case in case in point. They want to spend this money well, just in heart, at rational ground, looked at this two and a half months after Germany mandated medical grade masks for their improved efficacy, the seven Fritsche of new cases is now higher than before that mandate.


And just to put a point within a point in an exclamation point on this. There's an Israeli startup who's already invented a Wolke mask, they say stops it all. I mean. He can't breathe in it, but you're not going to get the covid can't breathe, but you might get it, but you won't have it long. Mark, Sioux City, Iowa. Mark, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd, and your guide host. I'm glad you called.


Mark. What's on your mind, sir? Oh, I just calling because it's just it's kind of irritating, you listen to people talk about these good union jobs, Republicans can never stay on message. I wish they fire back that, you know, 70 percent of the country doesn't have a union job. And, you know, when you get a union job, it's just, you know, part of a payoff to the Democratic Party. It just gets it's it's highly irritating that.


It's just that, you know, we never stay on message. It doesn't seem like and I just got to tell you, I was just laughing my head off over that thought about the.


I remember listening to it in 1989 and I was laughing my tail off, but.


Oh, yeah, it's a great. But let me let me make one point about what you said. When I worked at the RNC as chief digital strategist, I tried to get us to go after the unions and and we did some things like informed union workers that there were golf courses outside of Detroit where they weren't allowed to go, but the bosses could go. And it infuriated these guys. What do you mean I can't give you that that's a union boss only place there is a turning on this.


But but you're right that the national Republicans are seizing on this. The Freedom Foundation has. What is it now? They've got cases in Oregon. It's racketeering, RICO type cases, forgery type cases. It's about unions, I think trying to keep people in membership even though they have the right to leave. That's been now a law for some time, or at least the Supreme Court ruling. So there are people who attack that, but it is not it is not enough of the senior Republicans who are doing this because they're afraid it would be a great thing, like the one of the things that we should do, Mark.


And if if we if people who understand the stakes of the battle, Rush said we're in a death struggle with communism. We are it's a weird form of communism. It's authoritarian. And corporate entities are getting involved in this. Coke is now demanding that the Georgia legislature change a voting bill, a voting integrity bill. Delta Airlines came out against this because there's no they're free riders. There's no cost for being Wolke. And there's a lot more to it than that, but one of the things that we should do is start to tell union members the truth of what the unions are doing with their money.


You talk about a corporate pay disparity, the you have a 10 and 20 times disparity in the union bosses versus the workers, and this is cases where the money taken by force, by government force. Right. In many cases, is still 90 percent of the cases. You do business with corporate entities by choice, not always because the Democrats are engineering a system where, again, we purchase products from companies we don't want at prices we can't afford for services we don't need.


And that's this reset model. That's what we're seeing a lot of. But you make a great point about the union jobs. And look, I have no problem. You want to join a private union. Go ahead. My problem is really with the government unions, because at that point, we're not negotiating with you. It's the government. Negotiating with its biggest donors. That's not sustainable, that word sustainable rush discovered something about that word. I can't wait to share it with you will do that.


Next is Todd Hirmand, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


The left is better than Republicans at a thing called a brand hangar. This is where you take a known item and you wrap yourself around it. It's a Madison Avenue thing. So they'll take a word like justice and it's meaningless the way they say it. But it's such a beautiful word. Just a little trick when people speak of justice, say sorry for whom? And it just it won't change the mind of a cultist on the left, but it can get other people around you thinking, yeah, but justice for whom?


And they've done this with the word sustainability. And it's a magic word. To them, and it's a surprise, none of us, that it was Rush who found this one single word, it's a key left us use and their shills to manipulate the emotions of all too many millennials.


Now, this stuff, you know, I've been concerned. I love America. I wanted to continue to be the greatest place on Earth. I want everybody in this country to be able to maximize the opportunity that liberty and freedom give them and its liberty and freedom that are under assault by these people, that are demanding conformity in speech and behavior, demanding conformity and acceptance. And we see it manifesting itself. It's the climate change left that is keeping people poor.


Let's take an imaginary African country, let's call it San Cordoba. And San Cordoba has a per capita income of fourteen dollars a week. And there are people who live there are in absolute poverty and their government is a tyranny. They've got some general that's the president and the commandant and whatever. And people just have nothing. But somebody discovers oil. Somebody discovers a big pool of oil underneath San Cordova. What is Greenpeace do? What is Al Gore do?


What environmental wackos? They come in there and they forbid them from getting it because getting it will pollute, getting it will destroy. It will upset the eco balance in the ocean off the coast of San Cordova. And so the means of a rising standard of living in a country coming out of poverty will be unavailable to them because powerful forces, the U.S. will be in there demanding at San Cordel, but because they're trying to phase out fossil fuels. Have you seen all these automobile manufacturers now promising?


Who was it that Aston Martin said? Why 20, 30 or 20, 40? They won't have any more internal combustion engine cars. And that caused a an avalanche of other companies announcing the same thing in first. It's asinine. It's simply asinine. And they're believing a market for these things exists that doesn't. If people that bought Teslas and Prius weren't subsidized to buy them, do you think they'd be selling the way they are? If the government wasn't subsidizing Tesla to the tune of five billion dollars, do you think they would be making as many as they are?


Market may be there for them someday, but the market isn't there. It's being forced on us under the belief that the internal combustion engine is destroying the climate and thus destroying the world. And that leads to Stephen Hawking and these other clowns, like we got to abandon Earth if we're going to survive, we got to colonize an asteroid or Mars. Folks, we aren't close to even going back to the moon, much less going to Mars and colonize.


We're not even close to this, but kids are being educated with this. It's being inculcated. It's being forced into them. And they all believe this stuff. And it's going to have an impact as they grow older. I mean, some of the things they're being taught actually is near criminal, the internal combustion engine and the discovery and market uses of petroleum products. The free flow of oil at market prices has been the difference maker. And we have done a better job than any nation in the world cleaning up our messes in terms of our pollution and so forth.


And to tell people that this is the primary fuel and engine of prosperity is a culprit in destroying the planet is near criminal, but it continues apace. And so these kids grow up and then they go to college and they get degrees in PR or marketing advertising, and then they get hired and you get a story like this.


This is from the Business Insider, Dotcom. It's out of London. Eminem's are going to promote wind power in new TV ad campaign. Chocolate brand Eminem's will promote wind power in a global advertising campaign set to run later this year and into 2018. Hang on. Chocolate and pet food giant Mars Inc. that's the only minims announced a one billion dollar wait for it hears the word sustainability. That's how you own millennials. Tell them it's sustainable and they'll support it.


Tell them it's not sustainable and they'll oppose it. Whatever it is. Sustainable sex, they love it. Sustainable energy, they love it. Sustainable sewage, it's even great. Unsustainable doesn't work. So it's an every story that is appealing to and attempting to capture millennials. A one billion dollar sustainability drive aiming to do its bit to tackle climate change. What's happened here? A bunch of indoctrinated millennials now working at an advertising agency somewhere and maybe at Mars have grown up and they've been taught this stuff and now they're they're implementing it into their day to day work.


And we wonder why more conservative messages can't break through the conservative message of self-reliance and rugged individualism and be the best you can be. The old standby recipe for success that's laughed at and mocked. Now, sustainability is the dog whistle. When you see the word sustainability, understand that it is here to go to the cliche again. But it's liberalism behind it and liberalism is not good.


Folks know and it's not. And it's really hard for Keith and the EIB. Folks, we're talking about this earlier. It's hard to fight feelings. So if I could just add one thing just to just one thing. Sometimes if it's hard to approach people to get them out of the lie of sustainability because it is a little bit complex, go to some of the key lies, some of the demonstrable lies in AI. For me, I use WOAK mask's use, usually with young people, wrap them up in three medical masks and open a box of pizza in front of them.


If they can tell what's there, they get to eat it. Listen, you smelled the pizza. They're lying to you about the masks, about what else are they lying? It's just a simple, pragmatic lesson, and Rush was pragmatic about many things when it came to suggesting something of real value for you. He spoke up in the last year. He took notice of a cell phone company offering something of real value. The company's pure talk with every one of their employees working right here in the United States.


Their offer is compelling.


You shop for the best price you can find on insurance, on home mortgages, on vacation, travel, maybe even cheeseburgers. I don't know. So why not do the same thing with cellular phone service? Your cell phone number is your own, and who you choose for cellular service is all up to you. One company makes such a compelling offer it's worth thinking about. It's pure talk. They offer you unlimited talk, text and six gigs of data for just thirty dollars a month.


And guess what? If you go over on the data, they don't charge you for it. Pure talk. Compare that monthly price. Thirty dollars a month to your current cell phone bill and you'll see why it makes sense to change. Now, I don't know what your cell phone bill is, but I would wager you that it's 60 bucks or more, maybe 120, maybe seventy five or more. This outfit, Pure Talk, is offering you unlimited talk on the limited text and six gigs of data for thirty dollars a month.


Now, Pure Talk knows they're in the same business with the likes of AT&T and Verizon and T-Mobile. In fact, get this, they use the same cell towers of one of the big companies that covers ninety nine percent of country. They offer superior service. 100 percent of the pure customer support team is right here in America. So you make one phone call to them today. You can start to save money by switching to pure talk. All you do is get your cell phone and dial pound two fifty.


Next, you say pure talk. It's that simple. You'll say fifty percent off your first month. That's pound to five 00 and then say pure talk. One of the pure talk. Customer service people be right there on the phone to help you. And by the way, it's legit. Thirty dollars a month, unlimited talk, text and six gigs of data.


I've tried the phone call and it is legit. We come back. What if we went just a little bit further back and had a childhood prank that Russia remembers on this April Fools Day?


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Next hour, something that the Mahat knew about Donald Trump was that he is a fighter and this is so vile.


In fact, we had a drive by caller from Utah, a getting into going to flood the zone at the school boards. Bless you for that. And B, he says he's going to run against Romney. And C, he says President Trump was not conservative enough. He also says that there's more Trump's being born in the Biden era. So next hour, Rush explaining to fight and be giving you some examples of where the Rush Limbaugh Donald Trump partnership has changed for the better.


A lot of GOP politicians will get to that. To Jimmy in Livonia, Michigan, Jimmy, you're on Rush's show. It's taught him your guide host this week. Welcome, Jimmy. What's on your mind, sir?


Hi. How are you, sir? Doing great. Yeah. And I wish I was able to talk to Russ before he left, but anyway, I hope. Are our elected officials are listening to me because I tell you, we as UAW workers have elections every year and they think this, you know, Debbie Stabenow and Debbie Dingell, I hope they're listening because we have elections every year. And if they're going to try and pass this H.R. one where, you know, you don't anybody willy nilly can come in and vote, then we might we might as well not have I.D. checks for our elections that we have for our union elections.


So, you know, I hope they're listening because I'm sure there's a lot of UAW members out there that that agree with me on this on this issue. Oh, I've been a UAW member for 40 years. And I'm I'll tell you what, Rush changes me. So I'm I'm I'm out of that little swamp area that they that they live in. But I appreciate what you're saying.


No, it's a great point about those elections. I would just add this. It's not just unions breaking nine one on Twitter has a screenshot of the Coca-Cola Company. Their CEO is out, is out criticizing the Georgia election integrity law, saying it can't be had, it can't stand, et cetera. To paraphrase him, according to this screenshot from breaking 911, Coca-Cola requires a valid photo ID to be admitted into their shareholder meetings and they're criticizing this. So, no, it's a great point.


And it crosses a lot of different realms from unions to corporates, you know, jokesters who are playing that game. Appreciate the phone call, Jimmy, and I'm glad that you're putting the politicians on notice. Information is potential power. Let's make it power by using the information, and that's the way to do it. Hey, we're going to call out our own unions for this stuff. Right there is in this power that we have, the power was made possible because Rush presented things often with great humor, because it hooked people to the program.


Such a great lesson for us. Grab the audience before we tried to convince them of our points. It has to be entertaining and compelling. Rush was remembering a prank that he played and back in the day and and he played really silly fun pranks that were such fun. This is audio sound bite number ten.


We played silly phone tricks. My brother and I were friends. It was our pastime. And every time we tried one on Iren, right, we never succeeded. Former drama teacher speech teacher never was able to pull a prank on her. She was wise to us. She never gave us up. She never warned anybody that we were on a prank path. She left the targets wide open for us to hit. She always knew it was us, but she never told anybody else in town that we were on the march.


She never ratted us out. So we were able to pull off our pranks despite her knowing. I love the fact that Russia remembers sort of someone who was complicit in the crime of the phone pranks.


I think a lot of us has done those. One day we had some time. I'll tell you about some of the really fun fun. I'll tell you one a bit. We did in radio. In radio, you can you have, you know, phones. We can put two callers on it once. You remember when we used to do that radio and one day just in the production room so we could get permission later to play it on the air.


I called Pizza Hut, put them on hold and call Domino's and put them on hold. And all of a sudden you're on the phone with each other arguing about who called who to deliver a pizza. So I diverge. I'm excited to take that example of Rush enjoying memories of his past. With this, there's a huge debut of a very special program. It's a video entitled A Tribute to Radio's Greatest of All Time, Rush Hudson, Limbaugh the Third.


It's an opportunity to experience Russia's extraordinary life and career through the words of his family and close friends.


And you won't find this on TV, but online at Rush Limbaugh dot com, we're making it available for all to see starting right after this program tomorrow. This tribute special will be on demand starting then for you to see be reminded of the greatness of Rush as vice president.


Pence remembers here, as long as Rush Limbaugh was on the air, every day was mourning in America. And Rush Limbaugh was not only a pioneer in talk radio. He saved it, he revolutionized broadcasting and helped shape and inspire the conservative movement.


He also inspired a generation of conservatives to take to the airwaves of America, just like he did and many others to enter public life, and I know what I'm talking about.


In the 1990s, Russia inspired me to start a radio broadcast of my own. I used to say I was Rush Limbaugh on decaf and for three hours a day on the air waves of small town Indiana, I proceeded the Rush Limbaugh Show. And let me tell you, he was a hard man to proceed. But like so many others, inspired by his optimism and patriotism, I also pursued a career in politics.


You know, I hardly believe that I would have had the opportunities I've had to serve in Congress to serve the people of Indiana as governor or to be your vice president without the life, the example, the encouragement and the friendship of Rush Limbaugh.


Rush noticed something and perhaps knew something about Donald Trump from day one, and that is that President Trump would fight. And of course, you know what? The media wanted to turn that into into the fight and and how it was the Mockingbird's against President Trump and it was the deep state against President Trump and it was Obama holdovers against President Trump. But it was part of the deep state, the embedded intelligence people against President Trump. And he fought and I believe and I don't know I've not talked to President Trump about this, but I don't think he would have been president without Rush Limbaugh.


And there was sort of a partnership there.


And I think that in the next segment coming up here in Russia show, I want to make the case that that partnership, as it were, has created a brand of Republican who may, in fact, help us save this country and in this country is has many times helped save the world. I continue to believe our founding documents were inspired by men inspired by God.


We'll talk about the possibility of saving our country with this partnership as we continue taught her and your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's just always an honor to be with you on this radio program and to talk with you as we continue the work of taking Russia's enduring wisdom and applying it to today's news and keeping informed in that regard as well.


I consider every day a day the Lord has made, and I reflect more and more often about the fact that he chose us to live within these times. And we could say all we want, we want different times and God can say all he wants. This is your cup. Take a drink. This is this is where we're at. It's 800 282 282. If you'd like to chat one on one with one too many, many, many.


There was this partnership and I think it was maybe it's a partnership from afar. It was Rush Limbaugh in you this audience.


I have no doubt that it was this audience and Rush who pushed Donald Trump over the top into becoming the United States in four too short of a term.


There were people like me who had couldn't get over the the personality and the and I had to learn and I had to learn to be able to say, I got this wrong with with with Donald Trump. And it was quick process was very quick process. And looking at what he did and realizing something and I want to know I want, you know, this, that across the country there are people to this day we've had him in the last 90 days who are joining this program as a result of Russia's work and as a result of seeing the media go full force to destroy a man, to destroy Donald Trump.


And it's not Trump that they're going after.


It's you. And Russia's made this point, but I believe there was this partnership and I think that Russia helping push Donald Trump over the finish line was fundamental to making aware, making us aware of who we are being fought by fumbling way to say it. But who's fighting us? The Mockingbird media is fighting us, the deep states fighting us. It certainly exists of the talk that it doesn't exist as madness. We've seen it. But the fight. Donald Trump thought the Mockingbird's now you can say they won.


But did they? They have no longer any pretense Mockingbird media outlets. Any pretense of even needing to care about fairness, Lester Holt has said that hearing both sides of the argument is unnecessary. You had CNN announced that biological sex is debatable. They're not even trying anymore to have any pretense of fairness, which is good for us because it means we can finally jettison this leftover belief that Republicans held that if they're extra nice, they'll get the media to like them.


And that was a belief. I lived it. I watched it. You know, having someone come and beg me to apologize to Katie Couric because of a tweet or to apologize to Wolf Blitzer because of a tweet. Beg me what we need these people, and you'd love Katie if you met her, I've met her. She's a celebrity, I didn't love her, didn't have any negative reaction, but I know what she is, she's a liberal.


And this was a hardcore political types were with the media is not our enemy. Well, if you are a believer that we do not want to be pushed over the cliff into this bizarre China model of authoritarianism, corporate authoritarianism, statism, well, then they are in fact, mockingbird outlets are. And I mean, there's those that are not Mockingbird's and there's fewer and fewer of them. This partnership got something to happen that had to happen for us to have a chance to save our country.


It showed Republicans that you can fight the media and win. Now, if President Trump didn't get a second term, but they showed their hand, they were forced to admit they gamed the system. The Time magazine article where they said we fought to fight the election, they admit, yes, we lied to the American people. Yes, we hid information. Yes, we worked with the domestic terror organization. Yes. We, in fact, change the voting rules.


Yes, we did this in the last 30 days. Yes. This was all to, quote, fortify an election. But we never touched the voting machines. Wouldn't do that, there'd be a step too far. So what do we see now, the result of this partnership, as at least as I see it, Ron, the Santos says he's going to sign an executive order, no vaccine passports in the state of Florida. But did Rush say yesterday the precursor to the vaccine, passports, immunity cards were a bad idea.


They with the Malha would think of a vaccine passport that can have the government decide what you should and your body at any moment and be tied to your finances. Thank you, Governor de Santos. Kristi Noem on so many levels has been terrific, fighting back particularly against the covid panic. And the covid lies, it's been dynamic to watch so many ways, I believe this is a result of the partnership, as I see it, between Rush and President Trump.


I'm not saying it was formal at all. I'm saying I believe it was a friendship. They've said as much. I believe it caused us it gave us the opportunity to see who's coming for us in Texas. A Texas state lawmaker has introduced a bill to ban racism being taught in the schools critical race theory is racism. It's teaching you to hate white people or hate yourself, and that all problems come from white people. And the problem with white people is they're white.


Now, how do you do away with a problem like that? Well, you join an intersection, a partnership or well, I guess there's another alternative. This is Representative James White. Well, there you go. Introduced this bill that's in Texas. That's a President Trump fought this. The Republicans should be afraid to fight this fact, I'm proud that a guy from Washington State, Christopher Rufo, alerted the president to this. Epic Times reports a Texas state Senate has passed an election integrity bill targeting mail in ballots.


This is also new fights.


That they wouldn't do before prior to this partnership, and Rush told us that only Donald Trump understood how to fight, and I said just because of that, because of Russia's help, Trump got to show that fight. So now there's these GOP officeholders who seem to finally get it. Of course, the best explanation of this came from the man himself.


The message, my friends, is keep the faith. You've got to keep the faith. We want to Donald Trump, he was a fighter for America first policies. He wanted to make America great again. And he did. He was often running three and a half years of an economic rebound, the likes of which this country hadn't seen. And then the coronavirus hits and everything falls apart, starting at the one that falls apart. But everything is just rendered into mass.


Total confusion. But he thought and he is still fighting to uplift all Americans. This is the thing that everybody's got to understand. Donald Trump is not you know, Biden's out there running around talking about he's going to be president for everybody. No, he won't. This is the most partisan political party I have ever seen. It constituted as in my lifetime, the Democrat Party. They are not a party for all the people. He will not be president of all the people.


Nancy Pelosi is not speaker of the House for all people, and they never intend to be. Donald Trump is president for all Americans. He wants every American to experience the greatness of this country. He's opening his arms and welcoming anybody and everybody to join him in the effort to reconstitute and remake this country. He is the president of every American. He got more votes in this election than he got in 2016. He ended up getting more minority votes than any Republican has in 60 years.


He is not the racist and bigot that he was portrayed as throughout four years of lying, distorting media. We have been so distorted. All for the sake of creating false expectations of doom and gloom within us, they're not used to the intensity of the way Trump fights back. They're not used to a Republican not giving up. They're not used to Republicans not caving. They simply have been hit with things that they don't have any experience with. They have been hit with behavior by Trump.


They have no reservoir of experience to call on. They don't know how to deal with it. These are not people that deal with adversity. FOX The media doesn't give them any adversity. The media never challenges them. They never have to explain what they're doing. Donald Trump represents a form of adversity that they they literally have no experience in dealing with, and it's obvious that they don't know how to deal with it and that frustrates them. They already think Trump barely above the level of scum on the life charge.


And we've had it we've had it for a long time. It is why Donald Trump was elected. Yeah, he's unorthodox, but that's, again, why he was elected as the only president in recent memory that has put hard working middle class people and American families. First, this idea that Joe Biden is going to be president of all Americans, he's not going to be a Republican or Democrat. It's not possible. There is no such thing as that kind of Democrat.


Do not doubt me. They are the most partisan people in America today. I know it gets harder and harder to keep the faith because it seems like it's an overwhelming task. Donald Trump's Dommett. He has done what you traditional House Republicans have been unable to do for 60 years in terms of bringing in minorities, bringing in women. Donald Trump did it, not the never Trump, not the Republican Party itself, because he is the Republican Party. So when he's gone.


When he leaves. Is anybody in the Republican Party been taking notes? Do they know what they have to do to keep this trend going? I hope. But I'm right when I say I think Ron the and Governor Abbott and Kristi Noem, governor knowm I maybe it's not take notes, maybe it's instinctual, but I think the fight is there. Rush said many important things there. When we come back, I want to focus on three words.


The Mahat spoke about Donald Trump, a new way forward, a new form of diversity.


Would do that as we continue. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Herman, your guide host, this week on the EIB Network. I hope that you are a Limbaugh letter subscriber because the April issue is out. Now, you can get a really good special on this extra issue of not having to pay for this.


The Limbaugh letter is still built upon Rush's wisdom and his humor, and it's a different form of that. Reading Rush's thoughts and in the application to show in writing allows us to learn differently and involves different intellectual pathways. It's also something you can leave out and have people pick up out of the curiosity of, oh, maybe I didn't get to listen to Rush enough when he was alive for went to heaven. It's an opportunity for them to be drawn into our sphere, our sphere.


There's a big misunderstanding about conservatives, and that is that we're the ones who are in Blocher. As I said yesterday, the Borg and just following one another around, it's it couldn't be further from the truth.


Rush just spoke about President Trump and referred to him as if a new form of diversity in D.C., we on this program are the mental and psychological resistance to this rush to authoritarianism, this push, this marching us towards this weird China model where the intellectual, psychological opposition, where the emotional opposition, where one step away from being the physical opposition in terms of being the opposition in our workplace. Politely saying things like raising your hand and in our meeting, when they're saying, oh, the rules are now that we're going to force you to call people that gender that they identify with, you're forced to do that.


Your raise your hand and and say you should be the person and say, yeah, there are other words we're going to be forced to say. While you're forcing us to say words we don't believe, can we get them all on the whiteboard? Now? I know that's uncomfortable. And yet it is required it's a form of diversity. In D.C., very few people can smell the stink. What I mean by that is they can look at a series of riders on bills and book notes on bills and footnotes and billions of dollars and carve outs and special favors to them, it's just course of business.


Donald Trump represented a form of diversity where it wasn't course of business, it stunk. And in our workplaces, in our environments, not to be rude, but to be truthful. To be the form of diversity that asks questions. And states them out very bluntly. If you're a teacher. I beg you. I beg you. In a meeting about critical race through to raise your hands and say, are we doing the thing where we're pretend this is not racist?


Am I supposed to do the thing here where I pretend I'm a racist because I'm white? If you're a so-called person of color, I just don't like the phraseology because I think it denies your actual worth, but if you are someone on the left would call a person of color. I beg you, if you know in your heart this is racism, I beg you to be in a school meeting and say, yeah, you know what, I'm not going to pretend my white friends are racist anymore.


I'm done. I'm done with this. That's a form of diversity, it's intellectual, it's psychological, it's emotional, it's what we need, it's what Donald Trump was stuck to. Margie, Salt Lake City, Utah. Margie, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program, taught her and your guide host this week. Hi, Margie.


Hey, how are you? So nice to speak to somebody from Seattle with some brain cells.


Well, I lived there for a short time in Salt Lake. Perhaps it rubbed off. So thank you for that.


Yeah, I was born there, so I wanted to talk to you about the ineffectiveness of masks and how it is really just B.S.. I'm a painter by trade. I do a lot of spray work. And when all the in 95 went missing, we had to go with the cloth masks or the paper masks disposables and and they don't work. If the theory is that the particulate is so fine that you have to wear one of these masks to to stop it.


It's not working because in spraying, when you take the mask off, I have paint my nose, my mouth and truly there.


And you get that with the knives as well. They have the little metal thing that you cramp around your nose to try and create a seal. The only way to not get anything in my lungs, in my nose, around on my face is to actually wear a respirator, which covers your nose, covers your mouth with a seal, and it has two cartridges, one on either side, and they have a lifespan of four hours. So after four hours, you have to ditch them.


So it's it's garbage. I don't care. You can wear 20 mask.


It's not going to stop. It doesn't help no one bit. And, you know, I mean, I believe that all the Mormon mommies here who have made masks for the neighborhood feel really great about the service they did, but it was useless. Dailly instead.


I love it. Margie, that's a great phone call. See, this is what I'm talking about. Folks do this at work, at church with love and kindness. Do it this way. You in these trades, these Wolke masks, are they in my opinion, these are submission devices and it's who can we get to submit? The more people we can get to submit, the better. Because the first time you do something that, you know, does it make sense?


It becomes normalized. Your psychological barriers to doing things that don't make sense come down. That's why sex predators groom. They don't start with the predation. They start with the psychological grooming. I'm not saying that Tony Facture, anyone connected to him is a sex predator or anything like it. I'm saying that psychologically it has the same effect. Well, I'll just wear it because they're telling us to. And this is what I have to do to get back to work.


Yeah. For now, other things will follow. Margie, thank you so much for the phone call. Appreciate that.


A fellow Seattleite now in Salt Lake City who began to just take that that picture for painting and apply it to this. Like, I don't even know if it's painted, but there was there is I didn't know this, that there is actually a bust that the EIB team had commissioned for the Mahat. Here's Rush himself talking about that.


You don't know how hard it is to look at a bust of yourself. It's not like looking at a picture, it's life like it's and it's it's huge, it's a little bit bigger than my head and it looks good this same artist did at the sculptor out of Kansas City, Missouri. So we've taken pictures of it and we put it up at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, the heartfelt thanks to the staff for that, because I hear this is really great.


We advertise his clients in here, any number of people, and they're not going to be able to avoid seeing it. And you know what? They're going to think, oh, my God, this guy has got the biggest ego ever. He got a bust of himself in here for everybody to see. And I made that point, said, yeah, well, that's the image they have. We may as well further in along.


So there it is on display out there.


You know, we ought to call a White House and tell them we have this bust of me that we like to donate, we'd like to lend them a bust of Rush Limbaugh.


I love that so much.


Oh, I wish there was a picture that maybe that could be a bit Russia. just got from Tina. Always keeping you aware of the current headlines. The Georgia State House is taking a vote on whether to strip the jokesters at Delta Airlines who require you to have your little VIP card if you're going to go into their VIP lounge. And of course, they have to check IDs if you're going to fly in the airplanes. And I think they don't bring you water for part of that flight.


Right, 10 minutes after 50 minutes before they're voting as to whether to strip them of some of their tax favors.


More as we continue. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's a pleasure, an honor to be with you this week. And I do hope that you are have on your calendar the important special tomorrow, a tribute to Rush Limbaugh that will air on Rush Limbaugh dotcom immediately following his program tomorrow. There's such love that went into this. And I just promise you're going to enjoy that. I will be there with you watching it as I will tune in right after we finish the program tomorrow. What are the things about Democrats and money?


Watch this dynamic. The only clean money is money that goes through their hands, right? Dark money doesn't exist on their side. Union money doesn't even need to be reported. Black Lives Matter Incorporated doesn't even need to report all their donations. And they're a domestic terror group. Right, that's responsible for taking black lives. And it's dirty, filthy money until it comes to them. Then it's shiny and clean, helpful money, it's nice money. There is a piece in The Washington Times, and it is a brilliant piece by Dean Chariandy is called Koko Jr.


here at the EIB Network, and he's got this op ed in the Times titled Real Reform Unlikely with Biden and Democrats in Power. This is a pull quote from it.


Listen to this. Talk about the Democrats, the party in power is never going to limit dark money when they're raising more than the other guys, if they were, they'd have the minority party support for the bill. Imagine if Colonel Sanders introduced the For the Chickens Act, claiming it will stop those guys from McDonald's frying somebody's poor, delicious birds. Would you believe that? So in this piece here, he applies a Limbaugh lesson. We have to ask ourselves what's baked into the legislative cake.


Congress is serving as reform for things like filibuster, voting rights, dark money to Democrats, only Republican dark money. So here's Rush about exposing a Democrat on exactly that hypocrisy during the Amy CONI Barrett hearings.


You know, to understand why they don't like the Federalist Society, it's the same thing as understanding why they hated the Tea Party.


The Tea Party was an organic bubbled up out of the American population political group that had no leader, they couldn't control them.


So the Democrats went out and created Occupy Wall Street, tried to make it look like it was organic, but it wasn't. And now here came Sheldon Whitehouse today trying to say that the Federalist Society. There's some dark money group, the Federalist Society is nothing more than American patriots. To suggest the Democrats don't have a network. Of young judges on various courts that are not being groomed for the Supreme Court, it's absurd. Of course they do. But nobody else is supposed to have one, you see nobody else supposed to do this kind of stuff, nobody else is supposed to be able to have the same kind of operation that Democrats do.


Well, Leonard, Leo and the federal assistance of which Justice Scalia was a proud member. So he's Sheldon Whitehouse tries to turn all of this on Amy CONI very. Because she's a member of the Federalist Society and he tries to get her, he tries to shame her, to intimidate her into believing she's the product of dark money, she's the product of this silent operation in Room Little Nine on Judge Roberts. He was so frustrated, he questioned Judge Amy CONI Barrett for 30 minutes.


Do you know how many words she uttered in the 30 minute Q&A? Zero. He never broke for a question. Take it back, he did pause. Giving her an opportunity to jump in because he thought. That he had set her up, he thought Sheldon Whitehouse thought that he had prompted her, intimidated her, had maybe and roused her enough. She hasn't. She just sat there. In a 30 minute Q&A, Amy CONI Barrett said not a single word.


They can't touch her. They moved on at one of the reasons they moved on is because Ted Cruz came along, he was next and exposed Sheldon Whitehouse, his own dark money network, with a chart that actually showed the flow. The institutions and the flow of money that Sheldon Whitehouse, Sheldon Whitehouse just had a little pamphlet that said Federalist Society and down around to Leonard Leo, Ted Cruz had the names of the banks. He had the names of the accounts.


He had all of these various things that. Tied Sheldon Whitehouse to Rush gives this example of this hypocrisy, and then he uses this moment where Cruz stepped up with this chart. I would love to see pursuant to our conversation earlier about fight. I would love to see the Republicans. Enter into the Congressional Record, the words of critical race theory, but changing the race's. I Dariya, is be brilliant. That black people are responsible for that the problem with blackness, black people, is blackness, and the problem with blackness is it's connected to being black.


I dare you to do this.


And it would serve a fundamental purpose. To show how perverse these things being pushed into our government schools are, it's one more way to fight visibly. You cause some discomfort and it should be uncomfortable because critical race theory is racism. That would be a fight worthy of watching. Right.


Because we're we're at the risk of losing our Constitution. We really are. Arush believe that if more Americans really read and understood our Constitution, our country would be in much better shape. The professors and leaders at Hillsdale College do just that, not with their not just with the undergrads, but with you and I. Rush often talked about their work. Hey, folks, teachers and professors exhibiting a real passion and belief in what they teach are the people you remember years later.


I remember I once as part of a program and asked callers, who is the you look back into life? Who was the most influential person in your life outside? Not no family members, because we often say family. It was incredible. The number of people said teachers, a teacher, and in many cases it was a teacher didn't even like, but it was a teacher that got more out of somebody than that person thought they had. It was for me, actually, a coach.


But the coach was was a teacher, a good teacher. Don't have to like them. Not a good teacher. You'll remember what you're taught years later because they made it interesting. They made it crucial. They made you think it was important to know what they were teaching you. That's the impact of a great educator. And that's the kind of people that teach at Hillsdale College. They're teaching boundaries go way beyond the campus. They have a series of three dozen online video of at thirty six.


For those of you in Rio, Linda, every one of these courses is interesting. Each one of them is free for you to watch it, enjoy and learn from each one of them does not require a test and they are all free. You could watch over and over. There's no admission process to gain access to. There's nothing you can just go online for. Hillsdale Dotcom, choose the online course. You want to watch and watch a full fledged ten to twelve lectures, thirty to forty minutes each.


The latest course was just released. It's an online course called The Great American Story A Land of Hope.


And it's available to you today or whenever you have time. And that is our story, how as Americans, we've overcome the challenges in our history from those encountered during the American Revolution to the Civil War to the Depression and two world wars. Anyway, studying the great stories from our past inspires us to preserve our liberties and appreciate them all the more. And that's what Hillsdale College professors do. Those participating in the making of this series and other online courses.


I want you to learn they get off on it.


They get off on teaching. That's what Hillsdale was all about. They really believe in Hillsdale that if if if it were just a greater understanding of the Constitution itself, we wouldn't be having nearly the problems of this country that we have. And I agree with them about that sign up. As I say, it's free rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. You know, you know, in addition to loving Hillsdale College, how much of a fan rush was of tech?


What if I told you that one of his famous pranks actually involved Rush Limbaugh? Inventing tech that didn't yet exist would reveal all of that.


When we come back, it's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


So I just told you earlier in the program is this breaking news that in Georgia, the the state House is considering some legislation to charge some money to Delta Airlines since they are choosing now to announce what is and is not acceptable legislation. The CEO of Delta apparently dislikes election integrity.


It'll be interesting to see how Delta employees respond to this, since he is, of course, speaking for the company. And if all their employees agree that we shouldn't have things like voter I.D., etc., or have political parties going through it, oh, we're just handing out bottles of water.


No, you're politicking. That's never been legal. Speaking out, let's talk to Barbara in Atlanta, Georgia. Barbara, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week. Welcome, Barbara.


Hi. Hi, Todd. I just want to say something about the CEO of Delta. He's pretty well known around here, trying to always be so woak in the man of the people. But, you know, he doesn't want voter I.D. and yet you have to have an I.D. to do anything on the Delta property. All employees have to have an ID. You can't even get on an aircraft without a driver's license or some sort of ID. And it's insane.


So why is he pushing to stop that? But. The one thing that just kills me about this man and he's so hypocritical is that since he tries so hard to be a man of the people, why doesn't he help the flight attendants in the mechanics unionize?


The only people there are are their pilots. And I want to say their dispatchers. I can't remember. It's another small group besides the big group of pilots, but nobody else is unionized on Delta property. And let me tell you, they get rid of that as fast as they can. Why isn't this man woken up to do that?


That's an interesting question. I take it you might be a former Delta employee.


Oh, yeah, I love it. No, because you're talking about the lanyards in the yds. And I got an email from a friend of mine who is at Alaska Airlines right now saying, ask, ask. Well, you asked. Barbara, thanks for the phone call. Appreciate you listen to Rush's show and bringing light to that hypocrisy. That was awesome. Oh, that's you take hypocrisy. You take entertainment, you take calling it out for years, decades.


In fact, that was part of it with Rush. But the other part was he just loved to have fun. And the Malha sometimes called himself a soft, harmless fuzzball. Unless you were a liberal, a word gutless GOP or he was. Rush also was an accomplished prankster and he took that skill on air with a magic piece of technology yet to be invented. One of the most fun things I ever did was to pretend I had a picture phone in Pittsburgh.


They were testing the picture of where they were going to in Pittsburgh. This is 70s and there was a Gimbel's department store right across the street from the radio station KQED. I went over there, went to the lingerie department and I scoped it all out and I got the girl look working that a woman working what she was wearing, where the cash register was, where all the stuff in the laundry department was made notes. And I went back and I went the production room with a radio station.


I turned on the tape recorder and I called over there. How about Gimbel's, can we help? Yes, I like the lingerie department. Thank you. Hold on just a second. She picks up the ladies. Miss Elfrink was her name. Is it? Hi, I'm such and such and covid. I'm helping the phone company test market, new picture phone. I want to test it here and I've actually got a need as well. What's that, sir?


Well, birthday, the girlfriend's birthday coming up in a couple of days and only by a couple of slips. And I have a new picture phone here. I don't have time to come over there, but if you just hold the slips up to the phone, I'll be able to see if that's what I want and then pack them up and send somebody over to pick. Sir, you give them there's no such thing as a picture fan. I had anticipated this.


Yes. You probably haven't heard about it. The phone company is very forward thinking. The carbon granules in the microphone of your phone, your handheld set. There are a low resolution black and white camera like I can see you right now. You're just you're very blurry. Mean if you hold that phone away from you, I'll be able to tell you what you look like and what you're wearing. No, you can't. Yes, I can. Just hold the phone away from you and move it up and down.


Scan up and down and I'll be able to. You can't, ma'am, if you just do it. I really don't have time here to waste. This is you know, I'm on the air and I got to get this done. You're on the air. Yes, ma'am, I am.


Well, I'm going to feel dumb doing this in front of we'll just duck down behind the cash register there to your left. So she ducks down, she said, we have somebody over there watching this. She scans herself with the phone. I told her what she was where she freaks. She can't believe it. I said, I want a couple of 30 forces'.


She went and got the slip. She scanned the slip. She packed them up.


Rush was inventing it was inventing face time.


Back in the day and I wonder then they would check and see if jobs was the Limbaugh estate money. See, it's no secret, it's no accident that the man illustrated absurdity by being absurd in political realms when he did it in that way, we'll wrap up this day of potential power turning into real power.


We come back as Thottam, a guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Hey, let's all get together tomorrow to watch. After this show, a very special tribute to radio's greatest of all time, R.L. Rumbo. You can find it at Rush Limbaugh dot com. So many individuals have contributed to the creation of the special.


Like our former president Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh was in a class by himself. There was nobody like him. He was an icon. And frankly, he was an American hero to so many, what he's done for the conservative movement and so many other things for our country, for the health of our country, for the benefit of our country. That's the thing he loved. He loved our country more than anything else. He loved our country.


And he did and we do and thank you to President Trump for contributing to this tomorrow after this program. Let's gather as a family and let's all watch this together at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. For decades, three decades, Rush supplied us information and entertainment and fun and life lessons. And all of that is potential power. He also warned us before he went to heaven, he warned us, we are in a death struggle with communism, was what Rush said.


And we are.


We also, though I just said, gather as a family, we are the people and dissuaded by the misinformation. We're the people who will not fall into the disinformation. We are people with principles in this world. And a lot of us have principles above this world, not all of us, but a lot of us. We can employ those principles in our personal life and our work life and our family life with gentle questioning, needling and joking just to get people to wake up.


See tomorrow on the EIB Network for the EIB team. Thank you. A young college grad gunned down walking his dog, a young mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after dropping off her little twins at the babysitter. Nancy Grace here. Every day on crime stories, we break down the biggest breaking crime news and study the clues left behind so we can help crime victims and their families every day. A mission every day, another chance to stop crime and keep one more person safe.


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