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This is the new Nissan. Hi, everyone. I am so excited to launch my very first podcast, The Truth, with Lisa Booth with I Heart Radio and Gingrich 360, The Truth with Lisa Booth is a podcast, rejects everything, Jex fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country from within.


You're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on March 24th, my very first episode, The Truth with Lisa Boothe every single Wednesday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. So nice that we're here together again on a beautiful Monday. I hope it's nice. Here you are in Central. It's sunny in the 50s.


Hope you had a meaningful Easter weekend. I will be your guide on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. For the next three hours, the numbers, 800, 282, 28, 82, we have a lot on our plate today. Let me showcase the menu, if I may. First of all, I don't know if you saw, but Joe Biden spent the Easter weekend dressed up as Santa Claus. Handing out trick or treat candy at the White House is very, very emotional and just some great photos for him.


If he was at, though, he may have been in Delaware, we're not sure. Did you see Hunter?


Biden lied himself into another corner. We're going to be talking about that coming up. And NPR had to issue another apology about Hunter.


You know, there's been this agreement that we're all together in the news media. Obviously, you're not a part of it. I'm not a part of it. I'm not a part of it. But there's an agreement that the media has a narrative to follow. Notice you didn't hear much about Cuomo this weekend. And you didn't hear much about the border this weekend, Major League Baseball. Bye bye. They're leaving Georgia because like millions of people, they never read the Georgia voter law.


They didn't read it. Neither did Biden, neither did Nancy Pelosi.


The lies being spread by Democrats about the Georgia Georgia voter law. They are so over the top. That it's disgusting to label what's in that. Bill in Georgia, Voter law, as Jim Crow shows a level of ignorance, this is where we have ended up after. Being indoctrinated by mainstream news media and public schools, even liberals are scratching their heads, well, why are they calling it Jim Crow?


And you know, one thing that the left has been consistent with, and they are good doing it, you know, they have their job, especially in news media, to protect one group of people over another.


And if it means leaving out the truth, they will listen to this quote from Cecilia Rouse.


Now, she is the chair of the Council of Economic Advisers.


And yesterday, I shouldn't have been watching news because I know it was I know it was Easter, but I had to prepare.


Yesterday, she said it's important that we upgrade our definition of infrastructure when we discuss. Biden's two trillion dollar infrastructure proposal translation It's a bunch of lies, so we're going to do what we always do. We're going to redefine the definition of what we're doing. And we talked about this before. Russia's talked about this before. The Democrats can write anything they want. They can put they can make a 6000 page bill. A 2000 page bill is 900 page law.


And then they put a fancy title on it like we love children so much, Bill, or the air is so clean, Bill, or look at how crystal clear the water is, Bill.


And then people that are too lazy to do the research, which is most of the news media. They sell it off the title. Great example would be, Mike, can you have Senator Blunt ready from Missouri? This is a great example. Democrats have figured out that infrastructure is something we need and something that's popular, and so they're trying to take 70 percent of this bill and call it infrastructure in a new way than we've ever talked about infrastructure before.


And that that means you're looking at another partisan package, just like we had with covid.


You know, one of the most interesting things about your tax dollars in my tax dollars, by the way, I hope you're keeping track because it's 10 days away. Yeah, 10 days away from April 15th. And there are thousands of illegal foreign nationals that are counting on your money. So I hope you're not planning on shortchanging the Biden administration or the illegals that he's invited over to vote. Now, Rush talked about what we just mentioned about redefining the language.


Now, if I remember way back when this program first started, I forget why I made the point, but I uttered what has come to be acknowledged as a profundity. Words mean things. And I made the point that this is a program that has substance over style, whereas most of politics, it sadly most of our culture these days is style over substance.


I called it something else, just different terminology. But, you know, symbolism over substance, style, over substance, same thing. Words mean things. I'm the mayor of real ville. I believe in the substance of things, not the phoniness. And I as an example, when I was establishing goals for this program, one of them was to be a real number one, meaning the actual most listened to program, not one that was said to be.


You wouldn't believe how many radio and TV shows have really a pittance of an audience. But because of the guests they have and those guests constantly talk about that show or that hosts the impression is created, that show is much more popular and bigger than it is. We don't do any of that here. I don't have a PR firm, a PR agency. We sink or swim day to day on the substance and the quality of what happens here, the product.


So to me, words mean things, words matter, and in fact, it got to the point where that became such a profundity that the Democrat Party began to go out and hire wordsmiths. Remember this guy named. Yeah, George Lakoff rhymes with. And it was his job to give the Democrats different words and phrases other than the real words and real phrases in order to convey a false meaning. It was a way to lie and to build Democrats and their agenda items up, which could not stand on their own.


How can you not love the fact? One of my favorite things about Rush is he would pull the curtain back. He was constantly doing that. He could do that with any topic because he was.


He was America's anchorman, but he was also a man of the world. You had a guy that he had his own jet. And he had his own network, but he didn't talk to you like that. There wasn't any of that, and he had no trouble pulling back the curtain, like what the ratings thing he just explained, this is how most of the news organizations stay alive, because instead of working to be number one, CNN is such a wonderful example.


I mean, their ratings are in the toilet soon as. President Trump left the scene and stopped tweeting, they had no content that they could have incredible content now, but understand, there's a whole list of things that CNN and most of the mainstream media cannot talk about.


There's a whole list, among them is Biden and Immigration and Hunter's laptop. Is this a list of things you can't talk about? So it was so good when Trump was around because you could take Trump's desert and turn it into a story. I heard he had to do things of ice cream. I can't believe it, man.


I can't believe we we hired a man who has ice cream over and over.


It was incredible. But I love the way Rush used to pull back that curtain, he pull it back about everything. Whether it was being successful, being wealthy, being in the news media, and this is why it's so dangerous to have all the news media, probably 90 percent. In the same pocket as. A current administration. And then that is in the same pocket with academia and that's in the same pocket with cable TV and that's in the same pocket with Hollywood, very dangerous to have that because.


As Cecilia Rouse said, we need to upgrade our definition of infrastructure that that could not be done unless the left knew it had a lot of people on their side from late night television, which I think I think late night television has become the most poisonous media platform.


Because in every monologue, think about the late night TV monologues where you used to used to wind down at the end of the day and you'd watch whatever late night host you preferred and you'd see that monologue.


It all started with what Carson and Jack Paar before that, I think. And but it's no it's no more like that. What you get with now late night TV, you get what they believe is funny and you get a list of Democrat talking points. So during Trump's time in office, it was trashed Trump for the whole monologue and people would giggle and laugh and now it's trashed Trump for the whole monologue and people giggle and laugh and it's saying how great Biden is.


And all you have to do is be in the Biden administration, call a late night show, whether it's Kabera, Kimmel or whatever, and say, look, here's what we need you to do. You need to start making fun of people that don't want to wear a mask or start attacking people that have questions about covid and they do it.


Which is kind of scary when you think about it, so the fact that they're going to redefine infrastructure, if you went out on the street before this redefinition process started and you said, what do you think infrastructure is?


You know, roads, bridges, things that connect us all, perhaps you could say electric grid, maybe, you know, power grid, things of that sort. Communication grid probably would fall under that umbrella, but that's about it.


But if you expand it, if you include in infrastructure, we need to make sure that some of these white middle schoolers grow up hating the right people.


That's not infrastructure, but that's how the game is played. You know what else? They did it. They did it with the term choice. I was just talking to one of the team before the show, I said that to me is the most misused word of the left, the word choice.


You see the bumper sticker? I'm pro-choice. But my my pro choice is different than a lot of pro-choice, if I say I'm pro-choice, it means I think that you should have a choice. Do you want to vote? Do you want to own a gun? Do you want to live here or do you want to work there? To me, that's a choice. It has nothing to do with a living child in a womb. But look at the brilliance of that campaign.


And that took years. Let's face it, that took decades, but they do that with a lot of things, just like the Clean Air Act has. You know, it talks about what we need to do to your house and your car. It's not the Mechanics Act, it's the Clean Air Act, so we need to be hyper vigilant for this. And this is going to be as the news media continues to try to save the Biden, whatever he's doing up in Washington, I don't even want to call it a presidency.


I can't figure out what it's doing, for God's sake, keep them off stairs.


But as the news media tries to save this debacle from from the border to the bank, keep an eye on how they start rewriting the language.


I'm Ken Matthews, your guide for today. We'll be back with your call.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. 800 202, 2082. Happy Monday, Easter Monday for some, and if you have the day off, we're glad you're spending part of it with the EIB Network. I'm your guide for today. My name is Ken. And there's so much going on in Georgia. And I spoke to. Sydney last week, and there's a lot going on in several other states, too, and keep in mind, and I and I told my parents, as I said, keep in mind, you don't hear everything that's going on because there's only a handful of us that are talking about it.


That's why if you're wondering if you think that. The good guys are asleep at the wheel and it's over. That is so wrong, so wrong. I don't know if you saw, but in Georgia, the secretary of state, Raffensperger, he petitioned the court. And he says, I don't want Georgia to be forced to hand over ballots for an audit. So here we are, April 5th, and Georgia, just like several other states, are still not allowing votes to be examined or counted.


Let that sink in because it's April 5th. And when you're thinking about voting and voting reform. And when you're thinking about these talking points that the ridiculous news media uses, well, it's been to seven hundred and fifty eight thousand courts, I'm exaggerating. And none of the evidence stuck with me, none of the evidence stuck. We can't even get some of these governors and attorney generals of the states constitutionally required to give us the information.


When I say yes, I'm talking about we the people. This is the biggest mistake that was made in 2020. That's why I call 2020 the American Awakening.


The biggest mistake both parties made, in particular the Democrat Party was not only ignoring but attacking we the people. And they did it on every major platform, but they did it with everything that we were concerned about. We the people were concerned with voting and voting safety. We the people were concerned with shutdowns and they just ignored it. And it will come back to bite them, it's coming back to bite them, it is the man who told me the wheels of justice, they they became rusted shut during the Obama administration.


The wheels like rotors, bad rotors on brakes, which is a.


So that's a think about that, think about how the wheels of justice were probably. Stock not even moving. Until President Trump came in and then it was such a shock when things started happening. This is what bothers me. Joe Biden claims to be the president of the United States, yet he supports the Major League Baseball boycotting. Georgia. Why would you do that? Think about it, why would you support any business from taking business away from one of the states that you are the prêt?


You're the president of all states, right? Now, here's some good news. The Georgia house of. House Republicans, actually, not the whole House, but the House Republicans in Georgia voted to strip Delta of a 35 million dollar tax break. This is after Delta criticized the law. But this is so over the top. To call this law Jim Crow, 75 percent of the American people support voter ID, 70 percent. Of black American voters support voter ID, and when you go through and read it, something that a lot of people haven't done, when you go through and read it, you see that Joe Biden has been openly lying about it, saying that you have to vote by five.


No, the polls are open till 7:00 in the law saying that you can't vote on weekends. Yes, you can. Saying that you can't have water. You can't have bottled water. Yes, you can. You're just not allowed to use water to. Promote or campaign for a candidate, you can't roll up with your bottled Senate water and hand that out and and give people sales pitches in line, but you can still have water. All this stuff has been designed to convince you that somehow there's firehoses and Bulldog's and angry sheriffs that are going to be going after voters.


And it breaks my heart that we have such an ignorant news media that they would really believe Jim Crow is alive in 2021. This is how disingenuous they are. And you have to wonder in this rush brought this up before. Is is Joe Biden just ignorant of things or is he just an uncanny liar? Go ahead and play cut.


Throgs Biden loses in Iowa, has a meltdown. When a male member of the audience confronted him about Ukraine, the audio is a bit distorted because it's cheap, I guess cheap microphones were used, but here is with two bytes on this and apparently plugs melts down. And again, the object lesson here is what these people can't hold up. They cannot hold up under, not even hostile. They can't hold up to a press that doesn't further their own agenda with softball type questions saying they're going to investigate you.


We know all about that crap. No backbone. We know that. But you, on the other hand, sent your son over there to get a job and work for a gas company that he had no experience with gas or nothing in order to get access for the president. So you're selling access to the president just like he was a damn liar.


That's not true. And no one has ever said that to him that you see know. I know you do. And by the way, that's why I'm not saying there. I don't I get up in the middle. Go, little girl. But the reason I'm running is because I've been around a long time and I know more than most people now, and I think that's why I'm running. And you want to check on Shavon, let's do pushups together and let's go to the front of everyone to do.


Let's take an IQ test, let's do pushups together, he's calling you supporta dumb and a damn liar. You're a damn liar, man. You're damn liar. That's not true. No one's ever said that. No one can prove that. Yes, we can. Plug's because you copped to it. You copped to getting the prosecutor investigating your son fired and you threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine with the assistance of Obama unless the prosecutor prosecuting your son was fired and he was fired and then Ukraine got something for it.


Plug's was not done, though, after challenging the guy to an IQ test, after challenging his supporters to do pushups together. Plug's kept going.


Oh, this my son has done anything wrong.


And I did not have any occasion and no one ever said, you know, America's anchor baby Markstein is hosting Fox News primetime the entire week tonight, starting at seven o'clock Eastern. And the rumor is he's going to have those early on and he's here with us now. Welcome, Stein. Good to see you. Can great to be with you as always.


And yeah, and yeah, there is truth to that rumor that the Mr. Snidely is going to be the first guest on the show this evening. So I hope folks will tune in for that.


Well, I'm certainly going to be watching. How tall are you, by the way? Are you the tallest person at Fox now? No, I'm I'm six foot one, which I. Oh, OK. I don't know I don't know whether that's tall anyway.


I think the tallest people on the on the planet are the Dutch and the tootsie's. And I'm neither one of those. You had to get the word Tutsi in there. I knew you were waiting for an opportunity. So what do you think? And I and I know you're probably discussing this tonight, but something that I find so offensive is the news media and the Democrats embracing this whole Jim Crow terminology and genre to frame this Georgia voter law. It's despicable, is it not?


Oh, absolutely.


And if you take racism seriously, why would you and if you take the long history of the Democrats in particular with this thing through slavery and Reconstruction and Jim Crow and all the rest, why would you diminish the seriousness of that by applying it to these relatively peripheral changes in the Georgia voting law?


And I find it particularly reprehensible that won't corporations who are the most disgusting, apparently it's all right to be run by billionaires as long as they're sufficiently woak. So you get people who are doing business with all the most squalid and disgusting people on Earth, like Major League Baseball with its Chinese deals. And and so they don't they've got no interest in the electoral system in China. They've got no interest in voter suppression, by which they mean harvesting wiggo body parts in China.


That's how they suppress voters there. But but suddenly, Georgia is the worst place on Earth.


And I and even just to bring it closer to home, my hometown, Toronto, the Blue Jays are a Major League Baseball team, and that's a town where you're only allowed to vote on voting day within the prescribed hours and within paper ballots. So how racist is that? The Major League, if they win what they said, they'd pull out of Toronto. And if the Blue Jays had any respect, they pull out of Major League Baseball, too.


But China deal is the most overlooked thing in the mainstream news media, and it drives me crazy. And the same with we have major airlines, we have soft drinks. I don't think they realize the damage they're doing to their brand. And then you have Joe Biden, who was rooting MLB on to leave Georgia. I thought he was president of all the states. Why would he want to hurt Georgia's economy? Why didn't he come up with a better solution than boycott states that didn't vote for me?


Yeah, I don't honestly think there's any great thinking behind what he does. I think a lot of the time he's just flat. You were you were talking about the comedy shows, the so-called the late night shows where those guys don't tell jokes anymore. They they just essentially announce the correct attitude. And then the audience applauds itself for having the correct attitudes. And I think that's actually when Biden's asked the question, you can sort of see it in his eyes.


He's trying to think, what's the correct attitude? I can just about remember what the correct attitude was when I first came to Washington in 1973. But it might not be the same correct attitude now. So what is it? And that's how he ends up. You end up with a guy who is supposedly the nation's chief executive, encouraging economic harm on one of the jurisdictions whose interests he's supposed to be looking out for. Absolutely amazing that I think to cut him a break.


It's just because he's floundering, trying to figure out what is the correct attitude for a guy who, as he said, is 137 and things no longer work the same they used to do back when he started.


You know, the the censorship, the banning of different platforms is poisonous. But I think one of the most poisonous things is when this attitude, this oh, my gosh, Jim Crow, the Republicans are racist.


It ends up in schools. It ends up in mainstream entertainment. It's all over social media. No one has taken the time to explain that most black Americans want voter ID, 70 percent, 75 percent of all voters want voter ID. And how do they compare voter ID to dogs and billy clubs and firehoses and the real Jim Crow horrors?


How do they even put that in with a straight face? It's just mind boggling.


Well, you know, the Democrats are great opportunists. Whatever happens in the news, that they're very quick to just sort of seize it and use it for their purposes to the point where it doesn't have to bear any relation to reality, I don't think I mean, I don't actually think this is about African-Americans. I don't think it's about blacks. I don't think it's about slavery. I don't think it's about Jim Crow. I think this is about the fact that as a conscious choice to maintain and advance power, the Democrats want large numbers of people who are not.


Citizens voting in elections, and so the people they want to vote, the people they're throwing over the the fence on the Rio Grande right now, they want all those three and four year old babies who are getting thrown over the fence and crashing down to the desert below. They want those kids to grow up to be good Democrat voters, even if they're living in the shadows, even if they're not legal residents, never mind citizens, they want them voting.


And this bill is designed to ensure that they can get any voters they want. And the and as you point out, actual black citizens of America are overwhelmingly opposed to this because they they don't like the racist argument. Oh, yeah. You guys you guys can just about function if you go to your town library or if you ask for proof of identity when you want to buy a, you know, a seventy dollar TV at Radio Shack and you want to stretch it out over six months, you're just not capable of that.


But you wouldn't be capable of getting I.D. to vote. So because you're too stupid, we have to have no requirements for picture. That's the most racist attitude of all. And it's not even about them because it's really about these people who aren't white Americans, who aren't black Americans, who aren't brown Americans, who aren't Americans at all, but just these people who are pouring over the southern border that the Democrats say is tomorrow's voters.


And I just want to make it clear before we move on to the next topic, Mark, that for people tuning in, although Mark is America's anchor baby, he was not dropped over a wall on his head. That was a different time.


It was a no, I. I came over Niagara Falls in a barrel and washed up on the New York side. That's how that works.


And I figured out why I think you're so darn tall. But Mark's going to be hosting Fox News primetime 7:00 Eastern all week long and Bo will be on tonight.


But I figured it out because I said, why did I think he was so tall? You were standing next to Greg Gutfeld once.


You know that, and you look like you are six foot nine. And I said, my God, how tall a stein. No, no. Well, that's what that's I'll give you that. Just as a personal. I was once photographed with Bernard Lewis, who was one of the great scholars of Islam in the years after 9/11. And Bernard, at that time, I think with something like 97, 98, and there was a whippersnapper alongside us of like 93, 94.


And the only comments on that photograph were, wow, Stein is way younger than I thought he was because because next to the two older generations, I look like I was 12 years old. And next to Greg Gutfeld, I look like I'm nine foot six.


So that's I me and Greg looks tall next to Dana. Dana Perino.


No, that's that's very he's very sporting to to to put up with all of those all those kinds of jokes. But that's that's basically bye bye, Tim. It always looks, oh, you know, tall, dark and handsome. Well, that's because you're standing next to somebody who is rather diminished in that regard.


You know, I'm sure you saw the Sunday shows and Operation Pity Hunter is in full swing.


I cannot believe how the news media is bending over backwards to dance around the hard drive and how no one has asked.


Hunter, you forgot everything about the hard drive. In fact, you forget everything. But you had the presence of mind and the memory to write a book that he's trying to sell. Now, what's your take on this unabiding thing? Is the truth ever coming out on this or what?


Well, I think the short answer to that is no, because I don't I honestly, one of the most disgusting things and it's really a hard thing to be funny about or to be amusing about, because I think it's true. And that is the total corruption of the justice system, particularly at the federal level. But it leaks and bleeds down to your local county courthouse in some respects, too. But the federal justice level, there's simply the people who are in the club and the people who are not in the club.


So we all know that there's no possible Hunter Biden for what is on that laptop ought to be at risk of losing his liberty, to put it mildly. But he knows that's never going to happen because he knows you know, they've already he's apparently the victim.


This is a guy who treats people like used Kleenex, but somehow he's the victim in all the things he does.


He's become a multi gazillion, even though he's never actually done anything that would come on even the most modest remuneration. He lives among movie stars in Beverly Hills. And yet we all know that even though it's not like, you know, the like poor old George Papadopoulos and the other people called up. In the phony Russia investigation, if there were a Ukraine investigation, none of these people would ever go to jail for anything and he knows that.


And then once you know which team you're on, are you are you are you part of the team that's on the inside you part of the team? If you're if you're one of the guys who's on the inside like hunta, you got nothing to fear whatsoever. If you're one of the guys who's not in the club, my my advice is clear out your checking account, get in the car and drive across the Canadian border. If you can find a border post that's open because you're going down and Hunter is in.


And that lack of equality before the law is really something that that that that's actually one of the biggest issues in this country today.


Markstein, is. Can you stay for another segment? Yeah, OK, sure.


OK, great. Well, Markstein will be back on the Rush Limbaugh Show right after this.


We're back on the EIB Network. My name's Ken Matthews, your guide for today. We're it's a pleasure to be talking with Mark Stein, the longest running guest host on The Rush Limbaugh Show.


And Mark will be hosting Fox News primetime tonight, 7:00 all this week at seven o'clock. And both certainly will be joining him. But it is a pleasure to have have you on and to be conversing with you, Mark, because it's been such a a strange last three months in the history of the country. When you factor in everything that's gone on in the news and here at EIB, it's almost surreal and bittersweet from day to day.


No, no, it is. And I can't get over the way, the synchronicity about that. And I have absolutely no doubt that when Rush got his diagnosis at the start of 2020, he set himself the challenge of making it through to Election Day and then, of course, Election Day. Turned as it does into the election morning after an all the ballots arriving in the small hours of the morning and all those kinds of features and and Rush, I think Rush gave it 130 percent.


And I look back on those last few months of the election campaign and I wish some others had had devoted themselves to the cause. The way he did. It was a spectacular final effort. And I, I do think it had some adverse consequences just just just from the strain on him and actually working so hard to put Trump over the top on November the 3rd.


Well, he he he is he was an example of walking the talk. He came in swinging almost, you know, four decades ago. He came in swinging and he went out swinging. And 2020, he I didn't think it was possible for him to get more focused and more like a laser into what is going on in the world and in our country and what we need to do.


But he knew. And he just tightened his focus and he was like he was a lifeline. I think he was a lifeline for millions of people across the world during 2020.




And I think I think in some strange way, you know, he he said at one point I was the original social distance, which by which he said that those times he just likes to be alone and on his own and with his health, that I think in a certain sense accelerated that. And he did his he was seriously social distancing before all the covid stuff came in and keep keeping people slightly away. And one consequence of that was that he was incredibly clear sighted about the stakes in this election, about the bigger picture on whether America is losing global dominance to China.


All those issues, Russia was there sitting in Palm Beach, not wanting to see a lot of people and absolutely focused on the miserable state of the world if these guys who are running the joint get their way. Well, thanks for being on.


You know how it works on the EIB Network, because you've been doing it a long time. So we do have a an obscene break here.


Coming up, however, however, I'll be watching you tonight, seven o'clock on Fox News with Bo and all the best to you. And we'll talk again soon.


Thanks a lot, Ken. Always a pleasure. Mark Stein, America's anchor baby. You know, paying the right amount for something you use every single day was also one of Russia's criteria.


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Thank you for spending time with us today on the EIB Network. 800, 282, 28. It was a real treat to have Mark Stein on, he's going to be on Fox News tonight. Don't forget seven o'clock, he's going to be on all week, every night this week. Both inertly will be on with him tonight. And it's amazing. When you look at Ukraine and you look at how it was distorted by the news media and never fully investigated, and you remember they tried to get Donald Trump on a quid pro quo, and when Joe Biden actually did the quid pro quo and then I guess Hunter would be the quid pro quo because Hunter was involved in the Ukraine and the investigations into Biden and Hunter in the Ukraine.


And the fact that nobody's talking about it is amazing. Now, here we are.


Ukraine's military announced the day before yesterday they're holding joint military drills with NATO troops later this year amid and I'm quoting the Hill, escalating violence with pro-Russian separatists in the eastern part of the country. And furthermore, in the past two weeks, Moscow has moved to test Washington. I wonder why they did that. Do you think it's because Joe Biden doesn't know what day it is? Could be if you know what's sad, and I hate to think this way, but if I was an enemy of the United States, come on.


Joe Biden's last speech. I'd be giggling about it. So Moscow is moving to test us and our allies on land, in the air and at sea with the buildup of military equipment in eastern Ukraine, I don't know if you've seen the videos of this pretty powerful stuff, all kinds of tanks and vehicles on trains for miles and miles of train, car loads of military equipment, plus military flights near Alaskan airspace.


And submarine activity in the Arctic. So you have to ask yourself, if you voted for Biden, do you think Joe Biden has a handle on this? This was Rush regarding this whole situation. Mike, can you play cut five.


Ukraine was a corrupt hellhole under the previous president, not Zwolinski, but the president. Prior to him during the Obama administration, Ukraine was a corrupt hellhole. And it was during that era that Biden arranged the deal with Buhriz for his kid, which is eighty three thousand five hundred dollars a month, three point some odd million dollars a year. And the kid doesn't know anything about natural gas or energy. And so during that period, Russia had attacked Ukraine.


We did not provide any aid whatsoever, despite. Being obligated to do so. The Obama administration refused to help Ukraine as Russia came in and literally took one third of it. With no opposition. We had made a deal with Ukraine, if you will disarm, to make Europe safer, if you'll disarm, we'll come to your defense. If you're attacked, they disarmed Russia, attacked them to annex Crimea. The Obama administration did not come through with any aid.


Don't know why. The story is that he didn't want to irritate Putin. It was Obama. Who had this soft relationship with Putin, didn't want to make him mad, didn't want to disappoint him what have you. So there it is, if you're wondering, you hear the Ukraine come up a lot, but the fact that. It's never been explained that clearly before, as Rush just explained it, that should concern you. All we heard about the Ukraine was quid pro quo.


And was it a good call? Was it a bad call? And. Trump didn't do this and Trump didn't do that when this is not the first time that President Obama has, in my opinion, and probably some other people.


Left America vulnerable on the world stage with regard to our enemies. So I can't help but wonder, since Joe Biden was part of Obama's administration, if he has the same mindset. And that mindset is at least this is this is what President Obama made perfectly clear to a lot of us, don't upset your enemies. Just chill, just do what you're told, and that's scary, that's scary. And I always got the impression, especially during the Obama administration, whether it was Susan Rice, the former national security adviser, by the way, she's the domestic policy adviser.


Now, for people who don't know, Susan Rice is back in the administration of Joe Biden. John Kerry's back in there. And there's a whole bunch of players from the Obama campaign and administration and from Hillary. So we've got this same gang of people that want to placate and be compliant with people that threaten our very way of life.


It should frighten people, but of course, it doesn't because they're busy focusing on who knows what. The latest controversy about a Republican congressman, but when you think about what happened with Joe Biden's son, Hunter in Ukraine, you can imagine the opinion they have of Joe Biden based on the behavior of his son and the deals with China. How could you have a good opinion of our current? Leader in the Oval Office, Joe Biden, 800 202, 2082.


Let's squeeze in a phone call here. Julie from Custer, South Dakota. Hi, Julie.


You're on the EIB Network. Hi, Ken, thanks for taking my call. Long time Rush fan, he helped me raise three Rush babies that I'm so proud of. They are strong conservative. They are carrying on the fight. Awesome. I'm calling because I am from tossed around the video and that Naomi Wolf made it. And I remember thinking to myself, oh, this is something that Russia should be able to tell us the truth about. You know, we've turned to him for so many years.


So I'm hoping we get some light on it from. Basically in the video, she was kind of coming from the point of view of a tech company owner and she's warning us about the vaccine passport. Her point was, once we accept that there's no resistance and she says the platform is practically the same as the Chinese social credit system that monitors everything. So we could not. She's right. If they don't like what I say on Facebook or something or, you know, whatever they deem that they're looking at, then I wouldn't be able to go to the grocery store or the restaurant or to control the, you know, everything that goes with it.


And she was saying. To get involved at the state level and get this band and, you know, there's millions out there like me who we don't like, what's going on, we want to get involved. We're not sure what to do or when, you know, is this something for us to jump on or is she just kind of exaggerating conspiracy theory kind of.


Oh, no, no. This is this is already this has already been in play. And we've heard we've heard everybody from Bill Gates to people at the CDC basically say that.


And I just heard of a contributor on CNN, a Dr. Yen, I believe her name was I'm pretty sure it was Dr. Yente, dark haired Asian woman speaking on CNN over the weekend. And she said, look, if if people don't want to and this was her quote, almost verbatim, if people don't want to get the vaccine passport, then they just won't be able to participate in certain freedoms. And that terrified me. But it is a reflection of the direction of where we're going.


That's exactly what it is it's going to use. They can't tell you whether to get the vaccine or not. They can't tell you whether to get the passport or not yet. But what they can do is punish you if you don't. So what they're going to try to do is get more businesses. I know for a fact several colleges I read over the weekend, I, I don't want to say the wrong name of the colleges, but you'd recognize them.


They've already said students aren't returning to campus unless they have a vaccine passport, so they've already dropped the gauntlet down. Now it is unconstitutional. And her advice of doing the state level is exactly where we need to be with this because our states have much more power than we think they have.


So you call your local representative, you call your local senator, and you discuss this with them. You get it on the agenda. And if enough people call and say, look, why do we in South Dakota or Michigan or Pennsylvania, whatever, why do we have to have a passport that shares health information everywhere we go?


That's absurd. That's obscene.


When you think about where we were even five years ago, if someone brought this up, they'd look at you like you were crazy. If if someone said to a liberal walking into a drugstore, hold on a second. I've got to ask you some questions about your medical health. I mean, that would be outrage. But we've all kind of got in line with this. And another thing I want to mention, Julie, is none of this stuff can happen unless people are compliant.


And there's a way that you can push back legally and peacefully. That's what we need to be doing. And we do that at the local level. And from a legal standpoint, you've heard me say this before. I say it on my show all the time in Pennsylvania. Get to know your sheriff. Because the sheriff is sworn to protect the Constitution and he is an elected law enforcement official, unlike police chiefs and other agencies that are appointed. So that I'm glad you asked that question, because I know a lot of people are concerned about this and that's how they're going to try to leverage.


Your behavior, they're going to try to manipulate your behavior, saying, well, you don't have a you don't have a vaccine passport, so I guess you can't come into the building supply store and buy a bag of sand, it will get that ridiculous.


I'm Ken Matthews.


We'll be right back on the EIB Network, 800 202, 2082. My name is Ken Matthews. I'm your guide today through the wit and wisdom of Rush Limbaugh, which is amazingly relevant. And the analysis is right on. And a moment ago, we were talking about Joe Biden's foreign policy with regards to Ukraine and how the administration is basically recycling the Obama playbook. When you think about that, probably not a good thing. Anyway, before we get to that, if you'd like to see the video tribute to Rush.


If you go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, it is free for you to watch. Now, this is an hour long tribute. It's beautifully done. You have to check it out. It's got behind the scenes footage. About the Rush Limbaugh Show, how Rush created it, the kind of impact it's made on you and me and America, you'll hear President Trump, Vice President Pence, family members, friends of Rush's. And it's a great story, beautifully narrated by Katherine Limbaugh.


So when you have time, check it out at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, an hour of enjoyment and positive energy, I would say 800 to a 28.


So now after we're we're you know, you look at and I happen to think Joe Biden is a puppet of China. So when you look at the the big players that we should be concerned about on the national stage, I think China and Iran are biggies. Big, big biggies. I know you're supposed to believe that it's always Russia, Russia, Russia.


But historically, if you break it open, you'll see that China has really infiltrated. This country and this culture more than you can, and I'm talking about the communist Chinese to be clear about that, some, I like to say that because when we have these discussions. Whether it's Russia, whether it's another country, we are talking about the leadership of these countries and the political ideology of these countries, we're not talking about the everyday citizens like you and me.


So we don't want the communist Chinese influence. We don't want that Mao ideology. That's the pushback, and it's one more thing that's always taken out of context. When people are quoting us in these discussions, so let's go back to the fact and I want to I want to make sure with Mike, do we have time to play cut six, Mike. OK, you may remember Obama's nuclear pact with Iran. Well, guess what, Biden wants to redo it.


Here's Rush.


John Bolton. Did you hear what he said? Inertly, he said, let her Schmitter. I mean, the letter's fine, but that's not what the story is. The story is Obama, with this deal with Iran, is surrendering to Iran. That's what Obama's Iran deal is.


And I was immediately reminded of what Dr. Solal said to me in an interview with the Limbaugh letter. And he told me, I still can't believe this. He said, imagine we wake up one day in New York or Chicago has been devastated by an Iran nuclear weapon. I said, yeah, well, what he said Obama was surrender, so we may surrender. Obama is going to fight. That's what he said was his number one concern. So when I saw Bolton essentially characterize the deal Obama wants to do with Iran securing them.


A nuclear weapon, giving them permission, giving them time to do it, Bolton said Obama's surrendering. You know, the letter's fine and dandy for what it is, but that's not the story. And the reason for the letter is precisely that, Obama's surrender.


Now, this group of Republicans, 47 Republican senators, wrote an open letter to the ayatollahs in Iran, warning them that any nuclear deal they signed with Barack Hussein Obama will not last.


After all, leaves office organized by freshman Senator Tom Cotton and signed by the chamber's entire party leadership, as well as potential 2016 presidential contenders Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. The letter is meant not just to discourage the Iranian regime from signing a deal, it's also meant to pressure the White House into giving Congress some authority over the process. Now, this is not sitting well with the Democrat Party. Let's get to the truth of the matter. What this really in the letter is one thing, but it's peanuts, says John Bolton.


The deal Iran that Obama is negotiating with Iran is surrender. Exactly what Dr. Thomas Sole said he feared from Obama. In this Iranian nuclear deal, we finally have some people that don't appear to be intimidated by Democrats in the media.


Joe Biden, as Barack Obama's own secretary of defense has said, has been wrong about nearly every foreign policy and national security decision in the last 40 years, Cotton said today. And that was a reference to Robert Gates, the former secretary of defense who ripped Bite Me in his memoir after leaving office, said Biden has been wrong about virtually or nearly every foreign policy national security decision in the last 40 years. So Biden's been out there complaining and whining and moaning about this Republican leader, Tom Cotton.


So what does he know about foreign policy? Moreover, if Joe Biden respects the dignity of the institution of the Senate, he should be insisting that the president submit any deal for the approval of the Senate, which is exactly what he did on numerous deals during his time in the Senate. And, of course, Obama is going to go around Congress on this like he is on as much as he can.


You know what's scary about this? And we should we should recognize this by now. And Russia's pointed this out. He pointed it out for decades that the Democrats used the same playbook. They play the same cards. They have the same. For the most part, foreign policy agenda. And they operate from a position of weakness, but we should realize that here this was 2015, 2016, and history is just repeating itself. Again, I mentioned Susan Rice because she was a national security adviser to President Barack Obama.


And then she yeah, after she was, I believe, ambassador to the U.N., I forget the exact year, but it was quite a quite a time. And keep in mind, Susan Rice, she was the one that oversaw the Benghazi lie. And that's the other thing. They just the Democrats will keep recycling their leftist friends so they can keep running these narratives because they know Susan Rice will cover for John Kerry.


John Kerry will cover for Obama. Obama will cover for Hillary. Hillary will cover for Biden.


Do you see how it works as they weaken what stronger leaders have built?


But when you think about this, I want you to think for a moment, the last time you saw Joe Biden at a press conference, it was once in the last several months, do you want him negotiating on the world stage and the numbers, 800 to eight to 28, 82.


If you're just joining us, I hope you had a meaningful Easter weekend and you're enjoying what is Easter Monday for a lot of people or just Monday for others or five days from the weekend for many 800 to eight to 28, 82 covid covid covid. Wow. That has been one of the most powerful tools of manipulation.


Have you ever seen anything in history that has had the impact? And as Julie, she had a great question earlier, she was talking about these covid passports and I forgot the name of the university. I have it here now. Cornell University is mandating covid-19 vaccine for students and staff. So you have to show up with the vaccine passport or the covid proof to return to class at Cornell. And this is how it will begin. And people constantly, as Julie did, and others, just like you call the show and you you ask for suggestions and advice, and I do my best.


To to give solid advice, but. I think the more we are compliant. The more will be taken advantage of. And I here's where I get that assessment from reading history, I'm a history geek, I'm a student of history, I'm a political geek, I'm a book junkie, and every single country you look at, it always starts with compliant citizens. It always starts with I'll just do it. It's no big deal. And remember, over a year ago.


When conservative people. In news media, we're saying over a year ago, OK, we flatten the curve, let's this is we don't need to shut down anymore. This is ridiculous. We flatten the curve. We we know it can hurt people. covid is makes people sick and especially people in the risk areas what have you. But you don't need to close the schools. You don't need to shut down the entire world. But people were compliant.


And they were compliant because. The giant fear machine known as mainstream news media. Here's an example. This is from Reuters. Listen to this headline, pandemic poised to surge again in Silicon Valley. What does that even mean? Well, they don't know it's designed to keep you afraid. Here's here's one pandemic sharpens inequalities, it could fuel unrest. No, no, no. The pandemic does the pandemic. Excuse me, the pandemic does not sharpen inequalities.


The news media does. People are not walking around talking about race and gender and sexual preference, they have other things on their mind. It's the news media, the news media sharpens everything. That's why it's so dangerous. Oh, here's another one that drives me crazy. This is from The New York Post. CDC. Center for Disease Control says vaccinated people can travel, but you still have to wear your mask. Told you. There were conservative people saying a year ago, it's never going to end.


Oh, it will. No, it won't. It's too late. It's too late. Once you get once you get middle aged man walking around wearing a mask on a jogging trail or driving around in their car with a mask or driving their bicycle with a mask, it's over.


It's over the covid card, if you will. Well, now it's at the same level as the race card for the Democrats, same level and you know, the race card, they use that with it. Well, they use the race card with the covid card. They mix the cards together. It's really bad for women, covid really bad for people of color, this, that the other thing, it's just this big stew of hate and they serve it up with a ladle here have some have some have some.


We shouldn't have any of this. It's run its course, everybody knows it, and when you think about this covid vaccination passport.


Based on a virus. That was fraudulently filtered through the news. We still don't know the truth about the number of cases, we still don't know the truth about the number of deaths, we never got the truth about the number of hospitalizations. And and that was evident in New York, that's the greatest example. We've been told from day one it's so bad the hospitals will be packed, people will drop in the streets, you must put a mask on your one year old.


It was insanity. And all they had to do was say, look, if you have the following comorbidities or pre-existing conditions and if you're over 65. Or if you have upper respiratory, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. You should be super vigilant. With sanitary things and health and whatever, but they didn't, they said, oh, my gosh, what an opportunity to shut down this economy. And they did, and they're continuing to do it.


And the thing that I can't believe is. Even when you're vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask, why? Why? I know what you're thinking because they said so. But they never told you why for one year, the left has said follow the science, follow the evidence, follow the facts. And for one year, people like you and I have been saying to the CDC and the World Health Organization and to some of our dumb governors.


Where is the science, where is the evidence? Where are the facts and their response has been shut up and put your mask on or you're not going to them all. 800, 28, 82. They have cut seven, right? Mike, I forgot if I asked you before. All right, check this out. The pandemic lockdown's gave the Democrats, quote unquote, permission to impose massive regulations on anything and everything.


And that was the moment. The dam began to break Biden's election and the Democrats winning those two seats in Georgia broke the dam, there will now be a flood of Biden executive orders shortly after his inauguration. Bills from rabid leftists in Congress will follow you. Just watch. Trump's policies triggered the great recovery, Bidens will begin the great reversal, the great decline, and we will no doubt be told again that we are in a decline. We're a nation in decline.


And it's a good thing the Democrats are in charge because they know.


They know how to manage declines, which could be true, but Democrats have different goals than Trump.


The Democrats want and need a dependent, permanent underclass. They wanted their opening arms and they're going to make sure that open borders becomes. The order of the day because they need a dependent and permanent underclass. They also. Need to suppress real news and free speech. They need to control narratives in order to control people. But here's the thing, you know, this is somebody squandering opportunities in. Politics, the Democrats are not looking for what has worked well for the American people the past several years.


This is where so many people, I think, have gone wrong in this country, so many people believe that. The Republicans and Democrats basically have the same objectives, just different ways of going about them. People believe the Democrats think government is necessary in a big and omnipresent way in order for the country to be great. And Republicans, conservatives? Nope, nope, nope. The exact opposite. The less government, the better the more grassroots. Politics, the more entrepreneurism, the more liberty and freedom, the greater the country.


Well, we don't share the same objectives. The Democrats. Do not have the same goals and objectives, just different ways. If that were true, the Democrats would be looking for what has worked well for the American people and would try to spin it while continuing it with their fingerprints on it, they would keep the border closed. They would continue to find a way to support Trump's revised trade deals. They would keep us out of the Paris climate accord.


They would not try to close down the Keystone XL pipeline because all these things have worked and many more. The Democrats want to tear them all down and they want to reverse them all. They do not want to expand on what has worked for the American people the past several years. The borders are going to be opened. Opposing points of view, i.e., free speech will be silenced. Disposable income will be reduced via tax increases. Travel will be restricted.


Energy costs are going to skyrocket. They don't want you to have any memory of the greatness of the Trump economy, trump trade deals or any other thing that his fingerprints are all over and the pandemic is what permitted them to remove all the breaks the Democrats saw what was possible. Trump's impeachment is needed not just to destroy Trump, but to provide diversions and distractions to cover for what is coming. So much truth.


And you just heard it right there, you know, rushed, loved using technology to rush it made so many more things possible. And the company that digitally transfers all your family videos and movies and pictures is a great example of this. They use tech to make it possible for you to rediscover all those great moments on videotape, Super eight film on your computer, a TV screen there in your closet. You're thinking, oh, if we only could share those.


Well, Rush explained it this way.


I want to think how easy it is these days to use your phone as a video camera. I mean, second nature. Now you have to stop and think about it. If you're with family, friends, whatever, great moment in the making, you simply whip out the phone, switch to video and hit the shutter. Now, a decade ago, you were scrambling to find the video camera, the camcorder, whatever it was, had to turn it on.


You hope you had something to record it all on, had an empty tape cartridge in there hand to make sure the batteries were working because you didn't carry that thing around with you. Like the phone special project those family members captured on videotape, they're still valuable. You just can't watch them anymore because you don't have the media, you don't have Betamax, you don't have VHS, you don't have Super eight film. You know, none of it.


And you've got all that stuff from all of those years ago. But there is a way to bring it back to life. On current technology company called Legacy Box fixes that problem. Legacy Box digitally transfers family movies onto computer disks, files, thumb drives in the cloud, whatever DVDs, however you want it. And they do it within a couple of weeks. So if you've got old family movies on Betamax, VHS movie reels, bring them back to life with Legacy.


But it's amazing. You start online legacy box dotcom. Ask them to send you one of their boxes. It's a legacy box. It's shielded and protected, so none of the stuff in it gets damaged in transit. You put your video cassettes in there, the old pictures of movie reels they use overnight shipping to keep track of just where that box is in transit. They get started when they get it, they let you know when they've received it.


They stay in touch as they're doing the digitizing. And a couple of weeks time, you have digital versions of all of that video you haven't seen and who knows how long. And the original quality is preserved. It's really fascinating and it is fabulous that the same time and you can duplicate it, give it away, edit it, whatever you want as many people as you want to share it with. But start now at legacy box dotcom slash rush.


You say 50 percent that way this week. Fifty percent this week at legacy box dot com slash rush. And that's, that's the web address and that'll cover you.


Legacy Box recently surpassed one million customers in celebration of that milestone. Legacy Box is offering 50 percent off their digital transfer service.


Join more than a million other families who've used legacy box with half off their regular price.


A moment ago, we were talking about compliance. And how a government needs our compliance to do anything. If you and I stop paying taxes, I'm not suggesting you do that, I don't want anybody going to prison, at least not today. But if you and I stop paying taxes, the government would have no money. There would be no desk. Or armored cars or planes or. Envelopes or files, nothing, nothing, the government produces nothing.


It's all our money, all the money going to the illegal immigrants, all our money, the money in the trillion dollar, this and the infrastructure and the over structure and the understructure and maybe my structure, I don't know, all tax money, all tax dollars.


One of the most offensive things that I've seen and I cannot believe it's happening in America is the abuse of the First Amendment, not just freedom of speech, but freedom to practice religion. And they have come at it from every different angle. And I want to just share a little slice of this for a few reasons, because. I'm a Porlock born in New Jersey, and I know there's a lot of Polish people listening. And including members of my family and I found this soundbite, it's on Breitbart, by the way.


It's going to play a section of it, you'll want to listen to the whole thing. It'll energize you. A Polish pastor chases the police out of his church. This is in Canada. This is over the weekend. Alberta, Canada, and this is how it went, the health inspectors showed up, started demanding that everybody put their mask on. This was just two days ago. With five armed cops, please get out, get out of this property immediately, get out, get out of this property immediately out.


I don't want to hear anything out of this property immediately.


I don't want to hear a word out, out out of this property immediately until you come back with a warrant out. Out, out, out, out, out of this property, immediately out, so that's how you do it.


Now, that may frighten some snowflakes or some soybeans, but that's how you do it, because they have no right in that church, especially during worship. It's unconstitutional.


That's unconstitutional, there's a whole bunch of stuff that's going on right now that's unconstitutional, and we are afraid, not all of us, but some of us are afraid to peacefully, legally tell people to get out.


We'll be right back. You know, you didn't have to read a bunch of history books to know what was coming. Rush Limbaugh explained it every day. He explained it, he just called it in that last segment, he just called it. He said, we are going to have higher. Gas prices higher. Well, now everything's higher, the prices are. I never saw anything happen so quickly as far as the price of lumber, the price of meat, gas, everything's just up.


And it's amazing that socialist and communist can do damage so quickly and undo the people's will so quickly with the help of the news media, some of the most guilty people are professional athletes.


We'll talk about that coming up next.


Hey, everyone, Lisa Boothe here. And I am so excited to let you know that I am launching a brand new podcast, The Truth, with Lisa Boothe starting March 24. As a former pollster, political adviser and now a television commentator, I have earned your trust by telling you the truth. And I can make this promise to you right here, right now. I will always give it to you straight. And I guarantee that we're going to learn something new and we'll also be entertained with each episode, whether it's just me on air, leaving no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the hottest issues impacting your life.


Whether I'm interviewing some of the biggest names out there, I will always think for myself you should to look, you don't always have to agree with me, but if you're tired of being talked down to, this is your podcast.


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Thrilled that you're here on the EIB Network. The wit, the wisdom. And dare I say the predictions of Rush over over the last few years. And keep in mind. Rush predicted so much of the Trump phenomenon, and it truly is and continues to be a phenomenon, by the way, if anybody wants to make a Trump 20 21 bumper sticker, Trump 20, 21, I'll buy that. Just letting you know. Yeah, that's my big thing now Trump 20, 21, I just it's just a vibe I have now.


That's a cool bumper sticker. I don't know if I want to wait till 24. Seriously, I don't know at the look at the trajectory of what the Biden administration is doing. Do you think do you think the country as it is or was makes it to 2020 for. I mean, we're still waiting for for. Arizona and Georgia to deliver the evidence that they were supposed to deliver three months ago so we can examine things, this is what nobody talks about.


There is a stall campaign and a misinformation campaign about so much that's going on. Which brings me to.


How if the politicians lie, which they do on both sides. This is how we get into these messes, we got into this mess about so many different things, but let's let's focus on what I would call a true cluster.


And that is professional sports. But it it doesn't get that far. It starts with politicians lying, but it never gets that far unless the news media reinforces it so the politicians start the lie.


Yeah, this new voter law in Georgia, it's it's like Jim Crow, Jim Crow, I learned about that in social studies after I had my green energy course and my powerful women class.


Yeah, but Jim Crow is so far. It's so long ago. When you look at how time moves, it's 20, 21 and the fact that Joe Biden said. The efforts to reform election laws, I'm quoting Joe Biden in Georgia and Iowa are sick and un-American. And they bring back Jim Crow. This is what we're up against now, can we win? Of course we can. We outnumber them by about three hundred and forty million so we can win.


There are so many ways to push back peacefully and legally. But the news media keeps that from us as well, because the news media is on Team Biden, Team China, just like the Major League Baseball is on Team China, the politician starts the lie. This is horrible. We can't let people disenfranchise voters. If one more clown says disenfranchise to me, they don't even know what it means.


WOAK has become a joke. Don't hang with workpeople, hang with people that are awake. Hang around with those people because WOAK has become a joke from major companies to airlines to sports teams. I'm so tired of seeing grown men on their knees. How did that even happen? You don't think China is laughing their butt off? How did that even happen? How did we become the country where all the grown men take a knee and do exactly what they're told?


That's kind of scary. So the news media keeps it going, the news media will not tell you the truth about Joe Biden's comments, you know, voting is going to end at five o'clock, wrong. Nothing changed in Georgia. It's still seven a.m. to seven p.m., nothing changed. Where do they come up with this? They're going to close the polls at five o'clock. You won't be able to vote. The pathological lying would not even happen.


It would not continue if the media didn't do it do in Iowa, they moved up the closing time by one hour. So, you know, when the polls close now 8:00 p.m. in Iowa, the polls are open seven to eight in the new bill. So if you've been buying what MSNBC has been selling, you've been buying a whole ton of lies and that ridiculousness about you, the absentee ballots. There will be no absentee ballots. That's what Joe Biden said, they want to get rid of absentee ballots, nothing of the sort.


Now, I grant you, it means sitting down and reading the bill, and that's something that a lot of news people will not do if it's not on the teleprompter. They won't say it. And that's a lot a lot of teachers won't do that either you get a liberal college professor, they don't need to read a book. They're a professor, for God's sake.


There you go. They went to Stanford. Like Susan Rive. There's going to be absentee ballots in Iowa. They said, you know what, let's make sure that the ballots arrive by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. Now, anybody with common sense that this entire audience, but maybe not your neighbor who's still watching The View and Jerry Springer in reruns.


How is that what how does that disenfranchise anybody? You can have an absentee ballot, you can send it days ahead, but you got to make sure it arrives on Election Day by eight p.m.. See, what we're trying to avoid is another still an election at four a.m., you see. And. Biden also went and said, this is Jim Crow, and I can tell you firsthand, this is not Jim Crow. Having read a lot about Jim Crow and it was horrible, it was a horrible time, they were horrible laws and it was a dark period in our history, but asking voters to provide the number of their driver's license or a free state provided ID.


And put that number partially on your mail in ballot is not Jim Crow. Now, if there was a fire hose involved or if someone got a beating with a baton and a nightstick or dogs were let loose or a door was slammed on your fingers, I could understand it. But somebody saying, hey, can you put the last four numbers of your driver's license on the lower right hand, copy of your mail in ballot and have it in by 8pm on Election Day?


Jim Crow? No, no. And. Who is contributing to this, the Ding Dongs in professional sports? My God, just play. Just play for goodness sake, you're on the field play. You want to do stuff off the field on your own time when you're not on ESPN, have at it.


But for goodness sake. Talk about humiliating, thank goodness the Republican senators are proposing taking away MLB Major League Baseball's antitrust exemption over them leaving Georgia. And I think you probably saw they want to take away some type of tax benefit from Delta because Delta is going to everybody's everybody's involved in this wonkiness. But lowness, like most of the lies of the left over the past decade, is based on a lie. BLM based on a lie. The wonkiness, the voting.


The the January 6th event based on lies, and then they take these lies and they take them to the media and the media goes, oh my God, these are some good lies. I'm going to expound on these. And then pretty soon, Christina Aguilera and Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks are expounding on them. And then Stephen Colbert is. And pretty soon everybody's on board with the lie. No one reads the laws. No one reads the bills.


No one reads the court transcripts. We know they can read because they're playing on their phones all day. So we know they can read. Now, one of the few people. In professional sports, Mike, can you have a cut age standing by when I heard Charles Barkley say this? This is. You would think Charles Barkley listens to Rush Limbaugh all the time, listen to this man. I think most white people and black people are great people.


I really believe that in my heart. But I think our system is set up for our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grass of money and power. They divide and conquer. I truly believe in my heart most white people and black people are awesome people. But we are so stupid following our politicians, whether they are Republicans or Democrats. And their only job is, hey, let's make these people not like each other.


We don't live in their neighborhoods. We all got money. Let's make the whites and blacks, not lady like each other. Let's make rich people and poor people not like each other. Let's scramble to middle class.


I truly believe that in my heart this is amazing. But this is not the first time that Sir Charles has made great comments about the truth. And it's so refreshing because he is a sports icon, a black man, a wealthy man. I would consider him a American with a lot of clout, wouldn't you? And there he is, just saying the truth. So we this audience knows better, but think about all the people that don't know better, they'll watch a morning television show on a major news network and they believe everything.


It doesn't matter how many times NPR or CNN or CBS have to go, oh, sorry, that was wrong. That guy wasn't a spy. My bad. That wasn't Russian interference.


Yeah, the Russians didn't do that with the witch hunters. Sorry, we just said that because we hate Trump or we hate you, whatever, whatever it is.


When you start unraveling these lies, you start to realize that the majority of Americans, they may not have the money. Charles Barkley has, but they think like he does. And this is why I was so heartbroken when I saw. covid and other things negatively impact our kids. For the last year, because children are at a. Point in their life where they need to be taught. Hate. And if they're not getting taught hate, if they're just being taught to respect each other and not taught fear of covid or fear of a particular skin color or fear of Donald Trump, like some of the teachers, how many videos that we see go viral on social media where teachers are saying and, you know, Donald Trump is going to put people in prison and he's going to go to the restroom?


Mom, if you're from Mexico and remember that.


And the news media never stepped in and corrected it, so you had 11 year old kids. How much more can we traumatize our kids? We told them the black plague was going to get them and it was a load of garbage. And, you know, it was we told him that Trump was going to get them. We told him that conservatives were going to get them. We told him that the sun is going to get him and Bill Gates will try to block it if he can, when he's done vaccinating everybody.


The damage done to children and children think like Charles Barkley. Believe it or not, and that's not to take away from Charles Barkley because what he just said was powerful stuff. But that's how children think children don't see color unless Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper or Stephen Colbert point it out to them. They don't see it, they don't care. Unless somebody says, oh, no, no, no, no, don't not, not don't do that because of him and her and and that's such a shame.


And that's what we lost this year. We lost that this year when we gave in to our uninformed government.


We'll be right back on the EIB Network.


It's the EIB Network. I am your guide for today, Ken Matthews, on The Rush Limbaugh Show. A moment ago, we were talking about Charles Barkley and one of the most enjoyable things about watching Charles Barkley is nobody ever knows what he's going to say, that you understand that sports networks and most news networks are so woak and there's so on board with the narrative. And I love it when someone says so.


You know, Charles, you understand four by four equals seventy five. No one equals eight. And they're like, wait, whoa. That's not on the teleprompter. Charles. And what's knew this? Here he is, Charles Barkley is in the news again for what he thinks about politics. And this is another example. Barkley has said something that is by no means new, no means is it revolutionary, no means is it unique.


But because it's Charles Barkley, it has made news, it's on Breitbart, Charles Barkley says voting Democrat has not elevated black people to and yet just vote Democrat.


Here's a pull quote. Charles Barkley is not impressed by what he saw, telling reporters that every black person I know has always voted Democrat, but most are still poor despite that support.


Well, I and of course, not to make this about me, my friends, but I've been making this point for a long time and so has Trump. Trump in campaigning for African-American votes, said to them, what have you got to lose? You've been supporting this party that's been promising to fix every grievance. You've got to fix every economic hellhole you live in and you're still complaining. After 50 years, African-American voters who vote straight party ticket are still unhappy and still critical and still miserable over the very things that they became Democrats over.


A Democrat party takes the African-American vote for granted because they know that black votes are not going anywhere. So you African-Americans vote Democrat. You need to know something. The Democrats don't have to do a thing for you. They don't have to waste any money on you. They don't have to waste any resources on you because they know how you're going to vote. It's the same with California. Democrats don't have to spend any time in California. They have to spend any money.


They don't have to care a whit because they know that California is going to vote Democrat so they can take them for granted to. Now, Berkeley isn't wrong and I'm not.


Don't misunderstand. I'm not that happy. Said it by any stretch. I'm just saying this isn't new. It's about time everybody started figuring this out. The problem with Chuck is that he still doesn't get what Trump is doing. He says it's an economic thing, that's what both parties have been neglecting, especially the Democrat Party. No, Chuck Trump is not neglecting the economic thing. African-American unemployment is at an all time low.


Ever since such records have been kept. Same thing with Hispanics, Chuck. The Wall Street Journal has an editorial today describing the latest employment data and its revelations on vastly increasing average wages in America. Ormoc For 99 percent of the American people. Wages are up. Taxes are down. The Republicans have not been neglecting the economy, Trump has not been neglecting the economy, the Democrat Party doesn't want a good economy, Chuck. The Democrat Party can't politically afford a really roaring economy.


They would love to take credit for one, but they don't benefit from it. People doing well, Chuck, people engaging in self-reliance and doing OK on their own. That doesn't help the Democrat Party. Democrat Party needs people who are incapable of that.


Every black person I know has always voted Democrat, and with the exception of a few guys who can play sports, all those people are still poor. Well, Choux finally got there, he finally arrived at the truth, it's been a long time coming, but at least he's there. This has been obvious for decades and once again, you see how history repeats itself.


You could go back to FDR, you can go to Johnson, you can go to Obama, you can go to Clinton, whatever history repeats itself.


And not to keep beating up on the mainstream news media, but God knows they've done enough damage with lying and they're allowed to get away with it. They're allowed to get I mean, who who checks them?


We know that they're not going to check Biden or Hunter. And I watched that interview with Hunter Biden and the arrogance.


Of Hunter Biden. That's how you know, he's Joe Biden's son right there, the arrogance, like we remember when Joe Biden said, if you don't vote for me or if you vote for Trump, then you ain't black. The arrogance of that, think about that. Joe Biden is like the only person on Earth that could get away with saying something like that, that is it's insulting, but beyond that, it's it's this taking human beings for granted.


And what Rush said in that soundbite was perfect because the reason everybody attacked Trump when he went into Detroit, I believe, and he was speaking to that black audience and he laid out the facts and he broke down the damage that Democrats have done with so many of their programs that are not designed to empower and to free the economic power and resources of communities of color.


They're designed to keep those communities attached and dependent on the government. And when Donald Trump said, what have you got to lose? All these white woak Democrats melted down in the news media like, oh, that was so insulting.


What was so insulting about it? What have you got to lose? It was it was a fact. What did you have to lose? Well, obviously. It worked because more voters of color and more women voted for Donald Trump than any other Republican, and Donald Trump got more votes than any incumbent president in history. Excuse me, I just had to clear my voice. This is why the left and the news media is still afraid of Donald Trump.


One of the reasons you're not hearing much about the 25 year old black man who was a member of the Nation of Islam and was anti-gay, anti Christian, anti-American, anti A.A. He was the man who drove the car into the Capitol earlier this week and killed another law enforcement officer or actually over the weekend and killed another law enforcement officer and then got out with a knife and then he was killed. That one of the reasons you're not hearing about him is he doesn't fit the narrative.


We all know what the narrative is.


I don't need to belabor it. But it's sad that. The the the lies in the media and the reinforcement of this faulty narrative. Can only be exposed on places like the EIB or with conservative journalists. This is a call back from if you can have cut someone standing by, Mike, this is a call from 2007. And it's so amazing because this gentleman. Is also from. Indiana, and he also. Was a member of the Nation of Islam, but listen to the power of the truth that Russia shares with this gentleman on the phone.


Go ahead, Charles. South Bend, Indiana. Welcome to the EIB Network. So nice to have you with us.


How are you doing? Good, sir. Okay. I'm a former Nation of Islam follower to a loyal Rush Limbaugh listener.


Wow. That's quite a transition that you've made a very a very.


And you and you have been the catalyst behind it, believe me. I mean, you you just don't know how much you have. You have influenced my life. I mean, I was a former high school dropout. I was homeless. And all of a sudden I was angry and I started listening to you around. I think with 89. I think you had a call on a Rita X. Oh, yes. And X. And I started listening to you around that time.


And and at the time, I was going through some things and I wanted some answers. And at the time and they said it is not providing easy access to tough questions. And the questions that I really didn't want to look at in my life. But listening to you, I pretty much face those questions in my life head on. And and my life has been has been an improvement since I dug a big hole for myself. But I finally got out of the hole.


Well, we all you know what? We all dig holes for ourselves and sometimes we fall in them. But there's nothing greater than getting out of the hole. That's right. Great, great sense of achievement. And then you did it yourself, it sounds like. That's great. That's terrific news. Yes.


And I also just wanted to let you know what the years ago you had a commercial, and I wanted to save up money to buy this program, this thing you had called RuBo Advantage. And and I remember I started listening to you and I started writing down the words that you were saying and going to the dictionary and actually expanded it, trying to expand my vocabulary. And while I studied it, I thought I found out that I really didn't need the verbal advantage that you would have represented.


Well, you're overwhelming me here. I don't know what to say. Thank you.


I just want to tell you that you just don't know how much you've been. You've been an influence in my life. I mean, me being a black American, me, me, of people that I listen to Rush Limbaugh, I get all kinds of crazy looks. And, you know, what was wrong was wrong with this man. But what Rush I was I listened to what you say. I don't hear you most black America. I just hear you.


And they don't listen. You know, that's that's the difference. People people hear you, but they don't really listen.


That's actually a good observation. But that's true about a lot of people. You know, I'm amazed when I when I meet some people don't talk to them and sit down and talk to them and so forth.


I find a lot of people are amazed to find out what I hear, how I listen to them, because most people don't. Most people too busy thinking about themselves. Most people worrying is what I'm saying, stupid. Or when they're listening to somebody, how do I look? They're looking at me real closely. How do I look? And they're not even listening.


And I, I make it a point to listen. I'm always stunned at how people remark on it. And I think it's true of a lot of people that they don't listen. It brings so much prejudice and and bias to things, plus the fact that most people are self focused and it's tough to stop thinking about themselves when other people are even talking. So that's that's a that's a prescient observation you've made. Yes.


And I was I didn't really want to make the point also as to why I think black America don't look at what Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton say as being derogatory, because most black America look at themselves as victims. And and Joseph Biden and Hillary Clinton have learned to appeal to the weakness of black America. When you appeal to the weakness in black America, we've been a lot of black Americans have been conditioned to respond to people who appeal to our weaknesses, the things that are that are weak within us instead of appealing to our strength that society needs to overcome those weaknesses.


Well, it's true. It's much easier if you're if your life is not what you wish it was, it's much easier to blame somebody else for it or to be told that somebody else is responsible for it, i.e., that you are a victim. You'd be OK if it weren't for X this group or that president or what have you. But, you know, it really this is the thing that has always sort of puzzled me and it actually offends me the way they pander and look down to all of their their constituent groups, not just blacks.


They're trying to create as many victims out of people as they can because they basically look at people and see victims anyway, whether they are or not. They see people who are incompetent. They see people that are not capable of doing things. So they ride into the rescue and say, we'll take care of you. The thing that always amazed me about this, Charles, is that for however many number of years, the black community has been voting 90 percent for the Democrat presidential candidate.


And yet every four years, whoever the Democrat presidential candidate is keeps talking about how rotten life is for the American black community and citing all the statistics. And yet. After all these years, the Democrats have been promising to fix all that and and to help these people find salvation, and yet the same complaints keep being uttered, the same victim status keeps being cemented. And you wonder, at what point are some people going to wake up and say, these people have been telling me that things are going to get better for 30, 40, 50 years and they're not.


Maybe it's time to look at the other guys.


Yeah, but the rest the problem with that, the problem that black America has is that they look at other guys that they will have to look at themselves because they start to turn away from what they believe and that that would ultimately mean that they would have to look at themselves. And a lot of a lot of people, not only black Americans, but black Americans in this instance, do not want to look at themselves to ask the question, what's been going on?


Because their whole foundation, their whole way of life, their whole way of thinking has been tied to this. Both of them. That's what I've done myself. You know, I had to go through that process myself. I had to question everything in my life. Everything in my life had been like inside politics and history and and the way I've been taught. And I had to really reprogram myself and for black America to do that, that would have to take place in order for black America to actually start to start to entertain the thought of actually supporting other people.


You know, that's actually great advice for anybody. Whenever there's a problem in your life, the first place to be, if you have any role, you got to look at yourself. If you're going to be honest about the source of the problem and you really want to solve it, you have to you cannot exempt yourself from it and continue to blame everybody else. And it's not until you do that. I don't care whether you're black, white, you know, Asian, Hispanic, until you're able to do that, you're not really going to be able to confront whatever it is standing in your way.


And what you're saying is music to my ears. It really is.


Thank you. I mean, I didn't want you to know I'm a business owner now. I'm I have a couple of inventions I'm trying to patent and do conservatism. Korto, conservatism has pretty much opened up those those postcrisis of my mind where I've been able to explore and and do things that that meet me in a high school dropout. And being a former homeless man, I pretty much thought I would think that I'm doing things now that I thought I would never do.


So so you have been a catalyst in that. And starting with you, everything else has started to come together for me as far as information and reading about people and just opening up my mind. And I just what I really want to thank you, because it is because it all started with you.


Well, I appreciate that. How old are you, Charles, right now? 44, 44. Did you say when did you start this path? In 1989.


Yeah, 1989. But it really didn't take hold to about the 90s. I was still going through some rough times. And and right now, like I say, I have more. I have a cleaning business and I'm entrepreneur and I'm doing things and like this. It is really good. I look forward to life and I look forward to waking up each day, putting the heavy things on my mind, taking things that this in my mind to actually conceive and to achieve it.


So let me ask you, Charles, let me ask you one more question before we have to go here. And I'm going to go pretty quick because of time. But I appreciate your thanking me and saying that this program was the catalyst. But you do understand, don't you, that you did this?


That's right. Yeah, I know. OK, so don't be afraid to credit yourself is the point. Oh, yeah. It's not it's not bragging and it's not being selfish. It's it's none of those. It's not ill-mannered. And I'm not talking about walking around and, you know, carrying a placard around the street. I did. But to yourself, when you talk to yourself, be honest with yourself. You did what you did.


Oh, yes. Oh yes. I remind myself of that every day. I remind myself of that every day. And a lot of people look at what I do as being as being conceited and and being selfish. I don't know.


You're not because you're just confident and that people are not confident, not sure of themselves are really put off by people who are they don't think anybody should be that sure themselves. I just it makes them nervous. They lash out and blame you for having a bad attitude or a, you know, an arrogant attitude when it's their own insecurities here that are causing it. Don't let that change who you are.


Every time we think we've heard a one of the greatest, if not the greatest phone call between in American calling in to Rush Limbaugh, the EIB team goes and tops it. That was that should be played.


Imagine if that was played in every classroom in America. We'll be right back on the EIB Network.


And the number is 800 to a 228 eighty two. I am your guide today. Ken Matthews on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network.


Let's grab another phone call here. Victor Silver Spring, Maryland. Hi, Victor. You're on the EIB Network.


Hey, Ken. I've called your local show a couple of times because your signal does get into the People's Republic of Maryland. So I'm thankful for Radio Free Harrodsburg. What I wanted to call about. I am really sick and tired of people saying I can't get a phone photo. I d I am blind. I can get one of my friends. Or my fiance to take me to the motor vehicle place where I can get a photo I.D., so what's the big deal?


If I wanted to play the victim card, I could start bitching about every single thing sighted people have done to the blind since the beginning of time. And the local talk show host on W.M. last week asked me if I were a Democrat, would I demand reparations? And I said, yeah, I go to the line, I'll get ahead of the blacks because I'm blind. Well, thank you for calling, Victor, and it is amazing to me that this photo ID narrative that the left has created is such a lie.


And when you think about the news media, when you think about academia, think about those two.


Dare I call them institutions, but think about them, OK? Think about the information that comes out of those institutions, the college level, academia and the news media and how they lean left and how if you go through history for years, they've been in bed with the hard left. The Communists in some cases, believe it or not, the Nazis in Europe in the 30s. The effort they put into lining. The effort that the news media puts into creating a big lie and then beating you over the head with it, if they put that same effort into investigative journalism, they and we would be the smartest people on Earth.


We would be the most informed people on Earth. Imagine if some of the news media read the Georgia voter bill. Imagine if they just read it and then shared it with us instead of trying to scare everybody. Truly amazing. I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back. Oh, no, we won't. We'll be back after I read this, I know. Yes, I know.


I heard sound guys. Loosen it. Yes. Rush spoke of just one college during the course of this program, Hillsdale College, and for good reason. And you know what, Rush never forgot like I just did, the learning never stops at Hillsdale, just like it never stops here on the Rush Limbaugh Show, you can hear Rush's passion for Hillsdale in his own words.


We're fortunate to have higher level learning institutions like Hillsdale College. They've made it their mission. It is so great that Cooper, at age 50, wanted to go take some of these Hillsdale courses. These are courses designed for college students, but they've made them available to anybody free of charge who wants to learn. It's about the founding of the country, America and liberty and freedom. What's different about American liberty and freedom from elsewhere? The Constitution, Constitution 101.


Because Hillsdale has made it their mission to share their appreciation for our freedom. For as long as I can remember, they don't take it for granted. They know that none of us should, and they do it on any number of ways. But one in particular is connecting with a large cross-section of this audience. Now, Hillsdale produces online video series Free for you to watch. They just want you to learn or in some cases relearn our nation's history.


I mean, think of it. Everybody has a passion. Theirs is teaching. They can't get everybody on campus, not physically possible, but they want people to know what they do.


They're very proud of what they do at Hillsdale. They're proud of how they do it. And they want as many people to know it and know about it as possible. Now, their newest course is called The Great American Story A Land of Hope. And it is a great example, the online series they provide to you through the course of the year, the series, ten episodes long each episodes about forty minutes. And it tells the story of our nation's history and how we've triumphed through good times and bad, how we faced adversity, found solutions.


And they don't beat the country up.


They're not they're not engaged in America is a failed mistake.


America is a bad idea like Biden's current and is the underlining theme is the value of freedom and our ability to always come together to protect and preserve our freedoms when we are under attack. Hillsdale professors and administration produce series like this one throughout the course of the year, and they're all available for you to watch on demand. Three dozen at all now. Thirty six different courses, a passion for teaching and a passion for knowledge. It comes through in each series.


All you have to do is sign up online. Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


That's no strings attached. Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Thank you for joining us today. Don't forget at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, you can see the video tribute to Rush. It's now online free for you to watch. An hour long tribute shares awesome. Behind the scenes footage, how Rush created the program. President Trump is on the air. Vice President Pence narrated by Katherine Limbaugh. And I just have to thank Tommy, I.B. again today for finding all these outstanding soundbites of Rush Limbaugh and then fitting them into today perfectly.


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