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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Well, hello there. I don't know about you, but as a fellow listener. That music, it has an interesting impact, doesn't it? I still I'm sitting here in the studio in central Pennsylvania and my bunker and I'm hearing it. And just for a second, I go. Oh. There are some Hot Shots coming up, and I forget that the world has changed. It's probably some of the most recognizable.


Introduction or. Music. Out there, when you think about it. Rotation, bumper rotation. Probably known around the world when you play it, I would imagine, I would imagine if you went to. Countries around the world, they would probably identify that more as, oh, yeah, that's the Rush song than the actual artists that did it. Anyway, I wanted to start off with a thank you because so many people went to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom over the Easter holiday and watched the video tribute to Rush.


It's online now at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. It's free for you to watch. You'll really enjoy it. It's also fun to share. It's about an hour long tribute.


Lot of behind the scenes footage of the Rush Limbaugh Show, how Rush created it, how it evolved to become what it is because of you and the impact it's made.


Well, as we said before, on the entire country and beyond, President Trump's Senate vice president, Mike Pence, Justice Clarence Thomas, it's a wonderful story, beautifully narrated by Katherine Limbaugh. So, again, thank you. And if you haven't done it yet, check it out at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. So I am your guy today. It's great to be back two days in a row and we have a lot to cover today. There's never a dull moment.


Have you noticed that under the Biden regime, there's never a dull moment there?


There's there is not a news cycle anymore because when you have delusional people in charge. Imagine giving somebody the power to operate a bulldozer, let's I love bulldozers, actually.


You've given someone power to operate a bulldozer in your neighborhood, but they've never driven they don't know the first thing about bulldozers, that's the Biden administration right now in Washington, D.C. So something may happen in an hour. Something may happen within seconds. As soon as they turn it on, something may happen. They may crush another constitutional right or plow into something like a statue.


So what we have now is we thought after yesterday, after it came out, clearly what was in the voter bill in Georgia.


A lot of people I know, I did, we thought that people would see the light in the sense of not you, you've already you know what's in it I'm talking about, you know, maybe Coca-Cola will think twice or Delta or United in the seven other companies that are going after Georgia's new voting law and dropping playing word games like watch Jim Crow. And this is an outrage.


And who is making those decisions and can they read English? Because I know the law is in English. I'm sure if it's a, quote, community, it's probably in 38 languages, but it should be in English. The version I have is in English. The problem with most people on the left. They don't know why or what they're protesting, they cannot explain it to you. They can only explain it to you with a talking point.


So if you if you said, hey, why are you protesting, boycotting, marching, kneeling, striking, you get the same garbage.


You notice that there's never a definitive clarity. You say to a person taking a knee at the NFL game, Injustice man, yeah, but can you be more specific? But why would you be leaving Georgia? Why are you boycotting because we should not be taking the right of people to vote away, but that's wrong. And this is the core piece of the puzzle with the left. Because once you get someone brainwashed, you can plug anything into their brain.


That's the beauty of brainwashing. That's why it's done in public schools. These people don't even know what they're doing, and that's every single leftist. Not everyone, but most leftists are the same way. The sheeple. Why are you protesting? Well, you know, Trump, he's orange. Well, you got to do better than that. We're boycotting your company because. Because of what? Because you heard something on The View. I don't know if people need to wake up or grow up.


The people on the left just do what they're told and the WOAK ones are the worst. Joke is a joke. It's better to be awake than woke. So. When you find out what just happened with the Georgia voter law and what just happened with the Major League Baseball. Check this out, here's Tom Cotton, I've got some shocking, in fact, terrible news for all of your viewers, especially for all the social justice warriors at Major League Baseball.


Colorado appears to require photo ID to vote person. And yes, Colorado also has fewer days of in-person voting than Georgia. So I guess if Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams think that Georgia, Jim Crow 2.0, that maybe Colorado is Jim Crow 3.0 or perhaps Delaware's Jim Crow three point or four 4.0, I'm losing count here. The Democrats slanderous claims against our states since they don't have any early voting and they have many fewer drop boxes than Georgia does.


So isn't that interesting? So let's review Major League Baseball, move the all star game out of Georgia because Jim Crow, Jim Crow, Stacey Abrams, voter suppression. They moved it out of Georgia to Colorado. Colorado has voter ID, which is what they want in Georgia.


Colorado has fewer early voting days. Then Georgia, Colorado has fewer, not more, so do you see the stupid hypocritical? Crazy behavior that's taking place and this is what is exposing. The left, this is why I call 20-20 Dash 2021, the the American Awakening, because now we're seeing the deep state gone wild, the Democrat Party gone wild. We've given all these people their own bulldozer and none of them have ever been on a construction site. I might stick with the building metaphor, so look out, it may end up later in the show, you'll hear about backhoes and cement mixers.


I just love that even to this day, I could sit and watch a construction site. And it's not a Trump thing either. You know, Rush detailed. So wonderfully. And of course, it's sad, but the left manages to. I don't want to say poison everything, but they just can't leave well enough alone and everything a leftist touches becomes more divisive. Have you noticed that, that no matter what it is, if it's a bathroom policy, if it's a mask policy, if it's an NBA game?


One of the last things on the planet that brought people together. What sports, here's Rush. Professional sports in general in this country, what is it always been? It's an escape. It's an escape from what? The rigors of life elsewhere.


It's an escape from the humdrum of the daily life that everybody has. It's an escape from a rotten boss. It's an escape from wishing you had more money, whatever. It's an escape from the things that you have to do every day in your life because of responsibility or commitment or what have you. So an NFL game or a Sunday afternoon or spending some time watching Major League Baseball, the NBA, college football, whether it's a respite, it's a place you go to escape all of this, including controversy, the controversy of politics, corruption, you name it.


Now, the sports leagues are embracing all that you use sports to escape from. And they are incorporating all of it into their daily presentation of their business, football games, baseball games, what have you. And I just don't think that this has a lifespan that anybody can see. Because it's going to totally change the way people perceive sports sports was as far as everybody was concerned, and this is surface stuff, but you're watching an NFL game on Sunday, let's say, as an example.


And, you know, because you have eyes that the majority of players are African-American on both teams. And you know that the population of the league, 70 percent African-American, 30 percent white. And yet in that we all see the teams apparently all unified about one thing winning, if there is trouble in the locker room, we don't know about it. There aren't any cameras in there and nobody was talking about it. So it appears. That look what sports can do, sports can unify all these things roiling the rest of society are not happening on the field during the games in the NFL or Major League Baseball.


Well, bye bye.


All of that now. Indeed, not just bye bye, all of that welcome the controversy, welcome the fact that there isn't unity, welcome the fact that the diversity in these teams doesn't mean that people can get along like we thought it meant. We thought all this time that an NFL team made up of 70 percent African-Americans and 30 percent whites and of course some others, too, can all come together and become a champion, a unified single and the team champion best in the league all the way to the Super Bowl.


And we think, see, it can be done. People can get along. Now we're learning. No, no. And it's never been that way. And we're about to have it beat up the side of our heads every Sunday, every Monday, every Thursday in the NFL. And I just don't see how this. Extends the life of the National Football League of Professional Sports in general, as we've always known it. Now things change. Change is a constant and I agree with it.


But this is the kind of change is going to take a while for people to adapt to it, not because people are racist. It's because these sports, particularly football, became such gigantic businesses. Because they were an escape, they were a a refuge in addition to everything else, they are there people who are demonstrably the best at what they do, doing it. You get to watch it. You get to see the best of the best, be the best.


You get to see it matter. You get to marvel at it. You get to wonder what it's like to be on a championship team, something most of us will never, ever know. So you get to live vicariously through all of this greatness, hoping and dreaming. Someday you might get to experience a day of it or a little bit of.


But all of that's going to be gone now or a lot of it is going to be gone and it's going to be replaced by and you're not going to be allowed to forget it. A constant reminder that what you're seeing here is not the reality.


And I just I don't know how this promotes healing.


I think it does the exact opposite. But Rush. But Rush, what are these leagues supposed to do? They're being threatened. Yeah, I know. It's the age old question. At what point do the adults push back? I don't know that it's ever going to happen. I think we're closer now. Than ever before as far as pushing back. But Rush nailed it, and it's a shame that that is the last environment, the last arena.


That has been poisoned by leftist politics and it should have never been. We'll be right back.


You're listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show. I'm your guide today. Ken Matthews, 800 to a 228 82. We have a covid update coming up.


But first, I want to squeeze a call in here very quickly. This is Tony from Minnesota.


And is it pronounced? I'll let you pronounce it first. You're the city. This wall, this wall, does it look that simple, but I you know, every now and then I butcher a city's name. But welcome to the EIB Network, Tony.


Hey, thanks so much for taking my call. Can I just wanted to comment on the real tragedy involving pro sports in America, the NBA, the NFL, you name it. It's to me the tragedy is that either way, the left is coming out on top of this. And it really, really irritates me because they either divide us by race and foment unrest and revolution and so on, or they simply destroy yet another institution that's been near and dear to America in their quest to dismantle us.


And it irritates me that these athletes are shooting, shooting themselves in the foot by being useful idiots. But they tried to shove football down, as you know, through the concussion root in all this and that and trying to emasculate America. And they're succeeding in it. And it doesn't matter which way it falls to them now. And I find that really, really sad. That's a great point, and if you add into the fact that every single one of the entities that you mentioned, including Major League Baseball, has some type of connection to China either through products or merchandising or distribution or whatever.


And when you look at the fact that Major League Baseball did a deal with China this week, the same week they left Georgia, you really have to scratch your head. And it it is a shame. And, you know, I was just talking to Mike. He's doing the sound today, and I I said, well, look at the free time we're going to have.


I know that's no consolation, but I've wean myself off all network news. I haven't watched network news, a full cast of network news because it's so ridiculous and I've saved hours of time. Remember, there was a time in this country where people would say, up, hurry up at six o'clock, news is coming on. And now we know that it's a propaganda block and it's the same with a lot of entertainment.


And that's what the left did to sports. So, yeah, I my family and I watched the Super Bowl this year. We had fun. We had, you know, finger food and popcorn and all the stuff. But that was it. I couldn't care less.


Now, I know that's sad and I know there's a lot of families out there, but like Tony said, if you're going to poison something that we hold dear, eventually it's going to come back, but it's going to come back on our terms. It's kind of like this country. This country will come back. America is awakening. It will come back on the terms of we the people. It will not come back on the terms of Kamala Harris or Barack Obama, because we've already seen those terms.


We're getting a taste of, quote, their terms every day at the border, every day at the bank, every day with our mask. We know what their terms are now. So if going to the football game means wearing a mask and tolerating disrespect of our country, our flag grown men on their knees at the beginning of every contest, absurdity, I don't want any part of it.


800 to eight to twenty eight. Eighty two. Very quickly, Mike, go ahead and play cut three. Thank you.


Now, what we are hearing every day is a number of cases running a record every day. Oh my God, it's getting worse. We're back to peak covid. Oh my God. People got to work mazuz. Oh, my God. We got to say is, oh, my God, it's worse than that. Oh, my God. And you are being led to believe that the death rate skyrocketing and you're being led to believe it.


It's only a matter of time we going to shut down. We have to go back inside again. We're going to shut down the economy. They still focus on the number of cases, right. Because they want you to think cases equals. Sickness equals irreversible, sickness equals death. So interesting, he said, they want you to conclude it. So interesting because that could be any day of the week. Now, here's the thing. And if we if we don't have time this this second to finish the the covid update, I have some stats for you that's going to they're going to blow you away.


Let me give you one. This just came out today. I have it right here. I printed it out from the CDC.


The risk from contaminated surfaces now they're saying. It's much less severe than they first set, it's one in 10000 chance that you might get it.


You see what's happening here? More coming up.


Thank you again for tuning in. Spending time with us today on The Rush Limbaugh Show. So going back to covid for a moment. Because this is evolving the way Rush and. Many of us saw, especially people in this audience here, some guidance that was released, they call it guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


This came out yesterday. They found that the risk of getting covid-19. Through contact with a contaminated surface is much lower than previously estimated, understand that everything. That's part of the covid-19. What I like to call the scam Dimmick, the hyping of something that is. In its essence, bad and did hurt people and did take lives, but to take that and leverage it and make it bad, bad, bad, bad, bad. Well, that's bad.


The most common mode by which people can be affected, according to the CDC, covid-19, is through exposure to respiratory droplets. However. Quantitative microbial risk assessment, que MRA, you'll find a lot of acronyms on the CDC page. The studies conclude the risk of infection. Is generally less than one in 10000. For someone to be infected through contact with contaminated surfaces. And the agency went on to say the risk is generally considered low. By the way, you know what country made the most money off of hand sanitizers and surface sanitizers?


China. China, yes, there's a little more to the update today, today, excuse me. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the 80 year old vaccine investor and. Gain of function researcher Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Shown in many photos wearing two mask, he's got that clown clown mask on, the one with the penguins, and then underneath he has another mask. It looks like a pair of white underwear.


I doubt that's what it is, though. I'm sure he can afford to have a custom made mask. He doesn't have to use his underwear on his face.


So he said the federal government will not mandate the use of so-called vaccine passports for travel and business. So the left is oh my God, see see, you're all you're all worried about nothing. That's a complete feint. Look in the other direction.


Because the White House said Biden is working with private firms to potentially advise on such a system. They may be involved in making sure things are done fairly and equitably, equitably. The federal government, that is, but Fauci said it's not going to be leading. So this is all doublespeak for people who remember 1984, double speak or news, speak to our rights will still be violated. Here's why. Foushee went on to say he expects that certain businesses and maybe schools will require.


The vaccine, passports. Like airlines are doing in some hotels, and I I forgot the name of the school again yesterday, I keep forgetting that name of the school, but another college has said if you're coming back in the fall, you better have a vaccine passport.


So it's still going to be done. And sadly, it will be done with the blessing of a leftist socialist government, which means. If you support Biden, you can do whatever you want. I mean, one thing we've learned in the last several years. There is no law and order regarding the Biden family, the Obama family, the Clinton family. There is no law and order in this dynamic, there is no law and order for Stacey Abrams and what went on in Georgia or Wisconsin because of the political side there on.


So don't think when you see the headlines tonight, when you see the late night talk show host making fun of us because we're worried about having to wear a mask or a mask or have a digital whatever with us all the time.


They're going to be making fun of that. It's still going to happen, and the reason it's going to happen is because we comply with it. Until we say. And this is just my opinion, but until we say and I don't wear mask anywhere else, but I am in central P.A. and I know it may be different in your state, but I, I kind of live in this bubble where I adhere to the Constitution like my parents live in Florida.


It's a free state of Florida, the free state of Texas. There's about seven or eight other free states out there. But you folks that don't live in a free state, you know who you are. You're the people that live in states where someone calls the police on you because you don't have a mask or they make stupid comments like you better have a vaccine passport or you cannot participate in something that's communism that violates the Constitution. You know what bothers me?


German officials just announced they're planning to allow certain individuals now listen to this. This is another game.


This is another way to take your rights without officially taking your rights. German officials announced they're planning to allow certain individuals who are vaccinated. To have certain privileges over those who aren't. Shame on you, Germany, of all people, Germany should know better. You should know better than that what they're doing. Do you have to go back to 1935, 1936, 37, 38? And then the part that the history books cover. German officials say, well, we're just going to allow people who are vaccinated to just get just get treated better than people that aren't.


Yeah, you've been down that road before. Now, when you say this to someone who was a hard core leftist, they giggle. A lot of giggling going on in the left. But the minute you have something that demands a health update for anyone to anyone else. So when you you want to go to the amusement park, well, I'm going to have to get a little taste of your medical records here. There's a level of of absurdity to this where.


Nobody that's coming over the border is getting shut down if they have covid. No one's getting vetted at the border, illegal foreign nationals, these people here illegally, they can fly on planes without being vetted without photo ID. Yes, they just get like a slip of paper from the Biden administration and they get a pass so they can travel freely around the country, but what about covid? It doesn't matter now. Why doesn't it matter? You have to ask yourself if covid now in April of 20, 21.


Is the black plague they're trying to pump it up to be again, because they're running out of control. The left is running out of control. The best way to control someone is say, you know, researchers say there might be a new strain of covid that could be horrific.


So we need to keep wearing masks at least until 2047. Now, there are people that will buy that garbage. But again, the longer we can ply. The longer this goes on. That's all it is, we the people have all the power. I know that, you know, late night shows don't believe that, and The View doesn't believe that, and Barack Obama never believed it. But I can tell you now, I have never seen have you have you ever seen the Democrat Party so disorganized?


As it is now. I mean, they don't know what the left hand is doing or the right, well, I don't think they have a right hand, but they don't know what the left hand is doing from what the other left hand is doing. The disasters that they're creating at every level of our life. Our kids school, our jobs, our churches, our border, our economy. Look at what's going on with the military and foreign policy, everything they touch.


We the people now are awake, so, again, if you can, peacefully. Not comply and legally not comply. That's what millions of people have been doing across the country. That's how it works. That's why Foushee came out yesterday and said, oh, no, we're not going to do nope, nope, there's not going to be a mandate.


Don't worry about it. Don't you worry your pretty little head.


And then later in the article, the truth came out.


Well, you know, people can still take away your rights with a wink and a nod, but we're not going to do it. That was a talking point because the pushback is getting so heavy. Against this. Kabuki theater of the Mass. We'll be right back on the EIB Network. You have probably seen the Meems out there. Many of the Joe Biden names are being banned because they're so true about the earpiece and former President Obama being an. Mr.


Biden's ear, and that's kind of scary, so we have this this level of incompetence and delusion and then we almost have a puppet government because we've brought back John Kerry and Susan Rice and many others. And President Obama is an advisor to Mr. Biden and he lives just a couple of blocks from the White House. No kidding. And a lot of people believe that. Biden is going to work to bring back. Obama's foreign policy, here's Rush, one of Obama's signature policies was this deal with Iran, which remember one of Obama's purposes here was to make Iran an even bigger power in the Middle East because Obama and his type believe that Israel, as the dominant power in the Middle East, is a destabilizing force because once again, the United States is not the good guys.


Our allies are not the good guys. Israel's not the good guys. As a superpower, what are we we are discriminating bigots, we are discriminating racists, we're discriminating homophobes or whatever the cliches are as the gigantic superpower, we can not be good. We cannot be benevolent. Everybody smaller than we is a victim. So the Iranians are victims that Obama wanted to build them back up in his convoluted view of stabilizing the region. The Obama administration looked at Iran as needing to be built up in order to stabilize the region because in their view, Israel, as the dominant power, destabilised the Middle East, just as in their view of the United States is a lone superpower destabilized the world.


Look, folks, you can doubt me all you want, but it was Obama himself that began talking about how the United States was in a necessary era of decline economically and otherwise. It was time to pay the piper, time to pay dues. We had benefited, become a superpower, maybe in some unjust ways.


And that's what the Democrats in the American left of today have now decided they have to protect if they let the Obama legacy get properly defined and if it ends up in tatters, what have they got? They've got very little as it is now, because the Obama legacy, as far as average Americans are concerned, is blowing up and destroying health care, a putrid economy and a promise that it was not going to get better.


And that's why Joe Obama or Mr. Biden is talking with Iran right now.


Let's grab another phone call. Teresa Kalamazoo, Michigan. Teresa, you're on the EIB Network. Welcome.


Thank you. So I just wanted to address the whole I'll be pulling out of Atlanta for the All-Star Game. And I just look at it more from a perspective of a small business owner. I am a small business owner, and I just think about how they're they're hurting. Not only I mean, Democrats and Republicans alike own small businesses in that city and they're anticipating and preparing and looking forward to this huge influx of all this money coming in. And then it gets pulled out from under them.


And I'm like, why? Why would you want to hurt? Not, you know, not only a small business owner, especially during this time, but Democrats also owned the small businesses, so they're hurting them as well. So I don't I don't understand it from a small business owner perspective.


Well, it's it's interesting, Theresa, because as usual, you, like many small business owners, have better analysis than most of the news networks. One thing that the Democrat Party has been able to do is disconnect themselves from we, the people better than any other political operation once they get the votes. Thanks, bubby. And then from that point on, they're executing whatever it may be, socialism, communism, collectivism, whatever ism they're shoving down people's throats once they don't need you anymore.


Which is now. You know, Biden's in, etc., they disconnect, that's why they're not listening. You know, someone said that no one's answering the phone at Major League Baseball and I know here in Pennsylvania, it's sometimes no one answers the phone at Governor Wolf's office.


And the question is why they don't even need to. So, yes, they are hurting Americans. They're hurting Democrats, Republicans. They're hurting people that don't even care about politics. They're hurting, in many cases, their own constituents constituency the most, however.


They have this unique ability, I mean, look at someone like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters, they have this unique ability to talk a wonderful game. And once they grabbed the power that they're able to exploit from we the people, then it's bye bye. And what is the proof of that? Well, Joe Biden's been in 47 years. What has he done? What is Maxine Waters done? What has Nancy Pelosi done? What is Chuck Schumer done?


These people have spent, in many cases, more than half their life in these positions. What have they done other than try to execute their own agenda? They've all gotten independently wealthy. But there there's your answer, I mean, the Democrats don't care where the MLB goes, they care about the next election.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. We'll be right back. So we've been getting a ton of messages here about because we were talking about covid earlier and the shut downs and the update today and yesterday when Dr. Fauci said, oh, no, no, we're not going to we're not going to mandate vaccine passports. And I said, look out. That's a talking point, because the wave of resistance from we the people is getting bigger and bigger.


Remember, the PCR test has been proven to be a faulty test. It is an adjustable test. You can set the cycle on it. You can make a PCR test, say you have covid or not. Imagine how you can control the narrative by ramping up the cases or lowering the cases like, say, you ramp them up under under President Trump and then under Biden, all of a sudden it's getting better. Well, no, we need it up this week.


No, down, up, down, up.


covid death numbers also not accurate.


And of course, hospitalizations have been distorted for how many months, just remember, these are the same people that said more than a year ago, we're just going to lock down, we're just going to close the schools. We're just going to wear the mask.


We're just going to skip church until we flatten the curve.


Over a year ago, a young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter. An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help every day all crime stories.


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Well, it's great to see you for our two on a Tuesday. The number is 800 202 2082. I am your guide today as we share the timeless wisdom of Rush Limbaugh. And plug it in to today's relevance, pretty amazing how it fits, it's like a glove. Russia has been telling us and in some cases warning us for decades, if we let this happen or if this were that were to happen, then this would happen.


And here we are, here we are with socialist, controlling all branches of government and the people that we've looked to to bail us out. Many are running interference for the people that are damaging the country. FBI, CIA, DHS running interference for their bosses. The sad thing is that the majority of these organizations are filled with great people that love this country and are dedicated law enforcement professionals, however, you get enough.


Jim Comey is up there in Washington. They've just got Brennan's back and Brennan's got.


Muehler Mullas back and he's got Hillary's back and she's got Obama's back and you get the picture, we're not in that mix.


Before I go any further, I did want to thank people for checking out the video tribute over the Easter weekend. That seemed to be a very special weekend. And I think it's great that so many people checked it out over the weekend, but it's great any time.


It's an hour long tribute at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, the video tribute to Rush and so many cool aspects of it, like behind the scenes footage, how Rush created this program with the team, how it evolved over the years and the decades, the impact it's made on all of us in this great country. You'll hear from Justice Clarence Thomas, Vice President Mike Pence, and, of course, President Trump. It's beautifully narrated by Catherine Limbaugh, and it's all at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom.


So by all means, check it out, share it with a friend, introduce people to the greatness of Mr. Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Rush often mentioned governor to Santurce. You know, Rush lived in Florida and Florida is considered a free state. I consider a lot of other states, including cities like New York City and Washington, D.C., occupied cities, sadly. And you know, the level of panic. Of the left by the. Ferocity of their attack on people, so there's a handful of people out there and you know who they are.


Maybe it's Sidney Powell. Maybe it's Rhonda Santurce. The level of attack and misinformation and bold faced lying that's taking place not just from the Democrat Party, but from the news media now, I don't know if you're aware, but Governor Rhonda Santos in Florida has been doing a great job and he's been utilizing something that, well, it bothers a lot of Democrats. He's been using the Constitution of the United States. So maybe you saw it. But over the weekend, 60 Minutes very maliciously and deceptively edited his video.


That's another common thing on the left.


Here's what I want to start, however, with a graduate or the closest that we've ever had to a graduate. Have the EIB Limbaugh Institute, and that would be Florida Governor Rhonda Santurce, as you know, there are no graduates from the Limbaugh Institute because the learning never stops. We don't issue degrees here because there never is a time where we have proclaimed that our students have learned it all or because our curriculum is constantly expanding, there is no set curriculum here.


But Governor DeSanctis has asked in the past for an honorary degree. And Governor de Santos has said that if said honorary degree were ever bestowed, that he would hang it frame and hang it proudly on the wall in his gubernatorial office. And if anybody.


Has come close to earning an honorary degree from the Limbaugh Institute. It is the governor of Florida, Rhonda Santurce. He has clearly had enough. Of the drive by media after months of being slammed by fake news. And by the gloom and doom casualty forecasts over his handling of the coronavirus, the governor called them out with Vice President Mike Pence by his side, governor to Santos reminded reporters to their faces. Not a lot of the people in their profession had gleefully predicted for weeks that Florida was going to be just like New York, they couldn't let New York be a stand alone because it's a New York governor.


Somebody they're still trying to maneuver to be plug's his replacement, who's been an abject failure, who continues to be an abject failure, who has presided over the unnecessary untold deaths of how many seasoned citizens. By farming them out to nursing homes to get rid of them. He never did face the massive hospital shortage that the president set him up for, never needed any of the additional hospital spaces, hospital beds. And so the drive by media, just as Trump must look bad every day as many ways as possible, Andrew Cuomo must look like perfection.


He must look like brilliance. He must be portrayed as the legitimate inheritor of the brilliance of his father, Mario, the pious Cuomo. And he just can't pull it off. New York is an absolute disaster area because of the way it has been dealt with. It has been set up to be an ongoing disaster area because Governor Cuomo refuses to even contemplate the prospect of opening up the city. And in the service of what the Santurce is, a Republican who doesn't know what he's doing, they got this massive retirement thing down there.


They call it villages.


And guess what? Not a single reported case, not a single reported death.


And as the Santos points out, not only has his own population diverse with a significant sized elderly population, a bunch of the people fleeing New York. And the northeastern states where these lockdowns are in place aren't coming to Florida and even those people are staying healthy. The predictions that Florida would be just like New York never materialized. The Santas ran through the coronavirus data for Florida, comparing it with states like New York, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana. He also studied Hong Kong and he studied South Korea and he found out how they studied Italy.


He was hell bent on not repeating any of the policies, the mistakes that had led to massive numbers of cases in depth in either other states or other countries. And as I say, despite the massive numbers of people escaping to Florida, escaping the infected northeast, Florida did better than all the others. New York has over 350000 coronavirus cases compared to under 50000 cases in Florida and 29000 of those in Florida are in the southeastern counties of the state. There have been about 2000 deaths in Florida, but that's less than one tenth the 23000 deaths in New York.


And yet the drive by media puts Andrew Cuomo up on this pedestal and touts him as great and compassionate and concerned and qualified to replace plugs as a Democrat presidential nominee. And they still try to cast the Stantis as a right wing kook conspiracy theorist. Who can't think are open his mouth without talking to Donald Trump first, and he's finally had it, here is Governor de Santos. This was yesterday in Florida. After he and Pence delivered masks and gloves to a nursing home in Orlando, Margita is available.


Our data is transparent. In fact, Dr. Burke has talked multiple times about how Florida has the absolute best data. So any insinuation otherwise is just typical partisan narrative trying to be spun. And part of the reason is that because you've got a lot of people in your profession who wax poetically for weeks and weeks about how Florida was going to be just like New York, wait two weeks, Florida is going to be next, just like Italy. Wait two weeks.


Well, hell, we're eight weeks away from that and it hasn't happened. Not only do we have a lower death rate while we have way lower deaths, generally we have a lower death rate than the appellate court or DC. Everyone up there, we have a lower rate death rate than the Midwest, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio. But even in our region, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida has the lower death rate. And I was the number one landing spot from tens of thousands of people leaving the number one hot zone in the world to come to my state.


So we've succeeded. And I think that people just don't want to recognize it because it challenges their narrative. It challenges their assumptions. So they got to try to find a boogey man. Maybe it's that there are black helicopters circling the Department of Health.


If you believe that I got a bridge in Brooklyn, I'd like to tell you that is governor is really unloading on the on the media. Yesterday, the media has been doing two things lying in wait, hoping Florida falls apart because he's a Republican. And then when Florida becomes a success story, they do not say a word. They do not report it and yet keep touting the great successes of this waste of a governor in New Jersey and then Cuomo in New York.


And then what's going on in the Michigan?


Florida is a stellar example of leadership, and Mr Limbaugh is an example of leadership, and that's why he can describe it so brilliantly for us. And that's why they're still attacking the Santas and governors and senators and congressmen of other free states, which are saying, OK, enough already. You leveraged covid, you leveraged death. To manipulate an election, we're done with it now, we the people are done and we will no longer comply. And that's a message that a lot of bureaucrats don't want to hear because there's over 300 million of us.


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Bottom line is legacy box, dot com slash rush. That's the Web site. If you've got even still photographs, if you've got old slides that you had to use a projector to see eight millimeter or even 16 millimeter film VHS Betamax, if you've got those tapes and you don't even remember what's on them, send them all off the legacy box.


You get it all back in two weeks and I guarantee you you'll be smiling and laughing at things that you thought you would never see again, things that you may have forgotten. You're going into the legacy box dotcom slash.


Russia will also save you 50 percent off the current price.


People often wonder why so many conservatives laugh at people at CNN like Jim Acosta or others. Here's why. Here's Rush.


Jim Acosta. Having the president whip people up at rally after rally, he says, is the most depressing thing he's ever seen as a journalist. This is at the Citizen CNN conference yesterday in New York City.


If you want to ask me what makes me the most depressed about my job, it's covering the rallies and it gets to the larger point of what it's like covering the president of the United States, in particular, Donald Trump.


In many ways, the danger is not what Trump is doing to America. The danger is how America is changing under Trump.


And I never thought I would see the day where I would go to a political rally. And, you know, people would give you a hard time.


You know, people yelled at me at Hillary Clinton rallies during the 2008 campaign, but at rally after rally after rally, having the United States whip people up into a frenzy and attack the press to me is the most depressing thing that I've ever witnessed.


As a journalist, man or man, where has this guy been to see Trump whipping people up at rally after rally and having people get mad at me as a journalist? It's the most depressing thing I've seen. As Jim, you can get it. You got all kinds of you can go be a waiter. You obviously listen well. And Mr. Acosta, however, was not finished.


Somebody needs to walk the guy back from the ledge here.


You have thousands and thousands of people who are willing to join in and do the same thing. At the rally in Montana the other night when President Trump praised Greg Gianforte for body slamming Ben Jacobs. I remember looking over to the supporters in the crowd and there was one guy, one young man who was doing these body slam moves, you know, and he and his buddies were all getting a good laugh out of it. And then he looked at me and he goes like this, like, I'm going to cut your throat.


And, you know, I just I went up to him after it was over and I talked to him about it and he was just sort of laughing about it. And I guess he wasn't serious about it. But to me, that's the Trump effect on America.


What do you make of this? So it's no different than when Trump is on stage. Hey, Russia. Hey, Russia. Maybe you can find Hillary's emails. The media is looking for him. Maybe you can find Hillary's missing 30000 e-mails. Let the media. They'd love to hear from you. And everybody on the left, the media has a heart attack thinking Trump is asking the Russians to hack Hillary server, Hillary's already done the hack. Hillary's already done whatever she's done to hide the emails.


No sense of humor. These people have no ability whatsoever to relate to people as they actually live. So Trump praises a guy for being able to body slam somebody. They see no humor in it. They don't have any idea how to relate to that. They see that they think Trump. They really do.


They think Trump is promoting violence. They think they Trump is recommending and praising vulgar violence by these women.


But they just I have never seen a group of people this large that is so distant and absent. From reality, from day to day life and how people talk to each other. He goes up to this guy and the guy's laughing, Hey, man, hey, Jim Acosta, how you doing? I really didn't want to slit your throat. You know, I'm just fuckin with you, dude. You're out there trying to destroy everything I believe in.


Mr. Acosta, I'm just having a little fun with you. So these people in journalism, they can go out, they can destroy anybody they want. They can take shots at anybody they want. The people at that rally have respect for Trump. The media can do whatever they want to try to destroy Trump, but you let somebody throw it back on them and it's a gigantic disgrace. It shows something terribly wrong with American culture. What's wrong with American culture is that the elites of Washington, D.C. not only do not understand real life America, they don't like it much.


They really have.


I think what they hate about Trump more than anything is those of you who elected him. I think that's what this really boils down to when you get down to brass tacks, that's what it boils down to.


And when you get babies and what do we say about liberals? They are children. They are babies. They're trapped in adult bodies. They grow up. Maybe they're 40, maybe they're 50. Maybe they're Jim Acosta. But there's still that 13 year old boy who has an issue who will sit there and whine like he did this past Sunday with Brian Stelter of Brian Stelter said, Do you feel like you're run down? It's a lot different now, isn't it, than the Trump years?


And then Acosta says, well, you know, I think I'm dealing with some post Trump stress disorder.


Kobe Bryant. He didn't say that anyway. When you think. And my parents told me this. Pay attention to what people talk about, what they're talking about, so let's go back to CNN for a second. Let's go back to Jim Acosta. Maybe Jim. There's Jim and Brian Stelter on Sunday, OK, think about where we are as a nation. So you've got two grown men on CNN, OK, on a show called Reliable Sources.


And that's your example of reliable sources. Yeah, I'm not a big Trump fan or, you know, I'm not a Trump fan either. Yeah, I'm kind of sad about it. Me, too.


Trump left the White House three months ago, you're still talking about him, the trauma of it, the trauma of somebody in public, in front of millions of people saying the truth. Along comes President Donald Trump, and he says the truth. The minute he said, why don't you ever put the cameras on how big the crowd is, why do you make my crowd look so small?


That's the truth, anybody who's worked in media knows it. We all know how to do it. Not all of us do it, but we all know how to do it. We can make a big crowd look horrible. We can make an angry crowd look happy. We can make a happy crowd look angry. And that's what the news media does. That's what they've been doing to the American people for decades. And no one had the guts to call them out because politicians are very similar to news anchors and people in the media.


They're so worried about what people think, what they think of me. And I don't think Trump gives a damn, that's why I voted for him. He doesn't give a damn what Jim Acosta thinks. He cares what I think. I know he cares what I think. Because millions of us said. Millions of we the people said, look, if you get in, you better build the wall and we want prison reform and you better cut that garbage out that's going on with China and the trade agreements and everything else.


And he started checking them off one by one by one. He didn't care what The New York Times thought. He made fun of how much credibility The New York Times has lost over the years. Think about it. Think about it. When if you were in The New York Times, that was like, oh, you know, you come out of the Port Authority there and there's the New York Times logo on the giant building. All the news that's fit to I don't know what it's fit for anymore.


But that's what he did. That's why they don't like him. The whole news media industry said, who in the heck does this guy think he is? He's breaking from the narrative. He doesn't need us. And what did they do? The split second? He went on Twitter and he owned Twitter, figuratively speaking. If he owned it, there'd be free speech on it. But he dominated Twitter. He said, you know, I really don't need you, I'll just go on Twitter into other platforms and combine, I'll have over 100 million followers, which is something that CNN I don't know what they're following is I don't know what their ratings are anymore.


But without Trump, I would imagine it's pretty weak like MSNBC. But now what did they do? Now they put the they work with the Democrat Party.


Oh my God, this this Trump guy, he's really resonating with millions and millions of Americans. We have to shut him up. That's not a reliable source, that's not a reliable source, so I know it's a cool name, but in my opinion it's not. It's very unreliable.


If that's your modus operandi, let's get rid of all the free speech except what Gayle King, Don Lemon and whoever else, Jim Acosta, whoever I get, this is a whole basket full of and they're not deplorable because I'm a deplorable I even have a shirt that says it.


That's another thing. And Russia always talked about this. Why doesn't the left have a sense of humor? You call me a deplorable somebody makes a T-shirt. There's a conservative small business that makes a T-shirt deplorable, deplorable hat. You should have saw the things that were coming out every single time they would attack Trump. Trump supporters would embrace the attack because we knew it was fake. That's what made it so funny. That's what makes the Russian thing so funny now because it was all fake.


So we'd have Trump hats in Russian, it's just a sense of humor, but this is a can of worms that you opened when you attack we the people. And if you think it's going to be smoother for.


The news media, it's not it's going to get worse and I'm talking about ratings, I'm talking about audience attrition, peaceful, whatever you want to call it, but it's going to get worse.


You lost all your credibility. You lost most of it during Obama and then you've you finished up under Trump. That's why people laugh at you. Most people in America will say, yeah, I don't believe most of what I hear on the news. Isn't that a shame? Because 30, 40, 50 years ago, the six o'clock news was the place to go.


But now it's the latest government statement to make you obey. And it all fits in with, as Rush used to say. The game of marketing, that's all it is, branding, rebranding, Rush, let us know about this with the classic gravitas montage which started a whole industry of many of us on air across the country that listen to Rush or just were listeners with the montage was the thing. And you would go, oh, my gosh, I just flip from CBS, NBC to MSNBC to Fox News, to NPR, to PBR to watch that.


And everybody saying the same thing, the exact same thing that should scare the heck out of you. It's crazy. They just make things up. And if they're talking about income inequality, everybody's talking about income inequality.


If they're talking about the great reset, everybody's talking about the great reset. Except the American people, so the news media entertains. The news media. And everything originates from the news media, whether it's. Jealousy. Divisiveness, envy, here's Rush Limbaugh, Dick Gephardt. Little Dick Gephardt, he was a congressman from Missouri. And he actually tried to say one day during that period of time, we're going through this usual promise of cutting taxes, that very rarely happens.


Gephardt, he was famous, he always had these friends that he quoted that nobody had ever met. It was one of his rhetorical devices, the I have a friend rhetorical device, I have a friend who told me, I have a friend who said to me and one of my personal friends, he said, I have a friend, a rich man. He told me. If you really want to make me rich, you raise my taxes, he literally said that gephart, when he had to give Newt the gavel in 1995, just practically had a cow.


But it was Gephardt that kept running around talking about winners of life's lottery. And what it conveyed was that success is random and accidental and it's not fair because success has nothing to do with the lucky sperm club or you stepped into an accidental discovery or some such thing. But Democrats attempted and they still do.


To stigmatize success by delegitimizing it, which is what Obama did, Obama is the one who is throwing in the word lottery when talking about America's winners. It's how we've evolved to this sick situation now where middle class people are told to be happy when the rich have their taxes increased. It doesn't change the middle class person's life at all, but they're supposed to sit there and be happy that the rich are somehow getting screwed.


In fact, when the rich get screwed, the middle class does, too, because where does the middle class go to get hired? The Democrats have run around for I don't know how many before Obama had been running around trying to tell the middle class and even the upper middle class that they were worse off than they were and it was getting worse. I remember in the height of the Bush economy, four point seven percent unemployment. I mean, practically everybody wanted a job, had one coming out of two recessions and 9/11 were going gangbusters before the housing thing hit.


And the Democrats are out every day and the media trying to convince people we're really in a recession and we're losing ground fast. I remember getting calls from people in this program. Yeah, I'm doing fine, but I have the news, I guess my neighbors not because I look at the news and they say everybody's in dire straits, but I'm doing great. I feel bad. Callers were calling. They felt guilty, admitting they were doing OK because they believed everybody else was not Democrat Party in the media working to convince people the economy was in the tank when it wasn't.


And furthermore, there was another component. The Democrats, actually, and they still do this, told people that the rich got rich by taking money from the middle class and the poor and then not giving it back. And that's how they distorted the whole definition of trickle down supply side economics.


They totally distorted it. And they apparently have succeeded in making people believe that the one percent are the one percent because they have stolen money or found a way to get the money belonging to everybody else. They've rigged the game and they're hoarding it. They're not giving it back or sharing it or trickling it down. And accordingly, people are becoming bleak about their future, at which point socialism is beginning to look good to them. That is horrible.


Everything Rush just said is accurate. And if the news media didn't promote the false narrative, there would not be a false narrative because people in the real world do not behave the way that the news media pigeonholes us in. They don't they don't behave that way. People don't get up in the morning and go, I envy everybody.


I'm jealous.


But if you watch enough of the view, you start to sound like Jordaan. We'll be right back.


So many people. Miss Rush, so many people grew up with Rush. I've explained it to different people over the years, the fact that it's common sense and you find yourself shaking your head in agreement when Rush speaks, you go, Yeah, exactly.


I know. That's what I said. Yeah, that's exactly what my dad said. Whatever. Because it's common sense, if you are listening to someone that uses their brain, you use your brain, but how much longer can we listen to people that say, OK, girls are boys, trees are rocks and planes are cars? Yeah, OK, all righty. But what are you talking about? That's like saying things are a lot safer under Joe Biden.


There's no problem at the border. This is what people are saying in the Biden administration and this is what the news is repeating. That's why the news is so dangerous. One of the dirtiest secrets of Democrat progressive leftist run cities in many blue states is the exodus of men and women who planned to dedicate their life to law enforcement. But since Barack Obama and then Biden and Kamala started to demonize law enforcement and they started to tilt the advantage. The other way around it, who would have thought that we'd ever be at this point in America where your knee jerk reaction?


Is to side with the rioter. To side with the criminal, your knee jerk reaction is, well, that's a shame, you can imagine how discouraging that is for police.


And and Rush knew this.


Here he is. What do you think defunding the police is about? The answer to inner city crime, why let's get rid of the cops, if we get rid of the cops, there won't be any arrests and therefore there won't be any crime. And so we'll get rid of crime and we'll have our utopia and we'll get rid of all these people that our citizens hate. We're going to get rid of the cops. And this is actually happening. It's going to happen in California, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York.


These idiots are actually serious about this. Yeah, we'll just decriminalize all this stuff the cops chase people for, and therefore there won't be any more crime. This is how liberals think. But it is nothing more than an acknowledgement of the failure of liberalism and the failure of the Democrat Party to deliver on its panacea. The same crimes, the same degree of the same complaints.


The same stuff continues to happen despite every liberal solution and promise being implemented in these blue states by these blue state leaders.


How in the world this is not seen for exactly what it is, is a testament to the propagandised power of the drive by media, because my friends, the Democrat Party is broadcasting, is chronicling, is demonstrating its abject failure to deliver the failure of its ideas, the failure of its promises every day. And their voters are a testament to it by how angry they are and ripping the country apart.


My goodness, that could be five minutes ago, that information. And when you think about it. This is what the left was afraid of. Imagine you are a leftist or you are a Democrat and you and it's addictive. I know, because I used to listen all the time. It's addictive, you're listening to Rush Limbaugh and in the back of your mind, you're saying, God, thank God we don't have a president that thinks that way.


So imagine how you felt when Donald Trump came down the escalator and he said, what's with all this garbage coming over the border? We got to shut this down.


You must have been like, what? But think about it for so many years, that level of common sense and reflecting the views, the ideology, the passions of we the people that Rush Limbaugh did on this show all of a sudden. President Donald Trump shows up. And all hell breaks loose. We'll be right back. Glad you're listening today to The Rush Limbaugh Show. I am your guide. My name is Ken Matthews on the EIB Network.


I was just looking here that there's another shortage that is spiking up here. Ketchup packets have spiked 13 percent. Because of the increased demand and Heine's the largest producer in the market, has not been able to keep up.


This is a breaking story. I'm sure CNN Reliable Sources will do an in-depth analysis on it featuring Jim Acosta and that other guy, Stetler, Stetler, Brian, whatever. But when you think about everything, joking aside. Something else the news media doesn't want to talk about, well, most of the news media, I have heard some of it on Fox and on Fox Business. The the prices of everything going up, including gas. Lumbar. Food.


And that's all the different categories, fruit, vegetables, meat, it's just going up and up and up and. You have to wonder why it wasn't doing that before. It's the new policies and.


We're going in the wrong direction. We're going to talk about that coming up. Hold on a minute. I got to take my mask off, I.


I'm kidding, I don't wear a mask, our theory of the show. Thanks for joining us today on the EIB Network, Andrew Cuomo.


A man of many talents and faces, Andrew Cuomo, part of the comedy team of Cuomo and Cuomo on CNN.


Perhaps you've seen them there. They're very popular. They use big props like big cotton swabs and mask. And so they're telling you they're OK.


It doesn't with his brother creds. It's it's so nice that the Comedy News Network has the talent like that.


He's also Andrew Cuomo, the best selling author of a covid leadership book.


Many say he's a ladies man. Well, at least nine to. And he still governor of New York. Yes, and perhaps you've heard there's a record number of people leaving New York if if they haven't already been forced into a nursing home.


Here's Rush, so I heard, like everybody else did, the tweet from President Trump last night that he was leaving New York. That he was making it official he was going to relocate and establish for a fact already done at his residence will be right here in Palm Beach. And so the speculation began. He was very open about why. Look at. I don't like the way I'm being treated here. You know, the people in New York, everybody that's ripping him used to beg him for money, used to come by seeking his endorsement, wanted to be on his TV shows.


And then he came out as a Republican and and all of that ended. I can remember I played golf with President Bush long before I was president. I played golf with him at a Trump International here. And this is some years ago now. I left New York in 1997. I had come down here to Florida. It's kind of a long story, but let me give you the briefs of it. When I started the radio show in 1988, just constant work building the network, starting from fifty six stations up to six hundred in four years in the first four years, wrote two books than the Rush Limbaugh TV show started and all of my broadcast partners feared I had not taken any significant vacation time because I was loving it.


I was so into what was happening. It was a success track, unlike any I had ever experienced. But my broadcast partners began to get worried I was going to burn out that if I didn't take some time just to get away from it. So Roger Ailes had a condo in the vicinity here and they got together, raised me to come down here in a weekend in February. It was around the middle of February 15th, Valentine's Day or some such thing.


And I had in order to get here, I had to beat a New York City snowstorm. There was a 14 and a snowstorm on the way, and it started about two o'clock in the afternoon. My program ended at three, so I had to hightail it to the airport and try to beat that snowstorm to get down here. And I did. And I got down here and it was eighty five degrees for the entire weekend. This condo's in like the twenty fourth floor right on the ocean.


I'd never been in a place like that. I'd never stayed in a hotel on the ocean. I mean really, really on the ocean where you could hear the waves, you could see the sharks, I mean twenty four floors. And I just I decompressed like I didn't ever remember decompressing by I mean relaxing. I was out on the deck day and night. I was reading this and reading that was just just two or three days. I liked it so much.


I started coming back and I started coming back. Then I ended up purchasing a little place down here and I intended it to be six weeks a year. And there was no way it was only going to be six weeks a year. And finally, I made the call once I once it all made sense to me on taxes. I was paying through the nose in New York State, City, federal, unincorporated business, whatever they can hit you with.


They do so sometime in the middle of nineteen ninety seven. I made the decision to move to Florida permanently and my primary reasons were to lifestyle and climate and escaping taxes. My parents told me never to talk about money, that it was not good manners. So I'm not going to tell you how much money it saved me moving down here. But trust me, you would be completely understanding why I did it. And when I did it and I announced it for that reason, here came the critics.


You're selfish, you're selfish. You're trying to escape your civic responsibility. What do you mean, selfish? I think it's rather smart for crying out loud when I have an option not to pay that. Besides that, the people, they don't even like me. So I'd spent the first eight years. I spent eight years in New York. I did what I had to do there and moved to Florida. And I remember I wrote the tax authorities in Albany and I informed them that I had moved and I sent them copies of my new Florida driver's license.


That was another reason I love driving. I couldn't drive in New York for a whole host of reasons. I had to be chauffeured first thing I did moving here was by a car. I hadn't driven one in eight years. That's something I really missed. So I'm tooling around and I found a couple of clubs that would accept me just to join some clubs to prove that I was a resident here. One of them was the governor's club. I forget what the other one was.


I was doing everything I could to prove to those people that I lived in Florida. Well, you know, the rest of the story. I got audited the next 12 years. The New York State tax authorities audited me and I ended up having to prove and I'm not folks, this is not an exaggeration. I had to prove every audit was for three years worth of returns. I had to prove where I was every day of the year. Fourteen different ways.


Credit card receipts, computer IP addresses, flight and travel records, hotels, and even at that, they thought I was lying and making it up in tax disputes. You automatically are guilty and you have to prove your innocence. They were subpoenaing employees and sweating them, trying to get them to say he just he doesn't really live in Florida. He lives in his New York condominium. He just lives that place to try to escape. Right. He's here all the time, right?


No, no, he's not. But they were called as witnesses. New York demanded to visit both of my residents to see which one was the really most lived in. And it went on for 12, maybe, maybe 13 years. It was no, I did not spend in legal fees as much as I would have spent how I just stayed there and paid New York taxes. And I don't know when the next audit is going to be, but they always they always happen.


And I think states like New York have divisions in their tax departments that follow people who move to no income tax states. So if you move to Texas, if you move to Kentucky, if you move to Florida, I think they follow you. My only point in telling you all this is once again, folks, your host will rush ball on the cutting edge. I was playing golf with Trump at his golf course back in the oh, I don't know, ten years ago, 15 years ago.


And he's asking me, why did you leave? Why don't you really leave New York? Because you don't rush. I'm hearing more and more people saying, I got to get out, they got to get out. And I told him exactly what I told you. He said, it's incredible to grow. Why would they have something like that if they're not hassling me? They're they don't like losing the money. They can't stand losing the money. And they're just trying to get as much of it as they can even after you leave.


He said, well, I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about it, but I don't know how I can. Everything I have in New York is New York, everything I do or I don't know how I can leave it. I know more and more people talking about it. This is ten, fifteen years ago. So now there is an exodus. And it's not just from New York. It's from other high tech states. The state taxes are now much higher for people in these high tax blue states.


And look at what they're getting for it. I mean, the city is in large part of cesspools and the income gap, the divide between haves and have nots, middle class, rich, middle class, poor is widening.


I mean, everywhere you look, the evidence of out-of-control liberalism, unchecked liberalism, is creating misery and disaster.


And when people do have the ability to flee it, they do. The problem is, you know, is when liberals flee, they take all the crap they believe with them to wherever their new location is. And they start corrupting that place. They start polluting that place with their liberalism. So liberalism travels. So I understand the president leaving and of course, when I left, New York state authorities were mean and vicious and mocking. OK, so when I made the announcement official, the fact that I had moved beginning in 1997, I was kind of under the radar, didn't make a big deal about it, but I did when I announced selling the condo and getting out of it.


And here's the governor at the time, David Paterson, held a press conference.


If I knew that would be the result, I would have thought about the taxes earlier.


If we could have gotten rid of Limbaugh sooner, I would have raised taxes sooner. Well, this is what Governor Cuomo, when Trump announces that he's leaving, good riddance. It's not like Mr. Trump paying taxes here anyway. He's all yours. Florida City. That's all you are to them. You just taxpayers. I was the beginning of the exodus from the state of New York, and there have been many more since I don't get talked about. But Trump made it public.


So his is the timing couldn't be better. And what ineducation right there. From Rush with Cuomo now, Andrew, not Chris.


I mean, they're both in the comedy duo, but Andrew is still the the governor still he wants the top tax rate for New York City to be fourteen point seven percent, which would be the highest combined in the nation.


When you go through history, you will see that the reaction or the alleged solution to every problem on the left is to take more money from you.


Let that sink in. You already know it, but maybe your liberal friend is listening. Their solution is, well, we got people pouring over the border, a problem they created. And we've got a housum. We just spent 86 million dollars on hotels and we're we're doing in teacher volunteer schooling in San Diego. Of course, your kids may not have that. Where are we going to get the money? Well, look at all the people that work hard and pay taxes trying to make a better life for themselves in America.


We'll take it from them. It's not like Cuomo is going to say, all right, let's have a fundraiser. No, no, no, we are the Democrat Party's funds. And now that they're running everything. Watch closely as your taxes keep going up. We'll be right back.


Always an honor and a pleasure to have you listening to the EIB Network. I'm your guide today. My name is Ken Matthews.


And we're going to go back to the phones with Phil in Palm Harbor, Florida. Hi, Phil.. You're on the EIB Network. Yeah, hi, Ken.


First. God bless Rush. I'm a 33 year friend of Rush. I'm going to be 70 this year. And I've never seen what's going on in D.C., like what's going on in my lifetime. Nancy Pelosi's fence is going around the Capitol are a daily affront to the people and everything we stand for. And what really bothers me are where all these conservative March organizers putting democracy in action by coordinating rallies and rallies without Trump, definitely without Trump to go to D.C. and stand in front of these fences yelling, tear down these fences.


We the people own this property. I can't believe you stand there idly. No one goes as stand there and marches and demands those fences come down. It's been four months now. It's just I just can't understand any other generation letting those fences stand.


Well, we definitely are from slightly different generations, Phil. But let me let me bring up another angle to this, OK?


I think it's obvious that under a Biden regime, we have lost our First Amendment. Now, we learned a tough lesson on January 6th. We learned that wherever we go, we're going to get framed up. Wherever we go, the news media is going to mischaracterize it, they're going to try to beat us into a trap. I actually just interviewed someone that the FBI tried to set him up.


So I was thinking, because I like your idea. However, I think there's a time and a place for that. I would like to see that effort on a more local and state level where we can move the needle with election issues and where we can get some of these people out. What I would hate to see is a bunch of people get locked up on a bunch of trumped up charges and have their small business or their savings account bled dry by charges by an FBI.


We can't trust Capitol Police that we can't trust Anna and a DHS that we can't trust.


So please don't mistake that as backing down. But do you understand where I'm coming from?


Yeah, all I know is that there are generations of heroes who have bled and died and had been maimed and injured. To have that capital surrounded by that fence is a front to everything the United States and free people stand for and to let it stand because, of course, the free world, they see that. And it just it it's against everything that our democracy stands for. And I know what you're saying, but we just cannot let that stand like that indefinitely.


Well, Nancy Pelosi sits there and laughs at the ten million people that voted for Trump. And that's exactly what she does every day that that then stands there. Great, it is a great point, and I hear what you're saying, and, you know, my I have relatives and grandparents and uncles and my dad, veterans, all veterans. And but I got to admit, the first time I felt that Washington, D.C., was a occupied city.


Was the way the news media and the FBI and the rest of the Biden administration. Covered the post January six events, the after, January six, the fencing, and then Biden administration comes in and then they're monitoring people.


They they actually rewrote the terrorist, not the definition of terrorist. But there's a there's a whole I hate the term guidance, but that's what they use. They're now saying that some political ideologies can be dangerous, you know, like Magga. Now, that should scare the heck out of Democrats. Maybe it does. I would love to see more Democrats awaken in the near future before we plan our next peaceful march.


And the only reason I bring that up is if the FBI and the CIA and the DHS and the DOJ can frame a sitting president and then Republican. Republican senators can vote on a fake impeachment. I'm thinking imagine what they do to a bunch of us that show up in a truck and we're yelling or we're chanting something, it's a shame.


But I, I never thought I'd say this, but New York City, Washington, D.C., they are occupied by what I believe are people with ideologies that go against you and me and most of America.


That's the reality. You know, I know it sounds dramatic if I say we're at war, but we have been at an ideological war and a cultural war for the last five or six decades.


And it was the conservative movement that was shaking people by the collar trying to wake them up. You know, if we keep doing this, guys will be girls and we'll have we'll have men dressed as women on girls teams and you're going to lose your guns and you won't be able to go to church. And, well, here we are. Here we are. They're going to fence in the the capital, which they did. I can't believe it.


Most people can't believe it. Now, you throw in the news media and their slanted coverage of it, you know, I think about how many people in the news media think. That some of the people that were attacked in the Trump administration and then it turned out they were framed, not just Mike Flynn and Carter Page and others, but the fact that the FBI was framing people up, the fact that we still do not know the name of the man who shot the Air Force veteran, the woman in her mid 30s shot her in the throat.


She was unarmed. She was far enough away. She was not a threat. The fact that we do not know his name. That reminds me of the Stasi. That reminds me of Germany, 1935. We have a right to know all that information. But if they're hiding that information and then there's a lot of things that happened on January 6th that people don't know about, like escalator's being turned off on some subway entrances and stores and shops being closed because the anti Magga fervor had already started.


I think you wait until you have a better peaceful plan that will work, but right now, I mean, I don't trust anybody in Washington. I trust about six people. That's about it, but how can we trust people in Washington, how could we trust that we'd even have a place to stay when we go there? It's so. Fraught with. Woke people some people get to paint on the street, some people get to break windows and others you're not allowed to go into a porta john, you have to go into the bushes.


This is this is Washington, D.C. now. And this is major blue cities. Thousands of law enforcement officers are leaving blue cities. But I hear what you're saying, I think there's a part of the left that is hoping. That people like you and I get so jacked up, we just say, ah, this is it, we're going, and then they can take us out of the game, then they can lock us up.


They can say we incited something or we we made Jim Acosta cry or, you know, Chuck Schumer.


Was embarrassed, whatever political correctness and what. What many call localness now being woke, it has brought. Our culture to its knees, figuratively and literally. Think about it. It's bringing the country. To its knees, it's making thinker's. Idiots, people that think. Now they back off a little bit. Think about think about all the teachers and the managers and the CEOs and the people that. They knew how to think, they knew how to use their brain, they knew how to make decisions for themselves and then weakness envelop them and political correctness.


And then they realized before they said, well, that doesn't make any sense.


Why don't we do this now? They go, you know what happens if someone's offended? Well, first of all, it doesn't matter if someone's offended because offending someone is not illegal or unethical, it's not unconstitutional either. We bought into it, though.


We bought into it. We've been buying this ridiculousness from the left for too many years. You hurt my feelings, I'm calling the police grow up. That's the problem. But people have stopped thinking. What if they you know, what if they email me crazy stuff? Well. Then don't become a talk show host, there's a high school in Portland, Oregon, they have postponed changing their mascot to the evergreen tree after a committee member raised concerns. Of racist connotations in Evergreen Tree.


It's the Ida B Wells Barnett High School now, Ida B Wells Barnett is the Pulitzer Prize winning African-American journalist who reported extensively on.


And protested against. Lynching and that horrible era. In our history, this is according to the Portland Tribune, now Ellen Whatmore, she's on the mascot committee. She's a member and a teacher at the school, and she said, well, Evergreen's would be great for a mascot because they're characterized by the Life-Giving force of their foliage, the strength of their massive trunk, the depth of the roots in an individual tree.


And as a forest of trees, wow, they provide shelter and sustenance, they have histories that preclude us all and they'll continue in perpetuity after we are gone. Now, I have never heard a mascot so eloquently described and thought about. But then. Someone else said. Well, won't the tree bring lynchings to mind? And, you know, it went south from there. So how do you how do you listen to what that woman said and said, but.


With that rationale. We would have to redefine and eliminate everything. This is how crazy things have become. And it wasn't a million Nili think the committee didn't say, how about a tree? No, she had a beautiful definition. Eloquence. For a mascot built around a great journalist. Who was African-American, I mean, it's just to me, it just made total sense, but again, I'm not WOAK and when you're WOAK. Nothing makes sense, here's Rush front page magazine, trees are America's newest racist symbol to who thinks trees are racist.


Trees are America's newest racist. Some who thinks this I would submit to you. Nobody thinks it. Somebody with a fax machine and a logo sent out some thing that they're offended by. Drive bys pick it up because it fits a narrative they've already established. OK, ready? You can't think of why a tree would be racist. Oh, wait till you hear this then. If if you're really dumbfounded, this is not a joke.


Nikki Ferne, the National Park Service deputy director for communications and Community Assistance, made headlines when he claimed that black people do not visit national parks. Because. Because. Of the trees, the trees remind them of their slave ancestors being lynched by their masters, Gulistan, the first national park, was created in 1872 and Wyoming slavery was over by then. No one had ever been lynching slaves around Old Faithful anyway, but. False claims of racism die very hard now, and a coalition of minority groups is demanding increased inclusiveness at national parks.


And high on their list is the claim that African-Americans have felt unwelcome and even fearful in federal park lands during our nation's history because of the horrors of lynching. Now, why is it only trees in our national parks? Where there wasn't ever any racism or slavery. Why is it only trees in our national parks remind African-Americans of their ancestors being lynched? Why does it every tree remind them of that? You African-Americans in the audience, and I know that there is a Buku bunch of you out there, I'm telling you, I bet you not a single one of you has the slightest reaction.


Like when you see a tree, you talk about a constructed media narrative. What a national parks have to do with lynching. Well, many national parks have trees and you can't have a lynching without a tree. People were hung from trees, it's racial guilt by association, trees are racist, down to their roots were cut, all the trees down. Of course it's insulting, but it's here's the way this works. You have your average American getting up every day, going to work, living his or her life.


And then all of a sudden he hears that there's a movement out there that that tree's in the national parks are racist because they remind people of lynching and they think there's a movement going on and they'd better join up. This is a totally concocted, non existent event or thing. Classic example of a media narrative, I promise to give the details on this, the racist trees of our national park story and the story about Daniel Greenfield as a front page Magg David Horowitz's publication, The Origin of this bizarre racist lynching theory of national parks.


And if you're just joining us.


Story about how blacks do not like go to national parks because the trees remind them of their ancestors being lynched during slavery. Never mind the fact. Have you seen me these days on TV? Black family after black family going in national parks? Have you seen this one? I don't know recently, but there's been a whole campaign of African-Americans going to theme park national parks. The reason for those pizzas is to promote government owned land. I mean, leftist pizzas and they're designed to show wards of the state visiting government owned lands, how wonderful government is, how great, how beautiful government can make things.


And they've used a lot of black families, actors in these PSA, so that's why this story's kind of odd. The origin of the theory appears to be Carolyn Phinney, Finney was an actress, noted for an appearance in something called The Nuthouse. Then she became a cause celebre for race activists when she was denied tenure by UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science Policy and Management because her work did not meet academic standards. So she didn't get tenure at Berkeley.


She was fit to be tied, he's angry. She blamed racism for that. As did her supporters, and these days she is a diversity adviser to the U.S. National Parks Advisory Board. So what was not good enough for UC Berkeley is good enough for the national parks. She's also the author of something called Black Faces White Spaces, in which she claims that, quote, oppression and violence against black people in forests and other green spaces can translate into contemporary understandings that constrain African-American environmental understanding.


That's gobbledegook. That's leftist. She's attempting to be an intellectual with that collection and assembly of words. But it's basically this former actress and professor denied tenure at Berkeley who claims that trees are seen as racist in national parks because it reminds African-Americans of their ancestors being lynched.


Even if you wanted to make that up, you couldn't.


It would have to be a liberal brain to come up with that. I'm Ted Matthews. We'll be right back.


And back to the phones we go. Raleigh, North Carolina, where I graduated from college. Yeah, I did. Now, seriously, this is Doug, Doug, you're on you're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Thanks for calling.


I'll tell you what, Ken, it's a real pleasure to be talking to you today. And I am proud of you for getting to NC State through there.


I'm glad my parents heard that.


No, listen, it's a wonderful college and proud of you and proud of everybody at the EIB Network for doing what you're doing. And all my best to Katherine and everybody, because he all means a lot to most of us and he means an awful lot to all of us, that's for sure. But yeah, what I wanted to just touch on about Russ was that I was listening one day and a caller called in and they were talking about their children have read the children's books and the dad over time talking to the kids about it and realized that, you know, what Rush had become to him was a treasure map to the truth.


So I heard that phone call and after that and the EIB Network and Rush, he picked that up as one of his hashtags, one of his call to call Tagg's was he is the treasure map. Yeah. And yeah. And I tell you what, in today's society and even 15 or 20 years ago, we all need a treasure map to the truth. And I just wanted to say that no rush means a lot to us all.


Well, Doug, that's a beautiful sentiment. And I'm glad you called, because when we spoke to Katherine last week, or maybe it was a week before, she said that they're going to continue those books, the Rush Revere series, just historical series. I was so thrilled because my kids were little when they're 16 and 19 now, but they were little and we had these little kids and to put them into books, it was so refreshing that somebody in the media, a media icon.


Was doing the books for kids where they can learn history, and I can't say how much I those books meant to me, I read the books and I joke with my wife and I said, you know, we should we should learn some of these kids books to our neighbors. Maybe they they wouldn't be so liberal. And she said, no, I don't think you should do that. But see, I wanted to take him to the party. I'm that guy like I'm that guy that you may not want at the party depending on what's going on in the country.


Or I'm usually I don't know about you, but I'm usually chill, and the last thing I want to do when I'm socializing is discuss politics or work or I just like to lay low.


But the minute, you know, if I'm at a party and it's like the Six Million Dollar Man, I can I hear someone like four tables over and that Donald Trump, he's such a racist, then I'm that's it.


That that then I have to go over. I have to I have to leap into action and and ask questions and stuff, and that's. Crazy, you know, because it happens it doesn't happen all the time to me, I'm just saying that it's so funny that we have that caller earlier, right before Doug, who called and said, you know, why don't we march on the Capitol? And I think it's about timing. And when we want to do something peacefully and legally, again, I think there's some more incompetence that needs to be exposed by the Biden administration.


Who's to say we won't have a bunch of Democrats marching with us? They may not be in the Magots, but I got to tell you, I know a lot of Democrats that are losing their patience for.


What's going on in this country, and that's something we all, as Americans have in common. Rush used to say, keep the faith. And. It's easy to be brought down. It's easy.


To see our country through the lens of a television or a phone or a laptop, but as Rush did such a great job reminding us, the majority of Americans, even the majority of government, is good. Good intentions, quality people, people that love America, people that respect you and me. Now, if you really want to get energized, our team, Ali, and the rest of them today, they found this beautiful video clip. It might play just that little segment first, please.


It is a privilege to render you your earth.


Now, that is a father and son Marine duo. The father is a decorated Marine. He's been there for many years. His son just got commissioned. And it gives me goose bumps just telling you about it. It's just about a minute long. It's on Rush Limbaugh. Dotcom Marine father salutes his son for the very first time.


You'll be on a high for the rest of the week. Check it out. We'll be right back.


Part of the strategy is to convince us. The left needs to convince us that we're not winning, we're not in the majority, that's a strategy that they use and they they're pretty good at it because they control most of the news media and the schools. But the reality is the majority of people. Believe God, believe in God. And love the country and respect the military and respect police, the majority of people. Respect the flag, the majority of the people want closed borders, the majority of the people respect industry and small business.


The majority of Americans think we are the greatest nation on earth. These are all facts and we can't forget and forget. Those are the facts no matter what the news people say.


By the way, don't forget to go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom and see the tribute video to Rush narrated by Catherine. You'll see Justice Clarence Thomas on there. President Trump, Mike Pence, really cool behind the scenes stuff, how it all began and how it got to where it is now.


The EIB Network, by the way, have a great week. Bret Winterville is in tomorrow.


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