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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Now, normally, I wouldn't make a big deal out of it, but this time I think we might have to make an exception out there because this result, remember last week, last week, I was talking about what it's going to take to keep Biden hidden or what the Democrats need to keep him hidden in the basement. They don't want Biden coming out. They don't want things to happen that would force Biden to come out.


And that thing that might force Biden to come out has just happened. And greetings to you, Al Rumball ready to kick off a brand new week broadcast excellence. It is the week of the virtual Democratic Convention. Oh, man. Are we going to have fun with Bernie Sanders is already out there claiming it's his convention. He's already claiming that when Biden's elected that he is going to be stepping in and running the show. They just can't get the guy to shut up.


He's giving it all away.


Oh, man. Am I looking forward to this, folks is going to be one of those weeks. You know, when I say something, there's nothing left to say and nothing left to be said. And this is going to be one of those thorough weeks are could cover everything. And in fact, let me give you a heads up on something. I was going to lead the program with something today, but I've now been been forced because of the confluence of events, things that have happened since yesterday.


When I was deciding the content of today's show, there was a you know, I've been I've been warning everybody that I can for months.


That it ain't going to be the same ever in major American cities, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, it's not going to be the same because of what people are learning. For example, you don't have to live in New York City to work there. You don't have to live in New York City to do a bang up, stellar job there. If you are a company, you don't need to rent out a bunch of floors in a skyscraper to put employees in because your employees don't need to be there.


As a result of that, the restaurant industry is forever changed in New York. Broadway is not going to open until next spring at the earliest. Do you realize that many New York restaurants literally make over half of their nut selling pre Broadway show dinners? You'd be amazed when I first when I got to New York, that was they show up at five o'clock thinking, I'm getting into the restaurant where there's nobody there. It's jam packed, a recent jam packed because everybody was going in the theater.


So they serve and they get to me and they get them out. It's a massive amount of business that restaurants have lost. They're never going to get it back. And how can they stay in business with nobody in business through next spring? And who's in charge? The one thing that hasn't been attached to any of this is any accountability for the mayor of that city or the governor of that state. But, look, it's a lot it's a lot more detailed than that.


And what it really involves is here, let me tell you what got me started on this South Korean M.O. is the owner, Schlaff chef at Patsy's and Patsy's is one of the.


That's one of my all time favorite restaurants period, and certainly one of my all time favorite restaurants in in New York, Neapolitan, Italian. Just the greatest people, and I'm sure everybody has their favorite restaurants, and the thing that makes everybody's favorite restaurant, favorite restaurant is the people that own it and operate it. And certainly it's true of Patsy's. I meet women there every night practically after Rush Limbaugh, the television show, half the audience was in there.


And Sal is one of these people, Pattie's has been affected by Broadway, being shut down by a number of other things. But the whole restaurant industry in New York with a hot dog carts, you know, Lincoln Center, the museums shut down until next spring. You can't find a hot dog when they're gone. Are they ever coming back? Probably not. This is major, major stuff here. I've been I've been trying to warn people about it for months, and Governor Cuomo has ignored me until recently.


And the mayor, even if he if I was talking to him face to face, he still wouldn't get it.


So I got this e-mail from from Sal who said, boy, it's so great to listen to your show, you're so upbeat, it makes me feel better. And while that was nice, I think I began to ask myself a question. The South will have anything to be upbeat about. I mean, his restaurant business is his pre theater business. They've set up some tables on the sidewalk, but they can't open because of covid-19. They can't do any business inside.


So I was asking myself all day yesterday, and I've done the wrong thing by being upbeat. I mean, it's my natural tendency. Don't misunderstand. And I'm a preternaturally optimistic person.


But have I been preternaturally optimistic at the expense of dealing with the reality? Not a lot of people find themselves. It can't be easy for South cognito and millions or thousands of other restaurateurs like him in New York and in Chicago and wherever Democrats are running the show, folks, it is an absolute nightmare. So I'm asking myself, have I? Not let people down, but have I have I not shot straight with people on the circumstances? That they find themselves.


Don't misunderstand, I mean, I was very flattered to get Sal's reaction to the to the program.


But he talked about how uplifting the experience was, because there's so much despair out there and it got me to thinking, am I making a mistake by not focusing on the hardships that people are experiencing? Is it in other words, does it sound has it sounded like I'm out of touch? Not I don't think so, I mean, I've not I've not been falsely attached to a reality that doesn't exist. I mean, I haven't I haven't done that.


But still, it's a question I was asking myself yesterday and and last night. I know the immediate reaction. No rush. Russia got to stay upbeat. People need inspiration right now. But what if inspiration doesn't quite get the job done? What if, for example, Sal and other restaurateurs like him? What if he's never going to be able to return to his business the way it was, and if that's the case, how long can he hold out?


Next spring, Broadway shows next spring, we're not even in the fall yet, that won't happen until September 21st. So it got me to thinking, have all of the different changes that I have warned people about that that New York City is undergoing right now. And I don't think a whole lot of people have, actually, because they'd rather stay in the in the upby there, too, we're going to beat this thing. We're going to beat this virus back.


We're going to return. Everybody wants to return to normal, as do I. There is nobody wants to return to normal more than I do. And nobody wants to return to normal more for other people than I do.


So I have been thinking about about this, and this was going to be what I was going to lead the program overnight. Turns out I have led the program with it, but now I'm going to put it off to the side and come back to it as we go through all of the things in New York that have changed and maybe forever.


For example, and you know how many college students are there in New York on a daily basis in New York? How many college students? Not 600000, 600000 college students who are not there. They're doing remotely. Now, just think of the ancillary impact of 600 students, not their. Buildings not open. Education not happening, teachers, not whatever they're doing, and that's just one. Tiny little slice of the eight million or so people the city swells to during your average workday, 600000.


So education, what's going to become of education in New York? Those universities ever going to open up again? You might.


Oh, yeah, Rush. At some point, we're going to vaccine. We're going to have therapeutic.


Well, you wouldn't think so. But the longer this goes, the more people are going to adapt to how they're getting things done now. And the longer it goes and the longer it takes to adapt, the tougher it's going to be to change and go back to what was because people are going this what human beings do. We're adaptable and we are going to find ways to adapt to the things we can't do because we want to do them. So we're going to find ways.


To get them done. And those waves are going to be the ones that pass the test of time and experience and then one day magically, magically, we're going to be told, OK, virus is beat, virus vaccine, virus therapeutics, maybe we can now go back to the way it was. It just isn't going to be like throwing a switch.


And everybody going back because folks. Now, people have learned you don't need to spend four thousand dollars for one half of a closet to live in in New York. You can live in your home town of twenty thousand people and have a huge place. For half of what it was costing you in New York, you don't have to be in New York, the business owners don't have to rent all the commercial real estate to house you and give you a place to work because you ain't going to be there anyway.


And then what happens to all the restaurants that depend and all of the bodegas and all of the cultural centers that exist because they're populated by people, various pockets of the city? I think Cuomo is just starting to get an idea.


Of the dramatic and major impact of all this, but I want to run through it by. Subject or by area like the education, food, restaurants, culture, any any number of ways that this is going to have and some of the change may not be good. I don't want to be misunderstood. The change happens all the time. Change is constant.


Even when you don't think things are changing, they're going to if they haven't and people adapt, and especially the ones who are who are flexible and open to it, adapt first and sooner than others. Do you get some other people that resist the change? Because that's they were they were dialed in and they had it. They had it made. They had it figured out. And that's what they want to go back to. And they may not be able to.


Are they going to be able to to adapt? And this is true of Silicon Valley. The same token, you know, Apple just finished building a gazillion dollars spaceship type building and they have been they earned a profit during their second quarter during a pandemic with nobody in the building. They don't have to ever send people back if they don't want to. Now, they'll obviously will at some point send some back. But there are any number of things that.


Took place before the pandemic hit. That we are learning were not necessary. We were spending money out the wazoo because we had it. United States is an economic super engine and it was creating wealth in ways that people this is what frustrates me about listening to Democrats now. They haven't any concept of the wealth that this country creates when it's devoted to capitalism. And instead of that, we turn it over to Black Lives Matter and A.F. and so forth.


We were creating and producing so much wealth.


That we were able to extract huge sums of money from people for their education, for their rent. They wanted to purchase something, we were able to extract that money from them, we might have called it a student loan, we might call it FHA loan, but we were still able to get the money from them by by we I mean, the culture the society was able to extract. But now people have learned or in the process of learning that it really doesn't cost as much as they were spending for a lot of things.


So I will delve into this further as the program unfolds before your very eyes, the big news today, the Democrat convention kicks off today. CNN has a poll. And in this poll, Biden's lead has shrunk by double digits. This was only predictable, you know, when you get closer to the election, all these polling units have to have credibility. So there are periods during polling where they're trying to shape public opinion by releasing bogus results, which is what we've been dealing with up until now.


They make it look like Trump's going to get beat in a landslide. So you trump voters are supposed to get all depressed. You're supposed to think it's over, you're supposed to lose your enthusiasm and you're supposed to think Trump blew it because he won't stop tweeting, you're supposed to fall for all the criticism and you are supposed to just say, you know what, we can't win. We can't beat the media. We can't beat the Democrats. The hell with it.


You're supposed to go away. Now, we've gotten to the point where reputations are on the line and where the results of the polls are going to matter in terms of the credibility of the polling units. So this new poll from CNN says that bite means massive lead over Trump has evaporated in the last two months. By the way, it didn't just evaporate. Over one poll, it didn't just evaporate overnight, like they say, it's been evaporated last two months.


Have you gotten the impression in the reporting in the last two months that Biden was losing support? Now they've been telling you Biden is gaining support. They've been telling you Biden is running the table and Joe Biden is winning everywhere. Swing states, swing districts, swing precincts. They've been telling you Biden's up by tennis of my eight years of my trial. They've been telling you Trump has no prayer, no chanting all of a sudden now.


Biden's leaves evaporated the past two months, two months ago, CNN said, bite me, it was up by 14 points. Now CNN says Biden is up by four. Trump has gained 10 points, might me something it's barely outside the margin of error. Which is three point seven percent. Across 15 battleground states bite me. Lead is only one point four battleground states. This is where Biden was really cleaning up just last week. He was up by 10.


He was up by 12. He was up by eight. It was so bad it was over for Trump. Trump may as well. And then we got stories. Trump looking for a way to quit. Trump looking for a way out. Trump looking for a way to not have to do debates because Trump knows that all of that just this last week and now.


Trump is within four points. CNN's poll conducted entirely after he picked Kamala. She is not helping him with the African-American vote. Wait until you hear about this, but there's much more to this that you need to hear and know in terms of analysis.


It's coming right up. Don't go anywhere.


Now what? The post office. Oh, give me a break. You want to talk about a manufactured post office? What is it? Pelosi does not call Congress back to help deal with the covid-19 unemployment extension bill. No, no, no, no. We can't do that because we need the chaos. We need people to suffer. But she calls people back in for the post office. How long is the post office had a reputation of not being very good.


Your whole life, right, I mean, the post office, a favorite kicking ball, everybody beats up on the post now. They want to try to blame it on folks a little something. Don't fall for this post office. It is the biggest distraction. It's the biggest MUNCHEN. Nothing that they are trying to make a gigantic controversy at all. You have to know, Pelosi doesn't call Congress back to help deal with covid-19 extension, unemployment and all that, which is what is really needed.


But instead, she calls them back in to defend and protect the post office. Give me a break. Now, here's the point about this poll. You see, and if I told you last week, if they they need to keep Trump and his approval number at forty five or less, that's what permits Biden to stay hidden in the basement.


But this poll. That has Trump only down four and within the margin of error, just outside the margin of error and much closer in swing states like one point. I think this means Biden's going to have to come out now. And Harris. And that's not going to go well unless they are sandbagging us at Biden is faking having some.


Alzheimer's like episodes or whatever, the problem is, they have no alternative.


Well, there's the earsplitting. So hang on, we'll continue to second.


Yeah, I do believe that trumps daily press conferences that he's having in the covid-19, you know, reviving those, bringing them back to life. And it's all a factor and it's all part of Trump's gaming round. But I actually don't believe he lost that much ground. See, this is what I don't fall for, the fact that Trump is 14 points behind. You telling me that a week's worth of press conferences can bring him back from 14 to four, maybe, but I and then other things too, that they want to chalk this up to.


I just I don't believe Trump was ever that far out, especially in these in these swing districts or whatever. They're calling this a toss up states in these places that Trump barely won over Hillary. But here's look, folks, here's the point. I said last week that they that Biden has got to keep somehow Trump's approval number, the media, 45 percent or below. This CNN poll would trump down only four changes, everything this is this may force Biden to come out.


The last thing that they wanted, they're going to do something to reverse this. Harris, the same way they're going after the I think they were looking at owning this week virtually, but the Trump team is going to have a nightly recap of the Democratic. Is that not going to be great? The Democrats are going to do their convention in a virtual convention. And then when it's over every night, Trump and the gang. Are going to co-opt all the bandwidth they can.


And they are going to have a recap and it's going to be a blast, you just wait. Their problem is.


They have no alternative. Because in polling data right now, the country has a fifty one percent support of Trump's handling of the virus. Fifty one percent. I agree with Trump's vision for handling the virus. Similar number on getting back to school, a similar number on Trump supporting the economy, people think Trump is better suited on all of these things, dealing with the virus, getting schools reopened, getting the economy back up and running. In fact, there's even a major support for Trump's reaction to rioting and other issues.


You know, Durham and the the indictment of the plea deal and Kevin Kleinsmith, foreign policy, all these things are helping Trump right now. So when when Trump allows. The attorney general, William Barr, and Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, Betsey divorce and education, and this great guy, John Scott Atlus, when they let this go to the media, hate this guy.


Oh, they hate Scott Atlas at Man because they're scared of him because Scott Atlas is the exact 180 degree position from them. On the virus oh, and there's something else here, folks, the mayor of Minnesota, I believe, is very quietly here, come out in support of hydrochloric hydroxide, chloroquine.


Let me find this. It is it's it's a it's a quiet story. It's being kept very quiet and I think. Yes. Another Democrat quietly reverses the ban on hydroxy chloroquine. Minnesota governor quietly reverses course on hydroxyl chloroquine.


Oh, no. And Scott Atlus has been there all the way on the effectiveness of hydroxyl chloroquine. When this when this governor. When the Minnesota governor. Quietly reverses course. On this, and here's want another little interesting little tidbit of information you've heard of the country of Uganda. And the reason you probably have heard of Uganda is because they once had a murderous madman running the show there named Idi Amin Dada, and there were many movies made of Idi Amin that die in his own jeep.


He drove around just assassinating people. Big guy just ran around pointing guns, automatic weapons, just shooting people. Bad guy, Uganda has 42 million people, that's its population, Idi Amin Dada didn't quite wipe them all out. Hydroxyl Clark, when it is used every day and all the time in Uganda for malaria, lots of mosquitoes in Uganda, it's right there in the middle of Africa. And they have a huge malaria problem spread by mosquitoes, so hydroxyl chloroquine is used liberally.


You know how many deaths have occurred in Uganda? Since the pandemic began, try 13. 13 deaths in August, and they use hydroxyl Clark when liberally for malaria, which is what it was invented for and which is what it was tested for. They've had fifteen hundred coronavirus cases in Uganda, 13 deaths, 1000, 142 people have recovered. In large part because of hydroxyl chloroquine. So, my friends, our lady of perpetual hysteria, Nancy Pelosi, is in panic now.


They're trying to make the post office now the focus of Trump stealing the election. Because they've got some video of some people moving a couple of post office boxes, which, of course, a federal violation and are trying to claim the Trump campaign's ordering people out there to try to make this happen. But I'm just I'm just this this one move. From being down 10 points in the CNN poll to four points changes everything, particularly now on the week during the week of the Democrat convention.


Here's a story huge. Joe Biden alienated black voters by choosing Kamala Harris. The latest Rasmussen poll found that a third of black likely voters said they are less likely to vote for Biden after he picked Kamala Harris. A third said that they were more likely to do so. And another third either said the VP pick had no impact on their votes or that they weren't sure yet what impact it will have. Now, I'm just going to read you a quote from the story.


This is from the story. This is not your host rush bokeh. Kamala Harris, among the slimiest of politicians and her prickly style makes her less likeable as well. While Biden may have thought he would bolster his intersectionality credentials by picking the Democrat's great black Asian female hope as his V.P.. It seems he merely ended up shooting himself in the foot. This is, by the way, Tyler O'Neil is the author who wrote that I think the big mistake picking up, he boxed himself in.


He guaranteed that he had to pick a black woman or well, a woman of color had to check a box. Nothing about qualifications, nothing about making a wise political show. Like, why would you pick somebody? Who's not going to get you a single extra electoral vote? He's going to get California's electoral votes, whether she's on the ticket or not, in the normal ebb and flow of things, you pick somebody is going to help you in the Electoral College.


That's who elects the president. He picks somebody that offers no assistance at all and then may end up providing baggage.


And in that regard. Now, why you're asking? Why would Kamala Harris alienate black voters when for all intents and purposes, she appears to be black? Well, there may be this little ditty, Dinesh D'Souza have been looking into Kamala Harris, and he had a tweet a couple of days ago. The privilege Kamala Harris has enjoyed throughout her life was built on the backs of 200 black slaves forced to work on five plantations by her ancestor, Hamilton Brown.


I have yet to hear any sympathy from the left for these black lives, which evidently don't matter at all that apparently her. Well, look, this is not apparently we've all known it. Those of us who have studied Kamala Harris, those of us who looked into her background, we know she's not African-American. She doesn't have slave blood. She's not down for the struggle. She's not none of that. She's she didn't have any attachment like Obama didn't Obama didn't have any direct attachment to the struggle.


He'd have a direct attachment to Selma, even though he went there to try to make it look like he did, she doesn't either. In fact, her family was wealthy in Jamaica and they owned slaves. And it's it's not just Dinesh D'Souza, Jamelle Bouie in The New York Times finally admits Kamala Harris might be descended from a slave owner. Now, Jamelle Bouie is a male, I know that ESPN has some people named Jamal and they're women, so you don't really know until somebody tells you.


But this Jamelle Bouie is a male. He does not give his readers the slightest indication of how large a slave owner Hamilton Brown was. But Dinesh D'Souza has done the investigating and found out. And he's published the names, 200 Plus Slaves, owned by Kamala Harris, ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica, 1817. Hamilton Brown and his plantation are one of the largest planters in Jamaica. Brown now has a town named after him. It's called Brownstown in the Jamaican Democrat National Convention kicks off Chris Wallace.


Why is. He was on Fox over the weekend, I forget what might have been last Friday when Chris Wallace is stunned. He's never seen this before. Damnedest thing I've ever seen. He said Biden is trying to hide from everybody. All the way through Election Day, so he's done conventions, he's been covering conventions 1988, you know what? That's a date. That's the year this program, because Chris Wallace has been covering Democrat conventions while political conventions for as long as I have been behind the golden EIB microphone, he said this the first time in his career that a political candidate, a nominee, has not done an interview with major media the day before his party's convention is to begin.


I've been doing Sunday shows with conventions, I started to Meet the Press in 1988. I've been doing it on and off. Thirty two years. It always happens the Sunday before the convention. The campaign puts out the top officials to preview the convention and say this is what we're going to try get accomplished. So you know where we put counting the week on? Having a top official from the Biden campaign show up here, the campaign manager, the top pollster.


Those are the people that you get, the chief strategist, they come on, they talk about what they're going to talk about during the week and they set it up. They're not putting anybody out, the Biden campaign put nobody out. Yesterday or today, including the candidate. And Wallace said, well, maybe it's because we're Fox News and they hate Fox News, and then he said, no, it's not that because they're not putting him anywhere.


They're not putting anybody out on any of the Sunday shows yesterday. Chris Wallace is not understand what's going on here is a damnedest thing I've ever seen. You would basically give a campaign the whole show and as I say, it's a traditional thing. We're going to do it for the Republicans a week from Sunday. The Biden campaign isn't putting anybody out. Anybody want to take a guess why? Now that now there's all kinds of reasons why, but they're not.


They're not confident, basically, I'm telling you, folks, everything you've heard up to now about Biden being up 10, 12, 13, eight points, whatever, throw it away, it was never accurate. It was never true. And the fact that they are very reluctant and recalcitrant and they don't want to take advantage. Of promoting their convention on the friendly ABC, CBS, NBC, they're not going there either. Got to take a break.


We'll get started with the phones when we get back. So ask yourself this question. And by the way, CNN is just doing a little discussion here. Kamala Harris addresses skeptical voters in the black community.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. Isn't that why she was chosen? She looks African-American, maybe people have found out she Jamaican, Indian. Maybe the African-American community thinks you're trying to fool me here. We're not buying it. Whatever CNN. So this is real. They're doing a little story here on what's the problem?


How can she fix this? Here's the thing that gets me, the woman ran in the Democrat primaries for the nomination, she was the first to get out before a single vote had been cast. Why did she get out because she was throwing away money, every dime she raised was being wasted and then she got to the point where she's having trouble raising it. The point is she was rejected. She was the first one that Democrat voters rejected. Folks, it's a big deal to get out of the primaries, 16 people in there, whatever the number was before a single vote, before a single primary.


You would have thought if you're the Biden people or the Democratic National Committee, you would have thought that if she had pull with the African-American voting community, then it would have shown up in the primaries.


But it didn't it didn't show up. Much for Cory Booker.


Well, it certainly is short for Kamala Harris and now now they got a problem. What do they do, how do they fix the fact that she's alienated the Blackfeet? Let me grab Sophia in Baltimore. Great to have you on the program. Hi.


Hi. Russia to try to talk to you. And I'm so glad that I listened to your monologue today. It was very encouraging because I thought, oh, God. Well, of course, it's going to be another week of lies, lies, lies, embellishment, etc.. But I was really looking forward to this, the DNC convention with thread. But if you say it's going to be a fun week, it's going to be a fun week.


So I'm I'm changing my views right now. And I look at it with an open, open mind. That's good.


But so and so you're still you're still going to get mad. Don't the Democrat, the media going to be all the media is going to be telling you you're not watching what you're watching.


Well, I'll be watching and listening to some of my conservative folks on TV and local radio stations. And they and you you'll be ripping into them like a monkey on a cupcake, destroying everything that's like a monkey on a couple.


This is a racial component to that.


Oh, there's always going to be a six degrees of separation if you look for it. Right.


Monkey on a cupcake. Look, I was telling you the truth. I think it is going to be fun. And it's because of the CNN poll. Now, one of the thing, there could be a little sandbag in this so that they can show plug's with a bounce after the election. They almost have to do that.


But I will deal with your angst when when we come back when I have a little bit more time.


It's a decent point you're making out there, Sophia. Don't go away, folks.


Back before you know it, there are those who say that Plug's chose Kamala Harris to.


AP is big tech and in Silicon Valley because apparently he doesn't have the chops on his own to be able to appease them or assure them that they're going to be safe.


Where else are they gonna go anyway? We'll be back. Hang on, folks.


The Minnesota governor, Tim Walz, is a Democrat, has come out in support. He's reversed the ban. On hydroxyl chloroquine, how he did it very quietly. So you got to ask yourself why, because this is this is something that a lot of people have known is effective for a long, long time, but the Democrat Party has been resisting its usage because that would benefit Trump. They need to continue to pray for trade. Trump is some kind of off the wall genuine wacko nutcase who believes in and sponsors conspiracy theories.


And so they've invested a lot in the idea that Trump somehow would personally benefit from Hydroxycut and then it could kill you if Trump doesn't care and so forth. Now, here comes the Minnesota governor reversing the ban on it.


Could it be I'm just asking, could it be that even a Democrat just couldn't continue to deny his citizens a relatively cheap therapeutic? That he has been convinced works. Now, there are a lot of people. Who believe that Hydroxycut Raquin has been effective against the China virus for a long time, that it has proven that it is effective, that it should be over the counter, it should be every single medicine chest in the world, should be in your shaving kit, should be in your pocket, whatever.


So this Democrat governor comes along. He's a first term Democrat, clears the way now in Minnesota for doctors to prescribe Hydroxycut Raquin. It's still it says it's unclear if it was research, particular research that prompted him to reverse his ruling in March. In March, he issued a ruling which ordered the board of pharmacists to instruct pharmacists to not issue Hydroxycut when scripts unless the diagnosis was appropriate, which halted any off label prescription request. Now, the reason that it is unclear is that vaunts has been mum on why he resented the order.


There's been no announcement of new stories. Local lawmakers told me that they had no idea he had reversed course. The storywriter John Milton, more of the Foundation for Economic Education. I did it quietly.


Didn't anybody know it? I wonder why. Because this is a major reversal in the face of the official position of the Democrat Party is why? Bernie Sanders, we must keep pushing the country further left, and that's what you're going to see tonight. We had a caller told her and expand on her point. She called me the last caller the previous hour, said she was all down in the dumps when the program today started all down a Democrat convention afraid to watch it.


Then it was just going to be one depressing statement after another one. The media going to make it look like everybody loves them, make it look like they're imminently popular, make it look like there's no way they can lose. And she was prepared to just be totally disappointed, totally depressed, totally angry about it. She heard me start the program by saying, this is going to be fun. Can't wait to watch this. Totally changed her mind.


She called to thank me for being optimistic.


See, it's my natural state, but I'm not I'm not making this up. I'm not. Well, I think it is a golden opportunity. Look, they're going to do what they're going to do. They can't avoid being who they are. They're going to say what they believe tonight. They're going to send Bernie Sanders out there. We got to keep pushing the country left. Then we have first to elect Biden, then keep pushing the country left.


They're upset, progressives are upset, Democratic National Committee has given Alexandrea Augusto Cortez only 60 seconds to speak. Did you know that? Sixty seconds. Sixty seconds at the Democratic National Convention, DNC will read that as Joe Biden. Now, Joe Biden has tried to make her think that he has signed on totally to her green new deal. And yet she's going to get a minute. Do you think she's actually going to come off? You think she's going to finish in a minute?


This is a virtual convention. Folks, this is all on the line, what are they going to do if she refuses? To back out of her connection after one minute, how are they going to do it if they stick to it? They're going to have to kill her connection and it's going to be very obvious. It's going to look like a glitch happened or somebody did something on purpose. But the fact is they only want to give her one minute.


Now, why? This is an up and coming star. This is somebody claiming to be the future of the Democratic Party, everybody saying this on their side. She got some people that are mad at her. But I mean, on balance. Demographically, in all that, she's the future of the party one minute, while Crazy Bernie is going to get as many minutes as he can because Bernie Sanders knows this is his convention. He knows that Biden has had to adopt his agenda in order to get the nomination.


That's what it took to get Bernie to stand aside that in another guesthouse somewhere. And maybe a vote to get him to his lake house that he has. They had to pay him off somehow to get him to relinquish and give up on the nominations of Plug's could get it by acclamation. And. One of the things they had to give him was the agenda. And he's going to he is he's going to run with it. Look, there's all kinds of stuff wondering why I'm looking at this is fun.


Try this story. This this is from Friday's Politico. Politico reports Obama less than enthusiastic for Biden's candidacy. The sub headline, don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up, only he didn't say screw. You're probably sitting out there. What I haven't heard this. The last thing I heard Obama saw was a great Joe is in this and then it. No, folks, this is my point. Biden looked Obama looked at Biden as a sycophant. Biden was really valuable to Obama in one way.


And that was he was a total. Sycophant, if if Obama was in a jam and needed somebody, I'll give you an example, the 2012 Democrat Convention. Biden gave the address, they was introducing Obama. It was one of the most syrupy. Sugary, it was one of the most loyal. Speeches about somebody I've never heard anybody give. And whether Biden meant it or not, he came across as though he did Obama, the greatest human being to live, Obama the most thoughtful, Obama, the most considerate, Obama, the smartest, Obama, the greatest dad, Obama the greatest grandfather, the great whatever it was, Obama was it.


And he excelled at it. And that's all Biden's speech was. I watched it. I was mesmerized. I said, this is to Obama, this is the value Biden brings, but the fact of the matter is that Obama was continually embarrassed by the guy because aside from when he was on prompter, he's famous for these gaffes that he makes and he makes them all the time. And the story in Politico. That less than enthusiastic assessment of the presumed Democrat nominee, Joe Biden was made by Barack Obama, according to a Democrat who was quoted in Friday's Politico.


In fact, that's just one of many examples cited that revealed Obama's disdain bordering on contempt for Biden's candidacy, starting with the downer of a title. The president was not encouraging what Obama really thought about Joe Biden, about Biden. That's the that's the title of the story that ran Friday, Politico. Why would you do that? On the Friday before the Democratic convention, why would. Barack Obama essentially participated in a story that does nothing but run Biden into the ground.


What do you think? Could it be that there is some jealousy, I mean, I can't imagine it. Idea. Could it be that Obama has no faith? With the agenda that's largely his and crazy Bernies being in, Biden said Biden be there long enough to have it matter anyway.


You know, we never got any tell all books after the Obama administration, we didn't get any after the Clinton administration, we never get any Democrat tell all books, we get Republican tell all books all the time, even while a Republican president is still in office and we never get them about Democrats.


This is the closest thing throughout the article in Politico on Friday, you can see Biden acting like the Rodney Dangerfield of politics because he don't get no respect from Obama. Whose opinion of him is obviously much less than optimal? The words are not best friends forever. They're not at all close. Everything you've been told about the Obama and Biden relationship was manufactured. Young White House aides frequently made fun of Biden's gaffes and lack of discipline in comparison to the almost clerical Obama.


They would chortle at how Biden, like an elderly uncle at Thanksgiving, would launch into extended monologues that everybody had heard before. Ben Rhodes, Obama's former deputy national security adviser, who has was known for his mind meld with the president. Wrote in his memoir that in The Situation Room, Biden could be something of an unguided missile. Anonymously, sources quoted from Obama kept hearing through the race, one Democrat who spoke to Obama recalled the former president warning, Don't underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up.


He's entirely capable of doing it. Then can I get the political story? Also had this. We ready for this political, you would think is is is in the tank for for Biden, but obviously they're not politicos in the tank for Obama. Now, Obama is not on the ticket. But try this passage from this political story, Biden's own academic career was unimpressive. He repeated the third grade, meaning he didn't pass the third grade Vogue's. He earned all CS and D in his first three semesters at the University of Delaware, except he got A's in physical education and a B in great English writers.


Well, you know why he plagiarized the great English writers and still only got a B.


He got an F in ROTC reserve officer training candidacy, he got an F in ROTC, he graduated number 76. In his Syracuse University law school class that had 85 students. So he's number seventy six out of eighty five, he's the first Democrat nominee since Walter Mondale in 1984 not to have an Ivy League degree.


Don't tell me it doesn't matter to these people. He was not a binder person, Clinton and Obama aides said, what does that mean? It means he doesn't have a binder of people that he knows. He doesn't have a binder of contacts. You have a binder this and that. He's just he's an idiot. Politico essentially runs a story claiming that that Biden is an idiot. Academic career, unimpressive, repeated the third grade that all season D in his first three semesters.


University of Delaware Biden admitted as much in his 2007 memoir, Promises to Keep. He wrote, It's important to read reports and listen to the experts. More important is being able to read people in power. Another passage, the Biden Harris ticket has all the chemistry of an arranged marriage, they talk to each other from prepared notes. They talk about each other from prepared notes. They smile when together, yet look terribly uncomfortable, the arrangement was meant to make other people happy.


I'm telling you, folks, there is some major downloading on Joe Biden happening on the day of his convention to Friday to Saturday, all weekend long. Now, this is why I thought and think that this is going to be fun. We haven't even gotten to the portion here where the Trump team has announced they're going to host a nightly recap of the Democrat convention. That's never been done. See, this is another this is this is part of the massive change taking place.


And, you know, what's making this change possible is bandwidth affordable bandwidth. Affordable bandwidth is what makes it possible to work remotely. Did not have to pay exorbitant rent in New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles, yet be able to work there. So if you have a televised convention. If you're going to have a recap of the convention, you almost have to have your own TV network now, even Fox would not sell Trump an hour, I don't believe to do a recap of the Democratic convention as a Fox News channel, they wouldn't do.


They're going to do if there's any recapping to do, they'll have their people do it, not even Fox. But when we're talking the Internet. When we're talking zoom, we're talking YouTube talk, whatever forum you want to use to reach people, the Trump campaign can do anything they want. They can go out there, they can have their own response. To the. Convention every night. All they have to have and since everybody is going to be watching the Democrat convention via streaming.


How hard is it going to be to turn to the stream of the Trump team response is this convention is not on TV, right? I mean, the networks are covering what's happening here, but there is no place to cover. I mean, this is the speakers are speaking with no audience, there's no delegates, there's no rah, rah, rah, there's no whatever. So this is going to be since since the television coverage is not going to be exclusive.


Then it opens up all kinds of possibilities for the Trump campaign already have a built in audience to do their nightly recap.


Let's take a break and be back before you know it. Don't go anywhere.


Got another tweet here from Dinesh D'Souza at one o'clock in 25 minutes ago. He said, The left has been pulling down statues of George Washington, the founder of the country, because he owned slaves. They've been pulling down statues of Thomas Jefferson because he owned slaves. They've been pulling down statues of Alexander Hamilton because he owned slaves. Now they want to put in the Oval Office. Once Biden keels over a woman who is a direct beneficiary of five slave plantations and more than 200 slaves, that would be Kamala Harris.


Folks, there's no denying this. Her family were big slave owners, five slave plantations, 200 slaves.


The family wealth was created by virtue of these plantations. So the Democrats are out there ripping down all these founders', they owned slaves, and now they're going to put somebody in the Oval orifice who owned slaves or whose whose family did. And here just to show you just to show you that somebody has figured out maybe too late that they've got a problem here with Kamala Harris and the African-American vote. Let's go to CNN. When they were talking about this, I told you they were having a little panel discussion over, oh, oh, no, what do we do now?


Kamala Harris, not the black vote. Black voters expressing some problems. So we have here one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Alicia Garza. Was being asked a question by John King question in these protest marches for so many of the people, the word prosecutors, a dirty word. And yet you've had a recent conversation with Senator Harris. Can you share that with.


What I can say is that we've had several conversations with Senator Harris about a range of policy issues, some things that we pushed her on and other things that we had complete alignment around. There are a lot of people who are very clear about that and a lot of people who want to see more from her. And that is actually OK. In a functional democracy. What we do is we push candidates to be better and more responsive to the issues that we care about.


And so she should continue to be held accountable. She should continue to be supported in coming to the right position on the issues we care about.


What about gobbledygook? What she's saying there is that Black Lives Matter is working with Kamala Harris to get her head right. To get her mind right, and then how about just in a functional democracy, what we do is we Black Lives Matter doesn't believe in democracy. Black Lives Matter is an admitted Marxist organizations in their bylaws. It's in their Web page. They proudly brag about it. Functional democracy, my formerly sizable. But it ain't that anymore.


And she's full of it here. These people are in a panic.


No, no, no. I haven't forgotten the thing. I am going to spend all the time I intended to spend on what's going on in the big cities. New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, predominantly focusing on New York because they're the problems are more pronounced because I find it fascinating. As I say, I was going to lead the program with it today until the various individual stories about the Democrat convention surfaced, which naturally took precedence. I'm going to get to the phones here, Al Quico, just a minute here, too.


So if you're on hold, please be patient. You know, new school year has already started in some parts of the fruited plain. And will be within the next several weeks and other sections of the fruited plain. Everything's going to be different than last year, school start everything. You might be asked to homeschool again or your kids may be in some kind of rotating day schedule, it could be absurd. You could be going to school one day, take the next day off at home, then the next day back to school.


You know, when when liberals are put in charge of policy, it can end up being the most hornswoggled crazy thing. And you're just going to have to put up with it. You're going to be in and out of the classroom. And with these changes, you're going to have new devices in your home, laptops, tablets like iPads, desktop computers, so that everybody in La Familia can continue to learn and participate. New devices can mean new risks.


Your family's online privacy because you got to learn how to use them. Personal information that you think is being kept private may actually not be. Password protection alone does not stop cyber criminals. They've found ways to get into password managers or they've found ways to get into any part of your computer they want if you help them. If you respond to phishing attacks, if you click on links, you shouldn't click on, for example, they can still hack into your devices and steal information.


Now there's time. There's still time to start using Norton 360 in your home.


Norton 360 is just great, it includes a virtual private network that has bank grade encryption for online privacy. That's a virtual private network that shields your connection. Everybody in the family, your connection cannot be seen. It's no more complicated than that. Imagine if you want a pipe and actual pipe that connects to wherever your Internet service provider is from your house and inside that pipe is your connection. Nobody can see through the pipe. Nobody knows if there is a connection, even much less see it, a VPN is.


One of the safest things you can do to be guaranteed online, especially if you happen to end up on a public Wi-Fi network, Norton 360 includes real time device security against malware and ransomware.


It's got to it's got a password manager. I'm telling you, it's state of the art. And it's just waving, and Norton is they've been experts at computer hardware and software and online security for decades. Nobody better.


They give you multiple layers of protection now until September 6th, ready for this until September six, you can save up to 60 percent off your first year at Norton 360. Just go to Norton dot com slash rush. It's that simple. It's Labor Day weekend, by the way, so you have a little time, but sign up today while you're thinking about how best to protect your family, you don't you don't you don't want to allow somebody you don't want to make a mistake that lets somebody, Norton, through the VPN alone, will protect you from doing something stupid.


It really will, because nobody will see your connection to Hack Norton, dot com slash rush, 60 percent off through Labor Day, 60 percent off your first year.


I got an email here. Dear Mr. Limbaugh, I need to trade off your political experience and your brilliance. Isn't it true that in the old days, the party not having the convention used to just go quiet? They just got out of there, was it it considered good manners, wasn't it considered that mutual respect that when one party was having its convention, the other party basically shut down for the week? And then when that party that had shut down for the week had its convention, the other party then shut down for the week and literally did nothing.


To interrupt or trade on or is this not true, is my memory on this correct? Yes, it is. That is exactly what used to happen. Used to have that stuff is so out the window now. Trump is doing a four state swing. Today, four swing states, he's going to four states on the first day of the Democratic convention. He's going to have nightly opposition, he's going to whatever this Democrat convention is, Trump is going to have a nightly wrap up of it with his take on what it was.


Democrats are going to be fuming. They're going to be fuming and the Democrats, don't forget, don't have a Trump. They've got our lady of impeccable histeria and they got Nancy Pelosi, but that's about it. Chuck Schumer, who do they have that could do a recap of a Trump convention that would make you want to watch? It would be nothing but a sour puss, sour grapes, anger. Who do they have? It can make you laugh.


Adam Schiff. Eric Swalwell, who they're going to put out there, Mr. Sturdee, who would the Democrats put out there on the Hill? Who are they going to put out there if they want to do a riq? And, you know, they'll try. They'll try the same thing Trump is doing, they'll do a recap of the Republican and they'll lie about it, but who do they have that people are going to want to watch? The squad, so the Alexandra Castro Cortez, who they're only going to give 60 seconds, they're going to give this no way.


The woman who gets 60 seconds to speak, they're going to turn over the recap. No way. And then Rasheeda to liebe. And once her face the. Is what you want, Omar, from that from that movie. The Somali movie. Tom Hanks was in play, the boat captain. Well, anyway, the squad. The squad is their biggest draw. The squad is there. You're proving my point. You are making my point. All right.


Did you see the first episode of Hard Knocks? Training camp with the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams, as you watch it, Brian, you didn't. You watched hard knocks. Wait a minute. Why did you watch? I'm talking to Don, our official program transcriber. Why did you watch it? You watch hard knocks better than the hard knocks runs five weeks. You better watch. Well, anyway, the ratings were bad, the ratings were 270000 viewers.


Two hundred seventy three thousand viewers. There was no contact, there was no spitting, there's no crotch grabbing, none of the usual stuff.


There was no tackling, no huddling as nothing came to throw the ball to each other because the ball might have the virus. They can't do it. But you think that's why the ratings were to I mean, 270, the opening episode for last season's premiere issue was 750000.


So this is basically, oh, a little bit less than half. A lot of people are thinking that the ratings crash is just a carryover from the kneeling and the Kaepernick controversy. And so I don't know. That may be partly that I think they should be worried about something else. I think they ought to be worried about the fact that people just don't care. In general, this was two teams instead of the usual one. There was a new stadium involved, although they they really didn't spend much time at the at the new stadium anyway.


Let me get let me grab the call. I promised everybody would start this. Aberdeen, South Dakota. And Ryan, great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting. I appreciate it.


Thank you for taking my call. Rush, mega dittos. Thank you. Suffice to say, I'm about as far from either coast as you can be, and I grew up here, so I've never lived in New York or L.A. and I think maybe that's why I might have a little bit of a unique, if cynical, take on what's going on over there. I think that what you're witnessing in New York City is nothing short of a desperation move that's been going on for months at Democrats to try to weaponize the economy against Trump.


They're willing to torch what had been considered a major cultural and culinary centers in order to find something to blame on him, blame him on it. It's not it's not working. I think the polls that are out today are evidence that it's not working for them.


Well, I think there's evidence for that. But again, I don't I don't disagree. My my my point was not why. They are doing what they're doing in New York in laws, and my point was what they are destroying, that they may not know, that they may not see. You're right. The reason they're doing this, the reason that they are staying locked down and shut shutdown is because it's the the easiest thing they think they can do.


To keep the economy from recovering New York and California, the two big states are needed for an economic recovery, and if they stay locked down, essentially, if nothing's open, then the massive economic growth that Trump is promising may not happen, although I'm not sure that's going to either happen for the Democrats.


No, my point about this is. Whatever is the motivation, they don't have the slightest idea they may just now. Be starting to get an inkling. Of the snowball from hell they have put in motion. I think of this, since these are a bunch of liberal Democrats who hate capitalism and thus don't really understand it and don't dispute me on this. I don't. And because of their their self aggrandizement of their own political talents and abilities, they think they can turn an economy on by flipping a switch, whatever they need to.


Just by having government do something, they believe that government is magic and turn on economic activity like that, they're going to find out they can't.


And I don't believe that they had the slightest idea, the massive. Cultural, political. And economic changes they were ushering in. It is those changes that I am going to. Mention expand on put into perspective for people. Because it is destroying New York City is is being changed forever in a bunch of key ways that I don't think Andrew Cuomo yet realizes.


Now, he does realize that too many rich people have moved out, may not be coming back. So he's trying to beg them, entice them to come back and bring their tax revenue with them. But he still mostly joking about it rather than dealing with it with it seriously. But it is a it's a devastating series of things. That you're right, the purpose of this is to deny Trump any good news, to deny the country an economic recovery, that's the sole reason for this.


The reason they're letting Black Lives Matter riot in Seattle and Portland, the reason they're letting Antifa riot is to is to make sure. That they are given all that chaos to televise the blame on Donald Trump. People are being knocked unconscious, being beat up and tasered by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, I saw a videotape of a guy getting stomped in the head and knocked unconscious. I think it was in Seattle that forced he looked like he was in a Ford Bronco.


They forced his SUV off the road into crash and he was livid. He got out of the car, started pointing fingers at him, and they just knocked the guy unconscious and came close to killing him, shouting at him, calling him vulgar names. He's a white guy. Everybody else in the picture is black. And they hope that Trump is going to end up being blamed for all of this and these mayors and governors are allowing this to happen.


In their states and in their cities, precisely because it's part of what they think is the equation of defeating Trump anyway, I'm going to do this.


I'm going to get back to this in the monologue segment the next hour. So stay with us, folks.


All right. Here you go. Grab audio, sound bite number twenty two. Trump is hopscotching four states this week. Four battleground states during the week of the Democrat convention is used, never happened before, never be. The party that was not doing his convention hibernated, just went away for waves out of consideration, good manners, all that stuff.


So Trump this afternoon on the tarmac at the airport in Minneapolis, lives were destroyed while the leadership of the Democrat Party cheered, their dreams were burned to the ground. This is the difference between us and Joe Biden, Mayor Jacob Frye and Governor Tim Walz.


My message to Minnesota is clear.


I'm here to help you. We will bring back law and order to your community. This is really a good point, folks. Trump is saying here that the leadership of the Democrat Party in Minneapolis, this is after the George Floyd that they stood down, they stood aside while the city was torched, while the city featured looting and riots, businesses and homes were burned to the ground and Democrat leaders cheered. Democrat leaders cheered the dreams of their own voters being destroyed, being burned to the ground.


And they did they align themselves with the criminal element? Not the innocent, and then they started defending police talks. And so Trump is saying, if that's what you want, go ahead and vote for it, but I'm here to help you and we are not going to ever applaud your life being destroyed. We're going to deal with the people who are trying to destroy your lives. Here's Marilyn in Totowa, New Jersey. Welcome. Great to have you here with us.




It's wonderful. Let me just say for all of us out here that we're praying for you and that when you sound so powerful and strong, it gives us all hope. I needed to say that.


Thank you. Thank you very much. All right. But I'm calling because Michelle Obama is going to get on whatever stage she's going to get on tonight and talk about the racial divide in this country. And she's going to blame President Trump. And let me tell you, I know exactly when the racial divide and the and the antipolice movement began. It was July 2009. Obama was president only six months. And he said in commenting on the Henry Louis Gates arrest in Cambridge, he said, quote, I don't know all the facts, but the Cambridge police acted stupidly.


Oh, yeah, I retired prosecutor. And I have to tell you, my heart sank and I thought, this man is black and white. He had the chance to bring us together.


Oh, that was never the case. That's exactly right. That was never the purpose. It was never going to happen. There was too much bitterness. That's right. Skip Gates, some cop arrested him and Obama called the cops stupid, even after admitting you didn't have all the facts. And that led to the beer summit. You remember that in the White House where Skip Gates came in and had a beer with the cop and everything.


I suppose it was okay. That's a great, great recall.


You can also say that Pelosi is pulling a stunt here, calling Congress back into action during the Democrat convention.


But what for the post office?


A nothing scandal, but not covid benefit extensions. We'll be right back.


Focusing on, you know, folks, there's so much negative news breaking today about Biden. I'm beginning to wonder why. And maybe it's they don't want me talking about what I think is going to happen to New York. Because I'm telling you, it's going to be bad. Maybe I'm in law, I'm joking, of course, but I really don't know. There's this massive like like two examples just queered. This is John Solomon's website, just the news.


It's a new poll. Scott Rasmussen, fewer than half of all voters say that Kamala Harris is qualified to become president. Fewer than half. That's that's that's two polls now the first poll says that African-Americans, 51 percent, African-Americans are not happy with her. And we know that's true because CNN was doing panel discussions on it all morning and all afternoon. Oh, no, what do we do about it? Then there's this. Joe Biden cheated on first husband with Joe, her ex claims.


This is from the UK Daily Mail, Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, had an affair that broke up her first marriage, her ex-husband told The Daily Mail exclusive interview. Bill Stephenson says their story about how the presidential candidate fell in love with Jill after blind dates made up. The way the Bidens tell their story, Joe saw a picture of Jill in March of 1975 after her marriage had crashed and they went on a date and they've been together ever since.


But Stevenson, the ex-husband, claims that he and his then wife, Jill, met Biden in 1972 when they worked on a New Castle County Councilman Biden's first campaign for the Senate.


That's kind of written weird. Let me say what that means. Stevenson, the ex-husband of Cuckolded Guy, is claiming that he and his wife, Jill, met Biden. In seventy two, when they both were working on Biden's first campaign for the Senate, this is back where he was an admitted segregationist. A proud one. Now, at the time, Biden was married to his first wife, A. Who died with their daughter, Naomi, in a car crash between the election and Biden taking his Senate seat.


Ex-husband Stevenson said Jill and I sat in abidance kitchen, we worked on his campaign, Stevenson said that he first suspected Biden and Jill were doing the nasty. In August of 1974, he was then 26, Jill was 23 and Jill was 31. Stevenson said that one of her best friends told me that she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close.


That they were starting to do the nasty in public out there. That October, he got confirmation when a guy informed him that Plug's was driving his wife's car and the two of them got into a fender bender. Stephenson said, I asked you to leave the house, which she did, I considered Joe a friend. I'm not surprised he fell in love with you. So why is this stuff hitting now? Anybody want to hazard a guess, maybe they don't want me talking about what I think is going to happen in New York and L.A..


I can't be that that would mean they care what happens to Cuomo. This is just real and now and now, but the real big one, that that's that's that's one thing now Plug's is going to have to plug these trumps already survived. He's had the Access Hollywood video. He's already survived everything. Now, Plug's may have to respond to the fact that he and Jill had an illicit affair out there. We're doing the nasty before before ex-wife got divorced.


And now this daily poll with Scott Rasmussen asked if Harris, a freshman California senator, is qualified to serve as president of the U.S. if it were necessary, only 47 percent said yes. Folks, do you know how big that is? She is being chosen. With the 95 percent likelihood that she is going to be president. In the first six months of next year. Let's just be blunt about this. She was picked. Knowing full well that she is going to move into the Oval Office at some point very soon, if these people win, if Plug's wins, that she is going to be moving in the Oval Office as president very soon because it is widely expected.


It's widely thought, it's widely being planned for that Joe Biden is not going to be president for very long. There are some people who think that he'll resign the next day. Some think he's taking a month or two to resign. This is all predicated on if he wins, I don't think he's going to win. I think all this is moot.


But the point is. That if the person is really further. Makes curious her selection. The first woman out of the Democrat primary stop and think of this in a political context, my good friends, the first candidate out of the Democrat primaries. Before there was even a primary, before there were a single vote cast. The first woman to withdraw because she had no prayer was Kamala Harris. Of all the people. In the Democrat Party to pick. As not just your running mate, but the guaranteed person to become president very soon after Biden wins is a woman who was the first out of the race because she couldn't.


Generate enough support to even stay in the first election. This is always this fact alone has has has. Really stunned me in terms of her selection. Now, I know some people say that she was chosen to appease Silicon Valley. Fine and dandy, but Silicon Valley is going to vote for Biden no matter what. And they're going to give Biden money no matter what. And Google is going to do whatever it's going to do to punish Trump, whether Kamala Harris is the VP candidate or not.


So I don't know how far the appeasement of Silicon Valley goes because it's not as though their support is up for grabs. Now, there are some people who think that there are some Silicon Valley people actually like Trump and who might might go his way. But but Microsoft. No Google, no Facebook, no Twitter, no way. Maybe Apple, maybe Tim Cook. But even that if that happens, nobody will know it.


So it effectively doesn't count. We got two negative polls on Comilla, a African-Americans do not support her in a majority sense, and now this 47 percent don't think she's qualified or only 47 percent think she is qualified. And this stuff's coming out the day that their virtual convention begins in the news that Jill Biden. Slept on her husband, having an affair with Plug's. And that's how they got together, so, I mean, it it's it's fascinating, but folks, let me I know it's repetitive, but I have to tell you one more time just to make sure that I say this the right way.


They picked. As someone who, if Biden wins, is guaranteed to move into the Oval Office in a very short period of time, after Biden wins, after he's inaugurated. They picked somebody. Who had the least by a significant amount, the least amount of support of anybody that actually ran for the nomination on the Democrat side, there were a lot of people that ran. There was an Tawang out there. There was Tulsi Gabbard out there, Pocahontas.


Yeah, crazy Bernie, you had a long list of people. Long list, in fact, it was so big they had to have two debates. One on a Wednesday night, one on a Thursday night to count them from all, they had some obscure governors here and there and it may even twenty three people total and of the 23 people they pick. And it's very it's not just buy, they pick the candidate who garnered the least amount of money and the least amount of support.


Now, they can see this as easily as I saw what's the real reason she was chosen? Is the real reason she was chosen that somebody in the Democrat Party really wants her to be president, but they knew she would never get there on her own. Remember, I had a theory I was telling you this theory last week and the week before it that Biden isn't running his campaign. We know this is the case because he simply doesn't have the mental capability to do it.


And I'm not making fun. I'm not laughing at it. I'm being factually here as honest as I can. He's got some mental acuity problems. Everybody knows it. They've been acknowledged. And I have long thought that there's either a person or group of people that are actually running this campaign to put themselves in office. But never seen. They didn't run. They didn't have to spend any money, they didn't have to get into a primary, they didn't have to suffer any kind of rejection, but the people running the Biden campaign are the people that are going to be running the country.


This is my theory, because Plug's isn't up to it now. They choose Comilla. And I don't know, do you pick her because somebody in this group really, really wants her to be president because she will do whatever they say and the only way to get her there was to make her the VP because she couldn't get there on her own.


Look, there's got to be an explanation for it. And if we keep throwing things up against the wall, I'm sure that it'll occur to me. Which I, of course, will do. Now let me get back to what I originally was going to start the program with today. One of my good friends, South Schocken, the M.O. is the the chef at Patsy's in New York. On fifty sixth, between eighth and Broadway. Great family, the in middle family, they've run patsies for 50 plus years, maybe longer now.


Used to go there after Rush, the TV show three nights a week audience, half the studio audience went their. They were just fine, fine people. And Sally wrote an email recently to me. You know, he's like anybody else that s gotten the mellow, Patsy's had a had a very, very successful pre theater dinner business. A lot of New York restaurants. Do you know, the theater kicks off at 7:00, curtain goes up seven seven thirty people don't want to wait till 10:00 to eat.


So especially out of towners. So they go to restaurants that are serving class quality, five star meals. They go to five in the afternoon. So that they can take their time and have a really nice meal and still get to the Broadway show, they're going to with plenty of time and a lot of New York restaurants made a lot of their daily not catering to that crowd. Well, Broadway has been shut down since the city and since the country was locked down.


And the people that run the show say it's not opening. Broadway is not opening until the spring of twenty twenty one at the earliest. So these people in the restaurant business, just them. They've got nothing. They can't serve dinner anyway because the city is still locked down, they've set up, you know, a few tables on the sidewalk outside, but it doesn't come close. To replicating the actual capacity of the restaurant anyway, so Skout s sends me this this note thanking me for being so uplifting, talk about how uplifting the experience was listening to my show, because there's so much despair out there.


And it got me to thinking the despair is real. The despair is genuine. And I asked myself, am I making a mistake? By not focusing on the hardships that they are all experiencing and facing. Which led me to ask, you know, am I sounding like I'm out of touch and, you know, it's not hard to do that if people are in the midst of despair and I'm sounding all up and and happy and and optimistic, it may it may be tough for people to relate to.


I don't have business like there's. The the covid-19 lockdowns and shutdowns have affected my business. Now, I'm aware of all the businesses that are affected, the restaurant business. There are countless others. So. What what if all this upbeat inspiration for me is missing the boat, what if, for example. Sal is not going to be able to return to his business model. Because the business model is going to have to change. I mean, if.


His business model depends on the theater crowd, and he's already being told spring. What does that mean? Spring runs in March, March to June. If he's already being told spring at the earliest, that means he's looking at. Six months before he can start recouping any of that business. Is New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, these places, are they ever going to resemble the recent past? I have warned about this very real possibility countless times.


So I ran across a story, this is what reminded me of Saule Scott OzEmail, I ran across a story that was a reprint from a guy who does a podcast. His name is James Altucher, and I have no idea if I'm pronouncing that right. Altie, you see, H.E.R. And he's the founder of the James Altucher show podcast. And he's got a story. I printed out five pages. New York City is dead for ever, and here is why.


And he goes through the various categories he uses to make these assertions business. Culture, food, commercial real estate, colleges. And education in general. And it's hard to disagree with him, but I got to take a break, we'll continue when I get back, so don't go anywhere. OK, deal.


Now, there is there is one reason and there are many reasons, but there's a there's a big reason why cities like New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago. Don't have much of a of a of a prayer of rebounding. And it's bandwidth, folks, bandwidth, the cheapness. Of high speed Internet, this is what enables people to not have to be in these cities. This is what enables people to live where rent is reasonable, a smaller town, safer town.


It enables businesses to let you work remotely without having to go out and pay exorbitant rent for an office tower or a floor or two in an office tower.


And since that happens, what's the next shortage that New York City and other places are going to have Waitz people? You need for New York to recapture what it was and Cuomo, they've already blown this in their zeal to do damage to Donald Trump, in their zeal to do damage the American economy. They have they have thus rendered it sensible. And reasonable to not return to the city. And without the people, without the eight million bustling citizens coming into that town every day.


Using mass transit, paying the taxes without the people engaging in the daily effort to get into the city, to live in the city, to work in the city, to eat in the city, than to get out of the city at the end of the day. Without that, the cities have no prayer. They're not going to have the work force that will justify exorbitant real estate prices. It's stunning and that's why this change. That these people are affecting, affecting is going to be.


Likely permanent. Bandwidth. The ability to furnish high speed connectivity. At really affordable prices. That is what enables everybody to not have to live in these cities and do the work same work they were doing when they did live there.


Hi, welcome back. Now, folks. I wasn't going to read this whole five page story to you. And even if I was, I don't have time to do it now. But we're going to link to it at Rush Limbaugh dot com. You really need to read it and not all of it, but you need to give us some idea of it, because it really is is the reason it caught my attention. It's exactly you know what this is?


It's exactly what I was saying about all this without the emotion. This guy has plenty of emotion story because he loves New York. He is a New Yorker. He's an entrepreneur. Angel investor, owns 17 companies or started 17 companies, know 20 companies, 17 have failed. One of them is a comedy club that he that he opens. He's written a best selling book. He loves New York, but has left. He lives in South Florida.


And he thinks whereas New York recovered from the financial crisis of 08 and recovered from 9/11 and recovered from the financial crisis of the 70s, that it's finished. New York is finished now. Now, he doesn't say it's bandwidth, but as you read it, bandwidth is one of the central reasons why it enables people to work there without being there. And if they're working there without being there, there's nothing they're doing. They're they're not eating there. They're not using cabs.


They're not they're not spending any money there at all. They don't live there, they don't patronize anything, they're probably going to be happier, they're going to be paying smaller taxes, any number of things, the culture isn't going to be the same because the people aren't going to be there. So let me give you just a couple of pull quotes to give you an idea.


Now, New York City is completely dead, but New York City always bounces back, no, not this time, but New York City is the center of the financial universe. Opportunities will flourish here again. Not this time. New York has experienced worse, come on, no, it hasn't. And then he starts, let's look at business. Midtown Manhattan, the center of business in New York, is empty. Mr. Snowden was just there, Fifth Avenue stores are boarded up.


And they're not just boarded up to protect from looters, they are boarded up because they are closed. Fifth Avenue is billionaire millionaires row in New York, that's where the most expensive retail outlets in the world are.


They're boarded up. If people not return to the city, and I guarantee you, the longer this goes on, the more people are going to adapt to not being there. Human beings are very, very predictable and once you adapt. And the adaptations necessary are going to be preferable. To being there. Even though people can go back to work. Famous office buildings, like the Time Life Skyscraper are 90 percent empty, businesses realize they don't need their employees at the office.


It's not just the employees. It realize they don't have to be there. The employer realizes he doesn't need them. They're. In fact, they realize they're even more productive without everyone back at the office, the time life building can handle 8000 workers now, maybe 500 are in there. What do you mean? A friend of mine said to me when I told him Midtown should be called Ghost Town. I'm in my office right now. I said, What are you doing there?


Packing up, he said and laughed. I'm shutting it down. Another friend of mine works at a major investment bank as a managing director before the pandemic, he was at the office every day, sometimes working six to 10 a.m. to p.m.. Now he lives in Phoenix. As of June, he told me I had never been to Phoenix and he moved there, does all his meetings on ZOM. Now, a third wave of people are leaving, but they might be too late.


Prices are down 30 to 50 percent on rentals and sales. They may never get their money back. They have waited too long to try to sell. No matter what the real estate people tell you, rentals. Are soaring in second and third tier cities like Nashville. And other cities, similar size rentals are soaring. Businesses are remote. Now and they aren't returning to the office and it's a death spiral. The longer offices remain empty, the longer they will remain empty.


In 2005, a hedge fund manager was visiting my office, he said in Manhattan, you're practically trip over opportunities in the street, but now the streets are empty.


His next subject is culture. Broadway is closed until at least the spring Lincoln Center is closed. The museums are closed. Forget about the tens of thousands of jobs lost, forgotten even about the millions of dollars of tourist and tourist generated revenues lost. There are thousands of performers, producers, artists, the entire ecosystem of art theater, production, curation that surrounds these cultural centers, people who have worked all of their lives for the right to be able to perform even one time on Broadway, whose lives and careers have been put on hold.


I know there was a pandemic, but the question now is what happens next? And given the uncertainty, since there isn't any known answer and given the fact that people, cities, economies loathe uncertainty, we simply don't know the answer. And that's a bad thing for New York City. Then he goes into food and what's happening to restaurants, which I've. Which I've covered, he makes some interesting observations, by the way, says that some restaurants, you know what, it's going to be great, all these restaurants closing, I'll have less competition, he says, I don't think you understand how restaurants work.


Restaurants want other restaurants nearby. That's why there's one street in Manhattan, 46 between eighth and ninth called Restaurant Row. It's in the theater district and it's one restaurant after another. All restaurants, that's why there's another street called Little India. Then there's Koreatown and there's Chinatown. There's Little Italy there, restaurants everywhere right next to each other. Restaurants happen in clusters and people say, let's go out to eat. Even if they don't know where they want to eat, they go to the area where all the restaurants are or where their cuisine they want is.


What happens to all the employees at work at these restaurants, they're gone. They left New York City. Where did they go? I know a lot of people went to Maine, Vermont, Tennessee, upstate Indiana, back to live with their parents. They're gone. They're gone for good. They're not coming back anytime soon because the city hadn't opening up any time soon. And one person wakes up today and says, I can't wait to set up a pizza place in a location where 100000 other pizza places just closed down, i.e. in Manhattan.


So people are going to wait a while and see they want to make sure the virus is gone or that there's a vaccine or there's a profitable business model. All of this is going to take time and they're going to adapt to not being there. Governor Cuomo, I'm telling you, doesn't even have the slightest idea what is happening in his own city. And that mayor certainly doesn't. And they're acting like they actually don't care. Which is even worse then there's the other topics here he discusses are commercial real estate colleges and the city itself.


It always comes back. But here's the one thing that this piece is missing. My friends who shut these places down. Who did this, not the people who left, the people who left New York had no choice. Their city was shut down and it wasn't the virus. You can say all day long it was the virus, but the virus was everywhere. All these people who voted for Cuomo and all these people who voted for de Blasio, they are moving, they have left, they're moving toward normal people live.


And this guy that writes the piece, Mr. All Tushar, never mentions the botched leadership, never mentions the mayor, never mentions the governor. He gave them a complete pass, in fact, when he says this is not to say what should have been done or should not have been done, that part's over. Now we have to deal with what is I'm sorry these people are going to come up for re-election at some point. It does matter what they did.


And why they shut down this city. Ostensibly to protect the population, that wasn't that they shut down the city to do their part for the Democrat Party and doing damage to the U.S. economy in order theoretically to hurt Donald Trump, they get a pass and all this. When instead, what's needed here is some accountability, you don't just these are the two people that have supervised and presided over the destruction of what many say is the greatest city in the world, and they accomplished that in two months.


Just like a bunch of other people accomplished this slow down to the U.S. economy in two months, these people did it to New York and then the governor and mayor out in California, in Los Angeles, San Francisco. Now, when you talk about bandwidth, there's one of the thing I've got to mention. Bandwidth, high speed bandwidth, which enables all of this remote working. It enables zoom, it enables FaceTime, FaceTime, audio, whatever the communication mode that you're using online.


It is affordable bandwidth.


Do you realize have you ever lost your Internet connection for or have you ever suffered a slowdown? Have you ever. Have you ever suffered throttling? Has your phone company or your Internet service provider ever slowed down your connection speed for whatever reason? Do you know how frustrated you get?


Do you know how frustrated you get when your Internet is down? Do you realize how much you would pay to get it back? It is such a part of everybody's life now. Having the Internet available whenever you want it, whenever you need it, at reasonably fast speeds. So how vulnerable does that make us? To a bunch of bad guys like the trichomes or the Russians who want to come in and start, if not shutting down the Internet, throttling it and making it really slow.


And then demanding ransom to speed it up and ransom, maybe not money, ransom could be political things. I got to take a break here, I have a theory I want to share with you about Kamala Harris and why she was picked and a fascinating series of sound featuring the former chairman of Congressional Black Caucus, James Clyburn.


We'll be right back.


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You just put the sensors where you want them and you're up and running. What's left for you to do is arrange a 24/7 monitoring. That's only fourteen ninety nine a month, fourteen ninety nine a month, not 50. And there's no two year contract to sign. They'll throw in, let's see, a free HD camera. That's a big deal because an HD camera will allow the police to see if there's actually a burglary going on and if they can see it, they know it's not a false alarm and they'll dispatch cops immediately.


You can have a security system in a condominium, in an apartment, one bedroom, two, but doesn't matter. Doesn't have to be a house that you own. You can put it anywhere now. Simply safe. USA dot com. Three million American households and counting are now using it. Free HD cameras simply save USA dot com. Let's go south by twenty three. I got to go faster. This is James Clyburn, the Congressional Black Caucus this afternoon on Fox.


All this talk about Kamala Harris not being popular with African-Americans question Kamala Harris urging black Americans to vote, why is this even an issue? Why does he have to say to black people, go out there and vote?


Nobody is beyond needing to be convinced people have their different. Why not? That's what a democracy is, is about different views coming together and working through those differences and trying to find common ground.


Do you think Joe Biden knows that? Because in his recent remarks, he said things. If you're black and you don't vote for me, you're not black. Do you think your candidate gets what you're saying?


He is a much better man than the alternative. Oh, he understands. Oh, there are differences of opinion. Oh, and he was making light of a situation. We all knew what he meant and what he meant. What I said at the time, I cringed when he said, oh no, he cringed when he done said it.


He cringed when blood said it. Oh no. Well, we didn't know that he cringed when Plug's said it, we didn't know that until just now, he didn't answer the question, what in the world is Kamala Harris having to convince black people to vote for this ticket? What's that about? He didn't answer that. So let's go back August 5th of 2020. The National Association of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists Virtual Convention.


Yes. And by the way, what you all know, but most people don't know. Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And the African-Americans are monolithic. They know that there's no differences. They're just, you know, Hispanics, you people, you're really diverse. But blacks. No way, dude. No way. I guess James Clyburn was cringing then.


And let's go back to May 22nd. When Plug's appeared with my old buddy Charlamagne, the God on his Breakfast Club show, you got more questions by telling if you have a problem, figuring out whether you're for Mr. Trump and you ain't black. If you have a problem figuring out whether you for me or Trumpton, you ain't black. I have a theory on Kamala Harris.


I'll tell you, nobody jams more into a program than this one. I think if you look at her, why she on the ticket? I've been asking myself, she didn't get any votes, not why she's on the ticket. If you look at her record as D.A. and attorney general, California, San Francisco, she punished her political opponents. She rewarded political supporters. She helped enshrine the one party permanency in in California. And as president, she'd do the same thing, which at the national level means moving hard left, disempowering states and businesses and individuals and centralizing power in D.C. where they intend to control decision making for generations.


My point is that the reason she may be on the ticket is specifically because of what secured her defeat in the primaries, a rabidly ultra far left radicalism that they are counting on her using and employing eventually as president.


I'm sorry to all of you on hold that I didn't have a chance to get to you today. Very, very sorry. We'll try to get back to some of you, but I just had too much I had to squeeze in there.


I appreciate your patience and holding on. I'll be back and see you tomorrow.