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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast, my friends, I have to tell you, I did not see any super.


Talent and presentation orchestrated by big tech. I didn't see any Hollywood production values, I didn't see anything that stood out. I mean, they got a Hollywood producer on this thing and Eva Longoria not wearing a bra they got. Well, you know, she got a connection to the NBA. She was married to a player there for a couple of minutes, then then they bring her. Just didn't you know what it was? The convention is just like Biden's campaign.


They're phoning it in. He literally looked like they were phoning the thing and they could have mailed it in, except Trump stole on the post office boxes, right? Trump stole all the mail. But getting that some story out there that Trump is still my friend. I told you it was going to be fun. It's great to have you here. Rush Limbaugh behind the gold.


And did anybody Neil, did that was there anybody kneeling? Did they play the anthem? Because maybe that's why there was no kneeling. They did they did Pledge of Allegiance to the flag. Well, I don't know.


You know, it's true, they could have been kneeling because they were shooting anybody from the neck up. Have you ever you've heard the phrase politics is showbiz for the ugly. There it was. If you've ever wondered what that means, there it was. What a boring presentation. And the fact that the media was salivating over it and going nuts over it is all the evidence you need. They have been telling the truth about things now for four straight years.


There's a lot to discuss about the Democrat convention. And every four years we we do this every four years. I'm inundated with e-mails from people who are alternately scared that people are going to fall for everything, all the lies. And people are alternately angry that people are going to fall for all the lies.


And they're alternately just really, really worried that all of this is going to succeed and work. I have to tell you, folks want to know how out of touch the party is.


The big speech last night was delivered by everybody knows Michelle, my Belle Obama.


Now, two things about Michelle, my Belle Obama, she did not mention tonight, I didn't even catch this.


But I was watching it on Fox, and when it was over, they went to Donna Brazile, who was fit to be tied. Donna Brazile was mad as hell. Because Michelle, my belle, didn't mention Kamala Harris, not once. Well, folks, it's easily understandable what Michelle, my Belle Obama, lived to the 12 million dollar mansion in Martha's Vineyard. She's sitting up there with a 100 million dollar Netflix deal. She wasn't going to get anywhere near wherever this convention was, she was she was she was holed up at Martha's Vineyard where you're not and you probably never will be.


But she taped this here, this is excuse. She taped it a week ago. Taped it. I have to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I you know, I, I personalize a lot of this stuff in terms of of of performance. I do everything. I do live. I do my best work live. I do my best work under the pressure of live because you can't stop and do it again. You can't stop and say, take two.


So and I just this is the way I have worked for 40, 50 years in radio, and I'm not, in my estimation, is another one of the reason TV, I'm not nearly as good when things have to be planned, when certain things have to be on the teleprompter and then read because they have to be said in television. A lot of times you have to write down what you're going to say.


So legal the legal department can make sure that they're not going to get sued after you say it. And that's just not the way I work best. My my brain, my vocabulary expands as such. As right now, when I'm doing things live, I can't sit and write a speech. I literally don't have the ability to do it because there's no pressure. I get distracted and sidetracked. And as I start typing, my my fingers can't keep up with my brain.


And if I make a typo, I stop and correct it and then I lose my train of thought.


So I do things much better under the pressure of live.


There's not one person in that convention less than Eva Longoria, I don't even know if this who was Leive? Everything was on tape. I don't know how many takes they did, but I guarantee you Michelle Obama could have gone back in after Kamala Harris was announced and either redone the whole speech or just done an insert that they could have edited in. They could have made it look smooth because at some point that speech was done and in the can. In plenty of time.


For Biden to have made the announcement is going to be Kamala Harris. The point is even after it was announced. That Kamala Harris was the VP, Michelle, my Belle Obama didn't care enough. And nobody else apparently did didn't care enough to go back in and, you know, do a little 15 or 20 second insert or maybe redo the whole thing. Now, maybe they thought it was so hot. Maybe they thought it was so good that they didn't want to risk doing it again.


But I just I think that's why when you're watching one of these things, one of these conventions live, even though they have become predictable and they have become television show like mini series, you know, when they stopped selecting the candidate at the convention, when the candidate, the nominee was selected in the state primary system, that made the conventions foregone conclusions. And so they had to come up with their ways to add drama. And they manufactured the drama and they had professionals from Hollywood and so forth do it well.


They had professionals trying to help them last night, Silicon Valley experts, Hollywood experts. But you could not tell that anybody that knows what they're doing in putting together entertainment razzmatazz had any involvement in that last night.


Now, I think if the speakers had been live, it would have been much more dramatic. It would have been much better. Simply because the pressure is on when you go in and you can tape something and you know, when you start that, you can stop after five seconds and start again or you can stop after 20 seconds and start again, or you can stop and do an insert. I'm telling you, it just changes the the sense of urgency you have to get it right, the sense of urgency to perform to your peak level when you can stop any time and go back and fix any mistake you make.


The idea, of course, is to not make any mistakes. So I know I am transposing myself into the circumstance, but I'm doing this primarily just to share with you how I, you know, work best. And it's simply because this is how I've done it my entire career. If you do something a certain way for five years, then 10 and 15 and it's going to become old hat to you to become second nature, it's not going to be difficult at all.


And people tell me they couldn't do adlib three hours a day and most people are probably right.


They couldn't do that. It takes a certain mindset, takes a profound degree of being informed and a profound amount of knowledge and the ability to recall it. But that's that's what I do. That's that's that's the challenge I give myself every day. And there didn't seem to be anything challenging, there didn't seem to be anything special. And to top it off, here's Michelle Obama with this big topic, this big investment in the subject of empathy.


Empathy she talked about you can't be in politics without empathy, knowing what it's like to be in other people's shoes. Empathy is different than sympathy. You understand that empathy is just another word for caring. And I maintain to you that the left is a bunch of phony, empathetic carers. They don't really care. They just want you to think they do. And that is supposed to convince you that they are special people that they care. Doesn't matter, ask African-Americans how much the Democrats have cared about him in 50 years, how much it's meant to their lives improving answer zip, zero, nada.


But if you want to if you want to give a speech and you want to talk about empathy. How in the world do you not mention the victims of the riots and the violent criminals? How in the world, if you're going to talk about empathy and how you've got more empathy than the Republicans, how in the world do you not?


Talk about what is happening to law abiding people in your own cities and states like Seattle and like Portland, they didn't even mention it, not just Michelle, my belle. Nobody mentioned it. So by extension, we have to think they don't care about what is happening to the law abiding in Portland or Seattle. Hint, hint, they don't because they have made it clear that they align themselves with Antifa, they align themselves with Black Lives Matter, they align themselves with the law breakers, they align themselves with the looters and the rioters.


And the people who are destroying private property and businesses. Not one. And then Michelle, my Belle Obama starts talking of those dystopian terms, this this I did.


Is this how they're going to win the election, really? She sits up there and she says, if you think it can't get any worse, you better think again because it sure as hell can really as it is, people need to go back and look at how other Democrats who have won the White House campaigned for it.


And there's not a one of Mondale tried it against Reagan in 1984, lost it a forty nine state landslide. McGovern tried it against Nixon in 1972. He lost in a similarly sized landslide defeat. JFK did not do that in 1960 against Nixon, and he wins. But I don't know what it is about these people, but they are obsessed. While talking about empathy, they are obsessed with dystopia. They are obsessed with relating to people on the basis that life is misery and that it sucks and that there isn't much chance to improve.


There isn't much we can do. There's certainly nothing you can do. Maybe Biden can fix. Maybe Kamala Harris. But you got to vote for him if you want to have any chance. What's the what the hell kind of message is that? I know there's a lot of Democrats who respond that I know that maybe 35, 40 percent of the country will fall for this. I understand that.


Don't I'm not I'm not naive about this, but I just I don't think, you know, the media salivating. By the way, not all the media is salivating over this. I have examples here of some in the drive bys really worried about what happened last night.


No, no. Well, you hear it, it's it's some people in New York Times, some others are very, very worried about what happened. We've got media montages of of what you think where they are in lockstep.


But you know what they're in lockstep about? They wish that that Michelle, my Belle Obama, was the nominee. Wait, don't you hear that montage? They wish she was the nominee. Hey, drive bys, she ain't leaving the 12 million dollar mansion in Martha's Vineyard where just down the road, a skip gates from Harvard. She's not leaving. She's not giving up the 100 million dollar Netflix deal to go back and live in a house that she said was built by slaves.


And she felt very uncomfortable the whole time she was there. We're talking about the White House. No, the Democrats, not a one of them, not just Michelle, Michelle Obama, neither one of them last night acknowledged what's going on in our cities. Their cities, Democrat, blue states, blue cities. And you know, something else is a lot of polling data out there. That shows that a majority of Biden voters are not really voting for Biden.


They are voting against Trump and I saw some analysis on on cable today. That's bad news for Trump. That is really bad news that a lot of Biden voters and I think it's it's close to like 50 percent. That a lot of Biden voters are not really enthused about Biden, they just going to vote against Trump and that this is somehow bad news. I profoundly disagree with that.


I think it's the exact opposite. You're going to have people who want to vote for you and you've got to be able to build that number, you've got to be able to grow that number. You have to be able to create some momentum out of that number for these people to run around and admit. That a significant portion of the Biden voting class doesn't care about him, they just going to vote against Trump. See, I think Trump can change the minds of enough of those people to wipe out whatever advantage people think this gives Biden.


But I told you. You need to listen, I told you that Biden doesn't have a connection with any of his voters, and neither does Kamala Harris, he's just the guy on the ballot with the D next to his name. He's just like a generic candidate, and I'm telling you folks, generic candidates, people are just placeholders. It's it's a myth that that is the way to win and win big. I take a brief break.


We're off to a rousing start and we will continue in a moment.


As many of you may remember may know, I have a I have a pet peeve or a bugaboo about Michelle, my Belle Obama and I have noticed that a number of other Democrat women have the same speaking pattern. It's a. It's a.


I don't know why I don't know what the actual name of it, but it's a it's it's it's a pronunciation thing. She can't say the word struggle. Struggle. I'm sorry. I was struggling. You were suffering. You must end your suffering. And Marie Harf talks this way. All these Democrat women come out. We put together a montage just to illustrate this for you last night. We got time to squeeze this in and she makes a big deal.


This is all part of her dystopian presentation. Everybody's out there struggling. Nobody's enjoying life. Nobody is having a good time.


Nobody has the chance to have a good time because everybody is struggling and who we choose as our president, we honor that struggle and chip away at that injustice. A lot of struggle and injustice and work left to do. Too many are struggling to take care of basic necessities. Empathy. That's something I've been thinking a lot about lately. If we see someone struggling, Joe knows what it's like to struggle.


Yeah, I guess he does. And then but it wasn't just that word suffering.


And then she was Shaari a couple of times and I don't know, as a professional speaker. I am highly tuned, I am very much aware of how people speak, and I know that some people actually affect their speech so as to be different, stand out and have it become sort of a signature identifier. They do it as a marketing thing. I don't think that's what's going on here. It's just it's just the way the the word gets pronounced.


But since I've noticed it the first time, it's become like a like a pet peeve. So I started counting. All the different times. Last night, and I'm worried that if I don't drop it, I'm going to end up doing it too much to end up pronouncing struggle and suffer and Daury, because I'm just going to, you know, habitually fall into.


OK, we have another brief timeout coming up here, folks, and then more analysis of what happened last night. We'll get your phone calls in on on this. I know a lot of you want to weigh in on it and your thoughts.


So sit tight. EIB Network rolls right on right after this.


And welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, your guiding light. Saying more in 30 seconds, and most hosts will say in an entire show. A household name in all four corners of the world, great to have you with us. It's eight 800 two eight two two eight eight two. Mr certainly seem stunned when I told him that there were media figures out there in the drive bys who were not happy with what they saw last night. Philip Lewis. Front page editor for the huffing and puffing didn't post a very left wing crazed website out there, summarized it this way.


The DNC so far feels like one long ad on YouTube that you would usually skip. Charles M. Blow, a New York Times columnist who has a really angry guy, this guy is angry. He's he's he's he's Spike Lee kind of angry. He's Cornel West, kind of angry. Everything is racism. Everything is bigoted. He tweeted, This is a good effort by the Democratic National Committee, but you can already tell at a virtual convention is going to be tough.


Not happy, and then they point, I'm going to be three additional days of this and they had the hot to trot speakers last night, and by the way, the one guy there was one guy smiling last night.


And that was crazy, Bernie, and you know why? Because his take over Democrat Party is now complete and he knows it. And he's not even a Democrat, he's been an independent all these years, is a socialist. Now what? No, I think that there's something going on between Michelle, my Belle Obama and Kamala Harris, because how hard would it have been to go in there and to redo the tape? Maybe they couldn't redo the whole thing because they think they nailed it.


And, you know, she was properly empathetic the way they define it, and she was properly scary and properly dystopian and she was emoting all over the place. All I mean, her speech dripping with emotion. But how hard would it have been to go in there and record? They got the they got the best talent they could find from Silicon Valley. They supposedly have the best of the best in Hollywood. And everybody's got all the time in the world because nobody's working.


So how hard would it have been to go in and record a one minute insert? Because, look, these people on the Democrat side think that history occurred with her selection. She is the first Indian American Jamaican American slave owning vice presidential nominee. We're family owned slaves, five different plantations, that's noteworthy, that's historic that the Democrats have actually you talk about getting back at the founders. Hey, George Washington, look at this. Hey, Thomas Jefferson.


We got a VP here that also owned slaves. You got nothing on us. And Michelle, Michelle Obama couldn't record a one minute insert she had a week to do this night. And here's another thing. The excuse being offered is that she didn't know she didn't know who Biden was going to pick, and maybe by the time of Michelle, Michelle Obama sat down to record this that Biden didn't know.


But some point Biden knew or whoever made the pick and they didn't tell the Obamas. They didn't tell the Obamas, they didn't run the pick by the Obamas, they didn't run the pick by the by the way, guess Bill Clinton speaks tonight, Bill Clinton of Jeffrey Epstein fame. This is the party that gave us the Metoo movement, but now I guess that doesn't matter. Bill Clinton is actually going to do a virtual address. A Democrat National Convention.


Did you did you catch the the song they played the end of ceremonies last night? Fifty seven years old. Buffalo Springfield, for what it's worth or for what is what's the title of that song? I have a mental block when I was nineteen sixty six, I think was the was the year Stephen Stills wrote it. It's not an answer, it's a protest song. But it was not anti Vietnam. But they're going back 50 years.


Look, I'm flattered. They're picking music. My generation, I think it was one of the best generations worth of music there is compared to especially the crap that's out there now, but.


57 years old, or at least the Clintons played some Fleetwood Mac stuff. For what it's worth, that's right, for what it's worth. What a field day for the truly to do, I just think she could have found a way to acknowledge that that Kamala Harris was the pick. No matter how you slice this, it isn't good, their excuses is, well, we didn't know we had to record this a week in advance and they hadn't picked and they didn't.


Yeah, they didn't tell you. They didn't run it by you. I mean. Barack Hussein Obama is the Democrat Party, Barack Hussein Obama hijacked the John Lewis funeral and turned it into an attempt to define the Democrat Party agenda for the next 30 years. Barack Hussein Obama is trying to pass himself off as. The the leader, the kingmaker of the party, and they didn't tell him. And he didn't tell Michelle and maybe they did maybe they did tell him and they didn't care.


Maybe they told them and they disagreed. Maybe Michelle Obama doesn't like the pick. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama doesn't like the pick. Maybe they realized this woman hasn't got a single vote running for president. Maybe they realized it was a bad choice. It could be anything. It could be simple jealousy. Like there is no black person in this party, no black woman other than for me, Michelle could be say. You just don't know when I'm telling you this is a competitive business and everybody is led to believe that Democrats are unified and they're all on the same page and they're all working together toward the same objective, don't you believe that for a minute they're no different than any other group of people in a cutthroat business where competition is vicious?


They are doing everything they can to put people out of the way so that they can climb the ladder of success in this party, and I guarantee you this, you know what?


The pinnacle. Is acquiring massive power without having to be elected, and that is what the person running the Biden campaign has achieved here, we don't know who it is. Some people might think they but but whoever is running the Biden campaign has a hell of a lot of power and has not had to spend any money. Has not had to raise any money, has not had to. Go before the voters has not had to run for office, him or herself.


That's that's the pinnacle of power in somebody there has it, and I'll guarantee you, if Obama and Michelle, my Belle Obama, are angling for that power, then it could well be that they're. Is some friction there? We just speculate, we don't know anyway, Charles Blow, New York Times, this a good effort by the DNC, but you can already tell that a virtual convention is going to be tough meeting.


They aren't going to pull this off. There's no way they can make it exciting, you know why they can't make it exciting? Because they're much of dollars, no one, no tutors, no audience in there. There's no crowd to react. There's no applause, there's no anything, and the speeches are canned and they record it and they're brief and they're short author Matt Stoller. Mark, the convention for its dated field, he said this convention so far makes me think the Democrats are the party ready to lead America into the 80s.


David Pakman, political TV radio show host, tweeted, Someone please talk me off the ledge, I want to win the first twenty two minutes of this convention. I'm scared. Can somebody tell me how great this is or something? Can somebody make me feel better? Didn't start well, you know how you know that I don't know where you watched it if you did, I watched Fox and the Fox anchors and they wouldn't shut up.


I mean, there's a Democrat convention that's taking place. We see the speakers, but they're not going to of them. Because they're waiting for one, they're waiting for one's but actually tutor waiting for crazy Bernie and they were waiting for Michelle, my Belle Obama. They did kind of shut up when those two showed up, Arizona Republic columnist Elvire Diaz called the convention unwatchable. She tweeted, Holy cow, I'm dying. Watching this message is good, but, wow, it's just unwatchable.


Journalist Michael Tracey appeared to snark about the convention's politicization of racial injustice. He tweeted, Never could have guessed that the reckoning with racial injustice just automatically meant elect Democrats. I don't even think they did that. They did not acknowledge all during her.


Lecture to us on empathy. To not even talk about. The victims of the riots. The victims of the property destruction, many of those you would assume they live in Democrat states and cities, many of you assume are Democrats, but they didn't get one shout out. I tell you, I think it's I think it's quite telling, and I also, folks, I do not believe for a second that a majority of the country supports this lawlessness. And supports the rioting, supports Black Lives Matter.


I think it's all Twitter. I think it's a bunch of people falling for the silly notion that Twitter is America. OK, let's see. Yep. Got to go.


A quick, obscene profit timeout is called for, but we'll be back right on right after this.


All right. This is a new low. This is a new low even for Trump. I can't defend him on this because I'm sorry. Take a look at this picture. If you're watching on the dinner cam, Trump is putting mail trucks in cages. You know, at some point, the guy is going to have to get some boundaries and limits, it was bad enough that Obama was putting illegal immigrant children in cages and he tried to blame that on drumming.


Look at this. All these poor mail trucks and all, they're out there doing it and trying to deliver ballots so people can fraudulently vote. And what did Trump do? He puts the mail trucks in cages.


Oh, my goodness. This is the stuff, it makes it tough, folks, it makes it tough, but we have to persevere and and hang in there. John Kasich, we have to soundbytes this. Did you see he stood last night, he was in a field. At a forked road, and it was gravel, gravel forked road, it was it was to look, I guess like the V shaped recovery that Trump keeps talking about.


You know, we've had the plunge on the left and in a massive recovery on the right. And by the way, I think if I were you, I would prepare yourself for massively good economic recovery news next month and into October. Because I think I think this I think the economy is actually beginning to really percolate and draw back. And the evidence for this is, well, there's there's hard evidence for the fact that drive bys are not talking about it.


Is is added evidence not.


Kazik spoke last night for sound bite number 10. He's standing there in this in a in a rural area at a fork in the road. He's standing at the fork gravel road. And here's a part of what he said.


America is at that crossroads today. I'm sure there are Republicans and independents who couldn't imagine crossing over to support a Democrat. They fear Joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. I don't believe that because I know the measure of the man reasonable, faithful, respectful. And, you know, no one pushes Joe around.


This is embarrassing. Joe isn't Joe anymore, John. The question really is about what has happened to you, you know, you. You were against Trump as the governor of Ohio and you didn't influence anybody to vote against him. And now you're out leading a never Trump effort again by posing at a fork in the road in a gravel road. And trying to assure everybody that Joe isn't going to turn to John, do you not realize that party's already done a sharp what do you think's happening in Portland?


What do you think is happening in Seattle? What do you think was happening in New York waiting for these people, these Democrats that you love, keeping the economy in New York and California purposely on lockdown to damage the economy nationwide just to get rid of Trump? Your dad was a mailman. People like your dad are getting hurt now. Your dad's truck may be in a cage. Because you, me, right to look into that, so today Kazik was on CNN talking to John King and he doesn't understand why Republicans have a problem with him endorsing Biden.


Tell me why. What is it that you don't like about what I had to say last night? Do you not like the fact that I said that we need to come together, that big things in America get accomplished when we all work together?


What is it specifically that you don't like the kind of dumfounded? The answer that in many ways I'm not saying everybody, but many people just cast aspersions, which is fine, John.


There's no coming together. They're not interested in coming together. You're you're aren't equating yourself here by talking like this. In America, you get things accomplished, we all work together now, there's they have no desire to work together anyway.


I want to get a call in here before the hour expires. It's it's Timothee in Athens, Georgia. Great to have you with us today, sir. Hello.


Thanks for taking my call. Yes, sir. I think last night Michelle Obama threatened America. She said that if Joe Biden is not elected, that the basically the violence and the protest in America is going to get worse.


And I knew this is going to have you think that's what she meant by that when she said if you don't think it can get worse, it can. You think she was there?


Well. That's my first take of it, because I couldn't believe my jaw dropped because I knew it was going to happen, but it was the first night and Michelle's the one who said it. And that was a shot across our back when America. All right, I'm going to Pontac because we got the sound bite of that coming up. I'm pretty sure and I mean, I don't even need to sound I remember her saying it, I.


I think it's. It is just stunning. That if you think things can't get any worse, think again, they will depend on it. I thought she meant just because Trump gets re-elected, I didn't think she was talking specifically, specifically the riots and the looting and all that will continue. But me, I.


I really believe Russia, it's going to get worse and they're going to make us miserable. And if Donald Trump's elected and and we need Donald Trump in office.


Well, oh, I don't disagree with that. I don't disagree. They're not just going to pack up and go, oh, well, we gave a good old college, try and then vanish.


In fact, the more I think you may be really onto something here, that may be what they're going to suddenly and if it doesn't work, maybe directly trying to warn people.


We're glad you called out to Timothy. We'll be back here and continue in a minute.


All right. I've been waiting for this mate of five is going to drop here in about ten minutes. Awesome. Awesome. It's shaping up to be a pretty good day out there. Folks still have two hours of broadcast excellence to go to put everything that happened last night and so far today into perspective and talk to you about it same time.


Here we go. Greetings to you.


Music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain.


I am Rush Limbaugh, America's real anchorman, America's truth detector and the doctor of democracy all combined. And one harmless, lovable little fuzzball is great to be with you folks. It always is. I woke up today.


Like has been happening every day in recent days, and I thanked God that I did. Here's the you I had some stream of consciousness notes that I kept last night as I was watching. The convention and I have to tell you, I didn't actually go to the channel that the Democrats were doing the stream, the thing I kept it on Fox, it was just lazy. It wasn't that I was curious to hear the commentary because I knew what it was going to be.


And by the way, I knew I knew before it started that wasn't going to be any. Criticism of Michelle Obama. Very little criticism. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not I don't mean this a criticism. It's just the safe place. I can see the executive suite sending a note now. Look, there's nothing to be gained here. Just let her speak, praise her, do whatever you want to. But don't don't get into the weeds here.


There's no there's it's a race thing, folks. It's it's one of the most protective articles of clothing that the Democrats have couldn't criticize Obama during his presidency without being accused of racist being a racist. And boy, did they milk that. They milked that oil for two terms.


They they milked it. Now, it it didn't stop me, but, you know oh, by the way, do you know one of the speakers tonight is Sally Yates? Sally Yates, are you worried they're going to bring back Sandra Fluck? Whether they try a rerun of that, how'd that work out for them? You know, Sandra Fluke, we put her on the map on this show and the Democrats just to show you how they misjudged things.


And if you don't remember the Sandra Fluke story, I don't I don't want to have to waste much time recasting it. But basically, they had the woman appear in a commercial. For never ending contraceptives paid for by you and me tax and this woman made it sound like she needed three thousand dollars a month worth of them, and you can buy the stuff for 12 bucks a pack over the counter in a dresser. Three thousand a month. What is the woman doing?


So it led to controversy. And I, of course, well fell under pressure to make it go away. So I had to apologize and get to Obama.


I don't know what's in Rush Limbaugh's heart. I don't know how hard or soft. Rush Limbaugh's heart is anyway. Then they called FLOC and they bring him to the White House. They ended up running her for office and they gave her a primetime speaking slot at the convention that year. That would have been 2012. Now, I don't know where that convention. I don't remember it. Where it was, but they made a massive misjudgment because they think that Twitter or they think Media Matters back then was America.


So they believed that the nation was outraged over what I had said about Sandra Fluke. They were livid.


The majority of Americans were just sympathetic and supportive. And they find a place in California for her to run for Congress. They give her a primetime speaking slot. And what did she talk? She talked about her struggle and she talked about her tragedy. She never mentioned my name, but I was both. I was her struggle and I was her tragedy. And then she goes, does she get 10 percent of the vote they misjudge constantly because like right now they're in the process of misjudging.


They think Twitter represents a majority of thinking in America. It doesn't back then. They believe that Media Matters. Represented a majority of thinking in America. It doesn't never did. Media Matters is a fringe bunch. Way out on the left, it was Charlotte, North Carolina, the 2012 Democratic National Convention, so I have firsthand knowledge of how they profoundly misjudged. The popularity of their own people and the popularity of their own issues, there was no reason to have Sandra Fluke run for office.


She hasn't been in politics at all. She'd been in that commercial, but they thought they had an instant winner. Because they believed that a huge majority of Americans despise me and hate me and were mad at me because I had gone out and unfairly attacked the girl and they got a rude awakening, they do it all the time. This is why I'm able to, with great confidence, come to you every day here and tell you how they are misjudging the popularity of their own personalities and people and issues.


They think Twitter is a majority of Americans, they desperately want it to be. But it isn't, and it never has been. Journalism is responsible for this largely because journalism is lazy. And if they think they can find a stand in for having to go out and actually talk to people, why, they'll grab it soon as they can. And that's exactly what Twitter gives them. They can portray Twitter. All they got to Twitter went viral. Twitter blew up trinities, Twitter this and they can portray that whatever's happening.


On Twitter represents majority thinking in America. And it isn't now certainly just told me during the break that I was what was I again, I don't know how to trending No. One on Twitter. I was yesterday. I was it was yesterday and Friday. Yesterday I was trending all day and into last night, I was trending number one on Twitter. What now? He told me that I said, how the hell can I don't do Twitter and I don't post things on Twitter.


So what in the world? Could have resulted in me being number one and trending on Twitter, well, what it was, it wasn't me, it was Media Matters.


Media Matters was all a Twitter. They were all they were just had the vapors. They had the vapors because I had called Kamala Harris Willie Brown's mattress. Now, I explain to you why, because I was reading it from a story, it's not even my creation and I have first thought it was a typo for Mistress'. But then it appeared two other times in the story, so I said, well, whoever did this intended it. Now I have been given the credit when I didn't invent this.


But you see, as far as Media Matters is concerned, it's in their minds, it's much easier to gin up hatred against me and fundraise off of it than some anonymous blogger who who actually.


Came up with the term, but this is how it works, and so they're sitting there thinking that America is outraged. Limbaugh has done it again.


He called Kamala Harris Willie Brown's mattress. They have no concept of how you in this audience, which is a genuine, massive majority, are laughing your asses off. When I say stuff like this, you enjoy it.


It's funny. As a grain of truth in it, she was his mistress and he's the one that outed her. I mean, it's actually kind of amazing anyway, ladies and gentlemen, just to go back to Michelle myself for just one minute and finish this, because I know you all are going to want to weigh in as well.


Oh, one of the thing, don't forget, you know Biden. And how phony this got, Biden is actually plagiarizing the Trump campaign in a lot of ways, talking about the economic plan and how it is designed to make America grow, literally committing plagiarism of the Trump economic policy. But it's it's not because it's Bernie Sanders agenda and policy and there's nothing Trump about it.


But Biden is running commercials urging you to buy American. He's a total fraud, but why they're polling obviously shows that Trump's America first message has worked and it's got to tick the hell out of them. It's got to make them so mad. Remember, Trump comes along. 2016 make America great again. That becomes controversial. Why is that controversial? What in the world is controversial about your country, where you live being great again? But to 35 percent of the voting public, those are fighting words, they don't think this country's great, doesn't deserve to be great and ain't going to be great if they have anything to say about it.


I think. That the Democrats are nervous as hell. It's why they've concocted this this conspiracy about the post office. So have a built in excuse to riot when they lose. I think that they know they're going to come on, folks, you're really telling me I went through this yesterday to say I don't want to be too repetitive. This guy, Joe Biden, hasn't won anything on his own outside of his Senate seat. And that's in a.


Very small state of Delaware, he's run for the presidency two or three times and he bombed out as bad as Kamala Harris did. He got nailed for committing plagiarism against a Labor Party Brit named Neil Kinnock. He should have been shamed out of politics with that alone. Kamala Harris was the first to get out of the Democrat Party before a vote had even been cast because she was going nowhere. And and this. Is the woman that they are going to make vice president on the.


Theory she going to become president because Plug's isn't going to make a full first term if he wins. I think it's even. Worse than that, they have to and then and then the survey data that says a vast majority of Biden supporters aren't even voting for him or her, they're voting against Trump. I'm telling you, that doesn't help them. I've seen some conservative analysts say that's bad news for Trump. I totally disagree. I think it's great news for Trump.


That a lot of Biden support has nothing to do with him. Well, but Rush, but Rush, I mean, if there's that much hatred for Trump, that's really bad news, bad news, and he can convert some of that. I'm not that that doesn't I. I'm telling you, folks, the fact that a sizable percentage of Biden voters couldn't care less whether he's on the ballot, that is not good news.


But they know that they're in trouble. I don't know really how they think that they're going to win, they have to believe that a majority of Americans want these riots and want the looting and want private property destroyed and want the cops defunded because this is what they are standing for.


Now we get Michelle, Michelle Obama from her 12 million dollar estate right down the road from Skip Gates Martha's Vineyard. What a message if you think things can't get worse. Think again, give me audio sound bite number for me first, make sure that number three, up, up, up already.


Plate number two, it is audio sound bite number four. Here is one of the darkest, most dystopian depressing. Filled with emotion speeches I can remember hearing at a party convention.


Our economy is in shambles because of a virus that this president downplayed. Millions of people jobless. Too many have lost their health care. Innocent people of color continue to be murdered. Whenever we look to this White House, what we get instead is chaos division and a total and utter lack of empathy. People shouting in grocery stores unwilling to wear a mask. People calling the police on. Folks minding their own business just because of the color of their skin.


Are leaders labeling fellow citizens enemies of the state while emboldening torch bearing white supremacists or as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages and pepper spray and rubber bullets are used on peaceful protesters? This is the America that is on display, peaceful protesters.


Now, we don't we don't have it where she talked about how if you think it can't get any worse, think again. What a thing to say and then in this bite, our economy is in shambles because of a virus this president downplayed.


No, he didn't. He was first out of a box in shutting down flights from China. If you go back, Michelle, my Belle Obama, and find with Dr. Foushee and others were saying they is no big deal, Nancy Pelosi, come on down to Chinatown and party back in February in New York, they were saying the same thing. Members of Congress come on out and party head on down to Chinatown, head on down a little Italy. There's nothing to be afraid of.


It wasn't Trump. It wasn't Trump who downplayed this. It wasn't Trump who created millions of jobless people. It was Donald Trump that saved this economy from eight years of your husband. It was Donald Trump and three years rebuilt and reignited the American economy in ways people alive today have never seen. Because they're too young. Whenever we look to this White House, what we get is chaos, division, utter lack of empathy. That's not what is happening. I'm here tonight because I love this country with all my heart, and it pains me to see so many people hurting.


Yeah, me too. And the pain is being created. How did that happen? Well, there's the China virus, there's Andrew Cuomo mask. I don't know how this guy gets a prime speaking slot. I don't know how this guy is not thrown out of the Democrat Party. What a liability. Andrew Cuomo, massacre of New York nursing home residents, it may be almost double the 60, 600 deaths that are being reported. There's all the shut downs of business, Nancy Pelosi's passive aggressive behavior regarding additional relief to people who are hurting.


She wants the pain to continue so that they can continue to do what Michelle Obama did last night. Blame it all on Trump. There's innocent people in cities run by Democrats who've been beaten up, ridden, unconscious, sent to the hospital. Their businesses burned and looted in Democrat run cities where defunding the police.


She wants to blame that on Donald Trump. Good luck.


Hi, welcome back. OK, back to the phones. Felt bad yesterday. I didn't I didn't get a single phone call in the final half hour of the program. Felt really bad about not enough to change it, but I still felt bad about it. So I want to try to be a little bit more fluid today. We'll go back to Baltimore. This is Tim. It's great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.


Hey, Rush megadose from Baltimore. And since we know that Michelle pre-recorded that video, then what I'm about to tell you means that what she said was on purpose. Her exact quote at the six minute mark in that video is so unlike so many of you, Barack and I try to instill in our girls a strong moral foundation.


Wait, wait, wait. Her exact quote says, Unlike so many of you, that is exactly what it says.


I was flabbergasted. I kept playing it over and over. And I'm like, it's not out of context. It's right there. It's right around the six minute mark. And it is sounds like a big this to us. Wal-Mart, smelly people that, you know, left likes to call us. I just encourage you and everyone else to go back and listen to it.


It's it's clear as day on and on, give me the quote again. Unlike so many of you, Rock and I tried our best to instill in our girls a strong moral foundation.


Son of a bitch. I am going to send Cookie on a search of this thing. What? You've heard it. You're confirming it now. Oh, I'm going to send Einarsson cookie looking for this because she got it.


We'll just sense of the six minute mark is the exact six minute mark. Is it six tenths of 558?


Where is it? It's right around six minutes. I'm sorry, I don't have the specifics right around. It could be three minutes. No, it's around six. It's OK. Just try to be as precise as we can. Time is of the essence. OK, so it's right around the six minute mark, unlike so many of you, Barak and I.


Oh, by the way, there is a great TV ad run by an African-American woman running for Congress in Baltimore. It is awesome. And we found a way I think we can run the video on the digital camera.


We'll try that later today. Hang on. Hi, welcome back.


I'm all right, folks. I've had I've had a couple of people already tell me that our caller unfortunately misheard. And one source is the actual printed transcript where Michelle, my belle, obviously says, like, not unlike.


And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, as opposed to many rank amateur hosts, I am always guarded and doubtful and wait for my own evidence and research to establish something before endorsing, because with no offense intended, anybody can call here and say anything. And even if we you know, we do our best to vet people and and try to make sure they're legit and not trying to game the show or what have you, but you can only do can only do so much.


So I've had two different people. I haven't heard from Cookie yet, but I've had two different people. No, no, no. There's no unlike in there, she said, like it's plain as day. And then, well, I'm sure Kookie won't get the audio when we have a chance here. You want to hear some audio, there's a new Trump ad out this thing runs about a minute and it's called What Happened to Joe Biden. And it's sound bite number twenty, you running up there.


Here we go, three, two, one. He when he when he became president, I didn't go and I'm still vice president.


And and in addition to that, in addition to that, we have to make sure that we we are in a position that we are. Think about it.


Everybody is known from day one, how smart, how bright Hillary is.


Everybody knows how tough she you know, the rapidly rising in with with I don't know how to be successful. I sincerely hope some of you become millionaires and billionaires. I mean that.


But engage you know, there's a during World War Two, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing that, you know, was totally different than a then the this call he called it, you know, so the Trump ad is entitled, Did Something Happen to Joe Biden?


And that title is on the ad and graphics. And it's contrasting Biden from back in 2015, 2016 to today. Where you can clearly hear the massive, massive difference now, since I mentioned it and since we're doing ads, Brian, grab the video, we're going to try something we used to not have enough bandwidth to to use video on the demo cam, combined with all the people tuning in and watching. Plus what we need to send it. But those are the old days and we've got plenty of bandwidth now.


So we're actually this is the first time we've tested this. We're testing it live. There is a wonderful ad put together by an African-American woman running for Congress in Baltimore, and it features things that the Democrats don't want you to know.


Now, it it runs about two fifty two minutes and 50 seconds and you'll be able to hear it. Even those of you who don't have a digital cam, for those of you who do, you'll be able to see it. A lot of the information, a lot of the impactful points are made graphically. In addition to the things that she says, but for those of you who don't have the dental cam will run the ad, will post it on the website and the app very soon.


So you'll be able we're not we're not doing this to prevent you. From being able to see it, this is we're not doing this to coerce you into becoming a subscriber. Not that at all. We're just doing this for people who are subscribers, making it available to them. First, let's give it a shot. Here it is.


Do you care about black lives? The people that run Baltimore don't. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don't want you to see that.


Jim Classic is her name, Kim Classic.


I'm simply saying this is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is the reality for black people every single day, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. Baltimore has been run by the Democrat Party for fifty three years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America.


The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the U.S. average. The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20 percent. Homicide, drug and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city. Do you believe black lives matter?


I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people who make up 60 percent of the population. So why don't we care about our community?


The Democrat Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walk the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect that. If they don't want to see it, they don't want you to see this. Go to any Baltimore neighborhood and ask this question. Do you want to defund the police?


No, no, absolutely not. I had three sons killed in Baltimore City, and I think if we'd be funding the police, all this would be worse than that. So, no, I'm opposed to that.


What are you going to defund the police? Why? How do you defend your city, your community? Families are losing people. It's not just Baltimore. The worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat controlled city. It's 20 20 naval blue city where black people's lives have gotten better. Try Outweight. Look at this, how are children supposed to live here and play here? Democrats and black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever, that we won't demand better, and that will keep voting for them forever, despite what they've done to our families and our communities.


Are they right? I'm complicit. And I'm running for Congress because I actually care about black lives. All black lives matter. Our communities matter. Baltimore matters. And black people don't have to vote Democrat. And there it is, Kim Classic, ladies and gentlemen, running for Congress in Baltimore, is that not? Well done. That is exceptionally well done and well.


Well, look, I'm certainly getting married. You've been doing this for 25 years. I know, but but she's African-American and saying it the one if there was just one thing for it to really be impactful. It's just one thing missing and there's nothing we can do about it, and I don't intend this as criticism. If she were a Democrat. Than that if she were running against Democrats with this stuff. Then you know that that could. Had a lot of impact, but that's not a criticism, but I guess it's so well done.


Jerry in St. Peters, Missouri, great to have you with us, sir. Hello.


Yes, Arush, thank you. This call screener told me to get right to the point. So I'm like, wait a second.


If he hadn't told you that, what would you do? Oh, I just wanted to tell you that the day that you announced that my that you had cancer, my daughter texted me because she knows I listened to you and she told me about it and I just texted her back and said, well, we'll just have to cure cancer then. So God bless you. And my prayers are with you.


Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.


OK, the other thing I was I didn't watch that thing last night. I knew it was going to be about a flu. And I was afraid that if I watched it, it just upset me more. But this morning, I got upset anyway because this young lady said they had this thing on TV where she said that the only thing her only reason why her father died was because she believed in Donald Trump and voted for him. And I thought, what in the hell is this world come to?


I've got grandchildren her age and I know it's time to pass on to the younger generation. But this is the younger generation that I'm passing this onto. I have to live forever.


Well, you know, I can understand what you be upset about that. But this is this is who you're dealing with. I'm glad that you're getting a taste of how absolutely heartless, mean spirited all that these people are.


The fact that they're willing to dumb all this like this is perhaps a blessing. I appreciate, Jerry.


Thank you very much. I got to go quick time out. Back with more in just a moment.


Let's stick with the phones for a while. Montgomery calling here from Oklahoma City. Welcome. It's great to have you with us, sir.


Hi, IRA. Can you hear me OK? Yes, sir. A little bit nervous listening to you since 1991. Other than my dad, my high school baseball coach, there's no one that's more shaped my life than you. I think the economy here in Oklahoma City, where were traffic and and store activity were back to levels where we were in March. This is flyover country. I see planes flying over for the first time and where interest rates are and people refinancing.


The housing market is on fire here. It's on fire in a lot of places other than the obvious. And I think you mentioned earlier that the numbers are going to be good. And I just wanted to call and tell you that I agree.


Well, good. In fact, I think look, I've heard the I've heard the coming projections from nobody knows what the number is going to be in October. They just know what economic activity is now and and what it's going to be in September. And we know that the economic news we're getting now in terms of jobs created record, record, rate. Now, this is important, not a record number, it's a record rate because we've lost how many millions of jobs in two months, we shut down the economy.


So the it's a mistake to portray the number of jobs coming back. But how fast they're coming back is the key. And the rate that we are creating new jobs is record setting. Now, this is important because this is going to be absolutely necessary. The places where this isn't happening are blue states that are purposely being kept on artificial lock now. Well, I say artificial, not a really artificial about it because they're shut down.


But but. Seattle state of Washington, Portland, state of Oregon, Illinois is a city of Chicago. New York. We talked about New York yesterday. How Andrew Cuomo is being hailed as some sort of Nobel Prize winning hero is beyond me. How in the real world, the Democrats wouldn't want him anywhere near their convention, but of course that's the thing, the Democrats are not living in the real world.


To them, Twitter. Is the real world, social media is the real world. They have a vastly inflated. Idea of its size and of its importance, but, you know, there's there's another point to make about this, I think, to augment the point that the Democrats think that Twitter's representative, not only do they think Twitter is huge and it represents the vast majority of people, but they also think that it's representative. Of a massive cross-section of Americans, and it isn't.


It's representative of a massive cross-section of people that are out of their minds, that are depressed, that are unemployed, that are running around in basements in their PJs, this is not a joke. It's made up of people who who have lost confidence in themselves and Twitter and the anonymity allows them to pretend to be the people they wish they were, allows them to say the things they wish they had the guts to say to people's faces. But there's something else.


Twitter social media is also the mainstream media narrative on all these things, you know, we don't have news anymore. As I have been want to explain, we don't have news anymore. There isn't journalism happening, what's happening is the creation of narratives. The creation of stories, if you will, to advance the Democrat Party agenda. And so as narratives replace journalism and replace the news. What's happening is the gigantic echo chamber is created. And so the people on Twitter, they think that whatever the mainstream media says is reality and is accepted as conventional wisdom.


And the media thinks that what's happening on Twitter is the same thing, it's almost like a circle. You know what? It is it is circular. They portray a certain America and Americans, and then they summarily declare that those depictions are true. So you have the mainstream media believing that Twitter is representative of America and writing stories. The Twitter people see that and they think that the drive by media is representative of the real world. And you end up with a circular firing squad here creating a bunch of B.S. that both Twitter promotes and the mainstream media promotes.


And none of it is tied to reality. That's why there isn't a single news story in drive by media about the unrest in all of these Democrat cities. When it is. The story. So they then end up declaring all these fabrications that that occur on Twitter and the drive by media are true when they're nothing more than fabrications and they more than made up narratives by the media and by people on Twitter. So how do I fit in? Well, I'm the one that knows this.


I am the one who understands it. I'm the one able to come here every day and translate what all is really going on. I am the primary person countering this narrative that Twitter is American. And I every day provide a calming effect, I tell you, don't fall for it, I tell you it isn't real. Twitter isn't America and it's not a majority of America. The media is missing the boat. There's a reason why the media's respect factor is as low as it has ever been.


You know, the American people, you know that you and other Americans are nothing like you are depicted on Twitter, nothing like you are depicted on the drive by media, you know that not all is lost. You I think you come here every day hoping that I will be able to continue to put all this stuff in perspective for you, continue to provide hope, confirmation as to the real reality that is out there, which is nothing like the liberal media and Twitter are depicting it.


And I believe that from the bottom of my sizable and beating heart.


Have you heard about the rolling power shutdowns out in California? It's massive, folks in his devastatingly massive wait till you hear why this is happening. Even the governor has had to fess up and admit it. It is.


Stunning, hang on. Don't go anywhere. All right, now we've got an ongoing debate here at the EIB Network and the Rush Limbaugh program over what Michelle, my Belle Obama does say. Does she say and like, where does somebody have the trans? Could you put the transcript up there and keep it there so I can see it? I.


Let me see. Hey, I just I may have here, but. OK, so I've got somebody at 28 and Osei, so we've got a loop here of two seconds of this. We had a guy call in the last hour who says that he heard her say at the six mark, six minute mark, unlike so many of you, Barock and I tried to raise our girls with I forgot what what he said. What the transcript says and that I still don't have that on the transcript and that won't be on the audio.


We've also got the video of her saying it from the speech last night and we watch here on the video cam.


So here, grab somebody tape first and. The debate is going to be is it unlike so many of you or and like so many of you. She does say something before. Like it's either and or un. And just have a tough time believing she would say, unlike his or her audience, is that Democrats. But anyway, here's here's here's a loop here of the two seconds in question, unlike so many of you. Unlike so many of you.


Unlike so many of you. And like so many of you, all right, that's inconclusive, it sounds like so many, there's no way of telling. There's no way of telling on this.


Your video is what how many seconds is the video? OK. All right, well, let's let's play the video on the dino cam and see if this helps us at all unlock the mystery. Are you ready to let it roll? OK, grace of God.


Go I. It is not a hard concept to grasp. It's what we teach our children. You don't believe I'm doing it like so many of you, Barack, I'm over it. But you've got to rewind it. But this is it's still unclear. You let me know and don't start it until you tell me that it's ready to. I tell you to hit it, getting it back now in place to start. This is it. All right.


Here we go. And try again. Three, two, one. Hit it. We reach out because there.


But for the grace of God, go I. It is not a hard concept to grasp. It's what we teach our children. And like so many of you, Barack and I have tried our best to instill in our girls a strong moral foundation, a strong moral.


That's what I heard. It's undeniable, she says, a strong moral foundation.


I don't I do not believe she's saying unlike. I'm just going to tell you right now, I do not believe she is saying unlike. I think she said like many of you. I just don't believe that that if she said so this is on tape, that they can go back and change it. If if if it was unlike so many of you, they would go back and change that they left in. And then, yes, they would this is a big if she's actually saying, unlike many of you of my fellow Democrats, you are a bunch of worthless reprobates.


You don't have to raise kids. But Barack and I do. And we raised our kids with a strong moral vibration, unlike you, who haven't the slightest idea how to do it. You think that's what she was saying, that because that's what unlike in that sentence would mean. That's why not Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard is why we're on Martha's Vineyard and you're not that's why we're on Martha's Vineyard and you're in some virtual hall. Nobody can find doing a worthless convention for plug's who don't have a prayer in this election.


No, seriously, I can't believe I can't believe it. She would say I really understand how people be confused by this.


And the CNN official transcript has and like many of you. So anyway, welcome back, folks, Rush Limbaugh here, 802 eight two two eight eight two and the e-mail address, L. Rushworth, EIB that got us. California is going through a heat wave now, a heat wave in California. I thought, man must be really scorching out.


It's 93 degrees. Ninety three degrees, and they've got a they have to have rolling blackouts to keep the grid. From crashing because they can't handle the load. 93 degrees. Let me tell you something, folks. We here in South Florida, this is an everyday occurrence to feel like we went. Now, the feel like temperature right here is 109 degrees. The humidity is seventy two percent. So whatever the temperature is out there, you have the humidity.


You're going to feel like temp of 109.


We never have rolling blackouts. We never have blackouts, period here. The grid can handle it because everybody's prepared. This is a tropical climate, we love it. We absolutely love it. So I was expecting California, Los Angeles. We're literally talking about mostly Los Angeles.


I was thinking that it must be 110 degrees out way because I know in Death Valley, which is a desert, it's 130.


Oh, speaking of that, if you've paid the attention, it's not a record. If you'll notice in all the news stories about the 130 degree high temperature in Death Valley, we haven't seen this temperature in 70 years. What does that mean? It means 70 years ago, it was as hot as it is now. That means it isn't anything new. It means it isn't climate change. It isn't this or that. The record is older than today.


So it's a it's a nonstory, what the temperature is in Death Valley, it's in the desert. But Los Angeles, let me give you some numbers here. The outages. Which were expected to hit as soon as four p.m. in California, this is yesterday, would mark the third time in four days that California's utilities deliberately cut power to protect the grid that has been pushed to the brink of failure as people blast their air conditioners and fans to keep cool.


A fan is not going to put any load. Air conditioning does. But fans, they're not going to affect anything.


The state of California is facing an electricity shortfall of about four point four gigawatts.


According to California Governor Gavin Newsom, that is equivalent to about four nuclear power plants. And the governor said this, let me just make this crystal clear, we failed to predict and plan for these shortages, and that's simply unacceptable. Rarely hang on now, hang on, rarely, if ever, have three point three million homes and businesses across California. Or roughly 10 million people. Based on the average size of household, rarely. Have three point three million homes for 10 million people have been affected by a planned shutdown of this kind.


Here's why. Part of the problem is California's rapid shift away from natural gas, about nine gigawatts of gas, natural gas generation has been retired. Over the past five years now, remember up here earlier, they're facing an electricity shortfall of four point four gigawatts. Which is the equivalent about four nuclear power plants. Part of the problem, California has shifted away from natural gas, nine gigawatts of natural gas generation has been thrown away. It has been retired over the past five years in order that California can run renewables.


And green, in other words, they got rid of fossil fuel, natural gas, which is not dirty, natural gas is not a pollutant. And they threw it away. They made it illegal and they replaced it with solar. Guess what? Solar provides nothing. About starting an hour, hour and a half before sundown and throughout the rest of the night, all of those solar panels are freaking worthless. These blackouts are entirely manmade. They are not the result of exorbitantly high, whether they are the result of a bunch of fruitcake nuts believing in climate change, getting rid of nine gigawatts of natural gas power generation, and replacing that nine gigawatts with a totally insufficient number of gigawatts generated by solar and wind in order to save the planet.


In order to protect the this is the most if I lived out there, I would be out. I would have known this was coming. According to the National Weather Service, Los Angeles International Airport, where nobody lives except maybe for the homeless camping out in the wheel wells of the nearest 747, they hit a daily high of 93 degrees, breaking the previous high on the date of 85, set in 1994.


Ninety three degrees and 10 million people are suffering from rolling blackouts. And ladies and gentlemen. This is especially those of you in California, do you realize how you have been bamboozled here? Why was all this solar and wind built? It wasn't for power generation, it was to make the people that did it rich. And you know who most of them are, you know, who's really, really heavily invested in solar and wind, try the Koch brothers.


You Democrats, you haven't the slightest idea the people have gotten filthy rich off of this renewable switch, largely our conservative Republican investors. Now, you have literally in California thrown away, you have manually reduced your own ability to produce nine gigawatts of power by way of getting rid of natural gas. There's no way you can replace it with solar or wind, and that's why they're having to manually shut down neighborhoods and they're rolling it out so that not the same neighborhoods affected every day.


It is incompetence like you haven't seen it. It is incompetence squared and on parade. Governor Newsom has even said it's time to sober up about Green Energy's flaws. This is from Breitbart, California Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday the state had to sober up about the fact that renewable energy sources had failed to provide enough power for the state at peak demand. They needed backup and insurance from other sources, which means even their buying power from other sources and they still are having to shut down the grid.


The governor addressed journalists and the public in the midst of ongoing electricity blackouts that began on Friday. One reason the state lacked power, officials admitted. Was its over reliance on renewable, what you mean overreliance on renewables? Renewables can't come close to replacing fossil fuels. Renewables aren't there yet. They're never going to be there. There's a reason why fossil fuels are used. The free flow of oil at market prices is the fuel, it's the blood source.


Of economics, it's what keeps a country going, it's what maintains a country's superpower status. The reason that it uses its use is because it works, not because there's some evil mastermind, it wants to destroy the planet. It's because it works, and the minute humanity and ingenuity come up with something better and more efficient, we'll switch to it. The climate change people want you to believe that we're already there. We got everything we need to go renewable and clean and all this.


We're not we're nowhere near. And here's California. Can you imagine how bad this would be if California wasn't shut down and locked down, if they were still working? I saw this yesterday, and I about I about flipped a gourd, because this is it was it's so predictable and they've brought it on themselves.


I got to take a brief break. Folks will do that. Be right back. Don't go anywhere.


Can we get some ratings information? And from the from the from the convention last night, Joe Concha, who is the great media reporter from The Hill, tweeted about 45 minutes ago, preliminary numbers now coming in are showing an approximate 50 percent drop.


In viewership of the Democratic National Convention from 2016 on the broadcast networks, just comparing the broadcast that ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, without your pledge, we can't just whenever they ran the numbers and there was a not not 50 percent drop off after two hours, the total audience is 50 percent less. Than what it was in 2016. Now, obviously, there's no convention, there's no crowd, there isn't a bunch of cheering and razzmatazz, there is no drama.


There's just a bunch of people that prerecorded speeches.


But but. But. The headliners were crazy, Bernie and Michelle, my Belle Obama, and they couldn't put him over the top and we keep hearing about all of this enthusiasm.


Oh, yeah, the Democrats, it's not so much that they can't wait to vote for Biden. They hate Trump.


Well, this doesn't bode well for a bunch of enthusiasm, folks. You wait enthusiasm on behalf part of Trump voters is going to dwarf the enthusiasm on the Democrat side. Final numbers, including cable news, will be coming in a little while.


But Joe Concha here, the great media reporter at The Hill Dotcom, says he expects a 40 percent drop compared to 2016 in the audience on cable.


You know, every day, folks, there is there's a number of people who think or say out loud.


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Either way, you go make sure that you use my name when you sign up and you'll save 25 percent off your first year's membership. That's life.


Dotcom or 800 440, 48, 33. That's a new survey data on the average American. And what he or she thinks about coronavirus comes this one from Franklin Templeton Group. And the misperceptions people have are indeed shocking. Hang on. A household name in all four corners of the world, Rush Limbaugh doing what I was born to do, and that's why I'm having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have. Just great to have you here.


All right.


From Franklin Templeton here, another research study on what the American people think of the covid-19 virus. Remember, there was a market research firm classed Cahall as he had never heard of them before this. But they do market research for Fortune 500 companies, kind of like a McKinsey group. In a way. They're consultants and they find a way to convince Fortune 500 companies to separate themselves from their money. And they've they did market research indicated that the average American.


Believes 30 million people have died from coronavirus nine percent of the population. Why did why does anybody think that? Well, hello, drive by media, the drive by media has not been able to contain themselves, as you know, in the past. But have you noticed, by the way, folks, the stories reporting on these new massive numbers of cases have vanished. They're gone, they're just gone, we went through a month every day telling us how many new cases, a record number of cases, the highest number of cases since March that kept going on and on about.


And they wanted you to believe that cases equal deaths.


Now you can't find any news.


The covid-19 story is essentially over. They succeeded in shutting down most of sports. They have shut down California and New York, they've shut down New York City and Los Angeles and San Francisco. So but the fact of the matter is. Florida was supposedly a state that was being devastated, it was just being it's horrible what's happening. Governor DeSantis is so incompetent.


Guess what?


The number of new cases of covid-19 in Florida is way, way down.


It's a it's a gigantic success story for Rhonda Santos for not caving and all of these got the governor of Georgia, Greg Kemp, Alex Berenson, who is the former New York Times reporter who has been a lone voice.


Of sanity on this. Has a story about Florida. And it's worth pointing out, have you noticed that the story of rising cases in Florida? South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, they've disappeared from the news and they've disappeared from the news because it isn't a story anymore.


And Berenson says congratulations to Governor de Santos for following the science, standing up to the media and refusing to devastate your state's economy with a lockdown not just in May and June, that would have been easy, but for the last six weeks when refusing to give in took real guts.


And believe me, it did. The pressure that we live here, we see it, the pressure that the local. South Florida media, the national media, were dumping onto Santos to lock down the state again, at least lock down South Florida, it was a mess.


He resisted, Mr. Berenson says next question, how long before the Miami Herald, The Palm Beach Post and the rest of the Florida media to say nothing of The New York Times and CNN admit the truth? Florida is reporting the lowest number of cases since mid June. Two thousand seven hundred sixty were on the way down, people are starting to talk about herd immunity in New York now.


The number of cases there, I mean, it's been devastating in the number of seasoned citizens that died at the hands of Andrew Cuomo are over the moon, over the top.


But still, there are stories that you can buy.


Has herd immunity taken hold in New York as the number of new cases is is microscopically small? Now, here's the story from Franklin Templeton. On average, Americans believe that people 55 and older account for just over half of the total of covid-19 deaths. The actual figure is 92 percent. So. Ninety two percent of covid-19 deaths have occurred in people. Over the age of 55. Americans believe that people 44 and younger account for 30 percent of total deaths.


The actual figure is two point seven percent.


That's a huge disparity. Why do Americans believe this B.S., because this is what they think the media is telling them as the media reports case numbers and then with a full fledged panic over the case? No. That must mean this is a number of people.


They're going to die. Americans overestimate the risk of death from covid-19 for people aged 24 and younger by a factor of 50. They think the risk for people 65 and older is half of what it actually is, it's 40 percent versus 80 percent. So the vulnerable group, 55 and older. People 44 and younger, the death rate is two point seven percent of American people think it's 30 percent in this research survey. It's. Classic classic example of how the drive by media seemingly so easily distorts and misinforms people on the basics.


Let me go back to the phones.


John in North Andover, Massachusetts, I'm glad you waited. It's great to have you, sir. Hello.


Hey, Rush, thank you for taking my call. You bet, sir. Hey, my family loves the president and you rush, so thanks for providing great service for the country. Hey, last night was an absolute snooze fest, and I don't think you can be a conservative like John Kasich and speak at the Democratic convention. So I think Ohio just went to Trump. But I think the real I think this is really about the pancakes. You remember when Trump made fun of John Kasich eating the pancakes and he said that his quote would Trump said, I've never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting, disgusting fashion.


Do you remember that?


I do not. I'm sorry. I don't. Trump made fun of the way Kasich eats pancakes. Yeah.


He said he never seen anyone eat so much in his life and such a disgusting you know, his dad's a mailman, a name.


They use a lot of energy out there. I'm sure Kasich inherited that right.


But look it up. He I don't think he ever forgave him for that. And it was it was so funny.


You think, Pasic, is that petty and small minded that he would ever carry a grudge over Trump making fun of wage pancakes? Yeah, I do.


I think he always held a grudge against him on that. And that really, to me, was the first I really thought Trump's humor like that. When Trump said that, it just really made me think, wow, this guy has it. He's making fun of people. And John Kasich, I don't think could ever take it after that. I think he just had a complete meltdown. And I think last night was the, you know, the ultimate meltdown for him.


So you just to make sure I understand you were not really upset with Kasich for speaking at the DNC. No, I wasn't upset.


Like I said, I think this is just the result of him being triggered to the full extent, you know?


Look, I got I got to get you to reconsider this. There is no. Well, other than people are free to go where they want to go and choose whatever side that they want.


But this is this is classic trying to build his chops in the never Trump movement. This is Kazik doing what he can. Which isn't much to inflict harm on Trump's reelection effort, his campaign. But it is also a betrayal, John Kasich spent a lot of years. Convincing voters, the Republican Party that he is. A 1994. Newt Gingrich, House Republican, freshman, conservative. And he's just thrown that away now he's thrown it out, you cannot occupy a conservative ideology and then go to the Democrat side and urge people to vote for Biden on the basis that nobody pushes Joe around.


No, no. But he pushes Joe around. Everybody is pushing Joe around. Now is the point. OK, so I found out what Trump said about Kasich in the pancakes. It was April twenty sixteen, Trump said, I've never seen a human being eat in such a disgusting fashion. This guy takes a pancake, shoving it in his mouth, it's disgusting you want that for your president? I don't think so. So. If if that's if that explains cassocks.


Trip to the other side, to the dark side. I feel sorry for him now. I want to withdraw that. I don't feel sorry for him. I don't want I want to. That's not I just it's it's just.


The guy the guy is inexplicable here. He wants to assume a leadership. Position in the Never Trumper group that believes Trump is a buffoon and an orangutan and a bull in a china shop. You don't have the right manners and the right behavior. Is this or that anything? I just. Trump is implementing policies that all of these guys went out and got elected on the premise they support. Same thing with a never trump in conservative media, and I got to go real fast, quick time out.


Don't go away. Folks will be back before you know it.


All right. Welcome back. Rush ball cramming more into three hours than most people would think is humanly possible. You know, colleges that are known for great learning aren't satisfied with containing their teaching just within the campus boundaries, Hillsdale is a perfect example. Hillsdale College in video and publication form, they carry the teaching forward to everybody, can't get everybody on campus, but they love what they do. They believe in what they do. They want as many people to benefit from what they do.


They teach people. They want as many people learning what they teach as possible. Hillsdale has been defending and explaining American freedoms. Four years, 175 years in one form or another, today, their online video courses have been viewed by millions of Americans. All of them are free to watch. It's one of the greatest educational opportunities that you have. Monthly publication and privacy also free just for the asking. Every month you can read the remarks of one speaker after another.


It's a compendium of great speeches, and it's now mailed to more than five and a half million Americans every month by Hillsdale. They're generous supporters make that possible, they believe in Hillsdale commitment to education, find out everything Hillsdale is doing and what they make available to you for no charge at Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom, that's Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. Folks who have a book recommendation for you. Sean Hannity's new book is out. It's been out a while.


His number one New York Times in the first week. And it's probably going to be number one here in the in the second week is called Live Free or Die, has a tattered American flag on the cover. And let me tell you what, what is the premise of the book? The premise and I've talked to Hannity about this. I've tried to talk him out of this and I failed. He wrote a book about it. He really believes.


And a lot of you may agree, but I thought I failed to talk him out of it. He really believes that if we lose the election in 2020. That we're going to lose the country. Now, I know a lot of people tend to agree with with that, because if we lose, how long is it going to be before we get power back and what kind of damage is going to be done in the meantime? But that is the premise and it is an attempt to convey.


The absolute importance. Of this election and your commitment to it. That this isn't just the next election and a lot of people say that the upcoming election is the most crucial, it's the most important in American history, and they say it every four years. And this one may actually that may be true. Because of the nature of the American left and the fact that the Democrat Party is now all in. With the American left and the American left's agenda is very clear, they do not like freedom, they don't like capitalism, they don't like the fruits of capitalism.


They they want no part. Of anything that made America this great superpower. Exceptional place, so Hannity believes that if we lose this, he really believes that that the future of the country. Is literally hanging in the balance and the only thing. That can prevent the loss of this look is always going to be an American, but. Not as we've known it, he believes that Donald Trump is the single thing. Standing in the way of the left's attempt.


To destroy the company, I talked to him about this and I said, you just saying this because you're trying to hype the book is No, I'm genuinely scared. He said, I'm glad I'm at the tail end of my career rather than just starting it. And I said, well, I kind of understand that, but. You serious, really? Yes, I do. He thinks and this is not because of his friendship with Trump, which is Long-Life and Trump's friend for 25 years, it really has a fear.


So the book. Live free or die is littering the premises if. If we lose this, then the America you and I know is gone. Sean Hannity, live free or die. We'll be back and wrap it up after this.


Eighteen point six million viewers at ten o'clock. That's 28 percent lower than 2016.


The broadcast networks were forty two percent lower numbers for the convention see tomorrow.