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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. This can be a little bit uncomfortable today, folks, because of the comments that I am inclined to make here about people I normally lean along.


When I saw last night watching a Democrat convention, oh, my goodness, it was pathetic, it was and it was pathetic. And then to watch everybody talk about how wonderful it was and how great it was and oh, my goodness, how are we? Oh, I hope we never, ever go back to conventions in a big hall and a big floor.


And all my friends on the lengths to which people are going to cover up for the absolute pathetic nature of this convention is just amazing, is breathtaking to behold. Anyhow, it's great to be here. Great to have you with us. Is always a telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800 to eight two two eight eight two. The email address. L'il Rush Boit, EIB Network, U.S.. The ratings continue to be also pathetic.


For the Democratic National Convention, and they're just they're just they can't figure out why they're trying hard. They're assembling all the experts here, talking to all the professionals. They've got the creme de la creme of big tech. They've got the creme de la creme of broadcast network talent. They have the creme de la creme of the political world on the Democrat side. And they can't figure it out. They do not know why the ratings and they're not good folks.


It's not. It's not. They're down a few percent here, a few percent there. It is record low no matter where you go. And even, you know, they originally were holding out hope that the streaming numbers, which are harder to actually ascertain that the streaming numbers would make up for the the the loss or the down numbers unconventional over the air broadcast television and cable.


But it hasn't happened. So there's all kinds of excuses that are being offered. Well, it's a pandemic and people I actually heard this is the number one excuse. You know, people are having to zoom all day. They're having to go to work on Zoome. They're having to communicate to their jobs on June. The last thing they want to do at night is go home and watch something else on Zoome, which is how the Democratic convention is happening.


I said, man, that is scraping the bottom of the barrel because you see I, ladies and gentlemen, as a powerful, influential member of the media, can tell them exactly why.


Their ratings are down. It's not hard at all. They themselves ought to be able to figure this out, maybe they have a just don't want to admit it. To themselves, and I'll be happy to tell them, because they're not going to believe me, and even if they do believe me, they're not going to acknowledge that that that I may have a point. But it is real simple. We talked about it yesterday. We talked about it the day before.


It all boils down to one thing there isn't any enthusiasm in the Democrat Party for Joe Biden. They will tell you. They will tell you their own polls show that a majority of people who say they're going to vote. In November, hate Trump, they are voting against Trump, they are not voting for Biden. Well, folks, that's all you need to know if the Democrats admit that their own nominee isn't engendering or generating any excitement, then why would you expect?


Massive tune in to your convention featuring the guy. It just the two go hand in hand, you wouldn't you wouldn't expect this, and then the VP, Kamala Harris. Yes, she's historic. No, she's not. These people lied to them. Yes, she is. She's the first woman of color to be picked as vice president. We've been there, done that. We've had the first person of color be president. Anything else is a step down.


And you people keep trying to make you Democrats. You keep trying to create excitement out of identity related things. It's not how most people look at other people, but it is on the Democrat side, the Democrat Party, if you're an average leftist and liberal walking down the street. The first thing you notice about somebody is your skin color, then you try to determine what their sexual orientation is, the next thing you try to determine, are they trannie?


The next thing you try to figure out is something else related to their identity. The last thing that you're interested in is who they are.


Because who they are is irrelevant to you, what they are, is what matters, so in the vast swath of the American population, no doubt me on this, the fact that Kamala Harris is a woman of color, Jamaican person of color, Indian nation of India, person of color. Nice and all that, but it's not historic, it certainly isn't enough to get people to tune in and watch the convention. Besides, Kamala Harris, as we also discussed, was the first Democrat to get out of the primaries, a mere 23 or 24 of them in there, she got out before the first votes were even cast.


She got out, she was the first out, and now she is in place to become president.


Tell me how that works in terms of creating excitement, the first person out of the race, because she had no hope, because she had no prayer, she had thrown everything she had. Going after Biden, who was the front runner, he's a racist, he's a pig, I believe all of the women, I think the guy is a ripper, all that stuff, it didn't work. Could have told them it wasn't going to work, but it didn't work.


So she gets out and now they're sitting there expecting. That this convention is going to be, I mean, uncontrollably exciting. When they admit there is no excitement for their candidate and they're having to manufacture this, this this so-called historical choice. Of Kamala Harris. Meanwhile, their cities are burning and they don't even talk about it, they don't even mention it. I mean, the Democrat Party, the one thing that they are really illustrating, they have a talent for is to be absent reality.


So it's it's no mystery to me now. There's also there's some stuff to learn here as a result. Have you guys seen across the glass? Have you been watching this?


All right. Well, Mr. Certainly has. You you you Don hasn't. I'm Brian. You've been trying to find Tampa Bay practice tape.


The Republicans had better be learning from this. And I think they have, because I keep you know, when Trump does his you know what he something this fascinating yesterday. Trump really won. Who was he going after was? I forget oh, come on, mind, work for me, my memory usually just comes just like that. He was ripping somebody for not going live. Oh, it was Michelle, my Belle Obama, just like I did.


You know, I. I really believe in things like this. You go live if you want to. Gender excitement if you want to create. Now, you can't tell people that we're going to have every speaker on tape. And the tape was made a week ago and then she didn't even mention Kamala Harris great historical pic. And the first African-American first lady. That's historic. Doesn't even mention her well, Rush, she couldn't mention her, she didn't know she was come on.


What does that mean? It means it didn't even tell the Obamas. They don't even give the Obamas a heads up on who the pick was going to be, and then after that, you're telling me that Michelle Michelle Obama can't go in and do a one minute insert, guess not got the social swing going up there at the 12 million dollar house at Martha's Vineyard, gave him the speech that they wanted, and that was it. You want more, go talk to Netflix and tell them I want another special for another 50 million dollars.


Other than that, you got to live with what I gave. You couldn't even. Recut or doing insert to put the historic vice presidential pick in her keynote address. The point is Trump is ladling and how she didn't go live and I believe live folks, because that's how I work. It's just, you know, I'm a little selfish and I'm a little selfish.


May not be the word for it, but I'm I'm audience oriented that way because it's how I've always done. Remember when I've told you that when I was doing the Rush to Excellence tour, which were the forerunners of Trump rallies when this show was new and I was trying to cement this program as something that was going to last is not a flash in the pan whenever we get a new affiliate. I would make a point to go into that market and do a personal appearance, which usually was an hour to an hour and a half of presentation adlib instead of I had a little outline on some cards I had in front of me from the podium, but nothing was scripted.


And. The did this to cement the relationship with the radio station that had made the decision to carry the program. So for the first two years. 48 weekends a year, this is what I did, and I loved it, it was it was a blast and depending on the place, we'd have crowds of 5000, 15000. We priced it such that charities benefited. I've got my expenses paid and that was it.


But I remember telling people these things where you look, you were having so much fun. I am, but let me tell you, a pressure packed. They are pressure packed. Yes, they are. Why? Well, because one of my brain's not working at night, you that's the pressure when you go live, if your brain isn't working, you can sit up there, stand up there, and you can literally die. You can. You can you can.


You can squander the opportunity. So the pressure all day, sit there in front one. If I one of my brain's not firing when you ad lib everything.


It is indeed massive pressure if everything's on a teleprompter and it's already written. You know what it is? There's no reason to even get excited about it. There's no reason to even get hyped up about it, because all you've got to do is read what's there. The challenge then becomes to read what's there and try to make it look like you're not reading anything. And that's the way whenever I do a speech, you know, I don't I've cut back on the numbers of speeches that I do.


And one of the reasons is that the day of the speech, I literally could drive myself nuts. Worrying about is my brain going to be working tonight, is it going to be functioning and that's what life does.


Trump knows that. He mixes teleprompter with with ad lib, which is its own unique talent, by the way, and the teleprompter operator has to know, you know, when he goes off prompter and they got to know when he's going to get back on it and be able to follow.


But that pressure is what brings out the best. It's what it's for anybody who is able to do it. And they've scripted everything and they've put everything on a prompter. And everybody is essentially just reading what they're saying, including them, the people going around the country during the roll call last night.


So what I think the Republicans have got to do is make sure that some of it is live.


And make sure that there is a live audience of some kind to react. To what is happening, the Democrats have not done that, and it has been obvious. That it's missing something, it's missing various elements of excitement. It's it's missing elements of drama. If you're told that every speaker has recorded what they're going to say a week ago or five days ago, then how much drama is there really going to be?


If they're recording it and writing it, they're playing it safe for the for the most part. So there's a lot here for the Republicans to learn. About how to because they've got to go virtual, too, they got to just like the Democrats are, because you can't they can't go back to North Carolina to open the venue and start cramming people in there because of covid. But there are ways to do this that will include drama and excitement, unpredictability and a live audience of some kind reacting.


Trump feeds off a live audience, so whatever Trump's involvement is, you know that there's going to be some audience element somewhere. And I think they probably are watching what's what's going on here and figuring out they're seeing the mistakes that are that are being made. I have more on this program. The main thing to realize, the reason the ratings are down, Biden isn't exciting. Nobody cares to tune in. You know what? Most people on the Democrat side because of the media don't know the extent.


Of Vice President Biden's metal drop off, they just don't know it, so they don't even have the element of, gee, is he going to is he get is he going to? Is it going to not know where it is tonight? Some people would watch just to see if that happened. And it did. It happened a couple times last night. We have it on tape. We've got it on video. We're going to show you a little camp.


You know where he was, and I tell you, whoever did you games, did you see? When he actually accepted the nomination. He was he was in a video, a VHS or a videotape library in the basement of a school in the hands of streamers like five or six streamers come out of the ceiling. Which is like a 10 foot ceiling and two or three balloons. Well, it looks small. It look, you can count the number of streamers and Biden looked like he thought they were snakes that were coming out of the roof to attack him.


He's looking up. Whoa, whoa. What was this? God love you. Oh, my God. And then he went out after Jill Biden, his his wife, finished her speech. And he basically said, why am I here? You'll hear it, we have all this coming up, by the way, some fabulous economic news. Oops, I saw the clock. I got to go to a break. Hang on.


OK, here's the is the great economic news, actually, two stories. The first one target target has been a target, have they not? Target has been a target of the American left. Target is a big box store that the left has gone. After they've looted them, they blown them up out there. They've broken in. They've robbed them. Done all that. Look at Target has just announced the strongest quarterly sales growth ever. Their profits are up 80 percent.


This the Democrats cannot take credit for this because this to them is not good news, this is not supposed to be happening. The Democrats have Minnesota shut down. That's where the target center is. Democrats have Portland, Oregon, shut down. They've got Seattle shut down. They've got Chicago shut down. They've got these cities dominated by mobs and mob rule.


We're in a pandemic. We got people out of work. We got people who don't have any money. How in the heck did this happen?


Strongest quarterly sales growth ever, profits up 80 percent. Who is the one person talking about making this happen? Donald Trump. He's the one person, even though his great economy was snapped right out from underneath him. With the demanding shutdown of two months. Of our economy because of the covid-19 virus, Trump has kept talking about the V shaped recovery, he's kept promising it. He's kept reminding everybody that's what he's focused on. The Democrats have not. The Democrats have mocked this kind of recovery, saying it's not realistic.


And then Apple has just become the first company with a market cap of two trillion dollars, and it happens in the midst of this pandemic.


Whoa, hang on.


This is, I think, fascinating target. Strongest quarterly sales growth ever. Profits up 80 percent. Now, the naysayers, because they were rush, they had nowhere to go but up. I mean, come on, they're coming out of a pandemic. Everything's as low as it can be. Misses the point. You people want throwing cold water on this stuff. The fact is, it happened. The fact is that their sales growth is the most rapid ever.


That means. People are out there engaging in commerce, which is what our economy is. You can call it trickle down, whatever you want, profits, profits, the name of the game means they're not giving stuff away. It means that they're still selling enough items at profit points to Intuit to earn a profit. You can you can try to diminish this all you want, but you can't. Now, Apple Computer, the first indication it's going to happen, Apple, their fiscal year is one one quarter off from the calendar year.


So their Q1 in business starts in the fourth quarter on the calendar, the Christmas. Quarter is their is their fiscal year, first quarter, they reported the June quarter. They had a record amount of revenue and a record profit. With their stores closed. All these Apple stores around the world, well, in China, they were open, but most of them in Europe and the United States, most of the Apple stores are closed no matter they've got the online store.


Their sales growth has been such, and everybody knows that new phones are coming. New funds are coming some September, October. They may be delayed a little this year. So arguably, a lot of people would just wait for the new phones, not new, a new phone. Go get one now. And they haven't started. I mean, it's across the board. They have not started lowering prices. Some of the cell providers do. But they're selling iPhones out the wazoo, the Mac sales are during a pandemic when it's the last thing it ought to be happening.


It's a testament to many things, the quality of the of the products and the other things that people can do with their with their devices. But an end to their marketing and so forth, it just to me. It's two examples of an economic recovery that's entirely possible that one guy has been talking about it. One guy has been urging it on. One guy has been veritably promising that it's going to happen. An entire political party has been mocking him and making fun of him for it.


And claiming that he only had a great economy because he inherited the massive growth from Barack Obama was an absolute crock, that is, which we've been through countless times. You know, it's interesting, the Democrats never said that Obama had a great economy until Trump became president, all during Obama's term, they never talked about the great economy because that's not how they viewed it. They really were trying to get everybody ready for an economy that was in decline.


They were trying to get everybody ready for an economy that was slowing down. They wanted people to believe that our past was largely illegitimate, including our economic success. We weren't to feel good about it.


We were not to feel enthused about it because it was unjust and immoral, why this country was built on the backs of slaves, we can't sit here and feel happy. And who knows? All of the economic success we're having is built on the backs of somebody like Alexandra Steele. Cortez last night actually accused America of colonialism. We have never engaged in colonialism. We were a colony, a series of them at one time.


They have done everything they can. To. Destroy the image of American greatness and exceptionalism. By claiming that our economic strength was built on the backs of others or that we had stolen natural resources from other countries, you mean any anything they could come up with that would serve their agenda, that there's no reason to feel like America is getting special? And then great, like Madeleine Albright. Former Secretary of State Clinton teaches at Georgetown. She says nothing special about the American founding just happens to be a coincidence of dates and a bunch of people showing up here at the same time and nothing special about it.


And that's what she teaches. So they they do not. They don't even provide much lip service to a strong economy because they really don't believe it, to them, a strong economy is a threat, folks. To them, the Democrats, the American left a strong economy. Is an obstacle to them, they want the government to always be seen as the source. Of happiness, decency, goodness, whatever it is they want, you thinking that you have what you have or you use the opportunities you have because government made it possible, the fact that the economy is roaring means that people are doing well financially.


That's not. It doesn't fit with what the Democrat Party agenda is. So this news is not going to make them happy. And they have a tough time even faking it. They and they have to fake they're talking about. When the economy roars back, they're going to have to act like they're happy about it, but you can see when they talk about it, they're heart's not in it, by the way. PMS, NBC has this guy on there named Chris Hayes.


The first time I saw this guy. I said, did he just walk in off the street and sit down, or did somebody actually hire this guy? And if somebody actually hired this guy, why? I mean, metrosexual and pajama boy don't even get close. Well, anyway. This guy was on MSNBC and he was characterizing the average Trump voter. Remember, Peter struck strong, smart, Peter struck strong smirk, said that you could smell the Trump support at a southern Virginia Wal-Mart.


He actually tweeted that to his paramour. Lisa Page. Don't worry, babe, don't worry about it, don't worry, Trump's not going to win. I was in a Wal-Mart the other day in Virginia. You can see you can smell the Trump support with his tweet. So Chris Hayes, he's an Ivy Leaguer, and you wouldn't doubt that you see him. He described the Trump political base as white men without a four year degree who have just enough extra money to buy a boat.


This was in a Twitter exchange with a reporter from The Washington Post, David Weigel, three days ago on August 16th, late on Sunday evening, Weigel, who earned a journalism degree from Northwestern University in Chicago, tweeted, quote, I keep trying to make this point, but I don't want to be patronizing. The Florida guy with a high school degree and a pile of disposable income really is a perfect Trump supporter. So here's Hillary Clinton in her deplorable.


Struck strong smirk with the fact you can smell the Trump support in a Walmart in southern Virginia. Showing their true colors, the need to mock and make fun of you Trump supporters. A Florida man with a high school degree pile of disposable income, perfect Trump supporter, and that's when Hayes came back and said, yeah, and this bike, he went to Hunter College High School. He earned a philosophy degree from Brown University, said white men without a four year degree disposable income enough to buy a boat are genuinely the Trump base.


They haven't slightest idea of the Trump base is just wanted to share this with him. But they don't they haven't taken the time to learn who the Trump base is, why the Trump bases there. And all of this is designed to get you need to be feeling really good about things here, folks.


Like I told a couple of callers yesterday, you've got a Democrat National Convention. That is a sorry joke. You've got a Democrat National Convention with no audience. They can't figure out why. And it's very simple why there's no enthusiasm for their nominee. And the American people do not see some sort of historical moment that they're part of in the choice of Kamala Harris as the vice president, because most people are not into identity politics like the Democrats are.


On the other hand, here comes the economy roaring back, elements of it, evidence of it trumps the one guy that's been promising it. He has been assuring, everybody has been telling. Everybody knows how to do it. Voila. We're starting to get the signs that it's happening. And and Democrats continue to preside over absolute misery in the cities and states that they run. They don't seem at all interested in stopping that. They don't seem at all interested in cleaning up.


The mess being made in their cities at the same time, they're talking about defunding the police. Just trying to assure you, you are not watching whether you're watching the convention, whether you're watching the nightly news, whether you're watching cable news, the broadcast news reading The New York Times, you're not watching a winning movement.


You're watching a movement that thinks it's winning. But I don't even think that I think they know they're not I think they're in deep doo doo and know it. And are trying to hide that, let's see, more than two hundred have been charged with federal crimes and 1000 arrested in operation legend, according to the attorney general, William Barr just made the announcement earlier today. At least two hundred and seven people have been charged with a federal crime. More than 1000 arrests have been made in major metro cities since the Department of Justice launched this operation.


Operation Legend in July, nearly 400 firearms have been seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Operation Legend, as you may know, was launched on July eight as a sustained, systemic and coordinated law enforcement initiative in which federal law enforcement agencies work in conjunction with state and local law enforcement to fight violent crime was first launched in Kansas City. Then they expanded Chicago, then Albuquerque, on July 22nd. Next Cleveland, Detroit. Milwaukee on July 29.


St. Louis and Memphis. On August 16 to Indianapolis on August 14th. So more than 200 charged, 1000 arrested. The question is, will any of these charges stick? This is rabble rouser kind of crime. This is not this is not the portlands, this is not Seattle and all that. This is entirely different operation. And a lot of different cities and they're better they arrested better stick. You know, prosecutors like Kamala Harris have been letting the people out of jail, not charged.


In in pure. Political moves, I brief time out when we come back, let's see, we will get to the phones, we'll start on the phones as soon as we get back. So stay there.


It always happens during the break. Going in the break, I say going to get to the phones. When we come back during the break, something happens. Something has happened to set it up. Donald Trump tweeted at ten thirty four this morning, the following. Do not buy Goodyear tires. They announced a ban on made America great again hats. Get better tires for far less. You know, this is what the radical left Democrats do well, two can play the same game and we have to start playing it now.


What he means is radical left out there. Start boycott everybody. They're getting out, there's a boycott that place, boycott that place because they don't agree with politics, it's about time we started playing the same game. So he tweets, Do not buy Goodyear tires. They announced a ban on make America great again hats, you can get better tires for less. Now, there's a press release from Goodyear. A message from Goodyear to our customers, partners and associates yesterday, Goodyear became the focus of a conversation and created some misconceptions.


About our policies and our company for those not aware. A widely circulated image sparked a strong reaction and we wanted to take the opportunity to provide some important context.


To the visual in our policies, first, the visual in question was not created or distributed by Goodyear corporate, nor was it part of a diversity training class, to be clear.


On our longstanding corporate policy, Goodyear has zero tolerance for any forms of harassment or discrimination. Second, we appreciate the diverse viewpoints of all of our more than 16000 associates, blah, a third and finally. Goodyear has always wholeheartedly supported both equality and law enforcement and will continue to do so. Bottom line, Goodyear is making a hasty retreat. Ladies and gentlemen, from yesterday, where? They had made it abundantly clear. They had put a ban on make America great again, hats that you couldn't wear them.


If you were an employee, it couldn't win because once again, here's Goodyear, they might have left. A CEO hates Trump, but more than likely they think Twitter is American. And so they think a majority of Americans hate Trump and hate make America great again, so they think they're making a business decision and just totally out of touch. Anyway, they learned that they're actually focusing on the exact opposite. This is how Trump gets results. Now to the phones.


Long Island, Dan, your first today. Great to have you with us, sir.


Hi, Rush megadose. Thank you. I just want to tell you, the local and national media, they're salivating any time they mention a Republican that shows up on one of those videos for Joe Biden, Democratic convention. And it's not Republicans, it's the establishment. And the establishment is joining forces in everybody's face to try and regain power. And it's disgusting. Wait a minute, I'm not sure a lot of people. Start again. Say, I'm not sure I understand your point.


All these Republicans that are showing up right now endorsing Joe Biden.


Oh, you're talking about the K six and the the Colin Powell, Christie Todd Whitman, all of these Republicans or, you know, claimed to be Republicans.


They're joining forces with Joe Biden and the Democrats. They're really the establishment. They're the establishment trying to regain power.


Oh, right, right, right, right, right. Of course.


And everyone is bluntly in everybody's face. And people just think R and D are indeed the think Republicans, Democrats, Republicans are joining the Democrats because Donald Trump must be terrible. We must listen to these people. And they're doing it blatantly. And I think a lot of people don't even realize that this is the establishment coming to regain the power that they don't have and they want their seats back at the table.


Yeah, that's I don't think anybody's falling for this. I don't think John Kasich persuading anybody. Colin Powell is persuading anybody. Christie Todd Whitman, they're doing this precisely because they've got no home in their own party anyway.


That's a quick break. I appreciate the call.


Dan, do not go away fast as three hours in media. The first one already over.


That's evidence of how we're going to zipped by out there. And we've got two more to go. Stay right where you are.


Welcome back, folks. Great to have you here with us. Of the one and only EIB Network, this the most listened to radio talk show in the country. And I am your host, America's real anchorman, a doctor of democracy and general all around. Good guy, a household name in all four corners of the world, 822 to eight eight two. If you want to be on the program, I need I need to go back to our first caller today.


I, I didn't I didn't mean to sound rude. I was just I was totally taken aback by this. I'd spent 35 or 40 minutes on some specific things. And the caller was talking about something that's like two or three days old. So I wasn't geared up. And I I didn't understand until halfway through his call when he was talking about.


And. I didn't even accept the premise, apparently, he was concerned that all of these Republicans, they're showing up at this Democrat convention with their recorded speeches like Kazik at the gravel road fork in the road, and then and then Colin Powell showed him a Christie Todd Whitman.


And I got the impression the caller is very worried about this.


Because he thinks a lot of people are being influenced by it. And I have to say, I don't think anybody is. Now, he wanted everybody to realize, hey, these are just these are deep staters. And they're trying to hold on to their place in the deep state, there's no question this is true. They are the establishment, Kazik. He abandoned the conservative movement, I don't know when Colin Powell never really was Colin Powell was never comfortable as a Republican.


And the last straw for him was when George W. Bush sent him up to the United Nations and all those photos of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction turned out not to be true.


I mean, whatever happened there, I will guarantee you there are a lot of noses out of joint because Colin Powell was the point man at the U.N. for making the case that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. They had all the intel community had all the photos, the supposedly the stockpiles.


And I'm relatively confident that that General Powell. Was sitting there thinking at the time that if this is bogus, they wouldn't do this to me, meaning the intelligence community. They might try to humiliate and embarrass Bush, but they wouldn't do it to me, I'm one of them. And yet, as the secretary of state. He got the call to go to the United Nations, make the case for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. He's had his nose out of joint on that ever since.


And he's been unhappy with, I don't know, Republicans for long, but he's he's a classic deep state or Washington establishment type, meaning that his. His future, his his current.


Is locked into being a member in good standing and Kazik, Kazik made the decision to abandon conservatism and go deep state Republican or establishment Republican, which means lose gracefully more often than you win.


Christie Todd Whitman. I don't think was ever a conservative.


She was one of these RINO Republicans and so forth that the caller, I got the impression was very alarmed that these people might be influencing Republicans to vote against Trump. And he just wanted to remind everybody that all they are is a bunch of establishment types. And the reason I didn't connect with the caller is because I don't think that at all. I think these people are not. John Kasich has demonstrated that he doesn't have the influence he thinks he does in the Republican primary in 2016.


He gave everything he had to getting rid of Trump. If you remember, he ran for the nomination. He didn't even get close. Remember how embarrassing it was when he won. Ohio, and they had a balloon drop or something, really embarrassing stuff. Because he had yeah, Dan in Long Island was that was the caller's name. But so so Kazik began campaigning against Trump, much like the never Trump Ferzat. And I don't think the Kazik is persuading a single certainly not going to persuade a member of the Trump base to abandon Trump simply because he, John Kasich, is not to vote for Biden.


Biden doesn't have any independent enthusiasm anyway, and John Kasich can't provide it. Sorry, just there's just no way Biden as a self-contained dry ball is not somebody about whom another dry ball, John Kasich, can come along and infuse him with a bunch of enthusiasm. Neither can Christie Todd Whitman. And General Powell, I don't think any of them can I don't consider them political threats, so that's why I was a little taken aback by the. By the call, I didn't want anybody to think that I had been I'd been rude, it was the last thing that I was.


Expect it now, I mentioned something at the opening of the program that I might be faced here with. Doing something I don't usually do, I usually don't use audio, sound bites of colleagues and my colleagues, I mean people in the business.


I don't, for example. Play audio, sound bites of a Fox personality, say, listen to how crazy this is. We will play sound bites of guests or newsmakers on Fox, but the actual hosts of shows very rarely. We will sometimes use a Brit Hume sound bite because they're funny when he comes to the sudden realization the media isn't media anymore. But we do it in good cheer. We do it with a smile on her face. And last night after the Democratic convention, which was just an exercise in boredom, everything was taped.


There was no live reaction to anything that happened. And all of the all of the left leaning analysts on Fox nevertheless had to analyze this as maybe the best convention ever. Man, it is so good, they said we may never want to go back to the crowded convention halls, this is so heartwarming. Why this made me want to sing God Bless America. I just thought it was one of the greatest things I'd ever seen. These were largely comments made about how the Democrats did the roll call and the way the Democrats did the roll call.


You know, normally in a convention, you've got a state somewhere on the floor and it's the state's turn to announce and somebody that runs a delegation. Mr. President. From the great state of Alabama, then they don't talk about how many soybeans they produced and whatever it was, how you get around shifting the votes and announcing the votes for the next president not to say, well, what they did last night, since there's no convention hall, they actually produced 57 separate tapes.


Because Obama says they're fifty seven states, and so they had to do 57. States and territories. And they would go to, say, New Mexico, and they had a Native American guide and Native American dress wardrobe announce. Which candidates were getting how many delegates and then they would go to a different state? We got New Jersey, they got the governor, Phil Murphy, and somebody else.


And one thing, you know, they goofed up last night. Now, normally. At a convention. The candidate, the winner, the nominee's home state gets the honor. Of putting the nominee over the top terms of the delegates necessary to win the nomination, it's always happens. So in the event last night, they would wait, Delaware would not announced until until their delegates would be enough to put Biden over the top.


And make his nomination official. They didn't do that last night. New Jersey and its 100 some odd delegates actually ended up putting Biden over the top. I'm watching this. This is not right, they ought to. What's wrong with Biden's own state, getting the honor of putting him over the top? What they did, they let Delaware go last. It Delaware go last after it was already over, after Plug's had already become the official nominee. And so this this 57 tape, 57 bits of tape from every state and territory with people announcing how many delegates go to this candidate in that.


The commentary on it was just over the top. Here's one with the audio sound bite number three, this is his take on.


I agree with all of you. I've enjoyed watching. I enjoyed that trip across America so much. It reminded me of the song America the Beautiful. You know, you could see so many parts of our spectacular country. I love it.


I love it now. So he has to say this. Up next, Dana Perino, audio sound bite number five this night, I think just visually and from an energy standpoint, it has a lot more definite step. I think the visuals have been amazing that I don't ever want to see another roll call taken in a convention hall. I think this has been awesome. I've loved this trip around America.


OK, and here's Karl Rove after everybody else has spoken.


I'm in deep disagreement with everybody who's spoken earlier. I hated the video swing around the country. I'm a traditionalist. I wanted the people in the country hats and their nutty outfits. Instead, we got the video with generally one person there. This is my third Democratic National Convention. I hope my 12th Republican National Convention has got more of that great tradition that I miss so much tonight.


Perhaps not by number two. One more. Here's here's Chris Wallace's take on it.


I want to talk about two things in the first hour. One was the keynote address. And just as you said, you thought that the roll call worked. I thought the keynote worked. It sounded pretty crazy to me. 17 up and coming. Democrats all delivering the same speech. But it actually kind of worked. And they had sentences. It all fit together. And you saw black and white and young, old and young and well, I guess not old, but men and women.


And it was a pretty effective speech. Right.


So they all loved this. They all and they especially loved the trip around spectacular country that made me want to start singing America the Beautiful.


And. It just so it just a little over the top. I think it kind of betrayed the real reaction. I think they felt that they had to wax eloquent about it because, folks, the ratings are down. There's there's no excitement here. There's no. For the opportunities, I mean, they got the best of the brightest from big tech. They got the best and the brightest from Hollywood, they got the best and the brightest from political consultancy and so forth.


And there hasn't been a single bit of obvious innovation in this presentation. And your expectations would say that they would have really come up with the wow and the pizzazz and. Fabulous ways of doing this, but it's not working, and of course, one of the reasons is that the nominee kind of defeats the whole purpose. He doesn't have any enthusiasm. Specifically for him. But I have to I have to tell you, folks, the. When they went to Biden, now we've got this on video here.


Hang on, Brian, we're going to have success running the video on digital cam yesterday. So we're going to do it again. But this one we've had a little bit because it's just four seconds. It goes by real quickly. They cut to Joe Biden just after he had been officially formally nominated. This was after New Jersey put him over the top, not Delaware. He was standing. I don't look like his basement with it, with a library of DVDs.


Maybe it was a basement of a school or something, but there were four or five balloons. And there were some colored streamers that looked like snakes and appeared to come out of the the ceiling. So you get the balloons and the snakes, they looked like they were attacking Biden. He didn't quite know where to look. He knew that the camera was on him. He didn't quite know where to look, you have kind of a tense smile. And behind him, these streamers popped out, they fell down from the acoustical tiles in the in the ceiling, the visual was the awkward.


And it was really ill conceived, if Biden is trying to become a world historical figure, a king slayer who will become a king himself. This is the guy that they have chosen to finally slay the mad king, Donald Trump. The scene made him look like a mid-level executive having a retirement party on ZOM. And then they cut to the dozens of people applauding and then just the setting itself. This is the biggest night, arguably. Of Joe Biden's life.


And it was filled with balloons in a DVD library. Now, who was the genius, the creative genius who came up with this setting? You talk about mailing it in and Democrats worried about the post office, you got a lot of other concerns before you get to the post office mailing something. Yeah, and this is what Joe and Jill get after winning a Democratic nomination. This is it's a big deal. A sleep deprived 2nd grade teacher could have put something together that was far better, what they gave Biden last night.


A guy who celebrates with balloons in a basement video library, this is not somebody who's building anything back better. And isn't that the slogan? We're going to build it back better. Didn't see any of that on display. This was a bigger dud than Biden's recovery summer 2008, Brian, let this let this tape roll its you'll see it, folks, four seconds on the ditto cam. Here we go with three to one, the letter Rep.. Where he.


On the snakes, the snakes for five balloons, they're all the excitement. Oh, my goodness, Joe Biden doesn't know what's going on behind her is this stuff is all. Here we go again. Oh. I'm I'm OK, Brian, that I'm sorry, but that's. We got to go to the break I just saw the clock will be back. OK, back to the phones we go. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, half my brain tied behind my back.


Just equalize everything and make sure everybody has a fair shot here. This is John in Akron, Ohio. Great to have you, sir. Hello, Rush. Hi.


I think it was outrageous that Goodyear came up with these demands of their employees, and I think it was good to call them out on it. But I think it was also outrageous or not so smart to say not to buy tires from Goodyear anymore. They happened to be the only tire company in the United States. Now, Akron is the rubber capital of the world. All the tires were made here at one time, but I just think that needed to be rethought.


Maybe it still can be corrected.


Well, I think I think it's going to get fixed. I think Goodyear is reversing course, are they not? I don't know, I haven't heard that myself. Well, that's that's what's the point of the story. Goodyear has put out a press release here, a message from Goodyear to our customers, partners and associates. Yesterday, Goodyear became the focus of a conversation that created some misconceptions about our policies. And our companies are doing a mea culpa here.


Yeah, a bit of one there, huh?


Well, I think that maybe it would be also good for the campaign, the Trump campaign, to maybe address the fact that they are the only tire company based in the U.S. and because that's so important to us right now, the U.S. products are so important. I think it'd be a good idea maybe to revisit that a little bit.


I think this is this is actually quite fascinating to me. And I don't have enough time here to get into it with you because I've got a break coming up. But you hang on out there, John. Keep keep listening, because I'm going to I'm going to address this. This is.


This is. This is. As I said, fascinating to me, I'll tell you why in a minute. Hi, welcome back. Great to have you on the EIB Network. So good year. Yesterday issued this statement. Let me see if I can find Trump's tweet here that got this all started. What did I do with Trump's tweet? This is my fault. I put things in a different stack of the world they were in. I might have thrown it away anyway.


Trump issues a tweet urging people not to buy Goodyear because they don't allow Make America great again hats.


To be warned by their employees. And Trump fires back and suggests that if that's the way they're going to be, then I'm going to urge you not to buy Goodyear tires. It's the way the left plays the game, and if they're going to play it that way, I'm going to fire right back. What he's talking about is Boycott's the left is famous for trying to damage American business, American media people by boycotting, announcing and promoting boycotts of their shows.


By advertisers, so Trump says, I'm sick, sick and tired of sitting around watching this happen to people with nobody doing anything about it, and now they're attacking him. The employees that love Trump and support Trump at Goodyear can't show it. He said to heck with this. So he's urging people not to buy Goodyear tires. A caller. This is bad. This is president can't do that. Goodyear is the only company in America making tires. We need we need we need to patronize them.


And so I understand that. But as somebody who has been involved in these boycotts, as somebody who has successfully beaten them back because we found out what they really are. And the relatively few number of people actually behind them. I have an entirely different perspective, and I am of the belief that you have to push back on this stuff. You have to find a way to push back on it. Why should the left be the only ones who benefit or get away with this kind of thing?


So I, I, I understand the sensitivity may not be wise for the president to start telling individual businesses, the American people, not to patronize an individual business, but I guarantee you he's got an objective here. His objective is to allow ultimately have it made possible that people can wear make America great again. Hats and Goodyear. His objective is not to harm good year, his objective is not that at all. His objective is protecting his brand and showing support for his supporters.


The problem with this is that the left or anybody will always be able to come up with a way of doing things. That make it look like you're not taking the moral high ground if you respond to them. But I I fully support the president in this. Yes, I think I think all of this is based on a bunch of misconceptions anyway. I don't know why Goodyear did what they did, but I'm going to make a wild assumption that Goodyear is like so many other entities and businesses, they have a complete misunderstanding of the makeup of the American population.


They because they also watch the mainstream media, they believe that Twitter is American and they believe that Donald Trump is universally hated and despised now. I'm sure somebody at Goodyear thinks that and there's a lot of people and a lot of places who think that if all you've done is watch ABC, CBS, NBC for the last four years or read The New York Times, you would be well within your rights believing that Donald Trump is despised and is going to lose the election in a landslide, that people can't stand him, that people are regretting that they voted for him in the first place.


This is what you would believe if all you've had. As your quote unquote, source for news is the mainstream media, that it isn't true. Donald Trump's base has not left him, and the support for Trump within the Republican Party hovers between 91 and 95 percent. Meantime, there isn't any enthusiasm to speak up for Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. So much so that their convention ratings are in the toilet. But I am convinced that Goodyear. And a number of other companies simply believe.


That Trump is hated, and I think that they thought from a marketing standpoint that they were associating themselves with a majority of the American people. Now, again, I think there's no excuse for this because Goodyear obviously has a vast marketing department. As such, Goodyear could find out. If they wanted anybody can anybody can find out, is Trump universally hated or not, is a universally despised or not, that would be ways of determining if this is an accurate assumption.


You'd have to look pretty hard because every poll has Trump losing monumentally except the latest CNN poll. Every poll has Trump universally hated and despised. In fact, the Goodyear reaction is exactly what the media is after. The Goodyear reaction is exactly what the Democrat Party is after. And that's why Trump just can't let it stand. He's got to push back against it. And this is what pushback looks like. This is who he is. This is no different than what Trump has been doing since day one.


It's no different than what he's been doing since. His campaign began, here's Tom in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you with us, sir.


Hello, Niros megadose. You were starting the program today about how the economy was coming back and Target's numbers and so forth, something that I don't hear a lot of lately. And you're never going to hear it on the mainstream media. How are America's 401K is doing? And I'm only going to use my own personal information and wonder of how many other people have this. Back in roughly February, March, my family's 401k stop was at an all time high.


And then Nicole, the 19 stuff hit, we dropped nearly 22 percent of our value. Yikes.


As of today. I am back to less than seven tenths of a percent down. You don't hear about all that come back and 401. Well, of course, I'm less than one percent down now from my all time high. It's just coming back.


Of course, you're not going to hear it. Nope. And your 401k is invested where, among other places, stocks, bonds, mutual funds.


There you go. It's in the stock market which has recovered. The stock market has now recovered everything. It lost you? Yes, sir.


And your 401k has come back right along with it. No, it's a good point. It's a good point. You're not you're not going to hear about that for precisely this reason.


Give me line three next. You're not going to hear about it because the media do not want that kind of news out there.


They don't they they look the reason they've kept New York and Minneapolis. And the state of Washington state of Oregon shut down is to slow down in any economic recovery so they can blame it on Trump. Listen to these speeches these people are making. You heard Michelle, Michelle Obama, they're blaming this economy on Trump. She's out there talking about what a great economy her husband left Trump, now Trump's gone out and destroyed it. Because he didn't take the China virus seriously enough.


It's a total lie. It's a gigantic crock.


There's only one guy focusing on bringing the economy back, one guy pushing against the headwinds to even reopen the economy.


And that was Trump, there's one guy pushing against the headwinds to get the schools open again. There's one guy trying to tell college and NFL, please play, go ahead and play. Country needs to reopen. Our country needs it. And yet they're out there trying to blame Trump for all of this, you cannot solve. They need economic misery, they need economic slowdowns, they need any news they can manufacture that is not indicative of the economy recovering.


And they and they need that to last for a couple of months now through through November. Jeff in Fairfax, Virginia, you're next, sir. Great to have you with us. Hi. They rush, so to speak, the to feeling well, thank you, sir, very much appreciate that. Well, I hope for a rebound recovery. I fear that it's going to basically allow the big box stores and the and the monopolists to consolidate their position and the middle class entrepreneurs are going to get kicked to the wayside.


This is a good point, and I want to I wanted your call to be juxtaposed right against the guy who talked about his 401k coming back. He is an average guy. He's got a 401k. That's his family investment. And he's he's only down point seven tenths of a percent now. So he's happy stock markets come back. His first one has come back. Your point? I know exactly what your point is. It's one thing for the big box stores to go back to Target's Apple, Wal-Mart and so forth.


But there are a bunch of mom and pops who, if we're not careful, are not going to recover. Some may never reopen.


And some may have been wiped out already, and that is a valid concern, it was it was one of the first concerns I had when I started traveling around about two weeks after the first lockdown, and I saw boarded up dreams essentially in various cities and along various various streets. So your point is it just can't be a corporate recovery. It's got to be economic. It's got to be expansive throughout the the width and breadth of the economy. Your point, right.


Right, the future has to involve humans, it can't all be digital, it can't all be Amazon. And while the Amazon employs humans right now in their factories or their warehouses, that soon is going to go by the wayside as well.


So what would you do? Well, I think we have to rebuild a backup up analog system to what we're doing digital fine, the rapidity, the speed at which we can conduct transactions digitally is a fine thing. But there has to be some return to a society where we have cash, we have cash years. We have people that actually do physical work. The digital profits can subsidize that in some way. But we can.


Now, wait a minute. You're describing problems actually that predated the virus and the shutdown. So your arguments a little. It's about much more than that then.


That's true. But but we could put people back to work if we did the right testing and the right testing would be the antibody testing. We need to find out how many Americans have already beaten covid-19. We we need to stop testing ourselves over and over and over again to see whether we caught it when most of us might have already had it. We're doing the wrong testing. And that's what's keeping us out of school, out of work, out of football.


I don't I don't I don't. I know what you're saying, but I don't think that's what's keeping us out of football. I think it's keeping kids out of school. I don't think the wrong testing is doing. I think the Democrat Party is keeping us out of school, the Democrat Party. You people are going to have to get it through your heads. The Democrat Party for four years has been trying to overturn the election results of twenty sixteen.


Everything even today is about that. The the Spanish virus is about the China virus is about that the post office thing, there's always something that pops up. There's a new crisis or controversy seemingly every week. It is all oriented toward getting rid of Donald Trump. Not opening schools is all about getting rid of Donald Trump. It's happening because Mueller failed. Everything here, every obstacle, everything that represents an obstacle in the way of the country recovering has been placed there by the Democrat Party and its adjuncts.


And I want you to be the drive by media, education, academe, you name it. Testing is simply the excuse that they use. I'm not against anybody testing, I'm not against, you know, trying to identify the people who may have developed immunity to it, I think in certain places. In fact, we may even be getting close to to herd immunity. And in Florida and a bunch of these state, you're not even hearing about the vast numbers of new cases stories anymore because they're going down.


Even with the testing that we are doing, the numbers of new cases are going down and guess what, all of those numbers of new cases have not equaled an associate or our approximate number of deaths.


Anyway, I got to go. I see. Don't panic in there. Be back in just a second.


All right. All right. All right. Now back to the phones, Northern Virginia. Andrew, welcome, sir. It's great to have you here. Hi.


Hey, thanks for taking my call, Rush. Hey, I've been with you since 1988 when I was stationed McClellan Air Force Base in Maryland.


Well, that's the beginning. I mean, you're a lifer here. Thank you, sir.


Yeah. Hey, I wanted to add to your opening monologue about the enthusiasm gap. I've got a very active following and presence in social media where I can always get the pulse of the left through through social media. But I am seeing absolutely nothing on social media. I usually check in in the morning to see what what was was going on. The night before Tuesday morning, I had to post about Michelle Obama and one happened to be from a president of an NAACP chapter.


And today I had one repost Colin Powell speech. In contrast, over the weekend I had if I had one, I had 50 post about the mail, the post office and mailbox being moved. So, again, just to summarize, I am seeing nothing in social media that would that would lend to any any news.


Yasim, on the left, and what are you specifically said and what you've seen about Michelle, my Belle Obama? Yeah.


So I literally I saw two posts on Tuesday morning about the campaign. That was the only two posts that I saw from from Democrats, from of the Democrats that I follow. No, no, wait.


There have to have been more than that. So I got to be real careful here. I'm so I'm sorry.


I have to have been more than two posts about Michelle Obama.


Well, again, that's you know, so I'm curious because, you know, was Republicans, I think, you know, that the content was suppressed or shadow banned. But but I'm literally checking it periodically throughout the day. And I'm seeing nothing from the people that would normally post. And I don't follow a lot of the left left wing sites on Twitter, but literally there was nothing saying what a great speech it was other than comments that they said that they love Michelle Obama.


All right. Well, now I have a story that backs this up. It is from The Daily Wire, which is Ben Shapiro's website and the the headline A Star is Born GOP Candidates Ad Trounces Michelle Obama, DNC Speech in Digital Metrics, which is what you are talking about. We played the three minute commercial. Of the Republican candidate, African-American in Baltimore. Kimberly Classic, she is just trouncing Michelle Obama on Twitter and in Facebook in terms of likes, dislikes.


Let me go up against a long time. I'll give you the details here shortly. Hang on.


It's big by digital metrics. Michelle Obama bombed at the DNC the other night, completely outdone by Kimberle classic.


Have details coming up.


All right. Here we are back at it. Great to be with you, my friends. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network talent. So much to say. I wish I had the ability to share it. So much more than I will ever need on loan from God. Our telephone number, if you want to join us, 800 202 282 the e-mail address L Rushville EIB, dot U.S. OK. We played the three minutes, actually two minutes of 50 seconds.


It's a three minute commercial, Kimberle Classic. She's the Republican candidate for Congress in Baltimore. She's African-American. She's eminently qualified as a total package. It's just a it's a great, great ad. We were among the first to air the ad. It has taken off out there. It has some. She is everywhere now.


And by digital metrics. Digital metrics defined as, wow, Twitter went nuts last night while Twitter went viral last year. Now, Twitter blew up last year. So those kinds of metrics. Michelle Obama bombed at the DNC last night, not bouncing off the last caller that we had in the previous hour, I was talking about the enthusiasm gap in the first hour. And I have been attempting to tell people there isn't any on the Democrat side contrary to every effort they're making.


To get you to think otherwise, it's clear the reason why the ratings are down for their convention is that stuff they've told us. They have in fact, they have proudly said, they have proudly said. That their research indicates. That a majority of people that are going to vote for Biden actually just hate Trump and are going to be voting against Trump, and they are saying that that really bodes ill for Trump when you've got that kind of negative out there, you've got that kind of hate.


Oh, that is bad news for Trump.


Sorry, folks, I think it's the exact opposite, I think when you can't drum up enthusiasm for your candidate, you are the one that has the problem. When you can't drum up enthusiasm for the person you have arranged to be your nominee.


That I am sorry you have the problem. And I think they have the problem, Trump doesn't have an enthusiasm problem. The people that are going to vote for Trump can't wait to vote for Trump, and there are so many more of them than you know. And they're just waiting, and every day the Democrat Party tries to do more damage to this country, the more energetic and desirous they get of showing up and voting. Ninety one, ninety five percent, the Republican Party still supports and is aligned with Donald Trump.


So the evidence is right in front of our face. Their ratings, the ratings are down so much, it's so bad that they're not even really spending a lot of times detailing it. They're trying to lay it off on well is actually a lot of streaming going out there. We just don't know how to quantify it. We don't know how to tabulate it. But I guarantee you, they're not they don't really believe that. So they're now trying to say that Michelle Obama killed it, she wrecked them up last night and whenever she she spoke and this story makes the opposite point by digital metrics.


Michelle Obama bombed at the DNC last night. The former first lady was completely undone, outdone by an unknown House candidate kimberlite classic.


On Facebook, Michelle Obama, despite being promoted by the traditional media giants, could not scratch the vitality of classic and the new media outlets who pushed her.


The mere two results. Populated for classic over 12 and a half million views, whereas Obama's numerous results. Total just shy of three million views, including views from conservative pundit Graham Allen criticizing her speech. Even on Twitter, Classic has 25 percent more viewers than Michelle Obama. First lady's Twitter account shows three million viewers classic's has four point one million now in 2016, Trump won because he offered a different message and he used new different media in 2020. It seems the Democrats are repeating their same mistakes.


Somebody quoted here as saying, I thought this election cycle was over a month ago, but everything seems to be shifting now. Yeah, somebody believes that Plug's Senate wrapped up a month ago. They believe they're lying polls. They believe the narratives they tell each other. This is what's happening to them, folks. There's two things. They believe Twitter is America and they believe, therefore, that they are America. I mean, the media. And what's happening is that they are actually just a circle.


And they don't do news, they don't deal, in truth, they create narratives. And the narratives are, by definition, not factual, their stories. That they have created that are designed to influence people, so they end up believing their own fairy tales and the believing, oh, Biden's got this isn't a lock. Look at this. Every poll, every poll trumps down 80s. Down Tannis, down 12. So they end up Twitter fuels the media, the media absorbs Twitter and then sends it right back.


And so they end up feeding off of each other and neither of them are dealing in reality. They're dealing in the false narratives that they have created, for whatever reasons, to make themselves feel better, try to influence people or what have you. Now, digital metrics. This is a name for how you know, how how people's popularity in social media and digital media is judged, and that's what what these metrics happen to be. And so the the conclusion.


By. Well, the Post Millennial's chief marketing officer, Jeff Borling, looked at all this, and he's one of the sources. For determining how much action there really was after Michelle Obama's speech, the drive bys will tell you after the speech, immediately after it into the next day that it was a home run that everybody's talking about. Everybody thought it was just the greatest. Oh, my goodness. Why isn't she the nominee when you get to social media?


And it was a yawner when compared to Camberley Classic. Even even without comparing the Kimberley Classic, Michelle Obama did not break any records, she did not shatter anything that break through any glass ceilings or any of that. So the enthusiasm gap is real. But it's not what they want you to believe, they they desperately want you to believe the enthusiasm has abandoned the Trump campaign and abandoned Trump personally. If you haven't seen the Kimberley Classic and we're going to play it for you again.


We're going to do this on the dinner cam again. And we've posted it at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Just so I'm not playing these videos on the Dettol cam in a sly attempt to get you to subscribe.


I'm really not folks that, you know, Cam is available only to people who are subscribers at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, there's a whole lot of stuff available free on my website. You do not have to subscribe. To have access to every transcript of everything I say on this program every day. Now, you don't get access to the live streaming, you don't get access to the digital cam, but you do get archival streaming of radio shows, but you do not.


And you can go to the podcast. But so this is not an attempt. To get you to subscribe to some, because it's all going to be available at the website eventually anyway, this is just using the technology that's available to us.


And servicing those who are subscribers, so here it goes, this is the commercial for the woman in Baltimore, that and even the audio of this, just imagine her walking through some of the dirtiest slums you can imagine in a bright red dress. Looking smoking hot. Imagine that she's walking through really depressed area of Baltimore, looking good. And the theme of this is this is what the Democrat Party does not want you to know, go ahead and hit it.


Here we go. You care about black lives, the people that run Baltimore don't. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don't want you to see this.


I'm simply saying this is Baltimore, the real Baltimore.


This is a reality for black people every single day, crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty and crime. Baltimore has been run by the Democrat Party for fifty years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America.


The murder rate in Baltimore is 10 times the U.S. average. The Baltimore poverty rate is over 20 percent. Homicide, drug and alcohol deaths are skyrocketing in our city. Do you believe black lives matter?


I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against black people who make up 60 percent of the population. So why don't we care about our community?


The Democrat Party have betrayed the black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walk the streets like I do. They would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect that. If they don't want to see it, they don't want you to see this. Go to any Baltimore neighborhood and ask this question. Do you want to defund the police?


No, no, absolutely not.


I had three sons killed in Baltimore City and I think if we'd be fighting the police, all this would be worse than that. So, no, I'm opposed to that.


What are you going to defund the police? Why? How do you defend your city, your community? Families are losing people. It's not just Baltimore. The worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat controlled city. It's 20, 20 nameable blue city where black people's lives have gotten better. Try Outweight. Look at this, how are children supposed to live here and flakier? Democrats and black people are stupid. They think they can control us forever, that we won't demand better and that they will keep voting for them forever despite what they've done to our families and our communities.


Are they right? I'm complicit and I'm running for Congress because I actually care about black lives. All black lives matter. Our communities matter, Baltimore matters, and black people don't have to vote Democrat. So that that video has taken social media by storm and by the way, is another thing, we're told that social media dominated by Democrats, dominated by the left and you're not welcome here, they do. This is an attack on the Democrat Party.


Now, I know what she says in the ad. Mr. Sterling got very offended. You've been saying this stuff for 20 years. What does it mean? The reason it matters is because this is an African-American woman in Baltimore running for Congress, attacking the Democrat Party. She's going to have a little bit more credibility because of her race. So if you really if you really wanted to give this thing some power, if she were a Democrat, then we would see some real fireworks.


Now they'll do their best to ignore her. But the fact that that three minute ad has has generated so much positive reaction. On on social media, I think that tells us. That there's a lot of misconception that we are faced with. Out there about our supposed minority status, our supposed lack of influence, lack of power and so forth, I, I wouldn't buy it if I were you.


OK, here's Carrolton, Virginia. Warren, your next. It's great to have you here, sir. Hello. Hello, Rush. How are you?


I'm good, sir. I'm glad you called. Thank you. My comment is to the Goodyear positions that were put out this week. You have to remember, Goodyear is not just a tire company. They're also a defense contractor. And they have to basically tow into a lot of contractual requirements that that happens there. But I think really what they are reacting to is their middle management, college educated folks that expect them to tamp down things against Trump and elevate the other opinions.


And I think that's why they came out with this.


When you think the middle management at Goodyear doesn't like Trump, therefore they don't like the employees there who do wearing Magga hats. And so they expected upper management to make the Magga people kind of tone it down and not let them wear the hats.


Well, yeah, I work for a very large defense contractor myself, and it became very clear to me that if you wanted to express any kind of conservative position, it was probably not welcome.


OK, so probably your theory that Goodyear is actually responding to employees, not customers. Oh, absolutely. Do you think you think Goodyear is trying to keep the anti Trump employees happy? Yes, and they don't care about the pro Trump employees being unhappy. Yeah, especially if they're older white males, they just would wish them to move on. Well, you may have a point, you know, you may be right about that, there's there could well be an element of truth and that I've I've we've run up against this.


I'm trying to think of.


Another corporate example, there have been gobs of them since Trump was inaugurated back in 2017.


I you know, I always come down on the side that. That there's a lot of fear. And it's misplaced now there's also some political activism, I know that that that it is a myth anymore, that big business tycoons and Wall Street people are exclusively Republican. They aren't anymore. The Democrat Party is bankrolled by Wall Street, for example. Take a look at the money Kamala Harris gets or plug's or Obama. The idea that the Republican Party and Wall Street or big business are inseparable, that that ended I don't know how long ago.


They are tied and at the hip with with Democrats now for a host of reasons and a lot of it is crony capitalism and crony socialism. Let me give you an example of what I mean. People think that Wal-Mart, because it's Arkansas and Mr. Sam and all that is a very and their family values are very, very conservative organization.


And they may have been. And they may be. But if they've got a chance. To sidle up to big government. And an opportunity presents itself to put their competitors out of business, they'll do it, not just Wal-Mart. I mean, this is one of the. One of the problems with a gigantic big government that wants to involve itself in things, so let's say the minimum wage comes up as an issue. And we would think that Wal-Mart would be diametrically opposed to it.


Don't tell me what I have to pay people. I've got a lot of people I'm not going to. You're going to bankrupt me. You can't tell me government can't. And that's what we would expect them to say. But let's look at their competitors, let's say Costco, pick some other big box stores. Wal-Mart would consider competitors Wal-Mart went along with.


OK, I'm long here, I got to make a break, I'm losing track of time. Hang on, folks. It happens when I'm on a roll.


Anyway, my point was going to be that if Wal-Mart can cause a lot of financial pain to Costco and others by agreeing with a minimum wage increase, they can do it. So it's just an example, but this is the kind of crony socialism, crony capitalism that happens in government. This is how you might think that conservative organizations would not do things they end up doing because business will always come first before politics with some people, with others, of course, it's the it's the exact exact opposite.


As far as the the Goodyear example is going, I can believe that a bunch of employees at Goodyear don't like Trump supporters and would press management. I've heard of this happening in other businesses, but I still think you push back against it. I think pushing back against it, like Trump did and did has proven to be the way to go.


It's proven to be successful. It's a short segment focuses. I went way along in the last one.


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OK, to the audio sound bites, Brit Hume. Like I said, we always find time for Brit Hume when he has a sudden realization. That we have come to nine months previous, four weeks previous. And this afternoon on the Fox News Channel's Outnumbered, he co-host Harris Faulkner said the Brit Hume, Senator Kamala Harris is speaking tonight accepting her nomination. What are the goals and the expectations for tonight? Is it is it more difficult tonight?


Of course, people believe because Biden is obviously, to some extent at least senile and may not be equipped to to go the distance that she might become president sooner rather than later. And so she saw her speech as important in a lot of spotlight will be on her more than what would normally be the case with the vice presidential nominee. Vice presidential nominee is normally don't matter much. This particular one matters a lot.


How can you have anything but a disaster under these circumstances? You've got? You've got a nominee who not everybody is publicly acknowledging is senile. And so her speech tonight, yeah, there'll be a lot more pressure going to be a lot more expectations. Oh yeah, because she's she's one senile step away from becoming president. The more I think about all this. The more amazed I become. At almost every aspect of it. This woman didn't stand a prayer of winning the Democrat nominee a nomination, and yet she has been selected by somebody.


To be the next president of this country if Plug's wins. Just look at it, that's that's stripping away all the distractions. The woman, the first out of the primaries before a single vote was cast, her fate was sealed even before the first vote. She couldn't raise any money. She wasn't going to have any support whatsoever. She's the first out. She had called plug's a racist and a bigot, and she said that she believed the women who said he was a pervert.


She ends up being selected to be essentially president. By the guy who is senile. So a candidate who didn't have. The slightest chance folks didn't have the slightest chance of becoming the nominee could end up being the president of the United States.


So last night, Dr. Jill Biden, time for her to make her speech near the end of the festivities and we have a little sound bite from it, night two of the virtual Democratic National Convention. Former second lady Dr. Jill Biden spoke and at the end of her remarks, Plug's joined her and this is how that sounded in our time of need.


Keep the promise of America for all of us.


Great. Hey, everyone. I'm Joe Biden's husband has heard and I. Excuse me. That's it. That's it. That went by, that's what happened. He said, great job, God love you, God love you. How are you? How are you? She just kept laughing like she didn't know he was coming out. Why she laughing? Why in the world would she be laughing? She laughing, Biden comes out, Hey, everyone, I'm Jill Biden, husband heard tonight and asked me, here, play it again.


Not that you know what's coming. It's easier to follow second time around in our time of need.


Keep the promise of America for all of us. Great. Oh, hey, everyone. I'm Joe Biden's husband has heard tonight. Excuse me.


He lost his train, I guarantee, when he says excuse me or my time is up. He's lost his train of thought. But he wasn't finished. Ladies and gentlemen, he went off script. He did keep speaking, he felt the need to be complimentary and to thank her and so forth and so on.


She's a backbone, like a ramrod. Just think of your favorite educator who gave you the confidence to believe in yourself. That's the kind of first lady, lady, lady, lady. This Joe Biden will be God. Love God.


Love you. God, this is the kind of first lady lady lady this Jill Biden will be. So he spends all day in the basement on on Zoome, but this morning on The Today show, Savannah Guthrie got to speak to Dr. Jill Biden, who, by the way, she she got her Ph.D. in education when she was 55. I just through I got a little factoid. And Savannah Guthrie said the president's campaign this week released an ad really attacking your husband's cognitive abilities, suggesting he's lost a step or two in the last few years.


Is that a fair attack? Is that something that should be debated as part of the campaign?


No, no, it's ridiculous. I mean, Joe's on the phone every single minute of the day talking to governors who are who are calling him. And Nancy Pelosi. He's on the Zoome. He's doing fundraisers. He's doing briefings. I mean, he doesn't stop from 9:00 in the morning till 11:00 at night. So that, you know, that's ridiculous.


OK, OK. That that that then then the debates are going to happen. Right. They got to see that. No cognitive loss whatsoever. It's silly. Joe on a phone. He's down there in the basement. He saw from nine a.m. to 11 p.m.. Hell, no, there's nothing wrong. It's silly. It's crazy. Up next, yesterday, the Democratic National Committee Web site during a grassroots fest did a fundraiser. Biden was speaking to actor Tom Hanks.


Hanks, I guess, donated to the Biden campaign and they did some joint fundraising effort yesterday. And here's just a little part of that.


In January of 2000 and 18, I found myself in a circumstance where I'm actually May 2012. I found myself standing in the same spot I stood 40 years earlier and I didn't intend I was looking I was waiting for a train to come. I was looking out to the left. My view was south, west, southeast Wilmington, which had been burned to the ground and its back and flourished. I looked across what they call the Third Street bridge to an all black community, which in fact is back up, still has some troubles.


And I was waiting for a black man to come and pick me up from Philadelphia, a guy named Barack Obama on the 17th of January to take me to Washington, a trip I've made a thousand times, commuting every day to be sworn in as president and vice president.


All right. Now, he was sworn in as VP in January of 2009.


He first thought that he was there in 2018. He corrected himself, sorry, it was 2012.


I found myself and then. He. He was waiting for a black guy, sits on a tarmac, hey, Tom, which is black guy to come and pick me up from Philadelphia, a guy named Barack Obama. On the 17th, the general take me to Washington trip, I made it a thousand times commuting every day to be sworn in as president vice president. I don't know if it means that Obama was in Philadelphia and stopped in Wilmington picking him up.


Or if Plug's was in Philadelphia and Obama was in Philadelphia, they got together on a train to get to.


I don't know. But these debates are going to be really fascinating. Paying taxes can be complicated, especially so for first time. Small business owners and one of our listeners here, Ted, has a story that just epitomizes this. Ted open a new business a couple of years ago, at the same time, he was paying college tuition for two of his kids. And like a lot of new business owners, he didn't know the ins and outs involved with self employment taxes.


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That's optimal tax relief at 800, 973, 7700. Here's Cambridge Ridge, Illinois. This is Kolby and it's great to have you with us. Hello.


Hello, Russ. I'm praying for you and hope you're feeling well. Thank you, sir, very much.


So I'm 17 years old and is my senior year in high school and our school is actually supposed to start today. But the day before everything got delayed with covid people saying they have it, everyone's self isolating. Do you think left leaning teachers, schools and unions are purposely delaying schools, trying to delay all of it so the kids can't get to school?


Well, the teachers unions I don't think it's a matter of. Do I think I think I think they are I think they're being pretty vocal about the fact that they don't want to go back because of the risk. And they're demanding all kinds of. I think new benefits or things here is Colbie. You're 17 years old, and I don't want to I don't want to shock you, but I think all of this. That is any pretty much any effort to delay.


The reopening of the country, reopening of the schools, getting the economy going, everything is political in nature. There's a political explanation for every question that you will have. It's a sad thing. It's a sad reality that because politics. Has the ability to corrupt, and that's that's one of the dangers we face, I mean, the short answer to your question is that, yeah, it's it's I think it's I think a lot of people are trying to delay this to harm the Trump re-election effort, trying to delay it because they might be scared.


They're trying to delay it because they're just general malcontents, so forth. Yeah, I'm glad you called. I, I appreciate it. Yeah, I have. We've got the pictures of Clinton being massaged by the Eppstein babe. Put them up there, Brian, before we got a few seconds here left on the little cam. Well, no, we don't.


I'm sorry I didn't give you enough advance time. My bad somebody said the drive by caller if I had any thoughts on the pictures, the idea that Clinton had no idea what Epstein was and give me a break.


The idea that Clinton folks, we're not stupid here.


It's one of those days where the whole show felt like commercials. I felt like I had about ten minutes of content today. I know it's not the case. It's just how it seemed. Anyway, you sit tight, folks, because we got much more in twenty one hours.


We'll be right back here. Repton ready to do it again. See you then.