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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Do not worry, ladies and gentlemen, I am not going to let the indictment of Steve Bannon distract me like it's distracting everybody else from the disaster that was the Democrat convention last night. That is exactly what it was. It was a dark and dank, uninspiring, nothing uplifting about it whatsoever. It was deeply personal. It was obvious that the people on the Democrat side are so poisoned with personal hatred for Donald Trump that they have lost every bit of rationality.


They have lost every bit of reason for what it is that they are trying to accomplish. I was watching in amazement last night. It was so bad last night that I was thinking it would be difficult to describe for people who didn't see it how bad that it was. But of course, if there's anybody up to that task, if there's anybody up to that challenge, it is I, your host, El Rushmore, by the way, while the Democratic National Convention TV ratings are plummeting.


Our ratings at Rush Limbaugh dot com are skyrocketing, our traffic yesterday was up 65 percent. Folks, we have every day we're setting a new record for the number of subscribers to Rush Limbaugh. Dotcom, thank you so much for that. But we're not losing we're not losing radio ratings. We're not losing audience. People are not tuning out of the streaming, either the audio or the digital cam. And yesterday it was up sixty five. Sixty five percent.


There's a couple of interesting stories about why the networks are covering so little of the Democrat convention.


The broadcast networks are basically spending an hour. Which is a night, which is basically what they have been doing, but they're not going wall to wall with the hour.


They're butting in and butting out and they're giving a lot of time to their own commentators. And you what a lot of networks are doing, they're making you go to their streaming sites if you want to watch wall to wall Democrat convention. They're not televising. There's a reason. You know what it is. It's funny as hell they're scared to death that if they spend the amount of time on the Democratic convention that they actually want to spend, that they will then be obligated to give Trump the same amount of time next week.


And they don't want to.


They don't want to give Trump any time next week, they don't want to give Trump certainly any more time.


The next thing they're worried about, they know full well how disastrous a television show this convention has been. Did you see last night, if you watch this, this was the strangest ending to a speech. I thought the Kamala Harris speech, the Obama look, both of them. I'm going to get in a detailed analysis here just a minute.


Both of them were just utter disasters. The Kamala Harris speech particularly was worthless. It. It's hard to describe it, it's impossible. To praise whoever it is that decided to position her the way they to dress her, the way they did last night after her speech was over. The the only people who were seen were women. It is patently obvious. Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrat Party is making a full fledged pitch and effort, going after women.


They think suburban women, they think that's Twitter. They think they hate Trump and that's what they are banking on. And they're going all in. And they had to make it look like there was a crowd of people watching last night on their Zoome display.


They put duplicates in the boxes, there were two women in the same box, one woman and two boxes, another woman in another two boxes, they they they made it look like they didn't have enough people to fill out the zoom box.


Now, they clearly could have found enough people to fill out the zoom box, they just didn't. They didn't even make the effort and people were looking at this and start, stop and look and I found there's two examples of it. Yeah, you know what? I when I was I've been so swamped here that I didn't take a screenshot of it, Brian. But I'll find it. I'll send it to you.


Got to do it. During during a break, but I found it. Really curious. It may even be more than two women duplicated and they were all on Zoome, there was nobody in the room where Comilla made her her speech. There was no mention of the men in her family other than perfunctorily. If you didn't know any better that you'd conclude that the only people in Kamala Harris family are women. Really odd, but what was most odd about it?


Was. They had obviously they had to tell her to smile because it didn't look natural. Her smile looked like it was rehearsed on. Or or plastered on it didn't look natural. Obama did not come across as erudite and friendly, and Obama came across almost exactly as as a. A guy trying to stoke anger. On the corner. Like a community organizer would do. But I just could not believe how I mean, here are these people thinking that they have created this atmosphere around Trump, that Trump is the Dark Knight, that Trump is the danger, that Trump is the darkness, that Trump is the dispiriting one.


Trump is the guy that's destroying morale. Trump is the guy that's destroying this industry. These people put on an act last night. If they wanted people to think that this country is the worst place on Earth, they couldn't have done a better job than they did last night. They characterize this country one way from another, as dystopian, as hopelessly lost, as ill conceived. I and I know what made them do it, they are just consumed with personal hatred, it's it's the cumulative effect, folks, of not being able to get rid of Trump all of these years.


They've thrown everything, even they're throwing covid, they're throwing back to school, they're throwing the post office, they're throwing mail in balloting, everything in the world they're trying, they're keeping their states shut down. They are allowing their states to become lawless Mad Max zones, they're becoming hellholes, they're doing all of this. To get rid of Donald Trump, it isn't working, Trump still getting up every day and enjoying himself and doing his job and seemingly enjoying doing that.


They try to set him up with stupid, ridiculous questions in the White House press briefing, like the question just about Kuhnen and he knocks it out of the park. But no, no, they had to say that he made a mistake by answering and he really stepped in it. He gave credence to Q And not he did not give credence to Kuhnen. Now, I spent some time yesterday on Kamala Harris, which is very complicated figure here, and I need to I need to make a minor adjustment to a point that I made yesterday.


I repeatedly illustrated for you how poorly she performed in the Democrat primaries. She was the first out. She got out before there was a vote cast. She got out when the money ran out. She was the worst performing of all the 20 plus candidates seeking the Democrat nomination. And then I made the observation, and that's the person they pick, they pick the person who is in line to be president. That's what being Biden's vice presidential nominee means.


It means that you're going to be president sooner or later if Biden wins. And so they've picked somebody. Who the Democrat Party wouldn't even nominate, they picked somebody who was all over the place, Biden's a racist, Biden's a big Biden's fried bacon, Biden's fried pig, I believe the women Biden's a serial rapist. Biden's that they picked this woman.


And then. What I forgot to point out is, yeah, remember who's doing the picking here. Bernie Sanders. And whoever his associates are on the mad radical left are actually running the Democrat Party, that's the price Bernique charged. For getting out of the way and letting letting Biden get the nomination, so. Kamala Harris may be. The exact leftist radical that they want in the White House who could never get elected. It could well be that precisely because she could never get elected, this is how they're going to make that happen by naming her the VP have to consider this a possibility.


She is perfect. From the standpoint of being an uber radical San Francisco Democrat leftist. She is mean, she is angry, she is anticapitalist, she is a. founding of the United States. She's made all of this perfectly clear. It's one of the reasons why she performed so poorly in the Democrat primary. But if that's the kind of person you really want to be president but, you know, that kind of person can't get elected, you've just proved it.


Well, then you make her to V.P. You make her specifically Joe Biden's V.P., a guy who is telegraphing that he's not going to even try for a second or he's not going to finish the first term. He may not even be there for the first term if he wins the election. That is how precarious. The situation, it is so in that sense, her choice might make some sense, and I neglected to point that out now on balance.


She still remains. The light just on paper and with because she can't if Plug's pulls out before the election and she's the nominee, she can't get elected on her own.


She remains she is a disastrous choice from that standpoint, she will not be elected on her own.


So they've got to keep plugs in this at least through Election Day. She's demonstrated she can't even get enough support among Democrats to even stay in the nomination through the first primary vote. So the idea that she could get elected as president if she moves up the ticket when Biden splits and gets out of it. No chance. So in that sense. She she's a disastrous. Joyce. It is very bad news, and then she did nothing to change that.


With the speech last night, I made a list which I'll get to all the things they didn't talk about Obama, he didn't talk about Biden when he spoke for 15 minutes.


And it seemed a lot longer than that. He spoke about Biden for five minutes. He didn't mention Kamala Harris much at all, probably because Michelle, my belle, would spank him if he got home, if he spent too much time on her, he spends all of his time talking about Trump blaming Trump for this and blaming Trump for that. So bad it was personal. Three women and three women duplicated, three women duplicated in at Zoom's screengrab.


So there were three different women occupying two different squares in the supposed audience, full of women eager to see the Kamala Harris speech. By the way, the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, how is it possible that a president's approval numbers could increase during Democrat convention week? But they have. Rasmussen Reports daily tracking poll sponsored by the Liberty Nation for Thursday shows that 51 percent of likely voters approve of Trump's job performance, 48 today says not 51 percent.


Biden cannot stay hidden in the basement when Trump in Rassmussen crosses 50. In the other polls, the numbers are 45. If Trump goes 45 or better, then it's bad for Biden and this one, it's 51 because they don't believe Rasmussen. Rasmussen's a Republican oriented poll. Now what? No, no, no, I didn't finish my point that did the convention televised schedule, they have limited the Democrat convention televised schedule because they don't want to have to give Trump any more time than they gave the Democrats.


They don't want to even have to give Trump the exact amount of time they gave it. Democrats has been a really tough thing for them. They've seen the ratings just fade away into invisibility. They have seen the excitement every day dampen and plummet. And they have their admitting that it's been tough. They they they they haven't wanted to spend a lot of time here because it just means they have to give Trump the same amount of time. But there's another factor.


There's another factor, and that is they don't know what Trump is going to do. Trump is not going to telegraph for the telecast to tell the networks what he's going to do, what the Republican convention is going to be, they are really worried that the Republicans are going to put on a good show.


They are really. And whereas the Democrats have not. The Democrats have been Mad Max Thunderdome, the Democrats have been there's no reason to live. The Democrats has been dystopian ism on parade.


And so the networks are afraid and they and the pro. Biden, pro Democrat media is afraid that the Republicans are going to have some live events, meaning drama, they have some live actual reaction that there will be much less on tape that can be previewed.


And so they're worried that the Republicans are going to put on a much better, more entertaining show that more and more people are going to watch and are going to want to watch. And frankly, it'd be hard not to. Given how badly this convention has been put on. So. Stop and think of this. The Democrat media has been totally in a defensive posture all week. Normally, they would want to just spend as much time as possible and they would want personal interest stories left and right.


They would want to use this week to make Biden and everybody in the Democrat Party look like angelic gods. And it hasn't happened, it's gone the exact opposite way, and so now they're having to talk about limiting the amount of TV time they give the Democrats because they can't give any more time to Trump because they know be disastrous for them. Trump Trump is going to outperform. They know this.


They're very, very concerned about it, folks. We'll be right back.


OK, before I get into great detail now analyzing the speeches, I've got these things I can put a little camp for you. This is the duplicates of the zoom shots that they used after Kamala Harris, a speech they wanted to make it look like all kinds of women were gathered in this historic night to make sure they were all there. And they used three different women to fill up two squares, different squares. Take a look the first and put it up there.


Yet there we go to yellows. We got to reds and to whites. Those are the same women. In the yellow circles, in the white circles, in the red circle, they are the same women. So, you know, one, two, three, four, five. One, two, three, four. I get 30. You have 30 squares here. And in one, two, three, four, six of them, the same women are featured, there's another shot of this taken by a different observer at a different time.


And there's this we got we've got we've got to read to purple and to yellow, all the same women. Duplicates in the Zoome Squares are. Did they really need to use these women twice to get enough gals to fill the screen and awkwardly clap for Kamala Harris, or did they just get lazy?


And was let me did she give that speech live or was it pretaped? What do you think? Here we go back here in just a second.


OK, the first thing I noticed last night, I'm not going to put them in chronological order, but they're close. The first thing I really noticed last night seemed to be a gigantic contradiction. The Democrats have been telling us and the media have been telling us for weeks now that the enthusiasm is all on their side.


Oh, yeah, they own it, don't they? Got people chomping at the bit. Can't wait to get out there. Give us those ballots. Give us those absentee ballots. Give us those mail in ballots. Give us the early voting. We can't wait. And then they tell us that the enthusiasm on their side is really not so much pro Biden, but it's anti Trump. And they tell us that that's great news because that's bad news for Trump.


There's so much Trump hatred on their side that that that Trump didn't have a prayer. Trump's going to have to really make some serious changes. And I said that's a wrong way to look at that.


If if you're running around telling people that a majority of the enthusiasm of your voters is not for your candidate, it seems to me you're the one who has a problem. And that turns out to be true because both Obama and Kamala Harris last night were obsessed. With people voting. They were literally obsessed with it, Kamala Harris and Obama were telling her they need to start now to make a plan to vote.


What do you mean to make a plan? You wait for Election Day, you grab your voter registration I.D., you go to the poll, you stand in line, you vote, you go home wherever you go, the bar, whatever you do. What do you mean make a plan to vote?


Well, Russia, you must understand, many Democrat voters don't have their own transportation. They've got to figure out a way to get to the polling place. And you got too many Democrat voters there. People of color in the polling place don't want them to vote. And, of course, those decks are stacked against them. So Democrat voters have to make a plan to get past all the blockades designed to stop them from voting. There is no such thing.


There is no blockade to stop African-Americans from voting. In fact, the Democrat voter rolls are inflated with people who are dead, who live in different places. There isn't anybody trying to stop anybody from voting out there, not in great numbers. There was a great Supreme Court decision. It came down, however, for the state of Florida. Here it is. Supreme Court just just ruled on 20, 20 vote.


They denied voting rights for up to a million Florida felons.


Well, it's about time that thing should have never been on the ballot or in a Supreme Court decision anywhere. But the Democrats were counting on it because they know their constituency groups.


Supreme Court just ruled on Thursday.


They let stand a lower court ruling that could strip voting eligibility from up to a million Florida felons, i.e., criminals. Who have completed their sentences but have yet to pay outstanding fines, restitution and other fees.


So they haven't cleaned up their act all together. A million felon votes now will now not be legal. Big problem for the Democrats, but. Kamala Harris, Barack Obama were obsessed. With people voting as though it's some major accomplishment, as though it's a major achievement, as though it is a dramatically hard. Bit of work. To go vote, and it isn't it's one of the. Most wonderful things about the United States, it's easy to go vote, you register.


And then you get your voter registration card to prove it and you have proof you live where you live in some cases, and if you do that, you just show up. You don't even need a voter ID, photo ID. And then you go vote, the Democrats have literally got what percentage of African-Americans thinking they're going to go to jail if they show up and vote? I am not kidding, these people are so mean spirited toward their own voters that they have scared them over the years that if you go vote, you might end up in jail.


That's why they want you to have a photo I.D. They have. I'm telling you, the Democrat Party has done more to ruin the integrity of the American presidential election system than Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed of.


And now it's. It's coming home, I think, to roost. But what does all this mean? It means they have no enthusiasm behind this ticket. Obama's speech, besides being one of the most low rent that I can ever recall, I meet folks. It was.


Trash. I kept telling people communicating with this is why this guy doesn't work as an endorser. This is why the people he endorses are campaigns for you.


Go look. His candidates do not win. Starting with Hillary Clinton in 2016. He kept after he after he did his personal thing with Trump. And by the way, violating every these people say they have the manners and they have the class, right, they in the end, the never Trump is on our side. They're the decent ones. They're the ones who were clean. They're the ones who are calm. They're the ones who have character and they're the ones we can trust.


These are the people that violate every sensibility, Norm.


That politics has is a traditional value, Obama blew up every tradition last night. About attacking a sitting president, your predecessor just isn't done.


There's always going to be the first time, it's always going to be the first time somebody breaks the rule. And Obama now is the guy.


No, it wasn't George W. Bush. George W. Bush has yet to go after Obama. George W. Bush didn't go after Clinton. He came his best friend for crying out loud.


Now, Clinton and Gore went after Trump and they went after George W. Bush in 2004 trying to blame him for everything going wrong with the war on terror, but. Traditionally, Republicans don't do it. But Kamala Harris, her speech, same thing, urging people, begging people to get out and vote. He sounded desperate to me, folks, they sounded desperate, they sounded really scared. And to me, they were telegraphing that they know there's not a lot of enthusiasm, let me tell you something.


Bu. If you really believe that people on your side are chomping at the bit, if you really believe they can't wait to get out there, you don't spend all these precious moments you have.


One night a year, you get you have unfettered access, the American people, and to spend so much time begging people to vote, make a plan, get together with your community organizer after my speech and make a plan to go vote.


It doesn't require a plan. You just have to be able be willing to make a short little trip somewhere. They've admitted all week. That their polling shows a majority of people going to vote for Biden really are voting against Trump because they hate Trump. And that's bad news for Trump. No, it's bad news for them, they're they're admitting there's no enthusiasm for Biden, and I'll tell you, there isn't any for Harris either. That's one of the big little secrets here.


There isn't any enthusiasm for her.


At all. And they've got another problem with her folks. They have another big problem with Kamala Harris, and that is this they are positioning her.


As an identity. Human being, meaning she deserves whatever she gets because of her race, because of her skin color, they're turning identity politics on her and saying this is what qualifies her, this one. Well, when they talk about she's historic, she is the first woman of color to be chosen to be a running mate on a Democrat ticket. OK, so if you got to go to do that. If you want to portray Kamala Harris as there because of the color of your skin, then you're going to have to do something else.


You're going to have to find a way to make her a victim. Because if you don't do that, if you don't find a way to make her a victim of something. A victim of America, a victim of American racism, discrimination, a victim of America's bias against women, whatever it is, identity politics thing isn't going to work for you. I find it fascinating they're not pushing her on the basis of her qualifications.


I mean, she's been the attorney general, California's been a D.A. San Francisco. I mean, they could they could create rather impressive resume. No, no, they're sticking with the fact she's a first woman. She's historic when they've been there, done that. We had the first African-American president, we had the first woman run for president to be Hillary. We had a bunch of women running for the Democratic nomination. Look, this is history thing has been done.


I know they haven't had the Hispanic root yet, but they're going to overplay their hand here, what they're in the process of doing, they they've got to find a way. To turn her into a victim or the entire positioning of her is going to fail. And bomb out. So why all this focus on voting, why all this fear, why all this desperation? Why all of this? Almost wringing me hands in the speech last night, looking out through the camera, you got to vote.


Yeah, got to go. I mean, it was over the top.


There has to be a reason. And the reason is there isn't a lot of enthusiasm. For Biden, there isn't any enthusiasm for Kamala Harris, how do they know that that is what we don't know how they know that whatever they've got data, information that would make them go out in both speeches last night and devote so much of the time to reminding people, what do you mean to remind people? You got to vote your people? I thought they were enthusiastic.


I thought they couldn't wait to get out. Thought they hated Trump so much. I hoped it, but they had to remind people how important it is to vote.


That's just the first thing I noticed. Hang on. There's much more.


All right. Let me give you some inside baseball. I think, folks, the internal polling the Democrats have, I think this week has been a disaster for them and I think you can see it in the analysis.


If you just watch Fox and take a look at the pro Biden pro Kamala Harris commentary it that they have their particularly last night. I am telling you the commentary on Fox last night was unified in their being mystified over Obama's speech.


What was that? You know, everybody thinks this guy comes with the the sharpest crease in his slacks. This guy is smarter than anybody in the room. He's going to deign to be with us, even though we don't even deserve to be seen in the same light as Barack Obama. And then he comes and delivers that sidewinder. That just seems childishly personal. But it is. Folks, let me tell you something.


Barack Obama in that speech last night was fighting for himself. If Trump wins in November, the investigations. Will go on, he the investigations will go on, they will disclose the treachery that Obama engaged in, in trying to destroy Michael Flynn and Biden, they will disclose the treachery that Obama authorized to protect Hillary Clinton. With Comey running interference and with the setup of Trump and the spying of Trump, this has to be stopped. Obama last night, he knew full well what's at stake here.


If Biden wins. Obama knows he's off the hook. He's desperate, and you can tell it, he was so personal with his hatred for Trump and let me say there's a lot of jealousy because Trump in three years took this country to places Obama told everybody we couldn't go anymore. We just can't do it. America's best days are behind us. Do not argue with me on this. He did say those words. He over time, time and again, and not just him and members of his administration we're trying to set us all up with America's best days may be behind us.


You know, we are in a new era of decline and lower your expectations. It was done on purpose. Trying to achieve a. Global government, anyway, anyway, I think the Democrats internal polling is bad, and I think that the people they've talked to it with about it know it. I think they're looking I think the news cycle is not in their favor. Let's take a look at the news cycle for second. covid. covid, would you say the peak has been hit?


When you say that we may be on the downside of covid now, they don't like that they want covid to still be on an upswing. They need more cases. They need more people dying. They need the schools continually shut down. They need more colleges not playing football. They need a number of things to continue to happen so they can blame them on Trump, but.


Go back to school, I don't think they went back to school, I think the sentiment for back to school is growing. It's obvious they oppose it, the violence in the streets. You know, with individuals now being beat up. We now have seen the videotape of two individuals being literally kicked in the head, sent to the hospital, no police around to do anything about it. We've identified the perps. There are manhunts in Portland, Seattle, trying to find these two people are getting.


Fed up with it. I think also that as the days goes on, they're getting paranoid about Biden getting addled, they cannot be confident. Biden didn't know where he was the night he accepted the nominee. It was clear the snakes and the balloons came down the ceiling. He didn't know where he was. Folks, they're going to have to find a way to try to renege on these debates if they're just going to have to do how they go forward.


Without that, it's a farce. As three hours in media. And here's evidence the first hour is almost over. Somebody sends a note. They better they better hope the ratings are low. They better hope that nobody is watching this convention.


The best thing can happen to them is for millions to miss it.


Hi, how are you? Welcome back. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Great to be with you again for yet another three hour excursion into broadcast excellence. It's the most listened to radio talk show in the country. And my friends, we are thrilled and honored that you're here each and every day.


Look, I got a lot to do here. A lot of things I really feel compelled to communicate to. You want to get to the phones quickly in this hour?


I've you know, I can't do this show without feeling a measure of guilt now and then. If I if I don't get calls in the first hour, I feel guilty about that. And I if I if I don't get the certain things that I'm prepared to talk about, go home, feel guilty about that, trying to eliminate the guilt here. It's kind of silly because the stuff that I leave on the table I don't even get to you'll never know it unless I tell you about it.


So it's just a matter of discipline. It just a matter of getting in and out of these things a little sooner. I do have just a few points I want to continue to make here about these two speeches, because I can't I can't say enough how I didn't want to watch Fox. I've had my fill of these people for all these years and I was really disappointed last night. I'm depressed. Whatever the emotion is, when you know you have to do something and you don't want to do it, in fact, I have evolved in a.


Phrase or saying that I used to convince people how fortunate I am and what my success means to me, and one of those phrases is I've gotten to the point now where I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. And it really isn't true because I didn't want to I didn't want to watch this stuff last night, I didn't want to watch the preliminaries, I didn't want to watch anybody on TV. Tell me what was coming.


I didn't want to watch the preludes, I didn't want to watch the speeches, I really didn't want to watch any of Obama.


I had no. Desire, I was reminded last night why I told The Wall Street Journal when they asked me, I don't need 400 words to express my hopes for the first African-Americans administration. I only need four.


I hope he fails. I was prouder of that last night than I've been in a long time. But I did watch it, I watch it because I had to I have and I clearly wanted to because it's crucially important. And I was I was literally dumbfounded at how pathetic it was. And I'm talking about in a politically professional way, with the opportunity they had with a sycophantic media that they own, with a media that's hoping and praying that every sentence is a grand slam home run.


A media just knocking, chomping at the bit, willing to amplify everything beyond any hope of reality.


They got everybody on their side that we consider an opponent. And they let everybody down, you could see it. You can see it in the post speech commentary. Let me give you some examples of this so you don't have to rely totally on on me. Let's see, I've already got things out of order here. Yeah, grab grab some bite.


Number 11, this is Chris Wallace after the Obama speech.


Yeah, this is not Fox News Sunday, this. Now, this is the Chris he hosted. OK, this is Chris Wallace last night after the after the Obama speech.


I've got to say, guys, I thought it was a really curious speech. You say he talked for 15 minutes. Somebody will tell me if I'm right or wrong. I'll bet he didn't talk for Joe Biden for five of those 15 minutes. It wasn't even all that much about Donald Trump, although he certainly made clear, I think you can only call it his contempt for Donald Trump. But most of it was about it, almost like the community organizer from Chicago.


It was a curious speech.


Well, now that is a community organizer from Chicago. That's how I characterized in the first hour and that. Is exactly right, but Wallace didn't want to say this curious is as close as he's going to get to criticizing curious, I would have to be guessing what he meant by that. But I think everybody watching this had when you can tell, you can tell in the pre hours before it starts, everybody was amped up for Obama. Everybody thought we were going to get the Obama from two thousand four and Democratic convention.


And they thought they were going to get the uplifting Obama. They thought they were going to get Obama saying there even any liberal, Republican leaning liberal or conservative American were all Americans in any left wing state or any right wing state. There are Americans. They they thought I guess they were against something like that. I think they thought they were going to get unity out the wazoo because in their world, Trump is dividing everybody what they don't know.


Is that for eight years, Barack Obama is who divided this country and he did it using race. They never saw it, they saw Obama as somebody entirely different. They was historically the first African-American president. It was the official push back against slavery, all these things, Obama, the smartest guy in the room, the crease in his slacks and all these superficial things they used, and they had way lofty expectations.


For what Obama is going to he didn't meet them, he didn't come close. And they were let down, I think Donna Brazile was let down, I think I think they all why they everybody was expecting great things that were going to finally unify the country. We're going to show you what unity is. We're going to show what a president caring about all Americans looks like. We're going to see what a real political professional can do. We're going to see all these things we were going to see are going to make Donald Trump look like the baby is an Obama made himself look like the petty partisan.


Mean spirited at that.


Here's here's Chris again, sound bite number 13, he was curious about Kamala Harris speech last night, reminded me nothing so much as Kamala Harris, his whole campaign for president started out with this huge rally in Oakland, 20000 people cheering and she flamed out and was out of the race by the end of twenty nineteen before the first votes in Iowa. I thought there was a lot of Democratic boilerplate, both on the attack on Donald Trump and the praise of Joe Biden was not only boilerplate, that's when it was curious.


But he had already said that about the Obama speech. Her speech was just. That speech was a cover up. That's that speech of hers, and they wrote that speech for her to cover up who she is. That was a make sure she doesn't come across as the radical she is. That speech was I'm a woman and the only people that matter to me are women. And only people matter to Democrats or women, particularly white women who live in the suburbs.


You like Black Lives Matter. That's who we're going after. That's who we love. Let's hear that Martha MacCallum audio, somebody number 12, this is she talking to Bret Baer, and this is after Kamala Harris is speech.


Joe Biden and Joe Biden are out there, too. But the waving to the crowd, the people at home watching, obviously, but just a very, very different scene from anything we've ever seen.


Surreal is really the word. Yes, Joe Biden, socially distant, kind of bowing to her, whether they've been tested or they could hug maybe just for tonight, I don't know, a strange and socially distant not getting close to each other.


He's kind of bowing down to where he couldn't even hug for one second here on the night, the biggest night of both of their lives.


Here's here's Martha again, audio sound bite number 10. This is after Obama's speech.


Well, it was not an uplifting speech. I think that's one of the things that we've been noticing throughout the course of this, very somber in the tone from the former president Barack Obama about that.


Not very uplifting. Yeah, there were all perplexed because they all had these lofty expectations.


You know, they all go in with the same I. I consider them to be misconceptions about Obama.


I think we still have on our side conservative Republican, however you want to define our side, we still have a lot of people scared to death to tell you what they really think of Obama. You're afraid what's going to happen to them? They're afraid are going to be called racists. Nobody wants to be called racists, so they just shut up or they lie and say great things. It's almost commensurate with the Trump voters who do not tell people that they support Trump because they they're worried what's going to happen to them if they do so, they just stay quiet.


They stand mute. As for the Harris speech, you know, I was puzzled, I was trying to digest it and understand it because they've positioned her on the basis of her identity.


Not her accomplishments, not her to win, we didn't get a. Lofty explanation of her resume, we didn't hear how tough on crime she is because that's not what the Democrats want now.


Democrats are soft on crime by definition, they have sidle up the Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization. Kamala Harris was tough on criminals.


So instead, they're going after the identity angle, first woman of color, to be selected to run as vice president on the ticket.


So they have to retrace her. Or turn her into a victim out of all the things that she is. Victims, not one of them, she is not a victim of any body or anything yet. To the Democrats, she's a woman of color that automatically equals victim, she had been discriminated against, she had been biased against, she had been unfairly treated. Lord knows how many men have made unwanted sexual advances toward her.


All this stuff that happens to all women, particularly women of color, they've had so much time to get this right and they blew it almost as badly as they could have. Which I think just to wrap it up, I think what you're watched last night was people who have been. So immersed in their own hatred. For Donald Trump and the fact that Trump won and the fact that they can't get rid of him and everything they've tried, I think the hatred has become a poison.


And now they're taking the effort to get rid of Trump personally. They take the failure to achieve it personally. And now they're getting mad at the people who just will not see it their way. I mean, they've tried everything, they've tried impeachment, they've tried Möller, they've tried look at what they didn't mention last night. We'll take a break after this and get started on the phones they didn't talk about. Border walls. They didn't talk about immigration.


These are issues people care about. They didn't talk about security, personal, individual, national. They didn't talk about it. They didn't talk about the need to appoint judges to win so that they get to pick the judges. They didn't talk about capital, wouldn't it have been ideal for Kamala Harris? To revive what she did, how she deserves to be in this ticket, because she was the ring leader of the Get Kevin on movement and wouldn't have been a great time to explain to America why, again, Kavanaugh shouldn't be on the Supreme Court.


And wouldn't it have been a great time to remind Democrats why it's crucial to have a Democrat president nominating court justices didn't talk about it, didn't talk about law and order because they can't they are in the midst of trying to defund the fuzz.


They're in the midst of promoting rioting and looting and social unrest in their cities and states.


They can't talk about law and order. Look at all of these issues that they have left.


To Donald Trump. They didn't talk about jobs. They didn't talk about trade, they didn't they don't even talk about war or lack of. They didn't talk about God. They did not mention the goodness of America. They didn't mention China. They didn't mention the trichomes. Closest they got was blaming Trump for the virus and Kamala Harris actually trying to make the case the virus is racist.


They didn't talk about Middle East peace, they didn't talk about education, they didn't talk about prosperity. And very few of them. Even mentioned Biden. They're watching their cities burn. They don't say a word. Portland, Seattle, Chicago, their own cities are burning, they don't say a word. Senseless violence has become their hallmark. They don't say a word. Yes, she did. Yes, she did get close to saying that the virus is racist.


Let me find it. We'll take a quick break here. Here, grab somebody over 21. I found we got time squit not.


Let me take the break so I have a little decent amount of time on other side. We'll be right back. Hang on.


OK, here we go. Audio sound bite number twenty one last night, night three, the virtual Democratic National Convention.


This virus, it has no eyes and yet it knows exactly how we see each other and how we treat each other. We're crying. And let's be clear, there is no vaccine for racism. What we have got to do, the work for George Floyd, one for Briana Taylor, was for the lives of too many others to name what for our children and for all of us.


What the hell not to do the work to fulfill that promise of equal justice under law.


You want to explain this to me? The virus, it has no eyes yet. It knows exactly how we see to it. That's not possible. A virus doesn't have a brain. It can't possibly know how we see each other. The hell is this? It knows how we treat each other. Would somebody explain to me how the virus knows that? Has she been talking to it? Does she have a pet coronavirus in her house somewhere that's sharing all this stuff with her?


How in the world does she know that the virus knows exactly how we evil human beings see each other and how we are treating each other? And then one of the biggest. Non Connector's I have ever heard anybody make and let's be clear, there's no vaccine for racism. I can only assume that she means the virus knows racist's. It now is. How we see it, so if you are a racist, this virus knows it. And if you treat people like you think they're inferior to you, this virus knows it.


There's no vaccine for racism. Trump uses tragedies like the virus as a political weapon, then she turns around and does this here, grab one more audio sound bite. Number 22, I couldn't believe this. This like the other night when Bill Clinton starts talking about proper behavior in the Oval Office.


Yeah, yeah, I tell you what, Donald Trump, he had no business being the Oval Office, the Oval Office, that you can't you can't you can't behave the way Trump behaved in that. This is not you're the guy with the intern and the cigar and the blue dress in the bathroom, in the study in the oval. And you're telling. You're telling Trump and others that that they don't know how to behave in the Oval Office, and now now she comes along.


Says she knows a predator when she sees one. I have fought for children and survivors of sexual assault. I fought against transnational criminal organizations, so I took on the biggest banks and helped take down one of the biggest for profit colleges.


Good for you. I know a predator when I see one. She talking about Biden.


She said she believed the women who said that Biden got up there and started running his hands on their shoulders in their hair and started sniffing and smelling their hair and even went further, she said she believed them. She believed the women. Now, she's obviously trying to portray Trump here as the predator, but. It's Biden that she went out and condemned as one. That's what I say, somebody this just didn't go at all like they had planned. All right, let's finally get started on the phones and I appreciate tremendously all of your patience out there.


Naugatuck, Connecticut. Patty, welcome. Great to have you with us. How are you doing? Thank you.


And I wanted to say that next week is our turn and it's our turn for our President Trump to get up and remind the American people of all the promises he make and all the promises kept enormous promises. For example, one in the suburban communities across our nation, Dr. Ben Carson, is the head HUD secretary, removed this policy that was put in under the Obama Biden that takes the local control of our zoning and puts it in the hands of federal bureaucrats under HUD.


We now have our personal we, the people in suburban area have control of our schools, our police, our zoning for housing, for building our houses, single family housing. That's just one of his enormous contributions. And there are many he's preserved liberty and freedoms for people. The reason the Democrats can actually come out and have a policies because of some of the policies we're talked about, they would absolutely, really scare the people. President Trump can actually set up his view, his hope for the future, for the people as comparison to big government takeover or higher taxes, health care of all those issues.


Let me let let me jump in here right now, because as is the case with a lot of people who have a an issue that matters more to them than anything else, a lot of people may not know what you're talking about. I need to have I need to bring some people up to speed here, because your comments are are right on the money in terms of Carson housing, urban development and protecting American suburbs.


Excuse me. Now that the attack folks on American suburbs. Has been a feature of the Obama administration going back to his first term and the reason that there was an attack on the suburbs was an attempt to eliminate them.


What has happened over the course, societal evolution over the course of many years is as urban areas have become blighted and the school systems have become corrupted and worse as policing defined deviancy down.


And so the people that committed petty crime were let go and not even pursued as the cities became more and more intolerable. The middle class, the upper middle class, and in not all cases, but in largely the white middle class, decided to start leaving the cities. And we're talking a number of years, this didn't just happen starting eight years ago or five, it's been going on for a long time. They began to leave the suburbs. I leave the cities and relocate the suburbs where they can commute to work in the city, but then go back to suburbia.


And basically have a lifestyle among people of similar economic standing. Where values were the same in terms of raising kids, schools, this kind of thing. This is precisely the kind of. Freedom of movement that the Libs hate. They cannot succeed in socially planning cities. If people have the freedom to leave, so what they decided to do, what Obama and people like him decided to do was to punish. People who fled the cities for greener pastures, for safer lives, where there was not nearly as much crime as there was in urban areas, so the Obama administration began to attack the suburbs with zoning regulations.


And anybody in suburbia developer, this is one example developer who wanted to build. A housing development. For purchase by certain middle class people that earned a range of money, range of income, you want to build people that earn, I don't know, 150, 200 thousand dollars a year in the houses they could afford, you build developments of those kinds of houses. You build schools nearby, you build malls or strip malls. You put everything that they need.


That's part of a development to attract them.


To your development. The Obama administration wanted to corrupt that. And so they they began to inflict upon suburbia zoning regulations, whereas if one of these developers wanted to get a permit or a series of permits to build a new development in a suburb, A.


In order to get that permit, that developer also had to build affordable housing nearby, right near, if not part of the development that he was building to attract whatever range of income he was shooting for among the middle class.


It was done on purpose. It was done to corrupt. It was done to recreate the problems in the cities that these people had fled. It was designed to make them pay a price for leaving the city. This is the vindictiveness. This is day we're going to stick you. This is the won't we're not going to leave you alone. You want to live a certain kind of life and you're leaving our city to do it. Screw you. We're going to we're going to take where you we're going to we're going to transplant what you left.


Right where you move. In other words, we're going to make your life as miserable as it was before you left the city. Now, affordable housing means exactly what it is. You build a bunch of affordable housing that people can't afford, but you're going to put them in there anyway. You're building housing projects right next to where people have located and built their schools and built their malls and decided they wanted to live. And this was an ongoing project of the Obama administration for the eight years they were in office.


And one of the one of the writers who has done more to expose this was Stanley Kurtz, who writes for National Review. He's written several books on it, countless newspaper or magazine articles.


But it was really hideous, folks.


It was kind of when you learned about you find out how vindictive and mean these people are.


You can't just leave their city and improve your life. You can't we're not going to let that happen. That's why they want everybody on mass transit so that nobody has any more freedom than anybody else. That's why they're constantly trying to get light rail built. And all of these other things, they say, are very European and they're needed here for American cities, infrastructure and so forth. When all people wanted to do was flee misery, they wanted to flee rampant crime.


They wanted to flee declining property values. They wanted to flee horrible schools. They wanted to give their kids a chance. And they wanted just to flee the cities anyway because the value just wasn't there based on how much it was costing to your own or rent.


So Obama and the Libs see them fleeing and they follow them with zoning regulations for people that would build the houses and the developments that would attract them. Guess what you're going to have to put right next door to the Smiths over there. You're going to need to put affordable housing, which everybody knows affordable housing is going to become. Broken windows, and that's just it's done on purpose, so what? Patty is saying, is that Trump? And Ben Carson have resisted this effort, they have they have taken great steps to protect people who have moved to the suburbs or in suburbia or or who have been there for a while.


And these new regulations are starting to impact them. And she thinks that Trump should make remarks about this next week during his speech. She thinks it's a big deal, that it would it would get Trump a lot of support and a lot of favor. She thinks it's something that Trump has done that's very good that nobody knows about because he hasn't. Made a big deal out of promoting it or to which which which is true, but there's a lot of things like that that Trump has done, that he doesn't spend his criminal reform thing, that he did the Mideast peace that's just recently signed.


I mean, he's done a whole lot of things that he hasn't spent much time singing his own praises for. This suburban thing is a serious thing. And it's been going on for a long, long time. And it's a classic example. It's a great way to illustrate the vindictiveness and the mean spiritedness. Of liberals, and if you if you make one step. Toward improving your quality of life, and you do it by abandoning what they have set up, well, you're going to pay a price.


You're going to pay, you know, because when you leave, you're taking part of the tax base, when you leave, if you're working and you leave, you are taking part of the tax base, you're taking your commerce, you're taking everything about you that they think holds value. So they're going to find a way to punish you for it. Liberalism is largely about punishing people that do not agree with them, I'm glad you called, Paddy.


I got to take a brief break. We'll be right back after this. Don't go away.


All right. Grab somebody. Number 30. They they just they just make me look brilliant. What is one of the points I made in analyzing the Obama and Kamala Harris speeches last night? I said, man, do these people sound desperate? Kept talking about the importance of voting, why would you need to do that if there's so much enthusiasm already on your side? Why would you need to spend so many valuable minutes in her speech and your speech reminding people to vote, telling people to make a plan to vote?


I don't know about you, but when I vote usually involves waking up. Like, I woke up today, woke up today, thank God that I did, and then you're right that I got in the shower, I don't think I'm divulging any secrets here. And then I got dressed. And then I went down to the library and did the stuff necessary to be able to leave the house, and then I called for the staff to come get the car around.


When I got in the car, drove to work.


I if if I was going to vote, I'd go to the polls after work when the crowds are down, I'm too famous to go there in the morning and I would go in there, wouldn't require any thought. It wouldn't require a plan. It wouldn't require calling a cab. It wouldn't require calling anybody wouldn't require anything. Just what plan.


But they spent all this time talking about the importance of voting. And I didn't understand it because with all this enthusiasm they claim they have, I mean, even if the enthusiasm is hate Trump instead of loving Biden, they've told us all these months that man Trump is so hated, he's so despised. These people can't wait to vote. OK, then why do you spend so much damn time telling them how important it is to vote? Are your people that stupid?


They don't know it's important to vote. Are they so stupid? We can tell them the election is a week later and they'll believe it.


Well, look at this. Earlier this week, NBC News released a PSA entitled Plan Your Vote. And here is the PSA, Lester Hall to anchors the NBC Nightly News and the Meet the Press host f Chuck Todd.


This year's election is different. Some polling places are closed, some are opening weeks early, and mailboxes around the country are becoming voting booths this year. How you vote is just as important is who you vote for. So let's get planning. And there were graphics on the screen that say, NBC slash plan, your vote, it was Lester Holt. This is the let's get planning. So what we have here, we have the Obama campaign work sorry, the Biden campaign working in concert with NBC News.


And Kamala Harris and Obama both talking about the need to plan your vote and. I'm sure those of you heard. What is that, a plant, you just you get up and like you go to the grocery store, you go you go vote and then you leave. It's done. Plan to notice what these people are doing. Plan. Your vote. How you vote is just as important as who you vote for. How the hell is that true?


How you vote. Is almost just as important as who you're voting for. How in the world can that be? Because I'll guarantee you. They don't ask you where you vote unless you're stupid and you vote somewhere you're not legally registered. But beyond that. Now we find out that NBC News has been coordinating get out the vote movement with the Biden campaign. They released this PSA, this is earlier this week to coincide, so obviously these speeches were written a long time ago to coincide with NBC's joint cooperative effort on plan, the vote.


We've heard Rock the Vote, MTV. We can get out the vote now. It's planned the vote plan to vote, what have you. Here's Carol in New Knoxville, Ohio. Great to have you with us. Hello. Hello, rest, I just a quick observation in listening to the speeches with Kamala Harris and then, of course, President Obama, it seemed to me I actually would close my eyes to do this, that her cadence has taken on the same cadence as President Obama.


And I wondered if they had possibly trained her or have had her observe him so much to give her more credence with the American people, make her feel more familiar to the American people. And I know you're a student of this as well. And I wonder what your thoughts were on that.


So you're asking me if I think they may have been helping her change her speech patterns so that she reminds people of Obama. Yeah, yeah, well, if they are and I don't know if they are, it didn't work and I'll tell you how I know because your question is exquisitely timed. I found myself so bored. The dress that she was wearing was some black, blasé, purple, violet, whatever. Never seen her in the color before.


It was a it had a it had like a suit jacket that was cinched up too high. It was it looked like it didn't fit.


Right. Had they had a week to make everything fit, right, anyway, so I took my eyes off the screen and I found myself reading. You know what, this would be a good time to catch up on the tech blogs. And so I was I had her speech on I didn't turn it off, I didn't mute it. I didn't turn it down. But I was doing other things. And I realized at some point how bored. I was.


How? How boring. I don't mean this. I'm not trying to be mean here in my criticism, folks, that's not.


My objective look, I have to expand on this when I get back, I made a note last night. I said this really during her speech is really in very good. I'm listening to it while reading, not watching. It's not compelling.


It's not competent. It's not drawing my attention away. So that's my answer.


Hi, welcome back. Great to be with all of you. This is Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


I am America's real anchorman meeting and exceeding all audience expectations. On a daily basis, happy to have you with us, the telephone number is 800 to eight two two eight eight two if you want to be on the program. The email address L Rusciano and I've got us. OK, I said I wasn't going to be distracted by the Steve Bannon indictment, and I wasn't. Don't tell me that the announcement of that indictment on Banin wasn't designed to take over the news cycle.


Right, when the coverage of the day's Democrat convention activities would begin, right when the cable news networks would be getting busy rehashing what had happened last night. So but it didn't as you well know, it didn't distract me because I didn't let it. Now, I do have some things to say about it. If you haven't heard Ben. And of course, I was working for Breitbart News and Trump hired him to be chief strategist. And campaign CEO, this would have been in the fall of 2016 and a lot of the.


A lot of campaign work had been done. He was basically hired as a chief White House strategist and that that job encompasses a lot of things. At the time, I didn't know what. A White House strategist job is not as a chief of staff and the chief of staff generally makes the trains run on time in the West Wing. And traditionally, chief of staff controls access to the president, if you want to have I, even if you work there and you want to have a meeting with Polus, you get put on the calendar by the chief of staff.


And even if you don't deal with chief staff directly, whoever gets you the meeting has to go through the chief of staff, the chief strategist on the surface of it would be the guy helping the president devise strategically to deal with Congress to advance the agenda. It could be anything that you want it to be. And Biden did the job for a while and was then asked to leave after some months went by. And there were those who said that he was one of the biggest leakers.


In the West Wing. In the Trump administration, which made no sense to me. But see, this is why, you know, I'm not cut out for any of that kind of work. Some of the staffing decisions that were made the fuddled me. And I, I, I just. Personally, I can't relate. OK. President hires me to become chief strategist, I can't imagine.


Getting in there and start calling The Washington Post, The New York Times and telling them what's going on, knowing they're going to protect my identity because they love the sourcing. But here I am basically undermining the boss while I am building up a great reputation with the press, it would never occur to me. Maybe if if I'm profoundly mistreated after a period of time, but. As soon as I get it, but I just I can't relate to it.


I just I don't know that it's true, but that's one of the criticisms that there was of Biden banning. But I don't. There's so much stuff I can't relate to that leaking is is one of the many things. So what has happened? Is Banaian was allegedly using hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity. For his personal use, personal expenses, personal gain, he and three others, total of four arrested have been indicted in an online fundraising scheme.


They were ostensibly asking people to donate to a project that was going to get the wall built because Trump was having trouble getting Congress to agree with him and to appropriate funds for it. So Bannon and some buddies. Set up an organization and go fund me page where you can donate and get the wall built and the indictment says. That. Van and his buddies simply took most of the money for themselves and it was a scam. Now, the way it's being covered today.


Is Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Trump, was among four suspects arrested, Steve Bannon, who was the former chief strategist in the White House for president. Trump is accused of bla bla bla, bla, bla.


Steve Bannon, who was hired by President Trump as chief strategist during the 2016 campaign.


Well, you cannot in every one of these stories about Bannon, Trump's name is right next to his in the first line of the story.


Every single headline, every first line ties Bannan to Trump, even though Trump had nothing to do with this. And Trump has commented today that he doesn't even think that this is not a wall, should be funded anyway, shouldn't be funded with private dollars.


OK, Justice Department, so now that you've decided to do this, now that you've decided to indict Bannon here on a day that you might want to help cover up the ineptitude of the Democrats, is it maybe about time to go indict the Clintons? Because I will guarantee you whatever Biden has done, it's piker compared to the amount of money they're involved with. They set up the Clinton Foundation to expressly siphon off money for their family and their friends and to pay people salaries, travel and entertainment expenses.


Hillary was using the Clinton Foundation to sell access to her up and coming presidency to who knows how many foreign entities. They use the Clinton Foundation to help defray expenses for her daughter's wedding. They even set up the wedding registry as part of the Clinton Foundation. So DOJ is it may be about time if you're going to try to dirty up Trump here by indicting Bannon. Haven't the Clintons got enough of a pass for a long enough period of time? She had her illegal email server when she was secretary of state.


She botched the role of protecting Americans during Benghazi. She was the inept secretary of state with the Russian reset, but the Clinton Foundation is is where some real suspicious financial behavior took place. This is Mrs. Clinton. She's going out and doing as in the 2016 campaign. She's agreeing to do 20 minute speeches, sometimes 10 of them a day to Wall Street places like Goldman Sachs for two hundred fifty thousand dollars a pop, 20 minute speech, 250 grand.


She shows up and maybe doesn't even speak. Just sign some books. Poses for photos might talk about how great Goldman Sachs is. Then she's off to the next one. Pocket's two hundred and fifty grand goes right to the Clinton Foundation. So two and a half million dollars a day, it's used to pay Clinton family members, Clinton friends who are employees, it's a classic. This is have you ever wondered how so many members of the House of Representatives.


Go to Washington as comparative paupers, I mean, they they live in their small town districts. They don't make a whole lot of money. They got like they go to Washington, they serve whatever number of years they want, and then when they leave, we find out that they really have become wealthy. And then we said, well, how much are these people make? Well, maybe 175 thousand a year. Wait a minute, how do you turn one hundred and seventy five thousand dollars a year, which a lot of it gets burned?


Living in Washington and your district, how do you turn that into.


A net worth of millions. This is how you do it, folks. You've set up. A foundation. You set up a non-profit. And you convince people to donate to it. You have nothing to do with it. Your wife runs it, your kids, somebody's an aunt or an uncle, a stepchild, but you have nothing to do with it. You as the representative or a member of Congress. If you're a defense contractor and you need the congressman's vote now, you make a donation to the congressman's charitable foundation where you make a donation to the congressman's nonprofit.


Congress and here's about what a great guy that defense contractor is, I think I'm going to vote for that defense system or whatever this is. But this is how. This is one way that these kinds of transfers of wealth occur, it's well known, by the way, it's so well known, it's not even frowned on. It's applauded in many cases and certainly looked the other way when people discover it.


I mean, I could mention names that I get in real trouble if I did, but I could I could mention names of various members of Congress. And you can go look up how much they were making and how much their net worth was when they when they got the Washington. And then when they either died or when they retired. You find out that their net worth is inexplicable when measured against how much their salary over the years has been, though this is it.


This is how it's done, it's, by the way, all legal. There maybe improper may or may not pass the smell test, but there's nothing really illegal about it.


Anybody can set up a foundation. And anybody can ask anybody to give to it the foundation requirements, if it's a charity, if you open up a foundation for pick a number. You start a foundation, let's say, for 100000 dollars, it's going to pick a number, all you have to do is donate. Five percent of it a year. To charity and you're legal, you get if you start a foundation for 100 grand, you get to deduct 100 grand that first year right off the top.


And then you only have to. Disperse. I think it's five percent of it every year, so if you got a foundation open up with 100 grand, all you got to do is spend five grand giving it to charity over the course of a year. You remain legal. You can fund it any time you want with your own money, or you can ask for people to donate to it. Or you can do fundraisers, you can do golf tournaments.


You can do whatever you want. You can have Mr. Defense Contractor come make a speech. And charge X for the speech, charge X for pictures with the guy, maybe get the secretary of state or any number of ways that all of this.


Can happen, but this is how. You know, it's it's not this is the circuitous route of wealthy people just planning money in your back pocket, this circuitous route that makes it, for the most part, legal. So this is what the Clintons have done. This is how they use their phone and believe me. When the Clintons when Hillary lost in 2016, you know what happened, foundation. It veritably ceased to exist, it was of no value to any more to donate to it.


Because it was being used as a clearinghouse for people who were seeking favors and influence from the person they thought was going to become the next president, Hillary Clinton, when she lost. The Clinton Family Foundation, the Clinton Library, a massage parlor in Little Rock, all these things kind of just not the Clinton Library, hung on because he's president and so forth. But the family foundation kind of imploded. So Banan uses hundreds of thousands of dollars personal expenses.


The indictment is chilling. It's a it's a chilling reminder that we have a two tiered politicized system of justice. And if you can choose one privilege. The only sensible choice would be Democrat privilege. Democrat privilege let Hillary Clinton walk free after thousands of violations of the Espionage Act. Democrat privilege before the courts, before the DOJ Democrat privilege allowed the Clinton Family Foundation to maintain a lavish slush fund for Clinton family and friends while operating a pay for play scheme.


For Hillary is all but certain presidency. Democrat privilege thus far has protected Barack Hussein Obama. From any repercussions for spying on the Trump campaign, for setting up for Ruwan Michael Flynn.


Saying nothing while knowing his minions falsely accused Trump of treason. Obama knew all that stuff never happened because he's the one that set it up. Well, we you know, we former presidents, we don't we don't comment on our predecessors or our successes, we just or you don't why you did last night saw fit to last night. Look, I could go on. You all know the score, how this all works. It's the game of justice and Democrats have yet to lose and the Republicans are hard pressed to win.


Universities and private schools are sending emails this month to their donors and contributors, notifying them of a data breach. Yessiree, Bob, a data breach, universities, private schools, data breach likely involved the personal data of donors and contributors. In every case, it is not the fault of the school, but the fault of a third party company that held the personal data online for them. You talk about cyber hackers dream the personal information of donors with enough money to contribute to colleges and private schools.


That's a very good database to steal from. Now, no one yet reported the number of online identities that have been compromised, but it's going to be big and it's another example of how easily your information can be obtained illegally without you even knowing about it. No one thinks that when they when they donate money to their alma Mater Hospital that they like or what have you, it's why you have life locks online, identity theft protection. So you don't have to think about that.


Lifelike can tell they can discover threats that you may not be able to see and notify you that you may be at risk. Like your information for sale on the dark web, for example, or when they see anything amiss, if you have a weird pattern in your spending, then they're in touch with you, asking you if you're behaving in this odd out of the normal way they track it. If it's not you, you tell them that and they get busy tracking it down.


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Yes, I'm a therapist in Atlanta. And I just want to say that I really do seem to cope with numbers inflated.


I have friends that work in other hospitals in Atlanta, and we're nowhere near capacity or, you know, see in the numbers that are that are being reported. And yeah, they did a lot of bashing last night or handling things well, but nobody has said what they would have done differently to improve the situation. What do you mean nobody would have said, who do you mean, what did the Democrats last night? Nobody said, well, we would have done this and the situation would have been better.


Oh, you're talking with this candidate, Obama and Kamala Harris or whoever spoke.


Yeah, yeah. And the Democrats in general. Well, you know, Trump's handling of the situation, you know, terrible. And but nobody has offered any insight as to what could have been done better and what they would have done had these issues spread.


Well, look, they can be exposed as frauds on this. Andrew Cuomo is personally responsible for a minimum 6600 deaths in a nursing home, nursing homes in New York. Pelosi was urging people forget the virus had nothing to come on down to San Francisco, Chinatown and Party and New York congressman was doing the same thing. They've got no ground to stand on.


They're just a campaign. It's the kind of stuff that gets said in a campaign. The media promotes it.


Back to the phones we go. Tallahassee, Florida, this is George. I'm glad you called, sir. Hi.


Thank you for thanks for your time with us. I just want to give a prayer from the nation, the grateful conservative. But my question is considered the dismal ratings of the Democratic Party's convention. What do you think President Trump can do to ensure the Republican convention is a grand slam, that he hits it out of the park?


Well, that's a good question. It's a good question. I'm glad I'm glad you asked this. Remind me to remind me about this, because I talked about it yesterday. I think what this convention has missed is any unpredictability, it has missed any drama. Now, you might say, well, these conventions stopped being dramatic when they stopped picking the nominee. No, yeah, I understand that, but. These conventions, even four years ago and eight years ago, the networks televised one hour a night once it became obvious that all they were were infomercials.


You don't remember this, a lot of you, because you're too young, but the party conventions used to be where the nominee was picked. And it wasn't known until the last night, maybe the second to last night, who the nominee was going to be and dinner with the vice presidential pick. It all happened at the convention. Then the parties went to the primary system to engage in outreach and let the voters actually have a say in determining the party's nominee to get rid of the smoke filled rooms and the party powerbrokers.


When that happened, the drama ended.


Most of it. So the networks cut back, televising only an hour a night, and in some years they didn't even televise the first two nights because there literally was nothing going on. So they the the parties to counteract that would go get some of their more radical members who had run but failed to win the nomination or fail to make a noise and give them primetime speaking assignments, hoping to get the networks to televise some real controversial figure.


But for the most part, they they televise Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And the focus was Thursday because that was when the nominee gave the speech Wednesday night was when the vice president chose and this was was made his or her speech. But those speeches were live. Even though there was no drama in terms of who. There was some drama because it was live. And the outcome wasn't going to change, but there still was the possibility that somebody would go off script.


So. After watching what the Democrats did this week, my guess is that it's got to be patently obvious to everybody in the Trump campaign what to do. You don't pre-record. Days or weeks in advance, important speeches by prominent people. Do them live. If the network so you can't go life, we didn't elect the Biden people go live, we insist on it. They may not want to go live, going live carries with it risks. But you can put it all on prompter and go live with it.


I still think live there's an energy to live that people can tell. People know the difference in life and tape. And there's always going to be more interest in something that's happening, especially if it's promoted. But in addition to life, get a live audience for some of this. Don't care how many, don't care where you get live human beings responding to it. At the moment that it's happening, not a bunch of Zoome squares. Not a bunch of face time audio connections, but actual live people somewhere reacting.


This can be set up. But Rush but Rush, the networks want to avoid it because they didn't let the Democrats know the Democrats chose to do it this way. The Democrats took the safe road pretaped everything, I mean, Michelle Obama didn't even know who the vice presidential pick was, that's her excuse for not mentioning Kamala Harris. The there's a headline here, Daily Beast Liberal networks worried sick about Trump's unpredictable 2020 convention and the story some two days ago.


It is a news busters story, but it's about. It's about the reporters at The Daily Beast and some of the other liberal blogosphere places, media reporters at The Daily Beast are insisting that the liberal broadcast networks are incredibly nervous about what Team Trump's going to want to put on TV in the 10:00 p.m. hour next week. And that's why they promised only one hour. They are deathly afraid, look, folks, everybody knows that Donald Trump knows how to put on a show.


He is among all the other things, he is a showman. And he's not going to stand. For a series of boring presentations like we've had this week. Does that mean he's going to be part of it every night, does it mean that he's going to have people be given assignments that you wouldn't normally expect to be seeing on a on a convention telecast?


But they are worried. They're worried that Trump might try to score two hours a night by not finishing in one hour. What if he does that? Because, you know, these are going to be streamed. You know, the Trump conventions are going to be screamed like a Democrats were, and if the networks decide after one hour that they're going to cut out and not covering, more people are going to be able to go to the stream and continue to watch.


Whatever is happening, if Trump has the ability to put on a great show and doesn't finish it in an hour and it just bleeds into a second hour and the networks decide to bump out of it because they have to to be fair to what they did to Biden, doesn't matter. Trump can continue on and the audience will dutifully switch to the stream if they like what they've seen, and they'll abandon the networks to do it. And they're worried about this.


They're worried about airing two hours. Networks, this is what they told the DNC. In fact. They told the Democratic National Committee the reason they're not going to air their event in full is because they would have to air Trump's events in full and they don't want to do that. And why don't they want to do that? Because they don't want to help Trump. They don't want to end up being seen as helpful to Trump. They're part of the cabal that wants Trump defeated and gone.


They're very upset, we don't know what Trump's content is going to be. Now, they have known what what Biden's contents are going to be, they've been sharing it, there's even been some collaboration. NBC News is running a PSA called Plan Your Vote last night. Both Obama and Kamala Harris joined the effort, told everybody, you got to plan your vote, make a plan, make sure you follow it through and vote.


So there's already collaboration going on between the Democrats and the Biden campaign. Executives at multiple networks told The Daily Beast privately they were still almost completely in the dark about the basic details of the Republican convention, including its format and the roster of speakers.


You know, unfair, just not telling them what the new immigrants did and they're afraid, they're afraid of being hoodwinked. They're afraid of being tricked. They're afraid Trump's going to end up using them in ways they can't stop to make himself look good and make the Democrats look bad. The RNC has promised to be a hodgepodge. Of Trump supporters, coronavirus skeptics, alleged victims of cancer culture. Can you imagine if Trump brings a bunch of people out?


That contradict every. Bullet point the Democrats are trying to live on, and here are the networks having to cover it, you know, they don't cover Trump press conferences, they don't cover the daily brief. He does even now during coronaviruses. CNN doesn't. MSNBC doesn't. Trump really holds a lot of cards here. He has the ability to force these networks into covering some of what he does against their will. Beyond that, the answer to your question, nothing dull, nothing boring and nothing predictable and some live reaction.


Favourable laughing, whatever live reaction. And and by the way, something else that would be as easy as pie for the Trump people to do, be optimistic. Love your country. Talk about the greatness of America. Talk about the exceptional nature of American, define it. Why are we exceptional and then put on the biggest defense of the American founding, you know how to put on. You tell people why the founding of this country is the most blessed event that's happened for humanity in the world since the birth of Christ.


You tell people how special. The founding of this country is and the people who did it. You can devote a small portion on one night. To the founders, to the greatness, I'll tell you what. He's got a foundation for it already in the two speeches that he did want it.


On the Fourth of July and the White House lawn and out at the imam of the mental block, what's the name of the place where the president's face is on the rocks, Mount Rushmore.


Those two speeches would be the great foundation for what I'm talking about here. Love your country. Explain why, explain why there's nothing wrong with it, point out that not loving America, there's something wrong with you.


Anyway, the possibilities are wide open to them, simply based on the fact that Democrats went low and negative and pessimistic and dystopian, that we will be right back.


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Here is fill in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Greetings.


Greetings to you, too. Right. Thanks so much for taking the call. I'm sitting here in the lawn chair, an old porch play in Joe Biden's backyard and the streets are packed, lined with Trump rooters, supporters, flags, T-shirts, umbrellas. It's wonderful to be here.


I got to tell you, what is the president do there?


He's supposed to be talking at three o'clock. So imminent, I mean, any minute now. And the block the traffic just a couple of minutes ago. So it's where everybody's expecting a momentarily. All of you say the streets are packed and the Pennsylvania state police are here with their mounted the horses and stuff, but the vendors are extremely busy selling Trump hats and flags, banners. And we parked about four or five blocks away and everybody's wearing Trump stuff.


Well, it doesn't surprise me. I'm really glad that you're there and you got to see it and and be part of it. I'm glad Trump got the memo about not starting a single three o'clock. That's been tough some days, folks, but we persevered on on that one. Did I feel congratulations.


I'm glad to hear from you. I hope it's a great time for you. Will be back. Wrap it up after this.


Well, there we go. I guess we're even talking about Biden's speech just tonight. We didn't even talk about it because nobody has any expectations of it. So we'll deal with it as it happens and be back right here tomorrow, open line Friday. Thanks as always for being with us, folks.