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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. I feel like I've been here before. I feel like I've been here. I feel like I've done that. I feel like this day javu. I feel like this thing has happened before and we've commented on it before. And I'll be darned if I can find anything different to say about it from previous years. I'm kind of hamstrung here, but that's why I'm here.


Folks, to give you a perspective that you haven't heard anywhere else from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida. It's open line Friday. And I have to tell you, the easiest thing in the world would be to say, holy cow, did Biden knock it out of the park? Well, that's what even commentators on our side are saying, Mr. Sturdily is a moynat Biden knock it out of the holy cow. And why do people think that it's partially our fault we lowered the bar.


We've been talking about the fact that he's got early onset, late onset senility, Alzheimer's, what have you. And so he does a speech for about what was it, 15 minutes? How long? 22 minutes speech. And there was only one flub. And you would have to have that flub pointed out to you. It was not glaring. It was toward the end of the speech. But because he he didn't go up, goof up a word and because he didn't lose his train of thought because he's reading a teleprompter, it's very easy to say, oh, my, he nailed it.


Oh, my oh, my. Back. Oh, go right now.


And this is what the commentary it has has been devoted to saying. And I imagine that there are a lot of you who are thinking, hey, yeah, we were expecting Biden to be not what we saw last night. I bet there's some of you who are scared now because Biden did better than you thought, better than the conventional wisdom that led you to believe. I bet you, Mr. Snod, lead that there are even some people who are now wondering if Biden's senility has been an act from the get go.


That he has been really good at pulling off, that he's not senile, that he doesn't have early onset Alzheimer's, that there's nothing wrong with his brain other than that he's a leftist and that he's going to be able to do his debates just fine.


You're going to be able to answer questions, despite all these appearances where he's appeared to lose his train of thought, where he is in the debates, where he forgot what he was going to say. So he said he was out of time and people thinking that was all an act. A gigantic. Well, I'm not. I'm just telling you that I bet there are some people who think that now, given what people think of the of the Democrat Party in there and their capabilities.


So we'll get to the observations of all this what what last night, whatever you think of last night, can't erase folks. This is one of the darkest. Most apocalyptic weeks in the life of a political party, I can recall, and that's saying something because the Democrat Party has been devoted.


To the apocalyptic future of this country for quite a while. That has been their strong suit, that has been the way they have attempted to reach out to people and essentially to scare them into thinking that America's best days are behind us and your future is not up to you. It used to be, but things are so bad now, you need to just turn your life over to us and that's your best odds of having an enjoyable life and so forth.


The. But this week has taken the cake for pessimism, for darkness, for anger and and rage. And it's been it's been breathtaking to behold it throughout this entire week. There hasn't been one reference and there wasn't last night. To the violence and the civic unrest that's happening in Democrat cities, there hasn't been any condemnation of it. There hasn't there hasn't even been any supportive mention of it. Black Lives Matter. And by the way, did you notice last night all the flags?


I mean, if you watch this. They had a guest, plug's showed up at some I don't know, it looked like a gigantic cafeteria or something where he was inside and the parking lot, they converted it into a like a drive in theater. And they had giant screens out there and people drove up in their cars and watched plugs his speech in the cars, and there were flags festooned all over the sides of the buildings, gigantic American flags.


People were waving the flags and they were and they were celebrating the flag and they and they were the flags were just everywhere now and that's not going to go over well with Black Lives Matter. The Democrat Party right now is devoted to people who want to kneel on the flag.


Who are promising to disrespect the flag, know the NFL season is going to start in September and the expectation is established that players and coaches, the first thing they will do when the national anthem is played is take a knee. This is expected the flag will be disrespected. Also, the NFL has announced it's not going to have a live anthem, singers. Prior to games, and I think that's part of a long term project to get rid of the anthem period.


You know why? And it's because of the surveys that we've cited over the years that the site of patriotic symbols like the flag tends to ratchet up people's sense of patriotism, their love of America, and it tends to send them into the voting booth to vote Republican. That's from Harvard University, folks. I'm not making this up. And you probably remember me talking about it. Well, that irritates Democrats out the wazoo. And so the NFL getting rid of all these symbols makes perfect sense, I've long thought that the left wants to get rid of symbols like the flag on the premise that.


They're unnecessary and it's it's divisive, divisive, it's it's biased, it's it's not unifying, the flag is not unifying, like make America Great is not unifying. And we we shouldn't be corrupting sports with the flag. And so there it was on full display last night.


Now, I haven't seen any negative reaction to it from Black Lives Matter or Antifa, but I'm telling you, I'm here to tell you there are some people that watch that speech last night that the word had better gone out to ignore it. That it was a speech given for a specific purpose, but I don't think it means anything. I did two things, I listened to it and I watched it. If you listen to it sounded pretty good if you watched it, it was clear that Biden looked scared.


He looked uncomfortable, he looked stiff, he looked nervous. Belying somebody with his many years of experience. The speech was. Well, it was a list it was a list of every political bromide and cliche ever written, such as light is more powerful than dark.


Love is more powerful than hate.


Green energy is more powerful than fossil fuels, whatever, it was, just one little slogan after another.


But you know what that was, ladies and gentlemen? There are a lot of people in. Well, we are told there are a lot of people that Donald Trump has worn out. Donald Trump has made nervous. I don't like the fact that Donald Trump is an outsider. They don't like the fact that Donald Trump has come to Washington, turned the place upside down. What we got from Joe Biden last night was one hundred percent pure inside the Beltway politics, what we got last night was what people expect of politicians, a bunch of meaningless.


But now open ended bromides. And clichés that don't commit the politician to anything, they just established him as a good guy with character and good manners. But they don't really get into any kinds of specifics, they just make people feel comfortable. It was 100 percent inside the Beltway politics. It was written by people who live there, written by people who've worked there. It was written for a guy who has served there for forty seven some odd years.


And for people who are now tired of an outsider. Who doesn't use cliches like that, doesn't use bromides, doesn't get into meaningless pap. I mean, Donald Trump would never say light is more powerful than dark.


Let me tell you let me tell you, it's shocking to everybody. I know nobody's ever seen anything like it, but light is more powerful. You would never say anything like this.


Donald Trump would never think that is how you uplift people, but this is how inside the Beltway, professional deep staters and politicians who exist to mislead people. Who exist? To lie to people. This is exactly how they do it, and some people might find what Biden did last night comforting. If they're tired, I'm not talking about Trump supporters. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm simply talking about.


People who want to return to what they think political normalcy is being lied to, having a bunch of meaningless pap thrown at them, but it made them feel good.


Yes, the emotion, Mr. Limbaugh. That's exactly right.


It was very welcoming. It was very comfortable and it would remind people what Trump isn't. And in that sense, depending on how many of those people are who signed it, it may have it may have connected. We can't deny that based on expectations. Plug's did well and we're the ones that lowered the expectations. We're the ones we've been telling everybody that Biden can't do what he did last night.


Well, not last night, because I frankly expected last night to happen, I don't think I said so on the air, but I talked to a lot of people I expected last night to have he's going to read the teleprompter. He can do that 22 minutes. That's one of the shortest nomination acceptance speeches on the record.


I predicted that media on our side would be fawning all over it because of these.


Lowered expectations. Here's a tweet, Van Jones. We were prepared for it to be a terrible speech as long as he didn't embarrass himself. We were going to come out here and praise it. It's what the liberal media be doing tonight, tomorrow, in the foreseeable future. He didn't embarrass himself. They had the low standard to they had the bar way, way low.


But once again, Biden did. What Kamala Harris did when she spoke earlier in the week, he lied through his teeth about what happened to what Trump said in Charlottesville, Virginia, just like she lied.


About the virus and what Trump did or didn't do and how he has reacted to it, she lied through her teeth about how Trump has destroyed the economy and these things never get corrected. But this is a big one, this and Biden knows he was lying through his teeth about the Charlottesville's story. It's a three year old story and it is a perfect life, left wing liberal lie. It has been corrected every time it's been told, and yet the lie stands on its own.


So I'm going to I'm going to fix it again. I'm going to explain it again. But I want to get a couple of sound bites that I want to I want to remind you, show you, illustrate the difference.


What I was just talking about, the comforting inside the Beltway, banal bromides and cliches versus somebody who literally intends to shake things up. Let's go back to Trump's inaugural address. We have two sound bites, January 20th, 2017. And here's the first.


For too long, a small group in our nation's capital has reap the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washington flourished, but the people did not share in its wealth. Politicians prospered, but the jobs left and the factories closed.


And I'm watching this. And you've got presidents there like George W. Bush was there and he was looking around like he was listening to a foreign language. And when it was over and everybody was leaving, somebody in the press caught up with George W. Bush. So what do you think of that, Mr. President, with some weird crap right there? That was except he didn't say crap, that was some weird crap right there, man, let me tell you, it shook them up.


It reverberated from there inside.


Here's another example. The establishment protected itself, but not the citizens of our country. Their victories have not been your victories. Their triumphs have not been your triumphs. And while they celebrated in our nation's capital, there was little to celebrate for struggling families all across our land.


So not just pick a random passage from Biden's speech last night. Compare number three, three, two, one. Hit it here.


And now I give you my word, if you can trust me with the presidency, I will draw on the best of us, not the worst. I'll be an ally of the light, not the darkness.


Big time for us, for we the people to come together. And make no mistake, you know, that we can and will overcome this season of darkness in a season of darkness has been brought to us by you, Mr. Biden, and your party.


And this week you have perfected the descent into apocalyptic darkness.


You see the vacancy, the banality, the emptiness, the know specifically specificity in this.


And I can take a break up against it. Always on time. Back at the moment.


Hi, greetings. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, Open Line Friday. Whatever you want to talk about is fair game, ladies and gentlemen. Could be questions, could be comments. Doesn't have to be the debate, doesn't it? I mean, the speech last night doesn't have to be the convention to be anything you want it to be. I had this yesterday and I almost got to it, but I got interrupted. In addition to the fact that at the NFL games, there will be no live anthem singers.


And I don't know if that's going to be at the start of the season or instituted later on. I can't remember. But I do know they're going to deemphasize it. They're going to deemphasize live military. Pregame shows celebrating and playing the anthem, and believe me, this is exactly what the left's objective has been with this from the get go. They do not want to have to go up against the flag in the battle for the minds and hearts of the American people, and every public event is seen as a battle for the hearts and minds of American people.


Look at this. No sideline reporters and no pregame TV reporters this season in twenty twenty. You know what that means, that means no female NFL reporter jobs. At least on the field, no sideline reporters. Not going to happen, not going to permit it.


Now, I find this fascinating because there's a part of me that believes the NFL never wanted sideline reporters.


That it was just something that.


Happened as a result of inertia, societal involvement or evolution and so forth, and this is one of things I wonder when we get back to normal if this will come back open line Friday.


Mike, stand by. Audio sound bites, one, two and three. I'm getting a lot of feedback. That was great. Rush, that comparison, Trump's inaugural to Biden last night. It is a good comparison because I think people forget four years ago is a long time and Trump has been around every day for four years. It's easier to remember Trump of yesterday or this morning than it is the trump of four years ago. Trump of four years ago was magic.


The Trump campaign four years ago, his inaugural address, that whole period, it was magical. And I don't blame them for trying to recapture it. I wish they could. I don't think there's anything wrong with trying to recapture it. You know, after Trump, in fact, give you a give you an illustration, sometime earlier this week, Trump appeared at an airport hangar. It was like he was in Minnesota. Oh, and speaking of which, Trump and Biden are tied in Minnesota, have you heard about this?


Where did I put it? It's in one of these two stacks up here, ladies, and Trump and Trump's. Here it is in Trump's daily tracking presidential approval. No second day in a row. Fifty one percent in Rasmussen.


Trump and Biden are tied in Minnesota, Minnesota, George Florida, Minnesota. This is big. So anyway, Trump was in Minnesota while he was in Minnetonka and he had the airplane as the backdrop and he was doing a rally in a hangar. It was just like some of the rallies in 2016, except the plane was was his seven fifty seven, the golden black plane with a gigantic trump in red on the fuselage.


And he did a rally, I think it was the one in Minnetonka, and it was awesome. It was it was exactly like the rallies of 2016 in terms of his energy and his focus and the subject matter and his energy. And they and it was during the five on Fox and I happened to be watching, and when it was over, they went to the five.


For a post rally commentary and Juan Williams came through, he said, well, you know, I was boring as hell.


Me. We saw that four years ago. We don't need to be seeing this again. Come on, Mr.. Come up with something new. You can't go back to the well like this. That was nothing new. That was predictable. No, it was absolutely. I mean, the president's got to get into in the present. He can't go back to the past and relive yet the hell he can't. That's why it was great. It's exactly the kind of magic Trump needs to recapture, and I think he's doing it right now.


Trump is addressing some group. I don't know who it is. He's in Arlington, Virginia. And I saw a little bit of it before the program started.


And he's got the attitude that he had earlier this week. Standing in front of this was Air Force One, not the Trump plane. This is actually a set and it was a U.S. government 757. Oh, another, how come Russia didn't take the 747? Well, because he had a lot of puddle jumper stops. He was in Minnesota, he had, you know, a couple of hundred mile flights, you don't want to put a landing and takeoff cycle on a Boeing 747.


Not 100 miles, I mean, that's a cycle adds much to maintenance costs, overall costs. So they took the 757. And it was the one served as the the backdrop. I'm telling you, it was it was fabulous. It was like Trump rallies of 2016 in the hangars back then, and he captured it in what is going on right now, I don't know the group to whom he's speaking. I never saw the graphics are not saying, but he's doing well.


He's on and. The Democrats, I think, are living in mortal fear that Trump's going to recapture 2016, and that's what Juan Williams Odyssey's all while we've been there. Let me tell what was old. Let me tell you what was been there, done that last night. The only reason last night is being held up as some kind of greatness is because Joe Biden didn't screw up.


Is because Joe Biden was able to read the prompter. Not lose his place, not lose his timing, but in terms of substance. That speech could have given given 50 years ago, could have been given 30 years ago, could have been given 20 years ago, could have been given a year ago, five years ago. There was nothing in that speech. That in any way dated it to the present other than the occasional mentions of Trump. And yet there's nobody talking about it that way.


And if you dare talk about it that way, they're going to be climbing down your Chile, you can't be mean to Biden. See, Biden is a sympathetic figure. We are supposed to feel sorry for Biden. You know why? Because his wife died in a car accident and yet his beloved son, Beau Biden, died. From brain cancer, we're supposed to feel sorry, but we can't feel sorry for President Trump, his brother just died.


His brother, Robert, who happened to be his best friend. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, we can't feel sorry for Trump deserves to be miserable. As much pain and suffering as he's causing people, Trump deserves it. When not, we're supposed to feel sorry for plug's. We're supposed to feel sorry for Plug's because he's losing his mental acuity. He lost his wife years ago and he lost his son, Beau Biden.


We're supposed to feel sorry for him because he really can't do what he did last night. But I'm just I'm here to tell you so Trump manages to replicate the energy, the subject matter and the excitement, the infectiousness of a 2016 rally, one of the Democrats say in the media it's old hat and nothing new there. This is proof the president's run out of excitement to prove the president to run out of material, proof the president doesn't know what he's doing.


Proof the president got nothing new to say.


No. Biden proved all of that last night. Biden is who proved he's got nothing new to say. Biden is the guy recycled a 44 or 47 year Washington career. Last night in 22 minutes. But we're not supposed to say that. No, no, no, no, no, because that's mean. Well, I'll tell you, there was nothing about that speech, it was innovative. There was nothing new. There was nothing in it.


But a bunch of cliches, overworked, a bunch of bromides. Lt is more powerful than dark.


Oh, my God, my friends, you don't know how I was uplifted when I heard that.


When I heard Plug's say lt is more powerful than dark, I literally jumped out of my chair, started dancing around the room. Then I felt rejuvenated. I had never thought of that before. Well, that's the reaction some of these yokels are having. I'm just telling you, Trump was magical with that rally earlier this week. He's doing a great job with what he's doing now. We'll have sound bites of this.


It was the Biden speech. That was classic, predictable inside the Beltway greatest hits, and this is why people reacted so well to my playing the two sound bites at Trump's inaugural address compared to Biden's speech last. We'll do it again. I want to get started on the phones, however. This is Michael in Cheraw, South Carolina. I'm glad you waited, sir. You're up first today. Hi.


Hey, how are you? Right. Greenville, South Carolina in the 80s. Been listening to you ever since. Well, thank you, sir. Magnificent.


Very simply, the gift that the Democrats gave us last night to listen to Biden with that wonderful speech that they spent four days rehearsing him with no telling. How many experts gives the Democrats absolutely no excuse for not having the three spontaneous question, the three debates.


You're thinking debates on the very debate. Yeah, the three debates that have been set up that everybody's been wondering what is going to happen now. The Democrats don't have an excuse to not have them now. And they will be spot to. They will be the kind of the questions that put him in a spot where he's made his game.


Want to bet? I'm sorry you want to bet that they are are are now going to be forced to put him out there in debates. Well, I mean, you said it yourself. I mean, this was a great speech. I mean, what what's the excuse going to be?


It wasn't it wasn't a great speech. It was a it was it was a classic. Anybody in Washington who's been in that town 30 years or more could have given that speech and had it be relevant to them. That was how empty it was in terms of substance. It was filled with one Washington inside the Beltway cliche after another related to nothing. Plug's didn't even give lip service to the radical left movement of the Democrat Party. That speech was the safest speech.


It was designed to get the reaction that it got. Even from Fox News conservative, well, Fox News commentators now here's the thing about this. Biden himself. May now be chomping at the bit. He may be telling his handlers, let me out there, see, I told you I could do it. Bring those debates on, bring the media on. Let me do a presser. Let me at them. I can do it. His handlers know he can't.


His handlers know that he cannot do the debates, that that speech last night does not prove he can do debates maybe. They prove it or the speech proves it to him, but his handlers know better. That was fully scripted. That thing was rehearsed. I can't tell you the amount of rehearsal time that went into that speech from where the hands were so they wouldn't be distracting to the angle of the camera to make him look less deer in the headlights eyes.


There was a lot of work that went into that.


That can never be part of a live event. There can never, ever be the kind of rehearsal production value scripting. Use of teleprompter, there can't be any of that in any live event, including a debate. But you do have a point about one thing, it's going to convince everybody else he could do it. Because the way it actually may be to our benefit, we lowered the bar so much. That he came through with shining colors and a lot of people may be thinking, hey, bring the debates on Plug's can do it, his handlers know he can't.


And they are still going to have to try and renege and it's going to be fascinating to see how they try because don't doubt me, they will because my friends, it's only going to take one one episode.


Of mental acuity, one, one repeal of a debate I know a about my time's up. When he forgets his train of thought. I don't have any more to say. That's my answer when he forgets his train foot. It's only going to take one of those. It doesn't need for all 90 minutes of a debate to be a disaster just is going to take one. Absolutely going to take a break. I'm glad for your call. I'll be back in just a moment.


Trump is speaking at the Council on National Policy Council for National. This is the conservative version of the Council on Foreign Relations at the Rockefeller. And Kennedy's is a brewskis, whatever set up. I once emceed a Council on National Policy event nearly got the hook. Because I had not been properly informed as to who the entire. Membership was. And I told a true but funny Ted Kennedy story, and it bombed, and I could not believe it bombed until I found out who half the audience was.


And I had to go up there and I had to do a married couple. I had to apologize.


I thought I thought I was going to be a home run. I thought, these people are going to love it. And it didn't go over.


But I recovered.


I recovered from it. I used to I used to put this story in the opening of every Rush to Excellence tour, it's hilarious. Anyway, let me get back to the phones. Joseph in Texas, your next on the EIB Network. Hello.


Hello. Best wishes and prayers. I wanted to refer to the response from social media on big, big liberal newspapers. One says you can see 30 minutes of no end at him speaking. He did great. Why would they want to hire him if he can make speeches like this? A lesser amount said, well, at least we know he can still read a teleprompter, and one said, OMG, yes, I hope I wasn't the only one that noticed.


Literally, the liberal Democrats watching his speech thought it was off the cuff. You're you're you're you're you know, you're telling me that. You think of a percentage of a majority of the people on social media watch the speech thought that Plug's was ad libbing that.


Yes, sir, a major, major social media site. The comments are just saying he did great. He spoke for 30 minutes.


Well, go ahead and mention it.


What's what's the major, major social media site, Los Angeles Times, August 21st today. I was off on Huff Post, I was trying to pull some pull some quotes, but I got to quickly, which was great.


The L.A. Times is not a social media site. I thought you meant Twitter or Facebook or or something like that. You're just talking about comments to newspaper stories and stuff.


If if if the leftist think that Plug's is now Rehren and ready to go because they don't believe that that speech was on a prompter, if they don't believe he was reading it book, I don't know how you can extrapolate, but you're you can't there aren't enough comments on there to make a judgment on you just running into a couple or three people or maybe even 10. I don't care who think that he's not reading a prompter. That's that's not enough evidence to suggest that a majority of Democrat viewers last night thought that the fact that some do is just wishful thinking on their part.


Joseph, thanks much, will be back right after this.


All right. We're going to set straight the lie the Democrats keep telling about the president at Charlottesville, Virginia.


We got some sound bites of the president's speech at the Council for National Policy and lots of other things in store for you on Open Line Friday as the program unfolds before your very eyes and ears.


Be patient. We will be back right here before you know it.


Hi, how are you? Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. It's Rush Limbaugh.


And we are wrapping up yet another week of broadcast excellence right here on the EIB Southern Command. Let's go.


Let's keep it rolling my from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida. It's open line Friday. And the phone number, if you want to be on the program, 800 doing two two eight eight two. The email address. Rushville at that got us. So you guys don't know if the Biden speech was prerecorded or not? Well, I didn't I I didn't even think about it, except I got an email here from somebody demanding to know whatever.


It's just. I hate distractions and I'm just trying to get rid of a distraction here, but if I had not heard that it was prerecorded and somebody sends me a note demanding for proof that it was prerecorded because if it. Some if it wasn't than Biden could have given the speech outside and the people in the cars could have heard it live, but this is the first time I've heard that it was prerecorded, which would explain if it was prerecorded.


That would be interesting to know because that means they could have done 15000 takes to get it right. But I'm not aware that it was prerecorded and I'm not aware that they said that it was at any rate. Two things, three things we're going to do here before we get back to the phones. One thing Biden did, whether it was live or on tape, one thing Biden did last night was repeat this humongous lie that Trump said that the Aryan Nations white supremacist neo-Nazis at the Charlottesville, Virginia, rally three years ago were very fine people.


It is a hoax. It is an element of the effort to get rid of Trump.


Just like Trump, Russia, collusion and meddling in the election and all of that, Trump never said about that group of people what he is said to have said, the Democrats know it and the media knows it.


Everybody knows that it is made up. Everybody knows that it is made up, taken out of context, everybody reporting it knows Biden may not know depending on the genuine state of his mental acuity, but everybody else knows, including the media.


So here, grab some bite number four. Here is here's here's Biden last night during his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention events in Charlottesville.


Close your eyes. Remember what you saw on television?


I remember seeing those neo-Nazis and Klansmen and white supremacists coming out of fields with lighted torches, veins bulging, spewing the same same anti-Semitic bile heard across Europe in the 30s.


Remember the violent clash that ensued between those spreading hate? And those are the courage to stand against it. And remember what the president said when asked. He said there were, quote, very fine people on both sides.


So Biden keeps repeating this. The Democrat Party keeps repeating it was a lie the first time somebody, whoever it was, made it up.


So let's let's review. You just heard in his acceptance speech, Biden repeats the lie that Trump called a handful of so-called neo Nazis at the 2017 Charlottesville protest over the destruction of a Robert E. Lee monument, which was what they were there to protest. The why is the Trump call them very fine people? It's the same lie that Biden used to kick off his campaign. This is the second time he had minimum second time that he's uttered it. Biden has repeated this lie in almost every speech he has given since then, and he does it almost word for word.


But as we have pointed out, tiresomely, Trump actually condemned the neo Nazis. Trump said the neo-Nazis should be condemned totally, Biden knows he's lying about this audio sound bite. Number five, we're going to go back. The bite you just heard was from last night, listed of the I guess it was. Let me get the this thing happened in twenty seventeen. I don't have the exact. Date, but here is. No, yeah, I know that, I know.


Yeah, the bite coming up is August 15th. But that way anyway, here's here's here's what Trump said.


I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. That was Trump at New York City. Trump Tower speaking to reporters about the protests and violence in Charlottesville, and that's what he said. I'm not talking about this is when he was correcting everybody. I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. You know, he was making it clear that he was not calling them very fine people.


President Trump repeatedly condemned the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville in August of 2017. He totally did so. Moreover, the neo-Nazis were not the only one violent group that was in Charlottesville, the clash was not with those standing against hate peacefully. The clash was with violent black clad antifa extremists. As the very fine people Trumpington referring to peaceful protests both for and against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee.


Trump was not talking about neo-Nazis. He was not talking about skinheads or white supremacists. He was talking about the peaceful protests before all the malcontents showed up. That were both for and against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, he completely condemned the extremists as the timeline and the transcript confirms, even Jake Tapper of CNN has admitted that Trump did not call neo-Nazis very fine people. Yet it is the core message of the Biden campaign that remains a lie.


And Biden keeps telling it, but not just by the media, keeps telling. And here you have to understand, even Jake Tapper knows it's a lie and he allows it to continue to be repeated on CNN. And elsewhere in the mainstream media here play sound bite numbers, No. Number five again, here's Trump making it clear.


I'm not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally.


Right. He was never, ever talking about find people on both sides.


He was talking about people on the subject of removing the statue of Robert E. Lee, which, by the way, how many statues of Robert E. Lee have now been torn down?


All he was saying, there's some very fine people. Who support Robert E. Lee as an historical American figure, and there's some very fine people who maybe don't and want Robert E. Lee written out of American history, that's all Trump was saying, had nothing to do with the skinheads in the white supremacist, whatever the hell they were there for.


But the point is, everybody knows this.


And I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have to correct this every damn time Joe Biden opens his mouth about it, and the reason it's frustrating is that everybody knows, everybody knows what an abject lie. That that this is OK trumps at the Council for National Policy, we have four sound bites and here is the first one. This is the president, I guess, previewing the convention, Republican convention that's coming next week.


They spent four straight days attacking America as racist and a horrible country that must be redeemed. Joe Biden grimly declared a season of American darkness. And yet look at what we've accomplished until the plague came in. Look at what we've accomplished and now we're doing it again. He's the most successful of time in the history of our country. They want to punish America and its citizens instead of holding them high. Where Joe Biden sees American doctors, I see American greatness.


So maybe we'll preview here of what the convention's going to be. It's not hard to figure out what it's going to be. Some of it's going to be live. Some of it's going to be uplifting, as you can imagine. It's going to be devoted to American greatness and American exceptionalism and the people who have made it. So it's going to stand out in stark contrast to the misery and the pain and the suffering in the struggle that was portrayed throughout this past week by the Democrats.


Here is this is this is Trump talking about how people just need to reject what the Democrats are standing.


It's time to reject the anger and the hate of the Democrat Party. We have the biggest election coming up of our lifetime. No party can lead America that spends so much time tearing down America. Why is that not true? How can you expect them to lead when they devote themselves to tearing it down and I mean literally tearing it down? They won't even stop the destruction of their own cities. Chicago, Seattle, Portland, all in an effort to bring down Donald Trump, although in Chicago, it's kind of funny, the mayor there, Laurie, lightweight, apparently her house and other houses on her block.


Have come under threat by malcontent protesters, and so the mayor of Chicago, Laurie Lightweight, has brought in security teams. Armed security teams to patrol outside her house and she said, well, what would you do if your house were under assault?


You do exactly what I'm doing. I'm bringing them in. I'm protecting my property. But you're not protecting anybody else's, is the point, Mayor. Lightweight.


You're letting the rabble rousers do whatever they do, but when it's all turned on you, what happens? Oh, it's intolerable then.


And she doesn't see she literally doesn't see the hypocrisy or the unequal treatment. I mean, you know, we give these people credit for a lot more than they deserve in terms of intelligence and strategy and so forth, they're just folks they're just not as smart as you think that they are. And they certainly. They don't have the class and they don't have the character to even understand their own hypocrisy. You know, if you're going to, you know, worry about being a hypocrite, you have to have a certain degree of character.


You have to have a certain awareness, self-awareness. And they don't they just believe that they're special and that you are to look at them that way, too. And if their house is threatened, that you want to support them doing what they can to protect their house because they are your leader and as such, they matter more than you do. This next night from the Council on National Policy, it's Arlington, Virginia. When I spoke to it, they they met at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon real close to the Pentagon.


I don't know if that's where the Council for National Policy still meets. Yes. Yes. That's that's where I nearly got. Well, the only thing I didn't get the hook because the the offensive comment I made led right into a break for dinner. It was during dinner that I, you know, saw my future flashed before my eyes if I didn't fix the mistake I had made right before dinner.


Yeah, oh, yeah, I remember the joke, it was not a joke, it was a true story. That's why I'll be happy to share it with you. And and the reason I just I thought the room was filled with conservatives and it was what I didn't know that half of the room was evangelical Christian conservatives. That's what I had not been briefed on the Council for National Policy, it was a new organization to me. I knew it was big and I was very flattered to have been asked to emcee the the night's festivities.


Bill Bennett was there. Paul, what's his? I'm having a mental block on his name, one of the great, great, great conservative organizers, it'll come to me.


Anyway, I'm standing up and I'm I'm Tom Clancy is there. And it's it's a festive night.


And so right before the the break for dinner, after introducing some of the luminaries and after a few brief speeches, I told the story of Senator Kennedy, who had been caught in a boat off the coast of the south of France by paparazzi helicopter.


And the photos had appeared. In The New York Daily News. So it was a truce or wasn't a joke, and I said the first first photo showed Senator Kennedy and his very young bikini clad woman cavorting in the boat.


It was a relatively small boat. It was a classy boat. It wasn't any bigger than 60 feet. And they were cavorting around that. You could see it because the helicopter photos got pretty close.


The next photo showed the young woman in the water and Senator Kennedy jumping in after her, which I said may be a first. Senator Kennedy jumping in the water after a woman, they laughed at that and I said the third picture that they got. Well, that picture got that picture got shown around all over Capitol Hill, folks. And they took it to Senator Howell Heflin of Alabama, big old, big old guy. And they showed it to Howell Heflin.


And he looked at it. He said, well, I do declare it sure looked to me like Senator Kennedy had done changing his position on offshore drilling. And I expected massive laughter. I expected humongous applause. And the room was dead quiet. And I looked around and I went, what the heck happened here? What in the world went on so I, I cleverly ended and turned everybody back to their tables for dinner, went back and sat down and and I had it explained to me what had what had gone wrong.


Yeah. I really thought that was going to be a home run. It was it was Paul Weyrich who was the the chairman of the Council on National Policy that had invited me. And he was he was one heck of a conservative mover shaker, an organizer.


And I remember I went up after dinner and I apologized and I explained how I had screwed up, that I did not know the make up of over half the audience. And I ask for forgiveness and I assured them that it would never happen again.


So when the evening is over or walking out, leaving the ballroom and it's crowded and I see Dr. James Dobson, which tells me even more about the makeup of half a room and he's got somebody with him, I think that that can't be.


That just can't be. I've just been reamed out here for it. So I went up. Introduce myself. Hi, Dr. Dobson. Russianness. I know who you are.


Oh, that woman. You just talk that look like Donna Rice. It was. You have a problem with that? I'm I'm she had the affair with Gary Hart, but she has found the Lord young man, something you might want to look into rather soon.


Oh, geez. I thought how did I have I stepped into it here. So I went and found Weirich and I said, Dodson is really still take no, no, no, no, no, they're having fun with you. But you have to understand that you've got to be very careful about what I said. It had all the ingredients. It had Ted Kennedy. It had adultery. It had how I'll have fun with a great line.


Those things are not funny to a lot of people. You need to understand. OK, OK.


So, yeah, I tell it used to be that used to be one of the the opening lighthearted parts of every rush to excellence tour appearance that I did.


OK, when we come back, we have we have to get back to your phone calls and we have Karl Rove.


Lenny destroyed Biden last night on on his narrative. Unkovic, we got lots of stuff coming up. Hang on.


OK, before we go back to the phones, a couple of more Trump sound bites from the Council on National Policy. This this is going to send him into orbit. It probably already has the next bite. Here we go.


I really don't think that you're going to know anything on the evening, anything meaningful or anything real on the evening of November 3rd. I don't think you're going to know anything. You're not going to know what happened. I don't think you'll know two weeks later. I don't think you'll know four weeks later. And I don't know what's going to happen. You know, there's a theory that if you don't have it by the end of the year, crazy Nancy Pelosi would become president.


You know that. I don't know. Think of that. Think of that. His mad theory to you have heard that theory. Now, I don't know if it's a theory or a fact, but I said that's not good. Everyone.


I've had more people asking me about this.


And Mr. Snootily informs me that we've had we've been inundated with calls about this, and I have told him, don't put him up there because I can't believe it doesn't make any sense. The theory is. That if after an election November 3rd, this election, is this what if the election of November 3rd, if by January 20th. There has not been a winner declared. That the speaker of the House, who is third in line, becomes president.


In which case, it would be Pelosi, if the Democrats win the House, you see the new Congress will get sworn in sometime early in January. Now, I have never seen this provision, I can't sit here and tell you it's not true, I have just never heard it. It doesn't it doesn't sound like something the founding fathers would actually write as a provision.


I could be wrong about it, though. I even just the fact I never heard of it doesn't mean it can't be possible.


I've been trying to think, why would it be? I've never heard it before.


Well, so what could the thinking behind it be? The thinking behind it could be it's a way of staving off any post-election chicanery and trick enology. That somebody that wasn't even running for president will be appointed if the powers that be cannot come to a mutual decision on the winner.


But the president's obviously out there pushing it, and that's what he's talking about, that if there's not a declared winner and acknowledged winner by December by January 20th, then speaker of the House. Shall become president and we assume it's Pelosi because that assumption is based on the Democrats holding the House, it could well be a Republican if the Republicans win the House. But this whole comment, I guarantee you, this whole comment is going to have them climbing the walls.


Because they're going to say that what Trump is setting the stage for here is not leaving. They've got themselves believing that he's not going to leave. They've got themselves convinced that if he loses, he's not going to leave. Do you know that there are drive by New York Times columnists, maybe Washington Post, who have literally written pieces already urging the chairman of the chief Joints of Staff? To remove the president if he loses and refuses to leave. And do you know what?


I do know for a fact that the chairman of the Chief Joints of Staff does not have that constitutional authority.


The chairman of the Chief Joints of Staff also does not have the authority to order troops to do anything. Did you know that? The chairman of the chief joints cannot order troops to invade the White House or to invade Congress or to invade Iraq.


The chairman of the Joint Chiefs is an adviser to the president and he's a powerful military guy, but he's he does not have the authority to order troop movements. So he cannot order a coup.


Doesn't mean that some renegade wouldn't try.


We're talking about constitutional authority. My point is that the Democrats are so paranoid. They are so convinced that if Trump loses, he will not leave, that they are now suggesting in newspaper columns and elsewhere that the chairman of the chief Joints of Staff. Literally get ready. To make a move to physically remove Donald Trump from the residence of the White House from the Oval Office.


I think I think Trump is toying with these people and playing with them like only he can, I think he's doing it for the fun of it, this whole line here. Well, you know, I don't really think you're going to know anything on the evening of November 3rd, I don't think, you know, you're not going to know what happened.


I don't think you'll know two weeks later. I don't think you'll know four weeks later, I don't I don't know what's going to happen. You know, there's there's a theory that if you if you don't have it by the end of the year, crazy Nancy would become president. You know that, right?


Audience starts gasping and booing. He said, no, no. Think of that thinking that there's a mad theory, you've heard that theory. I don't know if a theory, I don't if it's a fact, but I said that's not good.


But just to allude to the fact that we're not going to know. But folks, about that, I have to remind you, the Democrat Party and I, I want every one of you to know this like, you know, your ABC's. The Democrat Party has corrupted. They have done more to disrupt the honor. And integrity of the American presidential electoral system than any other entity in the world, they have done a far better job of causing people to question it than Vladimir Putin could have ever hoped.


Or the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, or the little potbelly dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong un. There's nothing those three together could have done to create more damage to the perception of fairness in our electoral system than what the Democrat Party and the American media have done in the past four years.


And I mean that as seriously as I have ever meant anything. They've already been talking about how the Russians have begun to tamper with the 2020 election. They never gave up on the lie that the Russians tampered in 2016.


It is not possible to tamper with an American presidential election, you wouldn't know where to start, you wouldn't know where to go.


It's too complex. Even Obama has admitted that it would not be possible to do in the way like my tampering with machines.


The way the Russians were supposed to have done it. But that doesn't matter. How many people in this country now, do you think? Are prepared to question whatever the outcome is. I'll guarantee it's a large number. Here's the final bite where he tells the media he's not trying to steal anything. He's trying to keep an election from being stolen.


This will be the greatest catastrophe, one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of a country. That's how serious it is. And they also think I'm trying to steal an election just the opposite. I want the fair results of an election and that I absolutely, totally believe. Let me tell you that as far as Donald Trump is concerned, folks, what really bothers him more than anything about the Trump Russia collusion stuff? And it's tough to pick one thing because this effort they've engaged in has been designed to destroy him and to destroy his businesses, to destroy his life and the lives of his family, and to destroy virtually everything he's worked for.


It has been massively inclusive, the effort they have engaged in. But the thing about it that I think. Offends him the most. Is there insinuation that he didn't win? Fair and square, that he cheated, that he stole it. This is the single greatest achievement of his life. It would be of anybody's, but in his case, he's a total outsider. He ran one of the most unconventional campaigns ever. He beat. A shoo in candidate who is one of the supposedly most unbeatable members of the Washington establishment, and he did it handily, he did it with ease.


He defeated the entire Washington establishment while they were mocking him and while they were laughing at him for the entire number of years of the campaign while telling everybody he didn't have a chance. While literally making fun of him as often as they could, and he literally won that election right out from under their nose while they were looking at him every day, he didn't sneak up on anybody. He didn't cheat. He won that thing fair and square in the fact they've tried to take it away from him, the fact that they have tried to sully his victory by claiming it's illegitimate is what bugs him more than anything.


And that's why he wanted to get to the bottom of this. That's why he was in Kenya when Comey told him that he was not a target. That's why he believed it. If you had done what he did, it would be the proudest thing you've done in your life. And then imagine four years of a bunch of people trying to take him away from you by spying on you, by making things up about you.


He doesn't he doesn't want to win the presidency by cheating it or stealing it or taking it, he wants it to be 100 percent legitimate. It's worth nothing to him. If he has to fake it, it's worth nothing to him if he has to steal it. To these people, it doesn't matter how they get it, they're making that abundantly clear. Quick time out. Back with much more in a moment.


And greetings and welcome back. Great to have you. Rush Limbaugh meeting and surpassing all audience expectations on a daily basis. Hi, Abbi. What's happening, Abbi? Here is Eric in Davie, Florida. Great to have you on the EIB Network.


Hello, Rush. It is a great honor. The only better honor would be to meet Donald Trump myself personally.


Well, thank you, sir. Thank you very much. I'll get to my point. I've heard it said that part of the reasoning on why we're having all these protests burning, looting and destruction in these major U.S. cities. Is payback for all the voters who voted for Trump in 2016. My question to you, the genius is, if Donald Trump wins re-election, will it ever end? And if Joe Biden wins? Will it ever end? What do you mean, pay back?


They hate Trump so much. This is payback, let's go out and destroy American cities and make these people pay for voting for Trump. Well, except the problem here with that theory is that it's highly likely they are not destroying the property of Trump voters because the property they're destroying happens to pretty much exclusively be in blue Democrat states, right in blue Democrat cities like Seattle and Portland.


Plus on a timeline, this stuff all really ratcheted up after the death of George Floyd.


Now, the all those crazed women wearing vagina hats and, you know, within a week after Trump being inaugurated and then doing the travel ban, I don't I don't doubt that much of the civil unrest that's been practiced out there is literal temper tantrums on the part of people who lost the election. And this is simply the childish way that they are going about showing it.


But I don't I don't think that these people are if if the theory is that they are getting back at Trump voters for voting for Trump, they're missing the boat.


They're not I mean, they're tearing up places in California, they're tearing up places in Oregon state of Washington where Democrat businesses are and where Democrat people live. The question is. If Biden wins, does this stuff continue? If Trump wins, does this stuff continue and what scenario does this stuff stop? Well, it's going to stop at some point, it's either going to burn out or. A breaking point is going to be reached and local and federal law enforcement is going to lower the boom.


I think the reason it's continuing. Is because the Democrat Party has determined that is a positive thing to help them win re-election for all of this chaos to occur.


I think they want people to believe that is all related to Trump, that this rioting, the looting, that the chaos is understandable, it's understandable these people would hate Trump.


He's a racist bigot. It's understandable we don't think we should try to stop them or quiet them down, this is peaceful protests. These are mothers upset that Trump wants to take their health care away. So they it's an active political calculation that this wanton destruction of Democrat cities. Will delay the opening of Democrat cities and states, which will therefore delay the speed of the recovery of the American economy, which at the end of that progression ends up hurting Trump.


All of this, like I told a caller yesterday, everything happening.


No matter. How illogical, you might think. Everything happening. Is part of the Democrat Party effort to stop Donald Trump, to defeat Donald Trump, everything black lives matter, being allowed to run amuck, antifa being allowed to run amuck. New York, California, Washington, Oregon, governors and mayors. Not putting a stop to this, all designed to create chaos that they can blame on Donald Trump. So theoretically, if Trump loses, then they would tell you it's going to end at some point.


A lot of people think it's going to end. The virus is going to end on November 4th. I mean, the big news about the virus, the virus, as an ongoing daily concern will also end after the election. Either way. But I I don't think it's going to stop until these people are dealt with. I'm talking about Black Lives Matter Antifa. They're going to keep going for as long as they're being paid to do it, as long as it is of value to them.


Quick time out, my friends. Time keeps racing by. All right, my friends. That's it for another busy, exciting broadcast hour hosted by me, Rush Limbaugh. We're going to take a brief break here at the top. Local affiliates where you live telling you what's going on, and then we'll be back same time doing when I was born to do doing it well.


And that's why I'm having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.


I am America's real anchorman, America's true detector and the doctor of democracy right here behind the Golden EIB microphone my from the Southern Command in sunny south Florida.


It's open line Friday. Open line Friday, you get to choose whatever it is you want to talk about. You can ask questions, you can make comments, it doesn't matter what it's about have added. It's a once a week opportunity because Monday through Thursday, we kind of screen calls more tightly than we do on Friday, 800 to eight to two eight eight two. It's a good question. Is this stuff going to continue after the election? You know, my theory that no matter what it is, everybody, every human being has an emotional reservoir and at some point it runs dry.


You simply run out of energy. You run out of the emotion that makes you care. Nobody has an emotional reservoir that gets constantly refilled.


Unless there's something abnormal about something sick about them and that they become actually their lives become lived in a in a perpetual state of.


Anger or angst and a lot of people on the left, believe me, this has happened to. And it has been done to them on purpose, I believe so it's it's actually it's a toss up. What are some of this stuff is going to go on or not? What are some it's going to continue if you're thinking and it really would have to be predicated on. Do you think it's legitimate in the first place? Or is it just all political in nature?


In other words, is there really anger at what happened to George Floyd or was it just an opportunity? And when the George Floyd murder happened, did some kind of trigger occur?


Some kind of marching orders sent out. We know the left can and does operate that way. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm not trying to say that George Floyd's situation was not legitimately frustrating and angering.


And I'm just I'm just saying that a lot of people. There are a lot of people didn't march in the 60s, civil rights protests would love to tell you they did. And do lie about it and tell you they did, because it gives them, you know, a sense of identity and purpose. And I think these incidents that are happening now, like like the woman that said to explain looting, well, we're looting. Because this is reparations.


We're owed reparations, so everything we're taking in lieu, it's legitimately ours. These businesses have insurance, they're going to get repaid. So it's nothing off their backs. So that's how. They're looking at it. If no effort is made to stop them, why should they stop? I mean, in the simplest terms of human behavior. If you're mayor, if your governor is going to essentially show him or herself to side with you, why should you stop?


Because what says it's wrong? I don't think these people have an inner compass that says what they're doing is wrong, I think that's what's missing in a lot of them. I think, you know, The Wall Street Journal editorial many, many years ago, no guardrails, meaning the morality is gone, the protective guardrails that keep you from going off the side of the cliff. They're gone. I think I think morality has been absent the American culture at large for 30 years.


I think the when it. When it became an adjunct of the left, that morality. Is nobody's decision for anybody else that there is no universal right and wrong, that morality is somebody is individual choice, I think it was over for morality.


When they openly. Make moves to eliminate God from as much of life as they can. It's an attack on morality. It's an attack on what they consider to be judgmentalism, it's an attack on what they think is having a good time. It could be any number of things. I don't think the people engaging this have a little voice inside whispering to them that they're engaging in bad things. I think some people actually are missing the little voice. And you can call it your conscience, you can call it.


Your connection to morality or God, I think some people genuinely do not. Havert. Some of it's borne of genuine rage, but how much of the rage is actually genuine versus manufactured and and made up?


But I think it all boils down to the simplest way to understand all of this.


This is not to say it's easy to understand, but it's all happening. With the permission of people who hate Donald Trump, it's all happening. With the permission and the encouragement of people who believe that it will help hasten the defeat of Donald Trump. That and maybe there are other factors, the left doesn't have the guts to say no to these people.


They're afraid of them themselves. They envy them, they wish they could be like them, but they cause any number of potential explanations for this. But if you wanted to stop, stop empowering liberals, stop electing liberals, stop giving them positions of power, this stuff will eventually stop at some point. Anyway, look at this headline, Chinese communist newspaper endorses Joe Biden. Every year, every election year, we find that communists around the world endorse the Democrat candidate.


We find that communists around the world start sounding just like the Democrat candidates running for president here. China's state controlled Global Times did not print a traditional endorsement, but the paper makes it clear that China once Biden to beat Trump, which isn't a surprise given Biden and his son's cozy relationship with China. Not to mention that China and Cuba and other communist regimes have enjoyed did endorse the Obama Biden ticket during both elections. Look at this headline. This from The Washington Examiner.


Emotional breakdowns after Trump ads appear on the Washington Post's Web site. What is this? It says here that Timothy Carney wrote, Democracy died a little this week after the Washington Post allowed pro Trump campaign ads to appear on its website, according to distraught members of the press. One big splashy Trump Twenty ad that appeared yesterday morning in the Washington Post website said the radical leftist takeover of Joe Biden is complete. What a completely horrible error of judgment, tweeted Columbia Journalism School's Emily Bell.


Any issue based advertising take over of a masthead or a home page should be by default against the rules of a news publication. Meaning how can The Washington Post allow this journalist and Emery? Human Health senior fellow Marilyn McKenna said this is a shocking error of judgment on the part of the Washington Post. The Washington Post's own Hamza Shabaan, who covers Bittner's, sought to shame his employer over the ads. But the most frantic and the funniest reaction Thursday came from City University of New York journalism professor Jeff Jarvis.


Now, this guy used to be a big muckety muck at USA Today. And he demanded that Jeff Jarvis demanded apologies and other forms of satisfaction from the Washington Post for allowing Trump campaign ads to appear on its website. In a lengthy tirade posted on social media, drivers said, no, Washington Post, no, no, no, how dare you? Where these pieces of silver, meaning the cost. Were they worth the price of your soul? The Post not only sold its front page, but also sold a take over who the EFF decided this.


I am so ashamed of you. Washington Post. We have a legitimate emotional breakdown occurring.


A legitimate emotional breakdown occurring all over mainstream journalism. Because The Washington Post sold a Trump campaign ad on its website now last night, back to the back to the plug's acceptance speech, and I have to tell you, let me just review. There are a lot of people. I have come to find out. Who want to know if Plug's his speech was delivered live or was it prerecorded? Now, the assumption, I think, that everybody had going in was that he was live and you think it was live, did you think it was live, Mr.


Turner? Because we didn't hear anything else? Well, it was live. The time came for the speech to happen. The lights went down or came up, whichever. And here comes plugs and starts the speech. Some people are of the opinion. That it had to be taped and it had to be taped in segments and the segments had to be edited together because Plug's is not capable. Of 22 minutes, even reading a prompter. With no screw ups.


This is the prevailing theory. I have heard from some professional video people. Who say that they have studied it. They're trying to find out if it was tape or live. Based on the premise that there isn't any evidence that Joe Biden has the ability to go twenty two minutes even on a prompter without making a mistake. Without some kind of a flub and there weren't there was one mistake and it was a tiny little nearly grammatical mistake near the end of the.


Speech, and it it's not something that you would even worry about if you're Plug's team to go back and fix, because it's one of those things that went by so fast that you think and most people wouldn't notice it. And if any critics did notice it and wrote about what some did, that it's not enough to stir up anything anyway. And it isn't. And I can't even tell you off the top of my head, I'd have to have it in front of me.


The nature of the of the mistake, I'm just telling you that there are a lot of people. Who believe that Joe Biden is not even capable of doing what he did last night and some have said to me, look, Rush, this isn't complicated. If Biden was able to read that speech with all of that emotion and all of that empathy.


If he was able to do that for 22 minutes, then why not go outside and do it on a stage in front of all the people in the cars? Which you have to admit is a legitimate question. And the answer might come back, well, Rush, it's covid Trump, Biden just can't do that too risky. Well, no social distancing would have been more than enough out there. Plus, it sounds Dors. Plus, plugs could have put on a mask.


Could have been any number of ways, but because he did it from inside the building.


There are some people asking a legitimate question. Was that thing really live or was it a series of edited together segments made to look live? On the premise that Biden isn't capable of 22 minutes, however long it was a flawless. Reading with proper emotion and all that of what's on a teleprompter without making a single mistake, be hard for him to do. So I just want to point out that one of the one of the things that he did during the speech, he launched into a narrative on covid that again, was a narrative just literally made it up.


And it was an attempt at indicting Trump, criticizing Trump, not doing enough, not caring enough. And last night on The Laura Ingraham Show on Fox, Karl Rove just destroyed Biden on this narrative. It sound bite number six. And here it comes in three to one late January. Remember, he had said the China travel ban was hysteria and xenophobia. Early February, he sent out his campaign to say this is less lethal than SARS and is, quote, probably not a serious epidemic.


mid-February, he said, quote, We don't have a covid-19 epidemic. We have a fear epidemic by late February. They're saying, quote, It's like the flu and it's going to dissipate with warmer weather and move to the southern hemisphere and, quote, masks are not going to help, end quote. Early March proposed the European travel ban. He's also the guy who presided over in the Obama Biden administration over depleting the national strategic stockpile of the PPE.


His plan was delivered. All six things in it were things that President Trump and his administration had already done.


Now that you wouldn't have any Karl Rove coming to Trump's defense is a big deal. And but he just decimates Biden there. Every bit of that is absolutely true. And everything Biden was accusing Trump of doing, but not caring and making wrong moves and so forth, also just dead wrong, as dead wrong as Biden's claims and what Trump said about the neo-Nazi skinheads and the white supremacist at Charlottesville. Now, better take a break. When we come back, I have a 50 second bite.


Of Biden's speech last night. And Cookie has described it as Biden slurring his way through tortured deer in the headlights speech.


Yes, she's she's allowed to editorialize here, as she said, of course, that's not a problem. I just want. I'm just telling you, there's a number of people who are still suspicious about it, even though it drew rave reviews from everybody.


We'll show you what we mean when we come back.


Back. We are talent on loan from God. Rush Limbaugh having more fun than I should be allowed to have, I guarantee you. Here we go back to the phones. Terry in Atlanta, you're next. It's great to have you.


Rush got a golf question for you. I know you love golf and I do, but slow play drives me nuts. So let's say that the golf gods make you the czar of the PGA Tour. Tell me two or three things that you would do instantly to speed these guys like DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson, folks like that.


Oh, you're talking about how to speed up the PGA Tour. Yes, sir. So you're not you're not going to know how long it takes you to play your your concern, how long it takes you to watch a tournament take place on TV?


Yes. Since the covid thing, you know, it's the golf been back up. There's been one of the few things on television that true of the guys, the guys that play with guys you play with. We play pretty fast. I'm going to get down into four hours every time. But these guys are taking 15 practice swings, so forth. Yeah, I hear you.


My group, my my bunch of guys, when we're on, we can do it in three, three and a half.


And that's the way it ought to be.


But but, you know, we don't play like every tournaments, the Masters. We're not reading every putt from 15 different angles on the green. And we're not doing everything. We're not pretending that we're any better than we are. These guys are playing. That's their is their livelihood. It's their living. It's their money. And they're looking for every advantage, including psychological. And if the players can make the the faster players screw up by making them impatient, then that's part of the gamesmanship that they're engaged in.


I don't know what you can do to speed it up short of penalizing people strokes for for, you know, after they hit the green and however long it takes to put out put a time limit on it.


Simple. The clock. I like that. The first guy who gets his ball, you got 60 seconds. Next guy, he's got 45 seconds between and threesomes. This guy's got thirty.


Yeah, but then now you've got a timer and or a series of timers that got to hang on. Hang on here. Just a second.


All right. Terry in Atlanta, you still there? Yes, sir. What do you think about this? What do you think about letting him ride carts? You think that would speed it up enough? It would help. It would certainly help. I know that, but many people would say that they're not athletes because they're not walking, but it doesn't seem to hurt the senior to hell.


I know, but a lot of people think golf is not athletics anyway, that it's a skill of some kind. I disagree with them, but if the point is to speed the game up.


You start messing around. You start putting people in a clock, that means you're going have timers that mean you're going people are going to screw up the timing. You're going to have disputes over the timers. Did they start the clock too soon? And the delay over looking back, videotaped it. The clock started. The right time is going to create a bigger mess than what you have now. The the objective would be a good one, but the mechanism by which you put people on a clock, that would be challenging, I don't know.


There's much that you can do.


Well, I think you're right about a couple of things. But, you know, I think that you look at, say, Brooks kept in his place very, very fast and he's playing with a guy like the Shamba, don't you think, like you said earlier, you know, gets in their head. It's got to drive the guy crazy to sit there and watch him go through some of his gyrations of. Swings and so forth, who you mean, DeChambeau, yes, yeah.


I saw there was I forget who did this. Oh, it was Rory Sabbatini, he was playing with somebody really slow. This is years ago and Sabatini said, the hell with it. I'm just going to the next hole. I'm going to screw this guy. And he ended up finishing three holes ahead of the guy.


Well, I'm sure you play radio golf with your guys as we do here. Yes, we do. You hit. You hit when you make Sabattini did would be the same thing. Yeah.


Well yeah. Well yeah. He didn't, he didn't wait for the guy to finish. He was got so frustrated he didn't wait for him to putt. He didn't wait for the right order to take place. He just, he just hit when he was ready and he finished three or four holes. They have a guy and then the guy that was asked about, well, I don't blame him.


I am a slow player.


It's those are really tough things because as I say, they're earning their living. They've got there a lot of those exercises are done to destress, to take pressure out. These guys are singular performers. There's no team. There's nobody else to rely on. And every one of them's different in terms of how they handle pressure. And how they try to diffuse pressure, particularly after a bad hole, after a bad putt, and I know there have been a lot of people who have experimented with speeding, play up with the use of timers.


And it's it's been it's been tested, I know, and it's broken down because you need so many of them and you can't guarantee that they're all legit. And when you have to go back and recheck a timer and make sure he started on time, it just adds to. Even more delays, but I really like that question, you know why? Because I've never thought of myself as running the PGA or any other professional golf organization. So you forced me into a a thought position that I have never, ever placed myself.


And it's you know, I'm going to I'm going to actually think about it even after the program is over. And I may come up with some ideas because this never comes up. I mean, I when we play, we don't if we're slow, it's because some people in front of us are slowing us down. It's never because somebody in our group is playing slow. So we never have to take steps to speed ourselves up. Especially if we establish a real hit when ready to hold with honors, hit with ready and it the purpose is to enjoy yourself out there and nobody I think one of the problems with golf, trying to get new people to play it, it takes four hours and that's just too long for a lot of people.


So that's why the PGA is even experimenting with marketing the game. Play 12, play nine holes, you know, to play 18. Not the PGA Tour, but just you. When you're out there playing anyway, Terry, I appreciate it. I really do. Thanks much. OK, now here's sound bite number seven. And I just want to share with you a cookie. Characterize this on the on the roster, the sound bite roster for me.


She said here, Biden slurs his way through tortured deer in headlights speech. Now we are discussing here. There are a lot of people I've heard from Day who think that thing was too perfect. And they're wondering how it was done, and the premise is that Biden is not capable of doing 22 minutes straight like that in one take perfectly. Very few people actually are, but particularly Biden, because of the evidence that we have seen, even with the words on the prompter, you still have to stay focused.


You have to maintain the cadence that whoever's running the prompter, you have to keep up with it. You meaning Biden, the performer. So whoever's running the prompter has to make sure that they are running it at a proper cadence for plugs to keep up. They can't go too fast or it's going to be obvious that he's losing his place. They can't go too slow because he's going to obviously be impatient for what's coming next and it's not going to show on the prompter.


The point is, it had to be perfect and perfect doesn't happen in the first take. And perfect doesn't happen in live. So we're all wondering, was it live? We don't know. Or was it recorded if it was recorded? Was it one take? If it was one take, how? Because anybody that produces movies or television shows will tell you. That to get, quote, unquote, perfect. Can take 30 takes, it can take 50 or more of just a scene.


Then you have to edit the scenes together. So people are asking, was this live to tape? Meaning all in one take and you don't stop, you just let it go or. Was it live to tape and then a mistake was made and you call a halt and you go back and you start in the beginning, or do you start from where the mistake was and keep shooting until you get it right, then you edit the pieces together. I've even had somebody say, look, Rush, look at his hands, his hands are in a perfect place in every shot.


That's not possible.


We have a lot of people really analyzing this out there, a lot at least that I'm hearing from. A lot of people trying to figure out how this was made to happen because of what they believe Biden's limitations are. I'll tell you what this tells me. This tells me that a lot of people think this was awesome last night. A lot of people are worried about it because it was so damn good. I mean, just based on the on the feedback I'm getting, like some of these people want to know, did they do that in one take or is it a series of takes that was perfection?


How did they do that? I mean, it means they're worried about it and they're worried about it from the standpoint of expectations. The expectations were set so low, nobody thought Biden was going to be able to do what he did last night, and yet he did it. So now those people who are concerned and worried he was able to do it, now they want to know how because they don't think Biden can do what he did last night yet there it is.


He did it. It was either live or it was on tape. We don't know. So here is a segment of just 50 seconds, and we don't have the video to go with it. This is just the audio. In this little segment staring at the prompter. Looking scared, this is Cookie's interpretation. Not mine, looking scared, slurred his way through, I don't know, we'll have to see if there's slurs in here. Every line, she says, seemed labored to.


He said there's never been anything we've been able to accomplish when we've done it together, and they called it a great that's the line that he screwed up. It should have said there's never been anything we haven't been able to accomplish when we've done it together, but he said there has never been anything we have been able to accomplish when we've done it again. It's a tiny error that most people aren't going to catch until they see the transcript goes by too fast in real time to catch it.


Here's the bite.


See what you think all the young people have known only America being a rising inequity and the undeniable realities and just the accelerating threats of climate change.


No rhetoric is needed. Taking insurance away from more than 20 million people, including more than 15 million people on Medicaid.


Each of us have a purpose in our lives with an education system and for the elderly to stay in their homes. Social Security is a sacred obligation and whether accidental existential threat to restore the promise of America, no one's been tougher on the big banks and a gun and the gun lobby spewing the same same anti-Semitic bile.


It was something with someone. There's never been anything we've been able to accomplish when we've done it together now.


Did you hear all the flub ups in that? Do you remember hearing them when you watched it last night? No, you don't, do you? I'm not trying to say something cosmic here, don't misunderstand, I do see I'm at a disadvantage every day because my hearing is horrible. Folks, I rely 90 percent on closed captioning. I cannot trust that what I'm hearing is accurate. So I'm watching it last night, but I've got the captioning on, I heard every one of those screw ups, but I, I didn't trust that they were scarabs.


I don't know whether to blame my hearing or not. For example, for all the young people who have known only America being a verb in rising an equity. And the undeniable your reality is, I didn't hear, but that's what it says, you're right. What is it? Your reality? You are a reality, ISIS. For all the young people who have known only America being of Iraq in rising inequity and the undeniable. Your is and asks just accelerating threats of climate change.


It was disjointed, it was senseless, it did me now. I can't trust my hearing enough to know when this stuff is going by, that I'm actually hearing what have so I trust the prompter or the closed captioning now that I hear there are countless errors. Spoken errors. Now, this is a montage. So this is not, you know, a soundbite from beginning to end, we took various elements of the speech and, you know, spliced edited them together here.


This is not one solid segment with with an education. This is a man for the elderly to stay in their home. Social Security, sacred obligation, whether it's the accidental existential threat. I didn't hear any of that. So then I didn't hear any that. And I tuned to the post speech analysis and I'm hearing how great it is.


That doesn't sound so magically great to me. You know, ladies and gentlemen, a few incidents in a neighborhood spark conversation like a home robbery. When that happens in the neighborhood, that gets everybody's attention. Somebody down the streets, a victim of a break-In. That news travels fast. If a burglar has been on the block for one home, wants to say they don't come back for another, that's what anybody asks. And it is the kind of thought that lingers in anyone's mind and makes you also think whether your home is adequately protected.


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Uses Wi-Fi and cellular and you're home free, and the 24/7 professional monitoring that connects your system with the local police is only 14, 99 a month. There's no contract anywhere to sign. You got an HD camera in there. You can also make sure the cops respond quick because an HD camera will prove it's not a false alarm. Go to simply safe USA dotcom. Now, no promo code needed because that address is just for you in this audience.


Simply say for USA Dotcom Jimin in Melbourne, Florida. Glad you waited, sir. Hi.


Hi, Rush. It's an honor to talk to you. I'll be quick. I'm 58 years old. I'm retired from the NYPD and I've been listening to you since you were on radio, since you were on TV. Late night. Thank you, sir. Thank you for my political thoughts. I'm very simply, if I were Donald Trump's campaign adviser, I would buy media time, TV time and every one of the swing states. And I would play Kamala Harris words during the Democratic primary, accusing him of being a segregationist and the reason why she had to ride the bus.


And I would play the excerpts of her saying that she believed all of the accused of his sexual misconduct. And I would close it with Donald Trump. And I approve Carmelo's message.


Oh, so you would have you would have Trump's campaign commercials be Kamala Harris from the campaign, from the debates. Saying that she knows that Biden's a racist, made her bus to school and that she believes all the women who said it plug's abused them, I'll bet we do see a commercial of that. I don't know how frequently, but I'll bet.


I'll bet we do. That's a good idea, Jim. And I'm glad you called. I'm glad you're out there, too. Thank you.


Thank you so much for being with us. Not just today, but all week. Ladies and gentlemen, next week going to be big. It's going to be massively different. Massively more uplifting. You wait and see. Not us.


I'm talking about the Republican Trump Convention and we'll be here for all of it.