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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Always a pleasure to be here. Always great to see you. People of Earth, so much stuff is going on today and in typical fashion. Had our meeting today before the show. And I was talking to Bo and Mojo and some of the other folks about what we're going to talk about, and then, of course, you have probably seen and heard the horrible news that has come out of Kenosha, Wisconsin.


So I was so energized because there are a lot of positive things that we will be discussing. But sadly, this is this puts a damper on it's heartbreaking.


And if you missed it, there was a shooting, I guess I just saw somewhere on Twitter. Somebody said that the the individual that was shot by the Kenosha police in Wisconsin during an arrest is out of the hospital now, but apparently he was shot from behind.


You're seeing a variety of different stories come out. I caution you, wait till the facts are out. If you're going to watch the video, watch the whole video. In fact, we were discussing this at our meeting and even at our meeting, several of us had.


Different takes on what happened. Did you hear about Kenosha and they said, oh yeah, that guy did this and this, that and this and that. I've only seen part of the video where the the gentleman went into the car. But it's heartbreaking.


And immediately the riot started in Kenosha. They started burning parts of the city to the ground. The riot started just after midnight last night, according to Kenosha News and Kenosha. Law enforcement, car dealerships and some other things were burned. This is a very troubling time. There's no argument that it isn't troubling. And when you see the video, it's troubling. But what's more troubling is the way last week.


The Democrats were able to bloy every single bad thing happening. And in the process, they didn't tell us any solutions, nor did they take credit for anything, they had a hand in a great example of that. We'll be talking about it today on The Rush Limbaugh Show. By the way, my name is Ken. Hello. The Post Office. Can we frame this narrative any worse, the post office, the cuts started, the the manpower cuts, the budget cuts, the root cuts, the scheduled cuts all started under Barack Obama.


Go back and research 2014, this fantasy that's coming out. About Donald Trump getting up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, him and Moulana going out in full cammies. Taking mailboxes, it's it's false, it's false.


The Trump administration has not removed mailboxes, removing mailboxes is a standard protocol. And they base it on the traffic and the load of the mailbox and they put it in proportion to the cost, the manpower of having to go to that box, let's say there's a box on, let's see, Barack Obama Boulevard.


I'm sure there are plenty of those. And it's about six blocks over from Martin Luther King Jr., so let's say there's a box on Barack Obama Boulevard and it gets maybe one piece of mail a month. Now, is it really worth it to drive a mailbox over there with the postal worker and empty the box, resecure the box, maintain the box, paint the box, keep the box clear of obstruction if there's only one piece of mail in there.


So they're going to relocate the box or they're going to remove it because maybe the traffic patterns of people who actually write letters, that's the other thing that drives me crazy about this. Everybody's all about the mail now. Have you ever seen so many people love it on the post office? How dare you criticize the post office?


Dude, there are people out there that will protest when stamps go up. They'll march in. I've seen it, I've seen it with my own eyes. And these same people that were marching maybe eight years ago, I can't believe this, I can't afford another three cents per stamp, this is going to break us as a nation. They're marching in front of the poster. These are the same people saying, oh, these postal people. That's just horrible what they're doing.


Well, let's lay it out, shall we? A net loss last fiscal year, eight point eight billion dollars. They just got a 10 billion dollar advance from the government through the covid aid, and I think Nancy Pelosi is she's running 25 billion up the flagpole or something. And I think what did they have profit last year?


I didn't see the exact number. I think it was between half a billion and 600 million, give or take a net loss of eight point eight billion. And yet we're going to demonize the guy who was sent in and this always happens, you know why it happens? Because of government unions. Did you know that the postal workers union, you probably heard this on Rush last week.


The Postal Workers Union endorsed Joe Biden. You may have seen him, he was the guy reading the teleprompter last week, he's running for president with what's your name?


Oh, God, he used to be the the mayor of San Francisco. Well, his ex-girlfriend is is. Yeah, she's on the ticket, so it's pretty impressive. But anyway. This is this is crazy. This is crazy, so you have a bunch of people that some people don't even know where the post office is. When was the last time you wrote a letter? Most people can't even text people back. Most people don't call their moms back.


And you know who you are, if you owe your mom a call or your dad or whoever, and now all of a sudden we've embraced the post office, why? Because Donald Trump wants to fix some of the things that are broken that started to be fixed under Barack Obama. What do we know for sure about the news media and the Democrat Party if President Donald Trump says, you know, I think this is a good idea.


Oh, my God, this idea is terrible. So that's what we know.


So just look at the numbers. If you are a business and you had a net loss last year of eight point eight billion dollars and you had to borrow another 10 billion to keep all the people that are retired and have places in Tampa and there's nothing against Tampa, it's a lovely place or St. Petersburg or wherever, maybe New England. Nobody talks about that, nobody steal in mailboxes, nobody stealing mail. The biggest issue a lot of people have with mail, this is what I'm hearing.


I'm no mail expert. But I do identify as a male. The biggest issue that people are having with the post office is the count who's in charge of the counting, who's in charge of the processing of this item that we're going to put such an important decision on. And I was trying to explain this to a friend of mine who lives out of the country and I said. What if at the end of the Super Bowl, when the Patriots, let's say the Patriots win, I heard they went every now minute the Patriots win the Super Bowl, it's 25 to 20.


Let's say it's over, but somebody comes in and says, whoa, whoa, whoa, we found some discrepancies.


We're adding 10 minutes. What do you mean you're adding 10 minutes? We're just adding 10 minutes to just to be fair, it's we're going to call it athletic justice. What? Yeah, athletic justice. We're going to add 10 minutes. What happens if the people counting the votes just want to keep counting and counting and counting until the numbers work the way they want? What happens if we're halfway through November, toward the end of November? I'm hearing things like this from blue state governors.


It's kind of scary. We're going to extend this. We already have early voting, OK? Do you can you have it both ways, are we allowed to have it both ways, early voting and you want to extend the count, typical leftist, you want your cake and you want to eat it, too. You want to vote early, then vote early and make sure you do the process right. I know in Pennsylvania where I am, we've got to get this.


We got to get the application one at least a week out before Election Day and then it's got to be in by eight o'clock. But most people that I know are concerned about the count. So if this is an issue, by all means, we want to hear about it 800 to a 228 82. We have that to talk about.


We have a whole new lineup of Republicans, including Jeff Flake, which is one of the greatest names ever for someone that behaves the way he does. Former Congressman Jeff Flake, is that not the greatest name anyway? He's teamed up with a bunch of other flakes from Charlie Dent to oh, my gosh, Jim Walsh and a whole bunch. And I see that Carly Fiorina is. Yeah, Carly Fiorina, sorry.


She's going to she's backing Biden and Susan Molinari and of course, John Kasich, which, by the way, John Kasich last week, I don't know if you saw he won Ohio yuppy did so.


And Christine Todd Whitman, some of these folks already publicly sold out by talking at the convention. So we have about a dozen former GOP congressmen and other officials that have now decided to be globalist sell out for Biden.


And there they will be making the rounds on all the on all the news media now. And people like Don Lemon are going to get all excited. Coming up, we have more Republicans that refuse to back Donald J. Trump. They're all giddy in reality. These folks were Democrats long ago, leftists long ago, globalists long ago.


And something else I like to call attention to when whether it's Fiorina or any number of people come out and take a position. Again, something that they held for a while. How wealthy are they now and how did they get that wealthy? I would argue that almost every one of those people that I just mentioned is probably at this point independently wealthy.


So any stupid decisions Joe Biden makes, which are most of his decisions, they'll be able to as long as they kiss the butt of the left, they'll be able to do OK.


You and I don't have that opportunity working middle America. We do not have that opportunity when they make decisions like our governor did in Pennsylvania or in New York, Cuomo, Newsom in California, Whitman, Michigan. When they make those decisions, we're going to close all this down. We're going to have farm shows with plastic animals. We're going to have virtual football games. You can go to school one day every four years. That destroys the entire community and it destroys the fiber of our culture and our society.


But somehow people that live in the Hamptons do OK, just kind of crazy.


800 to eight to twenty eight. Eighty two. I'm Ken Matthews, in for Rush. We'll be right back.


Hi there. Ken Matthews in for Mr. Rush Limbaugh on the most. Listen to radio show on Earth. 800 to 2082, Rochus planning on being back tomorrow. So keep an eye on the website. In the meantime, again, so much to talk about on the show we kick off of the GOP. Coming up, we'll review some of the lineup. President Trump said he'll be speaking every night. I think that's a good idea. Now I. I tweeted him, I hope he understands not not that he listens to me, but don't try to do it.


Don't try to do it. Biden did and, you know, come out like a deer in headlights while your wife is talking to.


Hey, surprise. Oh, you're here. And then Jill couldn't stop laughing. Neither could the rest of America. Actually, I think President Trump has a handle on communicating, and it's really going to be you are going to see such a stark difference. The thing that was so divisive about last week is not only was the hate just being spewed, but it was recorded. Why would you want to prerecord? So I get if there's a spontaneous joke and because everybody wants to slap Trump because he's it's fun, right?


It's fun. But after a while, it just got so vicious and hateful.


And then when you realize someone like Joe Biden, former vice president, has been in the game, he's been in the political game for 47 years.


And then you look at President Donald J. Trump three and a half years, you go, hmmm, who has done more good for America? Who has done more harm? It's such a simple question, you've been at this 47 years, you and Nancy Pelosi. Who's now 80, but he looks great. I got to say, he looks wonderful. So you and Nancy and Nadler and you know, the gang, the squad, the gang, the group, these are all a bunch of people that have been in the game for decades and most of the cities where the horror is taking place.


And it's truly become harder now. With the amount of death and destruction and in New York City, I have friends in New York and they call me in the it, my heart aches that for some reason de Blasio wants to take New York. Way back beyond the Dinkins administration. He wants to take it to a third world country level, I don't know if I don't understand what they're doing in New York City, but they're making a lot of bad economic mistakes and they're hurting a lot of hard working people.


But all this stuff is happening and this is stuff that you can look up. This is why I believe it was so dangerous last week to lie, as, of course, you're going to have lives during a race, a political race, a campaign. But they just they did it with such gusto. And. The fact that Joe Biden, the best they could do to win you over to Joe Biden was dig up one of the three biggest cons that the Democrats have used against President Donald Trump.


Remember, there's there's fine people on both sides or there's good people on both sides, and they turn that into Donald Trump. Is a fan of Nazis, and he said they're awesome, remember what they did, they're. And that was so disgusting, even even, you know, even a teenager sees the difference there. They even get what happened. And the explanation, so they use that and they use a variety of other things, but if I was running the Democrat convention with which I'm not.


I would say take it easy on the the stuff that can be easily fact checked, and I don't mean by fact check, dawg, because that's a joke and Snopes is for DOPs. I mean, take it easy on that, because what's going to happen is people on the fence are going to do some research and they're going to come away the same way you and I and millions of other people did in 2016. And they're going to say, oh, my God, these people are lying to us.


Like blue state governors and blue state mayors and blue state commissioners and blue state city council people, they have to keep the lie going because the policies inflicted on this country by people who love globalism and hate Trump and are impressed by Castro and their kids, where Ché Guevara shirts to the dance, those morons have taken parts of this country and put people on their knees, literally and figuratively.


They've destroyed businesses. They've destroyed law enforcement. You know, it's interesting, the police didn't create this reputation, the news media took isolated incidents so they can demonize the police and create that reputation. And then you could go to Congress. Like an AOC or an Illinois Oman, they can sit there and say, look at the reputation of the police know you've been watching CNN. If you rode with the police, not for 15 minutes with a camera crew ride for a couple 10 hour shifts, go ride in Philadelphia or Detroit or Los Angeles at two a.m. in the morning.


Get a little taste of it, get a whiff of it, but they don't want to do that. Coming up, I have one of the most shocking statements I'm going to share with you from a far left activist. And it pretty much it lays bare the entire plan of the left in the Democrats. You certainly don't want to miss that. In the meantime, we want to wish Kellyanne Conway well, when I say we, I that's from Bo.


That's from everybody here.


For me personally, we're big fans of Kellyanne. I love Kellyanne. I think she's great. She was so gracious to my son and I when we were at the White House.


And she's leaving the end of the month.


You may or may not have heard of a guy named Sean King.


Now, I wasn't going to bring him up, but I was reading an article on Breitbart before the show and I in this jumped out at me. And the reason I want to share it excuse me, is I think he pretty much sums up the sentiment of the leftists, the hard left BLM, the Pantech, the Antifa Occupy. Wall Street, whatever, I think he sums it up beautifully now, the question we need to decide, especially voters, is this how our Democrat representative thinks that's what you should concern yourself with or consider.


Consider this if if so many people on the left think this way, is this the way my governor thinks? Is this is this the way that the new congresswoman is going to think? So Shaun King is a far left activists. He's an author, he's a writer, but you may know him being and he was very involved with Black Lives Matter and he's the co-founder of a PAC, a political action committee called The Real Justice. And most people on the left believe that they understand real justice, whether it's economic justice or automobile justice or food, justice or criminal justice.


You get the point now. So I'm looking at his tweets. And as you know, last night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and then there was a riot, several riots. A guy was shot. He's still alive.


I understand he's in stable condition now after going to the hospital and he was shot in the back. We don't have all the facts yet. There is a video circulating, but I encourage you to watch all of it if they're going to share all of it. Bodycam as well. And here is Sean King's response.


And to me, this sums up where we have ended up as a country because of the left. This is what he says, not I'm not going to call for peace. We've tried peace for years. Y'all don't understand that language. We are calling for a complete dismantling of American policing. It's not broken. It was built to work this way, mayhem is the consequence, and you earned it. Now, needless to say, if I posted something like that on my social media as a guest host of Rush Limbaugh, you can imagine the heat I would be getting.


But if you're look, if you're on the left, you can talk out your butt, as my dad says. He says it differently, though. If you're a leftist, you're allowed to talk out your butt. You can be stupid. You could be threatening, you can be divisive. You can be hateful. You can be racist. Just watch The View. J.M. Hill, I think, is her name. Wait till you hear what she said, I don't understand how these people get employment.


Anyway, here's a far left activists I'm not going to call for peace, we've tried peace, now I'm going to respectfully disagree notis.


I'm not going to attack Sean, I'm going to respectfully disagree and I'm going to explain why your head is impacted in the other part. OK, you haven't tried peace. Because black on black crime has gone up and it keeps going up and violence is worse now than it was six months ago. So spare me with the trips. You haven't tried peace. If there was peace in the valley, as the song goes, if blue cities were peaceful, calm places where there was love and rainbows and hugging, this stuff wouldn't even be happening.


And that's what's so ridiculous about this now, what hurts me is some of the meems going around and some of them are serious, some of the stuff going around social media about young children of all race, being afraid of police. And this is ginned up by people like Sean King, people like Jameel Hill. And people like Joe Biden. Joe Biden is probably one of the most decisive old senile white men. That's ever run for president. When he said a few years ago, the Republicans are going to put you back in chains.


I could not believe that no one in the news media held him responsible. Just like no one will hold Shaun King responsible, because if you hate Trump. It doesn't matter. And that has you want to know what has unified the Democrats? You could hear it all last week, it wasn't love for the country, it wasn't a growing economy, a bouncing back stock market, flattening the curve. The Democrats never wanted to flatten the curve, they wanted to flatten Trump.


And you see that with the way Democrat states, Democrat health directors pushed back on, what is it, ivermectin or hydroxy chloroquine? Yesterday, the president talked about a new treatment, a plasma treatment that was at the White House. Very few news organizations covered it. Because the the memo went out get on board with vaccines because that's Falchi and that's Bill Gates, and if you're not on board with the narrative besides getting banned from Facebook. Or YouTube, you're going to get in trouble.


But when the truth comes out that there were alternatives to locking people down to wearing a mask all the time, to quarantining, to leaving your job, destroying small businesses, when the truth comes out, you are going to see an awakening.


You think reelecting Trump is an awakening or you you wait till people find out they could have bought stuff that could have prevented or treated covid-19 for about a dollar eighty three.


Then they're going to be like, why did you tell us? And I would argue the same reason the news media didn't tell you about the Muehler report or they waited 10 years to tell you about the opioid thing. It's all in the same wheelhouse, is it not? But every time you see Kenosha, you're going to see it today, you're going to see it all day, and you're going to see them trying to link it to Trump and link it to bad policing and link it to you.


Maybe because, as you know, many Democrats believe that you and I are some type of supremacist or racist providing we're not the correct color for them.


I want you to think about what far left activist Sean King said, and he is a hero to this movement.


Nah, I'm not going to call for peace. We've tried peace for years, y'all don't understand that language. We are calling for complete dismantling of American policing and mayhem is the consequence, you earned it. Now, not only is it a lie, but it does sound like a threat. And that's the thing that should concern most people.


You don't see a lot of people on the BLM side wanting to sing songs and have a sit in. And talk about solutions, BLM, along with most leftist organizations, has been weaponized to get rid of not just President Donald Trump but the current foundational structure and principles of our country. I'll go one step further. Black professors are demanding the abolition of white mainstream English.


This is from the Daily Wire today. There's a group of black professors and remember, we were talking about justice, if you take the word justice and just attach it to your scam, you can get credibility. We need more diet justice, we need academic justice, we need health justice, we need criminal justice now. We need linguistic justice for black people. In July, a subcommittee of an organization called the Conference on College Composition and Communication. They said they named itself the Why We Can't Breathe committee, I don't know, probably because you can't spell or you can't read, I don't know.


But the subcommittee published a list of demands calling for the abolition. Of white mainstream English to make way for black linguistic justice, this is what's happening, some form of this. You've heard it. You've heard us talk about it. You've heard Rush talk about it. There's some form of this ridiculousness.


I don't know, is there a ridiculous justice, I think that's what we need, we need justice for ridiculousness. This is going on at almost every major learning institution, most which lean left, there's some form of that justice sits in your dorm. It's it's the it's the words you're allowed to say. It's your textbooks, it's your dress, it's your attitude. It's trigger warnings. It's there's a reason it's all coming together. But one good thing about this, if they go down that road with linguistic linguistic justice, maybe more people can understand Cardi B if she decides to interview more people on the left.


I don't know if you saw her interview with Joe Biden, but if you want to see comedy, Google Khateeb interviews Joe Biden.


I'm Ken Matthews on The Rush Limbaugh Show. We'll be right back.


I don't know if you saw over the weekend, by the way, my name is Ken, sitting in for Rush Limbaugh today. Rush should be back tomorrow on the Rush Limbaugh Show. That's the plan.


In the meantime, over the weekend, did you see the Jets? It was Saturday night. They had their virtual team meeting and it was interrupted with news that you better sit down for this.


10 members of the Jets organization had tested positive for covid, but, well, it turned out being fake, false, false, all test ended up being false positives. But for a few hours, the Jets went into a total outbreak mode.


Now, whether that would have affected their playing or not, we don't know, but they do not have it. The members of the New York Jets do not have covered it was a mistake.


And I can't help but wonder if they were using either the de Blasio system or the Wittmer system or the governor, Wolf, Pennsylvania's system or the Newsom California system or the Cuomo system. These are all very, very technical systems. By the way, the UK has decided to stop using their account system because of so many mistakes. And they have also admitted that their death count has been incorrect. Who saw that coming? And we will we will go a little deeper into the into the covid on the Rush Limbaugh Show today as well.


My name is Ken Matthews and the number is 800 Twohey to 2082. Jonathan in Black Hills, South Dakota, welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show. Jonathan, good morning.


Ken, thanks for taking my call. Mega dittos, mega, mega prayers out to Rush and may God bless our president. How are you today?


I'm feeling good.


Hey, I wanted to throw in my two cents. I'm recently retired mailman for 36 years, and I think I have a little perspective. I'd like to boil it down simple, but people look at the here and now and want everything to be as it's always been. But General Motors would be assembly workers, 60 bucks an hour, sit home and not make cars. So you wouldn't expect them to stay in business very long doing that same thing with the Postal Service.


That's a valid point.


You know, if everybody thinks back 25 years ago and fax machines came out immediately, hard copy communications began to dwindle down slowly. But they did fast forward through texting, emails, electronic communications. The volume within the Postal Service certainly has fallen in the past six years. I would say 40 to 50 percent of your paper mail has disappeared. Would you expect them to do but make a few alterations or changes? My blue mail collection box is still two blocks down on the corner.


Why? Because a local CPA drops her outgoing mail on every evening and it makes it worthwhile. But as your point earlier, if you have one piece of mail every evening, it's not worth our while to go by and get that. Let's move it where it's more visible and used. That's just number one I like to do. Well, it sounds simple, Ken, if you think back, L.L. Bean fan, Freeport, Maine. L.L. Bean used to drop off pallets of magazines and send them to Americans.


You get your L.L. Bean catalog in your mailbox, you open it up like those boots, pull out the order form, fill out a check ticket envelopes, stick a stamp on it, put back in the mainstream. They get your stamped order form, fill your boot order, put it in a box, send it back in the mail. Three pieces of mail we received revenue from. Now you go to w w w whatever. Order your boots online.


No catalog comes in the mail. No Revd. You don't send your order form back with a stamp, no revenue and they can have umpteen different delivery competitors. Bring in your boots. No revenue. Three streams with the zero potentially. This is what we're dealing with and it's a market.


You know, my question is, Jonathan, first of all, why is it that it always has to be a Rush Limbaugh listener like Jonathan, who brings a level of analysis that you cannot get anywhere in cable news?


Why isn't there anybody discussing exactly what you just said on cable news? Instead, they're saying, you know, President Trump is out stealing mailboxes. Instead of discussing what Jonathan just said, which makes total sense, and I find it fascinating that on the left.


When they perceive something is obsolete, what do they say to you or other people that disagree with them? What are you are you antiscience or are you a flat earth or don't you see the facts? Don't you care about this? That the other thing?


But if they're clinging to something, even if it's a false narrative, they'll build it up. But Jonathan just explained perfectly why the cuts began in the first place under President Obama. He just explained it perfectly, that's what I said at the top of the show. When was the last time anybody you know or yourself sat down and wrote a long letter?


I'm going to write a long letter to my daughter at college. Or if you're in school or you're traveling, I'm going to write a long no, you don't have to anymore.


They don't have to do it with work either. So part of the demise of the Postal Service, it's not an evil plan. It's trying to make it more economical, and it saddens me that the that the Postal Service, what do they call him, the postmaster general or something, I forget what they call him, that he's getting pummeled. On Capitol Hill today, for no reason, it was brought in to make things more profitable, which in the end benefits all of us because we end up paying for stuff anyway, we pay for it all.


And he's getting pummeled as some bad guy who wants to rig the mail. How long, I guess, would be the question, how long are we going to play with these fake narratives and keep reinforcing them 800 to eight to twenty two?


I'm Ken Matthews and this is The Rush Limbaugh Show. We'll be right back.


Coming up in our two of the Rush Limbaugh Show, we have fresh audio of President Donald Trump. You know, the 20 20 Republican National Convention kicks off today and they're doing some really novel stuff tonight. Real people are going to be they're not cutouts. They're actual people. They're not robots.


Going to be very exciting down in Charlotte, North Carolina. So all that is coming up. And the president has indicated that he will be speaking every night in some way. So I talk about a great incentive.


To tune in, we'll be right back. Great to see you.


I'm getting reports that President Donald Trump just made a surprise visit to the convention and had more energy in his five minutes of.


Interacting with the crowd than the entire Democrat. Convention last week. I have to say, I thought one of the funniest lines and from Mr. Biden was he said he's an ally of the light.


Whatever that means. This is a guy who can't find the light switch. In a room by himself, but he's an ally of the light and the means are great, you have to go on the MEEMS because they're Star Wars, Star Wars, Meems, and there's all kinds of gaming because that has different connotations in the gaming world. I'm not in the gaming world, but I have two teenage sons that are and just just this this poor old man and not poor, literally.


He's loaded. Just ask China, this guy to say that it just opened the door for me. Anyway, the line up in Charlotte, I think the energy is going to be different for one of the reasons. And, you know, you can't blame everybody for this because covid it knocked the wind out of a lot of people in it and it changed a lot of plans.


I'm talking about plans here. I know that it's a bad thing, but for example, if you were planning on having a a convention with thousands of screaming people in an energy and if you've ever been to a convention, the energy there is incredible.


And I and I do believe I'm going out on the limb here. I'm making a prediction. But I think the GOP in Charlotte is going to capture some of that. They have just six delegates from each state will attend, including two from each state on the credentials committee. And this is the seats, the party delegates, and then you're going to have the speakers and people are going to be live and there is a protocol for covid and safety and health.


I have someone inside that has brought me up to date on this, that it's probably probably one of the cleanest conventions probably in history, I would imagine, because of the sanitary.


Requirements because of covid, but I think the energy is going to be there, but one thing that I've I've noticed, maybe you've picked up on this with news organizations, especially since Trump has come into office, but I've always noticed it that it seems that leftist journalists or politicians always, always poke at America or American things.


Have you noticed that? You know, whether it's a Bible clinging or gun toting or flag waving, if you notice the cliches, it's all these American things.


By the way, I do all three of those and I'm proud of it, I don't have my Bible with me now. It's in the car, but. I find that that is the thing that connects the left and we've seen it with the deplorable and if you vote for Trump, then you're this or if you don't vote for me, said Joe Biden, then you're not black.


And it's always an attack on us. I totally understand opponent's going at it, I get it, Trump and Biden are going to rip at each other. Candidates are going to go at each other, they're going to tear policies apart, the parties are going to I thought that was the whole reason I didn't think. One party would end up morphing into something that just pounce on America non-stop, it's nonstop.


If they're not trashing the Constitution, they're trashing Christianity, it just never ends. Here's ABC.


They're real people, real American people, as the campaign says that will be speaking today. And some of them are also some controversial figures now as we have this moment of racial reckoning in our history. One is that St. Louis couple who brought out their rifles as black protesters peacefully marched through their community. They are on the list to speak.


And as Rachel reflected, some of the real American people that you're seeing have been people who are our disgrace, not people that people rally around, like the St. Louis couple or the young man from Cub Cathe who interacted with the elder Native American in DC. And so it will be a very it is the Trump show is the short answer.


And let me let me give you the short answer. And I know you've already figured it out. Everything they just said is a lie. It wasn't BLM peacefully protest protesting through their neighborhood. It was a group of BLM protesters with agitators that were on their private property that they paid for and other homeowners in the in the neighborhood pay for. And they were threatening to burn down their house and to come on their property and get them.


So for people who don't know, maybe maybe you've haven't been following history for 70 or 80 years, this is how a lot of Americans roll.


And as far as if you come up in their face on their property, and I think this is going to be the hardest lesson for the left to learn, because I'm constantly talking to.


Men and women in the military and law enforcement off the record that say they have crossed the line and they don't even realize it, meaning these violent protesters and these people that are harming children and the elderly. I don't know if you saw that just a couple of days ago, someone mentioned there was a seven year old kid at a store and he had a Trump hat on. And these girls, they look age and they were just they took his hat and they were messing with his mom.


And then they were there's going to be a fight. And it's just the absurdity of this. Most Americans are fed up with it. I would imagine most Democrats are either fed up or ashamed of it.


But they the left makes it a point to demonize us, they don't even demonize. Opposing politicians anymore now and then you look at President Trump from the day he came down the escalator, he thinks America is the greatest thing out there and I have to agree with them pound for pound it is.


Mike, do we want to go now live to the president? Is he still there? Let's do that.


And they want to go to wind. They don't even know if they're going to go to wind. I think they want to just basically close up our country because they're taking away our strength. But they want to do something. But you don't have there is no such thing, so you can't do it. I love solar. It's often, you know, very, very heavily expensive, very expensive. But they want to go to other forms of alternative alternative energy.


And I think that's OK because we don't have them and it's not going to power these massive factories. So we need and hydro I love it's one of my all time favorites. Hydro, Hydro, I love. I have to tell you, that's the great dams. You don't see that too much. You know why the environmentalists say you can't build a dam there, but now we can, because we've done we've done things that nobody thought were possible.


Like example, the Keystone pipeline. We got that approval. Could Dakota access pipeline. They were all bogged down. Right? Right. Got it. Right. Now, we've got things that they said you couldn't get done. So we are we're energy independence. And they said we want to ban fracking. No fracking. They want to. How do you think they'll do in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, North Dakota? Louisiana is going to love it.


There's no fracking. There's basically they want no fossil fuel whatsoever. OK, no gas, no oil, no call, no nothing. OK, so they don't want anything. Now they're getting killed because a poll just came out of Texas. Texas was unhappy. They want no guns. They want no oil and gas and they want no God. Oh, God. So it's no religion, no guns. Right. No oil and gas. I don't think you're going to do too good in Texas.


You know, George Washington could come back from the dead and he could choose as his VP candidate, the late, great Abraham Lincoln. And you're not going to win the state of Texas if you have no oil, no guns and no religion. I don't think you're not going to win too many place. We eliminated Obamacare's horrible and very unfair individual mandate, which basically knocked out Obamacare or knocked out Obamacare. We've protected your Second Amendment so important we protecting the second.


We've cut drug prices first time in 51 years. We got drug prices down. Now, I'm really doing I did a favorite nations clause, meaning we pay the same price as the lowest country that has the best deal. The companies are going crazy. The drug companies are taking ads on me. I said, oh, I went to mark vendors. I said, Mark, they're killing me. They're spending you know, they have nothing but cash.


OK, Big Pharma, they call it for a reason. There's nobody that gives the politicians more money than Big Pharma, nobody not even close. So I said, well, look, if you're not going to negotiate a fair deal, we're going to do a favored nations close to the top people. The biggest guys, they said, no, don't do that. Favored nations, no favorite nations. Because, you know, we have countries out there that are paying a tiny fraction of what our people are expected to pay.


So if you have a country, Germany or others that they make, by the way, UK, all of Europe, Canada pays fifty percent, five oh fifty percent less. In fact, people leave our country, go to Canada, pick up the drugs and they come back home. Can you believe it? This is the kind of difference. So I say no, I want a favored nation sheilas. I also want a rebate clause, a rebate where instead of the money going to the middlemen who have to be the richest people in the world, they get so much, they get more money, frankly, than the drug companies.


At least the drug companies make a product. So I wiped out the rebate where now it goes to people and I instituted what's called a favored nation status. And it's very simple. You have that in deals. It's whatever the lowest price in the world. We're the biggest purchaser of prescription drugs by far in the world. So whatever the lowest prices that that other countries pay. So if you have a country paying 10 cents for a pill and we're paying two dollars and fifty cents, and it's not an exaggeration, believe me.


This is this is so amazing.


President Trump just made a surprise appearance at the 2020 Republican National Convention and what he just did in the last five minutes of content already he has delivered with a proven record. Heard more than you heard the Democrats, what do they always talk about, drug prices, drug prices, who has to come in and fix it?


Who did it? President Trump, who did it, who actually did it, what did what did Bush and Obama talk about? Prison reform, prison reform, who who had to come in and do it?


This is why I do believe that not only is the energy going to be good tonight, because I understand President Trump has a record now. He is presidential.


So you can play that game all you want. But not only is he presidential, but he has a presidential record. But, man, is he funny.


Holy man, you don't even you don't have to book entertainers or comedians at the GOP convention.


Just give President Donald Trump a live microphone and let him go. We'll be right back on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Ken Matthews in for Rush Limbaugh and The Rush Limbaugh Show. Today's cyber thieves steal your credit card information.


Who needs to steal your actual credit card when they can just steal your online identity? There's a number of people who think or say out loud, I've got fraud on one of my credit cards. They think they say it, they're worried about it. They discovered someone has somehow gotten ahead of their credit card information and has been using it illegally for one purchase after another. If you are not vigilantly watching your credit card activity or your bank account balances, it could be days or weeks before you discover the same thing has happened to you.


And when you discover it is a mess, even though you're only liable for 50 bucks the first 50 bucks, it's still the hassle you have to call them. You have to go through the rigmarole of a Q&A. You got to throw away the card, slice it up, get a pair of scissors. That'll do it. And you've got to get a new card issued. You got to wait for that to show up. And then there's just the feeling that had happened in the first place and that you were the last one to find out.


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If LifeLock detects something illegal, they have a team of people they call the restoration team, meaning they step in and they don't stop until your issue is resolved.


They work just for you. And believe me, it's in their interest to get it resolved and fixed as quickly as they can. Sign up today, get the benefits of LifeLock online identity theft protection. No one company can prevent all identity theft, but LifeLock is in fact, in a league of its own. The website where you can sign up as LifeLock dotcom, you can also call them if you'd rather do that. The number is 800 for 40, 48, 33.


Either way you go make sure that you use my name when you sign up and you'll save 25 percent off your first year's membership. That's LifeLock Dotcom or 800 440 48 33, The Rush Limbaugh Show and the number 888 228 82.


We are going to be taking some more calls. I have a segment here I was going to start, but you know what? I just looked over on the monitor and President Trump is still killing it. And I really want to share more of the president with you.


Here he is to criminal justice reform opportunity zones with Tim Scott of South Carolina, is a great senator, is a great gentleman. Tim Scott is a fantastic opportunity zones. But think of it, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, the colleges and universities. What we've done has been amazing. But the most important thing is prior to the virus, the greatest job numbers in the history of the African-American community, the Hispanic community and the Asian, as I said.


So I just want to thank everybody. We're going to get rid of our sanctuary cities as soon as we can so that they don't protect. We put NASA back in action, NASA had grass growing through its runway. It had grass growing through the cracks of its runways. It was closed essentially just a disaster. And now it's the number one space center anywhere in the world by far. You saw the ships going out and for some reason, a lot of rich people like rockets going up.


And so we say, let's listen more beautiful launching areas and let them send all the rockets, let them pay for it. But we'll be landing on Mars, will go to the moon. We're going to Mars, will be the first on Mars. Let's see if that happens. We have to do it. If we're here. It's going to happen if somebody else is here. Probably not. But I just want to again, thank I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, your incredible warriors.


You have incredible strength. You have unbelievable intelligence and patience. It's a combination of both. I don't know which I don't know which is greater the intelligence of the patients. But let's assume it's intelligent. It's OK. But I have to tell you, I think we have the greatest base of support anywhere at any time, any election. And people are starting to find that. They found it out in 2016, and I will be honest, this election, I believe we have far greater enthusiasm in this election.


That's right. And we had a level that was a record because they still don't believe what happened. They said we're all these people coming from. Right. We love people that were great Americans that never voted, but they were good because they didn't like who they were watching or looking. People were great. They didn't vote. I'll never forget a congressman from Tennessee came up. They do very early voting. Tennessee, a great state that they had just started voting.


And I was in Pennsylvania making a speech and he said, sir, I don't know, I can't speak for anybody, but I'm from Tennessee and I've been doing this for a long time, said I've never seen anything like it. People are coming from the valleys and hilltops and they come in from the cities. They come in from all over. I never said that coming out of the rivers, they're coming along. They're beautiful. Those beautiful Warfield's that we have, they're coming from everywhere.


So I've never seen anything like it. But if other states like Tennessee, you're going to win this election, here's the first one to say, here's the first one.


President Donald Trump speaking live at the convention. The kickoff day today, the Republican National Convention, 20-20 down in Charlotte. As you can hear, there is a distance crowd. They have the right distance and the precautions for covid President Trump was adamant about he wanted to be live.


He wanted to interact with voters and people.


And there are, I believe, six delegates from each state participating. And again, you hear such a stark difference between the energy and the positivity from President Trump and some of the comments made last week by some of the Democrats in the actors or actresses and some of the leftists that lined up to trash you or me or Trump or America or the police or the military or the border.


It's constant trashing. And I'm glad the president just mentioned sanctuary cities, because, again, I would call your attention to the worst covid results, the worst crime, the worst health care infrastructure can be found in democratically managed and in particular sanctuary cities in states like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City.


Why people don't do this research.


I don't know if if the Republican convention ended right now, you could take the audio from President Trump today, just what he said today, and it would move the dial.


And I don't think the Democrats realize how they have overplayed their hand.


And I don't know if the people behind the scenes are not paying attention to some of the comments in the behavior of the left and how they are really alienating. Great Americans all over the country, regardless of party, and we've said this before, the party left you.


Let me explain what I mean by that, because sometimes people will they'll get they'll email me or something and they'll say, what did you mean by that? Here's what I meant.


The Democrat. This is this is not Blue Dog Democrat. This is the 21st century. This is a people that are from Somalia or other countries that sadly became debacles. They get elected to Congress and then they call the president in MFR in a in a congressional speech. These are people that say this country is worse than Nazi Germany or we need to pay attention more to this particular law than our Constitution. This is not Blue Dog Democrat. This is there's nothing moderate.


About anyone calling themselves a moderate now. This is what I wanted to share with you earlier in the show, more rioters in Portland, Oregon, now where I've lost track, where over 85 days, aren't we? I know they took a brief hiatus because I know a lot of the a lot of the guys, especially the men in the Antifa, which I call the pantie, they had to go home. Their mom had to clean their socks, their underwear.


They probably had to get some food. Their mom had to pack them lunch, stuff like that. So they took some time off. Now they're back. The violent rioters attacked police in Portland on Saturday after they marched through a suburb carrying multiple weapons and wait for it.


A guillotine, a real guillotine. You know, like French Revolution style guillotine, that's probably what this is from. There's a lot of people that celebrate on the left. There's a lot of people that celebrate the behavior. During the French Revolution, there's a lot of people that like that, they they speak openly about that. On the left, there are Democrats that get excited by that.


Yeah, if we can just, you know, if we can just destroy these people, destroy those people.


How many times have you seen and I know Rush has talked about this because Twitter is a sewer, by the way, if you want to troll me, you control me on Twitter or follow me at Ken Matthews. Same with Facebook, but I'm on Poller and Poller has not banned me yet, but Facebook just knocked something off a few days ago.


I put up a post. I'm going to I almost remember it verbatim.


I'm going to read what I put up. I said. Why isn't the news media talking about the many high profile people in business, in politics that flew on Epstein's plane and visited his island? That's what I put question mark people. The three or four people that follow me, they know that I ask questions a lot. We try to have a discussion. Then I put a photograph. And I think this is what triggered Facebook because, you know, there's a bunch of people off limits right now.


And Bill Gates is one of them. I put a photograph of Bill Gates. Harvey Weinstein, no, not Harvey, sorry, Epstein, Bill Gates, Epstein and a few other businessmen. Now, this particular photograph could have been just at a fundraiser. It could have been at a, you know, one of these global meetings of. But my question was a simple one. Didn't say anything about Bill Gates. In particular or anyone else in the photograph, it just said, why isn't anybody talking about this issue?


And it was taken down and replaced. Listen to what they replaced it with. It might still be up there now. I don't know unless my Facebook page is being vacuumed off the Internet right now by people monitoring it. They replaced it with this. This information was deemed fake, not factual, evidence does not blah, blah, blah, and then they put up an article and I quote that said, Bill Gates did not fly on Epstein's plane 17 times.


Now, who in the heck even said he flew on Epstein's plane, I never even put his name there. I put up a photograph of Bill Gates and five other businessmen.


It looked like they were at some type of club, a fundraising event, maybe a golf club. I don't know.


And I asked the question. So this is what we as Americans are up against.


We are up against a biased news media, social media. And of course, it goes without saying you get the same bias from academia as well. But that kind of worried me that so there must have been an algorithm that picked up on the someone in the photograph or some I don't know how it works, actually reaches more, more techie than I am on all that.


But if you get a chance, check out that guillotine that they brought to the suburbs and then they were yelling people to get out, get out in the blanking streets. This is not this is not your neighborhood. This is not your home. And again, we need to make sure that people voting for Joe Biden understand some of the other people there. Reinforcing or approving of. Indirectly. I'm not saying Joe Biden's going to show up with a guillotine in your in your neighborhood, I don't think he could find your neighborhood on his own.


But the problem is you have members of the Democrat Party of 20, 20 that are okay with the shenanigans. The attacks on police, the comment I made earlier in the show about Sean King when he said, no, we tried peace, we're not doing that anymore. So basically and think about all the young people that heard that thing about all the Black Lives Matter, people that don't want to be violent. That have a legitimate gripe, they want to show up with a sign they may want to shut down your business, just the business, they don't want to burn it to the ground.


And then they hear an idiot like that, a high profile leftist in the movement. That says, all right, we're done with peace. This is some of the people that you're going to put in office when you vote for some of these leftist 800 to a 228 82, The Rush Limbaugh Show. Michelle in Cambridge, Ohio. Michelle, welcome to the show. Hi.


Thank you so much for taking my call. Welcome. A long, long time listener, first time caller from the hills of southeastern Ohio. We used to be called flyover country, but now we are Trump Country.




So I called in to talk about comments I heard on Fox News this morning related to teachers being compared, being deemed essential workers. And so it was the I think it's the president, Miss Weingarten, the American Federation of Teachers was trying to elaborate on when teachers are, as they are deemed, essential that they would not get the needed time off if they had been exposed to covid. And I think her talking about it, it was a little confusing.


I have to rewind it. And actually being deemed essential means that if you've had an exposure 15 minutes within six feet without a mask and you are essential if you do not have symptoms, that means you can still report to work. And so any doctor or nurse who's been in that situation and has does not have symptoms would be reporting to work. So I think she made it sound like doctors and nurses who would get that time off. But in fact, because they're essential, they do still report to work.


They do have to self quarantine at home. So she just kind of confused and made it sound like we're putting teachers at risk. And I thought that was, you know, something that needed to be clarified.


I am so glad. And are you a teacher by any chance or know you're a nurse, right?


I'm a nurse.


I've been in OK twenty four years and I work in the emergency room and I'm and I'm so glad you called Michele because there's such a controversy now, especially in the state of Pennsylvania where I am, but throughout the country, especially in blue states, getting kids back to school. And one of the most frustrating things for me as as a parent and millions of parents, we look at the facts. Everybody says follow the science. So we look at the science.


The science says age two to 20. Are the most resilient to covid and the least death and the least severe cases, so we're all wondering why we had to close down colleges and schools and day care and et cetera, et cetera.


And I think that the news media now, rather than share with us the truth, the real numbers and the mistakes that were made by many of the states, now they have a vested interest in covering their butt through the election because like I said at the top of the show, when Americans finally see the big picture, just like when many of us saw what happened with Muehler.


After two years of that ridiculousness, we finally realize, are you kidding me? How many how many tens of millions of dollars did we spend on something that Hillary Clinton paid for and turned into a fraud to get a FISA warrant on a guy who's just trying to do his job when they see how the numbers were ginned up and how political shut downs and mask protocol became?


Wow, I don't want to be those governors because I think a lot of them are going to be looking at impeachment.


This is the Rush Limbaugh Show will be right back.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. And earlier in the show, we were talking about the Postal Service. And I wanted to give you those numbers again, just in case you thought you heard incorrectly.


The Postal Service doubles annual losses to eight point eight billion dollars in fiscal 2019. So that is double the loss from the previous year. This is the 13th consecutive year the mailing agency lost money.


Although the United States Postal Service did post a slight uptick in revenue to seventy one point three billion. Don't forget through the covid. Help, whatever they call it, stimulus, I always forget the name of it, they got a 10 billion dollar advance to take care of that. And then because there were scheduling and things adjusted, what have you. This is not to pick on postal people.


And I know that's how the Democrats will play, that the the Democrats love to play that card because most Democrats don't understand, especially the the the younger millennial Democrats that really think, you know, Bernie's the guy. They don't understand how business works. They don't understand free market supply and demand. They don't understand the economic things and structures and pay and profit and law. It doesn't mean anything. It's all about justice, justice, justice, equality. They want to fix the outcome.


And if you have to put something in for me to adjust my outcome, well, then you have to because it's my right and that's bad.


But the bottom line is, if another company was running like the Postal Service. Well, I was going to say, with the exception of the people that were bailed out, I was in a big fan of the bailout in 2008. Before someone calls me, I want to go on record.


I don't think anything is too big to fail. The only thing, in my opinion that's too big to fail is the greatest nation on Earth, and I think politicians spend too much time creating fake panic and fake crises, saying we can't let this fail. We can't let. What if that fails? No. What if what if the infrastructure of constitutionality fails?


What if this behavior continues where someone unfortunately gets shot by the Kenosha police and then a whole bunch of people in Kenosha think, well, now aren't allowed to burn stuff? That's what you need to worry about, I wouldn't worry about the post office going out of business, there's plenty of private sector that can step up. That's not an insult to anyone in the post office. I know a lot of people that work hard in the post office, just like we know a lot of people in the government that work hard.


I mean, just because James Comey is a scumbag and he should be in jail, that doesn't mean that there are not. Wonderful men and women in the FBI to be respected and esteemed, so that's the other game that the left plays its always word games and sleight of hand.


And we'll take we'll take something that Trump said, like MS 13 is coming over the border. They're animals. These people are animals. And then the next day, I got to hear Nancy Pelosi say President Donald Trump called Mexicans animals. No, he didn't. And the news media, again, if they would just take the the the blinders off long enough to question some of these idiots, it would be great.


I said this last week, in fact, I was listening to Rush before my show in Pennsylvania last week and I said, why is it that the EIB Network and other talk radio shows have to do the heavy lifting to get the facts out because there's nobody left in the ownership structure of information media? That isn't biased, so whether whether whether it's Disney or Comcast, it doesn't matter. They're they're all on this ridiculous leftist World Health Organization globalist open border ridiculousness, so even if you want to go on.


A different platform, even if you want to go on a panel on CNN and discuss facts like one of the things President Trump was just talking about at the convention just a few minutes ago when we played him, and we'll play some more of those soundbites after after the third in the third hour. We just had him live and he was energizing, energizing the crowd.


And he was talking about all all these things that are important to all Americans like. No, but I don't know anyone that is a conservative personally that has said. We need to get rid of all. Alternate fuels. Alternative fuels never I've never heard anybody say that. Now I've heard people say we need to keep coal, make it cleaner, but we also also should develop. Further develop hydro electric, we should further develop solar. I'm a huge fan personally of nuclear, despite what Cher says, because she was in the movie.


And you know what the actors and actresses say is usually what, you know, people on CNN believe, but. The nuke thing is big. I think we should do it all. I agree with Donald Trump. I think the United States should be. Energy independent in every sector. And then it should be your choice. See, pro-choice bumper sticker means something different to me. I know to some people it means, you know, I could kill what I want, but to me it means do I get to choose my energy, my job, where I live, where I go to school?


To me, that's choice. And Trump made a great argument and he reminded everybody that if you eliminate fossil fuel, you'll cripple the country.


So you got to ask people, why do you want to cripple the country? We'll be right back.


We got a call from Atlanta earlier. Gerri called and he said, remember, this is such a great point. They're not just after President Donald Trump. They're after people that support.


Donald J. Trump and this country, always good to see you. Thank you so much for tuning in to The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken and the first day of the RNC. Oh, it's already been exciting. It's already life. They're human beings, they're interacting, President Donald J. Trump. Did not use I don't think he was using a teleprompter. Mike, I didn't see a teleprompter to you. I think he just walked up and he was winging it.


And when people watching it, you can't help but wonder if that's what they really think because they don't have to have the thoughts put on the teleprompter. Now, I know some people use a teleprompter. We've all used a teleprompter at one time or another. Sometimes we write our own thoughts on it. Everybody said that that was the greatest speech I ever saw. Joe Biden, he's back. He's back. I don't know. Back to what what was he anyway?


He's a 40 plus year political hack. What is he back to that? You see the way he was able to read sentences he saw, period. And he stopped that. He saw a capital he began a new sentence. There was a comma. He paused. He pronounced most words accurately, that's our president. Come on, man, are you a drug addict?


Joe Biden, ladies and gentlemen, by the way, that was one of the most famous Joe Biden quotes in the last couple of weeks that the news media had to scrub from social media is when he called a black news anchor. He said to him, Why are you doing cocaine and why should we test you for cocaine?


Are you a drug addict? And nobody talked about it.


I got to tell you, CNN, if you would play some of the sound soundbites from Hillary Clinton or Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden, your ratings would go up seriously.


Instead of taking great speeches that President Trump makes like his inaugural address and cutting it up into little pieces. And saying he's evil 822, 2082, very quickly, let's let's go to cut one, this is the president just minutes ago in Charlotte.


Oh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh, yes. Oh, yes, ma'am. Are you have you want to really drive him crazy? You say 24 years. Well, because we caught them doing some really bad things in 2016, let's see what happens, we caught them doing some really bad things. We have to be very, very careful and you have to watch every one of you. You have to watch because bad things happened last time with the spying on our campaign.


And that goes to Biden and that goes to Obama. And we have to be very, very careful not to be very, very careful. And this time they're trying to do it with the whole post office scam. They'll blame it on the post office. You could see him setting it up. Be very careful and watch it very carefully because we have to win.


He is so truthful about the Obama, the Biden and the Clinton connection to Muehler gate, Russia gate, whatever you want to call it, because it's all out now. It's all been made public. The documents have been dumped. Of course, they get dumped at, you know, 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night, whatever. But everything's out there.


The news media cannot take the time to get off the current narrative and give you accurate news. They can't say, yes, Obama knew. Yes, Hillary knew, yes, this person in the FBI signed off on this, they were well aware, just like Van Jones said, the Russian thing is a big nothing burger and we're just doing it for ratings. Everybody knew that. And now we have the evidence. But now there's two more narratives that the news media is, in a roundabout way being paid.


I'm not saying they're being paid directly unless you're Stephen Colbert.


To endorse, did you hear Stephen Colbert endorse Joe Biden? Oh, my God, it was embarrassing. Oh my gosh, it was embarrassing. And those were the buzzwords. I guess they did a focus group on the word empathy. Anyway, there's two narratives left, what are they covered, covid, covid and the police are bad. Trump doesn't care of these with these issues, so they don't have time to break in and do other issues.


They don't have time to tell you the truth about the post office. Like we just mentioned, you probably got more actual information about the post office as far as profit and loss and budget and policy on this show today than you have in the news media. What you hear in the news media is.


Trump doesn't like postal workers, that's a lie. Actually, it's the postal workers union that has chosen to endorse Ukraine, Joe Biden. So that is something you need to keep in perspective. How efficient has the post office been since you've known about the post office? Not just since Trump's been president, but since you've known about the post office, how efficient has their management been? Number one, and please keep in mind that the government union has now endorsed another leftist, and that bothers me.


I'm sorry. It just doesn't that create a little doubt in your mind? If there are truckloads of Donald Trump votes coming in. But you don't want him to win. I don't know, they just they just arrested someone on fraud three days ago and last month they arrested that guy in Philadelphia on fraud, hundreds of votes. The news media doesn't tell you because Obama said fraud doesn't exist. Unless it's in one of his speeches. 800 202 82, let's go to Mesi, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.


Hi, Missy. Ken. Welcome. Thank you know, we're looking for Missy Missy in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Do I have the wrong. Do we get the wrong call up here? Are we having Mike, are we having trouble with the call screener again? He's working on it. Is it working? There we go. Here we go. Sorry about that, Missy. That's OK. I wanted to touch on a couple of things.


Number one. Democrats have always been on the wrong side of right. And that's their whole playbook. Do you really think that Nancy Pelosi cares about one million babies killed every year by abortion? No, because everybody knows how you don't need an abortion if you don't think anything in that whole nothing comes out of that hole. That's a no brainer. Do you think she's a champion for women's rights? No, because she knows the same thing. Illegal aliens.


Do you think that they are sparks of divinity and she just wants them to have the American life? They're not coming here for the American life. I was a cop for 20 years. They came here for money. I've dealt with them daily for the past 20 years. They came here for money. The majority of them can't read or write in Spanish. How do I know that you work in off accidents with them and ask them to fill out an exchange form that's written in English and Spanish?


They can't write. They have zero skills, Nancy and her party knows they will never have the American dream because they have zero skills. They don't even know how to write or read in their own language. They're never going to get above that eight dollar an hour minimum wage job that everybody's paying them for.


So some of these some of these, Mesi, what you're saying is some of these people are, in essence, automatically victims. And this is what this is the type of population that the left can manipulate and they can blame that. They can blame that victimhood on conservative values or constitutional laws.


They can say, look, this wouldn't be happening if we weren't America. But the reality is, if we had a wall and we were able to regulate who comes in legally, like perhaps your parents got here, my my grandparents came here legally. If we could regulate that, then we would not be creating a new victim group.


Right. Wait, hold on. Hold on. There's more. They want them here. Why? Because those low paid jobs, they don't pay taxes on them. Who benefits from that? The companies that reduces their bottom line increases their profit. If they weren't here doing that job for eight bucks an hour, you'd have to pay an American higher wages. What does that do that takes away from the Democrats telling you that you need a higher minimum wage?


It would automatically go up if they weren't here. So they use that. We want to offer you health insurance. Guess what? Anybody who has a job, who does anything can and can afford health insurance. I'm going to explain it to you really quick. If you drink Starbucks every day, that's 100 bucks a month. It's five bucks a cup. If you go to the movies on Friday and Saturday night and go out to dinner, that's 100 bucks a night.


That's nine hundred dollars. Nine hundred dollars. If you can spend that on what you want. If health insurance isn't important to you, then don't buy it. But you're not getting it for free. I work for mine. I have health insurance and I pay seven hundred dollars a month for it. You can pay for it too, if you are willing to sacrifice to have it. If it's important, you're willing to pay for it. As I just explained, you can spend nine hundred dollars a month on entertainment for yourself.


OK, so they're on the right side of that trump. You don't need to build a wall. You can stop it right up, get rid of press two for Spanish and all these problems will go away. Every legal battle here costs American taxpayers trillions of dollars in health care because they don't have insurance. Any time they have a child here, you're paying for that child to be born. What is it, ten, fifteen thousand dollars? That is true.


Yeah, that's your property taxes pay to build the schools to educate those kids who aren't supposed to be here.


Missy, please, please tell me you're on social media and you're talking to other people about this because you you you seem to be in touch and you have that experience. You seem to be in touch with a lot of the major issues. And what you're bringing up is everything you just said people are not allowed to say in a school and you're not allowed to say in certain environments, like if you want something, work for it. That's called being mean.


So so you'd be shut down.


But that's why I'm saying I hope you have a social media site, because I couldn't agree more with if you look at what people spend their money on. And it's like, who was the idiot last? Oh, AOC, there's so many. By the way, I thought AOC looked great at the convention. I thought she looked great. She looked stunning. Hats off, Congresswoman. And then you open your mouth and it all went south. But that happens a lot on the left.


That's what Hollywood is.


You know, your favorite actress or your act, your favorite actor, Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


I lost all respect for. I had no idea she was politically ignorant. I had no idea she was that stupid because I believed she was the character she played. I thought she was funny and smart and intellectual, and she's just a leftist hack. But anyway, last week someone made the comment, these writers are just stealing what society won't give them. They need food. They need medicine. Now, now, now you're dreaming. Now you're now you're a fantasy.


No, you didn't buy food and medicine before, and if you're still in Nike shoes and flat screen TVs, something's not lining up.


800 to twenty eight, eighty two. I'm Ken Matthews, we'll be right back. This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name's Ken Matthews, guest hosting today. And Rush tells a great story of a listener who installed a simply safe system to protect their home while he was away.


And it worked perfectly for him. Not not so great for the burglar, though. Here's Rush with the details.


One of our listeners in St. Louis has their own crime story to share. He was driving, got a call from a member of Simply Safety 24/7 monitoring service. One of the motion detectors in his house had gone off, which set off the alarm caller wanted to know if he was home or if the cops should be called.


Guy said call the cops. He just left home 10 minutes earlier. No sooner did he say that than an app on his phone went off. Simply say FAPE, one pinging sound after another. Those were notifications on his phone as the burglar sent off every motion detector as he ran through the house. For our listener, this was fascinating. He knew this stuff was there, but it had never seen it active because nobody ever broken in the house before.


He could basically see the crime unfolding before his eyes by each sensor being activated, knowing all the while the cops were in enroute, the cops showed up. Within minutes, they found an exterior basement window broken, the loud sirens going off. The burglar had tipped off all those motion detectors. The simply safe alarm went off, scaring the burglar away. Nothing was taken. The cops stayed there till our listener returned home. Man, was he happy you would talk about satisfied.


She simply safe has made it possible for every home to be protected from bad people. You can see an order it at simply safe USA dotcom simple enough to install yourself. There's no wires. Folks, do not be daunted by this. Sign up for a monitoring service. It's only fifteen dollars a month. There aren't any long term contracts to sign the website to simply say to USA dot com. Imagine your house being burgled and every alarm, every center is being tricked and you get a note and alert every time it happens.


You're watching it, knowing the cops are enroute. It's kind of cool, simply safe. You as a dotcom.


Oh, that was my cue a lot of second, I was looking at the small screen, we've got some good calls lined up on the Rush Limbaugh Show, 800 to eight to 2082.


I was just noting, too, I was going through my notes here and I heard earlier today, Steve, Steve Scalise said Joe Biden has committed to three debates with President Trump.


He committed to three debates. Now, I'm of the belief that they're never going to let that happen. That the Democrats will not let. Joe Biden, get into the octagon. With President Donald Trump, I mean. President Trump just took the podium a while ago at day one of the convention in Charlotte, and he was winging it and he was nailing it. He was hitting the issues he was doing stand up, he was interacting with the audience, President Trump knows the issues because he has already fixed some of the problems.


A lot of Americans just haven't heard about it yet, like prescription drugs and the VA and a variety of other issues that people were protesting about.


They were screaming about. During Obama, Jainism, eight years of Obama ism who came in and rattled the cage of the management at the VA. And got it fixed, who came in and signed prison reform? And renegotiated NAFTA. But because the news media, it's it's not their vested interest to share both sides with you, so they'll open their newscast saying, well, as you know, Donald Trump is a bit of a racist and are you kidding me?


But that's become the news media.


So we all have to go out and we have to find the details on our own. But I got to tell you, when Donald Trump takes the podium, you get a boatload of truth and you're probably shocked when you hear it. I didn't know he did. What did he do that I anything to look it up and you see that he did.


Mike, can we go to cut to this is from just a few hours ago at the convention.


We have to win. Our country is counting on it. This is the biggest. This is it. Our country can go in a horrible, horrible direction or in an even greater direction. And before the plague came in from China, that's where we were going. We were going in a direction like we had never seen the most successful economy in the history of our country. The best unemployment numbers in history for African-American, Asian American, Hispanic, American women, college students, bad students, good students, everybody.


If you had a diploma, if you didn't have a diploma, it didn't matter. You were doing well, everybody was doing well, and we were actually coming together. You know, success brings people together maybe better than anything else.


That's probably one of the most profound things he has ever said. And I know if you if you hate President Trump, you're cringing, but. You probably haven't read his books either, if more people read the Art of the Comeback, you'd get it. You'd get a little idea of what's in his head. He's written a lot of books and he'll tell you he has. And they're all great books. But The Art of the Comeback really is a template of what's happening now.


He is he's very comfortable with adversity, he's very comfortable with being attacked from all sides. But what he just said about success, bringing people together, it does. It does that's why the economy is so important, and I do believe it's one of the reasons that when some of the leaders on the left had an opportunity to exaggerate the damage and capitalize on the fear. Of covid, which sadly has been tragic for way too many people, but when they had an opportunity to say, oh, it's going to be a lot worse.


Oh yeah, you better shut down this economy, shut down your school, shut down your business. And I noticed this. Doesn't it look like the last thing that the left wants you doing is peacefully assembling and talking about issues and what's going on in the country? It's almost as if you just just stay at home and watch what we pipe into your house.


You don't need to go out and be thinking on your own and talking to people. That's the last thing they want you do, and it just seems like that that's all, because I noticed that BLM is allowed to protest and so are the governors.


By the way, as always, if you want to get your well wishes or a message to Rush, go to the special notes to Rush tab on Rush Limbaugh dot com. Check it out.


Great Web site. If you haven't been there, it's the best. And you know, I rave about the store. Just go to special notes, Scott Rush, click on it, and Rush is doing his best to read all of them and he's getting a ton of them. But you're really putting a smile on his face, 800 to a 228, 82.


Earlier in the show, we were talking about how often the mainstream news media, along with the Democrats.


Insult Americans, Americana, American tradition, American culture. And they're very comfortable doing it, there was a time when that wouldn't be the case. Do you remember there was a time when you wouldn't do that? You might say that your opponent is a blankety blank blank. But you wouldn't say all those people that live in such and such a town that support this guy are a bunch of blankety blank blanks, but that became very popular under Obama.


Because it was the elbow, it's that little jab, that backhanded compliment. The clinging to this and reading Bibles and think about all the words that have become comfortable in mainstream news media and mainstream culture. Jesus, freak. Think about that. Now, obviously, that is a insult to Christians or people who are overly religious, right, religious. But think about how comfortable it is. And these are terms thrown around by mainstream news media and Democrats, and we've all heard the comments, if you don't do this, you're not black enough.


If you don't do that, obviously you support all the things Donald Trump's been accused of. If you're for this, then you must be a fill in the blank. You must be some kind of ist or phobe. Oh, you're for a wall, so you hate all living people. No. Don't hit anybody, just don't want people coming into the country illegally. Because there's already 17 million here. We're kind of out of room, so you think the party that wants to control population the way it does, I'm talking about the Democrats and the globalist, you want to control population, yet you want to keep flooding people into our country.


And. Crushing our infrastructure. So on one hand, you're saying, you know, we can't even afford health care, but then you want us to insure 17 million more. And no one ever calls him out on it. There are real people, real American people, as the campaign says, that will be speaking today and some of them are also some controversial figures now as we have this moment of racial reckoning in our history. One is that St.


Louis couple who brought out their rifles as Black Lives Matter protesters peacefully marched through their community. They are on the list to speak.


And as Rachel reflected, some of the real American people that you're seeing have been people who are our disgrace, not people that people rally around, like the St. Louis couple or the young man from Kavkaz who interacted with the elder Native American.


See, they think that the guy from Covington Catholic High School. Is somehow disgraced because they refuse to acknowledge the truth, that in actuality he was in the right, that's why he won his slander and libel lawsuits. And the guy who was in the wrong. Now this is going to trigger some middle aged liberal men, please remain seated or get a hug or something. The guy who was in the wrong and that altercation was the Native American conman. But it quickly turned into, look, a white high schooler and a Native American decorated Vietnam combat veteran, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.


And the white high score had a red hat on.


Oh, my God. And all he did is sat there. And smiled. He didn't say anything, he didn't raise his hands, he didn't say we're going to go up there and impeach that mfr, he didn't say any of that.


But in the delusional world of ABC, shame on you, you're the same idiots who are saying Donald Trump calls Nazis find people. So you're either truly an idiot or you believe that most of America is as stupid as some of your news editors, which is it? And in D.C. and so it will be a very it is the Trump show is the short answer, and it'll be interesting to see if that pays off.


If people who are look, every show is the Trump Show, it is the Trump Show. What do you think ABC News is the Trump Show? What do you think CNN is the Trump Show. Do you think you guys are now breaking news and cracking stories you didn't shut down a human trafficking ring, you haven't stopped fenthion all from China. Or opioids from South America. It's the Trump Show. That's what would you guys do if you didn't have to think about this, if you're a reporter, you don't even have to show up to work early.


You could just you can have happy hour before your shift, you come in, you get the talking points from Donna Brazile or whoever.


See, Trump's a racist. Trump doesn't like children. Trump put puppies in a blender and he's drinking it. Trump hates everyone. Trump's orange.


OK, they got we got we got our report by Republicans around the country feel connected to this process or feel connected to the platform that Donald Trump has put forward.


Wow. So the first of all, the two people in St. Louis, the only disgrace I see with those two, I thought they could have handled the guns a little safer.


That would be me as an instructor, like the woman with the handgun. That's it, though.


There's no disgrace into coming out on your own property with the legally owned gun because you're concerned that your life or the life of people you care about might be in danger. They didn't point the gun at anybody. They didn't threaten to kill anybody. Like some of the BLM people tweet. And then the Covington, you know, about the Covington high schooler, that was a complete set up and I'm sure people on the left were praying that that young man snapped or did or said something or somebody pushed him or somebody pushed the Native American guy or something went awry and then they would have another video.


For a television ad that they can lie about. It's like when they when they misquote President Trump. I'm telling you, sooner or later, the majority of Americans are going to hear the truth about these narratives that have been created.


But the fact that Joe Biden last week, it was a centerpiece of his speech. He looked you right in the camera's eye because he wasn't live, he can't be I don't think he was live. He didn't look it. But let's say he was he looked right in the eye of the camera and he said, our president. Thinks Nazis are fine people, and I just thought, how do you get away with that lie? Because all you have to do is watch the video.


It never happened. And the fact that the news media. Is in the pocket with the Democrats to keep that lie alive. What was the other lie that. Oh yeah, locking the children up in cages. So those are the three biggies. Nancy says President Trump called immigrants animals. That's a bold faced lie. He called members of MS 13 animals because for people who missed it, both in Long Island and in Baltimore, they cut off teenagers limbs.


You might have missed that the media was covering something else, I don't know, Trump was at a luncheon or something and I don't know. So that's why you call people animals, when people act like animals, they're animals and they need to be put down like animals. And that's what he was talking about. Now, if you go to the top 10 blue cities, look up what drug cartel is driving the drug trade in those cities, that it's that is this is a great research project for someone like Don Lemon.


Coming up, I'm going to share with Jemele Hill said what she just tweeted about Nazi Germany and our country and they didn't ban her.


We'll be right back. Well, as always, thanks for tuning in, Ken Matthews on The Rush Limbaugh Show, if and if you missed it earlier today, it's official.


Now, get a question here about Kellyanne Conway. She managed the Trump campaign across the finish line victoriously in twenty sixteen. Now we hear she is stepping away for family issues. How big of a blow is that to the campaign? Well, Kellyanne is going to be missed. America loves her. We certainly will miss her here at the White House. But listen, this is all about making it a priority for family. That's what this president's about and that's why Kellyanne Conway is about.


So, you know, it's interesting because this is probably one of those rare moments in political history. Where when someone says I'm I'm going to leave this job because I have to prioritize on family, that is it's true, I would imagine I don't know if you've seen. Kellyanne Conway, whose husband were read some of what he's written and I'm a fan of Kellyanne and a lot of people at this show are and I said earlier when my son and I were at the White House, she was so gracious.


She's just such a she's a neat lady.


And I'm surprised she hasn't just beat the crap out of her husband yet. That's just again, that's only my opinion. But look, this gives her more time, though, you know what I mean? It's kind of like, you know, you don't have to be late for work, you say, what did you say?


Wow, 800 282 28 82 Jameel Hill.


Now, she used to be on ESPN, if you're wondering who is she, why do I care? How did she get a job? That's what most people say.


Who is she, why do I care? How did she get her job? She is an attractive, angry leftist. Bitter. She is a liberal journalist. Who probably uses Snopes to fact check? And she went on Twitter yesterday and she said, I've been reading Isabel Wilkerson's new book case, you're wondering it's called cast, you know, like a caste system.


And if you are of the opinion, Jamil goes on to say that the United States was not nearly as bad as Nazi Germany. How wrong you are.


I cannot encourage you enough to read this masterpiece. How delusional do you have to be to write that? How delusional do you have to be when we live in a country where men and women from any socio and this is why it's so funny that it's the book cast and she brings Naziism into it. But liberals are. Naziism is part of their quiver, you know, they pull that out well, Naziism race card, but here you are. We live in a country that is so diverse.


And people of any race or gender or political or socioeconomic background can call our leaders and our country the filthiest things. And they can just go to work the next day and they could stay on social media. Nobody comes to their place or their home like Castro used to do, hangs you upside down in the basement and tortures. Yet everybody's wondering where where do you go?


It's Dave, he would I don't know. That doesn't happen here. Yet for some reason, Jamil Hill thinks it does. And I would argue that she hasn't studied enough history and she's maybe she's just too young to understand what a fool she makes of herself saying comments like this. If you were of the opinion that the U.S. was not nearly as bad as Nazi Germany, how wrong you are.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Democrat Party of the 21st century. This is what Rush and many of us have been warning you about for decades. We said if you keep. The leftist drumbeat going on from the news media through academia, through Hollywood, and people keep erasing history, and now you want to take down the statues and now we want to change the dictionary. So there's an African-American dictionary only. If you keep this up, you're going to have an entire political party of people.


That are this stupid and what's scary about the stupidity, you go to New York and you get rewarded for it. In other words, we're not talking some of these comments, these are not 19 year olds that just moved out of the basement and they're freshman in college and they're taking their first political science course.


They're considered journalist and authors, just something to think about. We'll be right back.


Thanks again to Mike in New York and Mocho on the phones and kookie for cutting up the fresh, delicious president Donald Trump audio fresh from the idea market. Oh, and he's going to be talking every night at the convention. It's going to be it's going to be fun, it's going to be fun, I have to admit it. He is so unpredictable and such a focused communicator, you can't help but want to watch it, especially after last week.


By the way, I just found out last week was the dress rehearsal for the DNC. I guess the I guess they're trying to build up to 20, 28.


So I guess that's what I was watching, that that's why it looks so stiff and stale. And a lot of the things they were saying that didn't make sense. I think it was just put up there. So they for time. But didn't it seem like a dress rehearsal to you? Honestly, didn't Julia Louis-Dreyfus seem like she was just like running her lines? Anyway, go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, if you want to leave Mr. Limbaugh a special note, he checks it and in the meantime, check the Web site to get to know the schedule and have a great week.