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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast.


Well, it's nice to see again, middle of the week, the day after.


Another great night at the Republican convention. It's The Rush Limbaugh Show, I'm thrilled that you're listening, thrilled for the opportunity, of course, to guest host for Mr. Limbaugh.


And before we get started, I want I want to let the people know in Texas and Louisiana that there are millions of Americans that are paying attention and praying and concerned. And that's just you when you look at the news, what's happening, when you look at cities burning, when you look at chaos and this election and you look at all the things and then you're thinking, here comes a Cat three, Cat four hurricane. My experiences, especially now and I told Bo, I said, I want to mention this first thing.


There are legitimate sanctioned evacuation notices and warnings, so please take them seriously. So far, it looks like a half a million in Texas and a quarter million so far being told to evacuate in Louisiana. So for goodness sake, do it, because I'm seeing on FOX, I just looked and I saw storm surges 15 to 20 feet. That is just incredible. So our prayers are with you. Stay strong. You know that the whole country rallies around.


Other states, when you need our support and our help, and you also know that this administration is already on the case, so I had to mention that because I can't even I can't even imagine between covid and riots.


And, you know, Texas has been getting hit by riots as well. BLM in Texas, burning stuff. Eight hundred to a 228, 82. Now, last night, oh, my gosh, my heart, my heart soared again. Two nights in a row now, I want to mention this, if you would like to call the Rush Limbaugh Show today and you want to talk about what really energized you or excited you about last night, your observations of the speakers, and then there were so many.


Make sure you watched it. No, no, no, I'm not saying that a bad way. I'm just saying sometimes the people will see a little soundbite or a clip on a news program and they get excited, rightly so. There were some good speakers so far this week. But I want you to have I'd like people that if you saw the whole thing, I want to get your take on. Do you think it's moving the dial? I just think that the days of the Democrats with a straight face.


And it's getting so difficult for the Democrats to do anything with a straight face. Well, in the case of Nancy Pelosi, I don't even know if her face moved anymore, but it's tough. The days of the Democrats saying, well, you know, the Republicans are just a bunch of old white men, those days are gone. Now, they in my opinion, they've been gone for years. But now whoever is running this show. They get it, whoever is running this.


Hats off, kudos off to who's doing this thing because you men and women are nailing it. This is probably the most energized, diverse and youthful group of speakers. Has ever been at a at a GOP convention, it's forward moving its forward thinking, but it's energized. And what I like about it and and as a parent of two teenagers, I love the fact that so many successful and accomplished young people. Are and were and are being showcased.


20 somethings, 30 somethings, 40 somethings, we don't need to continue and give away our age, do we know?


But when you think about some of the comments and then I was talking with Bo earlier today and we are amazed how how did President Trump.


How do you raise and of course, the moms play a big role in it? And the wives, but how do you have that many children that could come out in public and hold down a podium and speak that beautifully and and relaxed, there's someone that speaks for a living. I look at that and all even the even the Covington High School kid, I mean, God bless them. I remember when I was an awkward teenager and it still happens when I go to Costco because I don't know my way around like my wife does.


So I know what it's like to be confused and overwhelmed. This guy was totally pounded and maligned by the news media. And then last night he nails it back and then they totally malign him again today. I mean, is CNN and The Washington Post, are you guys ever going to learn you're not allowed to slander and libel and you can't do that? It's against the law. You are paying him last night to be there. People settled with with Mr.


Sandman. Anyway, so there were just great things last night, so we want to hear your take on it. I do believe it's moving the dial. I think First Lady Melania Trump moved the dial last night. I thought people really got a sense of how gracious she was. And I love when she pokes fun at President Trump because anybody who's been married or is married. That that is a very interesting dynamic, and I love it when you see him go back and forth.


Oh, I'm glad you brought that up. Well, you see, I was doing great, then you brought a Bette Midler. I think there's when you look at the sections of the left, the different er areas of the left, you have you know, you have the burnout, retired, losing Democrats, the John Kerry's in the Al Gore's and the John Kasich and the Hillary Clinton's. They're all melting down. And we'll share some of that with you coming up.


Some of the things that Hillary said then you've got the incumbents that are totally coming unglued. They're losing their minds. Schumer Did you see that? Adam Schiff, I think, is opening a new investigation. This time it's into Attorney General Pompeo because of his speech last night from Jerusalem. But the people that have totally lost it and you could have said you could say they lost it 50 years ago.


Bette Midler, did you see her racist, vicious, vicious attacks on Melania?


They're so over the top. They're funny. I'm sorry. They're not they're not even vicious. They left vicious a long time ago. It's like a nine year old. It's like a nine year old who did not get invited to the birthday party. And Bette Midler is angry. And to see the filth that she piled on Twitter, it's it's hysterical, making fun of her speaking, making fun of her intellect. Just ridiculous. So this is all good.


If you're a Trump supporter, if you're a fellow conservative, if you're if you're a GOP or if you were happy about this, do you know how exciting this is when the best thing they can do about the first lady's speech is say, well, she can't even speak?


Right. That's good news for us. Meanwhile, while all this is happening, Democrats around the country in some of the formerly greatest cities in this country for years, whether it's Portland, Oregon, or Seattle, Washington. They're being burned to the ground. We have an update on that, too. Now, before we hit the break, I definitely want to share this because I thought the Kentucky attorney general was so impressive. And this is another example.


This this this man is 34 years old and he is young and energized. And these are the type of speakers that reenergize everybody in the party.


And I do believe for the first time, probably in years, a convention is going to take people off the fence.


I think a man like Daniel Kamryn, he's the type of individual that pulls people from all over regardless of party. Mike, can you go ahead and play a cut of that?


I think often about my ancestors who struggled for freedom. And as I think of those giants and their broad shoulders, I also think about Joe Biden, who says, if you are voting for me, you ain't black, who argued that Republicans would put us back in chains, who says there is no diversity of thought in the black community? Mr. Vice President. Look at me. I am black. We are not all the same, sir. I am not in change.


My mind is my own. And you can't tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin.


That was just it was goose bumps for me watching it, because it is what many of us as conservatives believe, regardless of our gender or race. But to see a young successful and there are so many and that's why I was so excited to see a young person after young person after young person come out.


And that's why last week I couldn't stop laughing. I was crying. I was laughing so hard talking to a friend when they brought out John Kerry, whose idea was it to bring out a dinosaur? I mean, I know Jurassic Park is coming back, but whose idea was that?


We need to bring out a guy that has the energy of Lerche and is 900 years old and hates Trump and never won.


OK, that's a great idea. Let's make sure his lighting is correct. Now, did you see John Ponder? John Ponder is the the man who Trump surprised him by commuting his sentence or pardoning him.


I don't know exactly what was on that on that paper, but he started hope for prisoners. And earlier this year, and you may have noticed the news media didn't cover it because it makes Trump look good. And that's a no no. But President Trump spoke to the commencement event for about 30 prisoners as part of this program. But to see and hear the whole story, America finally got a beautiful snapshot of real prison reform and the greatness that comes out of it when all these dynamics connect.


You had the FBI agent and you had he had a relationship with Mr. Ponder that was cordial and respectful. Even prior to incarceration. They reconnected. They built something together. They contacted President Trump. Mr. Ponder's said, you know, I heard President Trump speaking about what he was going to do for prisoners. So I thought I would call them on it, call him up.


And President Trump showed up at the prison. And it's it's the fact that last night I got to watch law enforcement. And good prison reform elevated it was a beautiful sight to see that FBI agent and that now a man who paid his dues, he made a mistake, he's out.


What is more American than that? There isn't anything more American than that. You broke the law, you paid for it, now you are forgiven, you're embraced. Welcome back to the American Dream.


This is The Rush Limbaugh Show. I'm Ken Matthews. We'll be right back.


There were so many highlights from last night at the convention and when I was watching and I've watched every minute of it live and then I take notes. Sometimes I play it back. That's why if you want to weigh in on what you saw, if you actually saw it by all means 800, 228, 82, or, you know, you can comment on we're going to talk a little bit about this BLM riot thing, which seems to be escalating, which is terrifying when you think about it.


But if it were at 90 days now officially in Portland, Oregon, 90 days. In a row. Of at the very least, criminal behavior disturbance, vandalism, fires, arson, injury, shootings, and I forget how many of the 90 have been actually declared riots. But I guess the big question is, what do you have to do? What has to happen in a major city, in a blue state, in a major city run by Democrats?


What has to happen before the governor calls in the the National Guard? I am amazed that. The governor of Oregon has yet to activate the National Guard. I don't know, obviously. These governors around the state, I'm sorry, around the country are getting direction from somebody else because how many buildings, how many apartments, how many police stations, how many vehicles have to be burned? How many people have to be injured before you say, OK, put a stop to this.


And the only thing I can figure is somebody has told you as a leftist that this is going to help you beat Donald Trump. Now, I don't know if that individual was high on crack when they said that I don't know or if crack is even legal in your city, but it's not helping anyone. It's actually damaging the party, which personally, I don't care if it politically damages you. I just don't like to see. The heartache and the heartbreak that's taking place in places like Seattle, Kenosha, Minneapolis and Portland, Oregon.


And it has reached a disgusting level. Jason Krantz, I'm sorry, Jason Randt, sorry, Jason out of Seattle writes that on Monday night and this is interesting that no one else covered this. I saw very few people cover this. The rioters tried to burn Seattle police alive. They were in the east precinct and they sealed the door with quick, dry cement and then they used rebar to wedge. Opening shut, so that that's that, OK, so that that's in Seattle, in Kenosha last night, I don't know if anybody covered this, but there were several occasions where rioters were warned.


There's people in that apartment building. They didn't care. They lit it on fire. And they still don't have a 100 percent confirmation this morning that the families that were in the building. That the rioters were burning are OK. I read that most of them got out, but they don't have a full count yet. Now, how is this happen that we have a political party and we have Democrat leaders? Democrat, governors, Democrat, whatever. What's got to happen before you say guys burn in the country to the ground, it's just not a good thing.


I think we need to stop it.


But somehow, maybe maybe you went to public school. I don't know. I don't know what public school you went to, but somebody told you this is OK. Somebody told you that you burned down the McDonald's. You're like the police cars on fire with a Molotov cocktail in New York. It's all part of protest. It's not. And I hope you end up in prison. Because it's criminal thuggery and it is making. The Republican Party looks so wonderful.


Last night, when Melania Trump, first lady of the United States, was giving her speech and she was being so candid about covid and rioting and race and and parts of our history that we do need to work on. And I'm trying and I can only imagine how many idiot leftists that work at the CNN newsroom didn't even hear the entire speech. And they're going to be cherry picking and playing cuts so they can go after her or go after Mr. Sandman or they're already attacking John Ponder.


A man of color who has been pardoned by the president, he did his crime, he did his time, and he's turned his life around to the betterment of the people around him, and he's being attacked by the left. There is a level of desperation on the left that I have never smelled before, and I have a pretty good nose. My wife will tell you that if she's cooking like meatballs, I could be outside in the yard. I know meatballs are on the.


On the stove, getting back to Malaysia when Malaysia goes, hi, Bette Midler goes crazy. In fact, the left has gone crazy when you look at the content from last night. So if you're on the fence, if you're truly on the fence, some people say that, but they're not. I'm not on the fence. I voted for Trump. I'm voting for him again. But maybe you truly are on the fence, then do yourself a favor, take the time to watch the replay, I would suggest C-SPAN, because if you watch the replay on MSNBC or CNN or some of these other news networks, you're going to get these morons interrupting it.


But hats off to C-SPAN. No interruption. Last night it was perfect. So watch it for yourself. And then I know that if your mom or your dad is like a hardcore leftist, they're not going to allow you to do this, even if you're 50. Think for yourself.


Look at Melania's speech. Look at the speech of governor so-and-so or attorney general, such and such, and say, wow, I never heard that before. How many more hardworking, successful people of color are going to say they are disgusted with the Democrat Party and the news will not cover it? The number is 800, 280 to 28, 82, there was one more thing, what else did they do?


Oh, yeah, the return to the officers. OK, all right. And there's one other thing. Da da da da da. Oh, yeah.


Did you see the false claims that CNN made about Don Jr? I just don't understand how they can get away with that, we're not allowed to get away with that. If I went on air and said the things that CNN said about the Covington high schooler or about your business, I could get in a lot of trouble.


We'll be right back with your calls.


And what day is it? Trump Day, Trump there. So I just I just did that because I have a Democrat friend tuning in. Zorich. 800 202, 2082. It is Humpty Dumpty worst nightmare last night for ABC and CBS.


You see them lose it completely, completely after President Donald Trump held a naturalization ceremony with the head of immigration or whatever.


I forget the gentleman's name. He was their president. Trump was here. It looked like it was in the East Wing, perhaps. I'm not sure.


I thought I'd recognize that room from a photo. But there were these people that had become citizens. They had all been here. They had done it the right way. Very diverse group. There were tears. There was laughter, there was joy.


And you could see the excitement and how proud these men and women were to be American citizens and. You could see the people on the news networks getting all angry about that, that it's funny because when you look at what really gets the news networks excited, do you remember when some of the Democrat. Congressmen and women went down to the border and they were waving illegals over and there were mobs of people just overflowing the Border Patrol and just running into the country.


And the news people were giddy.


Look, Phelan's. But when you have the president of the United States, can you imagine that photo on that mantle in that new American's home when his or her relatives and I have relatives that have been naturalized and I have people in my family that have come to this country and they rave about the greatness of this country.


And I was raised.


To understand the greatness of this country, but can you imagine that photograph, I forget where some of the countries where the one woman in particular was so funny when she posed with the president, there she is with the president and now she's got her citizen and all her paperwork.


She's going to be the envy of the family. She may be the envy of her country. When people come to visit her, like for the holidays or whatever the religion is, they come over and there's President Trump.


Oh, yeah, I'm an American. Yeah. This is me and the leader of the free world. Yeah, sure. I can I can pose for you 800 eight, 2082.


So there was nothing about last night. That the only thing that was kind of iffy. And I'm hearing it today and I'm only hearing it from news heads, and I don't really know the policy on the Pompeo thing, I don't think he did anything illegal, but I'm sure they're going to turn it. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you both.


I don't I'm sure they're going to turn it into something.


But other than that, you have to ask your neighbor who has a Biden sign, God help you.


What what?


Last night would bother you? What? Last night was divisive. I still heard people calling last night on social media. Well, it was so divisive. What was divisive? Divisive.


You had the president of the United States telling people that just became citizens. Thank you for being here. We are honored to have you here. You did it the right way. We are so proud of you. You make our country better. Can you think of a better message to tell people? Can you think of a better message of hope? Now, don't get me wrong, Barack Obama had a great bumper sticker, Hope and Change.


And when you put it on the Prius or your your air powered car or your bicycle, oh, my God, I wanted to cry. But last night, President Donald Trump actually demonstrated what prison reform looks like, what what legal immigration looks like, what small business business success looks like. You heard it firsthand from Americans when you saw President Trump interacting with those new American citizens. There was a genuine affection there. It was he was as happy as they were, you could almost see it, he was like a kid at Christmas.


And this is the part of the convention from last night that if you are a conservative and you're a dumpster, you have someone you know, someone that's on the edge. These are the types of segments from the convention that you could probably share with people that are that are on the fence because it was just powerful stuff, 800 to to 28, 2082.


My name is Ken Matthews, guest hosting for Mr. Limbaugh again. And it's always an honor and a pleasure to be here. And let's take some phone calls. Alan in Denville, New Jersey, is Danville or Denville Danville. Danville, welcome. I can yeah.


So the point I just wanted to make is I thought about when you were saying how they're taking Bologna to task for having an accent. I mean, she's an immigrant and immigrants usually have an accent that's based on the country they emigrated from. So it seems to me that this is not consistent with the message that they're, you know, that supposedly that the other side might be giving, that we welcome all immigrants, all this and that, and then to now take someone to task for having an accent because they are an immigrant.


It doesn't seem like a very, you know, a very nice way to approach it. Or is it now that, well, certain accents are good, but other accents aren't? I don't know. The point is.


Well, Alan, I'm glad you pointed that out, because it's it's simple. It's a simple observation that I think some people won't even recognize. For example, I doubt anybody would recognize it in the news media. But it's true what Alan said. Now we know that there are different standards on the left.


In the right. For example, some guy just got in trouble, I have it in my pile of preparation here, a guy at another, he was in a he's in a university.


He's a professor at Syracuse University.


What the heck's going on in Syracuse? I've never been there, but I have friends here. They say it's a great place, great town. I mean, I know it's New York and stuff, and they get Syracuse University places. Professor on administrative leave after a syllabus which he printed, referred to the coronavirus is the human flu. So getting back to what Alan said, you are allowed free speech if you are Barack Obama or Chelsea Clinton or Stephen Colbert.


But you got to be real careful if you're if you're not in that category, you've got to be careful about saying the Luján flu or whatever, and you are not allowed to criticize anybody about anything unless they're.


Pro Trump, if they're pro Trump, you could go after everything and the left does, they go after conservative women's appearance, conservative women's accents, conservative women and men, they go after their personal lives. They're very comfortable with hate speech. So I doubt they're the people that have one of those, you know, those signs, I don't know if you have them in your state, but we have them in our state. It's a blue sign and it says hate has no place here.


And it's hard for me to keep a straight face when I walk by that, because I see like on the one car in particular, I got to be careful going to give away my neighborhood here on one car in particular.


They have a it's a picture of Trump. It's very funny. I mean, I'm not going to keep the car or firebomb it like in New York or anything. It has a picture of Trump's face and then it has the the red circle with the line through it. It's funny. It's funny.


That's what I love about America. I'm all for bumper stickers and bustin people's chops and stuff. Just don't firebomb me and don't fire me and don't sue me for freedom of speech, just like I didn't attack that person's house. But I thought it was interesting that there's the sign hate has no place here. And then, you know, get rid of Trump.


He's evil. Sort of kind of hateful 800 to a two 2082, and that was Syracuse University, by the way. So there is an example. Universities at in 2020 probably have the worst record of free speech than any other institutions.


Now, I haven't extrapolated all the information on this yet, but I do know earlier in the year. And speaking of which, Charlie Kirk, I thought he did a great job, too.


I can't remember if he was last night or the night before, but he's he's another guy who's he's like in his late 20s or mid 20s. We just have so many young, energetic, forward thinking conservatives that are across America.


And I think one of the reasons and I I fell victim to it. If you don't see that all the time, you forget it's there, but it's there, you just don't see it in the news media, the news media has programmed our population to believe if you're a farmer, this is what you look like.


If you're a conservative, this is what you look like. This is what you drive.


This is how you feel about immigrant immigrants. If you're in college, this is what you're thinking. This is what you're doing and they're wrong. So when we see real people, the husband and wife business team, the the pastor, the woman from that used to be with Planned Parenthood. And it's a it's a beautiful testimony she gives and speech and will have some of that coming up when you see reality.


Hopefully it's going to shake loose some of the stuff we've all seen on Don Lemon's show and The View.


This is the Rush Limbaugh Show on Ken Matthews. We'll be right back. I was thinking back to. The most photographed and published first lady of all time. Michelle Obama. And I was thinking, that's true, that is true, but I'm sorry. No, she she passed Jacqui. Well, I don't know if you are aware, though, but I'm sure you are. You know, Michelle Obama's black, right?


OK, because I know you're plugged in to the scene and everything, so OK, oh, by the way, speaking of speaking of the Kennedys and Jackie O and her slick, very fashionable, iconic look, which which I happen to believe that Melania has closely and I don't think she's done it intentionally, but I think she has captured a level of elegance that we haven't seen since Camelot. But have you seen the Meems that have Kamala Harris and they spell Camelot with a K and then then they have all this funny stuff?


I, I have to thank Joe Biden and God bless you, sir. I know you're probably napping now till 5:00, but you've given us so many wonderful names. And the only better meme than a Joe Biden meme is a Kamala Harris. I mean, that's just there are some.


Yeah, I don't understand that I have been to the Rose Garden only one time, and it does look a little bit different, it actually it looks better now and it I think it's an improvement. I like the way they redid some of the plants in the sidewalk and everybody's angry over that. And, you know, something that the Democrats always do in this? This is kind of a tell for them. They always say this is unprecedented. This is unprecedented, because I I don't think that progressives want progress.


I think the progressive is the first person to say, you can't do that. It's never been done. Well, I know that's why we voted for President Trump. He's unprecedented and so is Melania Trump. I think it's great that we have a legal immigrant and an American citizen that came here and became an American citizen. I just think that's the greatest thing in the world.


I can't think of a better message to send to the world.


800 Twohey to 2082, let's go to Susan in Joshua, Texas. Susan, I hope you're not in the hurricane track.


No, we're up north. They're good. Very good. Welcome. I want to I want to say prayers for us, we're from us before I start, but I want to tell you, Melania Trump, he hit a grand slam homerun last night. I was just so excited that she is our first lady. I don't know how we could ever possibly have a better first lady, a lovely one inside and out and is proud of her country. That's the other thing.


She's so glad to be here and be an American citizen, because I watched the whole C-SPAN thing last night. And also the other things were the the comments that were made by the nurses and by the truck driver and those that particular grouping and also the pardon of Mr. John Pounder. That is such a blessing because we know there's lots of people in jail that deserve to be there. But then there's a lot of them. Yes. That really could be, you know, getting to move forward.


Those are a lot of the the things that I saw that excited me and the naturalization ceremony, how moving we are. Kids that are born here, you know, often take things for granted, but those who don't. And I've known somebody that was naturalized and she would just smile and be so excited, you know, year after year about how grateful she was that she was an American. So, you know, I'm one of those and I'm all for Trump.


And it was a I'm just so excited because I'm kind of like Leo Terrell. No, I can't wait to get to the polls to vote because he for the founding of this country. He's for the Constitution. I don't want this at that stage. I want to say, yes, it is. And I believe some of this is intimidation, these riots and things, this intimidation will all stop this when we get the man in the White House.


And it's not true.


That's not it will end up without the country that we have today and the laws, the constitution will have something we won't even recognize. Well, Susan, I want to thank you for calling.


That was such a lovely synopsis of what happened last night. And you you brought up more things. There were so many neat moments. And I teared up with Mr. Ponder. I just think that that what this country does better than any other country on Earth is it is a country of comebacks and second chances. And that just doesn't happen anywhere else on Earth. You cannot. Be in a position where you think you've lost everything and you're in a jail cell.


Whether you put yourself there or God forbid, it was a miscarriage of justice and there's hope in this country and we saw it last night and we're seeing it in the policies of President Trump, that anything can be turned around, anything is possible. When you see a guy that was in jail for bank robbery, inviting the FBI agent to a commencement ceremony that the president of the United States is speaking at. Shame on the news media for not airing that entire segment.


And shame on the news media for trying to label our president as a racist, it's a cheap shot and we're tired of it.


We'll be right back. On the Rush Limbaugh Show, The Rush Limbaugh show, our one. As Mr. Limbaugh would say in the Cannes. Coming up, more of your great calls. We're going to talk about what an exciting night it was. And yes, if you're just tuning in and I mean full disclosure, I support President Trump. And I was very impressed by the the convention last night. Now, before you say, well, you're just going to say that because you know you.


But I got to tell you, it was probably the best convention ever. The stereotypes and the labels that news media and academia and Hollywood and the left have hung around the neck of the GOP. God bless whoever planned that thing. But I think the GOP has finally broken from that. I think now that now it's up to the GOP can now chart its own course. The negative connotations will never be back, especially especially after Melania's speech. And it was it was perfect.


That's the other thing. The speeches last night were perfectly timed. You never had an opportunity to say. That's going on way too long, I don't know of, but I mean, soon as you were, you found yourself saying, yeah, I like this guy.


Hour two of the show. Thrilled that you're here tuning in to the EIB Network 888 228 82. Thanks for your great calls about the convention last night. It's great to hear your take. And if you saw I'd love to hear what you think, I happen to believe it moved the dial. Again, I said, I'm not a huge fan of the giant party infrastructure and baroque bureaucracy and the establishment this an establishment that.


But I got to tell you, last night was a big, big move, a big shift for the Republicans because this was a youthful, energetic, forward thinking, reality based convention.


The the young people that were there, I might take away as as someone who's watched all of these since 1980. That was the first year I could vote and it was Ronald Reagan. But as someone who's seen all of these or watched them all, my take away from this was they really brought America into the process.


It wasn't all senators, all celebrities, you know, and the timing was perfect last week because one more night of July, Louise Louis-Dreyfus or whatever her name is, I think that would have been the end, that she could have ended the Democrat Party. So I guess it would have been good for us. But I.


Whose idea was that? Whose idea was to get an actress or an actor in the mix every night. That's crazy. 800 to a two, 2082. Listen carefully to this and tell me if you have a problem with this. This is Hillary Clinton, not only the smartest woman in the world, but probably the most bitter. And here's her take on the upcoming election. And to me, it sounds illegal.


Got to have a massive legal operation. And I know the Biden campaign is working on that. We have to have poll workers. And I urge people who are able to be a poll worker, we have to have our own teams of people to counter the the force of intimidation that the Republicans and Trump are going to put outside polling places. This is a big organizational challenge, but at least we know more about what they're going to do.


And, you know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch.


Well, you already don't give an inch and you're still losing. But that scared me. I'll be honest with you. That was a direct message to the wacky nutty left.


And the nutty left is no longer, you know, a bunch of guys wearing vagina hats, having tofu at the coffee shop.


Sadly, the the new nutty left is burning police stations and burning apartment buildings with people in them after they fire bombed a police car. Or they're pushing elderly couples down the stairs in a subway because they have a magic hat on. And this was a message to them. Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstance. So she has she has taken this to a whole new level, because nothing has worked since 2015, nothing has worked.


Fake spy Russia stuff, the Ukraine stuff that I think it was Pam Bondi, the attorney general of Florida, the former attorney general, she ripped Mr Biden a new one because no one in the news media is allowed to talk about what she talked about.


You have to understand, you go down that road at MSNBC, you're not getting your bonus.


But you have Joe Biden, who threatened the president of a country with aid money if they didn't. Call off an investigation that involved his son and the same that same party, they want to investigate the sitting secretary of state who happened to be in Jerusalem and was pretty much what I might take away was he was giving an update of where we are foreign policy wise.


To me, that was like what you know, what John Kerry or Hillary would do on a Sunday show, except he happened to be over there, but so they ignored Joe Biden in China and in Ukraine and the families that benefited and parts of his family that benefited from his influence with President Barack Obama and his own votes and decisions. And they want to go after Mike Pompeo for his backdrop. That's how it looks. But when when you have a woman that I don't, I forget how many times she lost.


I think it was eight times she lost the presidency, right? Yeah. John Kasich lost nine times in Hillary lost eight. But to have her say don't concede under any circumstances, she pretty much she sent out the signal. You want to talk about a dog whistle? Somebody needs to get Maxine Waters on the phone because Maxine is a dog whistle expert. I don't know, you could probably hear him, you hear him? Yup, yup, that Maxine's doing that.


But that's that's beyond a dog whistle. That's like no matter what you do, America, no matter who or how you vote or who wins, we are going to make your life difficult. That's the message I got. Now, I think the Democrats have been sending out that message since President Trump came down the escalator and since Congresswoman Rasheda to leave said we're going to go up there and impeach the MFR. And Elaine Omar said he's a racist, this is like Mussolini, it's like Nazi Germany, and because of that, listen to what's happening.


In Illinois, background checks are so far behind because so many people in the state of Illinois, which, by the way, is leading right now, big giant blue state. In the first seven months of 2020, there were four point six million background checks in the state of Illinois, the firearm owner identification cards that are required there backed up about 150000 as of today, give or take. There are an average in 2020, 610000 background checks a month.


These are people that want to purchase firearms legally because there's a good chance if you're on the left, you probably aren't aware of it. But in the Constitution, there's an amendment and we have a right to bear arms and Democrats have the same right. And I think Democrat leaders forget that. A lot of Democrat leaders, if you listen to Joe Biden, they'll tell you, you know, you're not black enough. You're not smart enough. You're not diverse enough.


You're not woman enough. You're not white enough, whatever. But I think a lot of Democrat leaders forget that everyone in the country. Has the constitutional protection, so what you have now are 5000 firearm transfer request pending, you have Illinois firearm background checks up 88 percent as of the end of last month. And you know who's driving it? First time gun buyers. Now, people like Don Lemon and some of the other legal experts like Joy Bejar or Stephen Colbert, they will say, well, this is Korsakov.


No, no, this is because the left is not the law and order party. And moms and dads are starting to think, well, if the Democrat Party is going to degrade the ability of law enforcement to keep my daughter safe at college or to keep my family safe at home, how am I going to protect them? I don't have the security budget that Joe Biden or Rosie O'Donnell or David Letterman has, so they're buying a gun. That's part of what the Second Amendment is for.


This is where we have been saying, those of us on the conservative side, we've been saying this for years. This is the year, this was the election, 2016, the first time, and this is the year that the Democrats have finally overplayed their hand to the point where even lifelong Democrats, some of whom we heard from last night at the RNC convention, even they're saying, excuse me, what the hell are you talking about? Let's go back to the phones, the Rush Limbaugh Show, 800 202 2082, Brian, Lower Lake, California.


Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show. Hi.


Good morning. I just wanted to talk to you about the Hillary comment about not conceding. And I personally feel that what they're really she's really saying here is that we can't legitimately win this election. So regardless of how far apart the numbers are, we're going to take you into court and try to win the election through court and through multiple recounts like 2000.


I definitely believe she's playing that angle. But let me ask you this, Brian. Don't you think, considering what's going on, coming off the heels of the covid shutdown and the tragedy with George Floyd and all these riots which continue to this day, don't you think that she is trying to leverage some of this negative energy to scare people about the election?


Yeah, I would I would agree with that and, you know, the thing is, is that they're failing on all these counts. Number one, the American public is turning against the quote unquote, peaceful riots. And number two, the economy has has bounced back. We're at 28000.


I know. I saw that. Oh, I mean, come on.


That is crazy. That's less than to two grand away from another record.


Yeah. And, you know, and my point is on all of this is they're going to try to play the same game they did in 2012. You know, where they're going to claim that No. One, military ballots weren't correctly counted or the postmen weren't able to deliver. You know, you can mail in your your absentee ballot like a week or two before the election. So there's absolutely no reason for people not to have their vote counted. Those are all great points, and I'm glad you're it sounds to me like you're on the Trump train and I'm glad you are, Brian.


Are you surrounded by a Democrat out Democrats out there? Oh, you are.


You have to be nuts to wear a Trump hat in California. Pretty much.


Isn't that a shame? I mean, it's it's a shame that you can't because it's such a good looking hat. Well, thank thank you. Thank you. Thank you for calling. I appreciate it.


That's an interesting take on it, that it's going to be illegal and a legal I didn't mean to say illegal a legal battle, but I also believe and I and I get this impression probably more now than I ever have.


And that is there are I'm not saying that everyone in Democrat leadership is on board with this destruction, but sadly, I think there are enough giving people that burn and break things and intimidate people. They're giving them that wink and a nod. And it does worry me and we've heard both, haven't we? Isn't it always violence with the left? You know, if if Trump wins, there's going to be violence. I've heard people say there's going to be a civil war, there's going to be this, there's going to be that.


And then if he if he loses, people are also saying, man, when we get control again, you're going to pay. So it's kind of like six or one and half a dozen of the other with the Democrats, you guys are going to be idiots whether you win or lose.


I mean, if we base it on your behavior of the last four years.


I'm Ken Matthews, in for Rush Limbaugh. We'll be right back. 800 202, 2082. My name is Ken Matthews, guest hosting for Mr. Limbaugh today. Something that struck me, I believe it was not last night, but the night before Herschel Walker.


I thought his speech was among the most powerful and the thing that connected to me.


As a 50 something white, conservative, Christian, heterosexual, so, you know, I'm I'm on a lot of bad lists, especially, you know, in the media and academia. Perhaps you are familiar with that.


And what resonated with me is when he said. Calling President Trump a racist, and he went on to say, I guess he's been friends with him for 30 something years, 37 years or something, he said calling calling Donald Trump a racist is an insult to me because I've known him and been his friend for 37 years.


Herschel Walker went on to say and then he said, why would you think if this man was a racist, I would even associate with him. And I thought that was so powerful and so true. And it makes me even angrier when WOAK leftist and Democrats.


Make these horrific comments about men and women of color or more diversity than the left will allow to be on the conservative side and they attack them with the garbage. They attacked them with it. It just nothing makes me angrier than to see what people say about Ben Carson. And the list goes on. You know what I'm talking about.


If you don't agree with the Democrat ideology, philosophy, whatever it may be, hate speech, immigration, LGBTQ, pick something. And you are supposed to agree with them, they take it out on you, and that's why I thought when Herschel Walker said it's an insult, it's an insult to me, he said, why would I? And you have to wonder, why in the world do you do you really think Ben Carson needs the job? Or do you think he's there because of his love for the country and his passion and his ability to work with and he respects Donald Trump, when you look at some of these men and women that don't appear the way the news media claims leftists are supposed to look.


And that is always there, knee jerk position, or if you're Bette Midler, you make fun of their accent, but the knee jerk position is always well, I heard a friend of mine said because I said, have you ever read Clarence Thomas book? And my friend said, he's not a real black guy.


And I just about fell off my chair. This is the level C. This is an ideological control. Hate dynamic, this no longer even has to do with race, this burning and crushing things, this is a group of angry losers trying to scare the majority of America who works hard, loves their country, respects law enforcement, respects the military, loves their God or a God. And this is a small group of angry have nots. And some have.


Trying to scare everybody, they want to scare you at the polling booth, they want to scare you in the public square, they want to scare you with the school, that's what it gets down to. This doesn't have to do with racism anymore. This hasn't had to do with racism for years. Racism is a lever. It's a tool. It's a card. And sadly, a lot of Democrats don't leave home without it. Shame on you.


Shame on you for going after Herschel Walker. Speaking of nitwits, this is one of my favorites. Her name is Nancy Pelosi, trying to interfere in our election, but they're not the only ones. We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and sadly, the domestic enemies to our voting system. Wait for it. And hour honoring our constitution.


All right. At sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue with their allies in the Congress of the United States. But again, let's just get out there and mobilize, organize and not let the president deter anybody from voting and again, support the postal system, which is election to election central. They're doing everything they can to suppress the vote with your actions, scare people, intimidate by saying law enforcement, be there a diminished the role of the of the postal system in all of this.


OK, great. I was going to play it longer, but her teeth finally did fall out. Now, here's the issue.


Is anybody in the phone lines open and this is probably the most accessible phone line on the planet, 800 282, 28 82, if anybody out there has been intimidated.


By the Trump administration or by a Republican from voting, would you let me know because I keep hearing this and some of the sound bites you'll find not only at Rush Limbaugh, dotcom and stuff from the stack of stuff today, you'll also find I put sound bites in some of the stuff I talk about on my Facebook page at Ken Matthews.


I'm also on Paula and Twitter, the sewer of the Internet.


Yes, I am on Twitter.


Oh, it's that Ken Matthews. Yeah, yeah, and as far as Rush would say, nothing on Twitter is real. It's not reality.


And it is so it's so true. Yeah.


You're both swirlies on Twitter. Yeah. That's a real thing, but it's so we'll put some stuff on there, you can check it out. We're getting some great analysis and some realistic analysis from our callers today.


If you saw and if you want to comment on any of it so far, I just think there's a level of energy that has not been seen before at a Republican convention.


And a lot of it has to do with younger, diverse and dare I say, less traditional. I get the feeling that. Whoever's planning this understands that you need to show America, America, and that's what we're seeing at this, we're not seeing, you know, when I see some of these younger people speak, I don't think here's a guy who wants to be a senator. I think here's a really smart American here. Here's a here's a great businesswoman.


I don't know if you saw the guy from Maine. My my wife is from Maine. So the accent I responded immediately to the lobster guy from Maine who and I love when they say, you know, I I didn't vote for Donald Trump early on because of this and this and this. But then I saw what Donald Trump did and compared it to what Biden did or didn't do. And see, that is what made President Trump's first victory so amazing because he had to sell America.


Without a strong record as president, now he has the strong record as president and this is why the left is melting down. So now all he all you have to do is go and look it up. Oh, my gosh, he did sign prison reform.


He did rewrite NAFTA. He did move the embassy to Jerusalem. This guy says it and then he does it. And that's something that what 98 percent of politicians do not do. Let's go to Debbie in St. Louis. Debbie, I hope you're well. Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show. I can't hear you.


I am feeling good all under. I have never watched a convention before and after last week, I had no idea what to even expect. But the speakers that we've had on I mean, Nicholas Sandeman. I was nervous for him at first, but he was so eloquent and so heartfelt and like you said, the lobstermen who knew there was a tariff on lobsters. I know there it's like we find out over over the last couple of days that the the Democrats have negatively impacted so much of our lives that we didn't even know about because the news media protects them.


And I didn't know that either about the coastline of Maine and the restrictions and all that stuff.


I mean, well, that makes cheaper. Well, let's hope so. I know I've just been so impressed, I mean, these people are so poised and so eloquent, but they're just Americans. And amazing to see, yeah, that is in what you said about poison and so many Americans are, I find when, you know, when I meet people, it's like the people that call the show.


Did the analysis you get from Americans calling the Rush Limbaugh Show is most of the time more intelligent than those ridiculous panels on cable news?


Unbelievable. Yeah, and Sandeman was a great example. Nick Sandmen, the Covington high schooler, because he has an awkwardness about him. And you could tell that the kid's been through hell because his whole life was destroyed by giant political entities that don't give a damn about anything but money and their agenda. And I could feel for him having teenage sons. And I can only imagine the pressure and the awkwardness. And you're right, he hit it out of the park.


And then when he put the Trump hat on, I was yelling, you know, CNN was dying when he did that.


Well, it doesn't take much to trigger the the the man children at CNN.


Exactly. But and I'm so glad he did it, but you I, I hope you are a good example of how people were interpreting this, like the the young woman that owned her and her husband on the coffee business. And I just keep as you brought that up, I keep thinking back to all these great small business people and their personal story.


And I got emotional with the the the prisoner that was released, the reform prisoner and the swearing in ceremony and.


Oh, yeah, what about the nurses when when the nurses were telling President Trump about their situations?


Well, that was enough. Yeah, and I'm in Missouri and I can tell you I'm a sales rep and I'm running around all day long and the silent majority is real. Well, that is that's great to hear in Missouri, in Missouri, because I can tell you in Pennsylvania, I mean, I took I took my son to a friend's house about 30 minutes away.


And we have to drive through the country a little bit. It's beautiful country in Pennsylvania. It's a beautiful state. And I just saw so many jumbo Trump signs, you know, like three by fives, eight by ten billboards that people made themselves. This is a good sign. We saw we saw this before and now the president actually is the president. And I think that makes a big difference.


I do. Well, thank you for calling, Debbie. I really appreciate it. 800 202, 82, and I was referring to the I don't know if you saw the the the one Nerkh.


There were a whole bunch of nurses and there were some truck drivers and an ambulance driver and a firefighter and a police officer. There was a woman, police officer.


And it's it's amazing to see Trump interacting with people that are from a whole different part of the world or industry that he's familiar with her he's in.


And that's something the news media rarely will show us. They don't show you Trump interacting with the newly naturalized citizen from Uganda. They don't show they don't show that dynamic of laughter and friendliness and respect. We don't as Americans, we don't get to see. That part and again, most conservatives that I know, we just want to see both sides, like everybody knows there's warm sides to Obama. We saw them, we saw all that. We're not saying don't show it.


Nobody ever called CNN and said stop showing Obama. It's just there there's it's so one sided and then when you see the reality. When you see a police officer or a construction worker say, you know, I don't think I'll ever vote Democrat again, that's powerful. That would be great ratings. CNN would have ratings.


If they would just do honest journalism, they would have ratings because where where else you go, thank God for the EIB Network, because this is where you have to go to get facts. That's why people call Rush Limbaugh America's anchorman. Because at what do you end up doing?


You turn on NBC, you watch NBC, maybe you watch CBS and then you say, you know what?


I got to see what Rush says about this translation. That was a bunch of crap. I got to go tune into the truth. Thanks, Joe and Mika, did you guys get some new furniture today? 800, 28, 82? I think we have time. I want to squeeze this in because we we were we brought this up before. This is from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police Officer Ryan Collette's. This was beautiful. Go ahead.


Nothing could prepare me for what I discovered as I approached them. The woman was very pregnant. In my shock, I asked her if she knew that she was harming her baby by doing drugs. She crumbled and burst into tears. Two worlds collided as I knelt down beside her, a police officer and a homeless drug addict brought together by forces outside of our control. As we talked, our humanity, distinct from our stations in life, was made abundantly clear.


Her name was Crystal, and in the midst of her suffering, she confided that she loved her unborn baby. She wanted the best for her child. In that moment, I saw her the way that all of you who know and love an addict see them as fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, cousins and friends as human beings full of value and dignity, but robbed of their potential by this disease. When Crystal said that she was looking for a family to adopt her baby, God showed me exactly what I had to do without hesitation.


I told her that my family would welcome her baby through adoption. Today, our beautiful daughter Hope is a thriving two year old. Krystal is fast approaching three years of recovery. She is a dear friend and a constant inspiration to me and others.


It was such a beautiful and refreshing testimony from a law enforcement officer, and it was so wonderful to see law enforcement represented that way, because I know plenty of police officers, men and women who have that level of passion and concern and sacrifice for our community.


And that's why it was so nice to see that represented last night. We'll be right back on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Texas, Louisiana. Stay strong, we care about you, we're paying attention, but we need you to pay attention to evacuation warnings, which you must take seriously.


We're now at over half a million that have to be evacuated from Texas, a quarter million Louisiana. Now we're seeing 20 foot storm surges. This is extremely dangerous. Take it seriously and know that you're in our hearts and our prayers.


And there's going to be plenty of people that are be looking out for you from the federal to the state government and your neighbors. But take it seriously. I said at the top of the show today, talk about a rough week. You know, if it's not covid or someone from BLM fire bomb in your car.


Now, it's a 20 foot surge. 800 to 28, 82, and we're getting some great reviews last night from. The Republican convention. And I was just talking to Mr. Inertly during the break, and I and I can't believe that the news media is now going at Nick Sandeman again. So this is a young man, if you're totally unfamiliar with this is the young white kid, skinny white kid from the high school that was at the Lincoln Memorial.


And there was a Native American man beating a drum in his face. And Nick just stood there and smiled. That was it. A hand was never lifted. A word was never said. And the news media turned Nick Sandeman into this horrible.


They called them names that were just absurd, and they turned the Native American guy who turned out to be a lying con man and who was not a Vietnam combat veteran.


But we were led to believe that, you know, snotty nose kid attacks Native American. This is horrible. Look, he's got a mega hat. And it turned out to be all garbage. Now here's the worst part of the mainstream news media. It's not that they make the mistakes because everybody makes mistakes. Of course they make a lot of them. And you have to question their motives, but they will not correct them. That's the worst part.


The worst part about the mainstream news media is they will run with Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia gate the Steele dossier. Carter Page is a spy.


They'll run with it for two years based on, I don't know, Hillary Clinton's notes. I don't know then when it comes out that it's wrong. Nobody in mainstream media says, oh, my God, we owe you an apology, we we really misread this.


Please accept our apology. They can't because they're losing so badly. The Democrats are the same way.


The Democrats are the same way President Donald Trump, after he's re-elected, you will see another surge. This is a good kind of surge in the economy. You will see unemployment for everyone going down. You'll see wages going up, and you'll see it with such a vigor because I believe President Trump will get re-elected with a larger with with probably I think you're going to see Reagan like numbers. That's just me, though.


I just think just talking to Debbie today, talking to Brian in California, talking to people around this country, there is a group of people that love Trump and they just don't want to deal with it. At the picnic, and they just don't want to deal with it at their son's party, they just don't want to deal with it, but they're going to vote for Trump.


Now, this is this is what terrifies the left. That's why the fears coming out.


That's why it's well, if you elect Trump, you think there's right now way to you like Trump. I don't think the left realizes how many well-trained former and active law enforcement officers and military men and women that they have ticked off.


I have not met one that I know personally or met one that isn't has not had it with these shenanigans. They're done. They are so done with these shenanigans, and I think that's something else, the news media's missing. You know, at the end of the day, be thankful that the majority of this country loves the country and we are in the majority, that's the at the end of the day, if you think that, you know, the the LGBTQ and the hating Trump and a lot of the on orthodoxy that has come out of the left is truly the new America.


Sadly, it's not. Those are extreme extreme positions even in the Democrat Party. And unfortunately, because there's so many puppets at the top like Biden, they're getting dragged to the left. But don't think for a minute, don't lose hope. Don't think, oh, my gosh, what are we going to do? We're just going to vote and we're going to vote them into oblivion. And then the day after the election, like we did last time, we're going to have popcorn and caramel corn and we're going to watch people like Don Lemon and Joy Bay'ah cry on television.


It's going to be great.


800 to to 2082. I'm Ken Matthews, in for Rush. Will be right back.


Coming up next hour on the Rush Limbaugh Show, what are the what are the top 10 states that are winning with the recovery according to Wall Wallet Hub?


What which states are? Seeing the best economic recovery at this point, we'll have those coming up, we'll have the worst as well. People wonder why are people now losing faith if they had any at all in the Democrat Party? Another great example. Los Angeles, California, refused to honor more than 25000 request from federal immigration officials to turn over undocumented immigrants being housed in its jails. This is according to Fox News and several other sources. Now, what the sheriff says is, listen carefully.


There is no greater threat to public safety, according to the Los Angeles County sheriff, than a million undocumented immigrants who are afraid to report crime out of fear of deportation and having their families torn apart.


Do you realize what he just said? It's scary hour three of The Rush Limbaugh Show. Thank you for being here. It's an honor to be here and a thrill to guest host for America's anchorman after day two of what what I thought was one of the best, if not the best Republican conventions. And I'm not a I love politics in history and I'm a geek, but I'm not really a convention guy, I've actually turned down opportunities to go. And, you know, seriously, I just not I'm not a because it just.


But last night and the night before, the Republicans, the people running it and I don't know who they are, eventually I'm sure we'll find out who they are because I'm and, you know, President Trump, he's so good at hiring teams of people that can get stuff done.


And that's what he learned in the private sector, obviously.


And I love the segment on on women because we forget that President Trump in the private sector. Hired women all the time for big giant jobs, he was surrounded by women not just in marketing, but in construction and real estate, and to take to to not showcase that would be foolish. And I'm so glad they showcased it. Because this is good, you get to see it, but you also got to see last night more than just the template cut out political, you know, the music in the background and the great voice over there was so much more than that.


I just love seeing my fellow Americans come out and nail it at the podium. And as an aside, I don't know how, in the case of the Trumps, how you have that many children that you can dress up and put in front of millions of people on a regular basis.


And make you proud, that's got to make you proud as a parent. I said that back in 2015 or no, it was right after I met Eric for the first time. I had the pleasure of having Eric in my Pennsylvania studio. And it was truly a pleasure.


And I remember telling my producer in Pennsylvania, I said, wow, this these guys these people were raised with manners and decorum and there's a warmth about them. And when you meet the president, you know, Rush Rush tells you all the time that you can feel it.


And I just thought because we saw the one who's the younger the younger girl that spoke last night. Tiffany Yeah. I always forget her name. I think I would remember it because it's pretty high profile name, especially in New York.


But she nailed it. She nailed it. And something else that I saw, and I'm sure you picked up on it, I saw a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of pride and energy and fun. I saw humor.


I didn't see what is has become the fuel of the left, bitterness, anger, payback, resentfulness. I didn't see that. I didn't get any of that vibe.


I didn't get that vibe from the lobstermen or the police officer or the nurses or the small businesswoman or the the man from Cuba that had me in tears about three different times when he was talking about his father, what his father told him after he escaped from Cuba and they came here.


These stories were all so well represented.


And I think they were well represented because they were told by the people. And so kudos to whoever was working this convention, because it was just it was beautiful and you can sense it just by hearing people call in today. Jim in Danville, Virginia, Jim, isn't that right on the north? Is that the North Carolina border?


Right on the border? Exactly, yeah. What about 45 minutes north of Greensboro, North Carolina?


Excellent. Well, welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Well, thanks for taking my call, Ken. And mega prayers for Rush and his speedy and complete recovery. And last night's convention was just outstanding. There were so many moments that that you could touch on and you've touched on a lot of them.


But two of them that stood out in my mind was when Pam Bondi just eviscerated Joe Biden's political record as a whole.


But the one that stood out the most in my mind, and it's because I was in this camp in 2016, I was not a Trump supporter in 2016 because I didn't trust him, because I didn't think he was conservative enough for me. And last night, there were so many that that made a point of mentioning that, that they were not a Trump supporter in 2016. But he came in and he made all these promises. And one after one, he started checking these promises all and he won these people's loyalty.


They saw that he was a man of his word, that he he said what he meant any any early on, basically on his own, accomplished what he said he was going to do. And that's what was amazing to me last night. And that's why he has three votes in my household this time that he didn't have the last time.


And they're all they're all legal. You're all citizens, right? Yeah. Well, I just want to make sure. Jim. Yes. We're all legal.


Well, I love hearing that story. And I know exactly what you meant because that's what my hardcore conservative friends said when I came out back in July, know June, June of 2015, I believe, and said, you know, this is the guy this is the guy who's going to who's going to be Ted Cruz.


This is the guy who can win. And they all thought I was nuts.


But if you read his books, like what you just described is The Art of the Comeback.


That's one of my favorite books of Donald Trump.


And when you see how many times this man has failed and been up against total disaster.


And then he just fixes it, you're thinking, well, you know, I was a big Trump Ted Cruz supporter and my brother was who was a Trump supporter, and he kept telling me, John, you need to get on board and he'd get on board. So when when he was elected and he won, I said, well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Well, every day he will come out and he would do something else that that was the right thing to do.


My brother said, Well, are you on the train yet?


Well, not not yet, but I'm headed towards the platform. Then the next day or a couple of weeks later, he'd do something else. He put Gorsuch in and he said, My brothers say, Are you on the Trump sanea? And I said, Well, I'm on the platform now.


And then eventually on the on the train. And then I had both feet on the train and now I'm headed towards the locomotive.


Yeah, well, I'm thrilled to hear that, Jim, because the last place you want to be is have one foot on a moving train and one on the platform, because that that's that's an awkward situation.


But it's so funny. You talked about Gorsuch look at the way the president stuck by Cavnar. Exactly. And he could have thrown Cavnar under the bus.


He could have just said we we got a bill. We got to get out of this, you know. Well, that's the thing that stands out is his loyalty to his people. Yes. And you see him in those factories and it's not like other politicians, you know, with other politicians. It like when you see Barack Obama in a hard hat.


I don't even think he knows how to adjust the hard hat, you know, but you see Trump in your like, you know, I think this guy's familiar with construction.


I think he knows his way around a factory, too.


Exactly. Well, thank you for the call, Jim. I know you've energized people and I think people are.


Again, this is what your your convention wants to energize the base. And then you hope that you you move some undecideds and the strategy of saying we are just going to mirror back to the American people how great. You American people are that was great to every time I got more excited, every time someone came out that I didn't recognize, I got more excited.


I don't know about you, but I mean, let's face it, there are a lot of there's great speakers in the Republican Party, there's great conservative speakers, there's a lot of celebrities.


But to have these people come out and say, you know, I am so-and-so, I own a business here, and here's what happened. And that mayor, there's a mayor. I forgot his name. There was a mayor out there that a Democrat mayor that is is he's a big Trump supporter now because Trump came out, spent time with him and they were able to fix things in their town.


So this is all good. And I'm getting the impression, despite what CNN tries to do, I think a lot of the really good nuggets of this convention are going to end up going viral.


I want to play a mike if you can have this ready. It's Albuquerque, New Mexico, police officer Ryan Harlettes. This is another part of what he said last night that was so powerful.


I'm enormously grateful to the president for his leadership in fighting this deadly enemy. Through his efforts were turning the tide on the crisis of addiction. President Trump declared the opioid crisis to be a public health emergency and then secured six billion dollars and new federal funding to help Americans fight opioid abuse. He invested an additional 100 million dollars to stop the opioid crisis in rural America. And in a move that strikes at the root of the problem, he implemented a safer prescribing plan aimed at reducing opioid prescriptions by over a third within three years.


This is an effort that stops addiction before it ever gains a hold in someone's life, and it's having an impact. Drug overdose deaths decreased in twenty eighteen for the first time in 30 years.


Now, what that police officer just said, that may be the first time you're hearing that.


Unless you're a geek like me and you follow it because it's part of your job, that's probably the first time that you have heard that for the first time in 30 years, overdose deaths decreased. In 2018. A year and a half into the Trump administration, that is a powerful, powerful statistic, because if you remember at the peak of the opioid epidemic, it was horrific in the sense of.


Overdose deaths in proportion to other numbers, and that's something else I applauded because instead of just doing the typical rah rah, you know, God bless America, which we all love and embrace.


There were so many facts last night that the news media intentionally avoided like a investing 100 million dollars to stop the opioid crisis, you know, and the president to other things. And we're going to mention them coming up as well. The president has been the most aggressive president in stopping human trafficking and destroying these pedophilia rings online. He's destroyed two giant. I mean, it was huge, the operation. It involved hundreds of people. And he's been the most aggressive toward that.


And he has he's also been the most aggressive toward the opioid. And he's delivered results and to hear a police officer say that and then what is sad, again, we're not getting enough good information.


We're not getting enough of what's really happening because we're so busy with the name calling in the media, we understand the name calling on the left. But it's it's just transferred right to the media now, so it's I just I just punched around the dial during during the break and they're still going after Melania. And they're still going after her today on the left. It's amazing. It's just crazy, 800 to to 28, 82.


When we get back, a couple more sound bites and a lot more of your calls on Rush Limbaugh at home.


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We are getting such wonderful calls, energy and analysis of last night, which, again, youth, energy, intellect, reality, all these things were just popping off the stage. It was just so exciting. And I was cheering on all the speakers. And it when you think, you know, I don't know what it's rated, but public speaking is people always say it's one of the scariest things it can be. It can be overwhelming.


And just to see how well everybody did, once again, America and Americans, they don't let us down.


And we're getting calls in today, people are giving analysis and I say this every time I guest host, why don't we get the insight? Like we get from the people that listen to the Rush Limbaugh show that are paying attention and that you make your comments and your theories and what have you, we don't get that on news stations anymore. You just don't get it on cable news. And I do think it's going to move the dial a little bit.


I think there's going to be some undecideds that may say, you know what, I didn't know that.


And it's a shame that so many Americans didn't know some of the things we learned last night from the Republican convention. But now the cat's out of the bag. And I was just watching these narratives and these attacks and this script that was built for and about President Trump by the left in the news media and Hollywood and academia.


And I was just watching it explode last night. It was just falling away.


And then it was capped off by that eloquent and elegant speech by our first lady, Melania Trump, just a home run. Let's go to Siggie two in Minneapolis. Welcome to the show.


Thank you, sir, for having me.


I greatly appreciate it. All right. I'm also a first generation American who, as we witnessed last night so beautifully, American story has been told many of us who came from a socialist country. We have to take the test of American citizen. And when you studied American history, you fully understand how blessed we are in this nation. And I have raised children and I'm a grandmother right now. I came to this country as a refugee with a three suitcase.


And today I have owned businesses. I have owned homes. This is the American story. What you have witnessed last night was a true American story and there is no better place in this earth. I am not telling you just someone who came from Africa. I have an opportunity to thank God I have lived in America able to travel around the world. Mr. Speaker, a public speaker who traveled around the world and I'm telling you, that is no place in this earth as beautiful, as welcoming as I have been set out for all of you could be a male.


You could be a female, you could be a black, you could be gray, whatever you are. God has given us this land to be only as we are and the socialist Democrat. I'm telling you, I came from a socialist country. They are now mission to destroy our way of life if we don't get up and speak the truth and give opportunity like we heard last night, a true story, not the politician, a true life story of the average American.


This left socialist, they are on a mission to destroy our way of life. I heard you say, you know, Eric Trump, I'm someone who came from a refugee camp, will give a burst in the refugee camp.


You want back to the refugee camp and how many unaccompanied minors?


Don't forget, you can send a message to Rush. Go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. You'll see special notes to Rush. He reads them all the time.


Check it out. Good stuff on the website as well. What a stark difference between the woman who identified herself as a grandmother now, but she came here from a refugee camp.


She's an American citizen citizen. She she she had me in tears as well as she was talking about the greatness of America. It does seem sometimes that people from from afar come here and they recognize sometimes what we overlook. It's happening a lot in schools. People don't even understand freedom. It's scary. But what a stark contrast between what that woman said so beautifully. And Congresswoman Ileana Omar, who also came from a refugee camp, was welcomed.


To Minnesota, I believe, with open arms. Is now a sitting U.S. congresswoman elected their. And she can't say a good thing about art. I don't think she ever says a good thing about our country, which is now her country.


I don't think she says it. When when is you ever heard her say anything? It's a that's that is the cornerstone of a leftist ideology, constant whining and division, whining and division, whining and division. I was I was listening to Herschel Walker Monday night, and all I could think about is how ridiculous Colin Kaepernick looks. When you put the two of them next to each other and don't think I'm insulting catatonics, Aphro, because it is very impressive.


But you put those two next to each other and you look at how they feel about the country and how they feel about themselves and how they feel about others. What the heck, I guess the question is, what are liberals feeding? Their children, what are you. I know, I know tofu is healthy, we're not we're not against vegetarians, but we're not against that. But I just don't understand it, it's truly an ideological difference, you talk about our country being at a crossroads.


Holy moly, I know you've heard this before, but I don't think you heard it when. Towns and cities were burning and not just in Chicago at a convention. Or not just in I mean, we're we're in dire straits here, and you know what's so sad? I think some of these people don't even know what they're protesting or burning things for hitting people or. If I see this headline one more time, protest turns deadly. I don't know how many protests you've been to, I don't go to a lot of protests, I go to rallies, I get to events, I don't really go to scream and yell because I need my voice so I can't blow my voice out screaming and yelling unless I have a bullhorn, which my wife broke.


And don't even get me started on that, because it wasn't a cheap bullhorn bullhorn either, it was one of those fancy law enforcement firefighter bullhorns. Oh, that's good, my wife said I should stop bringing a ballpark to dinner. Well, you don't know my family did.


Anyway, I was thinking when I went to one of the big events, one of the big events in Washington, and we when we went into the event, this is true.


We got there and I took a bus. People from all over the country came. Might have been the nine 12. I'm not exactly sure. And we everybody was handed a trash bag. I thought that was the coolest thing. Here's a trash bag, just keep this with you in case, because what we want to leave this area and this monument cleaner than how we found it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a key component of conservatism right there.


Leave something better than how you found it, and then I look at these protests, which are now being hijacked by thugs and criminals and rioters and liars and leftist and Soros and bitter, angry man child Democrats.


I think I covered some of it. And the news media always says the protesters. They know that they stop being protesters soon as they got off Twitter. Now they're thugs, if there's fire and bricks involved, they're not protesters. And we've accepted it and I'm looking at the deaths Kenosha, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Detroit, Chicago. What the heck's going on?


This is a turning point, and all we ask and I'll only speak for myself as a conservative, make sure your liberal friends make sure they understand who is running the cities, who's running the state's. And the other thing that no one talks about, the three highest death rates in this country for covid are probably the three most blue and progressive states. Number one being New York. Illinois is in the top three to I forget what the third one is, because it they move around a little bit now that they're recalculating some things as far as covid, but that should play a role in it, should it not?


Do you ever discuss with your liberal or progressive friends, do you ever say does the record matter?


I mean, if you take some time away from reading Donald Trump's tweets and look at and listen to. The opioid record, the NAFTA record. The stock market, the job recovery, recovery record, it's tough, though, it's tough to get people off that that drumbeat that you hear on The View and on morning talk television, 800 eight, 28, 82.


Steve, thank you for holding in Birmingham, Alabama. You're on the Rush Limbaugh Show. Good afternoon, Ken. Of course, prayers to Rush and thanks to the other great guest house for doing such awesome work investments. I just wanted to say that I feel really good after these two days at the RNC. And it reminds me very much of something that happened in 2016 when I really liked what I was hearing out of Trump, but I just wasn't sure that he had a chance.


To be honest, it didn't seem like he had a great chance. But the more I heard him talk, the more I heard his speeches. I mean, the more fired up I got about him. And I remember during one speech he said, I'm doing much better. I'm up to two or three, but I got to go to one. I was sick. And they I think this guy really can win. And it just it was like a light switch going off.


And from then on out, I was just fired up. And I've had the same sort of epiphany. After these first two days, I was feeling a little bit doubtful about, you know, re-election chances, hearing what we hear around us in the media. But after these first few days of the RNC and the, you know, the non formulaic nature of the energetic nature, you know, like you said, sounds like America, I'm just fired up.


And I think, you know, we've been sort of we had the wool over our eyes and it's like we're coming out of this slumber. And I think it's going to be great. I think the elections, like you say, I think it's going to go really well.


Well, Steve, you've got me pumped up just saying it. But I was I was in the same position last week.


I all I was saying last week to myself was if the Republicans roll in with a bunch of crusty old, you know, top name Republicans from way back when and they're the speakers, my head's going to implode and they didn't. And all of a sudden it was people that I never even heard of, but I liked instantly, like the attorney general from Kentucky. That guy was awesome. And like Vernon Jones, the Georgia state senator, mean the list goes, oh, God, yeah, he was great.


I mean, I've been a fan of his for a long time. And when he said when he said you should have been here the day, I said, I'm going to vote for Trump as a black Democrat in Georgia. I mean, that just this it's real life. Indeed, and talk about real life mcclosky, they're being savaged by the left, but I see so many people can relate to what they went through and having to stand outside their home and and stand up for what they've worked for so hard.


I mean, this law and order theme, I think is really going to take hold. I mean, especially against the backdrop of everything we're seeing going on in these, quote unquote, protests.


Yeah. Well, thank you for calling, Steve. And that is it. That is, again, another sharp analysis when you think about the Trump excuse me, President Trump has a passion for law and order.


And here you flick on one channel and there he is.


And there's a law enforcement officer or an FBI officer that that are agent helping a reformed criminal get back into the community with the help of the president.


You see all this truly American stuff and then you flip over to one of the top 20 Democrat run cities in the United States. And in the case of Kenosha, they've had a Democrat mayor since 1992.


I checked that before I was going to say it because I didn't know really the makeup of Kenosha as far as the leadership and every single city that's on fire or failing financially, that has been in the news as of late. The whole infrastructure is like Baltimore.


It's decades of leftist progressives that are great talkers, but they just don't get enough done.


We'll be right back on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


You're listening to the EIB Network, The Rush Limbaugh Show. My name's Ken Matthews in for Rush today. Make sure you check out the Web site. Shoot, Rush, a message, Rush Limbaugh, dotcom, you'll see a little area there, he loves reading that stuff, 800 to eight to 2082.


Incredible calls today, as always, and energized. And I couldn't figure it out, but that's what put me in such a great mood. That's probably why I got up in such a great mood today, because I've had two nights of watching these inspirational speakers at the GOP convention.


And I, I try to watch and hats off to C-SPAN because most of the time it's it's pretty objective. I mean, most news organizations could take a lesson from them, but I just like watching C-SPAN because it's not interrupted with commentary. I don't have to listen to, you know, somebody like Brian Seltzer or whatever, say, oh, now what they meant to say there was.


Because I, I speak English like like you do in many cases, so we were grownups, we can pay attention. Anyway, the big lineup tonight. Check it out, but Seaspan, if you want to see it uninterrupted, that's a real cool way to watch it. And I just was amazed by how every single speaker just came out and kept nailing it and nailing it.


And that reminds us, there's so many smart, articulate, great Americans across this country in all parts of the country, and they start businesses and they raise families and they do incredible things. And it really makes you look at our Congress and go, wow. How did so many unimpressive people get to watch it? Let's go back to the phones. Daniel in Orlando, Florida. Welcome to The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Thank you so much for taking my call. Can I just wanted to comment on something that you said earlier about questioning on whether or not that the RNC was actually going to sway votes or not this year. I was born in the mid 80s. The first time I voted was for Bush. And then the next two times was for Obama because of his message of change and hope. And then this last election, because of how crooked Hillary was and how the media was painting Trump, I couldn't vote for either.


So I voted third party. But now that I've been plugged into politics, instead of like waiting until the conventions to form an opinion, I've really been watching what Trump has been doing. I've really been watching how the media has been painting him and how dishonest they have been about it. And so instead of being a registered independent, I have actually switched over to being a registered Republican. I will be voting for Trump this time. So will my wife, who did not vote for Trump last time.


And I think there is actually a silent majority who is going to be swayed as long as the RNC sticks to facts and puts a human face to those facts.


Wow. So well put. You're right. We have to stay factual on the conservative side, you know, in the media, and we have to put a human face to it.


And that's what they did last night. I was emotional more than once last night listening to these people's testimony.


Absolutely. Well, thank you for calling, Daniel, that was great and what you said is so true about you observed on your own and I'll say in my words, the mistreatment of Trump by the media. You observed how they would distort things and how they didn't report factually.


But at once, once that clicks off and I think that's where a major change occurs, sooner or later, the Democrats pile on so hard, even Democrats say, well, wait, whoa, whoa, hold on a minute. No, he's not Hitler. And no, he didn't lock the children in cages and he doesn't eat puppies. Even Democrats will say, and I think this is where the party overplayed its hand, this is where the Maxine Waters and the Adam Schiff and the Nadler and the Nancy Pelosi, this is where they just went too far.


Because at the very beginning, you're like, OK, we get it, you don't like them, OK? And then it got more. Vicious and the attacks on Malani, a vicious in the attacks on Baren, and then they started to attack us, if you voted for Donald Trump, then you must be and there was a whole list of garbage they were accusing me of.


And that got me even angrier, and that's why I vent on the news media all the time, because the news media is worse, the news media calls us. You and me, they call us dumb every day. And I don't know how someone like Thomas Friedman, who gets the economy wrong so often or Paul Krugman can call anybody dumb. Plus, they're at The New York Times, right? We'll be right back. What a busy week already, and it's it's only Wednesday.


Thank you again for tuning into the Rush Limbaugh Show. My name is Ken Matthews. And a quick reminder again. Hurricane Laura is a Category four, and now it is official the storm surges are all in that unsurvivable level.


So take the evacuation seriously and know that people are praying for you and thinking of you and stay strong and stay positive. And kind of what we were talking about today, I just clicked on I just clicked on. Zogby President Donald Trump has the best job approval rating ever, 52 percent. So somebody's moving the dial and something else to pay attention to.


Do you notice that when the the left is very active or they have the stage for a while, Trump's numbers usually spike up? You can't help but wonder, are they keeping. Are they keeping Mr. Biden and Senator Harris hidden so their numbers go up?