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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It is always a tremendous honor to fill in for Rush Limbaugh on this. And any other day, the Lord has made eight hundred to eight to 208 to would love to chat with you. There is breaking news. I didn't even get to chat with the team about this. I don't know if you guys saw this, but Nancy Pelosi and she's I mean, I watched her say this. She said, don't tell and don't tell Joe Biden.


She said she doesn't think there should be debates. Now, this is a sign that they are watching the Republican convention. We're going to get into that. There's so much news to cover. She couched this in, of course, although the president is not comported himself in such a way that we should stoop to, they're already transmitting the fact that they do not want these debates. So much has suddenly changed. All of a sudden, the Democrats don't want rioting in the streets all of a sudden never trumps.


Like like David French are saying, oh, this is this is wonderful. Joe Biden all of a sudden doesn't want rioting in the streets. And then Kate Brown, the so-called governor of Oregon, where Antifa has ruled the streets there for, I mean, four or five years, but very pronounced on a national basis now for 91 days of rioting and attempts to to kill and injure police officers and federal officials, all of a sudden, I wonder what's changed.


I wonder I wonder, is it just that the morality has caught up with them or is it the fact that the polls have caught up with them and this is starting to hit the public opinion polls? Don Lemon very rarely gets anything right. But it was I think last week Don Lemon said this has to stop because this is going to help President Trump. The president has authorized up to 2000 National Guard members from other states to go to Kenosha, Wisconsin, and it's not just Kenosha, Wisconsin, where this violence is happening.


And by the way, the violence is not happenstance, Al. The president of the National Association of Police Organizations, Michael McHale, last night made the case that this is the direct result of leftist mayors and governors who were refusing to do anything about this. I can testify to this, and I feel like I should apologize on behalf of West Coast voters. I mean, clearly, people listen to my show in Seattle. I mean, we didn't vote for Lindsay or Kate Brown or or Gavin Newsom, but this stuff has been empowered here.


It's been tested here and it is now deadly across the country.


And you look at a comparison. This is so unbelievably stark, the comparison of of two events. The AP has decided. That's people who get together to say, hey, folks are writing and burning down our cities, the burning down car lots, and and these things can go into people's homes. And in Seattle, they tried to sell cops in a building and tried to murder them, tried to burn them to to death. The AP has decided that folks who respond to this, who say the governor, so-called governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, he's refused to get serious about stopping these writings, the AP has decided that they're vigilantes.


This is the headline vigilantes call vigilante calls on social media before Kenosha attack.


What it was, was people saying we have got to go protect these businesses, they're not bringing and he's not bringing in allowing the cops come in. He said, bringing in his own National Guard, Scott Walker. The previous governor of the state of Wisconsin will join us on Rush's show at about in about 20 minutes to address this. I can't believe I can't just fathom how heartbreaking this is for Governor Walker to watch in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and in Milwaukee as well.


We're seeing this violence in Milwaukee. Here's how CNN portrayed a young man who made maybe it's an irresponsible decision. Maybe it's a loving decision. He's on video saying that he went down to Kenosha to provide medical care, he was armed. He took with him an AR 15. There is video you can watch. Of this young man being chased, being beaten, being beaten over the head with a skateboard, which, by the way, that can break your head open just again, go look on the West Coast, this these people with the broken or the frozen water bottles and skateboards, these are weapons.


So there's video of that, there's video of an assailant or Would-Be assailant drawing down on him with a pistol. And at one point, this young man is thrown to the ground, he's being beaten with a skateboard and he fires. And he killed some people and it's incredibly sad. And the way CNN has portrayed this young man, listen to this. The suspect in the fatal shooting of two people during a night of unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a former member of a youth police cadet program with an affinity for guns, according to police and online profiles.


He apparently wanted to be a cop. So you can color this decision in any way you'd like, but no, this he turned himself into the police. And the videos that you can watch are chilling. This is this is the United States of America and this is violence that has been allowed to percolate. And I say this. I'm not I'm not joking with you. I'm not exaggerating this at all. For four years. I mean, I think it was four years ago at least, that one of these terrorist A.


Fethi, John Brown Gun Club terrorist, tried to murder federal officers in Tacoma, Washington. The leftist so-called governor out there, Jay Inslee, did nothing, no investigation, not even any concern. And now it's spread across the country, so that's how CNN portrays this young man. And back to the convention, you have the National Association of Police Organizations, the president there of Michael McKale, the difference between Trump and Biden has her crystal clear. Your choices are the most pro law enforcement president we've ever had or the most radical antipolice ticket we've had in history.


And I have to tell you, it goes beyond antipolice. It takes a great deal of suspension, of disbelief for one to say, yeah, we let the felons go because of the covid flu. It's debts I'm not able to participate in that level of suspension of disbelief. Well, they we're going to get sick. Well, there's masks that don't work, but you get my point. So compare the treatment of this young man with his video of him running away, trying to protect himself nonviolently.


And then ultimately having to resort to violence. And sadly so, by the way, according to people who know and who have looked at the criminal profiles of of the folks who are attacking this young man, they have distinct criminal records, including child sex crimes.


Including violence and and being drunk with a firearm, how is it that that's not in CNN headline? Well, I think we know the answer to that. Now, the comparison, the person who was shot by police, Jacob Blak. It is a tragedy that a person this young is apparently paralyzed and let us just admit that it's a tragedy. It's a tragedy that his kids watch this, it is a brutal tragedy that his kids had to watch this.


Let us all all agree upon that. We don't wish this on little kids. We don't wish people to go around getting paralyzed. But what we found out about this case. The attorney general of the state of Wisconsin now says Jacob Blake had a knife. We have seen the video of Jacob Blake being confronted by police because black people called the police to say, hey, we don't want this guy here. Apparently his ex-girlfriend didn't want him there. He refused to follow police orders.


He was tasered and refused to respond to the tasing. He wrestled with cops. And then ultimately went to his car. In a 2005 media report said that he had been known to hide guns in his car, all those steps. And yet this is not CNN won't portray this in any other way than he shot in the back, you can't make it more of a tragedy, but you can you can create violence around the country. Now you have people writing because someone, a gunman, killed himself.


Because they hear in the news, black person, dead gun. All of a sudden, the Democrats all of a sudden this concern. And it's because of the polling, I'm sorry to be cynical, but this has been happening for three to four months. Scott Walker will join us to talk about that. He was the governor of Wisconsin. I can't wait to hear his prescription and how he feels to watch this happen to his state. Dan Crenshaw spoke last night at the Republican convention.


And it was the third night of the convention. And this is some of his remarks here, a portion of his remarks.


America's heroism isn't relegated to the battlefield every single day we see them. If you just know where to look, it's the nurse volunteers for back to back shifts, caring for covid patients because she feels that's her duty as the parent will relearn algebra because there's no way they're letting their kid fall behind while schools are closed. And it's the cop that gets spit on one day and will save a child's life the next. America is the country where the young military wife of two young children answers the unexpected.


Knock at the door locks the man in uniform in the eye, and even as her whole world comes crashing down, she stands up straight. She holds back tears and takes care of her family because she must. This is what heroism looks like. So we are a nation of heroes. We need you now more than ever.


We need to remind ourselves what heroism really is, the officers who are going to have to go shut this down. And President Trump has again released 2000 National Guard troops from other states. They're not bloodthirsty people. They're the people who don't want their wives to have that moment, that knock at the door. I would say that none of us are seeking this. But I wouldn't be telling you the truth, there are leftists. Who are seeking this and a president?


Committed to stopping it. That's the choice, it's stark and it's real.


Todd Berman in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network slaughterman filling in for Rush Limbaugh and Boatner. They tweeted before the show that I was going to be filling in today. Rush is going to be back very soon. The notes of love are so wonderful to see. Please go to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Leave a special note there for Rush. I've heard him talk about how important that is for him to know he has your prayers and your love. So is it Rush Limbaugh dot com?


You can leave me a special note there.


And what when Rush is back, he's going to explain he's OK. He's been communicating with the team, he's OK and he knows you're concerned. And he's going to explain everything just as he always does, always honest with his beloved audience. So so rest assured that and that will happen. I'm looking at a picture on the screen here. This is from CNN. This this is how shameless they are. This is how desperate they are to pretend things aren't happening.


It's a reporter standing in front of burned buildings still aflame. And the Koran, the words on the screen from CNN say fiery. But mostly peaceful protests after police shooting. I don't regard having your business of 40 years burned down. Maybe that's a peaceful act to some. It is not to me and I've I've listened to the business owners in tears about this, it's not peaceful to them. MSNBC last night cut away from the speech of the night in my mind.


Gentlemen who escaped China and calls the Chinese Communist Party enemies of humanity. His name is Chen Guangcheng. He is blind. He speaks English as a second language. He read his speech from Brail. In front of a national audience. MSNBC and CNN both. Both cut away. They couldn't let their audiences hear this man describe. What the Chinese Communist Party did to him. And they're giving cover to groups that want to install that ideology here by pretending the protests with fires raging behind their reporter are mostly peaceful.


Let's talk to Joe in Los Angeles, California. Joe, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Todd Hermann filling in? Thanks for calling, Joe. Good morning.


Good morning. Thank you for taking my call. Well, what I want to say is everyone's out there talking about, you know, this, quote, vigilante justice on the left, in my opinion, for months now have been begging for a civil war. They've been poking the bear. You have law abiding citizens like myself that pay their taxes. We go on with our lives were married. We have children. We're trying to figure out ways to, you know, get by.


You know, we do things the right way. We go to the voters booth. We we we we vote for our candidates and then we move on with life. These people are trying to support the effort. They're trying to hinder that effort. They're basically looking at us and saying, we don't care how you vote, you're not going to get your way. They're out there destroying stuff. I have friends are law abiding citizens to basically have lined up their guns and have said, I'm sick of it.


This is what's going to end up happening. You're going to end up having a civil war eventually. It's like Thomas Jefferson said, you know, there comes a time of the tree of liberty must be soil by the blood, by the blood of patriots, tyrants. He didn't say that because he saw that. Because he said that. Because you perceive that happening again, they are begging for this. People don't stop and people are tired of it.


I heard about it. This was Wisconsin. Those gas station owners that defended their decision right now know. But I think they shot two people. They're sick of it. People are sick of it. And it's law enforcement's not going to stand up and defend law abiding citizens who pay their taxes. People don't say, no, I'm done. I'm sick of this whole thing. I'm going to take matters into my own hands.


This is the reason. This is the reason, Joe, that, you know, I own the weapons that I do, that the the Second Amendment is designed, first of all, for self-defense. It's not designed for hunting or shooting practice or target practice. Is the Mitt Romney's of the world severe? Conservatives and Democrats like to pretend. And then I also balances against my my faith. I do. And I balance. It's very keenly, because I'll tell you this, you're exactly right.


People who haven't seen antifa in person don't know the degree to which they will go to try to get the police to enact violence upon them. They absolutely crave it. They are following a recipe. And the recipe is called Mou's Phases of Insurrection. They want conventional warfare in the streets because they want to destroy this country. Kate Brown, Jay Inslee, Bill de Blasio, Wittmer, Tony Evers, the so-called governor of Wisconsin. They have allowed this chaos to go on because they thought it would help them.


They thought it would energize the young people. They don't understand. You can build the monster you think you're controlling. The monster will control you. It's axiomatic in literature. It's axiomatic in philosophy. Here's where I here's I want to speak to public officials. I rarely do that in Russia show because I am a rush fanatic.


I'm an audience member to the public officials. What Joe from Los Angeles is saying is exactly right, you may get some benefit out of this, you will get loss of life if you can sleep with that. You're a different human being than I am. I don't want the battle, I don't want the deaths, I know the cops don't want it, but the people who are organizing this want it because it is their ends. This is not the thing that we want in this country.


And we do not have a magic community pill to it just because our flags red, white and blue, just because of our history. We don't have a magic community. We should because we have the ballot box. We should because we have a Republican form of democracy. We should because you can track the progress of the United States of America in human rights, actual rights that is limiting government from destroying you, limiting government from seizing your property and giving it to another.


You can track the evolution of our rights. And as Tim Scott said this week in that beautiful phrase, the evolution of the Southern heart as we as a species evolved to treat one another on purely humane basis, we have the capacity for peaceful change. But it has not happened quickly enough for our enemies, because I will tell you, I am firmly convinced there are foreign entities who are helping to push this. I think that's going to come out.


I want to thank you for the call, Joe, from Los Angeles. We're going to talk coming up with Governor Scott Walker. No one, no one has done more as a governor to fight the hard core left than Walker. No one has succeeded more. I'm so curious to hear what he says about his beloved state of Wisconsin, what he thinks should happen, what he's observing. Talk about the case of this young man who, for all intents and purposes, to me, all the video evidence seems to show a young man forced to defend himself.


That's coming up. It's Todd Hermann filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


Such an honor to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. And listen as we look at this violence around the country to talk to Joe in Los Angeles. There's not a person at I.B. myself, no one who wants to see any form of this violence. And I would ask you to pray that we not see it. This is not what we want. There are people who menas unwell who want it. We do not at all. And it must stop and it must be stopped.


The former governor of a previous governor, the state of Wisconsin, joins us on the Rush Limbaugh program. Governor Walker, what an honor to have you on the show. Welcome to Rush's show. It's Todd Hermann filling in.


Well, it's my honor. Todd, thanks for having me on. I wanted to tell you, I've told you this before. I joined my local show. What you did in the elections you had to win. And Raewyn in the battle, you fought against the hardcore left in your state. It was just utterly heroic. And I just can't thank you enough for what it meant to me as a lifelong conservative to see that.


Well, is that my absolute honor and I have only the people, Wisconsin to thank, they they elected me and then I did what I said I was going to do, and they stuck with me through the recall and through a re-elected. Exactly. I think they're going to stick with the president. Yeah. Yeah, I think they will.


I sense in you and I'm wondering like, is your heart breaking as you look at your state and as you look at Kenosha? It really is.


And I appreciate the prayers. We need far more of them for Kenosha and really for our communities all across the country. It's tragic. This is tragic. It's tragic what's happening in the city. It's tragic what happened to Jacob Blake and his family. It's tragic what's happened to the police department, Kenosha. Sadly, increasingly, it's tragic to the people in that city. The Kenosha newspaper today, not not historically a conservative newspaper put out an editorial and it was interesting.


They commented on the governor. They said in his statement on Sunday, fueled the fire before any writers got here is insufficient response has put a Wisconsin city and its residents in danger. Now he needs to do everything the state can to help Kenosha to protect its citizens. That was directly a quote from this editorial today. And I've said this and got attacked on CNN and MSNBC. Did I point out the statements from the governor, a Democrat from the lieutenant governor, Democrat from the Democrat nominee, Joe Biden, who immediately rush to judgment?


Now, like everybody, I see that video and it makes me cringe. But I know in this state there's an independent process to review that. And as we've heard the last few days, as more information comes out, you see a more complete picture. I don't know what the final outcome is going to be, but in none of the initial statements as they go after violence, it was only after three nights of riots and fires, of mayhem and sadly, two deaths that you saw the governor except Donald Trump's offer for assistance, for help.


And did you finally hear from even uttering the words about violence from Joe Biden? That is a total failure of leadership. And sadly, what we've come to expect out of him and would be if, God forbid, he was elected president.


Scott Walker's with his previous governor of Wisconsin. Would you still governor of Wisconsin?


And Governor Walker, I watch can you help me in Rush's audience understand something? This requires some supposition on your behalf. But these actions have been allowed in Portland for 91 days in a row. In Seattle, Antifa was allowed to take over a six block region. There was a child murdered. There's a teen murdered in a six week period. This has been allowed to fester in cities around the country. Democrat run cities in governors and Democrat mayors have allowed this.


What is the best possible or kindest possible interpretation of the decision to not to not put an end to these these violent acts?


Well, they're afraid somehow of offending people. I think that's the best. The worst case scenario is that they somehow see these radical not protesters because they're not there's no peaceful protesting. I put up on Twitter at Scott Walker this image of CNN with a reporter saying these are mostly peaceful protests and there's fire right behind the guy. I mean, it's like this is why people don't believe so many in the mass media. You can't make this stuff up. But but I have to believe, sadly, that they somehow think this this is a base.


They saw what happened four years ago when some of the more radical elements of the party walked away from Hillary Clinton. They're afraid somehow of offending them, particularly in this election year. I say that's baloney. I call them a lot. I don't want honor. I don't want armed individuals coming against other communities. I want the law enforcement there surrounding law enforcement, state patrol, state troopers, state National Guard, help from the federal government. I want the government to do what the government is fundamentally supposed to do, and that is protect its citizens.


This is a huge failure from the governor, the mayor that everybody involved in. Joe Biden, as I said, only added fuel to this fire. And I have to believe, sadly, because this was all timed yesterday afternoon, Governor finally said he'd take help from the president. The attorney general, Democrat, finally put out a statement condemning the violence and Joe Biden tweeted, he didn't even say anything. You just tweeted this video rehearsed about, again, condemning what happened, but but finally saying something about the violence.


I think a cynic could very reasonably say this was because of their focus groups. In fact, I think Don Lemon the night before said they're in trouble in the polling, in the focus groups because Americans want reform. They never want what happened to George Floyd to happen. That was clear cut. Everybody denounced the president, the vice president, Republicans, Democrats. But when it comes to violence, we're only hearing it from from the Republicans saying this has got to stop.


We need to hear it from everybody.


What can Scott Walker, the president, Trump, do in a second term? God willing, this country chooses him over, you know, Biden and Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris is raising bail funds for the writers. It's remarkable what can the president do without becoming, you know, president of all the states, how can he use the tools in a constitutionally restrained, responsible way to help just prevent this around the country or to find the people who are backing it?


Yeah, I think it's a combination of things. And I take a broader reach. I think it's true in a lot of these things. I tell people all the time we can walk and chew gum. It's why we can have an America that's open in an open economy where we're still fighting the coronavirus. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, don't think that Joe Biden last week and just said he'd shut the entire country down come January, if that's what his advisers tell him in this case, I think we can again do both.


We can move forward and help support Tim Scott, who's for years worked on comprehensive law enforcement reform, reasonable, rational things like the thing I signed first governor in the country to provide for an independent investigation. In times like this. I think there are plenty of things that Tim and others are working on that the president can get behind. At the same time, I think, you know, without being a federal police agency, he can tie in access to resources for local governments, to those who actually enforce the law.


People want reform and they want to be safe. They're mutually exclusive. I think the Democrats, the far, far left, is so overcome their party. You know what he said last week, ideas that were just a few years ago considered radical are now mainstream. No, they're not mainstream. They're only mainstream. In Joe Biden's Democrat Party today, most Americans want to make sure the law enforcement is following the law like the vast majority do every single day.


And they want to make sure they're safe. The two can happen together. And that's why we need Donald Trump to be the president. I couldn't agree more.


And coming from the West Coast, where it is a day to day occurrence, to have governors like Jay Inslee or Kate Brown or Gavin Newsom do demonize federal law enforcement, calling them terrorists legitimately, that rhetoric also has to stop it. Since we started our conversation, talking about I could sense and you are hurt for your states, I know you'd be a man of God than a man of great faith. And we talked about prayers for your states and prayers for Wisconsin.


And I know you're probably hearing from people there. So what what what can you share with the people of Wisconsin in the surrounding areas about how we can come through this, specifically Kenosha and those areas that you hold so dear?


Scott Walker, who I know we can because we did this before when I was governor. I remember a few years back there was the start of something that could have evolved into this in Milwaukee. There was a police shooting. There was a lot of tension at the time. I talked to the mayor. I talked to the sheriff. The mayor didn't want state support. The sheriffs certainly did. And so we brought state troopers to the park to help the sheriff.


We brought National Guard nearby. We invoked the clergy, those things together. The clergy morning actually helped ease the tension. We can do that. And I would tell people all across America, not just in Kenosha, but for all these cities, for all these places that are hurting, pray for America. We can make this we can get this done. We can get not only can we make America safe again and continue to be safe, we can get this country moving in the right direction.


We are a great country. I love the other day seeing those new Americans take their oath of citizenship and naturalization ceremony. I know some of the attacked that I thought it was spectacular. It reminded us that even though we have our problems and we do have challenges we have to address, this is still the greatest country in the history of the world. And people like that still want to come here because of the hope of freedom and opportunity for every single person.


We need to fight for that every single day, and we need to share that with our fellow citizens to make sure they make the right choice come this November.


You know, my heart is beating with pride to hear you say these things. Governor Scott Walker has been with us, previous governor of Wisconsin. Hopefully one day, maybe back in politics, maybe you'll break that news when the Maharishi's back. Scott, thank you so much for joining us on Russia's program.


My pleasure. God bless that tournament. Filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


Slaughtermen filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. Can you imagine how hard it takes to have Grace when you are mourning the fact that your son has been paralyzed, your son, who had a criminal records and INS, refused orders from the police? I just want to make that clear, because to me, it's evidence that the police should, in fact, great restraint. That's how I view this. This case with Jacob Blake. His mother was on CNN with Don Lemon.


And Lemon seemed pretty surprised. His mother's name is Julia Jackson. And he asked her, do you have anything to say, Mrs. Jackson, to the president or the candidates for President Trump?


I'm sorry I missed your car, because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made. What? Have been different, and I'm not mad at you at all. I have lost respect for you as the leader of our country. Like I said before, and I'm not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.


The look on Lemon's face just gives you an opportunity to attack the United States. And she didn't do it. I think she showed this incredible grace. That's America. As we get further into the show, Burgess Owens once again showed that redemption is the story of America. Second chances. Yeah, we'll play it again. But nobody wanted to hear that again. Let's play that one more time. Don Lemon says to Mrs. Jackson, do you have anything to say to the president or the candidates for President Trump?


I'm sorry I missed your call, because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different. And I'm not mad at you at all. I have lost respect for you as the leader of our country. Like I said before, and I'm not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks. And the reference to Breck's, that's a loaded statement in Kenosha, it's a loaded statement back there because a police officer was hit and knocked cold with a brick.


And I'd like to know further about what she didn't like about the president's comments and also like the fact that she states disrespect for the leader of our country. Hours, we have the capacity for peaceful change, it's built into the system our founders gave us. That's the change that lasts. That's the change that's meaningful and that follows a path of peace. And can still bring about revolutionary positive change. Not the stuff in the streets. Let's talk to Ted in Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Ted, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is tournament filling in high tech? Hello, sir.


How are you doing? Great, thanks for calling. I just want to say that if it would have turned out a little different, if they would have let them get back in that vehicle and if he had a gun in there or the knife as the knife has been reported, what if he would have done something to his own kids and harm them? They would be screaming and hollering. The police didn't do anything. I mean, our officers in uniform don't have a chance no matter what they do.


It's just like our president. I know, I think you make a great point. Listen to me on the radio, OK? All right. I appreciate the call, Ted. Ted makes a great point. And think of this ticket. This this was a 911 one call, folks. He's black people calling the police saying, hey, a black person is here that put aside the black part, someone's here, we don't want him here. He's our daughter's ex-girlfriend and he's violent.


And they're telling the 911 operator, 911 operator he's violent and it's the police's today. Yeah, we're sending some social workers.


Well, what happens, we must understand that the police have a job and we as citizens have a job, which is to say, I really don't want to be arrested today and there's a rule of law. And I choose to follow that rule. Let's talk to Gerri in Atlanta, Georgia. Gerri, you're on. The Rush Limbaugh program is thottam and filling in. You've got about a minute together. Jay, glad you called. Thanks, Don.


I'll be brief here quickly. Hey, I think we need to put a face with these anarchists and these rioters. And so instead of calling these places black states and black state governors, black mayors, I think we need to call them out for who they are. And I think that goes right to the top. And I think we associate Joe Biden with his violent left wing faction of this party. And I think if the president tonight look in the camera and say Joe Biden in the left are not coming after me, they're coming after you, I just happened to be in their way.


I think that would really resonate. But I think a lot of people in the here blue states, we know what that means. But a lot I think a lot of people out there don't follow politics as closely as we do. And I just think a face, someone that can be associated with that would resonate and really go a long, long way.


Well, we have of governors and we have an attorney general and Keith Ellison, who held up the Antifa handbook, thought that was a good idea. He will be the person who prosecutes the George the officers in the George Floyd case. We can draw that picture. And we can also make the point that until yesterday, when the poll numbers came out, until yesterday, when someone at the DNC headquarters said, hey, it's OK now, we can now tell them to stop the violence now, tell them to stop the violence, that they were apparently feeling that they were gaining an advantage from it.


And Governor Walker offered, you know, charitable view of that, which maybe they're afraid to offend people by stopping it in a less charitable. Maybe they feel they're benefiting from it. These are Democrats. They may want communism in our in our country, but right now the people on the streets causing the violence are aligned with the Democrat Party.


That's, I think, the face of. Thanks for the call, Jerry Slaughterman filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


Did you guys see you saw Bette Midler. You remember her? Remember Bette Midler. So an entertainer, singer. Was she in the jerk Steve. Steve Martin. Was that the latest thing or the most recent thing? I can remember her being in. She found it to be a good idea to make fun of the first lady's accent, because, you know, it's that thing that you do is you make fun of immigrants and how they talk all funny and they can't say this in that word.


It's really a thing except, well, you know, for polite people and. And people who don't do that, and for people who lecture others constantly about you must have the degree and type of compassion I like in the same amounts and the same shapes and sizes of the compassion that I like. And you must never offend me or my ears, though I will turn and make fun of the first lady giving what was a fantastic speech. But in that accent, she's thought better of this.


Now, Bette Midler says that she was wrong to mock the first lady's accent and Bette Midler is being completely stricken. From any and all history of performance in Hollywood awards.


No, she's not. She's going to be just fine.


That stuff will all continue to be there because you have left this privilege, of course, so much more to get to on the Rush Limbaugh program.


Todd Hermann filling in on the EIB Network.


So kind of you to accept a relatively rank amateur in the seats normally held by the Maharishi himself, Todd Hermann, 802 to 280 to everybody has in their life a an Uncle Mickey.


Everybody has a struggle story. I mean, most people do. You probably know people who don't. And you've probably seen the results of what people who haven't struggled end up struggling with. There is this statement. It's a it's it's a paraphrasing of a Hebrew statement.


When you are lenient, when you should be firm, you'll eventually be cruel, when you should be kind.


And this can go for nations as well. We've had struggles in this nation, and that is because we're human beings. What I am so unbelievably proud of the president of the United States and the team that has put together this convention is they have not shied away from the statements that have crafted us. That is our struggle stories. My Uncle Mickey, I mentioned that we all have an Uncle Mickey Mantle of Mickey dropped out of school, I think, in seventh grade and went about working in silver mines and joined the military and came home to Alaska and wanted to make his fortune.


And this guy with this no education learned that the federal government was going to put a pipeline up into Alaska, just where Mickey was at.


And he said, wow, you know what? The only way to make that work is going to be barges. So he spent the next two years of his life living hand-to-mouth, going up and down the West Coast, and he bought the rights to all the barges. So when the federal government came along and said, we need barges, Mickey had all the rights for the barges going to Alaska and people in San Diego are saying this is not going to happen.


Mickey knew it was going to happen and that secured for him this relative wealth. Everybody has these stories. This is the American story. And to listen last night and to watch last night the decision that this team has made to display real Americans who have faced real fundamental struggles or who have just been flat servants'. You think of a woman who has been a 30 year veteran of the armed forces, who is a physician and who is now a nun.


I don't know that you can define a life of service in a better way in this quiet woman spoke of this deep truth, her truth in the nomenclature of the left or an enduring truth.


She spoke of being pro-life, but also protection of life.


She spoke these words and in in in front of a national audience in a quiet way. But somehow the words are shocking, they shouldn't be, but somehow they're shocking. But she'd be comforting, but somehow I know there were families looking at one another and she'd just say. There are so many people who spoke about the struggles and some of the struggles growing up, knowing KKK members and fighting with skinheads. And yet here they are. Fantastic successes. Because one of the myths that I am eternally grateful to watch crushed.


Is the myth of systematic racism at this convention? Furthermore, the myth that President Trump doesn't value women in positions of leadership, one is universal because, of course, we are being told that all things in America are race, all things are race, all thing breaks, all things break down to black and white. Our children are being taught. That if you're white, you carry with you this white fragility, this white guilt, this almost new mark of original sin.


Except the at this point, your redemption, it doesn't come from a scriptural source, your redemption comes from the left. But becoming an intersectional partner or some form of victim, so you can say, oh, no, I'm in the victim equilibrium, I'm on that side of the fence, I'm not an oppressor.


But America is the story of pathway's. Pathways that lead to common destinations, it doesn't always happen because life is not that way, but the pathway of hard work commonly leads to the pathway of success. The pathway of honesty often leads, commonly leads to the pathway of people being honest with you, the pathway of making a decision early in life at the most difficult, possible times. That you will not surrender to victimhood. Commonly leads to ownership of success.


Success can come many ways, it can be owned or not owned, it can be earned or not earned success that is earned taste better. It smells better to others, it is more shareable, it is more teachable. Because success on Earth, it can't be taught, how do you teach someone to roll a seven? Versus a snake guy, how do you do that? They watch this convention, was it different for you, this convention, it's different for me.


I commonly don't watch political events, I commonly read the speeches I prefer to to to focus on policy. I really don't like to be attracted to political personalities. That's just how I'm wired. I really try to avert myself from that because I don't want to be drawn into personalities. I don't want to follow a politician because I like them. I want to hire someone to run our common interests because I respect them or I can look at a history of four years with President Trump, a history of promises kept.


Maybe you reacted like I did when Burgess Oden's spoke. He's running for the U.S. House in the state of Utah and last night. It's night three Republican National Committee, a former NFL safety six, currently running for U.S. House in Utah. He spoke last night. And I want you to hear this portion of your remarks. And then another chacal in the belly of a slave ship.


An eight year old boy named Silas Burgess came to America to be sold on an auction block by the grace of God, in a courage of slaves who believe in freedom. S escape through the Underground Railroad and settled in the great state of Texas. He wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. He built his community's first church, first elementary school, and purchased 102 acres of farmland, which it paid off in two years. I'm here today a candidate for Congress because of my great great grandfather, Burgess.


He could have chosen a different path. America is a country of pathway's. That brave gentleman stolen from his homeland, enslaved, like many people of many races, have been enslaved in a time where our humanity was not evolved. There's still to this day that experience awaits people. There are people who are trapped into sex slavery. There are people who are attracted to drugs, drug slavery, other types of stuff, just the slavery of labor. Silas Burgess could have chosen a path of bitterness.


Silas Burgess could have chosen a path of power seeking. Silas Burgess chose a path that led to a legacy of happiness, you would think, given that background, given that struggle, maybe there wouldn't be more struggles. Maybe now this is earned success forever. You might also think, though. Maybe this is just an exception. To this white fragility and the systematic racism, and I will say, again, systems can't be racist. I'm in a radio studio.


The folks at five bloody Kikue A.M. in in Spokane, Washington, can use their studio today. These walls can't be racist. That that sound deck can't be racist, that the system's people can be. And there are those people who are somehow Silas Burgess made it through this. Now listen to this next remark. And reflect on this as Burgess Owens. Makes one more remark at last night's Republican convention here with a Pro Bowl nod and a Super Bowl championship under my belt.


I left the NFL to start a business I thought I could never fail. But years later, I did. And I lost everything. As I moved my family of six into a one bedroom basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York. I had a choice to make, to feel sorry for myself or get to work. I worked as a chimney sweep, done the day and a security guard at night. It was humbling to be recognized cleaning a chimney by someone who was cheer me as an NFL fan.


But those hard days would pay off and eventually I started a career rewarding career in the corporate world. We live in a country we're encouraged to dream big with.


Second, chances are that the core of our American DNA, second chances are at the core of the American DNA, the evolution of the Southern Hearts. China is an enemy of humanity. How many quotes like this do we need to have before we understand the convention you are watching is a different one? The message is a different one. People who could have been forgotten. This man chose a different path. To humble himself. To feed his family and to take steps back before he stepped forward, but wait, he's a black man.


He must have been trapped at that level of chimney sweep after he got done entertaining white audiences as an NFL player, no, because he's a man in full. And these pathways that exist for Americans were designed by our founders. Because the government is out of the way of stealing. Your opportunity to pursue freedom and happiness. Many ways to steal that, one of them is to say, I will give you what I will tell you, will make you happy.


It's a different convention for a different time in this country.


Todd Tournament filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB, Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network 888 228 to tell you what Joe Biden just said on MSNBC, coming up in just two seconds. I do want to tell you, if you your kids are starting a new school year, there's nothing's going to feel the same for them or for you, unfortunately, since kids are not particularly at risk from the covid, but they're going to be spending a lot more time online, that's for sure.


And that may leave your family more exposed than ever. Rush Limbaugh has a thought on that.


You know, new school year has already started in some parts of the fruited plain and will be within the next several weeks and other sections of the fruited plain. Everything's going to be different than last year. School start everything you might be asked to home school again or your kids may be in some kind of rotating day schedule. It could be absurd. You could be going to school one day, take the next day off at home, then the next day back to school.


You know, when when liberals are put in charge of policy, it can end up being the most hornswoggled crazy thing. And you're just going to have to put up with it. You're going to be in and out of the classroom. And with these changes, you're going to have new devices in your home, laptops, tablets like iPads, desktop computers, so that everybody in La Familia can continue to learn and participate. New devices can mean new risks.


Your family's online privacy because you got to learn how to use them. Personal information that you think is being kept private may actually not be password protection alone does not stop cyber criminals. They've found ways to get into password managers or they've found ways to get into any part of your computer they want. If you help them, if you respond to phishing attacks, if you click on the links, you shouldn't click on, for example, they can still hack into your devices and steal information.


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This is just happened on on on MSNBC, Joe Biden from his basement is saying just to get a hold on something. President Trump is pouring Ukrainian fuel, did he really did he specify it was he said gas? OK, so he didn't say Ukrainian. I just wanted to OK, because, you know, they have an affection for the Ukrainian fuel pouring gasoline on the flames of of the of the violence that is coming from the hard core left.


How in the world is the president saying, I will bring 2000 National Guard troops from other states to to stop this violence and protect people pouring flames that Democrat governors have ignored this violence? Joe Biden's running mate. Kamala Harris is raising money to bail the rioters out. It is a parallel universe, I tell you. Let's talk to Frank in Glendora, California. Frank, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann filling in. Hi, Frank.


Hey, Todd.


How's it going? You're the best guest host. Listen, I know this is not a rhetorical question. Are are people like you, me, Rush, Rush listeners? Are we the only Americans that are absolutely outraged at what we see? Well, what we've been seeing every night for the last two months, we've people tearing up America. I mean, they've you help me with this.


We're not the only ones who are outraged. I can tell you right now that we're not the only ones are outraged. We're the ones who will speak out about it. Other people are not. They they will get to the point of outrage. But right now, they're afraid. There are people who are so afraid to speak out because that's the purpose of this. The purpose of this is to keep the Trump bumper strips off the car. Some of it is to goad the police into violence, some of that.


But I will tell you something, Frank.


I am hearing it time and again where I hear lifelong Democrats, not just at the convention. I get the e-mails, I get social media notes saying that's it. They shut down my family petting zoo or my my my family rescues you. That's the new thing. Now, in the West Coast, they're shutting down zoos so kids can't have pumpkin day. They can't go to pumpkin patches. You have got that. Yeah. OK, so you have listen, Frank, there's people waking up.


There are people they may not be at the point of outrage. They're at the point of the wonderment. And they're stepping back to say, how is it that I have found myself even aligned with these people? What you're stating, we're just years ahead. So rest assured, there is a wave of people. But we have to do, Frank, is make sure that that wave of people hands at the ballot box, that's our challenge. That's what we need to do together.


Thanks for calling Rush's show. I appreciate it very much. Thank you, Frank. Let's talk to Daryl in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Daryl, we've got about a minute together on Rush's show. Thanks for calling. Hi, Daryl.


Hi, quickly. Great show today. By the way. We got a BLM related shooting incident, what you would call it, good guys with guns incident up there on Monday evening. That is vastly been underreported. I'd just like to let our viewers know about it. A property there's a group that's marching. BLM group is marching from Wisconsin to Washington, DC to attend the anniversary of the I Have a Dream speech. And they decided to stop on the private property of a local businessman here in Bedford County.


And the farmer came out to check on noise and discovered this group of people camping out in his parking lot and told them to leave. And shots rang out. One person, one of the protesters was hit, I believe, in the face, according to the local news report. And the state police, the Pennsylvania State Police Hate Crimes Unit is currently investigating this. Not a lot of details are coming out. The victims, well, quote, the victim was hospitalized, has been released and they have threatened to come back on their way back to Wisconsin.


Well, listen, I want to look into this.


And and I'm not I'm not doubting at all your interpretation of it, but I want to address this in full. This this must be addressed from a perspective of what we don't want to see in our country. No one. Adibi, no one wants to see it. I got to address that. We come back. It's not Hermann filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network. And we will address this will address the reality of what's happening on the streets, will address how we can stop it and how we can stop it peacefully.


We must stop it peacefully.


Remember that you can be a subscriber to the Limbaugh letter. I just fully recommend that it's Rush in a different form and it's an opportunity for him to talk to people in different forms, interviews, etc., is you can get that at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Well, love to hear from people who have watched all the night of the GOP convention. I'd love to hear the moment I spoke to you. I'd like to hear your favorite moments. I'd like to hear moments that got you enthusiastic or that you feel you could share with with swing voters, persuadable voters that you think could persuade.


Will you join us on the phones, 800 to to 202 and tell us those moments? We want to get into that as we go through the show. And a call from Glendale, California. There is. There's just such. It's frustration, it's worry, it's anger, and I really believe that people are building up into a sense of rage. Because we've watched the violence be allowed, particularly those of us on the West Coast, I know, I know, I know it's been going on in Minneapolis and I saw what happened in Chicago in just your beautiful miracle mile.


I've stayed there, walked there countless times. And we've seen it in New York and we're seeing it in Kenosha and Milwaukee. And I want you to experience some things that I've been tracking because we sit we've been sitting at the center of this in the West Coast, I have a collection. Of audio clips. From people who are realizing this has nothing to do with black lives. And they're black people, two of them are cops. Rest of them are just neighbors.


The Seattleites. There was a scene in Antifascist in. This was the six block region that they took over. Where a gentleman who is clearly from the neighborhood, he says, this is my neighborhood, came and tore down the barricades. That these people had put up and he's screaming, this black gentleman screaming, all lives matter. There was a scene at the University of Washington where another gentleman, black gentleman, showed up to say all lives matter.


He was called racist names by the White Trust Fund kids. This this black man. There's a cop, I believe he's the the police chief or the sheriff in Portland. Remarked upon people calling him racist names and saying things that could have the biggest nose I've ever seen, these these these snotty white kids. There's a turning. Our job is to be the alternative to which people turn. Our job is to be the vote they make. Our job is to be there, to say not, we told you so, but to say it's hurtful.


I hurt for you with what you're seeing. Our job is to say. If you want this burning to continue. You know where to go, our job to say is this is home. We happened to on the topic of of of so-called police violence, it happens that we Republicans, conservatives we invented. Government accountability. That's that's kind of our thing. A small government is a more accountable government. When you see your city council person in the grocery store over the week, they're going to be really unlikely.


To engage in complete skullduggery. So why one of the things I think we could do to fix the nation is force Congress to actually work in the neighborhoods. Actually have open office hours where anybody can walk in, OK, so you go through a metal detector, so be it. The rage, the disappointment, the anger folks are feeling. We have a recourse in November and we have the capacity to reach out to people who are being hurt from this, the young man who is being charged with murder in Kenosha, which is ridiculous.


First, ridiculous charge, given that he was evidently defending himself. If you watch the video, you know what else he was videotaped doing. Cleaning graffiti. He was also videotaped cleaning up messes he didn't make. Let us reflect upon our this burden of this terrible time and this opportunity. To be the alternative, the home for people craving. A government held responsible. That's our thing. That's what we do sucked Ántonia in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Antonio, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program.


It's tournament filling in high Antoniou high tide.


We are still praying for us. But you're doing a great job. And by the way, I think Bette Midler last movie was Hocus-Pocus and she was a witch.


So what is my one of my listeners in Seattle has been with me from the beginning. Lloyd King said, I owe Bernadette Peters an apology. She was in The Jerk. I made that Bernadette apologist. All right. Thank you, Antonia.


So I was just going to say, first of all, that I think it's pretty sad when a kid has to come to the defense of his community and don't care. It's not in their neighborhood. So I think eventually it'll go like the old movie network. People are going to be mad as hell and not going to take this anymore. We are tired. I've already owned the gun. I got another one. It's got a pink candle, but it will shoot.


And if I have to defend my neighborhood, which is primarily elderly, people will do it. I know, you know, I know you will. Abby Johnson, Abby Johnson, I've watched all the nights and Abby Johnson, they all were just incredible, but I could not decide whether to be sick or cry or both.


When I heard her speak about abortion, Abby Johnson was she worked at Planned Parenthood. She bought the Kool-Aid and she thought they were helping women. And then she was brought into the room where they were aborting a child and she watched an ultrasound as a child, attempted to move away from the abortionist tool. And then the doctor, according to Abby, said as he destroyed this baby, this life, the doctor said, beam me up as he began to dismantle the child, said, beam me up.


And that is what sickened her and turned her from this life of of helping Planned Parenthood. You know what struck me is she spoke words. I don't I don't know. You tell me, Antonia, have you ever heard at a Republican convention the description of the fact that Planned Parenthood is a eugenicist organization that was founded to eradicate black people?


No. I've heard that before, but I don't necessarily think I've got an answer, but a lot of people out there don't know this stuff. They don't do their homework. They just listen or read on the Internet and take that for granted. But, yeah, I mean, what if there was a nut? I love the way you said that she was a nut at a at a time where, you know, eugenics was the thing, but eugenics are back now.


And it's not just in in it's not just in the abortion world. I appreciate the call. I do know you defend your your neighborhood. And I'm betting that you don't want to. I'm betting that you you don't strike me as particularly bloodthirsty. You strike me as resolute. Not on my block. That's what I'm hearing from you. Absolutely. All right. Well, God bless you. Thank you for the phone call. And Tony, a great name to it's a great name.


Who am I to congratulate people in their names. This is this is what what I want officeholders to understand. I want you. I beg you. I beg you to hear this. I beg you at city council levels. I beg you at county councils. I beg you. It's statewide offices. The American people will defend themselves. The American people will not continue to see their neighbors, businesses and homes torn apart, they will not.


You took a pledge. To stand between us and actions like this live to the pledge, even if it harms you politically, because I have news for you, if living up to your pledge to protect neighborhoods from riots and destruction, and it's not just riots, these are attacks. These are these are logistically supported attacks. You could watch the so-called rioting in Kenosha, except they're not just riots. They're on radios to one another saying we are proceeding to destroy that business.


They're calling people to a business to arrive in mass. That's that's militaristic. If it's harming you politically to stand up to this, take a step back, take five days off and reflect upon who you are. If this is harming you politically to stop this, who are you, who have you become? Is it someone that you would turn to your children or grandchildren, say, yeah, I let that go on, helped me in the polls?


Well. Oh, Joe Biden speaking out now, but it's Trump's fault, it's truthful. Much more to get to as we continue on the Rush Limbaugh program is thottam and filling in on the EIB Network. Thanks for letting me hang out with you, my fellow listeners, to Rush Limbaugh, Todd Hermens, such an unbelievable honor to get to do this. Thank you. To Rush to bow to Team EIB for letting us do this together, 822 202.


We've been talking about taking a turn in the conversation to talk a little bit about the convention. It's been a special convention. I don't like conventions. I don't follow political personalities. I follow policies and achievements. And I study that this has been different. And I want to know from you the points that have stood out to you that have caused you perhaps chills, because there are some moments for me that I will watch again and I will refer to again.


And I believe that we have an object lesson of object lessons that occurred during this convention that I want to offer out here in this segment. Let's talk first of all to Shane in Rochester, New York. Shane, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Todd Hermann filling in high?


Shane Hey, the phrase beam me up, Scotty, is just something I'll never forget. And that was the moment that stood out to me.


Yes. This is the story Abbie Johnson told of being brought into an abortionists room. And he sounds like he was using a vacuum to dismantle the baby. And just before he ended this baby's life said, beam me up, Scotty. What what stood out to you about what did you feel when you heard Abby Johnson tell of her experience?


It just reminded me of something you'd hear about that like ISIS does in Syria or something, that kind of butchery. That's insanity. And that is so celebrated, especially in this state. It's not only just accepted and tolerated now, it's like celebrated in New York as something that's so wonderful and it's just killing someone.


Well, they took this they took the step to do the shout your abortion thing. In the cases that are so unbelievably rare. I know someone who had this decision to make it was the to build whatever they call tubal ligation. Forget what that's called. But it was a tubal pregnancy and it's a horrible, horrible decision that this person had to make. And but that's not where we're at. We're at shout your abortion or at giving out Christmas decorations.


And then Planned Parenthood taking this turn. Now we're now now they're they're handing out crosschecks hormones to little kids at the age of 13 without parental guidance. That's what I meant about this eugenics. So is this a difference? Is this a difference? GOP convention to she. Oh, yeah, this is different, this is Donald Trump and these Republicans like Donald Trump mainly is doing everything that my whole life every Republican has hoped that they would do. But these guys like Romney and McCain have well, we've been wanting someone like to do this for years.


And sometimes people complain about his tweet or give me a break using everything every conservative has wanted for 20 years, particularly the stories of real people.


That's a great call. Shane, thanks very much. Thank you. And just joining forces on this, this is what I'm feeling. It's different. Listen to this. As we compare where we're at in our country, we still have free elections. We still have programs like, you know, the Rush Limbaugh program where we can speak freely. That wasn't the case for a gentleman named Chen Guangcheng. He spoke at the convention. He delivered these remarks.


I want you to hear what he had to say. Here's part of it.


The CCP is an enemy of humanity. It is terrorising its own people and it is threatening the well-being of the world in China, expressing beliefs or ideas not approved by the CCP religion, democracy, human rights, Canada to present the U.S. must use its values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law to gather a coalition of other democracies to stop CCP aggression.


This is a man who speaks English as a second language blind reading Braille. And I wonder, can we look at to get Bette Midler such Twitter up and see if she's called him for eyes yet? Because I think that was in the offing. I think she had that planned, maybe scheduled, but maybe it's a scheduled tweet that go up by Bette Midler. Let's talk to Stephanie in Lebanon, Ohio. Stephanie, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Tom Herman filling in, greeting Stephanie?


High tide prayers for Rush, thanks for being here. Absolutely. Amen. I just wanted to really talk about Herschel Walker speech. I thought it was all inspiring. I mean, coming from a man who has known President Trump as a personal friend for 37 years, who better to discuss someone's character than someone like him? It was very brave of him, you know, to come forward and say those words. But it brought me to tears just listening to him describe his friendship with the president.


There is just this comparison between Herschel Walker, who knows the president all these years, and other people who have met him now through business. And there is a continuing thread in this, which is I've heard it said a couple different ways. Racism has no relationship to Donald Trump and to see Hershel with this great respect. He also talked, though. He gave I thought he gave detail as well. This is what I've seen the president do because there are words and then there are deeds.


And I mean, Herschel Walker is many things. One of the things he is is a is a man of deeds. Look what he's accomplished. So do you think this is a different convention, Stephanie, than all the other Republican conventions?


I absolutely do. And overall, I've appreciated the personal testimonials from people other than the politicians. I'm tired of listening honestly to a lot of politicians speak just using, you know, the regular verbiage. I want to hear real Americans. I want to hear from the people out there who have been affected by President Trump's policies. So, yeah, I think it's different in a good way. I think they've done a great job.


Yeah, I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the call, Stephanie. Appreciate that very much. Lebanon, Ohio. There's this as well. You know, you think of Abby Johnson, the woman who spoke about Beam me up, Scotty. She has a movie that Hollywood wouldn't get behind. It's called Unplanned. Have you seen it? It's difficult to watch. And it's important to watch we had Maximo Alvarez, a man who has lived the life affected by the same political ideology that Joe Biden thinks she's playing footsie with.


And Kamala Harris thinks she's just clowning with. But you see who's running the Democrat Party, right? You saw their convention, right? You saw the removal of God quite purposely three or four times, right? You saw that form of pandering. The intel today. We're pretending there's no violence, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC cut out of the speech that that Governor Noam was giving Kristi Noem from South Dakota was giving because Kristi Noem was saying the Democrat controlled cities are have this crime.


They're unfired, their crime is up. Maddow stopped this and went to Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle, who lied. She lied. That crime is down in Seattle. I will I'm here to tell you a crime may have been down in the last five minutes. It's at record levels in multiple serious categories. That's how desperate MSNBC was to pretend that this isn't happening.


Todd Hermann filling in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


Oh, so we had Bette Midler making fun of the accident are the accents of the first lady. Then we had this so-called reporter with PBS, Yamaichi Alcindor. And she prefers to have people in wheelchairs stay in their place. Madison Cawthorn, we saw last night in the Republican National Convention, made his remarks and then decided with great effort, he he was paralyzed, partially waist down in a 2014 car accident, decided to to stand. For the national anthem.


And this so-called report of the PBS medicine, Cawthorn made it a point to stand, suggesting that all Americans, too, should stand during the Pledge of Allegiance national anthem was a direct rebuke of actions by people, including black athletes, who are currently sitting out games protesting police brutality. And. Here's a different point of view. And with great effort, he stood this was the point of his speech, by the way, did you see the NBA, I guess, now that now the players are back on, was that because Joe Biden said that the violence can end or is that tied to pulling?


Or was there something else, maybe a finding of a knife in the hands of this gentleman who is tragically paralyzed?


I'd like to know Todd Hermann in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


What a just terrific honor it is to fill in for Rush Limbaugh on this day. The Lord has made it's 800 to eight to two eight eight two. I just had a sense I didn't even get a chance to talk to anybody about this. I just got a sense. I just I was sitting here just preparing for what I was going to speak with you about. And I just had the sense it just it just washed over me that we're winning.


I just had a sense I don't have new polling. I haven't looked at the numbers, but I've looked at some indicators. Broadcasts like that is something we said it was your mood, Mike, I could pick it up from all the way back there in New York from where you're at.


There's some things that I pay attention to because of my training and because of my work as chief digital strategist at the RNC. I watch I watch the sock puppets on Twitter. Now, listen, that you could say Nutt's craziness. Well, no, there's a method. I am watching them panic. I am watching a change in a sock puppet account, what that means is it's an account that set up just to broadcast political rhetoric from the left is really good at this.


It's basically fake accounts. There's people that are paid to tweet at this. They're not really robots. It's not really software. It's people paid a little bit of money to tweet and harass people. The turn that I'm seeing is all the sudden. They're blaming the violence on Donald Trump. The violence in Portland and Seattle, they tried this, they tried to say it was Trump's fault, and if he wasn't sending federal marshals to Portland, it would all be peaceful.


Well, no. Last night, once again, they tried to burn down a police station. Two days ago, my colleague at Seattle, Jason Rantz, broke the news that the Antifa had in Black Lives Matter. Terrorists had tried to steal cops with liquid cement into a building that they then tried to burn down. There were no federal police nearby. The sock puppets, these accounts online are now pointing to Trump's violence. Joe Biden, I mean, if this is an indicator to you that we're winning, he went on the TV.


I mean, he went on the softest possible place you would ever have an interview, which was MSNBC, and he went on and and said, you know, Trump's pouring gasoline on the fire. I mean, maybe he said, I didn't get to hear it because it was on the TV, but I could see him, you know, struggling through that sentence and maybe memorizing it. And it's on a cue card somewhere in his basement. But that's what he was saying.


The flip of the switch. You will watch and we saw this we talked about this in the first segment. First time of the show. We talked about the blaming of this young man who on video had to defend himself in Kenosha. There's video evidence that this can't be murder one. He was being attacked. He was being assaulted. They were trying to kill him.


One of his assailants had a handgun. They're watching the convention. They're pulling. Their internal polls, those are the polls we don't get to see. Must be freaking them out. We've had. In this convention. We have had lifelong Democrats who work in manufacturing saying, I can't I cannot stand with the Democrats. We've had people saying I didn't vote for President Trump the first time. I will this time. Here's why. We've had Association of Police officer heads weirdly forever.


I've been aligned with Democrats, their labor unions, the government, labor unions. But the Democrats have disowned them, we have them speaking up, we have nuns who are saying things to a national audience that most people have never heard about abortion. We have Burgess Owens speaking about coming up from being, you know, the descendants of slaves on his own journey of failure than success. They're watching the the response from the so-called Lincoln Project, this is the never Trump grifters who've gone together.


Now this is their new fundraising scheme. They're Republicans against Trump. Lincoln projects. Senior adviser tweeted as as Kayleigh McEnany told the story of women. How many women do you know who have dealt with breast cancer? Can you count it on two hands? Kayleigh McEnany told the story of her double mastectomy, more importantly, she told the story of health care and a family and of her faith in Christ. This is what she this is what she spoke of.


If she'd been a Democrat woman, this tweet would have never gone up, but this guy, Windsor man. Tweeted, Vote for Trump because Kayleigh McEnany had a mastectomy with Jesus Christ. That he put those words into a computer and then he pressed tweet. And sat back in his brilliance and by the way, he says that he's a member of the USA Today's board of contributors were winning. The convention is changing people's minds. This is providential. I'm convinced that there's a providential aspect to this.


Another thing that went on this remarkable moment. The Russia hoax. Is very difficult to explain to people who don't follow it Rush's audience, by virtue of the fact that Rush Limbaugh was the first person to say this is a hoax. He was he was the first person to say it, that the records will show that. That's hard to explain to people who don't follow it. Because it seems impossible what you're telling me, the president and the vice president and several of the cabinet heads knew that they were lying about President Trump and Russia.


They knew this and the FBI knew and they lied to the nation's highest court. Don't don't kid yourself that the Supreme Court, the highest court, a John Roberts, has rendered it now just another political body. It's just a popularity contest for John Roberts or whatever compromise or whatever he is. The FISA courts, the most powerful. They can spy on the American people. They can spy on a presidential campaign. They can that well, they don't do it, but they can say it can be done.


They can OK it. The FBI lied to this court. They knew they were lying. We're winning, Richard Grenell spoke last night at the Republican National Committee, and he boiled this down in a way people could understand.


Listen to this year as acting director of national intelligence, I saw the Democrats entire case for Russian collusion. And what I saw made me sick to my stomach. The Obama Biden administration secretly launched a surveillance operation on the Trump campaign and silenced the many brave intelligence officials who spoke up against it. They presented bogus information as facts. They lied to judges. Then they classified anything that undermined their case. And after Donald Trump won the election, when they should have continued the American tradition of helping the president elect transition into the White House, they tried instead to undercut him even more.


The portion of people undecided who tune into this, who hear this, we hear that and say, OK, that's a nice encapsulation. They heard this and they say, what? Just as we've had callers to Russia show here for the first time, Abby Johnson, who had been at Planned Parenthood for years from the movie Unplanned, she heard the abortionist as he took a baby's life and suctioned the baby out of the womb. Say, beam me up, Scotty.


And people said, what? Because we had this blind's. Person who speaks English as a second language. Explain what actually goes on in China. Chen Guangcheng, you had a a percentage of the people saying what? This is that's real, that happens in China. It seems impossible that people don't know these things. But people don't spend their time like we do. So we just this is goofy, this kid. Come off really goofy. Do you sense?


Nancy Pelosi running to a microphone today. To say, don't tell Joe Biden, but there shouldn't be debates, that's a planned way of saying she's trying to say, Oh, I know Joe well. Oh, Joe is just Joe, Joe go. Just like he took on the guy with the tire chains and and just like he went out and gets ready to beat him up with his tire change in his weird wet hair on his legs, corn pop.


I know he'd wipe the floor with the president, but she's saying there shouldn't be debates. At the same time as someone somewhere said to the Democrats to stop ignoring the violence, make the violence stop because the numbers are tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.


Somewhere in there, internal polling, someone is telling them, hey. There is a problem, people like what they're seeing, they like the real voices, they listen to women talk about President Trump. Respecting them enough to put them in consistent positions of authority. There's been enough people now speaking to the president's actions that do not align with the actions of a racist, they are starting to panic. And I'll take it back where it started for me. I look at the sock puppets on Twitter.


I track a bunch of their accounts, their panic to the messages as Trump's violence is Trump's run. That's just not going to stick. That can't stick. There's one thing. They're left with and I hope tonight Dr. Scott Atlus or someone speaks about the reality of the covid flu, it's the one thing that they're going to try to keep sticking to the president's love to get your phone calls, your impressions of the convention. Is it different?


What moment stood out to you in any of the other things we've talked about today's tournament and for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


See if I can do this the right way. Try this official program. Observer and retired official Obama criticizer. Basche Nordley just gave me this, we talked about Kayleigh McEnany and this Nazo Lincoln Project Winterman vote for Trump because Cadley McEleney had a mastectomy with Jesus Christ. This is what this is his idea of a political commentary that'll swing a lot of people to join the silly Trump Derangement Syndrome Lincoln Project. So, Boge, you sent me this. Another one, David Axelrod.


David Axelrod, the guy who made Barack Obama into a brand, super smart guy. Very, very, very scheming and smart. He tweeted about Kayleigh McEnany, press secretary's story was moving, but to use it as a leap to assertion that the President Trump is fighting to protect people with preexisting conditions was unworthy of it. He's actively trying to reverse a law that protects people with pre-existing conditions. I love McKinley's response. This is brilliant. I don't use she wrote all caps in quotes.


I don't use my story ellipses. I tell my story proudly. While this president won't support government takeover, which deprives Americans with preexisting conditions of our doctors and our plans, he will provide us with good, affordable health care.


I love that she didn't back off on the policy position. The pre-existing condition saying you can't say no to that. What that means is, you know, it's been commonly said you don't have fire insurance in your house and God forbid it burns down. And then you call the company, say, hey, my house burned down. I'm sorry you weren't covered. Oh, no. Remember, there's a law now. No pre-existing conditions. You have to.


That's not insurance. That's a bailout. It changes the economics. It changes the affordability by changing the economics. We talked earlier on the show. Scott Walker called them the Rush's show today, the the previous governor of the state of Wisconsin. And if he was only still governor, we wouldn't have the violence exploding and being allowed, frankly, the way it has been in Wisconsin. He talked about the ability to chew gum and walk at the same time to be able to enforce the laws with respect and with acknowledgement of humanity, but also to enforce them swiftly was a great conversation.


And the folks at the ABA show kind even guest hosts get their stuff up on Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. If you're a 24/7 member, you could hear the interview with Scott Walker on that topic. I want to talk to Dick, Carolina Shores, North Carolina. Dick, you're on. The Rush Limbaugh program is thottam and filling in. Hi, Dick.


Hey, Dad. How are you? Meghan, thanks to you and your dad. And and great recovery for Rush. I know he's going to come through this. Listen, I'm a retired police officer. I was a police officer for 27 years and I have been gone almost 27 years. So needless to say, things have changed since I was on the job. And nobody, including myself, is going to acknowledge or say what went on in Minnesota with that police department that any any part of that was right.


Of course not. Anybody saw any of it. So it's got to admit it was wrong. But I've got to I'm a firm believer that in the police department does need some reform today, especially since I'm quite sure it's a lot different, the training and whatever, than when I first got on the job. But I've got a suggestion, too, that maybe we need to retrain some of our citizens. And the reason I say this is, is I was brought up to always understand that if a police officer told you to stand down, stop or halt and that's what you were supposed to do.


And I never had any problem in my life when I was growing up or as a young man or whatever, and I haven't had any problems since I got off the job with the same thing. And I think that we need to some people to start teaching our younger people that when a policeman tells you to stop, halt or stand down, there must be a reason why he's doing that. And I'm quite sure that if that would happen, that some of these altercations that I call like a gray area, like what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, here this past week, that probably would not have happened.


The policemen wouldn't have had to do maybe what he did. And, of course, the citizen, what happened to him, it wouldn't have happened to him either if people would just obey and do what a policeman tells you to do.


And, you know, what you're seeing obviously is classic, just just gentle wisdom. I mean, it's common sense. You do what the cops say. And yet there are people being taught in and I can't emphasize this enough, Dick, that there are Black Lives Matter activists, antifa, activists, teaching people that you don't need to do that. This is not your job. Yeah, I know you do that. I mean, you're a cop for 27 years.


But I would just I want to ask you one question, a really hard question about about George Floyd. What decisions did George Floyd make that led up also to his death? Not not related to the police?


Well, from what I've understood or been told, I mean, he he had some things in his past that were a little shady, if that's the proper term or whatever. Again, not acknowledging what happened to him should have happened to him. Of course not. It should not have. There could have been maybe a better way of handling it or whatever. God will only know that now. Yeah, I still think. I still think. But this has got we got to start influencing grandparents, parents or people, principals, teachers or whatever, to start teaching our young children from the time that they understand not don't try to start it when they're in junior high or high school, because by then it's probably a little too late.


But I think if we could just reform some some of the city's history, then we wouldn't have done what we've got today either.


Well, appreciate that. Great call, Dick. Thanks for all your service, all the 27 years and congratulations in 27 years in retirement. I appreciate the phone call. Dick from Carolina Shores, North Carolina. Here's my point about George Floyd. The the the Floyd being. He was a complicated man. He had his history as a felon and this is pertinent, it is because it goes to a series of decisions in life. He was a felon.


At one point he had held a gun to a pregnant woman whom he was robbing. These things happens. We do no favors to anybody. If we soften the truth, we just don't. It shows we're learning that George Floyd had a great deal of fentanyl in his system, this is now the drug addiction. It's it's I do view it as a disease one catches. Some people are more likely to become addicted than others. George Floyd apparently was George Floyd had perhaps enough medicine on his system to be toxic, if not deadly.


And he had a history of this and his body was breaking down and he was saying from the moment the police arrived that he couldn't breathe, this doesn't make the video easier to watch. It doesn't. And then there is a training video. This is the part that keeps me up at night, honestly, because I watched I was screaming at the video. He can't breathe, do something. And the more I read in, the more cops who contact me, who send me actual footage, actual pictures.


A police officer is being trained in a circumstance like that when someone is suffering from excited delirium to put them on their side like they did when I read that there's apparently no bruising or crushing of George Floyds neck. I really look at this and say. Do we get everything right, I wanted it to change, I wanted CPR, I wanted an EMT, I wanted to do something, do something. We're going to see what happens in this court of law.


I have a deep concern. What Keith Ellison is going to do with this case of a deep concern that around November, Ellison is going to say, I can't make the charges stick, I have this deep concern. Tonight, one more night, the president of the United States will address us at the convention. I'd love to know what you need to hear him say. Love to hear the pieces, the convention that stick with you, that motivates you, what you're observing.


And if you also feel a shift, I feel like we're winning. I feel like the left is panicking.


I feel like the panic switch has gone off. We'll continue to talk on the EIB Network.


Lots of people are called. Well, I don't know if it's lots of people, but specific people have been called national treasures. And it's because they get involved in leftist politics and therefore are national treasures because they seek leftist power and Democrat power and adoration. They are national treasures. And sometimes they've done some incredibly brave things in their history and then later in their lives. It just seems pushed in government health care and Medicaid for all. And because that's that's certainly, you know, that's a civil right to take your doctor away.


That's that's classic civil rights. There are the people who were involved in the same struggle, in fact, in the 1960s, the exact same type struggle who chose different paths in life. We continue to talk about the convention, the difference in the convention, the real voices that have been shown and that I do want to get into as we close to show what I just I pray that the president has a segment tonight on the reality, the medical reality of covid-19, because there has been such hysteria created around cases, cases, cases, it's mathematically demonstrable that the hysteria has actually cost perhaps more lives than has the disease itself.


And that's that's a thing with the usual suspects in the media. I want you to hear Clarence Henderson. This is a gentleman who was part of the 1960s sit in at Woolworth's lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina. This is some of what he said last night.


I'm a military veteran and a civil rights activist. And you know what else? I'm a Republican and I support Donald Trump. If that sounds strange, you don't know your history. It was the Republican Party that passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. It was a Republican Party that passed the 14th Amendment giving black men citizenship. It was a Republican Party that passed the 15th Amendment, giving black men the right to vote. Freedom of thought is a powerful thing.


They are Americans, voters all over the country who are is trying to convince to conform to the same old Democratic talking points. You know what? That'll get you the same old results. Joe Biden had the audacity to say, if you don't vote for him, you ain't black. Well, to that I say, if you do vote for Biden, you don't know history. Donald Trump is not a politician. He's a leader. Politicians are dime a dozen leaders are priceless.


And he is a man who has stood up to grave injustice. And he is speaking of the greatest possession you own is your conscience. Let us not forget that right now in the United States of America, mobs are going around and approaching people at lunch counters and screaming at them. You must raise your fist in support of Black Lives Matter Inc., which is a terrorist group, domestic terrorist group that does nothing for black lives. This nun who spoke last night, the the Army veteran, 30 year Army veteran who was is also a physician and a nun.


All these things, all this life of service, I would be willing to bet that she has done more for black lives, that one woman than Black Lives Matter Incorporated has, because that's not their goal yet. This man. Speaking of freedom of thought, well, it's being attacked in the name of black people. It's ridiculousness and it's scariness and it's happening on our streets and we have a choice, and I think we're winning. I truly think we're winning.


I think the panic from the left is palpable and the president have spoken tonight. Wait until he speaks and how their heads spin circles. Talk to Randy in Erie, Pennsylvania. Randy, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is tournament filling in? Hi, Randy.


Hi. How are you doing today, Todd? Doing great. You call? Well, I.


Oh, I first want to say you do a great job when you're filling in for Rush. I always tune in to make sure I catch you. And also, there's just so many things my head wants to explode. I was watching flicking through the channels and caught the Democrat convention. I really purposely didn't want to tune into it because I didn't want any numbers getting higher on The View. But I saw Rachel Maddow very quickly say disgusted. She just said, you can see it got the Republican convention, as it were.


And and I just about went through the TV. I've watched the Republican convention. I have never been so more inspired, so much more uplifted. And as all they want to talk about is how they're putting Joe Biden down and listen. Well, records speak for themselves. And again, it makes my head explode because there's no reality in the media. Their coverage of this is so pointed and leftist and skewed. And that brings me to the polls. And I'm like, I can't understand these polls and where they're getting the polls in my area.


There's nothing but Trump signs. There's a couple lone Biden signs.


Well, let me ask you this. If you've got a phone call at home, Randi, or you got it on your cell phone and they said, hey, we're calling with CNN, we would like to do a we'd like to ask you some questions. Do you say, oh, sure. I'll be glad to talk to you if it's CNN or does the phone go click?


No, actually, I've gotten that call. It's been several months ago and I immediately I absolutely want to share my opinion. And I did. Yeah.


I don't recall who was from it wasn't CNN, but it was another polling. Yeah.


I think that there are Republicans and even the Lincoln Project has said this. They're the Trump derangement syndrome. Anybody but Trump. And all of a sudden the Republicans who want socialism and Joe Biden and nuttiness, they're seeing that the polls undercount Trump support it. Does Trump supporters are not in whole not going to be reachable by this. They're not findable that he found the forgotten man. And I thank you for the call, Randy. It's great to hear from you.


And thank you for the kind words about filling in for Rush. It's the honor of a lifetime. Thank you for that. And it's Randy's point.


Just before we get to another call here on R&D point, anything on Twitter who's an expert on Antifa has this beautiful screenshot. And it's it's CNN and it's the reporter, and he's standing in front of burning buildings on fire after a riot in on the screen, it says fiery but mostly peaceful protests after shooting a director at CNN and a segment producer at CNN said have him stand there. Let's run that Kyron. And did they think no one would notice?


I don't think they know how many fact checkers there are in the real world who are checking their checking of facts. That's blatant, blatant, a blatant attempt at it, not just propaganda, but lying to your face that's coming home to find your husband in bed with another woman and he says she's not here. It's absolute gaslighting. That's where they've gotten. The convention is moving the needle, the violence has moved the needle. This is like an abusive spouse in a way.


The Democrats have abused inner cities. They've abused black people. The black vote, they've taken it for granted all these years. They've cancelled charter schools. Even though Barack Obama sent his kids there, he cancelled them for everybody else. Now, finally, as happens in bad domestic relationships, now they're starting to hit in cities that are run by Democrats, but oh, it's because you made them. The turning the corner, trying to blame it on Trump because they know a step too far.


It's great news. Let's talk to George in Staten Island, New York. George, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. It's thottam and filling in.


Hi, George Todai are so wonderful and we appreciate you tremendously. You talk about national treasures. There are so many. And in the first three days only, it's hard to I don't even want to use the word favorite. But my suggestion for the one that I think could be made into the most effective campaign ad is Natalie Harp. So tell me what you loved about Natalie. She talked about her personal situation and background, then connected it to the movie It's a Wonderful Life, and she went through all over nowhere.


What she went through just a few such none of Trump's accomplishments. Right, and so did that strike you at this, an emotional level that you watch this and she she tied it into this movie that we've all seen, the story of struggle and the story of overcoming? Is that what got you? Yes, yes, yes. And people who don't know, people who keep repeating that Trump has done absolutely nothing except they need to hear that people are hearing it, it's remarkable.


The degree to which I've seen even Republicans, George, say are probably Jerry say, I didn't know that. Oh, it's George. I didn't know that. I'm watching Republicans watch the convention learn things about their own party and their own president. It's a remarkably well done convention. Thank you for the phone call.


Appreciate it. George, is tournament in for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network.


Imagine that she got one day the opportunity to just sing for your favorite rock band. That's what this is like for me to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. I want to thank Rush EIB for let me do the speaking of Rush, he's OK. Rush has been communicating with the EIB. He's OK. And he's going to be back and he's going to explain it all to you. And it's going to be cool. And we listen. One thing about Rush is that man speaks for him on the only one who speaks for Rush.


He'll explain it to you when he gets back. He will. So if you wanna leave him a note, do it at Rush Limbaugh dot com, but understand he's OK. Let's talk to Gerri in Covington, Kentucky. Gerri, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. It's Todd Hermann filling in. Hi, Jerry. I thought I wanted to speak about one thing. I think the president should say tonight, I know that he has had some friends passed away from covid.


I think that he should say that tonight in his speech, it would show his humanity and how it has affected him personally. I think that. So I didn't I didn't mean to interrupt you, I think that's a brilliant idea. I really do. Because he's shown his compassion to other people throughout this convention, but how it has affected him personally would be a great idea.


It's a that's a great blessing of an idea. Jerry, I appreciate that. Covington, Kentucky, are you wearing your mega hat? I where I went to the same high school as Nicole. Sam. It's got a it's got a very successful track record down there and a proud graduate. Thank you, Jerry, for the phone call. God bless you. God bless Kentucky and the entire state there. And what Jerry says is important to speak to the humanity of this.


And many things can be true at once. The fact is that covid-19 has taken 170000 some lives in America. Here's another fact. Most Americans believe that not most, but the average American believes 30 million people have died. Chew on that for a second. The average American in a poll recently done indicated that they believe 30 million Americans have died every life that's lost.


This is a tragedy. And the president explaining that, as Jerry said, and sharing these feelings of loss would be remarkable and would be very effective. I pray tonight that Dr. Scott Atlus speaks. Dr. Atlus is a 14 year head of neuroradiology at Stanford University. He was a medical professor there. He is not a grenade thrower. He's not a hand waver. He's a scientist. He's a doctor, a physician. And aerialist. There are a couple of images the American people must see, number one, all this talk of cases, cases, cases.


People interpret that to mean deaths, deaths, deaths. The fact of the matter is, mathematically, if you were under the age of 18, you have a ninety nine point nine nine seven percent chance of surviving, of not not dying.


If you're under the age of 30, it's ninety nine point nine nine three under the age of 40. Ninety nine point nine nine eight or nine eight five go all the way up.


Under the age of 85, you have a ninety nine point seven three zero percent chance of not dying from this virus. People have been hoodwinked into believing the debts are soaring. They're not pleased, Dr. Scott Atlus speak to the rational view of what is going on with this virus. It's the last thing the Democrats have. Let's talk to Karen in Dallas, Texas. Karen, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Tom Foreman filling in? We got about a minute together.


Karen, welcome to the show.


Hi, Todd. I'm glad to talk to you. It's my first time calling. Basically, what I wanted to say was with Biden always saying about the darkness, as far as I'm concerned, Biden is the darkness. He's just doom and gloom about everything, and that's all he is, is darkness. He has spoken truth. He hasn't said anything about the good that come from all of this. I'm sorry. He's the darkness now. And he was an awesome, awesome job.


I love him so much and seems to PEDs last night. He was fantastic.


It was great. Pense, by the way, is about as laid back attitude as you'd ever meet. I met him once. He's popped into my office in D.C. and knocked on the corner of the door and said, hey, I understand you hired some Hoosiers on your tech team. And I stood up, Congressman, because that's what most congressmen want. You stand up and he said, sit down while we're alone. It's just like, let's just chat is very much that way.


I would tell you this, that what you're saying about Biden being doctors and not speaking truth. You know what I've noticed what I've noticed current. When when does she compliment the United States of America? Never. Makes me angry every time I hear the stuff that they spit out of their mouths every time. Yeah. And I pray every day for Rush and for our president and for our vice president to stop this madness. We're all sick of it, greed.


And I think that the tide has turned. I have this great sense. Karen, thank you for the phone call joining Rush's show.


We'll wrap things up in just a minute as Todd Hermann filling in for Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network. It's non-scientific.


It's a sense of things. It's having watched politics for a long time, having worked in it, I sense a turning. I really think people.


To see Republicans learn things about their own party and their own president during this, this convention is remarkable. I've never seen that. I've never seen it. I've never seen people take speeches at a Republican convention and make them into water. Cool water cooler material talking amongst himself. Oh, my gosh. Did you see this gentleman from China? Did you see Abby Johnson? Did you did you see Burgess Owens? Did you see and we could go on and on.


Maybe we should. There is a myth of shared this before on Rush's show, I shared it with a caller and I think maybe it came across as accusatory. So I want to be very careful. You have information. What are the greatest myths in the world is that information is power, it is not just like fuel in a tank, its potential power. You put a spark plug in an engine, you can go places. This is now on us.


Tonight, the president speaks tonight, he'll do what he can do. Ten people between now and the election with 10 people a week. Are you voting? Are you turning out? Are you registered? This is our job now he's carried us this far. Will you commit to that program? Will you do that? Because we choose President Trump, because he's choosing America, as Maximo Alvarez said, such beautiful way.


My honor to fill in for Rush Limbaugh. It's Todd Hermann. Thank you to you and the EIB Network.