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Plus, welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast.


Thank you, EIB, for continuing Rush's program. And thank you to the team for continuing to allow me to be involved with all the other guest hosts in sharing Rush's wisdom with people. And it's needed ever more even. And today, the day the Lord has made and these times that God has decided, we will live with all the inherent responsibilities for times such as these. We get to go back and listen to Rush's wisdom as it applies today, 800 tweet to 202 if you care to join us in the program when a drive.


I drove into work today and I have to admit everything was cleaner and I saw smiles on the faces of Americans and people just tossing one another hundred dollar bills, almost showering with money. I'm still not over this from The Washington Post that that Joe Biden has showered, showered Americans with money and ended poverty in our era, just with one stroke of an auto pen. He's ended poverty. You know, there was a time and I'm talking about the so-called covid relief bill.


We'll hear Rush talk about just the sort of spending throughout this hour. Lots of Rush's wisdom on that. There was a time when a government job involved a trade off. My my mom was a career teacher in a really good one. My dad was a social worker. A lot of my family works honorably in government. And there was a time when that was a trade off. You know, I can remember talking about careers when I was a kid and people said, well, government work is always there.


You don't earn as much money, but but the jobs don't go away. That's that's no longer the case. This so-called covid bill, not only does it destroy the promises that Joe Biden's dementia made during the election, it also during the the yeah, the campaign, it also builds up the fence between the people and the elite. And it's an economic fence they're taking, what is the truth in D.C.? D.C. does not have recessions. It doesn't have depressions, it's sort of funny in a horrific sort of horror show, way to be in D.C. during hard economic times.


Because you hear a lot of statements like, yeah, that's got to be really hard for people. Are we going out to dinner tonight again or is it are we going to eat at home once? Because it's different, because when they want more money, they take more money. You go from the presidential you know, the military installation behind which Joe Biden's dementia lives and you start there and you work your way out, you know, just just outside the White House, you have the big lobbying firms and they're just inside of the White House.


The closer you are, the more money you have. You work your way out to concentric circles to a guy who's selling hot dogs in Alexandria, Virginia. He's also benefiting from this business model. If you want more, you take more. And one point nine trillion dollars. He's invented a lot of it's invented a lot of it's borrowed. It goes out the door. It's added to a 30 trillion dollar deficit. All right, probably debt. But that's the official debt, here's another wall between the ordinary people in real America and D.C. elites, we don't get to keep two sets of books challenge you as a business owner, man.


I challenge you one day. You know, you if you apply for a bank loan or let's say you're you're going to take your company public and you're meeting with underwriters and the underwriters say, well, let's let's have a look at the piano, take a look at your books. And you say, do you want to see the official books or do you want to see the unofficial books that we don't normally show people? This is separate sets of rules.


And there's separate sets of math, we don't have this money. And the way it's being handed off to you know, you talk about special interest groups, I don't even know this that anymore. It's really them taking from us and giving to themselves, and that's that's always been the case, but somehow it's more perverse now. And there's another aspect to this that I find extremely interesting. And this is a psychological aspect to this that I think a lot of what the party and when I see the party, by the way, I'm referring to the left, but I'm referring to an expansive left.


So technocrats are part of the left, like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg. They're part of the left. Bill Gates is part of the left. Jeff Bezos is part of the left. They all see that big government can give them things such as treating you as a product by treating us as a product. So Rush has talked a lot about the elites in the deep state, and there's this aspect to this is becoming more perverse psychologically. The Democrats wanted this money to go to murderers.


Dylann Roof got is going to get fourteen hundred bucks, the Boston bomber is going to get that because the Democrats insisted that they get that. Is that a statement to other violent people? Here's my theory, it is about putting us on tilt. Here's another theory. It's about us talking about that and not the one point five billion dollars to a failed train, a fake company called Amtrak. It's not a company. Companies don't get to dip into the public trough this way when they continue to lose money and they don't ever need to worry about making money because they will always get bailed out because it's an east coast, you know, it's parasitic to the East Coast.


Don't get me wrong, I like the ACEL a trip from D.C. to New York as well. But I also when I wrote that when I lived back there, I used to put on Twitter back when I used Twitter, I used to put on Twitter. I want to thank the people of Iowa for subsidizing my luxury ride from D.C. to New York. And I get a lot of responses. What do you mean you're paying for this?


You guys are underwriting this. The so-called covid relief bill is thick with these aspects, Amtrak specifically, so I think the Democrats in the party would love us to talk about Dylann Roof and would love us to talk about the Boston bomber. And we have but I'd much rather go back and I'd much rather dip into the history that Rush has left us and bequeathed us. Because he knew the left like no one else, you remember over a decade ago when Obama told us the stimulus bill was all about shovel ready jobs?


I know what he was shoveling needed to, but just like Biden is telling us, or at least his teleprompters telling us, that the covid relief bill is about fixing our broken economy. He's saying that given how much the teachers unions are a factor in this alleged covid bill, it's interesting to go back and hear Rush talk about how they were a factor during Obama's so-called stimulus or portcullis, too. Not the private sector from the Milwaukee. That's Wisconsin, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, October 13th of 2009.


State public sector jobs benefit from stimulus.


Look at me. Look at me and listen.


The first solid, if still incomplete employment numbers for federal stimulus spending by Wisconsin state government show that retaining government positions was job one, 75 percent of 80 to 100 stimulus related jobs accounted for so far, where public sector posts protected by the federal infusion into state and local government coffers.


This from Governor Jim Doyle's office that included teachers, police officers and other government workers of the remaining one fourth, it's not clear how many are private sector jobs and whether the jobs were retained or newly created. So a full 75 percent of 8000 stimulus related jobs accounted for so far where public sector posts for Milwaukee got a portion of the stimulus. Seventy five percent of the stimulus was spent on maintaining public sector jobs. Exactly what I just told you, the stimulus was for the main effect.


This is from the story. The main effect of the stimulus money that went to state and local governments was to prop up health care and education spending so the state could balance its budget without huge tax increases. The main effect of stimulus money that went to state and local governments prop up health care and education spending for state employees, not private sector employees, so they could balance their budget without huge tax increases. The stimulus bill in Wisconsin. Seventy five.


I don't have the amount of money at my fingertips.


75 percent of it went to protect 80 to 100 public sector jobs in Wisconsin and their health care plans.


You thought you thought the stimulus was about building a road or a bridge or refurbishing something shovel ready jobs. Right. You thought it was all about reducing the national unemployment rate, fixing the recession? It wasn't. It was about making sure union people stayed employed so they can continue to pay dues to the Democrat Party during a horrible recession.


And Russia said it. And here it is, multiplied 10 times the biggest amount of money that we've seen doled out and invented and borrowed in maybe forever. No accountability to this. And I'm reminded of a meeting I had with a a congressman back in the day when I worked in D.C. and he looked me in the eye and he said, Todd, this is a rating of the Treasury. I would invite people to tell me the difference between what's gone on here with these moneys being poured into the teachers union who spent a year not teaching.


Many of them are still saying, oh, no, it's a death sentence if we have to teach. And you say to them, wait, a death sentence. And they said, yeah, I'll tell you about it, but I got to go. I'm hopping a flight to Kabul. I got to stop by the grocery store first at my mom was a teacher her whole life. And I can I can criticize, deny the dynamic of this.


That the payoff to the unions in the future, moneys that aren't even going to be spent this year can't possibly be related to covid. I'd love to see the Republicans do something. Well, I'd love to see them do something, but I'd like to see them do something very specific, simple thing. No one in D.C. can earn more than 10 percent above the average salary. For their sort of work in their state, your government account sweep, you can get 10 percent above what the average accountant gets in your hometown.


I'd love to see just. You want fairness, let's make it fair. Let's rely on fairness. You can't have any retirement plan that we don't have. Problem is that because they put us all into a government system. So much more to follow words of wisdom from Rush, including a syndrome that he, in fact, found out that Biden suffers from this, was not well known enough and deserves a cure. We'll get into that.


Is Todd Hermann in Far Too Soon departed friend Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network.


We know that Rush was the doctor of democracy, but, you know, he also had an unheralded degree in psychiatry. He, of course, described and discovered TDRS syndrome, but he also discovered something called BDD. And we're going to dig into that in next segment. Another another another aspect of Russia's life and unheralded psychiatrist there is I want you to hear something. It's like one minute and 49 seconds of Russia's wisdom. But I want you to hear this in terms of Rush, the economics professor, and then I want to take what Rush says and give you an example of how as what would I be, a rush clone, a rush baby, a rush.


You know, we're all in conservative talk radio. Don't ever let anybody never let anybody say otherwise.


All of us, over the three hours a day that we do or four hours a day, we owe this to the guy who who saved the AM dial, cemented this and then invented this effective format that so many of us follow. Even those of us, you know, who see, for instance, my local show in Seattle, I don't take calls. Usually we do a lot on text, etc., but there's still this format. And still the freedom to do this came from Rush.


Listen to this as an economics lesson as related to government spending, because Rush gave he gave every entry level EIB student a briefing on economics designed by the party of brute force. That's the Democrats and how your life's energy goes through a money laundering system when you pay tax. Now, remember, the pork in this bill was created and it was sold under the auspices of creating private sector jobs, reviving hiring, reviving employment. It was supposed to help us out of the recession, nothing more than a slush fund.


Now, the money laundering aspect of it is quite simple.


And this became permanently obvious to me in the Wisconsin battle. I wish it had struck me years ago because it's been a money laundering operation for decades. Citizens pay taxes, that tax revenue goes to the states. The states take the money and hire people to work in the state government, local governments as well.


So taxpayer revenue is used to hire state workers who are always unionized.


Those state workers who are unionized must pay union dues in many states, the deduction of dues is automatic. The employee does not write a check. It's simply deducted from his state payroll check or deposit.


So when a public sector employee pays union dues, where does that money end up? A portion of it ends up somewhere in the giant Democrat Party nationwide statewide campaign apparatus.


So private citizens in Wisconsin and elsewhere end up donating to the Democrat Party via state and public works or money laundering operation. And that's what the pork in this bill was. It was to make sure that during the recession, state workers did not lose their jobs so that Democrats did not lose their campaign money, pure and simple. That's it.


Boom. Economics lesson. Let me expand on this as informed by years of listening to Rush. When you hear and often it's local reporters on TV, the congressman says federal dollars are on the way to help complete the road project.


Today, governments, Democrat big head slick shoes said that he's pursuing federal dollars to help make up the difference. Of all things in government, of all things economic, there is the biggest myth in the world is the existence of federal dollars. It is the biggest shell game in history. If you doubt this, play a game. In your family, good, your son or if you have a working age child who has a job and say, hey, you know what, we're going to we're going to tax, but don't worry, you're going to get it back.


So take 10 bucks from them. Pay yourself, let's say, three bucks for having taken it and then take two bucks and put it in your retirement account. So now we've got five dollars. Now, there's other people involved in that maybe you could go to your wife and say, hey, could you take this five bucks and make change and keep a dollar for the privilege or for the time you spent on that? And then go to your younger child or your neighbor and say, hey, can I borrow nine bucks?


And so you come back and you've got 14 dollars now, obviously, the people who carry that dollar over there to you, they're going to need, you know, maybe a tip on that. So it's down to 13 bucks. Now, you go back to your kid and you say, hey, look, I.


I have to distribute some of this to your sister. So the 14 is seven. I'm going to give you this. I'm going to give you the seven back. Right. And this is this is a bonus for you. Now, you can spend this as you see fit over. There's some rules that come with it. What do you mean, rules, Dad? No, no, I'm giving you the seven, so this is now this is parental money.


I'm giving you parents money, so therefore I get to put some rules on how the parents of money is spent. First part of the parents of money spending is you need to now join my my parental union. So I'm going to need some fees out of this. But don't worry, that's going to help me elect state elected as your parent. There are no federal dollars. There are only dollars from people in states or only state dollars, and there's not even state dollars.


I know you can extend this metaphor down to it's all our money.


But the prevailing thought. You'll hear phrases in state government like federal windfall. Well, we've got a windfall of federal dollars, no, you have a windfall of debt and rules. And payoff's and grifts. One of the things we can do to continue Rush's legacy is not use the words of our opponents and don't let them get away with this. This is a key lesson for young people. Or Rush would have said young skulls of mush. There's no such thing as federal dollars.


There's only federal taking and deaths and rules. Everything else is an utter illusion. Your phone calls as we continue as Todd Hermann on the EIB Network.


And we just had a really weird drive by phone call, someone named Tony. Are you going to talk about that, that BTD syndrome that Limbaugh invented? Because I might want to patent a Amarone vaccine around that. What's your name? It's I got to go with Dick. It was Falchi. We're trying to track it down. We'll figure that out. We're also having a conversation real briefly on the during the break related to Rush talking about jobs bills.


And this was perfect. And it came from the EIB staff who got to listen to Professor Len Bovver Day in Seattle. They've got these stupid rental bikes that people only ride down and in the sun, no one rides them in the rain. Anyone who's a serious bicyclist in Seattle has their own bike. You will observe trucks, evil gas, burning trucks throughout the day coming to pick up these bicycles in and take them to the top of the hill and distribute them where we're in.


Then there are people who are paid by the government. To come by in cars and look and go, oh, Bob, can you see if those bikes are in the assigned square? Hold on, Scooter. Let me walk over there. Cathy Well, I'm doing that. You check to see if the other bikes on the other side of the street are lined up. I'm on it. You get three people. Making sure bicycles cycles that exist to coast down the hill.


Are employed as one example off the top of my head and we'll get to this, this syndrome from which Biden suffers, this BTD syndrome Rush invented and discovered. Speaking of Rush, let's talk to Bill in Arnold, Missouri. Bill, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Is Todd Hermann filling in? Hi, Bill. My my family also hails from Missouri, by the way.


Yeah. Todd, nice listening to you. I was talking to the producer earlier and I was talking about how Rush Limbaugh changed me from a staunch Democrat to a conservative Republican over the years. I had the honor of talking to Rush about 15 years ago. And I just I tried to get on the show before Rush and passed away and hadn't had the honor of doing so. But I miss him dearly. And what he helped instill in me was a conservative group that I'm wondering why the Republicans today aren't using his strategies.


I talked to the producer and told him that Roy Blunt isn't listening. Elected 37 previous Republicans had quit in 2018 and the five that have already announced they're calling for 2022 instead of holding on to their office with their credentials and turning it into another Republican while they retire in office, it seems like nobody's paying attention. And the Republican Party to Rush Limbaugh, he had a strategy of. Getting under the skin of the Democrats, where the Republicans point in point was one, Mitch McConnell was taking his campaign in Georgia and said that he wouldn't back the 2000 dollar stimulus plan at that time while the Democrats did.


And they bought a lot of books. Yeah, they bought quite a few books.


OK, let me ask you a question. Let me ask you a question, because I want to make sure we we've followed this train of thought that she's talking about Russia's Russia's lessons to Republicans. If you're embarrassed of something, do you do it in public?


No, no, and if there's things you do about what you're embarrassed, you're probably not going to call national radio and admitted, are you right?


OK. So I will tell you this, there are Republicans who are in who who find you and me. Built, they find this embarrassing. And the fines are the fines are are our belief. I'm just assuming that you might believe in God they find that embarrassing. They they find that we that we continue to have a stubborn belief in limited government. Embarrassing because they there's Republicans who've gotten to the point where Republican is simply that's that's I talk about shirts versus skins.


That's a shirt they put on for work. It's a tie they put on for work.


And when we speak of things like, for instance, they give you an example of just a real life example. When the original Tea Party came to town and my wife went, she said, Todd, you got to come and see this. And I said, I will. I'm at work. And we had actually one of the founders from the Tea Party in and no one from the party would meet with her, No one. And she she brought the 100, 200000 people to D.C., she and her partners.


And only I could get one senior staffer to come and meet with her. They considered her the enemy. And there were people there were people, Bill, who wanted to audit the Fed at the time. And what Rush has told us so often about D.C. bureaucrats was very, very true, even at the party, they were they were embarrassed. At the very idea of auditing the Fed, and I remember this comment, I'll never I'll never forget I remember to the day I die, all they were saying is, hey, let's audit the Federal Reserve.


And I heard someone, a Republican, a good man, but a Republican, a professional Republican, say we can't do that. That's your nation's banking system. He. Helped audit. The Republican National Committee's financial statements. But he becomes such a creature of D.C. Wait, these crazy people want to audit the Fed. There's a divorce, and what I think we need to do, Bill, is remind the Republicans who are in D.C. that we're aware of the divorce, that we're going to vote only for and back only candidates who are from the people.


That is, that they live amongst us. They have not become creatures of D.C. There's some who can stay in D.C. and not lose their soul. It's a very hard thing to do. I don't know how Rush did it honestly maintained his grounding as as as a as a worldwide celebrity. Bill, I appreciate the phone call, and I'm glad that you got through. I'm glad. And I'm sorry it's after Rush past. And I just appreciate you making the effort today.


Thank you very much for calling, Bill. I want to make sure that we get time for this because I want to pay off this this this BTD syndrome. So, Doctor Democracy, Air America's anchorman of the official truth detector, the Moja, all knowing, all seeing, all carrying. Also an unheralded, unheralded. Psychiatrist of genius Rush Limbaugh discovered a syndrome from which Biden suffers, so in addition to describing Obama's spending his portcullis, Rush Limbaugh also said he suffered from BDD, the budget deficit disorder.


Obviously, Obama has bad budget deficit disorder. It's akin to attention deficit disorder. It's a condition where a person is easily distracted, has difficulty staying focused on an individual activity for any period of time.


And I've looked here, I think the symptoms of BDD budget deficit disorder may include being easily distracted. You miss details, you forget things. You frequently switch from one activity to another, have difficulty maintaining focus on one task. You become bored with a task after only a few minutes unless doing something enjoyable and you have no ability to listen. I think that pretty much sums up where we are here.


No, I'm not going to get into whether there's a drug therapy for this.


No, no, no. I'm just telling you, I think we've got a disease here, budget deficit disorder. And it's clear now, two years ago to this day, Obama promised us his stimulus would keep unemployment under eight percent. Has anybody noticed it's not been under eight percent since Obama implemented the stimulus. It was seven point eight percent in January of 2009 when the emasculation occurred. It was eight point two percent in February of 2009. It is not been below nine percent since April of 2009.


And if you go back and look, unemployment really ratcheted up after the election when businesses said, oh, and we're expressing fear of what was coming from my time in DC, that stuff stuck it.


And I know that we listen to Rush and we generally get a kick out of it. I can tell you that that stuff sticks to people their. One of the challenges I think, that we have on our side is things are so serious and we are in this death battle with communism, but what are the tactics that Russia employed to better than anybody? Is it simply for mocking people in ways that sometimes they didn't know? They're being mocked, but also just revealing, despite their bad intentions for the country, there are people who want to tear the country apart.


There are people who want to rip us asunder. And they're part of the party. The leftist party revealing stupidity and dishonesty and duplicitous behavior and lies is still such a potent thing. Americans have trouble believing that there are people who want to see, you know, see the country fall because they don't want to believe it. They have no trouble looking at that and saying that's stupid. And Rush did such a good job of nailing that home, much more of Russia's wisdom as we continue its tournament in on the EIB Network.


That's Todd Hermann in for our departed too soon friend. Rush Limbaugh, having more fun than a soul should be allowed to have in heaven with God Almighty. And we do mourn our friends. And yet I firmly believe he's gone to a better place. He gave me great, great comfort to hear Catherine Limbaugh say that. And the legacy that he built continues next hour. Rush talked so often and so well over a decade on this radio program that Fox Nation has put together a four part series about the MAHAT.


And it has great people in it, like Markstein, I. I can't stop laughing when I listen to Mark. I think he's a great analyst, but he's just one of the funniest men I've ever heard. You'll hear a bit of that for the first time on radio. You'll hear that and more of Russia's wisdom. Let's talk to Dave in Bay City, Michigan. Dave, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, one of many filling in.


Hi, Dave. Great to talk to you guys. Thank you for taking my call. My pleasure, sir. What's on your mind? I like to get well wishes to to Katherine and the rest of the family to make sure that they've always they know that the American people do not listen to a show of very much appreciate the gift of Rush. Yes, one of the couple of things like that, I have a small list here, if you don't mind, the screen caller there asked, what do you what do you think?


What do you really say about Rush? And I have two more perfect. Because I really want to call in and let everybody know that one of Russia's very big was being able to pick post when we couldn't be there, you know, like the Ken Brant and Todd Show and Rush.


And you guys don't forget Stijn job, but thank you for that. It's an honor.


Thank them. You know, and and I like I kinda like you because I like your soft touch the way you speak. Bring God into it. You know, having kind of a religious feel to it kind of makes you feel positive to appreciate that. Wow. Thank you. I read the I read the Bible four times. Cover to cover. Yeah. You know, and right now we're going through this shift to where our government seems to want to kind of prop up the poor, you know, and it really is kind of a shift more than anything, because all they're going to really do is, is cause the people who are poor now to not be as poor and then we'll bring them into will that are they let me explain a little bit, David.


Let me let me take what you've handed me. And and as Rush taught us, now you can you can help me look good here. Are they really are they really going to make them less poor? Is it. Be the bottom, they're still going to be the poorest. Right. But let's let's follow this. Let's follow it to completion. Let's say that the stimulus was not 4500 bucks. Let's say it was 140000. And let's say that it landed in the hands of people who did not have a hand in earning that who were well aware of the fact that it was given to them because it was taken by force from others.


Not given through love. Not not not given you know, you mentioned the faith aspect to this, not given prayerfully, but given out of force and given out of desperation. Because you poor things cannot do it on your own. You need us to go take this from others and give it to you now that 140000 a what does it mean? Second, psychologically? Well, I'm sure it's going to be a perpetuity, right, it's going to be like both, right.


But when it lands in their hands in that in that way, when someone is giving you something because you sweet darling, you can't get it on your own. You know, what does it mean? I mean, I want you to be reliant on me. Well, and it means something else like, you know, skipping steps. I mean, it's look. I am faith driven to help the poor, and I firmly believe that charity. It's better for the giver and better for the receiver because it comes with this bonus.


But it's actually that's in reverse when the love comes first and the love precedes the gift. Then that gift comes with love. I know that can sound very soft and airy fairy, but how many poor families do you know that are also blissfully, blissfully happy and maybe even better families than rich families? Oh, yeah, that money can sometimes ruin, too, so right, especially when it's in Europe. OK, I you're a man of faith.


Yeah. And, you know, this is kind of the one thing I always think about. Any time anybody thinks that, you know, there is like some sort of like real answer to the poor. And it comes from the Bible where Mary comes to Jesus with the finest of frankincense oil and and rubs it on Jesus feet and wipes them with her hair. And the disciples were pretty upset about it because they brought that frankincense out.


Exactly. But but but but Jesus say he said, but how long am I going to be here. Right. How long is she going to have this opportunity to do this for me? Exactly. And but it was but you see, the love preceded the gift. You can take this in a completely secular direction. Go ahead. Because this is not a religious show. And Rush was very gracious to share his faith with us. And it's not a religious show.


Take it in a secular direction. Go to someone and say, you poor thing, you can't do it. I'll do it for you, honey. You can't make the free throw. Daddy will do the free throws for you in the game. You will cripple your kid's psyche for the rest of their life. And that's just one example. We're really short on time. Dave, appreciate the phone call.


Thanks for recognizing all the guests hosts that are so lucky to be on Ibe, including myself. We'll come back.


Even The New York Times has admitted there is a massive problem at America's southern border, and that problem includes youngsters being held in what The New York Times says is like jail cells. And Anthony Fauci stepped in and say, well, we can wave of covid is not covid is a racist bug. It is just it does not like, well, Mexican people of a certain age who I guess is more ageist. They've admitted that. And we're going to give you an opportunity to relive a moment.


I remember this phone call Rush took from a California doctor. And this doctor was just aghast that no one was paying attention to open borders and covid when when really there was that one to two weeks where we're really trying to figure this thing out.


And a doctor called Rush, I remember listening to this phone call and thinking about an unappreciated aspect of EIB is the reach in terms of the types of people who can call and share with them and share with us their intelligence guided by wisdom.


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It is an incredible honor to be your guide host, one of many to guide you through the news as inspired by the analysis of our great and too soon departed friend Rush Limbaugh on today, the day the Lord has made. And we live in these times, God said, I think you can handle these times are going to seem weird. You're going to have real responsibilities during these times. But in times such as these, we're blessed to have that grounding.


But also, of course, the grounding in the Excellence in Broadcasting Institute and the Institute for Advanced Everything. And I'm taking guide privilege in saying that because so often as we've looked back through Rush's life and as we compare him to his how he might cover today's news, the range is this. It's not it's not just conservatism. It's not government ism. It's not Americanism. It's it's so many aspects of life, including career and including ingenuity, including working hard, including family relationships that Russians talk to us about.


We'll get to a lot of his wisdom this hour. But there is just crime in the news. It is just one more indicator. Of the Democrat Party's obsession. You can look at it in a couple of different ways, a charitable view of this. Is that Democrats believe that that the United States simply must be the sponge for any and all displaced peoples mathematically. That's an interesting thing. We are five percent of the world's population. We've taken in 20 percent of the world's displaced peoples.


We are the top provider of foreign aid on an official and unofficial capacity, the unofficial being, the hearts of the American people love preceding a gift to others, official offices being foreign aid, which Donald Trump, the president, did a great job of cleaning up and not funding countries that hate us. A less charitable view is that the Democrats simply want to import new voters. I think that's true. I think it's unassailably true. A far less charitable view to all of these things is the Cloud Piven view, which is hard core leftist, want to flood the American system.


With people who need immediate assistance and are coming here for immediate assistance, not not not to pursue life, liberty, liberty and happiness, but to pursue a government check, and there are there are people who do that. What's the mix? I don't know. But we have a right to control our borders. Otherwise we don't control our society. Rush spoke so often about this, but he also looked at it from a different perspective during the time when covid had hit and we were legitimately trying to figure this out.


What is this and how bad is it? And two or three weeks into that, we should have, you know, seen the data, et cetera, to understand its age, stratified, etc.. I can I can rat hole in the covid. I'm obsessed with it. But during that period of time, the border became an issue. And last December, Rush had a conversation with a doctor in California that just highlighted the seriousness of this issue.


Here's Randy in San Luis Obispo, California. Great to have you, sir. Hello.


Yeah, good morning, Rush. Hey, listen, blessings and prayers to you. The first person that's been willing to have the wherewithal to go against the political correctness. You know, I'm a physician about 200 miles north of Los Angeles. I was born and raised in L.A. I trained in L.A. hospitals, the county hospitals down there. And I've been dismayed to see that no one seems to be connecting the dots with regard to immigration, illegal immigration and the covid-19 pandemic.


I follow the sites, the Los Angeles County sites as far as hospitalizations and have been doing it ever since March. And, you know, 72 percent of the hospitalizations in Los Angeles are Hispanics, 71 percent of the ICU hospitalizations are in Hispanics. And that's from March 1st to December 19th. I want to make it real clear right at the start here, my wife is Hispanic, I have no problem, nothing against Hispanic people. So I just want to make that real clear.


But they are the large, large majority of people. They're being hospitalized and in Los Angeles, which means they're basically a reservoir, if not the main reservoir, for passing the covid virus around. And that's because they can't work distantly, they can't work remotely. The vast majority are boots on the ground, agriculture, you know, domestics, chefs in restaurants and cafeterias. And they also tend to live in very dense homes where you can pass viruses around very quickly and easily.


And if anybody in one of those households is illegal, it's probably unlikely that any of them are likely to go in to seek care until they're very, very sick. The interesting thing was back in I think it was March or April, I started thinking about this and I looked the Pew Research showed that the large majority of illegal immigration was along the entire southern border of the United States, California, Texas and Florida, where the highest numbers. But it was pretty much all of the southern states.


And as you've watched over the course of time, that is kind of, you know, gone up to all the throughout the United States. And that's obviously because of migration and then, of course, a passage of the virus. So, you know, I kept waiting for somebody to make this point, and I've never heard anybody making this point. And to me, it seems very obvious and it's particularly scary when I saw last night on the news, them showing these caravans ramping up down in Central America, kind of waiting for Biden to take office and thinking that they can start coming across the border again.


I mean, if we are already overwhelmed, which we are, I mean, that's going to be the final deluge. You know, these people coming across are a lot of them have the virus or will be in situations where they'll pass the virus around. So I just I'm glad I had a chance to bring this forward to you because it's extremely worrisome to me if the borders start opening up for.


Well, let me while I have you here, I have the stories that you're talking about involving Biden. And I've got one from The New York Post and one from the Hill Dotcom the first. And Biden says fast immigration changes could cause a rush at the border. Now, this was during his press briefing yesterday, and he said that restoring the U.S. immigration system would be an overwhelming priority, folks.


And I know, Randi, you'll agree with me by restoring our immigration system. He means he will no longer enforce the immigration law. That's what he means. He means he's going to go back to the Democrat Party interpretation of immigration, and that is there are no limits on it. But Biden also said, and I'm paraphrasing here, that he's not going to be able to do away with the southern border. On his first day in office, he was sending a signal to leftists because doing that might cause a rush of two million people coming across the border.


But he said that he'll get it done within the next six months. And he says it's going to cost a lot of money to not enforce the immigration law. Now, all of these illegal aliens, will they be tested for covid before they're allowed to enter the United States or that's going to be given priority to get a vaccine? What do you think?


Well, of course, that's a very big and important question. You know, they've been prioritizing it to first front line caregivers. In fact, I'm scheduled get my vaccine next week and then kind of down the line and they talk about essential workers. I hope essential workers means the people that I'm talking about. But I really think if you were going to aim at one particular source, you want to get the source that is passing this around most frequently.


That, of course, is the illegal immigrants and the people who have to work in person and they can't do it from home. I would hope that they would start immunizing those people because it's actually very much akin to, you know, back in the early 1980s when they tried to get control of a yellow fever. You know, what they found when they finally realized that it was a mosquito that was passing this? They started putting A.M. mosquito agents into all the ponds and lakes and the places where they breed.


And that is how they finally got control over yellow fever. And this is kind of a similar thing. And I don't mean to be in any way degradation people and saying they're like mosquitoes, but just like the mosquitoes that were the reservoir for the disease in this same situation, the people that are the reservoir for the disease are the group that should be, I think, approach. Most aggressively and you know very well it's one thing is I could be wrong about this, my perception is that in all discussions of covid-19 and reading, where it's the United States is the epicenter now, more people are dying from it here than anywhere else per capita.


More people are contracting it here than anywhere else in the world, per capita.


But in all of this, we never hear about why and how and other than the people who are attempting to shut down the economy by saying that it is spreading in these ways that really can't be established or proven. And it's being used as an excuse to shut down economies and shut down various business. It's being used to exert control over the American people by primarily Democrat governors and Democrat mayors. But one thing that was going to say that doesn't come up, which is why I was fascinated talking to you, is the role illegal immigration plays in the spread of this.


I know you're not comparing people to mosquitoes. Don't misunderstand here. But still, if you have a known source, that is a problem. Doesn't make sense to do something about it.


Well, that's exactly my point and that's exactly my concern. Doctor, thank you for the call. That's Randy in San Luis Obispo, California. I appreciate the perspective. Meanwhile, on the same subject, Susan Rice, who has been chosen by Biden as his domestic policy chief, told a Spanish language news service on Monday. And again, I'm paraphrasing here, that the border will not be able to be erased overnight, due in large part to the damage done over the last four years.


But Rice said the Biden team are committed to erasing it as soon as possible. Members of Joe Biden's White House transition effort cautioned on Tuesday he would not undo all the Trump's changes to the immigration system overnight explained that incoming administration officials would need time to pursue the effort. They really want to roll back everything. Trump tightened down illegal immigration. They're admitting that they want to reopen it back up, but they cautioning everybody going to take time because of the possibility of covid spreading widely.


But they're still going to do it. Susan Rice, the president elect's domestic policy chief. We will be able to take some steps to change policies right away, others will take time to put in place. Situation at the border will not transform overnight, due in large part to the damage done in the last four years. The damage done the last four years wants to clean it up. The damage done the last four years wants to fix it. Elections have consequences.


And yes, they do. Professor Lembo. Yes, they do. One picture I'd like to plant in your mind just before the break is just picture the United States as the nation, as the world's lifeboat just just locked out in your mind. Hold that in your mind. Explain why I've asked you to do that. When we come back, you'll also hear from Fox Nation, just part of a four part series, The Age of Rush.


And it's you'll hear it here exclusively. It's Todd Hermann, one guide host here on the EIB Network.


And it's Todd Hermann, your guide host today as we look at the news and bring in Russia's indelible historic wisdom to help us analyze the news. I asked you before the break to imagine United States as a lifeboat because you're talking about immigration, Russia, that amazing call with that doctor. If lifeboats become overcrowded, there no longer lifeboats. If a lifeboat runs on fuel, let's say that our economic engine is our fuel and that fuel is taxed, then it can't deliver aid to the rest of the world.


So even if the Democrats mean this all from good hearted motives, it's wrongheaded and it couldn't be more wrong headed. Let's talk to Chad in Edwardsville, Illinois. Chad, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann as guide host. Welcome. Hayti and Dittos and Prayers to Cancer and the EIB team. I'm so very thankful for Rush and also that my my grandpa Jim and Grandma Betty turned me on to the program at such a young age. One of my very earliest memories of Rush was and this was before I was old enough to even know who he was, was hearing the EIB tone from the radio that they had in their their kids when I was little.


And then still to this day, my grandpa. Where's Russia's ties? Any chance he gets a love it? Yeah. So two questions. I was wondering if you could play anything from Rush's response to 9/11. We need to do that. I was I was in eighth grade at the time and didn't get a chance to hear his thoughts on that idea. Right. And then also.


Early last year, he had mentioned that there was more to his Medal of Freedom story. And he would tell it at a later date, and I wasn't sure if he ever got to expand on that, but I was just really interested in what the rest of the story was and really enjoyed his story with President Trump.


I am so glad that you brought that up, Chad. I heard Rush expand somewhat on that. And I remember listening. And it's one of those. Pull the car over and sit and listen, moments when Rush discussed some of the rest of the story. And then I did ask Kathryn about that, about Rush's evident surprise when he was given that medal and and how extraordinary that was for all of us who knew him all these years. The reason I'm glad you brought that up is I to this day, I am disappointed that more conservatives, I don't think, truly understand what Rush did with his freedom and how and how and how that aspects of the Marja's life is perhaps the most important in times such as these.


And see if I can explain it this way, Chad. People are so conditioned to not step out the outside of the norms of communication that when someone asks you how you're doing and let's say that, you know, you've just had a death, let's say, you know, Rushdi someone says, how are you doing? We're so conditioned just to say good that if we break out of that conditioning, we say, I'm not doing real well.


I lost I lost a friend. Sometimes people will gloss past that and I go, oh, OK. I'm glad you're well, they're not even listening. Rush made people listen because he refused to stay within the bounds of what had become. He was never an unacceptable communicator. They refused to stay within the bounds of what had become politic. Even when he had a sitting president of the United States attempt to take out his radio show, he refused to back down.


He spoke words that were not to be spoken, not not curse words. He spoke words like America has nothing to apologize to the rest of the world about. We're not a perfect nation and we've done more than most. That use of free speech is the single most important thing we can do to help stop the degradation of our society. I firmly believe this, and you can go to just something very simple. It is not normal that Joe Biden appears to be mentally demented.


It's not normal. The militarized fence is not normal. These are not normal things. It is not normal to have an assistant secretary of health saying, let's give street kids cross sex hormones, it is not normal. To have now talk of lockdowns every two years. Because of the climate, these are not normal things. It is our job to say this is not normal. And if we do that, it can forestall making it normal because the Democrats and the Mockingbird's are obsessed with making it normal.


So it makes all the sense in the world that Fox produced a special four part series chronicling the life and legacy of Rush Limbaugh debuts tomorrow on the streaming platform platform. It's entitled The Age of Rush. It's narrated by former Vice President Mike Pence, members of the EIB family like Bush, Nordley and Markstein, just to name a couple, are featured in the series and give you an inside perspective of the man behind the mike. Here's a short clip from that series.


The thing about me is I am damn sure I don't sit on the radio and say, you know, I think I said on the radio say, let me tell you the way it is, regardless of the opposition to Limbaugh.


Rush was not just gaining audience members. He was also gaining influence. He was able to communicate very effectively his beliefs on conservatism, his belief in the culture and his mind was just amazing. He could absorb information, more information than I think any other person in our industry could. In fact, he had a phrase used to say, life is show prep.


That was HBO's Nordley. Take a deep breath, because when we come back, more hope for young skulls of mush.


On the EIB Network. I just reflect on something as to that last segment I like, I'm sure Ken and I'm sure Mark and I'm sure Brett could go on and on about the Medal of Freedom, because speaking truth is, it's like it comes with a cost, particularly in this era, particularly on topics like immigration. And particularly particularly where the mockingbirds have painted Republicans and conservatives into the corner of no compassion.


And yet Rush spoke those troops and as they look. And casts a glance at the young people, I believe we may see. We may be seeing a birth of a generation of young people who are going to go to the Limbaugh. Thoughts on government, small, constrained, constitutionally provisioned if. Republican leaders, conservative leaders will go to Rush's ethos of thought and teaching me give you these examples why and they're from college campuses and it contains one phrase, it's covid thing.


The media's starting to freak out that parties are breaking out on college campuses. Well, because, you know, college kids are not statistically in any risk from covid, they're just simply not. But we just have so much data on this. There's simply not a statistical risk from this. They're at greater risk from the flu. Parties are breaking out.


No freedom is breaking out. Kids with their own eyes have seen wait, our friends are not dying, our you know, there are people who can get very sick from this, but most of our parents are fine.


This is in the same week that CNN says that the highly anticipated guidance for what you can and cannot do in small groups, given the covid vaccines or the Mirinae injections and the young people are breaking out in parties prior to this. They're saying with their hearts. Government is too big, it wants too much. I hope that were there in the same way that Rush was there for us all these years to say, see? I told you so. Too much government equals less fun, less freedom.


These aren't parties that are breaking out. These are freedom sessions, this is freedom appearing on these campuses. Let's talk to Charlie in Indianapolis, Indiana Charlie. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hoffman is your guide host today.


Great to speak with you. Thanks for taking the call. I first started listening to Rush when I began my professional career back in 88. It just happened across Normandy and then there and I was fortunate to truly have him be the soundtrack of my conservative life. He opened up so many doors of learning. For me, the reason that I was calling is because of the spending that we're engaging in. And if we have one minute when I get done, there's one other topic that I'd like to raise with you.


But there are two ways to tax people. Let's say that we are we have a small economy with 100 dollars in it. If I wanted 25 percent of that economy, I could tax you 25 percent, not have 25 dollars. You have 75. The other way that I can tax you without putting my fingerprints on it and do it invisibly is to print 33 dollars. Right. Because then I would have a quarter of the money in the economy.


I wouldn't have to sign off on a tax increase. Right. But that leads to inflation because now you have more money chasing the same number of goods and services that isn't backed by anything. And it ends up being the stealth tax increase on particularly our seasoned citizens who are living off of either fixed incomes or savings that they've accumulated over the years. Right. Thoughts on that?


No, it's a way to put it. And they're doing both. They're taxing and their printing and they're borrowing. They're doing all these things all at once, one point nine trillion dollars with all of 600 million maybe related to the covid. And it goes to the point that we were talking about before. You know, Charlie, we're talking about lifeboats and you're talking about diluting the fuel of the lifeboats off the lifeboat runs on fuel. Now, you've diluted it or you have had other people seize it while the lifeboat is being filled with too many people.


And you when you take a comparison like you provided and you compare covid rules for, let's say, college campuses, you you can't you know, we can't have parties breaking out on college campuses. But, Charlie, you know, to your point, we can suddenly have all sorts of freedom for people, youngsters who Biden is detaining at the border, as he should, while we figure out if they've been trafficked. Right. So you have that all of a sudden.


There's no covid rules there, Charlie, to your point. And, you know, in Russia, spoken about that at length. And I know you had one more thing to say. I want to ask you to say it's and I hate asking callers to hurry up because I want to make sure because I've just mentioned brings to mind something Rush said about crossing the border. I want to get to that in this segment. But what was the other thing you want to say, Charlie?


I can do it quickly.


There was a similar case in 1973 that dealt with. And I want to ask you, because your tech background that the government cannot induce, encourage or promote private citizens or entities to accomplish with it itself is constitutionally prohibited from accomplishing that case. Was Dorward versus Harrison. Yeah, and it seems like much of the tech tyranny that we're getting today is in response to congressional incentives and or threats of regulation. And it seems to fly right in the face of that particular Supreme Court decision.


Brilliant. And that's why I'm thrilled to see Ron De Santis taking on big tech and yes, exactly that. The big tech is doing the bidding of the Democrats. They're one and the same. During the hearings over Dr Rachel Levin, Amazon disappeared, a scholarly book written with great love called When Harry Became Sally. They disappeared during the hearings, clearly colluding. So that's a great point. And we could talk more about that. I'm glad you know about the case.


Many people don't. Charlie, thank you for the call. So take the covid rules. We just talked about freedom, breakdown on college campuses, young skulls full of mush, saying, you know what, we've had enough government. We want our parties back opportunity, other opportunities to go to those same kids and say that, you know, that you're in trouble for partying, but not at the border. covid rules are off at the border. So rules for you, not rules for them, an opportunity to show the hypocrisy, because immigration is a growing issue.


A staggering 100000 or 100000 crossing the border in February. By contrast, all of last year, we saw 400 and 53000 still a lot, but that's all year. Trump was excoriated for temporarily halting immigration until we got a handle on the covid. He was called racist, xenophobic, you name it. Let's listen to Rush. Remind everyone the primary job of the commander in chief. The thing to remember is the virus doesn't know borders. The virus doesn't have a racist, xenophobic.


It's hidden, it's invisible. It's really invisible in asymptomatic people, asymptomatic people. People not suffering from it, nevertheless, are contagious. What matters is keeping America safe. What matters is keeping the virus out of the country any which way we can. Even now this immigration, I guarantee you, this is a test to determine who the serious people are. If you and I can't move about as we please, why should illegal immigrants be allowed to what are we going to immediately sequester them once they get in?


What are we going to do, put them in cages? What are you going to put them in cages and make sure they're are no closer than six feet to each? What are we going to do? I'm saying that on purpose, Mr. Sterling. I'm throwing it back in the left. Faith, somebody ought to put a mask on the Statue of Liberty for crying out loud. To illustrate where we all are, this is insane. Why shouldn't immigration be suspended?


I don't want to have to go through this again. I just wanted to show you that I was right, that the left was going to react politically to this as though it's outrageous. It's no different than knowing that a very contagious flu is in your house and you invite the neighborhood in, if people found out you did that, you would be in Haebich Dunedoo. No, I'm sorry.


Somebody ought to put a mask on the staff to let that be a test for Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio to work on a joint project. I mean, give me a real mask. You know, what a waste. All of the terminal, if they're just going to scaffold, I put a mask on the statue and blame it on Trump, you know, put some anti Trump sign on the mask to be typical of what the Democrats would do.


It's brilliant, brilliant idea. And take things like this, this this framework of illustrating absurdity by being absurd, by showing hypocrisy in shining light to these college kids where freedom is breaking out, maybe they'll have a similar moment of awakening. As our last caller, we need to be there for that to happen. There is a reason that the Mockingbird's do not want Biden taking any questions. There's a reason they want to talk about Mayor Pete now, Secretary Pete making transportation cool again.


You will hear the reason why when we come back.


It's Todd Hermann in is your guide host today on the EIB Network with the George Floyd trial.


The jury selection underway next hour. You get to hear a lot of Rush talking about race. Rush talked about race and took risks when he did that. Now he knew what he was doing. He's the best radio host who ever lived. There were few radio hosts who would do what Rush did about race and talking about it in ways that that asked pointed questions. And just after years, decades of listening, we know those questions came from a perspective of love.


So I invite you to invite others to hear Rush's. He talks about race and uses a phrase that I first heard from Rush's is the soft bigotry of low expectations. So we'll get to that. There's a reason there is a reason that that Team Biden does not want Biden taking questions even behind his militarized installation in Washington, D.C., which, incidentally, is not normal. And that is because, as Rush told us, this guy can't do exchanges.


He he he so clearly rehearsed for those debates. And I mean this. I don't have proof, but we've all seen that footage of Biden walking past the marine honor guards. I think their honor guards, Marine guards saying salute.


Salute Marines, remember that bizarre, it was like someone said, into an earpiece, slipperiness, and instead of saluting them, he spoke back. I have a suspicion that I have an earpiece. That's my suspicion. A lot of people have a suspicion. So the media's trying to focus on things like former Mayor Pete Budha. Gedge is now is now Secretary Pete Broyd big piece. He wants to make transportation cool again.


Cool again, got it. Well, listen to Joe Biden, right, listen to this at Biden announced the nomination of two women to be four star generals during an event commemorating International Women's Day. And he said this.


I want to thank the former general. I keep calling him general. My, my the guy who runs that outfit over there. I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we've just talked about and for recommending these two women for promotion. The guy who runs the outfit. Being done on International Women's Day, a gender that Biden's people now say does not exist and the man cannot remember, cannot remember the guy who runs the outfit over there.


You mean one of the most important positions in your entire administration? So there's that now this just happened. There's a photo op in D.C.. Of Biden in a looks at a hardware store. And naturally, people have questions, I'm not questions I'm not even sure the guy who tries to ask a question here is a reporter. So what you have is Biden and he does I'm not trying to be cruel. I don't think dementia is funny. But you see him rambling about and looking about and legitimately, I say this with hurt in my heart, he looks lost.


If someone tries to ask him a question and he looks just like a citizen, I don't think he's a journalist and listen to what happens here.


And then about my friend to. Crisis at the border, sir. I'm telling you right now, what you heard is Soumitra says, if I could just know they leap into action and then there's this cacophony sound.


Come on, come on. Come on, press. And Biden tries to walk towards the man like he wants. He's he's a politician at heart. He wants to try to do the human connect, they call it, and no cacophonous sound. Get him away. Come on, press compress it. Right. It's incredible. A member of the EIB family. Dean. Korei in this, but said that the right way carry a.. Thank you. I've never met Dean Rush called Coco Juju.


Everybody has a nickname. I love the nicknames that maybe he has a piece he wrote about Hiden Biden in The Washington Times that points out that other commanders in chief have, in fact, done State of the Union addresses and more during times of war and chaos. And as Rush might say, tumult. But they have every excuse in the world. To keep Biden from doing this. And this piece that Dean wrote, Coco Jr. in The Washington Times, you find it Rush Limbaugh, that comment a bit.


He goes through some of these other the president's. And the things that were going on, things like, you know, civil wars and things like World War Two and. And country in maybe even more chaos than it is now. We talked about Rush using his freedom of speech. It's incumbent upon us to be able to say Joe Biden is not well. He can rehearse for things, he can rehearse speeches again and again, he can rehearse debate style questions, he can focus for maybe two hours at a time.


But in a hardware store. Where to me, it looks for all the world like Joe Citizen, one of us. Just want to ask Biden the question or maybe just shake his hand. They leap, they leap in and the cacophonous jump that's not on accident. They want to make sure that nothing Biden says or accidentally says is overheard. It's our job to say it's not normal and he's not OK.


Todd Hermann, your guide host today on the EIB Network. When the last few months of well, I don't know if that's the last year of his life, he made the decision that worldwide celebrities don't normally make, and that was to go out not seeking media, but seeking the opportunity to have real conversations about race. I know there's a lot of celebrities I've trouble thinking of. Russia's a celebrity because in my judgment, he never acted like one acted more like a teacher, a family member, a thinker, a leader.


A lot of things never seemed like a celebrity. And yet he is world famous and always will be. He decided from his heart that he wanted to have hard conversations about race. And with George Floyds, that trial and the jury selection back in the news. I want to put together an opportunity for you to hear Rush in a setting that I think bespoke his bravery and his willingness to go have hard conversations. He went on The Breakfast Club. You'll also hear Rush.


Well, you're part of that. You also hear Rush talking about what I think is one of the things that he was most potent at expressing was the soft bigotry of low expectations. And that will be as he talks about the great thinker Shelby Steele, who's written fantastic works on this rush in his heart, wanted all of us to know that we can all succeed. And this is the vision he had for America, was the playing field where we all get to pursue life, liberty, happiness.


That's coming up on the E, I believe. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from you, like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the bad administration look bad? Well, now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day. So download the fastest growing podcast in the conservative movement, the Ben Ferguson Show podcast right now. That's right.


You can listen to Ben Ferguson show podcasts on I Heart Radio App, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast, download it.


Right now, it's just an incredible honor to visit with you fellow listeners of Rush for these decades and many, many years and new listeners on today, the day the Lord has made. We live in fascinating times because God has decided we can handle these times. It's 888 to 282 if you'd like to join us. Rush made a decision after the George Floyd incident and the tragedy that man losing his life. We'll talk later in the show of some detail about this.


Rush decided that he wanted to have the hard conversations about race that other people wouldn't. And all sorts of, you know, celebrities will have Risk-Free conversations about race, which is, you know, the attendant Wolke racism. And and I'm anti-racist. And it's not good enough to not be a racist in all of these things, but they won't have the risky conversations.


Being honest and vulnerable and talking with people who are really going to disagree with you in really, really scary times like after the George Floyd death, as we watch our cities burn and later we understand the groups that did that.


It was it was a very hard time. And Rush made a decision that he wanted to try to have these hard conversations. Right. So last June, Rush interviewed the three hosts of The Breakfast Club about the George Floyd story. And Russia's desire was for it to be the beginning of many conversations you hope to have on the issue of race relations in America. Sadly, of course, we lost Rush.


Before he could have more of those conversations, but we decided to revisit a portion of that one and we'll continue to share others in the weeks and months ahead.


I'm doing this program for 31 years. And during this period of time, we've gone through civil unrest. We've had race riots. We've had kind of what we're happening now, although this may be unprecedented in a couple of ways. The one thing I've never done throughout this entire period is reach out to people on the other side of this. I mean, I've wanted to I just have never done it. And I decided that I need to do this.


I decided that I need to not just assume the people in my audience are going to hear me. I need to reach out to people who aren't there. So I started asking around if I wanted to reach. The largest number and the and the most influential number of African-Americans and other minorities in America. Who should I talk to? And everybody kept coming back at me with the Breakfast Club. You have to have the people, the Breakfast Club, you have to talk to them.


And so they have graciously agreed to do this. And I want to introduce them to you now. They are three people who have earned the trust of their audience in the mornings. They are syndicated morning drive. You don't know how hard that is. It's amazing. They have built a substantial audience. They are Charlamagne, the God, Angela and D.J. M.V. and they are co-hosts of what's called The Breakfast Club. Can I tell you why I wanted to have you here?


You know, the George Floyd story is being lost, right? There are two things happening in America, and it sickens me what happened to him. Legitimate national outrage about a policeman's criminal brutality has been hijacked. And I don't want to forget about George Floyd. What happened to George Floyd sickened me and I wanted to reach out and tell you all this. I want to make sure you have no doubt and I'm not the only American who feels this way, the senselessness of it.


And I think most Americans are just as angry and sad about this as I am. And I'm also angry the cops stood around and didn't do anything to stop it. It was just I can't tell you how frustrated it is. And I just I just wanted to share the emotion I have with you guys about this and to try to convey to you that I actually think most Americans are just as sickened and outraged by it as I am.


I feel like we're so accustomed to being in these situations where we get frustrated when nothing happens and these police officers are back out doing the same thing over and over again. And that's part of the frustration is this is not an isolated incident. This is something that's been happening in our community hasn't stopped. We don't see when it will stop. And I think people are frustrated as requested.


Charlamagne talk. And we've seen numerous police killings of unarmed black people in this country. Why is the George Floyd situation the one that's making you say enough is enough and this needs to stop? Why this situation in particular? Because I'm fed up with I'm not tolerant of any of them. I'm just I'm fed up with it. Charlamagne, none of this. To me, this is not America. Oh, no, it's definitely America. Well, see, but it's not what we can be.


It's not what we have been. We're the greatest nation in history of the world and we haven't achieved that on the basis of hood over us.


I think it's easy for you to say because you're a white male and that comes with a different level of privilege. And I do think America does work, but it works for the people that it was designed to work for, doesn't work for everybody else. The way it works for you. Well, it can. That's the point of America. It can for anybody who wants to adapt to it, for anybody who wants to try to take advantage of the unique opportunities that exist in the United States.


So I was employed, wasn't doing anything wrong. Brianna Taylor got killed in her house. She wasn't doing anything wrong.


No, no. I didn't mean to conflate that George Floyd could have stopped what was going to happen to him. I don't misunderstand. George Floyd is the essence of innocence. But what I'm saying is, is that America is a place with robust opportunity. If you want to go out and look for it and find it. Now, the people ripping up the streets today and last night, the antifa types, they don't care to find me. They disagree with the whole construct of America.


I got to push back on you with that, too. It's not just the anti war types. You know, I'm saying like, you see all these white folks out there protesting and looting, raising hell. People of all races are broke. They don't know where their next meal.


Yeah, the antifa people are the violent ones. The Antifa people are the ones that are trying to capitalize on course. There's some legitimate heartfelt people out there peacefully protesting. But look, you guys, let me tell you, you are a testament to the opportunity available in America. Look at you. How did you do it? What did you have to overcome to become the Breakfast Club?


The opportunity is there is the only thing I'm saying, you know, we all have preconceptions that we live under and biases that we live under. And I wanted to reach out to you guys specifically. You were you were the ones that I was told to speak to that this is intolerable.


I'm happy to have the conversation. I'm glad you're having it because I think your audience needs to hear it. And, you know, you said something a little while ago, and I want to just, you know, talk about that. You know, this is this is a country, America that denies, you know, black people justice and just plain decency. And then they act like we're just supposed to be happy to be here because it allows a few of us to win.


Did I say that you said, you know, you guys made it. You're adding things to my mouth that I didn't say I was trying to be complimentary of you. And I'm trying to illustrate that you are an example to others that want to try. You can succeed. What can we do to stop the racism as long as there's a system of white supremacy, you know, there will always be these type of situations.


You had four years of Barack Obama. You had white Americans voting for Obama because they wanted to say, we're not racist, we're not a racist country. You had people electing the first African-American president in our history. He served for eight years. Why isn't there anything to show for it that makes you less angry than you were then?


It doesn't matter who's in the White House if that person is not willing to dismantle. We need people that are willing to dismantle the mechanism of white supremacy.


Let me ask you guys, why do you still vote Democrat?


I vote for whoever I think is the best candidate because Democrats and promising to fix your grievances for 50 years and you have the same grievances, you have the same complaints. They haven't done a damn thing for you. They haven't even punished the people that you think are responsible for the racism and bigotry being done to you. Why do you keep supporting them?


And, you know, I don't disagree with you, and that's why I'm not letting nobody politicized black pain. This is America's fault. And until somebody is willing to dismantle the mechanism of white supremacy, nothing is going to change.


And no, we're trying to focus on George Floyd and what's happening with him and how can we take some actionable steps to move forward and what can be done right. So on your end, what are some things that you feel like?


I think that cop should be charged with first degree murder, and I think that the is standing around ought to be charged. The other cops that were standing around. I think it's time to end this. Look, we are all aware of police brutality. We're all aware of the actions that some rogue cops take. And it's way too many of them against African-American men. And it's time to stop. Did you hear what I heard? So those conversations are really hard for people.


I've I've done conversations with people who are friends of mine, who are also black people on the air, I've done conversations with people who are black, whom I don't know. And I hope now we're friends and we just disagree on these things. What I heard from Rush. Was Rush. I didn't hear back pedaling. He had enough respect for the folks at the Breakfast Club to go straight at America's the best country on Earth and has has it created a place where everybody can pursue life, liberty and happiness?


He pointed to the success that didn't land with them. And this is one of the problems, I think, with what is being communicated to black young people in society and particularly around like WOAK racism, Tim Scott. Has a phrase woke supremacy, he says, is as bad as white supremacy, and I want to talk about that in this next segment, but I hope that we can all picture. US sitting down with three people with whom are going to disagree and if it's a topic of race, it may be three people of a different race.


And engaging in that publicly try it privately. Have you ever had a conversation with race with a black person or an Hispanic person or an Asian person? Privately? That you, you know, have engaged in purposefully. Rush didn't need to do that, he chose to. And it was his intent to continue conversations like that, you'll hear Rush talk about the soft bigotry of low expectations, the great thinker Shelby Steele. We'll get your phone calls and we'll talk about WOAK supremacy and white supremacy.


So much to follow, Hermann. Your guide today on the EIB Network.


That's Todd Hermann, your guide host today on the Rush Limbaugh program. Rush guided us through times of tumult and we myself as one guest hosts guiding us into this era as we use Rush's wisdom and and bravery and decision to go engage in tough decisions and tough conversations to talk about what's happening. That is, there is no WOAK supremacy is I love this phraseology from Senator Tim Scott. Who what was it? The Democrats called him a token. Oh, sorry.


No, they said his legislation was token legislation. And then did they use the filibuster to didn't they use that to stop his legislation? This this man who happens to be black and a Republican speaks about WOAK supremacy. And I've been looking at this from a perspective of mental energy. We have finite mental energy. So when we spend a lot of time, let's say, in mental energy, let's say worrying about the future, that's bandwidth from a, you know, brain processing perspective that we can't apply elsewhere, let's say, to dealing with today's problems.


It is emotional energy. It draws from our reserves of emotional energy, draws down on our patience and our kindness when we're spending our time worrying about the future. That's one example. One thing I think that the left in the party, when I say the party, I expand the left beyond Democrats and I include technocrats like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and I include opportunists like Tony Foushee because they're all clearly working towards a goal of control for the party.


And crony crony capitalists like some of the companies that are married to government. What are the things you think they're really good at is flooding the mental zone? So they flug people with such a large array of absurdities, like you can study every bit of data, for instance, on mask usage and come up with one conclusion, it has not stopped or saved the life. Well, if it saves a life, it's one tenth of one percent. Maybe, maybe lockdown's have taken more lives, and yet it's such mental energy to fight against that.


Now, what was Russia's model of mental energy? Stated the principles. If you stay to the principles, then you don't have to have the mental energy of going back and changing and and morphing your principles with ISM, it's an assault on everything. Racism is not racism if it's the right racism. Harvard making it nearly impossible for Asians to get into Harvard. That's not racist, even though they have a personality test, basically a personality test at Harvard, kind of a likability test, as has been described by lawyers, although the people doing the applications, reviewing them, never meet the Asian people.


They're determining their likeability from a piece of paper or a submission online, but that's not racism. And they admit effectively, yeah, we're trying to stop aliens from getting in, we've got too many Asians. And but that racism is good. Teaching racism. Teaching racism. Saying that if you're white, you are racist and there's nothing you can do about it because it's in your DNA. That's racist, but it's such mental energy to say, oh, now I need to fight that.


So let's see, I'm fighting Wokingham ism on this front and that front and I'm fighting it on the gender front that I'm I'm fighting it on the covid front. And walkers have been covered. Works like this. We're supposed to ignore Nancy Pelosi not wearing a mask when we are told that we have to wear masks at all times. We're supposed to ignore the changing, ever changing covid rules that always seem to advantage the elites or the clients of the elites.


We're supposed to ignore these things. In Seattle and in other like really woke cities, there are separate trainings for race, literally in government offices. White people attend one training. Black people attend another. Black people are literally taught that they are victimized to this day by systems. I want to get to that in a second. White people are taught they are victimizing people. Systems. Let's say that the banking system is racist, let's say that it is I'm not saying it is it was redlining was racist.


That happened. That's real. But let's say that the banking system is racist, does the banking system run itself? Is it's a self-aware computer system. No, it requires people. But when the WOAK crowd. Says it's systemic, then we don't have to name the people and walk supremacy means. That the new theory of race, which is racism, is good if it's good racism. Is making certain people supreme to others. Absolute racism. Tim Scott just nails it.


Let's talk to Rebecca in Georgetown, Texas. Rebecca, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide today. Welcome, Rebecca. Hi, thank you very much. I would like to extend my most sincere comfort and condolences to the Limbaugh family. I'm a nurse and I work with patients with terminal diagnoses. And it's just so hard when that someone who's so close to you so the the Limbaugh family and our listening family as well. My deepest sympathy.


Thank you. Thank you, I appreciate that you wanted to talk about systemic racism, we've got about a minute on that. Yeah. If you could explain to me what they mean when they say dismantle the systemic racism. And can't we do that without substituting another group in place of the community, which is now the focus of said dissemination? What they mean depends on who they are, I think what the instructors of this mean is everything is racist.


And if you go to the Black Lives Matter incorporated paperwork in their website, what they want is we need to dismantle the family. And if you go talk to Jason Riley, a black man who wrote the book, Please Stop Helping US, the destruction of the black family, the intact black family through the Democrats welfare scheme is probably what destroyed black society. That's that was systemic, was intended to be racist. We don't know what had that result, but they've not they've not changed things like that.


So I think that if we were to really dismantle systemic racism, we'd have to go and say, wait a minute, whereas maybe even unintentionally, racist things like telling black kids you can't make it like exploding the fact that, yes, sometimes unarmed black people doesn't necessarily mean on dangerous are killed by cops. And the numbers are monumentally smaller than what people have been led to believe. Democrats average think it was 10000 unarmed black men killed in 2013. The number was 27.


So an honest conversation about this is one thing. The way the left wants have it is another. It's a good topic. And we'll get further into that later in the show. Rebecca, I appreciate you calling.


Today we come back the soft bigotry of low expectations as Rush explained it.


I so appreciate the opportunity to hang out with you guys and to be your guide today. Thank you for that. Now, as I've said, we're going to continue this, the conversation about race, since it's an important topic and Rush cared very much about it. In fact, Rush, you know you know, this Rush admired a number of African-American scholars, like the late Walter Williams, who was a guest on this program, part of the EIB family, the economist Thomas Sole and author Shelby Steele, who Rush cited, often want to revisit a passage here from 2017.


I mentioned Shelby Steele. I've quoted him often. He is a scholar at the Hoover Institute on the campus at Stanford. He is African-American, a very brilliant man, and very much to our benefit, a conservative. And one of the most recent pieces of his that I've come across. Is headlined The Perils of Political Correctness. And here's how he begins this piece Societies have many of the qualities individuals have, America is a particularly great society. There's been no country like this ever before in all of human history, in all of the sins that America has committed in its past and nothing that's new.


Many countries around the world had slavery and so forth, and it's still alive and well in many places. U.S. never gets any credit for eliminating it, for defeating, for wiping it out. You ever ask yourself why that is? Never. Like I say, folks, I haven't seen the Democrats this unhinged since Lincoln freed the slaves, as a matter of fact, I mean, the Democrats were fit to be tied back when that happened. Well, they were the plantation owners, you know, John Lewis, John Lewis, the dogs were set upon and the fire hoses when they were marching across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma.


You know, who was behind the dogs and the fire hoses? Democrats. I got I got to rein it in here.


I know. I scare 24 year old women to whom passion is a is a very frightening thing.


Bull Connor. Who beat countless protesters, George Wallace, Lester Maddox, all these universities who had closed doors were in states run by Democrat governors. The Democrats were the segregationists, the KKK was the military arm of the Democrat Party back then, John Lewis was beat upside the head, his words by Democrats, not Republicans, not people like Donald Trump. He was beat upside the head and violence was committed against him and the other marches by Democrats. We defeated slavery.


We eliminated it. It still exists in many places, including in the Middle East. Ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, nevertheless, writes Mr. Steele, having grown up during the civil rights era, America was brought to account for the sin of slavery, for its mistreatment of women, for all these things that white supremacy, in a sense, fostered. Still, we all live with the knowledge of this past tragedy and of the hypocrisy of it. I think that knowledge has generated in American life this need to be redemptive to prove that we're not like that anymore.


And so how do you show yourself to be redemptive? See, this is what I was trying to dig down, drill down and find to explain Democrat behavior, and that is they're unable to forget.


That there was slavery in our past 200 years ago, and they think we still need redemption, even though there isn't slavery now and hasn't been for hundreds of years, they are convinced that we still need to be redemptive, that we still need to prove that we aren't like that anymore. And so Mr. Steel says, how do you show yourself to be redemptive, why you keep deferring to those groups that are associated with that victimization and you keep trying to give them things and use them as a vehicle for America's redemption?


This is what I spotted when I ran into so many sportswriters, so, so almost sympathetic, you know, a black person would get the job as a manager of a baseball team or a coach, and they would think it was one of the greatest achievements in their lives and they would write pieces and profiles. Whoa, whoa. This is just what am I. What's the big deal? I mean, not that I was opposed to it. Don't misunderstand.


I'm trying to understand why they are having a cow over it. And this explains it. They're still so imbued with guilt over something they didn't even do.


And they are then so obsessed with the need to show people that they have no ties to any of that victimization that happened in the past, that they never were approving of slavery, and they still to this day aren't.


And so what they do is defer, constantly, defer to the groups associated with the victimization and then keep giving them things and then giving them things can be inclusive of never criticizing them, putting them on pedestals, allowing them to be and say and do whatever they want because they've got the right to because they. Come from something that happened 200 years ago. And then this one of the points that I feel very strongly about, writes Mr. Steele. Coming as a black man.


Is that the difference that America has shown black Americans since the 60s with the War on poverty, Great Society welfare, those deferential policies that defer to our history of victimization now victimize us more than racism did? Let that sink in. Let me read this again. All of the great things America has done for African-Americans since the 60s, War on Poverty, Great Society, welfare. These policies that defer to our history as blacks of victimization. All of that now victimizes us more than the racism did.


And it does not just victimises its stigmatises, it's the soft bigotry of low expectations, it's the presumption that because there is this thing that happened to African-Americans 200 years ago, it makes it today impossible for them to ever be full fledged because they've got so many strikes against them. So it's a low expectations, the constant victimization, the stigmatization, that they can't do anything without the help of liberals. And so we need these programs. And Mr. Steele is saying this is not helping us, is is not helping African-Americans or any other minority.


It's continuing to perpetuate the idea that we're prisoners of American society in general. Not plantation owners anymore, but just the country itself, and we can't escape this penalty box we're in without the help of liberals government programs. Or what have you. He says, I grew up in segregation. I know exactly what segregation is like, and I had a more positive attitude toward America than many blacks do today, who are the beneficiaries of affirmative action, says he was living during the days of segregation.


He had a better outlook on his life than blacks today do after affirmative action. And he said, I think. That deference has become a very corrupting influence on the people it tries to help, it's honorable that it wants to help these people, but they never ask the people to be responsible for their own transformation and uplift. And that's the great tragedy of deference and political correctness. And there, again, is the soft bigotry of low expectations. He's admitting it here.


All of this assistance, whatever it is, affirmative action, Great Society, War on Poverty, or are the way John Lewis and others are allowed to be, do say whatever they want, no matter how crazy it is, how wrong it is because of something that happened to them that was horrible 50 years ago.


He says, we are not asking the beneficiaries of all this political correctness or all these, we're not asking them to step up and be responsible for their own transformation.


Well, the reason that is, is because the left really doesn't believe it's possible. This is the problem. That's the soft bigotry of low expectations. The left does not believe that there can actually be progress for blacks in America when there is when you come across. Clarence Thomas, what do they do to him? Shelby Steele gets the same treatment Clarence Thomas has gotten when there are blacks who have escaped the plantation of affirmative action and liberal assistance programs. What does the left do to them?


Calls them Uncle Tom's attempts to deny them anything they've achieved, claim that they have betrayed their people, they have betrayed the neighborhood they have betrayed and are no longer down for the struggle. They're not allowed to escape it. This is the key. There still our plantation owners, they are Democrats, they are left wing liberals, and they are demanding that victims of slavery continue to act like it's still happening today so that the left can get credit for caring.


And whatever else they want for supposedly trying to help, he's nailed it here anyway, this piece by Shelby Steele goes on. But as he says, as I said in a recent Wall Street Journal article, political correctness is just the commodification of deference. As blacks, we live in a society that keeps trying even now to help us and to redeem itself through us. And that's exactly these leftists are trying to make themselves feel better people.


They're better than you, better than me. They're good people because they understand the plight and the suffering and at least they're trying to do something about it, which they never accomplish. And this never ending effort to help blacks redeem themselves just pushes blacks into a symbiotic relationship with white America. We become their poster boy for redemption and it's now begun to hurt the fabric of American life. Shelby Steele on the perils of political correctness, which compared the Mahat and thoughts expressed that way to Joe Biden.


If you don't vote for me, you ain't black. What's a rush, Neil Todd Hermann, your guide to the EIB Network. Yeah, it's just a huge show packed with Russia's wisdom. I so enjoyed the Shelby Steele discussion. Let's talk to Marcy in beautiful Tacoma, Washington. Marcy, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host today. Hi, Marcy. Hi, and actually today it is kind of beautiful, it's not raining, but it's cloudy.


Good, but. I just wanted to talk about Rush, I'm not sure how long I listened to him, but it turns out actually that we both got our cancer diagnosis those days on the same day. And I just wanted to say how. How much inspires me, because he didn't give up, he didn't go into a pity party. He helped me be brave.


Marcy, that is so good to hear. How are you? I'm doing pretty well, the doctor giving me a use by date of a year and a half, which is in a couple of months, you know what?


I love your sense of humor. You used by date. Hey, Marcy, is there anything specifically for which I could pray for you? And just as they come up for a cure for my cancer, I suppose OK to do that. I'm fighting it and yeah.


And Morsy and I didn't just listen to the use by date, I actually went out and found another doctor who did surgery on me and got rid of probably half my tumors and. So you took control? Yes, I'm proud of you. Yeah, yeah, you know, it's funny, I listen to every morning when you're not on Rush and you are the best. No rush is the best. But I appreciate you listening to me. There's a lot of us behind the Mahat.


I'm really gratified to hear the the inspiration in your voice and the humor in your voice. And I will say a prayer, Marsi for a cure. Also, just say a prayer that folks will accept the inspiration you've offered today. So thank you for that. Thank you. Yeah, appreciate it. With God's good grace. Thank you, Marcy. Let's get a quick phone call in here from Jo in Katy, Texas. Joe, we got about 90 seconds, but that means you can be pithy and smart and nail it thanks to God.


I love your show. And I tried for over 20 years to get on the Rush Limbaugh Show. And it's, you know, I'm glad I did. But I was, you know, no offense to I was actually talking to Rush, but I know I was in heaven one day. He was an inspiration to me in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Yeah, and what's one of those ways, as we've got about a minute here? What's one of those ways that he was an inspiration and back?


I used to have a sports magazine. I found, you know, by accident back in the late 90s and listening to him. And it gave me the encouragement to start a Christian magazine in the Katy, Texas area where, you know, because, you know, he made it. They talked about the need to fight back against the stuff, you know, the cultural rot. So that's what I started trying to do, you know, in my little corner of the world over here.


But if it wasn't for him, I don't think I would have started, you know, the magazine in the first place. And so, you know, we do what we can, you know, in our world. But, you know, once he died, it was like I lost a family member and, you know, I pulled over on the side of the road right after I heard the news. And just we didn't have any power in the Houston area, Kadee area, because we're in the middle of that phrase.


I wrote an article about him and you know, how Rush Limbaugh changed my life and had it up within a couple of hours. And, you know, he's just been a great inspiration and a great hero to me. And, you know, thank you for your time.


I appreciate that so much. And it's great, great inspirational call. You know, the thing to do to, I guess, on a rush is just make that magazine a huge success. I appreciate the call, Joe. Thanks for calling Russia's program.


We'll wrap the show up and talk a little bit about tomorrow as we continue the EIB Network. I want to thank everybody at Team EIB for continuing they do Russia's program this way, taking what Rush has taught us over the years, his principles, his voice, and applying them to today. I hope that it is for you what it is for me. It is a new way to appreciate something I listen to for 30 years. And Rush used his freedom of speech and he used it better than any radio host has or will, given the size of this audience.


If we would use the talents God gave us to speak, we can't do it like Rush, no one can. No one ever will. But if we will speak phrases like this is not normal and if we will speak phrases like the Democrats have failed black Americans and if we will speak phrases like but we don't have the money, and if all of us did that and we did it regularly and with love and the humor that we can, we can forestall the communism, just trying to roll over us.


And it would also, in a way, be a terrific way to honor the memory of the legacy of the life work of the Mahat and the team behind the scenes that built the only EIB Network.


So I hope you'll join us in that more of this tomorrow as we continue to examine Russia's wisdom in light of today's news has been an honor to be in Todd Hermann and the one and only EIB Network, Chester Brook Academy Preschool is ready to welcome your child into the classroom with a curriculum that challenges and inspire students, a daily routine that helps them thrive. Plenty of time to play with friends and most importantly, enhanced safety measures to keep everybody safe. Preschool is possible at Chester Brook Academy.


Contact us today to schedule an open house appointment on Saturday, March 20th, or schedule a virtual information session. Visit Chester Brook Academy dot com to find a preschool near you.