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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It's an honor to be with you. The team at EIB just been jamming so much news on this day, the day the Lord has made and these times which God has decided will live. It's an open line Friday day 800 to 288 to last week. We invited people to share their Limbaugh light bulb moments. Today, we'd love to hear your examples of Rush illustrating absurdity by acting absurd ways. And there is just so much the if we had an honest media, we'd be hearing about the walls are closing in on Andy Cuomo.


The walls are walls are tightening. Before we get to any of that, we need to go through the speech. Biden's mouth spoke last night and it was billed as to the the American people.


It was actually to his lapdog media a year ago were hit with the virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked denials for days, weeks and months that led to more deaths, more infections, more stress and more loneliness.


That's an interesting perspective for Biden's teleprompter to have him say today. In fact, I'm not certain that is even Biden's teleprompter. I have a suspicion there's been an insurrection within an insurrection of sorts, so because the reason I say that is listen here, listen here to a clip from January 31st, 2020. This is also Joe Biden's teleprompter.


This is no time for Donald Trump's record of stirring xenophobia, hysterical xenophobia to and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science.


So right now, Biden's teleprompter and look listen to his words and tell me if you think this might be someone else's teleprompter who has who has seized control of the White House. Right. Just check on that now as you hear Biden's mouth. Right. As you hear him saying these things, picture the original owner of a teleprompter initials below and you'll have a pretty good sense of who's really running things, provides food and nutrition, keeps families in their homes and will cut child poverty in this country in half, according to the experts.


And it funds all the steps I've just described to beat the virus and create millions of jobs.


Amazing. What one point nine trillion dollars in pork lists can do a bunch of it to Amtrak to just keep the thing open, a bunch of it to be spent on big teachers unions and, you know, two years from now. And the takeaway from this is astounding, given a new study that came out today that once again shows there is no benefit that they can track to these lockdowns, which is why I call them medically useless, deadly, politically advantageous lockdowns.


So Biden's teleprompter, which I think might be it might be that Barack Obama's teleprompter has, as performed an insurrection, a digital insurrection. Biden's mouth read these words to tell us if we're extra good, if we wear 15 masks, we lock our kids in even smaller rooms, in basements. If we get tattoos of 24h on our necks, maybe, just maybe, Obama's teleprompter will let Joe Biden allow us to gather with family and friends on Independence Day.


If we do our part, we do this together by July the 4th. There's a good chance you, your families and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbecue and celebrate Independence Day.


That doesn't mean large events with lots of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together.


I imagine this comes as news to the people of Texas and Florida and other states that are open into to the MLB games that are going to be packed with people. There are those of us who don't regard you as having the right to tell us where we gather on any day, let alone Independence Day to Obama's teleprompter there. So if if we're President Trump, this is an incredible comparison. President Trump spoke to us like folks, like Americans speak to Americans.


He spoke as an authentic person. Barack Obama's teleprompter has Joe Biden's mouth read utter cliches. Finding light in the darkness is a very American thing to do. In fact, it may be the most American thing we do.


My friends, it was a dark and stormy night and Elissa felt one tear fall down her face as she looked into the sky. Looming above her home, lit by moonlight was the visage of the outline of a raven. Who's ever writing for Obama's teleprompter? It's maybe not the same writer that was for Barack Obama. Now that as mere prelude, let me take you back to August 21st of last year and Rush Limbaugh's analysis of another Biden speech. What we got from Joe Biden last night was 100 percent pure inside the Beltway politics.


What we got last night was what people expect of politicians, a bunch of meaningless but now open ended bromides and cliches that don't commit the politician to anything. They just established him as a good guy with character and good manners. But they don't really get into any kinds of specifics. They just make people feel comfortable. It was 100 percent inside the Beltway politics. It was written by people who live there, written by people who've worked there. It was written for a guy who has served there for 47 some odd years.


And for people who are now tired of an outsider who doesn't use cliches like that, doesn't use bromides, doesn't get into meaningless pap. I mean, Donald Trump would never say light is more powerful than dark. Let me tell you let me tell you, it's shocking to everybody. I know nobody's ever seen anything like it, but light is more powerful. You would never say anything like this.


Donald Trump would never think that is how you uplift people, but this is how inside the Beltway, professional deep staters and politicians who exist to mislead people who exist to lie to people. This is exactly how they do it. That, that. I just had a vision of Russian having said, even after what see, even after I hit my expiration date, I still called the guy. It is like Rush listened to this speech, Biden's mouth read last night from Barack Obama's teleprompter.


Now, speaking of Obama. And Biden, Biden can't even answer questions on his own. Not being at a hardware store, screaming for him. So he's relying on his mockingbird presence. So who who is actually running the country? I have my suspicions. Rush Limbaugh had a very good idea of who would be in charge.


They cannot be critical of Biden. They will not be critical of Biden. They're going to Biden until until I'm to tell you folks, I think we're seeing enough information on the Biden's now to safely say that Biden will serve at the pleasure of Barack Obama. If Obama gives the green light to Democrats to take Biden out, there will be ample evidence that Biden has lied about his knowledge. His family was selling his name and office with his permission. And if that's in fact the case, then there's likely unreported money that will be found.


The fake news media will temporarily become hard news media. If the decision is made that Biden has to step down until that time, they will be covering for Biden. They'll be making excuses for Biden. They'll be ignoring all the negatives you wait and see and then watch what happens to their ratings when that happens. No, no. I really think Obama is running the show. Obama has been running a Democrat show since 2006 when he ran the operation against Trump.


He ran the Russia sting. He ran the Russian coup. He ran everything. And he's now running this. And as long as Biden accomplishes or does what Obama wants, then he'll be fine. But I do believe that it will be up to Obama Biden's fate.


We'll see. We know that Obama was pulling the strings for the four years of the Russian coup. We know that Obama was behind all. We know that Biden was part of it. We know that Biden and Obama ran that show. I don't think Obama has given up any control over the Democrat Party whatsoever. I mean, how the hell does Biden become the Democratic nominee in the first place and then get elected president? How the hell does that happen of all people?


Joe Biden, who happened to be Obama's veep, that's it. Biden is never run for office successfully outside the Senate in his life. He has sought the presidency numerous times and never got past the early primaries. Now, all of a sudden, Vamo not only is he the nominee now, he becomes president. And I do believe I really mean, I think that Biden serves at the pleasure of Barack Obama.


We'll find out. It ain't going to be long.


I think we've found out those two clips are literally like Rush is sitting here with us, having observed this thing last night. And you speak of cliches and it was a dark and stormy night. I don't think anybody who watched that well, I take that back. I was going to say no one could find that unifying or energizing. John Harwood from CNN did well get into media response to this. We'll get into how the media helped sell this insane one point nine trillion dollar spending orgy that has a little bit of covid stuff sprinkled through it here and there.


We'll get into that end. When we come back, if we did have a national news media that was honest, the headlines would be the walls are closing in on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo under fire for a sexual harassment and killing seniors.


Update. Next is Todd Hermann, your guide host today on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide host on the EIB Network. Today, 882 to eight eight to love to hear moments where you observed Rush Limbaugh illustrate absurdity by acting in absurd ways on the radio.


If you can picture like an NBC News opener tonight in New York, the walls are closing in on embattled and controversial Governor Andrew Cuomo, charged now by eight women with unwanted sexual advances, including unwanted groping, referred to the Albany Police Department. This on top of a scandal where Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to long term care facilities to take in covid positive patients. Critics say that led to the deaths of 15000 people. Now, the Democrats in New York, the congressional, that's what it would be because here's the news.


It started, I think, with Jerry Nadler, who put out a statement demanding Andy Cuomo resign. Now, it's a majority of House Democrats want Andy Cuomo gone. I just would love to know why they have decided to to oust him. And if it's that they do not want the details of the the nursing home long term care facility desk to make it to the floor. We had Janice Dean, the senior meteorologist for Fox News, who lost her in-laws in that.


We had her on this program and she talked of her efforts to just try to get information and the threats she received and you need to watch your back, etc.. So it's going to be very fascinating to figure this out. Last night, of course, Biden spoke about this one point nine trillion dollar spend, which is apparently somehow related to covid. Joe in Detroit, Michigan, joins us on the Rush Limbaugh program. Joe, you think you're going to tell us about the greatness of this bill?


Joe, welcome to Russian Show. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host. Hello, Todd, thanks for taking the call. 75 percent of the people in the country want this bill, this one point nine dollars trillion. It's a relief measure. And I love listening to right wing commentators like you saying Biden is insane, that he's demented and so on and so forth. This guy just put something past you now. He's going to go to infrastructure and he's going to go to voting rights and he's going to run the table.


Will you guys cower in fear of Donald Trump?


We're pretty pretty, Joe. So here's the question for you. You think can change. You think, Joe is just a quick question for you. What do you think are the most controversial aspects of this bill, this law?


I don't see too many controversial aspects. I think they're all they're all good provisions. I see. So you don't see anything controversial in this law? Well, I think getting people out of poverty and helping the unemployed, who is can you remind me who Dylann Roof is? It is either Confederate gun. Didn't he killed nine people? He was one of those Confederate gunslingers, wasn't he? Yeah, right, a southern Democrat. So did he did he kill that?


He killed nine people, didn't he? Killed nine people. I don't think he's what do you think he's going to do with his 14? What do you think he's going to do with his 4500 dollar check that Joe Biden sent him from China? That's none of my business. OK, what about the Boston bomber? Do you remember the Boston bomber? No, you tell me all about it. You mean to tell them I usually don't say mass murders, names on the air usually.


So my question is, what do you think he's going to do with his 4500 bucks?


So don't change his thinking. No, I don't want you to think I'm just asking you this, Joe. What do you think he's going to do with this for 300 bucks? Because you call this guy you called this program with a bullet point that you read about 75 percent of people supporting this. I have some data for you. The three major Mockingbird media networks did 40 stories in the first 100 all checks, but they missed the part about it going to mass murders, which, by the way, Republicans tried to stop.


But your team said, nah, we got to make sure the mass murderers get this money. They talked about the additional unemployment benefits, the funding for vaccines. This makes up maybe six percent of this bill, maybe are Lajo, maybe six percent. They didn't talk about the money for Amtrak. The bailouts for the teachers unions, by the way, doesn't get spent this year. Joe Johnson. Twenty twenty two. So what's fascinating. No Joe, you called with the point you read of bullet point seventy five percent and then you said and then you said Joe and then you said that you couldn't think of anything controversial to this bill.


Can you think of anything controversial now? Well, I think when he gets infrastructure and OK, so we'll go back, there's two ways to do this, Joe. There's two ways we can say a topic or we can end the call. So it's real quick here. Can you see anything controversy about the bill now, Joe, you guys are getting home.


I appreciate it.


Thanks for the call, Joe. So when when you call a show and you're liberal, you're going to interact. We can interact and we can go Socratic. And if you don't have your ducks in a row, when you call a program like this, you might end up in sort of the embarrassing end of things. And and I don't try to embarrass callers. But listen, just to this analysis, just listen to this. The major three networks.


Fourteen hundred dollar checks for individuals, that's how this was pitched to the American people by Joe Biden's media, 40 stories, 20 on the unemployment benefits, funding for testing vaccines, 20 stories, 15 dollar minimum wage, 19 stories, help for small businesses, 12 stories, money for state and local governments, five stories, no stories on previously unspent moneys which exist. But we need one point nine trillion media event that examples of the bills unrelated spending, zero stories, no huge state local government shortfalls where they're covering the pensions for government employees, taking home 350000 dollars a year to not work.


Everything the MAHAT taught us about bills like this, we had hidden great wisdom yesterday. You're going to hear more of that on the program.


This is how Rush fashioned a radio kingdom, his talent, his decision to be America's anchorman in face of what the liberal media hides, this is propaganda of silence. And in a way, we don't believe in victimhood on the show. But in a way, I feel a bit sorry for Joe because he's a victim of this propaganda of silence. So let's lay out what's to come on this program. More of Rush's wisdom on this specifically Rush talking about the role government cannot play.


We'll talk about that. We'll get into a long, long discussion from Rush on Trump urging austerity versus Biden's ridiculousness. With a bill like this or a law like this, we'll lay that out. We'll get back into the conversation on race and set the record straight on Rush Limbaugh and race. We'll continue to point out the fact he was far from anything like a racist. Todd Hermann, your guide on the EIB Network, just did update.


Fox News reports that embattled New York City Emperor Dasch, Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to hold and they want you to know it's a covered press conference and make an announcement. Will he resign?


And now, apropos to the last phone call, gentlemen called the program and I believe victimized really by the Mockingbird media. And I hope he chooses to not be a victim. So apropos to that, Rush fully understood that liberalism and cultural leftism, so economic liberalism and cultural leftism, the conjoined twins, this one needs the other to survive. Another way to look at this is a like a two headed snake. Here's Rush describing it. I have a theory.


I have a lot of theories and my theories evolve just like our culture evolves and our culture has been evolving in ways that a lot of people are not happy. A lot of ways people oppose our culture is evolving in a way that has a lot of people angry, really ticked off and scared. And I think priorities change. And whereas one day some people might think federal spending is the gigantic dragon that needs to be slain the next month, the next year, it could be cultural liberalism or the American left in general that has to be done away with or else nothing else matters.


Things culturally shift priorities change based on who wins and loses elections at the same time. So we've got this massive new budget agreement between the House and the Senate, massive discretionary spending increases, which is a massive, fairly significant.


We got a big, big, big, big, big bump in military spending and we got the tax cut. And of course, that's half of this. The literal eggheads and the people with their head in the sand think the tax cut is a net loss of revenue. When it's not, it's going to be a net gain. So now it's budget time. Now we have to do another budget, even though we just finished a bipartisan budget agreement.


What is this? Well, the president has presented budget. But wait, Rush, I thought we had a two year deal. Well, we do. But the president still submits a budget that spells out spending priorities. It's just a proposal. Presidential budgets are always declared. DOMA in Congress dead on arrival. And Trump is to demand tough budget cuts for domestic programs. And people are going to see this as well. We just blew through spending Kamps.


We just blew through all kinds of limits on spending. We've got a trillion dollar deficit. What is this? President Trump is expected to renew his call for drastic reductions to nondefense programs in rolling out his budget request today, even with hundreds of billions in new cash at hand. What is that? Hundreds of billions of new cash on hand? Where did that cash come? We don't have hundreds of billions in cash. We have any cash with twenty trillion dollars in debt.


Where are we getting this cash? While Congress busted strict spending caps last week, allowing for an extra three hundred billion dollars to be spent over the next two years, the Trump administration is still urging severe austerity for some arms of the federal government trumps the budget will lay out a quote and aggressive set of spending reforms, close quote, to reduce the deficit by three trillion dollars over a decade, according to a preview released by the White House yesterday. Officials said the budget would prioritize border security, proposing to hire roughly a thousand more agents and immigration officers than the previous White House budget.


White House will ask Congress for a total of 23 billion dollars in border security programs, reinserting Trump into the center of a. Immigration debate on Capitol Hill, roughly two point seven billion will go directly to the detention capabilities of ICE Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency. And with that money, the White House said the agency could detain 52000 undocumented immigrants on an average day, the agency's highest ever. So Trump wants more money to grab more illegals and hold them before sending them back.


Trump is also making good on his campaign promises to boost funding to fight opioid addiction and to improve veteran health care. Mick Mulvaney, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, said Sunday that Trump will request more cuts to the State Department and the EPA, this time while urging Republican lawmakers to resist the urge to boost spending on social welfare. Bingo. That's where it's all going to come down to both bingo right there.


I had two, three, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11 paragraphs to get to the screws.


That's golf lingo for the sweet spot. Now, there has been since that congressional budget deal was struck, there has been a lot of anger out there. There has been a lot of charges of hypocrisy aimed at the Tea Party and others for not being true to conservative fiscal restraint, ideology and theory by not trying to stop this monstrosity of a budget. And some of it's legitimate, I mean, there's no question about it, but I think that this little paragraph here.


Trump is going to urge lawmakers to resist the urge to boost spending on social welfare programs. That's entitlements, folks, and there's one thing, can I get some general agreement just with the idea here that all of these years we've continued to hear about the deficit monster, the national debt monster, depriving us of our prosperity, freedom maybe, and none of those threats have come to pass yet. Now, I'm I'm over 60 and I've been hearing this all my adult life, and none of it's happened.


So could I be blamed for maybe ignoring it now and then when it's I mean, when it's doom and gloom is preached at every budget signing and every expansion, which, by the way, I actually went looked it up the last time the federal government's budget was reduced from one year to the next was during the administration of Calvin Coolidge. Other than that, the budgets get bigger every year. They never in aggregate get cut, individual things may come and go like we may starve kids one year and get rid of school lunches.


You know, I should not do satire on ethics and lame brains out there that will actually Limbaugh actively supporting the concept of starving children today on his radio.


Individual budget items get cut pared back, but overall spending constantly goes up. And this dragon that's out there waiting to breathe fire on us so far is firing blanks. So can people be blamed for.


Having a ho-hum reaction or maybe not even believing it or maybe think, you know what, isn't that big a deal. Would I be hypocritical to point out that in the area of entitlements, the demographics don't lie? For example, if Social Security and Medicare are not reformed. Because of demographics, how long people live in that kind of thing, they will grow insolvent, but then how many times have we been told that's happened? How many times in our lifetime have we had an emergency session of Congress or Medicare had to be saved?


We were told it was our Social Security had to be saved. We were told it was for the next 10 years. Bob Dole was one on one of these commissions. Got a lot of credit for saving Social Security. So every time the crisis comes up, we somehow find a way to save it. And all of this stuff has a repeat cycle, and we go through it every so often and we are treated to crisis after crisis after crisis with miraculous last minute relief and solutions and life goes on.


And if you want to borrow money to buy a house, all other requirements that you can get it. You want to borrow money to buy a car. If you want to borrow money to get the latest iPhone, you can do that. I mean, people's prosperity is increasing, standard of living is rising and faster now that Obama's gone. But at some point, these entitlements are going to take a lot of money from elsewhere in the economy because the day is coming where these entitlements are going to eat up.


All of the budget right now, the entitlements are what Mr. at least 60 percent ballpark. What happens when entitlements are Avey? That's the real threat when discretionary spending is only 20 percent of the budget. That's exactly right. It is not sustainable. It simply isn't sustainable no matter how much money you print that isn't sustainable. But when does that moment of truth happen?


The discretionary type spending, which is what we blew the caps on in this deal with Republicans and Democrats, that doesn't bother people as much because it's not locked in. By definition, it's discretionary.


You can change it year to year or whatever term the budget agreement is. But entitlement spending is on autopilot, so to speak, and it's in the math. It's not voodoo economic theory. You see the problem with the earth, the problem with the world is the unequal distribution of capitalism. They think it's the unfairness of capitalism hogging all the resources and denying a quality of life standard of living to most people. Because we're a bunch of pigs, they haven't the slightest idea.


Life is a zero sum game to these people. If we have it, some other people don't. They don't understand the concept of everybody can grow out of the pie. The overall world wide on the nationwide economic pie growing, they're simply unfamiliar with the concept. Did you hear that? The unequal distribution of capitalism, that's brilliance in and of itself. You will hear the official Obama criticizer from way back in the day. A few minutes on the Rush Limbaugh program is Todd Hermann, your guide to the EIB Network, a mysterious Andy Cuomo.


Governor, New York press conference uncovered and an announcement and a prediction from a team member, EIB Crash predicts and he's going to lift the mask mandate as a way to try to stay in office. Perhaps there was an insurrection attempt in Portland last. I didn't hear about this, did you? Once again, Antifa tried to burn down a federal courthouse with people inside it didn't hear about that one. Then Obama's teleprompter has seized control of Joe Biden. And we're going to take here a pretty incredible risk of risking our own insurrection by inviting a former Ossy onto this program.


Jason in Kensington, Maryland, during the Rush Limbaugh program taught her guide host. Hi, Jason. Welcome back.


Hey, great. Talking about my great great. Yeah, it's my first experience of Rush was back in the early nineties just before I actually moved here. I've been to the States a couple of times before that, but I've heard some news in Australia that a controversial radio figure and I always sort of tuned into that because I figured anybody who went against the mainstream media was probably telling some sort of truth and it kind of tuned in a bit.


So anyway, I kind of changed and I was like, well, you know, obviously the news types to people because they've actually got some common sense and sort of logic involved in the talk. And I'm sure the politicians and of course, since moving here in 92, that changed into the him. And just, you know, I always get the impression with mainstreamers is that when they start talking in cliches is that they're basically trying to sell you a whole bunch of bloody junk.


And you know that we're looking at Joe Biden talk last night. I mean, he just. I just talk to you differently. I talk to you. But, yes, talking about talk, you talk to you just like OK, that you and and it's obviously quite obvious that this guy's got a few kangaroos loose in the top penny, you know?


So I you know, I love that. Wait, wait. We're we're short on time, but I need you to repeat that for for my own brain. You said he has a few kangaroos. What?


He has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.


That's a pretty common Australian. I love it. I love it.


I wish we could spend more time together. The clock is up against it. But let me just ask you one question. Was Rush known by one name in Australia? Just if you said Rush, would people know if you said radio host Rush? Everybody knew, right?


Yeah. Yeah, I knew. And anyone who wanted to tune in on him. Yeah, they did. Yeah, I love it, but. But thanks for having me on.


My pleasure. Good day. Good day. Thank you very much, Jason, for that. You know, was just evidenced by the phone call we had earlier. We have got to reclaim education in this country from the status of the leftists and the technocrats. And Hillsdale College is a huge part of that effort because Hillsdale has never allowed itself to be corrupted by federal money and the inherent diktats that come with them. So this is one college in America that does not take a penny of federal moneys.


Rush Limbaugh knew this and was proud to endorse Hillsdale College.


You know, colleges that are known for great learning aren't satisfied with containing their teaching just within the campus boundaries. Hillsdale is a perfect example. Hillsdale College in video and publication form, they carry the teaching forward to everybody, can't get everybody on campus, but they love what they do. They believe in what they do. They want as many people to benefit from what they do. They teach people. They want as many people learning what they teach as possible.


Hillsdale has been defending and explaining American freedoms for years. One hundred and seventy five years in one form or another. Their online video courses have been viewed by millions of Americans. All of them are free to watch. It's one of the greatest educational opportunities that you have. Monthly publication in Primus, also free just for the asking. Every month you can read the remarks of one speaker after another. It's a compendium of great speeches, and it's now mailed to more than five and a half million Americans every month by Hillsdale.


They're generous supporters make that possible. They believe in Hillsdale commitment to education. Find out everything Hillsdale is doing and what they make available to you for no charge at Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. That's Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. So when we come back, you will hear from the official Obama criticized. Did you ever hear this? Because there was a time when the media was so hopped up that if you criticize Barack Obama, you're a racist. In fact, there was a rodeo clown who got fired as a rodeo clown because he was an Obama mask.


So we will introduce or reintroduce the official Obama criticizer. We may need one for Biden since the media's pretending he is not, in fact, in cognitive decline.


Todd Hermann, your guest host today on the EIB.


No, it is shaping up to be just an incredible news that we've been through the speech that Joe Biden's mouth read off of what is probably Barack Obama's teleprompter, Rush's analysis that Obama has always been running things. The unbelievable analysis of Rush talking about Biden's way of speaking to the American people versus Trump's uncanny. And we have this situation developing in New York where Andrew Cuomo, apparently the political hit is real. There are now apparently, according to New York magazine, 30 women who say Cuomo in various ways had unwanted sexual advances, maybe more groping.


Albany police are looking into this, apparently.


And now the New York congressional delegation or the the the majority, the Democrats in the New York congressional delegation want Cuomo to resign. He'll give a press conference he says uncovered and will make an announcement. And this next hour, what did SNOP say? Remember when Joe Biden forgot the name of his defense secretary? Do you remember that the fellow who you know, come on, man. Oh, he runs the outfit and the ladies clothing section two and.


Oh, come on, man. What do you think Snopes said about that, because they fact checked accusations that Biden, you know, forgot?


We'll get to that and the re-emergence of the official Obama criticized next on the EIB Network.


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Offer may vary and select stores. Oh, what a terrific pleasure, an honor to be with you on Open Line Friday on this day that the Lord has made in these very strange times. It's 888 to 202 and chat with people. A lot of things specifically. We love to hear your examples of Rush illustrating the absurdity of the left with absurdity. In turn, the news is just busting out and Timmy I.B. is all over that as well as bringing Rush's wisdom into this phenomenal amount of work on the back end.


You guys, we may need to get a we may need to get the Democrats to appoint a a sexual offender who can be an official criticizer of Andrew Cuomo, because according to New York magazine, it's not 30 women. The New York congressional delegation, the Democrats, the majority of them, including Jerry Nadler, have demanded the resignation of Cuomo. He's going to give a speech on covid and then make an announcement that may include giving everybody the freedom back.


There's a guy behind the scenes who does a far better Cuomo than I do trying to buy his freedom. So the official Cuomo criticizer could be someone like an Anthony Weiner. I don't I don't think he's a lot of around electronics, though, so that would be hard.


Bill Clinton. But he probably couldn't stop from giggling. Now, the reason I bring that up is here's a couple of examples of the media protecting Biden. Snopes fact checked an accusation that Joe Biden forgot the name of his defense secretary. Remember that. You know the. Come on, man, the guy who runs the. Well, the outfit, you know, the guy. Snopes said that he didn't literally forget. The name that he forgot. That's one number two to Vanity Fair has an editorial saying that Donald Trump has probably beaten a few homeless people to death.


Now they get to do this, but back in the day, if you so much as criticize Barack Obama, it was racism. I remember when this report came out that he like to have the White House really warm.


And it was at a time when he had said, you can't have your house at 70 degrees all the time and think the rest is OK with it. And I said something on social media when I was at the RNC and said, oh, well, he gets to keep the White House at 78 degrees. That was racism. You could criticize him. Well, we all remember that, right? I mean, a rodeo clown got banned from the rodeo business for wearing an Obama mask.


Rush Rush used a technique called malicious compliance, To Beat the Mockingbird media at the silly race baiting game. And he got some help from a man The New York Times recently says does not exist. Ladies and gentlemen, I had a conversation with a friend Wednesday afternoon after the program and he said, how are you going to handle you know, nobody's criticizing Obama. How are you going to do this? How are you going to handle criticizing the first black American to run for president?


I said I'm going to do it the way I always do it. First at the top of the list, I'm going to do it fearlessly. I'm not going to bow to political correctness. I'm going to do it with humor. I'm going to focus on the issues. I'm going to react to what he says is simple. I want to do it just like if he were any other case. A man, right. He's a liberal. How do I criticize liberals?


I criticize them. But I have devised, ladies and gentlemen, and even more creative way of criticizing Obama.


I have just this morning named a new position here on the staff. That is the official Obama criticizer. The EIB Network now has an official Obama criticizer. He is both Studley. And we are going to illustrate the first sort of you might call this a pilot, but I think it's going to work and we will do this as warranted when Obama needs to be criticized. Our official criticizer, both certainly will do so. And we've got something really here to criticize.


If you watch the debate last night, Obama came out with something that's unbelievable, just unbelievable.


This is what he said, heard from an Army captain who was the head of a rifle platoon supposed to have 39 men in a rifle platoon, ended up being sent to Afghanistan with 24 because 15 of those soldiers had been sent to Iraq. And as a consequence, they didn't have enough ammunition. They didn't have enough Humvees. They were actually capturing Taliban weapons because it was easier to get Taliban weapons than it was for them to get properly equipped by our current commander in chief.


Now, that's a consequence of bad judgment. And, you know, the question is on the critical issues that we face right now, who is going to show the judgment to lead?


All right. I now turn the program over to our official Obama criticizer both. Certainly.


This is both an early African-American in good standing and certified black enough to criticize Obama gave Mr. Obama the claims you raise are quite serious. The allegations are so incredulous that, quite frankly, they are difficult to believe. And I want to believe. I want to hope for change. So with all due respect, Senator Obama, I demand you prove it. Tell America the name of the military official you spoke with and allow an independent investigation to verify these serious allegations you raise on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the hood.


We're asking you, Mr. Obama, what's up with that?


Yo, you got proof on behalf of our Hispanic brothers and sisters, we're asking senior Obama as a dad. OK, that's it. Mr. Limbaugh. Finally, somebody might be able to make Jimmy Carter look competent.


Thank you, Mr. Spurtle. Most certainly the official criticizer of Barack Obama as we continue with open it is it's unbelievable claim here that it's easier to get Taliban weapons and it's easier to get Taliban ammunition than it is our own because the commander in chief has not got the troops properly equipped. Mr. Standardly is right. I would like to echo Mr. Snuggies criticism on this program, prove this is a run around where somebody's demanding proof, where somebody demanding the name of the military official that Senator Obama spoke to.


This just can't slide FOX.


So we may need to have a let's see a someone with in in cognitive decline to criticize Joe Biden. And when Kamala Harris takes over, will line that up because this is the way the game is played. Rush proved how you get around the media's silly game. And with Cuomo now, he's it's this is an update. This is and we're tracking this lifetime. Cuomo was going to do a press conference about covid, the so-called governor of New York.


Now it turns out he's going to do a phone conference. Right, maybe his mom has locked him in his room with no lunch, not he can't leave, or it's possible that Andrew Cuomo saying, I don't want to be around any cops right now. Why not? I'd rather not say. So it's going to be a phone conference. We'll monitor that there's a rumor. That we may have a classic Rush Limbaugh parody of Andrew Cuomo that will come up now.


Rush, speaking of current news, could be speaking of this one point nine trillion dollar spending ghasem that does nothing really related to the covid. It's a massive, massive Democrat's power grab and probably the institution of a, you know, guaranteed basic income. Rush Limbaugh said, you know, if you hadn't conquered radio, I think he could have been the economic chair at some prestigious university if you wanted to. Here's the Marja's take on the economic role the federal government wants.


But must we must work to stop it.


When you talk about spending the American people and particularly conservative, rigorous spending wizards, I mean people that pay strict attention, this is an ideological concept.


There's different kinds and some government spending is applauded as necessary and valuable. You know, some people look at tax cuts as government spending. I'm not one of them, but there are some idiots that do because they view Albany as Washington's, and so you keeping more is effectively you being given money by Washington, ergo, it's government spending. Well, that is a crock. But money spent to prop up useless, wasteful solutions to problems where there is no solution is to continue to buy votes.


That kind of spending. People have not changed at all. They're going to oppose that kind of spending left and right if it's done to buy votes, if it's done for any of these nefarious political reasons. But if there is spending that is actually going to modernize, going to improve, going to increase jobs, people are going to be all for that. And it all boils down to what your definition of government's role is and the Democrat definition of government role is Santa Claus and the Republican definition of government control has not become Santa Claus.


But that's what the Democrats version of government's role in people's lives is, that's how they get power and keep it by creating as much dependency as they can and importing as many dependent people as they need. Are we conservatives about something entirely different? But I really do think that there is something to the fact that Trump's voters trust him and look at him as the only person standing up to the destructive forces of the left or wherever you want to save, they're from.


And if he says he needs. Specific tools to continue to stop them, people are going to support him having them because things change, people's priorities change, the things that scare people change and ideological rigidity sometimes ends up being fluid as well. That's a lot of people. This kind of budget busting spending is is an academic, actually. You can never accept this kind of budget spending because it's destructive. It's going to destroy us in this case, if you're if you're rock solid, married to that.


And of course, you're gonna have a problem with all of this. But this infrastructure plan is to rely mostly on funding outside the federal government's control. Hallelujah, Rush. And you can apply that thinking about Santa Claus today, that the way the liberal media pitched this to the American people, if you ask, look, you know what? Let's ask one of your Democrat friends. The question I asked a caller earlier, is there anything controversial in the bill if they even know that mass murderers are getting 14.


at all checks? If they didn't know that or that one point five billion is going to the failed, you know, Amtrak not failed. I mean, they're very successful at being cronies will continue. Rush had commentary about the government's control of our temporal universe. We'll talk about that. Plus an update. Andrew Cuomo has made his statement, the so-called governor of New York City.


With that is as we continue to determine your guidepost today on the EIB Network.


But Todd Hermann, your guidepost today on the EIB Network. Andrew Cuomo, the Emperor Dasch, governor of New York, has said he will not resign. And if you've got a problem with that, go see his brother Chris at CNN. He's an actor over that. He's a big deal, you know. You know who I am. So he says he's not going to resign. I live in Upland, California, has a theory as to why the Democrats have loosed this political hit on Andrew Cuomo.


Eileen, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program, taught her and your guide host.


Hey, thank you so much today. I know I don't have much time, but I wanted to say that I'm a 25 year listener and just so appreciate rush to Rush's dedication to our country, the Constitution and we the people. I'm calling because I have four reasons why they're going to make Cuomo go one way or the other. OK, everyone, he's outlived his usefulness because they had to elevate him up above Trump and make him the be the really good guy that people would look to as a Democrat.


Number two, even though we believe he's a liberal, he's not liberal enough for the leftist socialists that are running our country. Now, number three, they knew these things were going to come out about him and women and what a brute he is. And just like you or someone mentioned a few minutes ago, there are probably 20, 30, 40, 50 women who may have the courage to step up and explain the things that he's been doing.


So they have known about this all along. And while they normally circle the wagons, this time, they're not going to do it. No, for the biggie is they do not want him to run against Kamala in 2024, knowing that he's a stubborn, narcissist, ambitious man who wants to run for the presidency. That good day.


It's the Eilene show. I mean, that was awesome. I'm going to just submit one for your perusal and then we will the clock will then be kicking me in the teeth here. They do not want the media talking about the 15000 dead seasoned citizens since Andrew Cuomo forced the nursing homes, long term care centers to take in Colvert positive patients. They would rather have us talking about the 30 minute. Sure. OK. All right. So they knew that women were going to come out and they knew the nursing home scandal was going to come out eventually because there's a possible criminal investigation against him.


So this is why they want to do the women now. And this is why they're going to either, you know, impeach him or get him to resign. But he's just a very stubborn guy.


Great analysis. I'm glad that we could agree to the asterisks to that fantastic call. Thank you for all the loyalty to EIB, Eileen. Appreciate that. And also, you know, speaking of the so-called good guy, Joe Biden's mouth read from what is probably Barack Obama's teleprompter, I know that's hard to follow. Obama is really running the joint.


Basically, he said that he may give us a kingly allowance that we could gather with our families on on Independence Day. And, you know, this is just another way of them trying to control the temporal universe like daylight savings, cultural references like daylight savings. There were always a Rush Limbaugh favorite. You'll hear him here on daylight savings. You know how Daylight Savings Time is killing us. How do you think if you just had a wild guess? It's obviously a drive by media concern.


Daylight Saving Time is killing us.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well, yes, but it's affecting sleep at the one hour of sleep that we are losing every spring when we turn the clocks forward is causing people months of distress, months of sleeplessness. And it's causing some people to die prematurely and the story is, what should we do to fix it? Should we eliminate it? Should we go on daylight time year round? We can't continue this way with some states on it, some states not on it.


I'm sitting here, I'm thinking, OK, so these people are concerned that turning the clock forward one hour, one time per year. Is causing sleep disorders that are ultimately killing people with the left, virtually everything wrong is killing somebody. And this is just ridiculous. What about people who have insomnia, who don't sleep much any night of the year?


What in the world is the point they're trying to say, turn your clocks, clocks up one hour, one day a year is causing calamity. With American sleep patterns. My folks, we are surrounded, we're surrounded by so much ignorance and stupidity every day that you have to work hard making sure that it does not infect you all again.


What did we have last rush clip? It was an unequal distribution of capitalism is the problem and the ignorance that does surround I think that one of the big thefts and this is evident this is evident in a real simple sense. One of the thefts from the young people is critical thinking skills, and this is part and parcel of a very combined national media. That markets things like free, I know that you and I here free college and we think it's not free.


There are people who literally do not compute that because they've never been taught a simple question like is it actually free? And Democrats get away with so much in this regard. Now, the this I watched with amazement, utter amazement, this has changed me forever, the coordination of the media that flipped on the dime to cases, cases, cases, now I watch with amazement. That the media slurps up. This labeling of this on one point nine trillion dollar bailout of blue state pensions of Amtrac of teachers unions.


And it's called a covert relief package. And Biden's media partners slurp that up covid relief. Simple questions. One of the things we can do to carry on the great legacy of this program and frankly, to save our country. What portion of this is covid relief? With your friends who lean Democratic and therefore are sane, not yet hard left is great question. How does it it's a serious question. No, I'm asking you seriously to your friend.


No, no, Betty, listen, how does giving the Boston bomber. Fourteen hundred dollars. Help with covid relief. How does it work? How does paying a retired government employees pension of 350000 dollars per year?


How does that advance covid relief? Pointed questions like this is a counter to a media that, like Russia just illustrated there, that they will come out constantly, you know, daylight savings tomorrow, I guess, this weekend constantly with people are dying, stories almost coordinated. Everybody says the same thing. If we pick one point about the eleven point nine trillion dollar spend, Feste, one or two, the mass murderers or the pensions, and we just hammer that in a nice way with our friends if we can plant seeds of doubt in them.


They may then realize, wait, I'm being hoodwinked on a massive series of things, a bunch of stuff, there's much more to continue, including Biden's immigration problem.


Todd Hermann on the EIB Network made.


Just news is unfolding today behind the scenes. Timmy, I've just keeping track of everything, including a classic classic phone call between Rush and a just vintage best of call. We'll get to that court news. Andy Cuomo, the emperor, sometimes governor of New York, his brothers, an actor at CNN. He's a big deal. He plays a mask zealot on TV and outside of CNN, he doesn't wear them. He just made a statement. And I want you to hear this right here.


My way is know the facts before you have an opinion. Oh, this is a serious allegation. Well, then you should take it seriously. Right. And to take it seriously means you need the facts before you come to a conclusion. How do you come to a conclusion before you know the facts? Look, it's very simple. I never harassed anyone. I never abused anyone. I never assaulted anyone.


That said Akumal doubling and tripling down that he is not going to resign. And this is going to be a very, very interesting I mean, titanic battle really on the Democrat side. It'll be interesting to see if anyone comes to his aid on the Democrat side, because he seems to be a guy standing on his own. And in terms of knowing the facts, just I would just say this to to Andrew Cuomo. We knew. covid-19 was age stratified.


It really only is can be deadly for really older people who have comorbid conditions, they are the exact people. Who would be in long term care centers and nursing homes? We knew those facts, we knew that you put covid positive patients into those nursing homes and long term care facilities using government force. And I think bribes, I would characterize it. We know that you then hid on the government website your order that caused that to happen. We know then that you said what's the matter when they died?


How they died. The dead. We know now, according to Democrats in your own party, that you hid information from the Department of Justice, these are things we know. So going by your standard. Maybe you should resign for that. Since that's your standard, these are things we know. Something else that we know that Biden and his Obama teleprompter have created a massive crisis at our southern border. And the political. Ran a piece. Biden has options for the border and they're just politically painful.


And they go through some options as political season. This is political. They're searching for emergency shelters for minors traveling across the border alone. OK. Cages. Is what they called it in dinner, trump the media activating Federal Emergency Management Agency. OK, that's an option that is legitimately an option. For what what do you do that again, the political placing Health and Human Services staff at the border to more quickly assist children? Now we're getting to a money line here, Kate.


That's an option, as you hear these ponder is is. Is there an option that they couldn't think of at the Politico with all that brainpower, some other options are political brings up for for Biden's teleprompter more quickly, vet adults who could take care of those kids. Listen to this. Waiving fingerprint requirements. In lieu of background checks waiving. Fingerprint requirements in lieu of background checks, adults sneaking children across the border. We're not going to fingerprint we're going to do a background check.


When we can't confirm their identity. Interesting option, Politico. Biden's teleprompter has already asked for four billion dollars over four years to tackle the root causes of migration in Central American countries, four billion. More spending. It's time for South American countries, OK, transport children to their sponsors homes, OK in the United States. Then there's this provide a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants, meaning illegal immigrants. Turn off the availability. There's no benefits.


For illegal immigrants. And then aid the countries differently. Look, that's that's that's the way to do this. It is open line Friday, we are talking to people about how Rush illustrated absurdity in ways that they remember, and there's a famous open line Friday call right here. Not only not only is the caller a lifetime Limbaugh listener, he's from a town made famous by Al Rumpo Real Linda, California, Branson, Missouri. Jack, welcome, sir.


You're next on Open Line Friday.


Hi. Hey, Russ, thanks for taking my call. You bet, sir. Welcome to the program. Yeah.


Hey, so I've been listening to you for 34 years back in Sacramento and 1984.


Holy smokes. You are you are a real lifer. You have been with you the whole time. And I can remember the day on the first time you did save talk. I was. I lived in the suburb of Linda. And I was driving down Highway 80. Wait a minute, wait a minute, you lived in the 90s? Laughing I was laughing so hard I had to pull over.


You lived in Rio, Linda, a suburb of Real into a suburb of Rio. I was going to say nobody admits it. Yeah.




No safe talk. So you were laughing so hard you had to pull off the road. I had to pull off Russia. And I've been laughing ever since. I really appreciate what you're doing and I really appreciate the opportunity to tell you what you got. You got this way back in Sacramento where you started, and then you get. Oh, I know it was real good. I owe I owe a lot Sacramento. It was first first place in my entire radio career where I had any any meaningful success at all.


And I, I thoroughly I lived there three and a half years and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did want safe talk of safe talk, what was safe talk?


Well, it was it was it was my way of illustrating absurdity by being absurd. That occurred back in 1984, 85, and back then safe sex was all the rage.


For a number of reasons, not spreading EGD and not getting pregnant and therefore not needing abortions, abstinence, which works every time it's tried, was being laughed at and pooh poohed as unrealistic.


You can't say just don't do it. That's not going to you're going to do so. Safe sex came up and it basically meant use a condom. So I thought that I would demonstrate the folly. Of this belief. By demonstrating safe talk and what I did was. Over a series of days on his do it once. First I grabbed a condom and I stretched it tight and I placed it on the microphone, we had photos of this being taken to prove it before there were ditto cams or any of that.


But the sound effect of the condom being placed on the microphone was unmistakable, and then after the condom was in place to demonstrate safe talk, I would I'd ask you, do you think now if I say anything that offends you, that this condom will protect you? If I utter profanities, if I start engaging activity you don't want to hear as well, this condom protect you. And I said, of course it will, because I'm engaging in safe talk, just like they are encouraging us to do safe sex.


And that's that's what he was talking about, and, of course, there were additions and additional aspects to it as it happened, it wasn't just a one time bit, it had a point to make. So it was ongoing. And then that was followed by shortly after moving to New York, the famous caller abortions, which is its own.


So I doubt I doubt I could get away with that even today. I barely got away with that back in 1988.


Those who joined Rush early in Russia's stellar career, remember moments like that. And it was it's one of the things that drew people to him. And then they got the depth sizzle than the steak when we come back. I challenge you to believe that The New York Times actually wrote this about Joe Biden's bailout. I challenge you. Really, you'll hear it when we continue to determine your guidepost today of the EIB Network from the official department of all the propaganda fit to propagandize and to propagate, that is The New York Times.


Listen to this about the speech that Joe Biden's mouth spoke last night with words from where probably Barack Obama's teleprompter.


This is how The New York Times has reported live updates. Biden sets high expectations for an American recovery. Mr. Biden's speech on Thursday night offered a tantalizing promise of seeing friends and family for July four, but his plan depends on a successful rollout of the relief package and on members of the public getting the vaccine as soon as it is offered them otherwise. Their times implies a no independence day for you. Follow the flow of the program. We had a listener 25 years at this program, great commentary on the Andrew Cuomo situation.


We had a classic rush call. And the fact is EIB has always been growing. Ryan is a new listener at the EIB only in the past two years. Portland, Maine. Ryan, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Tadamon your guide host today. Ryan, welcome.


Hey, thank you to all guys. This is awesome to be on. I appreciate it so much. My pleasure. I just want to say thank you. Everybody there at the EIB team. You taught some of the others. I forgot. I love that Gawker's one of them, but I just want to say thank you to the whole EIB team and Kathryn as well to like, keep keep getting the message. Like just like I said before, I I've only been listening for a couple of years, and it was really during the time that he was going through a lot.


And a lot of you guys are coming on. You guys are still delivering the same message. And it's it's been it's been awesome being able to listen to him and then having you guys still carry on the message and deliver it to us here. Thank you. I just wanted to say I appreciate that, Ryan.


And listen, it's you know, it's Ken. It's Brett. It's Mark. It's me. We I promise you. I promise you, my friend, we have the easiest part of this, that the amount of work that goes into crafting a radio show that is current and historical and using 30 years of archives where you could literally pull any clip of Rush and have the best radio that's ever been done. But to compare it to today, it's also a lesson that this is not predictable.


The left is and it's another way of extending, you know, the Limbaugh Institute and you as a new member of the institute, make that very clear. That's a fantastic phone call and it feels very good. And I will obviously the team heard that. So thank you, Ryan. Appreciate that very much. Not only was Rush did he build the legacy of radio, he was aware that you are going to want access to the legacy of family videos and movies and pictures of loved ones.


And look, who do you trust with them? Legacy Box, the company Rush trusted to digitally transfer all those beloved memories into computer files or thumb drives. So you own them. Rush Limbaugh, discover them early. And today they've done this for more than a million families. Here's some of what the Moja loved about legacy box. You know, you're talking about using technology to make something easier. Our friends at Legacy Box, they use tech every day in a helpful service that you benefit from legacy boxes, a bunch that digitally transfers all of those moments in your life, recorded on videotape, camcorder tape, film reels or pictures.


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What they do for people and families is memorable and long lasting. You got old home movies on Say Hi eight, Super eight.


Can't watch it anymore. Don't have a projector. Same thing with VHS verbatim. Actually got all these home movies on video cassette. You can't watch it because you don't have a VHS verbatim player anymore. Technology has changed. A legacy box changes that because they've got the equipment, they've got digitizing transfer.


They will put your old film movies and your VHS and Betamax material into a modern digital format.


Easy to use, easy to edit, easy to duplicate. The process from start to finish is easy. They send you the box, you put the stuff in the box, the box is shielded and protected, so nothing in it gets damaged. You send them the stuff. They do the transfer. Two weeks later, they send it all back to you on DVD or thumb drive or however you want it. Go to legacy box dot com slash rush.


That's simple. You will save fifty percent off the regular price legacy box dot com slash rush to get started and again to save fifty percent off the regular price.


That's Rush always on top of new technology. Next hour, you're going to hear a continuing discussion on race because you know the trial. The officers who are accused of killing George Floyd is well underway. And one of the greatest harms the media tried to do to Rush was to make him appear racist, which was uniquely untrue. We will talk about Rush's analysis of Americans, white Americans voting to end racism. We'll also compare that today to what what exactly?


The Democrats who voted for Joe Biden, what exactly did they think they were ending? And what exactly did they think that they were getting and are they getting any of this?


We'll get to that as we continue to Todd Hermann, your guide today on the EIB Network and the great parallel universe that exists between reality and progressive liberalism. I just saw just a remark from a liberal on social media about Joe Biden's speech, and the remark was that they wish more presidents had given live speeches that were this thoughtful. This this is a remark from someone who observed the same thing we did, we saw a man explain that he is responsible for the Amarone injections and vaccines getting out quickly.


That President Trump, who spoke every day. Remember the briefings that the media then stopped running every day, the covid briefings, remember, they stopped because they were saying they were pretending that Trump was lying constantly when he said things like hydroxy chloroquine shows a lot of promise. We have to stop. We have to stop when, in fact, what they were stopping. Was was people realizing that Trump was completely, utterly, obsessively focused on on helping this country, given the best information that he was given in his analysis of what he's being given?


We can't help it that Tony Foushee was handing that out, nor could President Trump. He didn't know what Fortune was. We didn't either. But that's the parallel universe, there's this other parallel universe will talk about, which is this identity politics as DOGOOD there's a back end to this. You know, this actually empowers the deep state. We'll talk about that, as well as laying waste to the myth that Rush Limbaugh was a racist.


Todd Hermann, your guide host.


What a tremendous honor to be with you this week. Huge thanks to Tim EIB working behind the scenes to bring together a program that's never been done like this. It's a phenomenal feat. And today is the day the Lord has made. That's how I view life. These are the times in which God has decided we will live. And it's times like this that I think we need to uncowed some things really related to race. There is this insane effort to try to turn Rush Limbaugh into a racist.


You're going to hear a lot that will put the lie to that in this hour. It's important because identity politics is, you know, it's a favorite technique of the left. And I think there are aspects, identity politics that are that are misunderstood for how dangerous they are, clearly identity politics are racist. You know, the the idea that all white people are racist is, in fact, a racist idea. It's sexism. The idea that a woman must fill a post is sexism.


Sexism cannot solve sexism. There's so much in identity politics that that has great danger lurking behind it. But I think an under appreciated aspect to this is we're really, really veering into Soviet Politburo type. Leaders, if you want to call them leaders, Joe Biden's not running this country. I mean, come on, man, we know this. The man is in a deep state of cognitive decline. And he's a figurehead and in a way, he's identity politics because Democrats said, oh, it's just Joe being Joe and and he's safe and and he's and of course, they think the country is all racist.


So. And Joe's white and. But Joe Biden is not running things the way I mean, can anyone believe he is? So who runs it? Well, Barack Obama, Susan Rice or staffers, right. People behind the scenes in a way that's really good for them, terrible for us. There's no accountability.


Mayor Pete is transport transportation secretary because he's gay and because he got out of the election and allowed Biden some, you know, some votes, and I think the tragedy there is twofold. Number one, he is uniquely unqualified. Yes. Is one of his big plans is more bicycles and to make transportation cool again. That's dangerous because who's running that well entrenched bureaucrats are now running that department of the government. We don't know who they are. There's no there's there's no accountability.


Pete can't run this stuff. The other edge of tragedy, this is I have a friend who is a gay man who has studied infrastructure and transportation and has, you know, a long life learning this stuff, who actually knows how to do these things. And he's gay. Right, so he could have been in that position. But when we look at across the board racial event, this man, Biden, has nominated to be assistant secretary of health, who wants street kids given cross sex hormones.


I failed. Utterly failed. Public health director is, you know, Biden's team, the people who run Biden wanted him in that position, Dr. Rachel Ivin, because he identifies as a woman. That's that's why now I happen to know one of my longtime listeners in my Seattle program is a man who had hormones and surgery years ago. Brilliant brilliance, you know, person that I challenge you to not think Jennifer's a woman and great engineering mind. Great thinking mind.


Why this? What is what is Jennifer not have a seat. Well, because of course didn't trade time in the Democratic Party. Figureheads are really dangerous. Because you end up with an empowered group of people who don't have to face elections. They don't have to face questions. And the staff. Staff loves working. For people who are, quote, staff run. It's a dream gig. Because you get all your policies implemented or many of them, you never have to run for election, you never have to put yourself out there.


And this had this has been bubbling up for some time, but it really got big under under Obama or during Obama, like like Joe Biden's handlers chose Kamala Harris because she's black female. She's she's utterly ruthless and willing to do anything for the party. Rush observed that there were a number of white people who voted for Obama solely because he was black and these voters thought they were ending racism.


Look, this is a serious question. In 2008, a tremendous number of white Americans, many of them Republican, voted for Barack Obama for one reason, African-American. They wanted to vote. They were eager. They couldn't wait. They wanted to vote for the first African-American candidate for president because they were fed up.


They were fed up as white Americans being accused of being racists so they couldn't wait to vote for Obama. They didn't care if Obama was a communist, a Marxist or whatever he was. They are not racist. They're not bigots. They're not white supremacists, and they don't know any white supremacists. So they thought the fastest way to disprove those allegations was for America to elect an African-American president.


Most powerful job in the world. And that's what happened, America, with the support of untold millions of white voters, elected the first African-American president and now. We had eight years of Obama from 2009 to 2016. After those eight years, America's race problems are arguably worse than ever since the civil war since the 1960s. Now, how can that be, folks?


The first African-American president could not have been elected with black only votes, the first African-American president needed millions of white votes and he got them.


So these white voters, they didn't care about policy, they didn't care about anything other than showing that America isn't racist by electing an African-American president. So after America has demonstrated. That it has elected the first African-American president and that racism would not permit that, then how in hell can it be worse than it has since the 1800? Somebody needs to try to explain this to me. Because those white voters, they thought it would be the end of this, that's why they did it, they thought it would be the end of racial strife, they were trying to end it.


They were trying to show that there isn't racism in America, not like the left has claimed. They'd already made Oprah Winfrey the most popular and wealthy television performer in America. There were countless African-American athletes that were among the wealthiest athletes in America, and yet that didn't matter. The charge still came that there was white supremacy and it was white privilege and there was blatant racism everywhere. And so these voters said, all right, we'll elect the first African-American president.


And they did. And after that, after that statement, after America going to that length to prove it's not racist, look at what is being said about America today, that it is racist, that it is bigoted, and that there is white supremacy, that there is white privilege. And it's worse than ever, we need reparations. So how, folks, does all that happen? You know, it's no small thing for a bunch of white people to band together to elect somebody on the basis of race so as to show that they're not racist.


That's that's a big, big thing. And now it counts for nothing. Now it doesn't mean anything. Now, almost as though it never happened.


Now America is a worst racist nation than it's ever been since the Civil War and truthfully, race relations plummeted after Obama was elected. Now, let's bring Rush's wisdom to this discussion. Obama was sort of a model of a figurehead to elect now Obama is clever, he's scheming, he's well trained in Alinsky tactics and and community agitation and pick a group, target it, cut it off from a support base, hurt people, not individuals, because individuals hurt faster than people, etc.


And that worked for Obama to try it with Rush, by the way. But when people elected this black president. It was like you go to a store and you get a shiny red apple and you eat it, you find out it's it has a rotten core.


With Obama, the great tragedy, as I see it, with that figurehead was he had an opportunity to really bring some settlement to race relations and to say, look, look, yes, I've encountered racists. The books someone wrote for me say as much, but here I am. He could have featured the voices of black CEOs, as Rush Limbaugh did, he didn't. He instead made things worse and I regard it as purposeful. Now look where that has transformed this country.


From a figurehead president now to figure head teachers, I mean, that you have you have people who are teachers only in name. And in everything else, they're programmers and in indoctrination of young skulls full of mush, it's a model that the Democrats are employing. My wife just texted me to remind me that Kamala Harris used to identify as an Indian American, and that's true. But that wasn't politically advantageous. So you just shift on a dime and that's what figureheads do go through the Obama campaign.


It's a Freudian slip. Go through the Biden cabinet, find me the people who aren't figureheads. And when you find a figurehead, really start the scratch below the surface, who's actually running this? I think it's a serious question, and I agree with Rush, so many people made that dive into Obama to absolve themselves. We'll come back.


We'll hear from a great friend of Rush who actually performed Russian. Katherine's wedding is a black man who has some, you know, made some effort to set the record straight on that.


We'll talk about that much more in the current news. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host today on the EIB Network.


Todd Herman, your guide host today on the Rush Limbaugh program. Great work by Tim EIB. Putting this together.


Just an update on as he wait. He's not. I thought he had been institutionalized. No, he's out, he's out. Wow, Keith Olbermann is out. Not that he's ever been in because then at that wrong, I thought even been institutionalized, he's demanding that Twitter ban. Tucker Carlson. This is Keith Olbermann who screams that. Donald Trump is Mao Tse tung is he's not. We fact check that he's not Donald Trump's trump. But he wants Tucker Carlson van to Twitter, got it, Derik, Los Angeles, California, and the Rush Limbaugh program is thottam in your guide host today.


Welcome to the show.


Hey, thank you very much for having me. I appreciate it. My pleasure, sir. What's on your mind? Well, you know, I just want to say, first of all, thanks for everything you do, you know, I've been listening for about 15 years and really enjoyed it. And I want to say you're filling some big shoes and you're doing a great job on the biggest.


And all of us. All of us. Guideposts, try our very best. Appreciate that. Thank you.


So I just want to share a little a little rust story. I was I started my own business about 15, 20 years ago. And there was one night I was putting in all kinds of time, working late hours and for a series of days came home. And it was about probably 1:00 in the morning. I heard on the news and I saw President Obama up at the podium telling me that I didn't start my business, I didn't build my business.


The government built it. And I don't know if you remember that night, but. Oh, yeah, I just about jumped through the to the television when I heard that. And, you know, I just it was a jaw dropping moment. And I remember turning on Rush in the next few days. And I remember saying something to the effect of oh yeah, of course. Of course the government built it for you. Was he was he there late last night when you were walking away?


Was a government bureaucrat sitting next to you at your desk helping you build the business? And I just thought, you know, it just made me laugh. And he was he was great.


No, I remember that I've started many businesses, and the only time I ever saw the government was when it was time to pay taxes, when I was paying my employees out of my pocket for a year before I ever paid myself. I didn't see anyone come to me and say, hey, thanks for doing that. Right. And that's that's that's where they the position that also, you know, that's, you know, working five or six months out of the year for the government.


You know, it's just frustrating. It's really frustrating, you know, so I guess here's my kind of a big picture question because, you know, I as and watch our education system, the liberals control it, indoctrinate our kids from day one all the way through, you know, elementary school and college, grad school liberals control Hollywood. All the US come out of all the liberal shows and movies. And then you have media now the latest with big tech taking over control of the messaging and squashing conservative thought.


And they run the bureaucracy control. I mean, not just critique.


You're going to White House. I think I think you're going to ask me how we beat this stuff.


Yeah, it's just how do you change it? You know, it just seems like an inevitable march to the left. And I can see the pendulum swinging back once in a while with somebody like Donald Trump. But overall, how do you stop the overall trend? And it's just not to sound like a pessimist, but how do you do it in your view?


Well, OK, let me answer it this way. That that one is to recognize where we're at. You just did that. That is to be in reality, number two for me. For me, doesn't need to be for you. I just like to reflect on the fact that God is in charge and it's not going to be marked. He knows what's coming in. He knows how it turns out. So there's that that gives me great comfort, not in a temporal sense, but in a permanent sense.


Then there's this. They view this as a war.


They view our college campuses as Maoist villages, they view Portland and cities like Seattle as forward operating bases in an information war. We need to recognize that and right now start protecting the red states and the red cities, and we need to use the laws that we have to say to college campuses in red cities at the state level, no, we will not do harm reduction policies that give out needles. No, you will not invite illegal immigrants. No college campuses say Boise State.


You will not get to have totally left leaning professors. We need to be at the school board meetings in the blue states calling out what they're doing to children. They want to destroy the churches with these targeted lockdowns. We need to build the churches. They want to destroy kids with this disgusting what's called comprehensive sex ed. We need to take them out of the government schools. There's a lot we need to do in the time constraints presented here. I can't go into it completely, but I am very focused on that.


In fact, I'm going to try to get to that next next segment. I appreciate the phone call. That was great. And congratulations on building a business on. One of the other things we need to do is tell the truth. And I want you to hear this. This is this is a good friend of Rush who called the program because Rush had wrongly been accused of making racist comments he never made. Ken Hutchinson, former linebacker for the Cowboys and the Seahawks good friend of Russia's, came to his defense, Ken Hutcherson, former linebacker, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks.


Hutch, welcome to the program.


Hey, man, I am so mad. I am doing backflips up here in Seattle. In the world is going on in the United States. I mean, the whole issue here is whether you like it or not is they have done you wrong. And this is intolerance is prejudice. And if America don't wake up, it's going to happen to them. I am so mad, man. I cannot even. And I'm a man of the cloth. Right.


I'm not supposed to get this upset. And it is time for all of you know, why don't they talk to some African-Americans and know you?


Oh, that would destroy the narrative. That would destroy the template.


Oh, forget that. You know, and talk to some African-Americans that know the poverty pimps, Sharpton and Jackson anonymously slathers and pushers to get their way. And they don't let them have a voice on all the stuff that they've done. Jesse Jackson was telling the Bush to stay out of the bushes. He was the one in the bushes having illegitimate kids. How in the world can NASA and I'm with tell you something else, brother, straight from me who played football, those African-American brothers who talked about they wouldn't play.


That is the biggest lie on this side of the universe, not only with their wives, get on them and make them go and their girlfriends and their moms, they will beat them all the way to the 50 yard line and tell them you better get out and get that game today. And why don't we talk to the hundreds of African-American players that will be excited about you owning the team?


Well, they want to present the option, the idea that there are none and that's what they've done. All right. Thank you very much. I know you're busy.


We can't take this land down, bro. You shouldn't take it.


We don't intend to. That's the hutch. He's just so beloved in Seattle. We're doing my radio show. And, yeah, he presented this this very distinct case that the rumor was they kept Rush out of owning part of a football team, St. Louis Rams. And so much calls makes this phone call, we need to be going back to this call from like we need to be the truth tellers, guys, sometimes the truth is hard to tell, especially when you have figureheads.


Pete Budha, judge is transportation secretary. Because he's gay, he has no qualifications. Rachel Ivin, because he presents as a woman, is a failed health director. Andrew Cuomo probably got people killed in these nursing homes and he's being, you know, targeted. Maybe it's expedient to get rid of him based upon these accusations of of sexual improprieties. We need to be the truth tellers at all times, try to do it a compassionate way.


But I'm telling you, if we all raise our voices, in truth, it gets harder for them to continue the lies they're telling, particularly to young people, and they just continue to perpetrate that it's taught Herman.


Your guests are probably guidepost today on the EIB Network.


Oh, as we go through the radio, speak bottom of the hour, you'll see a change in tenor and tone of the program is beginning to lighten things up on the wrap up of Open Line Friday today. Just want to thank all of you for being with us today, particularly for putting up with me in this seat. And it's a day for breaking news. And I want to be super careful on the way I explain my view on this. There is now a settlement in the George Floyd case.


His family has settled with Minneapolis City Council for 27 million dollars. There is no doubt that the Floyd family suffered an enormous amount of grief to witness their loved one dying and the perception that he was being killed. It's I can't fathom the pain. I cannot fathom it. Parenting has given me. An incredible sense of humility now, when you say you're humble, you're not, I will tell you. My hand to God Almighty, I am humbled.


And I would say this in the deepest form of caring, I have no idea how desperately. The Floyd family attempted to write George's life. No idea. And perhaps it was a constant struggle. And perhaps they begged him and asked him to get into treatment and away from drugs and and I would think nothing other than that, and I would just look at the number of people in, more importantly, Democrat organizations that have failed so many people. With approaches that simply don't work, harm reduction strategies create harm.


The soft bigotry of low expectations. Is a poisoning to the mind? If you want to poison the kid, tell the kid or show the kid you can't do it. You can't succeed, Russia's spoken so eloquently about this and how it just broke his heart to see people not succeed. So I have no idea how hard the Floyd family worked to try to write Georgia's path. And I think there's a lot. Lot of steps in George Floyd's life that led up to that nine minutes.


I was as disturbed as you were to watch that video and having read the autopsy reports, I am also disturbed that that's not enough in the news, that that the officer was not crushing his neck and the officer did. Apparently, what he's trained to do doesn't make it easier to watch. My point is that 27 million bucks, there's a lot of systems, a lot of time, a lot of opportunities to help George Floyd prior to that nine minutes.


And I hope that's reflected upon in this case and my sincere prayers. That the Floyd family is somehow finding comfort in this sincerely. May God grant you comfort, right? In all the years that Rush did this program, there are calls that just absolutely stand out, this one. Is brings to our mind the the you know, was it space? The final frontier. Going where no man has gone before NCC 177. No, there's a connection between Rush and Star Trek really is not.


Listen here to Rush discover what he meant to the man who originally played James Tiberius Kirk.


This is Michael in Jackson, Michigan. Welcome, sir. I'm glad you called.


Hello. Hello, sir.


God bless you. And yours. I have a fund open line Friday story for you. Okay, cool.


Yeah, I get to do some interviews that the we have a Motor City Comicon in the Detroit area and I got to interview William Shatner. Oh yeah. Cool.


It was cool. And you know, everyone was Star Trek in them to death. So I thought I'd ask him about his talk show Raw Nerve, and I asked him who his favorite all time guest was. And then I had a follow up question of what was the what was the best answer? He got to a question from a guest and he said his favorite guest of all time was You.


Really? Yes. He loved your confidence. He he loved the fact that you brought your home broadcast toy that you had from when you were a kid. Oh, yeah.


The Remco Caravel, right? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. He really loved that. He loved your confidence. He he his favorite part of your interview. And it happened to be the favorite part because I think he interviewed you in the morning and then the same day he interviewed Larry Flynt. And he said the favorite thing that happened was in both interviews, and he got you both to cry a little bit by talking about your family's. Yeah, he did.


I remember he was really he'd done his research on my family, he was really interested in my grandfather and and how much influence on me my grandfather had. And he kept he really bored, bore down on that.


And I don't remember crying because I don't cry, but maybe I got misty eyed. I'm not not if he said that that happened. I'm not going to dispute him.


He said you did get misty eyed. Yep, exactly. I'm just, I guess great that he thinks that was his favorite guest.


Oh, yeah. He went on and on about it. He really loved he loved doing that. That show. My favorite part of the show was that love sweet deal that he had that he made everyone sit in.


Well, it was it's an S flavored Yes. Shaped desk so that the guest is is facing him. But you both have a tabletop in front of you because you're sitting in the middle section of the.


Yes. And it was the weird I'd never seen anything like it. And the interview was shot in some some homes somewhere in in the Hollywood Hills that was for sale. They had commandeered some home that were sales, set this thing up in the living room because of the view outside the, you know, the picture window of this house. And he was you know, I got invited to his house for a couple of Monday Night Football games and very cool, in fact, that's where I met Jon Voight one night on the Monday Night Football game at Shatner's place.


Shanda's place is so far up the hill. And the other night you drive up there, you have your car let you off or you park your car for people who drive. And you you walk up the street, it's heart attack hill getting up. There's no way anybody's going to ever break into his house because they're going to have a heart attack getting up to it.


But he's and he's a vegetarian, by the way, but he's not militant. He had this big buffet set up for everybody. But it was not just what he eats. And there are a lot of people there. It was. It was. And he's got this giant like, I don't know, 20 foot screen in his in his media room. It was it was really cool.


He was he's I think William Shatner is one of the most naturally and you wouldn't know this much Star Trek, but he's one of those naturally funny people I've ever been around.


The Shatner that was on Boston Legal. Is that's who I found him to be.


In the off times of the and here's a fun guy, he's if he was a lot of fun, the touch points right in a life well lived, the touch points, we don't all get to be rush and go meet people like William Shatner. But if you think about the touch points in your life, right. Opportunities like that, just maybe it's not a Bill Shatner you meet, but it's an amazing veteran or an amazing teacher or, you know, we've met amazing health care providers.


And those touch points just add, I think, to our life. We come back, there may be an update. We played Boesch Nordley as the official Obama criticizer because, of course, with figureheads in place, like Mayor Pete, like Rachel Ivin, perhaps like Joe Biden himself with figureheads in place, sometimes you need official criticizer. We may have an update about someone who wants to apply to be an EIB criticizer. Well, we'll see if that comes true.


So stay right there. It's Todd Hermann, your guide hosts, and the EIB Network.


Dang it, we just played this great classic phone call, Rush, finding out that he was William Shatner's favorite interview. And Larry has just taken me to task on Twitter. Herrman can't believe you got the whole ID wrong on the Enterprise NCC one seven one. And he adds, sort of parenthetically, son, Larry, my deepest apologies to we earlier played a classic bit of both Nordley as the official Obama criticizer because, of course, it was racist to criticize Barack Obama and Bullrush Rush certified both to be black enough to criticize him.


So we have a gentleman named David in Lakewood, Ohio, joining us on Rush's show and wants to apply to be the official Biden criticizer. David, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program, Todhunter Guide. And what qualifies you, sir, to be the official Biden criticizer?


Well, I am uniquely qualified. I was never a method candidate, but several years ago I had an accident that scrambled what few brains I ever had. And I stop you for a second. I hate to interrupt you, is it OK if I find you amusing? Because what you just said is a very tragic but the way you're describing it is very comedic. Is it OK if I find this amusing? Of course, the only way to get through crap like this is humor.


I'm going to do sit around feeling sorry for myself.


Oh, so you're I forget words and I have trouble taking in new information and forget names.


I mean, you know, five minutes later, you're you and.


Yes, it's sometimes in the middle of a conversation, I go off on a tangent, so I'm extremely stupid and I'm uniquely qualified to understand Joe Biden.


Well, if I had the power as a guide host to name you the criticizer, I would do that. I have to tell you, you know what else you are? You are a winner, Brother David. You are a winner. You have God's energy in you that you are viewing this energy, this this injury this way. I don't you don't sound stupid to me in the least. I mean, I'm telling you this. Look, man to man, radio host to brain injured person.


Dude, you could be a comedian like you could be the t TBI comedian, the brain injury comedian, if you thought about that.


They are, but I'm not smart enough. They had one back that now they have one back in the early 80s that he was. Not autistics or whatever. Oh, I remember, yes, I remember this, I remember this. Listen, I don't have I have no power here. I am I am blessed to be able to do this to to to be the guide host. I do want to just maybe just ask nicely if Greg will put you on hold and and get your number, because I actually want to call you and thank you personally.


That's that is a tremendous thing. Thank you very, very much, David. What a brilliant phone call. And I mean that. Thank you. And I'm an ask that they put you on hold. I want to get here real quick with Dan in Oklahoma City. Dan, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program, taught him your guide host. We have about a minute and a half together. Dan, hi.


OK, Todd, I was going to talk about Russia's, you know, is Youko song. I mean, what was that car called? We're making fun of?


Oh, you go. Oh, yeah. But it does get fifty miles to the gallon. Yes, yes. Oh, no. The Elvis thing. Poor little Lubich.


Yeah, yes, yes.


Good. But here's what I wanted to call the rush was great at putting labels on people and making them stick. And there's and I want to call closely Corky Pelosi and and one other.


And so I want that to start sticking on her because I imagine what she would think would be pork barrel spending, right?


Yes. Yeah. But one other thing that I wish I would have been able to talk to you that we call the all this madness. We call these people the political correctness as snowflakes. They're not snowflakes. They're neurotics. When I was in college, I were going to lunch and I asked him, I said, what's the difference between neurotic and psychotic?


He says a psychotic thinks two plus two equals five and neurotic takes two plus two equals four and can't stand it.


OK, let's start let's start calling these people what they are. They're training people to think neurotically. Yeah.


So I've called them the Walker Raddy, but I may start calling them the WOAK neurotic because what karate woke neurotic. I like that. That's a great call. Dan, thanks so much for for staying on hold and be with us today. Fantastic. So let's review the show. What happened today? We had the Andrew Cuomo Newsbreak and we had Rush comparisons. We had an eleven point nine or one point nine trillion dollar spending orgy. And we had uncanny audio from Rush Limbaugh describing spending like this.


We have identity politics and we have Rush Limbaugh with what's called malicious compliance. OK, it's racist for me to critique Barack Obama. OK, then I'll have both Sturdee be the official Obama criticizer. We have taken Rush's words, applied them to today and say current news and all credit goes to the EIB team.


Behind the scenes will wrap up the day. When we come back, Todd Hermann, your guide host today on the EIB Network.


Wow, you guys, this was a lot of work for the team to put together. And there was a question earlier. German asked, you know, with the left having control over all these aspects of society, how do we win? I get this a lot of thought. And I will be talking a lot about this, you know, on my show in Seattle, which is it's truthfully going to plug. I would just tell you that that rush was so kind in his last months to share his faith with us and his acceptance of the will of God, I do think I personally just speaking as one dude, I have personally experienced the immediate result of prayer I have.


And if we ever meet face to face, I'd be glad to tell you about that. And I've talked about it on the air before. I do believe a prayer for our country. And a prayer for wisdom in our country, I think that's maybe overdue. And last bit on this, about like that prayer, hey, God gave his breath, he also gave a speech. And in that way, we're different than other creations. Speak truth.


In the face of lies and deception, speak truth. That's a great way to get our country back. My deepest thanks to Timmy Abby for this week and to you, Tadamon signing off your guide hosts this week for the EIB Network.