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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast, and it is a pleasure to be here on this beautiful Monday and so much happening out there. We're looking back where we were a year ago and what a difference a year makes.


covid immigration swarms at the border now and of course. Andrew Cuomo under siege in the Empire State. We will be covering all of this and checking in with just how incredibly accurate Rush was in his predictions and his analysis. Timeless analysis is timeless. It's an incredible thing when you really dive into that and you look and you hear the parameters and the elements of Rush's analysis, and it doesn't change over time. You remember these these progressives, those folks on the left are always going to regress to the mean.


I don't mean mean as mean behavior, but they'll regress back to who they are and who they are, big government types that that have an answer for every problem that ails you. And that that answer is always more money, more control, less liberty. So we now know that the covid-19 package is being dispersed, the covid-19 packages is going out, stimulus checks are hitting the bank accounts. A lot of Republicans appeared on the weekend talk shows, the chat shows to explain why there was no Republican support of the bill.


You know, it's funny because covid-19, we all know, was predicated upon the virus, the covid-19 virus.


And it ought to be noted that. Among the Republican conference in the Senate. The medical professionals, the doctors are all Republicans, Roger Marshall from Kansas, Bill Cassidy from Louisiana, of course, Rand Paul from Kentucky, and John Barrasso, who made his way onto the onto the weekend shows.


This week with David with George Stephanopoulos found Wyoming Senator John Barrasso calling the covid relief bill false advertising and Nancy Pelosi's payoff to the liberal left. He also made the point that this was just the beginning.


I want to make sure people get shots in the arms. Kids get back to school, people get back to work. But we are not going to stand with the Democrats as they try to exploit a crisis to send lots of money to big cities and to blue states and to really failed pension plans. This is not supposed to be a bailout. It's supposed to be about helping get the disease behind us. This coronavirus relief bill was not supposed to be.


About 4500 dollar checks to illegal immigrants. Are 4500 dollar checks to felons who are behind bars. Wasn't supposed to be about block grants to sanctuary cities or money to schools that continue to stay closed. That's just the tip of the iceberg of the problems with this bill. The bill is going to come due for this. And ultimately, as you just heard Nancy Pelosi say today to you, taxes are going to be next on the Democrat's agenda. Rush warned about this.


He warned about this across his entire career. The notion that big government that can give you everything can take everything away from you right in the form of taxation, regulation, less liberty, a slowing economy.


Rush warned about this all the way back in 2007, folks, when when he talked about the perils of the welfare state. Here's Rush.


The politicians, you know, they're passing personalities. They come and go. The American traditions, institutions that made the country great need to survive. Now, these politicians doing this today know full well that the potential negative, destructive impacts of this are going to happen long after most of them are out of office. And it's going to be somebody else's problem. What's going to happen is that somewhere down the road, your kids, grandkids, whatever, when they mature, they get old and they understand the tax rate they're going to be paying to pay for all this.


At some point, they're not going to put up with it. The question is, will it be too late?


Now, we conservatives have had a constant mantra that we have been attempting to persuade a majority of Americans to believe in, and that is that a never ending welfare state and a constantly growing welfare state will be the end of this country as we know it. It won't be the end of the country, but it'll be the end of the country as we know it. The welfare state, a never ending, no end in sight to it, constantly growing welfare state is going to put one of the greatest pressures on the existence of this country.


Are they distinct? American culture is impugned today, left at rugged individualism, self-reliance. You start talking about those things and the Libs have come here, come running for you. Oh, yeah. Easy for you to say. Well, what about the poor and what about the sick and what about the hungry? And what about the thirsty? And what about women and minorities who'll be hardest hit on all?


They do not have the desire nor the faith for a majority of Americans to be rugged, to be individualistic.


And by the way, that's not selfish. Self-interest is not selfish. Big, big difference, but self-interest is being portrayed today as selfishness and of course, selfishness means you don't care about other people. It means you don't have compassion. I mean, you are cold hearted and cruel.


I mean, you were a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. People ought to be called that. So they should look into the shadows and they shut themselves up. That's the distinct American culture that is being aimed at with with all this. So we conservatives have been right on along the welfare state, never ending and growing is going to put the greatest stress and pressure on the aspects of the distinct American culture that have defined this country for over 200 years.


Not too late, by the way, to fix this.


Don't become fatalistic about it. Not too late.


But the battle will always be raging because there always be liberals who want a bigger welfare state.


Never going to be one. Think about what it is we're watching play out one point nine trillion dollars in this covid package. Nine percent of it goes to covid, 91 percent of it goes to other stuff. We know that this looks awfully like a flirtation, a test run with universal basic income checks that just go out on an ongoing basis. And and you certainly can can consider that. Right.


You could consider that as a political possibility if you were going to float some crazy new notion for a sustained welfare state. But when you combine what's happening at the southern border. With the explosion of individuals, of people coming across the border, unchecked and unfettered, you cannot point to a single instance or an example in world history and economic history that says here is a welfare state combined with open borders so that the entirety of the world can come in and what that sets up.


What that sets up as as Rush has alluded to for so many years, what that sets up is the collapse of these liberal enclaves. You look at the states that are thriving, Florida and Texas, there are others and you look at the states that are dying, New York and California, and how are they held to account? For their mismanagement of their funds, of their pension funds, how were they held to account? Well, here comes President Biden, Vice President Harris, Chuck Schumer and Speaker Pelosi.


And here they come in. And what do they do?


They offer you up a huge bailout. You have cities and jurisdictions and states that were running surpluses. The facts were and I heard I heard Todd talking about this last week. The facts are in, there are places that didn't take a big hit on tax revenues because of covid-19, and yet we have to make them whole we have to backfill them.


There's no backfill. It's a surplus. You're giving them federal dollars that create a surplus. Andrew Cuomo is New York State is a great example of this. And boy, what a difference a year makes here. A year ago was the governor, Andrew Cuomo, the hero, the the counter on the resistance to President Trump, standing bravely each day for four and six hours, holding press availabilities and talking about how we were going to get through this and how it was going to get fixed and how all of that was going to happen.


And then we found out. That not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven plus.


Seven plus staffers and and other women who have had had the the unfortunate experience of spending time with Andrew Cuomo either in the executive mansion or in Albany more broadly, or in the press corps covering him, and we find out that these are people who have been harassed and potentially assaulted. We know the police department in Albany is aware of a case that they're looking into.


Now, on the Sunday shows this weekend, the subject of Cuomo and impeachment came up. On Face the Nation, Kamerad, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio actually went on and called for Cuomo to resign.


He should resign right now because he's holding up our effort to fight covid. He's literally in the way of us saving lives right now. Andrew Cuomo can't lead us into the future. We've got the people of a state ready to reopen, but we need to get him out of the way to do it.


You understand that Comrade Bill de Blasio ran for president once upon a time and and he got one percent support. And that was probably people voting in New York just to get him out of New York City because of the damage he's been doing all these many years. Well, coming up in the second hour, we've got we've got a ton more Cuomo news. Russia's predictions have come to fruition on so many of these accounts. And it's really incredible what a visionary and what a prescient, prescient man Rush was when it came to watching the way these folks operated.


Remember, he would say Russia would say he knows them like he knows every inch of you know what I'm saying? It was an incredible thing to sit here all the years that I did with Russia, watching him do this analysis and continue to nail these guys. Big spending, big government progressives will continue the conversation straight ahead and take your phone calls, your remembrances of Rush, your thoughts on Rush and the big stories that are out there. 822 two eight eight two, I am what are your guide today?


On the Rush Limbaugh Show and I am Brent Wytheville in is your guide today on this Monday. On the Rush Limbaugh Show, on the EIB Network, and we are remembering. Just how much Rush Limbaugh was able to to peg these folks over on the left? Absolutely an incredible thing. We are watching something amazing play out in front of our very eyes. We are watching the fundamental transformation of America that was first offered up.


We all remember first offered up in in 2008 with.


With President Obama and, of course, Vice President Biden coming coming to the forefront and you had those exact words offered up by then candidate Obama, who would become the nominee of the Democratic Party and then a two term president, you heard and you saw the fundamental transformation of America.


And when you look at what it is that's going on right now, the conversation that is happening in this country, 54 days, 55 days without a press conference from from President Biden, he's making his way to Atlanta today.


He's making his way to go take tours of vaccine sites and things like that with the the vice president, United States, Kamala Harris. This is an incredible thing. You've got a man who is operating as president, has not talked to the press taking a single question, not not a not a single time yet. In the format of a press conference. It's the first time in 100 years you've seen this sort of behavior. And yet the press just continues to, you know, run alongside, can we get can we ask a question?


What do you think about Cuomo would think about Cuomo staying in that job? What do you think about, oh, let's let the process play out? Oh, OK.


Good. That's a great answer. Chuck Schumer said Chuck Schumer said when when it came to the to the fight for Georgia, first we change Georgia, then we change America. Well, you're starting to see this now, right? And yet you have people who are purveyors of bipartisanship, like it's the magic elixir for what ails us in this country.


See, what will fix the border is bipartisanship. They'll tell you the covid-19 package. If Republicans had signed on to it, why? Why it would have been. Still a bad package, the infrastructure package, that's where we're going to the remaking of voting, H.R. one, that's where we're going to the gun control, that's where we're at. See if you guys would just be bipartisan on this stuff and surrender the ground.


You would be, what, more popular? No, because it's not about bipartisanship for the purposes of coming together to make America stronger, it's about, as Rush Limbaugh said. The aggressor sets the rules. Folks, these people on the left here, there is literally nothing about them. That we would want to compromise with, that we would want to accept or come to some kind of agreement with these people have to be regularly and roundly defeated in a political sense at every opportunity.


There is no crossing the aisle and shaking their hand. There's none, none of that. Every Republican needs to learn this. There is no way you can buy love from the media. There's no way you can make the media stop hating you if you're a Republican, whether Trump's in the equation or not. Can I give you an example on the reverse end of the scale?


Look at the never Trump, never trump the conservative intellectuals of the conservative movement, the conservative intellectuals, the people that were the energy, the intellectual energy behind the entire conservative movement, the people that were telling everybody else what conservatism is, who conservatives are, how conservatives think on this and this and that and that. And Donald Trump gets the nomination. And these people and the never Trump hate Trump don't want any part of Trump. They're thinking of voting for Hillary, some of them dead.


Now they're thinking of voting for whoever the Democrats nominate. Yet virtually every thing they support policy wise is being implemented everything. And yet they still hate Trump. So it's true. It's a fact of Washington, not just to the Democrats here. If common sense refactor these, never trumpeter's would be saying, you know what, we misjudged Trump, the guy is implementing stuff that we've devoted our lives to that be the mature, smart thing that they can't bring themselves to because they hate the guy personally.


They're jealous, they're envious. They've been working their whole lives to get this stuff implemented. None of it has been speak of Trump comes along in two and a half years, gets 90 percent of what they believe in implemented, thereby demonstrating how irrelevant they've actually been. Oh, they can't have this. They can't put up with that. It's it's incredible. It's it's mind boggling, the notion that you can keep going back and laying down, laying down your beliefs, setting aside your beliefs, and you'll get some peace and harmony out of that.


So if all the Republicans had voted for the covid-19 bill. Is there any expectation that that Schumer and Pelosi would would acknowledge that and might put out an olive branch?


No, because what they will do is they will default back to the original sin of of of whatever the political cycle is. Well, you didn't pass it big enough. You made it wait too long. These people suffered. Now you're just you're not going to get any credit. You're not going to get invited on Bill Maher's show. You're not going to get invited on Chuck Todd or or Stephanopoulos. You're not going to get voted on Chris Wallace or any of these programs and told, you know what we just wanted to bring in here today to tell you did a really good job, Dr.


Cassidy. You did a really great job. Senator Casati, Senator Barrasso, great. Looking out and helping to get this thing moving. No, because what you would get from them is what took you so long? What took you why?


Why did it take all of this to have to get to this point? And what are you going to do about not doing that in the future? You're looking at people, the media, by and large, the press. There's a phenomenon for what they do. They live in the wreckage of the future. They they are convinced that the country is terrible, that Republicans are the reason that America is not a good place, that we're not we're not committed to equity or equality or any of that sort of stuff.


So just give us your tax dollars and stop talking to us. Just give us the money. Just surrender your voting rights. Just surrender your your gun, your rights to to keep and bear arms.


Put away your your troublesome positions on abortion and on judges that believe in originalism. It's an incredible thing.


You're not going to get any credit at all.


Look, the Supreme Court at one point did a hearing and held on President Trump's tax returns.


Right. And it was it was a unanimous run. Right. Yet you had the majority going for it. And you don't you don't see them going on TV saying, hey, Amy, Makone, Barrett, you know, she's really she's really come around like we were really we've got to rethink this a little bit. You're not going to get any credit. You have to be aggressive. And it doesn't mean physically aggressive, physically jostling people, but you have to set out a marker.


These are the same press corps members who said that Ronald Reagan, you can't go give a speech at the Brandenburg Gate and say, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. You'll make them angry. The State Department didn't even want that in the speech.


I mean, I know Ronald Reagan was the president. They were State Department. Technically, they worked for him. But you know what I'm saying? And so this is where Rush nails this, this is where Rush has been consistently right. For years, for decades, the fact that surrendering your beliefs, your values, your core convictions does not buy you an ounce of relief, it gets you to a place where you look like a quisling. You look like the person who, as Rush famously said for so many years, you put your finger on your tongue, you put it up in the air, and you try to feel which way that wind is blowing.


You don't want to be that person, Rush Neverwas. And he would never be. And we need to follow that example.


Brett Wood, I'm your guide on the EIB Network, and I am thrilled to be here with each and every one of you. It's it's a joy and an honor. So we remember last Thursday, Thursday night, the big night of the big address, President Biden told us that maybe, just maybe we'd be able to gather in small groups by July 4th.


Yet the situation at the border seems to contradict those very rules that he has set out for the rest of the country in terms of covid restrictions. Look, do you remember Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that it might not be until September or later for Canada to open the border, which, by the way, has been closed for about a year since March of 2020. If you've noticed, there's a shift in reporting now, now that Biden is in office that well.


Seems to be changing terms like kids in cages are now softened up with holding facilities or or shelters, Pelosi and Sakey describing the border, the surge at the border as what a humanitarian challenge versus a crisis.


This is something that Rush talked about a lot.


Which contributed to the creation of the very famous term, the term you know so well, the drive by media, here's Rush talking about that media by say, folks, try to calm down.


Well, you're just trying to calm down. Look, this is a unique phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that I have noticed over the course almost of the entirety that I've been doing this show. The best way to illustrate it is I got a phone call from somebody who will point out an outrageous example of media bias anywhere CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, whatever. And they will think that the only person that saw it and therefore they're going to tell me about it so that I tell everybody else they are the only person that saw it in other examples.


They're the only person that figured out it was bias. Everybody else is getting fooled by it. And I've tried I've tried to make the claim you're not alone. Whatever you think, you're the only one seeing. Trust me, you're not by any stretch of the imagination, the only one seeing it, talking about the the rampant, whatever you want to call it, unfairness, bias, activism, whatever is what you're noting that's dispiriting you and making you mad in the media.


Everybody's noticing it. The problem is that everybody thinks nobody else is noticing it and that they're getting away with it. And one of the reasons you think they're getting away with it is because they keep doing it. Logic says that if it weren't working, they would stop doing it. But since they keep doing it, you think it must be working? No, folks, there's no journalism happening here. You're watching pure 100 percent extremist activism. When you think you're watching the news, when you think you're watching the media.


It's a tough thing. I know it's incredible, it's you're not finding out about the news of the day. You're finding out about the forecast and talking point. That's going to be the next outrage. And he's 100 percent right, so. Think about what they're doing with the language here. OK, humanitarian challenge versus a crisis. Can I put the lie to this, I can put the lie to this with the Associated Press. Piece of cake here, FIMA to help unaccompanied minors at U.S. Mexico border FEMA.


What is FEMA? They may know what FEMA is, that's the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Emergency crisis, they run in the same lane, this is not a challenge, this is not the the Federal Challenge Management Agency, the Federal Concerned Management Agency. This is the Federal Emergency Management Agency. This is hurricanes, wildfires, space alien invasions, all of that kind of stuff. The plague of locusts destroying the fields of crops. That's an emergency. So the fact that Joe Biden is now calling up FEMA to get involved, to take care of these children, these unaccompanied minors, these children and women, tells you it's an emergency, it's an emergency.


And yet I'm watching people going on the television all weekend and saying things like, well, it's it's really Trump's fault.


Don't you know, I watched one of one of the people in charge of the response last week to a press conference with Jen Psaki.


And she comes out and she says, well, yeah, because Trump had locked down the border and that backed up the normal flow of the people that would be coming into the border.


And so instead of them coming in in an orderly trickle fashion with an open border, now we've got them all jamming the border in a in a in a historic concern type of wonderment situation.


But it's an emergency.


It is a crisis. You've seen the pictures. You've seen the numbers. A facility in Donna, Texas, that is supposed to hold 250 kids has 1820 kids. What do you call that otherwise, what is that called? People are living under overpasses across from McAllen, Texas. Living under overpasses, could you imagine if similar overpasses were being used as shelters for children, say, in 2018? When back then, in 2018, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, in an effort to get Democrats elected to the House and the Senate, would stand there telling you the DOE emergency here at the Border Thunderbirds, you know, the caravan is going to take them six, eight months to even get up here.


Boom. They were getting on the trains and they were getting up. So it was it was this week with George Stephanopoulos, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi goes and sits down with George Stephanopoulos and tries to tell you that the administration, the administration inherited a broken system at the border.


But what did Trump inherit? Go back to 2014. Here's Rush reminding us of the scope of the problems at the border.


The law that allows the unaccompanied children to stay originally was said to be a 2002 immigration law signed into law by Bush, which stipulates that children from nations not contiguous with the U.S. could not be sent back to where they came from. Now, I don't know the history of that. I don't know the origins. I don't know why it was put in. I don't know how we prove. I mean, these kids show up. How do we know that they're from where they say they're from?


Yeah, I mean, the original purpose was designed to prevent drug cartels from exploiting them by preventing them from being used to go back and forth to bring drugs in and so forth. That was the original purpose. It had nothing to do with amnesty. It had nothing to do with immigration.


Actually, the Bush law was an effort to tamp down drug cartels, usage of these kids now that they're showing up. But I have come to learn that what is actually being used to allow these unaccompanied children to stay once they arrive is a Bill Clinton law that's titled The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. And it was intended to offer protection to illegal aliens in the U.S. have been the victims of human trafficking. The bill has been renewed four times since 2000, and that is the legislation actually being used, actually being cited as the authority for allowing these unaccompanied children to stay.


In 2008, Joe Biden sponsored a renewal that was rammed through Congress during December. It was actually Christmas of 2008. Only two Republican senators voted against it. Bush signed it on December 28 of 2008. Now, the bill in 2008 contained the language that requires alien minors from non-contiguous countries hearings and appeals if they claim to be the victims of human sex trafficking. And you can bet folks that nobody except the pro amnesty authors of the bill knew what the consequences of that would be.


Now that 2013 renewal, which was also championed by Biden, put in similar language to also require that women who claim to be victims of domestic violence also get hearings and appeals, which means they won't be deported. So it is not the Bush law from 2002 that is being used here. It is a Clinton law from 2000, which has been renewed four times. Since 2000, it's called the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. That's actually what is being cited officially in the media.


They're still saying it's the Bush 2002 law, but it isn't.


Make no mistake, President Trump wanted to fix the immigration system and he laid out an extensive plan on how that should get fixed, orderly immigration through legal checkpoints, legal points of crossing legal ingress points across the United States. The wall was designed to stop people from crossing in the midst of the frontier crossing in the midst of of the wilderness, women and children taking incredibly dangerous trips.


You send people through through the front door, not through the window. And he was shut down, he was shut down by Dick Durbin, you'll remember that conversation that was being had about this. Dick Durbin blew up the negotiation with the blank all country references because the Democrats don't want to fix this problem.


Chaos is opportunity, chaos is opportunity.


Rahm Emanuel told you that Rush talked about that a ton of times and he just gave you all of the background you need to counter those phony progressive arguments that you're going to run into when it comes to the border. The border was a mess under Trump. The border is fine now. It's not an emergency. It's it's just a concern. Wrong up is not down and down is not up. We'll take your phone calls straight ahead, one 800 202 282, I am Brett Wytheville, your guide today for Rush Rush Limbaugh the other day.


And I am Brett Writable, your tour guide today. Your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show, 822 to 282 to to check in to be a part of the conversation. And what do we say? We start with Samantha in Texas. Samantha, welcome to the program.


What's on your mind today? Hi, thank you for taking my call. I know we're all busy, so we don't really pay attention to what's really going on in the underbelly of the country. But since last year, I really wanted to understand who the rioters were, who the young kids were and what they were thinking. And so I started watching all kinds of groups cast and that and the most worrisome group that I've come across is the Sunrise movement.


They portend to be about the environment, but what they're really about is what you've been talking about, radically transforming this country. They say they want to update democracy. They want to make it a more just society. And so on their Web cast this weekend, they had they were talking about the Green New Deal. But what they really wanted to talk about was their second bill of rights, which was every American they want to pay for. Every American have a job, an adequate, adequate wage and decent living, a home, medical care and education.


They essentially want everything to be paid for. And so I asked and the chat, I said, well, is this communism or socialism? And they said, we don't call it that because the old people have a connotation of war when you say that. But what they really want is to transform this entire society into a socialist country where everything is paid for. But they also want capitalism because they know that people that work will be the ones to pay for it.


So I. I just I wish more people had the time to pay attention, but I it's it's a scary, scary thought. And what the young people today really think is that the government should be able to pay for everything in their lives for everyone. Right. And they mentioned Social Security, all of these other things. They're like we're already a socialist country, so why don't we?


Well, I think there are inclinations towards socialism in some in some corners.


And so much of what Rush spent time talking about, you talk about they're kind of encapsulating this in the Green New Deal, the the original the original person warning everybody about you losing your property, losing the vehicle. You want to drive the SUV, losing your fortunes, your future is your choice in the world. Rush warned about that for the better part of a 25, 30 years, when you consider what it is that they're talking about, the transformation of America is a dream that the socialists have had since since the dawn of time for the Socialists.


They they they are jealous of America.


They rely on the embarrassment of the average American at our wealth that our success and things like that. And so that's why you get into the colleges, you get these young skulls full of mush, as Rush would say, and you get them thinking totally incorrectly. These are people who have been saying for the better part of a year, this is exactly the kind of shutdown we need to save the climate. We need a Koven style shutdown every couple of years to to get rid of of the environmental pollution.


So absolutely, they want to transform this country. They want to transform this country from an exceptional country to a country that's just a run of the mill average sort of a thing. Alex is in South Carolina. Alex is next up. Alex, welcome to the program.


Hey there, high, I think basically for months we've been here and, you know, Biden is mentally there. I think the left knows that. And, you know, obviously Fox News, everybody on the right, some nonstop harping on it. But I don't want to see it get to the point where, you know, 25th Amendment is actually invoked and we end up seeing President Harris. That'll be way worse than anything we've seen now. So all I'm saying is maybe I should just leave it alone and let them sleep, you know?


Mm hmm. Well, it's one thing for the perception to be that he's in cognitive decline. And obviously that's an argument that's been made by a number of people in a number of ways.


But what the what the real challenge in front of us has got to be is this legislation because he is necessary for the signature on the bill, he is necessary for running these executive orders. But it is Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who are going to be responsible for the remaking of our country, whether it's a President Biden or a President Harris. And they are they are filled with excitement at the notion of putting forth that wish list, that progressive wish list they have pushed for such a long period of time.


The reality is you need to think of this as a as a complete team. Biden is the quarterback right now under center. Kamala Harris is ready to step in as the quarterback in that regard. But you have got to have the right defense to stop them from from scoring points.


The difference is, with this offense that they're running, they will put not just 11 on the field, they'll put 100 on the field, they'll put 11000 on the field because the traditional rules are not going to apply.


They are committed folk who are looking at the fundamental transformation of what we are as an American Free Republic, and they are desperate to change it up.


I am Brett Wytheville, I am your guide today on the EIB Network. We're all in on the Rush Limbaugh Show. I'm your guide today on the EIB Network. Can I use the phrase I'm sorry is not enough time to be fair with another call, but we will get back out on the on the phones directly, as they say. Coming up in this next hour, though, I have got something that you're going to want to hear.


We're going to take a good, good look at Andy Cuomo. Governor Cuomo of the state of New York finds himself in quite the pickle and how how far the mighty have fallen, how far the mighty have fallen here.


He was about a year ago, operating as a counterweight, a counterbalance in the minds of the the progressives and the media out there, a part of the resistance facing off with with President Trump on a regular basis, on an almost daily basis, being celebrated by his brother on CNN as well. And it's an incredible thing to watch this this fall, understanding that this is a man that received what was it?


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Learn more at Comcast Dotcom Network. Our two into this excursion underway, I'm thrilled to be here, our phone number, as always, for your participation is 800 202 to 88 to one 888 to 202. Governor Cuomo, Governor Cuomo could best be summed up as an example of what Rush always said about media made status.


Now, over the weekend, over on CBS's Face the Nation, Margaret Brennan asked mayor of New York Bill de Blasio.


Comrade Bill de Blasio, do you believe that he, Andrew Cuomo and his administration deliberately tried to cover up the scale of the nursing home deaths?


I don't have a doubt. In my mind. Everything was about his public image. Everything was about his political future. It was not about what people needed. And, by the way, it was about campaign contributions.


In The New York Times, the rise and fall of Andrew Cuomo. The quote from the reporter is Mr. Cuomo, our politics reporter writes, Finds himself sliding from hero level worship to pariah like status with the kind of astonishing speed that only the friendless suffer. Wow, this is a huge fall from the top of the media tower. Rush spoke about this and shared with all of us what he learned about the media. This is the overriding philosophy that I also involved.


The media cannot destroy you if they're not the ones who make you.


But if the media makes you in other words, let's say you have a TV show and it's actually number 10 in the market, but the media loves you and they write about it all the time and they talk about it all the time and they promote it and they make everybody think it's number one.


The day comes when they don't like you, they can take you out. Because you never have been what they say you are, if they build you up, it's unreal and untrue, they can take you out. And that is an overriding philosophy that I whenever I'm asked by anybody is in this business or in an ancillary one, do not go the PR route. Do not try to have buzz and PR, define your success, make it real and make your success real and dependent on real people making you a success, not some media buzz, because that is fleeting.


They can take that away from you and you're a nobody, but they can't take away from you what they haven't built. The enduring reason why why Rush was so successful for all the years he was he was true to himself and true to his vision.


The media didn't make him. Remember from last May, Cuomo asked all these people to come and help, and many did on a voluntary basis, only to find out that they'd be subjected to state taxes if they worked in New York for 14 days. Remember that scandal with with Andrew Cuomo?


He says, listen, if you're a doctor, if you're a nurse, if you're a girl, if you're an orderly, if you're any of these people, you've got to come to New York and you've got to come and try to save save our people. But by the way, you will be subjected to New York State taxes if you work in New York for more than 14 days. I don't remember that being something that happened when Pataki was governor and and Giuliani was was mayor in the wake of 9/11.


I just don't remember that being the priority. Well, if you're going to come and volunteer and help out, then we're going to have to make you pay the taxes.


Even though the state government asked thousands of people to come to New York from out of state to fight the coronavirus, they have to pay state taxes in New York, even on income they might make from their home states that they paid while in New York. Cuomo said that he needed help from Washington in order to cover budget deficits from covid-19, let alone subsidize. State income tax for essential workers that flocked to New York's aid. Well, here was here was Rush giving you the latest and the best analysis on Andrew Cuomo, an arrogant, ignorant failure test.


Hey, quick question. Are you a health care worker? Are you a nurse? Are you an EMT? Are you anybody does anything in health care? Did you volunteer, for example, to go to New York during? The peak period. Did you volunteer as a health care worker to go to New York to help out? Did you do more than was asked of you, did you go above and beyond, did you knowingly put yourself at greater risk than any of your fellow citizens by volunteering to go to New York?


During the peak reporting period of covid-19 cases, if you did. If you don't live in New York, if you went to New York from some other place and if you stayed there. For 14 days, guess what, New York's governor is going to make you pay New York state income tax. For your volunteer efforts, health care and people wonder why I left. People wonder why I am moved out of there in 1997. Health care workers that came to New York to help fight the coronavirus pandemic at its epicenter.


Will have to pay state taxes according to one of the goofiest and most screwed up governors, you know. It's a classic. You take a look at the people, the drive by Media Harald's and makes big stars out of and they're the biggest doofuses around. And the blue state idiocy is epitomized by Andrew Cuomo.


Good grief, what this guy has done, you folks try this headline here, New York City. Starts historic overnight, subway shutdowns for virus linked disinfecting. So Andrew Cuomo goes to a subway car, many of which have been taken over. By blue state homeless who are infecting people left and right. And he goes out there and he starts spraying disinfectant on a subway car and he starts talking about why this is revolutionary, why we've never done this before.


Who knew that you could disinfect a subway? Who knew you could disinfect this? Do you disinfect your toilets at home, Governor? Did you grow up not knowing how that happened, did your mom disinfect the toilet or did a maid come in? And do you have any idea? How cleanliness have the guy was shocked and stunned, you can disinfect the subway car. So now he's getting heralded as being a great governor for disinfecting the New York City subway after not disinfecting it after it was one of the greatest concentrations of close proximity people.


It was a breeding ground for the virus. And this ace kept it open, so they had to keep it all because all the essential jobs and services people need the subway to get to work.


Well, that and his nursing home debacle. Is why New York leads the country in infections and deaths, and yet this guy is heralded as the next Democrat savior, the next Democrat nominee. It's absurd. It's obscene. New York City subway system, the nation's largest, went silent in the early morning hours Wednesday. As the normally round the clock system shut down for train disinfecting. Service was curtailed in late March, but is now being stopped entirely from 1:00 a.m. to five a.m. every day.


Get this, it's the first time in 115 years. Service hasn't been 24/7 except in times of emergency, and Governor Andrew Cuomo says that there's no way to know when service will return to normal. Of course not. He's only the governor. He doesn't know Jack. I mean, this is just flat out amazing and then we haven't even talked about this guy put infected people in nursing homes, nursing homes, it's like putting them into the crypt. It defies explanation.


Nursing homes are the single greatest website of New York subway, greatest concentration of noted cases and deaths. And not just in New York, it's happened in other blue states where blue state governors have decided to people they didn't want, let's pack them off to the nursing homes. So Cuomo, he put infected people in nursing homes that led to thousands of deaths. The Democrats in the media have been literally fawning all over Cuomo.


He was just named, you know, this Mr. Stern. I know this is going to issue you out. He would just name the most eligible man in New York.


That's right, that's right. Well, I know. And see, the thing is, these blue state failures, these these arrogant, conceited liberal elites who have caused this country more trouble than you can possibly imagine are built up, heralded, converted into heroes, get nothing but great publicity and great coverage in the media.


And they pose. Actual actual dangers. Anyway, here's Cuomo explaining why that he can't. Extend tax free status to health care workers from all over the fruited plain who volunteer day.


To go to New York to help out during the peak of the Corona virus pandemic in that city, we have a 13 billion dollar deficit.


So there's a lot of good things I would like to do. And if we get federal funding, we can do. But it would be irresponsible for me to sit here looking at a 13 billion dollar deficit and say, I'm going to spend more money on when I can't even pay the essential services.


The question he got from an unidentified so called reporter, have you considered waiving the state tax on emergency workers who volunteered to come here from out of state? Not at all. No way. 13 billion dollar deficit. Who, by the way, gave us that?


Who is it that's been presiding over all of these unfunded pension liability? Who is it? That has been running that state in the most incompetent with 13 billion dollars, and then he says. There's a lot of good things I'd like to do. Yes, I'd love to make sure that those volunteers don't have to pay state taxes. And if we get federal funding, yeah, if somebody comes along and gives me some money, then we can do it.


But if mean Mr. Orangeman doesn't give me any money, then these volunteers are going to get buckets.


Man, oh, man. Unbelievable. The question is, now that Biden passed the massive relief bill and Cuomo will get his money. He's still going to make the out of staters pay their income taxes. These are the questions that are out there on the table, folks.


800 to 82, I am Brett Wytheville in as your guide on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the water bill in on the Rush Limbaugh Show, on your guide today as we navigate these choppy waters surrounding one. Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, you just heard the insanity coming out of the state of New York.


The fact of the matter is, back in the heyday in the heights, the depths, however you want to measure it, of the covid crisis in New York state. Here comes here comes Andrew Cuomo disinfecting the the subway cars, shutting it down, complaining about the 13 billion dollar deficit that he's got and justifying the taxation of out-of-state volunteers who are coming in to try to save New Yorkers lives.


And if that's not enough for you, we go back in time to think about all the damage that Andrew Cuomo has done.


Oh, no, this isn't anything new. This is not like brand new covid. This is not abusing staff allegations of sexual harassment, impropriety. It's not it's not just that it's a structural failing. It is a structural failure. It is a track record of true failure. When people talk about Andrew Cuomo hate crimes, they seem to forget that he was a major factor in causing the subprime mortgage crisis while he was Bill Clinton's HUD secretary. Cuomo was big on the Community Redevelopment Act, which was about putting people in houses, whether they could afford them or not.


In fact, Cuomo doubled the number of houses that were made available under the Community Redevelopment Act.


It was a huge, huge scam. Nowhere did anybody ever ask who was really going to end up paying for it. Rush talked about it. Back in 2008, listen to this, in case you missed this last night on 60 Minutes, Senator McCain said that he would name Andrew Cuomo, the New York state attorney general, son of Mario, the bias to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, Andrew Cuomo ran HUD under President Clinton.


McCain said, I've admired Andrew Cuomo, I think he's somebody who could restore some credibility, lend some bipartisanship to the effort.


Cuomo didn't comment from The Village Voice in August of this year, August 5th.


The headline, How the youngest housing and Urban Development Secretary in history gave birth to the mortgage crisis in 2000.


Andrew Cuomo required a quantum leap in the number of affordable low to moderate income loans that two mortgage banks known collectively as government sponsored enterprises would have to buy. The GSE government sponsored enterprises don't actually sell mortgages to borrowers. They buy them from banks and mortgage companies, allowing lenders to replenish their capital and make more loans. They also purchase mortgage backed securities, which are pools of mortgages regularly acquired by the government sponsored enterprises from investment firms. Cuomo predecessor Henry Cisneros for the first time in December 1995.


Took a cautious approach and moving a GSE toward a requirement that 42 percent of their mortgages serve low and moderate income families. Cuomo raised that number to 50 percent, dramatically hiked the government sponsored enterprises mandates to buy mortgages in underserved neighborhoods. And for the very low income, part of the pitch was racial, with Cuomo contending that Fannie and Freddie weren't granting mortgages to minorities at the same rate as the private market. William Apgar Como's a top aide, told The Washington Post.


We believe there are a lot of loans to black Americans that could be safely purchased by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac if these companies were more flexible. Well, guess how they got the flexibility. Hello, Janet Reno. Hello, Bill Clinton.


Hello, Jamie Gorelick. While many saw this demand for increasingly flexible loan terms and standards as a positive step for low income and minority families, others warned that they could have potentially dangerous consequences. Franklin Raines warned that Kormos rules removing family into risky territory. Well, he went there. He went there and found a way to score huge.


He went there and he found a way to score huge. And he did. And he was part of the impetus that led you to the mortgage meltdown back in 2008.


That's an incredible thing. It's an unbelievable reality. You noticed the same names keep popping up and cropping up time after time after time after time in Washington, D.C., at the center of government. It's the same names, right? Clinton's Cuomo is Bidens. They just keep popping up again and again and again. And they're never held to account for the incompetency that you see playing out. But it's even worse now because now we know this development coming out in these last hours.


The New York New York state vaccine czar has apparently been calling county officials in the state of New York to gauge their loyalty to Cuomo amid the sexual harassment investigation. So he's the boss of the vaccine in New York state. He's calling local county officials and saying, are you do you still like do you still like Cuomo? Are you still OK with Cuomo? What are they supposed to say now? We got a real problem. One Democrat county executive was so unsettled by the outreach from Larry Schwartz, the head of the rollout, that the executive on Friday filed notice of an impending ethics complaint with a public integrity unit of the attorney general's office in New York State.


The executive feared the county's vaccine supply would suffer if Schwartz was not pleased with the executive response to his questions in support of the governor.


What is this, the godfather? This is this feels like The Godfather. Are you kidding me? I'm not. And that's unfortunate. Rush had Andy Cuomo nailed from the jump. He was right then and he's right today.


I'm Brett Wytheville, your guide today on the EIB Network.


What never ceases to amaze me when you look at the challenges out there in the world is how right on Rush has been on the domestic policy front, but also on the policy front involving the rest of the world and how it is the United States is viewed by some of our more hostile partners, enemies, whatever you want to call these folks?


Well, in the case of China, I think it's pretty clear where we stand with China, but it's not so clear where we stand as a nation looking towards China, because once upon a time, you had a very robust. A very strong, muscular approach towards the Chinese Communist Party there in Beijing, and then along came President Biden. Who has repeated often times that he doesn't view China as an adversary or as an enemy, he views them as a competitor, as a competitor.


And he says that, you know, China's never going to pass us, what are we doing? Well, you know, this week there's going to be a series of meetings. Jake Sullivan, not Jake from State Farm, but Jake Sullivan is is going to be meeting with his Chinese counterpart there in in Alaska, of all places, going to meet in Alaska in March.


That's really quite something. Jake Sullivan's national security adviser, he said on Friday going into the weekend that tariffs and export controls will not be a top issue. So trade won't be a top issue. Now going to be a topic we're going to be doing is trade conversation stuff, then what is it that you're talking with him about? What is it that you want to talk about? Well, they want to talk about climate change and China's behavior at Hong Kong and the coronavirus pandemic.


I want to talk about that last probably not a lot, because it's a sore subject with the American people who have suffered from the pandemic.


So here you have. The federal government, the American government getting out to meet with the Chinese counterparts there in Alaska this week. Well, Rush absolutely had it spot on when it came to trade and tariffs under President Trump.


Listen, Donald Trump has been talking about how China has been ripping us off since the mid 90s, whenever he would go on TV and has been a major bugaboo of his about the stupidity of trade policy that we've had specifically with the trichomes. So it's nothing new. It's simply Trump following through on something that he has stated for the last 25 years. It's not just the trade deals with the trichomes, it's with everybody else, he's sick and tired of the United States basically allowing its pocket to be picked.


You have to look at Donald Trump as a disruptor. Trump is unafraid to use tariffs when you talk about conservatism, conservatives. Are almost required if you're going to be a card carrying good conservative, you have to impose tariffs. Tariffs are taxes and conservatives oppose taxes. Here comes Trump, imposing taxes on the importation of Chinese goods. And what Trump is doing here is forcing everybody in Washington out of the comfort zone they have been in since World War Two, and I'm not exaggerating that the post war order that was established by the victors, that would be us and the Brits.


The way the world was rearranged after World War Two with the United States as the acknowledged, demonstrable lone superpower in the world, over here was the Soviet Union with whom we were allied in World War Two.


And then that all ended when when Hitler went by, Biden and Germany was defeated. Then they became our primary enemy. They never have been a superpower.


They are a third world power with a first world military, including nukes.


And that was the danger they posed. So Washington has had this structure that everybody that has been in the Washington establishment has acknowledged and sworn by and accepted ever since World War Two ended. The basic structure here has had the United States as the world's superpower, occupying that position almost. Within an attitude of guilt. At being the superpower, we have we have as as policy, we have a lot our pockets to be picked and we have made it clear that we intend nobody any harm.


We're not going to use our power militarily or economically. Why has this all been allowed to happen?


Contrary to the president says our leaders have been dumb and stupid, they have not been dumb and stupid, our and I'm talking about every Republican president, every Democrat party doesn't matter here. They've all been compliant. They have been in agreement, all of Washington has been operating under an agreement that, no, it's intrinsically understood.


So we got to demonstrate that they don't have to resent us and they don't have to be afraid of us.


And so we let them take advantage of it. We'll take it on the chin and trade deals and we'll take it on the chin with NATO.


This has been the operating look, I'm simplifying this, but this has been the operating philosophy of the postwar order with the United States at the top of the heap as a means of maintaining peace, as a way of forging good relationships. With nations around the world, I don't care, Republican or Democrat, that was the operating belief system was created and maintained, State Department today is still structured this way.


So Trump comes in. He doesn't believe any of this, he doesn't believe in being taken advantage of, but he certainly doesn't believe we're to blame for all of that's wrong in the world. He believes we're the solution. So Trump is looking at all this, as he always has. He says this makes no sense.


Our trade policy, this this world order with the United States not behaving.


As we have earned. Makes no sense, it makes no economic sense, it makes no military sense, it is weakening us. And in some places, it makes us a laughing stock. That we are so easily taken advantage of, so he's blowing it all up, he's disrupting it, rewriting trade deals, rewriting participatory deals such as NATO and so forth, and these career people in Washington to whom this has been. A way of life. And a a belief system that is is appreciated and to which they're totally devoted, they are disrupted, they're out of their gourds over this.


And go back to Jake Sullivan, going to meet with the Chinese representatives in Alaska this week, they want to talk about climate change. You know as well as I know. That climate change is is a one way deal and the one way deal is that we get stuck with the bad part of that deal, these emerging economies, these third world countries. China is regarded as an emerging economy. They're an emerging economy. They don't have to meet the same compliance numbers that we have to meet.


China gets to do what they want to do, pollute and steal intellectual property and oppress and repress people and minority groups in their country and abrogate, violate, ignore tarab deals between them in Hong Kong and and the United Kingdom as part of that 1997 agreement. I just go down the list.


So we're going to go meet with the Chinese representatives over there. We're going to meet with him over in Alaska. We're going to talk to them about we will talk about the climate change. We will talk about shared challenges. We'll talk about the coronaviruses. We don't really want to talk about the coronavirus, doesn't want to upset Xi Jinping. And we're not going to talk trade because I mean, why would you want to talk about trade? I trade is I mean, it's real.


It's how important of an issue is trade. It's a hugely important issue. It should be coronavirus and trade and intellectual property and then a little quick mention of of climate change, as Jake Sullivan puts his fingers to his ear and goes, call me.


Russia is 100 percent right and he nailed it and he understood exactly why President Trump connected with the American people, 822 202 Wytheville.


I'm your guide today on the EIB Network in as your guide on the Rush Limbaugh Show, remembering the genius that is Rush and boy, boy, an absolute an absolute talent that that will I don't think I'll ever be equaled, especially when you look at his his ability to look into the mind sets the frame of mind of of the folks that we call our leaders in Washington and in state capitals, because these politicians are all cut essentially from the same cloth.


And you heard that it is analysis about Trump and trade and China and those challenges just in these last minutes.


The fact of the matter is the reason why Trump was such a disruptor, the reason why Trump was such a a breath of fresh air for so many and frustrating for so many, was that he came into office and intended to do stuff and then did stuff. It wasn't just words. It wasn't just weird aspirational speeches, sort of generally speaking, this was this was a person who came in and said, you know what?


We are going to we're going to we're going to blow up NAFTA, which is the worst trade deal in world history. We're going to get rid of this.


This is terrible. We don't want to do it. It's wrong. It's bad. It's a bad deal for us. And he did it. And then he remade the deal with China, and then he he said to those allies of ours in NATO, you're going to have to pay what you're required under the treaty to pay. You need to pay those dollars. To support your military. It's an incredible thing. Let me talk to Danny in Ohio next.


Danny, welcome to the program. I'm Brett Wytheville. Thanks for taking my call. Sure. You're doing a fabulous first of all, you're doing a fabulous, fabulous job filling in for the great one and I love it when you're on. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I want to borrow Jen Psaki for a second, I want to circle back to something from the top of the show regarding succession. If President Biden is removed from office succession to fill the vice presidential vacancy requires a majority approval of a nominee by both houses.


There's some stuff out there that Pelosi automatically becomes the if that's not the case. Right, shall we? So whoever she picked a president, I hate to say, but whoever President Harris picks, he's a majority approval in both houses of Congress. She can still be the president. She can no longer break a tie in the Senate if she picks a moderate like Manchin. The left will go insane. She'll have to pick a far left lefty, so it's doubtful that even the rhinos would go.


So she would have a hard time getting a pick to the Senate. And when it comes to the House, if the GOP takes the House on in 2022, we might be looking at Speaker Speaker McCarthy next in line to bring this up just because I haven't heard anyone go there.


Well, yeah, I get it. I get it. Can I be totally honest on this? Because I'd have to I'd have to go and dust off my my books on the different moves as it relates to succession. OK, but here's here's the thing that I think is important. No matter who is in the presidency in the current iteration of the administration. Right. So whether it's President Biden or President Harris, if she were to move up, the fact of the matter is we have got to keep our eyes on the immediate challenges in front of us.


And what that is right now is border security. It is what is happening with H.R. one, with the attempt to grab guns, all of this sort of stuff. That's really honestly, Danny, we can speculate. We can we can have those debates and discussions if they become much more apparent, and then they will become very clear at that point. But I think our energy is best spent on looking towards taking the house back in 2002 and looking towards knocking out a couple of Congress folks in 22 who are running in Democrat seats right now that may not end up holding forth.


So I think it's an interesting conversation, but I think we need to focus and I know Rush would want to focus on where we are right now, the challenge to our bottom lines, the challenge to our sovereignty as a nation, the challenge to our future. And I think we have got to take a very, very close look at the I do appreciate the call and you're very kind words. But if that, in fact, does become a conversation, I can promise you that here on the show we will be we will be driving it in a big, big, big way.


That much I think you can be absolutely assured of. But what I can always be assured of, especially when I think about about Rush, was how he was always fascinated with cell phones, technology, iPhones, how many of you see cell phones as small computers with a phone app on it? You know, Rush did. And when he learned about pure talk and their offer to this audience, he was quick to underscore such a great offer.


Hey, folks, you know, you can spend all kinds of time deliberating what kind of cell phone you want to own, what kind of cell phone you want to use. But you might spend 10 percent of that time deciding on your cell phone carrier if that much and maybe you spend more than 10 percent. But really, there are options out there you may not know about. Cell phone service has become expensive. You know, I remember back in the days of flip phones, this was before 2007 before the iPhone was invented.


The theory was that your service was going to be given to you as long as you paid for the phone. That's the way the experts thought the trend line was, that the service is going to be pretty much free. But you got to pay for the phone. Now, that's turned upside down. Now the phone costs a pretty penny, as does service. Cell phone service has become expensive. The big brand name carriers charge a lot because, well, they can.


So there's another company out there that we want to suggest you look into called pure talk because their focus is on providing you the best cell phone coverage and service for about half of the price of the big brand names and cellular service. Pure talk gives you excellent coverage. It uses the same cell towers as one of the biggest brands. You get unlimited talk, unlimited text, six gigs of data for about thirty dollars a month.


It's on the same tower that you're probably using now, same towers. And if you go over on your daily usage, pure talk is not going to charge you for it. Switch to pure talk, keep your phone number just as it is. Pure talk will help you make that an easy switch from your cell phone. Just dial down 250 and then say pure torque, pound 250 and say pure torque and you'll say 50 percent off your first month. That is pound 250 and say pure torque.


You'll have the option to receive a one time auto dial text message from pure torque, something to look at it to.


You know, Rush was right about pure torque, great customer service. And they'll talk with you today about making the switch dial pound 250 from your cell phone and say pure talk to find out.


I'm Brett Wytheville and I am Brett Writable. Great to be here with you as your guide today. Did you see what happened in so many of those West Coast cities over the weekend of violence breaking a back out violence breaking blackout? And it is certainly an upsetting thing to see take place on the streets in our great cities around this country.


You know, the battle for the soul of America, the battle for the direction of our nation and for the opportunity for future generations is never one that's going to be settled overnight.


It's going to be about getting people to buy into the vision of the greatness of America. But the flip side of that vision is the notion that there is some brutal politics being played on the left. And coming up in this next hour, we're going to explore that together.


I'm preferable in for Rush Limbaugh. I'm your guide today on the EIB Network.


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Right now, our number three now underway. And we've had quite a tour and a visit together on so many of the issues. Rush was exactly right on maintaining that accuracy count.


And one of the issues that he was brave about talking about was strong about talking about was the notions of of law and order in our country and the idea that people have a right to to live in a safe community and people have a right to to live their lives, their kids go to school, essentially pursuit of happiness in the American dream.


Right? Well, unfortunately, we have seen a an almost unprecedented year of of lockdowns and riots and border surges all kind of happening at the same time. And it's incredibly dangerous to see what's played out, especially in the West Coast cities, cities like Portland, cities like Los Angeles across this last year or so. And we've seen manifestations of violence on an industrial level. I mean, it's just been incredible to see. Over the weekend, we crossed an unfortunate anniversary, the death of of a young woman named Brianna Taylor, who lost her lives, lost her life during a police raid that took place in a building.


And she lost her life. She was shot through a door and and died. And she has been memorialized. She's been remembered. She has become an integral part of the narrative of of Black Lives Matter and and, of course, of calls for for defunding the police and social justice and change and that sort of stuff. But it was interesting to see how it was. This was now playing out in yet another weekend of violence in American cities. West Coast cities erupted in violence on the anniversary in NBC in Los Angeles.


You had three officers injured, 11 arrested as the protests turned violently.


And Rush was was very vocal about the danger of playing the race card, arguing essentially that when one political one political party dangerously plays the race card, we all suffer. And in fact, Rush said explicitly and directly that there needs to be more pushback when this happens.


Go I'll be flat out honest with you. What alarms me about and it's it's it's bothered me. For most of the years I've been doing this program, there is yet to be any pushback on this. And by pushback, I mean average ordinary citizens who are being affected by this stuff are just letting it happen. They're not pushing back against it. And so they are seeding seed, I think they are seeding territory. To these people and everybody watches that happen, there's no pushback that you're going to feel alone.


And I've frankly, I've been waiting for 30 years, 25 years for that to be pushed back. Not only is there not pushback, there isn't the few who do push back don't get defended by very many people. I have made it a point. I'm not trying to make this about me. I'm going to be illustrative here. I have made it a point. Whenever anybody on my side decides to try to push back against the Democrats, against the left, against the media, and when they get assaulted and attacked, I am right in there defending them.


Whether I know them or not, and the first person I did that for was Clarence Thomas when they tried to destroy him after he was nominated to be associate justice on the Supreme Court by George H.W. Bush. I didn't know Clarence Thomas, I never met him, but I knew who was going after him and trying to destroy him, and I knew that they should not get away with it after what they'd done to Robert Bork, who I did know and who was not anything like how he had been characterized.


But the Bush administration didn't even push back against Thomas, they didn't the Reagan administration didn't push back against Bork. They didn't know what to do.


There's never any pushback. And there needs to be pushback, there needs to be we're not going to put up with this, there needs to be an intolerance to this kind of takeover of our civil society. But there isn't. They're not pushing back if there's no push back and if the push back isn't seen, then people are going to get dispirited and think that nobody. Cares about this assault on the country and this assault on the country is a full court press to change it under the premise that America cannot be fixed, America can't be corrected, America can't be redeemed because our problems are original sin.


They were baked in by the founding fathers. They cannot be fixed. Therefore, the constitution the country needs to be. Disbanded, throw it away and started over with these people writing the Constitution. I've told you for four years when I first of all, Black Lives Matter and then Occupy Wall Street and recognize what's going on, the whole point is that there's no way anything that we will do. That's oriented towards solving, resolving, fixing. One of these original problems will never be accepted as such.


Because it isn't the objective, the objective is not to fix what went wrong in slavery and pay reparations. The objective is not. To go back and correct whatever happened in the early days of the country and fix it. The objective of my friends is for these people to totally tear down and tear apart the country and transform it into something it was not intended to be, and they are hoping to be successful here by convincing you that it's not worth stopping them because you were in the minority and there aren't enough of you anyway.


And the proof is you never see any push back. You never see anybody responding. So you must be in the minority. You must be one of 10 people who doesn't care what's happened to your country. If you're feeling down in the dumps and depressed, it's because there isn't any pushback. It makes perfect sense why you would think you're the only one that sees what's going on. But the battle, the controversies in which we find ourselves are cultural, these people are trying to force and intimidate changing modes of behavior.


They are not they are not trying to imprint an ideology on people. They are attempting to use intimidation to force you to think and behave and speak. In ways they demand, because if you don't, you will be under their knife, their gun, their guillotine, whatever, you will be subject to their punishment.


This is right out of the Chinese Cultural Revolution of Mao Tse tung. Now, when I say it isn't political. It may be tough to separate the two because there is a political tie and it's to the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party. Is in favor of all of this happening, the Democrat Party sees untold benefits to all of this happening. And this is what you've all got to realize, the Democrat Party sees mountainous victory in this country being riven, roiled and torn apart.


The Democrat Party would not even object if the Constitution were thrown away and rewritten. In terms of the reason why there's no pushback, it's a cultural phenomenon happening here, and when you talk about no pushback, where is the first place you would expect to see some? Well, for me, it would be elected Republicans somewhere, either in Washington or in Minnesota or in the state of Washington, but Rush would rush. They're so outnumbered so. If there is no pushback from elected political leaders, then where is the inspiration for others?


Most people are not leaders. There's not a criticism. Most people are followers. Leaders are very rare. And right now, there doesn't seem to be or there don't seem to be very many. That we can point to and say, yeah, well, the thing about. Things like this. Is whether there is direct, confrontational in their faces, pushback or not? You can find evidence of pushback. And let me give you some examples of it.


And by the way, it's not organized, it doesn't have a leader. These examples I'm going to give you do not. Represent a movement that you can join. It's kind of like the Tea Party, if it appeals to you, you go out and do it on your own and I'm telling you that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, are. HBO. HBO decides to come out, you know what, we're going to really, vertue, signal you, we're going to really show you how much better than you we are.


We're going to show you how much more we care. We are not going to ever gone with the wind anymore. And by the way, as Democrats, that I can understand why that's the Democrat Party of the Civil War, that's what Gone With the Wind portrays. It portrays the Democrat Party running the Confederacy in the days of the Civil War. What, you don't agree with that? So stupid to think what? No, it's not stupid at all.


It's called virtue signalling. It's how they show they're better. No, it's how they keep BLM from tearing down their office building. It's how they keep all these college kids and all these vertue signallers out there from destroying them. It's about it's cowardice. It's getting their their business out of the way before anybody demands they do. So they get points for caring. But Gone With the Wind is exactly if you want to know what the antebellum South was like.


If you want to know what racism was all about, if you want to just watch Gone with the Wind, that's the death. The Confederacy is a Democrat Party. And by the way. That Confederacy was alive and well all the way through the 60s. Joe Biden was praising them and complimenting them when he first arrived to the United States Senate. Well, anyway, HBO can't ban. Gone with the Wind, all they can do is say we're not going to stream it.


But guess what, it's now number one in Amazon DVD sales. Why do you think that is? Is it because a lot of people never heard of it? And think, wow, what's this all about, got to go rent it or buy it to find out what it's all about. No, it's not that. It's a number of things, but it's not that. One of the things that might be is people oh, my God, oh, my God, I better go buy it.


HBO is not going to allow it to be aired anymore. I better go buy it if I want to see it. There could be some of that. But no, I think it's push back. I think it's full fledged pushback. Most Americans don't believe their country sucks. Most Americans don't want to believe their country sucks. Most Americans don't believe their country is fatally flawed from the get go. What most Americans believe is that this is the greatest country that's ever been formed.


That it is not perfect. That it can be improved and has been since the day it was founded. America is improved, we got rid of slavery, we we got rid of the women's suffrage issue, there's a number of things and the Constitution was written so as to provide an avenue for some of these flaws to be addressed later. The founding fathers knew what they had to do to get this nation founded. They knew what they had to do to break away.


From Great Britain, they get it, they left a trail in the Constitution for fixing, repairing, perfecting, correcting some of the flaws that were there. At the founding. And they did, and those flaws in many cases have been addressed, they have been fixed, they have been eliminated. They have been perfected. Improved with and it's an ongoing process, but what most Americans know is that we're up against forces in this country who want this country destroyed, who want it torn apart, who do not want it built on or improved on, that there are now people actively in this country who think that it was flawed from the beginning, irreparably so, and have joined the movement that is designed.


To destroy it. That shouldn't be too hard to run against because most Americans do not think that about their country. Most Americans do not think that America is. So deeply flawed that it is worth cashiering and starting over, but there's an even larger question and it's the other side to push back and let me see if I can if I can phrase it. I've asked this question before.


At what point? Does it become productive for people to see what happens when liberals run on the show? Oh, we're starting to see that now, aren't we? But there's still room for pushback, Rush and the founders just laid out that roadmap.


Oh, I'm your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show and idea.


And I am what I am as your guide today on The Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network, 800 822 to 82 to be a part of the conversation. It's been a while since we've visited with the listeners. Let's go out and talk to Caleb in Washington State. Caleb, welcome to the program.


I appreciate your patience in holding breath. Yeah. It's great to talk with you and megadose you and the rest community have listened for so that the 80s right in the car with my dad and it's a pleasure to finally get through, so.


Oh, so I'm so happy to have you here. Yeah, absolutely, thank you. It's my pleasure, I wanted to call because I wanted to share just a tribute to Rush. You know, I just turned 40 a couple of weeks ago and like I said, grew up kind of a rush family, a conservative Christian home. And over the over the course of the last month and a half, our family, my wife and I and our eight kids, we we walked through an experience that's just been traumatic, difficult.


And yet, you know, we walk through these things in life every day. And so on January 2013, my wife and I and our kids, we went for a hike behind our house in the mountains.


And on that hike, my wife said that she just moved from discomfort in her abdomen, some some bloating, swelling. And then so over the next course of next week, it just got worse and worse. And so on January 30th, we went into the hospital. They did some, you know, CT scans and blood work. And then the following Sunday morning, they went in and they did surgery and they found that her abdomen was full of tumors and it was a recurrence of a melanoma cancer that she had had about 10 years ago.


Now, she's only 31 years old at this point right now. And so we went into the hospital January 31st. And then over the course of the next two weeks, you know, we waited for biopsy results. We were looking forward to different treatment plans. And as the days went by and things just got worse and worse, you know, we were praying. We had literally an army, hundreds of people, you know, family coming around us, friends, church people just supporting us, helping with our kids, with our home so that I could stay in the hospital with my wife.


And then at 120 in the morning on Valentine's Day, my wife. You know, went from went from looking at my face and held my hand to stepping into eternity and holding the hand. Holding the hand of our savior and looking at the face of Christ. And so, you know, I've been walking through this last month, you know, yesterday was one month. And so with our kids walking through the grieving process, walking through the, you know, trying to figure out how to put life back together in the wake of this.


And then shortly, you know, after she passed, I heard of Russia's passing. And, you know, it's just been incredible for me to see the grace of God extended to me and our suffering, because even, you know, I put my four year old to bed last night. You know, the hope that we have because of our faith, because of the principles of this country was founded on and what we see in the community around us, it's just like I found a solid foundation for us to be able to go forward.


And so I just wanted to tell you all the restlessness, all the people involved in this, that, you know, we went through it together and and there are better days ahead. I don't know how, you know, it's hard, but we have faith and it's going to it's going to work. So that's kind of my story right now.


Caleb, I. I can't express condolences enough to you for this fight that you've had to walk through for this last month and as a married man, as a family man, I. I just want you to know I'm going to be praying for you and you have such an opportunity to witness to these eight children, now you have an opportunity to transform their future trajectory because of your heroism with your wife and your heroism in standing at this time and. Your orientation to come out and say, she held my hand and looked at me and then looked at Christ and held it, held our savior's hand is exactly what you need to share with your children, because this is a temporary station in existence and we have got to be confident that we will all be together again as one united family with Christ and and God bless you for your for your work through this.


And I know you will see your wife again one day. Can I share one last thing with you, please? Yeah, you know, my wife, like I said, she was 31 years old and when she was 19, she went to Malawi, Africa and Caleb.


They're going to knock us off the line here because we we have a heartbreaker. Just stay with us. Stay with me. Please stay with me, OK? I'm going to come right back to you.


And I promise this is unbelievable. How wonderful. Your guide today on the EIB Network.


And I want to welcome back to the program. Caleb from Washington State, who has been sharing with us his story of loss of his wife at age 31 just this last month. And Caleb, I appreciate you holding on the line. What was your what was your wife's first name?


Her name was Becca. Becca. Becca. Yeah. And you were talking about this. This this moment, as we were going to the break where you were talking about how she had made a trip to Malawi to talk about that. Exactly, yes.


So when she was 19 years old, she had the opportunity to go to Malawi, Africa, to do some orphanage ministry, work with some friends. And it's a really short time there. She fell in love with the place, the people. And so she moved back there. And over the next 10 years, she had bought some land, built a farm to make it sustainable, and begun working with a partner there to build an orphan home that would be fully sustainable, self sustainable, and be able to take care of kids as they get older.


And then over the course of that, you know, in 2012, she brought she had completed the adoption of our first son. Bongani is his name. And then a month later, his older brother, Paddy Peter, and and she brought them back to the United States in 2012. Her and I were married in 2013. And then in 2015, we moved. We relocated for work and we began the journey of going through, pursuing some adoptions to build our family.


And and then over the next, you know, five years, here we are today. We we've had several kids come and return to family and we've had six that have come and stayed and have permanency now in our home. And so, like I say, our two oldest wonderful Malawi, Africa are four kind of in the middle and at the bottom are tribal. They're Native American. And then to I would say they're pale skin, like us, like the America.


And so our family is is a beautiful collage of God's creation. And I would say that, you know, Rush, especially last year after George and all of that happened, you know, we were really emphasizing with our kids that, you know, the world we live in is a broken place and and love and sacrifice are the two things that are going to be God did, and healing and healing the brokenness of this world. And that's what we need to do.


And so my wife's legacy, I would say, is in. In her short 31 years, in our short eight years of marriage, God gave us the opportunity to dramatically change the lives of these kids. And I just want to encourage every person, every single person that God gives us one life. That's what Rush said after the George Bush. I think God gives us one life. There's no going back, no second chances. And if we can make the most out of it like my wife did.


Like, I hope to then the effect is going to be huge, it's going to be amazing. And so I just want to pay tribute to my wife. I want to share with my kids as they grew up how beautiful her life was, and each one of us has an opportunity to live that kind of life, a man well said, and you're doing it and you just have to keep doing it.


And I can't tell you how many people have been touched by this by this phone call and hearing this message. That's so important. And I'm so happy to know that she and Rush are probably having a great conversation right now. Caleb, Caleb, God bless you and your family, I appreciate you coming by on the program and sharing this and please keep in touch with the show. OK.


All right. Thank you so much. God bless you, man. That's that's Caleb. And a lot a lot to think about there. A lot to to unpack. And the impact. You know, I think the key impact, the key takeaway with with Rush was his overwhelming generosity, his overwhelming desire to see people succeed, even people he might not ever talk to on a telephone call or get an email from.


But but knowing that that generosity is innate in our American spirit, we are a giving country. We are a loving country. And we are not a perfect country. We are not perfect. And that's important to understand. That that is important, understand, because it's about true hope versus false hope. In fact, this is a great opportunity.


Mike, I want to play cut number 14 here, because this is this is not about offering false hope or pretend hope or or anything like that.


It's about it's about offering true solutions, true solutions.


And Rush Rush spoke about this recently. Go ahead.


Not to me. It is patently obvious that the Democrats are one false promise after another that they cannot fix what they promised to fix, that they haven't fixed what they promised to fix in 50 years. And so what they're become experts in is offloading the perception of the problem to Republicans, to you, to me, it's our fault, it's our problem. And why? Because of white supremacy, there isn't any whites. Eighty two percent of the people to immigrate to this country are people of color.


How can that happen in a country that is white supremacist? It simply can't. There are other countless examples, I mean, if I wanted to, I could point out Oprah, the wealthiest and most popular television personality in America. How does that happen in a white supremacist country? In a rush? You can't say, yes, I can because the black population is 13 percent. It's not enough to make Oprah Winfrey a millionaire. It's not enough to give her number one audience ratings for however many years she did her show.


She needed the white audience for that to happen. She needed white business partners and a white audience for her to become a billionaire.


That doesn't happen in a white supremacist country. But this is now being spread around and everybody is believing it. And it's a shame, it's a shame because people are being jilted into feeling guilty and it isn't going to change anything. It's not going to improve things that people think have been broken by white supremacy or white privilege. White privilege is a failed concept, white privilege. Let's talk about white white privilege is exemplified best by who? Elite white liberals, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston.


Where do they live? They live in communities by themselves. The real white supremacy and the real white privilege is not found in the American middle class, which are being blamed for it every day here, the real white privilege in this country is being practiced every day by white American liberals who refuse to send their kids. The public schools are where African-American kids are going nowhere. Ain't going to do what, Hosain not sending my kids to those dilapidated schools, those for other people, it's not the white middle class.


The white middle class doesn't have the power to do 90 percent of what they're being accused of doing, but white rich liberals who run all of these blue states and cities where all of these problems are taking place. How in the world can any of this be an argument for the Democrat Party in a sane world? And that goes back to the point that Rush was making in the first hour, talking about if if you're not a media creation, then you can't be taken down by the media.


Well, would you want your daughter, your wife, your niece, your sister to go and work in any kind of close proximity to to the current governor of New York state, given the allegations that are out there? Would you? But yet he was held up as a great hero, a great hero for women. He signed the the bill that that legalized essentially infanticide in the state of New York. He is somebody who is it was celebrated as as the counter to to President Trump.


But would you want on the on the micro level, would you want somebody important to you to work in his close proximity? See, this is this is the problem. The problem isn't a lack of consistency or a lack of being cultured or any of that, it's it's it's a lack of character.


Character is what matters. Character is what built this country. 822 282, I am equitable, I'm in as your guide here on the EIB Network. We'll be back come back right after this.


And I am wondering if your tour guide today, your guide today across Russia's excellence and I'm happy to be here with you, 822 282 finds us with Tim. Next up, Tim, welcome to the program. What's on your mind?


Hey, I've waited quite a while, but it was worth it. I'd like to pay my tribute to Rush and Heaven and his legacy. He is a man for the ages, for everything. When I first heard him in California, I thought he was a net. But then I started listening and I believe he knew what he was talking about for ever. Anyway, my grandmother used to talk to me about certain things as we call that mother, wit and mother, which today is common sense, common sense.


We are losing common sense, the American people. There is none here on the road, on the phone or whatever. We have lost common sense. And that's what the Republican Party is all about, common sense, making this thing work in accordance with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And your program, Tara, alluded to some of the things that we've been through as a nation and we are still going to go through it, but we're going the wrong way at this time.


So common sense. And if you want to halt reading Thomas Paine's and but during the Civil War, not for the revolutionary revolution. Mm hmm.


Yeah. Then it it just there is no common sense in my family, my relatives, my friends. Are so far off the limit. It's imperative that you choose to believe, right or wrong, what you choose to believe is what. Yes. Going on. And they say, so I'll turn it over to you and let you make comment on that.


Thank you for calling, Tim. And I know it says here on the board that you're retired African-American military officer and I appreciate your service to this country and I appreciate your salute to Rush.


If there was one thing that Rush was was, you know, excellent at spreading, it was the notion of common sense, the notion of, OK, if this thing looks too good to be true, if this thing feels like they're they're trying to, you know, snow you about this or about that, he was he was direct and straight to the point about it. He wasn't going to gussy it up. He wasn't going to do any of that sort of stuff.


It was about getting getting to to what it meant to defend America, to defend our ideals, to defend our values. And believe it or not, those values are shared across the spectrum. They really are.


And I think that's why earlier in the program, when we were playing the segment, the beginning of the hour about the notion of pushback, standing up, asserting what it is you believe and saying it and being bold and proud to say it, I think that's that's the critical lesson.


But you are right, the notion that you lose common sense, that is the thing that keeps you on the on the straight and narrow and doesn't allow you to to to buy into some of the nonsense in the hype that many others are going to try to push on you. And so I appreciate you calling, sir, and I appreciate your service because of your service. We are free to have these conversations this way on this radio program. Let's talk about freedom for a moment.


It's a subject that is always fully explored at Hillsdale College, like this Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Hillsdale knows the value of teaching students how our freedoms came to be and why it's so paramount we continue to teach them. Rush spoke of the learning at Hillsdale with genuine regard.


Says one college that makes it their mission to do just that, you would be amazed at the number of colleges, universities that have let that slide when they go by the wayside defending founding freedoms and how they came to be in the first place. You know, the concept of American liberty and freedom, freedom does not have a one size fits all definition. And freedom in the context of American freedom and American liberty is so unique. It's the first time in human history that the concept of human freedom was put above governments and government freedom.


In other words, the United States of America is the first time government was subordinate to the people. It's never happened before, and that is crucial in understanding the concept of American freedom and American liberty. And this is one of the many ways that Hillsdale College excels in teaching it. It is an everyday focus for the faculty there, and the administration has been for a long time. They do this in a number of ways, online video courses, monthly publication now received by more than five million Americans.


It's an impressive track record. What Hillsdale has accomplished in this regard. Freedom is no small thing. It's not insignificant in in any way. And they don't let it become insignificant. At Hillsdale, the monthly publication Speech Digest called him Prima's. It's a Latin word that means in the first place. The Prima's publication includes a transcript of a speech recently given by a stellar individual that you wouldn't find anywhere else. It's free, no strings attached. Hillsdale Many supporters make it possible.


If you want to see what you can access at no charge, just go to the website Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom. You can sign up and take all of the online courses that are taught same courses that are taught on campus, ten lectures in each series, 40 minute lectures, no test, no and no grade, but free for as many as you want to take. And the publication, whatever Hillsdale is making available, you'll find it at Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


Once again, that's Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom on Equitable.


This is the Rush Limbaugh show that you you know, it's well worth thinking back to Caleb's call and really the message from Rush today across these three hours, we really do get one shot at it here in life. And it's up to us to create the sort of future that we want our kids and grandkids to have. It's up to us to model our behavior to to believe in what it is that truly, truly matters and speak up about that. It's about persuasion, not intimidation, and it's about understanding exactly where we stand at any given point and be willing to defend the truth where we are.


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your guide today. Ken Matthews will be your guide tomorrow.


Have a wonderful rest of your day on Brett Wytheville. This is the EIB Network.


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