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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast, People of Earth. It is really nice to be here with you today. We have a lot to cover as we celebrate the wisdom. Of Mr. Rush Limbaugh, and it is amazing how it fits like a puzzle into what's actually happening, and that's the beauty of people that understand history, because whether we believe it or not, now I know this audience does, because you've read enough history and you've listened to enough Rush Limbaugh.


History does repeat itself. So here we are on today, a big day for the Biden administration, hold on a second. Let me see.


No, he's still napping, but Biden's supposed to get up from his nap at 215. He gets like a cinnamon cookie from Dr. Jill because she's a doctor. And then they're going to start their tour and they're calling the tour.


By the way, help is here. You see, they've been in office for less than 60 days and they have all the answers.


So they're going to go around, you know, they just passed the big America American rescue plan. That's what Congress passed, one point nine trillion dollars of everyone else's money, including ours. And nine percent of the package goes towards covid-19 relief. That is the ultimate and that is the ultimate Democrat leftist progressive spending package. Almost two trillion dollars and less than 10 percent actually going to help people that deserve the assistance and the help.


And I find it interesting that the first three locations of the tour, and I'm telling you right now, you know, this tour is going to be exciting. I mean, if you've ever seen Joe Biden speak, you know, it's it's like a brush fire.


He's going to Nevada and he's going to Pennsylvania, come into my home state and Georgia, and ironically, those are three states that have a Senate race coming up.


So basically, he's going to go around and buy votes or at least pretend to do that. 800 202 2082, The Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network, and, you know, Rush saw this because history repeats itself. You've probably seen in Bloomberg and The New York Post and The New York Times, the Biden administration is providing the first big tax hike since 1993, and at least the Democrats are consistent. I was thinking of this driving in. Gas prices up, food prices up, illegal foreign nationals and terrorists, the amount entering the country up, right.


All energy up because the first thing Joe Biden did, and this is it's a stroke of genius, considering he's a communist. He got rid of our energy independence and now he wants to raise taxes.


So it's up, up, up, up America. But that is not really a help is here to it's more like, oh, we're going to take your money tour. Here's Rush. Everybody knows what's going on. Look, this is something as a seventy seven year old guy with forty seven years in Washington, he knows exactly what he's lying about here. He knows exactly what he's misrepresenting. There's two points about this. Biden has pledged that he's going to raise taxes on corporations and people who make 400000 dollars a year or more.


Then he says that he's going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well, folks, the mathematics is very simple. If he follows through and if they repeal the Trump tax cuts, then everybody is going to get a tax increase. The Trump tax cuts benefited people who make less than 400000 dollars a year. The Trump tax cuts were across the board under the premise that everybody deserves a tax cut. There's no law that says just because you make X numbers of millions that you have to pay more or a greater percentage than anybody else.


So there's two things here. Biden says he's only going to raise taxes on people who make 400 grand a year or more, but he's going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well, if he repeals the Trump tax cuts, then everybody is getting a tax increase. Everybody, including you, he's lying through his teeth when he tells you if you're a less than 400 grand a year that you're not going to get a tax increase. You are. The point about corporate taxes is exactly right.


Corporations pass tax increases along to the consumer as much as they can. There are some limitations they face depending on the industry they're in and depending on the competitive times that they are involved in. You know, it's it's not axiomatic that a corporation can raise prices on a goods or services, its goods or services anytime it wants. There are tricky ways that they can raise prices, but they still have to be very careful that they're not doing damage to themselves in the competitive realm.


If their competitors are not going to raise prices and they do, then they've got a problem. But generally speaking, in a philosophical sense, corporations do not pay taxes. That is correct. 90 percent of the time. It's exactly correct. Corporations pass tax increases on to the consumer by folding the tax increase that they face into the price of whatever it is they're selling. Corporations, as a rule, do not pay taxes. They're happy, though, for you to think they do.


Oh, they would love for you to think they're getting socked, which is why they never complain about it. But they don't get sucked. You do every tax increase you do.


You know, it's amazing about getting soaked because you look at the one point nine trillion dollars, how many friends or family members do you have? And they say, oh, I'm getting this check from the government. I'm stoked they're going to help. It's your money. It's your money. If you are watching C-SPAN and you see a senator sitting at a desk, you paid for the desk and the carpeting and the lighting. We pay for all of it, and the thing that's always shocked me because history repeats itself and because somebody like Rush Limbaugh did such a brilliant job explaining even to, you know.


It's so easy when Rush explains something, even a college professor could understand it and rarely do they understand much outside their little classroom bubble, but even they could understand it. So you have millions of people that were cheering and chanting. And of course, we have to factor in the fact that there was a lot of hate for Mr. Trump and hate can be blinding.


And they voted for Biden, but we knew. We knew exactly what was going to happen because this is what progressive liberals and socialists do all over the world, the minute they get any type of power, they grow the size of government. They expand their own power. Sometimes they do it with barbed wire or military around buildings and you're not allowed in anymore.


Sometimes they tell you we're going to have to start putting more probes up your nose, cotton swabs.


But the biggest thing they do is start taking money. They take money from people that produce. And give it to people that don't. Because it's easier to get someone that doesn't to vote for socialism because of the way it's set up. Think about that, nine percent of the package goes towards covid-19 relief. But this happens every single time a leftist gets into power, might do we have cut to standing by. OK, this is this is another reason why I don't understand why people cannot grasp how dangerous socialism is.


Go ahead. They may not even understand socialism, and if they do understand it, they think it's a good thing. They've been taught that it's a good thing in school. So what what we you say 40 percent of the people in the country who vote want. The kind of thing that Obama is going to offer us, this is we're going to have to defeat 40 percent of the country and then after they're defeated, they're going to be clamoring and mad and angry.


And they're going to be things are always going to be unsettled in this realm. There's always going to be a certain percentage of people who want something for nothing.


And I saw it was Markstein have the line of the National Review. We've come a long way from JFK in 1960 who said, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country. That's 1960 and 2008. It's now ask not what your country can do for you. Demand what your country can do for you.


And that's who voted for Obama. Now, there are a lot of people also who voted for Obama that are not that way. Shelby Steele has got a great piece today that this is white guilt on parade. And he's written extensively of this numerous books and articles. And that's another drive. Who said, no, no, no, there wasn't any white guilt here. There wasn't any any raspberry effect or black. No, we've really we've really gotten personal.


We haven't we've not gotten past at all.


Obama made a bargain with them and they you know, these guilty white people, liberals love the bargain that they were able to make with Obama. My point is not everybody voted for Obama is being pulled by the cart, not paying taxes. There are a lot of smart people who voted for him.


Well, smart to have even I get caught in a trap. We've got to redefine smart. That's another thing that we have to do damn fast in this country.


And the number is 800 to a to 2082. So we have sat here. Well, not you. Not me necessarily.


But a large portion of American voters have sat by after being told and some actually had history classes, but they don't teach history anymore.


They teach race relations and gender studies. But if you saw history, if you saw what socialism and communism and the mindset of the Kamala Harris is in the Joe Biden's in the Barack Obamas have done to free people and free markets around the world that mindset, people would be terrified of this, but they're cozy now. And then you sprinkle in a scam, Demick, and you get everybody terrified and then you sprinkle in some other things and then you get the news on board.


And pretty soon people are walking around saying, I just made fourteen hundred dollars, man. And they forgot that, you know, they were run out of business by the governor of Pennsylvania and they lost their whole company and all their savings. And now the governor of Pennsylvania and other blue state governors are nice enough to say, here's a little money I stole from you just between us.


We continue coming up, keeping conservatism alive on the EIB Network.


Next, the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. My name is Ken Matthews, your guide on the network today. One of the most frustrating things. And you probably experienced this being in this audience, being informed, listening for decades to Mr. Limbaugh, is you inside your head, you might say I told you so, but you really don't want to say it if stuff is bad, you know what I mean?


Does that make any sense?


Like we all said that. The left needs as many people running at the border as possible, they need as much chaos on the border. Alison Alinsky, layers of chaos and confusion. Create chaos, create problems, and then go on. Don't worry, I'm here, I'll help you tour.


And we you know, we're we're seeing now firsthand the nightmare at the border, which, of course, the Biden administration refuses to call a crisis with, which is when you think about the way the news media covered Donald Trump.


Think about they came out of the Obama seyah. So the Obama side came down from heaven, he was anointed and he was coddled by the news media, and then they went the direct opposite, tried to destroy Trump every day. Then Joe Biden, he was asleep at the time. He was drooling. He was having one of those drooly naps. And Dr. Jill got him up and said, keep it up. They want you to run for president.


Legare, huh? So he got up. He started running for president. And the minute he started running, the news media started to build the narrative about this seasoned veteran of almost 50 years.


He understands Washington. You know the rest of it. And yet now he's two months in and I do not believe he has a policy that's worked, I don't think he's had an executive order that has not blown up already, but. If you have the news media on your side running around, scurrying around, covering for it, who knows how long it'll take? We knew when Donald Trump had ice cream and had ketchup on his steak, that was a crisis.


2000 kids at the border. 200 with covid walking into Texas, not a crisis. Vanilla ice cream crisis. Let's go to Tony in Media, Pennsylvania. Tony, welcome to the EIB Network. Hey, how are you doing? Can your friend fill in? Thank you, appreciate that. I live I live in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, which is where I'm supposed to be today.


Oh, you are so lucky. Oh, yeah, you can get it. You can get a picture of them. Yeah, I would love to.


I've enjoyed reading every article to try to find out where and where he will be and what time and everything. And nobody says the big mystery because I want to go see the greatest president with the biggest population ever, people who love and support him. I want to show that to him. But you can't find him. So, I mean, no, he's going to be today. No, no.


Yeah, but you're so. Yeah, you're so correct. They do that all the time and they call it security. Meanwhile, there are people in both parties that would threaten President Donald Trump and he would just say, OK, I'm going to be on the tarmac standing by that garbage can at three o'clock. See you there. So exactly. That's the difference. So, yeah, I think he has a limited shelf life when he's out in public.


I do believe, just like when he did his 23 minute, 49 second presentation to America, this last batch of lies he did last Thursday night, I believe I think that's as far as he could go. I don't think they like pushing him beyond thirty minutes upright or he may just fold and collapse.


I, I don't have proof of that. But if you look at him, it's kind of very quickly, I want to go to if you can have cut three standing by, Mike, there was a press conference in El Paso at the Central Processing Center in Texas, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said this.


I came down here because I heard of the crisis. It's more than a crisis. This is a human heartbreak. The sad part about all of this, it didn't have to happen. This crisis is created by the presidential policies of this new administration. There's no other way to claim it, the divide and border crisis.


So then Nancy Pelosi. She had a brilliant response, she said this there Dr. Seuss approach didn't work for them, so now they've had to change the subject.


You know, I don't think I've known what Nancy Pelosi has been talking about for, what, a year and a half, maybe two. Well, no, actually, I think I think things started to go sideways for Nancy I'm sorry, Speaker Pelosi. They started to go sideways for her when Trump won in 2016 and and that that poor woman hasn't made sense yet. Still to come on the show, by the way, more of your calls, 800 202, 2082.


And again, some uncanny.


Explanations right on the money. Because Rush knows history very well, but he also knows how the liberal mind works and. It used to be so enjoyable he would make a prediction whether it was Obama or anybody, for that matter, whether it was Hillary, and he would say, you know, what's going to happen?


Hillary is going to do this. And then they would do that, that has to drive them crazy. He did the same thing about the news media. We have a news media update coming up. You know, The Washington Post stepped in it again. I guess that would be perfect for Rush's name, for The Washington Post, but yeah, they stepped in it again. They lied about a bunch of quotes and most people now have heard the tape.


So we're going to share that with you as well. That's all coming up along with your calls. And I have a list here. I just got it. Where is the money going from the covid-19 bailout? I actually have a list here of the top 20 states by bailout money. I'll give you just a hint, a little sneak peek of it. California is number one. They're getting forty two point three billion dollars.


And when you think about how poorly they handled covid, but more importantly, I want people when you hear that number forty two point three billion in covid bailout just for California, keep in mind the cities that are bankrupt that are getting bailed out, like San Francisco, 73 percent of voters are concerned about the current border crisis.


And just to be fair, and I always I always do this on my my home program in central Va., I always like to tell you how many people, because that's that's one way that the news media plays little games with us. Sometimes we'll go out and they'll sample five people or maybe they'll just sample to the last. Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon, what do you guys think? And then they'll disagree. They'll say half the people think this and half the people think the other.


We don't do that. This is from Rassmussen, 1000 likely voters. Now, I know that's a small sample. Especially when 90 trillion voted for Joe Biden, but a thousand U.S. likely voters, this was conducted last week, exactly a week ago today, and 51 percent oppose amnesty, 35 percent strongly oppose amnesty, and 73 percent are concerned that there's a crisis at the border.


So the news media is still trying to do its job, they're trying to keep it all under control, but it has been for years this has been, you know, how they say the third rail it used to be.


Social Security, remember the third rail, you can't do that, you can't touch that. The first thing Donald Trump did when he was elected, the first time he came down the escalator and he brought up every rail you can bring up, there were like nine rails he brought up.


And another thing, we're going to close the border. We're going to do this. We're going to get rid of this giant deal. He terrified all those cowards in Washington.


It must have been so frustrating. But I do believe and most people would if you if you gave them the survey and I'm not just talking about people that live in gated communities because that's that's used often.


And it's a good analogy.


But the bottom line is why on Earth? Would you have the borders open? And and Russia's been questioning this for years. Here he is. Why in the world, what is somebody tell me, what is the compassionate reason? What is the common sense reason? What is any good reason for throwing open the borders and allowing tens of thousands forget illegal immigrants, refugees? Why do this? Who benefits? What is the point? If you allow them in, you welcome them in and you say, oh, my goodness, it's so sad.


It's so horrible. Look at these children. We're in the great United States. We got to let their parents. And, you know, we don't want them to be parentless. We don't want them to be homeless. We've got to find a way to get their parents in. What does anybody think is happening here? I think these are questions that have answers. Why would you flood the zone with tens of thousands of refugee children, uneducated, obviously poor, not able to support themselves, obviously.


Why would you do it? It's not a matter of why wouldn't you stop it? It's why would you do it? You create, hopefully in the public mind an outcry of outrage and sympathy. How could we allow this to happen? We must do amnesty. And it could well be they're thinking the same theoretical thoughts with this as they did with Fast and Furious. That's the charitable analysis, I might say. The truth is probably far more penetrating than that.


And remember Cloward Piven, you remember that. What's the point of Cloward Piven? These are two professors, sociologists at Columbia, who also did not like America. And their theory to destroy the country was to simply overwhelm the welfare system to the point that it couldn't any longer handle it, to create millions of people literally wandering the streets with nothing, no money, no food, because the government simply can't take control of them. It was their way of discrediting capitalism and illustrating capitalism as a giant failure by overwhelming the socialist welfare system.


Well, within the context of Cloward Piven, what might we say about flooding the zone of southwestern America with young children who are by definition uneducated, by definition, poor, by definition, not self-reliant? What would you say when we were compassionate people who get sick, we're going to take care of them. They can't eat, we're going to feed them. They can't find water. We're going to give them whatever. Right. We're a compassionate country, but we don't have the resources for this anymore, do we?


You know, the interesting thing when you look at. The commentary and the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh, it usually starts with a question, and you would think that the majority of common sense thinking Americans.


Would understand what a question is or a debate when you think about it, and I've often said that President Donald J.


Trump, by the way, I got to say this, I saw a picture yesterday and he was with Vernon Jones, I believe. I think that's the gentleman from Georgia, if I'm not mistaken, the great pitcher.


President Trump's lost about 23 pounds or something, so he looks great. He's at fighting weight. And I've always said that Rush and President Trump are kindred spirits. The way they think of America, the way they think of free market, the way they think of capitalism, the way they think of you. Look at look at the way Rush treated us. Look at the way President Trump treats us. There is no division there, there's no categories there aren't.


There isn't the elite section in this section, in the that section, just like there never was with Rush.


Yet every time these men would have a legitimate question, why are we letting all these people in? What about you've probably seen those sweatshirts I have wanted says veterans before, refugees. And I remember that question being asked, it's a simple question, it's not a hateful question, it's not a. Racism question, a phobic question, it's a simple question, but Democrats have never been required to answer questions because they're part of the media and the media only addresses things they need you to believe or follow with the narrative.


So when you say, why is so much money going to this country or why are we having all these children come in and we don't even have our own children back in school yet? And why is my kid getting swabbed at the mall with a Q tip in his nose or someplace else in China? And we're letting illegal foreign nationals with covid come into Brownsville, Texas. I know that for a fact. And then, you know what happens when they test positive for covid?


They're released, yes, so you're not only here illegally, but you're also. Tracking the black plague, which we know is in the black plague, I'm using that for hyperbole. It's an advanced case of the flu.


But when you think of the absurdity going on at the border and how difficult is it to get someone to commonsensical answer that question.


And, you know, for years, conservatives, we've used metaphors and analogies, and I always get those two confused. We've explained it, we said, would you leave your door wide open if you came home from work and there were 17 people in your house, you were like, oh my God.


And they just said, we're not here to harm you. We just want your food, we need some clothes and we'll be out of your hair. And you're not allowed to call the police. That's pretty much what the Biden administration has been doing in the Obama administration did it, too, and so did the Bush administration.


But more so Obama and Biden. They've said, OK, yeah, we know there's people illegally in your home and they're taking things they shouldn't, and they're they may have frightened you and not all of them are bad, but some of them are some, as George Bush would say, bad ambriz.


But you can't call the police. And if you do, you're a racist. So that's what we've done to all the border states. That's how all the border states are being treated. Sheriffs are calling the Biden administration. I'm I'm outnumbered, I'm outmanned, I'm working my guys triple time. Well, let them in now, you think about that absurdity. The absurdity of open borders and what it does to deteriorate the sovereignty and the culture of a country.


I'm Ken Matthews, your guide today on the EIB Network. And we'll be right back.


800 202, 2082. Celebrating the wisdom of Rush. The words, the wit, and it is truly uncanny. How over and over again, for a variety of reasons, but one of them is knowing the liberal mind and how predictable it is, it is kind of scary, is it not, how often Rush could say, you know what this means, you know what they're going to do? You know what's going to happen in two weeks and then bada bing ba boom, it happens.


Let's go to Mike in Jackson, Michigan. Hi, Mike. You're on the Rush Limbaugh Show.


Hi. This flew for the late, great Rush Limbaugh. Well, I'm glad that you called. Yeah, I called it that clip you had with Russ earlier, speaking about that could potentially just a pass like paper when I was going after my masters degree on just that, that corporations do not pay taxes for the past and the cost of of doing business. It goes on to the good soul. And I actually failed the essay originally and end up passed eventually.


But yeah, I failed because the they did not believe that taxes were a pass the expense.


Well, like I said, I think I think Mike Rush has that he had that ability to make things even understandable for a college professor.


And, you know, we don't like to pick on college professors, but you ask for it. Because of some of the stuff that's going on out there, there's just some crazy stuff, there is a sound bite and it's circulating around, it's on my social media. It's a group of people that are speaking to the men and women of a of a school board in. And I don't want to get the county wrong, but I know it's in Ohio.


And if you want to see.


Of just great Americans at the podium setting this school board straight, it is you could do a docu series just out of that video if you had parents coming in saying, you know, everything was fine until you progressive liberals came in here and started turning our kids against each other because of their skin color and their income and their parents and their heritage and all that was good.


This one woman came in sub, probably in her 50s, black woman comes in, she goes, you know, I remember 25 years ago my house was always full of kids. It didn't matter who were water, where they're from or who they were. They were just full of kids because that's what kids do. And then you put Democrat politicians in the mix and pretty soon. The kids are thinking and believing what they've been told by the Democrat politicians.


Yeah, I don't know if I should be hanging out with you because you are a fill in the blank or you don't believe in fill in the blank. Kids couldn't care less. That's the most frustrating thing, in my opinion, about liberalism. How it corrupts and puts young people on the wrong trail, it puts them on the wrong path about America, think about it. You get these young kids that couldn't care less about skin color. They couldn't care less about gender.


They learn lessons on their own is something that liberals rarely do. That's why you've got 15 year old liberal men trapped in 50 year old bodies in Washington. And then and then you corrupt that by telling them, oh, no, this is a bad country. Zabad country and oh, yeah, that guy over there, yeah, that white guy, yeah, you may want to watch out for that. And I know for a fact this used to break Rush's heart and he talked about it all the time.


And I was so excited the day that my well, weren't they were my son's 19 and 16, but when the Rush Revere books came in the mail.


It was an exciting day. And I want to say they're built to last. And that was just another example of Rush concerned about an issue. Issue being the greatest history and heritage, not perfect, not flawless, but pretty damn close of a country that has come so far so quickly and to he was concerned about the misinformation of children. And the misguiding, so he wrote. With historians, he wrote this wonderful series of books that made it. More than fun, it actually made it hip.


Believe it or not, there's some funny stuff in there. On top of the history. So he did it, and that's what so many conservatives do and what they've done and you heard it in the weeks leading up to today, you heard people call this show and say, I wasn't going to do this until I heard Rush say that or when I heard that Rush experienced this. Then I went out and did that.


And with that, we'll be right back on the EIB Network. Still to come on the show. Rush reminds us how important it is to keep the momentum. Of Make America great again. Plus, I don't know if you saw this, but over a thousand Baltimore school officials make over 100000 dollars a year. With record setting low test scores in the district, this is that's the beauty of being a progressive Democrat. Yeah, I see that nobody nobody graduated.


Yeah, I know it's kind of a bad year. What's my rate is going to be. Well, are you going to be voting for Biden? Probably. Well, then you're going to be getting a raise.


It's just absurd. It's absurd. The money administrators make in public education when seniors in high school cannot read a thousand Baltimore school officials, six figure salaries, you need to check. If you have a chance, go online and check to the scores. I'm not picking on the kids. I'm picking on the progressive Democrats, not the kids.


By the way, Texas is getting twenty seven billion bucks from the one point nine dollars billion bailout. New York is getting twenty three point five billion. That should cover Kormos legal bill, and that's just for the seven chicks. We haven't even hit the covid yet.


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Thank you as always for tuning in. It's great to be with you again today. Our two. On the EIB Network, very quickly before we. Drill back into some great, great bits of advice and wisdom for Mr. Limbaugh.


I don't know if you heard, but Kim Jong un's sister, North Korea, she has now threatened.


Joe Biden, so I don't know really how this happened, I don't know if they were at a reception and Joe got a little Hamzy with her. I know that probably didn't happen because it would have been like, well, out of.


But that would have been the end of that. Kim Jong un's sister, you know, there's been a rumor that I don't know if he was this was probably more than a year ago, you know, I don't know if he was sick or he was out of the mix for a while.


And she's but she really wants to take over the country.


I guess she's like the Hillary of of North China or actually Hillary could be the Hillary of North China with her or North Korea excuse me, with her beliefs, China or North Korea. I mean, Joe has a wonderful relationship with China, we're about to see what's going to happen with North Korea.


So I would imagine now, since this is this is starting to leak out today, because apparently North Korea canceled something with Mr. Biden. So Kamala was going to make the call anyway. She'll probably face timer heads.


Komala, how's it going?


Yeah, I just it 800 to eight to twenty eight. Eighty to. Magga, remember when it all started, make America great again. I mean, what a great slogan and then remember all the different campaigns they plugged into it, you know, make make energy great again. Make trade great again. And and the icing on the cake was President Donald Trump kept doing it. It is better, it is safer. And what was the first thing the news media did?


Well, they did what they always did. That's racist. But it was absurd because it was such a great slogan and it drove people that didn't like America crazy.


So we should not leave this slogan ever. And I'm proud to wear it on my hat, but but never in North Philly at two a.m. in the morning, I've never. Gone down the subway in North Philly when I used to work in Philly just a few years ago with my a hat on by myself because that look, that's leftist territory and there's no room for debate.


Besides, did you see now three or four Western cities are rioting now, something to do with the trial that's going on in Minneapolis. But it's just amazing how that is not being covered by the media. But the riots are pretty bad. They're pretty bad.


They brought in the National Guard and there's already been some damage and there's been some fires. But getting back to Magga and the greatness of it. It's crazy how we. Are so easily targeted for something that really isn't bad and that's something that has always driven conservatives crazy.


There's nothing wrong with, for example, take this take this comment. Marriage is between a man and a woman. How dare you? That's that's what you get from the left. How dare you say something like that? What how dare I reflect the majority of humanity in recorded time? And it's the same would make America great again, why wouldn't you want to why if you're on a football team, wouldn't you want to make the team great? Why wouldn't you want to make yourself great?


Look at the time and money and energy, the Democrats on the left and socialist. Devoted to destroying a slogan that really. It really encompassed everything that the Donald Trump movement still is, and I would argue now I am one of these people that thinks President Donald Trump is stronger now than he was six months ago.


800 202 2082, but Russia's always believed that this agenda. And what President Trump brought into the spotlight because so many Republicans didn't have the guts to do it, and then along comes President Trump, we must keep this going. Here's Rush.


If you think that Republican is a bad word and that the Republican Party's reputation image has been destroyed by the left and the Democrats, fine and dandy doesn't matter to me as long as it's the agenda that remains understandable. You know, here's here's the thing about agendas, political agendas. I've called your attention to this in terms of Reagan. Reagan had a very, very understandable agenda. It was not complicated. And he could express it and advance it anywhere.


It was referred to as the three legged stool anticommunism, i.e., defeating the Soviet Union and China, rebuilding the American military and the American economy by way of tax cuts. Those were the three things that made up the Reagan agenda.


No matter where he went, no matter what his labels were, whether he is considered a conservative or a Republican or what have you. The truth of the matter is that Republicans in Washington didn't like Ronald Reagan. They thought of him much the same way that they think of Trump. Now, Reagan was not as bad as Trump in their in their viewpoint because Reagan was at least sophisticated. Reagan had been a governor. Reagan had political electoral experience. Trump was just a bear in a China shop and he was out of control.


But whatever Trump calls himself, party I.D. wise to me, is not relevant. It's what his agenda is, and he still has the best agenda of any politician short of Reagan in my lifetime. Make America great again. There's a reason 75 million people voted for Trump. There's a reason that when he made that trip down the escalator on June 5th of 2015, there is a reason that he had majority support in the Republican Party. And that is the people that voted for Trump know exactly what the left has been doing to our country, has nothing to do with race, has nothing to do with white supremacy, nothing to do with white this or that.


It has to do with the left destroying Western civilization. Destroying the very culture this country was built on, destroying constitutional morality and the rule of law and nothing to do with race, it had nothing to do with white people thinking their country was being taken away from them, nothing to do with that at all. But that's what the left says it was about. They never gave up on that they're wrong about. But people were livid over this. They were livid being called racists.


They were livid when they heard that they wanted to return to slavery. That's what the Democrats were saying. The Trump agenda was about just a crock. It was always about a great country. It was always about making America great again for everybody who lives here, for everybody who's here illegally, it was not complicated. Make America great again is not something that you need a Ph.D. to understand. It is so simple, people glommed on to it like white on rice.


They loved it. It's why they're still there and they still believe it can happen and it can. The Trump Magga agenda can succeed. It will succeed again the next time it's implemented because it resonates with millions and millions of people. It's going to really resonate after two years of a Democrat tearing the country apart, which they're going to do, the Democrats are going to tear this country apart. Value by value, tradition by tradition, institution by institution, they're going to tear it apart, they are going to make America long and hope and desire for the America of their youth, which was great.


And there was nothing wrong with it, there was nothing wrong with the Ozzie and Harriet version of America, there was nothing wrong with the Beaver Cleaver version of America. There was nothing wrong with America then. The Democrats are going to make something wrong with America. They're going to turn it into something that was never intended to be. And the more they do that, the greater the opportunity we're going to have to make America great again. The Trump agenda will not die no matter what he calls it.


Republican, independent. Take your pick. Doesn't matter to me.


You know, the only thing I worry about is how much damage can the Democrats do? I mean, they can do.


So much damage and so little time, a great example is one point nine million bucks. With a pen, Obama would have used the phone because he had a phone and a pen, but. So my hope is, and I I agree with Rush, I believe people will awaken to this because there's already 80 million plus that probably voted for Donald J. Trump. As you know, not all the evidence is allowed to be seen yet because we're all getting we're all getting banned and censored.


You know, I someone tried to get to one of my pages today and I was labeled as an extremist.


I couldn't believe it. Yeah, nothing extreme, nothing, nothing. But just just given you a heads up. This is this is how creepy things are getting. On on the left with keeping us from communicating. Why on earth would someone be so afraid to make America great again, because, like. Rush said everybody understands what that means, there is no hidden agenda in it, the hidden agendas are in the Equality Act's. And the equal time provisions, that's where you find hidden agendas, there's nothing hidden and make America great again, whether it's your business, my business, your home, your family, your life, my life, make it great again, make it better.


Work together. How simple can it be? You know, last year about this time, if you were working in an office on a computer. You suddenly got invited to find a home office to work from, you may remember that Russia's long time sponsor I Drive came through for so many of us. Russia tells the story best.


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They stored the data that's on your computers in the most secure of ways offsite. So when you're asked to work from home without the help of the company, IT guy may not be easily accessible. You're that much more dependent on your computer and you cannot afford to lose your data because without your data, you can't work. I drive has it all safely backed up for the day your computer crashes, which it will happens to everybody. And when it happens, your only priority is to get online with another device and retrieve all your files, all your e-mails, pictures, videos, documents that get back up and running.


I drive has it all ready for you. Whenever that fateful day happens between that and their remote PC service, they had their most in demand year yet and with all that I Drive was awarded PC Magazine's Editor's Choice for the sixth big year in a row. Signed up today. I drive dotcom, start backing up your data.


You'll save ninety percent off your first year when you sign up today.


Your guide on the EIB Network today. I'm Ken Matthews. Glad you're tuning in. Eight hundred to a 228 82, what an exciting day.


I mean, I wonder if I going to see the motorcade drive by the studio here in central P.A. and see, you know, Joe Biden napping with his face on the window, one of those drooly naps, you know, like Komala listening to her iPod.


It's going to be so exciting. The American rescue plan is passed and Joe Biden is on the he's from a broken government and he's here to help you, it's a big tour. So look out for that. They're going to Nevada, too.


And where else? Georgia, yes. They're going where the Senate races are. I know people think, oh, my gosh, they're they're coming here to see me because they care, no, they need to get some press because they're probably going to get what's left of their butt handed to them in less than two years by Republicans 822, 2082.


By the way, over the weekend, President Trump was campaigning for. Sarah Sanders in Arkansas. And you may remember Mr. Limbaugh predicted she had a future running for governor of Arkansas and that President Trump this is one thing people do love about him. He stays true to his word.


So he's going to be out on the trail standing up for her and showing his loyalty. Sarah Sanders announces she's leaving. She's going back to Arkansas. Speculation is she might run for office someday. I love Sarah Sanders. I love the work she does. I love the job she does. She is perfect for that job. One of the best things that Sarah Sanders has done, aside from her daily conduct of the job, one of the best things she's done is end and eliminate the daily White House press briefing.


Because you know what that became under Trump at wasn't a press briefing. Trump doesn't need a press. Trump has his own press secretary, his own communications director. He doesn't need a press secretary doing a briefing as a conduit to the American people. He talks to the media more than any president we've had in our lifetimes. He seeks him out. He'll say anything to them. He'll sit there and answer questions for 45 minutes in a way that a helicopter, the White House press briefing, became an audition for various members of the drive by media to make fools of themselves in order to stand out and get noticed.


Exhibit A. Jim Acosta of CNN. It was just an opportunity to humiliate, embarrass, misbehave. That's all of these people said Trump's behavior is simply unacceptable to those of us, the Washington establishment. It's a betrayal of our values. Well, what the hell? Would you describe the media's behavior every day toward Trump or toward Sarah Sanders? Is that representative of Washington values? Here is a montage we put together the American Drive by media, a sexist hate group, Sarah Huckabee.


Sanders has had to endure this bunch of people because of the hatred they have for Donald Trump. Here's a montage of the reaction in the drive bys to Sarah Huckabee.


Sanders decision to leave Trump's most loyal defender, Sarah Sanders, is leaving and she get her credibility back.


She fell short of her duty to the American people. The White House briefing effectively died on her watch, accused of not being truthful.


I hope that she's not able to escape this White House without kind of the shame and stigma that following her, who gets out of the Trump White House alive and with their reputation intact.


She's been exposed for the fraud that she is. So go down to someone who is very loyal to the president and not very loyal to the truth.


Failure on the most important parts of the job as a liar, she was a liar. It's in the Mueller report.


Sarah Sanders lied again and again and again.


Sarah Sanders has opened the door to massive amount of lying. She suffers from liabilities. Her tenure has been fraught with sex, lies and videotape.


She's lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to you. You will not find that kind of reaction to an outgoing White House press secretary anywhere else, ever. Not a single one. Here's the president late yesterday afternoon and he talked about Sarah Sanders.


She's done an incredible job, but we've been through a lot together. And she's tough, but she's good. You know, you also have tough and bad, right? She's tough and she's good. She's great. And she's going to be leaving the service of her country and she's going to be going, I guess you could say, private sector. She comes from a great state of Arkansas. I was state I won by a lot.


So I like it. But we love Arkansas and she's going to be going back to Arkansas with her great family. Her husband is fantastic Guy and her family. And I don't know, Phil and folks, if we can get her to run for the governor of Arkansas, I think she'll do very well. And I'm trying to get her to do go.


Wow. I love the montage, something that Rush Limbaugh pretty much created over the years.


And it's just a way you can see how much credibility the news media loses all at once. All you have to do is line them up. Remember when they all believed what was in the Steele dossier and the Mueller report?


How do you even go back to work if you actually believe that with a straight face? Thank you so much for tuning in.


Very nice to be spending time with you today.


Always special on the EIB Network 888 228 82. If you want to join the conversation. And I don't mean to pick on Baltimore. I'm not I didn't come in today saying, all right, let's get a bunch of Baltimore stuff. But it's such a wonderful example. And for me, being in central Pennsylvania, either Philly, Baltimore or Pittsburgh, but Baltimore and Philly are so close to where we are in central P.A. and this is just such a wonderful topic because a moment ago we were talking well, it was an hour ago, but time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?


Over 1000 school officials make over one hundred thousand dollars, despite the low test scores in Baltimore. So I pulled this from Fox five in Baltimore. There's a city student that in four years, this individual passed three classes. In four years. Of high school. Passed three classes, however, that individual ranks near the top half of his class with a point one three. G.P.A.. Now, let that sink in for a second. The only reason I bring up Aldermore, not because I'm picking on Baltimore, because I think such a beautiful city, but it's an example, just like New York and many other wonderful cities around this country.


The destruction. That ensues when progressive liberalism infects the city, when you get progressive liberalism and socialism and WOAK ness and all that on a beautiful waterfront city, all bets are off.


You can't even get kids to spell. Look in New York, look at Los Angeles, look at San Francisco, San Francisco, yeah, I think they got 460 million out of the one point nine trillion.


If I'm not mistaken, I could be wrong, but I think it's 460 million. That's how much San Francisco is in debt.


Yeah, that's their deficit, so why not just take some money from Americans and say, hey, you know, as long as we're taken care of, nine percent of the people with covid and the rest is going to buy people, we might as well take off some debt. So they did. So, again, we're not so much picking on Baltimore as we are using such tangible examples of what happens when you import socialist.


Into cities with so much potential and let's face it, Baltimore has been one of those epicenter cities, not that there can be more than one, but let's just say there was it's been right in the storm of the Black Lives Matter, the antifa, the rioting.


But at the end of the day, it all gets down to what these kids are being taught in school, doesn't it? That's what it gets down to. Young people don't just they're not birthed with these idiots. They have to be indoctrinated and where is the best place to indoctrinate somebody? In a format, in a schedule. Where you can pull people out of colleges where they were indoctrinated, that's how they get that fancy teachers degree and then they can re indoctrinate the indoctrinates.


Here's Rush, and I keep telling people the most expensive commodity we have in this country is ignorance, not gasoline, not rice, not wheat, not corn. The most expensive commodity we have is the ignorance of way too many Americans. It is ignorance that allows liberalism to prosper.


America's Promise Alliance was a group founded by Colin Powell, and they looked at high school graduation rates in America's 50 largest cities in 17 of our 50 largest cities, not even half the kids attending high school finish. That doesn't even touch on what the hell they're being taught while they're there.


But I will guarantee you, it's not Economics 101 in a way that they can understand it. I will guarantee you that most of what they're being taught a multicultural hybrid of hate. America, America sucks. America is out to screw you. You don't have a prayer in America.


Ronald Reagan Zuks. George Bush sucks. Bill Clinton was fabulous. The founding fathers were racists and they were atheists. And this country originally belongs to the Indians from whom it was stolen by evil white Europeans. This is what these people come out of school knowing, thinking in large metropolitan areas. You may as well draw a target around the inner cities if you want to isolate this problem. In Baltimore suburbs, 80 percent, over 80 percent of the kids, the percent of the kids graduate, 34 percent who live in Baltimore's inner city graduate suburbs.


OK, I mean, not great. Eighty percent, we shouldn't even be happy with that. There's no excuse for anything less than 100 percent. It's basic. We all have talk about education. We go educate our children. I mean, no more money to educate our children. Then how can we be happy when being less than one hundred percent? They way, by contrast, were ecstatic about eighty percent in the suburbs of Baltimore because the inner city, 34 percent in Detroit, about a quarter.


Twenty five percent of the kids graduate. Twenty five percent. Indianapolis Public School System. Thirty percent graduation rate. Cleveland. Thirty five inner city. In response to the report, Secretary Powell said when more than one million students a year drop out of high school, it's more than a problem. It's a catastrophe.


It's worse than that. Secretary Powell, let's go back to Obama's big race speech for a second job.


Obama, like every other Democrat, talks about schools failing minority kids, but he never addresses how they got that way. There's no question that inner city schools are failing minority kids. Why do you think the biggest supporters of school vouchers are? The parents of kids in inner city schools will take the first chance they can to get them out of there and get them into a decent school. These are primarily black and Hispanic kids in Democrat Party run cities, and they are left to fail year after year, decade after decade.


Liberalism is giving us this problem and it has for a long time. And we'll look at the billions that we are spending on education to boot. You throw that into the mix. You talk about being mad about something. You talk about being mad at the high cost of something and getting nothing for it. These kids are caught in a stranglehold. Folks have liberal politics. Liberal politics is designed to keep unions strong, including the teachers, minority kids underachieving.


I mean, to the extent that there's institutional racism in America, it is in these blue cities run by liberal Democrats for years. Their own kids are not even being serviced. It's just it's criminal the way they're not being taught and what they are being taught.


Amazing. There it is in a nutshell. And that's what the news media will not cover if imagine if the news media covered exactly what Rush just shared with you. School boards would be different. Text textbooks would be different. Study habits, everything would be different that's never covered because liberals have the advantage they get to be judged on their intentions. And if they meanwell. They get a high five, they get a raise, even if they've. Destroyed an entire school, figuratively speaking.


Conservatives, we get held accountable like President Donald Trump was. And that's why no one will show you what he accomplished in the news media. No one will show you what exactly he was able to do in four years. A lot of it there were Republicans that couldn't do it in 20.


It's the same thing in the education system. This is why I I feel the fear in the news media, I think that between the false flag attack on January 6th, the scam DEMICK, and there's still milk in it.


Remember, we were going to flatten the curve a year ago, and we did. Well, what was that last 50 weeks, what was that? Was that just pure to total Atara charlatanism? What was that? What was that? And last but not least, this ridiculousness about the election, I think Americans are starting to look at everything from education to the election and they're saying, you know, I I don't think the news media is telling us the truth.


Because you were able to tune in for any day of the week and get a factual snapshot of the truth.


From Mr. Limbaugh and you could watch news the entire weekend and you'd come away and go, what the heck are they talking about?


We've got more of your calls and more of rush.


Coming up next, keeping conservatism alive on the EIB Network. I'm your guide today, and it's a pleasure to be here. My name's Ken. And I was thinking about this term, the new normal, I can't stand that term, I hate it. I've always hated it. I don't know why, but I just hate it. Maybe it's because Barack Obama used to say it all the time, maybe that's why, but the minute someone says, well, that's the new normal, I immediately think.


So what you're saying is to shut up and do exactly what you say, is that what that means? I think that's what that means. That's what it means. This is the new normal. You're going to have to wear a mask in the shower. Like Dr. Fauci said, make sure you kids are wearing a mask in the pool, especially if you plan on being. It's the new normal. And what did we learn from history, what we learn from history is when you give up a right, when you give it up.


You never get it back, no matter what it is. Pickett. Pick a gun, pick a right pick, pick one, pick a section of free speech that you'll never get back again, words that you'll never be able to say again.


Because we gave it up, we didn't fight when you fight for the right. It's a different thing historically, but when you give it up, when you say, OK, I'll wear the mask wherever you want, I'll let you swap me.


Sure. As long as you know this, as long as Cuomo is in there, by the way, Governor Cuomo now has seven there's seven women I just saw like eight in how they do that little Brady Bunch blocks of the heads. Looks like seven women now coming out and one woman in particular. And I forget her name. I just thought this was kind of funny because the media always used to go after President Donald Trump for everything.


Governor Cuomo says Charlotte Bennet has a preoccupation with the size of his hands.


Anything to get the attention away from covid so speaking of covid, let's go back to covid right now, four out of five office workers in Manhattan will not return full time, according to a recent survey.


Well, I guess that's the new normal, and Rush saw it long ago, he was cut nine. You know, I've been warning everybody that I can for months. That it ain't going to be the same ever in major American cities, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, it's not going to be the same because of what people are learning. For example, you don't have to live in New York City to work there. You don't have to live in New York City to do a bang up, stellar job there.


If you are a company, you don't need to rent out a bunch of floors in a skyscraper to put employees in because your employees don't need to be there. It just isn't going to be like throwing a switch.


And everybody going back because folks. Now, people have learned you don't need to spend four thousand dollars for one half of a closet to live in in New York.


You can live in your home town of twenty thousand people and have a huge place. For half of what it was costing you in New York, you don't have to be in New York, the business owners don't have to rent all the commercial real estate, the house you and give you a place to work because you ain't going to be there anyway. And then what happens to all the restaurants that depend in all of the bodegas and all of the cultural centers that exist because they're populated by people, various pockets of the city?


I think Cuomo is just starting to get an idea.


Of the dramatic and major impact of all this and some of the change may not be good. I don't want to be misunderstood if a change happens all the time. Change is constant.


Even when you don't think things are changing, they're going to if they haven't and people adapt, and especially the ones who are who are flexible and open to adapt first and sooner than others, do you get some other people that resist the change? Because they were they were dialed in and they had it. They had it made. They had it figured out. And that's what they want to go back to and they may not be able to.


So are they going to be able to to adapt all these people who voted for Cuomo and all these people who voted for de Blasio? They are moving. They have left. They're moving toward normal people live.


Welcome. Those of us who are normal.


Welcome you 802 eight to 28, 82. Let me take Patrick very quickly. Charlotte, North Carolina. I think we can squeeze in a call here at this hour.


Well, welcome. Good to talk to you. Had, you know, this euphoric let's call it what it is, a bribe of 4500 or a bribe that our central planners in Washington, D.C. are passing out. I'm trying to explain to my, you know, friends and associates. I hang around with it. It's basically fourteen hundred dollars is going to be eaten up through this out of control inflation. That is, it's presenting itself in our our markets today.


You know, the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman says inflation is taxation without representation. So, you know, we've got to get a handle on it. But basically, we've got several fronts in this country. We've got a battle we got to battle down there on the Mexican border. But, you know, we got this battle with the Federal Reserve. They're out of control printing press that is running at warp speed. So, you know, I.


What do you think is is is the answer here? Is anybody going to stand up to Jerome Powell and his hitting high voltage to the printing press and just. Well, now millions of dollars.


I'm glad you called with that question in your timing is perfect, ironically.


And he doesn't get a lot of credit for it, but President Donald Trump was one of the few people. That got into those weeds with the not only the World Bank, but the Federal Reserve and everything else, and President Trump had a real problem with everything. You were just saying he agreed with you a thousand percent. This whole idea of things are getting tight. Let's print up some more money and hand it out to people before the ink is dry.


And then we'll steal some more money from the people and print some more and hand it back to him, blah, blah, blah. I do believe there's a crack in that veneer now. I think there are some people that are on to it. We just need enough.


So when we all decide to stop paying taxes one day, it makes an impact and we don't all end up in the. We'll be right back. Probably one of the greatest labels that Rush Limbaugh ever gave to anything was calling the news media the drive by media.


And we'll have a quick review of that coming up and a wonderful example of. It almost appears that's exactly what they do. So many so many times in recent months, we've needed the news media not to drive by, we needed them to stop and examine things and give us the facts on big, important issues.


But so often they're biased and it's only a narrative.


A young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog, a mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help every day all crime stories. We break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists.


Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast.


Thanks, as always, for tuning in, it's always a pleasure to spend time with you on the EIB Network. And I was thinking before we were talking about the news media and how useless and biased and angry it's become. And I often think of the role it could play if it wasn't so invested in a particular narrative, or sometimes you get news people that they're just invested in hate or maybe they're just invested in not hate, but just a lackadaisical attitude where they just don't know what's really going on and they're allowed to get away with it.


I want to give you a wonderful example of this, and I'm sure you're familiar with this.


Two months ago, The Washington Post published a story, they ran a big story, I'm sure you remember this two months ago. It's hard to believe how much history has transpired in the last couple of months. Two months ago, they said that President Donald J.


Trump called. Georgia top election officials and the top election investigator. In the secretary. Of state's office, the Georgia secretary of state. And, you know, pressured her, threatened her, told her to find fraud, you know, whatever they wanted to make up. In fact, I have some of the misquotes here. The reason I this is special to me is, well, first of all, I voted for Trump. That's number one. But the other thing is I have the tape.


I have the entire conversation. And there's nothing on it. That's bad. It's just two grown ups now that does frighten liberals a lot, you get a couple, a guy and a girl in a in a big boy skirt and big boy pants. And they're talking grown up stuff that frightens a lot of liberals because people like Don Lemon aren't used to hearing that.


But that's all they did, in fact, I can't. I lost track. Of how many times they complimented each other and said, well, thank you. Just please tell them I appreciate their work and yes, sir, you, Mr. President, and please have a wonderful holiday, blah, blah, blah.


But the point is.


The news media gets to get away with whatever they want. The Washington Post just admitted that they had misquoted that phone call. They misquoted the entire thing, so all the headlines you saw, they were fake. It was fake. Now, how do they get so many fake headlines? Well, the same way you may remember that Rush exposed years ago with Dick Cheney.


Remember, he was said to add gravitas and all of a sudden everybody said gravitas, gravitas, gravitas.


Well, here's how the news media does it. They all know this.


So they're going to get angry if they hear it. I don't care because they all do the same thing. You get to that point.


You're making so much money, you're so lazy, you're so angry, you're so biased and you so hate Trump.


That all you need is one of your buddies. Let's say NBC News. NBC News reported it confirmed what the Post said. USA Today claimed a Georgia official, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss internal matters, confirmed the details of the call. ABC News went on to report that President Donald Trump phoned a chief investigator in Secretary of State Ratzenberger's office asking the official to find the fraud and telling this person they would be a national hero for it. An individual familiar with the matter confirmed to ABC News.


And on it went from PBS to CNN to the Washington balls. On it went.


No one had heard the tape. Oh, yeah, some talk radio people did.


Maybe a guy in central Pennsylvania, maybe someone in the office cleaning up, but nobody took the time because the news people know no one will hold them accountable, accountable.


They've been lying about Donald Trump since he came down the escalator.


They never had to back it up. So here it is yesterday afternoon, The Washington Post now admitting the correction ran atop an online version of the updated original story that misquoted the anonymous source.


Oh, my God. It's just so easy to do that level of damage. And that's what they do. That's why so many of us in the conservative community just roll our eyes when we see most newscasts. Now, how do we trust you? How do we trust you? You use the same sources, but they're not even sources, and what was the first thing many of us said when that happened? Remember when it first came out, actually, there were more than one call every time President Donald Trump would get on the phone to anybody about anything, the news media was there to lie.


And what is one of the first things President Trump used to say?


Play the tape. I got nothing to hide. Remember, quid pro quo, you know, the thing that Joe Biden should be in prison for right now? Yeah, I know. We missed that, didn't we? President Trump didn't do quid pro quo, he said play the tape, and we did, I played the tape of him talking to the secretary, the secretary of state's office and the top investigator. I forget the woman's name, but and he also had a conversation with the governor.


And all he said was, play the tape, doesn't it? Kind of surprised you that he says we'll play the whole tape, why don't you play the whole tape? I didn't do anything wrong, but the news media says, no, we're not going to do that.


Why should we play the whole tape when we could call someone we're dating over at ABC or NBC? Because they they're all buddies, they're all happy, our friends, and, yes, a lot of them are married and date. So why even do any research? Why even leave the studio if you work for a major news station? To get the truth. And that's why when Rush came out with the drive by media and that definition. It was so dead on because on one hand, the media's useless.


But I will say, and this may trigger some white liberal men in the media. So. Maybe some herbal tea or something before the end of the day, but I would say you're either useless or dangerous depending on what part of the election cycle you're in. Like the coverage you did of January 6th was some of the most dangerous, inflammatory, disingenuous lies the world has ever seen, and thank God the world is smart enough to know. What you were trying to pitch here is Rush people still say Rush, what's drive by meat is very simple.


What happens in a drive by you're at a stoplight or something. A bunch of hoodlums drive up and start shooting you, shooting you, shooting people in the car when they do create the mess and drive on down the road waiting to do it again. That's the media arriving at any story. They show up in any story, make a total mess of it, maybe even get some people killed or get some people wounded and then head on back down the road, drive right on by and do it all over again.


And that is the truth. That's why our population, through no fault of their own, because people have lives, not everybody does it. Talk show, not everybody can tune in to a talk show. Not everybody is a history geek or has time to do the research. They have lives. They have families. They have jobs. And and it it it used to be the news media's responsibility to say here's what really happened, but they don't like Rush said, they just drive by.


And how often have you seen the news media cover a story and they know they can only go so far?


You can only go so far on a Biden story or he ends up in jail. The same with Hillary.


You cannot thoroughly cover a Hillary or a Biden or an Obama story or someone's getting indicted. So you have to kind of beat around the Bush. You've got to get a drive by. Do you remember the Hillary Clinton lockbox? I definitely want to have a number 11 ready, Mike, that soundbite, I definitely want to play this because I just about fell off my chair the other day, the day before yesterday. Remember that lovely interview that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry did with Oprah?


Well, Meghan Markle actually said this in public. She said she's thinking about a presidential campaign and she knows she did. I'm sorry, it's it's hard to keep a straight face, especially after that interview. So Meghan Markle is thinking about a presidential campaign.


She's talking to top Democrat.


President of what? What club? Or what what is she going to be president of? Oh, my God, and all I could think of was the lockbox. Here's Rush.


Come on, every husband. Four out of every five husbands can tell you what this is all about. This one is not hard to figure out in any way, shape or form. But there's no advantage to me in explaining it to you, so I shall leave you to your own imaginations and conclusions. I did explain it in great detail to standardly and they were rolling on the floor in laughter. As I can't I there's no way I can, I can't, I can't, I cannot explain, there's no way I wouldn't survive.


If I did, I wouldn't anyway. Let's it I'll do OK. I'll guarantee you this.


After the vows were repeated, she said to him, If you think that I'm going to get stuck over here in some little cottage that your grandmother gave us, we're going to run around sipping cocktails and going to horseraces, wearing top hats. You've got another thing coming. And he said, you could have told me that before we got married. Now, look, when I say I am stunned by how much time the drive bys are giving this story of Prince Harry and Meghan, once her face leaving the royal family, I know why people are fascinated by it, but still stuns me the amount of hard news coverage it gets.


I mean, are people really as fascinated with the royal family today as they were?


And when Princess Di was alive and running around, that was probably the peak, but the people really care as much about it now. Well, I actually think in the U.K. they're getting close. I mean, it's not imminent. Big word, but I think the talk is bubbling up of getting rid of the whole thing. You know, once it stopped serving its purpose as a tourist attraction and then other if they get an idea how much money that they're literally giving that bunch every year isn't long after the millennials or maybe the generation coming up behind some mountain, they're going to start saying, what the hell are we doing here?


You realize how many health care policies we can buy with the houses that alone we're paying for for these people and what do they do but provide escapism in the form of Mediacom? In fact, even the Oprah got ensnared in this. The Oprah was reported to have been one of the instigators in convincing Harry and Meghan to split the royal family. And so the Oprah had to go out and write a newspaper. I don't give an interview. It wasn't me.


I have nothing to do it. This is no mystery what's going on here. Anybody who's ever been married knows exactly what happened here. This is not hard to figure out. Oh, see, don't tell me history doesn't repeat itself. Holy moly. I was getting goosebumps listening to that. History just keeps repeating itself. That's why history is so important. And it needs to be taught in schools.


You know, behind the scenes here at EIB Network, everything is digital digitized, even the programs Rush hosted three decades ago.


If you have family videos, a film from 30 years ago, it should be digitized to legacy box.


Does this for your family. They've done it for a million families, many in this audience, Russia. We spoke with great passion about legacy box for a very good reason.


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You hope you had something to record it all on, had an empty tape cartridge in their hand to make sure the batteries were working because you didn't carry that thing around with you. Like the phone special project those family members captured on videotape, they're still valuable. You just can't watch them anymore because you don't have the media, you don't have Betamax, you don't have VHS, you don't have Super eight film. You know, none of it. And you've got all that stuff from all of those years ago.


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And the original quality is preserved. It's really fascinating and it is fabulous that the same time and you can duplicate it, give it away, edit it, whatever you want as many people as you want to share it with. But start now at legacy box dotcom slash rush. You say 50 percent that way this week. Fifty percent this week at legacy box dot com slash rush.


And that's, that's the web address.


And that'll cover you keeping conservatism alive on the EIB Network with more spot on wisdom and wit of Rush Limbaugh.


That's on the way, along with a couple more of your calls at 800 to eight to 2082.


My name's Ken. Let's go to Jason in Toronto. Welcome to the show, sir. Thank you, Karen. I love Rush so much and what a great one, the epitome of a man, in my opinion, you know, right to the end, working and fighting and not giving up on what he believed in. And that actually makes me believe more in what America is all about, because he fought right to the end. That tells me it meant something to him sincerely and that tells me it's still worth fighting for.


And that even though I'm a Canadian, the reason I'm calling is I I'm curious and I'm sorry to put you on the spot with this. What would you say to people who are particularly people on the right who are now going to say this election that just happened was completely fraudulent, that there's no reason for me to go out?


Someone took over the mail in ballots or the voting machines, whether it was the intelligence agencies or the left wing of the country. What is the incentive for conservatives to get out and trust the system again? Because I'll tell you, even as a Canadian, I can tell you there are billions of people around the world that have serious questions about what occurred in November. Serious questions and they should. Absolutely.


And the next time you guys, when President Kamala Harris says, oh, we we need you all now to join us and go to war, we got to go to war now in Syria or in Russia or in wherever else or the next time. And I'm not saying I have any knowledge of this, but my concern is some something's going to go off in the United States and they're going to say, oh, it's white conservatives that said this. Oh, yeah.


Oh, yeah. And that wouldn't surprise me at all, the guys.


Well, Jason, your question your first question was outstanding. And what you said about Rush was spot on. He fought to the very end.


He was swinging to the very end. He was loving America to the final seconds. And I think that along with President Trump's win record in the first four years and what is happening with this awakening of the news media, I think there is an awakening.


Right now, there's over 200 efforts on state levels across the country to fix local voting, that is an exciting thing for me to hear. So things are happening. The news media will not tell you, but I can tell you that on a local level, so many of us are fed up and so many of us know now this is a serious battle for lack of a better term.


The other thing I would do is use this as your filter. I will not vote for anybody who makes fun of voter fraud or thought Donald Trump was a bad president or thought January six was Donald Trump's fault. Those people do not have the intelligence for me to put them in office. So that's the filter I use. If you're going to get in there and help fix election fraud and you're going to help continue the MAGGA legacy, then I'm all in.


If you're Pat Toomey, if you're Mitch McConnell, I'll never vote for you ever again historically.


So hopefully I gave you a little a little insight there. We'll be right back.


There was a article, I think it was this morning in the Western Journal. And you if you're in this audience, you probably already know this, but these award shows are just plummeting in the ratings.


And the Grammys just had horrible ratings. The Grammy Awards and almost all of these award shows end up. Just sinking in, and it's beyond the fact that most of those people are boring when they're out of character or they're narcissist or they were on the Trump hate train for so long, you can't even look at them. But they're just they're they're not entertaining anymore, and this is something that Rush would speak of often. Here he is. These people insult at least half of their audience when they do these displays like they did the Grammys and the Academy Awards.


And I'm convinced that part of it is they don't think the way you're thinking. They don't they don't care if they've angered half of America because to them it doesn't matter to their success or not. It doesn't matter to their bottom line. Which is curious to me, but but you throw the peer pressure aspect of this in, they all want to be in the clink, they all want to be in the group. They all want to get deals.


And if they think management requires them to have opinions like this, then they're going to they're going to utter them. And many of them probably remember they're not that well informed. They might be very talented artists, but they don't know half of what they think they know. I think what happens on social media dictates a lot of what happens in the entertainment world. I think they buy it hook, line and sinker. I think they believe what's on Twitter.


But there's another aspect of this, too. And I think many of these entertainers in a music business and yeah, even TV and movies, I think that they are convinced. That they are social justice warriors. And this is largely due to social media as well, and I think they look. At this as social justice, they look at this almost as civil rights and they look. At hating Trump as actually a civil rights movement, it is an attempt to make themselves feel important.


So the Grammys comes along and here's a chance for you to tell people who you really are, even if your music as your art.


Does that in some way, I mean, if you're if you're an angry rapper and that's your music, fine. Yeah, but but here's a chance to talk about it outside of the art. And it's all about fulfilling the desire to be known as a substantive, real person. And effecting change. And I think that's why the. Aspect of angering half the people. That may be your customers. Doesn't matter to them. Because in their minds, what they are doing outside their art is far more important.


It's civil rights, it's far more important than whether or not half of the music buying public gets mad. In fact, they probably take satisfaction from some of you getting mad.


They probably laugh about it and give themselves high fives that the Southern hayseed, pro-life hick conservatives got mad about it. There may even be private competition to see who can anger you the most. It still amazes me. I know it shouldn't because I know the music industry and CBS are virulently anti Trump too. But from the standpoint of the question, why would you want to anger half of your audience?


But, man, the cause becomes the number one thing, it overrides every other concern for people like those are always educational. When you used to watch it. I can't remember the last time I watch one. I can't remember the last time I watch a network newscast or one of those shows.


And Russia's right. That they've lost touch with the reason people tune in, somebody told actors that America needs to be lectured by them. And I told my sons, as I said, see that guy and I'm not going to mention his name any names, but I said that actor there is probably one of the best actors, period.


But when he goes off script, he's an idiot. It's possible to be that that's what makes the world exciting, that's what makes America such a great place. Look at some of the people in network news. Could they change a tire? Do they tie their own shoes, would they get lost in their own building? Who knows? 800 to 2082, this is the EIB Network, the Biden White House and Dr. Fouchier are calling on Trump to tell his supporters to get vaccinated.


Do you do you think they're ever going to let this guy go? I mean, holy moly, before he was president, they were going after Trump hanging things on, Trump blaming things on Trump when he was president. Now he's, according to them, retired. He's a guy living in Florida right now, and they're still saying, but in the group, what are you going to do about this? Remember this, during the debate, Kamala Harris told Vice President Pence she wouldn't get vaccinated even if Trump told her to.


And then Pentz put her in her place, the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine if the vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is is unconscionable.


And, Senator, I just ask you, stop playing politics with people's lives and see, that's that's the reality of this whole story. That's the reality, if you remember, from day one. President Donald J. Trump was encouraging people not only to talk with their doctors, but to look at all avenues to take care of themselves with this one hydroxy chloroquine came out. They mocked him. When when he not when it came out, it's been out for 50 years, but when he suggested that because he was getting the real actual evidence that it worked when it came back and he they mocked him, same with ivermectin, the same with anything.


Anything that came out of Donald Trump's mouth was mocked and belittled by the elite. And it turns out that every single point they were incorrect on. And this is where and just to go back to Cuomo for just a second, and I know it may upset you if you just take. But think about this, Governor Cuomo and I call him one of the fatal five, I actually have the memorized now the fatal five are Governor Wolf, Governor Cuomo, Governor Murphy, Governor Wittmer, Governor Newsom.


California, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California, these are the five blue state governors who, as you know, are far more intelligent than anybody that walks the Earth.


Just listen to him and look at Newsom's hair. They are the ones that said, OK, we're going to put all these people in this nursing home here, and people said, no, you can't do that, they're high risk and they're healthy right now.


So why would you risk that? Besides, you can put them on a on a Red Cross vote or you can put them in a military hospital.


We have the room. Don't tell me how to do my job. And then people started dying. So you had all those people die and Cuomo is catching heat now. He's finally catching heat for it. And they're trying to use the me too. Me three me for me five movement or now it's me seven.


Hashtag me seven. But that's the real issue. No, no, no, I'm not saying that isn't an issue, but the big issue is dead people. In New York. Under the leadership of Cuomo, now you've got to give him credit, though, during the time those people were dying. Governor Cuomo had time to write a book about how awesome he was. With leadership during the pandemic and he won an Emmy because the gals on The View and other people in the business thought he was like, oh my God, he is so dreamy.


I mean, people might be dying, but look at him. Look at the way he talks to us. Well, you got conned. Now, here's something that nobody talks about, and I'm so excited I get to share it now. He banned hydroxy chloroquine from the use in hospitals in New York. Somebody needs to talk to him about that. I mean, someone really needs to talk to him about that, someone needs to say and call him a doctor to make him feel better, you know?


Dr. Cómo excuse me, why did you ban that? Isn't that a good question, why would any person in our government ban a legal, FDA approved, tested treatment for anything? Why would that even happen? Well, that'll take your mind off the chicks for a while, right, Mr. Cuomo? By the way, when we get back, we have some more. Well, I'm going to surprise you.


It's coming up next on The Rush Limbaugh Show, the EIB Network, your guide on the EIB Network today. My name is Ken Matthews. Mike, were you able to get it? OK, we were going to we were going to do a sound here, but we changed our plans and so we'll do it in the future.


We have some other things coming up as well, 800 to a two, 2082. And very quickly, before I forget, tomorrow, Brett Winter Ball will be in. He will be your guide tomorrow, as the EIB Network remembers Rush.


On the one month anniversary of his passing. But it's going to be fun. Because that is how Rush does things. That's what he would have wanted. It's hard to believe where that time went. And I don't know about you, but I'm a listener as well, and it just doesn't seem like it happens sometimes.


When I'm driving in, it doesn't seem or or when I'm walking down the hall like yesterday was either Brett or Todd, I lost track and I was listening to the show in another studio preparing for my own show. And I heard Rush. And it was like, oh, there's Rush. It is surreal, is it not? But I like what Jason said, Jason called from Toronto earlier today and he said the way that Rush thought. And stayed in the game and engaged to the very end with his entire battle.


With his being ill, with his entire battle till the very end, he stayed in. Getting those ideas out. Pushing conservatism, keeping it alive, keeping us fed with key information we needed as history. Look at the way history changed right before our eyes in the past three months. And then you look at Russia's contribution, he stayed in the fight and Jason called earlier today and he said that alone makes him want to stay in the fight. I couldn't agree more.


There's nothing there's no better role model than someone who is walking the talk, talking the walk. And then when you need them. They're on duty. And that that was Rush Limbaugh. Until the very end. So I would take a page from what Jason said, and I think now we have an opportunity to. Change the the conservative landscape with some of the ammunition. Some of the brain.


Nuggets that we got year after year after year for Mr. Limbaugh and keeping in mind, I do believe we have a kindred spirit and who would have ever thought we would have someone in modern politics that was so much like Rush and I'm talking about.


President Donald Trump, I mean, they are so similar in so many ways. And. We are still very blessed to have a wonderful audience and a wonderful country and to have President Trump.


I told my neighbor yesterday, I said, you know. Getting going after Trump the way they did, it's like letting a shark in your pool.


I said, I think I think the Democrats are going to regret this for the rest of their lives because I just don't think President Donald Trump is going away. I think he loves America too much. I think it took him a while, but he figured out who. Who he could trust and who he couldn't, and I think now I just think of the movie Jaws where they'll never the first one that was the best one man, maybe the second one, but the first one, you know, every single time.


Remember, the kids got on the little what did they call those, I forget the name of the son Sunbeam, or I forget the name of those little sailboats. They were just like a polymer with a little sail on it. The kid would get on it and he'd start going out to the inlet. You'd be in the movie in if yard. Oh, that's the Democrats forever.


Now, what if tromps out there I see his dorsal arm.


But that's how I look at it and, you know, a lot of us do, and I think thank God for that and the On Air Foundation that Rush put out there. And I and I'm so glad he got that Medal of Freedom. Wow. That was just that was a wonderful. We'll be right back and wrap it up next. So the story that we were talking about earlier today is it is exploding. It's getting legs and all the other metaphors they use.


Just in the past 24 hours, people are starting to see the to quote one independent journalist here, the dirty, rotten, fetid underbelly of The Washington Post. Even Bill Maher.


Is having an issue with it, which is good, which is good. Wow. Oh, and you know what, we didn't cover today, and I can't believe it even happened in this country the way the Pentagon and the military went after Tucker Carlson. You really that is something we need to really process, that this president, you know, how old people would always say Donald Trump was going after him, Donald Trump was calling him a name or whatever?


Yeah, it's one thing to do that. It's one thing to say, you know, little Marco or or sleepy Jeb or whatever. It's another thing to have the U.S. military publicly attacking a journalist. We really are at a crossroads.


You have a wonderful day. Enjoy your week. God bless.


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