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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. And I am Brent Winnable. I will be your guide today on The Rush Limbaugh Show. You will oftentimes hear me or every Monday through Friday you'll hear me on and Charlotte, North Carolina. And this is a a very important day. It's an important day for me. It's an important day for all of us here in this audience. Today is one month since we lost our dear Rush Limbaugh. Now, the thing about loss that we have to remember.


Especially a profound one, it's that it's that time moves differently afterwards, it does.


It always seems to change when when you experience a profound loss, a loss of a parent, a loss of a grandparent, a beloved spouse and uncle and God forbid, a child. Things change, things become different. Rush always looked forward to getting older. He loved life, but he always looked forward to getting older, with one exception, the reality of losing people that he loved. Now, we've lost Rush. I remember the phone call I received.


One month ago today, just within minutes of. Of the program starting and Russia's beloved Catherine taking to the microphone to announce the horrible news. That we had lost Rush, and I remember how for a moment, I just sat in stunned silence. And I know all of us did and many of us are still stunned. I heard today I heard Ken Matthews yesterday talk about the fact that we hear them, we hear them on on our stations and in our cars, and we just go back to how it always was.


And then you realize we've lost them. Now. This is where we get to march forward. To carry on his memory. No, it's why we're keeping his voice and words as part of your day. Because he would want you to remember them. The lessons, the logic, most definitely the laughter, and we'll have a ton of that today. While it may not be the same, it is still the Mahat. And like anything you love, it's to be remembered and cherished always.


And so today, we welcome you to call in with your forever dittos as we continue to remember rush hour number, as you well know it, 888 to 288 to. To share your thoughts, to share your remembrances, and, of course, to share the smiles that I know he gave you across the years. We all were honored and privileged to be a part of this this journey. We were all honored and privileged to be a part of of the wisdom and the laughs that Rush was able to produce on a on a moment by moment basis, it really is evident that this is the fastest three hours in radio, the fastest week in media, as he is famous of saying.


And so I think it's important to remember right off the top. Right off the top who Rush was and his thoughts. On getting older and the power of nostalgia. I've always said, folks, that I just I love getting older, I have never feared getting older. I have and I've always been in my own life born out. That's been true. And the next year has been better than the previous. When I was 15, I wanted to be 21.


I wanted to get all this childhood teenage stuff out of the way. I wanted to get successful. I wanted to get on the track. I wanted to get moving. And as I looked at life, everybody older than me seemed really happy, really self-sufficient, really this really. And I had that as a goal. And it's always been true.


There has not been a year that I have regretted getting older yet, except for things like this, the unavoidable reality that once you hit your 60s, the news is going to be more frequent, that your friends and acquaintances are sick, ill and have passed away. That's the one unavoidable downside of getting older. But, you know, I've always had a belief that nostalgia has a is a unique way of only, at least in my case, nostalgia for me is never negative.


It's always positive when I think about the past and remember things that people that I've met and meant a lot to me. It's always positive. It's always uplifting. Never is any of it negative. Never is there any anguish about it.


The journey we've taken. Over the years listening to Rush. And the simultaneous events of our lives that we've all shared, the national stories, the international stories, the politics, the the scoundrels and the heroes. But we've also taken this journey with Rush. And that journey has also brought with us our own family and friend experiences. With people that we've gotten to know across the years, children that we've that we've had and spouses that that we've married and all of that journey and, you know, it's interesting because when you lose somebody so near and dear to you, so close to you.


You realize very quickly as you think back, you don't dwell on. The arguments, the tough times, the challenges you think back about, the things that make you smile, that give you that warmth inside your heart. Russia's always a fighter. Rush was confident. Russia understood. The courage of convictions. And that's exactly how Russia would want us to remember him with good cheer, smiling, and we'll have plenty of that today.


We'll have plenty of laughs today. We're going to continue to carry the standard forward, the standard that was set by Rush. Also, I want to share with you something very special, Katherine, his beloved Katherine has shared a message from Rush, videotaped earlier this year, capturing him in a moment where he's reminding us to never give up. You can listen to that message over at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom and you can see him and hear him and you'll see that twinkle in his eye and that confidence and that energy as he urges us on.


And that's what I think is most important. To connect to that, to connect to the notion that we must soldier on, we must march on, we must continue to be of good cheer. That's what makes this side of the argument all the more attractive to people, conservatives, by and large, don't walk around with a door, a door cover or an angry sort of countenance.


Conservatives are confident because conservatives are advocates for freedom and for liberty. Rush was that an evangelist for the individual to reach heights that individual thought to be impossible? And yet it's interesting, as we've entered into this year, I've found myself reading some of the Stoics, the ancient Romans and Greeks who had theories and thoughts on civilization, society, the way government should work. And I came across a phenomenal quote from Marcus Aurelius that I think is so fitting for Rush.


Marcus Aurelius said it never ceases to amaze me. We all love ourselves more than other people, but we care more about their opinion than our own. In a way, it reaches across the 20 centuries talking about the notion of a cancel culture or any of that stuff. Rush was supremely confident. Rush was of good cheer. Rush understood what it was going to take to battle. Those folks would try to shut us down to shut him down because he did it for 30 years.


And success. Success. Is its best encouragement. He famously said free speech gives us the ability to react vigorously with effective arguments and expose the weakness and misdirection of the other side's claims. Let that sink in for a moment. It means you have to be confident in what you're arguing, you have to utilize effective arguments, you can't just go by feelings or tantrums or or yelling and screaming and pounding the desk.


No, it goes to the very core of our logic. It goes to the core of our beliefs.


The idea that you want to expose the weakness, that's where you get the pounding and the yelling and the tantrumming and the misdirection of the other side's claims, the misdirection being the attempt to confuse you with a bunch of disconnected gobbledygook, as Rush would say.


Rush was spot on. And he understood how it was we were to proceed. Never surrendering the battlefield, the intellectual high ground and utilizing humor to make the point when just a plain old argument wouldn't work.


Over the course of the next three hours, we're going to go through this, we're going to talk about what's happening today and look at Russia's prescient mind as it relates to the current condition of the body politic and the culture itself. Again, I want to encourage you that Catherine has shared a message from Russia, videotaped earlier this year, capturing him in a moment where he's reminding us to never give up.


And when you feel a little downcast or sad, fire it up and take a look at it. It's right there over at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Again, your number, the phone number for you to join us in the conversation as well, 800 202 282.


I am equitable. I'll be your guide today on the EIB Network.


And I am Brent Wytheville and is your guide today on The Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. Last night we got to see something or hear something, at least a very unique former president Donald Trump joined Maria Bartiromo over on the Fox News Channel during their primetime programming last night to to weigh in and to to check in on what it is that's happening on our southern border, the disaster at the border. Former President Trump said this today.


They're coming in. You take a look. They're coming in from all foreign countries. I see they're coming in now from Yemen. They're coming in from the Middle East. They're coming in from everywhere. They're dropping them off and they're they're pouring into our country. It's a disgrace. They're going to destroy our country if they don't do something about it.


Absolutely unbelievable. We're told that this this had to happen. Joe Biden, one of his very first acts as the president of the United States, signing an executive order to open the border. And now as people are beginning to look increasingly suspect at what it is that's going on at the border, you have the Biden administration limiting now what the Border Patrol can share with the media about the migrant surge at the border. We just don't talk about it. We turn it into the the non topic topic.


Well, look, this current iteration of the border crisis may be shocking, but none of this is new. And certainly Rush led the way when when talking about the fact that this border crisis will manifest again and again and again and again. Here's Rush.


You remember when the president did his Oval Office address on the crisis at the border? And I said I wish that he would take some of the video of all of these Democrats, Pelosi and Obama and Schumer and Hillary, and just replay for everybody all of the things they have said in support of paying for a wall and building a wall and all the things they have said about the dangers involved in having open borders. And because they've all said this starting, you know, 2005 up to 2015.


Well, the president didn't do it during his national address, but he's doing it now via Twitter. I'll tell you, you just have to love this guy. He just sent out a tweet. President Obama, thank you for your great support. I've been saying this all along. And the video that's attached to this, this is the audio to it. It's audio sound bite number seven for us here.


We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all. That's next.


That's where the Trump version ends. But Obama continues to hang on. Don't hit it yet. I'll kill you when I just recut this thing back to the top. Of course, there's no more rescuing now with digital files anyway. Have it ready to go from the top.


Trump did not play the entire twenty one second soundbite. I want you to hear the whole thing. Trump chopped it basically. And this is because of the brevity required on Twitter. He, I think, chopped it when Obama had finished saying fix our immigration system once and for all. But here is the entire thing. We now have an actual humanitarian crisis on the border that only underscores the need to drop the politics and fix our immigration system once and for all.


In recent weeks, we've seen a surge of unaccompanied children arrive at the border brought here and to other countries by smugglers and traffickers. The journey is unbelievably dangerous for these kids.


2014, by the way, June 30th, 2014. When Obama said that and you notice his reference to unaccompanied children, why, I wonder why that was. I mean, Trump and his administration have been roundly criticized for separating families. And here is the one announcing that they were arriving that way during his administration. And it's widely known, but not reported, that the Obama administration separated families, particularly those claiming asylum as well. Nothing unique to Trump about this.


While we're at it, let's continue here with our montage of people who entered the United States without our permission are illegal.


Aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the U.S. legally. I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.


Those who enter our country legally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law. And because we live in an age where terrorists are challenging our borders, we cannot allow people to pour into the US undetected, undocumented and unchecked.


All of us agree that we need to have comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform that can only begin strong border control. We must have that. We must control our borders.


That's Nancy Pelosi. That's 2006, folks. That was on June 29 for 2006. Obama in that montage. Obama was April of 2006 and Chuck Schumer was in June of 2009, Hillary Clinton 2015. So basically starting all the way back in 2005 or 2006, up to a couple of years ago, all of these Democrats were all saying this. It's absolutely unbelievable, but it's totally believable because you just heard it on the track record from Rush going all the way back to 2006 with this narrative, we were told back in 1986 with Simpson Mazzoli when Reagan was president that this would be the last time we're ever going to do anything like this to secure the border from here on out.


Yeah, OK, sure thing. Why not? But if you go back to the clip, just before Rush broke this down and you go back to what President Trump said last night, he says he points out, I see they're coming from Yemen, they're coming from the Middle East, they're coming in from everywhere.


You have to understand that the way the system works at the border I grew up on the border. I spent many, many years on the border in Southern California and in west Texas, far, far west Texas.


And you have to understand that there's an economy of smuggling that takes place at the border and the economy is smuggling.


I heard it talked about last night. It might have been with Tucker, it might have been somebody else. But but the economy of smuggling goes like this. Depending on where you're trying to come in from, there's a higher price. So the Yemenis or Romanians, I mean, we heard numbers of Romanians are now coming in or people from a far Eastern Europe in the Caucasus into Russia are sneaking in. Those are not the tip of the spear people.


Those aren't the people that go with the front of that crowd. The people go in at the front of that crowd are the undocumented, the children, those folks, because you might charge I'm going to throw an arbitrary number.


Maybe you charge a thousand dollars to smuggle a person in from Mexico. But what you're charging for a Yemeni is probably five or six thousand dollars. Somebody from the caucuses or Pakistan is getting charge, 7500 or 10000 dollars to get in. So what you're doing is you're putting the flow of undocumented unaccompanied minors, children right up their front because they're going to get all the attention.


And then you go out to the frontier and you bring in those people that are are the real challenge to our security people that we now know.


Four of them arrested this week that were on the terrorism watch list.


You have to think of these smuggling routes like you would think of railroads, you can put anything you want on a railroad, right? You could put equipment, you could put farm farm animals.


You could put whatever you want. The same thing with with with smuggling routes into the United States. You could put weapons, you can put drugs, you can put humans. You can put a combination of those things. There's a strategy to this when they talk about the the border being under control. We need to have strong border control. We do have strong border control by the cartels. Right now, the cartels have a free rein at that border.


And it's no fault at all of the brave men and women in CBP and in ICE and out there at the Border Patrol trying to protect the United States of America. All the while, you have an administration in Washington, D.C. that does not want them to succeed. My gosh. And then you have the toll and the loss of life of innocent children, men and women who have been convinced to make the trek into the United States in these dangerous runs.


That is a shame. That is a sin, border security isn't about exclusion, isn't about racism. It's about a sense of order to protect life, innocent life on both sides of that border.


Plenty more straight ahead on Brett Wytheville in on the EIB Network.


So it's been almost a week since the big announcement, the big announcement from. President Biden announcing that you could have 4th of July if you behave yourselves and wear a mask and do all that kind of stuff, but it was also the big announcement of, OK, help is on the way. No help is now here. The stimulus is now out there. The help is here. President Biden makes his way over to Pennsylvania and does a three minute stop, a three minute 180 second stop.


And almost no talk of the stimulus bill, he just kind of showed up and said, the help is here, I'm here, the help is here. Well, you know what's coming next, right? The class warfare is going to be running thick and fast.


The old trope that the Democrats are the party of the little guy and that the Republicans are the party of the rich.


We know that hasn't been true in decades, not in decades. Rush Rush had some pretty great analysis and thoughts on this notion of the Dems are the party of the little guy.


I know the Dems are the party of the rich. Cut for. This is Jim Cramer from yesterday. It's his take on the stock market yesterday, and somebody sent me a note saying that they were really stunned at the stock market, went up after the Democrat win in Georgia Tuesday. And the reason they were surprised is that most people figured that that would cause some selling off, since Democrats usually mean higher taxes and higher regulations. I have I have tried to explain to people that that old relationship that Democrats are for the little guy and the Republicans are for the rich.


That's out the window, that's gone. That's that's not applicable anymore. It's the Democrats that are the party of the rich and they've been the party of the rich for I don't know how long now, but it's not it's not a short period of time. They've been the party of the rich for a long time. The Republicans don't know what's happened to him. Somebody thinking that the market would go down with Democrats winning the Senate, that who runs the market.


Democrats, the stock market has been the lone respite for wealth in America, not the little guy, not Main Street, and who's in the stock market, the Democrat Party. This whole idea that the Democrats are the enemies of the rich, that hasn't been the case for 20 years. So here's Jim Cramer's take. The market sees the higher taxes, fees, that higher taxes will now go on. Corporations meeting middle income people are going to get that tax passed on down to them.


In other words, the Trump tax cuts are going to be repealed as quickly as possible. Corporations don't pay taxes. They pass them on. They pass them down. It means middle income people, customers are going to pay higher taxes in the form of more expensive consumer costs.


Higher income people will be getting a big tax break.


In the repeal of the limit on deductions of state and local taxes, remember when Trump came along, limited the deductibility of state income taxes in certain wealthy blue states and how that tipped them off?


Oh, they were fit to be tied. You don't raise their taxes. You raise taxes on the little guy. So those blue states are going to see an immediate repeal of the salt tax, meaning they're going to get richer. Who's going to make them richer? Democrat Party. Higher income people are going to likewise keep their inheritance tax break due to fancy lawyering in the Senate committees. You may not know it, but favorable inheritance tax breaks have been part of recent tax policy.


They're not going to change who benefits the wealthy and the rich and who's going to make them richer? The Democrats, middle income people, on the other hand, are going to get hit hard by the soon to come non step up in inherited assets. So if you're middle income and that's what we'll say up to, say, 100, 120 grand Max, you're going to hit get hit very hard because soon they're going to stop inflating the value of inherited assets or they're going they're going to inflate inherited assets and then they're going to well, they're going to eliminate that which is making inherited assets advantageous.


So the middle class is going to get poorer.


And who is making them poorer, the Democrats are. And then Kramer says the list could go on. But the rich, who are now the biggest contributors and the best supporters of Democrats, like they're going to be protected, the rest of us get higher taxes, higher costs of living, who is going to bring higher taxes and higher cost of living to the little guy, the Democrats. How many people do you think voted for the Democrats back in November?


Think they were voting against the rich? Yeah, a lot of them did. A lot of them think by voting for Biden that they were voting to get even with these ugly, rich people. Just the exact opposite is going to happen now. The poor, the downtrodden, the homeless, the hungry, the thirsty, illegal immigrants, they're going to get additional government benefits. They're going to get some stimulus checks. There are going to be kept happy on the government plantation for voting Democrat in twenty two.


Twenty two. Make make sure they vote in twenty twenty two for Democrats. That's how it's done. You always play forward, you always protect your supporters. Either rich, you punish your opponents, i.e. the middle class as it has evolved and you get more and more people, you need a permanent underclass.


Remember, the Democrats need a permanent underclass of people that are totally dependent on government, on them. So summation Jim Cramer, if you have a job, if you are a small business, if you have some few built up retirement assets and Democrats are going to hit you, Democrats are going to come for you, they're going to take some more of what you have while telling you they're taking it from the rich and you're going to applaud it. Yeah, it's about time the rich started paying their fair share.


How can you still hear that? You still hear this?


The rich haven't been paying their, quote, unquote, fair share and who knows how long. But the whole notion of a fair chair's bogus anyway, if you ask me and if you care, I'll explain why later on in the program. But that doesn't matter. They've got this slogan that's worked for them. Why should they give it up?


The rich aren't paying their fair share. The Democrats are going to keep whittling away at it.


So bottom line is the stock market is now in the total control of the rich.


Elite socialists, it is the reservoir of their wealth.


Now, there are some Republicans in there whose wealth is in the stock market, they're going to be very quiet.


They're not going to want to call attention to themselves, they're not going to want the rich elite socialists to run the stock market to kick them out of it.


True today, as it was when he broke this down. Absolutely. 100 percent. And you know what's what's amazing is you have the progressives in the House and the Senate threatening to blow up the filibuster, get rid of the filibuster, and you've got this open conversation of what we've sent out, these fourteen hundred dollar stimulus checks. That's just the beginning of what we're going to be sending out there. We could we could treat this as a universal basic income.


And so as long as you just keep sending more and more dollars out to that permanent underclass, that permanent underclass will be happy to continue to pull the lever. For the Democrat Party. It's really an amazing thing to to kind of look at in the way Russia takes that apart and tells you that, look, they're not the party of the little guy, they're not the party of the of the strivers and the working folks. This is a party committed to and devoted to the aggregation and protection of their own power and extension of that power into literally every facet of our lives.


On Twitter, we're remembering Rush today on the one month anniversary of his passing, his arguments continue to stand the test of time and will for many, many, many years to come.


What about your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network?


And I am Brett Wytheville. In is your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. Let me just remind you one last time here or one more time, Catherine has shared a message from Rush videotaped earlier this year.


If you're just joining us, capturing him in a moment where he is reminding us to never give up. You can listen to that message, see it over at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, over at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. Now, it's no secret I'm a huge fan of of what Rush did across all the years. And one of my favorite things was Rush's sense of humor. It was it was absolutely top notch. And there were certain things he would do that were just so special, including inventing terms, terms that people would find themselves scratching their heads, wondering what he was talking about.


One of my favorites was the disqualification. That's right.


We had a class car, was a Pontiac. I wanted to get a GTO 1969, but I couldn't afford it. I had to get a Lamonts, same body, a little bit different grill, not a snazzy and interior and certainly not as big an engine. GTO was awesome.


Beach Boys sing about it, little Jitu. So I had had a lemann's. I did have the money to order a walnut shift knob. It was a force-feed. That was the one liberty I took know that the car that I was told needed a new disgruntle factor was a Pontiac Bonneville. My first car was a Pontiac, my second car was Buick. Third car was a part of, you know, there aren't any Pontiacs anymore.


Kansas City making no money.


Nineteen, 1979, old Pontiac Bonneville on its last legs. Conditioner is not working. Then it starts doing all the engines. It goes nuts. I'm out near the Kansas City Royals stadium at the time, Royal Stadium. So I pull into this mechanic, his auto repair shop. The mechanic had a plastic Jesus on the on the cash register. I said, this is the place for me. So I took it in there. And then I looked at it and said, you need a new disqualification.


I never heard of it described. What do you need? Well, you can't drive without it. You can leave here and you might get a couple, three miles, but you're going to be back.


Here is how much it cost, 800 bucks, a hundred bucks for disqualification. And I didn't have another car to use. I mean, I'm just I'm in a jam here, so I was OK, go ahead and put it in.


So we've all had our experiences here. Somebody tells you something's wrong with your car. You can't fix it yourself. You just got to get it done. And if it if it drives you, maybe you'll get a second opinion someplace to describe to fixator the world famous infamous disgruntle fixator.


Great stuff, man, great stuff. John is in Antwoord, Ohio. He joins us next. John, welcome to the program. Hey, how are you? I'm doing well. Thanks for calling in today. Well, let me tell you why you're doing a great job. Big shoes to fill. Thank you, sir. Hey, yeah, you were talking about stories from the past and and how wretched Russia stuff people and. Very first time I called in, ever tried, he was talking about CAFE standards and I had worked for a large automotive corporation and I kind of knew a little bit about it.


And granted, it wasn't the the the sexiest thing to talk about. I guess there was a lot of people call me at that point, but it rang once and most certainly answered the phone. And he made me the first caller of the day and. I maybe spoke with Rush for five minutes, six minutes, sure, and it wasn't so much about the conversation I had with him, what I shared with the with the screener. It was more about the fact that in that five minutes that I was on the phone with him, I had a very difficult time concentrating on our conversation because my phone was just going nuts.


Everybody I knew, people I used to work with, neighbors, friends, family. It really, really drove home to me the reach he had, you know. Yeah, it was it was constant. I couldn't I it was very difficult for me to concentrate on the conversation I was having with the man because my phone was just going crazy. And then for two weeks after that, you know, I walk down the street, hey, I heard you on the Rush Limbaugh program.


And it really said, and I live in a very conservative area, but sure, it really did drive home to me the reach he had and the people that that. That that he had an effect on and touched and and I don't know, I just I was I was listening to talk earlier about memories and. Oh, yeah, I thought, you know, that was he was gracious with me. He let me, you know, even even though I probably knew a quarter of what.


Of what he knew of the conversation, you know, of the topic at hand. He allowed me to say my piece and made me feel important. And it was it was a fantastic. Part of my life is something I look back on as a, you know, a highlight of my life and and and a great thing about it was I'll never forget this. He said, John, you're absolutely right. Look at that. And that was something I told my wife today.


Rush Limbaugh told me I was absolutely right so that he can wait for a long time.


Of course, especially in your town, you're walking around. People now know that. He said you're right. That's that's currency in that town like that, you know, and the thing about about this is Rush loved technology. He loved mechanical stuff. He loved all those conversations. You know, he really did. He was always immensely curious about that sort of stuff. And the other thing that your call illustrates to John and I so appreciate you calling in today and being a part of this, especially on this one month remembrance.


The thing about Rush that was so special was he wanted to have a conversation. You were never going to see Rush take a call, have somebody who's been holding on for 45 minutes or two and a half hours and he would talk to him for seven seconds and hang up. That wasn't the case. Rush wanted to have the conversation. He wanted to learn. He wanted to push back the boundaries, to get the information out there to himself and to the audience.


And, John, you're proof positive of that, and I'm so happy you called him. What a terrific testimony to Rush and his impact in your community. We got plenty more straight ahead.


Don't go anywhere. I'm Brett Wytheville. I'm your guide today on The Rush Limbaugh Show.


One of the things that never ceases to amaze me, it never ceases to amaze me is how the press gets it wrong. They push a narrative, they tell you something is true. And we find out within a matter of days, weeks, months, sometimes years, that it's fake and it's phony.


We watched what happened earlier this week with the retraction, the revelation coming out regarding then President Trump's phone call to Georgia, who The Washington Post got exposed.


They got exposed coming up in the beginning of this next hour. Fake news uncovered. That's right, we're going to unpack and uncover the shenanigans and the nonsense of the fake news.


Stick around one hour down. Two more straight ahead to go on Brentwood.


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And still is Johnny Donovan. Wonderful to be here. Our number two now underway, 822 to 82 is the number to be a part of the conversation to share with us your thoughts and memories as we commemorate one month since the passing of Rush Limbaugh. He is now in the finest, best, greatest broadcast studio of all time and of eternity. And we will hear from him again and again one day. We will continue hearing from him right here as we continue to a journey across all the big stories that are out there moving in real time, getting you great context, analysis, and, of course, sage wisdom and advice from Rush Limbaugh.


It is a pleasure to be here as your guide today. No doubt you saw the coverage in the last couple of days of The Washington Post. Massive correction. That's right. The Washington Post made a massive correction on Monday to a January report about a phone call between then President Donald Trump and a Georgia elections investigator. Now, the liberal paper admitted multiple quotes attributed to Trump that were based on an anonymous source were inaccurate.


The corrected story was was a hot topic on cable news and talk shows, and it helps spread the word. The Post's flawed media report and media watchdogs feel like it points to a much larger problem with agenda driven anonymous sources and liberal outlets that rush to confirm them. We've seen a ton of these stories over the years. You can probably think of 10 or 15 off the top of your head. We remember what happened during the entirety of the Russia collusion media effort to push all those anonymous sources, none of which turned out to be accurate or even close to accurate.


I'm reminded so many times that Rush made a terrific point when it came to the media and the press. You as a consumer, you consume the news media, you look at the newspapers, you read what they have to say and you take it at your own risk, obviously. But Rush was always wise to point out that the media, the press, it's the only business in the world where the customer is always wrong, not just wrong, totally wrong.


Dead wrong. Don't you even complain about it? We know we are journalists.


And so it's interesting to watch the fallout taking place at the SWAPO at The Washington Post. Now, remember, the Washington Post initially reported that Trump told an official working in the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger office to, quote, find the fraud in the state, which he lost narrowly to Joe Biden, and then would be that she would be a national hero if she did.


That was the quote that was put up by The Washington Post or newly emerged recording of the December twenty third call found. Former President Trump never said those words. Instead, Trump said she would be praised when the right answer comes out and encouraged her to closely examine mail in ballots in heavily blue Fulton County. Well, that's a big difference. We had a quote that didn't exist in a position that didn't exist. It's not surprising to see what's happening here was a bombshell story and it was hardly knew.


What we've seen the mainstream media do in this country countless times before is shocking, but not surprising.


Rush would pointed out regularly. They are they are constantly focusing on advocacy and not journalism. Let's take a trip back. One quick question for CNN and all the rest of you drive by media types are telling us these mistakes. You're making your honest. You're just trying so hard to be a good journalist. Let me ask how many totally lying, erroneous, false, damaging, defamatory stories about Barack Obama ran in eight years?


Hmm. How many times in your quest to be over the top there and to get it right, how many times did you run defamatory stories that did damage to Barack Obama? Answer zero. How many erroneous lying through your teeth, defamatory, damaging stories of your run on Trump in under two years. The answer is too many to count on two hands. If you're looking for a reason to explain why news organizations could be this bad. It's purposeful. They aren't this bad in terms of lack of talent, ability, what they know exactly what they're doing and they don't care.


They know full well that it's a success if they got a lie out there all over the world for seven hours before they correct it, because the agenda is to get Trump. And so anything that is done to further that agenda is justified. But I believe that they have been swallowed whole by the entire effort here.


It's been going on for so long now. They are unable to separate fact from fiction, they have become the fiction, and they are embarked now on a course, a task to convert fiction into reality. It consumes them. Yet these people get up. I'm sorry to repeat myself, but it's necessary. They get up every day. It's what gets them out of bed. It's what gets their adrenaline going. It's what keeps them going throughout the day.


The incontrovertible proof that we have is that the United States media is suffering embarrassing debacle after embarrassing debacle after embarrassing debacle. That's the evidence we have. The evidence we have is that the drive by media is lying, is making it up, is reporting indeed fake news folks.


They so desperately want all their lies to be true. That's what's driving it all.


And you've seen the complete change in the way they do news programs. Go on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, Telemundo or any of those channels. And look at how they do the coverage of these stories. The way they do the coverage of these stories is they assert something that they bring on a reporter to talk about the thing that they're asserting. They forecast what's going to happen next, rinse and repeat into another segment.


They're not giving you information. They're not giving you up to the date with quotes or certifiable information that's come.


No, they say, we believe that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. I have four sources, anonymous sources, who say that they have spoken to people who say that that the president colluded with Vladimir Putin. And this is terrible. And if so, what does that mean for the Mueller report? Well, it means that Mueller is going to really get him in trouble and he's going to potentially get impeached and removed from office. Do you think that's true?


Do you think it's possible to get him impeached from office? What they do is they build the they built the predicate and then they build the arguments off of the ensuing predicates, but not the original quotes. Nobody goes back and says, what does what were you doing? What did that mean?


There's no scorecard.


You know more about your favorite or least favorite sports teams based on performance on the field or the ice or on the court at a given point, because you can look at a scorecard. What's the scorecard for the media?


Let's see. Wow.


Yeah, CNN, you were wrong. Thirty seven percent of the time. What about the I mean, this is unacceptable. You would accept it in no other part of your life. We demand better. We need better are very constitutional.


Republic is dependent upon this. And yet you just look back in time, go back to the 1980s. You had you had the Sunday chat shows, the interviews and those sorts of things and some analysis of what to expect in the coming week. Now, you are hard pressed to find accurate up to date information. Why talk radio and especially Rush Limbaugh so vital?


Because you were actually getting the information, The Washington Post, The New York Times, L.A. Times, all of those outlets were purposely suppressing to keep it away from you because it didn't fit the narrative.


It's frustrating and it's wrong. And it does a tremendous disservice to the average person who's attempting to find out what's going on in the world. If all they're selling you is spin, they're not giving you the truth.


And if they don't go back and correct the incorrect stuff they put out there, they're cosigning it again and again and again. It's scandalous. And it's protected by the First Amendment, but it's scandalous. And we all kind of know what it is that's going on out there. So many times we find ourselves confused.


We wonder, you know, what are what are the things that we hold in common any longer? Well, you want to know something that we all hold in common. Larger monthly cell phone bill than we need to be paying pure talk is the name of the company that Russia discovered that has a 30 dollars a month plan. That just makes sense. Rush spells it out very simply.


Hey, folks, this one sure bet that you can make this year. And that is you're going to use your cell phone more than you did last year. That translates to bigger cell phone bills. You're going to be paying more for it unless you are proactive and do something about that. And this is why so many people in this audience are switching their cell phone service from one of the big providers to pure talk. Pure talk offers you unlimited talk, unlimited text and six gigs of data for just thirty dollars a month.


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Now, here's the real icing on the cake. Pure talk uses the same cell phone towers as one of the biggest cell phone service providers in America. They focus on providing great service and support with every pure talk employee located in the U.S. from your cell phone, do this, dial down 250 and say pure talk, get started. You'll say 50 percent off your first month. That's down to five 00. And say pure talk. Just pick up your phone, ring a pound to five 00 and say pillow talk.


Guess what? Somebody from there will answer and you're off and running.


That's bound to 50 and say pure talk.


Just pick up your phone pound to 50 and say pillow talk. That's going to be amazing. The best way to do it, you're going to love it. You going to save money.


Somebody there will answer you and you're off and running on Brett Wytheville. I'm your guy from The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Welcome back to The Rush Limbaugh Show on Twitter Water-borne. I'm your guide today on the EIB Network, 822 to 82. We will be getting the phone calls. Directly, and it is one month since Rush left us, but certainly he left us a whole lot to remember and a lot to revisit and keep in touch with as it relates to the current condition in our country. I want you to think about the two most recent presidents that we have, we have experienced you have current President Joe Biden and you have former President Donald Trump.


I want you to think for a moment about the connection you feel to our leaders in the country, and I know we don't have to do feelings, right. Touchy feely stuff. But just your sense, right?


When you when you looked at a President Trump, did you did you feel like did you feel like you had a connectivity to him, a connection to him, that maybe he understood you? And as you look at President Biden, do you feel that he has that connection? He talked so much about the blue collar people and the missing chair at the table and were helping working people and telling everybody there's a working class guys from Scranton in Delaware, and he's always been a working class guy.


There's a there's a gift to connecting with the people, Rush certainly had it bigly, to borrow a phrase from former President Trump, and Rush did a better job than anyone in describing how and why President Trump created the bond he had with those who voted for him, rooting for him. And it wasn't the first U.S. president that Rush talked about and explained it so clearly wasn't the first.


If you were lucky enough to hear Rush on a day that he told a history class on the radio, well, you'd hear those pearls of wisdom, one such occasion going back to June of 2014 when he used an opportunity to speak of a president that went around the media and created a direct relationship with the voters.


I wonder if then private citizen Trump was listening that day, more rush, you could talk about Reagan and all of that. But, you know, we're of Reagan's over so long or whatever, you know, the question is, how did Reagan overcome the media?


The media hated Reagan as much as they hate Bush. The media hated Reagan as much as they've hated Nixon. The media hated Reagan as much as anybody has ever hated the Republicans.


Don't doubt me. For those of you that weren't alive, do not doubt me. Reagan was hated and despised. The players were different, their names are Sam Donaldson and Dan Blather, and so far he was just as despised as any media hated Bush or Nixon.


And yet you've heard that.


Yeah, well, but Reagan, he had this charisma. He was able to speak directly to the American people. He was able to go over the heads of the media. And speak to the people unfiltered, true, but that's not why Reagan succeeded. It all comes down. To the same thing. Substance and reality versus spin, PR buzz and myth. The end result? Look at what happened when Reagan was president, the economy grew like gangbusters.


I don't care what the media saying. The reality was the economy was great. We were vanquishing communist foes foreign policy. I mean, the point here is the way you overcome the media is with success on the ground, but you don't vie for a buzz success or a PR success.


You don't try to have success. That's defined by persuading as many people as possible. You're successful. You define success by being successful. Implementing policies that work that really benefited people because they helped themselves.


The reason Reagan was able overcome the media is because his policies revived the country, which was in as bad a shape in the latter 70s as it is now. Which is precisely what we need again. We don't need PR tactics to try to convince the media we're not mean or bad, we don't need tactics to get the media fooled. We just need somebody.


Who has unabashedly you're not afraid to be conservative, who will implement policies that will work and will bring actual positive results to people's lives, and then it doesn't matter what the media says, they'll look like buffoons like they did in the 80s. It's just substance over symbolism, reality over buzz. That's all it is.


I would be shocked if former President Trump didn't hear that message in 2014. I would be stunned because Rush perfectly encapsulated what it was.


That was the secret of Reagan, the secret of success and the secret of turning this country into the success we wanted to be. Will we root for the country's success, we root for the success for everybody, just just not for the people who are trying to destroy the country?


Right. And isn't it curious, I was here on Monday as your guide, and I'm here today, on Wednesday as your guide and his descriptive of why Ronald Reagan was successful. President Reagan was successful was the very same thing Rush talked about. We played the clip in the first or the second hour, and it was Rush talking about the secret to his success that he was not a media creation. The media did not create Rush Limbaugh and so the media could not destroy Rush Limbaugh.


And that is the exact recipe for success with Reagan and was the exact recipe for success, I think with with Trump, it's that if the media doesn't make you, they can't take you out. Think about some of the politicians. You've seen some of the personalities, you've seen some of the presidential candidates or presidents you've seen in your lifetime that that you know full well where were media creation buzz creation? I think we could probably name two or three just sitting here.


I think we could just name two or three that were products, byproducts of the media push. It's not hard to do. They used to have a term for people like that. A flash in the pan, right, except now with social media, that flash in the pan can then be retweeted out to the four corners of the world and now suddenly you have these politicians that are coming to save you. Despite your best inclinations, Betto comes to mind.


These people who are elevated, celebrated, nearly worshipped, but never measured in terms of the results that they're offering up for that prescription for the American republic.


See, Rush understood the secret of Reagan was results, results that resonated with the American people, because if you deliver results, then you know full well you know this in the marrow of your bones. If you see somebody delivering results, there's nothing the media can say to talk you out of that. If you were to go back to 2020 and and covid never happened. And you had the economy we had in January and what we knew was coming the rest of that year, do you really think for a moment, Jim Acosta, Anderson Cooper and the Cuomo brothers could have done anything to stop that economic juggernaut?


The fundamentals were sound. The prescriptions today are without foundation and potentially very, very dangerous, I would say potentially lethal for economic growth. That's what we have to pay attention to. The media only has the power. We granted substance over buzz. It's the secret of success every single time.


Coming up, something that'll make you laugh, Brett would have to on the rest of Busha, wonderful and honored to be here on this very special day. We are going to go to the phones here very, very quickly. Just stay there, I promise, 822 Tuesday to. I've mentioned that when I was working with Rush and getting the opportunity to be a acerbically, although I was Mr. Winnable, we we would love to hear these calls that would come in.


I'd love to take these calls where they would ask Rush, you know, different sorts of back stories for certain things. Last hour we talked about the we played the dysgraphia Carter, the source of the disqualification story. Well, Russia had a great sense of humor. You always love to have fun and laugh real. Linda was the butt of many jokes, especially when it came to explaining things. He'd cite a word or a phrase and then give the Rio Linda version.


It was always in good fun and came to be a staple of the program. With Russia behind the microphone.


There was even a time when Rio Linda tried to clean up their image after years of Russia's jabs. Let's go back.


When I moved to Sacramento in 1984, I was driving around. I needed to get familiar with the area because I'm going to be doing a radio show there. I'm driving through this town that the population sign. Did you have a number on it? Nobody will admit to living there. And then I'm driving and they got cars with no tires and they got washers and dryers on a front porch. What is this place? And I offered I offered to move there if they would rename it Limbaugh California.


I offered to move there to rename it to raise property values. And they rejected me. So that's that that's the back story of real. And if they would have just renamed it Limbaugh, I would have moved there and there would have never been any jokes about it anyway. They're not happy with me there and I think they should love me. I have put real Linda on the map. I have no doubt been instrumental in elevating and raising property values and a nationwide awareness of the place.


But I have here a report in Cascara TV three, the NBC affiliate in Sacramento. And it's from Thursday night, and they reported about folk art in Rio, Linda. Apparently, they got a new project out there to to make barn quilts. They're putting folk art barn quilts around town to combat stereotypes spread by me. So we go to the sound bite here. This is Cakra TV3 Sacramento. This is the anchor, Lisa Gonzalez. New American folk art is popping up all over Rio, Linda.


It's called Barn Quilts, courtesy of a group of women in town.


And this is the report as Casey Anthony's latest Ordaz reports, the brightly painted blocks on Barnes homes, businesses and landmarks are helping to erase stereotypes and spread community pride. Deborah Crowe is the brainchild behind the real indelible cultural project. Instead of fabric, wood or metal is used as a canvas that represents important things in the community. Deborah thought it would be a powerful way to change real Linda's image. Rush Limbaugh said some nasty things about our town, and it's not true.


It wasn't hard to recruit women to join her group.


We were the Housewives of Real Linda. They've already placed some 20 pieces of artwork all over town. When you go and drive down the street, you're looking for the barnacles. You don't notice a lot of trash on the street or graffiti or anything like that.


Well, what did you did you catch all of that? What's the question? What's the question? They're making barn quilts to distract people from the trash and graffiti that they would otherwise see as they drive through town. It's still there. But I mean, when I drove through real Linda, I was stunned at people's cars are up on concrete blocks and the washing machines are on the front porch. What in the world is this place? That's all that's real.


Linda loves real Linda. So I. I made it my pet community and so forth. And did you hear this? She says Rush Limbaugh said some nasty things about our town and it's not true. And then later on. Yeah. So now when you go drive down the street, you're looking for the barn quilts. You don't notice the trash on the street or the graffiti or anything now.


I love real Linda. Where would this program be without it? What's your favorite radio Linda line? Well, here are some examples of Rush explaining things to Radio Lindens.


We've had basically one approach with the North Koreans for the last three decades, 30 years. For those of you in Rio, Linda, two dozen beautiful, multicolored roses, two dozen. That's 24 for those of you in Rio, Linda, the global warming crew here going down to Antarctica, the South Pole. For those of you in Rio, Linda, the pope supporting our amnesty. Immigration is a desire to restock, if you will, the pews.


And for those of you in Rio, Linda, that be the places you sit church during conference call reporters held on Tuesday, NFL general counsel.


That means lawyer for those of you in Rio, Linda, Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn and the Saab lines. Sabeh For those of you in Rio, Linda might think they were crying. This the name of a car.


Or to put it more bluntly, teachers give good looking kids higher grades than homely kids. For those of you in Rio, Linda homely means ugly. That's just awesome, like, that is just awesome. Now, speaking of funny, if Rush was here with us right now, there's a story out of California that would no doubt grab his attention and have him rolling on the floor with laughter.


So there's a new rule and recommendation being put out in place for when you go to Disneyland or Universal Studios, Hollywood, when those when those places open up very soon, they're looking at a new policy at these amusement parks.


No screaming on the rides that you heard that right. The thrill of the roller coaster dulled because screaming presumably spreads coronavirus more than regular talking or silence. This this is a state. Whose most recent claim to fame before the horrible pandemic was the excrement. I can't translate that for real, and I just can't know what that is all over the streets of San Francisco, how are they going to enforce this? What about doing scary scenes at the movie theater?


What about when you get confronted walking to your car, are you not allowed to scream for help? I want to scream for help, but I just I can't do it. It's terrible, that is just that is absolutely horrible, no screaming on California rollercoaster rides. My gosh. 820 to 280, 201. Well, let's go to the phones and check in with Ron in Alabama, who's been holding on very patiently for a very long time. Ron, welcome.


Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh Show on Bret, your guide.


Yes, sir. Thanks for taking my call. Yes, sir. You and your listeners, you and listen for 29 years. Became most bed ridden and then too well, I started listening to Rush. And I watched him on TV and for some, I think.


So I called my grandmother the next day and I said, this man denies Republican or Democrat, he's telling the truth, but he was the one where they were taking big check and going in and buying a roll stance on post office across the street and getting a change, putting it in their pocket, the big, big wad money.


And he was telling them about that. And I told my grandmother about that. He said, yeah, and he's on radio. And he had been listening to him all along.


And, you know, I know I sound like me, but, you know, I tell you what happened later and no one. Tokyo and Obama are doing to our country, yes, sir, and still turning in the lesson to Russia every day that they helped me out so much, you just don't know. Well, I know that he would be so proud and so happy to know that he is connected with you for 29 years, for 29 years, you were out there in the audience and you are proving it by talking about the the congressional bank that they used to run with the stamps and the the scams.


We still run parodies about that itself. Ron in Alabama, I so appreciate you coming by on the program and sharing the story. That's that's a couple of generations. That's three generations of folks, you and your grandma listening to the program. And I appreciate you being out there, sir.


Thank you. All will be here. Bless you.


All the best. That's that's Ron in Alabama, 29 years. Spent listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show, you keep listening, Ron, we're going to keep doing this for a very, very long time. You're going to continue to get to hear the great wisdom and insight from Rush Limbaugh.


Coming up, something very, very special on Bret. Whatever your guide today, EIB. And I am Brett Writable, your guide today on The Rush Limbaugh Show. It was really terrific from Ron sharing his memories of. Listening to the program over all these years, this show goes back so far for so many people, there are many people I have run into in my life that have remembered exactly when they first they first heard that. When they first heard this program, Rush always said that I'm just a guy on the radio, but he was more than that for a lot of us.


He was a father figure, a brother, a friend. Program was a gathering place. He was also that voice in our head when perhaps we doubted ourselves face to fear in life or just needed some encouragement and motivation.


I've learned a lot in life and I hope everybody does as they grow older. The whole point of things. And I remember back to the first days and weeks and years when this show started. And there was no grand strategy to it. It had a big overarching goal, be great, be the best show, be the number one show documented by ratings and audience research, the number one. That was the objective. There was no plan on how to do it, and there wasn't any five year plan, three year plan or any of this.


It was just it was just me being myself. Each and every day here on the radio, and then as that happened. Everybody began analyzing it. People that I worked with, people in the media and they couldn't avoid it, people were analyzing what I was doing and I had to make sure they never read any of that and never listened to any of it. The last thing I wanted to know was what I was doing so that I could consciously continue to try.


Because once you have to consciously continue to try what you already are, you're going to stop being what you already are and you're going to start trying to copy what you think you are. The danger when you try to keep being who you are, you stop being who you are, being who you are, doesn't shouldn't require any effort at all who you are or not.


Your role is who you are the minute you start trying to be who you are. I had to resist it. I mean, there were a lot of well-intentioned people that, you know, if you want to keep this up, you're going to have to change. They're going to keep this up. You want to really be doing this a long time. You have to moderate this and change. Some of them well-intentioned. Some of them weren't. But it didn't matter.


Because none of it was right. And it's another reason why I've never listened to anybody else who does this, I don't want to even inadvertently start copying other people and not being who I am and being who I am in the sense of what interests me, what doesn't. If I start trying to imagine, for example, every day what all of you want to hear, I'm finished. And I don't mean this humorously or it's a decent you know, loving yourself is very important.


Folks not bragging about yourself or not. Not. Being sick about it, but you don't like yourself if you're not comfortable with who you are, then you're going to always try to be something you're not, then you're finished.


Because everybody is going to recognize you as a phony eventually, we've got a guy on the phone from Katy, Texas, who said references that I made to everybody being who you are, not what somebody wants you to be, but remaining who you are.


That's the big challenge, he said at something Mozart said during his lifetime, and that therefore, I am in great company. It's a very nice thing. Thank you, Spencer.


Indeed, he is in Mozart's company.


If you weren't with us at the beginning of the program, I mentioned that Catherine shared a message from Rush videotaped from earlier this year, capturing them in a moment where he was reminding us to never give up. You can listen to that message over Rush Limbaugh dotcom. It's a tremendous boost, especially as we are commemorating Rush's life on this, the one month anniversary of his passing. And it's been reminded to me by a dear, dear friend who says it's interesting that Rush passed away on Ash Wednesday.


And the one month anniversary is is the feast of St. Patrick St. Patrick's Day. You know, it's it's an incredible time in this world today. And we want to celebrate all that was great. All that is great about Rush. Let's go back out to the phones and talk to Frank in Glendora, California. Frank, welcome to the program. Brett Wytheville, how's it going? Going well, Frank. Well, listen, I got I got a really good story for you.


I I've been I've been listening to Rush since day one. And when he did his Rush to Excellence tour in Southern California, me and my brother went to go see him. And it was it was great. I admired the guy, you know, from from day one. And when it was over, I went up to try to talk to him and I eventually got to talk to him. And we shook hands. And I knew from listening to him that he was a fan of William F.


Buckley. Yes. And so was I. He changed my life and we talked about William Buckley. And the funny thing was I asked him if if he was impressed by, you know, Buckley, you know, accent the way he talked. And we and I got him to do and imitate, you know, stuff like that. He did an imitation of William F. Buckley. And then I did my imitation and Russ lived a nice regular guy.


And that's was a tremendous memory I got. And I missed the guy, too. I miss Rush so much, man. Yeah, me too.


We all do. We all do. And I'll tell you what, Frank, that real guy that you saw up close and personal, that was Rush and that's why he he never, never, ever thought twice about talking to having an interaction with folks in the audience, not just on the phones here, obviously, but whether it was an email and or, of course, out at a live event. That was Rush. He was genuine. He was the real deal.


And I'm so happy you got to meet him way, way back around 1989 when the Rush to Excellence Tour was in L.A. So happy that you got to meet him and see him up close and personal.


We are going to continue straight ahead on Bret Wytheville right here on The Rush Limbaugh Show.


You know what's really amazing, the way we're watching this thing play out with Governor Cuomo? The way this this scandal is unfolding, you've got, what, seven, seven women have come forward now to make accusations people are taking this incredibly seriously as they as they should. Right. We know the narrative, even even Joe Biden's narrative, which is that, you know what? Women should be believe, women should be believed.


And the fact of the matter is, we still have woefully, woefully small commentary on the deaths of 13000 plus elderly patients and development developmentally disabled patients who lost their lives in group homes because of covid.


I mean, it's it's really incredible when you think about the way the news media were so fixated on on the numbers of people who were losing their lives during during the explosion of the covered pandemic.


Right now, that clicker and ticker on on the cable news channels constantly reminding you how many people had lost their lives, how many people lost their lives.


And now we have a concrete number or relatively concrete number of, you know, 13, 15000 elderly folks who lost their lives based on a political decision. And it's crickets.


Something is wrong here that's important to think about on Brett. It is the idea of a young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog, a mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true. It does happen. And we want to help.


Every day on crime stories, we break down the biggest breaking crime news and try to put the clues together. We speak with family members, reporters, investigators, police and specialists. Every day is a mission every day, a chance to stop crime and to keep one more person safe.


Join us, listen to crime stories with Nancy Grace on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you listen to your podcast. Absolutely happy to be here. Thank you to everybody who is out there listening today on a beautiful St. Patrick's Day. I know we've got parts of the country that have got some rough weather and tornadic activity happening, but we certainly are praying for you folks. And we are remembering Rush on this the the first month anniversary of his passing and far too soon for for all of us.


But we are remembering the brilliance of the Enlightenment, all of the great takes that we have gotten to receive over the years listening to this absolute information entertainment powerhouse. He was unlike anybody out there.


But make no mistake, the admirers of Rush Limbaugh were vast and wide heads of state, musicians, novelists, writers, you name it. Folks admired what Rush Limbaugh did. And so much of it, I think, was was his genuine, genuine nature. People knew what you saw was what you were getting and you were getting something very special. If you ever had any opportunity to spend any time with Roger or listen to the program or watch the television shows or read his books, you no doubt felt that connectivity.


And one of the people, one of the people who admired Rush so, so very much was the legendary American economist Milton Friedman. Milton Friedman, Milton Friedman is is in many ways a visionary when it comes to economics and how it is we ought to be ordering ourselves in terms of free markets, capitalism, opportunity, all of that sort of stuff.


Well well, Milton Friedman was somebody that Rush also admired tremendously. And Rush replayed a segment of Friedman back in 1979 schooling uber liberal Phil Donahue on capitalism and greed. It's one for the ages.


Milton Friedman, University of Chicago, a brilliant economist. He and his wife were a dynamo.


They were dynamic team in economics, free market capitalism. Milton Friedman, the rock star.


Milton Friedman should be the Bible for young people or anybody trying to understand capitalism and free markets. Back in 1995 interviewed Milton Friedman for an issue of the Limbaugh letter and Milton Friedman, while being interviewed by me, certainly will remember, because certainly this is back in the days when snarkily hung around to listen to the interview taking place. I wish I could remember the exact words, but but Milton Friedman paid me a high compliment simply by I think he suggested that it would be very helpful if more people listened to me.


I think that's what it was, one that and that, believe me, that that made my month, day, even year, because Milton Friedman was in a class if he wasn't in a class all by himself, it certainly didn't take long to call a roll.


He ended up at the Hoover Institution, the conservative think tank out at Stanford, and I have a soundbite I want to play for you actually. Two sound bites. One sound bite is two minutes of Milton Friedman schooling Phil Donahue and his audience in greed and capitalism and virtue.


Before that, though, I want to play for you a sound bite of Barack Hussein Obama reading the audio version of his book. The Audacity of hope, this is Obama talking about a sermon by Reverend Wright that moved him.


It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port au Prince see in a year where white folks greed runs a world of need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere. That's the world on which hope sits.


He was quoting Reverend Wright and he said, for me, man, that's that. That's I love that. White folks, greed runs a world in need. So let's go to 1979, ancient times for many of you who may as well be going back to the Roman Coliseum for this. 1970, I was I was 28 ancient times for many of you. Phil Donahue interviewing Milton Friedman, and they had this exchange, and Donohue starts off wanting to know about greed and capitalism.


Here it is. And listen to this.


When you see around the globe the maldistribution of wealth, the desperate plight of millions of people in underdeveloped countries, when you see so few haves and so many have nots, when you see the greed and the concentration of power. Did you ever have a moment of doubt about capitalism and whether greed is a good idea to run on?


Well, first of all, tell me, is there some society, you know, that doesn't run on greed? You think Russia doesn't run on greed? You think China doesn't run on greed? What is greed? Of course, none of us are greedy. It's only the other fellows greed.


The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate enters. The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus. Einstein didn't construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat. Henry Ford didn't revolutionize the automobile industry that way. In the only cases in which the masses of escape from the kind of grinding poverty you're talking about, the only cases in recorded history are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worst off, it's exactly the kinds of societies that depart from that.


So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear that there is no alternative way so far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise.


But it seems to reward, not virtue, as much as ability to manipulate the system. And what does reward virtue? You think the communist kommissar rewards virtue? You think a Hitler reward virtue? Do you think American presidents reward virtue? Do they choose their appointees on the basis of the virtue of the people appointed on the basis of their political clout? Is it really true that political self-interest is no better somehow than economic self-interest? You know, I think you're taking a lot of things for granted.


And just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us. Well, I don't even trust you to do that.


Milton Friedman back in 1979, schooling Phil Donahue and everybody else who heard that on the notions of virtue and greed and just basically upsetting Phil's applecart filled in.


I'm smart enough to know what was happening. He's still running around lamenting the accident of birth. If he'd been 30 miles south, he would have grown up in poverty.


Milton Friedman, if you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert in five years, there'll be a shortage of sand.


Milton Friedman underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself.


Another Milton Friedman quote, Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government.


Boy, isn't that true. Most of the energy of political work is devoted to correcting the effects of mismanagement of government.


Man, pass another law, government comes along, creates a program program is an absolute disaster, government says that's got to get fixed. Government says, OK, we'll fix it. And it compounds itself one error atop another, another Milton Friedman, quote, Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program after the guy was great, he was genius.


That that interview in 1995 for the Limbaugh letter is a remarkable conversation that they got to have together. He was a genius and Rush was a genius as well. And it's it's important to understand and to take stock of the wisdom that Friedman put puts out over the course of his career.


Those quotes that you just heard Rush referencing, because it's it's very much the truth that government never is effectively able to go back and correct the mistake it makes.


If you think about what happened on September the 11th, if you think about what happened with the mortgage meltdown in 2008, if you think about what it is that that they're saying about the pandemic or anything else, any mass event that causes disruption, destruction of property, destruction of wealth, destruction of capital, any of that sort of stuff. When the government's involved, the same old excuse is going to be offered up and you know what that excuses are, the system failed, the system failed, and it's unfortunate, but the system failed.


And there's just we're going to have to fix the system. As Rush said, as Milton Friedman said. System's not going to get fixed by more government, as Rush said, man, pass another law. Think about this and the enduring legacy of. Of all of these laws and policies and what they ultimately mean and. Think back across your lifetime conversations you've had at the kitchen table, things like that, and it makes you realize, you know, family members that are living in different states, you zoom these days more often than ever stay connected.


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And then they start the digitization process. It's one of the best things that you can do for your family, for yourself, a gift that will be meaningful for years to come. Because you haven't seen this stuff in how many decades? How many years? Legacy box dot com slash rushes the website and that will get you 50 percent off if you use it today. That's legacy box dotcom rush unwinnable.


I'm your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show right here on the EIB.


And welcome back. What about your guide today on the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network? Oh, we were mentioning at the end of that last hour.


What's going on with Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo, who has now been caught up in a in a huge, massive series of scandals, including, number one, the deaths of thousands and thousands of elderly patients there who were kept in facilities with covid positive patients and who would ultimately lose their lives while in the care essentially of the state of New York.


Number two, of course, we have the accusations by a number of women, seven of them in total, coming forward to accuse him of being a sexual harasser, somebody who has touched them, fondled them inappropriately, all that, all that sort of stuff.


And we're hearing from people like, you know, Joe Biden speaking out, saying we need to believe the women who come forward and and we need to see what's going to happen next in this investigation. Right. Let the investigation play out.


Well, remember, Rush taught us how Democrats sex scandals are actually resume enhancements.


Ted Kennedy, you might say, made it all possible. Bill Clinton came along and put an exclamation point behind Ted Kennedy. Bill and Hillary wrote Volume one of the playbook by surviving a big sex scandal in 1992 when Bill was first running, they added volume two by surviving a bigger scandal in 1998.


During the second term in the White House, Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring. But there's one thing you have to remember now here before. But he gets all hot to trot here. Governor Spitzer is a Democrat. These things can be resume enhancements in the Democrat Party. So the question is, will this prostitution ring story blow over or will Spitzer himself be able to stay on top?


Bob Menendez, the senator from New Jersey who finds himself embroiled in a bit of a sex scandal, and you have other media people saying, you know what, it's a Democrat. There's no such thing as a sex scandal, whatever, that Democrats don't out there make noise about family values and morality and all that. A Democrat, it's not possible for a Democrat to be involved in a sex scandal because the Democrats life is a sex scandal. It isn't news.


I mean, this Weiner guy that Carlos Danger, this is reprehensible. Anthony Weiner and a press conference discussing new revelations of his involvement in another cyber sex relationship under the name of Carlos Danger in all these political sex scandals. They're fascinating folks. When the Democrats have one, you need to produce semen. You need a blue dress, you need transcripts of sexting. You need photos of people sneaking into hotel rooms like John Edwards. But when the 40 year old childhood memories of a wacky woman and The Washington Post allege something about a Republican, all hell breaks loose.


Well, this morning on ABC's Good Morning America, co-host George Stephanopoulos asked President Biden about whether or not Cuomo should resign and he had this to say.


Here's my position has been my position since I wrote the Violence Against Women Act. A woman should be presumed to telling the truth and should not be scapegoated and become victimized by her coming forward. No one. But there should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true. That is going on now.


What about Tara Reid? What about Tara Reid, vice vice presidential or vice president? Kamala Harris is still silent on the issue. The Federalist has a piece Biden echoes believe all women in ABC interview, but what about Tara Reid? Tara Reid came forward and was dismissed, was dismissed and blown off and not taken seriously and and some would say even treated harshly and rudely because of her allegation of of being inappropriately touched by Senator Biden once upon a time.


What about what about that case? And I hate the what about as some kind of stuff, you know, as a rule of thumb. But if you're going to be consistent, if you're going to truly be the party of women, the party that that stands up for for women's rights, if you're truly going to come out there and you're going to say, we believe the women and we have to listen to what they have to say, you have to at least consider what it is that Harry Reid has said.


But she's been absolutely put down. And I put through a blackout.


You're not hearing anything from her. Or about her, which is incredibly frustrating as as somebody who is is married. To an amazing woman, and as somebody who is blessed enough to have a daughter, you know, I as as I get older and older in life, I think about these sorts of of behaviors happening with these people who have incredible power, incredible power.


Whether it's Bill Clinton with Miss Lewinsky, whether it is whether it is Andrew Cuomo, whether it is any of these folks.


That have been entrusted with a public trust and we have been told that these are people who are truly servants of the public for a noble purpose, and we should not cast aspersions upon them. It is it is incredible. And when you talk about the river, the resuming enhancement, let's talk about the hubris that comes attached with much of this one only has to go back in time to the 1980s with Gary Hart running, he dared the press to come catch him, and they did.


They caught him on the boat, on the monkey business with a woman and it was a scandal, and he ended up getting run from the race.


But so full of full of this hubris, this this confidence, this arrogance was that was that candidate for office running for president, that he dared the press to come follow him. And when they didn't, they caught him. He wasn't really embarrassed.


Do we have any doubt as to why it is and Andrew Cuomo is carrying himself in this way today?


We've got plenty more straight ahead here, folks. Plenty more straight ahead. We are going to break down all of these different stories in front of us. And coming up here in just a matter of moments. How Trump deserves a credit for operation warp speed. Isn't it incredible to look at? The narrative that's been put together by the Biden team over these last couple of months arguing that the the cupboard is bare, the cupboard was bare, the who, we didn't have any vaccines.


We didn't have any of the stuff that was out there. We we we came in. There was no plan for vaccination. And it is foolishness. It is absolute foolishness to to look at the contentions coming out from this Biden administration that they were left with nothing. Excuse me. Rush underscored how President Trump led the operation warp speed process to making vaccinations widely available, biased.


Biden is not the one responsible for making all this accessible to Americans and has openly criticized Trump last night in a Fox interview, he did the exact same thing. Here's Rush talking about that.


This is the blockbuster result of Trump's operation, warp speed in real time. But you know what had to happen for this to happen? Trump had to read the FDA and this government of so many regulations, things that liberal Democrats would have never we could not have gotten this vaccine in this short a time were it not for Trump zapping so many regulations. I don't think enough people realize the significance of this, because I don't know that enough people follow the trials and tribulations of Big Pharma.


Big Pharma has been an enemy of the Democrat Party for most of the period of time I've been doing this show, Big Pharma, Big Box Retail, Big Tobacco, big everyone. These were the enemies of the people, according to the Democrat Party. It was all part of the process of the Democrats turning as many people into victims as possible. You make somebody a victim, you've automatically made them helpless. When you make them helpless, you own them.


And that's what the Democrat Party did and still tries to do. The Democrat Party doesn't care about you becoming the best you can be. That's a worst thing that could happen. They don't want that. They would rather you blame Americans, other Americans, corporations, individuals for whatever's wrong in your life.


So here we have one of the most incredible American businesses, the pharmaceutical industry. Which has saved countless lives, but all they're known for is gouging people, killing their customers. I mean, this is what the Democrat Party has done over the years, is position big pharma as a bunch of killing profiteers. And a lot of people have grown up thinking that's what Big Pharma is. And like in any other business, you're going to have bad actors in it.


You may not believe this. You're going to have some liars and charlatans and talk radio and media. Imagine that, but I'm not one of them. So in the pharmaceutical business, you can have some charlatans, frauds. So Big Pharma, let's just stick with them, because, you know, the philosophy I'm telling you is true, they have demonized so much of American greatness.


And the truth is the pharmaceutical industry in this country is like so many others. It's state of the art. It has saved lives. Yeah. It costs a lot of money to do what they do, research and development. And then it comes time for FDA approval. And nine out of 10 don't get past that. They they throw a lot of money at the approval process and not every invention gets approved, it's got to make that money back and they make that money back when they hit when they got a drug that's approved that proves highly successful.


And then after a while, it goes generic and the price goes down. But this has just been the pattern. But here comes health insurance to come along and help defray the costs. So everything's fine. But still, they have demonized Big Pharma. A lot of Americans who not taken the time to be informed hate big pharma. I'm just here to tell you, I love capitalism. We are seeing the blockbuster results of Trump's operation warp speed in real time operation.


Warp speed is driving the current market surge. Trump promised vaccine results everybody said were impossible. Just like Obama said, it was impossible to bring back manufacturing jobs in the upper Midwest. Trump delivers on his promises time after time. And we are witness to an historically great presidency here by any measure. So Fizer says final data analysis shows the covid vaccines ninety five percent effective. They plan to submit the FDA in days. Here's what the left does not get.


Here is what it's impossible for them to get. Trump removed regulations and opened the road for this to happen. The left just does not get that, folks. They do not get reducing regulations. It's not in their DNA. They disagree with it. Regulations are what government is all about. Regulations are written by people. Unelected regulations are the epitome of the anti-democratic process. The people do not elect regulators. The regulators never stand for re-election. Therefore, they never have to face the people.


They get to work anonymously. They get to write these restrictions on your freedom. Always we're told it's for our safety. He removed the roadblocks so as to allow these companies to do what they do rather than spend all this time and money trying to satisfy a bunch of nameless, faceless regulators. He's not for making things more dangerous. He thinks that there are so many regulations that are redundant, we don't need them. All they are is a result of power brokers and power mongers having their fun with us.


He did, folks, he removed the roadblocks to allow Big Pharma to do what it does, he and the Senate opened the highway to this vaccine with money to help it happen. He removed the chains, if you will. He invested federal money to feed the process. The left always talks like they love to talk about investing tax dollars until Trump does it and then they hate it, but the left is never going to understand this because they are in their DNA.


They are opposed deregulating anything.


And the American people are not capable of understanding the achievement because the media has spent so many of the last decades demonizing the people who did it. Big Pharma. Nobody but Trump could have done this. No one but Trump thinks this big. What do you mean, a vaccine in less than a year? It's impossible. We've been governed by the people who think that what we need is impossible and they tell us it's impossible and they tamped down our expectations.


Then a guy like Trump comes in and doesn't demonize him every day for four years and belittle the achievements that he accomplishes. The thing is, with Donald Trump in terms of government, Donald Trump is president, all things are possible. All things, that is an amazing, amazing take on Big Pharma, because the only thing worse than Big Pharma getting some federal investment money to get the project warp speed underway is the fact that so much of what Big Pharma produces isn't just a byproduct of Big Pharma investing money in trying to do and create cures for so many diseases that that take so many lives in this country.


But it's also fueled by investors, the investment class, the investor class, Wall Street evil hedge funds, all that. So you've got a combination of. Of Big Pharma and freely invested money and not not for free, but people do decide to plow investment capital into the drug companies to come up with these cures. And let's not forget, if you want to be totally holistic in the conversation, you go back to the earliest days of the Trump administration.


And what was it that Donald Trump was successful at pushing something that people opposed? If you can imagine the right to try law where you have people who have terminal illnesses, the illness is going to kill them. They decided they wanted to try experimental therapies and treatments. These are people with agency over their own bodies. If they were to walk into a Planned Parenthood clinic or someplace like that, they could make a choice of their own future and the future of their child.


They wanted to try the experimental medications and treatments and therapies and what did you hear back from the agencies and from the rule makers and the regulators know you can't do that, but I'm dying. What, you still can't do that. It's about power, it's about power, politicians and unelected bureaucrats, Russia's exactly right, it's about power. Coming up. The incredible force of EIB, I'm Brett. I'm your guide today on the EIB.


It is the Rush Limbaugh Show on the EIB Network. I am what I am your guide today. In the months since the passing of Rush, one of the things that has struck me consistently was was how how much people had such high regard for what it was Rush was able to do, not just behind the golden EIB microphone and not just as as a trailblazer in talk radio or or the accolades and achievements as a Hall of Fame broadcaster and any and a winner, a winner for 30 plus years behind the microphone and of course, being honored by President Trump, the State of the Union address last year.


What I hear so much from so many is how charitable the force the vibe was. Here's Rush talking about.


I thought it would be helpful to define conservatism for people because nobody else was. Everybody just assumed conservatism, this or that small government. Less taxes and all this stuff, but it's really about people, it's about our understanding of people. It's about our faith, trust in people. It's about the knowledge that it is people that make a great nation. It's ordinary people pursuing and accomplishing extraordinary things with the freedom, the ambition to do so. And I just thought it needed to be pointed out.


And the reason I wanted to relive it is because we put together a montage that will demonstrate the love and compassion that you in this audience have shown consistently for thirty one years.


Despite all the attempts to impugn you and me, to criticize us, to label us improperly as racist, sexist or bigots, for 31 years you have proven and demonstrated time and time again my explanation of who we as conservatives are.


The Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, it's now official, is going to get in excess of four point two dollars million because I am matching Betty Casey's bid on eBay four point two million dollars because of you two, if it has donated over a million dollars in product and monetary donations to incredible causes, including the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation, folks who have done it again, you exceeded one million dollars in charitable donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of America.


We ended up with a total take of two million five hundred nineteen thousand 643 dollars with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society radiothon last week. Yes, my friends, it was a record leukemia, Lymphoma Society radiothon, excess of three million dollars.


It was another record amount donated. And folks, it is phenomenal.


The final number is going to come somewhere north of three dollars million.


We sent a truckload was about 3000 cases of two of my T to the Joplin Fourth of July celebrations move America forward.


They've got this giant telethon planned all day, the largest care package ever of items of interest to American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Michael Milken and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the elves for autism charity, golf outing. All the proceeds went to the Fisher Houses.


The Adventure of Rush Revere series is a proud sponsor of the Navy SEALs museum.


Liberty delivered a whole bunch of books to the Toys for Tots program today, the American Heritage Girls.


We're happy to be able to help because I think groups like yours, unsung heroes, we have thousands upon thousands of donors here in the Adopt a Soldier program.


We have zoomed past 100000 T-shirts and there were 14000 new orders today. The amount of money that we are able to donate tunnel to towers is one point five million dollars. We had so many more sales over the weekend that we have upped the donation to tunnelled the towers from one and a half million, two dollars million. Today, a monumental achievement. We have now raised three million dollars for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. That was Rush. Working with you, that was you working with Rush, that was all of us joined together in the charitable efforts.


Of the EIB. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the enduring legacy of the message of conservatism and love. That Rush Limbaugh brought to the airwaves and across the fruited plain. Whatever your guide today on. And as we close out this this momentous day, looking back a month ago when we lost Rush, we know that he's still with us and he's going to be with us for a long, long time. It's important to remember that. And it's important to take with us the lessons and the instruction and the laughs and the poignancy that we got every single day on this program.


And we'll continue to get every single day on this program. It is an important thing to to look and to consider the world we're living in right now in the world of politics that we're living in right now.


And it's important for us to always remember to be joyous warriors, to be committed, to be people who are ready to get engaged, but to always be people of goodwill and always be people who make it our mission to try to win people to the other side, not by browbeating them, not not by mobs stalking them, not by canceling them, but persuasion.


Nobody did it better than Rush. It was an incredible thing to watch and to listen to for all these years, and the great thing is we get to keep doing it. Each and every day, Ken Matthews will be in tomorrow as your guide. I'll be back on Open Line Friday as your guide. It has been a distinct pleasure and high honor to be here today for Rush.


I'm Brett, whatever it is, the EIB Network.


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