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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Hey, gang, this medical news just in Hot Off the Wire, apparently. Now, data from a recent study shows that all three vaccinations, all three vaccines available in the U.S. are found 79 percent effective in getting Dr. Anthony Fauci off your back. Now, that's that's worth it right there. That's worth the shot right there. Hi, everybody. Jason Lewis here, the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Jason Lewis.


Glad to be back here, guiding us through yet another edition of Remembering Rush on EIB. It is my honor and pleasure to do so. I'm telling you, the reaction discovered just astounding. And we're going to look back. The last word has not been written on this, but the deleterious aspect of the lockdown is going to end up far, far more dangerous to the body politic, the health of the republic, the mental health of Americans than, quite frankly, the virus.


Now, that's not to belittle the people who have tragically passed on who got sick. Most of those had comorbidities were elderly. What we've done to young people, what we've done to the psyche of America in instilling fear as a political tool is something we may never get over. And if we don't, we're in for a long, long haul because you cannot operate a free country based on fear. You simply can't do it. I see people I kid you not walking alone with two masks on.


In their car with two masks on, what are you afraid to give it to yourself? These are the people that wear helmets on a stationary bike. There is something desperately wrong. It's all too contrived. It is all too contrived. It's hatched from the communists in China. We think it's from a lab, quite frankly, but the media won't report on that any more than they will report on the border. It's hatched there and what do the Biden negotiators and the secretary of State Blanken, say in Alaska?


We're worried about China. Worried about the wiggers? No, not Muslim persecution. Are you worried about Hong Kong crackdown? No. You worried about let's see, Taiwan in the South China Sea. No climate change. China. You got to do something about the climate. This country has never had its priorities more off kilter in my adult life, period. But you know what? I got good news. Rush will set things straight today as we play a number of salient clips.


You know, the great thing about Russia's program being on for so long over three decades is almost every single issue. And issues don't change, folks. It's not about right or left. It's about up or down. It's about totalitarianism versus liberty. Those eternal values never change. And that's why when we hear the words of wisdom from Rush, it's apropos. It's relevant today. You know, there's been a lot of talk about this program, the Rush Limbaugh Show continuing, and I'm here to tell you it is going to continue.


We're going to stay on top of all of the current topics like we did yesterday, like we'll do today, like we'll do the rest of the week and into the future right through the end of the year. We are going to revisit Russia's wisdom while at the same time talking about the news of the day while at the same time taking your calls while at the same time taking Russia's wisdom, say, on sanctuary cities and applying it today. These are the valuable insights, the forward thinking aspects of al Rushville that we're going to tap into while we cover the issues of the day, we'll be doing this right here on the Rush Limbaugh program for a long time to come.


We want you to join us every day at the same rush time, at the same rush hour, at the same rush station to hear our conversation, to take your calls and to hear Rush's words of wisdom and just want to set the record straight on that, because there's been a lot of misinformation out there. And we're going to we're going to be here guiding you through the travails of the day. And, of course, of course, the big one today is the shooting in Colorado.


And I tell you, you know, I used to say on the campaign trail I didn't know much about cops till I married one. My wife was a St. Paul police officer. Her dad, Mike, was a police officer for three decades, veteran. So I'm kind of near and dear to this and the war on police by the left. And now we've got the tragedy of a policeman shot and killed in Boulder. The latest information we have is the perp is a 21 year old, Ahmed Alessa.


The information is coming in, but leave it to the Democrats to focus and exploit. On gun control. Let's just wait and see how would that be for the facts to come in? Let's wait and see before we jump to conclusions, as the left is willing to do, these are the people that think an AR 15, which apparently this guy used, stands for assault rifle. This is the veto or work school of gun control. They don't know what the hell they're talking about.


The most common cartridge in an AR 15 is a Remington 20 to two to three, to be exact. That's a small caliber bullet. It's used for hunting. It's not an automatic weapon. It's not an assault rifle. It is a semiautomatic weapon, not unlike the Pistols police, men and women use each and every day. So let's not jump to this. It's it's dishonors the memory of this police officer. It dishonors the victims when it's so exploited.


If you really want to talk about something we know is common in every shooting, whether it's a massage parlor in Atlanta or a King Soopers in Boulder, one of the most liberal cities in the country. It is mental illness, the scourge of mental illness is taking its toll on this country, that is the one thing in common these shooters have. And yet that gets shoved way, way back. Wonder why that is wouldn't be because socially isolating an entire country doesn't do much for mental health, would it?


No, no, no, let's not talk about that, let's just sweep that under the rug. We'll try to keep you up to date on this as best as we can. It is an evolving story and it's it's tragic. I can tell you in so many ways, being married to a police woman. And I'll tell you another thing, and that is let's make certain that our hearts and our thoughts and our prayers go out to these people.


That still counts for something one 800 to eight two two eight eight two. Now, I do I want to get to the story that we didn't quite get to yesterday, because I think it's absolutely crucial you understand this because we're we're being set up here. This is a trap, my friends. You have no doubt heard that the one point nine trillion dollar covid relief bill, all of which eight percent goes to actual covid relief now being followed on by a three trillion dollar, soon to be four trillion dollar infrastructure plan.


It's almost like we have no debt, except that we have one of 29 trillion dollars that we can't service, but be that as it may. You've heard about some on our side of the aisle saying, hey, hey, hey, you are attaching something to this covid relief bill for the states. This bill really bails out the states, bails out the blue states. That's right. They want to undo the salt deduction or the lack of deduction on state and local taxes that we passed with the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.


We don't want to subsidize high tax states, so we didn't let them deduct their state and local taxes. So the Democrats are just bailing out these states instead. And that's what they're doing with this bill they attached to the Koven relief bill to the states, you can't use this money to cut taxes. And the rock candy conservatives out there are an uproar because they love tax cuts, has do I I'm the original supply sider, I love it, but it is not the be all and end all.


We've got a crisis with immigration. We've got a crisis with censorship. We've got a crisis with lockdown's. There are other issues out there. But here's my point. The GOP is being set up here, if you fall for this notion that the government, the federal government can't attach strings to what it funds, that which it subsidizes, it will regulate, then how do we ever get a handle on sanctuary cities? Because this is this is in front of the court right now, the Biden DOJ is trying to eliminate the crack down on sanctuary cities.


Let me tell you something, if they say that the feds, when they subsidize the state, can't have regulations with the subsidy and the answer, if you're if you're troubled by that, is not take the money. But they say that, then how are you ever going to defund sanctuary cities, a city or municipality, most of them in the country say we're not going to enforce immigration law. Trump's response was we're going to cut off your funding, the Democrats, as you can't attach a regulation, but they want to attach it for no tax cuts.


No, they can attach what they subsidize. So be careful where you go on this. Here's Russia's take on sanctuary cities.


Sometimes things are so close that you miss them when you're looking for old ways of persuading people something so obvious right in front of you that it seems so simple.


You start looking for some of the more complicated and further out in the case of illegal immigration. This has probably occurred to a lot of you. But it's no more complicated than asking just why. Are so many people, Democrats, leftists, insistent? That illegal immigrants be permitted. If you just ask that. Then it will help explain what we are up against. It doesn't make any sense. To let illegal to let American law, federal law to be broken and then celebrated unless other things are true, why would people not just ignore the law on illegal immigration?


Why would they promote it? Why do they advocate it? There cannot be a good reason if you define good as something being beneficial or pro-American.


There simply isn't. Why have sanctuary cities sprung up? Sanctuary cities have sprung up to encourage even more illegal immigration and then to promise to shield the illegals who want it from being found and deported. Why would anybody do this? There isn't one good reason for America or pro-American to do this. Now, there really isn't, and that's why it's so frustrating to watch our border security come tumbling down like Joe Biden on a set of stairs. Speaking of which, Vice President Harris, I believe, was asked if she had plans to visit the border the other day.


And here's how she replied the border.


Not today, but I have before, and I'm sure I will again.


Here is the bottom line on this, folks. As Rush put it, they don't give a damn about the border. They care about increasing Democrat votes and turning this country into something that resembles a European socialist superstate.


Back after this.


And the excellence in broadcasting still the fastest three hours in radio. It is the Rush Limbaugh program. I am the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Jason Lewis, honored to be back here for a day. Two will have other guides through the rest of the week as this program continues. And we keep sharing Rush's words of wisdom with you. Do not miss a single episode. We'll try to keep you up to date on the latest on the shooting in Colorado in the next couple of hours.


Still waiting for all the information to come in, but that hasn't stopped the left from immediately demanding more gun control. Well, I don't know about you, but if there were a couple of things you could do about these mass shootings, by the way, have declined precipitously in the last couple of years, which is good. But one would be to address the social isolationism and shall we say, mental challenges, mental health problems in America would be one repair broken home.


So kids aren't wandering without both parents, a mom and a dad or pass another law, none of which would stop anything. Universal background checks. You can't have person to person sales, which the Democrats have already passed in the House. I'm going to go out on a limb right now and tell you that probably wouldn't have stopped this. I know it wouldn't have stopped Parkland. Nikolas Cruz was mentally ill, stopped going to treatment, but then bought his gun legally.


This is all a method to distract from the larger problems. Not that this sort of carnage isn't a problem. It certainly is. But then again, so is a border out of control. Boy, I tell you, this didn't take long, did it? It's almost as if I warned people about this in 2020. Oh yeah, I did when I was running for the U.S. Senate up here in the land of 10000 taxes, Minnesota. I told folks, if you want more impeachment investigations, you want open borders, if you want to allow China to usurp the sovereignty of the United States.


If you want tax increases, climate mandates and an end to energy independence, go ahead and vote for my opponent. Hell, I never thought they would. I do have to say we garnered more Republican votes in a statewide race in Minnesota than any Republican candidate in history outperformed the top of the ticket even. One poll had us down by one recruiting in then I have to have emergency surgery the last week that kind of set us back, but I still thought we'd win and surprisingly enough.


We then it's almost as if, gosh, something funny happened. By the way, Project Veritas, big victory in the New York Supreme Court, their undercover video showing ballot harvesting right here in River City. That would be Representative Ellen Omar's hometown of Minneapolis. Was not disinformation, according to the court and discovery against The New York Times for calling it misinformation will go forward. Trust me, gang, I know these things. You want to stay tuned on that one.


I would understand, though, what's going on here at the border, and that is if we don't get a handle on this, little else matters. Let's be honest. And that's why when you see these images of the overflow at facilities, Trump had an easy, not an easy way, but but the right way to handle that, undo the Flores consent decree, which said you couldn't detain minors past 20 days. That doesn't mean you detain them.


It means you send them back to remain in Mexico while they file for asylum. Biden has undone both of those. And here's what Rush said about that. But I guess we're going to have to push that back to the next segment, which we will, because we're up against the clock, but let me suffice it to say this. When Flores was in place, this is the consent decree that Reno and Clinton cut with with the the plaintiffs saying that children could not be detained over 20 days.


You saw an influx of parents with or allegedly parents with minors coming into the border. Then when you had to take the child away at 20 days because they couldn't be detained, why it was family separation, it was horrible. Look at these pictures now that was going on all during the Obama administration as well. But the media didn't care about that. So Trump wisely put in MPP, that's the migrant protection protocol that said, OK, we're not going to detain you here, you're going to go back to Mexico and wait for your asylum proceeding to go on that solve the problem.


And eventually, he jettisoned Flores decree. Biden has essentially reversed that. He's undone MBP and but instead of detaining and you can't because we don't have the facilities, the San Diego Convention Center is being turned into a migrant housing facility. This is how bad it is. So they do catch and release. They say, well, we caught you. You're hearing is in a month or years. We're going to let you go. Now, here is as I said yesterday, here's the insult to injury.


They let these unaccompanied minors now go to their sponsors in the United States, many, if not most of whom are here illegally. Your government says, OK, you've got an illegal immigrant coming up, maybe 15 years old, might be part of MS 13. We don't know. They don't bother to check. And then they say, well, we can't hold you. We're not going to do the remain in Mexico policy. So we'll just let you go to your sponsor, who also is an illegal and show up in court in a couple of years.


That is the essence of catch and release. And that is why. I mean, elections do have consequences, and we've seen an absolute 180 from when I was in Congress in the 15th working with President Trump and we controlled the border apprehensions way down the walls, going up, no catch and release to total chaos. At the border. This is why politics matters. This is why sanctuary cities matter. Sanctuary cities is basically Democrats saying we don't like this law, so we're not going to follow it exactly what they did here in Minnesota with election law.


Secretary of State Steve Simon here went into a consent decree with liberal activist groups to undo legislatively, statutorily passed election law they usurped. The constitutional prerogative of the state legislature to pass election law by simply undoing it with a consent decree. That's what Flores essentially did. That's what sanctuary cities do. When Democrats don't like laws, they don't enforce them. And that's why circling all the way back, it's so important to defund these sanctuary cities.


And welcome back. Remembering America's real anchorman, Rush Limbaugh, on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. My pleasure to be here. Once again, one 800 202 288 to, you know, one of the reasons that we love to play the rush clips and why this program is going to continue in this way is he was so prescient on the issues of the day. And as I mentioned earlier, they don't change. We now have the specter of Biden exploiting this tragedy in Colorado.


He's going to speak on it. Gee, I wonder what that's going to be about. Senator Democratic Senator Murphy saying if you don't pass gun control, you're in favor of mass shootings. At words to that effect, the representative in Boulder demanding more gun control. The House has already passed their universal background check, which means your uncle can't bequeath to you a weapon without reporting it or registering it to the feds. I'm not understand this universal background check is de facto registration.


But they are going to be all over this, and that's why Rush had it 100 percent, right? Well, not that long ago, he said he hates these sorts of days. Listen here. Dreading this. Today, like I dread day every such day, but I'm looking at media and I get the impression that there are some that are actually looking forward to this or having I don't want to say fun with it, but I get the impression that there are a lot of people really energized by this.


And that, of course, is because they think it's going to help them mobilize their political agenda. And I'm just sick of it. I have to tell you, I'm just sick of it. I'm sick every time one of these happens. I don't care. I mean, the first time of any note was in a 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. I wake up, Bill Clinton is blaming me. And from that point on and probably prior to that, from that point on, every time one of these things happens, what do we do?


We hear the initial report and we're just devastated.


We hate it. We hate that this is happening to our country. And the next thing that happens is we have to hear that we, because of what we believe, because of our religious values, our political values, that we are responsible for it. And that begins. A cycle of people either cross blaming or defending themselves, and it's just a never ending cycle that does not change. And as such, we never even get close to the root of this, we never get close to it, we never get close to explaining it, to understanding it.


It just is a a repeating cycle here that at the end of it, there's just. Ongoing heartbreak added to frustration, and I think that's what really irritates me more than anything about this, is that some people seem to to look at this as a political opportunity and are using it for everything.


They've got. Then we have these massive numbers of Democrats demanding that Congress be called back to pass something it almost reaches in history. So there we have once again another Democrat tenet. That government must do something. That government is the only institute that can do anything about it. We've got to have legislation. We've got to have members of Congress come back. There is nothing these people can do that will fix this. There isn't anything an act of legislation is going to do.


There is any gun control legislation that's going to address this. We have a systemic cultural problem. And not a single piece of legislation will make a damn bit of difference in this. And everybody involved in it knows it. It's just that the left will do anything, will take the opportunity of the occasion of anything to advance their political agenda, which requires as point number one, the constant expansion and growth of government.


Is there anything we've learned from the past few days of mass shootings? Well, we've learned that dangerously unstable, mentally ill people act dangerously mentally ill, like and unstable. So if we know that we have some dangerously unstable, mentally ill people. If we know this, what is being done? At the local level to identify them and stop after the school shooting in Florida, we held this after a movie shoot. It's the same cycle. It just never ends with nobody even seeming seriously interested in getting to the bottom of this.


I know how you feel, folks, I look at I felt the same way you hear about these shootings and you dread the next day, you you you're heartbroken that it happens. You wish you had an answer, why you wish you can stop it. You wish you could have known these people before they pulled the trigger. So you're going to talk some sense into him. And you really don't want to watch the media cover it because you know what's going to happen, you are going to get blamed.


People you support are going to get blamed and you're fed up with it.


You get fed up with the predictability of the drive by media, the Democrat Party spent the whole weekend fundraising, criticizing, blaming, and you don't even want to have to play the game, but you have to. Because you're under assault, you get up every day minding your own business, you got to defend. The Democrats, I mean, it looks like they are happy when these things happen that grates on me and not a great on everybody rushes to a spot on.


As usual, their one network is reporting that President Biden will speak on this soon. Then again, that was the same network that lied about a Trump Tower meeting. So take it for what it's worth. But if Biden does hold a real big sort of in-person press conference over this tragedy in Colorado, I'm just trying to understand the Democrat playbook here if he does do that. But he didn't do it after the Atlanta shootings, that can mean only one thing, he really doesn't care about Asians, but exactly what a Democrat would say on it.


You politicize, you weaponize pardon. Using that word today, you weaponize every single issue. For political expediency. There wasn't that long ago that the House passed 227 to 203 with eight Republicans, but nonetheless it was a Democrat bill to impose background checks on private gun sales. This is the universal background checks. So there's got to go through the next system if you get a criminal background check when you go to a gun dealer. But if you go to a show or visit, your uncle sells you Agon, you don't.


And the theory behind that was always, look, if my dad bequeathed a gun to me, a family heirloom, do I really need to register it, go through a background check, which may or may not be kept on file? It's not supposed to be. But then again, the FBI is not supposed to be getting false FISA warrants to spy on political opponents. So that's why that exemption was there, but at Parkland and most other shootings, it wouldn't have made a difference, and that's what Rush was talking about.


Why don't we talk about the things that make a difference? Hepple laws, your Hepple laws are these are the laws that when somebody goes to a medical facility and says, I think I'm going to shoot up the neighborhood. Or the school. They can't tell anybody. They can't let the community know. No, I'm not I'm all for medical privacy, and this is going to be a debate where reasonable people can disagree on both sides. But let's have the debate.


We know that happened to the Gabby Giffords shooter. They had clues, Nicholas Cruz clues that the person was mentally ill, but they couldn't get the data. Especially for younger people. How about broken families? This is one thing the media will never, ever talk about how many, especially some of these younger, troubled. The shooters come from broken homes. But you know what, we're transforming the family who needs mom and dad, we glorify alternative lifestyles.


And of course, gun control doesn't work. Mexico's got very, very strict gun control measures, you know, that's a safe place. Now, why is it that every time you go into a business, it says no handguns or no guns allowed? Why doesn't that work when these shootings occur? Every business has it. We could talk about the real crux of the problem, and that is the spike in mental anguish, mental health problems, especially during a year of lockdowns.


But again, that is not the right narrative, which tells me that the people crying and screaming the loudest and exploiting every tragedy really don't care except for how it benefits them politically.


More of remembering Rush with Jason Lewis right after this.


Great to be back behind the Golden EIB making in the Attila the Hun chair. Once again, remembering Rush. I am Jason Lewis. I want to get back to this florez concentrically real quick and then we'll get to some calls, I promise, as we go through the news of the day. This this breaking news in Boulder, of course, taking up a lot of time. But this is so important at the border and this is what happens when you enter into these bad consent decrees.


And they're going to by the way, they're planning to do that on climate change, yet where they just ignore the law and then they enter the Clean Power Plan was struck down. So these AGs in several states are going to ignore the law, enter into a consent decree with a radical environmental group to usurp the law. That's what they did in the election of 2020. They got over election law and that's what they did with Flores consent decree. And that's what Rush was talking about not long ago.


I feel like I'm hitting golf balls uphill against the wind here. An impossible thing to do. Trump didn't put kids in cages. Obama put kids in cages. All of this, everything that we're dealing with here. But Trump hasn't yet been able to fix is something held over from the Obama years. And, of course, the drive bys. And the Democrats don't want anybody thinking that.


But every mess this country has, every mess that Trump is attempting to address is something in place because of Obama. Kirsten Nielsen didn't put kids in cages and Trump didn't put kids in cages. It was a policy that happened during the Obama years.


Now she's a monster for letting Trump separate children from their parents, which Obama and Bush and Clinton all did. This has been American policy for over 10 years.


But it is never becomes something that was successfully weaponized. Why would you want to trash Bill Clinton? Why would you want to trash Obama? The media, the Democrats wouldn't want to do that. So they don't even report any of that horse. The Clintons and the Obamas never wanted to do anything about immigration in any way except keep the borders open. And even George W. Bush in that administration was for amnesty. So this is the first administration, the Trump administration is actually the first one to come along to actually respond to public pressure on this.


There's new polling data out from Rasmussen. 67 percent of the American people are totally opposed to what we're doing on immigration and they want it fixed.


And nobody in Washington is listening to them, Republican or Democrat, except Trump and the very few supporters on this issue that he has.


Now, I don't know how many times I have mentioned this, and I'm sorry for those of you who have heard it all these times, I'm going to mention it again, for whatever it's worth. It's the floras agreement that separates children from their mommies and daddies at the border. And you will not hear about this from the Democrats or you will not read or hear about it in the drive by media. Nielsen and Trump are simply trying to follow the law and not just the law.


The ACLU and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals floras settlement, which is what causes children to be separated in the first place. Floras the Flurry's settlement fellow RISC spelled the same way as the old Oakland Raiders coach Tom Flores.


The Flores settlement caused the current crisis. It's not anything that's new. It's been American policy mandated by a decision from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. I don't care what you think of them. The law's the law except in immigration.


See, we choose to enforce some of it, but then we ignore other aspects of it. It is a mess. It's an absolute mess. And I'm going to tell you something, folks. I don't for a minute believe that these caravans and this mass exodus of people from Central America and even South America is random and organic. I think this is a plan, it is a plan that has worldwide sponsors that are in cahoots with Mexican drug cartels, and its sole purpose is to put all kinds of economic and societal pressure on the United States to create crisis.


No, that's exactly right. Once again is spot on, that's exactly what's going on. And as we mentioned, it goes back to the Democrats undoing undoing laws they don't like by entering into these consent decree agreements, whether it's elections, whether it's climate change, whether it's immigration. Sanctuary Cities is basically a Democrat saying we don't like the law, we're not going to follow it. So what are you going to do to us? Elaine in Phoenix, Arizona, You know all about these things.


You're on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Thank you. Thank you. I love you guys. Thank you. What's on your liberty?


Well, I'm telling you, I'm saying that we all have to band together and this immigration thing. And if the party get it on Newsmax, Epicor, anything we can advertise to raise money to get buses and drive these people from I'm in Arizona, drive them to Washington, D.C. and drop them right in front of the Capitol, turn around and leave. The only way we can get a statement enough is enough because the southern borders are getting stuck with all this expense.


Well, that's right.


This is what happens to states. You know, the cost of illegal immigration, no one really knows. But since the Plyler Vido decision were illegal immigrant children must be educated. The 1985 emergency medical treatment law that they must get health care effectively. It is a massive magnet that you have a welfare state with open borders. It is unsustainable. It can't go on. I'm Jason Lewis. Your guide today on Remembering Rush. Don't go. OK, coming up an hour or two, we will keep you up to date on the tragedy in Colorado and people trying to politically profit from that sad event that goes on.


Also, three trillion dollar, three trillion dollar infrastructure plan that's in the news, as well as reparations coming out of Illinois. The first the first shot across the bow to basically embrace a form of discrimination in violation of the 14th Amendment. I might add all of that as we continue with the news and with Russia's clips on this episode. Remembering Rush, erm Jason Lewis, H.R. one we've got to talk about as well today, because this is the for the People Act that would effectively eviscerate the Tenth Amendment and states rights when it comes to elections.


Now, any of you let me disabuse any of you who thought that Democrats didn't want federal meddling in elections. Remember when President Trump was saying, hey, there are some federal options to oversee since the Constitution does require that state houses make election law, not state attorneys general, but state houses, state legislators, there are some federal options to revisit the election of twenty twenty that a lot of people still have suspicions about. Oh, the Democrats said that that just isn't true.


There's no federal option, but now they're going to overturn with federal law and election in Iowa. Gee, it's almost like, I don't know, there's a double standard. Let me tell you something. No conservative, no Republican will ever get elected again if H.R. one becomes law in this country.


I'm Jason Lewis. Remembering Rush continues. Stick around.


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What was it The Rush said last hour in one of our clips that the Democrats tend to exploit the shooting tragedies? Well, that didn't take long. Joe Biden, the president of the United States, just got done. You know, it's a shame when you call Joe Biden the president. It's really a shame that he's the only guy that doesn't know that. Nevertheless, he just spoke and called for the Senate to pass two gun control bills. Boy, didn't see that one coming.


Everybody, Jason Lewis, your guide today on this edition of Remembering Rush. Glad to be here. Has always I do want to keep you up to date on the tragedy in Colorado. Of course, the suspect, 21 year old Ahmad Ali Issa, we don't know much about. We're going to try to find out, but we're not going to jump to conclusions here on what happened until we get all the data. Wouldn't that be refreshing? Now, the House has passed a couple of promised gun control bills.


They want to pack the Supreme Court so they can undo Heller and McDonald that protected your individual right to keep and bear arms. What's really interesting is we've seen a surge in new gun owners. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System is showing an absolute surge in new gun buyers going back a couple of years now most more. The biggest surge are women and minorities. Oh, my. Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same.


Second hour underway. Also want to get to this. This Evanston, Illinois, story about these folks approving the first reparations for their black residents, this is really the end game on the WOAK culture, folks. The end game on the culture is the opposite of unity. Most nations are connected through bloodlines, the French, the French, the Germans, the Germans, the British, the British. And they have this sort of bond along bloodlines. It keeps them together, it defines them.


That's what it means to be a particular citizen. America is different. We're mutts in America. We come here from all places, it is true, we used to come here legally from all places, but that's out of fashion now with a new administration.


But the key to keeping a nation like that together is not, for obvious reasons, assimilating along bloodlines. It's assimilating along ideas, ideals. And the most profound of those ideals. Is equality under the law, not equality of outcome? Equality under the law. Remember, this is very, very key. Equal application of the law, by definition, demands unequal outcomes if everybody starts the race at the same spot, they're not going to finish their. What the Democrats are trying to do is make certain that people start the race in different spots so they all finish at the same spot.


Call it a quota. Call it anything you want. The ultimate goal of that is reparations. That's why they now call it equity, not equality. You can't abide by equal protection under the law if you treat different people from different backgrounds unequally. Whether Yale is discriminating against Asian-Americans or Evanston, Illinois, wants to discriminate against nonblack residents by offering reparations to. Whoever Barack Obama's offspring, they qualify, they're really at a disadvantage. This is discrimination in the name of anti-discrimination, and it is not only unconstitutional, it is unethical.


But that's why they keep saying equity, equity, not equality, equity, here's what equity means. Equity means discriminating until you have equal outcomes. It doesn't mean equality under the law. Here's what Rush had to say on the issue on reparations, Democrat presidential hopefuls, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said they both support reparations for African-Americans affected by slavery.


Well, there's an obvious question. You're not supposed to ask it. When did slavery end? Somebody give me the ballpark years slavery and just pick a number. 1860, 18th century, 1880, if you want. OK, anybody still alive? From 1880, OK, Mr. Limbaugh, you know, that's not how we do that. That's not how we know we're looking for family than people who are descendants of slaves and that. Well, we're still talking about a long time.


But see, this is not a question you are supposed to ask. Democrat presidential hopefuls, Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren said they both support reparations for African-Americans affected by slavery. Asked about the matter last week, Harris agreed that reparations are necessary to address problems of inequities.


She said America has a history of 200 years of slavery, we had Jim Crow, we had legal segregation in America for a long time. Parentheses sponsored by. The Democrat Party and parentheses. We have got to recognize the fact that at an earlier point, people aren't starting out on the same base in terms of their ability to succeed. And so we have got to recognize that and give people a lift up.


And then the former California attorney general doubled down on her remarks, quote, We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities.


This was in a statement to The New York Times, quote, I am serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities, because, of course, we have never done that.


We have never made investments, of course, investments are not even investments, vestiges of a bastardising language. Investments is another way of government spending and taxation. All it is.


Now, for her part, Folke Hanus voiced her support for federal government reparations. Yesterday, we must confront the dark history of slavery and government sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences, including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America. For generations, black families have had a much steeper hill to climb, and we need systemic structural changes to address that. That is Folke Hudis. OK, so I have some questions, what if my ancestors fought and suffered injuries or died?


To free slaves, would I get a tax credit? Would I be exempt from having to participate in reparations or could I even get in on the action since I might have aunts, anybody might have ancestors that actually were down for the struggle way back then? Can I get in on this if I can prove my ancestors died in the fight to end slavery? What if someone benefited from affirmative action in their life, would would that person get a lesser payout?


In other words, if we're handing out reparations for people affected by slavery, of course, this country has done more than any country in the world to try to correct these. You know what's going on here? What is what is really being done? What's being done here is the tarnishing and the continued slandering of this country. That's what this is.


I've been trying to tell people that no no amount of fixes, no amount of help, no no amount of corrections is ever going to be enough for these people because no amount of fixing can ever erase. The beginning of the country and the beginning of the country is always going to remind us of a nation founded in bigotry, founded in racism, founded in discrimination, founded in whatever. And it's this basis on which they proceed in their whole quest to overthrow the country and transform it.


I'm sorry. You know, it's really interesting in the name of combating stereotyping, stereotyping minorities, the left and their move towards a, quote, culture, towards white privilege, towards reparations is stereotyping. All white people. It is discrimination in the name of anti-discrimination and it divides the country. You know, when Rush speaks, we listen in when he speaks about a company, it's because he believes in a company, in their service, a product that would benefit you.


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If you haven't done this yet, you have to start. You've got all that old stuff. Media, you've got VHS or Betamax, Super eight, you name it, get it transferred, legacy box dotcom slash rush.


And that will get you 50 percent off legacy box dot com slash rush.


Back on EIB remembering rush one 800 to eight two two eight eight to the contact line will try to squeeze in a call or two here momentarily. Joe Biden just spoke on this perpetrator, I should say, more on gun control than the perpetrator, 21 year old Ahmad Ali Issa out of Boulder that just slaughtered a policeman and others at this grocery store. Nothing but tragedy. And naturally, Mr. Biden, the president spoke about politics here.


The Senate should immediately pass. Let me say it again. The United States Senate, I hope some are listening, should immediately pass the two House, pass bills to close loopholes in the background check system. This is not it should not be a partisan issue. This is an American issue. It will save lives, American lives. And we have to act. We should also ban assault weapons in the process.


You just made it a partisan issue. You just made it a partisan issue by suggesting falsely that a lack of gun control in Boulder, Colorado, the city has been trying to ban all these sorts of weapons for years. I'd like to look at the cities with the most stringent gun control, Washington, DC, Chicago, Boulder, you name it. Why didn't it stop it? Well, it's because we haven't stopped the flow of guns throughout the world.


Why hasn't it stopped in Mexico? They've got much stricter gun control laws, Will, because prohibition doesn't work. It didn't work for alcohol and it's not going to work for something is near and dear to the American psyche has self defense. As self defense. And yet. They just jump all over this stuff and jump all over the victims for political gain. And in the process, it is a total deflective move. They don't want to talk about the emotional exhaustion coming from lockdown's working at home and all the rest of the negative consequences that none other than Rush Limbaugh predicted would happen from social isolation.


Listen here.


Barry Diller says that New York is over. Nobody is coming back to New York and working from home doesn't work, according to Barry Diller. He said businesses in New York have been destroyed.


It ain't happening now. He's a he's a New Yorker through and through. He he may know his opinion does carry some weight.


We opened our offices actually at Labor Day. We said, please come if you can. And truthfully, no one comes. There's so much of the city idle. It is not sustainable. Drive anywhere, walk anywhere. And you see local destruction. We've got to get used to the risks and we've got to take some risks, particularly people who are not vulnerable and get back to full life. Work from home is not productive. The concept of work from home does not work.


Full stop. Oh wow. Is not there not very many people saying this is a lone voice. A lot of people, particularly running corporations that are like Tim Cook says he's ecstatic with the work Apple employees are doing from home, for example. But here he is, working from home is not productive. Full stop. It doesn't work. They open their offices on Labor Day and nobody showed up.


New York ain't coming back. You just handwriting on the wall. You can't can't shut down a city like this. And you can't teach people that, hey, you know, you don't have to live in New York anymore, you don't have to go into the city to work anymore. You can't teach people that and then expect them to just ignore it. If people don't have to spend twelve hundred dollars a month on a closet that they live in for rent, they're going to Washington to do it.


And they have learned that they don't have to do that.


That is true, you know, Rush and Dila, we're talking about economics, but this is psychological, this lockdown. Let's squeeze in a very, very quick call here. Port Angeles, Washington, I think it's time you've been waiting the longest will squeeze you in real quick here. Tom, thanks for holding on. Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis, Jason Lewis, hello, Jason. How are you? I'm good, sir. How are you?


I was your westernmost caller out, out, out here.


And before I got into politics, I'm on the on the radio used to call. And I do remember that, sir.


I checked on you every month and a half or six. Yeah. I just wanted to say that thank you for coming on the show. I hope you can make it a regular thing, but I'd rather I, I hope you you get the job you want wherever you want to go. So because you had a really good commentary and you could spend a little bit more time on, you know, different issues.


Well, listen, this is the best go on that. Yeah, guiding a remembering rush is the best of both worlds, isn't it? Because we all love and Miss Rush. And to have his clips and wisdom in the context of the show about the issues that are happening right now is is perfect. In fact, I'll have more to say on this in the beginning of of next hour. But Tom, so good to hear your voice. I do remember you and thank you for checking in and and be well out there in Washington where there is a challenge, shall we say, given Seattle, given Portland, given the Northwest's political drift, got the governor in Washington is I'm telling you, you can't make this stuff up.


We are at a point now if we don't turn the ship of state around and I mean, quick, let's focus on the midterms. Perhaps we're going to be in a place that there is no return. That's how, quite frankly, worried I am about it. That's why it's great to hear Rush's voice and reminding us that we can win this thing. Stick around.


Greetings to you. Music lovers, thrill seekers, conversationalists all across the fruited plain, as we remember Rush on this special Tuesday edition of the program. I honored to be here. We'll try to squeeze in a call or two as well as we move forward. I know lots of people want to talk about D.C. statehood, and that is part of the power grab, undoing the filibuster so they can pack the Supreme Court, making certain they get that done and then passing the for the people act with a simple majority.


They've been trying to use budget reconciliation to do this. But there are still Senate rules. It says it has to be related to, you know, the budget to use, that the budget is exempt from the filibuster. But as we talked about yesterday, these are crucial aspects to a Republican small R form of government. And that's why passing this for the People Act, which would effectively federalize elections and ruin them. I mean, ruin ruined the structure of state, sending representatives to Washington to represent them.


Anyway, Rush had spoken about this and he talked about how H.R. one and for the People Act and the Democrats agenda will effectively eliminate meaningful elections in our time.


Everybody says that every election, the most important election in history, this one certainly shaping up to be just that. And I think that one of the reasons for it is that the left, if they win this election, are going to see to it that that is the case.


I've maintained for a long time the one thing they don't control that they have to do in order to get power in the United States is win elections. And they hate the folks. I'm telling you, they resent it. They resent that they have to go through the demeaning process of elections, what's demeaning about it, why they shouldn't be subject to what you think.


Their claim to power is absolute, it shouldn't depend on whether you approve of it or not. They resent the hell out of having the campaign, they don't care whether you agree with them or not, they don't want your opinion to matter. They want power and they want to be able to control your life, whether you agree with what they think and do or not.


Now, so far, elections matter, but look at what they've done with the last one. 2016, they simply refused to accept it. That's why we're going through what we're going through. And if they had their druthers, they would make sure that no election ever again mattered. So what could they do to ensure that no election down the road is ever going to matter, that essentially there was no way they could lose the next election? Well, there's any number of things they could do, let's say.


And these are not out of the realm of possibility. Let's say they win the White House in this upcoming election and let's say they win the Senate. That means they would have it all. And with John Roberts at the Supreme Court, they would have all three branches.


And how are we going to win in four years? What are they going to do in the next four years to make sure that what we do is irrelevant?


Well, grant statehood to prep the RICO and then Washington, DC for brand new Democrat senators. Next thing they will do is get rid of the filibuster in the Senate, which means say goodbye to needing 60 votes to do anything. All you need is 51. So for new permanent Democrat senators from D.C., the Republicans don't exist there and two permanent senators from Puerto Rico, the Republicans don't exist. They're. Added to whatever number they're going to have, minus the filibuster and they run the Senate, that means that whatever the president wants or whoever is running the country is going to the Senate and have a rubber stamp, go to the House, have rubber stamped.


Nothing the Republicans can do to stop it, so get rid of the filibuster, which means the Senate is no different than the House of Representatives, 51 votes, their simple majority will accomplish whatever they want. Then they're going to stack the Supreme Court. Let's say they they can do it, Congress structures the court, the Democrat Congress, Republican Congress can add to the number of Supreme Court justices any time they want. FDR tried to pack the court back in the in the 30s and got caught doing it.


Nobody was in favor of it back then. We're a different country. But you give them for let's say we go from nine to 13 or 14 justices. And if they win this election, every new justice is going to be a liberal Democrat. But you can say goodbye to the Republicans ever prevailing in a Supreme Court decision. Then they start appointing judges to the district courts as they come up. And there's not a thing the Republicans can do to stop the takeover of the judiciary, which is already well underway.


So they've they've just essentially locked up for four years everything this government's going to do. And so the next time there's a presidential election in four years, the Republican is not going to matter. Just like whoever runs for governor on the Republican side in California, it doesn't matter. So it's a very real possibility. What's stopping them if they get everything I've just described? If they run the house, if they run the Senate, if they have the White House, if they are in charge of the judiciary, what's to stop them from changing the Electoral College or getting rid of it?


Let's say they just decide to get rid of it, there's nothing we can do to stop them. If sheer numbers are all that matters, we won't have the votes anywhere to stop them to get rid of the Electoral College, and that means the popular vote is all that matters. And folks, that's they win the presidency with New York and California. Don't even need the other 48 states, and believe me, they are salivating over these possibilities, they resent the idea of being judged by voters.


You don't think that's true? They're burning down the houses and the private property. Of people who are on their side in Portland and in the state of Washington, in Minneapolis, in New York, in Chicago. These very people about whom I'm speaking are destroying and torching the homes, the businesses, the dreams, the private property of the voters that do elect them.


And this is why the filibuster in the U.S. Senate are, at the very least, unanimous consent rules. There is talk from the minority leader and others that if they undo the filibuster, which would allow H.R. one and all of the things Rush talked about to sail through, if they did that, they could simply require a quorum. They could require a vote on all unanimous consent requests, which are pro forma now, which would basically tie up everything the Senate would try to do.


But this this arrives at a fundamental misunderstanding of what a republic is versus a democracy. The Democrats have sold the country that majority rules. There are no minority rights. If we get fifty point one percent of the vote of the Senate of the House, we can do whatever the hell we want to the other forty nine point nine percent. That is not a republic. A Republic says in the final analysis, the majority may rule after checks and balances are surpassed or are overcome, many, many of them separation of powers horizontally, states rights vertical, separation of powers.


You filibuster judicial review, the unanimous consent rule, you name it. We don't want to pass a law with a bare majority. We want to have a consensus. Jamestown's Tennessee. Bobby, you're on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


Hi. Good afternoon, Jason. But you got to you got to remember one thing. The Republicans have let this happen. The Republicans have sat on their hands. They went through this election, did not go through any channels, any of these lawyers that the Democrats put out, they sent all these legal teams into these states to try to turn the laws, the voting laws, and stacked the deck against Trump. And the Republicans sat there on their hands and didn't do a damn thing about it because they wanted to get rid of Trump.


Now they're finding themselves in the position of completely being an outcast completely, and it's of their own doing. You sit there and you look at Kevin McCarthy. Kevin McCarthy goes down to the border, carries on a razor, pitches a fit about the situation down here. But Kevin McCarthy and Paul Ryan had the House of Representatives, the Senate, Donald Trump in the White House, and they wouldn't fund the border wall. The Republican Party has destroyed themselves.


Oh, Bobby, I'm glad you said that. I think every Republican in Washington ought to be listening to that, because that's where a lot of people are. But let me just say, we had bills in the 15th that absolutely funded the border wall, Goodlatte one and Goodlatte two, to be specific. And the Democrats torpedoed them.


I was there and we did that. Got to go back after this.


We are back remembering Russia on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network with your guide today. That would be me, the talk show host formerly known as Congressman Jason Lewis. Now, one of the reasons the the left wants to pack the Supreme Court, and this is somewhat good news and I'll stick my neck out. It's easy to do as a talk show host. I did it enough in Congress. Why not do it now? One of the reasons is they know that D.C. statehood is unconstitutional, patently unconstitutional, and that is part of this power grab undoing the filibuster.


Puerto Rican D.C. statehood, packing the court, federalizing elections, all part of H.R. one. But they've got a little problem. They can't do it. The Constitution is clear. This is federal property. Literally from the beginning of the republic. Think about it, look at the Constitution, Article one, Section eight, Congress has control of the district it established. That's what established the federal district. They cannot relinquish it. The Twenty Third Amendment further codified that into constitutional law, even though it granted the District three electoral votes, its premise was it is a federal district.


You can't hand it over to a state. And for obvious reasons, let's say you had a Republican government and the state was like California. Now, shocking as that might be, I have a I'm going to go out on a limb again and say if D.C. ever became a state, they might be slightly left of center.


That's a little bit like saying Joe Biden has trouble reading cue cards, just a little bit of an understatement. So now what happens if you have the state of California that doesn't like what the government in their state is doing? The conflicts of interest are too numerous to mention. Let me quote James Madison here real quick, because Madison talked about this. Madison talked about statehood and how, in fact. Well, let me tell you what, let's get somebody better than James Madison.


Let's get Rush and then I'll follow up with James Madison right after Russia's take on D.C. statehood. And Andy in Baltimore, your next. Great to have you with us, sir.


Hello, Mr. Limbaugh. Mega prayers megadose, sir. Thank you, sir. My question is, if President Trump gets re-elected here soon, what kind of frivolous litigation or what kind of ridiculous accusations do you think will come from the losing side? And how do you think the riots and ridiculousness that's going on in this country will even intensify worse than it is now?


While the Democrats are promising that the riots will continue and intensify? The Democrats are promising that the violence will ratchet up the Democrats. In fact, this is one of the things that the Democrats are using to try to win the election, actually extorting voters. The Democrats are saying, if you want this, if you want this stuff to continue, elect Trump, if you will, like Trump, this stuff is going to continue and it's going to keep getting worse.


If you want us to stop, then don't elect Trump. If the Democrats win, Biden wins this election, Kamala Harris or whoever that they put up there at the end of democracy, it's the end of the two party system. We are going to have a one party government that is going to devote itself to eliminating all opposition. That's what's at stake. If they win, I think the Republican Party essentially ceases to exist. One of the first things they will do is grant statehood.


To D.C. and Puerto Rico, and that'll give them four Democrat senators, they will never lose control of the Senate, they will never lose control the House. They will pack the Supreme Court. With who knows how many new justices and they'll all be left leaning justices and it won't take them long to do what it is, and after they've done it, there will be a one party state. The United States will be a one party government. It'll be just like California is now.


It'll be just like New York is now in California. The Republican Party doesn't exist.


Well, it exists, but they never win anything in New York, the same thing. Now you can see what's happened in New York and California. They are the blueprints and the forerunners for what will happen nationwide if the Democrats win in November. Mark my words, everybody thought that the election in 2016 was the election of a lifetime. This one is two, maybe even bigger. The Democrat Party has become full fledged Marxist radical left, they do not believe in opposition, they don't believe in debate.


They don't believe they should have to win minds and hearts. They don't believe they should have to persuade anybody. They don't believe that there is legitimate opposition, so they're not going to have debates, they're not going to have any circumstance where they can lose politically, they believe in a one party dominating government, and that's what they're going to set up as quickly as they can. And there will be punishment for people who oppose them, trying to stop them.


They're going to make everybody pay. It's going to be a really, really precarious set of circumstances that we are all going to face. I'm not trying to scare anybody, but I'm telling you, this is what we're up against. You can forget about the Democrat Party as a party that has to win its way into power and has to keep proving itself once they get it, folks, they're never going to take the chance of losing it again.


And part of that is D.C. statehood will find out what James Madison had to say about that when we continue remembering. Right.


OK, our three just moments away. Stick around to this edition of Remembering Rush. With me, your guide, Jason Lewis. Today, James Madison in Federalist number 43 said this about a federal district has the seat of the new central government. Without it, not only the public authority might be insulted in its proceedings, interrupted with impunity, but a dependence of the members of the general government on the state, comprehending the seat of government for protection in the exercise there of would be satisfactory to other member states.


Now, what he's talking about here is you weren't going to relinquish the federal government seat to an independent state, which might disagree, might not defend it, might impugn it, or I should say impede its proceedings. Madison was clear, the Constitution is clear, the twenty Third Amendment is clear, they are whistling past the proverbial political graveyard if they think they can pass D.C. statehood. And this is why they want to undo the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court, because I don't believe this current court, John Roberts notwithstanding, will pass muster on D.C. statehood.


I do not believe it for a moment, nor should they, because it is patently unconstitutional. Third hour on the way on this edition of Remembering Rush. Stick around.


A young college grad gunned down while simply walking his dog. A mom, Michelle Parker, vanishes after she drops off her little twins as a babysitter.


An Indianapolis mass murderer leaves six dead. Nancy Grace here. These are just some of the cases we're investigating on crime stories. It's so easy to think it will never happen to you, never to my family. Right. That's not true.


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Hey, gang, you remember that great movie in the Line of Fire with Clint Eastwood, one of the last icons from Hollywood, and Clint's getting up there, but, man, what a what a career. He said it was a great movie about this would be Assassin and all the rest. And in the movie, Clint Eastwood, it was a Secret Service guy and the president's code name was Traveler Number, that travelers coming here to travel today, they talk in their IFB travelers, air travelers there.


Well, word has it that the Secret Service has a very, very similar code name for President Biden. Yeah, it's not Traveler. It's called Tripper. I don't know. I'm just just thought I'd throw that out there. Welcome back to the third hour underway on the Rush Limbaugh Show as we continue to guide through more remembering Rush clips. I mean, this is really what this program is all about. And I want to reiterate this, but we're going to continue with this for some time.


Rush's wisdom and words and these clips, as they pertain to present day news, are going to be around on this program, the Rush Limbaugh program, for a long time to come. And you are welcome to join us each and every day. At the very same time, Rush aired to tune in and still hear his thoughts and conversation and ideas on the issues of the day. We're going to be staying on top of current events and topics just like we have today.


We'll keep you informed. We'll take some calls while also revisiting Rush's wisdom. And this is why I said last hour, it's the best of both worlds. So don't be fooled or we're sticking around right here with remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. And nowhere did Rush's acumen shine through more than on fiscal matters. We are in a world of hurt when it comes to federal spending. We are we are ramping up a debt that the next generation will not be able to service.


If the 10 year Treasury keeps going up, we will have a sovereign debt crisis in this country. And Rush understood that intuitively. And here's what he had to say about unending federal spending. I've always believed whatever I wanted was my responsibility to buy. And certainly whatever I needed was my responsibility to buy that there was a vast difference between need and want, but I was raised that it was not anybody else's responsibility.


No matter what it was. Give you an example. We've all got stories like this when I started working in radio, actually was my first job was shining shoes in a barbershop and I made fifty dollars in three months.


And my dad took it and he said, if you're going to earn money, then you're going to start paying to help here in the household. So he took good, fine. I didn't need it. I'm 13. What am I going to do, you know? Then I started working at the radio station when I was fifteen for like 75 cents an hour and eventually after three or four years, making a buck and a quarter. And I was living at home.


So he took it. When I hit 16, I decided I wanted a Ford Mustang, so I started telling my dad, I want a car. Well, what are you going to do about it as well? Can you get me one? No. I mean, why why am I supposed to get it for you?


Well, I'm 16 to be a great birthday present to my dad. Why?


I don't work that way. So I started cutting out pictures of Ford Mustangs and every magazine and strategically locating them around the house where he would see one wherever he went, bathroom, kitchen table, just trying to drop hints. Anyway, when I turned 18, my father gave me every dollar I had given him since I was 13. He had put it in the bank and it had become something like 2500 dollars or 4000 dollars. And with that, I bought my first car with my money that I had earned, and he took it from me because he didn't think I would have saved it and he was trying to teach me to save itself.


So that's just how my brother and I were raised. We just you want something, you buy it, and if you can't afford it, you don't get it. Therefore, I didn't have things I couldn't afford and there were a lot of things I wanted most of my life couldn't afford.


And my point with all this is, is that at some point the Democrat Party started assuming the role of provider for people's needs, not just wants. And that was the beginning of the end. It destroyed the initiative of those people and it then created expectations among those people that the government would pay for things to the point now where we have in this Obamacare business, the price of prescriptions is is just it's senseless. It's so out of proportion. The price of health care itself is just ballooned.


It has no basis in reality, it has no basis in any free market economic reality. And the reason is it isn't priced for the consumer to pay for it. It's priced for third parties to pay for it. Governments who don't care what it costs, insurance companies who get reimbursed, who don't care what it costs. And so people. And early impressionable periods of their lives begin to believe that they don't have to buy their own prescriptions, that there's something happened in health care where after a while practically everybody began to assume that somebody else should pay for it because it's either a right or something that give you a lawyer.


Why not give you a doctor constitution, gives you a free lawyer if you can't afford it. Health care is you know, why should it cost anybody anything? These bastardization of economic law took over. And we've got to the point where all of health care and now prescriptions are priced with no basis in reality the price such a way that 99 percent of people country cannot afford them. And so the expectation is that somebody else should pay for it, be it an insurance policy or government or a political party or what happens if taxes hadn't gotten so high and people's disposable income was so small because the government, state, local, had taken so much of what people earn, they would be able to buy things for themselves, as we used to be able to do in this country.


But the Democrat Party has successfully changed. The way most people think, and that is that somebody else ought to buy stuff that we want or need. I don't know how you roll it back. My only point is trying to close the barn door after the horses have escaped. I am convinced that Obama won election as much as anything because he's seen as Santa Claus. And I don't know anybody who can beat Santa Claus in an election. Obama is an adult Santa Claus.


We're adults still believe in it and that the bastardization of our economy in so many areas has occurred precisely because the Democrat Party, starting with FDR and the New Deal, assumed the role of provider for people. And in the process, they destroyed the black family. They've destroyed many family institutions by assuming the role of provider, husband, father, leaving them in free to go out and be whatever they want and not pay attention and be responsible for the kids they've procreated.


It's just an abject total mess. Had the Democrat Party not been involved in their policies, not prevailed, none of this bastardisation and destruction would have occurred. I'll never forget, speaking of my dad, one of his best friends was a pediatrician, family friend, Jim Kindler, I remember them sitting around, I'm 12 years old and Medicare and Medicaid are getting started. And I'm listening to them complain and and warn me, son, I'm 12 years old and my dad, Dr.


Kinder, are warning us what's going to happen if the government succeeds at socializing medicine and nationalizing it. And of course, I'm 12. What do I know? I believe my dad, but H.R. just asked me, when did you realize you're getting mugged by the government?


And I had to stop thinking probably age 28 is when I became aware of what taxes were doing. And yeah, because that was 20 when Reagan got elected in 1980, 81, I was 30. And that's when I started becoming sensitive to what was happening with Reagan, talking about tax cuts and so forth. And then I started reading National Review and Bill Buckley, and that was my tax education. So it's around 20 or 30. His point is it took me till age 28 to realize I was being mugged by the government and an unfair, unrealistic percentage of my income was being taken.


Young people are discovering earlier how they're being mugged than I did at age 28. It's just a passing little note of some. Interest, but really, it does amaze me, the millions of Americans. Who have been corrupted by the Democrat Party, who now actually do believe that providing for themselves is laughable, that the sense of personal responsibility is by the wayside. I try to think back what my life would be like if I. I can just tell you this, if I had lived most of my life with the belief that whatever I wanted was not my responsibility, I wouldn't be doing this program today.


I wouldn't have become anywhere near successful enough. Wouldn't have gotten close to be doing this program if I and that's my point, it just it just this stuff just kills people's ambition and their desire.


And to know that there's a political party capitalizing on promoting it and all the while they're claiming that they are the ones with compassion and concern and care for people, they're destroying people in the sense that they're destroying their their integrity, their ambition, their future. Boy, you know, that is so on point, I had the same conversations with my father, how fortunate Rush and I were to have fathers who cared like that, and moms, of course, who cared because you don't get the other side in our institutions in America today.


And now, to his point, a four trillion don't don't fall for three trillion when you include the tax deductions and credits, like for electric vehicles continuing depleting the highway trust fund. The infrastructure bill Biden is proposing is four trillion. Now, get this to Russia's point, four trillion dollar infrastructure bill. Right then why does it fund climate initiatives, health care, prekindergarten, schooling, tuition for community college and child care subsidies? Hmm.


It's not like we've got a massive debt. I'm Jason Lewis. Remembering Rush continues right after this.


One 800 282 two two eight eight two. We have not gotten to a call here in the last segment or two. So let's proceed and do that right now before we get to the next topic. De jure, West Fargo, North Dakota. Ken, thanks for waiting. Thanks for calling in.


Yeah, thank you. I just wanted to mention briefly that the introduction of the program was talking about the President Biden tripping in and I realized kind of his. But but what it did is it reminded me of the making fun of other people. The only thing about President Trump that I just did not like, I completely forgot our conservative causes. But any time we start making fun of other people, it just goes south. It doesn't help at all.


We need to concentrate on the issues completely and not making fun of other people.


Here, let me let me address that, because I think it's you bring up something really important and you could not be more wrong in the process of bringing it up. One recall when Trump was at West Point and he had no railings and was walking down an aluminum basically platform that you could easily slip on with dress shoes. He took it easy and he took it slow for worse than making fun of him for weeks on end. MSNBC, NBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, you know, the press offices for the Democrat Party were endlessly making fun and saying he must be sick when he took a water to do his mouth with two hands.


Same thing. Now, the reason I bring it up is, well, let's not act like them. Let's turn the other cheek. It is time we fight fire with fire or we will never, ever win this. We cannot unilaterally disarm. That's number one policy wise or politically, politically speaking. But number two, the politically correct notion of banning humor. Don't ever tell people they can't make fun of other people. That is what it means to be human.


The word the word going forth should not be nobody can tell a joke or poke fun at people. The word going forth the maximum should be make fun of others and be prepared to have somebody else make fun of you. I do not want to live in a humorless society. It is exactly what's wrong with this culture. And you should not fall for it, my friend. Well, I guess we will respectfully disagree. I'm very disappointed that you are fine with making fun of other people.


And I didn't get your point, but we respectfully disagree.


We certainly do. And don't forget, though, if you really bothered by it, there are always there's always NPR because you can listen to NPR 24/7 without ever running across anything that might offend you. This is exactly what's wrong with the country right now, folks. Exactly what's wrong with it. And it's a real, real problem. All right. Now, I want to get to this infrastructure plan because in the infrastructure plan, there is a huge subsidy for child care.


And in fact, in the one point nine dollars billion covid relief bill, Senator Tina Smith, the woman I ran against in the 20 20 Senate race who is basically embraced the riots of 2001, she said police perform a dangerous role. She said it's white privilege to call the police and complain about that. She just went off the deep end. She helped get more child provider money, child care provider money, 40 billion dollars worth in the covid relief bill, knowing full well that one of the biggest scandals in Minnesota in the last few years was what the Child Care Assistance Program scandal, sending millions of dollars abroad, where some people say it was funding terrorism, fake child care providers, getting federal and state money in Minnesota.


What is Tina Smith do? She puts more in. I think Rush had something to say about that, if I'm not mistaken. The GSA all classified, almost half of all credit card charges on government credit cards is fraudulent, improper or embezzlement.


And the examples include gambling, Internet dating services, liquor, lingerie, iPods and Xbox, government credit cards being used for these things, the fraud in all these covid relief bills and extended unemployment insurance in welfare as we know it is ubiquitous and everybody knows it. And now in Minnesota, on the heels of this child care assistance program, the AP, where the state auditor confirmed there was massive fraud in the program, what was happening primarily in a lot of Somali communities, but elsewhere as well, they were setting up these fake child care providers, getting these massive subsidies, then sending TCAP fraud money to foreign countries where some have alleged terrorist organizations obtain the money.


Some of that is yet to be confirmed, but there was no doubt it was a massive fraudulent scandal. So what did Senator Tina Smith do, along with Angie Craig, along with Dean Phillips, along with every left wing radical activist in Minnesota? They made certain the Katrina relief bill and this infrastructure plan had more child care subsidy funds in it. This is how they operate. If you've got a scandal, if you've got a twenty one twenty two trillion dollars worth of welfare or welfare funds in the last well since the Great Society, that haven't worked, the problem is you just haven't spent enough.


Then it goes on and on and on. Now, on this infrastructure bill, if some of you may recall, at least when I was in Congress, I served on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and President Trump offered a two trillion dollar infrastructure bill. So now here's this Lewis guy bemoaning a three trillion dollar bill, I tell you, it's going to be four trillion before it's said and done. But here's the difference. Two key differences. One, through something called asset recycling, where the federal government puts up bonus money of 200, 250 billion dollars to leverage two trillion dollars in state and private funds to build the infrastructure that works wonderfully.


And it worked great in Australia. We actually had testimony from some Australian officials on how asset recycling worked, where they leveraged about five billion into 20 billion. What they do is the federal government says, yeah, we'll spend 200 billion, 250 billion, but then you sell off state assets, could be a port, could be an underused airport, a housing complex to private investors who then pay taxes on it. This is the P3 partnership, public private partnership.


You sell those assets off and you take the proceeds, build new infrastructure with it and a first come, first serve basis. We'll give you a 20 percent bonus. That's how you leverage 250 billion dollars to two trillion without bankrupting the country. By not doing that. They are just going to bankrupt the country and it's not infrastructure, they want more electric vehicles. Dirty little secret is electric vehicles bankrupt the Highway Trust Fund. Don't get me wrong, I like electric vehicles.


If you want them, great. But why should you get a seven hundred and fifty excuse me, seven thousand five hundred 7500 tax credit to buy an electric vehicle. When somebody else made an internal combustion engine has to have a federal excise tax on the purchase of it at twelve point five percent, and when you buy an engine that runs on gasoline, you're paying into the highway trust fund with an eighteen point four cent a gallon gas tax. But electric vehicles don't pay into it.


I had a simple rule on what I would support for infrastructure as a conservative when I was on the TNI committee, and it was simply this doesn't improve productivity and is everybody paying for the government they consume.


And welcome back. More of remembering Rush coming your way today, tomorrow, the next day and every day. You want to stick around noon to 3:00 Eastern time for the foreseeable future. As we continue with these great rush clips and the news of the day, I'm so glad that the previous caller from North Dakota did, in fact, call and take offense with my poking fun at folks. Personally, I love to poke fun. I am the Don Rickles of talk radio in politics.


I love doing it. And so did Rush. The day we lose, that is the day we lose not only our sense of humor, which is going by the wayside, but free speech. The art of political correctness and wackiness and council culture is taking something that some Keran finds offensive and criminalizing it. And that guy was playing right into it. I find that offensive shouldn't make fun of people. Well, what are you going to do about it?


Well, I'm going to ban you from doing that. That is one weakness. That's what they're doing. That's what they want to do to make certain that we have total, complete conformity and we're good little worker bees. My God, that's that is so antithetical to what it means to be free and an American, it boggles the mind. Which is why. Blazing Saddles couldn't be made today, Dr. Seuss's band Comedians are being canceled. That's the kind of world you want to live in.


Not me, and I'm not going to do it now, let me tell you something, there's good news on the horizon. Because the council culture is all about controlling speech, if you're going to impose a socialist superstate on America, you have to make certain people don't make fun of you because it is foolish. You got to make certain people don't object. That's free speech, but it's got to be banned. And one way you do that is to claim you have a monopoly on truth so that when someone says something that disagrees with you, you label it misinformation, disinformation.


The good news is this is exactly what The New York Times did to Project Veritas when they uncovered ballot harvesting right here in Minnesota, in Illinois, Omar's district. They called the Project Veritas video a coordinated disinformation campaign. Why? Because The New York Times disagreed with it. They didn't like that. You might recall then again, if you listen to the mainstream media, you wouldn't recall. That even police have been investigating, although we've heard nothing of it.


This this ballot harvesting that Project Veritas uncovered when they showed a particular fellow who said to be the brother of a Minneapolis councilman bragging about collecting hundreds of absentee ballots for his brother in videos that were recorded by Project Veritas, the media sprung to action. It's a campaign of disinformation. So one opinion, one view is disinformation. The other is the truth. And by God, you better believe it or you're making fun of people or you're engaged in disinformation.


We're going to cancel you like we cancel climate deniers. Well, Project Veritas just won a major victory against the Democratic Oregon, known as The New York Times in their discovery can go forward in this defamation case that says in which they say it's not disinformation and you are providing the disinformation. This is huge. And Rush touched on it not long ago.


Mr. O'Keefe is an interesting character. He has been a conservative all his life.


But he always believed that it wasn't enough just to talk about them, just to tell people who they are he wanted to engage in in operations or behavior that was being videotaped that forced them to actually be who they are. And that's what he did. He believes that in taking on the left, it's not enough to call attention to him and act outraged and try to get other people mad about it. What you have to do is to get them to act out who they are because they hide who they are.


James O'Keefe, maybe a good description. A good analogy would be to compare him to the special forces of the conservative movement, infiltrating enemy lines and becoming amongst them and getting them on videotape, being who they are. Therefore, no explanation is required. It isn't necessary to warn people and tell people, for example, what ACORN is. O'Keefe made them show everybody what they do and who they are, what they're really all about. O'Keefe is doing the kind of things that if anybody can maybe change journalism, it's a big if.


But if anybody can do it, he could. By the way, this is on the heels of this latest O'Keefe Project Veritas victory over the times.


No, it isn't a let me repeat this this assertion from David Harsanyi. And again, the piece is it National Review Online, the title. The premise is Destroy the Public Education System. It's an advocacy piece for doing that. State run schools, i.e. the public school system, have undercut two fundamental conditions of a healthy, tolerant society. First, they've created millions of civic illiterates who are disconnected from long held communal values and national identity. Bingo civic illiterates means that they've not been taught the founding.


They've not been taught the greatness of the founding fathers. They've not been taught a single thing about the truth of the founding and the existence, the greatness, the decency of the United States of America.


They are illiterate on it, yet they think they've been told the truth. They have been taught that America is the home of racism. Then it was founded in slavery and racism and bigotry, that it is the home of white supremacy and that it must be torn down. That's what they've been taught. It's illiteracy, they've been taught it, and now they're out there as they've grown up and become adults, programmed almost like Stepford kids to act on it.


Genuine mind numbed robots who think that they are supremely educated. So they've created millions of civic illiterates disconnected from long held community values and national identity. And second, they have exacerbated the very inequalities that trigger the tearing apart of a culture. They've exacerbated the very inequalities rather than be taught. As I said yesterday, you know what the greatest assault on slavery in the world has been? The United States Constitution. What do you mean, Rush? The Constitution was written when there was slavery.


Constitution provided the road map for getting rid of it. Very simple. Establishes the premise at the individual citizen has primacy over the government and that everybody is equal, everybody is equal. The United States, as long as there was slavery, was not meeting its promise. The Constitution provided the route to ending slavery at the same time. The opportunity to be true and devoted to the Constitution and the Constitution not been written, had it not, did it not stand for what it stands for, there would not have been a legal premise for ending slavery and a legal premise for the Civil War and so forth.


Now, I realize this assertion is just going to enrage people who have been taught that the Constitution enshrines slavery, constitution enshrines white supremacy. Nothing could be further from the truth. And we're 50 years behind now, two generations in having this message, having this something be taught. If you are interested in ferreting out systemic racism, go to a big city public school system. No institution has fought harder to preserve segregated communities than the average teachers union. And I don't mean only in the schools systemic racism.


That's what they want you to believe the United States is. It was founded with slavery, systemic racism, systemic racism is found in any institution, including a big city public school system, where segregation is sort, where it is achieved, where it is maintained. And segregation is the order of the day now by orders of the radical left, prosperous Americans already enjoy school choice. If you're doing OK financially, you have access to school choice, not merely because prosperous Americans can afford private schools.


Anybody who has ever tried to buy a suburban home in a major metro area can tell you how acutely school districts influence home prices. Many middle class and working class families are priced out of areas with good schools because of inflated home values and high property taxes. And you think that's an accident? It isn't it? It's a way to keep certain people out. It's a way to further segregation by making really attractive, decent places unaffordable for the people you don't want living nearby.


And I'm telling you who's doing this. White liberals with their plantation mentality, families who might otherwise choose to live in more diverse areas are kept out. Because of failing schools and a failing school, by the way, is you can't change it, a failing school is itself a weapon. A failing school is itself useful to the segregationists. It provides the only option for many Americans are being artificially priced out of neighborhoods and schools they would prefer to send their kids to.


Even in cities where there is limited choice, most poor parents who are typically black or Hispanic, are compelled to send their kids to inferior schools. And if you're going to be compelled to send your kid to an inferior school, there better be an inferior school around. They have to keep up these inferior schools. They have to prop them up so as to send people somewhere. If you're not going to let them move where they want to move, if you're not going to let them live, where they want to live, if you let me go to the school they want to go to, you got to have some place for them to go.


More than a decade ago, as Mr. Harsanyi right here, more than a decade ago, I sat in a Denver auditorium with a single Hispanic mother who was quite literally praying that her kids number would be picked in a charter school lottery. The mother wept as her number was passed over, not because she was a partisan reactionary. She didn't care about politics. It was because she knew her son would now be forced to attend a subpar and unsafe high school, rather than one specifically designed to help first generation kids assimilate.


You know who loves charter schools? You know who loves school choice? It's African-Americans and other minorities. And guess who opposes all of that? You're damn right. Their political party, the Democrat Party, the party looking out for them. The party's going to protect them against all these evil white devils practicing racial primacy, systemic racism and all that stuff. It's the Democrat Party that is denying upward mobility, opportunity in everything, including education, Harsanyi rights.


It was a heartbreaking scene and it's only gotten worse. Colorado has since become a blue state. The Democrats have killed or obstructed numerous school choice initiatives once supported by moderates in their party in Denver, school systems have helped solidify segregated communities, and the achievement gap between white and minority students is one of the worst in the country.


Under Democrat control, segregation has been maintained. Performance among poor minorities is getting worse because they are going to inferior schools, which are being kept open on purpose. It is a crime and this is where I believe it wants about losing the country. And it's not final yet, of course. But this is where we've lost so much ground is in the education.


A lot of people. That's the media rush. We have to control the media right now. The media is a crucial element of it, too. I know, but education largely dominates. Thank you, Ross. Well, well, well, live radio, everybody in the great, we have some technical difficulties in our connections from New York and throughout the country. We apologize, but thankfully, we had rush clips and so there was really no time lost.


This is the beauty. This is the beauty of what we're doing. And remembering Rush and guiding you through this. Even in the midst of technical difficulty, it's still the fastest three hours in radio when you're listening to Rush by M.J., AM is back at it. We have patched up the problem on my on my side or on their side or wherever the problem was. We'll get it fixed and we will continue on. And I will tell you, as I was saying before we got disconnected, this project, Project Veritas ruling, is going to be key in stopping the canceled culture, because as I was saying, what the media have perfected, what big cat has perfected, what the culture has perfected is this notion that only their opinion is truth.


By definition, opinions aren't truth. They're not they're not fiction. That remains to be seen. That's why they call them opinions. But what the left has done is said, well, your opinion on climate change disagrees with my opinion. Therefore, you're spreading disinformation, therefore will cancel you. And this ruling in front of the New York Supreme Court says, no, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. The New York Times does not have carte blanche to go label a Project Veritas video showing ballot harvesting in Illinois, Omar's district and say, oh, that's disinformation.


They may disagree with it, but they not may not label what differences of opinion used to be, has this information and then censor it. And that's what their goal is. Superstates. Socialism cannot survive without censorship. That's what they're trying to do. And that's why this ruling is so important.


We'll be back to wrap it up on remembering Rush on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.


OK, wrapping things up and remembering Rush for this edition. Stay tuned right here for another edition of Remembering Russia with a new guy tomorrow and throughout the week. I just want to remind everybody that this program is going nowhere. You don't have a host like Rush Limbaugh on the air for 30 plus years talking about the issues of the day that that doesn't have an impact and is worth remembering not only out of respect, but the salient points he's made, as you heard throughout today's program, apply directly, directly to today's problems.


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