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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It's an incredible honor to be with you this week on the EIB Network on today, the day the Lord has made and these times in which God has decided we will live with all of the inherent and unique responsibilities.


It's 888 to 202 if you want to join us. Speaking of God, I just had this image of rush in heaven, just enjoying life, just enjoying watching his accuracy rate as tracked by the Sullivan group go up as he's in heaven. And nearly everything he predicted the Democrats would do, they're doing, including this insane border crisis. And if you feel ever in your gut that you feel uneasy or you feel like it, does anyone else feel like folks are trying to make me crazy?


Or you ever have that unsettled feeling as you watched the news that let me see if I can boil this down for everybody. Yes. You're watching a flipping of American society. You are watching that. You're watching an attempt at a cultural revolution. Before I passed on, Rush said we're in a death struggle with communism.


These things are true. And you're also watching a country that is about five percent of the world's population that is taking in about 20 percent of the world's displaced peoples. You're watching pressure being put on the world's lifeboat. And eventually lifeboats can fill up. You're also watching something else, you're watching people fleeing broken lifeboats, their countries. And in America, you're watching Joe Biden's dementia by way of Barack Obama's teleprompter, installing the same sorts of broken systems that broke the lifeboats from which these people are fleeing.


So these things are happening, and part of our responsibility is to be the people who speak truth to others.


And we've been talking a lot about that on my program in Seattle and want to talk about that here today. Rush did that for us. And it's our job now to carry that on the border crisis with Democrats. There's two Democrats who are distributing photos inside, you know, where these kids are being stored. And keep in mind that the coyotes that are bringing these kids over the border, they're well aware of the fact that as Americans rush down to deal with that, Biden is asking federal employees to volunteer to deal with that.


They're well aware of the fact that that takes our focus off of drug trafficking. Because we can only we only have so many resources, they know this this is strategic for them and border sheriffs will tell you that they'll keep this in mind as well, that as the drugs pour into the country in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and Portland and Seattle, the cartels have set up shop quite gleefully because these things are now legal. There are legalized.


So as all this is happening, those things are happening side by side, so if you have a sense that there are people in the foreign countries of Portland and Seattle and San Francisco who want the system to fold, there are those people do exist. The human equation of looking at these kids who've come here illegally stored, you know, side by side with these these reflective blankets compared to the time under Trump, its stark kids were sitting up and watching big screen TVs.


Now they're just packed into these oh, we wouldn't call them cages because they're Biden's cages.


Right. But there's another equation here that is not it's not being focused upon, and that is the displacement effect. I've heard African-Americans say, hey, for each illegal immigrant who's converted to a voter that dilutes the votes of African-Americans, that's true.


And the Democrats do want to convert these these folks to voters. We know that from my neck of the woods, which is a foreign country now, Seattle is a foreign country. Truly is. There's a place called Renton, Washington. It's southeast of Seattle. There is a home there for I think it's six years some some adults have cared for foster kids. They've fostered children in this home.


Not anymore. Not any more. Those kids are being moved out. Right. You want to know why? Well, listen to this. This gives you an idea of the degree to which society is being flipped. Listen to Representative Michele Caulder talk about why American foster kids are being tossed out of a home to make room for illegal immigrants who are minors.


They tend to chase the dollars. So there's a reason as to why they're choosing to go with the unaccompanied minors and choosing to change their program.


Michele is great fighter for freedom in Washington state, and she herself is a former foster child. American kids. In the traumatic circumstance of being foster children being tossed. So kids who came here illegally, maybe of their own will or maybe not can be installed. That's a human equation that's going on, and if it's going on in Renton, Washington, it's going on around the country. On Fox News, well, from Fox News, Chris Wallace, who from time to time is seems to just be folding to the left sometimes he actually has great questions.


This is Chris Wallace talking to Circle Back Soki. I call Jen Psaki Circle Back. Sometimes she says, oh, I can't tell you. I need to circle back. In other words, I'm never going to tell you. So Chris Wallace asks Soki, the only way we know how bad conditions are for some 5000 miners in Border Patrol facilities, it's because of the pictures that members of Congress released on their own. Why not allow reporters and camera crews in on a pool basis safely to take pictures and show the American people what's happening in those border facilities?


Right now, we want to provide access into the Border Patrol facilities. We are mindful of the fact that we are in the middle of a pandemic. We want to keep these kids safe, keep the staff safe. But we are absolutely committed to transparency and providing access to media, to the Border Patrol facilities. And we're working to get that done as soon as we can.


But just to clarify, John, you allowed a camera crew in to see the HHS facilities. What we're talking about here are the Border Patrol facilities, the detention cells. There is a law that let me just finish that they are not allowed to be there for more than 72 hours. Many of them are there for 10 days at this point in terms of allowing access to border patrol facilities for reporters, you are being less transparent than the Trump administration.


First of all, Chris, the Trump administration was turning away kids at the border, sending them back on the treacherous journey, or they were ripping kids from the arms of their parents. We're not doing that. We are committed to allowing cameras into the Border Patrol facilities.


Absolutely. When you were lenient, when you should be firm, eventually you will be cruel, when you should be kind of paraphrasing a Hebrew construction of thought. So the blocking the press from seeing this, it's obvious they're doing that, everybody knows they're doing that. Everybody knows the covid is an excuse. That's that's all clear. We don't need to spend a lot of time on that. What I would rather examine is when we are going to allow these people to flood into the country, they're going to participate unwittingly in destroying the very system that has lifted people from poverty better than any country in history.


I believe, because our Constitution is inspired by God, believe our bill of Rights are inspired by God. I do believe these things. I believe that if we were to go back to limited governance in the way things were designed, we wouldn't have these problems. But you look at the reverse to that. There is the flipping of society. The kids who are being rushed into this country are going to unwittingly sink this lifeboat if we don't get control of this.


So when you're lenient, when you should be firm, eventually you're going to be cruel, when you should be kind. You see kids being tossed from foster homes. Because of this allowance, which is political to the Democrats, it's future votes, it's walking around money. Washington State, as one example, has an extra congressional seat because of illegal immigrants, because we're not allowed to count them in the census. This has nothing to do with compassion on the Democrat side, even in the short term now, I think that the Democrats who are distributing these photos, I think their hearts are breaking.


I trust they're breaking. And it's going to lead to Biden's dementia by way of Obama's teleprompter, being able to say, we've got no choice, we need to pay six thousand dollars per person for hotel rooms, they're doing that.


They're converting hotel rooms to hold people, and when that happens, why wouldn't you put a call to your family and say, look, I can't believe this, I'm in an Embassy Suites. This is where they've put us up. And what's that thing about the goose that lays the golden egg? Do you turn it into a stew? Do you take the goose that lays the golden egg and and turn it into a stew, you don't. And yet look.


Of course, as always, Rush was on top of all of this. Listen to this. This is Rush Limbaugh using Obama's own words to quickly dispense the Democrats claims of compassion in immigration when they're really just seeking control.


I want to give you an example of how the media even pointing this out. This isn't going to change a thing. This is Obama, December 15th, 2005. Senator Barack Obama joint press conference. Senator Mel Martinez, Florida Republican, they were talking about immigration reform legislation.


We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked. We need a guest worker program to replace the flood of illegals. People will point to the last amnesty program that exists that's not here.


Here's Obama using the word flood. Here's Obama stating and he's not alone. Every Democrat before Trump became president had one time or another spoken of illegal immigration the way we consistently do. They used to speak that way, too, when it was politically opportunistic for them to do so. Now they have abandoned that.


You can't even count on these people to be serious and the things they say because everything is political to them as events unfold and they watch what they can do with them, the Democrats pounce.


And Mitt always accuses us of pouncing. They pounced on the covid flu and look what they've done. Look what they did to the election. They're looking at the border crisis and they're looking at what they can do. They can merchandise this compassion that we all have in our hearts for kids. All of us do. Then they can merchandise it into hotel rooms, which will draw more kids and they can participate, some of them, in in taking the the goose that laid the golden egg for the world and putting it in a stew pot will come back on the Rush Limbaugh program and examine gun control.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network. Coming up, the battle for your freedom machines. I consider cars and motorcycles, freedom machines. And I don't you know, I don't think that's an overstatement. There is a battle forthcoming that may be the defining battle that we have to to fight to maintain our personal autonomy. And they're pretending it's being floated. But it's I will tell you, the decision has been made. When we talk about being truth tellers, it's easy to get depressed.


It is. I want to give you just one request, one example. Don't don't don't give in to that. Go to Rush Limbaugh dotcom, which is still incredibly alive and well, you'll have links from myself and the other guide hosts on EIB, for instance, the story I just shared about foster kids, American foster kids being tossed from a home to make room for illegal immigrant children. It's something you can merchandise to your friends. They must be woken from their slumber.


They must be. Likewise, the the Bidens dementia by way of Obama's teleprompter. Is announcing that they intend to pursue gun control, but but for real this time, for real this time. And in announcing that we also have to be the truth tellers. And that is that we need to be able to be the people who say we're not giving up our guns. Sorry, we're not. Rush explained the tactic the left uses to before Republicans debates over the freedoms of self-defense.


We've got to do something now.


I'll tell you this about this whole gun control business. This overwhelming urge to do something, we've got to do something there isn't anything legislation can do. That's going to prevent these shootings from happening, we go through the list of things that is at the root of this and there are many of them leading to our cultural divide. There's nothing the left wants when it comes to guns that's going to be good for us, even this red flag. If you give them the opportunity.


By virtue of a new law to take away somebody's gun, that's just the beginning, that's all they want, give them a red flag law where they can go identify some nutcase and take his gun away from him. And they are going to be throwing a party that night because they know that next year they can ask for more people's guns to be given up and then after that, more people guns. And before long, they're going to have every gun from every law abiding citizen taken away from them.


That's what they do not give the Democrats a thing on this. There's nothing to be gained by giving the Democrats a thing on anything to do with gun control or guns, period. Because of what we know their ultimate objective is their ultimate objective is to embrace the Second Amendment. And there's no compromise with that. None, zip, zero, nada. This overwhelming need to do something, and I understand it for I really do. These are tragedies that happen and we think that they've got to be a way to stop this.


There's got to be a way to prevent this. And somebody in power needs to do something. So what happens? Politicians hear this and they come up with something to do that will not make one iota's worth of difference, but they'll be able to say they did something. And then everybody will be happy. OK, we've done something when not a thing will have been done about it because we're not even serious about finding out why one of these events happens.


And immediately, because of the demands of the left, we have to get drawn into a subject of guns. And when you say something sensible, something that is irrefutable, guns don't kill people, people do, they mock you and laugh at you and claim that you're not serious, that you're just uttering a cliche. It's kind of like abstinence works every time it's tried. When it comes to preventing pregnancy, it hasn't failed yet. Abstinence works every day.


If you don't want to get pregnant, don't do it.


But to say that is simplistic and it's not realistic and it's cliched. So we can't even be semi serious when talking about guns. We have to do something. We've got to do something. And it overcomes everybody, it overcomes Republican presidents and overcomes Republican members of the Congress, we've got to do something. Doesn't mean we got to I mean, we've got to show the American people that we're doing something. And whatever that something is, we got to do it.


Now, the left has a specific objective. When you start talking about doing things they want.


We've got background checks out the wazoo, the drive by media doesn't seem to know that we already have very stringent universal background checks for guns.


And I can give you even greater examples, the kid that shot up the school of Parkland, Florida, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas School, this kid was identified, however many number of times.


As a potential threat, he was identified, if we had a red flag law, they could have gotten the guy off the street, but we already had something like red flag laws. We had ways to apprehend the kid and put him behind bars. There were laws on the books. He was identified a bunch of times before he actually stormed into the school. When he finally did it, it was not a surprise to anybody. We've already got the mechanisms in place to do a lot more than we're doing.


We just can't do them because of political correctness or other government policies. We've got background checks out the wazoo. And when you hear these drive by media people on TV talking about the need for increased background checks, let me say what they really want, folks. They want just one thing, it could be the tiniest thing in the world when they talk about background checks, what they really want is some way to go get somebody's gun.


Who already has one? And think of this, what Rush said, a comparison, do something. That event in the high school in Florida that was foreseeable some 40 times, the police went to that young man's house. Now, I happen to think that young man was was pleading for help. Someone put a limit on me. I'm dying over here. And he went and murdered people. So I certainly don't absolve him of that. He needs to be in prison for the rest of his life, if not more.


But every weekend in our cities, increasingly in cities, there are shootings, we know roughly who's going to shoot whom, maybe not the people, but the teams, the gangs. We know roughly the turf over which they're fighting. We know that in cities like Portland and San Francisco and Los Angeles and Seattle, the cartels have set up shop. We know that they are arguing and fighting, in fact, over drug turf. That's foreseeable. In these liberal cities time and again.


Gangsters who are caught with weapons they're not to have because they're felons are let go. The comparison between what the Democrats are doing, where there's known violence, it's going to occur versus what they're trying to do when there's no violence coming, that is the guns in your safe at home. This is something else that we need to do as truth tellers. We need to tell our friends, our liberal friends, if this is your position, we need to tell them we're not.


Going to turn our guns in, because I'll tell you something, 92 percent of American guns simply are not taught him. And your guidance today on the EIB Network.


There is a proposal that they're pretending to float from the White House. I say pretending because we watched this happen in the separate country of origin and the separate country of Seattle and King County. We've watched this happen in a different way, in the center of the center of the statist universe, Washington, D.C., in the Beltway, they're floating this idea of a per mile charge to fund what they pretend is an infrastructure bill, which is a big spending bill, as Rush will explain here in a moment.


Now, think about this, is the gas tax a per mile charge? You move your car, it sucks in gas. When you refill, you've paid for the miles you've driven. It is a per mile charge. This has nothing to do with revenue. This has to do with another societal flip. In the separate country of origin, in the country of Seattle, it's taking over Washington State, they are moving GPS units into people's cars first by blackmail.


Secondly, it will be by force. And what they're doing is applying variable pricing to your drive. And this is what they will do. They've done this with toll lanes, Washington, D.C. It can cost you 47 bucks each way to work. So nearly a hundred dollars per day to go to work. Or you can give up your personal autonomy and sit in a choo choo train.


Or bus. And for people who live in the rural areas, this is a death knell. Because they can crank up the prices until you can't afford it. So they say it's a new pricing mechanism, but it's not because the gas taxes that. This is a tracking mechanism because the GPS units they've used in Washington State do some other things, like they can alert your insurance company that a computer determined you aggressively bright the computer doesn't know why you did that.


Or that you swerved? Well, the computer doesn't know why you did that. But it has something else they can decide that, you know what, we don't like people driving at this time of day. So we're going to take you wake up in the morning, you get in your car and it says to you, hey, oh, I see that you would like to drive from you'd like to drive from, let's say, Austin's outer limits into downtown Austin, Texas.


Congratulations. That's going to be 100 bucks. And this is how they want to seize control of this thing that annoys them, these freedom machines, now, before the technology existed, the GPS technology existed to blackmail people into moving into the city states. I said city states are giving up their two and four wheel, you know, freedom machines. Rush pointed out that the Democrats, especially Obama, wanted higher gas prices to force so-called green energy upon us.


15 stories. Negative stories blaming Bush for the gasoline price rise 2007 2008. One story on Obama for every 15 Bush stories. So the question becomes, will the media, ignoring the rise in gas prices, be able to keep that from becoming a major factor in people's minds? Over the economy and Obama's role in it, they know their buddies in the media are not going to harp on that. But rising gas prices are real, nevertheless, whether the media is telling us every day how high it's going and whether the media does stories on the pain and suffering, you remember during the Bush years, we get all kinds of stories about the pain and suffering.


And people couldn't go visit family and and single parents couldn't see their kids divorced parents because of the high price of gasoline, all the ancillary effects of the leisure industry, all of the destruction brought about by rising gas prices.


We're not going to get that. With Obama in the White House, but will it matter? Because the public's going to feel it. And no way you can tell them it's not happening, you can ignore that it's happening if you're the media, but there's no way you can tell people it isn't happening because four dollars was the tipping point. Four dollars a gallon and people went and by the way, in order to get four bucks a gallon, the oil price was around one hundred and forty seven dollars a barrel.


Remember, the president's on record as saying he didn't mind four dollars a gallon. He just was a little disturbed about how quickly it got there.


But for the regime, four bucks are higher.


That's exactly what they want. Don't doubt me on this, folks, he has wanted this, and if you're going to doubt me simply because you've been told, you know, you're listening here for the first or second time and you've already got me figured out, you've been told that everything here is a lie and it's all made up and all that. If you ever doubt me when I claim that Obama's very happy with rising oil and energy prices, then simply examine what he said.


What is it that he wants? What is he what is his nirvana? Green energy. He hates the coal business. Here it is from June the 10th of 2008. CNBC, your money, your vote, the chief Washington shill, John Harwood.


Yes, I said, Schill, this guy supposedly works in the media when you heard a question, is interviewing Senator Barack Obama as pronounced by Gadhafi and the chief Washington shill, CNBC, John Harwood says to Obama, could the high prices help us President Bush? Could the could the low unemployment numbers help us? What is this, Senator Obama, could the high prices of oil, gasoline, could the high prices help us? That was it, Sushil.


And here's here's what the Bassmaster had to say. I think that I would have preferred a gradual adjustment. The fact that this is such a shock to American pocketbooks is not a good thing. But if we take some steps right now to help people make the adjustment, first of all, by putting more money into their pockets, but also by encouraging the market to adapt to these new circumstances more quickly, particularly U.S. automakers, I would have preferred a gradual increase in prices.


I don't mind the high price of the high, but I don't mind the high price of oil.


I just think we've got a little bit too quickly. But it actually could help us more. Help us move in to this over time, right? They intend to go from what Obama was seeking into GPS units in our cars, and it is up to us to point out to our friends, we already have a per mile charge if you want a solution, and we want to pay for infrastructure based upon usage. I used to radio with a guy named Mike Lewis, who's a hardcore liberal.


He had an idea, tax the tires. Then you do away with the electric car waiver, right, because they're going to say it's about the electric cars. This is to not be tracked everywhere we drive and to not have this graduated pricing of aree drive. This is a battle for times because we're all serious about money. And speaking of that, families are likely to spend about 300 bucks a month on cell phone bills unless you have pure torque and then it might be half that.


That's because pure torque offers you unlimited talk. Text six gigs of data for thirty dollars per phone. No rush broke this down and made it very simple to understand.


Hey, folks, you know, you can spend all kinds of time deliberating what kind of cell phone you want to own, what kind of cell phone you want to use. But you might spend 10 percent of that time deciding on your cell phone carrier if that much and maybe you spend more than 10 percent. But really, there are options out there you may not know about. Cell phone service has become expensive. You know, I remember back in the days of flip phones, this is before 2007, before the iPhone was invented.


The theory was that your service was going to be given to you. And as long as you paid for the phone, that's the way the experts thought the trend line was that the service is going to be pretty much free, but you got to pay for the phone. Now, that's turned upside down. Now the phone costs a pretty penny, as does service. Cell phone service has become expensive. The big brand name carriers charge a lot because, well, they can.


So there's another company out there that we want to suggest you look into call pure talk because their focus is on providing you the best cell phone coverage and service for about half of the price of the big brand names and cellular service. Pure talk gives you excellent coverage. It uses the same cell towers as one of the biggest brands. You get unlimited talk, unlimited text, six gigs of data for about thirty dollars a month.


That's on the same tower that you're probably using now, same towers. And if you go over on your data usage, pure talk is not going to charge you for it. Switch to pure talk, keep your phone number just as it is. Pure talk will help you make that an easy switch from your cell phone. Just dial Paon to 250 and then say Paltalk pound 250 and say pure torque and you'll say 50 percent off your first month. That is pound 250 and say pure torque.


You'll have the option to receive a one time auto dial text message from something to look at.


It's Tadamon. Your guide hosts this week on the EIB Network. One other lesson from the separate countries of Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles and other liberal cities is legalizing pot and taxing it. OK, you get the money, you know you don't get you do not get a decrease in the activity of cartels. You know, what they do is they go break into the stores that have to pay tax on the weed and then they use their sales cycles to sell it and graduate people up into heroin and rush up.


The young man in Florida learn that to political people, everything is political, even issues young people connect to connect to liberty like we met in Jacksonville.


You basically just want medical marijuana. You want to know why it is a liberal issue. You want to why there's politics attached to it at all.


Is that your question? Well, I'm a millennial. I'm twenty six years old. I was passing all the time. Every time. It's an issue about social issues. It's like, you know, the conservatives, you know, all these talking heads, it's, oh, medical marijuana. Why is it such an issue? It's more than just medical marijuana. It's about liberty. It's about liberty to do what I want to do. As long as I don't affect anybody else, it can be controlled, you know.


Eighteen years old, if you're caught with it before eighteen and you know all that, just like cigarettes. Eighteen years old, you make your own decision.


No, I'm going to answer your question for you for in the first place. Matt, learn something please. Everything is political to political people. Every every everything is the reason medical marijuana is not. Medical marijuana is seen as simply a ruse to be able to get marijuana, period. Now, if you'll notice, nobody ever mentions how having marijuana on the ballot in a lot of states in 2012 helped drive the millennial turnout, but it did. Having medical marijuana or marijuana period on the ballot in 2012 really ratcheted up the turnout of people your age to people in politics.


That's politics. There's a political reason why you showed up. Therefore, there is a political appeal they think will resonate with you. Now to you, if you're being honest, you just want the freedom and liberty. If you need some marijuana for medical reason or whatever, you should be able to get it at your life, at your body.


You're not hurting anybody because I'm free. I'm a free citizen. What I put in my body, I don't like drug dealers dealing with kids. Yeah, that that, you know, when you get rid of the criminal element and it's been proven when you get rid of the criminal element, it's not like a big issue. My point is, is it's my choice whether I do it and that. But keep in mind, this goes beyond just medical marijuana is the biggest issue right now.


OK, what about if you liked heroin instead of marijuana, would you have the same attitude about it? And that becomes the debate and there's debate, I don't agree with it, but I believe someone should be at liberty to make their own choice. And that's why you're a libertarian liberty to make your own choice without government intervention.


Right. I understand that it's an age old argument and it often delves into the role of public morality.


And the most common refute or refutation to your argument would be. But it's not just affecting you meant by you're using this drug. It's affecting your employer if you have one, because it's going to impact your performance. This is what they say. It's going to impact your family. You don't do anything in a vacuum. Nobody does. And whereas you may think it's a totally personal choice, it has no effect on anybody else, public morality says otherwise.


But regardless whether that is something you believe or not, if the government realizes that there's money in it via regulation, then they'll turn it as political as they necessary to get the money out of it. And if they see that the primary constituency group that wants this is young people, then Vamo, they're going to really politicize that. They're going to turn it into an issue to make you a voter. If they determine that's all you care about, then there's going to be a political party come along to make you think that's all they care about you getting your marijuana and they'll promise you and they'll do whatever they can to get you to turn out and vote.


Everything becomes political in that regard. Bottom line is that people who sell marijuana legally, the government's going to make more money off of them in taxes and they're going to make selling the product to customers. Drug war era law gives the government the right to tax it at 80. The profits of the sale of it, 80 to 90 percent. And if you want to know why there are efforts to legalize it, that's all you need to know. It's not about you exercising your freedom.


It's not that people want you to be able to get it, Matt. It's not that people want you to get medical treatment. That's all a bunch of B.S. They're looking at it as a source of new revenue because we're out of money. And they're going to exploit you and everybody like you as best they can. So now we're not talking about just medical marijuana in these states, it's on the ballot.


This is recreational because the federal government, the IRS is looking at a tax rate of 80 to 90 percent on it, on the profits in legal marijuana stores. Follow the money that particularly in politics and practically every question you have will be answered.


Follow the money and follow the liberty. So we're keeping track. New York State now wants to legalize pot. It's been legalized in the separate country of Washington State, the same areas that are championing a covid pass.


Yes, a covered passport in New York in order to enter a store. They want guns taken away. They want us tracked in our cars and blackmail pricing applied to our movement. You noticed a commonality with the modern Democrat that which builds up life or sustains freedom is to be attacked.


That which does the opposite is to be foster. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


You are watching a flipping of society. We talked about that in radio speak at the top of this hour, that American kids being tossed out of foster homes to make way for illegal immigrants. The guns of the law abiding being targeted were there were scenes like in Louisville, Kentucky, where there was actual open warfare in the streets, no talk of gun control. Then we're watching a flipping of society as the left intends to track us every mile we drive and to and to charge us for every inch we drive at varying rates until such time as it breaks people's back and they can't drive anymore.


We have not lost our ability to point these things out to our friends.


For instance, if you're having lunch with a liberal friend, if you still have liberal friends and you can say to them, I wonder how much that would cost in variable pricing to get here, you go by homeless encampments. You can say why this? More money begets more homelessness. You can ask your friends, when was the last time you saw one of my firearms? We must wake people from their slumber. Now, next hour, Rush predicted what Jeff Bezos would do with The Washington Post.


But I wonder, did we just get an admission that Barack Obama speaks through Joe Biden to him in a in a in a earpiece, which is get that admission, let's figure that out together.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


What an honor this is to be on this radio show. As I think about our beloved rush in heaven, watching his accuracy rating go up, I'm also just I find myself imagining the conversations he has and how thrilling it is for him to experience that even as we continue to miss our friend. It is the day the Lord has made and these are the times God's decided will live in. I heard a friend say, if you trust God more, he can trust you more.


He trusts us in these times and amongst the responsibilities we have is to speak truth. Another is to trust our innate skepticism and our innate intelligence. We were we were granted these things and the modern left was doing everything they can to stomp sin, you know, a skepticism out of people's minds and stomping it in ways that are that are obvious. Pretending men or women are pretending that WOAK masks.


You can smell seafood through the WOAK mask, but you certainly can't get the colvert through the walk mask or the the one point nine trillion dollar spending fest's is a recovery bill or law.


It's not in every way they try to beat out of us our innate knowledge or use of it or trust in it. But the things that we see a real. Let me give you an example of this. The Daily Caller reports that Joe Biden is in regular contact with Obama on a range of issues. This is according to Jen Circle back Soki. I remember and I will never forget, because it was it wasn't funny to me, it was it was horribly sad, but it was just chilling.


Watching Joe Biden walk, escorted, escorted by, steered, it looked to me by his wife into a building. This is when he first started to live behind the militarized apparatus that is now Washington, D.C., militarized for theater. And he walked by the Marines, this is stuck in my mind because it was so horrifying and Biden says salute Marines like there was someone talking in earpiece in his ear.


Now, I have no proof that there's an earpiece in his ear. But I have proof that his term. This term is an extension of Barack Obama's term. I can see that look at the patterns, Obamacare. Was a grab for power, it was also a payoff to big hospital unions. It was a payoff to big pharma companies. It was a massive set of bribes and payoffs. But the ultimate goal for the left was to seize control over our health care, the delivery of it, the pricing of it, what you will pay for, what you will not pay for.


I describe Obamacare as being forced to purchase products from coming from companies you don't like, at prices you cannot afford for services you do not need. It's a great business model. Now, look at the response to the covid flu, sars-cov-2 is a real thing, it's an upper respiratory virus. The response to it has been outsized and deadly, and it will prove to be more deadly than the covid flu itself. And yet we have people like Harry Lippman, the Los Angeles Times legal affairs correspondent, who just said on Twitter about vaccine passports or vaccine passports are a good idea.


Among other things, it will single out the still large contingent of people who refuse vaccines, who will be foreclosed from doing a lot of things their peers can do that should really help break the resistance down. FYI, if people have to be threatened into an MRI, any injection which the Moderna and Pfizer paperwork makes clear doesn't give you immunity.


Maybe you should use your skepticism and choose another path to protecting yourself. I have a policy against being threatened into injecting stuff into my body. Now, the coverage on this has been unbelievably skewed so much that none of than Naomi Wolf, a leftist in good standing. She was the woman, as I recall, who was brought to the Gore campaign to attempt to make Gore an alpha male.


Do you remember that the Rolling Stone did that airbrushed cover of him to make his man region stand out?


More so, so to speak. She even agrees that organizations like The Washington Post have, in her words, have become corrupt and as evidenced by their non coverage over the comment. And we expected this with The Washington Post.


Right now, Rush saw this Rush admired other people with great minds, and here he uses Victor David, Victor Davis Hanson in his work to destroy Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post pretense that in this case, mail in ballots are safe and secure. And to explain from hense fascism in America actually flow. Oh, about Victor Davis Hanson has a piece published entitled The After Trump Era Begins. I just want to share with you some Poquoson. Mr. Hanson is especially brilliant in predicting and tapping into the makeup and direction of the American culture as dictated by the American political climate at any given time.


And he points out hypocrisy as well as anybody finds it points it out as well as anybody I've ever seen. Let me give you just a few of his observations here, because he's right on the money and it is. All part of what here is an ongoing effort to continue to inform people and educate them about what we're up against.


Pull, quote, No one speaking of Amazon. Amazon is opposing mail in ballots for its own employees, voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. Now, isn't that interesting? Amazon was all for mail in ballots for the presidential election, all for mail in ballots in the Georgia runoff, all for mail in ballots and any other kind of early voting. Whatever your regular ballots you can, they're all for it except in an election of their own.


Amazon is opposing mail in ballots for its own employees, voting on whether to unionize a warehouse in Alabama. You know why Amazon says they're worried about fraud.


Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. They're worried about fraud. Amazon worried about fraud in their own, you know, election. So they say you people live in Alabama. You punch a cheater, bunch of frauds. They don't trust you at Amazon. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who owns The Washington Post, ridiculed people who were concerned about massive Maylin fraud during the 2012 election. In our brave new world, we will hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the fascism of the commander in chief like we did with Donald Trump.


This is an area, by the way, that I happen to know Victor, and this bugs him as much as I think anything does the behavior of military people and their wanton disregard of the Constitution and their wanton disregard of military ethics. Yeah, he says we'll hear no more retired military officers weighing in on the fascism of the commander in chief.


Yet Biden's unity agenda actually is fascism. I'd better take the time to explain this. So I'm going to put that on the agenda, because there is when they talk about unity, they're being totally honest, but they don't mean it like you think. They don't mean unity where everybody agrees. They mean unity where they are accepted as the majority. You accept them or else? It is the unity of fascism. Anyway, Mr. Hanson says that no longer will we hear military generals, retired military officers compare the recurring violence of antifa or black lives matter to that of Islamic terrorists.


Nope, none will compare Biden, who dismissed antifascism your idea to Mussolini or the Nazis as they did Trump. Any retired officer who smears President Biden will be reminded. That he is violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and he's going to be flogged for it, the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Hollywood, top retired military brass, corporate America, universities, professional sports are all recalibrating the truth for the New Year one, which began on January 20th.


And about a month, they'll have it all down and soon we won't even be able to tell the old reality from the new the after Trump era has begun and you heard Biden basically admit what it is. It's to eliminate every bit of evidence Trump was ever president and to re-establish the Obama administration as being in its third term. That is where we are with, by the way, some added goodies. The Obama administration serving as the Biden administration is now free to be even more radical left wing in their own minds.


That's where we are, folks.


It is where we're at and the grab for guns that they're announcing that I almost said Obama because it's more true. Biden's dementia is thinking of doing this, the tracking you per mile that you drive. That's a good thing. God trust us to be in this time because we've got a lot of battles to fight for me. There's there's two very significant ones I want to spend a little time on that. We also need to get to the phones at 800 to eight to 202.


That is the alleged need for a vaccine, passports, which won't just be for this injection. It's going to be for many more if people allow this around their necks. I'm not going to participate in that because I have no problem not going to concerts or movies. No problem with that, spending more time in my community versus going out and giving money to organizations that don't like us. Anyway, we'll talk about where that starting, how it's going to work, and we'll get to your phone calls.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


I just learned something really cool about Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. It used to be that only US subscribers like me could watch Rush do the program on video. There's a whole bunch of video of Rush doing the program. It's so cool to watch. And it's one thing as a radio guy to watch and say, gosh, he was so relaxed. It's another thing as a fan to see him do the program. It's really, really interesting. I want to get to phone calls, this segment.


I also want to just point something out. Let's just keep track of the Democrats theory, if it promotes freedom or it promotes self-sustaining lifestyles. It is to be attacked if it constricts freedom or forces you to hook up with corporate entities, all of the China model forcing people to purchase products they don't want from companies they don't need at prices they cannot afford. It is to be fostered. If it destroys the nuclear family, it is to be fostered.


This is the Cultural Revolution we're in. In fact, Rush addressed that last hour, these these vaccine passports. Let me just toss up just a few facts on on why I will not participate in this. And we've already prepared myself mentally that I'm probably not going to be allowed on airplanes or to concerts. I'm already just I'm preparing myself mentally for that. And I'm discovering that. Oh, wait. So I spend more time at home with my family reading books at my church.


Wow. I guess I'm the big winner. The viruses are ninety nine point eight seven percent overall survival rate, if you remove the people who are elderly, who are the average age of death from covid is 82, the the survivability rate is more like ninety nine point nine percent.


Then there's this. If you think you had the covid flu or you lived with someone who had the covid flu and you you got it in your body, but you didn't get sick, that's called being asymptomatic. In all likelihood. You can't pass that on even while it's in your body. But there's more. The journal Nature has a peer reviewed study that shows that exposure to sars-cov-2, even if you don't get covid-19 develops and activates t cell memory to Geikie phrase, that means your body now knows how to defeat the virus.


And in all likelihood, that and crossover immunity will allow you to defeat the variants.


But. We need vaccine passports. Right. Or you can prove that you're negative. Funny thing. The PCR test they use don't know the difference between you had. The virus. Or you have it. Because of the high cycle rates they use. I will tell you, if you agree to put these vaccine passports on your phone, you are agreeing for a future where you will take injections of whatever they tell you to take into your body. That's that's what you're agreeing to.


So I invite you to think very carefully as to whether you want to do that or not. Let's talk to Dale in Peoria, Illinois. Leading off the program today is the first caller high bar to set. Dale, welcome to Russia show.


It's Todd Hermann filling in. Hi, it's not to be believed that the Biden administration or Biden himself, in his lucid moments, didn't understand exactly what was going to happen when they opened the southern border. It's not to be believed. And therefore, when something doesn't make sense, you look for a hidden agenda. What could the hidden agenda be? Well, the hidden agenda could be that this was all done intentionally to do what? No. One turn Texas blue?


No, to introduce covid covid throughout the United States and a number three, to carry this over to 22 and make 22, an extension of 21 where the country is locked down. There's more covid around and people are fearful. And the Democrats believe that would favor them in the 2002 election. You have presented a a a an exciting trifecta of bad things they would do to us, I think they could manipulate the covid any number of ways through high cycle PCR tests.


But I totally agree that the border crisis is it's absolutely a manufactured crisis. And I think what they want to be able to say is our hand is forced. We've got no choice but to pay 76000 dollars per night to have people in these hotel rooms and and to put them up and to open the border. It's the only compassionate thing where I've pointed out the United States is the lifeboat of the world, five percent of the world's population. We've taken in 20 percent of the world's displaced peoples.


It is a reverse of compassion to sink this lifeboat with people. We just we can't we can't support everybody in the world. So you end up killing the lifeboats. You end up killing places for people to go. It's a great call, Dale. Thank you very, very much. And Dale, actually, he's a great, great way to transfer into this rush had predicted. He said many of us, in fact, predicted this what would happen in the wake of the medically useless, deadly, selective lockdowns?


You know, folks, people have asked me when I play golf with people that can play the game very well, I ask them if it ever gets boring. Hitting the drive straight down the middle all the time, whatever distance, 250 yards. Does it ever get boring?


And they always say no. I would think that it would. But then I am asked the same thing myself. Rush Does it ever get boring being right? Does it ever get boring when your predictions just come true and then come true and then come true? And I'd say, no, it never gets boring. So I kind of understand it. So what did I predict this is and anybody could have predicted this, a lot of people did. So I can't claim 100 percent credit for this.


The idea here that somehow after we open up, everything's going to be hunky dory. It's a pipe dream. People are going to continue to die because the virus is there. People die from other things as well. In this this business of journalism, the media has become so corrupted, it's worse than anything you imagine that it is. You know what people have forgotten, why did we social distance in the first place? Why did we mitigate in the first place?


Why did we stay home? Why did we shut down to flatten the curve, but what was the purpose of flattening the curve? It was not to stop the virus, it was not to get rid of the virus and it was not to slow it down, had nothing to do with anything other than ostensibly preventing an overrun. Of hospital emergency rooms and intensive care units, and now, in fact, you have hospitals that are folding because they fired or furloughed staff that they decided to pretend were nonessential.


And you have people dying from being turned back from medical treatment for things that they decided to pretend were not essential. Things like kidney stones, which, if they get exacerbated, can cause you real problems or gallstones or, gosh, you know what? My left arm keeps getting numb. I wonder what that could be. There were people who died because of that. The teen suicides are through the roof. And one day this story will be told and today it can be told, it's told here and you can tell it and there are choices.


There are choices, Rhonda Santurce, and this comes by way of a woman named Jennifer Cabrera, who does a fantastic job of demystifying a lot of the lies around the responses to the covid. She writes at a place called Rational Ground, which is another great place. Rhonda Santurce has announced that he's going to sign an executive order blocking vaccine passports.


Thank you, governor folks. If you allow yourself to be told you will inject this stuff into your body, you may want it, that's fine. That's you're an adult, make your own decision. But if you are going to be forced to inject something into your veins with a ninety nine point eight, seven percent survival rate as the excuse and this is the passport to engage in life, anybody who puts into this puts up with this just saying, shoot me up with everyone.


Much more to continue. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's phenomenal how this all fits together. Rush and his indelible wisdom and what we're watching today. Joe Biden's dementia caused him to say that the filibuster is it's a Jim Crow idea. We have audio of Obama defending it. We'll get to that. They may try to use the destruction of the filibuster to pass what Lindsey Graham correctly calls the biggest power grab in history, H.R. one, the ridiculously named for the people bill, which is actually for the destruction of the people's will.


This is the so-called voting rights bill.


Now, Rush took the liar's gallery of leftist political thuggery and people who employ that thuggery.


And he displayed for all of us how they will one day scream tyranny about the so-called nuclear option in the Senate of striking down the filibuster. In the next day, they'll call it a normal course of business. All of this is about their obsession with controlling us, in this case through health care. May 24th, 2005. This is what I said about the Democrats and they then described nuclear option. The one thing we know about the Democrats is that they can be trusted to not be trusted, meaning they're not going to abide by any deal when they already refuse to abide by the Constitution and 214 years of history.


This is another thing making deals. These people like making a deal with the old Soviet Union. This is nothing different than those old salt talks will abide by it. They'll break it. Yesterday in Washington, Dingy Harry had a by the way, you know what his campaign slogan is, Dingy Harry. His campaign slogan is, Vote for me or my wife gets beat up by me. Save my wife, vote for me, Harry Reid yesterday he had a press conference during the Q&A, he was asked, is reconciliation the only way you have to get health care through Congress at this point?


My Republican friends are lamenting reconciliation, but I would recommend for them to go back and look at history. They should stop crying about reconciliation as if it's never been done before.


It's done almost every Congress, and they're the ones that used it more than anyone else.


Now it is done for budget bills. It's not done for what they're going to do with health care. Let's go back to April 25th, 2005, National Press Club. At the time, Senator Barack Obama spoke about changing the filibuster rule. This is the Republicans. We're going to use the nuclear option to confirm some of Bush's nominees. Here is a portion of what Obama said. He was ripping the whole process, the process he now is preparing to use to pass his own health care bill, a change in the Senate rules that really, I think, would change the character of the Senate forever.


And what I worry about would be that you essentially have still two chambers, the House and the Senate, but you have simply majoritarian absolute power on either side. And that's just not what the founders intended.


Founders did not intend what Obama himself is now going to do. Hillary Clinton, Senator May 23, 2005, on the Senate floor, spoke about changing the filibuster rule.


So this president has come to the majority here in the Senate and basically said change the rules, do it the way I want it done. And I guess there just weren't very many voices on the other side of the aisle that acted the way previous generations of senators have acted and said, Mr. President, we're with you, we support you. But that's a bridge too far. We can't go there. You have to restrain yourself, Mr. President.


Now, remember, the Democrats wanted at this time to use 60 votes to confirm judges. The Republicans said, no, no, no, no.


The clause doesn't say anything about that. The advise and consent clause have always done simple majority. And here. No, no, no, we want to go 60. The Democrats were saying 51 votes. Why? Why? I mean, that's that's a constitutional crisis. The same thing they're trying to do now with health care they said was going to destroy the country. Here's Chuck Schumer.


We are on the precipice of a crisis, a constitutional crisis. The checks and balances which have been at the core of this republic are about to be evaporated by the nuclear option.


The checks and balances which say that if you get 51 percent of the vote, you don't get your way 100 percent of the time. It is amazing. It's almost a temper tantrum.


And here's Harry Reid, who just yesterday told Republicans to stop crying about reconciliation, a nuclear option.


Mr. President, the right to extended debate is never more important. No one party controls Congress and the White House. In these cases, the filibuster serves as a check on power because there are limited government. You back then.


Remember, we were talking about the tyranny of the majority and how we had to respect the rights of the minority because Bush Republicans had the House and the Republicans had the Senate and the Democrats were blocking all these judicial confirmations. So the very thing that the Democrats are going to do for health care in the Senate, they said, was going to destroy our country.


Here is Dianne Feinstein on the subject.


The nuclear option, if successful, will turn the Senate into a body that could have its rules broken at any time by a majority of senators unhappy with any position taken by the minority. It begins with judicial nominations. Next will be executive appointments and then legislation. Yeah, yeah. The up, as she called it.


Look, it it's not big news. I know, because they're hypocrites every day of the year. But it is just funny to listen to this stuff. It's great to have the stuff on them. Here's Joe Biden. This is even better. May 23, 2005.


This nuclear option is ultimately an example of the arrogance of power.


It is a fundamental power grab, the arrogance of power, a fundamental power grab. Dingy Harry again.


No, we are not going to follow the Senate rules. No, because of the arrogance of power of this Republican administration.


Even Chris Dodd, friend of Angelo VIP, getting real favorable mortgage rates out there from Countrywide, spoke about changing the filibuster rule.


Why have a bicameral legislative body? Why have two chambers? What were the framers thinking about two hundred, eighteen years ago? They understood, Mr. President, the. There is a tyranny of the majority, not great, ramming it down their collective little Democrat throats.


Dianne Feinstein is the Republican leadership insists on forcing the nuclear option. The Senate becomes ipso facto the House of Representatives, where the majority rules supreme and the party in power can dominate and control the agenda with absolute power.


Yeah, exactly like that. Happening now, of course, back then, they call it nuclear option. Today they call it reconciliation. Here's Hillary again.


You've got majority rule and you've got the Senate over here where people can slow things down, where they can debate, where they have something called the filibuster. You know, it seems like it's a little less than efficient. Well, that's right. It is. And deliberately designed to be so. And here's old Joe.


It's Joe Biden messing with Joe. Listen to this.


I say to my friends on the Republican side, you may own the field right now, but you won't own it forever. And I pray, God, when the Democrats take back control, we don't make the kind of naked power grab you are doing.


Oh, it's great.


Joe Biden, you can count on him no matter what day of the week, no matter what year you can count on Joe Biden.


Here's Chuck Schumer.


They want their way every single time and they will change the rules, break the rules, misread the Constitution so that they will get their way. Hillary once again, May twenty third, 2005.


The Senate is being asked to turn itself inside out to ignore the precedent, to ignore the way our system has worked, the delicate balance that we have obtained that has kept this constitutional system going for immediate gratification of the present president.


What the hell is happening now? The immediate gratification of the present president, a freaking monument, and all these Democrats are being asked to die on a sword in order for Obama to get an order on a break. Senate rules in the process, constitutional crisis, a bomb. Here is Max Baucus.


This is the way democracy ends, not with a bang, but with a gavel. Oh, wow.


Democracy was going to end if they did the nuclear option in 2005, if we're going to go to 51 votes to confirm judges.


Oh, and last but not least, sheets bird comparing this to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ for the temporary gain of a handful of out of the mainstream judges, some in the Senate are ready to callously incinerate each senator, each senator, every senator's right of extended debate.


That is what the nuclear option seeks to do. Minorities have an illustrious past full of suffering, torture, smear and even death. Jesus Christ was killed by a majority. Columbus' was smeared. Christians have been tortured.


And of course, the Klan has not been very nice to blacks as sheets bird with no thank you, Mahat.


That was 2011 Rush referencing 2005 history made current today. Speaking of history being made current, your family movies and photographs. It's a project that a bunch of us want to take on, but that means turning those items over to someone you might not trust. But within this audience, hundreds of thousands of family have now come to trust legacy box. That's the company they've used to get this done. And in the process, proven legacy box can be trusted to carefully, digitally transfer every item and safely return them to you rushing.


The EIB Network team relied on them many times over and he talked about legacy box.


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They send it back to you and then you've got it all. And it's in modern day formats that you can see all of it on and you can duplicate it, copy and organize it however you to give it away to people. It's a it's a greatest way in the world to bring back to life all of that old video and photo stuff that people in your family haven't seen in decades in some cases start the process today. Legacy box, dot com, slash rush, you will say 50 percent off their regular price, its legacy box dot com slash rush.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network, that that last segment was just phenomenal to show that Russia's wisdom applies to today. I was just dying, laughing, listening to him skewer the same people who want to drop the filibuster today with what they said when it was when it was going to affect them.


We talked earlier about the border crisis. That is obviously, in my judgment, the manufactured crisis, giving Biden an excuse to waive all border rules, etc.. Dan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, his thoughts on that. Dan, welcome to Rush's show, has taught him in your guide hosted today by Dan.


High tide, yeah, in AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, also in L.A., there's a term it's called enablers. And I think the what Biden is doing is simply being an enabler. What an enabler does there someone who make excuses for the alcoholic or the addict they call in sick for them. They loan the money. They give them a place to live. They bail them out of jail. They're in denial along with the alcoholic. And they're not helping.


They think they are, but they're just prolonging the situation, making it worse. And that's what Biden is, the one who's claiming all this compassion for people down the border. And I mean, he just look at it. He's making the situation worse. He's inviting him to come in, telling them not come in now instead of telling them not to come in ever. And he's just doing what's the classic enabler and it doesn't work. That's the point.


I wanted to make Dan's great point and it doesn't work. But there's also this levels of co-dependency. I've spent a little time on therapy myself, and there's these levels of co-dependency. And then there's people who are taking advantage of the co-dependency and the enablement, such as if you talk to border sheriffs in Arizona or Texas, they'll tell you that the cartels know exactly what they're doing by flooding the border with kids, that the instinct in humans, particularly Americans, is to help these children.


Well, that gives them an opportunity to smuggle more drugs. The other thing they're doing is they're hiding trafficking victims with these kids. Some of these kids are being trafficked. They're hiding that that is more profitable to the cartels than is drug dealing. So they're hiding that. And there's something I say is that that evil loves to hide within good. Evil very rarely pops up and says, hey, hi. Well, that would be more like, hi, I'm evil.


It hides and it's hiding in this.


The biggest bit of of enabling, I think, is enabling the people who are escaping their countries to not fight back against what's coming here. Right there, coming here at the same time as Joe Biden's dementia by way of Barack Obama's teleprompter, by way of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg money and desires, is to flip our society upside down while we have freedom of speech, while we have freedom of mobility, we need to say, no, I'm not going to have GPS unit, my car.


In my judgment, we need to say, no, I'm not. I may be you know, I may get an injection, but I'm not going to have a vaccine pass. And no, I'm not going to pretend what's going on in the border is the only way to be compassionate, grateful.


Paul, Dan, thanks very much. Todd Hermann, your guidance today on the EIB Network will. This is such a big difference between us and the party, and you'll hear me use that phrase, the party and what that means to me is the left and statists and technocrats. I put them all under one heading because it seems to me they're all working together towards the same ends, which is constricting our liberty and in fact, breaking the back of the system.


There are people who fully admit they want to break the back to the system. There's other people who are so absorbed by their their virtue being, you know, they're signaling the virtue that they don't know they're doing that. And in the next hour.


I want to talk more about the societal flip that we're watching, I think it began in earnest in March of last year, and I think it was sort of a I don't know what we might call it, a great reset or something like that March of last year with people who either are intentionally or unintentionally and openly taking the side of of of what can only be called evil.


And being celebrated for this and I would remind us, because by way of reminding myself that God will not be mocked, but there's also this I am still speaking on the world's largest radio show as a rodeo clown who got to do this and get to do it. And it's just incredible honor. And you are still speaking and you are still hearing and you still have access to the archives. We need to speak more often about more truths with more people to help wake them from the sweet dream there in our three awaits Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It is an incredible honor to be on this radio show as one of many guide hosts, and I'll be with you all week. And this week of days that the Lord has made and this time in which God has decided we will live. Complete with incredible responsibilities that only exist within this time, phone numbers, 888 222, if you'd like to join us. I would love to chat with you.


Remember the he said he's kind of creepy himself. Kevin Spacey was in a movie called The Usual Suspects. And in character, he uttered a pretty interesting phrase. He said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he didn't exist. And now Russia never made a habit of this being a religious show, far from it. Far from it. In the last months of his life, he was kind enough to share with us his faith and and how that grounded him and how that gave him no fear as he faced, you know, going on to heaven.


And I was I will I would always one day look forward to thanking Russia for that. So it was never a big topic of discussion. And I was just presented this way because this is who I am. I am chilled when I see things like this, that there's a rapper named Lil Nas who's decided to sell shoes with the official Satanic Satanic Temple on them. The image of the Satanic Temple, it has a name and actually I prefer not to utter the name of the insignia.


It also has human blood in it. Oh, and just for fun, there's still six hundred and sixty six of these shoes and their Nike shoes and Nike said, Oh. All we're not selling those. Yeah, but you're also not enforcing your copyright. I mean, you're letting him do this, you could stop this Nike if you wanted to, but you don't. Anybody remember the the the controversy over the Betsy Ross shoe? And this is a shoe dedicated to Satan.


And I'll just I'll let you know this, just so that you have this information as potential power to share with your friends in Washington state when they passed truly, truly a perverse sex ed bill into law. It's in California. It's in Oregon. It has a foothold in Georgia and in Texas and in Indiana and in Illinois. It's in New York. When they passed this, a group of Satanists went to the Capitol in Washington state and they celebrated it.


And if you want to see this well, I have on my my show page, Facebook page, Facebook Dotcom forgot Herrman show. You can look at that later and I'll give you a warning.


It's me and a woman who ran to be boss of schools in Washington State reviewing the actual curriculum. It is. It is it is terrible. So you look at that series of walk news. Rhode Island lawmaker is arguing that the dress code is is oppressive and calls the Senate a white Western space. We on the West Coast are having social justice types explained that being on time to meetings is a construct of white supremacy. In other words, non chaos is is is a form of white supremacy to not be chaotic.


Sesame Street. Is introducing two new black Muppets to teach about race, I'm sure that one of them will be a conservative and one of them will be a liberal. Oh, we talked last hour about Rush predicting what Jeff Bezos would do with The Washington Post when he bought it. There's this Amazon continues to block. This documentary about Clarence Thomas in which Thomas participates. They won't list it. They won't sell it. It's simply that Thomas is either not black enough for Jeff Bezos liking.


Or perhaps he's too black for Jeff Bezos, like I think Bezos should explain. There is in The New York Post, an article about a Minnesota theater cancels its own its own Cinderella production because the cast, which was too white. When you're picking up virtue, signalling over virtue, guess what, one is easier. It's like watching someone work. Wow. That looks heavy. Versus being virtuous versus participating with people who are of, quote, other races.


Right, so you get the Muppets as they introduce these characters to teach racial justice and racial literacy and the qualifiers reveals it's not going to be about either of those things. And look, Rush knew that the culture war was upon us being thrust upon us, and he spoke about that in ways no one else could.


Now, look, folks, I know this is I want to be very clear here. I am not obsessed or possessed here of fatalism or negativism. I just read something that triggered me when I read the line of this stuff ever becomes mainstream. And we're going to I I've been frustrated for so long that so many haven't seen what's coming, that haven't seen what was in front of our faces and has been on the way to getting us to this point.


It needn't have happened, but it did because nobody has ever stood up and told basically a bunch of kids. This shut up and grow up or to sit down and grow up instead. We've been bending over backwards with political correctness. We haven't wanted to hurt anybody's feelings and so forth.


We've we've allowed these renegades to totally just destroy the public education system, not to mention much of higher education at the university level and so forth. And it's we're dangerously closer to this.


They just lose you guys. Yeah, OK, so that's Rush announcing the culture war was upon us. And in that announcement, he wasn't obsessed, but Rush was obsessed with, well, I'll say he was obsessed with something. He was obsessed with being positive. And it was his positivity and his optimism that saw him live a year longer than the doctors said he would in a giggle, because I remember Russia saying surpassed his expiration date.


And a while back, Rush took a call from a mother upset that the Muppets had propagandized her and that they'd made her kids hate their father's gas business. Listen to how rush lift your spirits here about this kind of propagandising. Holly in B.K., Texas, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program. Great to have you here.


Oh, thank you so much. Yes, you bet. I'm so nervous, but I'm so excited to talk to you. I feel like as a housewife, raising a family, supporting my husband, who is a small business owner in the natural gas industry, I feel like I'm at constant war. We work our tails off and my husband is constantly having to defend his occupation and having to explain to my kids when we come out of the movie Cars or the Muppets or anything like that, that your daddy's not a bad guy, you know, I mean, it gets a little exhausting.


But you know what? The feminists of this world.


Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. Now, you're a more informed and I have not seen the movie Cars nor the Muppets in a long time.


What are they doing? What do you mean? Why, when those movies are already, you have to tell your kids your dad's not a bad guy.


Well, the bad evil guy in the Muppets is a big oil man, and he's going to tear down the Muppet studio so he can drill for oil underneath it. You got to be kidding me.


I didn't know this. I'm sorry, folks. I should know these things. I don't know these things. Yeah, the Muppets have got an evil oil man that's going to drill for oil in this studio.


Yes. So he's trying to destroy the whole Muppet, you know, industry, the whole Muppet, you know, there.


How is he trying to destroy the Muppets house and their trees and everything? Everything there is total existence. I am embarrassed.


I did not know that the Muppets were doing this during the break. I did a Google search and I found a Houston Chronicle story, Muppets reunite to take on big oil. Basically, a big, bad Texas oil man played by Chris Cooper plans to drill beneath the Muppet Theater. And their only hope is reuniting the old Muppet crew for a one night variety show fundraiser.


Exactly. I'm embarrassed. I know everything, and I didn't know that. And that's because I don't have kids. It's not worth having kids to know it, but I still didn't know it.


It's everywhere. And we have constant conversations about it because it's what their daddy does and it's their livelihood, their dads in the oil and gas business, right?


Yes. It's saw their dad now is the equivalent here, the big bad Texas oil man who wants to destroy the Muppets. Exactly.


But this attempt to use pop culture to propagandize kids and indoctrinate them, that is not new when you were their age, might have been the forefront of a Ted Turner had a cartoon on Saturday morning called Captain Planet, and Captain Planet was a superhero, saving the world from major corporations that were destroying the planet by exploring for oil and all the. So this you got to understand a lot of kids come see the Muppet Movie and they go if the situation is the same.


But the kids have not been alerted, would really hate their dad because of this. Right. Would really hate their dad if they believe what's in this movie.


This is what these people are doing. I know this is a full time job, just countering the garbage that they see.


And Rush did this by way of optimism and by way of humor. And we have such opportunities to do this.


I spoke at the top of the segment about this perverse sex ad that's that's coming into the schools. It will be in your state. It's named comprehensive sex education. And I'm asking my audience to go ask personal questions of teachers who teach this not not to be creepy, but to make them live in their reality. You know, your seventh grader comes home with with with with something completely inappropriate. Well, ask the teacher, do you practice this in your private life?


Because they need to live in the reality, right? And if we are going to have race based Muppets teaching race based policy, could we not also then just start now a movement to demand that every white executive at National Propaganda Radio step out today and immediately offer their their jobs to others?


This is a great way to do this at city council meetings where whether they're propagating the stuff to say to white members, I expect you to resign to day. And to have an African-American or Hispanic woman or someone who says they're a woman, take your seat to day or forevermore you. Are not really standing behind what you're wanting us to stand behind.


We still have the freedom of speech that we should use this tournament in as your guide host this week on the EIB. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host on the Rush Limbaugh program, one of many I'll be with you all week. It's a huge honor.


The Bidens dementia by way of Barack Obama's teleprompter is apparently announced that they want to create a so-called vaccine passport that will, quote, allow you to go to businesses, etc. if something so good that they need to force you to stick it in your arm, maybe it's not that good. I mean, you guys make your decisions. You are a grown adults. But I will tell you this. I'm obsessed with the covid, and there's not a chance that personally I will inject MRN into my body.


That's me. You do your thing. One day we can talk all about the numbers and and the scientific rigor, the why behind why I would say no to that. Speaking of the Korvettes Crystal in San Antonio, Texas, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week. Krista, welcome.


Hi, Todd. Thanks. I am a registered nurse here in San Antonio, Texas, and I have a son in high school. And the local school board is going to be hearing parents come in before they make their decision if they should make it mandatory or optional. I plan to go and speak coming from the mental health perspective, and I hope to get them to be optional. But I was wondering what some important points you would suggest that I include when trying to persuade them to make that decision.


Well, from first of all, tomorrow we're going to delve way into mask's. I'm obsessed with this topic and you need to know that. Secondly, I've got a covid fact sheet that hopefully will put up at Rush Limbaugh dot com, which is a wealth of information to this day that will give you a lot of ammunition from a perspective of health care that these are called non mitigating facial apparatus. They simply don't work. We could talk physics, immunology, but from a perspective of mental health, I would start with the younger kids and I would talk to the to the council and the school board about mirrored synapses.


And clearly, being a nurse, you know, that a mirrored synapse is a portion of our brain that allows us to learn how to deal with other people in society, that we have these synapses, that we see a smile. We grow to understand that a smile indicates a pleasant mood or a frown could indicate anger or confusion, or if you're speaking to someone in their face, indicates that they are not following you. Perhaps they don't speak your language or or perhaps you're speaking too quickly or are not being understood or related to.


There is a strong bit of research on the brain. I'm reading a book right now about our ability to restructure our brains, literally the structure of our synapses in a positive way, even overcoming things like traumatic brain injury. There's a good reason to believe that mirrored synapses are, in fact, what what creates empathy in kids. And that's how we learn empathy and that people who are absent those portions of their brain and they they can sometimes lack empathy all the way up into sort of being psychotic or schizophrenic or or or narcissistic.


So I know that's a whole lot, but I would really focus on that. And then from the younger kids, I would work up into the older kids in terms of making rational decisions. We don't want a nation of robots. So I'm I don't you probably don't vape because you're a nurse. But there's videos of people. And this is a simple way to show the Masters videos of people vaping with one, two, three masks on and then one and 95 and then two in 95.


And they're vaping in really cold weather at night. And you can see the steam of their breath escaping these masks. So I would present that to them and say we can watch this video. Some of you can think that the viral particles are stuck. Others of us can look at this and make our own judgment. So I would do that. That's how I would present that. And it's a great vocal listen tomorrow. But we're going to spend more time on this, Chris.


So I appreciate you calling Rush's show. Thanks very much. It was important that we learn how to communicate these things. It really, really is. An education was always close to Russia's heart. And we know this, right? Russia had an affinity for Hillsdale College. And maybe it was because the professors on that campus had the same kind of passion for learning that Rush always inspired us to have.


But you tell me, hey, folks, teachers and professors exhibiting a real passion and belief in what they teach are the people you remember years later. I remember I've I once, as part of a program when asked callers who is the you look back into life? Who was the most influential person in your life outside? No, no family members, obviously. Family. That was incredible. A number of people said teachers, a teacher and in many cases.


It was a teacher didn't even like, but it was a teacher that got more out of somebody than that person thought they had, it was for me, actually a coach. But the coach was was a teacher, a good teacher. I don't have to like them, but a good teacher. You'll remember what you're taught years later because they made it interesting. They made it crucial. They made you think it was important to know what they were teaching you.


That's the impact of a great educator. And that's the kind of people that teach at Hillsdale College. They're teaching boundaries go way beyond the campus. They have a series of three dozen online video courses at thirty six. For those of you in Rio, Linda, every one of these courses is interesting. Each one of them is free for you to watch and enjoy and learn from. Each one of them does not require a test and they are all free.


You can watch over and over. There's no admission process to gain access to. There's nothing you can just go online. Rush for Hillsdale Dotcom, choose the online course. You want to watch and watch a full fledged ten to twelve lectures, 30 to 40 minutes each. The latest course was just released. It's an online course called The Great American Story A Land of Hope.


And it's available to you today or whenever you have time. And that is our story, how as Americans, we've overcome the challenges in our history from those encountered during the American Revolution to the Civil War to the Depression and two world wars. Anyway, studying the great stories from our past inspires us to preserve our liberties and appreciate them all the more. And that's what Hillsdale College professors do. Those participating in the making of this series and other online courses.


I want you to learn they get off on it.


They get off on teaching. That's what Hillsdale was all about. They really believe in Hillsdale that if if if it were just a greater understanding of the Constitution itself, we wouldn't be having nearly the problems in this country that we have. And I agree with them about that sign up. As I say, it's free rush for Hillsdale Dotcom.


In the decades of the program that Rush hosted this program, he lived to those words about educating people about the Constitution and also just about pointing out how many of our problems stem from straying from that. Part of this is unrestrained spending in next segments, what Joe Biden's dementia by way of Barack Obama's teleprompter is thinking of doing. In this, yet more spending is better explained as borrowing and printing, and it's something quite else as well, it is powerbomb.


In California, they have announced that there's a welfare program, but only for one race, Biden's last bill was racist.


I wonder what will be in this one. Is Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


As we interact with friends who are not completely insane, leftists who still have shreds of their own innate intelligence and skepticism and in their experience and wisdom, intact. One great question that we can ask them is at what point are we broke? At what point are are we are not fundamentally bankrupt, but at what point are we bankrupt as a nation?


And it's an effort to pull them out of the sweet dream into which they've been cast by the Mockingbird media. Speaking of that next segment, a EIB family member has an incredible takedown of Jeff Bezos and the Mockingbird media. And then that will be joined by Rush's prediction about what basis to do with The Washington Post. You got to hear that and hear this piece by Dean Karaoke's also known as Coco Junior. That'll be next in the next segment. We ask our friends.


At what point are we broke, we're nearing a point where 98 percent of our GDP will be in debt, and what that means is 98 percent of our income will be in debt.


And at that point, there is no digging out and the Democrats are brilliant at structuring heads, we are heads, they win tails, we lose situations. This can only be interrupted by absolute truth telling from Republicans as Biden's dementia by way of Obama's teleprompter is seeking another one point nine trillion dollar package. That was going to come with neat things like tracking you wherever you drive by way of this per mile per mile driven scam. The gas tax is a per mile tax.


You drive, you burn gas, you pay tax when you refill your car. It's going to come with payouts for big labor, big unions, it's coming with something else, though. It's coming with the ability of leftists to turn to our national debt and say. S.. Capitalism's broken. It turns into an opportunity for them to say we need to restructure our whole world's currency. This isn't working. We need a universal basic income, which becomes a universal basic ceiling.


Here's what I mean by that. That people. A good percentage of people will take what they're given. And say, this is enough for me, subsistence is enough. And already, a fourth so-called stimulus check is being considered, they're installing a universal basic income, as I see it. Getting people habituated to this. It's not easy to take things away from people, it's a back door installation of a universal basic income, I believe. I don't want to steal thoughts.


I believe a gentleman from from Breitbart had made that exact point. I think that's correct. And I regret not remembering his name. These are the realities of what we're functioning in, and it's our job to put our friends in the uncomfortable position of realizing it, at what point are we broke? Now, this this was true 12 years ago.


You know, this has just got worse, it really has, you know, with with Biden is figurehead. It's like like we're trapped in an Obama time capsule. But listen to Rush explained the depressive nature of these so-called stimulus spending.


Obama Ladies and gentlemen, this is an economic press conference, he admitted, and it is only I your host, Rush Limbaugh, I'm certain, who has picked up on this.


The president selects Barack Obama, the most merciful, admitted that his stimulus plan will not work.


He admitted it, not in those words. He went out there today and said, we're going to inherit a one point two trillion dollar deficit.


And he said, even with my stimulus plan, we are going to have trillion dollar deficits for years. Well, that, to me is admitting that the stimulus plan isn't going to work. The stimulus plan ought to reduce the deficit by causing economic growth and employment. So he just admitted what the game plan is here. The game plan is, in fact, New York Times. The headline today, economists warm to government spending, but debate it's form rampant government spending is now mainstream thinking.


The New York Times providing cover for this. But the stimulus plan, he is admitting it's not going to work. In The New York Times today, Obama warns trillion dollar deficit potential, and that is without counting his stimulus package. He actually said that his stimulus package will not alleviate trillion dollar deficits for years to come. Now, wouldn't a legitimate stimulus plan prevent these kinds of deficits? This is why I say that the main point here, ladies and gentlemen, is that Obama has admitted that he is clueless when it comes to the economy and job growth.


But the bigger point here is that Barack Obama is predicting that his stimulus package will not work. Why would we have trillion dollar deficits for years to come if Congress passes Obama's brilliant plan? Ladies and gentlemen, what's with all the hype about the geniuses that he has nominated? These are the Wizards, the smart. After all, one would think a stimulus plan would bring in more revenue, write stimulus of what they want to stimulate the economy. That's what they say.


If you stimulate the economy, you're going to reduce deficits. But they are not stimulating the economy. This, ladies and gentlemen, is where you need me. Somebody who can read the stitches on the fast ball. Yeah, he wants a trillion dollar stimulus of the government.


He says that he wants to spend a trillion dollars to create or save three million jobs.


That used to be two million. That was two and a half. So the numbers keep changing, of course, because Obama does not know what he's doing. He really does not know what he's doing here. Also in The New York Times today, economists warmed to government spending, but debate it's form. The upshot of this story is that rampant government spending is now mainstream thinking. That's from Janet Yellen, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.


The new enthusiasm for fiscal stimulus and particularly government spending represents a huge evolution in mainstream thinking. While Shazam, folks, this just happened overnight. Do you realize just overnight, starting in October with the October surprise, all of a sudden mainstream thought has now come to embody huge, huge government spending for years and years and years. And then, ladies and gentlemen, listen to this page two of this New York Times story. This is from Peter Gottschalk, labor economist at Boston College.


Our models are built on the assumption that an on average people have rationally behaved and they do the right thing.


But this time people did very much the wrong thing. It's like thinking you have a disease under control and then being hit with a new strain of it. People didn't do the wrong thing. Government did the wrong thing. Government enabled people doing the wrong thing in the subprime mortgages. The government encouraged them to do the wrong thing. Government sold them to do the wrong thing. People didn't do the wrong thing. This is outrageous. Our models are based on individuals doing the right thing.


And those models have to be changed because the individual doesn't do so. The government is blaming you. All of these think tank economists are blaming you for the economic crisis that we're in because you can't be relied on to do the right thing anymore. And that, ladies and gentlemen, represents a supreme triumph of one of the building blocks of liberalism, and that is elitism. And that is that you are incompetent, you are incapable. You have to be protected from yourself.


Government, some big state organization, some nanny like person or a bureaucracy has to do things for you because you can't do it. And so now these economists have to change their models because their models were always predicated on the assumption that people behave rationally and they do the right thing.


But you didn't this time and you've blown it.


Socialism, socialism, collectivism is collectivism transfer payments to transfer payments, wealth redistribution. And that redistribution is what it is. You don't need to wait to see it happen here because we have evidence around the world throughout human history, what happens. This is the time for opposition leadership. They have to get on their chairs. They have to stand on the top of the capital. They have to do whatever it takes to get on television and tell the world that this plan is a disaster.


Look at there's nothing they can do anyway. Folks, what's the risk here? They're barely present in the House of Representatives. Pelosi is going to shut them out from being able to change anything, offer amendments. They've got nothing to lose. They've got to stand up and take this opportunity, seize it for what it is.


Signing on to trillion dollar deficits for years to come is insanity. And who did Rush just mention and who's back in place? Janet Yellen. See, his wisdom lasts into this era, and I think it always will, because it just got asked a question by a member of Team Ivy.


Might you ask me a question about these Amarone injections in the covid? That means if he's asking other people are asking all explain my opposition to these particular shots when we come back.


It's Thottam Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's Tadamon, your guide hosts this week on the EIB Network. And broadcast engineer Mike Mamen asked me during a break, hey, are you against these vaccines or all of them? And I am a fully vaccinated, fully vaccinated unit. And I've been pro vaccine in my whole life. The reason I will not inject myself with the MRSA injections for the covid flu is I've never seen such a series of lies in my entire life is related to the response to the covid.


I've talked to too many doctors and epidemiologists who've said there was a radical and complete utter departure from scientific rigor. There is a changing of words. Cases used to mean people were sick. That no longer meant that lockdown's been known to be worthless for over 100 years. We'll get into this more because we can talk a lot about masks tomorrow. But that's why I've never seen more lies and I've ever seen more mockingbird bird media behavior. All of a sudden, it's cases, cases, cases.


Take a break. Peaceful protest. Those are safe from cases, cases, cases, and if you need evidence, that is the dynamic that exists. The Associated Press is ordering, well, telling its members to not use the word crisis as relates to the border. All right, they're also the ones who've issued the diktat first it was illegal immigrants, not illegal alien, that it was undocumented worker, and we don't know that people are working or not.


That's how Mockingbird works from the AP are a friend of the program who's been with was with Rush a long time. Dean K.A., known as Coco Jr., has a brilliant piece in The Washington Times. 50 years ago, Washington Post broke the Watergate scandal. Now, the same paper that gave journalism a finest hour has contributed to its foulest false reporting that President Trump ordered Georgia's elections investigator to find the fraud and promised she'd be a national hero. And he goes on to say, two months later, they admitted that.


Then he closes the deal, the pieces with much longer. It's linked to Rush Limbaugh dot com. Compare the Post's handling of this scandal to the way it confronted Janet Cooke, 1981. She won a Pulitzer Prize for a story about an eight year old heroin addict who didn't exist when exposed. None other than Bob Woodward, assisting managing editor, admitted questions had been raised in the newsroom about the story not sounding right. And boom, Mrs. Cook was out.


So Dean is calling for Jeff Bezos to make a similar statement about his Washington Post in this fabricated story. When Bezos bought The Washington Post, Rush predicted he would go after Trump.


A connection I don't think we can ignore here is that between Jeff Bezos, who owns Amazon and The Washington Post and Trump.


I remember when Bezos bought The Washington Post, there was a lot of curiosity about it. What the hell? I mean, he's an uber leftist and everybody's known he's a no leftist and he's an uber leftist donor. And I remember The Washington Post staff when it was announced that Jeff Bezos Amazon had bought the they were panicked. He's not a journalist. He has no journalism background. The guy's a filthy capitalist retailer, happens to be a big leftist.


And they were worried. Because as an outsider, Bizos doesn't know what he's doing, Bizos doesn't know journalism, he's an outsider. So here's Bezos owning The Washington Post, which gives him total control if he wants to exercise it, of the editorial content of the paper, that's better than any lobbying firm he could have ever bought into or hired. And with the threat here that Trump might pursue him on antitrust. I think there's a whole dynamic here going on that maybe a little bit beneath the surface, this was on Hannity, on the Fox News Channel, this is the Post and Bizos thing that I was telling you about.


Hannity says The Washington Post today announced they put 20 people to dig into every single phase of your life. Are you prepared for what's coming in this Trump? Because if not. It's not if it's coming, it's win and are you ready for it? Every hour we're getting calls from reporters on The Washington Post asking ridiculous questions. And I will tell you, this is owned as a toy by Jeff Bezos, who controls Amazon. Amazon is getting away with murder tax wise.


He's using The Washington Post for power so that the politicians in Washington don't tax Amazon like they should be taxed. I would go after him for antitrust because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much. Amazon is controlling so much of what they're doing.


So, you see, you cannot remove the Bezos vs. Trump subplot from this because Bezos could be sitting there saying, this fool challenges me. This fool threatens my antitrust status law to show him who's who goes out and buys the post.


And here we are. And it was after the votes were supposedly counted that Jeff Bezos is Washington Post ran those lies about President Trump on those phone calls, will wrap up the day, would come back to haunt him, to guide hosts this week on the EIB Network.


I just had a really funny idea. You really want to get back at Bezos? Seriously, go subscribe to the Limbaugh letter. It's a fantastic I've had it for years. The April letter is a hot off the press. And every time the Limbaugh letter comes out, it's based on Rush's vision and humor and wisdom. This features like special kind of stupid and stupid quotes. If you subscribe today, your new subscription includes one free issue, total of 13 issues.


You get that at Rushmore. I just love the idea of Rush. And having watched its subscription numbers out to The Washington Post. Jeff Bezos, this would be a great way to do this. We do live in times that are getting serious and scary and dark, this being foisted upon us. I do hope that you reflect upon the fact that God Almighty chose you to be in this time period and trusts you to help maintain a freedom of a country that I really do believe our founders were inspired by God.


And when they wrote a document that limited government policy tomorrow taught him who died this week on the EIB Network.