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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. It's an incredible honor to be here with you to hang out with you on today, the day the Lord has made. And in these times, God has decided we will live with all the inherent and unique responsibilities of living in such an era intact things. We have to tackle its 800 Chewey to 288 to. If you wish to chat with us and I'd love to chat with you fellow fans of our Departed Too Soon friend and mentor Rush Limbaugh.


There is I have to give a little bit of a warning for this first segment. If you are.


Oh, I put this, if you are emotionally attached to office supplies or let's say desks, this may be a tough segment for you. And I say that because I care, so if you think about the desk you have at home and it causes you, you know, heart palpitations or the one at the office, just steal yourself and we'll get to that. So remember when Joe Biden's dimension instantly. I don't say that out of a sense of cruelty.


Explain that a bit. But you remember when Joe Biden's dementia said that they were going to place Kamala Harris in charge of the non crisis at the border over which they have complete control? This is a woman who has contended that the Department of Homeland Security, she suggested that they are interchangeable stormtroopers and the KKK. So I imagine that the, you know, professional law enforcement on the border said, oh, good, we're getting someone who hates our guts to help us work on this whole thing.


So she's employing the word diplomacy, which is a way of saying, come on, come on, man. Not doing anything with this. You watch from in my contention, March of last year, you will observe a flipping of society if you ever feel mentally on a carnival ride, you are on a carnival ride and you are watching and you're seeing a flipping of society. And I think it started in March of last year compared to headlines here. One is from the Epic Times.


The majority of families crossing the border are released into the United States. That's there's there's your control of the border. And you can add to that that a bunch of kids in California, unescorted minors, illegal immigrants are now testing positive for the covid flu. You can add that to the conversation. Now, here's another headline. San Diego public school teachers to give migrant kids read illegal immigrant kids in-person instruction. Before their own students. Got that. You're a taxpayer in San Diego, an American citizen, your kids still don't get to go to the government schools and maybe that's best for them.


But the illegal immigrant kids, they can't wait a single day, they've got to get tot. You see the flipping of society. You're watching, you know, as they talk about another one point nine trillion dollar plan. To borrow money from China into invent and printed on printing presses and send it to people, you're watching them do this with all sorts of selectivity, such as black farmers get 120 percent of their loans forgiven, one hundred and twenty percent, meaning they get paid more money for borrowing money.


White farmers. Nothing. It's a flipping of society, a return to racism. And all of the there's a commonality to the borrowing spree, to the response to the covid flu, choucha immigration. It's more control for them, less control for us, any flipping of society. And all of this happening, we're to believe, at the behest of a man who lives behind a militarized institution. Ay ay ay ay, walled in institution, guarded by people with guns.


Who is telling us walls don't work and I'm going to take your guns? If you feel on a psychological carnival ride, you're on one. And it can be crazy making so we ground ourselves in facts, we're not we're not we're not the crazy ones. I know that sounds weird, but we're not. We're seeing what we're seeing. And Joe Biden made his debut yesterday. We're going to play part of this, the third hour, you got to hear this whole thing.


I mean, you just need to hear this. Now, when I refer to Joe Biden as Joe Biden's dementia, it is not my intent to be cruel or to mock people with dementia. It's to point out that the emperor is sadly naked and naked.


And here's Biden proving my point, returned my call for every governor, mayor and local leader, please. This is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down. A failure to take this very seriously, precisely what got us into this mess in the first place. More cases, more desks, death desks.


That's I'm looking at maybe. Maybe three lines of text. And he can't get through it. Desk's. And they're going back to we need to wear Wolke masks. Double walk masks there, he's warning states to shut back down, but not everything. Mind you, the WOAK corpse, they stay open. The pot stores, those are essential churches are not anything that anything that engender growth and people this is is not essential. Or health, anything that doesn't is.


It's a flipping of society, I contend, that started in March of last year. And he says that not taking this seriously got us into this position, no viruses are going to virus. Alex Berenson formulated that statement. I like it. Viruses get a virus. One man, and I'm sure there were other people, but Donald Trump was obsessed. With saving lives, was there a political component to that, of course, she was president of the United States.


He was given ridiculous models by a ridiculous modeller named Niall Ferguson, a guy who got covid and then went walking around London. Donald Trump was obsessed and he had nowhere to turn but the swamp rats like Foushee. And when he figured out what we this isn't working. Donald Trump brought in nonpolitical scientists, medical professionals like Scott Atlus. The president's instincts on the covid were 100 percent correct. And the lockdowns have proven deadly, the master user said they may even be harmful, but now we need to put these back in place.


President Trump was obsessed with saving people, as he should have been. And you go back to listen to Biden, that man does not know what's going on, Rush himself asked who is doing this to Joe Biden?


I have often times on this program ask filled and overflowing with compassion, who is doing this to this poor guy? You know, Trump has even started referring to the fact that Biden is a Trojan horse, that there are dark what's the phrase Trump dark forces, something that dark something or other behind all of this that people are actually pushing the Biden campaign are actually going to be the power behind the throne were he to ever win. But he's not a prompter and here listen, it was at the Carnegie Mellon University Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute and just a portion here of what he said to really feel safer under Donald Trump.


covid has taken this year just since the outbreak has taken more than 100 years. Look, here's the lives. It's just when you think about it, more lives this year than any other year for the past 100 years.


Come on, man. Come on. That was the prompter. He was on the teleprompter and they are still sending him out to appear and and do these things. He also asked, do I look like a radical socialist to you? Well, let me ask you this, does AOC look like a radical, so what does a radical socialist look like? Did Marx look like a radical socialist? Did Mussolini, Stalin? I mean, what is a radical socialist?


What do you look like? Those, Alexandrea contends, look like a radical. So what kind of question is that? Its words that matter?


It's not looks, which is subjective. Biden has embraced the end of affordable energy and fossil fuels, we have the audio, we just played it for you. Biden has signed on to Aoki's insane green new deal. We have the audio. Biden is pro open borders. We have the audio. We've pro-abortion up to the moment of birth. We have the audio. He has endorsed defunding police departments. He's promised to dramatically raise taxes during a tough economic time.


We've got the audio. He declared a national Marzook mandate when he takes office. He called Trump and Xenephon for closing travel to China. And he's out there now saying, and if science tells him to shut down the country, then, by golly, by gosh, he'll do it.


And to Russia's point about looks, of course, its words and actions that matter. And the left merchandises the the the the skin of people all the time, the melanin level of people all the time. The sexuality of people all the time. So they look at Biden and they cast him in the role of president. During a time in which we're watching a societal flip in nearly every capacity of society. When we come back, the trial of Derek Schavan and the officers who are accused of killing George Floyd is underway.


I was curious when Democrat establishments utterly fail a man in a city and an establishment, how often are we going to turn to cops who are the tip of the sword because they have to be at odds and cast them in this incredible role that no one wants to be in Russia justice.


You'll hear his words next. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Hey, if you haven't been to Rush Limbaugh Dotcom, I learned something really cool yesterday that it used to be that only subscribers like me to rush 24/7 got to watch Al Rumpo on the video cam. If you've ever seen this, there's a bunch of video now of Rush doing the program at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. It's still super vibrant. So in its Rush's wisdom, etc., it's Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. And it is a great place to have an addition to the show because they're kind enough to put the links that the guideposts reference up on that up on that Rush Limbaugh dotcom.


So the trial of the officers who were accused of killing George Floyd is underway. And Rush, as you know, believed really strongly in supporting officers. And of course, he also fought to have government employees of all levels be held accountable. And Rush wanted to see the judicial system work in the case of these officers, the Minneapolis situation and George Floyd.


I mean it. I hope these cops. Are dealt with good and hard. I can't I've seen the video like everybody else. And it makes me so mad I can't see straight. I don't know I still don't know what precipitated I don't I don't know why they had George Floyd on the ground. I don't know, but I don't care what it was unless he fired a shot. But there was even then.


There is no what policy what policy is there anywhere that mandates that kind of treatment of a suspect or prisoner who is.


Totally under control. All right, so he passed a counterfeit bill in his store that doesn't come close to justifying what happened to him. With people watching that cop for five minutes killed the guy, there's no other way to describe what happened. I understand people are out there calling it murder. It makes me so mad I can't see straight, so I ask, how does something like that happen? And there has to be some police manual or handbook look.


And you people in law enforcement, you know, I'm at the top of the list of people. Who support you and understand how hard your jobs are and the rigors of the arduous circumstances you have to go through. I still given all of that, I do not I cannot find a way to explain that. I can't find a way to justify it. I don't care what the guy did. When you watch that video and you see it for the first time, had the exact reaction of Al Rushville, I don't think you can be of feeling human being and watch a fellow human die and not have that response.


And I was screaming at the at the screen, do something.


Help the man. And it was horrifying to watch the defense is is launching the same it's the defense that a friend of mine who's a cop sent me a note on and it was really hard to read the note from my friend. And what he said is, hey, you're going to find out that they were probably trained to do this. And this is what the defense is saying, and it's a Democrat city. Democrat politicians upstream from this and the defense is saying that George Floyd died from from, you know, basically a heart attack, given the amount of drugs he took.


And look, this I would not want to be on this jury. It's it's impossibly difficult and to watch a man dies impossibly hard and it just I just want people to recognize some patterns. There's a woman I know who lost her kids for a time because she was a heroin addict. And she's actually offered to come on the air on my program in Seattle and talk about this, that she lost her kids because she was a heroin addict and she had become completely irresponsible.


I mean, she was on the streets trying to score heroin all the time. And she has told me directly because she's in Seattle. Her name is her first name is on. That had the government funded heroin dens been available, she'd be dead. And if you don't know what those are in cities like Portland and in Vancouver, B.C., in Canada and in San Francisco and other cities. They're setting up taxpayer funded heroin shooting sites. In the same cities where they've been giving away needles for 30 years, in the same cities where they've legalized possession of fentanyl and meth and heroin, in the same cities where the cartels are setting up.


And when I say the cartels, I promise you I'm not being hyperbolic. Watch Drugs Inc, the special on Seattle, and they talk about the Honduran cartels setting up. They talk to a guy from California who was an actual white supremacist who moved to Seattle because he could control the drug business up there because everybody was amateurs. And he's in there decrying the fact that now the Honduran drug gangs are coming up and they're hardcore. Now, we know there are Russian and Chinese cartels setting up in these cities.


And you see Jorge Floyd, who was admittedly an addict, he spoke about it. He gave a speech to young people saying, don't go my way, don't do this to yourself. You look at the cities where this stuff is available and in fact, being sponsored and promoted by Democrat politicians. You're making more people. You're causing more people to head down that road. And I remember I remember a talking to someone who was trying to get off drugs and alcohol and they were going to a treatment center in downtown Seattle where they were trying to get off alcohol.


They left the treatment center.


And they walked outside and this is in a formerly you can't go there now, but a formerly beautiful part of downtown, they walk out the door of the treatment center and 15 feet from them.


Fifteen feet. There are people selling drugs. So the officers are on trial. I wouldn't want to be in that jury. The system. Should be on trial. Anybody? Who is, as they are in these Democrat cities, I'm not kidding you when I tell you they want the taxpayer to buy the heroin.


There's a flipping of society, you see the theme. It's no longer over, let's decriminalize the left can never have enough destruction. Of people. And you can you can send this all across. In fact, in fact. Rush. Had a one of his most brilliant monologues. Was around the city of Baltimore, if you've been there, my sister worked there. She's a medical professional. She worked there. And it was scary then. And this was 20 years ago.


And that city, parts of that city, well, we'll get to this because I want you to hear what Rush had to say about that and the dynamics of what's at play in these Democrat cities. We'll get back to that. It's Thottam your guide host this week on the EIB Network. Thank you.


To Newsradio 590 KQ t in Spokane, Washington. Again, letting me use your studio. Thank you, guys. Appreciate it. Rick Moran writing in PJ Media notes that Baltimore, Maryland will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution and other, quote, low level crimes if your cop.


You know that those are low level dealers. And traffickers, but you know that there are upper level cartels on top of this. You know, about the human trafficking. You know that that is big business. And look, I recognize Larry Hogan, the governor of of Maryland, is an anti Trump liberal Republican. I happen to be a little bit, I guess, emotional in that I count the lieutenant governor, Boyd Rutherford, as a friend of mine.


And I count him as a moral man, and I think that they've tried on a statewide basis to approach. Heroin addiction and in dealing, and yet Baltimore, Baltimore is deciding to be lawless. And if you've ever observed lawlessness, as those of us in San Francisco, Los Angeles alluvial, sometimes if you've ever seen lawlessness and you've seen literal no go zones where you would never let someone you love go into a neighborhood. Then then, you know, the results of this, this isn't low level.


This is run by high level people. And Rush had his finger on Baltimore's post, his pulse of Baltimore six years ago during the Freddie Gray case, and the dynamics that Rush is going to discuss here are tearing to the ground cities like Louisville, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Seattle, Portland and Oakland. All hell is breaking loose in Baltimore again. And Marilyn Mosby, the state's attorney, the mayor, it's an absolute mess. Crime is just out of control, running rampant.


The cops are sitting idly by not doing anything, which is what the administration wants them to do. The cops starting in Ferguson, well, started before the modern era, Ferguson, the cops, everybody's been told the cops are the reason all this crime is out, because there really isn't any crime.


If people in Baltimore, peace loving people in the old commit crimes are just the cops making them do all this, the cops are provoking all this stuff.


So the regime gets over of the cops, pulls them back. New guidelines. Six cops indicted, arrested, various degrees of murder and manslaughter. City is supposed to say, see, we're looking out for you. We got the bad cops off the street. And ever since that happened, there's utter out of control, crime and mayhem in Baltimore. And the cops aren't involved. The cops have been pulled out of the way, cops and pulled out of sight.


Who's benefiting from it? Who's benefiting from street anarchy in Baltimore? Who's benefiting from the residents being fearful? Who's benefiting from a rash of homicides that are going on reported? Who benefits when the cops have been eviscerated, disemboweled and basically ordered out? Who benefits them? All this somebody is or it wouldn't be happening. Folks, somebody is benefiting from this. Otherwise, it wouldn't be happening now. Common sense tells us common sense and just a modicum of a desire for civilization of basic civilization.


Basic sophistication would tell you that whatever it takes to stop this movement and stop it, this isn't helpful to anybody. You're not supposed to talk about this stuff. Somebody is benefiting from this. Now, you may think Rush who in the world? That's my question, but somebody isn't wouldn't be happening. This has been going on in Baltimore like this ever since those six cops were indicted. That was supposed to stop this. It's only gotten worse. It's only gotten more intense.


That's what you think is benefiting the White House could stop it. Obama, what can he do, fly down there and have a meeting? Of course not. He doesn't go to these kind of neighborhoods. He wouldn't be caught. He wouldn't be seen going in there. This is an abject failure of what Obama and the Democrat Party say they stand for. They're not going to get anywhere near it yet. They might be the primary benefactors in this.


Don't shake your head at that. What are people going to demand? They're going to demand what more federal control over it, the more it's made to look like local officials are a bunch of idiots and incompetents and can't handle it. You basically begged the federal government to come in and fix a problem you can't deal with, primarily because the federal government's been the one that's presented you with the problem in the first place, which they have with these new silly guidelines on the behavior of cops and the structure of cops, the overall perception of cops.


If you're going to sit there and you're going to take rampant city crime and you're going to literally seriously blame the police departments across America for it, where do you go from there if the police departments are for it and in the process, you OK, let's pull the cops back. So they're not saying because we're told that the cops are uniformed. That's provocative. That's like declaring war. You got to get the cops out of these people's eyes. I you get the cops out of there and you'll be nicer and they won't care and they won't be provocative.


You won't be violent. Well, that's what Baltimore did. And look, what happened is the exact opposite. Arrests are down 50 percent, which is true, by the way, arrests are down 50 percent while crime is running rampant. And the reason the arrests are down is because the cops have been portrayed as the problem there from Obama on down, from Eric Holder, on Loretta Lynch, on down from the NSA, the NSA, the mayor, they're all blaming the cops.


Ferguson, Missouri. They blame the cops. Arrests are down 50 percent, cops have gotten out of the way. No crime, murder, rampant gunfire is up across the board. Arrests are down 50 percent. The cops have been blamed by the DOJ, by the state's attorney Mosby, by the mayor, by and by the media, by everybody who commented the cops were said to be to blame. And so the police commissioner there has been told by the Department of Justice, you've got to pull back because it's your presence that the promise the cops to pull back, the unrest continues and it's become more intense and it increases in volume.


The cops do show up now and then they don't answer every call. Now there are obviously 50 percent down, but even when the cops show up, they're not looked at as a positive sign. They're not looked at as a positive step to stop it. The cops show up even now, and they are surrounded by citizens. They're surrounded by mob, videotaping them with their phones, hoping to get them on tape, doing something that they can accuse them of, police brutality or whatever.


Just like if the private sector can't do health care right, then we must we must move in with Obamacare in the name of fairness and equality and take it over. And if local cops actually can't do the job anymore, somebody has to Obama will say, and why not us? Why not the federal guy? Everybody loves the federal government. Everybody trusts the federal government. Everybody turns to the federal government. So why not turn to the federal government for community policing and then we get our own national police force without a coup.


I'm just thinking here, Obama has already got 25 police departments under the thumb of the federal government. Cleveland is the most recent it was during the campaign of 2008. Now, I remember that Obama proposed a civilian security force. And he compared it to a national version of the military point, I can't use the military for local police forces, but maybe we should create a civilian security force. He was talking about a national federal police force. He didn't use that terminology because people would have revolted at that.


But he's thinking maybe not the way, but the way they're going about it. They're taking over via these consent decrees from the DOJ. It's basically blackmail. You want money from the government to help run your police department? Well, you got to accept our guidelines on how you're going to do your jobs. And they're all accepting them because they're being forced. St. Louis, Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland is the latest. Oakland, Newark. I mean, there's 25 of them now that are actually have been taken over by guidelines from the DOJ to run these local police departments.


I find it it's just all happening right there in front of our faces.


That was Rush in the Obama era.


And what he's talking about now, you can apply to the the massive mass murder at the school in Florida, that federal rules punish schools for putting guys like that killer into the system, 40 some visits to the home. And he did what he did and he took all those lives and they're going to blame the guns, D.C., this this 13 and 15 year old girl carjack an Asian American, a Pakistani American. CNN pretends it's accidental that he's killed.


And the girls, when this man is dying on the street because that carjacked him and caused an accident, one of the girls is concerned about her cell phone because they've been taught. Take what you want, because it's being taken from you when you're lenient, when you should be firm, you'll eventually cruel and you should be kind or you will watch cruelty. That's what's happening in the cities. And the Democrat politicians are getting the results they want or they would change.


Their reproaches will come back on the EIB Network Thottam and your guests are probably your guide hope this guide hosts Who Can't Speak Guide Hoke's this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide host. I did it and the EIB Network this week. We talked earlier about Kamala Harris pretending to try to control the border over which they've lost control, but we're told they believe is under control and run. From Elizabeth City, North Carolina, welcome to Rush Limbaugh's program. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week. And you had a comment about just that dynamic illegal immigrants. Welcome, Ron.


Hey, welcome, Tom. Thanks for taking my phone call. Yeah. You know, for four years when Trump was in office, all we heard was all the Democrats griping and complaining about everything. I don't see the Republicans doing the same thing in regards to everything that's going on with the Biden administration, especially with the border. You mentioned earlier that, you know, they're bringing kids in and teaching them and they're not teaching their own kids. I'm a former school administrator and I just find that appalling.


But I don't see our Republican leaders in Congress making as much noise as the Democrats did the four years Trump was in office.


Democrats in line is one. I mean, Ted Cruz has spoken out about this. He's put up a lot of videos. He's shown images of the kids in Biden's cages because we're told they're cages during Trump's time. He's done that. But Democrats are and they're a borgman. They're a Borg. And Republicans, gosh, love them and they're shining their shoes are very shiny in. Their suits are very nice, but they do not understand how to fight.


They didn't learn this from President Trump. Ted Cruz did. I think to a degree Rand Paul did. Tom Cotton did. I think Ron, the scientist did that said this is being pro liberty, etc., calling these things out. Greg Abbott is calling this out. But you're exactly right. And it goes down to this. They're afraid, they're terrified to take these things on because it's seen as a social issue.


They have trouble pointing out that it's not compassion to sink the world's lifeboat. That's not a hard dynamic. The United States is the world's lifeboat. Five percent of the world's population. We've taken in twenty percent of the displaced peoples. We can't continue to do it if the lifeboat sinks. So I agree with you wholeheartedly, Ron. That is a great phone call. Thank you very much for that. And just to Ron's point to this, to this, you have Democrats preparing a one point three billion dollar so-called loan forgiveness for people who went to college.


And took out debt, folks, there's no such thing as a loan forgiveness, it's a passing of the loan onto the shoulders of people like me who did not go to college. And as a matter of fact, though, he didn't go to college and he clearly didn't need it. Rush knew what starting adulthood, 100000 dollars in college debt met the people economically. But he also understood it psychologically. And he was always ready to explain why leftists want to see people on the hook for college debt.


This has been something that that I have expected the Democrats to do. I predicted they what I've been I've been kind of fearful that that was going to be a big card, that they were going to play. American income, when it's been chartered, has always been chartered in Fifth's or Quintiles.


So you would have one group, that group, let's say, makes 100000 dollars or more than the next 75 to 100, 50 to 75, 25 to 50 and zero to 25 whatever.


But those are the arbitrary numbers. But you have those various quintiles. They would track people in each of those segments as they grew older and try and track their movement. Did they move into different levels of income and how do they do it? And they found that a college education was one of the fundamental requirements to upward mobility.


And middle class parents became obsessed with their kids going to college no matter what it cost. They pursued scholarships, they pursued anything they could to get their kids to school, and just like health care, at some point the cost of getting educated became so high that the average middle class family could not afford it in their annual budget. They had to find supplemental assistance. It got so bad because there was never any pressure on universities to keep tuition at an affordable level, just like there's never been any pressure on health care.


Here came the old student loan and the student loan program. And it enabled more and more people to, quote unquote, afford college, but that's not what happened.


Here's the upshot of this is all of these middle class families and not just middle class, every practically every group of Americans, however you qualify them, believed in an education and wanted it for their kids.


A college education, minimum four years. Because of what it meant, it was the root, it was the key, it was the way. To achieve dreams, it was the way and the route to success. Well, what's it become? It's become shackles, the amount of debt the average graduate who has a student loan incurs after graduation, whatever economic benefit a college education was supposed to engender has been eaten up by the debt. And who's been in charge of that?


What group of people has been in charge of administering education, the establishment, the elites, they have now fixed it so that the one route that American middle class families had for their kids to enjoy success in America has now become an albatross.


And they are fully aware of it. What is the point of going to school and getting out with a debt of six or more figures that you're going to take the rest of your life paying off no matter what job you get? And who is benefiting from this, certainly not the student, not the family, not the graduates. The colleges are benefiting the loan agencies to benefit, which is the government now, because they run the program. They do run the program is another program they're wanting to run, and it's the most important thing we have to track yet.


We'll do that as we continue taught her and guide host this week on the EIB. President Trump threatens the precious of the deep state and the precious of the deep state is the pretense that all is normal and all is good. And the only thing that stands between us and ruin is the largesse and the wisdom of the deep state, protecting us from ourselves and our own decisions and and protecting us from our very dangerous liberties and our very dangerous sense that the United States is straying dangerously from the Bill of Rights and wandering very closely to baza China model corporatist statist environment.


Donald Trump interrupted that. And they're not done with him. In the next hour of Russia's program, we'll talk about a group of prosecutors who are hunting Trump. In his family. In wanting to empanel grand juries because they cannot allow the crime of threatening their precious to go unpunished, Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


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Such an honor to be with you, my fellow fans of Rush Limbaugh on today, a day made by God for us as a gift to us. And I choose to be grateful for that. Even with these incredible responsibilities we have on our shoulders, because this time it's 888 to 202 if you'd like to join us and chat.


This is just phenomenal to watch. There is you familiar with the phrase postmodernism, one of the aspects of the groups pushing us into a postmodern age, into what I recall or what I consider a technocratic age, is that logic is bothersome. Logic bugs them because it allows the little people ways to neatly, concisely object to shoving the United States towards this weird form of technocratic statism, technocrats or bureaucrats. And and there are people like Mark Zuckerberg, in my judgment.


There are people like Tony Fauci. Right. And logic is in their way. And they do a lot to have us ignore logic. Such as? And we'll talk in detail about this a little bit later this hour, some of the same people who want vaccine passports are the same people who do not want any ID for voting. Or Jeff Bezos, who owns an incredible amount of data on you, who said that, who who mocked people. Who objected to all mail in voting himself, objects to mail in voting when done to unionize Amazon.


Those are those those things can't exist in the same logical sphere, but logic bothers them. So there are voting groups in Georgia who filed the second lawsuit in an attempt. To stop this vote integrity bill law in Georgia, which is simply an attempt to know who's voting, that's what it is, they know there are problems with the electorate there. They know that. They know that we're not making that up. And maybe they're trying to catch up to that, maybe they don't want that to happen anymore.


In any case, they've passed this law. So that's one aspect of this, the second aspect is. There's The Daily Beast is a story about what they call an unlikely team of prosecutors who intend to go after President Trump. And they're right, it's practically unheard of for a regional prosecutor to target a former U.S. president, but this is Donald Trump, Manhattan's district attorney. New York state's attorneys general have active investigations. So does the D.A. of Fulton County, Georgia.


The case in Georgia may be the strongest. There's this is there was a trove of evidence, documents, phone calls, witnesses that Trump personally interfered in, pressured election officials in Atlanta as they recount of votes now pressured the businesses.


Washington Post had to walk that back. They lied for months about that, they simply can't let Trump go unpunished. He threatened their precious, he outed them for what they are now, the deep state simply cannot allow Donald Trump, the man who showed them, and their mocking bird members for what they are to ever stop being chased and harassed. And Rush Limbaugh warned us all this would be the case.


They're not going to stop trying to destroy Trump. My friends, I can't impress upon you any more than I already have.


This effort to get rid of Donald Trump is as focused and as intense and as purposeful and as energized as it has ever been. There is and has to be a literal hatred for the man. All based on one thing that he ran for and won the presidency. Donald Trump would not be facing any. Of this so-called legal jeopardy that he's facing today, had he never run for the presidency and if he had lost, he wouldn't be facing any of this.


But this encompasses the Department of Justice. That's the FDNY, U.S. attorney, Southern District. That's the Department of Justice. Robert Mueller, special counsel, Department of Justice, the FBI, the intelligence community, they are still unified and they are working hand in hand to destroy Donald Trump.


They will not stop. They have to destroy his business, they will if they have to destroy his family, they will. They want to. They are pursuing Donald Trump. With more fervor and energy than I have seen them pursue. Terrorists. I have seen Department of Justice terrorists argue for leniency for terrorists and take terrorist side against waterboarding or so-called torture. I have seen people in the DOJ, in the Obama DOJ have more solicitousness and more tolerance and more understanding for people who participated in 9/11 than they have for Donald Trump.


It is flat out amazing. And then you add to that group of people the entirety of the mainstream media, and I've never seen anything like this, I have I was alive during the pursuit of Richard Nixon. And I'm telling you officially now that the pursuit of Richard Nixon pales in comparison to what is going on here. It's personal and professional, like it was with Nixon. They despise Donald Trump personally, and it's over the most childish things. They don't like that he tweets.


They don't like what he says when he tweets. They don't like that. They think he's stupid. They don't like that. They think he's unsophisticated. What they really don't like is that he doesn't know his place. And his place is Queens. He's not even qualified to be in Manhattan society. He's an interloper in Manhattan. His family's from Queens. He's not even in the upper strata of New York society. And he doesn't deserve to be. And he's pretending to be.


And he did everything he could to succeed and become a force in Manhattan. And they resent the hell out of it. And the fact that he then took that success and entered the political sphere, that's theirs. They own it. They determine who succeeds and who doesn't. They determine who profits and who doesn't. And they haven't been able to lay a glove on him so far and they can't believe it. And they are frustrated to no end. They have thrown everything they have from fake news to phony allegations, from anonymous sources from the intelligence community for a year and a half in every major newspaper and cable network in this country.


They have lied. They have blasphemed, they have impugned you. They have done everything they can to cast Donald Trump in as inhuman a light as they know how to do. He has survived it. They think the Democrats winning the House is step one in getting rid of him. But they're not going to leave it to elections. They're mad at you for electing him in the first place, they have as much resentment for those of you voted for him as they have for him.


It is gone beyond a simple political objective to get rid of somebody they think is a political opponent. It is now deeply personal with every one of these people involved. They are pursuing people on the basis of criminality that they ignore, behavior they ignore in 99 percent of the population. They are calling acts that Donald Trump is engaged in that people all over this country engage in multiple times a day, they're calling it criminal and in some cases the worst crime in American history.


The crime is that Trump won. The crime is that he outsmarted them. The crime is that he has not sought to include them in his administration. He has not thought that counsel, he's not thought their advice, he has not asked them to become part of what he's doing, he continues. To criticize them openly and in some cases by name, and this is simply not permitted in this club. Donald Trump apparently represents an even greater threat to the elites of Washington and New York than we even knew, and it obviously goes beyond whatever policies Trump believes and it goes beyond immigration issues and the wall and travel bans.


And this if some of you can't trump through something, I mean, these people know he can't do anything to make them like him.


There's no a matter of behaving presidentially that's going to change this. These people have to be stopped and defeated.


Remember Rush's monologue about the response to the covid flu where he said all these things fit together too neatly? I think we last time of was on EIB. I think we played that. There's a lot of things fit together very neatly, like continuing to go after Donald Trump at the same time as they go after election integrity, at the same time as they repeat the mantra safest and most secure elections in history. And that always, to me, leads to a question which was second place, Nurit, talking about postmodernism and the fact that they just find logic to be a bothersome thing when the Mockingbird media types stated that this was the most safe and secure election in history, that leads to me a logical question.


Oh, OK. What was second place? But they won't have that because we don't measure things this way. But Rush in that statement also also was prophetic. And he talked about people getting rewards. For going after you. You by way of Donald Trump. People who chose to go after you, even Republicans who chose to go after you by going after Trump. By going after people who had a deep sense and still have a deep sense that, man, our society's being flipped, man, we're getting dangerously close to this weird China model of corporate authoritarianism and one Republican.


Oh, just got an award from the Kennedy family. We'll talk about that as we continue to me, Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide hosts this week on the EIB Network. So appreciate the opportunity to be with you. If you haven't subscribed to the Limbaugh letter, you can get a special on that now. And listen, it's still based entirely in Rush's personality and his wit and his knowledge and his ability to make fun of the absurdity of the left's by instituting absurdity. It is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the the what we were taught in the Limbaugh Institute.


And you can get it at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom. I'm a subscriber to all these things and I cherish them. And I also just I just enjoy them in a new way now. So I hope that you will consider that at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom as talk to Johnny in Houston, Texas. Johnny, you are on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host. I'm glad you called Johnny. Hi. Yes, Mr. Herman, I appreciate everything you're doing to keep the Rush Limbaugh message alive and going on.


Thank you.


I think that that's I think the left and all all of the politicians, almost all of them up in that of the establishment. They want to make sure that the point is driven home to the common man that just put the common man won the presidency the one time they want to make sure and throw some intimidation from any other common man to make them think twice about trying to become president.


You listen to what you hear when you were a kid and how many times did you even think I could be president? Well, Trump did it and they want to make sure no other common man does it.


Johnny, put that on a coffee mug and I'll buy it from you. I'm not kidding. This is exactly right. That that is from Houston, Texas. Johnny, put that on T-shirts, on coffee mugs. This is exactly right. This is a if you want to cry, I'll give you something to cry about. Oh, you like smoking cigarettes. Let me back you up a table and have you smoke a carton. How do you like me now?


This is a oh, you want to take you want to you want to take us on. We'll show you what happens. This is a let's give us an example. That's that's what this is about. This is Johnny Depp. That is a brilliant phone call. And this leads us maybe you're a plant. I don't know. But Johnny, you just led us brilliantly into this discussion of Mitt Romney. I thank you for the phone call the audience.


Johnny just puts this up as a set put for me. Mitt Romney has been given by Caroline Kennedy the the Profiles in Courage Award, Conrad Black from the Epic Times points out President John F. Kennedy's daughter, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, said in announcing the award. Senator Romney's commitment to our Constitution makes him a worthy successor to the senators who inspired my father to write profiles in courage, Conrad Black says. Well, Kennedy did not write Profiles in Courage, the well-known historian James MacGregor Burns did.


And he goes on similarly to point out something that I believe. Listen, I don't do conspiracy theories. I'm always grounded, in fact. But I will tell you something. There is no Mitt Romney. I mean, there's a father and there's a businessman, but there's no Mitt Romney. There's a series of positions. That he will take when it suits him, such as marching in a Black Lives Matter Incorporated event in Washington, D.C., the same summer as one of the leaders of that what they call themselves train marks, Marxists said will burn America down if we don't get what we want.


Mitt Romney marched with them. But when President Trump told people to proceed peacefully and patriotically in January 6th. Romney voted to impeach President Trump for inciting an insurrection wherein the people who allegedly performed the insurrection forgot to bring guns. Romney. Romney is a guy who people challenged his his conservative credentials, he said this, well, A, I'm a severe conservative. You ever call yourself that? What do you think of yourself in the political spectrum? Oh, I'm a severe conservative.


I'm a harsh conservative. I'm a tortuous conservative. Severe. This is courage. Mitt Romney wanted something in Mitt Romney's getting something. So, look, here's the fact check, and this is vital. Rush knew Mitt Romney was about from way back when Mitt was pretending he was a, quote, severe conservative. The Rush also knew who Mitt was trying to impress. Romney is one of these rhinos, a mainstream Republican who's almost afraid to be a Republican and thinks he's got to apologize for Republicans and who they are and conservatives and who they are is one of these guys that wants to go out and try to make sure that whatever the Democrats want to attack Republicans, they leave him alone because he's actually reasonable.


And this is the guy and I want everybody to remember this. This is the guy that Harry Reid said in 2012 that a friend told him Romney hadn't paid his taxes in 10 years. The media said to Harry Reid, well, who's your friend, who can we we need to ask somebody about this. Where's your proof? And Harry Reid said you're asking the wrong guy. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn't paid his taxes in 10 years.


So they did. And so it became an ongoing part of Romney's presidential campaign that he is alleged to not have paid taxes in 10 years. But he knew it was bogus, but they ran with it anyway. Romney's cozying up to these people. Mitt Romney was also the target. Of dirty Democrat ads claiming that an employee of his wife died because Romney was so cold hearted, he didn't extend health care to the guy's wife. And so the guy's wife died and Romney didn't care.


And Romney is cozying up to these guys. And can we forget, they said Mitt Romney hates animals, family vacation, put the dog on the top of the station wagon. Then when Romney was trying to prove that he was not involved in a war on women he produced. A notebook that was filled with resumes of potential female employees that was twisted and turned into Romney is some kind of a pervert.


Look at all these women in this notebook, Mitt Romney been collecting, they said, and he's he's out cozying up to them. It's a profile in courage. Right, I mean, at least Romney had that Bidart aide, the Cuomo has as a binder, what does he call women? What did he say recently or going anywhere sweet. You know, was it sweet pants or sweetheart? Not sweet pants. OK, got it. That he and I didn't know we were allowed to say that.


And in fact, I don't say that profile in courage. To vote to impeach a man for not doing. What Joe Biden, in fact, did. To march in a parade. Or maybe a protest by a domestic terror group, Black Lives Matter Incorporated, a group that has gotten. More black people, including black cops, killed, then they've helped. Incredible courage of Mitt Romney. And this is why I say there is no Mitt Romney.


There are a series of positions that Romney will take in order to get to be this like productize to Mitt Romney, the shell of Mitt Romney, there's a shell of a man. Corporate America, he came from that can corporate America survive book ism? Todd Hermann, your guide this week on the EIB Network.


Oh, it's such an honor to be with you guys and to take Russia's timeless wisdom and apply them to today's happenings. It is even doing this show like I was talking during the break a couple breaks ago about, wow, I mean, just the way that fits together. We're going to go through another example here because it's so current.


You're watching. It's my contention that you're watching a flipping of society, and I contend that it began in March of last year and that someone press the go button on tyranny. And I think that that we can see this in all sorts of forms, as we've talked about on the program today, corporate America.


Is is going full woak. So many of the companies are participating in this madness, some of them you'd expect Silicon Valley, you'd expect, you know, I've spent some time in corporate America. In fact, I saw once a tweet, someone said, oh, no, Hermann's filling in for Rush Elenita, you know, former Fortune 500 guy. No, thanks.


Well, look, I'm really proud of the time I spent YNAB, you know, working in tech.


And I will tell you this, it was also an incredible learning experience when I went from the world of startups to the world of being the chief digital strategist at the RNC. I'll never forget a series of emails I got. And it went like this. You lied to us. We feel betrayed. He didn't tell us you were one of those. And I lost friends on the spot. There's been a long march through institutions. And that's ending up in advertising and media and news, and it's thicker than you would know.


And people don't even know I mean, there are people who work in the news business and they don't even know how thick it is in them. This woman I really like, she's a liberal, she did a news report once I was there, she did a news report where Maxine Waters had referred to an AR 15 firing bullets like the size of of tennis balls or something. And I talked to Relator casually and said, hey, by the way, here's a picture of what, you know, a shell in Air 15 looks like, here's the actual bullet path.


And and she said to me, I was quoting. A United States congresswoman. Just didn't make a dent. National Review's asking if corporate America can survive. It's a good question.


You know, I would ask this or I would say that if you're in corporate America, if we speak up, we might lose our jobs. If we do not speak up, we'll lose our country. I remember very, very well this monologue Rush did for us, where he reminded all of us that in my mind, not near enough. Conservatives are using our First Amendment to fight for our country. Liberals feel totally comfortable telling anybody what they believe because they know that nothing is going to happen to them.


But pretty much everybody else is scared to death.


To be honest about what they believe, including the pollsters, here's the story and it's from the Cato Institute, which is a libertarian think tank headline, 62 percent of Americans say they have political views they are afraid to share.


Now, you've heard this story if you watch any kind of news, but you've not heard my take on it so effectively. You haven't heard the story. Sixty two percent of Americans say they have political views they're afraid to share. I think it's probably higher than that, particularly when people are talking to pollsters, 50 percent of strong liberals support firing Trump donors. Thirty six percent of strong conservatives support firing Biden donors. Thirty two percent are worried about missing out on job opportunities because of their political opinions.


Now, the reason there's one group that is not afraid to tell anybody what they think and that is strong liberals. And the reason that strong liberals think they can spout off is directly tied to the media, if they're echoing the media, they are safe. If they're echoing the media, they're echoing conventional wisdom and they are safe and they are made to feel as though they are in the majority if they reflect what they see on Twitter, which is not America, but a lot of liberals think it is and it gives them confidence, 58 percent of staunch liberals feel they can say what they believe.


However, centrist liberals feel differently. A slim majority, 52 percent of liberals feel they have to self censor, as do 64 percent of moderates you believe. Sixty four percent of moderates think they have to censor themselves.


Seventy seven percent of conservatives feel they have to self censor that right, there is all you need to know about how wrong presidential polling is right now. If, by definition, 77 percent of Republicans, conservatives, Trump voters are afraid to tell people what they really think than the pollsters are getting lousy data in and they're producing lousy polling results out, this demonstrates that political expression is an issue that divides the Democrat coalition between centrists and their left flank. Even supposed centrist Democrats are afraid of the radical left.


Now, the Cato Institute thinks the story is that the left is divided, liberals are divided on political expression. Strong liberals stand out, however, is the only political group who feel they can express themselves. That's not the story. The story here is 77 percent of conservatives are essentially afraid to tell people what they really think, 77 percent. And it may be higher than that, how many of them were honest, even in this poll? It may be 80, it may be 80 percent are afraid to tell people what they think.


By the way, I happen to believe it. I'm not surprised by it. I run into conservatives all the time who want me to shut up if they're around me. Much less express their own opinions, they're afraid, literally afraid they don't want the hassle, they don't want the controversy, they don't want the discomfort. And so they either don't express an opinion and try to make it look like they're apathetic and therefore no threat, or they lie and try to make it look like they are anti Trump.


Because the safest behavioral mode when you are in the company of liberals, the safest behavior mode is to be anti Trump. Now, you extrapolate all this into polling data. And, you know, every time on this show, every time I make mention of the fact that I think there's this and it's not just me, that there's this massive silent majority out there that is so pro Trump, it's even maybe even bigger than it was in 2016. You would not believe the number of emails I get from people.


You're right. You're right. Don't let go of this. This is the biggest unreported story. It is the silent majority and how much in favor of Trump. They are but are afraid to say it's kind of shocking in a way. But it also means that these people do not want to engage. They don't want to engage the left. They're waiting for somebody else to do it and that somebody else is Trump or maybe elected Republicans. So as all the statues come down and all of American history is attempted to be erased.


The people steadfastly opposed to this, the people universally outraged by it, don't say a word. And. Thus, make it appear that there's no opposition to what the left is doing and the media capitalizes on that like you can't believe. Media capitalizes on the notion that a majority of Americans agrees with everything black lives matter in antifa are saying. That's what not pushing back. Looks like. So it's not that there is a divide among the left, it is that 77 percent of conservatives.


Self censor themselves. Because they're afraid I'm not commenting on whether it's bad, good, indifferent, whatever to be afraid, I'm just acknowledging that it is fear.


I want to talk to a combat vet about fear. And he repeated something to me about bravery and he said that bravery is not the absence of fear. Bravery is acting, even though you're afraid. And Rush made a career of doing things that would make a lot of people afraid, I beg you to speak up.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Hirmand, your guide host. This week on the EIB Network. Kaitlyn's from beautiful Rexburg, Idaho. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week.


Hi, Caitlyn. Hi, Todd. It's so great to talk to you. I love you and Mark Stein and Rush, of course. Well, Rush first and then us. We appreciate that. I'll speak on behalf of Mark.


Thank you very much, because I think you, too. Yeah. I want to call in about the loan forgiveness. So I'm a millennial. I'll be 30 in a couple of years. I took out loans at the suggestion of a professor. Years ago, I got my associates in California. I was born and raised and so I thought, OK, loans are a good idea because his idea was to take out loans. You can finish your school sooner, just be a full time student, and then you have your income to pay back the loans, you know, when you graduate.


Well, that just backfired, I think, for lots of people my age. But how old are you? I think I'll be 28 in a month.


Awesome. Yeah, but I mean, I made an adult decision to take out loans and it's no one's responsibility other than mine and just talking to or hearing you and other people who never went to college or they going to trade. I mean, they shouldn't be paying for all these. People, bad decisions and I mean a lot of things, right, right. Let's play. But still a little Socratic inquiry together here while I have you on the phone, Caitlin.


OK, if you guarantee if you go to, let's say, in Rexburg, you go to the local sandwich shop and you say, I guarantee I will buy all sandwiches from you at eleven dollars apiece or let's say I will buy 80 percent of the sandwiches at eleven dollars apiece. What is going to be the cost of a sandwich at the local sandwich shop and Rexburg for everybody else.


Are they going to price them lower or are they going to keep him at 11 bucks? Oh, a lot of bucks. You set the ground, you've set the ground floor. And this is what people better understand about free college is it's incredibly expensive. That you're saying that no longer are people who are getting the service going to pay for the service, we're going to drive the prices so high that in fact, people will be able to afford it because we're going to guarantee revenue.


I want to read an analysis, Kaitlynn, that's elite private colleges could provide actual free college. In other words, not tapping the taxpayer at all. They'd have to do is take the interest they earn from their endowments. Harvard has some 50 or 60 million dollars in endowments. Just their carried interest could give everybody actual free college, but then they wouldn't get to earn know they wouldn't get to play with those investments. I hear fundamentals in the background.


That means you've got to go to work and do what working people do. Kaitlynn it's a joy to have a 28 year old calling a love Rexburg. I want you to go give big thumbs up to everybody in Rexburg from EIB Network.


OK, all right. Thank you. Thank you very much, Caitlin.


And look, see that Russia's legacy, 28 years old. Rush was many things, one of them was he loved technology and technology can make so much more possible, including the ability for you and your family to digitize your old pictures, family, movies, whatever you have that you want to digitally transfer. Rush relied on Legacy Box to do this, and he wasn't alone. More than a million families have now used legacy box for just this purpose. You know, you talk about using technology to make something easier.


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That's legacy box dot com slash rush to get started and again to save fifty percent off their regular price legacy box dot com slash rush that you rush.


Listen we did a Lord of the Rings reference the precious. We did a Star Trek reference the board. The Democrats are the Borg.


We're going to go back to a Lord of the Rings reference in relation to something the Democrats are doing. You remember if you saw the show, you read the books, one ring to rule them all the Democrats for one law to rule us all. We'll talk about that more.


Todd Hermann, your guide hosts this week on the E i. B. One hour to go on the Rush Limbaugh program, Todd Hermann, your guide host this week, very sad news out of the world of Special Operations Command.


Very sad news. Well, no, it's not. It's it's insane. First of all, that the Special Operations Command had a diversity officer. Is insane how much heard on Russia's program?


Right, I remember Russia went to this, it was a TV clip of a commander that he was a drill drill sergeant somewhere who described the job of the military as breaking people and killing things. And this was back during the Obama era when they were trying to turn the military into just humanitarian missions and cleaning up rubbish and in the sort. And this drill sergeant, as I recall, said, no, ma'am, my job is to to train people, to kill people and break things.


And when called for by the civilian command, of course, Richard Torres, Estrada is being reassigned. He was to be the the the diversity officer for the diversity and inclusion strategic plan guy running this for four for the Special Operations Command. He tweeted a picture that compared Donald Trump to Hitler. And so he's being reassigned, but he's he's still going to be there. He's he's been reassigned to what? How about reassigned to looking for work? Be a good reassignment one bill to rule them all next, thottam in your guide house this week, the EIB Network.


Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from you, like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the Bush administration look bad? Well, now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day. So download the fastest growing podcast in the conservative movement, the Ben Ferguson Show podcast right now. That's right. You can listen to Ben Ferguson show podcasts on I Heart Radio App, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcast.


Download it right now.


What an incredible honor to be with you and talk with you today on the day the Lord has made as a gift for all of us and handed this some responsibilities. In so doing, it's 888 to 282 if you'd like to chat. I would love to chat with you. One of the responsibilities is to call out things that Styris in the face for what they are.


The Wall Street Journal is referring to H.R. one. This is the so called law for the People Act. It's the Democrats survival strategy for 2022. And this is the federal government seizing control over elections. And something else. The Democrats are utterly brilliant. They are aboard. They're utterly brilliant at creating heads. They win tails. We lose circumstances. And in this case, they see Lord of the Rings like one bill to rule us all. And that is the shifting of a voting rules and laws and the heads they win, tails we lose.


Dynamic is if they get this bill in place into law, it creates a circumstance where no one right minded would trust the outcome of elections and people who want to tear our country down and change it from within into an image of of of some weird, weird authoritarian corporatist China model with Nancy Pelosi calling shots with her technocrat friends, that's a win for them. And this proposed law would create the perfect environment for massive fraud and it would drown our political system in in cheating allegations that simply can't be disproven.


On one of the final shows Rush did for us, thing was he was still knocking it out of the park with his analysis of the Democrats lust to totally control us and how successful they are at calling so many Americans. All right.


Let me run through this twenty twenty two thing again, because if it requires a belief that nothing has fundamentally changed in American politics, it requires the belief that people didn't know what they were doing when they voted for Joe Biden and the Democrats in 2018 and 2020. Twenty eighteen midterms and the twenty twenty presidential people didn't know what they were doing, and once they see what the Democrats are going to do. Like the closing of the Keystone pipeline and some of these other things, oh, there's going to be this massive.


Rejection of the Democrats, the next chance people have to vote, which would be 20, 20 to. And I hear a lot of people. Saying this, a lot of people indicating they believe this. People on our side, people on the Republican side, traditional political junkies saying let the Democrats do whatever they're going to do because they're going to get swamped. We're going to wipe them out in the midterms. We're going to win the House back.


We're going to win the Senate back. It's going to be a beautiful thing. And when these people say this to me. I said, do people not get what's going on here, the days of traditional American politics, where is an agreed to power sharing? The Democrats agree that they're going to lose now and then. We agree that we're going to win now and then we agree that when we win, they're going to beat us to hell up and try to take power away from us.


And we're going to help them. We agree that when they win, we're going to acknowledge that they won and we're going to do everything they can to make sure they don't lose in the future. That's the power sharing. But sometimes the Democrats so overstep that we end up winning anyway. If you think that we're anywhere near that. That those days of American politics survive, you have to realize that they don't any longer the days of traditional American politics.


No longer exist, the Democrats folks, and they've been openly honest about this. The Democrats are setting it up, so they're never going to lose elections again, they are setting it up so that even if they lose elections, they win. So what do you mean we're going to win it all back in twenty, twenty two, who thinks that that's in the cards again? You have to believe. That people didn't know what they were doing when they voted in the 2010 midterms and they didn't know what they were doing when they voted for Democrats in the 2012 election, and there are people who believe that the only reason the Democrats won in 2020 is cheating and maybe 2018 the midterms as well.


Rush, it's going to be so massive, they can't they can't win except by cheating and they're going to be so rejected, they're not going to be able to cheat enough to win. Rush, I've been hearing people say that, too. So I ask these people when they when they give me this twenty two theory as well, how did they how they win in 2018 and 2020. And what I get back is they cheated Rush. Now, look.


I am not wandering off the reservation here. But you're making a big mistake if you think that the success the Democrats had in 2018 in the midterms and the 2020 election. Is simply due to cheating. You're missing something very important. There are millions of Americans who knowingly voted for this. There are millions of college students who knowingly support the abolition of the First Amendment. There are millions of young people becoming adults who openly support the council culture and the elimination of constitutional rights by certain Americans.


And they are growing in number as well as growing in age. There are millions of Americans who have bought into the Democrat agenda. This is not simply because the Democrats fraudulently stole an election, even if they did, you've got to understand something. Biden still got enough votes to enable them to go over the line. Whatever amount of cheating there was does not equal enough to win or barely enough to win. I myself have made it abundantly clear how difficult it would be to jury, rig or game the American presidential election, if you knew the districts, if you knew the precincts, if you knew the battleground states in advance, if you could dictate that, then you could do it much easier than just randomly guessing.


But the thing that you have to you have to consider. You have to remember is. Even if you believe there was cheating that went on and a lot of people do, and I'm not going to try to talk you out of that, don't misunderstand me. But you've got to understand at the same time. Millions and millions and millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden or they voted for somebody with a D next to his name, they didn't necessarily vote for Biden.


I don't think I think they I think they voted against Trump. I think they voted against Republicans. I think they voted for the guy with a Democrat or the big D next to his name. But the point is, the idea that the American people did not know what they were doing and in two years are going to be running to the ballot box to reverse their does it why wasn't what Pelosi was doing from twenty nineteen to 2000? Why wasn't that enough to wake them up?


I mean, this fraudulent phony impeachment business, this unconstitutional impeachment, these people engaged in with House managers like Eric Swalwell is out there, you know, banging around with Fang Fang. Why wasn't who the Democrats are enough to wake people up after the twenty eighteen midterms? And then how do you explain Georgia? Why didn't Georgia? Become the de facto replacement for twenty 22, why didn't people in Georgia realize, oh my God, we got to step up here, we've got to prevent the Democrats winning a Senate?


I know what some of you are saying because Rush, everybody knew that we're going to cheat and they didn't vote. And you had a bunch of Republicans telling people not to vote. Fine, fine. I'm just telling you that no matter what, you've got to make excuses for why what you think is going to happen in twenty, twenty two hasn't happened yet. Despite two different opportunities for it to happen. Pelosi and the Democrats in media, we're doing enough mean spirited, fraudulent, lying, cheating, anti Trump things through 2019 and 2020 to wake people up.


And by the way, 74, 75 million people voted for Trump, maybe more, that is a hell of a lot of people as well. There's so many things, folks that are that are working against the whole idea that retail politics hasn't changed. Look at the media. The media is it's easy to complain and whine and moan about it, but the media so predictable they are treating. Have you noticed how they're treated by the administration like the second coming of Camelot?


JFK has essentially been raised from the dead and is occupying the Oval Office in the White House residency. And pretty soon you have a little Hunter Biden sitting on his dad's knee under his desk in the Oval Office, waving as the kerosine goes by. I mean, the media, the media is actually calling for this program and other conservative programs and Fox News to be platformed like Palmer has been developing CNN, you would think they'd be devoted to the First Amendment there, not only for themselves.


So what has to change? All I'm saying is don't think the 2022 is automatic because of how over-the-top the Democrats are going. You got to realize that the Democrats are taking people with them. They are winning the minds and hearts of a certain percentage of Americans. Every election we sit here and say we can't believe it is unreal. It's unbelievable that people have got to wake up and yet they don't in our minds, they don't wake up.


And just please realize that was one of the last shows Rush did for us. I challenge anyone. To hear that man and say that man is is is that ill, it's incredible.


People don't know how much energy it is to do a three hour radio show. I've heard Mark speak about that. It is. And he did. And we're not done because they're back to peddling panic about the covid.


That's next. Thottam Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide host, this week on the EIB Network. And coming up in the segment, one one position that rush just to sell. That was explaining how the what I refer to as scientifically or actually I refer to them as medically useless, deadly, politically advantageous, selective lockdowns of schools, churches and small businesses. I fancy exactitude that Rush described these things as uniquely un-American and did it in a brilliant way. We're going to hear that because they're back to peddling panic.


You had the current CDC director crying, it appeared, talking about impending doom even as the natural immunities in our country are going to reach herd immunity, which happens when between 20 and 40 percent of people have encountered covid or sars-cov-2 and not developed covid a a a peer reviewed paper in the journal Nature shows that when people get, you know, get access to or are touched by sars-cov-2 the virus but don't develop covid-19. In other words, they remain asymptomatic.


They do develop immunity. And that's been known for some time at this peer reviewed paper. Again, cement's that.


But even as that's happening now, we're hearing about the various. And the crazy thing about the era of the covid is I've had so many discussions, I mean, you could watch some of them. I've released videos of some interviews I've done with epidemiologists who are near tears when they say, why are we departing from scientific rigor, like in how we define what a case is. One of those dynamics is there is what's called an extinction burst form for viruses where they become more contagious and less deadly.


There's no indication to believe that these variants are anything but that. But our CDC director is scared of impending doom. We have and we'll get to this Biden sound. We have the covid vaccine passports, New York's going to have this vaccination proof system for you to participate in polite life.


And Andy Slavitt, acting director of CDC, this is going to hit all parts of society, so naturally the government's involved. But unlike other parts of the world, the government here is not viewing its role is to create a passport or to place or hold the data of that of citizens. We view this as something the private sector is doing and will do what's important to us. And we're leading an interagency process right now to go through these details. Are that some important criteria with these credentials be met?


You know, I'll just say this, if you like what you read about in Time magazine in terms of of technocrats fortifying the election. Well, perhaps you'll like what they're going to do with with these vaccine passports. Remember that article? We didn't steal the election refortified it. There is good news, there's a group called Team Reality that is really focused on the reality that this is a ninety nine point eight seven percent survival virus, that that there's no data that masks work.


There's a great article. Well, Scott Moorfield wrote, Scott helped start a group called a Team Reality. Scott set a town hall and Daily Caller. MIT has had to admit that people like that like me now experience in in Scott have been have won hearts and minds in relation to reporting reality about this virus. Biden, on the other hand, he's joining this panic pushing. And by the way, when I refer to Joe Biden as Joe Biden's dementia, it's not my intent to be cruel or mock people with dementia.


It's to point out that this emperor is sadly naked.


Here's Biden proving my point, returned my call for every governor, mayor and local leader to maintain and reinstate the massive mandate.


Please, this is not politics. Reinstate the mandate if you let it down. And business should require mass as well. The failure to take this very seriously precisely what got us into this mess in the first place. More cases, more desk's deaths. Look, as I do my part to accelerate the vaccine distribution of vaccinations, I need the American people to do their part as well. Mask, mask up. It's a patriotic duty.


You can smell seafood through your mask. You can sniff the virus through your mask. Just just that's a simple way to put it. Rush was the first and best at making the argument that these selective lockdowns were un-American. They're portraying us as having no chance. It's hopeless to even think about returning a normal. Anybody that doesn't want to return to normal needs to be really, really looked at. That is highly suspicious to I mean, to make such a strident case about not wanting to return to normal and then using all kinds of all you have to do to answer the question, why would somebody want that?


Why would somebody be so actively eager and involved to promote the idea that we can't go back to New normal? Well, to answer the question, go back and look at what it was, what was the normal just two months ago, and then by extension, six months ago and a year ago, the new normal was a revitalized U.S. economy. An economy that the Obama administration and Democrats told us for eight years could not happen again. It was record employment, record low unemployment, rising wages.


This just the economic side of the ledger. There were any number of things improving all over the country, getting a handle on a number of things, including controlling the border and immigration, illegal immigration. It's obvious that if you don't want to go back to that, then you might you might think, well, why that might be harmful to me politically. In other words, if the Democrats and the left that doesn't want to go back or don't want to go back to the new normal, and they're doing what they always do and using the old normal, actually, and they're using scare tactics to try to convince everybody that it isn't possible and that we shouldn't even want to.


The idea that we shouldn't expect to return. Balderdash. I'm so fed up with this pessimism. I'm so fed up with people taking the advantage, the opportunity of this dread disease to implement a political agenda that would be by definition harmful to the American people. It's already bad enough as it is. The idea that one can hide from a virus is nutty ads in the Spanish flu era. You could be shot for not wearing a face covering leaving your house.


Your local sheriff could shoot you for breaking quarantine and it didn't contain the virus. In fact, there's some reason to believe that more people died from getting bacterial pneumonia, from wearing a face covering all day than died from the Spanish flu itself. And Russian said our goal shouldn't be a new normal, it should be a return to actual normal. And yes, I think that we should be greatly suspect of people who don't want that. In light of the ninety nine point eighty seven percent survivable virus, much more to follow.


Thottam in your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


You probably saw, and it is so difficult to watch a 13 year old and 15 year old girl in a video that Albe I will follow the advice of broadcasters who appear to carjack a gentleman in Washington, D.C., who is just he was feeding his family. He was an Uber eats driver, feeding his family, a Pakistani immigrant. They checked earlier. Turns out Pakistan is in Asia. Therefore, this was an anti Asian crime. 13 and 15 years old in Washington, D.C., a city that has tot's, in my judgment, young black people, one of two things your life is useless because white people stole it all from you.


Therefore, take what you want and or you're capable of no wrong. And you'll never be punished for anything, and when you are lenient, when you should be firm, you'll eventually be cruel, when you should be kind. In this case, the cruelty was imparted to this Pakistani immigrant who died as a result of this carjacking. CNN described it as an accident that resulted in a fatality. The D.C. mayor deleted this absolutely tone deaf tweet New York Post makes point of this of how to avoid carjackings, Federalised says in an article about CNN calling it an accident.


This man's name, Muhammad onWe.


Died in this and was talking earlier to one of the EIB family about the aftermath of this, one of the girls as a man is laying dying or perhaps dead in the street due to her actions. She was deeply upset. Because she lost her cell phone. As this occurred, there is a go fund me for this Pakistani family that's raised 700000 dollars already. Members of the EIB family have donated to this. This this Asian man feeding his family lost his life.


The people who pretended to know what Russia's show was about. But didn't listen, they had no idea how deep into topics like this rush went on a daily basis or how much she read and studied about our country. They also didn't know how it clearly pained Rush to see our country lose its soul, as Rush explains here, way back to the era of the Rush TV show. I'm going to go back.


We're going to go back to the archives, the graveyard of forgotten hits.


All the way back to December 17th, 1992. What is that, 20 years? I think it is. December 17, 1992, I did a monologue on Rush, the TV show, Bob Greene had written a book, there was a column rather than a book, but he did write a book that bounced off of this.


Later, his columns, Soulless Killer will be death of all of us.


And what was noteworthy about it was that Bob Greene at the time was a noted liberal. He was a noted leftist. And the killings, the young people, I mean, single digit age people killing each other in Chicago. So rattled him and so unnerved him that he started digging deeper than just we got to get rid of guns he couldn't believe and he didn't understand why it was happening. And I took a shot at explaining it. Now we got two sound bites and they're going to take about five minutes total.


The first one is three minutes.


He's hit on it. The national soul, the dying national soul. May I ask you to think about something here for a second? The science talk about the concept of the soul to science, try to prove the existence of the soul, the science, even concern itself with the soul. What is the soul? I mean, the dictionary definition of the soul is that which animates us. That gives us our animating qualities. But the soul is what we are.


Soul is our consciousness. Soul is our being. Soul is what makes us unique from one another. And biologically we're all the same. But it's the soul and science doesn't deal with the soul. What does where do you go in our society to learn about the soul, the origination of the soul, the depth of the soul, the future of the soul? Where do you go? Religion, not any particular religion, but religion is where the soul is discussed.


Well, we can't talk about religion in America today in New York City and around the country. We are trying to teach kids to get along with one another. We're doing it by giving them condoms. We're doing them by teaching, doing it by teaching them about tolerance for alternative lifestyles. But there's this thing out there called the Ten Commandments. We can't teach that. But there's no better lesson for all of humanity. As to how to get along with each other, but you can't teach the Ten Commandments because that stems from somebody's religion.


Why do kids take guns into schools? Because they have no respect for the sanctity of life. Told you that time and time again, you can't have a million and a half abortions every year in this country. For all the years that we've had folks without life itself being cheapened, we can't start killing and calling it death with dignity. We can't start killing and calling it right to die. We can't let guys like Jack Kevorkian run around and assist people in dying, which is really killing them and not cheapen life at the same time.


Life is the most precious thing there is on this planet. Human life, the most precious. Everything else is academic. Without it, we can't create it from scratch. We will never be able to recapture a lost life. Never, ever. It is our most precious, most sacred thing, and we are cheapening it according to the convenience of those who live. We take kids to school and they have guns and knives in their pockets. What do we do?


We put metal detectors up in the schools and if the ACLU doesn't come along and say, you can't do that, that violates the Fourth Amendment search and seizure clause, then they get into school with guns. And as we pointed out the other day, they show up with play guns, water guns, start shooting people, people, real guns. Turn around, shoot them back. What do we do? We get the toy gun off the market.


We don't go after the people who are shooting real guns. We have people who think we should go after the real gun. The gun doesn't shoot itself. That was part one.


And again, this is from December 17th, 1992, of my television show.


And it's bouncing off teenage killings, single digit age killings in Chicago in a column written by Bob Greene's soulless killer will be death of All of US.


That was a my memory was an eight year old who killed a five year old. It was in a neighborhood. It wasn't even at school that was in the home or something. And it just at the time blew her body away. How in the world and even back then, it was not even a question of the gun. What people were shocked at was how does an eight year old even gin up that kind of emotion? And it has to be because he sees it somewhere eight years old.


You have to see it. You have to witness it. And you have to think that it's harmless and if you watch television and dead people don't really die, I mean, you saw the guy get shot on TV the next week. He's on a different show, say, to really die. You're an eight year old. You might think you won't even really die.


But even if you do no big deal, you see it happening in your neighborhood all the time.


Life isn't taught and revered for what it is the most unique and precious thing there is on the planet. And then everything else will become meaningless at some point.


Here's the remaining two minutes in my mind, ladies and gentlemen, all of this is totally understandable, this lack of respect for life, especially in kids and teenagers. Look at the movies they watch. I remember I remember when I was a kid, my parents were all concerned about Beatle music. I grew up in the 60s and in the mid 60s. Beatle music. I want to hold your hand. I saw her standing there. All of that stuff was deemed revolutionary and bad.


But look at the lyrics that were harmless. They were love songs. It was the hair and the appearance that my parents were afraid of. But you look at what's out there today, look at two live crew's means, so horny. You know what that is about? It's about the destruction of the female vagina by a bunch of men having a good time. Can't ban that.


Nope, that's freedom of speech. That's art.


We then have all kinds of songs by rappers like Ice Tea called Cop Killer.


Can't can interrupt that. That's that's called Freedom of expression and art as well. We've got all these hacker and slasher movies. We have people getting slashed, have hacked it off, shot to death. Killers get killed. Twenty five and 30 times over like in the Friday the 13th movies, and they always come back to life. Life has become cheap in our society. It's become a commodity that we can broker for our own convenience. This should not be any surprise.


I am happy. I am proud that I have been on the cutting edge, the leading edge of this. And I am glad and happy as I can be that Bob Greene, a nationally syndicated columnist, has dare bring up the concept of the soul in all of this because science can try to explain behavior all they want. Science can try to explain psychological temptation. Listen, that it's the soul. It is respect for the essence of humanity and life.


And when that is not respected and when you can't teach that what we have in our society is no wonder. I hope you'll think about it.


That was again December 17th, 1992, from Rush, the television show.


Let me give you the actual facts that were responsible for the Bob Greene column in the monologue.


I was going to close the loop on this so that you're able to put the monologue. This we replayed in context. Three teenagers, 15, 16, 17, 18 years old, walked into a house, neighborhood house, Chicago. They tried to get in an eight year old boy at home. He's by himself. He lets them in eventually because he knows them and he trusts them. And the upshot of the story is that these three, the 15, 16, 17 year old kid, stabbed him, hacked him, butchered him, tied him up, mutilate him, and he died a slow death by bleeding to death.


And they did it just for the fun of it was the story. They did it just because they could, just for the fun of it. And that is what?


Led to Bob Greene writing his piece about the absence, the loss of the soul and the monologue by me that ensued and the shooting in Florida and the carjacking in Washington, D.C. and the young woman says, hey, where's my cell phone?


We'll come back a comparison between Rush and Ronald Reagan on a very important day in the history of Ronald Reagan's taught guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Some breaking news. Hillary Clinton. Well, I don't know that it's news, but the Supreme Court by Hillary doesn't need to testify. Over using an illegal email system that's resulted in several national security felonies, she already answered questions in writing. Her lawyers did just need to testify. That's for the little people. Thank you, Supreme Court. Ronald Reagan, it was it was today, March 13th, 1981, President Reagan was shot and wounded by John Hinckley, I shouldn't say his name by the sky in D.C., this person who tried the matter to the world.


And my wife and I watched the funeral of Ronald Reagan. Remember that when Reagan was shot, he he he had those great lines going into the hospital.


Legendary line said to the surgeon, I hope your Republican and the surgeon said, because it was a different era. The surgeon said, sir, today we're all Republicans. And then President Reagan chose to go to the window and wave with his hair done up perfectly because that's who he was. He wanted the country to feel OK because he was a leader. He was also an intellectual giant, people who want to pretend, as the media does, that he was not, you can you can belie that by simply reading President Reagan's notes, letters he wrote to people.


My wife and I watched his funeral. I had to leave work.


I was I couldn't work, he was the president of my lifetime, my wife and I wept on the couch. We watched Nancy Reagan touch his casket. The Reagan Library. And I also remember realizing that Rush Limbaugh. Was the intellectual bridge, Reagan was an intellectual, rush was intellectual. And Reagan was the president of my lifetime and a father figure. And Rush was a father figure. And Rush loved Ronald Reagan. He spoke about President Reagan's brilliant embrace of the right to self-defense at the 1983 NRA convention.


Here is Reagan in 1983. The NRA convention that year was in Phoenix.


I'm delighted to be with all of you. And does my spirit good to be with people who never lose faith in America, who never stopped believing in our future, and who never back down one inch from defending the constitutional freedoms that are every American's birthright.


It's a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun control laws. I happen to know this from personal experience. You know, I've always felt a special bond with the members of your group, you live by Lincoln's words, important principles may and must be inflexible. Your philosophy put his trust in people so you insist on individuals be held responsible for their actions.


Right on the applause throughout Reagan's speech to the NRA in 1983, it was never ending.


Here's an example that our final bite, the NRA believes that America's laws were made to be obeyed and that our constitutional liberties are just as important today as 200 years ago. And by the way, the Constitution does not say that government shall decree the right to keep and bear arms. The Constitution says the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.


Went on and on and on and Reagan just on the events.


A little glimpse into tomorrow's Rush Limbaugh program will come back to determine your guide host this weekend at the Abbey with news that the Supreme Court has decided that Hillary Clinton need not answer for the use of an illegal e-mail system. Tomorrow, a little bit of comparison that Kamala Harris seems to have been infected by Hillary Clinton in some ways, not not just ideological, but in terms of personality. We'll explore that tomorrow. Well, actually, we'll turn to Rush to explore that in all the ways that Rush could.


We are seeing a flipping of society and we've talked about that on this program today and yesterday. And yet we remain on flipped, remain grounded in foundational facts and in foundational principles. We are a country designed to be governed at our consent. So much that's going on for which we do not give consent and will not give consent. These are going to be tough times. I invite you to reflect upon what Rush was talking about, one of those last segments of the soul or soul, right.


Tied to my opinion, our bridge between us and God Almighty. I invite you to engage in prayer even as we remember this, while we have an opportunity to speak, we have an opportunity to change minds. When we have an opportunity to change minds, we have an opportunity to get our country back. See you tomorrow.


Todd Herman, your guide host this week and the one on the EIB Network. Hi, everyone, I am so excited to launch my very first podcast, The Truth, with Lisa Booth with I Heart Radio and Gingrich 360, The Truth with Lisa Booth is a podcast project scrutinizing Jex fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country from within.


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