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I am so excited to launch my very first podcast, The Truth with Lisa Booth with I Heart Radio and Gingrich 360.


The Truth with Lisa Booth is a podcast rejects everything Jex fake news and will never bow down to the political correctness poisoning this country. From what you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone and join me on this wild ride and buckle up and tune in on March 24th, my very first episode, The Truth with Lisa Boothe every single Wednesday on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast.


It is an incredible honor to be with you today. Phone number is 800 282 282. Today is the day God has made for all of us. I perceive it's in fact, I'm told it's a gift for us to live through in times such as these. It's really important that we grant ourselves in facts because it's easy to feel like we're being spun around inside of a madhouse psychiatric carnival ride because that's what's going on. We're watching the flipping of societies we've been talking about this week.


The media is finally been allowed inside the what they call the migrant center, Texas Migrant Center, which you can also refer to as a place where we are storing people who have broken into the country illegally. Some of them are no doubt being trafficked. Some of the young people this this is just facts is the Department of Homeland Security can communicate that to you. People have been down there. I want to talk about some of the things that went on at the border, another set of apparent coyotes, human traffickers yelling across the Rio Grande River at the senator.


Perhaps they didn't know it's a senator. We didn't talk about that and talk about the number, the increase in the people sneaking into the country. And you're watching something that we predicted because we know that the Democrats want this to occur, that the left wants this to occur and that we're watching this flipping of society is in San Diego. We talked about this yesterday. Get into some detail today that the teachers who are saying if we if we don't teach our kids all of the all the people will die, but we've got to go teach these illegal immigrant kids in person.


So you're not you are not crazy to feel like the world is trying to make you crazy and really for that reason I am I am just thrilled to announce something that we can all ground ourselves in as EIB family. So this Friday, EIB is going to be a very special program. It's a video tribute. It's titled A Tribute to radio's Greatest of All Time, Rush Hudson. Limbaugh the third are beloved Mahat Rushy. And it's an opportunity for us to see and share his extraordinary life from his youngest age to the triumphs of his life.


And this is all told through the words of his family members and close friends and business partners. Now, it's not it's not on TV. You won't find it there. It's online at Rush Limbaugh dot com. It's going to be available this Friday. So just coming up right after this program on this Friday. So it's a special tribute to be on demand for you to see and be reminded of the greatness of Rush in here with a clip from that tributes none other than President Donald Trump.


So I just want to say that it was a great honor to know him. You know, I did something very unusual. It's never been done like this before or in this location. I gave Rush the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and it was an evening like we haven't seen in Washington. It was an evening that was very, very special. And everyone knows what I'm talking about. You had half of the wonderful politicians in Washington loving it and you had the other half.


They weren't so happy that night. It was the State of the Union. And I decided to do it then because that was the ultimate location and that was the ultimate time and place. That was the ultimate everything. And it was an evening like few people have ever seen before. And I will say that while one side was applauding like crazy, the other side was dead silent. But the one thing they had in common is that both sides respect and truly respected Rush Limbaugh.


Thank you, Mr. President. Underline that there's a reason the Democrats were furious. Because they're attacking free speech, because they're tracking attacking logic, they're they're attacking common sense in every realm. So you go from a president who attempted to simply enforce immigration law. To a man Joe Biden installed behind a militarized installation in Washington, D.C., a clear figurehead, he's not mentally he's not mentally there enough to be president. You are seeing the installation of chaos now, just think of this.


That that there's an order to the world. And there's an order to it beginning, in my view, with God Almighty creating order to the world and to the universe, and we can talk all day about that some other time. Level down from that. Without laws, it's not like there's not power. But without laws. It's not like you don't have the powerful in charge, in fact, you have it even more. The people capable of using force, willing to use force, brutality controls.


Military's control, and sometimes they're not even militaries, they're gangs. Laws, when they're equally enforced, provide a realm of compassion, we have 100 and illegal border crossings have jumped to one hundred and fifty thousand in March.


This is chaos. Chaos begets ruin. It is not compassionate. In any setting. If you see people being made crazy, it's because often there's no consistent application of the rules, that means people can't plan for their lives, for their investments. They can't know they're safe in their homes. And we're seeing chaos on the border. Check this out. This is Senator Steve Daines. He's a Republican. He told Breitbart News that they went down to the border there across the Rio Grande River.


We weren't right there on Friday, he said to the Rio Grande River, we were all we were really taunted by Mexican cartel members. They didn't know it was Republican senators who were staying there literally on the water's edge in the brush, but they knew it was probably border patrol. They could hear the English voices from the Epoch Times as well, reporting that this happened. Breitbart and Epoch Times. They are mocking us because they are returning to a position of power.


The cartels. Not enforcing laws is the opposite of compassion. I'm often challenged, people say, well, you call yourself a Christian, but you don't want open borders, I say, yes, you're right, I want laws equally applied and. The opportunity to help people where they live, we must never stop speaking the truth that Americans give more money philanthropically worldwide and through government aid worldwide than any other country, even adjusted for our incomes. Compassion is, hey, let me put out the fire of socialism and communism in your country, which is leading to generations three and four generations of harm.


Let us help you do that. Let us help you raise yourself up into sustainable wealth, even if it's not wealth, sustainable living. That you own that you control, that you can pass down to families. Let us not. Say instead, let your countries burn, come here. At the very same time as chaos is being invited into our country. Go from the Texas border. Where it is purposely, in my judgment, being allowed to be overrun, the cartels know what's going on.


They know that for every child we need to interview to figure out if they're being trafficked, it's an opportunity for them to bring more drugs into the country. And remember this, Barack Obama allowed that to occur under Project Cassandre. We were ready to shut down Taliban shipping heroin into our country using those same coyotes and channels. And Obama stepped in and literally stopped them from being indicted. So go from the Texas border. Going to California. Where the cartels are allowed to operate in the open.


Were there allowed to deal drugs in the open up the coast to Oregon that didn't used to be as bad as California? Now you have drugs of all sorts legalized in Oregon up the coast to Washington State. Where Seattle doesn't want any limits on any form of drugs and we know the cartels are there, in fact, in these cities, in these West Coast cities, I will hear from cops three times a week with the strangest news. If they pull someone over or they are arresting someone in an assault charge or a, you know, something where they can actually arrest them, it is not uncommon for people if they're of Hispanic descent or Mexican descent to say I am here illegally.


They volunteer the information. I am here illegally. Because often the cops know, well, I could arrest this person, put them in the system, write a report, spend my time on this, but they're not going to be held because they're VIPs. There's an order to the universe, there's day and night, there's land and water, there's the unmistakable order of our DNA. Then there are people fighting against order, just imagine being on the side of chaos, and that's where the Democrats lay.


Speaking of that, China is adding to trying to install chaos in our country.


We'll talk in detail about that as we continue to determine your guidepost this week on the EIB Network.


Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network. And listen, I understand when we talk about the world and our country being made purposely chaotic, that's easy to take that and get very depressed. It's easy. I trust me. It's easy for me to struggle with that. I want us I ask you to find solace in the fact that we know what's going on in that regard, that we ground ourselves in facts. We can secure our border.


It's been done. It is moral and right to have laws equally applied for everybody. It is compassionate to keep the world's lifeboats, the United States afloat. It is stupidity to cook the goose that lays the golden egg to employ a cliche.


These are all unquestionable facts, and part of the design of what's going on is we are the left is pushing so hard to have us not know where to concentrate. So let's just concentrate on principles such as those things that we know to be true. We can teach those to our children. We still have that. And let's just take this other piece of news. Let's consume it and let's figure out how to respond to it. The Daily Caller News Foundation has been tracking a Hong Kong based think tank that's called the China U.S. Exchange Foundation.


And what they're doing is very clever. It's part of the long march reaching out to historically black colleges and the Congressional Black Caucus or the Congressional Caucus of black leftist communists. No, no conservatives allowed. And the outreach is no doubt to imbue them with the belief that America is rotten to the core, racist to the core, as you know, baked into the apple pie of America. Is racism the lies of the 16 19 project being pushed through?


Clearly, their goal is to push this down into the minds of of the young skulls of mush in big universities. We know they're doing this. We can respond to this. We can show our children and our friends the wiggers. You know, you can buy wigger hair online, no doubt, from the prison camps, hair of wigger women probably didn't want to give it up on their own. So we can point to that, we can point to the human rights abuses, we can point our children towards, here's what this this Communist Party does, and there's groups, dime a dozen like this, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation, that Wilson there's an organization called Wilson Global Communications.


These are a dime a dozen in D.C. They're hoping to peddle these relationships, apparently on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. Knowing these things is potential power, planning to respond to them is. Potential power response is what we need now let me ask you this question. When you hear the phrase trichomes, of whom do you think?


I think of Rush and how passionate he was to see the people of China one day out from under the boot of the Chinese Communist Party and how much he wanted to know the CCP is different from the true vision of America in every possible way.


We are different than communists in countless, innumerable ways.


One of the primary ways that we are different is that we do not wish to dominate the world via autocratic, totalitarian behavior.


We would love capitalism to spread everywhere. We would love freedom to be the order of the day everywhere we would love for the natural state of a human being is created. This what I call the yearning to be free. We would love for that to be honored and understood around the world by every world government. But we are one of the few. That's why we are exceptional most governments, because power is an aphrodisiac and because power inherently corrupts most governments end up being autocratic, dictatorial or tyrannical.


And most people throughout the history of the world have lived under one form of tyranny or bondage or another. They really have I mean, don't stop to think about it. But from the beginning of time, whenever that was from the beginning of time, human beings walking the earth, the vast majority of human beings have lived lives that you and I would consider miserable. No, no creature comforts, their lives were constantly hard labor, hard labor, simply to survive, hard labor to simply find the way to shelter themselves from the elements.


There was no vaisse for the we didn't have air conditioning until the late the mid 1980s. We didn't have central heat until not much sooner than that, the vast majority of people on this planet have lived lives that you and I would consider really, really hard and really, really miserable.


And I'll tell you, I go through bouts of it's not very often, but every time I change the temperature in my room, I feel a little guilt and I give thanks for the time I was born. My grandfather was born in eighteen, I think 98 when he was born, electricity wasn't. I mean, it was still a dream was just starting. There were no airplanes. There were no mass produced automobiles, it was still horse and buggy.


No telephones. Photography was just oozing into the black and white stage at first black and white photos in some of the Civil War era and Lincoln. But, you know, prior to that, I mean, it was but those people didn't know any different. So to them, it wasn't suffering. To them, it was making the most of what they had. They adapted every generation does, which is why every older generation worries that the younger upcoming generations, a bunch of softy wusses, because they don't think life has been hard enough for them compared to their parents.


It's something that's a common generational fear. But I'm off track a little bit. My point to you is that if the Chinese could damage Donald Trump forever to their advantage, they do it. Did other Russians, Fidel Castro was routinely trying to join efforts to damage the United States, even though his efforts were pure YLE compared to superpower's? And we would love for our way of life to spread because it is adopted in a Democratic fashion by votes of the people and most people don't really get to vote on their lives.


There are a lot of nations that have votes, but there may be only one candidate ever on the ballot. Sometimes there's not even an election. Sometimes it's a total sham. The people of China have no liberty or freedom. They live in perpetual fear of their government. They always have. And so has anybody who has lived under communism. So. To say that would they do anything they could to damage. Yeah, the generic answer is yeah, by definition we represent a threat.


They do want total dominion over the world. They do want autocratic control of the world. And they want to be.


The world government, the Chinese, they don't want any globalism, they don't want to share, they will use whatever they have in order to gain what they want. They will promise and they will lie and they will be deceitful. They have no desire. To do anything other than. Spread their dominance as far as they can. That's why we are an enemy, they try to spread their dominance to an ally of ours. We'll stop them theoretically. But we do not conquer like that, we do not target areas of the world and send the army to conquer and then claim that's the 50 second state.


Hawaii is a state because the people of Hawaii voted for it. They wanted to become a state. Same thing with Alaska. So there isn't any comparison and attempts to draw comparisons between a communist country. United States is offensive as it can be to me, because we have nothing in common, starting with they have no liberty and they have no freedom, their people whatsoever.


The people that live in communist China live in perpetual fear of the state. By design, this is how the state wants it, it's how they guarantee conformity. We theoretically do not. Do this. But there are factions in America who wish we did. There are factions in America who salivate over that kind of autocratic power and you'll not find any of those people in the Republican Party.


Just be clear out throughout the show. Rush's program, you're going to hear Rush addressed the precursor to the vaccine passports, and he was alert to this information is potential power. This for decades, this program has provided us this now we know will stay grounded in facts. We'll take actions together to speak to our school boards. Our students are young people, our churches, our communities about what's actually going on.


A little change of tone. We come back. Rush, the humorist on the EIB Network.


Such an honor to be with you. Look forward to chatting with you on the phones as the program progresses at 888 to 208 to. So Rushville, I think, invented the process of taking things complex and making them understandable. People are super busy, particularly conservatives, business owners, hard workers, entrepreneurs, you know, people living their lives and don't have time to obsess over politics.


To the left, it's all politics. So the the Supreme Court has issued a ruling that Hillary Clinton need not bother herself with testimony about her email server, that that Akua in writing from her attorneys suffices. So why should she have to bother with follow up questions to clarify the fact that she's blatantly lying about why she set this up? Let me try to make this complex issue really simple, because people are tuning in all the time throughout the show, even as as you know, ladies, the last 60 days.


People turning to this program for guidance, Hillary used a private email server so that she didn't have to reply to demands for her emails. That's it. She was hiding them. She wanted to be able to conduct pay for play from the server in her bathroom. So here's one way to explain it to your friends. Try this at work. Your boss comes and says, hey, do you have an email record that conversation with with, you know, this vendor having a problem?


No. What not. I bleach, bleached it a beach, blurted it, it's gone, it's it's racist, it's been bleached, pitted. It's raced. Try it. Try it with their US. Do you have a record for this tax deduction? I don't recall. Just try it. This is a way to communicate with our friends how separate the system is, the importance of being Hillary Clinton. As you get to do these things, Supreme Court has said, yeah, why bother, I'd rather doing this.


You know, there is almost an eerie inheritance. Have one of Hillary's techniques, she's asked the tough questions. Ay ay, ay, ay, ay ay the laughter.


Kamala Harris. Who may well be running things since Joe Biden's dementia's not. She thinks that the school closures are hilarious. Now listen to this and you tell me, where did Carmela learn to cackle like this?


More parents are seeing the value of educators at it and say we're not paying them nearly enough. Ha ha ha.


Yeah, I know a lot of parents are saying that now that they're discovering their kids have been taught that there's no such thing as boys and girls, that the America is a racist country, that their parents stole everything to have if they're white.


It's hilarious. And I know parents whose kids haven't been to school, but, man, hey, can you double my property taxes to pay for the schools? It's it's funny, but the laughter. Was it passed on and sort of a weird. Kind of ceremony somewhere, Central Park. Outside the Clinton Foundation, oh, wait, they don't have the Central Park offices anymore since the business model dried up. Were Hillary handed this over? No, I so dearly remember Rush imitating Bill Clinton talking to Rush.


And you probably remember when Rush did this, he diagnosed Hillary Clinton's cackle as the sound of the Arkansas broad beam. There's a couple of people I watch regularly who drive me away because they begin every sentence with, you know, by the way, that's a pet peeve of mine. I'm not going to name names becomes a habit. After a while. People are thinking what they want to say and they say, you know, and then, you know.


And so I studiously try to avoid.


Hillary is one of these people and you know, and, you know, then a broad beam, cackle, laugh, and then, you know, again, well, they don't have to buy my book and they can turn off the radio when they hear me talking.


I'm not going anywhere.


I have the experience. I have the insight. I have the scars that I think, you know, give me not only the right, but the responsibility to speak out.


That's that's not made by the Arkansas Broadbent's a species that is native to Arkansas, that Kakul. We first heard it and it sounded just like Hillary laughing here.


So that's what it is.


It's perfect. I also look at this like weird, you know, dark ceremony of passing things on. And is it impossible for the left to find likable women now? I do try to focus on policies, but the policies are the people. In the case of the left, you now have Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris being sued for banning the annual prayer event at the Capitol. Never, never, never misunderstand this. They fully intend to be the party that's against God.


It's like the final divide and conquer. Oh, wait. It is like to final divide and conquer. Oh, I thought that was going to be funny and it dropped out of my mouth and I looked at it, said, that's not all that funny, but I'll tell you. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Look at this. OK, this is the power of the team, EIB. We were just speaking of them all, imitating Slick Willie look with the team EIB just pulled from the Limbaugh Museum.


Hey, I want to tell you the truth.


I didn't lie. I never knew I have never heard of this company. I didn't know this company existed. I have I have never been an adviser. I have never asked anybody support this deal.


Not one time later in the show, they found a moment were rush interviews, Rush Rush interviews, Bill Clinton acting as Bill Clinton. And and you won't believe this. Bill Clinton once approached Rush in a New York City eatery, we'll get to that now because there are always people, new people listening to Rush program joining even the past few months. Many, many people have no idea of the true story of Hillary's email server, the way we began this segment.


And they actually believe Donald Trump went and asked the Russians to hack her. Here's Rush explaining it.


Let's reset the stage, as happened in the summer of 2000 and 17. I'm sorry, 2016 and Hillary's email server had 60000 emails and she turned over 30000 and then said the others were not important, they had to do with her daughter's wedding registry and yoga lessons and all that. And she deleted them and she used bleach bit in all this other stuff. And people didn't believe that. And besides, wherever there are emails, there are backups. There are copies somewhere.


Hillary Clinton's emails are they still are there somewhere they exist somewhere she can bleach, beat her server all she wants, but her server was not air gapped, meaning it was connected to the Internet. So there's somewhere. And so the media was going nuts about it. A lot of people were raising questions about where Hillary's missing emails were. And Trump thought it was ridiculous because somebody had them. Somebody knows where they are. So Trump starts mocking all of this so-called concern.


And he's Russia. Russia, if you're listening, so many people are trying to find Hillary's emails. He jokes, because the real point, nobody wanted to find him. They're trying to cover him up. So Trump says Russia, if you're listening, maybe you can help find them. And if you do, you might want to let the U.S. media know. When I saw that, I started laughing myself silly, because that is a humor technique that I have employed religiously and it's got me in trouble.


The leftists do not get it. I can't tell you the number of times that I have been misunderstood and then labeled something horrible because of a similar kind of joke. They have no sense of humor. They don't laugh about anything anyway, but they do not. When you're mocking them and laughing at that, eh, that's not tolerable. That isn't permissible. And here is John Brennan. This guy ran the CIA and he wants us to believe and he doesn't understand that this is a joke.


He wants us to believe that Donald Trump is actually suborning Russia investigating Hillary Clinton, that he was actually inviting Vladimir Putin to spy on Hillary Clinton. Now, what kind of stupid is that? Ask yourself this, if you are an attorney in a conservative attorney in an America loving attorney, what would be the harm next time you're defending a client and the client doesn't want to testify? Right. And they want to pull a Hillary Clinton or they're in an e-mail situation like this, what would be the harm with just saying and.


We plead Hillary. We plead the Hillary defense. The defense is just try that house for billion dollars, sound to you to be borrowed and printed and handed out by Joe Biden's dementia.


That next is Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


So Joe Biden's dementia is looking at four trillion dollars in what they want us to believe is going to be infrastructure. And we know how Unni's shovel ready all this stuff always turns out to be, and we know the hooks that exist within this, and again, an opportunity, the information that we have an opportunity to speak with your friends, because there are we've we've talked to them on this program. There are people who have changed their mind about the left in the last three months.


Question to them, is it OK that the federal government hands out money to people based upon their race? Is it OK that they take from one race and openly hand to another? Is that OK with you? Because that is exactly what happened in this so-called stimulus plan. Another thing, if you have friends who work in any realm of journalism, ask them, why did you call that the stimulus plan? Why did you call it a covid relief bill?


When six percent of it had to do with covid, perhaps the answer is, well, that's that's. So Joe Biden called. That's the literal answer. Anybody in journalism, is it truly your job? To act as a marketing arm for the Democrat Party, is that your job? Have you looked in the mirror recently and said, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? Is it really worth your job there, things worse than switching careers such as watching your country spent into oblivion, which is, in my judgment, what we're watching.


Now, Rush pointed out that the same Democrats who want to borrow and spend into oblivion were baffled by President Trump's desire to find ways for big companies to want to help with actual infrastructure.


One of the Democrats love to do as much as maybe not more than as much as anything. They love spending money. They just they just love spending. And if Trump comes out and proposes a one trillion one and a half trillion to trillion, whatever infrastructure project, they're going to be salivating to be part of it.


But they won't be able to because they've got to stop it. They got a block. They can't let Trump have any credit for this. If there's going to be any infrastructure spending and if there's going to be infrastructure improvements, it cannot be with Donald Trump having anything to do with it. So Trump coming out and proposing. Remember, part of Trump's idea is a combination of public and private money.


And that's got them flummoxed, too, because they can't figure out how in the world that would work well, but you know, the Warren F Buffett Interstate 55 through Nebraska or whatever, have Warren Buffett pay for it. That's how, you know, I'm just a you know, I don't put up my head. But I mean, how do you get wings to hospitals to get rich people to pay for it, put their name on it, ergo, private sector helping the public sector anyway?


It's a great idea and it was a great idea. What is Biden's dimentia doing? He wants to take your money from you, distribute it based upon race, and then along the way build charging station for electric vehicles that you don't want because because very few people can afford the things. There's the dirty little secret that they actually are not that green at all. Elon Musk, himself, CEO of the company that sells the most of these things, says there's not enough electric power to do this.


I will tell you in their plans, the Democrats, I fully believe they do intend to start banning. Gas powered cars, why? Because the new generation of cars will come convenient with software by which to charge you money at an increasingly absurd rate for every mile you drive. We talked about that yesterday on the show. Great question for your friends who are still saying, are you OK being tracked every mile you drive? And with the government being able to crank up the rates every single day until you break information is potential power.


Let's use this information right. And now with money disappearing out of our pockets, it's good to know the IRS is giving you and I an extra month to file our 2020 taxes. That means you'll have more time to do this, right? Whether you're doing your own taxes or working with an accountant, you're likely scanning and sending your tax documents. That's more data and another document stored on your computer you don't want to lose. You backed up your computer so the data is never lost.


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I drive dotcom and use my name to save 90 percent off the first year I drive, said Industry Best PC Magazine just awarded them a seventh consecutive Editor's Choice Award seven years in a row that says it all. I drive dotcom, use Russia's name to save 90 percent off.


Remember when Democrats cared about election integrity? It actually did exist. We'll tell you next.


What if we could provide you proof that the deep state knew?


Let's see, six years ago, what was going to go on in this past election. The sort of rampant opportunity for fraud, if not outright fraud, and there was outright fraud. Many of the state, Wisconsin Supreme Court saying, oh, yeah, well, it's 200000 votes. Totally, totally illegal method. President Trump, we're told, lost Wisconsin by, what was it, 20000 votes, Michigan Supreme Court. Same sort of thing, huh?


Wow, that was illegal. Look at that. What if we could prove to you? That 15, 16 years ago, this was all predicted by none other than former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker.


What if we could do that? Using the archives from the Limbaugh Institute, the Museum for Broadcast Excellence, what if we could do all that? Guess what? It's not a what if it's not a rhetorical question.


We'll do that next on the Rush Limbaugh program, taught her your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


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Man, I appreciate you hanging out with us today as we take today's current events and apply to them the indelible wisdom of Rush Limbaugh, including some unbelievably uncanny predictions about what would unfold post covid and how technocrat's would seek to control us. It is the day that the Lord is made, and these are the times that God has decided we will live through, meaning he trusts us, meaning he trusts us to take this information that we've been given throughout these decades and that we need one of many guideposts to take you through.


These times will try my best in part to you in ways that we can be active with. And one of the ways that we can be active is to do something that the left tried to outlaw, not outlaw. But they tried to they tried to make unsavory. And that is a what about Islam? If you heard you've seen this, if you are in the sewer of. Well, I want to say that, I mean, Twitter can be a sewer.


I refuse to contribute to Jack Dorseys Hate Machine or Mark Zuckerberg surveillance machine anymore. So I don't do it anymore. I use it for show prep. I communicate with listeners directly, not actually, you know, direct message, etc. But if you are in those realms, you'll see people go to Buddhism, you're doing your Buddhism.


What about isms are really valuable. They're incredibly valuable. Here's an example. You come home, you walk up, you drive or you're drunk, you walk up to your home front door. And you notice that the doors kicked in. And you say, well, that's weird. When I left home, that door wasn't kicked in. You're doing. What about Azem? If you're at home Minding your own business and you say, you know what? My left arm is awfully numb, and, gosh, the left side of my neck is just pulsing and I get this weird headache and I taste sulfur.


Your doctors are going to say, why are you doing. What about Isme? They try at every turn to make it unsavory, to apply logic to things, so I'm going to give you a what about ism? When the Georgia State Assembly. Pass election reform last week, I wonder how many of them read the report and words from their own Jimmy Carter.


Who authored a report himself in 2005 on election reform at the request of George W. Bush, Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker oversaw the Commission on Federal Election Reform and issued a report. If you read it today in 2021, you'd nod your head at each of their suggestions. Rush read it for all of us late last November on this program, give his words another listen.


Speaking of the election outcome, do you know that we have had a solution for this election madness for 15 years? Yep, we have had a proposal. We have had a recommendation from the deep state, from the denizens of the deep. We have had a proposal on the table for 15 years on how to prevent what happened in this election. Jimmy Carter and James Baker of the Bush political dynasty found all the answers to all the problems in 2005. So for the last 15 years, every single elected person in the swamp has failed this country.


The Democrats took this as a roadmap. On September 19, 2005, former President Jimmy Carter returned to the White House to provide President George W. Bush a copy of the report of the Commission on Federal Election Reform. Carter cochaired the commission where former Secretary of State James A. Baker the third. And among their suggestions, this is 15 years ago, and this is just to show you how none of this stuff ever matters, it never sees the light of day.


It's not done for any real purpose other than for people to say they did it, they worked on it. But it is never, ever to be actually applied. Among the recommendations made by former President Carter and James A. Baker, the third they called in their proposal, they called on states to increase voter ID requirements. They warned of mail in voting. They were very leery of it and they suggested that it would not be helpful. They defined and then recommended bringing to a halt the entire practice of ballot harvesting.


They suggested ways of maintaining valid voter lists, voter registration forms, in part to ensure that deadend people are promptly removed from them.


They recommended allowing election observers to monitor ballot counting. And to make sure that voting machines were working properly before every election, they also wanted the media. To refrain from calling elections too early and from touting exit polls, folks, you realize what this is. This is a road map that was written 15 years ago that was designed to specifically prevent everything that happened in the 2020 election. And it was created because there were problems in the 2000 election that led to Bush versus Gore.


And then, of course, there were problems in the 2004 election because that election failed to elect John F. Kerry and so they put together that. It's uncanny. It is uncanny. The story in the daily signal seven ways. The 2005 Carter Baker report could have averted problems with the 2020 elections. They called on states to increase voter I.D. requirements to be leery of mail in voting, to halt ballot harvesting, to maintain accurate voter lists, to ensure that young people were promptly removed from them.


They recommended allowing election observers to monitor ballot counting and to make sure voting machines are working properly. They also wanted the media. To refrain from calling elections too early and from touting exit polls, everything they recommended was ignored.


I am your host Rush Ball. I'm not surprised these things are never, ever actually followed there simply. This is classic illustration. We talked about it last week, a blue ribbon panel. Congress could have given a lot of weight to all this. If they would have engaged in something other than just a report, if there had been some actual legislation that could have been entitled election reform, but no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


All they did was farm it out. They farmed it out to some blue ribbon deep staters, Jimmy Carter and James A. Baker, the third, and these guys came back with exactly what was wrong, how to remedy exactly what was wrong. They even forecast and predicted what would go wrong 15 years later, and they suggested ways to avoid it. And not one of the recommendations was followed, not one. So they knew. They knew and they know, in fact, one might go so far as to say that the recommendations in this report may have actually provided a roadmap of how to do it rather than a series of suggestions on how to prevent.


Election problems, this might have been the roadmap for how to execute them, because it's eerie, folks, it's eerie. Every one of these seven recommendations is exactly a warning against what happened to the Moha.


So let's take the education, its potential power, and let's make it powerful. And let's use a what about Isme? Well, look, our election process is so secure that everybody knows this, it's the most safe, secure election in all history. What about the Carter Baker report? What about that? What about the fact that when I got home, my door was kicked in and yesterday it wasn't? And what about this numbness in my neck that wasn't here an hour ago and now is.


What about isms are nothing more than applying consistency? See if you have the opportunity to stop. A crime. And you choose not to. It's a choice, inaction is action. And again, to make this potential power powerful, ask. Your workmates. If we got paid to write a report on how to increase our efficiency or stop loss or, you know, to stop, stop theft or whatever or increase our efficiency or profits, we spent money on it in time.


And the CEO said, so what do you do with that? The opposite. You've done. Let us take this potential power and make it powerful by sharing it something else you can share and make a note of this. Please schedule this, make a note to watch the forthcoming tribute to radio's greatest host of all time, R.L. Rumpo. It debuts this Friday afternoon online at Russian right after this program. It's an hour long tribute includes words from Russia's brother, David Limbaugh, as well as President Trump, Vice President Pence and others close to Rush.


It's a must watch program. It's available starting this Friday afternoon right after the show. Here's a brief excerpt from the tribute with Justice Clarence Thomas own words of his four rush. Remember, the entire tribute debuts this Friday at Rush Limbaugh Dotcom.


Over the years, Virginia and I got to know Rush quite well. We would visit him there in Florida and from time to time, he would visit us here in D.C.. The high point, though, was his wedding and his marriage to Katherine. That was a an event and a time to just be to be whole a good man marrying a wonderful woman. And Catherine, you have been obviously a centerpiece and a joy in his life.


And there's more of this to follow today in the EIB Network. Todd Hermann, your guide host today. Oh, yeah.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host on the EIB Network this week. Thank you to Newsradio 590 Kikue in T and Spokane. Once again, let me use their spacious and luxurious setting. There's always new people joining Russia's program. In fact, this week we had a call from a young woman who joined Rush's program in the last like 90 days. It's always happening. And one thing that I would like US veterans, longtime students of rushes to recognize is we're talking today about potential power.


We have a chance to save our country because of the potential power of the decades of information that we're sharing today. For instance, just that last segment. What about the Baker report coming up? How is it that Russia is able to see what the technocrats would do with their response to the covid flu? We ourselves have a second chance. If we didn't use the information but just consumed it at Rush Limbaugh dot com, we have a chance to use the information.


Now, it's also to bring people in by sharing things like this. If you're a long time fan of Rush, you will remember this, and if you're new to Rush, you're going to love this. Listen, as America's anchorman recounts the night he encountered Bill Clinton, Slick Willie himself in a New York eatery, we're engrossed in conversation.


And it was very noisy in there. And I was having difficulty hearing so and I was not looking around the restaurant. I was close to this woman, as I could get to hear because of the racket. And I don't know, I got in there at about 7:00 and I'm guessing at eight or eight thirty.


I'm, you know, looking at this woman, talking to her. She's looking at me, not aware of anything else going on in the restaurant. And all of a sudden I become aware of a a looming presence at the table.


And I'm seated in a booth, a half moon kind of booth, and I'm facing the entrance to the restaurant toward the back. And this looming presence, I look up and golly, if it isn't former President Bill Clinton and he is he's he's got a big smile on his face. And I look up and I imagine I was I was somewhat somewhat startled and I looked up and I couldn't hear what he was saying because the noise in there.


So I'm turning my head and my my left ear tubes, I can hear a little bit more. And he says, well, you're looking great. Yeah, you can you look really good out there. And I reach out my hand. Mr. President, it's a pleasure to meet you. We shook hands and so forth, and he hung around for, I guess, two or three minutes, maybe five. I I've lost track of time. And then he and his party went and sat at a table and behind me and to the left and woman I'm with sitting, whoa, does this happen to you all the time.


Oh yeah. Constantly. Oh, I can't go anywhere.


So about ten minutes later, I become aware again of another looming presence at my table. And I look up and it's former President Bill Clinton. The second time he has stopped at my table. First time he stopped walking in second time, he actually left his table, came to my table, and he's got another guy standing with him. And the guy looks familiar, but I can't play and I can't hear the introduction. So I'm shaking hands and so forth.


And then this man is going on and on and on about how excited he is to meet me, wanted to meet me. The former president brought him over when the former president told him I was there. So I have to meet Mr. Limbaugh. It turned out it was the mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa.


And so we chatted for a while.


And while I'm chatting now, this is this is hilarious. While I'm chatting with Villaraigosa, I kind of slid to the right in my halfmoon booth.


And as I did that, that created some distance between me and my guest. And I'm talking with Villaraigosa.


And when I'm talking to somebody in a in a very loud place like this, I have to devote full attention.


I had to turn my head to my left away from the action behind me to hear what the mayor was saying. And at some point during conversation with the mayor, I looked to my left and the former president was intently chatting up the woman that I was sitting with. He had leaned down and his elbows and arms were on the railing of the booth and they were in intense conversation. And I chatted up the Mayor Villaraigosa, some more and I guess and then he left and they both went back to the president's table.


And then they left.


They left, I guess, about five minutes before I ended up leaving. And I guess it was ten minutes, as I say, or so after that, I left. And as I get to the front door, there is a photographer out there in the street and the flash is going crazy, taking pictures.


And I said, well, why didn't I think of this? I knew this is going to happen. Clinton is up the sidewalk a little bit chatting with somebody. And when I walk out the door, the photographer sees me and aims his camera at me and starts flashing pictures away. Now, the former president is probably about 10 feet up the sidewalk. And I decided I'm going to go up, shake his hand, say good night because I'm a gentleman.


I mean, I'm not just going to walk out there and ignore him. So I did walked up. I asked him what he had to eat. He said I had chicken. I had fish. That's what we I said, well, you were good. You were good. You mean you got to be good, man. You got to be good. And so I says, nice to meet you. Got back in the car, drove off.


I got home. I sent an email to some friends. I recounted the story pretty much as I've recounted it for you. And I told them, I predict it. Now you wait till this hits the papers. When it hits the papers, it'll be the other way around.


I approached the former president and all of this sort of stuff, and I did outside the restaurant. I walked out and the photographers, in fact in fact, I said to the woman I was with, OK, let's give them a picture. She didn't want to be in the picture. She just made a beeline for the car. But I walked up and said good night to the former president. And by the way, all this was. Like two old friends getting together.


There was no, no, no tension about any of this. It was a good time and I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it, especially when I looked over and I saw the former president intently chatting up the woman that I was with.


It was cool.


And I did approach him outside the restaurant when I was leaving his thinking. But I'm not going to ignore him on the sidewalk there. And they got photographers taking pictures of that, I'm sure.


But but I mean, I was minding my own. I didn't even know he was going to be there minding my own business, like always bothering nobody sitting in the restaurant.


And when he stopped on a table that starts this whole story. I don't believe in coincidences with the Clintons.


I just don't. So, I mean, of all places, he chooses to go to dinner, Kobe Club the same night I'm there. True story. Friend of mine, a very liberal dude. His flight was delayed in Seattle. They found out later that they'd held it because Bill Clinton, former president, was was wanting to take that flight. He had bought out first class. And when the plane took off, he came back to glad hand everybody.


No, I thought he was having a conversation with the former president until he realized that the former president was staring at his wife's chest. Very similar shift of tone, more serious stuff.


As we come back, Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


We were just talking about the potential information that the information that is potential power on this program. Earlier in the show, we were talking about the 150000 people in March that came across our southern border.


The stark comparison in San Diego where the teachers union is saying we can't teach your kids in person that everybody will die from the comfort and the same teachers union saying we have to go teach the migrant kids in person. Right now, that can't wait. We're watching the world in our world being purposely turned upside down, purposely flipped, and we have to take this information we have and make it power by using it. And on that topic, Steve in Boise, Idaho, Steve, welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.


Todd Hermann, your guide host today. Hi, Steve. Good morning, Todd.


Thank you for taking my call. Where's the Limbaugh family? And kudos to all of you who are maintaining the legacy.


Thank you, sir. Thank you. The reason is calling in, because exactly what you're talking about right now, the situation going on down in San Diego, California, I'm in Boise, Idaho these days, but I'm a former communications director and public information officer for large scale school districts who happen to be in San Diego County at one time, know the district down there very well. And watching what's going on is just absolutely appalling. And something you said earlier and things you've said before about getting involved locally and things like that, action in action is action.


And last night I was watching a woman on Fox News from the district. She was a parent. And I said, thank God somebody stepping forward. And you have to ask yourself, the San Diego Unified is the second largest school district in all of California, right behind L.A. Unified. There are 42 districts in San Diego County alone, is the largest in San Diego County. Have you about 120000 plus kids down there in one district? How many parents does that translate to?


Yeah, I mean, it's probably nearly 240000.


You cannot you could tell on the high end or you could say at least minimally, there's 100000 parents. But let me give you an illustration of how people don't get involved. I also served at one time in the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, the fifth largest school district in America. And at the time, we had more students enrolled there, 300000 plus than the amount of people who actually live in Boise, Idaho, today. And that was 15 years ago when I was there.


And even then, we'd have a board meeting twice, a twice monthly. And I can tell you we might get 50 to 100 parents who would show up. Now, think about that, 50 to 100 parents with 300000 students in 100 or 300 plus schools. That's insane. And most of those parents grew up because they had a presentation to see or somebody was getting an award, things like that. And as soon as that happened, they would clear out.


And if parents want to make a difference, they have to go after the school boards. And I can tell you, in California, the school district, there's probably 1100 districts statewide that all fall under the guise of governor haircut.


And the bottom line is that the bottom line is the school district, even though the answer to the state, the local school boards that are elected hold the power. And when parents go out to the board, that's when you get action. I can tell you that because I've been on the other side of it. I know exactly. I'm, you know, TV all the time saying, hey, here's why we did what we did. Here's why we're idiots.


OK, you're exactly Steve. You're exactly right. You're exactly right. What Steve's saying is exactly right. I will tell you this, 1000 parents show up at a school board meeting. Angry and organized stuff will change. So take Steve's advice, this program's advice, take the information, San Diego, turn it into power and then call the show and tell us about how you did that. Steve, that's a great call. Thank you very much for weighing in on Russia's program.


Point of comparison.


The same left is teaching our kids that heroin and fentanyl, that's all good, and we're going to legalize that and showing by example, they're still obsessing with banning sugar, still doing this. Just look at the comparison of these things. They're still obsessed with this, and as long time students of the Limbaugh Institute know, Rush was particularly annoyed by food cops and he had a way of eating their own lunch for them. There are very few times. Ladies and gentlemen, where I think and have thought in the 20 plus years I've posted this program that I'm wasting my time.


But I'm on the brink of thinking if I've got to explain sugar to people. I'm wasting my time. And then I realized, no, you're not wasting your time, and that's even more depressing. I found a piece here by a blogger named Laurie Beeby at ezine articles, dot com, ezine articles. At any rate, when did Sugar start getting such a bad rap? Unlike many herbs and supplements which are touted for being safe and healthy because they're natural, people forget that sugar comes from the sugar cane plant or from sugar beets.


Sugar is as natural as your favorite herb. In a survey where people were asked how many calories are in a teaspoon of sugar, the answers went as high as 200 calories or more. Do you know how many calories are in a teaspoon of sugar? 16, how the hell did you know this? Thirdly, you knew it, Rachel knew it. Sixteen calories in a teaspoon of sugar. So how did sugar get a reputation for being fattening, causing diabetes, contributing to the obesity epidemic?


Look, I'm not I'm not a doctor on this stuff. I just I just I just know that sugar is is getting a bad rap. But the reason we're talking about this is because the United States Senate is going to start taxing drinks that have sugar in it. And this is nothing more than the left's attempt to establish guilty behavior. The reason they're going to tax sugar, they tell you, is because they want to improve your lifestyle. They want you to stop eating it till you get healthier.


That's not why. It's because sugar is in everything. And once you start taxing Coke and Gatorade and Pepsi and Seven-Up and Sprite and all those other things, then you can start taxing donuts and anything else that's got sugary. It's just an excuse to tax people, take the sugar out of it and they're coming at it the same way they come. And everybody, I've been watching some idiot on television just now during the break. Yes, we must we must raviv that fund figure that we make people healthier and lower our health care.


Well, of course, who doesn't want lower costs on everything? Who doesn't want healthier people? OK, let's all raise taxes on you. Just tax raises. It just increases in taxes and they're going to find ways to increase them left and right no matter where you go and what you do.


And they're going to justify it at every turn on making it. It's better for you. You don't know what's good enough for yourself, but these people care about you and they're going to make it better for you to live in America. These people are trying to take away as much liberty and freedom as they possibly can to control as much of your life as possible and how they graduated.


Now you have cities I kid you, not where they're going to demand they're already doing it, demand that the taxpayers take that money you pay for drinking a soda pop.


And they use it to distribute free heroin. I am not joking. This program is information, let's use it as power and tell your friends, are you OK paying taxes so people can take heroin? Right now, from sweet foods to sweet deal, if your cell phone is close by, that's good. There's a message from Rush that we've replayed a time or two with smart advice on how to save real money on your cell phone service without sacrificing any of the coverage or features you have.


It's from a company Rush found called Pure Talk. It's a good example of just providing a great value. I think there's one sure bet that you can make this year, and that is you're going to use your cell phone more than you did last year. That translates to bigger cell phone bills. You're going to be paying more for it unless you are proactive and do something about that. And this is why so many people in this audience are switching their cell phone service from one of the big providers to pure talk.


Pure talk offers you unlimited talk, unlimited text and six gigs of data for just thirty dollars a month. And if you go over on data, they don't charge you for it. They don't charge you. If you go over your six gigs of data and you compare that monthly price 30 bucks a month to your current cell phone bill, just compare it to your current cell phone bill. I mean, I would have to make a guess, but 75, 80 bucks, depending on how many lines and phones you have, don't know what it is, but 30 bucks a month for unlimited talk, unlimited text, six gigs of data.


Now, here's the real icing on the cake. Pure talk uses the same cell phone towers as one of the biggest cell phone service providers in America. They focus on providing great service and support with every pure talk employee located in the U.S. from your cell phone, do this, dial down to 250 and say pure talk, get started. You'll say 50 percent off your first month. That's down to five 00. And say pillow talk, just pick up your phone, ring a pound to five 00 and say pillow talk.


Guess what? Somebody from there will answer.


And you're off and running the Russians, right. By the way. It's that easy. I've done it.


Come back on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB.


So Biden's Joe Biden's dimentia from his militarise stronghold in D.C. is launching a full scale expansion of offshore wind energy. And the math on this, this stuff is crazy. That's here's a couple of things that are so fascinating about wind energy, it can't produce itself. You can't get enough power out of wind energy to make the propeller's needed for wind energy. It's something like. Four for every single kilowatt of power that's produced through these so-called sources, it's something like 17 people versus four oil or as Russians said Earl.


It's I think three to five people, it's wildly inefficient. And yet they're pushing for this and part of it is a payoff, of course, to the Tom stires of the world, another of it is, in fact, in my opinion, also to free us from this nasty addiction we have to these gas powered cars that I consider freedom machines. And yet this is being contemplated. And it's making us look like fools. To think that you can sustain something like this.


Well, this is Chingis is Oil Country Bill in Austin, Texas, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program, taught her and your guide host. Bill, thanks for calling. What's on your mind, sir?


Hey, Todd. Yeah, great show. Always love. I love the love that Russia is living on with us. And it's it's really awesome. You know, one of the greatest things about America and Russia always highlighted it was how we dealt with tyrants over the many decades. Over the last 200 years, we dealt with tyrants. And I think in that realm and I love everything you've been playing today, all the old parody stuff. I would like to put one up for nomination.


Kim Kanjo and his band of thugs, not even a little song about it.


I can put it up for you. It goes like this. Kim Jong Il. We understand bacon when you're doing going to give, you know, cancel your mama and your grandpa to Kim Jong Il, going to cancel you and a little bit like that again of our society.


But I love say to say, yeah, I look at the I look at China and the Chinese Communist Party looking at us with this cute little those cute little windmills saying, oh, that's that's a good idea. And Kim Jong un saying, yeah, you you keep up with that. I'll build more nuclear plants. And in China saying, yeah, you keep going there, we'll go and cornered the markets, fresh water and silicon and we'll go ahead and build fake islands, you know, manufacture islands to have more land space and we'll steal your nuclear, you know, nuclear technology and we'll weaponize this all.


But you build those windmills because, man, are you saving the SEALs, et cetera. That's beautiful. Beautiful. By the way, when you get a banjo to that and Sonny Slap and maybe someone playing spoons, I'd appreciate it if you call back and avails of that the time. Thank you, Bill, for the phone call. Thank you for that.


And I was making the point about economics. Like I've said this before, if Rush had wanted to pursue it, he could have been a brilliant economics professor. But why take the downgrade in influence and earnings that would have meant for the raw mahat? Listen to Rush explain the empty promises of so-called green energy, wind energy, renewable wind energy.


There's no such thing as renewable, no one in the real definition of the word but renewable wind energy. Why is over half the state of Florida without electricity after more wind than they've ever seen in five years went through the state in a day and a half? If wind energy is the answer, why wasn't it harnessed? There's a lot of wind up there. And look, with that wind dead, destroyed windmills, it destroyed everything in its path in certain places.


But I mean, that is is is a one of the first observations that I came up with in all of this wind. Why wasn't harnessed? Why weren't they able to blast all that wind and put it somewhere? Because wind can create energy to where we don't need fossil fuels. How much energy did we just waste by not capturing? Why why wasn't the hurricane welcome? That's when I'm not I'm being a little facetious. Don't misunderstand. But I'm doing so to make a point.


You can't point to me a single place on earth of any size without any significant population that single handedly can survive on wind. You cannot fly an airplane with wind. You cannot power cruise ships or cargo ships. You cannot there simply it doesn't exist. You cannot get an airplane off the ground with wind energy, would have no propellers, no problems, no kinfolks. That's an engine in there. And it's turning the propellers, not the wind. And it's the same thing with with solar.


By the way, how many solar panels were blown off roofs in the hurricane? Where are those solar panels now? How much damage? You know what? Those things become garbage. You have an environmental problem all by itself. No, I'm not trying to sound cruel here. I'm just this is what not going along with groupthink sounds like. This is what not following consensus sounds like. This is what you know, I'm the mayor of real ville and in real ville, common sense rules.


And more common sense, real vill, like, you know, the WOAK masks that have openings far too large to stop a viral molecule or even droplets, they're ending up in the water. They're killing sea life. But at least we've banned those drinking straws. We come back. Rush saw the vaccine passport precursor coming and the Mahat did not like Todd Herminator guide hosts this week on the EIB Network.


It's just a lot of fun to be with you today and combining some of Russia's great humor. And that's how he held attention in so many ways, but also with his great knowledge of what was to come. We've covered his views on the Chinese Communist Party in light of the new news, courtesy of the The Daily Caller News Foundation that China is communicating with and working with traditionally black American colleges. It's China wants this country destroyed from within. We've talked about that.


We've compared those things and how to take action on that. We've talked about the Democrats desire to overrun the border and to turn people into voters. Now, when we come back, one of the top items that is on my mind is the so-called vaccine passports. And I view them this way, that if you agree to this, that, OK, I'll put this on my smartphone and I will now agree to a system by which technocrats get to decide what aspects of life I get to participate in concerts, movies, jobs.


Friends. That's what we'd be agreeing to. That's my view. Rush Limbaugh saw the precursor to these things and he discussed it on this program. So we'll talk about that as we continue.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's just an honor to be with you on this historic program as it rolls into the future. This is exciting to be a part of. It's a day the Lord has made for us and the time in which God has said we will live. We've got responsibilities to look very, very clear eyed, clean eyed. At the response to the covid flu, we'd love to chat with you about that 800 282 288 to a virus with an overall survival rate of ninety nine point eight seven percent.


If you're below the age of 65, it's further up into ninety nine point seven percent, ninety nine point nine percent for this virus. We're being told that we must applaud companies deciding to launch vaccine passports by which technocrat's will get to decide which portions of life you get to engage in, depending on what drug you've had injected into your body, starting with these these the vaccines for cough. That's what we're facing. To me, it's a very serious issue, and Rush Limbaugh knew the threat to our liberties often come packaged in appeals to our compassion.


And while the Mahat was in heaven before these vaccine passports started taking hold, he absolutely saw the precursors, the immunity cards, as the terrible idea they are. As you hear Rush in this clip, you'll hear him tell us what would happen with these. And it is literally happening in states around the country. There's another idea that Dr. Fauci has had, which, ladies and gentlemen, again, I want to stress not challenging the medical qualifications or the achievements or the accomplishments or the reputation of Dr.


Fauci. Far be it for me. That's not it. But not Dr. Fauci is out there recommending all kinds of things. One of the things that Dr. Fauci recommended that he says are being discussed are immunity cards. Can you say George Orwell folks? Do you know what an immunity card is? It is federal permission to leave your home. It is federal permission to leave your home and go to work and interact with others who are immune, you may not remember this, but back during the apartheid days of South Africa, they had passed laws.


You remember. Yeah. You had to have. Permission from the government to pass here, go there, and it was racist and it was bigoted. The primary problem with immunity cards is everybody is going to want one if immunity cards are what turns you loose, if immunity cards instead of the Constitution is what becomes the source of your freedom. Oh, my. Phrased that way, this is doubly scary if immunity well, they've been saying that for a while.


But the news media have been saying for a while that if you get the disease to recover, you could get it again. Some people are contracting. All those stories are all over the place. That it's on the bottom of your shoes, the coronaviruses everywhere. Ladies and gentlemen, we are powerless against it.


We can't reopen until there's a vaccine. Hey, you know how few vaccines for viruses we actually have?


That can't be the measure. But back to these immunity cards, if immunity cards replaced the Constitution as our source of freedom, everybody is going to want. You know what you're going to have to do to get one? You're going to have to get infected. You're going to have to get infected, you have to run the risk of getting infected, and then you're going to have to run the risk of surviving, which apparently is not that great a risk.


And then after you have your precious immunity, then you can get your immunity card. But aside from the dangers of people trying to get infected, the very idea that we're going to have in the United States of America, checkpoints where you have to produce your papers, we've all seen will most of us have seen these World War two movies were anywhere in the Soviet eastern German block. You get to some checkpoint somewhere in Germany or Eastern Europe. Papers, please.


Your papers and people get nervous around the papers. They don't have their papers. It's the last you've ever seen of them.


Do we really want that in the United States of America? Papers, please, at checkpoints throughout American cities. Dr. Fauci said this is entirely possible, he unloaded a lot of things on CNN yesterday, asked whether he could imagine a time when people would carry such forms of identification.


He said, well, it's one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are and not o immunity cards and not to tell you who's vulnerable.


No way they could be. But immunity cards and if you can get it a second time, if they say this is true, in other words, if you really don't build up immunity, Dr. Fauci said there's something being discussed. I think it might actually have some merit under certain circumstances.


So, again, Dr. Fauci, turn to as the world's foremost authority on the politics of this immunity certificates, by the way, have been implemented by researchers in Germany. Stands to reason they have experience with papers, please. Germany. Immunity certificates being implemented by researchers in the U.K. and in Italy, in parts of China, citizens are required to display colored codes on their smartphones, indicating their contagion risk. Apple and Google are working on contacting using Bluetooth as a means of tracing, contact tracing, tracing your steps to find out if you have interacted with.


Infected people, this is all under the guise of protecting everybody. The controversial surveillance measured measure in China, the colored codes on smartphones was tried or is being tried in Wu Han, which is the source, Sevy. For this. See, so Dr. Fauci is being asked a bunch of political policy questions, and he runs the National Institute of Health. Now, do you not understand? I don't think it'd be unreasonable for medical people to be consulted by the policy people.


But the medical people are not the final arbiters, not to mention we didn't elect Dr. Fauci. It's a bad idea. These these immunity certificates, everybody passes. That's not antibody. You know, I have the antibodies here, my papers, my it's a bad idea. We don't want to go down that road. And surveillance is is going to tick up, it's going to be a part of reopening, it's going to be a part in Albany is, but it's just going to increase with the belief that the American people are going to be all in on it.


The American people are going to want to know who the lepers are. They're going to want to know who they infected are and who the government is counting on surveillance policy being supported. And who could blame the government because they've portrayed the virus is something it's a killer for which there is no cure or treatment. They never talk about the recovery rates. You got to understand to the very people that you have known your whole life are the political opposition of Democrats.


And they're not looking at this as a health issue. This is a political opportunity like they haven't had. And who knows how long to implement so much of their agenda. The Green New Deal, yet people stay at home, stop pollution, show that shutting down capitalism, save the planet, they're doing it. They think they're doing it right now, shutting down capitalism and saving the planet. They got their charts and graphs here it is on the other charts and graphs here showing less pollution in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut by people not going to work.


They're already on the march here. Green New Deal works. People not working can save the planet. We can keep them fed massive government spending, i.e. social. We can keep them fed. We can keep it home. We can save the planet. We can bring down the price of oil. We get rid of oil because we don't need it. People aren't driving anymore. We can get rid of fossil fuels. They're salivating over. This virus is a godsend to some people.


You know that as well as I do. You just haven't gotten to that point, Mr. Sterling, because to you it's a health issue and you're looking at it as a health issue to overcome and to conquer so that we can resume normalcy. You got to understand, there are countless millions of Americans who don't want to return to that normalcy. And this is a golden opportunity for them to succeed at that. You could tell by the context Rush was talking prior to contact tracing apps he saw this early on.


That's the big voice on the right. He'll always be the big voice on the right, joining him in opposition to technology like this. Although it's the vaccine passports is Dr. Naomi Wolf, a full fledged woman of the left, a former adviser to Bill Clinton. I believe that she was the consultant brought on to make Al Gore appear more masculine, she has said that the vaccine passports, which are being contemplated not just for the covid vaccines, but to have your financial information tied to them.


That this could all tie together in the one thing. She's called this the the end of liberty, that's a woman on the left with great influence. And here's Rush talking about these immunity cards, and he is still the big voice on the right. And something else he said has come to pass the World Economic Forum and others are floating the idea of we might need to have selective lockdown's of small businesses, churches and schools every couple of years, you know, because of the weather.


Right, let's get to some of your phone calls as we continue to unfold the program together. Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


It's Todd Hermann, tour guide host this week on the EIB Network. And you guys, I just.


Man, I want you to know the work that goes into this, Coco Coco Jr., Greg Keith, Ali, Mike, Craig, Paul, Susan, Gosia, known for getting someone who did an enormous amount of work on this this morning.


This is this is this is what I end up with in trying to shake Ojo.


Incredible amount of work that goes into this program every single day, and it is an enormous amount of work. So I know that in your heart, it's a labor of love, not just to celebrate the life of a great man, but to use this information, which is potential power to use it as power, as we've talked about on the show today, to show up at school board meetings in Mass in San Diego. A thousand parents there teaching illegal immigrant kids in person, but not yours.


Show up. That's not that's that's that's a result of this purposeful flood of the border. A thousand parents at a school board meeting organized will change things really will add a call to that effect earlier. Let's talk now with Edward near San Diego. Edward in Los Angeles, California. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program. It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week. Edward, welcome. What's on your mind? Goodsir.


Hey, Todd, you know, thanks for having me. You know, I really think, though, as conservatives, we should take heart because, you know, we've been through, like, the darkest year since 9/11. We're relatively OK and well, the new administration policies, I mean, the kinds of things they are doing more to promote conservative thought than even some conservatives. I mean, look, what we've been through in one year, we went from defund the police to report.


Right? We've gone from, you know, the media telling us that Meenal border where people didn't get in to in the past 60 days, we have 15000 children piled up in plastic. So we don't even know where their parents thought. You know what? I agree with them. This isn't a crisis.


You know what it is? A disaster is what we've created. We've created a disaster. And, you know, part of this is that we've been selling bad ideas through the mainstream media, you know, and it's like in totalitarian countries, they use the military to take over. You know, the Democrats have used the media to take over and they keep selling these bad ideas. And then when we get the reality of it, of higher crime, orphaned children, we don't know what to do with flooding the border.


You know, and you have to ask, how do we convince these large media corporations who are moved by money that their obligation is to sort of fairness and common sense rather than the political objectives of one party? I don't think we do. I'll tell you that because I believe it's moved beyond money. I believe it's moved now to, in fact, more money. There is a method. That's why it's it's big banks, big investment companies, World Economic Forum types have founded this thing.


It's I think it's called ESG. And instead of ranking your financial performance, it breaks your weakness and your greenness. And they're pretty much stating up front that our capital is going to be available based upon your ranking with the ESG. And, for instance, Facebook got a low ESG rating because they didn't ban enough people. I think instead what we need to do, Edward, is be the media and be it in small groups and be it in churches.


Like I talked earlier about. You know, people say you call yourself a Christian, but you're not Christian if you're not in favor of open borders. And I've said no. Flat out no, no, no. That's the opposite. The opposite is true. It is not compassionate to sink a lifeboat full of people. That's what the United States have been five percent of the world's population. We've taken in 20 percent of the displaced peoples. So that's what I want us to do, is I want us to be the media, but in person, not on Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey's hate farms, but in person.


And other than that, everything you said, everything you said is spot on. Edward, I appreciate the phone call very much from one from the left coast to Mississippi. Bill in Olive Branch, Mississippi, you're on the Rush Limbaugh program, taught her your guide host. Welcome, Bill. The welcome is quite welcome on this, that you're doing a great job, and although you can't replace Maharishi, you sure are getting close.


No, no one gets close to appreciate that. It's only years and years of education at the Limbaugh Institute. Thank you, Bill. What's on your mind?


Yeah, well, the reason I'm talking is people I can say I am qualified to say this. I've lived all over the world on three continents. I visited 130 different countries. And our standard of living is so high, it's light years ahead of everywhere, and I'm talking about Europe as well, and when we're about ready to throw it away, because there's one commonality. And all the countries I've been to, whether it's been Germany, England, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, where I have a home.


Japan or Bangladesh? Is central control, and we're throwing it away by allowing our congressmen to. Run the show, there are representatives. There is no democracy in the U.S. where a representative democracy, democracy does not work. They work for us and we're allowed to rule our lives.


And that's the part that needs to end. And it ends. And I've said it a billion times on the show, said a billion in one. It's and by the way, it's already happening. I get notes from people who are doing this. Seize control of your local Republican parties, seize control, show up, count the number of people who are there to vote on voting nights and take control. I know it's been done because I've had people on my local show who have done it in Washington state.


If it can be done in the separate country of Washington State, it could be done in America. It's a great call, Bill. One state, one of two states in the country have not been to Mississippi. I need to make it sure I get down there. Thank you, Bill, for the phone call.


Who? Seriousness. You know what? Let's do this because it's been so serious. Let's take a quick reminder of the humor of this program. Listen here to audio clip number 12 as Rush Limbaugh plays both himself and Slick Willie. So you think that Bill Daly, working side by side with Al Gore, has that rich tradition from his family? If we need to steal an election, we got somebody that's been there, knows how to do it. If we need to steal some votes someplace, if we need to get people voting that are dead or people that vote once we want to vote three or four times, Bill Daley is the guy to do it.


You bet.


Oh, I don't know that I agree with him as president, but I do understand your thinking now. But I still don't get why Bill Daley, as a campaign chairman, how does that help you with stealing votes or getting votes from dead people? Limbaugh. Look, do I have to tell you everything? He's not going to be doing that as campaign chairman. That comes later. But putting him in as campaign chairman gets him closer to the position he's going to need to be in in order to take care of that if and when it's necessary.


No veritas in wine, there is truth in humor, there is truth. Man, here we are in the midst of two pretty serious calls and pretty serious topics. And we take a look back at a moment, and I can tell you, I was telling the team earlier that maybe you did this when I would listen to Rush and he would have those moments where he would talk to himself as Slick Willie. It was I could be on the way to an E.R., say, hey, I know that that hurts and it's a broken leg.


But I mean, seriously, Rush is imitating Bill Clinton talking to himself. So could you open the window and scream, I need to hear this.


Rush was also so far ahead of the war, Corradi. And in WOAK capital and what WOAK was doing, and he was so far ahead of trying to warn companies in academia about what Wolke would do to ideas and walk his eating ideas, it's eating companies. And there it's a way that Rush found that we could fight back against academia, academia.


We'll get to that as we continue. Todd Hermann, your guide host on the EIB Network.


So I do a show out of Katie in Seattle. But today my friends at Newsradio 590 Kikue in Spokane are letting me get in. What use their studio. I appreciate that. They're good people. Thank you for that. Did you hear about in Australia there's a school that made boys apologize for sexual assaults. Oh, I mean, what? The boys didn't commit the assaults. They were apologizing for their gender. Which, in fact, you know, doesn't exist and such.


That's the book Madness. The girls were not asked to apologize for any false reports say, like Brett Kavanaugh, but again, they don't exist either.


The girls. So it's all very confusing. Then from these young kids, you know, 10, 11 year old kids all the way up into Oxford University, some professors there, according to the UK Telegraph, had been hoping to to do away with musical notation from some of the great composers because they hope to decolonize the curriculum. In other words, to pass it out into identity curriculum, identity music. You couldn't have jazz without the African-American influence meeting the European influence, you'd have a whole class of music gone if you did this.


You know, academia is destroying the minds of young people, and Rush was always looking for great ideas and and when he found them, he credited the people who bought them up, as he does here, with an idea that could do great damage to big college. Ladies, gentlemen, we have a golden opportunity staring us in the face, and that is an opportunity to do great, great damage to academe. I love that word. That's the academy, meaning institutions of higher learning, which means these indoctrination centers known as universities.


Academe is a great opportunity with all these places canceling their classes, in-person classes to wreak some havoc out there. Let me get to the education. I believe the real problem that we face in America, the problems can be boiled down to one particular area that we lost that has given birth to all of this left wing insanity. And it is our education system. We've lost it. We've lost the education. We lost the teachers. We lost a presence.


The founding of this country is portrayed and taught to young people as something done by a bunch of villains, racists, bigots.


That it was unnecessary to do the whole thing, the whole country was created so that a bunch of rich white people could continue white supremacy forever, slavery forever. This and this is why. The number one component on the protest march today is educated white women. They are the ones whose minds have been corrupted and polluted by the stuff they've been taught to hate themselves, to hate their whiteness, that the reasons for all the misery and unhappiness in the world, not just in this country, is due to whiteness, predominantly white men and the white patriarchal culture.


And this has been going on for 40 years and we weren't even there to counter it. And it was happening in Hollywood, it was happening in movies and on television shows, and it was happening in music, lyrics, pop culture, and we weren't there. Where were we?


We were in think tanks. Yeah, we had think tanks, were writing policy papers, and we're telling each other how smart we are and how we are. The intellectual link to the primacy of conservatives that we weren't even on the playing field where this country was being assaulted and destroyed. But there is now a chance there's an opportunity to really do some serious damage to this educational establishment that has ruined it for now, this country. I have two stories.


The first one here is from Neil Munro at Breitbart. Here's the headline. Twenty five thousand academics dismiss citizenship as artificial distinction. 25000 teachers, twenty five thousand academics, twenty five thousand intellectuals. Twenty five thousand people smarter than you and me. More than twenty five thousand university teachers signed the petition. That touts job seeking migrants by demeaning U.S. citizenship is merely an artificial distinction between Americans and foreigners. Their view is there's no such thing as citizenship. It's something we invented to say we're better than other people.


American citizenship is a way to say we're cool, we're hot, we're nice, we're superior to you. You're not one of us. You don't have citizenship. You're not an American. Screw you. This is the kind of drivel and garbage they are teaching in the classroom for 40 and maybe 50 years.


And young, impressionable white college coeds have been swallowing it all. They've been eating it up, believing every word of it. In essence, these academics would rather have the migrants and the homeless and the peasants of the world have first crack at American jobs in this current economy than American citizens because citizenship is unfair. Why? American citizenship is unfair because not everybody is a citizen and America says who and who isn't a citizen. So it's inherently unfair. So we got to abolish citizenship.


And that kind of thinking is everywhere on every subject that you can imagine. It really is atrocious. If you ask, you ask me. I think it just another bit of evidence of the literal poison, the anti anti-American thinking, the anti American thought, the teaching that's going on and American parents just line up and scrounge up whatever it cost to send their kids to these places. And then these kids come home and they start telling mom and dad what they've learned, which also includes mom and dad, are guilty of white supremacy and of economic and climate destruction and unfairness and racism and bigotry and all that.


And so mom and dad are sitting there scrounging up twenty five to forty thousand dollars and the kids come home and tell them what a bunch of worthless reprobates they are trying to figure it out. So Curt Schilling here at the town hall has a piece called this A Great Opportunity to Destroy Academia. Let me quickly run through the five ideas here to Mr. Schlichter has to, quote unquote, destroy academia. First, defund the universities.


All the kids love the defunding. Right. Let the schools compete in the market.


Boy, that's so true. Get rid get rid of student loans. It shouldn't have to cost a family 40 years to get somebody a four year education, let them compete in the market. Let them compete like hotels, compete like airlines compete. Second, tax their endowments. Third, student loans need to come from the school, not from the federal government. They need to be dischargeable in bankruptcy. Fourth, enforce not merely free speech on campus, but ideological diversity.


And five, we need to stop falling for the idea that our colleges occupy some sort of intellectual, even moral high ground. They don't. They are actually instruments of destruction of young minds right now. And I'm sorry to have to say that it's why journalism's been destroyed, because the journalism schools have been destroyed by being taken over by a bunch of leftist corrupt propagandists. Trump's got the right idea. Trump tweeted that he had told the U.S. Treasury to review the tax exempt status of schools and universities that have become vehicles for left wing indoctrination.


That's practically all of them, Trump wrote to many universities and school systems are about radical left indoctrination, not education. It's exactly right. I mean, he could probably reading one of my transcripts and transferring it to a tweet. Therefore, the president said, I'm telling a Treasury Department to reexamine their tax exempt status and or funding which will be taken away if this propaganda or act against public policy continues. Our children must be educated, not indoctrinated.


Hey. I miss the. I miss President Trump as president, and I'll tell you this, that march through insanity continues.


There's a new theory that black people who are undertaking jobs, like being cops, are morally white. No joke, I have friends who are cops who've been accused of being morally white. It's like a luxury version of calling someone an Uncle Tom. We'll come back on the Rush Limbaugh program.


Todd Hermann, your EIB Guide host this week is Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network. Man, is there something cool coming up Friday right after this program? Really, honestly, do yourself a favor, plug this into your phone, whatever you use for a reminder to tell yourself to put aside some aside this weekend or Friday to see a special tribute to our beloved Rush Limbaugh, like you say, debuts this Friday at Rush Limbaugh dot com.


Right after this program, you get to hear amazing stories. There's behind the scenes photos and videos that have never been publicly aired. There's so many individuals have contributed to making this special and just contributing their time here. The words of Russia's family and friends, including these words from Donald Trump Jr..


And I remember being on the air and it was supposed to be one segment. And as soon as that segment ended, host Nordley gets on the phone and James says, Don, that was a credible rush, wants you to stay on for another segment. Would you be willing to do that? And, you know, that was an obvious.


But to have that kind of acknowledgement, like maybe there is some talent within you to hear that from a voice from the great Rush Limbaugh was truly one of the great honors of my lifetime. It's what feeds me to keep going and to keep being, you know, that messenger, albeit at a much smaller level. But with all of us taking that great legacy and continuing it, there's no doubt that the future of conservatism is bright because of Rush Limbaugh.


And we attempt to keep that legacy going here to use the information he gave us as power. Remember, that entire debut airs this Friday at Rush Limbaugh dot com right after this program talked to a fellow student of EIB. Ken in Knoxville, Tennessee. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program, Thottam and your guide host this week. What's on your mind, Ken?


Hey, Todd, thanks for taking my call and thanks for all of us. Did for all the years. Just real simple thing I think we need to do to fight back against the cancer culture and all the Democrats. It's a pretty simple thing. You just pick a date. Maybe it would be July the 4th. What we need to do, you know, send five million or so voters that voted for Trump, just a fraction would do some of these steps, cancel, boycott, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, New York Times, Washington Post, cancel your cable subscription or put that into your vacation mode or whatever and quit buying from Amazon.


Just do that for one day. It would be blow up. Their folks would have a tremendous impact and make our message known out there.


You know, I've given up completely posting anything to Jack Dorsey's hate machine to Mark Zuckerberg censorship machine. I won't do it.


I haven't had TV in our household for see my daughter for almost 17 years, no TV in our household. And every time I suggest that to conservatives, a lot of them get mad at me because they want to have these things. And I'm telling you, if you stop consuming that stuff, it's it'll hit them economically. But there's something quite else. Like because Rush has never done boycotts in the show. I would tell you this. If you stop consuming these things or are in social media participating, you'll find out it clears your mind.


You will literally see what's being done to us in clearer mode. So I get what you're coming from. Ken, thanks for the phone call. Appreciate it very much. Nasch in Raleigh, North Carolina. You're on the Rush Limbaugh program. Todd Hermann, your guide hosts, we got about, oh, about a minute together. Now, what's on your mind? Good afternoon.


Talk to the news to you. And all of the guest host have done a wonderful job. Continue Russia's legacy.


I really appreciate it. Thank you very much. One one point I wanted to bring up you. You have discussed our education system as being a factor while a lot of our young people seem disconnected. Oh, I wonder if if we reinstituted conscription. We would have a different sense of nationalism and not in the sense that we typically think of construction being in the military. Look at all of the social programs that an 18 to 20 year old could consent to because you have skin in the game and you serve your country, you now have an interest in how your country goes.


And we don't have that anymore. You know, you just brought up this really neat idea. I mean, I don't know if I agree with you on conscription because I happen to not like being conscripted myself. But I would say this maybe requiring some of these things in even conservative universities or or offering scholarships in exchange for this to get kids minds right, have a really young family member, beautiful, beautiful young man, very liberal, who went to work in a volunteer garden in a poor area of town.


And he was out there sweating and planting and he had this awakening.


Wait a minute. No one from the neighborhoods doing this. And he asked some people, why aren't you out here doing this? And they said, did we got what we need? It's just a moment of awakening that wow, but but you can have more. It's a great point. Thank you for fun. Rush's show will come back, wrap up the day.


It's Todd Hermann, your guide host this week on the EIB Network.


Work has already begun to bring this program to you tomorrow and to go through and mine the incredible archives of the most successful and largest radio show in history. The big voice of the right. And it's all the amount of work in this is phenomenal. I remind you, Friday, the special The Tribute to Rush will be at Rushmore Dotcom immediately following this program, extraordinarily special. And taking today's news and comparing it to Rush's indelible words of wisdom is one way to do something that we talked about in the first hour, which is to restore order.


Rush knew that laws applied equally to all as a way to create a system that allows not just the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness, but it allows, in fact, safety and protection for all that, the opposite chaos is what leads to danger and opportunity for four groups that mean it's no good to take control through force and and in con artistry. The world is an ordered place, God is installed, order our DNA the way our solar system works, etc.


The day in the night we have what we need and even minor changes would mean we couldn't live here. We have an opportunity to restore order in our own minds using the great archives of this program.


We'll continue to do that tomorrow together on the EIB. Have you ever wondered what the media and big tech is hiding from you, like massive stories that actually affect you and your life that they don't want you to see because they make the left in the bad administration look bad? Well, now there's a podcast dedicated to exposing all of that each and every day. So download the fastest growing podcast in the conservative movement, the Ben Ferguson Show podcast right now.


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