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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Yes, America's anchorman is away today. And I know how you feel about that. But as I said last week, he read jiggled his schedule so that he was here for the debates and the election and his treatment weeks have all got a bit out of whack and he's a little bit clobbered by the postponed treatment. So he's resting up today. And we are fairly certain that Rush is going to be back tomorrow.


But you want him here when he's at full strength and he has been incredible. Full strength rush means you need to stand back from the receiving contraption. He's been on terrific form these last few months and he is going to come roaring back at full strength. Hopefully tomorrow we have our fingers crossed and I'll let you know about that as the show goes on, one 800 to eight to two eight eight two.


I would love to hear from gloating liberals if you want to come on and have a gloat. I always like taking calls from the left is one 800 to eight two two eight eight two. We will have the great Sidney Powell here later in the show. You may have read reports over the weekend about how some of the president's lawyers are bailing on him and have been docked, as they say on Twitter, by people posting photographs of the lawyers and their addresses and all that kind of nonsense.


And they've decided that discretion is the better part of valor. Sydney Bail is not one of those lawyers. She's been fearless in defense of Michael Flynn, whom a dirty, stinking, rotten, corrupt judge called Emmet Sullivan his his choked septic tank of a D.C. courthouse where justice goes today.


Sydney Powell has been tireless in her defense of Michael Flynn against a grotesque traves travesty of justice.


And Sydney's going to be joining us a little later on the show. She's one of the lawyers representing the president in these legal challenges. She's very exercised about Dominion voting systems, which, as I mentioned last week, is a Canadian company that somehow wound up running American elections. So where we were suppose last time around to be in a big test because some Macedonian content farmers on the take from Putin came up with 100000 dollars worth of Facebook ads or whatever it was.


But letting the Canadians, a Canadian company, run the American elections, there's no there's no point. I wish I'd known that earlier. Actually, I would have liked a piece of that action. And we will talk about all that. And I'd like to hear your views, obviously, on where we stand right now.


The the how it's two weeks now after Election Day in most functioning societies, especially those that have been holding elections for over two centuries, you'd normally have a result by now, but there's still actually counting some House seats. Nevertheless, we're asked to believe that a presidential challenger has defeated the incumbent president, yet did not take a single competitive House seat. Do you know the last time that happened in American history? Never. And in fact, they the Democrats lost so many House seats that Nancy Pelosi is now urging her caucus not to accept invitations from Team Biden to join his administration because she thinks they will wind up losing the house.


That's what so we have this very weird situation in which the Republicans held the Senate. And according to Nancy Pelosi, within one or two defections to the Biden administration of taking the House, they increased their governorships. They increased their state legislatures. That but but but but but the only thing the Democrats were able to do is knock out Trump. As I said, that's never actually happened. That's a totally abnormal electoral result.


But we're being told to give it up. Don't bother. Don't bother contesting it. Trump's just the sore loser. He should pack in and we'll talk about that with the great Sydney panel later on the show. It was a busy weekend for breaking news. The Durham report here's a surprise is a surprise.


The Durham report. It's been revealed that there will be no indictments from the Durham report. He managed to run out the clock. This guy, Durham, he may well be.


Assistant deputy under attorney general at the Biden Department of Justice or whatever, but or if you whatever time you invested in following the the frisson of anticipation over the Durham report in all these the year and a half since it was first meant to be released, forget about it. You can't get that part of your life back ever. There will be no indictments because as I said on this show, Democrats don't go to jail.


They're in the club and you're not how do you how you like. And all that unity and healing in the liberated capital of Washington, D.C., where peaceful pro Trump supporters gathered over the weekend, peaceful, peaceful until the sun went down. And Antifa and black lives matter if they are separate organizations anymore, had the run of the streets.


There is a rather distressing video out there on the Internet of these quote unquote, mostly peaceful, quote unquote, activists terrorizing what I would have judged to be a 13 year old boy and his 10 year old sister, that terrorizing masked goons, terrorizing this 10 year old girl.


Look for it on the Internet. You're not going to see it on CBS News. You're not going to see it on ABC News. They aren't covering it. It never happened as far as they're concerned. The the Trump rally, which was according to David Frum, David Frum used to be George W. Bush's speechwriter. He wrote the axis of evil speech for George W. Bush. He came up with that phrase axis of evil, and he mockingly tweeted that the what the Magga rally in Washington was supposed to look like.


And he posted an amusing picture of one of her Hitler's Nuremberg rallies with all the swastikas.


And then, as it turned out, he said there was nobody there but a few dozen proud boys.


In fact, there was a six figure number of people there and they all had a good time and they all had a peaceful time. And then the sun went down. And the good guys, the Antifa guys, the Black Lives Matter guys, they were diners eating on the socially distant terrace of a sidewalk restaurant in America's supposedly liberated capital.


Diners eating on the terrace of a restaurant and an activist goes, quote unquote, goes and throws fireworks at the diners on the terrace. The violence is left wing. And interestingly enough, despite Joe Biden being crowned president elect by the networks, the violence isn't stopping. Why is that? Why is that? Because it's not about Trump. It's about you. And whatever happens to Trump, they're still going to come and get you wherever they can, whenever they can, whether you're just walking down the street, whether you're a ten year old girl walking down the street, or whether you're a diner eating outdoors in a restaurant, they're still going to come and get you.


Meanwhile, as I said, there was a lot of news over the weekend and some of it is deeply disturbing to me if you think the parties back in Washington are not. So it never actually went away.


The troop withdrawals from Syria, for example, ordered by the president in 2018 when he declared that we have one against ISIS. The president, in case you've forgotten, also holds the title of commander in chief of the United States military, because generally speaking, we believe that civilian control of the military is a good thing. And what has been reported now is that bureaucrats, the deep state, the permanent bureaucracy, whatever you want to call them, who disagreed with Trump's directive to withdraw troops from Syria, decided simply to undermine it.


This is the outgoing special envoy for Syria, Ambassador Jim Jeffrey. What Syria withdrawal?


He he scoffed in an interview with Defense One, there was never a Syria withdrawal. Instead, he, quote, acknowledges that his team routinely misled senior leaders about troop levels in Syria. We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we have there because he regarded Trump's announced withdrawal from Syria as illegitimate. So we now have the left. The left that used to do all the hey, hey, CIA, how many kids did you kill today?


All that kind of stuff. Those guys now reject civilian control over the military, at least when it's exercised by Donald Trump and are basically cheering deep state security agencies and the military simply ignoring what the elected leadership of the nation says. That's the new left. That's the new left. The left are all there, all for the CIA screwing Trump over. They're all for the military ignoring direct commands in Syria.


One of the great things about Trump was that he understood that these wars will always go in with shock and awe in the first 48 hours is fantastic. And then they turn into the endless, unworn wars that never even make the papers, except every couple of weeks when some poor guys are blown up by goatherds with fertilizer and and the most advanced military in the world is just doing some thankless colonial policing operation without end for decade after decade. And he couldn't see the point of that.


He couldn't see the point of that. He defeated ISIS. And then figures, whatever comes next is up to the Syrians.


And so he withdrew US troops and he announced the withdrawal of all but 200 US troops who, I take it, are mainly there for liaison and training and this and that and the military. And this guy, Jim Jeffrey, just decided to ignore the president, ignore the commander in chief, Jim Jeffrey, a permanent ambassador, the US special envoy for Syria, a guy whose life has been an entire failure. Basically, before that, he was the US ambassador in Iraq and all kinds of other places.


Jim Jeffrey just decided to ignore a directive from the president of the United States, where polling station do you go to to vote out Jim Jeffrey?


And how is the counting going that one 800, 280, 280 to Markstein in for us?


Looks more still to come, Markstein for on America's number one radio show, as I said. The thing to remember here is there's over 72 million, 72 million Trump voters and what's going on, as I said at the top of the show, is ultimately not about Trump. It's about you. Trump is a fighter. He's a tough guy. He can take care of himself and he will take care of himself. But if they if they manage to do what they're trying to do and take out Trump, they're coming for you.


They're already coming for you and they're coming for you. Think of the weakest, mildest milquetoast Republican you can find there. Come in for that Republican who you could run Susan Collins for president and they take her out.


Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, who Rush said rather depressingly, is going to be the GOP's pick for 2024. Well, depressingly for me, and I think for Rush, too, I detected a little bit of that. Nikki Haley was tweeting while the inoffensively some general observations about election fraud and that weird beard who runs Twitter, what's he called a Jack Dorsey. He put a slap a warning on Nikki Haley's tweet. She pointed out that he the weird beard, Jack Dorsey, the guy who runs Twitter, he never slaps a warning on the Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, when the supreme ayatollah starts tweeting out about Holocaust, Holocaust denial, in other words, in other words, the Ayatollah Khamenei can do what he wants on things like the Holocaust and the weird beard.


Jack Dorsey never gets tough on him, but he's now actively there now actively cracking down on the most anodyne tweets out there. They're basically saying you're not allowed to conflict with the official narrative. There were all these parodies over the weekend. People doing what would have happened had Twitter existed during the American Revolution. The British are coming. The British are coming. Twitter says learn more about how Britain's tea taxes are, in fact, entirely reasonable. That's that's the world we ever lived in.


Had Twitter controlled the public discourse way back on July four, 1776, they're shutting down everybody. And it means that and and it means that they're coming to shut down you ultimately, ultimately conservative tree house. That's a blog.


It's a it's quite a widely read blog. They were very sweet to me at a time when I needed it a couple a couple of years back. And they love Rush. They adore Rush. They're always doing prayers for Rush. They're right. And they're worried about his cancer. They're writing about the big mega radio rally he did with President Trump there. There was no rush has any website you can get. It's a WordPress blog. And WordPress just wrote to them over the weekend saying you've got till December the 2nd to get your blog somewhere else because your content is in is incompatible with our terms.


In other words, they're not actually accusing them of breaking this or that term of service. They're simply saying now that to dissent from the official narrative, the official narrative to dissent basically from the pro Biden pro antifa line is now enough to get you taken off WordPress if you do business with WordPress. I don't I don't care about this. And I'm not really interested in whether WordPress advertises on any of our affiliates or to hell with them at some point.


At some point when you're losing your country, when you're losing core liberties like freedom of speech, you have to be able to stand up, don't do business with these people, take them away. I mentioned the last time I was here, folks were in a hell of a panic over their ratings a week ago on Friday when people just innocently checked out and the dominant TV cable news network had ratings that it hadn't seen in years. It came third below CNN and MSNBC.


And none of it's all it's daylight. Shows were dead in the water, nine a.m. to five p.m. That's what you did. That's that's what millions of free people. It's the convenience of these things. That is all they have. Facebook is convenient and YouTube is convenient. And this WordPress thing is convenient. Well, work a little bit harder, make a couple of extra clicks because because there are these these big tech guys that that Republicans left it too late to stand up to are erecting your prison walls.


They're more powerful. And most countries, that's why they're able to slap a health warning on tweets by President Trump or Nikki Haley or you or whoever it is, and and yes, I know these are convenient.


They're things that I can I can start a Twitter feed. And then you're basically just offering yourself up as cannon fodder for big for big tech at some point.


At some point, you have to make do with less convenience and look for things other than WordPress, because what we're living in now between the covid and the president elect called liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of religion, freedom to live, you leave your house, freedom to go to work are in steep retreat. That guy who's supposedly going to be Biden's covid guy, and he's talking about the four to six week national lockdown. He says it's better to it's let's not worry about people's jobs.


Let's end their jobs and give them money instead. Well, I if that's going to be the model, I'd like a pilot program involving Biden, Harris and their covid response team to try it out first. The idea that a government can simply decide for over a year whether you're able to go to work or whatever, whatever that society is, it's no longer a free society. And and this is what they are planning for.


It's not about. It's about you. Yes, America's anchorman is out today. He's just resting up from a rigorous treatment week and we wish him well and we want him back at full strength. But we have a partial mitigation for that. If you go to Rush Limbaugh dot com, you can become a subscriber to the Limbaugh letter, which will be the last the last publication in the United States from the New York Times and The Washington Post have closed.


This will still be going. It's Rush's personal newsletter. It is. It's a terrific read from cover to cover. And you can get it electronically. You can get it in print form. You can get it. You can get, I think, both in one particular package.


But if you go to Rush Limbaugh dot com and you'll see a button for the Limbaugh letter, it's it's big. It's got big stories. It's got a great one here about America's China class that says Chairman G's puppet Joe Biden and his family.


That's all about that crowd. But it also has what I love all these what used to be when they still had newspapers for to page 37 stories, which are actually portents of the future, where raising our daughter gender neutral, but she only wants pink dresses. Where did we mess up? This is from a parenting advice column, a Slate's Parenting Advice column.


Actually, raising your kid gender neutral ought to be ranked as child abuse, actually, because it's very confusing for the child and the child's natural inclinations start poking through.


So she only wants pink or she he she only wants pink dresses and and the parents are in a tizzy. There's other thing, punctuation. Mark is triggering the period mark. The full stop is triggering The Guardian writer Rhiannon Kallstadt has tweeted, older people. Do you realize that ending a sentence with a period of full stop stop comes across as sort of abrupt and unfriendly to younger people?


Yes, they're triggered by punctuation. And I love all these stories and we laugh at them. But they're actually the small little pieces, the the planks in this great tower of totalitarianism that the left is building for us. Among the most disgusting things over the weekend was when Christiane Amanpour compared the Trump administration with Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany. And in fact, I believe the Israelis are demanding that she and CNN apologize. But she called the last four years a war on truth and compared it to Nazi book burning.


In fact, the only people who are burning books are the left. There's a professor at Berkeley called Grace Lavery who is saying that people should seize this. Some book on Transgenderism by Abigail Schreier says that you should steal the book and then burn it on a pyre.


But please make sure you use a safe pyre and that you have an extinguisher to hand. Be safe when you are burning books. So the only book burners are not Trump Christiane Amanpour, but your side, your side, generally speaking, the right. Don't mind whatever crazy thing you want to argue about. The right are perfectly accepting.


If the left wants to say, oh, I, I don't believe in biological sex anymore.


So I think it's great that my daughter in Connecticut school sports now has to compete against some six foot two hunk with spectacular implants and a touch of five o'clock shadow. That's just very progressive. We know the right doesn't care if you want to argue that position. There's no reciprocity on the left. The left doesn't actually want to hear any opposition. It doesn't want you to make the argument and lose the argument. It wants you to cancel the argument. And that is that is what it's what it's all about.


Now, we have had and you see that now you think, oh, well, that's just abstruse freedom speech issues. And I don't really have anything I want to say about Islam or or about transgenderism or whatever it is.


But we've now seen that they're applying that actually just to hard core aspects of how you cast your vote and whether your vote was actually treated, treated fairly. And Russia is talking about this the other day about how it's not just your views on Islam or your views on transgenderism that.


To the left want to squash, they now want to squash anybody who is trying to find out what actually happened in these half dozen swing states two weeks ago, his rush, the effort has to be made to uncover what happened and then inform as many millions as possible.


We cannot you can talk about all the great things Trump did for the party, great things for the country. But if the left is permitted by virtue of what happened here, to change institutionally the presidential election system so that they can steal it every four years, it doesn't matter. That cannot be allowed. We cannot permit that to stand. Whether the investigation shows Biden won or not, we want to know who ever won, did so legitimately. There cannot be a circumstance where 70 million Americans don't trust it.


Yeah, absolutely right, that was Rush last Monday, and things have only got worse since then, that's what's so amazing to me.


Have you noticed that the the pressure, for example, by the media to get Trump's lawyers to quit, in other words, the right to representation? If you're querying Joe Biden's quote unquote victory, you shouldn't even be allowed to have lawyers.


Yeah. Headline from The Washington Post. Yes. Going after Trump's law firms is Fair Game headline from the Connecticut Law Tribune. Pressure Mounts on Attorneys Law Lodging U.S. Election Fraud Claims headline from the Atlantic. No self respecting lawyer should touch Trump's election fraud claims. Why are they doing this?


I mean, if they're rubbish, these claims, at the same time, these newspapers are saying Trump has no claim, if you have no legitimate claim in a court of law, the court tosses it pretty quickly. So if there is no legitimate claim here, then Trump's going to be out on his air pretty quickly. What these guys are doing, the media thing saying that, oh, no, no, no, no. These lawyers, we have to dox them.


We have to put pictures of them on the Internet. We have to print their home addresses. The reason they're doing that is because they think there is at least a chance that Trump will prevail on these claims and that's why they want it to stop. And that's why there's this pressure. Hillary Clinton has never accepted that Donald J. Trump is the legitimate president of the United States. She has said for years that he's only the president because the Macedonian content farmers snaffle the presidency away from her and gave it to him.


And no one has ever said, oh, Hillary, you need to stop The Washington Post, New York Times. MSNBC has never said you need to knock this on the head.


My answer to that, and this is this is the slightly more sophisticated argument from the media is, oh, well, you know, even if all everything that Donald J. Trump said was true, it doesn't matter because not enough dead people voted in Michigan to change the result of the election. June Achan, lovely lady who worked at the beauty salon in Fields department store in Jackson, Michigan, and died a year ago, over almost two years ago, but is so aware of her civic duties that she applied for an absentee ballot and voted in Michigan in this last election.


Even if you can prove that Jean Aiken and all these other dead but not enough dead people voted to change the result of the election. OK, well, in that case, I'd still like a Supreme Court ruling on what is the acceptable number of dead people to vote in an election in what's supposed to be a long settled, self-governing society that decides things through elections. What is it? Are you allowed to have 15 percent of dead voters or are you only allowed to have seven percent?


Let's get a Supreme Court ruling on that. This system is a joke. And regardless of the outcome, if you're not concerned about dead people voting, you're basically someone who's given up on free and fair elections, as the Democrats largely have.


Markstein for your whole straight ahead.


Oh, I don't know. All that heavy breathing is about me. I'm coming down with the covid Erykah Badu, the Grammy winning songstress of Afro Blue America, Badu Touquet covid test last week. Last week, this this is great. This this will absolutely confirm the firm action that Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom are taking. She took a covid test.


Her left nostril tested positive for the covid, her right nostril tested negative for the same machine. So, yeah, she's she's half covid. She covid wise. She swings both ways. Mr. Snidely, if you're by the way. Because because cosmesis. Well, yeah, she's by covid. She's she's she's a binary covid sufferer. She's got a positive left nostril and a negative right nostril and be very clear about which is which so that if Mr. Snidely finds himself standing next to her at a Grammy Awards ceremony, he can turn the other cheek if if necessary.


Yes, she's got it. She's got to get the it's a rather sexy new bass they have for people who are half covid. So the mask covers the mask covers your left nostril. There's got a little sexy, sexy cutaway bit on the right nostril. It's like back when I was working in softcore porn in the seventies, it's what we used to call a peephole bra. I think that's what she's going to be wearing for her mask.


Erica Badu, the Grammy winning songstress, is half is half covid positive news wise, Christine.


That's they'll be using that, by the way, all the all the virus is mutating. It's now able to lurk in your left nostril, but not in your right.


So that will be the excuse for another 15 weeks of lockdown. Let's go to Christy in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Christy, you're on America's number one radio show. Great to have you with us.


Thank you, Mark. It's great. To be here, I'm excited to report that I was one of the maybe 200000 to 100 million Trump supporters that went out and D.C. this weekend to show our support for our great president. I really want everyone to know that the mainstream media is trying to push the story of, you know, and I heard you mention it as well, these violent attacks and you find them coming out at night. But that's not the story that day.


That story that is I'd like to be loud and clear on this one is that we had collectively a unified, unified voice of Trump supporters that went to Washington, D.C. to show our support for our great president during this time and to let the nation know that we're not backing down. We're standing strong. We're out there to communicate our strong ideas that we think our Constitution should be upheld. And we want to see a fair and honest election and we want our voices to be heard.


So the story of the day is that us Trump supporters are not sitting out here quietly. We are ready to take up arms. And just like the in the Revolutionary War, there was a ragtag group of militias that were out there. Well, we are our own group and we are out here to take our country back. And we want them to know that we're going to stand up strong and we are not going to give up.


Let me ask you about that, Christi, because did you see any of the coverage when you go back home or whatever? Did you switch on the news?


Because it was very. It was yes, it was very question.


Yes, I did come back and switch on the news. And I was disappointed because of all the news stations that I saw. I didn't see one that actually covered the true story. And the true story was we had 200000 to at least some one one million people out there in support of President Trump. And that's not the story that I saw on any news station when I came home and I searched for about a half an hour to try to find something.


Now that someone sent me a link that the NY Times did report something. I read an article. There was the closest I've seen to report the truth, and that was Trump supporters are there. We're strong. We're not standing down. We're standing up and we are ready for the fight.


Yeah, I saw I saw a lot of pictures of crowded streets on the Internet, if you look to people's Twitter feeds. And then when I looked at the networks, they had their reporters standing in empty streets as if they were like a couple of dozen people there. But let me ask you this, Kristie, because it was interesting to me. It started at, whatever it's called, Freedom Plaza near the White House. And it's sort of and and the great mass of people then move to the Supreme Court, because, as you said, Kristie, this is about upholding the Constitution and that's the constitutional court.


Was it intentional that it that it should all move from from from Freedom Plaza down to the Supreme Court? Or was that kind of like a spontaneous last minute thing?


Now, that was intentional. That was the plan from the beginning. And that's a good point, to bring up the communications, to even get the word out for the Million Man March where we had all forces against us. I only found out from a fellow Trump supporter that was at Walmart. She told me about it. Otherwise I wouldn't have been there. So we were there. It was the plan was for three days to meet at the Freedom Plaza and to to to march together down to the Supreme Court.


I was in that march to the Supreme Court and I had to say that the feeling of being together with that many people that are like minded, it's nothing that I could really explain. We all mind. We all came together peacefully. We all came together, though very firmly in our in our beliefs and tried to be charged up like that with that group. And to know that that we are out there together and our own individual communities fighting this fight, it was really quite exhilarating.


And I've come back feeling like I want to do all that I can. I like to spread the news, get the message out to my fellow Trump Trusters in this area to contact your state reps. We live in Pennsylvania and as you know, there's a lot of problems in Pennsylvania. So we have to keep the pressure on our state legislators. We need to contact them. Everyone we know. I think we need to keep our yard signs up and we're out in public.


We need to wear our Trump hats, whatever we have, we need to stand tall. We need to stand strong and not stand down. We really need to stand up right now and let our voices be heard.


OK, thank you for that, Christine. You're right. It's inspiring and exhilarating just to be among people, particularly when you've been dammed as Nazis and haters and racists and homophobes to actually be among people who think like you, who who believe what you believe. And I'm actually perfectly normal people and not in the least bit the way they're characterized by this disgusting American media.


Thank you for your call. Christine Markstein in for us. Lots more still. It's business as usual at the Biden family, the Biden Cancer Initiative was founded in 2017, it's supposed to be doing something for cancer. But of the four point eight million dollars it took in, its spend over three million dollars on payroll, plus 60 grand on travel. It gave no money in grants, grants distributed by the Biden Cancer Initiative. Zero dollars. It's actually improved on the Clinton Foundation.


As you know, the Clinton Foundation, 94 percent of it was for was for expenses and only six percent of it went to diarrhea in Africa, which was the bill and Hillary Clinton's big concern, diarrhea in Africa. So it was like 94 per cent on expenses. The the Joe Biden has actually outdone the Clintons. They have distributed no grants.


The Biden cancer initiative is all payroll, no grand. I'm an 18 year old college kid chilling in his dorm room at the University of Alabama, which just happens to have a lot to say. And when I say a lot to say, I mean a lot to say about everything I am. And I'm the host of the brand new podcast, Peerson Uncensored. Now, this isn't going to be your typical political podcast. And what I say, well, sometimes that gets me in trouble.


Why? Because I couldn't care less about the haemagglutinin correct. Or respecting anyone suspicious. Because until the world has had to go all willy nilly, what the hell was a safe space? What the hell was his idea that feelings mattered more than facts? We went from a world that actually valued truth to a world in which people now make the argument with a straight face that there are more than 80 genders to a world that shames people for loving America too much.


I'm tired of it, and that's why I'm here. Listen to C.J. Pearson uncensored every Thursday on the radio app, Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast.


Yes, America's Anchorman is away.


And this is your undocumented anchorman, thrilled and honored to be here from ice station EIB in the chilly, wintry wastes of the great Northwoods hard by the Quebec border. If you are fleeing the country, don't forget to swing by and say hello. We got a big sign on the interstate saying last rush guest host before the border and we always love to see you. Rush postponed this treatment week and he had his treatment week last week. And he's taking a little longer than other ways to get it all out of his system and come back at fighting strength.


But he will be in tomorrow. And we regret his absence today because events are fast moving. We have Cydney Powell, the president's tireless lawyer, Michael Flynn's tireless lawyer, who will be joining me later this hour to bring us up to speed on what's happening with some of these lawsuits and in particular, which is becoming a very specialized interest of hers, Dominion voting systems. That's this rather curious Canadian company that I was talking about last week. They're headquartered in Toronto, but being headquartered in Toronto is apparently no obstacle to running American elections.


At any rate, we'll be talking to Sidney just in a little while. I was thinking we took a call from Christy in Allentown and I was thinking about Sandra in Bucks County, whom I spoke to on this show last week. And I'm thinking about all this, thinking about the suits and thinking about the way the Supreme Court went last time in Bush versus Gore. And, of course, it's a very different court today.


But I was also thinking about how we could also share the burden, as it were, because it's it's not Trump vs. the state of Pennsylvania, if you have your vote stolen, if somebody sends out a mail in ballot in your name and somebody else gets hold of it and takes your vote, the victim isn't principally Donald J. Trump. The victim is you. And I think we should do a bit more burden sharing on that. As I read Bush versus Gore from 2000, the the decision that mattered, the final decision that the Supreme Court took, I think, was seven to two and was basically that the Florida election system was in violation of the equal protection clause.


There were recounts going on in, I believe, three counties and they all had three different systems because that's the way it is, because back then, 20 years ago, some of them were using the old hanging chad, dangling chad, dimpled chad, pregnant chad. And then some of these other counties had no. Chads at all, they had three completely different systems of counting and the court ruled that this was in breach of the equal protection clause of the United States Constitution, but that because we were some weeks after Election Day, there was no way the state could impose a uniform balloting system on the state while the recounts were going on.


So it's better just to stop the count. And that was the very, very narrow grounds on which they ended Bush versus Gore.


And that is exactly that equal protection aspect is exactly what's going on today. You basically free lance decisions on on what mail in ballots to count, whether to verify the signature or whether to do all these other so-called protection protection. So there's there is actually an equal protection issue.


And having spoken to Kristie in Allentown today and Sandra in Bucks County, that is something that you can actually do in your county, in your precinct, is when you hear these stories of different and incompatible means of counting the vote, then you should actually think about filing suit on your own behalf, filing a class action suit against the the whatever it's called, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania about how they run their elections ultimately down the road. The you know, the Supreme Court didn't go there.


But back when the rules for presidential elections were laid down, there was basically only one way of casting a vote, and that was to put an X on a piece of paper. So there was you didn't have these issues 200 years ago because there were paper ballots and they were nothing else. And now we have these this faintly ridiculous system where, you know, it's let 30000 flowers bloom and every county has a slightly different election system and oftentimes actually different election machines.


Some use dominion, some use voter Mattick or whatever it's called this other one. And you had none of that 200 years ago. So there is actually an equal protection issue, which the court might usefully have addressed more thoroughly two decades ago, but chose not to.


So if you're like Christy in Allentown or Sandra in Bucks County or you're in Michigan or you're in Wisconsin or you in one of these other swing states, you just say it's not as expensive as you might think. Just to bring a simple suit by large numbers of voters against the state on the incompatible election systems within your state and the incompatible standards applied from one county to the next over some of these mail in ballots. Just something you might want to think about.


We were talking about Erykah Badu, who is semi covid positive, her left nostril tested positive, but while her right nostril tested negative is the snidely said so she's by covid. I think actually she's semi covid. But it's like they all these these serious lockdown's states like New York and California, they're running the one drop rule, the one nostril rule.


So this doctor has paid no attention to the right nostril. He ruled that simply because of the left nostril, she was covid positive. I would be interested to know how many of these false or incompatible covid positives are now going are now going on with this in the the president, the office of the president elect, which isn't a thing.


He just had these these cardboard labels made up at Staples. The office of the president elect isn't the thing. If you'll notice, Trump didn't bother with one last time around because it's just for losers, literally losers in this case office of the president elect. But he's been doing this whole thing about America rejoining the world. And we should understand what that means, the whole covid lock down thing.


Which which they haven't even waited till any inauguration in New York and California and Governor Whitman in Michigan miserably advised me that, according to the new caroler Lockdown's, if the show goes out in Michigan, as we still do for another couple of days until they close us down.


But but you have to apparently wear a mask when you host a show that goes out in Michigan, according to Governor Wittmer. And you're not allowed to have more than 10 listeners to the show at any one time, so it's good that it's a guest host week, but he's going to be he's he says we're going to be rejoining the world.


And what that means is basically euro level covid Lockdown's. So and in the UK, for example, they've leaked these emails from advisers to my poor dead husk of an old friend, Boris Johnson, who basically whether his bodies recovered from covid is mind certainly never has.


They're now talking about keeping the lockdown going until next spring at the earliest, next spring at the earliest. It's currently London is currently a tier two city, which means that you can't have anybody from outside your immediate family in your house. You know, forget about the the generous gift that Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom have given their subjects, where you allowed up to ten people inside your home in under tier two status in London.


You can't have more than anyone other than your immediate family, tier two couples who do not cohabitate. So you have like the boy lives at 47 Elm Street and the girl lives at 22 Acacia Gardens.


They are not allowed they are not allowed to have sexual Congress. Boris, a guy who basically shaggs, anything that moves and a lot of stuff that doesn't is denying his subjects are the the same liberation of their unbounded appetites that he enjoys.


Tier two couples cohabiting cannot engage in sexual Congress in London until next spring. Are these that this is what the government does? Student As I said, it's not a lot of times when we talk about freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of movement, these can become rather abstruse concerns, are there not then? Oh, Mr certainly wants to know how they're planning on stopping people. They'll be having the anti shaki shagging squad, but kicking down your door justified if you're doing any heavy petting in there.


That's how it's going to work. Mrs Unitedly. It's not that you can't get a third base, you can't get to any base. That's the way that they're going to have police teams who will be who will be taking care of that. That's the well, and that's that's the point I'm making where we're not talking about we're not in the philosophy department sitting around having abstract discussion about this. Right. And that. Right. What's going on is that is that you're not allowed to leave the house unless it's for an essential purpose.


You're not allowed to have people into your house. This is as basic, a definite, as raw and as crude a definition of state power as has ever existed. And we're now being told that it's going to be going on for four for months and months into late spring of next year or whenever whenever they decide to lift the boot off the throat. These are as basic as they should be.


Markstein information. We have the great Sidney Powell up next. Mark, sign in for on America's number one radio show, you may have read stories in the media over the weekend about the pressure that Trump lawyers are calling coming under to bail from the case and abandon their client. One lawyer we can say certainly who is not going to do that is Sidney Powell. She was last on with me as a tireless champion of her client, Michael Flynn.


She's now a tireless champion of her new client, Donald J. Trump, in some of these post-election legal battles.


And Sydney, you've you've become very concerned about this Canadian company, Dominion Voting Systems. As I said on the show, the show last week, it is illegal for a Canadian to give a cenote to a presidential candidate. But apparently it's not in the least bit illegal for a Canadian company to end up running American elections in 33 states. What's the problem for you with this Dominion voting systems?


Well, there are so many problems, Mark. It would be hard to articulate all of them. Their system was specifically created and designed by Venezuelan money and interests to rig elections for Hugo Chavez. And then for Maduro, it was exported internationally, understand, to rig an election in Argentina. And it has been used to rig this election for to make it appear the votes were for Mr. Biden when Donald Trump won overwhelmingly. And I'm in the process of collecting evidence through a fire hose to the point it feels like a tsunami now.


Right. Of of honest, patriotic people, American citizens who are coming forward to tell us exactly what was going on. And I just got word today that 100 Dominion employees have even taken any affiliation with Dominion off their LinkedIn accounts and Dominion scrubbing names of people like crazy.


Right, right. And it's it started it only came out because I think a county clerk happened to notice that 6000 Trump votes had been transferred to Joe Biden, I believe, in Michigan, but presumably less a lot of it.


Yeah, it also came out because some of my math experts who I know very well, immediately identified the algorithm that was being run to change the vote. Write that any number of batches of votes were changed by the machine, which is by its own manual, tells people it can do that. It was changed to run 67 percent for Biden and the votes were injected in that number by the hundreds of thousands, multiple times the exact same number and race were injected like three times in Wisconsin and twice in Michigan or vice versa, a couple of 20 minutes apart or something in the third.


And for people to say there's no evidence of fraud or the people that want to cover up the fraud or whatever their personal interests are, we also have some evidence coming in that people who bought these Dominion systems for their states got special benefits on the side. And yeah, I mean, the level and depth of the corruption is what the American people have felt for a long time. But we're we're just now getting people to come forward because it's so bad and they've realized that I'm here and I will fight for it until we get it out there.


And I was I was very interested by by this business of the algorithm because I hadn't realized till then I'd heard of this company, but that in Canada they're just tabulators. In other words, they they just run optical scanners that scan paper ballots. So if you have an argument about the result like they did, I think it was Nova Scotia, New Brunswick a couple of years back, they've actually got the hard core paper ballots and they go back and count them manually.


But in America, it's a completely different it's completely different machines they're running, which are actually voting machines. And not just these optical scanners. Is there when you've been going on about Gina Haspel at the CIA, I mean, the the big the deep state security guys who've certified that this is the cleanest election ever run in America, are they the guys who hired.


Yeah, you're fired. I don't think this payroll they're on, but they need to be fired. Yesterday, Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar were complaining about this several years ago. Carolyn Maloney wrote a letter to people about it years ago. They're even scrubbing the articles they cited from the Internet. We've gone to check on several links. They're gone. This is very widespread, and I have no doubt at this point, it involves the tech companies that Silicon Valley who are also trying to suppress our free speech on all of these issues to cover their own.


You know what? Yeah, absolutely. I am livid about all of it. I am livid about the level of corruption. I'm livid that the FBI and the CIA haven't done anything about the complaints they've received, which just makes me want to know even more who's been paid what and and who is responsible for all of this and who's paid whom to get there by their elections.


And as you say, the media and the CIA and NSA give it up. There's nothing to see here. What do you think? I take it you agree that this case ultimately is going to wind up before those nine guys on the Supreme Court? Do you think they're going to be as eager to just sweep it under the rug?


I don't think so, Mark. I think the evidence is going to be so overwhelming. And I would warn any state right now that thinks they're going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously, because what they're certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud. And I wouldn't even mount a class action suit later to sue them themselves for their participation in it. It's ridiculous. The legislatures in the states need to take control right now and reject the certifications of especially the swing states that were so heavily influenced by these hundreds of thousands of vote changes.


And the people of Martek on manual tells you that they can do this, they can change any vote they want change. They can reallocate from one vote to another. They can take batches of votes and trash them. If they were for Trump, they can add votes for Biden. They can be manipulated any way they want to be manipulated. And they had VPN connections and access. And I think Brian Raheem Kassam actually tweeted a message yesterday, a picture yesterday of Glenn Simpson looking behind a string of of Dominion voting machines.


Yeah, you you said, if I understood you correctly, that they can actually program the percentages of as well. They can actually override whatever votes are in the machine and adjust them up and down a cord until they reach the why. Why would that be a feature of of a voting machine?


Because it was created to do that to begin with. That's how Hugo Chavez and Maduro have ensured they won every Venezuelan election.


So so somehow a Canadian company wound up putting Venezuelan counting machines in 33 American states. That's that's the upshot of that Sydney.


Yeah, it was all created in Venezuela and designed to do this very thing. And they've installed Venezuelan machines. And then the votes actually go to Barcelona, Spain, and Frankfurt, Germany, where they can be further manipulated before they're sent back to be reported on AP and The New York Times and all that. Are you are you and it was called this big this time was because Donald Trump's lead was so overwhelming, they didn't calculate the algorithm high enough and they OK, well, they had to said, OK, just just a minute.


They said I had no idea about that. These votes are actually counted in, but they travel halfway around the world to Barcelona before they counted. I want to come back with you. Hang on, please, Sidney. I want to come back and talk about that some more, because that's extremely important.


Markstein for us more with Sidney Powell straight ahead.


We have with us the fearless attorney for both Michael Flynn and the president. In his legal challenge is Sydney Powell. And as Sidney mentioned, they've they're talking about some class action suits to prevent the states prematurely certifying the election. And if you have some evidence of electoral fraud, you can go to Sydney's website defending the republic dot org. It's well named defending the republic dot org, because Sydney will be defending it when most everybody else has fled. If you have evidence of electoral fraud, particularly in these critical swing states, then do go to that website.


Sydney, you you said something incredible to me, because as old as it is that these foreign made machines, Canadian machines with Venezuelan algorithms are now in 33 column Venezuelan machines because, yeah, essentially what they are.


OK, that's a number of different companies to do this. And yes, we have Venezuelan communist influence by Cuban communist, counting our votes and deciding how our elections are going to come out. It's an absolute outrage. It should be being investigated by the highest of our intel, Windass. Gaiters, preferably military, because it's a national security threat, and that's exactly why they've done this. Oh, and don't forget China's influence on all of it, too.


There's no money in it. And Chinese money and and graft in Venezuela.


But you you mentioned that it actually goes across the Atlantic to Barcelona. And I think you said somewhere else before. Before these. Yeah, Frankfurt. So in other words, we've got the Germans and the Spaniards counting American votes, too, which would be odd enough if you didn't already have the Canadians of Venezuela. I mean, there's everybody but Americans involved.


Actually, those parts are actually controlled by the Venezuelans to the counting centers over there, controlled by the Venezuelan money.


But what is you're you're a lawyer. And you know that in any law, even in any trivial, the most trivial lawsuit chain of custody of the evidence is the most important thing. You know, that a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of what might have been an original document, 37 versions earlier, is is less persuasive as evidence than the real thing. So why do we have, like, a complete contempt of chain of custody here where where these these votes are sent actually in to foreign jurisdictions before they eventually return as hard numbers?




And they can there are multiple means of how they alter it and they all through it to begin with by running the algorithm where they want to run it. But they can also alter it by trashing votes, adding votes. And then if they don't like it still, then they can change it again in Barcelona. Right, so so in other words, whatever shenanigans to use, the euphemism people seem to prefer whatever shenanigans take place in a precinct in Michigan, if that's insufficient, they can they can change it yet again while while the so-called vote is out of the country.


Right. How an account in Georgia that they're pretending to do now, they're going to try to use that to promote the argument that the million fraud software stuff is the hoax, that's that's baloney. They did all kinds of different things there that include kind of closing out Republican accounts and doing provisional ballots for people that then disappeared. And we've got to have access to the machines themselves to get the software and examine it. But we know there were, quote, glitches in Georgia, too.


And any time there was a glitch like that, there was software probably uploaded that changed things. They can change it over the Internet. It should never have had an Internet connection. Patches were put in like the day before the election and they were not never certified. The machines aren't supposed to be touched for ages before the election. That's a violation of law by itself. I mean, but we also have at least I've been told that there are special concerns about the governor of Georgia and the secretary of state having received some kind of personal benefit for rushing in the purchase of Dominion machines into the state.


You you said something else interesting there that they actually were connected to the Internet because last time around, we were told when there was all this stuff about the Russian collusion and all the rest of it, that that voting machines are safe because voting machines are not online. They're machines, but they're not. But some guy sitting in Macedonia or St. Petersburg can actually hack into it because it's not connected to the Internet. You're saying that this time round there were machines connected to the Internet.


These machines are so hackable, a 15 year old could do it. And and and does that mean that in the lawsuit, YORGA, your you'd be your you're asking a judge to actually let some kind of tech experts into the machines themselves to figure out what's been programmed there and what's going on in them?


That is definitely one of the things we need. I can't even tell you at this point whether it's in any of the existing lawsuits, but I've certainly encouraged people to put them in the ones that they filed.


And do you think you said you'd thought it was definitely going to the Supreme Court? Everyone seems to think that John Roberts, the chief justice, has no appetite for this.


And his whole thing is always to, as it were, diminished the significance to prevent the Supreme Court doing anything like overturning and being perceived to have overturned an election or whatever.


Do you do you think I mean, these seem to me to be raised absolutely extraordinary issues where essentially foreign actors, we've been told for four years about foreign interference in American elections. And it turns out the entire US election is one great act of multi foreign interference. Is that big enough for him to, in a sense, not be able to turn down the case if that isn't big enough for him to take the case that he should be impeached?


That's there'd be a lot of people who would support you on that, thank you. You're you always you have that feeling that a really good lawyers have, which is a slight degree of in inscrutability, Sydney, when you're when you're being interviewed. Let me let me just ask you a final question. Do you feel. Do you feel optimistic that the truth is going to get out about this thing?


I feel very optimistic. The truth is going to be it will get out. Of course, everybody on the face of the earth now is trying to suppress it, including people in our own government. But I won't quit until it's out and, you know, release the Kraken or indeed release the Kraken.


Well, God, God bless you, Sydney. And people can go to defending the Republic dog if they want to know more about this.


Yes. Thank you very much, Mark.


Thanks a lot. Sydney, it's always the pleasure, even in trying times. Defending the republic, a dog, Sydney really ought to ought to release the Kraken dog as well. I did it.


So it's embarrassing to me that I may say as a Canadian that somehow this Canadian company is in the back of this as as as Sydney put it, as Sydney. But Mr sadly, it's a surprise. There's a people go on about the international Jewish conspiracy and all the rest of it. In the end, it's the international Canadian conspiracy you have to watch out for, although in this case, as Sydney says, it's just the like a nice little fluffy bunny, Justin Trudeau front for a Venezuelan operation.


And I can't reiterate the most extreme, the chain of custody issues, you know, American elections. I was totally misled by them, as I said the last time I was here, because I had gone along and seen town meeting in my little New Hampshire town where everyone votes for the overseer of the poor and the sexton and the town moderator. And it was just like Tocqueville was writing about 200 years ago when he called it the best system of government devised to man.


And they have a vote on things. And if it's a bit unclear how it goes on the voice vote, they all go and do the paper votes. And it's all it's about as clear and transparent a system you can imagine.


Then you have this thing here I've never seen in Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Australia, do you want to name it where ballots are moved all over the state before they're counted again, the idea of putting ballots in the trunk of someone's car or in a van while they're shifted around the county. You've got basic chain of custody issues there, so this whole thing is the way it works in functioning electoral systems, is the polls close at 7:00 or 8:00 o'clock.


You count the ballots. The ballots are all there. The ballots aren't being moved hither and yon. All we've got, we thought we had a result for you, but some extra boxes turned up in the middle of the night. So now we're going to we don't know where they came from, but we're not going to count them to the ballots. The votes are counted where they were cast. That's a basic thing of any free and fair election. The UN wouldn't certify all these ballots in cars being driven around until you can drive them up to where they're most needed.


And I thought that was just something that was done with the hardcore ballot. Now we have the supposed easy peasy voting machines. This is incredible to me whether the votes are actually transmitted to Barcelona and Frankfurt to be count. How did that happen in America? This is this is this is ridiculous. In the words of the the great Zimbabwean leader, the Reverend Cane and Banana, while you were sleeping, we helped ourselves.


And while America slept on the night of the presidential election, all the strange creatures shipping votes from Canadian Venezuelan machines to Spain and Germany. And the Biden campaign helped themselves. That was the great Sidney Powell. A shock to me all they.


So I guess I am very naive.


We will take your calls right after America's number one radio show. Let's go to Kelli in Florence, Montana. Kelli, great to have you on the EIB Network. Well, thank you, sir.


I really appreciate it. First, I'd like to let you know what I think of people like you and Sidney Powell and others. I mean, you guys are Guardian Angels for Free Speech and the Republic. And if you guys are guardian angels, that makes Rush Limbaugh the archangel. That's true.


My my comment, I'm sure, is is is a common one and is shared by millions of our fellow citizens. And that I see no silver lining in this whatsoever in the process that we're going through. Unless President Trump retains or remains president. The Democrats were going to throw whatever they can at him during this process and demanding, you know, transparency. And so even, you know, you have some people who say, well, you know, there's a silver lining there.


If you know, Biden and Harris take the presidency, then we've got a House and Senate that will be able to foil their plans. Well, that might be true for a small amount of time until the next set of elections. And they'll just do their practice, their fraud again and get rid of the Republicans that are in. So that's that's what I mean by, you know, there's no there's no silver lining to this. If if our Constitution still holds some strength and our law still holds some strength and Trump will obviously retain the presidency.


I mean, so obviously, everyone with an IQ over 50, I mean, my God, over 700000 votes ahead in Pennsylvania before they stopped and then brought in the mail in ballots.


I mean, if it goes on and on, you know, that's that's another thing that only that only happens in banana republics, Kelly. Everywhere else, you count the vote until you finish them. You don't go home for the night until the new votes are delivered. That in itself is something that, you know, the UN observers or whoever would never sign onto. But just to go back to the point you were making about the lack of silver lining, and I've seen all the fluffy bunny happy stories about, oh, well, we we've we've won a House seat here or whatever.


If Joe Biden is actually being sworn in as the president on January the 20th next year, a lot of sympathy to a big chunk of 72 million people, if they're serious about their votes, are going to going to really have to think about whether they're going to want to go along with this charade. There's no silver lining. If you can steal the most powerful elected office in the land, if you can steal that away. You know, getting this rock ribbed Republican in as dogcatcher in northern New Hampshire is no consolation if the highest office is a fraud and can be stolen.


Kelly, correct, correct. And also, how opportune that you had the Sydney Powell on, I just donated some money to her organization this Saturday, as a matter of fact. And being retired law enforcement, I even offered my services as an investigator in any capacity that she needs. I'm sure she's too busy to see the email I sent. But no, that's good.


That's that's that's what's always needed. Kelly, good for you. They need warm bodies. There's a lot of stuff out there and they need a lot of people finding a lot of stuff very quickly. So good for you for actually offering offering a warm body to this operation. Excellent. We need a lot more of that. Thank you, Kelly.


Thank you for your call. We are on Mark signed in for us. Lots more straight ahead.


Mark, sign for us. If you missed the name of Sydney Powells website for all this election fraud business, it's defending the republic dot org, defending the republic dot org. I fear there may have been a bit of a stampede of rushed listeners over there. So if you can get through to the site, it's a little bit overwhelmed. Then try again in an hour or two. Defending the republic dot org. Lots more on the Rush Limbaugh Show from the EIB Network straight ahead.


Stick around. These are trying times. Yes, I know, I know Rush was supposed to be back today, but it's tough this treatment week stuff and he doesn't like to.


Come back when he's just like 62 per cent, 78 per cent, 89 per cent full strength, he likes to be 112 percent full strength. So he's taken the day off to rest up. But he will be here tomorrow for authentic, all-American excellence in broadcasting to take you through the end of the week. In the in the meantime, you have to put up with a little bit of cheap foreign labor, as inauthentic as in authentically American as apple pie mode.


It's it's it's it's okay.


But it's got that little sort of creepy, freaky weirdy foreign frisson on it.


We have been talking about and actually sometimes it helps to be a foreigner. I please don't switch off the radio at once, but it does when it comes to election night, because nothing that happened on election night, particularly after about 10 PM, is normal.


And I find it odd, I get these are you know, you last quit, quit your whining, give it up. There's no fraud to see here. And even if there is, the fraud is not enough to make any difference. OK, as I said in the first hour, I would then like to get this Supreme Court, which we're told is now six three conservative, sixthly rock ribbed originalist.


I would actually like to get a ruling from the Supreme Court in that case about how many dead people are allowed to vote, how many laws of the bipartisan election process you're allowed to breach.


Basically, as you see in election counts in Norway, Finland, Switzerland, an election has not only to occur, but has to be seen.


And the count in particular has to be seen. And so we see this thing like in Pennsylvania where they're telling you you got to stand 30 feet away, which they've been doing to people who are not in their political machine, by the way, since the 19th century. So it's not something that's particularly new there. You can find evidence of these this 30 feet distance thing going back to Philadelphia elections in the 19th century. But the what I get sick of is and that's why I would like some liberal calls.


I'd like to hear from you liberals, American liberals, because you disgust me so called. We have Bernie saying that when he talks about socialism, he means he doesn't know why, he doesn't mean Venezuela and Cuba, he means Denmark and Sweden and Norway. You couldn't get away with this stuff in Denmark and Sweden and Norway. We just had it from Sydney Powell that actually it's a Venezuelan election vote counting machine that's been installed in 33 states.


Don't pretend you are Norway or Denmark or Sweden. None of this happens. Their votes are counted and no number is given until the vote in that precinct has fully been counted. They don't do things like go home at 10 o'clock at night and then come back in the morning when a few extra boxes have been delivered. They don't have these chain of custody issues. The vote is counted where it is cast. If you don't have the vote being counted, where it is cast, you have a fundamentally corrupt election system.


So so on behalf of all the Scandinavians out there, the real you know, I'm a European style social Democrat who are quite pleasant people. In the end, they have crazy political ideas, but a lot of their women look hot. And it's quite nice to sit in the square in Malmo and watch the nice leggy Swedish blondes go by. I'm getting distracted. Where where was it? Yeah. Don't pretend you hardcore leftists who've installed a Third World Venezuelan system here, don't pretend you're like European style Social Democrats.


Bernie's talking complete garbage. Or when we say socialism, we you we mean Denmark and Norway. They don't have these kind of dirty elections in Denmark and Norway. They have them in Caracas. And as Sidney Powell was explaining, that's where you got the machines from. That's where you got the algorithms from. Rush was talking about this, I think, a week ago today about the Democrat planning for this.


Here's Rush. The Democrats were six months ahead of us in setting up these systems and they run. The electoral apparatus in these particular precincts where all this stuff happened, so it has to be investigated. It has to be discovered what happened. The American people need to know for the future and the sake of the country, not for the Trumps. They would be beneficiaries of this if it is found that the fraud was wanton, rapid and all over the place, but this needs to be done for the sake of the Constitution.


This needs to be done for the sake of the rule of law it needs. If it isn't, we're on the downhill side and the country has got a much harder task and job ahead of it in surviving astounded and it must survive as founded. But the human side of this, what was what was done to the Trumps in order to bring this whole result about, hey, I know, don't cry about it, Rush. It's politics. Don't get mad about it, Rush.


I know. Don't get mad, Rush. There was no blue wave. I know there was no blue wave. But what if they can effectively create the illusion that there was by virtue of cheating and fraud? We know the president got more votes, but what if they succeed in taking them away? We didn't lose the state houses, the Senate. Not yet. They're trying to steal two Senate seats in Georgia with these runoffs. Chuck Schumer is not finished.


Russia is absolutely right there, so these consolation conservatives, oh, yes, don't worry, they stole the presidency, but, you know, we did we almost won the house and we held the Senate. They're going to have they're going to have two months now. To focus on just two Republicans in Georgia, they were already down this, they're spending all the money they're going to spend more than most countries spend on national elections, on trying to topple, not not just one, but but both these candidates, because they don't want to you know, they they want to they want to get both these seats.


It's important to them to get both these seats. And as you've heard what Sidney Powell was saying about Georgia, she's not reassured by the integrity of the process there.


And they've got two months just to work on this like they spent all the last period of time just focusing on the presidential election. They've now got two months just to work on this because there's no let up for these guys. There's there's never any let up and rush when they say, oh, don't get mad about it, Rush. Don't get mad about it. Rush. I learned English, American English.


If you're if you're a foreigner, you think there's there's terms you hear in American English that are inspirational in a way, and they are lessons for life. And there's a great American expression called Don't get mad, get even. And Russ was talking about anger. This this time last week, and he was quite right, it is time, it's time to focus on it. They're very focused. They don't bother with ideas as such anymore. Ideas are a what are you what are useful to them?


And they change. So one time, 100 years ago in Warren Harding's landslide, the Democrats in Atlanta, it's funny how it's the same set is that just recurs. And they were blocking black voters from they let the black black women, I think was 75 black women in one precinct in Atlanta, 1920, cast their votes and then the Democrat and forces come in and they take those 75 votes and they throw them in the trash. And all that's changed over the century is who are they useful voters and who they're stealing the election on behalf of.


And all these various identity groups are just fashion. So they're all hot for the gays.


But if in some of these precincts, like in many Minnesota, the Islamic vote starts to become more valuable than the gay vote, the the Democrats pivot because it's about raw power.


How often do they ever say anything interesting in terms of policy ideas? It's about naked, raw power and they've now got two months to to steal these two Senate seats.


So that's the thing. That's what they're focused on. And I want to reiterate the point I made at the top of the show that ultimately the people they're trying to screw over and destroy are not Donald J. Trump. They're not Michael Flynn. They're not Kelly Loffler in Georgia. They're ultimately about getting you no matter who you. That's why they're already clamping down and censoring Nikki Haley's Twitter account. Because because in the end, you can't be moderate enough for them.


We're now moving into an age that silences all dissent. I have never seen anything like this. Most people there are no newspapers anymore. The newspapers are just there to sort of feed things that the social media then distribute. So basically Facebook and Twitter, these things are now bigger than most countries in terms of their power and they're actually getting us used to the idea that there is an official version of things.


Used to be there was just an official line on climate change. You know, the climate change is the biggest threat to the planet and we're all going to fry.


And then, you know, after 9/11, you got things like, well, Islam is a religion of peace. And if you say anything other than that, it's Islamophobic.


And people there, they're sort of unless you actually want to vigorously participate in those debates, they're slightly irrelevant.


Now, we actually have a a media, a social media, an all powerful big tech that is basically suppressing one side's view of a so-called free and fair election. And they're putting health warnings on one party's view of those elections and not on the others. That's actually very disturbing. And if you were serious about your role in society as that weird beard Jack Dorsey and Zuckerberg purport to be, you'd think twice about doing that, because the practical reality is you're saying, oh, there's only two parties and we let all the tweets by party sail through because we happen to agree with their side and party.


B, we put all these health warnings on saying it's disputed, it's not true, it's fake news and all the rest of it.


And if you had a serious any kind of serious modicum of respect for freedom of speech, you wouldn't do that.


This is all happening much faster than than than than the complacent Republicans thought would happen. And it's going to accelerate in the two months to a Georgia election march for us.


Your. Hold straight ahead, the Rush Limbaugh Show on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Let us go to Richard in Buffalo, New York. Great to have you with us, Richard.


It's good to be with you, Mark. Thank you. And blessings to you. And to rush that he gets well soon. And quickly, my biggest I would say my frustration is not only the stolen election, but it's the conservatives ourselves. We do nothing. We're full of bravado. We love to call in and talk to you in the rush and Sean. And we love to complain and we love to get mad and say we need to do this and we need to do that.


And there's nothing ever, ever done. There's no alternative. There's no Twitter alternative. There's no Facebook alternative. There's no Instagram alternative. And everything costs money. If you're a conservative, I can't afford the EIB Network thing. You know, I'm a lower middle class conservative, but I'm still a conservative. Right. But I you know, how come Fox doesn't put on an evening show? How come it Newsmax doesn't buy a station or something like that?


And I apologize for getting flustered.


Oh, no, you're no. Carry on. Carry on, Richard. We we we are very good at complaining, but we are very inactive as to everything else. There's no marches. I mean, I've been called stupid and idiotic because I'm a quote unquote Trump star. But I love Trump and I love that I have a job because he's made this country run again. But there's no there's no outlet for me to to voice my opinion as to how great and wonderful I feel as an American.


Because if I say I'm a Trump star, Facebook goes, you're off. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I.


I wouldn't disagree with that, Richard. I think we have control of Rush, basically invented talk radio as we now understand it. And they've been, you know, hundreds and thousands of people who've tried to do what Rush does over the years and and in a way far more than we need, because Rush is still doing it and he's doing it better than he did it thirty years ago. And it would be nice if we spent more money more usefully.


Basically, I think on the Mitt Romney campaign in 2012 that cost a billion dollars now for a billion dollars, you could buy a lot of UCU.


It would have been more useful to buy a movie studio, for example, and make inspiring movies that remind people of the timeless values on which civilization rests, rather than trying to drag Mitt Romney over the finish line so he could spend the next four years screwing us over.


You're right that it would be nice if instead of setting up some, you know, the umpteenth website called Eagle Patriot and Dot Com, some guy actually spent his money on an alternative to Facebook, on an alternative to Instagram.


And and you're right to distinguish the fact that the the because Democrats can't debate, because the left can't debate, it tends to just do it does what it wants out in the wider world. It doesn't want to talk about it. It doesn't want to do a radio show about it, doesn't want to do a TV show about it. It just wants to get on with doing what it wants. It can screw you over. And that comes back to what I was saying about don't get mad, get even richer.


But there comes a time when we need to recognize that the left are not good faith debaters. So let's just screw them over to their the rules the left has built for four. For us, that's the world we have to live in. And and that is and that those are the rules we therefore have to play by because they want to what they want believe everything's political. Going for a sandwich is political. So if you're a Trump guy, when you look at who they're kicking off the Internet and they're kicking off Twitter, if these guys ran sandwich shops, they wouldn't sell you a sandwich to these guys are.


Yes, I very much regret to have to say that Russia is resting up today. As you know, last week was treatment. And we I hate having to say all this stuff. And, you know, if I was in Russia's shoes, I'm not sure I'd be spelling out the schedule and addressing these manner matters in with as much honesty as he does. But that's the way Russia does it. And he told you that he might be out a little longer than usual last week.


We're going to have Rush back tomorrow.


In the meantime, where in the hell of foreign guest host?


Swats at Mr Sadly, Wood. Yes, yes. Oh, yes, it's yes. OK, OK, I'll do I'll do a bit of that now, Mr. Mr.


Sadly, this is well. Yeah I know, I know Mr. Certainly Hill. He doesn't like it. When I wait till the third hour to do self promotion, I just find self promotion. I just, I just don't do it. Well that explains a lot about where I've gotten to. Anyway, if you want to know more about me, you can go to Stijn online dot com s T.Y., an online dot com Stijn with a y as in why do I have to listen to this tedious foreigner telling me that's everything, everything that's wrong with my election system and oh, the crews.


There's no I'm not sure about masks on cruises. We do have a cruise coming up next stop this coming October. And you know something?


What we were talking about earlier with Christie from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and she said she loved being on the Million Man rally in Washington because it was it was actually nice.


When you're being told that you're a Nazi, you're a racist. You and Islamophobia, homophobia. This, if you that of hope to be among people who are like minded and are not haters but are very enjoyable people to be with. And and I was actually rather touched the way, particularly Californians the last crusade. It had a lot of Californians on there. And they said they all lived in parts of California where they were very much in the minority.


And it was they extremely enjoyed being on a ship where people thought like them, or at any rate, when they expressed their opinion, they were not met with looks that suggest you are a madman who should be put in a straitjacket and led away to an asylum.


So we're doing another one next year, next October, and we're hitting all the high spots, Rome, Cartagena, Gibraltar, the great British colony of Gibraltar, because I'm an old school guy, so I like colonialism.


And we've got Seville and Provence in France and Monte Carlo, Florence and Italy. All the good. All Oh yeah. We're going tomorrow. We're going to Monte Carlo. That man who. Yeah, you can just go and hang out there. Monte Carlo. That's what Mr certainly wants. Say you can marry a minor member of the Monegasque royal family because we're there for a couple of hours and they're rather impulsive, those children and grandchildren of dear old Prince Rainier.


So actually they were very that yeah, we're going to Montego a month ago and then we go to Florence and then we're back in Rome and all the way. So anyway, that's next year you can go to Markstein Cruise dot com. There's just it's not just me. There's also Conrad Black, who was on Rush's show just a couple of weeks ago on this very airwaves, the right honorable the Lord Black of Crossharbour. He's a great Canadian historian and a member of the House of Lords who was utterly screwed over by the United States justice system and wound up in federal prison.


And no, no, Conrad doesn't invest. He's not a co-owner of Dominion Voting System.


So he has I think he owned Dominion Stores at one point. Mr. Sterling, generally speaking, if it's got dominion in, it's Canadian. That's why the Toronto Dominion Bank calls itself the TD Bank here in the United States, that Toronto-Dominion Bank. But in the United States there TD Bank, America's neighborhood bank, because it's true that Canada is in the general neighborhood of America. But Conrad Black, the Right Honourable, the Lord Black across our. But when he did get screwed over by the US justice system, I mentioned that he's a member of the House of Lords.


Apparently that makes you ineligible for a minimum security prison. So when I went to see him in federal prison in Miami, he was surrounded by all these drug dealers and murderers and all the rest of it. It's like some bizarre quirk of of US law. But a member of the House of Law possibly dating back to the revolution, but a member of the House of Lords is ineligible for a minimum security prison.


Conrad, who is a great friend of Rush's, will be on the ship with me, as well as fairly Mack-Cali and McElhenney, who do all these splendid docu drama films and plays where they take. For example, the Peter struck back, do the two page love emails, love texts and make a play out of them, and Michele Bachmann and I will probably be reprising our performance of them to Michele, who is one of the best things ever about American politics.


I probably shouldn't say this rush sometimes comes on. He did in the last election, where the time but they were still the 17 candidates, you know, there was Jeb and John Kasich and Ted Cruz and Marco and all these guys, Lindsey Graham and Rush said he always found it very difficult because they were all friends of his. And I must say, I have the exact opposite experience that a lot of a lot of American politicians close up can seem rather strange in my experience.


But the exception to that is Michele Bachmann, who is one of the great glories of the American political scene, and she'll be joining us. And it's terrific fun. So if you want to if you're thinking of, you might need a break. From the way things are going, then do come and join us and Markstein cruise dot com. That's enough of that, Mr. Snowden. I don't I don't really like all this, although I know Mr. Sterling wants to go to Monte Carlo.


You want to be the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo. Do you know that song? I think with bigger and bigger. It's a big hit. It was a big hit. It like 1873. It's an old English musical song. Mr. Silva, who Mr. certainly wants to know who who sings it. It's all the Eiríkur, but do you know the cigarette? It has been dead for 120 years. It peaked in 1873, for heaven's sake.


That's all. That's all that. You know, I just want to go back and that's enough for the fun stuff. I want to go back to what I was talking about, which is that this stuff doesn't stop with with Trump. They think they've taken out Trump out now. So that's it. Trump's gone and now they've moved on to Georgia. So they want to take out those two Georgia Senate candidates are. And it doesn't end there either, because in the end, this is about you.


This is about building a society in which dissent gets narrower and narrower and narrower.


You notice with Nancy Pelosi and EOC, they're having their disagreements. Bernie is saying, oh, well, you know, we won the the election was only won because of the enthusiasm of the hardcore left. So we want that represented in Biden's cabinet.


So why I like one of those one party states where it's different factions between the ruling within the ruling party who have the disagreements and nobody else is allowed to have the disagreement. That's the world they're planning for you. And what's interesting about this is people say, how do we how did we get to this? How did we get to a situation now where if you disagree with the election result, your opinion is labeled as suspect and you're directed to an alternative website that explains the official version.


We saw a lot of it during the covid lockdown.


I mean, it was it's absolutely terrible to me, this great Barington declaration where three of the most respected epidemiologists on the planet, from Harvard, from Oxford, and I think it's Stanford, basically said lockdown, stonework, lockdown.


So they just postpone whatever the covid was going to do anyway.


So you hold it in by going into lockdown in March and then you come out of lockdown in April. And the covid just does what it would have done in March, a month later. That's all that happens with lockdown. But in the in the meantime, with lockdown, you have all these other things that happen. There's a statistic out of the UK that I would bet would be the same here. I it would be the same in France, but it would be the same in most places.


They've had a 25 percent increase in deaths at home. In other words, these are people who died at home because they haven't gone to the hospital, because we've been to any hospital lately, you can get in to see them. And no time at all. The hospitals are empty because they were they were told, everyone was told, oh, don't get in the way of the hospital. The hospitals are being overwhelmed by covid, covid, covid, covid.


There's no covid patients in the hospital.


There's one, two, three, four patients maybe in the in the in the hospital for covid. And there's no one in there being treated for anything else. They will stay away. And as a result, in the UK, they've had a 25 per cent increase in deaths at home. That's in other words, that's people who've, you know, their legs gone septic or they've got cancer or whatever, and they haven't gone to the hospital and they've died at home.


Locked down is unhealthy. The best thing the best thing you can do to ward off the covid is instead of being like Erykah Badu and having your left nostril test positive and your right nostril test negative. So if you're lucky enough to meet Erykah Badu in a singles bar, you want to make sure it's the right side of her. You're smooching along with when you buy a cocktail.


Instead of that, the best thing you can do for the covid right now is vitamin D or vitamin D. I can't remember which is which pronunciation. They both work. They both work. If you don't like the vitamin D, you try the vitamin D.


If you're at the pharmacy, that's sunlight.


That's sunlight. You can't get vitamin D or vitamin D if you're inside the flat all day, if you're inside the apartment, inside the condo, inside the house, because some insane governor has said you can't leave your non-essential and you can't leave the house, this stuff, this stuff is now supposed to go on into next year, into next year.


And it's again, it's all these things, whether it's the covid or the election, it's the difference between the so-called essential people and the non-essential people. Zeke Emanuel is essential. You're not you don't matter. And this this is this distinction. They've managed to pull this off now since March. We're soon going to be going into the second year of the new normal. If this guy, this office of the president elect, whoever's waggling the dead husk of a sock puppet, that is Joe Biden.


If this goes on and into a second year, it is absurd.


It's the death of life. It's the death of life. Markstein for rush to how's that for killing the cruise bus, the death of life. There's a slogan to run on this, sadly, sadly, isn't so keen. He's a he's also suddenly Montecarlo has lost its chance.


Muxtape for Rush. We will take your pulse straight ahead.


And let us go to Tim in Columbus, Ohio. Tim, you're on America's number one radio show. Great to have you with us.


Fantastic. Markstein club member, Midwestern.


Tim, you're great to speak with you finally. Oh, thank you. Yeah, it's terrific.


Hey, hey. Founding first week, founding member state club.


Oh, even even even even better. Tim, I'm surprised your town of Columbus has survived with that name through the last year. So I'm pleased to see yourself from Columbus, Ohio. That is great.


Absolutely. Well, hey, look, I'm wondering when we're going to hear from the lock down. What about why they want to preserve life? All we've heard so far is that we have to lock down in order to save life, but none of them have told us why we need to do that and why life is a good thing. For example, in New York, more black babies are aborted every year than born alive. But Cuomo tells us how wonderful of a job he's doing at preserving life while hundreds of thousands of children are being killed every year.


Do you think we're ever going to get the why? And is that something that we're that we're do?


Yeah, that's that's interesting, isn't it? Because it's it's like it's been going on so long now. This the big security state that says it's dangerous for you to leave your home. So you have to be kept inside. What is what is the purpose of life that I won't use another gloomy phrase just before the break. This is the death of life and all the things that make life worth living. As you say, the Democrats are the party of death anyway.


They regard aborting babies, killing babies as as part of what a woman, a woman's right to choose. In other words, that the individual's needs outweigh basic considerations of life and the demographic vigor of society. That's that's basically the Democrat view.


So what exactly are we all sitting around inside for? We don't have the right to choose to use the Democrat phrase. We don't have the right to choose anything. We don't have the right to choose to go to work. We don't have the right to choose to go to a restaurant. We don't have the right to choose to go to a movie. What actually are they keeping us warehoused in all these condos and apartments and bungalows for? That's that's the big question, Tim.




What is life worth living in a locked down world?


Yeah, that's that's actually it's a bit over alliterative, but it has the makings of a song title. I'll have to think about that and maybe get Erica Badu to work it up for her first semi covid positive hit.


Thank you very much for that time. We will close it out in just a moment.


Philadelphia has just banned indoor gatherings of any size, public or private, now banned in Philadelphia. We had 23 corpses born during the civil war, 23 dead. Democrat voters are just gathered to hold a Biden victory party. But the police, the Philadelphia police have just broken it up and sent the 23 corpses back to their caskets.


That's Philadelphia has banned indoor gatherings of any kind, any size, public or private. We are in a land of lockdown for health reasons, for political reasons, for ideological reasons. The boundaries of our world are shrinking. Rush, the indispensable man. The big voice on the right is going to break it all down for you tomorrow when he returns.


This has been Markstein, my thanks to Mr. Snidely and all the gang rush back tomorrow. Hi, I'm C.J. Pearson and I'm everything.


The last young, black and unapologetically conservative generation is tired of the yes, tired of the council culture indoctrination and tired of being told what to think. Join me each and every week as I take on the uncensored, unfiltered and unafraid.


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