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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Hey, guess who's going to Kenosha and no, it's not us. Guess who's going to Kenosha? That's exactly right. Sleepy Joe is going to Kenosha on Thursday after telling everybody that Trump better not go. It would be a drastic error. It would be a huge mistake. It would be a faux pas. Something should not be done. Trump's only going to cause the town to burn down even more.


He shouldn't go to Democrats. All said Trump. Don't go the mayor. The governor, please don't come. We don't want you here. Trump went. It went well. It went great, as we all knew it would end. So now Sleepy Joe got to get in on the action. Sleepy Joe got to get in on the good times. Sleepy Joe saying he's going to go to Kenosha on Thursday. Meantime, we got Nancy Pelosi sneaking into the hair salon, actually not sneaking into it.


She got caught going in there. And the San Francisco media is protecting her. And they say whoever videotaped this broke the law. There is a two consent law in California. You can't videotape or audiotape somebody without their consent. And whoever videotaped Pelosi in that hair salon could have broken the law. The media circling the wagons. Meanwhile, Pelosi slamming Trump. For no masks at his acceptance speech, for no distancing, let me ask is, why are all of these Democrat officials not wearing masks themselves?


I mean, in San Francisco, there is a law that you can't go inside a hair salon, they have to know if we're going to do it on the sidewalk. It's silly, but it's the it's the law. Pelosi not wearing a mask. She goes in. What are these people know that we don't.


I mean, why do they feel safe when they're trying to make us not feel safe? What do they know that we don't? It is, and I'm going to explore the answer to that question as the program unfolds today. Greetings, my friends. It's great to be with you as always. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and our telephone number. If you want to be on the program's 802 eight two two eight eight two and the e-mail address l Rushville at EIB Net Dot USA.


There is no man more active and in public than Donald Trump today. This is after going Kenosha yesterday with a very successful trip. Details coming up. And now, Sleepy Joe got to get in on the action. Sleepy Joe going to go in there on Thursday.


Today, the president will be delivering remarks, remarks, U.S. battleship, North Carolina. On designating Wilmington, North Carolina, as the first American World War to Heritage City, this is the seventy fifth anniversary of V-J Day, which stands for victory over Japan every World War Two. For those of you who are under 40 tomorrow, President Trump making a campaign stop to speak in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, which is the home of Arnold Palmer, or as he was known in the golf community, Arnold Palmer.


The and it's also where the Pittsburgh Steelers have their training camp at St Vincent's College in Latrobe. And that's they're not there this year. No team was allowed to go to. Oh, speaking grab sound bite number 21. Speaking of the NFL today on CNBC, Squawk Alley, the co-host, Carl Quintanilla interviewing the commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell, about all of the wonderful social justice initiatives that are being instigated, implemented this year in the National Football League.


And co-host Carl Quintanilla said, are you prepared for ratings to be different in either direction as a result of all of this?


Ratings always go up and down for a variety of reasons. We're supporting our players. We look behind the ratings. We always have we don't look at as a straight line up and down. We look at this as an opportunity to grow our audience with different segments of the population to make sure that we're reaching more people are more platforms.


We can translate that for you, but we know we are in deep doo doo. We know that we have angered a large segment of the traditional National Football League audience. And we know that we're going to anger them further because we have publicly come out in support. Of kneeling and opposing the American flag, we know that this is going to anger people, our traditional NFL audience, but we're going to listen to our players this year. We're going to take the lead from our players.


So we're going to need it's not so much what we're going to need a new audience because we don't think we're not sure that the people have watched for years are going to be as willing to watch this year. They look and this is all true. You have the commissioner, you have a number of owners, none of them not owners that maybe a couple, but a lot of head coaches have said my players going to go out there and kneel during the anthem, I'm going to lead them.


I'm going to be kneeling before they get down. I'm going to be on a knee before they get their. Coaches doing everything they can to keep their players unified and cemented as a unit, no matter what song. If the players want to protest the flag, if the players wanted Neal, if the if the players want to wear some of these social justice signs, slogans and stuff on on helmets on, then that coaches are going to be right in there and they know that this is going to anger the traditional NFL audience, which is a patriotic bunch.


Why do you think? Before so many NFL games for years, the United States military has had a presence. Now, we learned, by the way, the military was buying those avails, which is fine. I don't care. You can argue about whether or not the military was appropriately spending money, but it is PR and it is recruitment. But they were featured in practically every NFL stadium numerous times a year. Gigantic flag covering the field. The colors would be presented.


You'd have uniformed military personnel singing the national anthem, God Bless America, very, very patriotic display. And the left would be gnashing their teeth during all of it. You remember why?


Because of a Harvard survey which showed that the flag, just just the flag, like on the Fourth of July, tended to make people. Literally more likely to vote Republican. And so. The left has been doing everything they can to limit. The presence of patriotic displays at American sporting events, primarily the National Football League, and how they've succeeded, have they not? There aren't going to be nearly as many. The NFL is not going to sell the time to the military, military is not going to be buying as much whatever.


Patriotic moments there are during the playing or singing of the national anthem, there will be kneeling all over the place. There will be protests all over the place. And Goodell is acknowledging that we can't stop. The players wouldn't even want to stop them. So we're going to need a new audience. So what are they going to be depending on, depending on Black Lives Matter to be tuning in on Sundays and Mondays and Thursdays? I mean, depending on antifa.


What are going to be depending on white, educated suburban women to become the new NFL audience because that's who's largely present at all of these protests? It's amazing. But it is college educated white women who have really been converted into marching, walking hatemongers.


Who believe in all of this nonsense about white supremacy and white privilege, and they've been labeled with guilt and they feel it.


So the commissioner knows they're going to have to grow their audience to entirely new segment.


So they are admitting that what they're going to do is anger.


The traditional NFL audience, anyway, back to the president after he goes to North Carolina. Celebrating the 75th anniversary of V-J Day tomorrow, a campaign stop in Latrobe, then he's going to be visiting key swing states this week. Now, you remember he won Wisconsin, won North Carolina and Pennsylvania in 2016, and he's well on his way to winning them again.


Despite the best efforts of the media, he is well on his way to winning them again. And I'm going to reprise the story we had yesterday for you from Axios, because that story has just now. We were cutting edge on that story just now, beginning to appear in the blogs and some websites. This is the story that warned everybody that on election night, Trump is going to appear to have won a massive landslide. Based on people who show up and vote on Election Day, but then they said in about a week when all the mail in ballots are counted or maybe a little longer, whenever all the mail in ballots are counted, Trump is going to end up losing.


But on election night, warned Axios, it's going to look like Trump has won in a massive landslide. That story is just now circulating in the in the mainstream. My point is that there isn't anybody. Who is more active and more energetic than Donald Trump and and Joe Biden simply cannot compete with this. No matter what kind of energy you're talking about, mental. Or physical, the problem on the mental side limits the physical because the problem on the mental side, they can't send him out there.


He's now even reading on the teleprompter, you know, sometimes on the teleprompter to give you a little cue lines, which will say top line remarks. And that's supposed to tell you that what comes next is very important.


What he's reading, the cue lines on the prompter, top line remarks, and he kind of frowns and then moves on with what's next on the prompter.


It's very, very risky. Biden has spent most of this election in his basement, Trump has been traveling across the fruited plain, personally connecting with Americans, went in to Kenosha yesterday praising the police, talked about the damage, praised the people who had their businesses ruined, was empathetic towards them.


He's on top of it all, he's talking off the cuff to people that he has talked to and requested to talk to, he's got the attorney general, William Barr, sitting next to him there. Biden could not do what Trump did yesterday. And he's going to try, I guess. I don't know if Biden is going to meet anybody when he goes to Kenosha or not. He is going to go to Kenosha. But isn't it fascinating, folks?


All day yesterday and even the day before, everybody in the American political elite community was warning Trump not to go.


Don't you dare go. You're not wanted there. The mayor of Kenosha doesn't want to see you anywhere near the governor of Wisconsin, Mr. Ivar's, he doesn't want to see you better not go. And I asked yesterday, well, if it's such a bad thing for Trump to go, why don't they encourage him to go? Why are they trying to help him out? Why are they trying to warn him not to go, if that's going to help him?


Well, of course.


They knew Trump going to Kenosha was going to be there was a lot of potential upside and he was going to help himself and that's what they did not want to happen. Epic times, Trump Towers, damage from riots in Kenosha, promises to help businesses rebuild. You know, the reason why the Democrats didn't want Trump to go there? They've been trying to hide the damage, they don't anybody see the damage. They don't want anybody to see the same thing in Portland saying they don't want anybody to see the actual damage in Kenosha, which some of it looks like a tornado went through their.


That's what they didn't want people to see and they love it, Trump goes in there, cameras will be there and it'll be seen by everybody the kind of damage. So here's here's a quote from Trump. Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba. In fact, stand by and somebody number three on this, too, is that we're going to work with you.


We're going to help you, OK? We'll help you rebuild. It's a great area. It's a great state. This should never happen. Things like this should never happen. They have to call early, Trump told business owners and managers after touring buildings reduced to rubble by fires lit by rioters. And in all the photos, Trump is not wearing a mask. Here he is, Audioslave number three. This is a portion of Trump surveying property damage in Kenosha yesterday.


Speaking to John Rhode, the owner of Rowan's camera shop, a 109 year old business destroyed and burned to the ground.


Here's a little bit of their conversation.


This store was here 109 years, just about the oldest in the nation doing what we did in the state. Fantastic. Would you like to say something? I just appreciate President Trump coming today. Everybody here does. We're so thankful that we got the federal troops in to help once they got here and calmed down quite a bit. And our city police and sheriff and fire departments are awesome. They work harder than you can believe 24/7. We're going to work with you.


We're going to help you, OK? We'll help you rebuild the great area. It's a great state. It should never happen to a thing like this should never happen.


Then Trump went to a community roundtable and said, we are all in this together. That, you know, he said this. I mean, that's empathy. They say he has none. But he does he's got empathy more than they are able to calculate. Did you hear on the news that that Trump fanned the flames and threw gasoline on the fire and that's what they accused him of doing. He accused of ignoring him in his presence would be fanning the flames and throwing gasoline on the fire.


You heard them say that, right? That's the exact opposite of what happened. Here is the president at the Community Roundtable on Community Safety.


We took a really incredible tour. And law enforcement has just done such a great job working with the National Guard and working with a lot of people. But we're here to show our support for Kenosha and Wisconsin. The state of Wisconsin has been very good to me. I love the people. We've done a lot for the state and we will continue to do a lot for the state. We're all in this together. And this was an example of what can happen when you do it right.


That's it.


That's President Trump. We got to take another brief break.


We'll come back and continue as we're off to a rousing start again on the EIB Network. Hang tough, folks.


Be my former hometown newspaper when I lived in Sacramento. Folks, they are The New York Times of the Left Coast. And Sacramento Bee is more The New York Times than the San Francisco Chronicle is or the Los Angeles Times. And they are all in and they are living at what Pelosi did. Well, they are livid that Pelosi got caught. You know why? Because they think Pelosi now has a credibility problem. I will share a lead editorial.


I will share it with you as the program unfolds. One more Trump sound bite from connoisseurship, praising the good cops, pledging to investigate the Jacob Blake shooting, talking about all the African-Americans and Hispanics who were waving to his motorcade when he arrived in town.


There was love on the streets. I can tell you of Wisconsin when we were coming in. And so many African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, I can see waving. It was so beautiful to see. They want to have strong police. They want to have safety. When these allegations of police wrongdoing and when you see that they have made allegations, they must be fully and fairly investigated. And that's what we're doing. The sad thing is you can do 10000 great jobs as a policeman or policewoman.


You can do an incredible job for years, and then you have one bad apple or something happens that's bad. And that's the nightly news for three weeks. That's all they talk about. They don't talk about the thousands and thousands of good jobs of lives that you saved. They never talk about. So I'm committed to helping Kenosha rebuild. We all are out there.


You have it is right about the news, but that's true of anything. They never I never call attention to all of the airline flights that arrive safely.


Well, we understand this, but there is an ongoing effort to impugn cops and destroy them because the Democrat Party agenda is to defund them. It's to totally change the way policing happens. And so any opportunity to cast the police and any law enforcement in a very bad negative light, they'll take. And this is what Trump is fighting against. But here's a guy. They told him not to go. They was only going to disrupt things and he was going to cause mayhem.


You better not go. We don't want you to come, said the mayor. We don't want you to come, said the governor. We think it'd be a drastic error. Biden's out there, silly. You shouldn't go. It's going to be a mistake now. Biden can't wait to get there. And you hear why Trump went in there and once again was the man he's always been that they refuse to acknowledge or even try to get to know or understand.


Sit tight, my friends, because we are just getting up to speed here.


Be right back with much more. You don't want to miss anything.


Welcome back, my friends. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network. Having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have in a while because I'm doing what I was born to do. Got up again today, Fox and woke up. Thank God that I did every day. A tweet from.


Hey, Siri, stop. Did that fix it all right. That was the home pod, you know, I can't even see it now. It's behind all these monitors in here. So that's the only way I know it's on anyway. Thank you for calling me in. Wait not to be nervous about something drawing in here. You got to get in there and tell me a tweet from September 1st. Sean Davis, who's at the federalising, is one of the founders.


He said the Republican convention ended five days ago. The Democrat convention ended 12 days ago. And we are yet to see a single post convention poll, either Republican or Democrat from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or FOX.


And I don't think there have been any in a couple of days. But at this stage in 2016, the networks had already conducted seven polls after either convention. Now, do you think they are not conducting any polls? We know they are. Why aren't they publishing the results? Hmm? Why are we not being told the data? It obviously doesn't look good for Plug's. That's the thing I'm talking about. Biden didn't get a bump. From the Democrat convention, and they're going back and forth on whether or not Trump did, but this is a good observation.


By this time after the conventions of 2016, we were immersed in polling data. We haven't been treated to any news. There is some however, that is is not the kind of polling data Sean Davis is talking about here. This is from Breitbart, Donald Trump takes the lead in North Carolina, Trump now leads Biden by two points. North Carolina, key battleground state. The numbers are 49 percent to 47 percent. This poll is from East Carolina University.


It was released yesterday. The results represent a three point swing towards the president and away from plug's when compared to the most recent poll that East Carolina University conducted in June that had Biden up by by a point.


Meanwhile, in Georgia. Local ABC News landmark poll says that Trump has increased his lead over plug's by nearly eight points, now 48 percent to 40 and a half percent. Trump's lead was only two percentage points in the poll prior.


And in Ohio, Trump leads Biden in a tracking poll of Ohio likely voters, this is a morning consult poll. Where Trump continues to lead Biden in Ohio by five points, you haven't been hearing about these places, by the way, where Trump is leading Biden, do you only hear about the places where Biden's up by five, by eight, by 12 by what have you, but now you're not hearing that because plugs eaten up by that much anywhere else.


Monmouth poll, Trump and Biden statistically tied in Pennsylvania. And for that to have happened, Trump has gained nine points on Joe Biden in Pennsylvania over the past six weeks. He's pulled into a statistical tie. That's big in Pennsylvania, a key battleground state that Trump would love to have, the latest Monmouth University survey finds Biden at 49 percent, Trump at 45 percent among all registered voters, which was then. That's within the five percent margin of error, far closer than it was in July.


Far closer, and when Monmouth forecasts a high turnout election, Biden leads 49 to 46.


But the race has grown so much closer among voters under the age of 50 that all bets are off. So there is polling data. It's not the nationwide ABC, CBS, NBC, Wall Street Journal, New York Times polling data, which we still have not seen.


So let's move on to Pelosi and we do this.


We'll get into the phone segment, the first hour, Nancy Pelosi getting caught on video, getting her hair done, not wearing a mask. Nobody in California is allowed to do what Pelosi just took it upon herself to do yesterday, and she was outed by the owner of the shop who leaked the video to Fox News.


Now. There is, as I mentioned, Carla Marinucci, Carla Marinucci is a senior writer for Politico. She used to be with the San Francisco Chronicle. She's now a playbook senior writer for Politico. She thinks catching Democrats in the act itself might be illegal. I tweeted, in fact, I sent this tweet, you Brint put this put this tweet up, it's the one with Pelosi walking in the door.


They're wearing her official robe and they in the salon. This is Carla Marinucci, whose tweet I have to ask upon seeing this. Is it legal in California, a two party consent state to videotape somebody in a private home or business without their consent? So as far as the media is concerned, it's not what Pelosi did, that's the problem. The problem is videotaping her, violating the law and these rules. That's what's illegal. That's what we got to go after.


Whoever ran the videotape of this. OK, you can take it. Ms. Pelosi herself walking in. So here's the here's the bottom line, and it's OK for an 80 year old woman to get her hair done without a mask. Then why isn't it OK to do anything? Why can't we vote in person? Why do we need mail in ballots of an 80 year old woman can walk into a hair salon without wearing a mask, taking no precautions whatsoever, violating existing rules that say salons cannot do their work indoors?


She can walk in and make them service her. I know folks, I know 80 year olds, I know people literally terrified to leave their homes to this day, they have been scared out of their gaudens. They have been led to believe that outside that front door is an invisible killer and it's lurking outside their door 24/7. And if they dare venture out that door, they'd better be wearing a mask and other PPE. They have been scared to death.


They have seen the numbers that they are the most vulnerable group when it comes to actual death, and they are literally afraid. To venture out the other side of their front door, they will not allow people that come in and help them like cleaning people or whatever other services they have they've bought, they will not allow people to come in. They are so terrified of getting the virus and dying. And then they wake up and they see Nancy Pelosi, she's not afraid to go anywhere without a mask.


She's willing to go into a hair salon, which is not allowed to serve people indoors, but she can make them service her, she can make them wash her hair and blow. You know, when I first saw this headline, you don't go to hair salons. I don't know what a blowout is. And the term blowout was in the headlines. To me, that's a party, you know, when I was a young guy and we're out there having fun.


If we ever had a blowout, it was a party. So I thought Pelosi was engaged, some sort of party I'd never heard of. I guess it's it's a blow dry, right? Blow out. So you live and learn. But Nancy, Nancy is not afraid to go out without a mask. She's not afraid to make that hair salon open up and wash her hair and blow it out. Why? Is she taking hydroxyl chloroquine as a prophylactic, what is she doing, why does she feel so secure?


Why is it that most 80 year olds are scared to death about what's the other side of their front door? And she isn't? These are legitimate. Fair questions. And it's not just Pelosi. There is a reason that Pelosi, both Cuomo, the governor and Frido, the mayor of Philadelphia, he violated his own rules. He went into a restaurant. And made them serve him a meal, you have the mayor of Chicago, Gordon, a lightweight lorry, lightweight like foot.


You have the governor of Michigan, you have rioters, you have looters. Yep, all kinds of people on the left. Who have been caught breaking the rules they are forcing on all the rest of us regarding the virus. It's as if, ladies and gentlemen, they know there's nothing to worry about. Isn't it? You know, using a hairdryer, even using a hair dryer, is strictly against covid regulations because it spreads the air around that massive aerosol.


So what Pelosi did is double and triple down illegal or at least. Violation of regulations and rules. Carla Marinucci, I want to find out who videotaped the real crime here, Pelosi didn't give her consent. Come on, Carla. Every store these days has CCTV cameras, security cameras in their security cameras all over the streets. Nobody has to give their consent to appear on a store security camera. Come on, Carl, that's that's such a lame and weak attempt.


The real story here is. Why aren't these people. Worried. They're not wearing masks, they're violating all the rules they've established for us, by the way, that's classic liberalism. That is classic radical leftism behavior, they set up two sets of rules, one for them and the other set of rules for all the rest of us. They do not abide by the rules they set up for us, the rules they set for us are basically about controlling us, limiting our freedom, mobility while scaring us to death.


And I don't know about you, but I'll bet you know some elderly people who literally were afraid to leave home.


They pay a lot of attention to drive by media and they really are scared to death, what's the other side of their front door and back door? But again, folks. Pelosi, both Cuomo is Fredo and and the governor. The mayor of Philadelphia, the mayor of Chicago, the governor of Michigan, all of the rioters, all of the looters, they've all been caught breaking the rules they are forcing on all of us. They know, or at least they are acting like there is nothing to worry about, aren't they?


OK, let's get the funds as promised, as guaranteed by me. Your Guiding Light. This is John in North Andover, Massachusetts. Welcome, sir. You are up first today.


Hi. Hello. Rush. Rush. I'm calling on Congress to censure Nancy Pelosi for this action. I think it's disgusting. You know, people are really suffering in this country. They're losing their businesses. And, you know, because these covid restrictions and I think what she did, you know, telling people they have to wear a mask and she's putting all these rules out for everyone else except herself, she needs to be censured or she needs to be removed from office.


So, you know, I would hope that maybe you would support that cause I do think maybe maybe a censure, at least. I don't know what you think.


Well, I'm I'm not familiar enough with the mechanisms of the house on on on this kind of thing. I, I don't think that's going to happen. You know, I'm the mayor of Real Hill and I believe in action as opposed to symbolism. I know what you're saying. You're not misunderstand. I think since since personally, I don't think between now and, say, the election she's going to be censured or anything else. What needs to happen is what you said at the beginning.


She needs to be called out. I remember it was it was two weeks ago when. I got a I got a note from a guy who owns a restaurant, Patsy's in New York s in the middle of his family. They've owned it for 50 plus years. And it's one of the greatest restaurants in New York defined by some of the nicest people, that's really what makes a restaurant, is the people that run it and how they treat you.


That's the food, of course. And Sal sent me a very brief note saying, you know, it is wonderful to listen to you every day. You're so uplifting and you give us all such hope. And it made my day. But the problem is, I wonder if that's speculated. Am I doing maybe something? It's not good. S gotten the M.O. and the entire New York restaurant industry is on the verge of being destroyed. It's not going to open until next spring, next spring could be June 20th.


Because Broadway is not going to open up until then and they all have no restaurants, have pre theater feedings, they flip their tables as often as they can on an average night. And a lot of business is done pre theater. And that's not happening because Broadway is shut down. And this is it's been the family business for years and years and years. And you are exactly right. We've got people that sadly are universally respected because speaker of the House and she's got a D next to her name and she's out there just ripping Trump left and right for violating all these orders and rules and not wearing a mask himself and not having social distancing in his acceptance speech.


And yet here she is with hypocrisy. Times 20 on display. You're absolutely right. She has put the fear of death. Into millions of Americans, and yet she's not acting like there's a damn thing to be afraid of. She's also acting like an elitist. Openly in front of everybody, I mean, right in your face, if I need to get my hair blown out, then by God I'm the speaker of the House and I can get it blown out.


You can't. And I'm going to do it and I'm going to make that salon open for me. The salon owner is who dropped the dime on her. So now you've got, like I said, the Sacramento Bee, Nancy Pelosi's dumb salon visit. During the coronavirus pandemic deals a blow to credibility in my mind, in Armi, she's not had any credibility and I don't know how long, she's just a flat out strict partisan. And always has been.


But people need to know because nothing's going to happen or people need to know about this blatant hypocrisy.


Look, I'm out of time. I'm trying to squeeze too much in with not enough time. We'll continue right after this. No way. Anyone else.


Pelosi did. She blamed the salon.


She and one of her flacks issue a statement that blames the owner of the salon for letting her in, which is a flat out lie, which means Pelosi doesn't even have the guts to stand by what she did using her own initiative.


Now we're going to skip audio sound bite number six. You could just ex that out and there. Will anyone resume at number seven any way? Greetings, my good friends, and welcome. Great to have you back with us. My name, Rush Limbaugh. That's a household name and all four corners of the world.


It's a thrill and a delight to be with you each and every day here at the EIB Network and behind the Golden EIB microphone, you want to be part of the program. It's eight hundred two eight two two eight eight two. The email address, L Rumbo at EIB Network that you shouldn't Pelosi now have to quarantine herself. Isn't that what everybody else would have to do? She's run around without a mask after telling everybody else to wear one and chiding Trump for not wearing one.


I mean, look at the mean spirited nature of her comments about Trump's acceptance speech. And the nature of the crowd there, she was all over Trump and all over everybody in the campaign that put that event together, it was the height of irresponsibility, she said there wasn't proper social distancing. Nobody was wearing masks. Nobody got tested. They tried to say that Trump had literally put together a super spreader event, which my friends are very hard to do at an outdoor event.


I don't literally think there is such a thing as a super spreader event that takes place outdoors. Then, of course, the people who attended were accosted, they were threatened on their way out, just walking the streets of the nation's capital. Some were threatened, some were physically attacked. Others were manipulated, intimidated. And Pelosi didn't have one word to say. About the fact that the rioters and the protesters were not wearing masks and that they were not engaging in the proper social distancing.


So she has just been mean spirited, as she can be, about Donald Trump and his existence, his personality. And yet, here she is. She would demand anybody else be quarantined, anybody else would have to be.


Sequestered put somewhere for two weeks while we figured out whether or not she or he or whoever he had the virus and was spreading it, let's say she's able to go anywhere she wants. She's able to tell a salon owner to open up and go in. I need a blowout. You're going to open up for me. Why are they not worried? I keep coming back to that question, why are all of these liberal Democrats not worried?


They're not wearing masks.


In any of these. Trouble areas, what do they know that we don't know?


The Sacramento Bee, the Sacramento Bee is a I mean, they are The New York Times of the of the Left Coast. Nancy Pelosi's dumb salon visit during coronavirus pandemic deals blow to credibility. Shame on House Speaker Pelosi for forcing us to agree with Fox News on something. Now it's a McClatchy paper, and as such, it's just a bunch of Democrats with press credentials. But they are royally ticked off, they give you a couple of pull quotes as an example, this seems like a particularly bad time for dumb mistakes.


Was Speaker Pelosi's blowout worth the blow that the Democrat Party's credibility just took in the middle of both a deadly pandemic and a high stakes presidential election? Another pull, quote, Pelosi has handed Trump and Fox terrific ammunition in their quest to depict the covid-19 pandemic as an overblown hoax perpetuated by Democrats seeking political gain. The idea that this powerful Democrat leader would sneak into a salon for a wash and blow dry against public health rules and during a month when covid-19 killed 30, 700 people in California is so ridiculous.


It seems like some fictional right wing conspiracy theory spread by Russian misinformation operatives on Facebook. But it in that right there proves to you how out of their minds this episode has made them. If they're going to try to try to convince their readers what a dumb thing this was, the Russians couldn't have made it even worse if it were if it were learned they were behind this. In security footage obtained by Fox News and Time stamped Monday at three eight p.m. Pacific Time, Pelosi is seen walking through East Salon in San Francisco with wet hair and without a mask over her mouth or nose.


Well, yeah, I mean. Footage was obtained by Fox News, but all they did was open an email to salon owners sent it. That's another thing. A lot of people don't think there's anybody in San Francisco to watch FOX. Let me tell you, there's a lot of conservative there. You just never hear about them. Since we're in California, try this. This is a story from from zero hedge.


This is amazing. The headline says Everything in California district attorney. Has asked police. To consider whether looters needed what they stole before filing charges. Let me read that to you again. California district attorney. Reportedly told members of law enforcement they should consider the needs of looters before deciding to charge them with looting, Costa County D.A. Diana Beckton. Expressed her view that officers ought to consider whether the target business was open or closed at the time the looting took place and what was the manner and means by which the looters had managed to get inside the business?


The actual source for the story is the daily wire, the charging guidelines were laid out by Jennifer Van LA. Was the theft defense substantially motivated by the state of emergency or simply a theft offense which occurred contemporaneous to the declared states of emergency?


Now, The Daily Wire reported that this D.A. Beckton is the same D.A. who charged a couple with a hate crime for paving over a Black Lives Matter mural in front of the Wakefield, Taimyr courthouse.


So if they needed what they stole, maybe they shouldn't be charged. If the looters need it and if the business was open, then it's even it's even more likely that they really weren't committing a crime.


They were satisfying a need. And if they were satisfying a need as opposed to just committing a want or desire driven crime, then maybe we ought to think twice.


About charging California. It's it's it's you think this has some upside? You need a new role. You need a new Rolex. Well, then go to California. Go, go, go, go to college. You need Rolex. You don't even have a Rolex to get a new which is a Rolex watch. Go to California, go to California and take one and say that you needed it. And you've heard that you don't go to Costa County, Contra Costa Rica.


They're telling me they're laying out exactly what you have to do here, make sure you're in the jurisdiction of this particular D.A. And since it's California, it is also going to be people. Hey, this is a great idea. This is a wonderful way of thinking. I would I hope I would love for Biden somehow to be manipulated into coming out supporting this.


What I would love to have access to Biden's prompter and have him say he is in favor of this kind of thing.


Speaking of which, this is more polling. It's the betting markets. Actually, U.S. President Donald Trump has overtaken Joe Biden as the favorite to win the 2012 U.S. presidential election on Europe based betting exchange Betfair. The betting markets are turning the betting markets in some cases. Some cases are given a little bit more credence than actual polls because it's money that people are putting their mouth behind and they don't want to lose money.


So people are noting the change in the betting markets.


OK, now back to the back to the audio sound bites. Let's start number seven. This is Mark Penn. He was on the Fox Business Network today with Maria Bartiromo. Sorry, Maria Bartiromo was not there, the fill in host, that was Dagen McDowell, who, by the way, she is kicked. But you ever see her on the five? She takes no prisoners. So she said, what do you make of the two messages from President Trump addressing violence kind of in a half way, Joe Biden is addressed to this kind of we need to come together kind of garbage.


Two pretty starkly different messages. I think Trump's Kenosha visit worked yesterday. I think it was a lot of fear thrown out. There would be chaos that he wasn't on it, but he showed up with local politicians and police. You'd have to say that it worked and that fears were overblown.


Mark Penn, Democrat pollster from the Clinton era, as you know, as has become much less a Clinton CEO and much less a predictable Democrat loyalist and has really has really provided a lot of credibility for Trump and others because he simply calls things as he sees them. And he's exactly right here. Again, he also has a polling unit which goes against the grain of conventional wisdom very often. And he's exactly right. There was a lot of fear thrown up, don't go, Mr.


President. Don't come, Mr. President. You're not wanted, Mr. President. You're only going to cause more problems. Mr. President.


You're going to cause more rioting, are going to cause more unrest and people are going to be nervous, nobody wants you. Now, there are some precedents in our past who would have. Happily said, OK, I won't go if they don't want me there, I won't go. If they don't want me at their graduation, I won't speak, I'll turn it over to somebody else. If they don't want me to come to Kenosha, I won't go.


We've had leaders. That persuasion and largely somebody who would have decided he didn't want to go, really didn't want to go in the first place, but Trump did want to go. He was convinced he could turn it into a positive because that's who he is.


He can turn anything into a positive. He can fix anything. It's what he does is solve problems. And he's. Very good at it. And loves doing it. So there was no way he wasn't going to go, here's Van Jones. Now, this is from CNN this morning. Alisyn Camerota talking to Van Jones question the president's trip to Kenosha. Now, he didn't meet with the Blak family. Do you understand? Then why did he even go if he didn't want to meet with the black family?


No, I don't. But I do know that the longer we talk about violence and unrest, it's all advantage. Trump The question is, how are Democrats and progressives going to deal with the edges of violence in our own movement? We need a national moratorium on these nighttime marches. There are things that Joe Biden and other progressives can do that could begin to push down on the violence in our movement and then turn it back toward the people who are actually suffering.


We've got to get off of this conversation around unrest and back to the conversation around it, literally millions of people who are suffering from the Trump economy and the mishandling of the virus.


Let me translate this for you, because this is huge. And I don't I don't think Alisyn Camerota understood what she just had said to her. Hear what Van Jones was telling the CNN audience and and Alisyn Camerota.


It's time for Democrats to abandon all of this social justice garbage. And all of these racialist attempts to divide and conquer, it's time to give it up, it isn't working. He's saying. There are people who are actually suffering out there because of Trump's economy, and that's what we Democrats need to focus on, millions of people suffering from the Trump economy. Now, he's not right about that. It isn't the Trump economy. It's the covid-19 economy. Trump didn't want any of this.


He didn't want have to shut down the country for a couple of months. But the scientists, the scientists told him he had no choice, that he had to shut it down, and I could tell as soon as he shut it down, he regretted it. He wanted to get it back open as quickly as possible. This is not the Trump economy. If anything, folks, this is the kind of economy that's much closer to what we're going to get the next time any Democrat wins the White House, this is exactly what we're going to have, this kind of economy, this kind of uncertainty.


This kind of government control over everything, but this is not Trump's economy. The point is Van Jones is telling them that this attempt to foment a race war has has failed. It isn't working. Black Lives Matter is not helping him anymore. And don't forget the polling data out of Wisconsin, Black Lives Matter two months ago was plus twenty five and their favorability poll, now they're at plus zero.


Black Lives Matter has lost every bit of favorability.


And I think it's ridiculous to take such polls, but they were taking them.


So Black Lives Matter is losing their popularity, so is Antifa. Van Jones is saying, guys, this attempt that we have been undertaking to foment a race war is not working.


We've got to put a moratorium on these nighttime marches mean we've got to stop this looting, we have to stop these riots, they aren't helping. We knew this last week. When Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo started talking about the polling data, the focus groups, so they know. It's backfiring on them. We'll be right back. Hang on for half my brain tied behind my back, just to be fair, with virtually everybody fairness in the name of the game here at the EIB Network.


And we go back to the phones to Pittsburgh. This is Joe. Thank you for waiting, sir.


You're next. Yes, sir. I'm a rush baby, 48 years old today, and I'm a cancer survivor. And Rush, you have exactly what it takes to beat this back. And you'll be a cancer survivor soon, too.


Happy birthday, sir. Thank you very much. My question is this, sir.


My question is, is the pivot to blame Trump for the unrest and the looting? Is this pivot to try to win back the suburban, white, college educated women that the Democrats think cost them the Hillary Clinton race? I think it could.


I think it's a lot of things.


And I think that is one of the very shrewd, by the way, on your part to consider that as one of the ingredients here, because you could see this coming, Joe, last Sunday. It was like I described it earlier in the week, it was like a tsunami that you could see out there on the beach. And you can see the normally tsunami. You can't see the real tsunami. You can't see the real tsunamis underneath the surface.


Just I mean, if you really want to know, a tidal wave is a whole different thing, but you could see it coming. This it was coordinated and it was instantaneous. This move to blame Trump for all of the violence now that that went from what violence? There wasn't any violence. There was peaceful protests. There wasn't any riots. There wasn't any looting. What do you mean when we haven't seen it on TV? What are you looking at?


And there's nothing going on in Portland. It's a bunch of people protesting in Seattle. And, you know, having a George flight out of Minneapolis is nothing. They they went from trying to hide it. There were subtle reminders they were always attempting to have it look like chaos that could be blamed on Trump. They went from that to all of a sudden acknowledging it. And blaming it on Trump and the reason is and the impact on various college educated white suburban women is a I think, a relevant thing.


All of a sudden, it was hurting them. Their focus groups, the polling data on Biden, Biden was starting to lose his edge, that stuff that was happening that they were trying to hide. All of a sudden, because there were media outlets that were televising it, it started to hurt them.


Now, there's more to this. Hang on a minute.


OK, we're back. Great to have you as always. Rush Limbaugh and the fastest three hours in media. And one of the reasons that's true is because it just goes by so fast, because the program is so compelling and we we jam more content into three hours in this program than most hosts are going to give you in a week, maybe even two weeks. Now back to our very shrewd callers. Question is one of the reasons they they just swapped on a dime and started blaming Trump for all of the rioting and looting.


And the unrest is because they were losing support among college educated white, millennial suburban women. And I think. Yes, but not totally. Their world was turned upside down. Folks, they have had everything, remember, they have literally believed that they could beat Donald Trump with their candidate never leaving the basement. That was how this all started. That was the objective. They've never been in touch. They've never had both feet grounded in reality this whole campaign, because they continue to believe in their own intellectual superiority over Trump.


They continue to believe that Trump is an idiot, a doofus. Despite the fact that he has survived everything they have thrown at him, they've made it up, they have lied about it, they have used the entire arsenal of the Washington establishment. And believe me, that is a big arsenal. There's a lot of weaponry when when, when, when you own the media, that is the biggest weapon anybody can have. And they have 100 percent of it.


When you're talking about the traditional mainstream legacy media, they have fired everything they have. Trump has not just survived. He's thrived and he is beating them at every turn and in their minds it doesn't compute because he's a doofus, an idiot. He's embarrassing, he doesn't want to talk. He has these embarrassing tweets, he says it's embarrassing stuff, he believes in Kuhnen, he believes all these conspiracy thing. God, the guy is an absolute idiot.


And yet. They haven't found a way to outsmarting. They thought they could they thought Russia was going to take him out. They thought Ukraine was going to take it, thought Maria Bondevik, and take him. All ambassadorial crew was going to take him out. They thought that the whistle blower was going to take him with them, all these pajama boys were going to take him out. Adam Schiff was going to take up. None of it has worked.


They finally got to the point where they think Biton, the Trojan horse.


Can win the presidency staying in his basement. It all hinged on seven states run by Democrats continuing to allow economic disaster to occur so as to prevent a nationwide economic recovery. The blue state governors went along with this idea to let their states. Basically go under the mayors in these states of large cities went along with it as well, they said, OK, you need Seattle to go under, we'll take it under, you need Portland to go under, find the nearest Minneapolis to go under.


They've all agreed to do this.


New York City, New York State, they have all agreed to make sure their states remain economic wastelands. So as to prevent a total national economic recovery and all of that was designed to harm Donald Trump. But not even that was working. So then they decided that all of the riots and looting, they would promote it, they would bail the rioters and looters out of jail, using Kamala Harris as the role model for having done this when she was.


The attorney general in California and the D.A. in San Francisco. They were going to let the chaos continue. They were going to let the riots continue, the looting, the destruction. Because it was all part of the plan. To show how Donald Trump is destroying America. And in many ways, people are mad, people are rioting, people are looting simply because they hate Trump, get rid of Trump. This stuff all stops. That's the deal.


You get rid of Trump, then there's going to be no black lives matter. Be mad at anybody over there. Same thing with Antifa. That was the deal unstated. But that was the deal. That was the implication. Then it all changed, then out of the blue. And we had Don Lemon and Fredo Cuomo talking about it on CNN all of a sudden, this was late in the week last week. The focus groups said, Don Lemon, are not looking good.


The focus that the polling data, the riots have to stop, he said. And Fred estimated his weights lifting weights agreed. The rioting has to stop. The looting has to stop. Meaning they the Democrats have got to make sure the stuff stops now because they the Democrats were the sponsors of it. They were the reason it was happening. They were the number of people looking the other way in all these seven blue states looking the other way, not just looking the other way.


They were encouraging at the mayor's like the guy in Portland were encouraging this. Then began to hurt them. So they had that they had to act fast and one of the things was to try to shift the blame for a had the knowledge it now have to acknowledge the looting and the rioting. As necessary, these are poor people are miserable or unhappy, Donald Trump's fault. Then they had to shift from ignoring it. And say what riots or any riots as peaceful protest to admitting that there are riots and looting and blame it on trumped.


Which is where we are now. And remember, I cited what I thought the the proof of this could be found in what had to be the truthful internal polls during the Democrat convention week, we had both Michelle Obama and Barack Hussein Obama.


Begging their people to vote, and I'm saying why you guys are already up eight points, 12 points. I mean, Biden's got this dark down, doesn't he? You tell us every day in the media that it's over. Trump has lost. Biden is going to win this business. Why? Why this big push on vote, vote, vote, vote, vote.


And then Hillary is out there saying good bye, don't concede whatever you do, don't concede, don't concede, don't concede.


I'm convinced they're internal polls and we saw them with Don Lemon and Fredo are looking very, very bad. And now the Clintons are back as a team. Audio sound bite number twenty two. This happened today on American Urban Radio.


April Ryan, a former militant White House reporter for this outfit, is interviewing Slick Willie and his wife, Hillary, the smartest woman in the world.


And she said this is almost like a third world country, United States of America. It's almost like a third world country. I don't recognize it.


My advice to Joe Biden, I told the campaign this obviously is do not concede under any circumstances because I believe the other side is going to cheat and sneak.


He's not going to leave if he loses. He probably won't even kind of be stuck in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Gagliano But Slick Willie had to way it was you know, what he said? He said probably won't even come to Biden's inauguration, be stacking sandbags and away. I know Lehigh. They've got it all so figured out.


Hillary sounding like Nurse Ratched there. Did you notice my advice to Biden? I've done the campaign. I do not consider it because I know the other side's going to cheat and sneak, meaning that's what they have planned and they do have it planned. That's what mail in balloting is. April Ryan, he's not going to leave. Even if he loses.


They don't know what the people that haven't left are. The Democrats. The Democrats have yet to accept the results of 2016. We still find ourselves immersed in that they refused a peaceful transition of power and we still are there still right smack dab in the middle of that. Now, you got to love Clinton, hey, probably won't even come to Biden's inauguration if he's stacking sandbags in front of the White House. And that funny, right, Hillary? I did not have sex with that woman.


Not a single time ever.


What was her name? So I have no idea what you're talking about. I like sandbags in front of white. I don't know how it fits, but I thought it was a great line. So something is up. And remember the Axios story yesterday? Election night, it's going to look like Trump has won in a major landslide, popular vote and electoral college, but wait a week, we count the mail in ballots and Biden's going to win.


That's that's what they are setting up now.


OK, we have yeah. We could squeeze one of Franken Long Valley, New Jersey. I'm glad you waited. You're up next, sir. Hi.


Hey. I was praying for you every morning. Thank you, sir. A quick question was asked, and you brought this up in your last comment. So we're to believe that the smartest woman in the world, Hillary Clinton, one of the greatest political minds of all time, couldn't beat President Trump. But yet a 78 year old man with onset of dementia can and I just don't understand it. The Democrat, progressive Marxist are telling us that's what we're supposed to believe.


They know darn well it's going to be a massive landslide. And that's exactly why they nominated Kamala Harris, because they don't want anybody in there that's going to get beat this bad, that's going to be destroyed four years ago. They know it's over. Their internal polling shows it's over now. It's just about discrediting him for the next four years.


All right. I can I can see some credence to this. My first reaction to your question, which is if the smartest woman in the world couldn't beat Trump, then how is a 77 year old guy with early onset dementia going to.


That's not how they see it. They don't think Hillary lost. Don't forget, you're going to laugh. I'm telling you, there are more people than you would believe in the Democrat Party who believe the Russians stole that election with Trump. There are a number and not just rank and file Democrat voters. I'm telling you, you've got they told that lie to themselves so often that they believe it. Now it's become their reality that Trump didn't win. The Russians meddled and Trump helped.


He committed treason, his Russian agent, whatever, that Hillary actually did win.


A lot of them have not yet admitted that Hillary, because I don't think the true progressive Marxist political elites believe that for one second they know she lost. They know he's going to lose. They you know, they're again, trying to tell us that the smartest out of their mouths, the smartest woman in the world couldn't beat him. Well, I do. And I agree with that, too.


I'm just telling you that there are Democrats who do still believe this whole Russian collusion business and who didn't at the outset. They've now told it the lie for so long that it's become a quazi reality. But you're right. I mean, who have they thrown up? Biden if he loses no big loss. He's 78 years old, early onset dementia. Kamala Harris, she wasn't going to win anything anyway. She was the first out of the race before there was even a vote cast.


So they've got a ticket here, which if it loses big time, the party isn't damaged because neither of them have a presidential future. That's basically your theory on this, and it is very solid.


Got to go. Quick time out with much more straight ahead right after this.


I don't believe this plunge is taking questions. Plug's is taking questions at a press conference out there. So far, four or five questions. There's their softball questions. There's nothing on the slave owning family of his vice presidential nominee, has nothing on his son, Hunter. He's talking somewhat slowly. There's not a whole lot of energy.


But folks, the polls must be really bad to force him out twice in two days. And now he's going to Kenosha on Thursday after telling Trump he shouldn't go, and I just saw during the break plug's actually got close to getting something right. He was talking about the recession that they inherited, he and Obama in 2009 after they were inaugurated. And he said we came up with about 800 billion dollars, which is the pork Helus amount of stimulus. We came up with a billion dollars in what we did with it.


We sent it to the states and the states were able to keep their keep people employed. Now, this is the first time they've admitted this plug's I don't know if there's going to be blowback on this, but that's not what they said the stimulus was for. Back then, in 2009, when Obama is selling this thing, the stimulus is for infrastructure, roads and bridges. We're going to repair schools. We're going to do all of these wonderful things, and it's going to create jobs.


And this is going to create an economic recovery. And Biden was put in charge of it and they called it Recovery Summer. Well, there wasn't a recovery because that's not what they did with the money. Plug's just honestly admitted what they did with it. They sent it to the states where union employees were kept employed and on the job. That's what that stimulus money was for 85 percent of it folks, we track this, 85 percent of it was sent to public employee unions so that teachers, SEIU types so that they would not be laid off so that they would continue to pay union dues because a percentage of all union dues end up being sent back to the Democrat Party as campaign donations.


So what that stimulus really was. And don't get mad at me, but what it really was, was a crazy money laundering operation. Obama couldn't go over to the Treasury and write a check for 800 billion dollars to the DNC, but he could pass a stimulus bill and tell everybody it was for roads and bridges and schools and all these other wonderful things are going to build and we're going to repair. Biden just very proudly for the first time, admitted what they did with the money.


They sent it to the states for their public employees, we had to keep the states open, we had to keep the states running. Now, I don't I don't know if he's going to get any blowback on this or Blow-Out.


Now, I'm confused, blowback. I don't think he's going to get any blowback on this because it's so many years ago and they can cover for it. And the scandalous nature of it is so long ago that I don't I don't think it's going to matter. But he did admit what they actually used that stimulus money for. That stimulus money was essentially a circuitous route. To send a bunch of money in the form of campaign contributions from union members to the Democratic National Committee, is the Kennedy dynasty over with?


I think it is. I think it's been over with for much longer than people want to admit. Joe Kennedy, the third losing to the 74 year old Ed Markey in Massachusetts Senate primary in the election yesterday.


Sit tight, my friends. The fastest three hours in media roll on right when we get back. Look at this.


It's magic. It is a veritable magic. Here's the headline. Los Angeles County do allow hair salons and barbershops to reopen indoor operations at 25 percent capacity. You see how this. So Pelosi, why she's a pioneer. Why Pelosi is a forerunner. Pelosi is such she's a woman of action. Why everybody knew that it was silly to shut down these hair salons in these barber shops. And Pelosi has forced the issue of actually what's happening here is that California political officials, realizing that Pelosi had stepped in it big time, decided to relax the rules and regulations the day after she stepped in it big time so that they can make it look like she was just a day ahead of what we had planned anyways.


Nothing to see here.


I know it's L.A. County, but still it's the it's the California Democrat Party that's doing this, and it's all to take the heat off of Madam Speaker. Los Angeles County officials Wednesday announced that they would be allowing hair salons and barbershops. To both reopen the indoor operations at 25 percent capacity following new state guidelines allowing such operations to resume with limitations to lower the risk of coronavirus spread again, folks, the Question of the Day. Why aren't these people afraid they've got everybody else scared to death?


Look, I don't mind being redundant here. There are a lot of people who are over the age of 60 who are literally afraid to leave home. They're afraid of what's on the other side of their front door.


They've been told that their demographic age group is the number one vulnerability for death, particularly if they have any kind of pre-existing medical condition involving the lungs, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system. So they're hibernating. Scared to death. Now you've got Pelosi, a bunch of other people running around with no masks, not concerned with social distancing, as though they know there's nothing to be afraid of. Now, why would they have that attitude? Why would they think there's nothing to be afraid?


What do they know that we don't? Maybe someday we'll find out he is the first Kennedy to lose a race for Congress in Massachusetts, Representative Joseph Kennedy, the third suffered a stinging loss to the incumbent Senator Ed Markey in yesterday's Democrat primary. Markey, 74 years old, he's been 40 years in Washington Congress than the Senate. Joe Kennedy, the third 39 years old grandson of Robert Kennedy. And he promised a new generation of leadership. He he cast Ed Markey as out of touch after all those years in Congress, first in the House, then in the Senate.


Kennedy hit Moki on the issue of racial inequity while highlighting his own family's storied political legacy, and it didn't matter.


So now the drive bys are running around there wringing their hands. Oh, my God, is this the end of Camelot? Oh, no, it's yes, it's the end of Camelot. Hasn't been a real thing in a long time. Here's another headline. This is from the See this in The New York Post. Jacob Sullum. The numbers are clear. covid is no real threat to kids. CDC confirms it again. Youth are not at covid risk.


Go ahead and open the schools. The latest data on covid-19 cases and fatalities from the CDC confirm that young people face a negligible risk of dying from the disease while people 65 and older face a much higher risk. That latter group accounts for about 16 percent of confirmed cases, but four fifths or 80 percent of all covid-19 deaths. Are among people older than 65 Wall Street Journal, we hate to be the bearer of good news, but here goes the so-called second virus.


Wave is receding and it has been far less deadly than the first in the spring, thanks to better therapies and government preparation. Nobody's suggesting we should just let it rip out there. But the progress should give Americans more confidence that schools and businesses can reopen safely. So we've got testing dialed up to high, and it's it's catching noncontagious traces of the virus in asymptomatic people, but we're never told that in the numbers. So we don't we don't know what the numbers were dealing with.


Our the so-called second virus wave is receding. It's been far less deadly than the first happened in the spring. A Wall Street Journal says U.S. seven day rolling average of new cases has fallen by about 40 percent from its peak on July 25th. Hospitalizations and deaths in hot spots peaked at about the same time in apparent contradiction to epidemiological models that have predicted two to three week lags between cases. Hospitalizations are down by 62 percent. Texas, 60 percent. Florida, 48 percent.


Utah. Forty five percent California. 44 percent, Louisiana from their peaks. Which, by the way, all occurred between July 21st and July 24th, the peaks were a month and a half ago. So the Journal says we hate to be the bearer of good news, but Yorgos heard about the Portland mayor, Ted Wheeler. Oh, this is he's moving out of his condo. They drove him out. It sounds like he decided to move, but I don't think that's what's going on here.


The Democrat mayor of Portland, a pajama boy, Ted Wheeler, he's a blond pajama boy, just looks like exactly like an Obama TV commercial pajama boy for selling health care. He is moving. He lives in a condo that costs eight hundred and forty thousand dollars.


He's moving to avoid rioters who have repeatedly targeted his building. Now, let's just take that for a second. This guy has gone out of his way to let the rioters know he is sympatico. He has shown up, he has urged them on, he is egged them on, he is he's acting almost like a groupie. In fact, that may be the best way to describe the guy he does, he acts like a groupie of Black Lives Matter and Tifa.


And all of the violent looters and rioters, even if they tear gassed him, they make fun of him. You know how? Obvious fanboys are sometimes treated. Now, this guy is such an obvious groupie that they laugh at him and mock him because they can take one look at him and know that he's not one of them, but he hates Trump so much that they're heroes to this guy. I mean, Black Lives Matter and Antifa and all of these rioters and looters, they are his heroes because they hate Trump and he hates Trump.


Now they're attacking the condo where he lives. Ted Wheeler wrote to neighbors in his building to say it'd be best for me and for everyone else's safety and peace for him to move from the building that rioters tried to torch on his fiftieth birthday.


Monday, the people he idolizes. The people he supports, the people that he encourages, the people that he is literally a groupie of, tried to torch his condo building on Monday, so he's decided to move out. So I want to express my sincere apologies for the damage to our home and the fear that you are experiencing due to my position. These are people who live in the building.


The mayor bought his two bedroom condo in the building with 114 units for 840 big ones back in 2017. This according to property records. This is not what you know what's you know, what's going on here, certainly you know what's going on here. The condo board, it's like like the co-op board in a in a co-op in New York or condos have boards and they don't want any part of this guy because he's let it be known he's a groupie of these people and these people are coming around and torching the building.


There are 114 other units in this building and they want no part of it. So he's trying to make it look like he's been a really big guy. I'm going to make the ultimate sacrifice and I'm going to leave my home.


I think the condo board told him to grab his stuff and get out. After they leave, I shouldn't laugh, I'm sorry they attack, they attack his building on. On Monday, let us not let me let me grab. We got time to squeeze a couple of phone calls in here and this let's go to Jim is in Humble. Texas is at Humboldt, Texas. Is that where you call her humble?


Humble, like the like you're very humble.


Oh, really? I didn't know there was such a place. OK, well, great. That's another reason I didn't recognize that. I have to be honest.


I really you know, I really feel that without actually uttering the words, the Democrats have declared war on our country. And I want to know how you feel about this, if I may. In the last few months leading up to the election, Pelosi and Kamala Harris have called for a national uprising, which is basically an insurrection plain as the nose on our faces. But that's not at all has has happened during these election war games. As you mentioned earlier, you know, the criminal Clinton, as you know, advised don't concede under any circumstance.


They've released thousands of criminals in the guise of the coronavirus. And Nadler has called Antifa a myth. While, you know, they're out there destroying America brick by brick with their showing their communist symbols, calling out death to America, kill all cops and behaving pretty much like the brownshirts did in Germany for over three months. They haven't said a thing. And I and I believe that they have just been allowing these rioters to train basically and get their skills up for after the election, before chads became Chope, to sound less extreme.


I mean, what do you think's planned for after the election if you think this is a rehearsal to get their skills up, their chops ready to go, what do you think is going to happen after the election?


I think that we're going to they're going to allow the total destruction. They're going to go after Trump. They're going to go after the White House. They're going to go after anyone who was a Trump supporter. I mean, if they lose, yeah, I believe there's going to be a lot more a lot more disruption. I mean, you've heard Kamala Harris say, you know, that not only are they are they having to do this now, but they need to continue to do that after.


Well, I think they clearly want people to think this. There's no question that they want people to think that all of this will stop. If you'll just vote against Trump, if you'll just get rid of Trump, then this will all end. There's there's no question that the subliminal attempts to and it's been going on for a while. It's even even before the the flat out unmistakable rioting and looting and destruction began. Just the general chaos and mayhem. The deals always been the implication.


If you'll just let us impeach the guy, if you'll abandon him, if you'll stop supporting him, then we'll stop. But if you don't if you if you maintain your support, then this is this is going to continue.


It is. You know, it's a fascinating question. We don't know a little bit yesterday with we had a caller who said Rush law of averages. At some point it may not be in twenty twenty, but one of these presidential election years, these people are going to win.


And what's the country going to look like when that happens? And the answer to that question to me is an integral part. Of any campaign to defeat them, you've just given us a I think, a pretty thorough description of what's going to happen when they lose, it's going to be burned out. A lot of people well, I don't know a lot in my sphere of people that I talked to about this.


There are some who think that they're going to be burned out if they lose this, that they're just they're going to be frustrated to no end burned out. They're not going to have the wherewithal to keep this up for another four years. And I tell people, you better revise your thinking on that. They've they've got all kinds of replacement troops. And remember, they've got money that they are willing to pay people to act out this violence, to make it look like it's real, make it look like these opinions and this anger is real when all it is, is people being paid to act it out.


And if that's the case, they can continue it as long as they want. It's why I've always believed that, that there is no common ground to be found. There is no compromise. There's no there's no overlap. What do we have in common with these people? Another way of looking at it, if the country ever came under serious attack from outside the borders. What is it, if anything, that unites the current population of the country in opposition to whatever forces outside the country may be launched against us and I don't know what it is.


I don't know what one thing we have in common. With the radical left that we're talking about. These people don't like America's founding, they don't like America's real history. They they have no respect for Western civilization, that's what they want to overthrow. They are full fledged Marxists, the people we're talking about. I don't have anything in common with a Marxist, I don't have much in common with your everyday liberal. I certainly know everything in common with communists.


So this is why I've always said, if you're going to get involved in this thing, it's a rest of your life thing, they're going to have to be defeated every time. It's not a one election deal. You're not going to send them packing in one year.


Got to take a quick time out. Back after this. Don't go away.


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And welcome back, Rush Limbaugh with half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair, all the while using talent on loan from God, which really it comports well with being a highly trained and instinctively talented broadcast specialist. All right. We have audio sound bites here of plugs. Something is happening. I think, folks, if I've got some numbers here, my polling numbers in Pennsylvania, and it's a big movement for Trump in Pennsylvania. And I think it explains why Biden is having to leave the cage in the basement.


This is not at all what they intended. They literally hoped that Biden could stay in the basement, that Kamala Harris could do the heavy lifting in terms of being on the campaign trail. Trump is down by three with likely voters in a poll that had Hillary winning Pennsylvania by six.


Now, that doesn't convey what you need to know, that the Trump trumps down by three. That's big, big movement. That's a nine percent shift for Trump in the last month. And it's it's enough to cause them to change the strategery, so Biden goes out today and does a little presser and actually took questions. So let's start. This is the first time we got one to three. But five of these things is just get started with the first one.


Let me be clear.


If President Trump and his administration had done their jobs early on with this crisis, America's schools would be open and to be open safely. Instead, American families all across this country are paying the price for his failures.


It's just a flat out lie. But this is this is the campaign. And this is this is what they are. And the Democrats can do is lie about this.


The reason the only reason that we're even talking about opening the schools is Donald Trump.


The Democrats have opposed it from the very first moment he mentioned it months ago. They opposed opening the economy. They are still in favor of keeping the economy shut down. They are still openly talking about further.


Lockdown's Biden himself has said he would shut the country down on a moment's notice if science told him to do it. The Democrats want the schools closed. They don't want the schools open. The teachers union don't want the schools open. And that's what the Democrats want.


But this is really a non sequitur, if Trump had done his job early on, American schools would be open. The Democrat Party has stood in opposition to every growth measure that Trump has asked to be implemented.


They have done everything they can, which is what they always do, whether it's covid-19 or unemployment or any economic news, their objective is to keep it bad, to keep it faltering so they can blame it on whichever Republican is in charge or in power. Here is another example of Biden getting lost on the prompter. Again, the words are there. He just has a little trouble with them.


Get off Twitter and start talking to the congressional leaders in both parties. Invite them to the Oval Office, the Oval Office, and stop your boast about never being seemed at what you can do. Anything. You always talk about your ability to negotiate. Negotiate a deal with who?


What are you what are you talking about here? Hear me read that to, you know, play it again, Sam. Not only to read it, play it again.


He gets lost on the prompter, get off Twitter and start talking to the congressional leaders in both parties. Invite them to the Oval Office. The Oval Office. Yeah, we know what it is. And stop your boast about never being seemed at what you can do anything. You always talk about your ability to negotiate. Negotiate a deal with who?


Congressional leaders. About what? They don't want to do a deal. That's what this all about. The last thing they want is do any kind of a deal at this stage where there is a feverish presidential campaign, they're going to do any kind of a deal, allows Trump to even claim partial credit for it. No way Biden knows this. Up next, he thinks says he thinks it Portland authorities should meet the legal requirements, whatever is called for, about the Trump guy who was killed with a bullet I'm not making.


Do you think there's a minimum need to be charged? The officers and as well as being a tailor and I might add, by the way, I think what happened in in Portland, where a woman was one of the Trump guys riding along in vans, inciting response, is shooting rubber bullets, I guess, or paintballs, apparently, or someone shot by someone in the crowd with a bullet killed. I think that person should meet the legal requirements, whatever that calls for.


We should be investigated and they should follow through on what needs to be done.


He got a question there. Senator Harris said that the officer who shot Jacob Blake based on what she had seen, should be charged. Do you agree with her? Do you think that the same for the officers involved in the death of Brianna Taylor and plugs you her started talking about the Trump supporter who was killed? And believe me, the press was not interested in that. You don't care about the Trump supporters killed. Even ask him about it. Here's the last one.


And this is why he's going to Kenosha. He wasn't going to go to Kansas, you know, that he told Trump not to go to confession. Is it going to be a disaster if you go to Kenosha? They're going to caution. I don't want you in Kenosha. So Trump went to Kenosha, was a home run, now Plug's is going to Kenosha tomorrow. Reporter says local Democratic officials, including the governor, previously discouraged President Trump from visiting just yesterday, the president, a local NAACP, didn't want to see either candidate, including you, visit such a sensitive situation in Kenosha.


Why is now the right time for you to go to Kenosha? And what do you hope to accomplish when you get there?


There's been overwhelming requests that I do come because what we're going to do is we got to heal. We've got to put things together. I've gotten advice from sitting members of the Congress in the Senate as well to go and that I should go. I spent my whole life, including in this city you're in right now, bringing people together, bringing the community and and police officers together, being business leaders and civic leaders together.


And so that's my purpose in going right now, that they want him there. They want him to go. Everybody wants everybody wants Joe to go. Well, they didn't want to go two days ago. And if they wanted Joe to go, this is brand new. Wonder what's changed their minds. Obviously, Trump's successful visit, they can't permit Trump to have that. Biden's got to go now and try to have a successful visit himself, trying to counter the success Trump had.


We'll be right back and roll right on, folks, after this. Hi, how are you?


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Rush, I don't have a question. I have a concern. And first of all, I'm not going to talk about the hypocrisy of the left that's overboard. But my concern is I grew up in schmeer public housing in Rockaway Beach, New York, and we were black, white, yellow, green, yellow, purple, everything under the sun. And we all got along just fine.


What year what year were these border?


I would say 1960 to 1969. 1970.


I lived there and it was harmonious then. Absolutely. Absolutely. We played Little League. We played PAL Police Athletic League. Everybody got along fine. My concern and you brought this up a couple of weeks ago of what the effect is of all of this Black Lives Matter and and people that's going on. My concern to myself is it's had an adverse effect on me where I have gotten really angry at my black brothers who are killing each other as Black Lives Matter members.


And it hurts me because I grew up with them. I, I hurt with them. I fought with them. I played all sports with them.


Where's the anger coming from that? Where do you think it's coming from? I mean, that may seem like an obvious question, but you grew up in harmony where so who's responsible for this? Because this rage is constant, it's ongoing and it's only getting bigger and worse.


I'm getting pissed off at my black brothers. They are killing each other for no apparent reason. But to get on camera. And that a concern, it's it's getting ugly and it's going to get worse, and I don't want to see all these black guys die for no apparent reason.


No, I hear that you think cameras have a playing a role in people being seen on TV. What about politics?


There's got to be a little no, they don't know anything about politics except for the fact that they've been brainwashed to hate President Trump. Well, there is no platform. There is absolutely no platform. It's just hate. That's all it is. Hate.


Exactly. And they have been programmed. You've just used that word. Yes.


Basically what you're saying, it's it's been programmed by the Democrats and the media because the media is the Democrats. Yeah. And they listen to them. So how do you now 66, 66, and you are you are you independent of all that now? You're not. You're not?


Yes, I live in the north state of California, which is up near Chico. Chico is a party town.


At one time I well, I don't live in Chico. I live about 25 miles north of Chico in a little town called Los Angeles.


Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yeah.


It's it's a it's a nice little town population about 2037. I just wanted to get away and live closer to my kids. That's it. And that's where I am. And I'm happy here. But when I what I see on the news of the city that I grew up in and the mayor and the governor of that state, New York, it's just horrendous. Horrendous. I mean, everybody's moving out. And also California. I'm in a motorcycle club.


Three guys, I don't know with my motorcycle club are moving to Texas because they don't want to pay the taxes here in California.


And it's only going to get worse. As more people leave, the tax base gets smaller, they're going to raise taxes even more. You know, this is a far cry from where you are. But let me tell you, there's another state that they're ruining. And when I say they, I mean the left, they literally are ruining Hawaii. Now, a lot of you may say, well, who cares?


Right. It's just a tourism state. It's way out there. It's six hours away even from California. Yeah, but it's run by liberal Democrats. They have that that state is locked down, that states locked down until after the election. It is a I don't know how I don't know my family, my wife's family is in Honolulu and and parts of Hawaii, and that's why I've been there a lot frequently in the last 10 to 15 years. And it's we love it there.


But, man, all of Waikiki is shut down. And all of that is commercial real estate. There's some condos down there. Of course, if you've ever been you know that it's beautiful restaurants and so far it's all shut down. I don't know how they're ever going to come back. I mean, they're looking at minimum, 10 years to recover from what the state government has done to that state already.


And they have not had anywhere near the coronavirus problem other states have. And there's nothing they're going to do out there that's going to have a necessarily deleterious effect on Trump. It's not big. It's just a bunch of Uber left wing Democrats and it just astounding what they're doing to themselves.


I've not seen anything like a Cuomo maybe comes the closest to it in New York.


Now I'm out of time again. I got to run, folks. But we'll continue this because this is big.


I'm finish my thoughts on why. Because it's it's it's it's all these Democrat states that are that are engaging in this self-destructive behavior that is just senseless to me. But we'll have to do it tomorrow because we're out of time. Thank you so much, as always, for being with us. See you next time.