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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Man, I tell you folks this. You'd have to say this is gutsy. I mean, this is Gonad Z, what Trump is doing. We're less than two months from an election in a country where a lot of people expect handouts to be given things, particularly in bad economic times. And what is Trump doing? Trump says that the federal government is going to review federal funding for New York, for Washington, D.C., for Portland and for Seattle.


I mean, that is gutsy, folks. I mean, you would think that at this point near the campaign, the election two months away, that the folks. But what do you want? We got it. Here's the window. Single on up to the window. Whatever you want. We got it.


We're passing it out. But no, he's talking about a review of federal funding because these cities, these blue cities and these blue states are in open defiance of federal law. And the reaction that Governor Cuomo in New York has pretty much been to threaten Trump's life, he better be real careful if he does this. He better be real careful the next time he comes to New York. Man, oh, man, this is this is folks, this is there's a there's a word that I can't use here.


It goes along with gutsy that you do. And it's the exact opposite of the way the NFL is dealing with their problems. They I've got two columns that Jason Whitlock is back with a piece that just reams the NFL, Goodell and Troy Vincent.


And there's also a piece today by by Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire basically accusing two different columns, accusing the NFL management structure of being a bunch of cowards. By virtue of caving to Black Lives Matter, letting a Marxist organization turn basically take over your league, and then after you allow that to happen, then as your league puts on its games, you make it clear that you're playing your games for the approval of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist organization.


But folks, that's not even the president has this dance today. Oh, by the way, Pelosi canceled a daily or weekly press conference on Thursdays at 11:00. She canceled it today. I don't know why we could guess, but what Pelosi is doing in response to this whole thing. She walks into the salon, she demands to get a blow out. She gets the blow out. And now she is demanding an apology. She's demanding that the salon owner apologize to her for setting her up.


Now, forget whatever you think about it. What it illustrates is how the left is always and constantly on offense. They never allow themselves to be on defense. And our side seems to permanently occupy defense, even Trump at times. This is what you're going to do, though, if you're if you're going to respond to every allegation and charge made against you, you, by definition, are going to be defending yourself. But see, Pelosi, I don't have anything to defend.


I didn't do anything wrong. Even though she did go on offense. She's blaming a constituent, he blaming a little guy, she blaming one of the people a Democrat Party claims to be looking out for.


So details on this and more illustrations coming up, I have a Breitbart story here that there's a part of me that says this has to be a really well executed launch, a satire or parody. Let me read the headline to you. And I want to warn you, if you are if you are listening to the program today where you're crumb crunchers. And if they are particularly young and are prone to asking you questions about things they don't understand, you might you might want to think twice about hearing this.


And maybe I could be all wet. Maybe this isn't any big deal to people anymore. I don't know.


So I'll give you five seconds to decide whether or not you're going to listen if you don't have kids with you. Doesn't matter. But if you're crumb crunchers are sitting out there, got a bunch of rush babies with you, you might. You might want to turn the dial down and come back to this later during the replay, if you get the podcast of the program after it's over.


OK, five to see if I go through the countdown and then you still there and hear this.


You can't you can't complain because you've been warned. We're not doing this to shock anybody. OK, ready? California legislature passes Bill. Reducing penalties for oral kharma, anal sex with willing children. California lawmakers passed a bill on Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the sex offender is within 10 years of age of the victim. California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties. It wouldn't totally eliminate them, but it would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the pervert is within 10 years of the age of the victim.


So which city is is this Sodom and Gomorrah, what was California becoming? The bill now heads to the desk of Governor Gavin Newsom for his signature. Senate Bill 145, and according to SB 145, the legislation, quote, would exempt from mandatory registration as a sex offender, quote, a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors. If the person is not more than 10 years old or so of the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register and if permission is granted from the kid.


So if you. If you want to have this kind of sex with a 15 year old, you can up to age 25. Or or a 10 year old in your 19 whatever, yeah, as long as you get permission, an eight year old, as long as you're 18. How does it become a legislative priority? You mean in the midst of covid-19 and presidents have become a legislator? Well, what do you think answers the question of what actually is the presidential election is not a priority in California.


It's a done deal there.


Trump is going to win California. I mean, I mean, the Democrats are going to win California, always do. The measure would allow a drunk look, I'm not through with details on this. The measure would allow a judge to decide if an adult who engages in oral or anal sex with the child must register as a sex offender if that person is within 10 years of the age of the victim in January 2019, San Francisco Examiner reported on the introduction of this bill.


By are you ready for this state Senator Scott Wiener? The author of the bill's name is Weener. The Democrat, he claimed the current law. Which states that oral and anal sex between an adult within 10 years of the age of a willing minor requires the adult to be registered as a sex offender. He said that discriminates against LGBTQ individuals. We can't hit this guy as opposed to making them register as sex offenders, because that's discriminating against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender.


So where do you want to know what the origins of the bill are, right, there they are. A specific community wants to be able to have sex with minors with impunity. What was the you have a look of curiosity on your face. Look, I know you can't believe it, I had trouble believing I don't look at it, this has got to be a parent rush. Don't fall for this. This has got to be. And I said, wow, it's Breitbart.


And it's it's it's. It makes. I mean, in the sense that California is California, it makes perfect sense, and then when you find out that what really has the original support of the bill upset is the reporting is a sex offender because. No, no, no, we don't want to do that. No, no, no, no. I'm not going to pay that price. Nobody gets reported as a sex offender. Not that there's permission.


How do you get permission from an eight year old? How do you get permission from a 10 year old? How is permission from a 10 or 12 year old even valid? And by the way, once this gets signed into law, that 10 years is going to become 15 down the road because see the way the left operates, nothing is ever solved when they do legislation. It's just the beginning of the descent. In the even worse circumstances, so right now you can't you have to be within 10 years of the age of your victim, you're willing minor partner, but that's going to be found to be too limiting.


You see the practical application of the law. You're going to people now, that stuff that we needed to be 15, maybe even 20 years, and it will just give them time. This is how they patiently get what they. Need. The bill would put an end to blatant discrimination against young LGBT people engaged in consensual activity. An 18 year old engaged in winning anal or oral sex with an eight year old. We must take the stigma of that away.


It is discrimination, blatant discrimination against the 18 year old LGBTQ person, the bill.


Here's here's here's a statement from the supporters. The bill is about treating everyone equally. Under the law, discrimination against LGBT people is simply not the California way. These laws were put in place during a more conservative and anti LGBT time in California history. They've ruined people's lives. They've made it harder for them to get jobs, secure housing and live productive lives. It's time we update these laws and treat everyone equally.


You think this isn't going to ruin? People's lives, an eight year old, is somehow going to be said to be a willing participant. With a 17 or 18 year old in anal or oral sex. Currently in California, judges may decide whether adults. OK, I didn't pre read this, so I just I just I stopped here again warning about whether or not your little crumb crunchers are nearby, still valid here. Currently in California, judges may decide whether adults who have penile vaginal intercourse with minors close to their age must register as a sex offender.


That's what we want to wipe out. We don't we don't want anybody have to register as a sex offender here. Adults who have penile vaginal intercourse, as though that somehow abnormal. You think they know what that means in Rio, Linda? I'm guessing they do, yeah. Wiener's said the current law targets LGBT individuals because they do not engage in penile vaginal intercourse. This is such horrific homophobia, Weiner said. It's irrational and it ruins people's lives. So we've got it all here.


We got we got the reason that you can't have sex with an eight year old or a 10 year old is because you're a homophobe.


So we got to eliminate that we're going to get rid of home before we're going to eliminate any of his sex offender stuff so that there's no stigma attached to you when you have willing sex. With a minor, if you're 10 years. Close to the edge. The bill was passed Monday, it all we're waiting on now is the signature of the governor, Gavin Newsom. This fuck, this is the kind of thing. I know a lot of you.


What's this got to do a presidential election, I mean, presidential election is really, really important. It's really, really I understand, folks, this this is who we're up against.


This is why does it matter what Trump tweets? This is why it doesn't matter how Trump talks. This is why all of that surface stuff is irrelevant, given what awaits us on the other side of a defeat. All that stuff that's been constructed. To be negative about Trump in the big scheme of things is irrelevant. This is just one state where it will spread beyond the borders and boundaries of California at some point if. It's nonstop, by the way, Ruth Buzzi Ginsburg presided over a wedding just weeks after she was hospitalized.


She officiated an outdoor wedding this past Sunday. She's 87 years old. She's not wearing a mask. She's not wearing a mask outside, ladies and gentlemen. I thought I thought we had to wear a mask in the curious two weeks ago, Joe Hiden, that's Trump's new name for him. You heard that? Joe Biden. That's clever. Wish I had thought of it.


Two weeks ago, Joe Biden was not able to leave his basement to go to Milwaukee. Where his convention was supposed to be. Because it was so dangerous for him, covid-19 so dangerous, but then today. Today, it's safe and clear for a 77 year old man to go to Kenosha to have community meetings where not wearing a mask. Why is he not at risk now? Why was Pelosi not at risk in the hair salon with no mask? Why are these Democrats who are not wearing masks not at risk?


I asked the question yesterday, but I keep asking the question.


But right now, a brief break is back in the news. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Foushee, she is back in the news. He is saying that the United States has an unacceptably high level of covid-19 cases going into the fall.


Now, why all of a sudden is Dr. Falchi piping up? Let me explain it to you. They have to keep scaring you. So that you will not go vote. They are healthy, I mean, I've been urging people all week to flood your polling places on Election Day, actually show up and vote.


It's one of the it it may it may not make any sense to you. It makes it what difference does it make kind of thing. But I'm telling you, it's the kind of thing if you flood the zone, if you flood polling places. It is one of the greatest ways to combat election fraud. It's it skews with the exit polling they trying to make with.


But more than that, it will do great damage to their efforts. To cheat and one of the ways they're going to try to cheat is to convince you not to show up and vote by scaring you, covid-19 could be waving you in your polling place.


They have to keep scaring you, they have to do whatever they can to keep you from actually voting. In person, that's what Foushee. Is doing. Are we in the brink and I've got so much static in this line, have we got. All right. We still live. OK. So saying that we have an unacceptably high level of covid-19 cases going into the fall. And pushing for people to exercise caution heading into the Labor Day weekend to prevent further surges myself, a quick question.


With all these people urging us all to wear masks, why are the masks not stopping this? Why is keeping so many states shut down, not stopping this? We've got Hawaii shut down, we got all these blue states on the left coast shutdown or to one degree or another. Social distancing, why is none of what we are being told to do working? I don't think that I don't think it's not working and is working and they're just trying to make sure you don't go vote is what he's up to here.


They have to keep scaring you folks. They're going to keep scaring you into not showing up to vote in person. They're going to try to get you to vote absentee. And that's a pain in the butt. Have you ever done it? I mean, it's you got to prove I.D. You have to do a number of things. It's not it's not just, hey, I want to vote absentee. You do it now. Voting by mail. That's easy as can be.


You flood the zone. You don't have to furnish any I.D. That's why the Democrats are pushing it. But they know they know that they're at a distinct disadvantage. If you if our side shows up in person to vote, you know, go back to the Democrat convention is Michelle Obama, Barack Hussein Obama. And they're obsessed with you voting.


They know. They know that they're vulnerable, they know that they're in trouble, their get out the vote efforts, they got buses all over the place, they drive up to the nearest corner. Anybody standing in the corner, they put on the bus. They try to find it instantaneously, register to make them legal to vote and take them off to the polling place or whatever.


So Foushee comes out, U.S. has unacceptably high level of covid-19 going into the fall on the other side of that door at your polling place could be the invisible monster just waiting to infect you and wipe you out.


Don't take the chance.


And they enlist. Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fauci, who, by the way, grabs now by number 23. He did some damage today with the markets a little bit by being a downer on vaccines is on CNN today. And the co-host with Jim Sciutto said, have you seen any data yet?


Has you moving up a likely timeline on a workable vaccine?


Most of us project that that's going to be by November, December, by the end of the year. Could this be early? Sure. So if someone comes out and says, you know, I'm going to shoot for the possibility that I'll get it by October, you can't argue strongly against that. That's unlikely. Not impossible.


It's unlikely. Just happens to go against what the the intentions of the administration are. And look, I know there are a lot of people that think. That Trump is being purely political by assuring everybody is going to be some kind of a vaccine magically before Election Day.


I understand the cynics on this stuff. All I know is that these are the kinds of problems that Donald Trump solves. These are the kinds of things that he has a track record of delivering on. We'll have to save. But I do know that the left is hell bent on scaring you. Dissuading you, of course, of destroying Trump, by the way, ABC reporter claims that saying Joe Biden has mental problems is Russian propaganda. ABC's Jonathan Karl claimed yesterday that a Department of Homeland Security bulletin says the Russians are the ones trying to cast doubt on Biden's mental fitness for office.


Well, I got to say, if that's if that's true, they've been doing it for a long time since we've had our doubts, since Biden announced he was running in April of twenty nineteen. It's nice, how did the Russians get Biden to cooperate by pretending he can't put two sentences together half the time, really, we're supposed to have the Russians are behind this. It was just yesterday that we were told the Russians are already doing it again, folks are already meddling in the 2012 election and that has an obvious question.


You mean we haven't done anything to fix this problem, we've known about it for four years, I'm look, I'm I'm being facetious. I'm playing devil's advocate here. These guys, these Democrats, the media, they have claimed a Russians medal. They stole the election. Should have been Hillary. You know the drill. It's been four years. We have a fix this we haven't identified with the Russians did. We haven't shut those things down. We haven't put up roadblocks.


We haven't been able to stop the Russians. They just decide they want a medal in the 2020 election. And we can do they're going to do it. Well, that's what we're being asked to believe. So now Jonathan Karl reported on new government intelligence Wednesday that the Russians are seeking to sow discord in American politics by casting doubt over Plug's his mental fitness for office. Jonathan Karl explained it was meant to be a warning, an intelligence bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security alerting local, state and federal law enforcement.


To a Russian scheme to damage Joe Biden's presidential campaign, well. They found a way to get Biden to go along with this, and I'd like to know how they did it, how did the Russians convince Biden to act like he is losing mental acuity? In the meantime, let me grab a quick call. This is Raychelle from Lakewood, California. Great to have you. Up first today on the EIB Network. Hi.


Hi, Rush. Just love you. Mega dittos and mega prayers for you. Thank you.


Thank you very much. Hey, I just wanted to give you a quick call and let you know that I have been paying a lot of attention to this SB 145 in California, and you have most of the details, correct? They what they did was they're giving the judge it used to be where they would just automatically have to be registered as a sex offender. And now what they're doing is they are lowering the age. It used to be 15 to 25.


They're lowering it to 14 to 25. And they're giving the judge discretion whether or not they want to force them to register as a sex offender.


Are you saying this makes it OK? Oh, no, I'm not.


It's disgusting.


It's disgusting on on every level going to say because pointing out that capping the age at 14 doesn't change what exactly it is. And besides, it's not going to stay 14 very long. You know that as well as I do. This is just the opening of this just to get the bill signed into law. Then here come the amendments down the wall. Down the road.


Yeah, it's just it's I don't even know how a parent can live here anymore and send their kids to school. It's so bad. Well, I understand that I had to tell you, is your name pronounced Raychelle if I got that right or is it Rochelle? It's Rochelle Rochelle. I have been asking myself that question for I about a lot of things going on in California.


Not not just things like this or this specifically, but taxes.


What's being done, illegal immigration and how it's destroyed the hospital system and any number of other things, and I've asked I've had a lot of friends, really a lot of good friends in California.


I love California. When I when I lived in Sacramento, 1984 to 1987, I loved it.


And after going to New York in 1988. Started by virtue of necessity, having to go to Los Angeles and San Francisco. I love those. One of my favorite places in all the country to go is Old Fort Point, down by the the South Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge. You can't go there anymore.


Well, I don't know if they shut it down after 9/11. Made it real tough to get down there, but I can't go even if I. There are people with they think I'm in town. They all go there because they know it's one of my favorite places. I've never hidden it. It's it's one of the greatest shots in all of the movie. Them was shot there by Alfred Hitchcock in the movie Vertigo.


Kim, what's your name, Kim. Kim Novak plunge into the bay and Jimmy Stewart went in after to save her life. It was all a setup and a trick, but the shot of the South Tower, the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the greatest pictures of anything American I've ever seen. Same thing. And met a lot of people there. I like been going to Los Angeles and playing all the charity golf tournament down in Palm Springs and.


All throughout Pebble Beach, it's just gorgeous, but and I toid we toyed with the idea of living there, they just would and could not pull the trigger.


Because of the you know, once you go on the tax rolls, they just like New York, they never forget you, they follow you no matter what you do. And I said, just having had that experience in New York, I don't want to go through it again. And a lot of my friends. Are you really going to let something as silly as taxes determine whether or not you live? So I said, yes, I am. I left New York after ten years precisely because of it.


And you want to know how much money it has saved me? Yeah, I mean, I tell them and it blows them away because in the process it tells them how much they've wasted. But other it's worth it, they just put up with it, it's been it's been deteriorating like this culturally.


For a long time, but it's kind of like the old story of the frog. In a pot of water on the stove, if the heat gradually increases, the fog doesn't realize it's toast until it's too late. And these changes in California, these evolutionary changes have happened slowly.


So they have they have found a way to eliminate massive resistance. By being patient, it's one thing that you must know about leftists, communist, Marxist, Democrats, liberals, they are patient.


If it takes them 10 years to get where they're going, they'll gladly spend the 10 years because to them what you have to do within those 10 years to bring about your desired objective is also very good and productive.


Anyway, thanks for the call, Rochelle, I appreciate it. Pelosi, back to her for just a second on this. Hair salon snafu. This is a perfect illustration of how the left Democrats are always on offense, folks. They're always on offense, Pelosi has clearly violated norms, she has violated rules, she has acted in a way. It cement the fact that she's an elite and that we're not and that whatever rules she passes for us to abide by, she is exempt from.


And then when she gets caught. She's been set up. A voter, a constituent, somebody who's barely hanging on Pelosi and her family are Motyka zillionaires. This is a salon owner who is barely hanging on because of the policies of people like Pelosi and Pelosi turns around and makes her the target. By saying this person set her up. Well, nobody set Pelosi up late. She made the original phone call to make the appointment. How is that Pelosi being set up?


It's going to be audio sound bites. This is yesterday in San Francisco, was a news conference out there and Pelosi reacting to a Fox News video of her visit without a mask. Reporters said, Speaker Pelosi, I have to ask you about your visit to the salon.


I appreciate the question. And let me just say this. I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that I've been to over the years many times, and that when they said what we're able to accommodate people one person at a time and that we can set up that time, I trusted that. As it turns out, it was a set up. So I take responsibility for falling for a set up. And that's all I'm going to say on that.


I think that someone owes me an apology.


So she makes the phone call to make the appointment. They were able to accommodate one person at a time she shows up, she was set up. Always stay on offense. Now, she was duped, she was set up, now she's angry. Don't even try this with a country that's been locked down, millions who have been financially ruined. Nancy Pelosi was set up. She's speaker of the looters, she's speaker of the rioters, she is speaker.


Of the protesters. You know who's been set up, Michael Flynn was set up. That's who needs to be set free if you want to know who was set up. Michael Flynn was set up. He was duped. James Comey admitted as such. Joe Biden suggested using the farcical Logan Act as an excuse to go after Michael Flynn, he's been financially ruined it. After being caught doing nothing wrong, on the other hand, here's Pelosi caught breaking her own rules.


She deserves everything she gets. She's a raging hypocrite. They all are and they are hypocrites constantly.


Michael Flynn. He was targeted. In order to protect the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Here's the question, oh, got to take a break, wait long, sit tight, folks, we'll be back after this. Don't go away.


I want to know, where is the Children's Defense Fund? You know, it's an organization. Hillary Clinton is leading the charge on Marian Wright Edelman. Remember that name? You may not Hillary's big, but back in me, it takes a village to raise a child. This will be back during the Clinton administration, the mid 90s. And Marian Wright Edelman headed up something called the Children's Defense Fund. And all it was was a front organization for daycare.


And the federal government having more control over your kid and as young as they could get hold of your kids education.


But they did it under the auspices of protecting the child, protecting the children from the evils generally posed by their own predator fathers in their own homes.


And so where's Hillary Clinton on this Senate bill? 145 in California.


Marian Wright Edelman, I don't know if she's still alive or not, but Hillary is a children's defense fund. This salon owner, by the way, was on Tucker Carlson last night, a Fox News Channel. We've got the audio coming up, but she has a very valid question.


Salon owner said, look, the speaker of protests, the speaker of riots, the speaker of Luders, she phoned and made the appointment. So if the speaker of Luders and the speaker of riots can come into my salon, why must I be shut down? Is that not a valid question, if she can come in and get a blow out in a in a scramble, in a in a shampoo, you know, a in an egg rinse and whatever the hell else, she why does this place have to be shut down?


It's a valid question, why does she have to be shut down if the speaker can come in? Let me grab Leslie Sherry, West Chester, Ohio.


We got time to squeeze you in. Great to have you. Hi.


Hi. Rush, thank you for taking my call. Yes. I'm calling with regards to Senate Bill 145. That's heading over to Newseum. It's not the L.G.. It's not just the LGBTQ community that's benefiting. They're saying that they're trying to help the LGBTQ community because those are their constituents. They're really just trying to save their big donors like Harvey Weinstein. Well, and Bill and Hillary own tales, too, for all of the transgressions that they've had against minors.


And oh, wait a minute.


I didn't know that that. Weinstein, what is this?


Maybe we should rename this thing Jeffrey Epstein 145 Bill then.


I mean, if it's designed to protect these people, the Clintons and Harvey Weinstein, we're out there with 14 year olds. I hadn't heard that.


Anyway, I get the point. I'm just out of time. I have to go back here in just a second. I still want to know why all these people Falchi, he wasn't wearing a mask when he went to the Washington Nationals. Why are none of these people afraid? They're trying to scare us into going nowhere because of covid-19, like don't show up and vote.


Do it some other way. But they're not afraid. Why? I keep asking that the views expressed by the host on this program documented to be almost always right, ninety nine point eight percent of the time, it's the latest opinion on it conducted by the prestigious Sullivan Group. I am their only client, by the way. They don't have time. They don't have the resources, the wherewithal to start judging the opinions of others because there's nobody even close.


It doesn't matter the phone number. If you want to be on the program, 800 to eight two two eight eight two. The email address is Rush, Boit, EIB, that U.S..


So I got this little story here. Nancy Pelosi's daughter releases letter from law firm attacking owner of a salon that Palone Pelosi visited. You know, I'm a naturally curious person, why? Why would Pelosi's daughter. Be releasing a letter from from a law firm. Yeah, it what does it matter, what does it matter Pelosi's. Daughter sends a letter. I'm having trouble seeing how this in any way I mean, it's a story. So how does this help advance the case against Biden?


But I think that's the key, I think all these people need to be tied together. So when Pelosi pulls this stunt, folks look at, it's still a valid question. Grab audio, sound bite number two. This this is me from yesterday on this program, asks the Question of the Day, why aren't these people afraid they've got everybody else scared to death? There are a lot of people who are over the age of 60 who are literally afraid to leave home.


They're hibernating, scared to death. Now, you've got Pelosi, a bunch of other people running around with no masks, not concerned with social distancing, as though they know there's nothing to be afraid of. Now, why would they have that attitude? Why would they think there's nothing to be afraid? What do they know that we don't? Maybe someday we'll find out. That's a valid question. And now and the reason it relates to Biden, because Biden, the sole reason that Biden had to stay in the basement was what covid-19.


And the fact that he's 77. So he. Is particularly more vulnerable. To covid-19 than your average person, because he's 77, because he's got some mental acuity problems, but Trump is 70 some odd. And Trump's not bothered by it, but Trump's not been a hypocrite either. Trump makes no big deal about the mask. But these people have and Biden and Pelosi, they have told everybody got to wear the mask. And now they're you know, Biden's in the news again because he is now denying that he ever said he would make masks mandatory, which he did say we'll get to that in due course.


But the whole reason why Biden had to stay in the basement was covid-19. And they tried to tell us the district disadvantage as well. He doesn't want to be in the basement, you know, but he has to be and he knows that it's a decent man is trying to run a campaign from the basement. But covid-19 now all of a sudden, Plug's is going everywhere. All of a sudden, the polling data, the internal polling data showing that all of this negative stuff happening in the cities is being blamed on Democrats.


The focus groups and other polling data are showing that it's it's not helping them. Now, all of a sudden, oops, they got to go out and they've got to totally change. The perception how they are perceived in this, so now covid-19 is not enough to keep plugs in the basement. Now, how do you do that, how do you go from it's the only way I can stay alive? To following Trump all over the country, wherever Trump goes, Biden will be there in the next day or two.


And here's Pelosi going to the hair salon, here's Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg conducting a wedding and now nobody's wearing a mask while telling us we got to while warning us, here's Dr. Fauci, you better not go vote. And he doesn't say it in those words, but they're trying to convince everybody that leaves their home that you are in the gravest of dangers.


Even to vote, you need an alternative way to vote, getting your vote by mail, you need to vote absentee, but whatever you do, don't go vote.


You could get covid-19 what that means. You could die.


But they have no concerns. So Pelosi goes to the salon. Just oblivious to any potential danger now Plug's is out of the basement. I think they do need to be tied together if you. Or any of the Trump children or me, if we did, for example, what Hunter Biden did in the Ukraine, we would have been in jail already for five years.


Hunter Biden has been given a total pass. As has his father, Hiden Biden. For selling out the USA, so in very big ways and in very small ways, like getting your hair done when the salons shut down to everybody else, the Democrats collectively make laws they do not have to follow. They make laws that may even be unnecessary.


This is a big deal to me. They're not wearing the masks, but they're making everybody else wear them. They're requiring businesses in their states and cities to shut down, to stay locked down. But when they need to go to them, guess what? They're going to open up for them. And in Philadelphia, the mayor who has shut down indoor dining for everybody went indoors to dine earlier this week.


So this letter that Pelosi's daughter has released from a law firm to the salon owner, pure intimidation. This is pure intimidation of a small person, a little guy, the woman who owns the salon. By a big person, by the speaker of Luders, by the speaker of rioters, by the speaker of fires. By the speaker of protests. She gets caught breaking laws too big to admit it goes on offense, claim she was set up by this little guy.


The little girl, the salon owner, this is a fox, it is a horrible display of how the Democrats treat people, but it is worth it, not that sort of the salon owner, but it's this is a great illustration of how they literally think of people.


Particularly those they claim to be the number one champions of the little guy, the downtrodden people the Republicans don't care about, well, there's been a 180 on that. It's the Republicans who now do care about the little guy. It's the Republican Party is not the Republican Party of even 10 years ago. This is a party that is devoted to the little guy. The Republican Party is the party devoted to the people who make this country work and helping them.


Championing them, making America great for them so that their opportunities remain as they always have, unique and special. Because they are Americans, it's the Democrats that are trying to snuff all of that out. If you vote for any Democrat, I'm just if you vote for any Democrat, you are voting for a split system of justice. On all matters of law, big and small, if you vote for any Democrat. You're voting for a two tiered system of law and order and you are voting for the mistreatment of little people, the average American, this little this episode you remember when the House post office, the House bank scandal erupted.


This is where this is nineteen eighty eight, eighty nine, this is where members of the House could go to their bank, the House of Representatives had a bank. And they could write checks. And get money, they could write checks to cash for money they did not have in their accounts. It ultimately didn't matter what their salaries were, because it didn't matter if they had a constituent's check for ten thousand dollars, just go in and cash it. If they wanted to write a check to cash to the house bank for twenty five thousand dollars, they could do it and they just kept accruing.


As congressman, you owe the bank 50000. That's fine, I'll get to that soon as I get the money to pay you back. Don't worry about it, son. Nobody ever worried about it.


You know why and this that scandal, it was in part responsible for the Republicans winning the House in 1994, and I'll tell you why, because it was easy to understand. You can't. Write bad checks at your bank forever in perpetuity and have nothing happen to you. They did and they could. More properly stated, they could and they did, and it was. It's very simple. You can't go to your bank with a check for cash for ten thousand dollars and have them give you 10000 dollars when you don't have it.


Members of Congress could and did some of the amounts of money that were learned. So it's it would boggle your mind. It would surprise you. It was easily understood. This thing with Pelosi is easy to understand. She can pick up the phone and she can call a hair salon that is closed to the public. For indoor operations, and she can demand that they open up. And blow her out and give her the eggshell shampoo, whatever it is she gets.


She got caught on camera. She turns it around saying she was set up even though she made the phone call. Salon owner with a brilliant point, she made the appointment, if she can come in, why am I shut down? Why do I have to shut my business down if the speaker of rioters and looters can come in here, whatever she wants and get me to service her hair? It's a valid question. So that's why what Plug's is doing and why Pelosi and what she's doing matter, they need to be linked.


As illustrative and as examples of what the Democrat Party is, what they've become and where the country is headed under. Let's go to the salon owner. She was on Tucker Carlson last night, her name is Erica KIIS. Question if Nancy Pelosi feels comfortable using your salon, why can't civilians use it? Exactly.


And I'll be honest, in our area in San Francisco, I mean, we're obviously the last county or city to not open. We've been trying to figure that out. We've been asking ourselves these questions for the past four months, why we are not reopened. I just thought about, you know, my staff and people not being able to work and make money and provide for their families. And if she's in there comfortably without a mask and feeling safe, then why are we shut down?


Why am I not able to have clients come in?


Exactly right. Folks, that question, again, easy to understand. So the next question was Nancy Pelosi claims on camera that you orchestrated a setup to entrap her into getting her hair blown out without a mask. So this kind of did you do that? Did you really set up this poor woman? The speaker of the House was totally unaware of your trickery?


No, absolutely not. She had called the stylist and or her assistant it and made the appointment. So the appointment was already booked. So there's no way I could have set that up. And I've had a camera system in there for five years. I mean, I didn't go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in, set her up. So that's absolutely false.


Of course, it is. This little salon or sets up totally unaware. Speaker of Lotas, speaker of rioters, speaker of destruction, speaker of firebombs. She is going to get set up by a lowly salon owner.


But that's her story. That's how she's going to stick to it. You're with us all reminding me of it. She says she got set up. Let's go back sell-by number five. This is January 18th, 1990, Washington, D.C.. The former mayor of Washington, Marion Barry. He was arrested for smoking crack. In a hotel room with a hooker. And here is how he reacted after being arrested, so I so badly. He said it's simply amazing.


And he said, I'm going to we can. Wow.


I had forgotten it was that vulgar. These are the Biette set me up. That being it set me up, Pelosi saying the same thing in a hair salon owner, one more before we have to go to the break. This is yesterday. SanFrancisco. A radio program. The host said to the mayor of San Francisco, London, breathed the name of the mayor, did Nancy Pelosi violate San Francisco's health order when she had her hair done, blowout and all that stuff?


Nancy Pelosi has done so much for this city and even this country in the midst of this pandemic and all that stuff that's happening around this election. She is in Washington, D.C., fighting against a tyrant every single day. We have a president that continues to divide us. And the reason why salons like this and other places can't open has a lot to do with where we are as a country and the fact that we have not had strong federal leadership. And that's what she's fighting against.


That should be the issue. That should be what we're talking about.


That's Trump's fault that they can't open the salons in San Francisco. Are you kidding? It's Donald Trump's fault. The tyrant, the tyrant. Trump is reason why San Francisco's salons are shut down. Got to go. Quick time out. Rush Limbaugh.


The EIB Network will be back right after this. You know, before we go to the phones here, grab sound bite number seven, one more. This is John Kennedy was on last night on Hannity. Trey Gowdy filling in. John Kennedy, senator from Louisiana. And Trey Gowdy said to him, What do you make of this Nancy Pelosi story? She's been set up. She's been mistreated after going there and going to blow out with her hair. What do you make of all this?


Speaker Pelosi is part of what I call the managerial elite. They can strut sitting down. They live in the condos with the high ceilings and the important art on the wall. I call them the shaved truffles crowd. Here's the managerial elites message to the ordinary Americans. You're a bunch of morons. Oh, and by the way, you're also a bunch of racist. So you shut up, do what you're told. They think they're the smartest people in the room, but if they're the smartest people in the room, it's the wrong room.


Because if they ever get in charge, you know this. They're going to put America in the ditch. They're going to beat the crap out of America. And the American people don't deserve that.


No, I had a phrase he's calling them the the shaved truffles crowd. I once called in the arts and croissant crowd, but he pretty much nailed them who they are. Here's Tom in Los Angeles. I'm glad you waited, sir. You're up next here on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hello. Good morning, rush hour, good afternoon for you, megadose many prayers for you and thank you, sir. I wanted you very much really quick. Last year, my son and I read your first version of your book.


That was his project. He was eight years old at the time. We read every single word of it. First book he ever read. Very proud.


Anyway, the reason I'm calling is I used to be a sex prosecutor. I guess we would call in California and I am absolutely against this bill, but I.


Wait, wait, wait, wait. I didn't hear used to be. Did you say a sex prosecutor?


Yes. OK, I prosecuted sex crimes in a all right. County in California. And I want you to be assured, though, that even certainly the penal code has been degraded over the years and it just keeps getting worse and worse. But I do want you to know that it's still going to be the law of the land, that any sex crime against a child under 14 is a felony, and that's three, six or eight years. And if it was done by force, it's five, eight or 10 years that's still on the books.


What they're trying to change here and I don't want to sound like I'm defending it. I'm not I'm against it. But I want you to understand that there's sort of a the defense attorneys will call it a loophole where there's a list of crimes that are mandatory registration in California for whatever reason, what they call statutory rape, which is intercourse with a person under 18, was not on the mandatory list unless the child was under 14. So I think what they're trying to do with this bill is address victims between the ages of 14 and 18.


What would sometimes happen when I used to handle these types of cases and they weren't usually LGBT people, it might be a 18, 19 year old boyfriend, high school person, and then a younger female. And if they engaged in oral sex, it was mandatory that they had to register sex offender, but not if it was intercourse. So I think that's what they're trying to change here. I'm not for it, but I just want to understand that I think the example you gave of an 18 year old with an eight year old.


Got you going to be all right.


I appreciate the call. Thank you. Thanks so much. We'll be right back after this break. Don't go away.


Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day because I am America's real anchorman. I am America's detector of truth and the doctor of democracy. And we are all here every day combined as one harmless, lovable little fuzzball.


Karen, North Canton, Ohio, your next welcome to the program.


Hi, Kyra. How are you? I'm good. I'm good. Thank you very much. Great.


Hey, thank you so much for taking my call, sending your prayers from an educated suburban female. You go, are you white? I am. All right. Are you going to vote for Trump? I am. All right. Well, that's counter counter to what they tell us is going on in suburbia. Glad to have you with us. Thank you.


Hey, I'm calling about Nancy Pelosi's claim that she was set up. And I just wanted to say we teach our little children that taking responsibility, it means not blaming others and making yourself a victim. And Speaker Pelosi claims to be looking out for the little guy. But I'm wondering about this shop owner who indicated that, you know, not only did she not set up Nancy Pelosi, but now as a result of Nancy's comments, she's getting bombarded with nasty texts and calls and even death threats and poor Yelp reviews online.


Well, exactly. She's got to go fund me page now to help defray expenses. But this is classic, you know, folks. I sometimes 30 want two years and counting here behind the golden EIB microphone for all of those 32 years, who the Democrat Party is has not been a mystery to me.


I've known who they are, what they are all about for as long as I've been old enough to be able to make sense of matters like this, politics, culture, you name it. And they are the exact opposite of the way they present themselves.


Now, look at this. Here you have a salon. This is in Pelosi's own district in San Francisco and the Democrat Party my whole life.


You know what they have really survived on?


They have compassion. For helpless people. They care. It is almost the number one identifying characteristic of liberal Democrats. They care, you don't if you're a conservative Republican, you don't care, you don't really care about people, you only care about yourself and a lot of money. You don't care about the homeless and you don't care about the hungry and you don't care about thirsty.


But they do. And they have ridden that to election victory after victory. After victory. They've led that to cultural and moral superiority in the minds of the American people. And they've done a great job of branding themselves as people who care.


No more.


That's why I've always said that liberalism is the most gutless choice you can make because it's so easy, so easy, you see some suffering on the street corner.


You look, oh, isn't that horrible? We have to do we should do something about that is so bad.


And you immediately are claimed to be a great person because you've seen suffering and you noticed it.


And you cared about it. Did you ever do anything to fix it? Hell, no. Don't have to. That's the brilliance of liberalism, you have to fix anything, you just have to tell people that you care. You just have to convince people that you care. And then they'll think you do no matter what else you do or don't do. If you care, then as far as people are concerned, you're a better person. And then if you come along as a liberal Democrat same time telling everybody you care, that the Republicans don't care, that they don't have any compassion.


Then you've got a double whammy victory, so here we are, Nancy Pelosi has this salon that she apparently uses. I don't even know if that's true, but she needed to get a blow out, she needed to get her hair done. The problem is hair salons are not open for business inside. Did that stop Pelosi? Well, no, she calls up demands to have an inside appointment and of course, she got it. Then when everybody saw that Nancy Pelosi did not have to abide by her own rules.


What did Nancy Pelosi do? She attacked. The very people liberal Democrats claim they care about. She is out trying to destroy this woman. Nancy Pelosi immediately goes on offense, claim she was set up, can you believe the speaker of the House get set up by some hapless salon owner in San Francisco?


What does that say about the talent and the qualifications of Nancy Pelosi to be set up by a salon owner?


So now Pelosi and her supporters have set about a project and the project is ruining this woman, Pelosi and her voters supporters. What have you. The people who care, the people who have a lock on compassion are now engaged in an all out nationwide effort to ruin. This woman. They've been trying to ruin Donald Trump and his family and his supporters for four years and counting. They've been trying to ruin anyone they see as standing in their way, this woman, all she did.


Was defend herself because she was coming under attack for opening up. Well, the speaker of the House Call made an appointment, came in and there was videotape of it. Everybody is seen it, Pelosi couldn't have that, so now they're out. Death threats trying to force the woman to close her business, whatever it takes to punish this woman, this salon owner in such a way that everybody else sees it. Every other similar type business owner in San Francisco and elsewhere sees it and doesn't dare try it themselves.


So this is the party of compassion, this is the speaker of the House, of the party of compassion. This is who they are. And I've known this is who they are for all these years. And it's been so frustrating trying to convince people.


It has been a massive, never ending ongoing project. Try to inform or educate ideologically people about the truth. Of the modern day liberal Democrat, now it's worse than ever because now they have become the radical left mainstream, they are the champions now of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist entity and Antifa and Occupy Wall Street. There's nothing compassionate about them. There's nothing even nice about them folks. Why does this woman's hair salon have to go out of business, why does this one have to be destroyed?


Why does this woman have to be ruined? Pelosi supporters are not going to stop until they get this done. And yet everybody going to run around all the Democrat Party, the party of compassion, the party of people who care about the little guy. And it's the exact opposite. Now, it's an amazing thing at that Republican convention you can't find. Any Republican at George W. Bush wasn't there, Romney wasn't even Ted Cruz wasn't even there, but.


Donald Trump has remade the Republican Party in his own identity and ideology faster than it could ever be dreamed possible.


And he's got the support of 95 percent of Republicans. And it is now the party of blue collar employees and the working class and the little guy. That's who it is that wants America to be great again. That's who it is, knowing they will benefit if America gets back on the road to greatness again. America first again. Now, the Democrats have become the party of the rich, the party of Wall Street, the party of phony baloney, plastic banana, good time, rock and roller elites.


Who don't care who they ruin. Nor how they do it. In their quest for power ever back, Rush Limbaugh here on the EIB Network, and she's still up there. She's still out on line five. OK, Kathy, somewhere in Ohio, I'm going to see if I can make sense out of this, because if I understand this, then I got another point I want to make about Kathy somewhere in Ohio. You are a nurse at a children's hospital, right?


That's absolutely right. OK, tell me your story dumfounded.


I'm done.


At first, I just want to say how it's such an honor to talk to you. And my husband and I are praying for you all the time.


Thank you. I really because I believe they work and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much.


I do too. I'm a firm believer in prayer for sure. Absolutely. Yes. But I am a nurse. I've been a nurse for 42 years and I actually still work at the bedside. And like I said, people my age and I do work in a children's hospital and a pediatric ICU. Well, my daughter as well as my son both have children. They're in the same daycare and the daycare workers, it's a home daycare in the daycare provider.


And the assistance that she has all came down with the Koven virus. My daughter got it. My daughter and mom got it. And I think my actually my granddaughter had it as well. And I was around my daughter, my granddaughter, she stayed the night. We are in close contact.


Okay, okay. Hang on. Let me let me. Because because I need to make sure the audience gets this. You're a nurse. Childrens Hospital, relatives of yours, a number of them around whom you are in close proximity came down to covid-19. That's exactly right. You're thinking the hospital will not want you anywhere near the hospital since that happened, probably enough to quarantine, right?


That's exactly right. Plus, I had had some mild symptoms. We've had some weird weather weather changes in that.


And except the hospital didn't do that. They wanted you to keep coming in, right? That's correct. So what they told me was I called the hub. I got the test. I was negative. And then the nurse I spoke with from the hub said over the phone it was like one of those virtual visits where you look, it's like a FaceTime video thing. And then she said, yes. So you still can't leave your house. This is about a month ago that this happened.


So you can't leave your house. We don't want you leaving their house unless it's for medical reasons. You still need to be quarantined for the 14 days. I don't want you going to work. And I'm going to email you a note for your employer so that you don't have to work. And she went through all this stuff, but then she missed the little flag on my chart saying I was an employee. And so I said, OK, well, you'll need that's good.


I need to have the letter because I need to give it to my manager. I worked in the ICU and she goes, Oh, are you oh. So you're a team member? And I said, Yeah. And then she said, well, this is going to sound kind of funny, but we actually are going to have you come to work. You just need to self monitor.


All right. All right. That's it. That's the pay off. So they originally were going to have your quarantine and then they found, oh, my gosh, she's a nurse in the ICU. And they said, we need you.


Yeah, yeah. And she's I said, yeah. And then she said, yes, you will have you monitor your symptoms if you develop any further. Sometimes if you start a fever. But yeah, we still need you to come to work. Right. OK, so here's here's the look.


I don't mean to be rude, but I've got limited time here and I've got a point I want to make. I want to put all this together. So she's a nurse at a children's hospital. Close family members of hers tested positive. It had covid-19 she tested negative policy normally would be. She is quarantined at home two weeks. Can't risk it. Then for some reason, they find out that she's a nurse and very crucially needed nurse. And never mind, you know what?


Go ahead and come in, even though under normal circumstances she would be quarantined for two weeks and she was going to point out this is political. They're obviously not concerned about this if they're concerned. I've been surrounded by covid-19 people. I don't have it yet, but who knows? And she was going to make the point that this is more political than it is medicinal or medical. And it's exactly right.


It is exactly right. So they wanted her a nurse for forty years to continue to come in.


Once they found out that she was fulfilling an important function in the hospital as a nurse.


Folks, it's no different, this is it's a this is of course, this is political because everything in our country is that the left has touched. If the left has anything to do with it, climate change, covid-19, whatever. I guarantee you, it's been politicized. Let me give you another example. The White House Thursday night acceptance speech, Donald Trump, Republican Convention. During his speech and the immediate aftermath, here comes the media bellyaching and whining and moaning and nobody is wearing a mask.


There wasn't any social distancing. They accused Trump of conducting a super spreader event outdoors.


Yep, Donald Trump, no compassion. See, Donald Trump doesn't care Donald Trump. All he cares about is whether he's got it or not and he doesn't. So he doesn't care. So they rip Trump and they rip the people that attended Trump's acceptance speech as knowingly. Participating in a super spreader event, by the way, there's no way an outdoor event can be a super spreader, I don't think there's one on record, but what happened?


Speech ends and those same people engaging in very compassionate behavior are then accosted and attacked.


And some are physically intimidated and threatened as they're leaving the White House. Nobody's concerned about whether or not the protesters, the attackers. Black Lives Matter. Do they have covid-19, they weren't social distancing, they weren't wearing masks and there wasn't one complaint about it.


And you know why? Because protesting Donald Trump and protesting Donald Trump's supporters is worth getting covid-19. It's a sign of how much people are devoted to the cause.


And there are countless other examples where. People engage in protest activity against Trump. Without wearing masks, without proper social distancing, without doing any of the guidelines that we are all told we must follow, and there's not a syllable of criticism for those people. Same thing with with our nurse here in Ohio. Once it was found out that she was needed to hell with the rules with the regulators. The hell with the fact that she was surrounded by family members, tested positive for covid-19 didn't matter.


We still need her at work, even though she could at any time test positive because she's been surrounded by people.


Now, folks, how do you do that? What must they know that we don't know about this? That permit such willy nilly random. He really is the fastest three hours in media, two of them are already completed, and we got one more big exciting broadcast hour to go. Folks, hang in and be tough. We will get to it. We still have lots to get through today.


There is some stuff that I hadn't planned on taking as much time as it has, but that just leaves all kinds of good stuff to hit when we get back.


Well, I'm sorry, what am I losing touch with? What's going on? I don't know how that matters. I just. I think Biden going to Kenosha has a whole lot of other ramifications to it, besides whenever this guy that got shot dead anyway, we're back, folks. Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network, great to have you here. And a telephone number if you want to join us, 800 two eight two two eight eight two. And the e-mail address will rush EIB, not that U.S..


I also heard something about Blake's father, who is something something strange.


You know, the there are all kinds of people out there who are trying to I don't know what they're trying to do by pointing out what the Blake's past might be, criminal history or whatever. To me, it still doesn't justify them getting shot. But Biden going in to Kenosha after telling everybody Trump shouldn't have gone and that he wasn't going to go. And now Biden's going to Kenosha.


I mean, I. What it tells me is that Trump is doing the right things instinctively, the Democrats are trying to manipulate Trump into not doing things in his best interest. Trump is not listening to them. He's doing this stuff anyway. And after he does it and it works, then Biden and the Democrats figured they've got to do the same stuff. So that's why Biden's going in to Kenosha, because Trump had a successful visit there. The reason they didn't want Trump going to Kenosha, they didn't want people to see the destruction that had taken place there.


Just like for them, all those 60 days excuse me, have riots in Portland, they didn't want anybody to see that.


They wanted to try to play that down for a while, then after a while, they couldn't play it down because the some point some conservatives with cameras started going out there and recording it.


When that happened, then the powers that be started trying to blame it all on on Trump. And that didn't work. Last week, polling data, focus group data clearly showing that it was Democrats paying the price for riots and lootings and everything else destroying their cities, so they had to totally change their behavior and their philosophy about it. And that's you can see last Sunday, you can see the tsunami coming of them trying to blame Trump. For the things that that they are doing now, there's polling data out here.


From the Hill, dotcom, Trump adds to lead in Georgia now the polling that's out there today is all over the place. It's tough to make sense of it. The Fox News poll is just. In one way, it's it's maddening and don't misunderstand, I don't expect the Fox News poll to reflect the Fox News primetime programming. I know the Fox News poll, they take pride in that poll, that poll. They want that poll to be as independent of the programming that's on FOX as it can be.


So if the Fox News poll comes back and shows all kinds of negatives for Donald Trump, they're happy about it. In a in a professional sense, you know, the people that run Fox know full well that primetime is full fledged, honest as the day is long, conservative media, conservative ideological tone and everything else influence.


But the polling that these pollsters are very serious about their work and they don't want the polling to simply reflect the identity of the network, and I'm sure the people of ABC and CBS and NBC and The Wall Street Journal, New York Times would tell you the same thing. Fox News is no different, but the Fox audience has different expectations. The Fox audience expects the Fox News poll to be a little bit more honest or what they think is honest or more sympathetic to the Trump.


Than the other polls are, and it isn't, is it is it still poking along in their Brian or is it speed up? OK. All right, well, let's look at some of this as a comparison, Georgia is basically not a swing state. So I'm assuming nobody's spending much money on polling in Georgia, and yet after the Republican convention, Trump's numbers went up there. Now, what makes Georgia any different than North Carolina in its overall reaction to these two conventions?


The North Carolina poll we cited yesterday had Trump up the Fox poll has Trump down, North Carolina is a bluer state than Georgia, but the same effect should happen in North Carolina after the conventions. And it ought to be, but it isn't. Georgia, after the conventions, Trump forty seven point nine, Biden forty point five, Georgia before both conventions, Trump forty seven point four, Biden forty four point five. So basically, Trump held steady.


He lost a half a point in Georgia after the conventions, Biden lost four and a half points. It's a statistically significant change, basically, the Republicans consolidated behind Trump, they appeared to like the message from the convention. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it looks like the Republican convention made a big difference for Trump, but it didn't for Biden.


Here's another one from the Washington Examiner, dead heat. Trump erases Biden's eight point lead in Pennsylvania as blacks abandoned the Democrat Party. Now, your problem. I've seen stories where it's just the exact opposite today that Trump is having trouble in Pennsylvania. Two is pull ahead. This story says former Vice President Biden calls himself a kid from Scranton, has lost his wide lead over President Trump. The latest Rasmussen Reports poll showed that both are tied at 46 percent significantly.


Among the 82 percent of voters who said they are certain how they're going to vote, Trump has a two point advantage at 51 49. Rassmussen is the second poll in two days. To show the race in Pennsylvania, it's a big battleground state to show that it's become a statistical tie. The Monmouth University poll said yesterday that Biden had a lead of one to three points there. Now, the Fox poll has Biden winning Pennsylvania. That's what I mean about it being all over the place.


Rasmussen poll, a Monmouth University poll, just the exact opposite. I know, I know you're all smirking at the rush. What do you what do you care? You're the guy that tells us polling data right now doesn't matter. And I still believe that. It's just that it's so much a part of the news. You got to talk about it.


And you remember, folks, when I said back in March. Back in January, just before covid hit January, February, even go to May, and then even in June, one of the things I said was that the events that are going to determine the outcome of the election in many ways haven't even happened yet. And a lot of people disagree with me, particularly after covid, because people love Rush. That's big covid could be the sole determining factor.


And yeah, possibly depending on what other things happen and depending on what happens with covid. If the publicized covid death toll is a thousand people a day a month away from the election and yeah, the election is going to be about covid and it's going to be about how the people in charge at the moment are dealing with it.


And then number two will be the economy. This is why the left is scared to death over Trump talking about this vaccine business and that it might be ready to go before November. They send Foushee out.


There's no way they may have a candidate or two. But I don't see a vaccine being practical and applicable before the end of the year. They're doing whatever they can to dissuade anybody from believing that that much progress has been made this quickly on. A vaccine, so. But yeah, it could be the determining factor. Donald Trump knows this, the whole Trump campaign would know this. In fact, I have to tell you, I in the traditions, American political traditions and in presidential elections.


It's just the way it is, whether it's fair or not. And people a lot of people do not get into the issues of politics nearly to the degree you and I do.


You've heard that only now are people actually beginning to start paying attention. And that's traditionally true around Labor Day after the conventions, that's when people who have other things to do and other things on their mind that are not their world is not governed by politics. That's when they start paying attention.


And one of the other little factoids. And it's it's not always true. The incumbent party. Is really a prisoner to or a beneficiary of. Currency. Whatever is happening now. So if the economy is tanking or if there's big trouble in the economy, that's all that will matter, not why. People are not going to say, well, it was going great, but then the virus came along and we had to shut down. And so Trump shouldn't be blamed.


They don't get into it in that degree of detail.


They have to be told. They can understand it, but they have to be told it has to be part of a campaign you engage in, that you run the risk. If you're the Trump people are being or sounding defensive about it. You don't want to say, hey, it was going great, man was going great. And then the virus, the China virus, and we had to shut it down. And it's not our fault and it's going great.


We're going to do it again. You have to be they have to be real careful about how they explain this.


Because they do have the truth on their side, the truth is in three years, this economy was setting records and it was beneficiary, beneficiary to minority groups that had never had this kind of benefit before. African-American unemployment, historic all time lows. Ditto Hispanics, ditto women. Wages were going through the roof upwardly, it was more people working in the labor force than at any time in recent 50 year history. Stock market, main street, the whole of the U.S. got jobs, manufacturing jobs have all come back.


And in two months, bye bye. That's all it took, not even two months, six weeks of shutting down the American economy and it's all gone. Now, are most people going to remember when it's November 3rd or whenever they vote, if it's by mail, if it's by absentee, if it's by showing up at polling places, are they going to go? And, you know, Trump was really kicking butt in this economy and then the virus came along.


And it's not Trump's fault they're going to vote. Current circumstances and the current circumstances are that we're running out of unemployment compensation benefits. We a lot of businesses are still not open. Some may never open restaurants and so forth. And they're going to struggle to see the positives, even though they're in the process, even though Trump's doing a grand and great job of rebuilding.


The left is keeping seven large states shut down that will retard national economic growth. Illinois, New York. Wisk, Washington State, Oregon. Any number of these? Places can have, if they're combined, a negative impact on the national economy roaring back. And then you throw covid in there and. To me, folks, it is a monumental series of things that Trump has to overcome, he didn't cause any of it. He didn't cause the virus, he has saved America from the worst of the ravages, he didn't create this economic mess.


He he actually set the economy up so strong that we have been able to withstand this assault on the economy and not be wiped out and destroyed.


But that's. How many people are going to sit there and deduce that on their own and even if you're trying to tell them, are going to agree with it and understand that this people.


Are going to, you know, take stock of the way things are now and the problem that we have is the Democrats, it's going to be tough to blame them for anything that's going on now because they are not in power in Washington other than at the House of Representatives.


So this is a monumental campaign task that Trump has, it's why he needs all the support from all of us that you can possibly muster.


That's why you can't take for granted that Biden is going to be seen as the senile, incompetent Trojan horse that he is, even though all of that is true. It's going to take massive active support for Trump. He's got a profoundly difficult set of circumstances to overcome here, and he is a prisoner to them and has had nothing to do with why things are the way they are.


In fact, let me say again, if he hadn't had such robust success in reigniting and rebuilding the United States economy. I don't know if the country would have been able to withstand the impact of covid and the shutdown. I mean, we still have a fighting chance of rebuilding and coming back stronger than we were, and that's only because of the foundation that Trump established in the first economic rebirth of the first three years of his administration. Anyway, good time to take a break, because a programming format says do it now, so we will and we'll be back.


Hang on.


No, no, no. I was not being negative. I'm not being pessimistic. I'm being realistic here. And there's plenty of time for all of this to change. My point is that there are a lot of days left before this campaign, before the election, and there's any number of things that can happen that will totally change the way people are thinking about it. This election is not by any stretch cast in stone yet. It's not in any way etched in stone.


And do not doubt me on this. The Trump people understand that you're plenty happening this year, plenty happening this year. To give us perspective of what's important. And right up there at the top of the list is your relationship with family and friends, particularly if you're unable to spend the kind of time with them that you'd like to be. You know, it's covid business. It's just stopped everybody in their tracks, especially elderly members of the family.


They don't dare put themselves at risk because of what they have been told. So there aren't as many family get togethers. Holidays spent together are happening less and less, and as such, they take on more importance when they do happen.


You may have a bunch of family memories, for example, that are locked away on old videotape cassette, Super eight film, some of those old slide projectors, and that's just what they are.


They're locked away. You don't have any way to watch them. You don't have a Betamax player anyway. No, you don't have a VHS player. You don't have a Super eight projector, but you got all that stuff. How do you watch it? It's simple. Legacy box. Legacy box can fix this for you.


They digitally transfer all those old memories onto computer files, DVDs, thumb drives, downloadable files, all perfectly capable. Of being watched immediately again and again by anybody you want to give the key to. Legacy box makes it simple legacy box send you an actual box, it's protected, it's shielded so that harmful rays, X-rays, Andromeda Strain rays, whatever, do not destroy the data that you're shipping. You fill up that box, you ship it back to legacy box, and then they unpack it and they start the digital transfer.


They get it done in about two weeks and keep you advised during the whole process. And it's finished and they ship it back to you, all that stuff comes back to you exactly as you said it. Plus you get a thumb drive, a jump drive, you get DVD, however you tell them you want it. If you want a downloadable file on a server, they'll do that as well. So, you know, you've got this stuff, it's up there, and they can even they can even have still shots, old photos, they can digitize those for you.


The great thing is, once you've got this stuff, folks, you can duplicate it, you can edit it and give it to whoever you want to see it. Start the project this weekend, legacy boxes, Labor Day, 50 percent off sale, go online to legacy box dotcom slash rush. And get started, that's legacy box, dot com slash rush. That's the kind of stuff that some people think about trying on their own. It would be fun to do, but the equipment that does this at the highest quality is prohibitively expensive.


Let legacy box dotcom slash rush do it for you.


I've never seen a download this slow. I have never ever other than on my iPhone where I won't download period I've never seen. And download this low and we've got we've got gigabit either, meaning we've got it's senseless anyway. Welcome back, folks. Rush Limbaugh. And here we go to Valencia, California. Judy, you're next. It's great to have you here. Hi.


Hi. How are you? I make it prayers and love to you.


Well, thank you. Thank you very much. Oh, we love you. I just want to let you know that L.A. County reopened all the hair salons and barbershops yesterday right after the incident.


I know we talked about that yesterday and they opened up the 25 percent capacity as soon as this snafu happened with Pelosi. In Southern California, they did your L.A. County opened up the barbershops in the hair salons indoors, 25 percent capacity, and that was done to cover Pelosi's sizable rear end. I guaran damn tee. It was all part of that. These people, it's it's it's a Democrat state. I mean, you can you can, in a way, kind of marvel at the way they coordinate and work together to be a little envious of it.


You know, there aren't any never Pelosi's in that party. There aren't any, you know, never Bidens in that party. Well, now she might be a never Pelosi, but you notice that they're not letting AOC. She's not. Pelosi has not succumbed. To see you might call her the never Pelosi, but you don't even alsi, you don't see her doing what the never Trump has never the never Trump projects are actually out there trying to put together donors and massive numbers of voters to vote for Biden, never Trump.


Republicans are urging other Republicans to vote for Biden, and Trump has implemented policies that have been their life's work. They must have their noses out of joint that trumps the one doing it and not them. It doesn't make any sense. Well, it could well be that that AOC has a lot more power because Markey won because they were partners in stuff, but the thing that gives AOC her power is her age. She's going to be around a lot longer than Pelosi is going to be around no matter what.


I mean, just it's it's just the way it is. Anyway, I mentioned earlier in the big program that Jason Whitlock and another columnist have come out just firing both barrels at the NFL. This is Matt Walsh at The Daily Wire. Now, Matt Walsh's piece is headlined The Pathetic Moral Cowards of the NFL and the NBA. Jason Whitlock, Cowardice 2020 Pandemic Ravaging Roger Goodell, Troy Vincent and the NFL. Let me give you some full quotes from from Jason Whitlock, first formerly of the Kansas City Star and then ESPN.


And now he's working at an outfit called Out Kick. And he says the real pandemic destroying America is not covid-19, it's a lack of principle based, unselfish, masculine leadership that is what's destroying America. Let me repeat that. In his opinion, what's destroying America is the lack of masculine leadership that is based in principle. He says further that. What is destroying America is a failure of men. And enmasse, surrender to a secular culture that pursues status, wealth and power by any means necessary, and he means black lives matter.


He means Marxist communist organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa, and the fact that the NFL is cowering in fear to them is beyond the pale. We are eight days away from the start of the NFL season, and it is clear. Writes Mr. Whitlock, that my beloved National Football League will follow the NBA's path of turning its games into shrines for Black Lives Matter.


The name is George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, I'm on our Barry, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and other alleged victims of police brutality will appear on the back of NFL helmets. The league will paint social justice slogans in the end zone. They'll play the black national anthem before games, lift every voice and sing. Tuesday, in a joint news conference, Commissioner Roger Goodell and his top black assistant, Troy Vincent, publicly announced their capitulation. Two Black Lives Matter, also known as bigots love Marxism.


Goodell said the NFL stands with the black community, the players with clubs and fans confronting recent systemic racism with tangible. Let me tell you, just jumping. Let me tell once. Got it bugged. He thinks the players don't know what they're talking about, that they are easily hoodwinked.


They think he thinks that the players haven't the slightest idea who Black Lives Matter really is, even though they can easily find out, but they're not even taking the effort, making the effort to find out they are a Marxist organization. They are not civil rights based. They are not really rooted in police violence. That's simply their hook. They are genuinely anti-American, prone, Marxist, pro communists. And he can't believe that the NFL players, the black players are buying into this, he can't believe that they're being so easily hoodwinked.


And he can't believe that the commissioner is not making an effort to tell the players what's really going on because all of this is ruining the game.


All of this is doing more damage to this game than these people can possibly admit because there is so much fear. A Black Lives Matter, and there's so much fear of the players walking out that the commissioner and his number one assistant, Troy Vincent, are doing anything, they're bending over forwards and backwards, whatever to let the players. Have their say and make the players think they are running the show, they're going about saving the NFL. In an entirely wrong way, this is what Whitlock's point is, and he can't believe it.


He can't believe there's not an adult male anywhere in the NFL to stand up and say, do we know what we are doing here?


Let me finish Goodell's statement here very quickly. We will not relent in our work, we will redouble our efforts to be catalysts for the urgent and sustainable change in our society and community so desperately need. I am so proud of everyone across our league and others who have taken a stand using their voices and platforms to continue to shine the spotlight on things that must change by listening and working and understanding our players. We built the foundation for tangible change. Whitlock says there's so much wrong with Goodell's statement, I hardly know where to begin.


He stands with the black community. Have they not noticed it's white kids burning down Portland, it's white kids burning down Seattle under the pretense of Black Lives Matter int.


But he's exactly right. It's furthermore, it's white suburban women, it's millennial aged white women who have been so guilt tripped over their white privilege. They are white people predominantly are leading the charge in the unrest. And Black Lives Matter is on the side, taking advantage of the other work that they're doing and they're being seen enough to have a connection to it. He says he stands with the black community, its white kids burning down Portland and Seattle. Confronting recent racism, there's no proof that George Floyds death had anything to do with his race.


None. Says Whitlock, same thing goes for Jacob Blake, Brianna Taylor, according to an excellent long form story in The New York Times, on the night of Taylor's death, Louisville police executed four separate raids related to the drug case involving Taylor and her ex-boyfriend. There was gunfire at just one of those raids, and that was sparked by Taylor's new boyfriend firing and hitting a police officer first. Anyway, he says, I digress. Let's return to Goodell and Vincent, the NFL's Starsky and Hutch.


Vincent, the league's vice president of football operations, said NFL players have the right to sit out games to protest social injustice, quote, They all have a choice, an individual choice and the right to either sit out or protest, however one would characterize it, Vincent said. Do all workers have this right or is this solely reserved for NFL and NBA players building social media brands? You mean just. Have the right, not the play, have the right not to show up.


I've yet to mention Vincent's most infuriating comment. He defended his push to get NFL owners to embrace Black Lives Matter by referencing his Christian faith, quote, I asked my lord and savior Jesus Christ to allow me to be a bridge builder.


And I try to stay on the premise of educating whether that's a player or a club owner. I just speak to humanity.


Whitlock says in ongoing and continued frustration, Black Lives Matter is founded in Marxism. Its founders have publicly acknowledged they're trained in Marxist political theory, Karl Marx was an atheist. Who preach that religion is the opiate of the oppressed Marxism, communism, socialism are all hostile toward religion. They don't permit it. Troy Vincent is building a bridge to Satan. Says. Jason Whitlock, it's a hard hitting piece in the Matt Walsh piece, Daily Wire is interestingly much the same anyway.


Got to go, folks, but we have much more on the other side. Be right back here.


You know what, folks? There could be a half dozen or more occasions today. When you're online, information is being used for one thing or another, it's become second nature to you to type in enough information to make a purchase that you want or to fill out an online form to participate in something else. You just you automatically assume that the information is kept private and secure. Otherwise you wouldn't use it as often as you do. It's just one of the your trusted and it's OK to do that.


The truth is, though, you really don't have any control over. How your data ends up being protected or used, your info goes into a big database which often becomes the target of an online cyber hacker, and those people, they work all day and night just chipping away at getting past the online security walls to steal that data. And I'm targeting you specifically. They're targeting everybody. It's valuable to them. You'll never know when your data's mixed up in such a data breach until the breach is announced and sometimes that can take weeks or months.


But there's one sure way to protect your online identity, and it's called LifeLock. You know this I've talked about this for so long now that, you know, it's just a matter of pulling the trigger on this. LifeLock online monitoring systems are constantly looking for evidence that your identity has been found and is being used illegally. They even have the online tools to spot when your identity may be on the dark web.


We're cyber thieves sell the information that they've stolen, LifeLock gets in touch with you the minute they spot foul play and ask you if you're behind it or not. Well, if you're doing whatever triggered them, then everybody goes away happy. But if it's not you and you report, no, that's not meet and get in gear, shutting it down as quickly as they can. Now, no one company can stop all identity theft, but LifeLock is the best.


There's nobody in their league sign up today and they will send you a free report on whether your identity is in some stolen database on the Dark Web.


LifeLock dot com slash scan is the website, this is new LifeLock dot dot com slash scan. Make sure you use my name to get 25 percent off one more time.


LifeLock dotcom slash scan. And in Bradenton, Florida, you're next. Welcome to our program. Great to have you here. Thank you.


And prayers to you for your ongoing situation. Thank you. Thank you very much. Time caller, long time listener. I have two comments, one to question, but the first comment I'd like to present to you and want your thoughts, it's in my opinion, over the over these past few months, I have thought that the kind of virus has colluded with the Democrats, schemed and planned to bring it to the United States to prevent Trump. President Trump down is that I've observed thought.


And how can it be proven?


Well, I think it could be proven. It would have been. You mean the Chinese worked with the Democrats to bring the virus to the United States to bring down Trump?


That's right. Isn't that a logical thing to think about, because the Democrats have tried to bring him down for so many with so many different things, the collusion and all this?


I think that it is such a logical thing to ask about. It is such a logical thing to be curious about that you are one of the few willing to voice it. But I think a lot of people have been paying attention to saying, hey, look, guys, you're right, they've tried everything under the sun to get rid of Donald Trump.


None of it worked. And then all of a sudden this virus from Wu Han hits and it's the Chinese and we know the Chinese are a bigger enemy than the Russians and we know that they pose a greater threat. They're a more advanced technological state than the Russian. I'm not trying to say the Russians are a bunch of slackers here, but no, it's it's a it's a very logical question. It's so logical. People are afraid to ask it because they're afraid that they're going to get ripped to shreds.


This conspiracy, kooks and freaks.


And and all that ever be proven, no, if if because I guarantee you people who think it have already been trying to prove it and we haven't heard word one about how just to be clear, I'm answering the woman's question.


Do I think it's logical to ask whether or not the Chinese planted the bomb? It's a logical question to ask. I didn't say I think they did it. It's impossible to know.


But it was a logical question that she had. I think we'll see you tomorrow. Fogg's.