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Welcome to today's edition of the Rush Limbaugh Show podcast. Yes, America's anchorman is away. And this is your undocumented anchor man, thrilled and honored to be here. No supporting paperwork whatsoever because we scoff at that kind of thing.


You know, the way this works, Rush will be back tomorrow if he is at full strength, because when he is at full strength, no one is at full strength. You need to stand well back from the receiving apparatus. When Rush is at full strength of his full strength, he'll be back tomorrow.


If not, he might be by me another day or so. But we want him to be at full strength. That's how this thing goes.


One 888 to 288 to Mr. Snottily is itching to take your calls. I love to hear from liberals who disagree with every word I'm saying and want to shove it down my gullet till I choke on it. But you've got to be good to get past Mr. Snyder. So if you give it a go, one 800 to eight to I don't want to I don't want to live in one of these bubbles. I'm just having my biases confirmed.


So if you truly think that Joe Biden is 10 points ahead, if you truly think that the scenes on the streets of Portland and Seattle and Kenosha and Rochester are the America you want to build from sea to shining sea, then give us a call, one 800 202 282 news it it never stops.


The president has been nominated by a member of the Norwegian parliament for the Nobel Peace Prize for his brokering of the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates or the crucial states as we old school types like to think of them. And actually, you could have nominated him for several things, not just in the Middle East, thanks to President Trump that there's movement on a peace peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo in the Balkans, doing tremendous things for world peace.


And he may never get the prize, but that record remains.


I also 3000 troops. That's what's going to be left in Iraq after the latest round of troop reductions is not quite in half. But he's chopping about 45 percent of the present number of troops there in Iraq. He's bringing them home.


We'll get into that a bit later because of this stuff we were talking about yesterday, the president's supposed attitude to the military and what Rush was talking about on.


Friday, which is that this is a seriously anti-war president and he's particularly against anti pointless wars, which is the ones we tend to get into and the anti endless wars.


In other words, if you've got no plan for victory, it's not a good idea to launch a war.


And as I mentioned yesterday, all the chiefs of staff who signed off on Afghanistan in the fall of 2001, you remember their names, though, all of their beach houses in Malibu where as American men who weren't born on 9/11 are shipping out to Afghanistan these days, Trump and Biden are tied in the battleground state of Florida.


Both get 48 percent of likely voters, it said. The interesting thing about this, though, is that Trump has a lead in Florida among Hispanic voters. Trump, 50 percent of Hispanics. And Biden, 46 percent if that were to hold.


And if that were to become a general, I mean, it's a big basically both these guys need to put Florida in their column or the arithmetic.


The Electoral College arithmetic gets very difficult.


But but Trump's lead among Hispanic voters in Florida is interesting, 50 percent to 46 percent. There's actually something interesting about all the chaos on the streets these last few months in that Hispanics, apart from, I think, one scene vignette in Chicago where a bunch of hard core Hispanics basically beat the Black Lives Matter crowd out of their neighborhood.


Hispanics have not been very much in evidence in the in the ructions on American streets these days. We'll talk about all that in the hours ahead, one 800 202 282.


We also have a guest I will be talking to.


Who who is who is who is the guest? This is it. Martina Navratilova. Is it Lenn from Dancing with the Stars?


No, it is Mr. Donald John Trump Junior who will be coming up a later in the show.


I just realized that I got three quarters of the way through that, that everyone was doing a big intake of breath when I said Mr. Donald Trump.


And then and then I added the word Jew, which I didn't mean to sound like an anticlimax, because actually, if this were a normal campaign season, if this were like it were before March, Don Junior was actually the second biggest crowd puller on the Trump side of things, second only to the president himself.


And if this were a normal campaign season, he'd be out packing while his dad's packing, whatever the size of the things were, 40000 seat stadiums or whatever, Don Junior would be packing 2000 seat theaters across the land. We'll be talking to him a little bit later.


It's getting weirder and weirder. This the fantastic thing. I always say this four years ago, what I loved about it. By 2016, I was so tired of the conventions of American presidential campaigning. You know, the massive ad buys a soft focus ads the John Kasich campaign aides say was the son of a mailman, rubbish them, mawkish, subsistent drivel, all that that kind of they're so sick of it. And I just love the way Trump bus through that.


And and and did the whole thing on his own, and I talk about that time I saw him very early on, it was before the I think it was a couple of weeks before the New Hampshire primary. And and he was appearing in Burlington, Vermont, the capital of Bernie Stani, taking it to the enemy's turf, which is great. And I saw him backstage.


And there's no one there except Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks and a guy who'd reached the quarter finals in The Apprentice, I think, in the 2004 season.


And that was the only thing he was he was terrific. It was a terrific campaign because it was all candidate and no handlers.


And now the Democrats and everybody resented this, all the professionals who attach themselves like limpets to the rusting hull of a tugboat at the bottom of the Suez Canal, all those the consultants and the ad buyers and the focus group as they hated the Trump campaign because he didn't spend any money and he just did it by himself.


And so they they're having their revenge this season because putting up against a candidate who is like Trump is all candidate and no handlers. They have got a candidate who is all handlers and no candidate.


And it's it's amazing to me because they're as we saw with the AFL-CIO event, he's now actually when he's being asked a question, he actually has the answer to the question. Type 10, he stands there awkwardly for a few seconds as if he's just thinking about it. And then he starts reading tentatively as they start typing in the teleprompter. You can see if you look at the AFL-CIO footage of that event.


And what's also interesting is that Kamala Harris, she had this weird, awkward moment, just I think it was yesterday or the day before because she's supposed to be the one who isn't woozy and out of focus and is absolutely on top of which state she's in. So she should be able to take questions. And she's not taking questions either. Nobody actually knows who are the who are who. We've got to sock puppets now because we've got the presidential sock puppet and the vice presidential sock puppet.


So who actually is behind this campaign? Who's running this campaign is the complete opposite. It's the complete opposite. And this thing, it just to bring it back to this business about the U.S. military, which we'll talk about later, because as we mentioned yesterday, Trump is really strongly, viscerally opposed to the endless wars.


And you know something? If you talk to any veteran, if you get beyond sticking the stupid yellow ribbon bumper thing on the back of your car and saying thank you for your service, and you actually get into it with them, they loathe the they loathe the idea being sent off for these thankless, endless wars where you do your job. You know, wars are won by all elements of national power. It's not just a question of saying, well, we've trained these 20 guys over in the corner and we're going to drop them in Helmand Province in Afghanistan and let us know when you one boys and and keep us up to speed on it all.


You win wars with all elements of national power. And that's one reason why we don't win wars, because we think you can just train a bunch of guys, give them expensive equipment, drop them in the middle of nowhere and do get back to us in 20 years time. And these veterans have been sorely abused by an incompetent general staff and by a political class with no clear strategic objectives for war. And in fact, the great cowardice about identifying objectives, a great cowardice, a great moral cowardice about telling them the purpose and and about abusing a highly trained military by using them as basically international crossing guards.


And that isn't that isn't the way you win wars and you shouldn't launch wars if you're going to if you're going to do them.


This idea that Trump has insulted the military is all wrong.


A big part of his victory in 2016 was the fact that unlike Marco Rubio, unlike Jeb Bush, unlike all these other unlike Lindsey Graham, all these people want boots on the ground. There's hardly any place on the planet where Americans don't have boots on the ground right now. And Trump ran against these endless wars. They not only do nothing for the country, but they do nothing for the poor bloody infantry who have to fight them. And it's not A.M. A.


It may be a. general staff, it may be a. all the defense contractors making all this fabulously expensive equipment to to go and dither about in the Hindu Kush for two decades. But it's not anti the whole bloody infantry who have to fight these wars to take the attitude that Donald J. Trump. So we will talk about that and lots more straight ahead.


Today's edition of The Rush Limbaugh Show, one 800 two eight two two eight eight two.


Markstein in four Rush. I was I was complaining yesterday that some of the bumper music was too funky for me, that I was insufficiently funky to keep it together with the bumper music. But I think this this music is too unfunny, even even for a mark side for Rush on America's number one radio show, you know, one can Mr and Mrs Average, if you're still allowed to say that, do between now and Election Day.


Well, one of the things that's happened over the last six month is that tons of people are living where they would not be normally living.


I notice I live on the Connecticut River between far northern New Hampshire and far northern Vermont. And I notice if you go around New Hampshire, it's full of Massachusetts license plates on the roads.


And if you cross over the bridge into Vermont, Vermont's full of New York State license plates, because what's happened since the covid and since the lockdown and since the looting is that all kinds of people have fled the cities for the country.


So people who have summer camps, Boston people who have summer camps in Massachusetts have all fled to New Hampshire and New York City. People have summer camps in Vermont, have all fled to Vermont, and they're not going back. And this is true across the rest of the country, too. And as we know, basically, there are cities, there are blue cities. And once you get into the country, they're generally red, not always, but that's how it is.


Most so-called blue states are actually, in fact, red states that have never big a couple of big blue cities in them.


And so we're seeing all this movement and I don't know what this means for polling. Polling is rubbish. Anyway, as we were talking about yesterday, I basically figure that there's a five point undervote in the in the Trump polls. So when the official polls are saying that Trump is three points behind Biden, he's basically a point or so ahead.


But what does it actually mean for Election Day? I look at all these, you know, when you go to the general store and it's hard getting into the parking lot because there's all these obnoxious Massachusetts people or New Yorkers in there. And I'm thinking, what does this actually mean? On Election Day, for example, Trump lost New Hampshire by a very tiny number of votes, probably mostly fraudulent from college towns like Dartmouth College in New NH.


And he's in and it's still being shown somewhat to my surprise, as a as a swing state that could go it could go Republican or whatever.


But what if all those Massachusetts people are still at their summer camps and decide, as you can do on Election Day itself, that they're going to be voting in New Hampshire? That's that's going to take that's I don't know what kind of people are fleeing America's cities.


I think it's both liberals and conservatives.


But you would have to bet that it's just because of the way the populations of those cities are, that it's actually a lot more liberals fleeing liberal cities to conservative rural districts.


And I don't know what that means if those people are in the voting in conservative polling precincts on November the 3rd.


And so this is. You know, the way to approach them is this if you run into them, then, you know, pick a fight with these people or whatever, but look at this, they've been forced to choose between their value system and reality.


And they have decided that they can't stick it, that they can't. New York is dead. This guy, Cuomo, the governor, is just said, no, no, no, no, no. Whenever basically he's told those bars and restaurant owners that it's never going back to normal. So all the things that liberals like, like about liberal life in great cities, like being able to go and see great music and great dramatic entertainment, none of that is ever coming back.


That's dead. Meanwhile, you've also got this violence. You've got there's a story in the paper today about how 300 homeless men were housed in a hotel on the fancy, fancy Upper West Side of New York City and all the hoity toity fancy cheman on the Upper West Side as didn't like that. And they managed to get the city to take those 300 homeless people who are beginning to bother all the rich society matrons as they were perambulate down the street and said, no, no, no, you got to go and make them move somewhere else.


The point the point here is you have to lean on these people to say, you understand now there is a price to be paid. However wealthy you are, there is a price to be paid to signing on to all this nonsense.


It may sound nice in some fluffy bunny, perfect world celebrating diversity. That's not who we are. These may all be perfectly nice catchphrases for fluffy bunnies in an animated motion picture, but you you now understand that when you try to live it, it gets ugly pretty darn fast. And we need you. You've recognized that. That's why it's November and you're sitting in your summer camp in New Hampshire or wherever the hell it is. And we need you to recognize that not just in reality, you voted with your feet, but now it's actually time to vote with your pen or your ex or whatever you do.


And it's actually time to vote not just with your feet, but to vote vote as well. And that is the most important thing.


These guys have to understand that they can't have a qualified approach to reality on this subject.


One 800 202 282 Arush will be back tomorrow if he's at full strength.


You know what to do if you're if you're missing him. We know everybody misses him every day that he's not here. You can go and leave a message at Rush Limbaugh dot com.


It's on the menubar right at the top. It's even on top of the big Rush Limbaugh show logo. It's the third or fourth button along. You can leave a message for Rush. You can post a photograph or an amusing drawing or cartoon, or you can put a blow to Jeff to that as well. And he does love seeing those messages. And on the air we've been doing this. I think I had the misfortune, one of the grimmest, saddest days the day after he announced that he had this terrible lung cancer.


And I was here, I think that was the Monday and I was here on the Tuesday. And somebody called up, I think it was the first the second caller in the show and said we should reform the mega dittos and do mega prayers. And if you do mega prayers, Rush will know you're thinking of him and he will appreciate it. I didn't mention this story yesterday. Because I you know, with everything else that's that's going on, it's hard to top covid and then lock down and then looting and then statue toppling.


And I didn't really think gender reveal parties quite did it. But as you know, in San Bernardino, somebody had their gender reveal party. Is this thing where you discover the sex of your baby.


It's actually a sex reveal party, but I don't know that you can use sex in that sense anymore. Apparently all the. The no, no, it's not where you reveal your trans gender. I would do I would quite like to. Mr. Snowden is now all excited because he thinks it's a it's a gender reveal party is where you did you announce that you're transitioning and he's thinking, oh, that's great. I've got a real fantastic party trip for the next CAIB Christmas party.


It's where you just say it's more boring than that. It's just that you the doctor says it turns out you're expecting a boy or a girl. I don't even know whether the doctors do that anymore because a lot of people don't like to have the sex of their child or something or the gender of their child, a sign above. But they had this gender reveal party in San Bernardino and they let off some fireworks or whatever it was, and 8000 acres, 8000 acres burned in California.


This is a state that's already on fire. So there aren't that many acres left open. And this kid, when he's old enough, hey, you know, hey, we had a gender reveal party for you and we burned 8000 acres. Just for you, kid. Just for you, Junior. There are still all our neighbors are all still mad about it. They lost their houses because of our gender reveal party. The woman who invented the gender reveal party, Jenna Come Vaginitis has now said stop having these stupid parties for the love of God.


Stop burning things down to tell everyone about your kids penis. No one cares about you. Toxic masculinity is men thinking they need to explode something because simply enjoying a baby party is for sissies. So she's basically saying is that if you're going to have a boy, don't get so excited about your kid's penis that you need to burn down 8000 acres. I'm she's the one who started this thing in 2008 at the very first gender reveal party. She invented them by baking a cake with hidden pink icing inside the cake.


So you cut the cake and then everybody sees the pink icing and knows that you're going to be having a little girl. And just as the capper on this, just to go back to what Mr. Standley was saying, you thought it was something to transgender, as I did, because I basically assume that every story is about transgender things, particularly with all this looting.


These like transgender psychos who seem to be a big, large part of these Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Portland.


So you're like it's a mostly peaceful protest. And then the pit that's unpeaceful is some like psychotic transgender person comes charging out of nowhere and slams into you. But anyway, the woman who invented this trans this gender reveal party for her kid in 2008. So the key to now be about twelve years old. And she says he's now come out as non binary. And she regrets inventing the gender reveal party, you're going to have a boy, are you going to have a go?


You know, congratulations, it's a boy, all that kind of thing.


Who cares what gender the baby is assigning focus on gender at birth and so, so much of their potential and talents that have nothing to do with what's between their legs. Plot twist, she continued.


The world's first gender reveal party baby is now a girl who identifies as non binary and wears suits and that it's all.


If that was in a novel or a film, or it would be too obvious that the baby for whom the gender reveal party was invented is now non binary. I will make another point about this. Generally, Mr Sadly, before the show was asking whether they'd been much in the way of Black Lives Matter protests around me and I couldn't think of any in New Hampshire, but they have actually had them.


In Burlington, Vermont, you know, the capital, Albany, Stan, it's a college town. It doesn't actually have a lot of black people. And in fact, in the Black Lives Matter protests in so far as they have been witnessed by me or anybody of my acquaintance, they have been all white. And interestingly, in Grand Isle County, Vermont, which has a population of about 6000. It's the Lake Champlain Islands.


The sheriff in the police blotter made a point of noticing that some people there have been Black Lives Matter signs put out and what what have you.


And basically, there was a someone who put out a Trump sign and a magazine and had them trashed by Black Lives Matter supporters, and in fact, he turned out to be a black guy and he's basically the only black guy in Grand Isle County.


Don't don't don't call in and say you're wrong. There were at least four. I'm making a general point that basically the black population of Grandal County, Vermont, is zero point whatever, extremely low.


And this and the one black guy, the one Trump supporter they trash is the token black guy. That's that's how it's going now. And I then was looking at the stuff on from Rochester, New York. Where I was last year on on tour and the police chief has just resigned and he's black, he's resigned because the riots are now entering their second week, the nightly riots, he's had enough of having his character impugned.


He's black. The mayor who's accepted his resignation is a black woman. And what's fascinating to me is that all the almost all these cities are run like Chicago with Lori Lightfoot, almost all like the black police chief in Portland, all these cities, the officials are all black and the Black Lives Matter. People in the streets rioting are predominantly white. It's the bizarre thing. Essentially, you have unhappy, miserable white people rioting against black municipal administrations. It's as if someone's completely flipped the way it used to be half a century ago when you had black people rioting against white racist administrations.


And we have unhappy, miserable, sour people rioting against black. That's why you have these extraordinary scenes like like this black woman, I think it was in Portland. People are blocking the streets. She has to get out and tell the white people to stop blocking the path of the black person, almost as if they're Bull Connor and the gang trying to prevent her going to some schoolhouse in 1960, whatever it was. It's absolutely extraordinary, particularly at a time when just today Hollywood is announce, oh, we're not going to accept any nominations for best picture unless they've got the requisite number of diversity categories in.


Well, why don't they apply that standard to Black Lives Matter? How come Black Lives Matter is full of all these unhappy white people, these emaciated cis men, these these these soft, genteel pajama boys, easily triggered by everything, but happy to go along with these huge numbers of white women trashing the town and these not just white cis women, as they say, but these white trans women coming out of nowhere and trashing the town. It's an absolute to be if you saw this in a motion picture, you'd say, how did Hollywood ever let this get a best picture nomination?


We got this great. We thought we were going to say something about the noble struggle of the black man for social justice. And instead, it's just a lot of beefy, violent white women. And I think it's to do with the fact that right now, actually the people most psychologically unhappy in our society are are are young, a young white people who bear the burden of being told that everything about them is evil and racist.


And the only way you can do it is to become an ally, as they call it now.


I think that term arose in the context of LGBT equality identity groups that you could be an ally. So it didn't matter if you weren't actually into having penetrative intercourse with the person of the same sex.


You could still be an ally and show how nice and fluffy you are on these things.


And I think that takes its toll. That's why it's all the all the Democrats. It's all the lefties who are being caught in all these blackface scandals. You look at that crazy guy, governor of Virginia, he's like he's been in a racist party. It's a party that's been racist for 150 years. And then it's told it has to turn on a dime and become the most pro black, pro, Muslim, pro, lesbian, pro, whatever party takes its toll.


Not surprising, he's got all these photos of himself either in blackface or in a Klansman. So it must be very stressful if you're in a party that's been racist for a century and a half, suddenly to turn into a virtue, signalling that it's the same thing with Justin Trudeau. He's the most ostentatious virtue signaler in the world. And so how do you cope with that? He cope with it by dressing up in blackface. Tilley's in early middle age, shoving a banana down his pants and singing Deyo day or just didn't come and me wanna go home.


It's it's unhappy white people.


It's, it's, it's the scenes on the streets are actually a testament to what happens if you tell young white people everything about them is unusual. Next thing you know, black lives matter. Black lives matter. Have you made a black person. I'm not even sure you can say anyone in the Burlington, Vermont chapter of Black Lives Matter has ever actually met a person who is non Caucasian. If you want to disagree about that, give me a call, one 888 to 282.


But the reality of these demonstrations is getting very weird.


Markstein in for Russia.


As I said, we have Donald Trump Jr coming up later in the show.


He's the second biggest draw on the Trump side of things.


So if we had a normal election campaign, he would be out there appearing in front of thousands and thousands of people. In packed theaters and packed stadiums, but we don't have a normal election campaign season. And I wonder how long and as I remarked yesterday, the timing on this thing is that basically we had Super Tuesday and then in the next 48 hours, all these loser candidates, nobody remembers, like Mayor Pete and the nice lady from Minnesota, they all dropped out and no one remembers them anymore.


And and then just as you were thinking, OK, now Joe Biden is just going to go mano a mano with with Trump, very conveniently, the whole thing shut down.


So he's been in his basement for six months. And then he does these events, which are so bizarre because they're not even social distancing. The social distancing is supposed to be six feet. You know, that if you go and get a coffee at Starbucks, all these places where they draw these little rectangles on the sidewalk out for you to wait in while you get your coffee, that's always very useful, actually.


I bet Hitler and Mao and Stalin at their Monday night poker game in hell are kicking themselves for that, for saying, hey, why didn't we why didn't we think of making citizens stand in circles and rectangles on the sidewalk?


But he he social distancing not by six feet, but with something closer to 12 feet. Mark Steyn in for us. We'll take your calls. Straight ahead, Mark Steyn in for Sean, America's number one radio show. Let us go to Jeff in Jacksonville, Florida, the very critical state. Jeff, what's on your mind today?


Hey, Mrs. Dunn, I got to disagree with you on your first point when you said the people who are going to be fleeing the state because of Corunna and going to other states. But I got this degree and here's why I think that these people three, four months ago when they were leaving these big cities and states, going to they're either going to their vacation homes and stuff, the last thing they were thinking about was their local precinct. So I think that they're not going to be doing mail in ballots because the ballots are going to be sent to their previous house also.


So I think it's going to be right. Well, we we don't we don't know.


That's that's the short answer to that.


But the thing is, it's true when you flee if you fled New York in April and so you've been at your summer camp and I know people like this who've been they normally spend a couple of weeks of their summer camp and they've been there since April now.


And it's you're right, they weren't thinking about where they were going to vote when they when they loaded up the car and headed out of New York. But but the months long and life gets a bit slow and they start switching on the TV and following the politics. And if they vote in some of the places where their summer homes are located, that I do think that could make a difference. The truth is, though, Jeff, you might be right.


I might be wrong. Nobody knows. That's what makes this election season so fascinating. Thank you very much for your call. Jacksonville remains a critical city in a critical state for both for both parties.


It's very difficult if Biden loses. Biden right now is doing a lot worse in Miami-Dade County, in Florida than Hillary did on election night. If you believe these polls and as I said, nobody, no nobody knows millions of people are going to be where they were this November compared with where they were last November. So who knows? It's a crapshoot. We don't really know. And whether we'll know by 10 p.m. on election night is also unclear.


Mark Stein for us. We have lots more still to come.


You know, Mr. Snottily just reminded me that these people in the these white people in the Black Lives Matter protests are the same ones who object to a Taco Bell opening because that's cultural appropriation and just connected back with what Governor Northam and Justin Trudeau were doing when they when they get into the old black face and start singing the old Mammy songs.


I actually think I actually think there's a large element of Black Lives Matter that is the new minstrelsy. That is the new mammy singers. These are the these are the 21st century version of the Christy Minstrels. They want the vibe. They want the frisson of black culture, even though they're pasty faced white. So you have this Black Lives Matter movement. All these deeply unhappy white people out on the street are essentially appropriating alleged black social justice issues so that they can go looting and rioting all night.


That is actually the equivalent of putting on the old blackface like Justin Trudeau and getting down on one knee and singing Rock a Bye Your Baby with a Dixie melody. It's basically it's basically social justice minstrelsy.


Markstein for us, Matecumbe.


Hey, it's Buck Sexton here we are in the height of an election season that will determine the future of the country. Who are you going to listen to? Who can you trust? Join me in the freedom hunt, the one place where you know, you'll get the straight story from a conservative perspective. Joe Biden, somebody who's been a machine politician in the Democrat Party from Delaware for longer than I've been alive. And nobody thought he was impressive. No one thought he had great leadership until about five minutes ago.


They're trying to fool you. They're trying to pull off a con, a fraud against America. And Joe Biden is the con man and the biggest names and the heaviest hitters in politics, trust me.


So we've done a lot. But can we have some great support for your viewpoint is very important to make. Very, very important. That's how we got to know each other.


Buck Sexton, formerly of the CIA. It's great to be back on the bus accident show.


I Heart Radio is number one for podcast and it's easy to see why. Listen to the Buck Sexton show on the I Heart radio app or wherever you get your podcast.


Yes, America's Anchorman is away. And this is your EIB anchor baby. Beyond the reach of all deportation. Authorities thrilled to be here. Honored to be. It's always a actually and I'm touched on this yesterday.


It's I feel almost it's beyond gratitude. What I owe to rush in the United States of America. There's no reason this is one of the jobs Americans will do. And there are thousands, millions of Americans who would like to do it. And Rush was very kind to give a break to a poor, starving Canadian fresh off the boat. And I shall always be grateful to him for that.


He's recuperating, you know, and he's recuperating from these are not easy things to be going through. And when he's at full strength, he comes back and we think he's going to be back tomorrow.


But it might be another 24 hours or so. In the meantime, the Rush Limbaugh Show goes on. We will have Donald Trump, Junior, coming up for you later in the show.


As I said, he's the second biggest straw on the campaign trail. If there was a campaign trail, there is no campaign trail.


A man who, as is completely incapable of staggering along the campaign trail, somehow managed to win the Democratic nomination. And then Chairman Gee very conveniently put out this new disease that closed down the campaign trail for me. And I just want to just really expand on this point that I made, you know?


These Biden events are super weird, even if you buy in to all the covid stuff, in other words, you can be covered, compliant in every aspect of your life. And what Joe Biden is doing is still super weird. He's not six feet apart. You look at these things, he's sitting in a he's he's in a school gym somewhere and he's at the far end reading stuff off his prompter. And there were three circles drawn in the gym for three journalists to stand in there, not six feet apart, two metres apart.


Social distancing, that's 20 feet apart, social distancing, 30 feet apart, social distancing.


What's with that?


You know, even even in social even in when they say now with these concert halls that you can have them at 25 percent capacity, a Joe Biden event, isn't it? 25 percent capacity.


He's got three people in there. What's up with that? Why is that happening? And also, why won't any of the journalists, the three journalists in there painted circles on the floor who've been permitted into the presence of Joe Biden? This is that this is the this is if he were to win this thing, this would be the weirdest, most isolated head of state I can think of since those nutty Ottoman sultans that they used to keep walled up in the palace and weren't permitted to have sharp objects around them.


And nobody saw them for for decades on end.


This is bizarre.


You know, the social distancing I landed at from overseas came into Logan Airport in Boston, and I then had to change, had three hours or something to change for a puddle jumper up to New Hampshire because nobody wanted to come to Boston and meet me in case they got into some group that was seizing the interstates on the way into Boston, preventing people getting through and everything.


People people don't want to go to cities unless they have to. And I wasn't enough reason for any of my loved ones to wish to come to Boston and meet me at Logan Airport. So I had to change that.


And you land. And the first thing you notice is there's no planes. As you know, there's some planes. But the place is Logan is always chaotic because it's part of the New York air traffic control thing. So it's a fiasco. And there was no fiasco because there were no other planes. Very few of the planes, so we landed at the gate and the jetway comes out to meet us and they never they don't open the plane door. Fage So all like sitting there getting annoyed and then the guy goes out the the, the head steward or whatever.


You want to call these guys now. And he comes back with a whole bunch of silly paperwork that you have to fill in for people landing.


So they bring them all, give us pass them all around. The old form that they had for decades was the one that asked if you were coming into the United States to practice espionage or if you'd worked for the National Socialist Party in Germany between 1933 and 1945, whether you were syphilitic, whether you had leprosy, whether you were coming in to practice prostitution, all this stupid crime or just go, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


And all those pieces of paper just sitting presumably in some great big filing center in hoo hoo, no Cheyenne Mountain or whatever. And so they got a new piece of paper now that asks about all the covid.


Then you come off and at the end of the jetway. So just as you get off the little bit, they extend out to meet the plane. You then come into this narrow corridor and they zap you to see what temperature you are. And then this genius from the Department of Homeland Security gives you the advice. And his advice is that you should wash your hands frequently, you should wear a mask and you should maintain social distancing.


And so we all go stone the crows wave that you've taken us by surprise that we've never heard any of that before. Golly, if only they told us that six months ago. That spectacular. Thanks for that advice. They're all lined up at these trestle tables. You buy for six bucks from Wal-Mart made in China.


And then they say maintain the social maintain the social distancing.


And so I say, well, wait a minute, you're not social distancing for me. And he goes, oh, that's a very it's because it's a very narrow corridor.


So the very corridor in which they tell you to maintain the social distancing, they're not maintaining the social distancing just as at all.


The way you take your bags through the TSA guys, I noticed half the TSA guys, it all slipped off their nose.


They're not meant to do the full nose reveal. I noticed this overseas that actually I've gotten I've gotten so used to the mass now that I find the chicks are actually pretty sexy if they're just showing like a wee bit more nose than they should, it's kind of it's kind of sexy. It's a bit of a turn on. But these guys at the TSA, half of them have the masks sit down below their nose completely so the nose isn't working. None of this has anything to do with what Joe Biden is doing.


Joe Biden could be as covid compliant as the law or as these new regulations requires, and those places would still have these. He has nobody in there. It's something to do with the covid, these Joe Biden events. There's something else going on. He's leveraging the Biden campaign. Whoever has his hand up, Joe Biden's sockpuppet is actually using covid as a way of preventing almost anyone from seeing him.


The 25 percent thing a lot of people are mad about, as I noticed Van Morrison in Britain, Van Morrison, the the great Irish rocker and Andrew Lloyd Webber are furious at these things, like 25 percent capacity because it's the death of music.


Van Morrison, if he's playing a 2000 seat theater and he can only sell 500 tickets, he and the guys can't make any money on that. I had I was explaining this to somebody in the music business who didn't actually quite grasp the point I was making. So. Well, if you only can sell 500 tickets, why not just book a 500 seat theater? No, because if you had a 500 seat theater, you'd only be able to sell 125 tickets and then you might as well just make house calls.


And Van Morrison should just play brown eyed girl below the bedroom window and charge him for doing that. This is this is the death of so many normal aspects of life. And Chris Hayes on MSNBC, I don't know whether you know him. I don't really I only know him when I occasionally guest host for TACA and I kick his butt in the ratings.


So he just little little charmless gloating for me there. But other than that, I don't really know him.


I've never been, to the best of my knowledge, never watched him on TV.


But on Twitter he called Trump. Yesterday, he called Trump objectively, Prokhanov it.


You know, the covid was unleashed on the world by Chairman Gee now at the beginning of the year and whatever, might have seemed like a smart move to react to that in around March the 10th.


The calculations are different around September the 10th, the loss of music, the loss of live music is not a small thing. It's actually the death of music. This Zoome stuff where you have oh, look, we've got a symphony orchestra and they're all zooming it in. You can't actually you can't actually play orchestral music that way. The the string section doesn't sound right. If they're all sitting in different living rooms, 15 states apart, it's not a small thing that it's not a small thing to say.


You can't be eat inside in a restaurant after six months. And it's a particularly ridiculous thing. When you're told, oh, we have to live like this forever, you have to give up shaking hands, you have to give up dancing, you have to give up singing happy birthday to your loved ones. You have to give up going to shows. You have to give up, going to motion pictures. You have to give up going to sports events, to the electric thrill of knowing what it's like to be in a huge, large crowd, all jostling and cheering as the horse and the jockey come round the final straight.


You have to give all that up forever. But are we going to push back against China? Oh, no, no, no. That would be totally racist. You know, we're back to where we were. What would that be?


1994 election note the Contract with America. I think that was the very first time I ever noticed that for a while in American elections, everybody ran like a Republican. So you'd be watching the TV ads? I'd be watching the TV ads at my pad in New Hampshire.


And I couldn't tell which was the Republican candidate and which was the Democrat candidate, because the Democrat candidate would all would all talk like Republicans about how they were going to be tough on crime and how they were committed to their faith and all the rest of it.


And they would never mention the word Democrat. They all ran like Republicans back then up against Snoot. That's what Joe Biden is actually doing now. Joe Biden's putting out these ads saying, I'm committed to, but we need to buy American and we need to make things in America. So he's sounding like Trump. The only difference is he doesn't mean it because Trump's got both ends of this covid. I don't want I don't want. We were lucky this time because the covid didn't kill as many people.


As you might have expected it to kill if we were standing here in late February or early March, so back at the lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where they monkeying around with all kinds of stuff and they're getting money from American taxpayers. And Dr. Foushee and those guys are giving grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Who knows what next year's disease is going to be.


There's going to be no end to this unless there's I don't want to live in a world without handshake's. I don't want to live in a world without live music. I don't want to live in a world without public sports events. I don't want to live in a world where I can't go and eat in a restaurant. It's like now every restaurant is like the old joke. I went I went to the restaurant on the moon. Oh, what was his like?


Great food, but no atmosphere. That's every single restaurant in America now. Great food, no atmosphere. Because if you're allowed to sit inside, you're going to be old. Sochi, this can't go on. It's been six months, Chris Hayes thing that Trump is objectively Prokhanov it. No, he's trying to get us to objectively post covid. And if there is no post covid world, we are screwed, is screwed, can be. And the idea of a lifelong China shell with a dirty, corrupt crackhead son who's never made a politbureau generally doesn't like the idea of those guys presiding over lock down world in perpetuity is this is just beyond tolerable.


Whatever the Swedes, whatever you say about the Swedes, whatever you say about the Swedes, life in Sweden has been normal and actually Sweden being normal. It's actually a pretty nice place to be in terms of one's lifestyle choices.


I feel a pang of envy when I look at the nightlife in Swedish towns that were prevented from enjoying enough.


Shame on you, Chris Hayes. He's not pro covid we've had it now for six months, six months, the fortnight, the two weeks to flatten the curve is entering its third quarter enough. Markstein for us.


We'll take your calls.


Straight ahead, America's number one radio show, The Rush Limbaugh Show.


Let's go to Julie in El Paso, one of those towns that as a foreigner, I learned from the hit song about it and was pleased to do so. Julie, what's on your mind today?


Good morning, Mark. Hey, I actually ended up watching The View with Sarah Huckabee. Sanders was on. All right. Questions. My question came out of that. And I thought how if America is systemically racist from the beginning of its inception, how do people like Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg and all the African-American population that have become successful, how do they do that in a systemically racist society? Yeah, wapi didn't she promise to leave the country if Trump won the election?


And I fully believe she is as toxic to America as the riot.


Yeah, but nobody ever does actually leave the country. And I may say, I may say as a Canadian, this is they, they always say, oh well if Trump gets elected I'm moving to Canada. Wait. Wait a minute. What's the idea that you somehow want to celebrate diversity and you want to suddenly when you want to flee the country, you want to go to an even whiter bread country than the one you've just left? No one ever says, oh, if Trump wins the election, I'm moving to Chad, I'm moving to Somalia.


This is that in itself is systemically racist, as they say.


But, Julie, you you put your finger on it.


What's so weird about this moment is that America has had a black president. It's had a black secretary of state, it's had a black attorney general. It's a black man. And now, as we see every night, there's black police chiefs being forced to resign because they're systemically racist because some black guy got shot resisting arrest. So the black police chief in Rochester has resigned and the black mayor of Rochester has accepted the resignation.


They were black Joe Biden himself. And one of the actual rather sweet things about him is that as demented as he is, he occasionally says something that seems genuinely on his mind. And he said the other day, who'd have thought we would live in a world where in two, two out of three commercials feature a biracial couple. That's how non systemically racist this country is.


But in fact, we are we are being engineered. We are being forced to address a phony crisis at the same time as we have an actual crisis, which is that America has lost its world leadership to a totalitarian state, actually also a very systemically racist state, because it is an overwhelmingly old fashioned ethno state, China. And in the meantime, we are having these ridiculous conversations about which statues we should take down as to where or whether such and such is his view.


He was born in 1723, but do his views align with 20-20? It's a fake crisis.


It's a fake engineered crisis, and it's at odds with lived reality.


Markstein for Russia, America's number one radioshow news never stops. This is a tragic story. It's so easy to miss Vertue Signal or Vertue Miss Signal.


We have all these corporations now.


Hels Basement Brewery in Alberta, Canada, has been forced to apologize after unwittingly naming a beer after the Maori word for pubic hair. If you know the marries down in New Zealand, always very interesting, very entertaining. When the queen lands, they meet her at the airport and bare their bottoms. Which is which is very engaging of them and the it's not something that most people do and she's gotten used to it and appreciates it, it's a Maori tradition doesn't mean anything.


You know, that's something the Marines like to do. But anyway, this brewery in Alberta made the mistake of naming its new craft, Alhurra Harue, which is a Maori term, meaning pubic hair.


And so this furious Maori in New Zealand said, if you are selling leather it leather, don't call it pubic hair unless you are selling pubic hair.


And don't call your bare pubic hair unless you make it with pubic hair. So the beer company has now been forced to apologise and said it's going to rename the beer to those who feel disrespected. You know what would end all this nonsense?


Because I don't particularly I don't particularly. Pubic hair is as good a name for a beer as any other. It's better than Moosehead, so it's better than bad, actually. Now I come to think of it as better than Miller Lite. If you ask me for a choice, we've only got two beers. We've got Miller Lite and we've got pubic hair. OK, you're fine. I'll have a couple of pints of the old pubes from it up, but you wouldn't get into this trouble if you just stopped the you can't get anywhere.


This this remark by Joe Biden. That Hooda thought just 20 years ago that two out of every three commercials now would feature a biracial couple, that's the side of Joe Biden I like where he accidentally wiggles free from his handlers for just 15 seconds. He's off the prompter and he says something nutty that has a grain of truth in it, which is that if you were a space alien and you landed today and you looked at the you were, say, watching a movie channel.


And you happened to see, I don't know, E.T. or Star Wars and then watched the commercials in between, you'd think that someone had done some deal where where by the white people get all the motion pictures and the non-white people get all the commercials are the one unless they need an idiot.


Debts Dad are being outpaced by his smart, savvy wife and actually Joe Biden. Joe Biden actually should be the ditzy dad in the useless dad in these in these commercials whose having rings run around him by his smart, savvy wife.


I think I who I think I think it was Steve Sailer on the Internet who said that that's actually what Biden should be doing.


He should make campaign ads where he's the guy who doesn't know anything and Komala is the smart, savvy wife.


But at this point but this point he made the only reason we have these, like, ridiculous commercials now in which all the couples are biracial and all the rest of it is because it's because we have these corporations virtue signalling and sometimes they virtually signal themselves off the cliff, like this beer company that makes the mistake of naming its beer after the Maori word for pubic hair.


You wouldn't get into these problems if you weren't just so ashamed of your own culture. And it's actually unhealthy, psychically unhealthy. And that's the point I was making earlier. There's a line between Justin Trudeau and Governor Northam in blackface to these guys on the streets making complete fools of themselves to these WOAK corporations who turn their websites all black lives matter.


It all will take down our logo and we'll just have all black and then in small, classy font, it'll just say hashtag black lives matter. And maybe then they won't smash up our high prestige flagship store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. And then they smash up your store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan anyway, because they rightly recognize that you're pathetic.


You're pathetic, and we wouldn't get into this if if these if these things if we didn't have this really psychologically unhealthy thing and that's why I see on the streets, I don't see any genuine social justice movement. I see people who are in the seventh year of an endless, leisurely trustee fund, the varsity.


So they're the class of whatever whenever they are.


And they're deeply somehow, despite having this, you know, compared to almost any generation in human history, no one asked you to slug it out in the trenches of the Great War. No one asked you'd have to get off a landing craft and wade through chilly water at dawn on to the beaches of Normandy. Instead, all you had to do was go to some crappy university, so-called, and do seven and a half years of a bachelors degree in colonialism and transgender studies.


And it hasn't made you happy. In fact, it's made you sour and bitter. And that's why you're insulting black policemen and insulting black police chiefs and insulting black mayors. This is this is in a moment of insanity. But to to bring it back to what we were talking about in the last hour. There's eight weeks to go of this nonelection campaign election campaign, so you won't be able to rely on people going to big events, you know, you kind of things that the normal props and pillars of election campaigns kissing babies.


You can't have septuagenarian candidates kissing babies because the baby will give them the covid and the baby's immune to the covid. But the septuagenarian isn't. He'll keel over.


And so we can't have any of that. You got to do this by what we need. As I said yesterday, right now, if the election were held today, there would be a narrow Trump victory by about 957 on election.


Whether that's enough to overcome all the fraud that will happen as the mail in so-called ballots pour in in the weeks and months afterwards. I don't know. That's a whole different thing. We're looking at a level of fraud and at a level of attempted scale. For example, these debates, the first debate supposed to be in about three weeks time, which means that in about two and a half weeks time, the Atlantic Monthly or some such will unleash its latest scandal.


And as I said yesterday, I don't rule them out, actually faking the audio and faking the video for it so that they appear to have something on tape for that. And then Joe Biden will announce that it would only be dignifying a man who is absolutely beyond the pale if he were to agree to appear on the same stage as him. So with regret, because he was really looking forward to kicking his butt in the debates, he feels that now Trump has simply gone too far and he cannot possibly dignify that by appearing on the same stage.


That's what they're going to be given unless unless they find some miracle cure for whatever's ailing Biden. That's what they're going to be doing in two and a half to three weeks. So it comes down to you.


Basically, people are moving, you can see this that that letter in Harper's Magazine that was signed by all the big shot writers, by J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter gal, and by Margaret Atwood, The Hanwood Handmaid's Tale.


I'm from Canada and Salman Rushdie, I mean, some of those people I've I've I've known and known for some time in some cases, and some of them have even been actually quite helpful and principled to me in some of my own free speech issues. But the way they felt they had to introduce that letter where they said, we're really worried about all this council culture and all the rest of it, but they felt they had to genya they know that's coming from the left, but they felt they had to genuflect by saying how terrible Trump was and all the rest in in the beginning of that.


And my message to them is very simple. You can't move that slowly or you'll lose your world. You know, you're a normal person and you recognize that this is a deeply weird moment where living through where we have actually a totalitarian cultural revolutionary force that wants to destroy the past, we actually have people on the streets shouting Death to America and one of our political parties and about 30 percent of the squishes in the other political party want to meet them halfway.


And so, well, we're a bit uncomfortable with death to all of America. But how about death to, say, 45 to 60 percent of America? Would that satisfy you? That's basically their position. You can't change this slowly. You know, where there's this is if you if you have a New Yorker or a Boston person, someone Portland person, Seattle person, Rochester person, Kenosha person who's fled the city. You got to say to them, you got to, you got to, you got to move fast, you know where this is headed, however crazy they are on the streets of Kenosha.


Now, if this is rewarded, you can multiply the crazy by 200 times for next year. So you got to move faster. If you don't want to destroy everything, you got to draw a line. And the only way you can draw a line is to vote for the guy who is interested in drawing a line because because Joe Biden can't do it, he won't do it.


His party is in thrall to these people. Markstein Pharmaceutical's.


Straight ahead, Markstein in Farraj on America's number one radio show. Let us go to Rebecca in Ormond Beach, Florida.


Rebecca, great to have you with us on the show. What's on your mind today?


Thank you, Mark. You're awesome. And prayers for Rush. Look, my husband and I are both family physicians. We've been in our town for 25 years. We have zero zero COVA deaths. And that mirrors our colleagues experience, too. Yes, we're lucky, like you said the last time. But there also something that is bothering us. It's called We are being exploited by this plan. DIMMICK We are really they're being dishonest with the numbers.


They are trying to scare the American people by using cases instead of deaths. What other epidemic? Tuberculosis or smallpox or the plague? You talk about death. You don't talk about cases yet, right? We are along the line. They switch to cases, not death. So let's talk about death. We closed down the country based on that British model that said that there was going to be two million deaths unless we closed down America. Then there was one million deaths.


We're only 150000 deaths. And some of those are bogus, like Rush talked about last week. They had that report that came out from the CDC. We're only six percent of the 150000 were covid only deaths. Well, that left the other 94 percent to be a little bit questionable. Now, some people assume that that meant that they were just fraudulent, but that's not the case because unless you do an autopsy, you truly do not know what somebody dies of.


For example, a patient comes in with heart failure. You have to do a coded test because now they're in the hospital, they've got covid and heart failure and they get a urinary tract infection. Person dies. You're taking your best guess, but there's pressure. They want you to get a coded death because it's more money and you're in the middle of an epidemic. So even the 150000 is an overplay. So August, you know what the deaths were?


Six hundred million million is over. Why isn't anybody talking about it? You look at the headlines going into last weekend, Labor Day deaths are falling, but second wave could be coming. I mean, it's so dishonest. And I hate things that are so wrapped in bubble wrap. They come to my office wrapped in bubble wrap. They are so anxious I can't stand this dishonesty.


Well, you know why they they do it. Maybank They do with the. And you're right about the case. The case is is nothing more than how many people are getting tested.


So, for example, in Africa, it looks like it's the safest place to be because they don't have very good health systems. So not a lot of people are getting tested. So if you want to go to Sudan, that looks terrific. If your metric is the number of covid cases, why they use it here, Rebecca, is because every time you sort of emerge out a lockdown, just partially so, they say, oh, let's let's let the kids go back to school next week or whatever, what happens then almost automatically is that there will be an uptick in the number of cases.


So then people say, oh, these crazy people opening up the schools, we need to shut everything down again. That's why they use that's why they don't talk about deaths. That's why they talk about cases.


Rebecca. And one more point, if I may be PCR covid test that thing that they shove up your nose to get the virus particles. It hasn't yet known 35 to 40 percent false positive rate. It was never meant to act as a diagnostic test. It was meant to be a way to replicate virus. So, again, that is dishonest. That's going to drive up the false positivity rate.


Let me ask you just a final question, Rebecca.


As you are a physician and I'll say this, you know, personally, because I had a little medical issue a few months ago, and actually I didn't particularly want to go and visit my doctor during this so-called pandemic, that people who actually do have reasons for going to a hospital and going for a doctor, going to see a doctor because they've got, you know, cancer or they've fallen off the roof or whatever it is that people have actually been people with non covid conditions have actually been going to hospitals and doctors less than they should.


Correct. Correct. So things are being delayed and diagnosis. And not only that, but the human toll, the anxiety and depression. People are so suicide rates are of child abuse rates are up. Pandemic is over, we have got to start pushing our authorities to say, look at the numbers, if there's no deaths increase and we need to reopen.


Well, and I think the other thing is the the you know, the the pandemic, the the covid is whatever it is. But almost all the evidence now, regardless of whether you're talking about first world societies, developing societies, right wing governments, left wing governments, is that lockdown actually doesn't do anything for the cause of it. So actually inflicting economic devastation and ruination and psychological depression on your entire society doesn't actually make any difference to how this thing shakes out anyway.




Exactly. Thank you very much for your call. Interesting to hear that take from a Rebecca and her husband of physicians, and it was it was interesting to me actually, to mention I went to my own doctor and it's so bizarre.


The one thing the only thing I like about it is that all the box checking that normally happens when you go to a you know, when you go to a doctor in New Hampshire, they say, do you have guns in the house? You wear a seatbelt, do you smoke cigarettes? Are you sexually active? You do all this tedious box checking on the are you sexually active?


When the receptionist practitioner in front of everyone else, I would say, well, you know, you first, but that all that's all gone aside because the old people who should be going to their doctor and gone to their doctor, it's a very bizarre thing. But covid now, no one remembers that we're actually in a strange world where the lockdown just going in or we can come out of lockdown, maybe September 21st, maybe October 2013. Australia's Northern Territory, I think, is planning on coming out a lockdown midway through 2021.


OK, that actually sounds a bit soon to me.


Let's make it midway through 2035. This is ridiculous. Markstein for us more to come.


If this were a normal campaign season, he'd be playing to packed crowds. Thousands of people in theaters across the land because he's the second biggest draw on the Republican side, second only to the president himself. Donald Trump, a junior author of the new bestseller Liberal Privilege, Joe Biden and the Democrats Defense of the Indefensible.


He will be coming up live on the Rush Limbaugh Show in our next hour.


You don't want to miss that. Don Junior live on the Rush Limbaugh Show up next.


Hey, it is great to be with you. Your EIB anchor baby.


Thrilled and honored to be here, but do not worry the man himself.


The Great Rush will return tomorrow for full strength excellence in broadcasting through the end of the week.


In the meantime, it's a little bit it's not all American American as apple pie excellence in broadcasting, but it is American as apple pie, ala mode, excellence in broadcasting. And we are pleased to have you along with us. Rush back tomorrow. Don't miss us. Don't miss it. When he's at full strength, you want to stand well back from the receiving apparatus.


We are honored to have with us the best selling author, and Specky is a third rate writer. I blush to say this, but he has had two bestselling books, even though that isn't what he does. But he's managed to write two New York Times best sellers, Donald Trump, a junior author of Liberal Privilege. That's his latest bestseller. Hey, it's great to have you with us on the show. What do you think of let me ask you just first first soft on your your dad at a pretty good day yesterday.


Those two rallies were like 2016, which is kind of hard to do with all the covid lockdown's and all the rest of it. He must have had a great time at those rallies. It was great.


Yeah, Mark, it was incredible. And I saw that one on TV just watching that kind of enthusiasm for, you know, thousands and thousands of people to show up, you know, even with the pandemic and all the craziness and all the pressure that the media has put on for them to show up in support of their president was incredible. And on Monday on Labor Day, I was down in Florida and I took part in one of the boat rallies that we see all over the country.


And there had to be four or 5000 boats and not a dock, not a boat, not a person at a restaurant that we passed by. You couldn't see the water. There were so many boats. It was absolutely incredible. You know, the enthusiasm is there. The people get it. They understand what's going on right now. They see through the nonsense and they're just excited to have a guy like Donald Trump fighting for them.


Well, now, you shared on Twitter in the last day or so because your dad has been been on the receiving end of this hit job from the Atlantic, where I think it's up to two dozen named individuals have now said this does not happen. But the Atlantic insists that it's anonymous. Individuals say it did happen. And you shared this video of an Air Force veteran calling out Joe Biden's support of the Iraq war. Your father is not antimilitary, but he actually is opposed to the bipartisan consensus of non-stop, endless, pointless.


20 year war dithering around in Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria or Libya, for reasons nobody can remember 100 percent.


I mean, I wrote liberal privilege in part to point out the hypocrisy of that. Right. We're in a war that our own generals cannot articulate why we are still there. But, you know, those board seats that Boeing and Raytheon and you know what I call War Inc, you know, they pay good money later on. So that's why you want to do it. Amazingly, amazingly. Mark, two days before he announces further troop withdrawals, fulfilling yet another promise that he made in 2016, all of a sudden, Trump hates the troops.


Will really Trump hates the troops. I've been there with Donald Trump when he was about to go to Andrews Air Force Base to receive the remains of some of our incredible soldiers that paid the ultimate sacrifice. I've been there as he's fought to rebuild our military that, by the way, Obama and Biden allowed to be decimated. You know, our gear, our equipment was lacking. They refused to do anything. Donald Trump wants a strong military military. So if and when we have to use it, we are ready.


But he doesn't want to be in pointless wars that no one other than Washington, DC and the military industrial complex wants to be in. You know, it's not their kids that are going over there, in many cases fighting it. But again, it's good business to send your kid there, even though we can't articulate why we're there in the first place. It's absolutely insane. And the timing of that piece couldn't have been more more prompt. The second he's announcing these kind of withdrawals, all of a sudden, you know, the hit piece has come.


Meanwhile, literally, everyone who was in the room when it supposedly happens, it's on the record denying it, including John Bolton, who, by the way, loves the endless wars and isn't exactly a fan of Donald Trump. But at least he had the decency to be like, listen, I was there and this is ridiculous.


Yeah. And as he said, in fact, if this had happened, I would have put it in my book, which which which makes sense.


Yeah, it would have turned it into a bestseller because it's a juicy story that's inside Trump. I mean, that's really that's why I wrote liberal privilege as much for our base as it is for those who are on the fence. Because I get to hear a lot about privilege these days, Marc. And, you know, God, I am blessed. We all are as Americans in many cases, and I acknowledge that. But liberal privilege is the ability to do just that.


It's the ability to run and change that narrative. What an anonymously sourced article when everyone in the room says it's false and pretend as though it didn't happen. It's to be able to say that Trump is against the truth, but Biden is for them when they allowed the decimation of our military under his very watch. It's the ability to say that, you know, it's blue collar Joe from Scranton. Well, blue collar Joe's from Scranton. He left Scranton at seven, got to DC elected official position at the age of eight in his 20s.


I've had more blue collar jobs than Joe Biden, and I'm the son of a billionaire. OK, but yeah, yeah. Them to run with this narrative because they are no longer a journalist. Mark, the media are now left wing activists. When I started researching liberal privilege, I only did it. I wasn't no intention of writing another book. I certainly not any time soon. But I was locked out of work. I couldn't go to church.


My kids couldn't go to school. I'm sitting at home for four months. I started looking at the opponent that we're up against who's been in Washington, DC for 50 years. I didn't write half a century, but now he's going to fix things. Yeah, things for fifty. But and I started looking piece by piece, chapter by chapter. His decisions, NAFTA, TPP, China's permanent status in the WTO World Trade Organization. Joe Biden is literally probably the person alive who has destroyed more American blue collar jobs and manufacturing jobs than any human being.


And yet and he gets to be blue collar Joe. He literally oversaw the decimation of our American dream and our middle class, but now he's going to do it differently. It's your liberal privilege. That's why I had to write the book.


Your dad had a had a few zingers about that last night in in his rally because he said he Joe Biden, who spent 47 years shipping North Carolina jobs to China and other countries. I mean, this is this is a deeply corrupt politician. But as you said, we're now getting some very weirdly timed scandals. Do you have confidence in the integrity of Election Day? Do you have confidence, for example, three weeks time we're supposed to be having a debate between your father and Joe Biden?


There's nothing about Joe Biden's performance that indicates he's capable of having a two hour debate with anybody right now.


Do you think there'll be some other mysterious scandal leaked 48 hours before the first debate is scheduled to take place?


Of course, Mark, they've been leaking a false scandal every day, every week. For the last four years, I mean, all of a sudden now the Russia hoax is debunked and not even debunked. It's actually that the other side was doing all of the things they claimed we were doing. Now, mainstream media has no interest. The reality is Joe Biden's been a politician for 50 years. He's done hundreds of debates. He should be able to get on a stand and be able to debate, but he can't do some of these things on the teleprompter.


We're going to give Joe Biden the nuclear codes. I mean, softball questions preloaded to reporters. He knows they're going to be there. They're giving them scripts of what they can ask him. You saw that in the town hall another day. No, no, no. Can't get through it, you know, but that's the real new Biden isn't Joe Biden. Joe Biden is camouflage for the radical left. Joe Biden is the guy that the mainstream media can go into middle class America, into their homes and into their living rooms and be like, no, no, no, it's moderate, Joe.


But you're not moderate, Joe. With Kamala Harris as your VP. You're not moderate. Joe with Bato. Hell, yeah. I'm going to take your A15 is your guns are and you're sure as heck not moderate Joe with Bernie Sanders, his platform on your website, the Bernie Sanders unity platform. I mean, it's the Communist Manifesto for The New Age. That's the Democrat Party today.


The funny thing is he's always been weak. He's a weathervane politician. He's running against positions he held in the 70s, 80s, 90s, you know, two years ago. He's now running against is as if there is no core to him. Then in fairness to your father, your father understands that this is our moment with China. If we get serious about decoupling, if we get serious about rearranging the Chinese relationship, otherwise you put someone like Joe Biden in there.


Can you imagine Joe Biden in a room with Chairman Xi negotiating anything?


Joe Biden can't handle a teleprompter by himself in the basement. He's not going to do well against North Korea, Iran or China. Maybe they'll let him get a pass in China simply because he's done more to build up China than he ever did for the United States. So, you know, he should be running for president over there. But that's the reality. I mean, that is quintessentially liberal privilege. It's the ability to fail to the top and not be held accountable.


And it's not just Joe Biden. I mean, look at Nancy Pelosi in the hair salon last week. Look at Biden, look at 100. Imagine Mark for one second that I took one point five dollars billion from the Chinese government, Donald Trump Jr. This would be a global scandal if I purchased. I think that's thirty million dollars a year, by the way. Thirty million. No, two percent fees at a fund is thirty million a year to Hunter Biden.


Nothing to see here, folks. What about the Verismo scandal? I'd be in jail in a year. He needs three grand a month, a million dollars a year for a job that I know nothing about any language I don't speak. What do you think they're doing? They're buying. No, but it's not just Hunter. It's Jim Biden, the brother who's getting the housing contracts to build homes in the Middle East. Minor details. He's never built a home in his life until he got those contracts.


You know, that's what's going on. And that's why I wrote liberal privilege, because I'm looking at these things that said, yeah, I have eighteen chapters. Any one of them would be totally disqualifying if it happened to my family. But Joe Biden's the media has no interest. So it's literally me taking on the role of what mainstream media should be doing, the research they should be doing. That's all out there. It's not like it's hidden.


It's all out there. I didn't know.


What I love the most is I interviewed Ronnie Jackson, the White House doctor under Obama who served Joe Biden.


And, you know, he's on the record talking about Joe Biden's actual brain aneurysms, the right brain surgery. You think that if Donald Trump had brain aneurysm and brain surgery, do you think that the media would say maybe that's why he can't remember where he is? Fifty percent of the time?


No, I mean that. But they would demand the White House press corps would demanding to know why the White House doctor had taken your father's waist measurement as if he's a tailor.


Yet they don't they they don't they they don't show any curiosity about what the White House doctor talked about, the vice president.


Oh, hang on. Hang in there. No, hang on. They don't. We got to take a break for an obscene profit. Time out.


But we will come back in just a moment on the Rush Limbaugh Markstein for Rush on America's number one radio show with Donald Trump Jr., author of the new bestseller Liberal Privilege. And don't just actually take this liberal privilege idea, because your your thesis is that it's not white privilege, it's not a race issue. It's not systemic racism. But basically it's a privileged and corrupt ruling class of families like the Bidens and the Pelosi's. Nancy Pelosi did an interview on MSNBC the other day where there was not a single question about her.


Reaching the Cohran covid rules, as it were, in the hairdressing salon, I mean, these people basically you have television personalities willing to destroy their own integrity and credibility and reputations in order to drag this party over the finish line on November the 3rd, 100 percent.


I mean, it's the quintessential example of liberal privilege. Not only was it the actions, it was the outrage that that someone said something about it. I mean, I couldn't believe when Nancy Pelosi rather than just saying, OK, I made a mistake, you're right. I spent weeks talking about shutdowns, shutting down your business markets, the first time where you get in more trouble for opening up your business to feed your family than you do for burning down someone else's more polluting it.


I mean, that's the hypocrisy of the left. So she goes there, it comes out the salon owner, she reverses, it's the salon owners. And she was set up. This is the person that's number three in line for the presidency, Mark. She's number three in line for the nuclear codes, or she got duped by a hair salon. I mean, that she would choose to run with this. You know, narrative is sort of mind boggling, but that the media is like, oh, it's right.


She was set up. I mean, you were set up by a hair salon, like, we're going to buy this. And more importantly, when it's so egregious, when these families and small businesses are struggling to open to put food on the table, she's flaunting it. And then she has the gall to pretend as though it's not her fault at all. I mean, it's impressive, but that's the reality. Nancy Pelosi is the Marie Antoinette of the 21st century.


She has no idea what's going on. She chooses to represent the people, but she doesn't understand the people in the least. And I say that as the son of a billionaire, I have a much better understanding than she does of real America and the people she's choosing to try to represent them and doesn't understand. She doesn't have a clue. It's truly disgusting and that the man is extreme. Media wouldn't even ask her a question about what was, you know, arguably the biggest real scandal of last week.


You know, they tried making The Atlantic right. I think since everyone in the room basically saying this about this happened, you know, that doesn't prevent them from running it as though it's a fact. It also didn't prevent the Joe Biden campaign from magically about 15 minutes after the article broke. They already had a commercial up on TV. I'm sure there was no collusion there. There was no setup. You know, the fact that. No, no, I don't think it's a maxed out donor.


She donated over half a million dollars to the Biden campaign. Obviously has nothing to do with it. I mean, is anyone just stupid anymore, Mark?


Well, that's an interesting point. Meanwhile, we have reality, Don. And what's striking to me, I mean, we should try and get some good news in here is that if you look back at April, for example, the the unemployment spiked at something like 15 percent when now down, I think around eight percent. So in other words, we've we've clawed back half the covid generated unemployment or lookdown generated unemployment. Your dad's pretty confident that that other 50 percent can be clawed back in the next quarter or so to 100 percent mark.


Think about it this way. These numbers are comparable to what Obama and Biden had with no pandemic with. Right. Global outbreak. OK, but don't forget, these numbers are also incredible. They're so much better than people realize because you have to take into account that many of these blue states are still in total lockdown. California, 40 million people, the largest state in the union, basically on total lockdown. New York State, what is it, two or three, you know?


Yeah, it's total. Like Michigan on lockdown. So you have that kind of unemployment gains, those kind of numbers. But people refuse to talk about and acknowledged, you know, very obvious once you pointed out that a big portion of the country is still in total lockdown because the Democrats don't care if your business goes out of business. As you've seen, Nancy Pelosi was more than happy to pounce on a hair salon that basically called her out for her fake narrative.


They don't care because guess what? If you go out of business, maybe you're dependent on government if you're dependent on government. The Democrats have a lot to offer you if you're independent, if you're successful, if you're not reliant on them, if you're self-sustaining and thriving and living the American dream, all of a sudden the Democrat Party doesn't have much to offer you.


So that's well, also they're also I think they just see these people as collateral damage in the need to evict your dad from the Oval Office. So they don't care about waitresses who haven't worked in six months. They don't care about gym owners who haven't been able to open their gyms. They just go to drag this out until November the 4th. And if you lose your job, if you lose your business, if you lose your home tough, they will achieve their victory.


It's very heartless, 100 percent.


You see that in California. I just read an article yesterday, many of the government gyms, government run office buildings with gyms in them have been over. And during the entire lockdown, but if someone, you know, uses that gym to actually pay the rent, no, you can't have anyone. You can't have anyone there again. You know, I wrote liberal privilege for a reason, because if there was a journalist class left in this country, not an activist class, but a journalist class, they would be reporting on these stories.


This is the sort of hypocrisy that they would thrive on, but they refuse to even acknowledge its existence because they're too busy being the marketing arm of the Democrat Party. And that's a disgusting place to be. Yeah, that's a very good way of putting it, Don Junior. Congratulations on the book. As I said, you've had two bestsellers in a row now and it's not even what you do. So there's there there are authors all over the planet who are envious of you of that.


But if if our listeners can still find a bookstore that is permitted by the state to open, you will find liberal privilege in the front window because it is a big best selling book. I wish we had a campaign like we had four years ago because it was terrific just to see the human connection your dad made with millions and millions of people in the course of that campaign Don. And you having to do it slightly at one remove and socially distanced, unmasked and with all the rest of it.


But you're managing to get the the message out and it's beginning to show in some of the polls, for whatever that's worth, including with Hispanics in Florida. Thanks very much for joining us on the Rush Limbaugh Show today. Donald Trump junior, the second biggest draw on the Republican side in campaign 2020, second only to his father, the president. This is Mark Steyn in for Rush.


Rush is back tomorrow and we will have lots more straight ahead.


Yeah, and Rush is back and ready to get to the golden EIB microphone. He will be with you for three hours of full strength excellence in broadcasting tomorrow right here on America's number one radio show. We have breaking news. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, just the day after saying he was not going to permit indoor dining, says that indoor dining can resume in New York City from the end of September at 25 percent capacity. I don't know whether that's just because he heard Don Junior hammering these restrictive lockdowns in major American states, but he has reversed the policy.


He said yesterday, you know, if you've had me for a long time, you will know I'm a big fan of the prisoner of Zenda because I like those kind of old school yarns where when you want to steal someone's identity.


And in that case, it's an Englishman who plays the king of Ruritanian. You actually have to get into the guy's clothes, you have to shave your beard off. So you got the same kind of hair is that guy you got to actually romance the guy's wife? And I mean, that's not what it used to involve, stealing identity. Now, anyone can steal your identity every time you just switch on the computer, you're putting your identity at the risk of being stolen from some guy you've never met who could be thousands of miles away.


Fortunately, Rush has discovered Norton 360, which is online protection for you and your loved ones.


For everyone under your roof, a lot of people spend a considerable amount of time online every day. Nearly 30 percent of Americans are online almost continually, eight hours or more every day.


That's a lot of hours everyday, folks, and a lot of chances for fiber cyber thieves to plant software on your computer or phone and effectively be able to see everything that you do and have online and don't think that's not possible. It is more than possible for somebody to implant a piece of malware on your phone that basically sends everything from your contact database to your message database to their machine. It happened. All it takes is for you to fall for one phishing attack and click on the wrong link.


Or if you're on public Wi-Fi, anywhere where there's a hacker, if you're on public Wi-Fi, unsecured network and a hacker, they're trying to find out everybody on that network and essentially hack them.


You're vulnerable. However, there's a way that you can appear invisible on these public networks. It's called Norton 360, Norton 360. It is encompassing software, real time protection against all of these online threats. It includes a VPN, a virtual private network. It shields your online presence. Nobody can see your connection. You can be sitting right next to the hacker and an a public Wi-Fi place. He can be sitting right next. You can see your machine, but he will never see your connection.


If you're on a VPN, never. You can route the connection through any number of 500 servers around the world for added fun and hiding or camouflage. You will be the only person sending and receiving information in that connection. Imagine yourself inside a pipe that nobody can see. Not only can they not see the pipe, they can't see inside the pipe. That's what a VPN does. You get webcam protection software called Safe Cam that'll notify you if a cyber criminals trying to use your webcam on your laptop.


There are password protections. There's a whole lot more in Norton 360. You get fifty percent off your first year with an annual subscription. You go online. Norton dot com slash rush. That's Norton dot com slash rush 50 percent off.


The Rush Limbaugh Show, America's number one radio show, as I said, Rush is going to be back tomorrow and you will not want to miss that.


Always pleased when he has the these. What was that, Mr. Snidely? Oh, OK, OK, I'm looking at this I'm looking at this story here, a white man holding a Black Lives Matter sign and he calls someone the N-word is going to be one of those stories that's very laborious to go through because you have to keep saying the N-word, unless you are Black Lives Matter supporter, you're a white guy. This white guy is caught on video berating another guy and calling him the N-word.


And he's asked why he said that. Somebody points out, so you're here for Black Lives Matter, but you using the N-word and you're using the N-word, you're here for Black Lives Matter. And he says, because we live in an age we've toned down. Okay, you can't play Kate Smith saying God bless America because she made a record called That's Why Darkies were born in 1931. So Kate Smith, whatever that pathetic Nancy Boy sports team is in Philadelphia, they've taken down the statue of Kate Smith because because of the record she made in 1931.


So she's unacceptable because she's a total racist. But we have white men now who think that holding a Black Lives Matter sign allows them to call people by the N-word.


So we actually are seeing a wholly insane level of cultural appropriation. As I said, it's basically this thing is basically the new minstrelsy. Now we have then this race, Fakher.


Called Jessica Kruger, she's one of these people who likes to pretend to be black. She's actually a Jewish a Jewish lady who likes to pretend to be a black Puerto Rican. She's pretended to be a black Puerto Rican for decades, paid no price for it. And she's now rejoicing that an Hispanic who was butchered with machetes, a 15 year old guy called Lisandro Jr. Gutzman for life. She was on a Columbia University panel, this Jessica Kruger. And because this 15 year old boy, Hispanic boy who was butchered, hacked to death with machetes belong to the New York Police Department's Explorer's Youth Program, she damned him as a collaborator and rejoiced in him getting chopped up to pieces because snitches get stitches.


She got an enthusiastic round of applause, as I said, a race fakher. This is in the Daily Mail because further to what Donald Trump Jr. was saying, you can't expect to read anything like this in The New York Times and The Washington Post. This is a woman who has pretended for decades. She's a white Jewish woman from Kansas City, Missouri, who pretended to be black for decades while becoming a so-called prominent opponent of systemic racism and a professor of African studies at George Washington University.


So she's pretending to be a black she's a white Jewish person from Kansas City, Missouri, who spent decades pretending to be a black person from Puerto Rico. We have actually a that the people on our streets, the people leading the systemic racism movement, so-called, there's a huge amount of either psychological unhealthiness or outright mental illness among these people.


And this is the result of what has happened from conservatives abandoning basically the schoolhouse for a couple of generations now, because it's not just that, you know, in the old days, in the 60s, the kids were radicals and the professors were sort of scrambling to get with the beat.


Now, you had two generations of professors who were fraudulent professors, not so professors don't know anything. And they're teaching what they don't know to a third generation of people. But the obvious thing about it is it's it's it's the same reason we see the the person the gender reveal very first gender reveal party has now announced that she's non binary and is becoming a boy.


People these unhappy white people who don't want to be what they are. One of the fantastic things about black people, I'm not even talking particularly about America here, but I've spent a lot of time in, you know, the British West Indies and various other outposts of Empire.


And for all the misery and burdens of history and all the all the other social pathologies and the economic slough and everything else that's happened, black people are not unhappy being black. There's not a lot of black people who decide they're going to pretend to be white and not what we have right now. What we have is extraordinary, miserable, unhappy white people raised by the sour social engineers, not just in university, but going back to kindergarten and said, oh, yeah, no, I don't want to be a white man.


So I think I'm going to transition into a woman. Well, you're still going you're still going to be white, aren't you? Oh, yeah. Well, maybe I'll transition into a black woman. This is what we're seeing on the street now. We have a guy who thinks that because he has he's a white guy with the Black Lives Matter sign and he thinks the Black Lives Matter sign allows him to use the N-word as if he's some gangster rapper.


So it is literal minstrelsy. Now, it's literally just as in the 19th century, the the white minstrel troops sang the Negro spirituals. So now we have a white guy with a Black Lives Matter saying using the N-word because he thinks the black lives matter, allows him to sign, allows him to be a gangsta rapper sic unhappy white people, particularly white women, particularly transgenders on the streets of American cities.


This is what happens when you raise a generation of people to hate their own civilizational inheritance. It's Bompas, it's sick and it should stop. And all the corporations and the squish, ooh, the squishy Republicans going along with it should cut it out immediately for the corporations. They'll still burn your building, they'll still loot your building. And for the squish Republicans, you're just surrendering incrementally.


And we need actually to stop doing that right now. Markstein for us your calls.


Straight ahead, Markstein on the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. We have great news for you. Rush is going to be back here tomorrow.


We are thrilled about that and is going to take you through the end of the week with authentic, full strength excellence in broadcasting. Don't miss it. Okay.


Mr. Sandler, you want to ask something? OK, give it. Shoot, shoot.


OK. Oh, am I? We are we are going to do a Markstein cruise next year. I'm taking it as read that they can't lock down the oceans and that at some point there will be a return to normalcy, as was the presidential slogan of exactly a century ago with Warren Harding. There will be a return to normalcy, at least on the high seas, and we will have a Markstein cruise next October. Mr Smedley. And well, we are going to be cruising the glamorous Mediterranean.


You'll be able to watch Rome, Cartagena, Gibraltar, among Her Majesty's Dominions, Cardiff in Spain, Monte Carlo, all all the hotspots of Europe. You'll be able to watch Europe as the powderkeg goes up.


You'll be able to watch the death of Europe in real time. You go to Markstein Cruise dot com to find out more about that. Mr. Snowden. What's your second question then of having.


No. Oh. I'm at Stijn online, Mr. Sidedly wants to know where do people reach me online, I'm at Stijn online dot com, which is SDMI.


And as in, why do I have to listen to some hoity-toity, snot nosed foreigner telling me all the things that are wrong with this great republic? I thought we'd settle that question in 1776 so that Stijn online, Stijn with the Wilstein online dotcom. Thank you for reminding me of that, Mr. Lee. Let's go to Susan in Carson City, Nevada. Susan, what's on your mind today?


Oh, hi, Mark. I'm so excited to talk with your family. Enjoy you so much and your wonderful humor that you wrap around the serious topics. We just love that. I've been thinking a lot about Martin Luther King lately, so I decided to research a little bit, learn more about him, and I was blown away. I just want to mention a couple of facts here about them and ask you a question. One fact was, the organization that he founded, FCL, ACLC, which was sole purpose, was the equality for African-Americans through non-violent protest and then going to the march on Washington.


He worked with JFK on that. And yet the intent was to support civil rights legislation by JFK. And JFK said to him, if you and your other leaders will agree to keep your speeches calm and peaceful, to avoid any civil disobedience, you can go through with this. And because it went so well that he pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and his famous quote was not a hair on any man's head shall be harmed. He won the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial inequality through non-violent resistance.


So I'm wondering, Marc, I'm blown away by thinking all this week wondering what do you think? Would he have the same impact today on all this horrible raping of our cities and the way people are behaving and acting, trying to get a point across that they're so far removed from now? What do you think about that?


Well well, there are two aspects to that. One is the race issue. And I think you're right that Martin Luther King people would be would be saying, I mean, he would be horrified. I think just the general ugliness of society so that we have now a generation of people who can actually build anything, who can just destroy. And it's one thing to, like, tear down the statues, tear down this tear down that band, this band.


There's nothing good ever comes of that. And it leads to the obvious question is, when you take in all this stuff down, what are you going to put in its place? But also, I think when you reference Martin Luther King specifically, that was a historical moment that the Democrats could not live up to. In the end, they've been the most powerful and the most racist institution through the 19th century, most of the 20th century. And in the end, categorizing and going back to identity politics.


Martin Luther King, you know, he wanted a society where everyone's equal under the law. That's that's that's good. I like that we're all on board with that. For the Democrats, it's not enough. People look back at the 19th century and say these these southern states with their categorizations of quadroons and octoroon. Oh, that's crazy. Well, what do we have now? We have people categorizing themselves. As you know, I'm I'm an intersexual Muslimah transgender.


You know, in the end, the Democrat Party defaults to these crazy identity politics, whether it's in the 19th century with its quadroons and octoroon or with all the new categories. Now, they can't not do it. And Martin Luther King was a specific moment. Thank you very much for that, Susan. I got to run. We're going to close it out in just a moment.


My thanks to Mr. Snidely and the best team in radio. Absolutely. No question. You know, I love guest hosting here, but if I had my way, I'd maybe guest hosts like once every three or four months or so. So this year has been unusual, but it is a great pleasure. Always a pleasure to be able to say that the indispensable man for a third of a century, the one and only Rush Limbaugh, returns to the airwaves tomorrow.


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